Newspaper of Evening Star, September 11, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 11, 1860 Page 3
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II.OC Air~NEWsT ?>-Though Tint Stae la printed on the fasteit team pre? In use south of Baltimore, Its edition 1* so large u In r?qnire it to be put to pMM at an ?*-rljr hocr; Advertisements, therefor*, should be ? nt in before 12 o'clock m ; otherwise they nay not appear nntll the next day. Notttb.?District of Columbia Advertisements V/ ur iiunvm in inr nALTTNOll 8VH Ut nCClTHl at and forwarded from The Sta* Offlce. ?'itt corvril*, september 10, I860 ?Bonrd #/ AUtrmm ?Tbe hoard m?t at the usual hour, Vice 1'resldeitt hloore in the chair. A communication was received from tbe Water Registrw requesting tbe f*ssage of a law by tbe c orporation author 2 nc tbe erection In front of 11* City Hall of a combined fire-plug and service 1 yd rant; referred to drainage committee. Also, one from tbe acting Mayor transmitting a ?#mmunIcatioii from tbe Water Registrar recom rndiug that tbe City Councils pas< a joint resolution authorizing the Mayor to contract with tbe ffevernment contractor for laying water mains to ?ttinert the Corporation pi pi* with the 30-Inch mains at the tame time that theyare laid by the <>orernment contractor, provided that such contract can be satlsfhrtorlly made. la connection with tbe above subject, Mr. * -* - idirr siiwiuncni tuai toe committee on drainage had Instructed him to introduce a joint resolution entitled a '-Joint resolution authrriiing the Mayor I to enter into a contract with the Government contractor for laying the great Government mains, to tbs ner- marv connections with the City tiMliis ?' On motion the joint resolution was considered and passed. 1 r urinous. Of Peter Kenny, for remisalon of a fine; referred. Com muni rati on of Gilbert Cameron, In relation tn the new Center Markethoone; laid over Informally. coxwiTTia airoars. Bill for relief of TbomasCrax; passed. Joint r> solution autLor ziu? the Mayor, on th* pert of the Corporation, to invite his royal ht ?fcneM the I'rinee of Wale* to visit the city of ?Vasblngtonjj^ssed Bill of the lower board to alm and K7,T(>1 Third st west, between D and P |tg nortb x> ii ?o repaw ine pave* ai ln Muafe Plo. 102; y^. . *? j Pr?y ? the roadway of South CtoiU 1 at . from the r tl<je 0f Georgia avenue P**" .a. Bill of the lower board to R***e and grave ^ ? ft from ?4|ith to Elevr . iST' ^Mrd Bill to lay a water mam in , from Eleventh to Twelfth at weat; passed. rfijj ^ Kills A Bro. for 43-Inch atope-c" ,*ith an amendment by the Board of Com" j Council, waa reported back, with & recommendation that the board inalaton not agreeing to aaid amendment; and the amendment waa nonroircurrrd in Bill to allow a frame ahed to adjoin a brick building, o*wned by W illiam H. Baum; iMed. Bill ft* relief of John Pfiuger; paiaed. i ll ?1;-Jr i-? imui. ? a'.n n'i rruci mi yonn riru, |wmnt mil ior relief of Michael Boch; passed. BUI for relief of Daniel Howell; recommitted Bill to trim and gravel Eighth at west, between D and E streets north; passed. Bill of the lower board for relief of the Western Hom Company passed. Joint resolution granting permission to Prof Brocks to occupy Judiciary Square for equestrian purposes; referred. The conference committee, to whom was referred the disagreeing votes of the two Boards upon the act amendatory of the act providing for the assessment and valuation of all property in the citr pf Washington, approved May 30. 1849, submitted a report which was read, and cob _ J O- At UIII ?- * turrw in. w me oni wsi pa-?eu Substitute for the bill of this Board for the introduction of Potomac water and other Improvements into the Northern Market. On motion, tLe lioard insisted upon Its own amendment, and authorized a call for a committee of conference. Bill of this Board relating to tbs enclosing of Judiciary fqoare, with an amendment by the lower Board; which was concurred in, and the iHlt p .ised Concurrent resolution for an inquiry Into the expediency of removing wood and coal yards from the line of the canal; passed Bill to trim and gravel Four-and-a-half street between Indiana and l?outs1sna avenues and Fourand-a-half ttr^t ranal hrMcr*.- r.a Ou motion by Mr. Price, the special order of the evening, namely, the consideration of the auestions involved in the report of the special < ommittee to whom bad been referred tbe paper* in the case of Gilbert Cameron and l?ewis A Angus, in relation to the erection of tbe new Centre market bouse, was postponed for two weeks. Adjourned. Ccwimom Cou*eti ?The President and VlcePrvsldeut being absent, the Se-retarr called the Hoar t together, wben Mr Jones, of the Second Ward was elected President pr? rem. A communication was received from tbe Mayor ei* losing a petition from tbe Messrs. Wtllard, u taking <ui application for an act to allow them to rfrct apparatus suitable for tbe manufacture of gas Wil *** ? ? a - ?? iimiu* l?'*TI ^ vril n>? "1#^ 111 M^IfSrC 111 ? inform ity With the act authorizing and rrtfiila? n" tbe erection of g*s bouses and tbe laying of i:u pipe*, approved July3d,leo3 Referred to committee on police. WITHDRAWS ASa BETBBKEP. Bill providing for tbe erection of a are-plus In the I'liit Ward, in front of square 12V, was w.thlirawu from tbe flies and referred to the committee oa drainage and distribution of water. ' BILLS, ETC., IXTRODCCID AND KSFBSRED. II.11 making ?n appropriation for tbe repair of tbe Wfjtcrii Market, streral bills of indebtedness from tbe Franklin Fire Company, wbicb they ask t ) baee i?aid bv tLe Coriioiation: bill to take un and relay the gutter on the south side of 1 street i>ortb, between Tenth and Eleventh street* vest; hill to take up and relay the gutter on the west aide of Tentu street north, from I street to the nataral sewer or drain crossing H street; bill tasking aa appropriation to rebuild a bridge in the Sixth Ward; bill to prevent cruelty to animals, petition of certain property holders in tbe vicinity asking that a gutter may be laid on tbe itorth side of square No. 461; petition of Alex. Biclaski, asking tbe reniiasio* of a line; petition of sundry citizens asking for the graveling of K'even lb street west, frotu Maryland avenue to the river; petition of sundry citizens asking the passage of a law authorizing the grading and graveling of square 635 BILLS P*?*tD. Bill to take up and relay the gutter on the north aide of H street north. I>?t#?4-ii Seventeenth and J-'.ilihteenth streets weal, bill U. take up and relay gutter on the south front of square lit; bill to i:rade and gravel First street east, between B and C Mmets south; bill to trim and gravel Nineteenth s"r?> t west, from F to A streets north; biU to take nn ,nil >!, ? ???. -'J- " .. fW alio trw; ? wu ?UC COOT 1I1IC UI M Slfl Cl l.