Newspaper of Evening Star, September 12, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 12, 1860 Page 2
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Tiir cvi^ivtiNin GTAD 1 jl uju 13 f uninvi f7 J. All< WASHINGTON CITY: WKMVBIOAY September 13, 1900. Spirit ( the n?r>li| Cress. The Constitution treats upon the gradual development of republican ism, and concludes Its review of the II->n. Alexander H. Stephen's late speech at Augusts, tfeorgia. The InuUigtnttr publishes and compliments Mr. Sterhen'm Anrnita sneeeh. ffT- Her nan's pugilistic exhibition ended in a vritd Mot at Woonsockst, R.I. 27" Wm D. Totty, convicted of the murder of hi* sister-tn-law at Richmond. Vs., hat been refused a new trial and sentenced to be hnng on the 3d ef November. An appeal, however, haa been taken to the Court of Appeals. lO" Professor Lowe, backed by hiafrienda, hai determined, in a couple of weeka, to make another effort to aacead from Philadelphia in hisgreat airship The work of repairing damagea to the canvas, caused by the late accident is to be commenced immediately. IO" The cenaus returns are ao far reported that the New Hampshire papers put the population of the State at 3i2.(K)0?an increase of onlv 4.WI0 in tea years There is a falling off in the rural towns and, a gain tn the manufacturing. Portsmouth Jus shrunk a little. fTT"Th? furniture used by the Priace tfWiUi at St. John, N. B., has been aold by auction. The Prince's bedstead brought! l-jfi; the Duke of New* caatle sbedstead. !33 23; reception chair on which the Prince sat to receive ccmpany, 913 5"; dressing table, with glaaa and marble top, ! >!. COHGtUSlO.-fAL RlPRK3B!ITATlO<| OF VlSCIHIA. Tb? Richmond Enquirer say*: "If the present ratio of representation In Congress is preserved, the increased population in the State, when taken in connection with the fractional excess at the last appointment, will give three additional members of Congress.1" Natal.?The U. frigate Congress, L M. V. ?II?a *?- ' ? -? U..wwivu(ut Hucu uom juiiaonaao J uiv is?j for St. Catharine* and Rio de Janeiro The U S brig Dolphin, Chaa S ted an an commanding, waa till at Buenos Ayres July 2.5. The U. S. steamer Pulaski, Capt. W. H. Macomb, aalled from Montevideo Julv 25 for Paraguay. By The Oeaeret News of August 15th gives the names of about sixteen hnndred persona who are on their way to Salt Lake City. Their trav ellng rtock constated of nearly three hnndred wagon* and carts, seven hundred oxen, one hun area ana eighty-six cowi, and a large number of tenta. DT The Kankakee Democrat say* that the Prince of Wales and his party will go from Chicago to St. Louis on the Illinois Central Railroad, In a special train, and that the train will make a halt at Kankakee long enough to give the party an opportunity to go on a prairie-chicken hunt. l[7" A case wu decided on Saturday in the third district court. New York, which involved the constitutionality of a city ordinance against atreet preaching. A man named Falconer was arrested for lecturing on temperance in the Park, mnd being taken before the justice he demsnded a trial by jury. The jury decided in effect that the ordinance in question was In violation of free apeecta, and that the defendant must be discharged. IYJ" Very rerrnt account* from Kurope,and especially from the eastern part of it, modify considerably previous reports of the condition of the crop*. Although storms and locusts have done much damage in the Russian grain-bearing provinces, there is a strong belief that the harvest will turn oat to be a good one. Spain will have a large surplus for exportation, and as moat likelv of an excellent quality. The deficiency will be chiefly in the British Islands, Holland, and Ger. many, but, aa other cropa have not suffered to the oe extent as wheat, the demand may not prove o great as many have supposed. From India