-twrfa H Slid I Itjeeu north; hilt making an appropriation for casual repair* In the First and -rcsnd Wards; hill directing the erect.on of a %ewer. and also to grade ana gnrrrl L stre. t r orth, between Twentieth snd Twenty-third ureets west; bill to coiatracta sewer ou the corner o# Maryland avenue and Twelfth streets west; bill to lay a water main in 1 street north, from {Seventh to Niuth streets west; bill to lay a water main in G street north, from Seventh street west to Ninth street WW; bill to lay a water main in K sire * north betveen Eleventh and Thirteenth wstt; bill to lay a water main la Seventh ?iwrt West. from N to L streets east; bill to lay a Master main ia New York avenue, from Twe ftb street west to Thirteenth street: bill to lay a water main in M street * uth from Eighth street east lo Eleventh Hrefi east; bill to pay Charles H. Anderson for stationery furnished to the ofllce of the City Purveyor; bill to repair Honth Capitol street; bill from the upper Board, to direct the pablicattou oX the aaior* of water takers, with an amendn.~j?t providing for the publication being made ia pampnlet form instead of la the newspapers, as directed la the original bill; bill granting permission to the Messrs WillarH tn .... ? on tfartr premises la accordance with Uielr petlX.o" mibcbllabbobs. Statement of the Water Registrar with regard to h's disbursement of the water fund for tbe n.oatti of August, l-fiu, was reported back from the committee and directed to be died among the i. rctof??? of tbe board TLe letter wf tbe Water Registrar in reference to tha aiiaber of signers to tbe subscription waa a.*o disposed of In a similar manner. Mif 46>aib on iCDICUBY Dtmt. Mr. Mead offered the foUowlag joint resolution; which was agreed to: Knoir'd, That Prof. Broeks be allowed the use nf the Judiriary Square for the purpoee of exhlb 1?tng a ii imager le, provided the use at of tha najo it* of the residents opposite the said square shall first be obtained. BILLS BBCOMKITTtB. Rill Ia nlaru t>a?r mimrt >( tK? e*a*ra# I TbtrterotVi strr?-t, autT to repair a gutter at tLe mid? point. BUI from the lioanl of Aidfrnm ?stabl{shtng thesnnual waUr rent for streelseweis aid niher purpose*. .LLC rao? TH| BO&SD or ALDIBMEfl. Various bills sad resolutions from the upper board were read by their title and appropriately d.s^os -d of Joint resolution authorizing the Mayor to enter Into a contract with the parties engaged la laying the great bo vera neat water mai as,la order to effect connection with the same. The board refused to recede from Its amendmeat to the bill makiag an appropriation to pay Wn L KUia 4 Brother for eertata stop-cocks ordered foe the use of the Corporation. The s'lirodoirat proTidea that theae stop-cnckaahall flr?t be dell eerwl to the proper oMcer and tested by tilffi la a lawful manner,befi?re being paid for ISTtTATIO* TO TBI W?L*? X u? rw? 'II'U'I * ?* ?ur U|(^I warn rf ^ueiU 111' toe Mayor W> extend an Ineltnttou on bebnV of tt?? Corpnratioa aixl cttiirns of Washington to hia -? |( oyal Htghnesa tb?- Priwa ot \V?U?, to vUttlhr / K?4?f?l {Metropolis durlag hia r.ofitcuipiat<*l * to the United ?tatn, being read. Mr Kduionaton inquired of the president u to ' How much money la it proposed by this reaolu Uoa ? e* peud la this,What JipuM kwnbug* ' > ?i a A iV; R i' > ft, uS. p * Mr. Morgan ?J would elate far the information of Dm gentleman that it la not proposed to expend one dollar. Mr. Kdmoneton ?Oh, then, lt'a all right, If that's ao; but I'm afraid the effect of It will be diiTereat. Mr. Morgan (continuing) ?The object of this resolution is merely to extend a conrteey. which, it ia thought, la due under the circumstances to hla Roval Highneea. For myaelf 1 a ball vote for the resolution with a greet deal of pleaaure. Mr. Ijunaoond ?1 call for the yeaa and naye Mr. Eaeby.?I hope such a call will not prevail, hut that the resolution iha.ll be pssaed tiv roe*. I am sure the rote will be uuanlmoua, with the exception, perhaps, of tha irentlemaa from tha Third Ward, (Mr. Kdmonston,) who has privately declared hi* determination to vote In the negative. Mr. Kdmonston ? I desire to correct tbe gentleman. 1 have not Mid I would vote aeainst the resolution now pending What I did say wss this: 1 was informed by s member of the board that an effort would be made this evening to pass a resolution appropriating quite a large sum, in order to give the Prince a grand reception on his arrival, and entertaining him In a handsome manner dnring his brier sojonrn In the city. I said I would vote against any such proposition as tbat Mr Morgan.?My friend ha* recently beea exhilarating himself In New York, and perhaps he can give us some information Mr Kdmonston ?I paid my own expenses; and I shall not consent to pay those of tbe Prince, or anyone else who comes here ou a tour of pleasure. [Laughter j Mr. Morgan ?Mr. President, before the yeas and nays are called upon this question perhaps it may be proper to make an explanation wltn regard to this resolution It Is a resolution that has pasted tbe Board of Aldermen Mr. Kdmonston.?Can't help It. Mr. Morgan, (continuing )?And I wish gen ucuim w uw in iniiiu iuai uy me passage 01 it here we are but extending n courtesy due to tbe distinguished individual referred to in the resolution, without committing ourselves to the expenditure of one dollar to pay any of his expenses, as I said before. This courtesy has been extended to him by nearly all the large cities of this Union, and shall we now refus* to pass this resolution of mere courtesy, especially when it is known that be is about visiting tbe Federal metropolis, and to b? a guest of the President of the United states? 1 trust not. I have it from reliable sources (though I do not know as I ought to reveal It here) that this resolution was lutroduced into the upper board at the reauest of the President of the United States, who desired that a formal Invitation might be extended to the Prince. Mr. F.merson ?Mr. President, I have no objection to inviting bis Royal Hlghnest to the seat of r? ?? k..* ? t ? 1 al i a*?* it - uu?riiiiucui. uui, BIT, X IQ1UX IQBl IHC IDVlUHOIl} as explained by mv colleague, (Mr. Morgan) comet in ratber bad taste. If that is to be the effect of it?that be is to be invited here by the corporative authorities and to be requested to defray his own expenses, it seems to me. as I said before, as if it would be acting in rather bad taste. I have no objection to bis visiting the city, and having tbe citizens show him all due courtesy and entertaining him in as hospitable a manner as they see proper, provided this is all done by themselves and at their own expenses but 1 arii oppos?-d to expending the money of the Corporation for any such purpose But what will be the effect of the resolution? The gentleman (Mr. inorg?n; may Bay be pleases u to IU being merely a resolution of ct-iirtesy, but I am positive of tbe fact, and now warn tbe members of tbe board, that tbe passage of this resolution will result finally In having various bills presented here for payment?bills contracted by different parties to defray. It will be said, certain necessary expenses of tbe Prince's sojourn. As I remarked i;i tbe ouUet,a resolution Inviting a distinguished personage to visit us with the understanding that be is to pay his own way. I regard as lu rather l>ad taste; but if gentlemen who are ad vocal* s of the measure are satisti-d with such a proposition, 1 certainly am. However, as I believe the effect of this resolution wonld be different. I beg leave to offer tbe following amendment, to which I am sure there can be no objection, inasmuch as it is only to prevent In any contingency the expenditure of money for thli purpose, which the gentleman himself contends Is not to be made In any event It fs this:?"Provided, It shall not Involve tbe expenditure of any money by this Corporation." Mr Morgan.?Oh, no, don't append any such pi?