vast Quantities of rice will b* ?nnnltwl ? ri * {[7* The Mormon*. It would seem, have no preaent Intention of leaving Salt I<ake Valley. They arc busy erecting in even* aettlement substantial buildingsforcouncHhouses, court-houtei. meeting-bouses, and school-houtea. Grist and iiw mills, nail factories, foundries, and every kind of machine shop are becoming common. A few miles from the city Brigham is laying out a nursery, with a million trees, which he calculates will in ten years turn him In as many dollars The building of the Great Temple has recommenced, and even- spare team Is hauling tbe mas ive rock from Cotton road into tbe city. Of the magnitude of this edifice- oar readers will form some uotion from tbe fact that tbe foundation alone cost f'-O.fOn. and a contract baa recently been concluded for the hauling of the rock for the basement story, a d utanr e of ten miles, for ?X>.OM) The building is to cover an area of 2l,S50 fe%t. The Dris or Xiwcuui?The following notice of the Duke of Newcastle, who accompanies the Prince of Wales on his visit to the British North American Colonies and the United fetates. as his mentor, which we take from Burke's ' Peerage and Baronetage of the British Empire,'' for ths present year, will be interesting to our readers just at this time: " Hsnry Pelham Fi?nnes Pel bam Clinton, Duke at Newcastle-under-Lyme, county of Stafford, and Earl of Lincoln: Keeper or St. Briaval's i horn nf M?t? it i 1 s??- * ? ? ? w. * ? wj ^ IVI1| iiramcu, < < fcU Ul ;No??nbti. 1333. Lady Susan Harriet Cathcriue Hamilton Douglas, only daughter of the late Dake of Hamilton, and by Uer (from whom be was divorced la lsdO) baa lxu?? " 1 Henry Pel ham Alexander. Karl of Lincoln, born v?th January. 1334, member of Parliament "2. Edward William, an officer In the Rifle Brigade, born 11th Ancust, 1336 '-3 Arthur, born 23d June 1840, Roral Nivy ' 4. Albert, born 22d December, 1845. " 1. Susan Charlotte Catherine. He succeeded as Mb Duke, 12th January, 1551. His cnce, who was Member of Parliament for South Notts and for the Falkirk burghs, prior to bis Father's death, has filled various high official stations He was Chief Secretary of Ireland in 1S44. Secretary of State for the Colonies from 1^62 to 1*51, and Secretary of State for War from 18-S4 to 18 v5. He Is now {Secretary of State for the Colonic* " The tile was created 13th of November, I?.jA. Motto to the coat of arms Loyaul le n a bonte' Loyalty kmt mo *kam*. rttMMi Hon Robert C. Wintbrop arrived home on Saturday from Europe, in the itramer America, t Boston. A Irtter received in lodianopoli* from a In Chicago who accompanied Col. May to Washington Territory, announce* tbe Colonel's death shortly after arriving on the Pacllc coaat. Governor Bank* will go to Chicago in a few day* to make a r range men t* for tbe removal of his family and the assumption of bis new duties His family will remove thither early this fall, and the Governor will Join them at tbe close et Us ottctal duties. Hoe. John Young Brown, tbe voting mem>>er of Congress from Kentucky, wa* married, on tbe -^d last , to Mis* Rebecca, daughter of Hon. tnMhaU n?? ? ' "* ----- ?, -?-inr?ttbttt, ci-tniiea shim Senator of Kentucky. ru? young ladv is heiress to wrtltk, and It If mid to be beautiful and aclompinbed 1)* GBHS*s OxTCISATID BlTTSR*.?Wf ire not in the Labit, as our readera arc aware, of recommending of noticing tbo various nostrums tbat are urged upon the public attention. But there are occasional css?s where a departure from this rule seems proper, and the article abovenamed preeents a case of this kind This medicine has acquired a permanent reputation for the relief of dyspepsia, liver complaint, heart burn, aad all difflealttes originating or proceeding from the digestive organs, sad, containing no alcohol, no mineral, or aey poisonous drag. It Is one of tbe Mfest remedial prescriptions For a fuller cMunt the reader Is referred to tbe advertisement of the article.? WtttHtr Spf. Si>AS?h Rxpshtiok to ftaa Dowinoo.?Fsnm n...n??f Mam t?y Ik* Kmytre Cltr. ?y? tb? N O PWywm* of the Ctb. that expeditions to the aid of the !