>?iBv as iuav. Mr. Kmerson?Yes, sir. I will take the responsibility of offering it myself Mr. Morgan.? Mr President, in answer to what iny colleague has said in regard to expenses, permit me to state, that th? re is not one word in that resolution wbirh would lead one to snp|>tise it contemplated the expenditure of any money We can contract no debts legally without a law authorizing the saint , and no such permission Is asked for. or proposed to be asked for, by this resolution. It is s mere matter of courtesy. 1 can assure my friend that neither the originator or advocates of this resolution have any Idea of preparing an ovation, giving a ball, or anything else, that would involve the expenditure of a single dollar by the Corporation Its whole object Is to show that respect which Is due to this dlitiuguished foreigner. Mr Lammond?1 understand the gentleman (Mr. Morgan) to state that an invitation Las been extended by the President of the United States to t . I'ri,,, .. nf tir?l? - ? >-> ? " * > . .ut,v ui * mix. is iu fiaii mis metropolis, ana be biigunt; and a resolution is now introduced teen; to ext? nd a formal invitation to him on the p.irt of this Corporation I am inclined to think that we Americans are beginning to make fools of ourselves over all these foreigners when they come here. I. for one, am opposed to a reception or ovation of any kind, and set my hamble veto to all this preparation and tom-foolery in order to how ourselves otf to the Prince i f Wales. What kind of courtesy would the Knglish extend to an American citizen if be went there, even though he tee a distinguished citizen. Mr. F.asby?My friend (Mr l*ammond) seems to misapprehend the object of this resolut on. It is not to pev auv distinguished * .nri>*v ??. ? notable personage ia hlmsAf. l?ut a* the represent-, ativeof a great nation, from wbicb we all aprnng Mr Morgan.?TUai s it. Mr F.asoy ?In tbia matter we owe something to courtesy, not only among ourselves, but we owe something to international courtesy It ia tbat with regard to wbicb we oui;bt to conault our own dignity as much as anything else Will gentlemen allow a distinguished Individual, the representative of a great ana powerful nation, to viait our city, wlthont the allgbtest Intimation on the part of the city authorities that he was welcomed? \\ ho would like to have such a thing thrown up *. * ?*-- ? ?* ? - * * - - *3 - ui us unrnwr: 1 < is uoi contemplated in this resolution to Incur anyexpeuse In entertaining tbe Prince. as was well remarked by my frieod from the First Ward (Mr. Morgau) The President, no doubt, has provided for all this, as be is to be bis guest I have understood from private source* Uiftt extensive preparations have been made for the entertainment of that distinguished youth in a manner every w.iy suited to tbe distinguished position he occupies. My friend from the First Ward (Mr Lammond) also sa>s be is very much Inclined to believe that if any such visit were made by a distinguished citizen of the United States to England, he would not receive any of this courtesy which It is now proposed to exteud to the Trince of Wale* In ibis he is very much mistaken, in my opinion. If he can point'me to any instance in tbe history of Holland where a distinguished citizen of our land, visiting that country, visiting tb? Houses of Parliament, end being ushered in the presence of th* rulers of thiit country, has not been received with distinguished consideration, then I must confess that ! have read the history of our times to verjr little purpose. There never has, to my knowledge, been an instance whtre a man of any note fliiniv Bslriul. k?? ?wt* !< ...-i?1 with marked consideration by the authorities. They acknowledge the kindred feeling that exist* between ua aa nations, and are always proud of the opportunity to acknowledge the high position we occupy as a nation A,s 1 aald before, the Prince of Wale* come* to this country as tbe representative of a great nation, aad no matter what may have been our prejudices heretofore, we must feci and admit that, next to onrsolves, England is the g'eatest nation that extitt upon the earth, and, were it blotted out, we would have a weighty responsibility upon onr sboaiders, which I am very much afraid we would not be able to bear. Then this courtesy Is due to the Prince if we exhibit all these asperities whenever occasions of this character occur; bristle np our democratic feathers, and say, "We can't admit this man because he is aa aristocrat, because he is a Prince, because he has the blood of Royalty In his veins," does not every gentle* mmmm mam Mil UJ MCB SXMDIUOM We tX??k? ourselvt* supremely ridiculous. Sin h action would bt I Tirtati UmiMlon ? our part that we, u ? people, we not capable of holding as high poslUoiia ai iLeuiseives Shall we give tbCTP an opportunity to assume that we regard ourselves a* inferior to these oAclala? I bop* net, sir; but that we shall show the English nation by our action on this occasion that we appreciate ber greatness, and are willing to acknowledge all the urufs and advantages received from her as a mother nation. Gentlemen may prate as they please about liberty;'' but,sir, the seat of liberty is in England. There Is where it dawned?not n tbis continent It dawned tber* 400 years sga? SS ""~K- ? ??? our rounirv back to 1776, y?t *E?ssc\? teyi'Sj Mr. Morgan.?1 must confess that I feel son* what shocfted at the expression of my colleague (Mr. Lsinmond) In regard to th? mcinjf lUier foreigners, and entertaining them In a handsome nwiw while here; and at his ?pp-?l to know when onr people were ever entertained on tt* other side of lo? water! Mr. President, I bilnv lhl? down to a personal matter. 1 conceive it to lietbedutv of every gentlemen, wbtn be men*. nlxrs an other as hla j*er, u bla equal as a gentlemsa. and particularly, If be la la a strange land t? extend that courtesy to htm that he would e?Wttt to receive if he were ahmUrly situated. Mr. Pre?ldent, t think It is? characteristic of the American people, which I ana proud of?It Is not, sir, a toadyism, but It It a very high degree of courtesy u4 of g?nU?oa*ly bearing?that ofr .?.?*? m t ; .*? Jtt ,1'vXijJ| as* if4 :? ! " ?-?-?i people bare always b?en foaad ready to extend the nand of friendship, and of cordiality, and of genQemaaly feeling, to foreij(aers, who hare rialtr<t this rountrv from th?> nfVi/r ?f Hw viit^r Prominent citizen* of America who hare visited Europe uv that they always met with the warm- ] eat reception while there, and were bcs?t with attention* and klndneasm from gentleman resident In thoce places And why* Because these foreigner* have visited America, and receivad the same attention here If there la anvthing I despise on the face of God'a earth. It la this "toadyism;" bnt, air, I can My, and am proud to aay. tn the language of the geutleman from the Third Ward. tfiat this coiirtoay i* no more than due to the Prince, aa the representative of a groat nation; which la allied to ua by blood; by domestic, social, political, and, In fact, all the relations that bind man to man, and society to socicty. We look upon it not at a compliment to the boy that cornel, bnt we honor him as the repreaenta*tiye of a great nation. But, sir, tbe quest too has b#en asked. " When were our people honored in this way?" Wbv. sir, if the gentleman will only turn over the pages of history in bi? own memory, he will tlrd that there has not teen an ex-President of the United States, nor a distinguished man of any position who a as not, on Visiting Europe, received the most marked attention. Of all other cities, sir, this, bearing tbe name of tbe illustrious Washington, being the seat of the Federal Government, it is becoming, and courtesy exacts it of us, to extend to tbe English Government. In the person of her representative, the DrUo. - llll u -? * i/uiuidi |(rcriing 10 idii CUV. Mr. Kmerson ?As I remarked in the outset, sir, I have no objection to a resolution of courtesy merely, but I am opposed to appropriating any mone> for the purpose. Notwithstanding the assurance that my colleague (Mr Morgan) has given me, as I said before, 1 think the invitation comes with a bad grace?to Invite a gentleman here, and at the same time virtually say to him, "Pay yonr oWn expenses " However, t have nothing to do with that I withdraw my amendment, but will tell the Board that if any bills come to this body hereafter, resulting from money expanded for this purpose, 1 shall tnen give my most decided veto to appropriating one cent. The yeas and nays, at request, being withdrawn, the resolution was passed [Note?As the Prince of Wales has been refeired to In the above debate as visiting America in the capacity of a representative of the KntilUb Government, and therefore to be received and entertained as such, we would suggest to cur ?' worthy City Fathers" that the ins'ant tbePrln e arrives on the soil of the United States he doll's tils royal character and becomes limply Lord Renfrew Departure from thi? title ana character, eltber by the Government or individual*, will be in exceedingly bad taate ? Repoktkb.] Rmwii.-We give Uelow a correct liat of tbe census returns as furnished by the deputy marshals appointed to perforin the work : Free Gain Ward?. inhab. Slave*. Total, since 1850. First. 8.007 250 8,347 2.805 Second.... 9.200 310 9,510 2.576 Third 9,440 36fl 9,S? 3 898 Fourth 11,508 380 ll.^S8 3,108 Fifth ft,280 l.'W 0 412 2,274 Sixth 5,481 113 5,594 1.880 Seventh 9,580 2?3 9,M3 4,858 Total 59,586 1,814 61,400 21.39# No of slaves In 1850 *2.113 ? ? 188o 1,814 Decrease since 1850 299 Dwellings. Families. First Ward 1,477 1,473 flfrond Ward 1,514 1601 Third Ward 1.579 1,052 Foorth Ward 1,722 2.035 Fiftb Ward 1,I9W 1.122 Sixth Ward.. 1,003 1.027 Seventh Ward. 1,749 1.87H Total 10 242 10,788 In 1850 tlere were 6,345 6,730 Increase since 18.50 3,t>97 4.05* Number of marriages daring the year ending June 1, 1*60, 840. Number of deaths?First Ward, 165: Second sir a > i * ?*r - * * ?' * ? ?? aru,; mira n sra, m; rouriD ward, 58*1; Fifth Ward, 53; Sixth Ward, 106; Seventh Ward, 1-3 Total deaths In lf4J0 .....l,0flS Total deaths i n 1850 .590 Increase of deaths in le60 over that of 1650. with an ihcrease of population of KJil only 469 The entire new census returns of the District of Columbia, compared with that of If50, aflords the following interesting particulars : In the number of free inhabitants in the District was 4e,U00. la ISO*), 72,134. increase '24,131 In 1850, number of slaves 3,6H7 la I960, " ? " 3,'23l uecrease in tea year* 456 Total population ot I960..... 76,365 ? 44 44 IfeSU... 51,8ij7 Acereyate Increase In ten yearn "23,678 In 1*60, number of dwelling* la sMl In I860, " " " 7,917 Increase In number of dwelling* 4.3*JI Families, number In J860 ' " ? 1850 8.313 Increased number of families 4.539 Number of death* In 1860 1.2*3 " 44 . " " 1050........ 846 m ii*-' i 4-j i Total Increase of population in tb? District of Columbia, over the census of IHoO, 23,078. MEtTTxn or tbs Jacksox (Hrkckinril^c) DemocraticAssociatios Last Kvrsiso ?There was auitc a large number present at the regular weekly meeting of the Jackson Democratic Association last evening at their bail on Pennsylvania avenue, between Four aud-a-balf and Sixth streets. Speeches were made by Gov. Stevens, of Oregon, Judge Dixon, of Tennessee and others Tbe speakers were frequently and loudly applauded The Chair having announced to the Associatiou that the lion Mr Yancey was expectid to arrive in the city about the 20th of the present month, on his proposed tour to the North, on motion of Mf Hoover, a committee of tlve was appointed to wait upon that gentleman, and request him to address that Association and the cititens of Washington from some convenieut locality, to be hereafter designated. As Mr. Yancey is announced to arrive at Annapolis on the20tb. he will probably be her* about the IfHh, when It 1* ' to be hoped our citizen* will have nn opportunity of hearing thla distinguished man and popular raloi Bhkciinripgk Meeting is Alkxandeia. last Night ?The Gazette of this morning says: "The Breckinridge democracy of this city turned out i in full force last night, around tbe pole erected la front of tbe Court House. large audience, including a number of ladies, were present, tbe crowd occupying a considerable portion ol tbe square. A stand near tbe poll had ben handsomely constructed, ornamented with flowers, and colored lights, festooned with flags, and bore on its -front the names of Breckinridge and Lsne. Across tbe street was SMspendrd the American flags and the Union Jack, and from the top of the pole several flags waved Mns'c was on the ground, rockets sent up. and a small cannon fired. On each side of tbe stand, a bon tire was kindled, making the scene quiteanimaed and picturesque. David Fuusten first addressed the assembly In aii able speech, giving a terse bitlprf of the dtrtlcnties In tbe democratic party. He was followed by K Belt, Ksq., of Maryland, whose sddr ss ex cited considerable applause. A Liviatha*.?Hamnftack bas juat alanghtered a green turtle weighing 356 pound* !?and a young fellow at that!?aa tender, juicy and rich in thi flavor of lta green fat, aa,the fat of a canvaa back or reed btrd. It waa a turtle that might h&v* turned tbe beads of all London'a aldermen fot half a century back; with a nook and bosom aa voluptuous la appearance aa that of a blooming belle of twenty-eight la the vigor nod pride of her in ban point. He who wontd enjoy stick turtle steaks and aonp aa are not to he tastea twice iu a lifetime, ahould call at Hamrnark'a without d'uT- The Ckntee Mabsit ?This morning the market opened with an attendance and aupnly mnch below the average. Tbe country dealers were few In naabas, aud their ?