*pet?1ah people of the Island of fcau Uwuiume, i?ttoeir war against H<iytwi>s,continue quietly to he fitted out in I bat port They carry cut a/mi, ammunition, stores, and provisions, ?erftbiHK, indeed, nrtuaary to gtveit the character of a military expedition except the name And we are asaired. on the same authority, that it baa the fall sympathy *f the aettorjtica at Hara?e I ! WAIHINflTOII IfKWI AND OflMlP. I Bid# roa th* CossTntrrTio* or thi Pacific Telkckaph?A? we havealready toted, the Secretory of the Treasury yesterday opened the blda for the construction and use by Government of a telegraph line to the Pacific. The proposal of Hiram Sibley, representing the Yfeatern Union Line, was In accordance with the minimum Mm In the act of Congreas, namely: *40,(40p>r annum, and ?3 for a single dispatcti of tea Word*, with the usual proportionate deletion upon dispiffchea of greater length. Theodore Adams, of Harris- ! burc. Pa., bid f*?0,00<> per annum for ten years. | Orville Clarke, of Sandy Hill, N. Y.,and J. Har- | mot. of Detroit, bit Wfi.ttW per annum for ten years. B F. Flcklin, of St. Joseph. Mo , makes three bid*. The first f.15,OCO per annum for ten yeara. The second S4U,(X? per annum, and to transmit all Government dispatches at #1 50 for the first tea words, with the usual deduction for those of greater length. The third SW.UUU per annum, accompanied with a proposition to run a pony express after the first fire hundred miles of the line Is finished, at the usual tel-graph rates, until the line is completed. There were present at the opening of the bids. Messrs S'.bley, Flcklin, James S. Graham and a Mr. Bee, the last named gentleman connected with a Placerville and St. Josephsllne. The Secretary will probably make his decision this week. These bids, six In number, were all that were presented; and if In accordance?with the act of Congreaa, they were "accompanied with the certificate of a United States District Attorney, or District Judge, stating that he is acquainted with each of the persons signing the guarantee and knowa them to be men of sufficient property to make good the above guarantee," It is sufficient to ensure the erection of a telegraphic line to the PaclllT. It rests now with Secretary Cobb to determine which bid, In his opinion, is the lowest offer and (k? ?-WU ^ i' A ? ? ?v uivftaif. I'Muir w tuc uu?eruiuem. 1 litre ! but little difference between Messrs Clark Sc. Co. and B. F. Flcklin's last bid; yet the last bid of Mr. Flcklin seems to present great advantages to the people and the press of the country ; and as they are to be the parties benefitted, It is presumable the Government will enjov like advantages. At the end of 500 miles, and, indeed, until the Telegraph is completed, we are insured under It a tri weekly pony express to our western coast; and we all know now the immense advantage of a semi-weekly one, particularly our commercial men. We know Mr. Flcklin Is well acquainted with the wilds of our Western frontier, and If any man in the country can push forward this creatwork _ . o to a speedy completion, he Is that man. We therefor? hope that the enterprise may fall to his lot, which will happen if, ail things considered, his bid proves to be the lowest and ui<>st desirable for the Government. Thi Ket to His Jocbnkt.?H |eems that Mr. Herachel V. Johnson, suddenly abandoning his remaining appointments to address the people in Georgia and other Sonthern States, has front- pest I haste to New York. Now. the key to this unex pectod journey <f his Is found iu the whimperings of the Douglas managers here. It seems tint the "force" speech of Mr Douglas, delivered %t Norfolk, Vs., as published in the Norfolk Argus, and repeated by him at other points In Virginia, has played bob with the scheme of drawing oil' from the Breckinridge ticket In Georgia, votes for Douglas sufficient to secure the State to Bell; the game for which the Georgia Douglas leaders have besn playing. It will be remembered that, in effect, the argument or position of the " force" speech in question is little more than a paraphrase of tLe threats of the New York Tribune, and Messrs i*uinner,\Vade, *t al , that in case of r?slstance in what she revcrds as her constitutional right*, abolitionism will send its armed cohorts down upon the South to compel her submission. As might have l>eeii expected, the assumption of such a position by Mr. Douglas is causing every states-rights man at the South to wash his bauds of Douglasion ; and ere the rise of the Douglas party all the southern democracy were ri At? * -* " uwKo-1 j^iiw uiru. i uui, luc crratiu OI II. V . Johnson to Mew York Is to tbe end of inducing Douglas at once to modify h!s '-fore*" poaition in order to "save the pieces'" at the South; and to that end only. He will probably fail in it. as tbe Maine election must tend to convince Douglas that tbe only way in which be can hope to save tbe piece* at tbe Nortb, is to light tbe d?1 with even hotter abolition tire than he has >>een using there up to this time. He cannot alford to venture to correct his southern mistake at this particular juncture. That's clear. So Mr. Johnson will have but his labor for bis pains, we apprehend. TtiAL of tbx Gkrat Floyd (ic.i?A Board to consist of the following named officers will convene at Fort Monroe, Va , on Tuesday, the IKh instant, for the purpose of examining the fifteen inch gun there mounted, and of witnessing the firin? with the same. the Hn*r<l ?mii ???> t=m ? ? ? ? ?? K |/VI whether or not the efficiency of our present armament for harbor defense would be lmprored by the addition of a judicious proportion of guns of this class. The firing will be done under the direction of the Captain, T. J. Rodman, of the Ordnance Department. Lieut. Tallmadge, Recorder. Detail for the Court Engineers?Uen. Joseph G. Totten, Maj. J. E. ISarnard, Capt. H. G. Wright. Ordnance?Maj. J. Symington, Capt. A. B. Dyer, Capt J.Gorgas. Artillery.?Col. J. Dimlck, Maj R. Anderson, Cant I M Pn.ll.l w?|-? ?r VHIiiUVt - MisrRiNTKD.?By some in ishap, the editorial article In yesterday's Star explaining the cause and circumstancfs of the overwhelming defeat of the nominal Democratic-party cause in Maine on the day before, went to press without the usual correction. Consequently, we were made to seem to have written nonsense in penning more than one of lta sentence*; though it la to be presumed that nine readers out of ten comprehended dt a glance how that its*'confusion worse confounded" occurred. StavEYOa GKKERAL, DkPCTT SiRVETH8B, kc. We understand that the accounts of the Surveyor General, Deputy Surveyors, R?telvers, and Disbursing Ageuta throughout the United States have been adjusted by the General Land Office up to date. Aim Ihtelligeick ?Second Lieut. Richard H. Jackson, first artillery, has been relieved from duty at Fort Monroe, and directed to report at Fort Columbus for duty, with recruits for the de pvrmiexii ui I was Resignation.?A. M. Barbour, Superintendent of Harper's Ferry Armory, baa resigned bis position . Recognition or a Consul.?The President bas recognized Don Carlos Ranaon do la Cblca as Consul for Spain, at Philadelphia. ? Appointment ?'The President bas appointed Bel* R. fttreety to be Deputy Postmaster at Lyons, N. Y , tn place of W. 8. Asbby removed. Tax Weathee.?The following report of the weather far the morning Is made from the Amer lsan Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation Is about 7 