&tiugs were not as rivmrnrnve mm ?uu. I'M qaallly <M excellent, however, and commanded ready sale. There Is no ladicatioa of a cbwae of prices, except for articles nearly gone out of season Articles of th* best quality bring the price* of last week without a murmur. Cbntbai. Gc**t)Hoesi Can as?Nick Smith, (col.,) drunk; workhouse 90 days Wm. Wells, vagrant; loe and costs, *3 15. George Miller, drunk; do. S3 15. Samuel Suit, do ; do. 92 15. Geo Whaley, fighting; do. S415. J no Thoinp An alaani ncr In th# At%. ?! t? > * uw. v*. i*1. ivauriifi Fenny, disorderly; do. *4 U Win Hudson, rag rant; work bouse 3U days Fonr lodgers were accommodated l Bui m kuis the mad prize plc-nle at Arlington Spring* this afternoon. We understand that they are having a line time over there, and that the feetyvMca wllj probably be kept op until a late hour. The drawing of presents takes place at^t tlx o'clock. See advertisement A ctowMD Hocst greeted Wyman on his first aDDearanra at tha Nan V?hI Inst nluht Re. member, he perforins there but two nights more, and as the adaMot fat U mail why not Uugh and be merry while you may Thi ahoald all know that the asle of clomka, rag Una, mauttlUa, duatera, and dry-goota generally, announced In another column of toft Larnud ^octl** continn*^?'inorrow b'r u.'wfcAar-U. &. M I ! Tm* Twurn or SiriixBca.?To-morrow M*w*l of our military companies propose to celebrate the day by a drna parade and pir-nlca li ! Ttrtoiwdirertions In connection with tbta ?ubject. we have heard the wl?h expressed b^many onr cttiieM, that the companies vrbn propnac to tu'n out ?n uniform would all m?etatthe National Armory, at an honr of the innrnlD( which they might agree upon between them?el?e?, and marrb l?y way of Maryland arenue and Fmir-and-a-half afreet to Peniuvinnii > ? -??* i??.? ? W -- ? ? T * (VHUC I BIIU wrwvc w u ?m terntb street, where they might separate to their several place* of resort for the da v. Sucb aa arr?"*enient would doubtleas be pleasing to thousands of our citizens who are not aware of the change for the better which baa been effected in our military within the pant twelve montba. The Light Infaatry battalion will celebrate tbeir anniversary by a parade in full nniform. and proceed to Meridian Hill, where they will snend the day with their frienda. They have made extensive arrangement* for a good time. We understand that no gentleman will be admitted to the grounds except those receiving invitation tickets The National Rifle*,we are Informed,will meet at their armory In the evening, with their honorary members and a number of Invited gueets, and after a dresa drill.will spend the remainder of the evening in the enjoyment of the mazy dance, for which their tine anncry (Temperance Hail) i? well adapted. The National Guard will parade In the morning, and proceed te Arlington and spend the day in a pic-nic, target practice, battalion drill, *.c. f dmortitic w*mi> Miitikc?a meeting of the Democrats of the Second Ward was held last night at Harmony Hall for the purpose of nominating a candidate for Common Council, at an election to take p!ace In the ward on next Thursdao, In place of Win. Orme, resigned. The meeting wai called to order, and on motion, F. Jefferson, F.?q , was elected President, and H . C. Spalding, Secretary. Speeches were made by Messrs. Ennls, Joyce, Powell, and others; and the following gentlemen were placed in noniU nation: N. Callan. A. F. Cunningham, T. S. Donoho, and L. F. Clark On the tirst ballot. L F. Clark having received the greatest number of votes was declared duly nominated. The meeting then adjourned. Thk Opposition ?It will be seen by reference to another column that the opposition of the Second Ward design holding s meefing to-night at King's Hall (old I'nion buildings) for the purpose of selecting a candidate in opposition to the above nominee, at the said election. Robbiry or a Lardkr.?bast Saturday night some graceless scamp broke into Cant P NT Dubant's refrigerator,'and stole the entire provisien made for the family dinner for Sunday? didn't leave the family a taste Thecaptain comfilainsof the heartlemness, not the heartiness of he tbief. Had the act been committed upon any other night the damage could have been easily repaired The captain requests that If the Individual wants a dinner in future anddealres to be supplied from bis refrigerator, that he will choose some night in the week; Monday. Wednesday, or Friday would be preferable, as he wou'd then have tbe advantage of the Center Market to make up tbe loss. Rcdworth's (lately Wood's) Mixstrels are now all the go. They hold forth at Odd Fellows' Hall, and laot night, on the occasion of their tlrst appearance here, drew a crowded bouse. Tbelr melodies and comicalities are irresistible, In their way, and should be enjoyed bv all. For particulars. aee advertisement In another column. Kkugiocs Mkbthigr ?Protracted me^tings are In progress at the Wealey Chapel and the Methodist Chnrch South The services at both these churches are very interesting. A nil Pic-mr. it will be seen by an advertisement in another column, is to begiven at Arlington Springs to-morrow on tbe occasion of a target match by the National Guard Svxod of Vi*disia ?The Presbyterian Synod of Virginia (N. S ) is to me?t in Alexandria early In October. It is expected that a l?rge number of the clergy of this denomination will be present. Rkader. have you nam Prof. Wood's advertisement in our paper. Read ii; it viil interest you. au ao-euly HollowayN Pij.m. Dpunlery.?T'ohko other sp;cifie? in common use which art as mere temporary styptics, Holloway'o Pills seize on the seat of the di'oaxe a; <l exterminate its primary cause?hr invigorating the digestive organs, stimulating the liver, purlin* thech&niio!s and purifying the blood, they promote a speedy restoration >>f he.-vlth and vigor. In l>ilioo?ne s. sick h- adache, acidity of the stomach, arid depression of spirits, they are equally efficacious. Hold by ail Druggists, at 25c., ?2.. and .J1 per box. s? 7 1 w Dr. J Hostrtter'* Bittkrs.?These Bitters are universally acknowledged to be a sure preventative and cure for I'ever and Acne, Flatulence. Heaviness of the Stomach, or any other like affection. Their effect upon the system is most miraculous: they givo a h. altliy tone to the system, remove nil morbid matter, and in fact thoroughly clean*" the syst mof all impurities. The proprietors in presenting this pr'-pai ation to the public, assure them th&t in no situ;! j ca*e, where it has beon u?*??1 according to their directious, has it l>eeft known to fail, but on the contrary, new virtues have !>een found in its use. To those sfflicted with any of the above ills ol th? body, the "Bitt?r?" are offered as a speedy and cortain euro. Try lliem and form your own opinion. For sale by diiiggist* and dealers generally every who e. se3eo3t Mrm'? Miraculous Vkrmin Destroyer, the oldest and liest rainedr knuitn fur eitcrnnnat ins Rata ami Mioe. Cockroaches Bugs, Ants, Muaquitoes, Fleas, Motha,Grain-Worms and Garden Insects. IT/*Principal Depot, 619 Broadway, N. Y. ftold hy ail I)rutgi?ts every where. ma 1K-3m J 1?IED, On Monday, the KHh inatant. REUBEN BCRPINF, K*q.. aged 64 years. for 40 years a resident of this oity II" was much di?tincnish?d in knowledge. tirui in hi* views of God, aiid nvinced of the truth of the Catholic religion, m which he died. Hi* friends are rerp^tfoily invited to attend his fui.ersl on to-morrow ( Wednesday) mortiin<r at lo o'clock a m . from hi* late residence, No 33-Bth street west, between II and I streets north. * On the0th instant, after a Sintering illn-s*. Mrs. M ARGARET ANDERSON, in the 49tto year of he' age. ^ LOST AND FOUND L08T?On l>oa'dthe steamer Thomas Collyer,r?r between the boat and the omnibna, on Monday l'Hh instant, a large Cainen BR RASTlM set i . garnets ana pea Is The finder, by returning it to Mra. JNDr RM %t'ER,57a 7t i it . Island, will l?e lilu?'ii!lr rp\rardfMl. sell-St* STRAYED A W A Y?On Sunday morning a young lij&ck. hrown COW, with straight short horn* and a whit? *pnt on the n?ad; white spots on the hi'.d quarter.AmUm Five dollar* will givn to the finder by leaving it af WW, BABBINUTON 8, Third street. Iwtwpen 1 a-id K- 8ellJ4?_ RE WAR D.?Ftrayed or stolen. ? brown ao<l VfO white tmixed or speckled) COW kaa been missed pome we<-k or ten days ; in nearly dry. Whoever wil return vairiJhaJta Cow to the subscriber, at tho corner of Virginia av. and lih ?t., Island, shall receive the aliove reward. 8>n 3t* MARG'T. Mil,BURN?C REWARD.-Strayed from th? prermrea of tJJji/ the subsoriber, on s-unday la*t,9th instant, adark brown MUI.E,^^^ with mane cut short. Had on some was mi. __? i : 11 i _ - a W on enr. inr?iiur?[ti??ra win lie pniu^^^ for his return to ois, on l*a. avenu?\ near the west Capitol Gate. It* JKRFMTAff HENNIS9EY. I OST?On Tuesday, August 7th, a BUNDLE of J KvfninK Star News-papers, containing lour copies of each day for the month of June, 1858 The finder will reofive a liberal reward by returning them to this olfico. au IS tf PERSONAL. , I HEREBY FOREWARN ALL PERSONS from trusting aoy one ou my a^couat, aa I will pay imdnb.a eioept of ray own oontrac inc. _aejl St* CH \RLES H1BB*. ?| (^A REWARD.-Ran awav from th? aub1*/W aoriber. living near Nottiughair, Prince Ueorca'a eo . Mil.,ou Sundav, the 9th ins ., my h ir JOHN WILLIAM TYLER ADDISON.ah .ut5 ft. 5 or 6 in, in hi?dit, tolarah'y atout. light copper mu'atto, ha'r all tie curly an<1 trinimml to a irntdiuin thioknaa*, IWcc and fo-ahead wll properturned, and like y. Ma> have a aoar ou the outer eorn?r of one oi hie eyea, chin a.igbtl) dimpled; about 19 or ? yeara of ace. Waa dreaaed when he w th black ft It hat, black e'oth Irock ooat ai d light blue eaaammre panta. marked oa t e imide <>f the wai?thand *C. W, Hollyday;" aoiueofhia ahi t oollara ale* marked. He may. however.change hia cloth hg He may be in Waahincton or (reorgetown, t*. C , where bo haa a ifuaintaneeo, or inay hav* p-llowad the eoorae of the tmnpike or ratir??iwl lor Bal irrore or Pennsylvania. as he left without provocation. I will atv-? the above reward of $151) provided he in secured in jail no that I cot him JAMR4K.ii. IlOLlADAY*. l!-?r [\JOTICK OF COPA.RTN KRSHIP.?The uii1 i d*raif ned havo this Jar formed a copartn?"-Bhip under the name and atyieof Wm. G.and P. M. Pr.rtit, f -r the purpose o{ carrying on a fir-t claaa Gruoery. having thi* day (>ouf fit the entir atook a*d ixturea of William S Joae*,on the corner of Third street and Maa*. avenue, where we will be alraatxl to ferniah the oitizena w th choice Grooeric* and Liquor* at moderate price*. We respectfully whcit a oal i of the publto patroua^?. T , P. M.PETTiT. WaakiaftoB oity, Sept. 7th, MM. N'ot.cb ?i have this day disposed of ni> entire atock of Grocerles, Liquor* and Fixture*, on the oorner ef Third atreet aad Mat*, avenue, to Mesnra. Wm. G and P. M. P?ttiL Thanking my former ouatoinera and friend* for taetr kindue?? and U ? al patronage heatowed on me, 1 hop.) the* will be; atow the *a tie on ay auccejao a.wlio will he thank fui for all fevera WILLIAM a. J ONE?. ?1 Mliif T, 1BBBL sa in -n MAUAMK MOKKICb, TUKfi&XAT AsTI'lLO iit AMD Ductiiu, ju*tfr&m Eurojt*. i'-t* ;:."5U Rri r^Arssi'g sfyaysr"- ~o,K, r5 "UJi I ^5 | ri'O THE VOTER* OF THE SECOND ' WARD. Hiring conclude! t*. ?c ept th? inviutioi t?n d?i*rl m* by m?ny fn-txU to bwww fur t m ?*? r- ? *** - ** j - oocMK'nfd by the r?n|n?t<on ot Mr Utm. I dnetn it proper to Bay that I pr.aentmtwif tmd'wrmJ.ju party. Tha principle* and polio* ot national parties have no tiling to do with oar municipal affairs. mm! the in t? r<*>in?iinn of tbam Km Imm prolific of disorder mtvhief Whilst fre? from partr obturation*, which too of'?i, M expedience ha? shown, come ia conflict with tlie true int nt of the Co poration. I shall, however erxtt-avor, ear estly and oordiaflt, to support th? chief magistrate of tha city in tke ad miaistra ion of hi* offioe. except whw an honest sense of duty compels me to differ. Aa to tha qua ificUiom I may possess for tha poet, aad the cob mderation* which would loduoa me faithfyil* to perform its duties. I must leave yo? to learn them from otherr. Thus miioti I will ?a* , that I aba!! re icard toe faithful performance of its .lutiee as I would the fulfilment of any other liono: able oil ca tion 1 uurht assume. sel! 2f THOS 1'. SIMPSON. For city council. I*. K. CLARK. At a ib*ating of the I>emoc atic aad Aati-Kaow m.T . t : - - "? - looming voters 01 iu? 9*oond Ward k*M us Monday evening. the above nomination w?? unaiuinou?l? mart* to fi I the rtoMc* crest?d l>jr the re^icna tioa of W*. Okmk. Blection?THlTlSSDAY. tem her 13th. ?e 11 3t IN THE BOARD OF COMMON COUNCIL, ?*KPTKMBKB 3. WJ. That an election m herebj directed to be held in the Second Ward on TIIUltNDAY. the 13th <?av of September n?xt. to fill the vacant** now existing in Board of Common Council t>) the r^i gnat ion of Orme, Esq. SECOND WARTVTK1R!*T PR*CINCT.Pursnant to the above reeolut-.on, an lectiou will be held at the corner of Twelfth ?treot and New York avenue. Th? polls will be opened at 7 o'clock a. m , and closed at 7 o'clock p. m. GEO. W. STEWART. SAM'L W. OWEN, GEO. E JILLARD, se7 te t'otnmiMuoners IIBNTHE BOARD OF COMMON COENCIE, MrTKXBI* 3. 1850 Retolrrrf, That an election is h?ret>? direct d to be held in the Second Ward on THL'RHDAY, the 13tli da? ?'f September uoxt. to fill fSe t*?u? xistrr in th* B >?H of Common Council t>y the resignation of Wi!ha:i^)rme. tsq. SECOND WAR D?SECOND PRECINCT ? Paranatal t? ?hove resolution, an election aiil ix> held on Tenth street. t> twenn I) and E ?ts.. one door north of tue auction store of J C. McGuire 4 Co. Th? poll* will l>e r pcKed at 7 o'clock a. ni., and closed at 7 o'clock p in SAM'L LEWI*. EDWARD C. DYER, WILLIAM P. SHEDD, so '-to Commissioner*. GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS Fbr other (ieorg'toter. ndrertxtimentt fttjitu p?ft G KOR G KTUW N DEMOCRATIC Af ll Cf <if?n*TIAV TW li * -k _? ** i v* .? i iicif w u. i?e i meru nc or t.he Asuociation WEDNESDAY, l?th in?t., at 7', o'clock p. m. AW? Kpcakei* will addreas the meet 'Df By order. J. OWENS BERRY. ?rctj. Ew?v Pic kkkm,. 1'rent. >f II Jt JIXT KKCKlVKD10 hhd?. prill*'* Porto Rico Sl'UAR*. IV hNa. M R*e WHF>KV. HHRRINU and AI.EWIVES. irt lib:*. Crushed and Refined ~ITGARS. 3" bats Rio and Java COFFEK, 10 hhda.ilow priced) .MOLASSES. For >al" S, JOHN J BOGFE. ?e in I J* JEWELRY REPAIRING. JVKR Y Dt*crip ion of Jewelry carefully Ro aired at a moderate charK* hv JAMES A. WATSON. 59 B idse treet, Geor*<t"wn. An Apprentice wanted. ?e7 St* FOR BOSTON ?The reenlar packet bin And?> vor, Captain l.evi froweH, ha* arrived and i? n<>w disci a'si' K her ca ito She wi l^SSl? |i> receiving frpj?ht fur the ai>oi*e p- t KatnrJa* mornuie. and will ?aW with disratoh Ap ply to HARTLEY A JiKO., 99 and 101 Water kt. Georgetown. ie 6 1 w RC. C. ATZS* ESPECTFULLY Informs ht? friendi aini the public generally tha he i.a<- removed to No. Huh r-treet, adjoining Ma?omc Hail Ue it prepared to furnish,at the shortest uotice. Dinner and Evening Parties. and feel* a*?ured that he will jive entire atisfaction to those who may favor him wiUi a call. All kinds nf CONFECTIONERY wd CAKE at. the lowest prices. Brst ICE CREAM at S 1 au per gal lou. C. C. ATZS, ae4->m 55 High street, Georgetown. rai/iai a swsk uvrff t vn clt- * no ' 'WDAtuu, v r r ? aiiu ocuah^. 1 AT WHOLESALE. I have to-day received 1# boxes of TOBACCO, consisting of pound liunp*, fours, t'us, large and small twists. AIm>r lar?e lot of fine HA VAN A and VARAeK GAKH. Also, on hand? 120 boxes of Cue, medium and low priced Tobacco, 250,000 Segars, S3 cases of Garrett's Scotch { nuff, in bottles ; also, Kappee, Congress, and Macrsboy. 500 dozen or Ai demon's and Goodwin's Fine Cut Chewing and :-inokinK Totaoco, 130 srose of Shanghai and Parlor Matches, l?i tioxes of Pipes a:id Pip Heads. 76 i>ales of KiUiciunick Smoking, and all other articles pertaining to the trade All of which arc offered at the lowest who'esale prwea. JAMES WALLACE, No. Hi?n street, Georgetown. Gixxls dvlivered to any part of the District free of oharge. an " STILL ALIVE,** J5riLLMAN A HUNT have Removed, temporarily, to the Store (No. 77) formerly occupied bv Lewi* Payne, nearly opposite their old establishment. ID- UKV GOODS cau be had as cheap a* ever, au ii iw THK UNDERSIGNED CARPENTER AND HU1LDKK offers his services to the public of Georgetown, Wasl?in<U>;i. and vioioity, atirt wi 1 couti.-vol lor or bup*ri tend the oocst'nction of public and private bui di igs. Plans and spcrjfioatimia wi 1 be furnuhed at short notice ? m ;e aud hop on Coucresa st Georretowa, immediate ly north of the Post Office au Smeo HENRY WING ATE. T* CLINTON ACADEMY. * Hi-;:xext Annual :*e**ion ot tftta sen-01 w?i commence on MONDAY, September 8 The school has been rainovMl to l?il Weat atre t. C< tigress and Huh. Circulars may be obtained afler th? 22d of An gift, at the dm* a ore of Mr R. f4. T. Cisiil, co ner of O iKreaa and Bridge xts. au 18 eo I in GEO. ARNOLD. M. A.. Principal. FHOK RKNT-The DWELLING and HTORK No. 77 Bridge atreet. The dwelling ocn'atn? II rooms in exee.lrnt order, besides olosete, water o'oset, bath room, amoke house, milk hoos<? with ran'lint w*t->r, a d woodshed; with gas hit.res comtli te, and water. '1 he window* command o'lariinns view* of th* river an adiaoent o Juntry. The store is completely ht ed with shelving. counter*, pas, aud water, villi larte French p ?U> glass windows and doors, and two la-ge dry cellars They wiil be rented either together or sep a ate, and to a good and permanent tenant at reiy l..? a1k.<. for rr?ut t JU HKW a STAHl.t'^. witii carnage houses attached, with hydrant in the yuil. Apply to Dr CRA61N, 124 Dumhartnu ?t.ra-1 aii 14-eotf li^OR RENT?A oourenient two-story BRICK r DWKLL.1NG, on First street, with baa Hid \V?it. AIm>. a couimodiooa Dwelling and Store, oti B idge street To suitable toiantn the rent will V>ver? moderate. Appl) to SAM 1'EL M.KF.N NV, No. I'JA tiuniiarton ?t .Georgetown. au 81 tf 'for sale and rent. [For other ''For Sale **4 Ketu" advertxttmtaMJi, tee first jmge ] . li^OR RKNT OR SAI-F? A threo-atory Frame JL H?>IJS?F.containing J2 rooms, with gaa merer? room ; has attached stable and carriage, and water in tue yard ; side and back alleys; No 510. side ol Massachusetts av . I?tween 4th and 5th *ta. r?evcnu nuflwi W*r ?m; hubii i iu ?UO miic ?V| U ?I o for sale, inquire ftt i04. three door* we t of the ?t?ove. Mil ?* FOR SALE OR RENT-a new FRAME MOV-K. willi 6 rooms and ft nummer kitchen, on 16th tt., between K and L. Inquire on the premiers. ae 10 St* TO RF.NT, AND HOOD WILL FOR 3ALK. 1 A larje sToRK on Pa. avenue, between tth and 9tli ?ta.. No. iifl, oppwute Center .\l*rk?* : hat hoen occupied aa a dry good* tore. For particu lar? inquire on the premtae* * N4 It F'O* 8ALK-A new two itwj and heaement BRICK HOUSK,eontainm* 5 room* and cellar, situated on fcleieutli etre*-t north, within 5 minutea'walk of the Northern Ijl'-rtie* Mark-t T.jrm? unuiuaU> lilieral. Apply to H. N. I AN8PAl.K. corner ol 7 Ji ?t arid Pa av. ?e 4 2w* A mm R AK KOffi?RTl'.NITY-A magnificent FARM f >r u? or exobanse for oil? popert*, obtaining 84 acres, h?!f mile from Fairfax Station, (trance and Alexandria Railroad, ltiiunfl-r a hieU ?tate of oultwanon, welt aatared, good biti ointa aud timber; it can t*? U>u<ht tow. Call <>n 15 \V HR*Y A CO ,at th?lr J.*w?!ri More. ~>1*> > Vf uUi htrei>t. ' plHl RBNT-Ftv* KRICK fl(Wtn rY Mm * !iand?om? ro? of buili!i?u?, no w nf?rlr for occupation, *itu*tod on iHh *t . Ulvoen M it?H N ?U. north l^>r pt.r icula ? mqai *at No comnrTlh Mid Mill .Of Wl ft av , couth side, Mvmk 4^ Ak ill, o( WM H. CaMI'HKLL. W l-MHl* F'OR HALP-A small FARM ofT ac'9* oilwtd, Mluattxl 13* uulea uoi lli ol >oi.]i?r?' Homo and 4 nul,>? from W a*hinKton city,being a pa:t of t'*i| In in Cast I Manor; l.Saere* tu market xa den and tue ba a-ca is heavily timbered, with a syriiu o( never failnir water, a *oun? orchard of paaohar arx! aMHw, harms <> ltasmal. (ran* boo**. A?p4? at laud Nu. 371 Cenmr Ma.ket.ol Mrs. MuKTlMKR or on tie pl^o* to J. H. MOKTIMKR. au *>-2ar" IfOa RKNT-A uew 4 at<*rv BK1CK HoVsk". 1 r wUh wmMc ininuei a.' it mM-f tlturf*. with tali ritutn* Al-o, gai m ev*rv ro?>in niu?i ?t OB Tlit> trcutri Ute+1, Mvmb L lint ar*nu.-. A l*o. A ?tor> -Aiul - attic Brick Dwtlltdg on II M. P. ~HE1>0 8 Fmoj bU?i?, No &0i lith (. MlMv* z?^ t? P' #* W.G.MtTXK^OJl ,* iru .* **?: I SBK99ES9?99fiSHEH9 THE LATEST N EW? T KLEURA P n 10. Oae War Later freat Earop* Qrc?E? 8rpt tl ?The UwerpooJ and Caaadtaa Company * ?U?mi?Ljp Bobeaalaa. f*.<a Liverpool on thr 3Mb. ft* l?oadondrrry on Friday nial?(, tbe 3trt, pamrd Farther Point ?a?e !**? nl*bt Bar idfirn are our d?T hlff Ttw Araro, from New York on the 1Mb. M arrtved at Soatbaatptoa. and tbe Kangaroo fHm N'w Verb amf dav. bad reached Liverpool Tbr owner* of the (ireit Kartera bar* ditri m'nrd that ?br aba 11 Mi! for Near York aa tbe 17th of Oclohnr lTiL? _ A Paris correspondent vrttN that there U ?? Ike illghtnt chance thtt tbr proponal to make Vtplrs neutral ground will s?l< oeerl anttcljf>a?1 ng ? to hear, at any moment, of the entrance or Oarlbaldl Into Naples and of the flight of the King The Intent I'arla correspondence aars that Victor Kmmxnuel has sent an autograph lettrr to Louie Napoleon, declaring hit Impossibility of longer resisting the enrrent of popular feeling In Italv; and adding thnt a reported fall had toten place on the bourse of to per cent In Neapolitan funds The latc?t from N aplea states that ml 1 tMyconacll had ade sed the K'n? to leaee \ a pits Alan, thai thr n(M">n IK* i,?. ? ? ? ? ? ? T ? ?if, am H4JH had tendered tU?lr reai^iralioM to the KUg KMltR> The *?*wn of I'owntry, who hti long ten en a *tnke. have x i epted the IrriM of tb# m. ployera, and gone to work a^alr. Cwmmkbcial l.irrrpwl w**klp rtpml ?Sake*of ( Otfaw for lh? week i-i <l*> balea. including 3.000 for apeevta. Uen, and It.uti* for export The market closed with x>*neral declinm* tendency, and with a nt, ut uw imr vn iuwtT auiiiiif*. I Bt W* I Billed m1-? to-day (31st) axe b.50? ImIm. Hoeing at the following quotations;?Orleans fair 7>d, middling-'^; Mobile fair ?d. middling 5\d; Uplands fair , middling 6 13-I6d Stock is port including VMl.UOt) American. Tb?* weather continued favorable for tbe cr-?pa, an?l l>r? adstufls were dull, with a downward ten* denry Provision* were very doll Lard Ann at Ma<>t. Consols cloned at ti.laff] *,. maine ^hmb. Porti.ami). Sept 10 ?Tbe election held in this Slate to-day was for Bute officers a ad members of Congress. Tbe vote has hrm tbe largest ever cast Scattering returns from the principal cities and towns indicate the election of the full republican ticket by a large majority. Thirty towns give Mr. Washburn '2,57b majority Tba follow ins ?s the vote of the principal cities Portland. Washburn '2.751: Mnart. ina . iflL Barnn, l.nion. 113 Bath, Washburn 83#; Smart 1*7. Sac<?, \\ asbhurn 793; Smart 414 Biddeford. Waahburn 88U; Smart 7? Korklmri Washburn. 761, Ml>art 484 Melfaat, Washburn 590, Smart 131, Baruea 34. Augusta, Wasbburn SX1; Smart 6*4. Fortv one towns give Mr Waahbora IM.3M, Smart 11.73*2. I'ok rn\D Sept 10, (midnight )-Returns from 11# town* |jl?f Washburn. r?r., lot 33.1*>5. and Stuart Xi -41 voles. The entire republican Cou^reaatonal delegation la elected ~~ Arrival af the lallforala fxprnt St. Josirn. Sept 10 ?The Pony Expeeeftom San Franriaco on the 2TUh alt., baa arrived Several strikes of operative for the ten boar system bad taken place and were partially wet-earful Political man meetings vrerr engrosalog public attention In California Senator Gsrln was to make his first speech in the ramraign at Stock t#n, on the 90th Much bltterneas is expressed against liim. Some of the County Democratic Conventions require pledges of their legislative nominee* to vote asalMt Mr. Garln for lanaw Tbe contestant* in the Broderlck will eaae have applied for a coonlNiM te nan toe ?Ml take testimony to show that the will could not have bffii riKiM by tbe deceased A desperate attempt baa been made by artaonera to escape from tbe California State prison. Four were mortally wounded. Later treat Head aims. New Oill*x?, t*ept 10 ?Tbesteamship Bwnvllle. from Havana, brings intelligence from Truxillo tbat tbe commander of tbeEogllsh ship cd-war Icaras ordered tree Walker to surrender the town to the rightful authorities, and that tbe latter obeyed and retired down tbe coast, with SO men According to tbe last acroanta from him, bis force bad been red.r e<l to $f> men by the repeated attacks of hi* enemies, and tbat be baa been severely wounded In tbe faoe Seven of bis wonnd?-d followers at Truilllo bad been placed on board the Icaras, tbe last of whom was a colonel. As the steamer Oaraola (wbtcb brought tbe news to Havana) was leaving the harbor of Truxillo, Alvarez was entering tbe town with 9U0 men. The Fasiea Us veaaeat. Alb&xi, Sept 10?Tbe announcement of tbe nrol>"s-d union of ILe demo* rats with the Rwr k inr<dge men. by giving the latter ten electors tod two State oflrera, baa < auaed a great ronuattlM among the politiriaita bere. IarKr majority of tbe State Committer are understood to be decidedly opposed to tbe contemplated arrangement. Dean Richmond goeadown to New York to-night It ta understood that be refuaaa peremptorily' to call tbe committee together (or ttie consideration of tbe Breckinridge proposition Several telegraph messages received bere from prominent politicians, advise tbe rejection of tbe proposed arrangement ai Injurious w? tbe ticket Frea Dcarrr City. St. Jo'Ephs, Sept 10 ? Denver City dates Lave been received to the its* ult. Tb? reports from iuc mrrviiu suvrr ioiur? ronnniic iaTor?ow. One quartz mill in RusaeU'a Gulcb. in four days, yMd?*l nearly sixteen hundred dollars II G Rice and H 1'iemon were kilted i?r Denver by thf Kiowa Indian 1 be leading lawyers of Denver bav? sgred to transact no more professional business under the present confused state of sAtrs They wul to erure n <tible government ut soate kind for the Pike's Peak region. Later (rsa Mrxlce. Xtw Oblka**. J*ept 10 ?The bullish slsa&rr Teviot bad arrived at Havana from Vera Crus on tli- 3d, witb #4.600,(jhi' 1b specie, and reporta that tbe Juarez Government bad declared the bark Mwta Concerrion to be a lawful prise. M train "it wrs at the capital endeavoring to coacss t'ate a ?uIB' lent f?rce to repulse the Liberals, who were rapidly moving thither. A aether Lake Disaster Dmkoit. Hept in ?The Canadian schooner XV H- Dsvev. with a cargo of coal, spruag a Irak a a ' 1_ ^ ..J ... ? W .^a. ?La in a r^T> ?,?? : uu ^iukus) mw mm ? uiiAule jal..nd Lakt Erie Tbe crew of arven 11 ajx'.l to th~ ripping. were tbey rr s-v?iitre? hours. aod were Anally rea> ued by a fkaaala? veaaei So live* were loat Tbe vt-M-1 will probably be ralaed The irelaware Lottery. Wilmim6Tos, Sept 10 ?Tbe lottery 1rm at Mwn Fnucc. Bfoadbenta, A Co , waa dissolved to-day by K France, tbe contractor and DiHgtf of the lleiaware lottery ^raut, who now coaducta tbe business Ckarck Bvm4< Boama, Sept JO?Karly on Sunday morning tbe Second r."t*renatloual Church 111 Medfora w a destroyed by fire, with two wooden building* adjoiuioa i,om of which 96,00(1 waa in snn-d TU?- fire waa Uie work of an Inceadiary ri|l???t ?!tlM Fire Dt|wrtarat Pu:i.41>?lt>uia, Sept IV ? David M Lyric, of th- Knir ttoant Kaviac Company, wee flao*od th ? rvcu.ajr Chief &agine?r of ttt Plra P?p?ii ment Put Office Rtbkrr Aiujt, Sept 10?The port (Am at W?rt Troy wm robbed ou Saturday nl|fht of S190. MalUj??r* <Xru?. HiLtiauii, Soot. It Floor la Aim ud Ufhor; Howard airert add Ohio 06 25 Wheal ic ftrai. rtd SI ?->4H CI, white ?! 33.1 56 Cora to quirt, yeiiow Provialoua aro ouiet Wh*akv baoyant, Oble_M)f aotte. Coffee la ateedy; aalaa ?f 11; KIO IV; LAguayv* U^C !? ? T?r% markets Mew V'ou Sept 11 - PWv rlreed quiet but iflrn"; ***? m 73*43 Ohio ? ? ao, Souih-rn SbitMttiHU WImiI Is iMr. Corn isoiMcti mltod ?>?9c P?rk Is dull L^rd Is *?d)r W blsky Is ?t*dy *t New Yofts, pt'1" -Morka set ire, Chios** ,Md Rock Ulead 7?*; Illinois Oatrsl rtsm 87k; do U.od. 97, MtcbigaaSoutbors **. New YorV C? .irel H7; Rasd.^**; H?d?c* River RR *, Mo. ft^sBIS tfT" o** e^JJtJJ*?. >'?<? of o??? ?? t ii i^M.iH K, MEAL. .MILL FEED, *? r luflrMirtiMCO.ll-M'W mpenor braMt of fiMk ?r??a4 FmmI , r*ti? ?Kl ShmIm Floor, ***** AJU few .

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