o'clock. ?M ? Cfcl' IKXBIK v&y IWW. New York, N. Y. cloudy Philadelphia, Pa. cloudy, cool. Baltimore. Md clear, cool. Waabingtnn. l>. C clear, wind N W Richmond, va. clear, 64?. Petersburg, Va. clear, ?5\ Wilmington, N. C clear, cool. Charleston, a. C clear, 70?, wind S\V Augusta, Ua. clear, 7V3. Savannah, IHU clear, 74?, wind N Macon, Ua. clear, cool. Moatfroiaery, Ala. clear, cool. Jackson, Ala clear. Mobile, AU^ clear, 84?. New Orleans, La clear, 85?. .raoM thi was*. Pittaburg, Pa cloudy, cold. Clevnpnd, O........cloudy, wind N Ottawa. Ill clear, 50', wind F. Dubuque, low*..... .. cloudy, 4*>, wind If Cairo, m... elm, 55 \ wind N Rock Island. Ill cloudy, 55'. wind 3E Barometer at tbe Smithsonian at 7 a. at., (?urrected fot temperature,) at noon, 29,WO. Thmnmrnl r at 7 a atn*on,39">. Maxlnftwt during hours ending 9 a. m. to4a?,73)f; iatainm 54V i i it ?1 - -U.V4 ?a - B iacfa. * ' c | Detail* tid IitldnU ( the* Dlintrr an Lake ntcki|ia. The Chicago paper* brtng ua further particulars of the terrible calamity to the steamer Lady Elgin and hef unfortunate p&jatftgefa and crew. The lteata?r, it appMM, Wsa Inaared for eat.wA STATBMSirr ?? Me. Smith M'Chacl E Smith, ?f Ontonagon, waa attnng the number of tb4 aneed He givea the following uiwnrai? vi nn uwuict. ne wm on the Boat with Capt. Wilson: " Thecaptaln ordered all the passengers to get life-preservers; I think that meat of them did. H? then ordered the crew lo take axeaand break open the state-rooms, so that none should be left in them; I think that nearly every passenger tot out, although I pulled one out as we floated by the state-room. A short time after this the engine fell through the bottom of the \rssel, 1 should think about fifteen mliiutes after the schooner struck her; tbe boll went devrn Immediately, leaving the hurricane deck floating; a great portion of the passengers were on the hurricane deck when the bull went down: the most of them jumped off very soon, thinking that It would sink; the hurricane deck soon separated into live pieces; there were twenty-five on the part on which I was?the captain waa on this; there Were some military fron Milwaukie and six or aeven ladies; the other four piecea went off with a number on each. "We held up cabin doora for sails, and cam* down smoothlv as far as Winetka. When within a few rods of the shore, the ntt us got back on it?ajuong them, tLe captain and myself; the captain got one of the ladies back; a big sea came and washed us off. The captain was the last man on the float; I heard him cheering the pawngera; another sea came, washed him off, and he drowned. Of the twenty-four who were on the float, only eight were saved. 'After the life-boat was launched, a yawl which was aft was launched. Two boats were launched from the hurricane deck. 1 knew only two men on the raft?the captain and Mr. Waldo, the clerk of the National Mine at Ontnnagon. "When it uecimellght in the morning, thefonr rafts were in sight, and many floating on pieces of the wreck The captain called to each of the rafts and Inquired if bis southern friends were aboard. They answered from each thut they were not."' [The friends referred to (says the Times) were probably Col. 1". A. Lumsden and family, of New l > r ' ii e M. > ' * * iui.uuiluauu idiuiiy.ui rveniucsy J The family of Mr. L. consisted of Limaeif, tils wife, his son Frank, and an adopted daughter named Emma. The baggage of the party wa? not with them, it having been sent from the Tremont House in charge of the Adams Express Company. Statement of thi Steward Frederick Rice, steward of the Lady Klein, says the dancing on board was suspended half an hour befors the collision on account of the heavy wind and sea. but tho whole boat was lighted up brilliantly. Mr R. describes the scene on board the steamer aft??r tbecollision as one of the wildest excitement an! terror. Passengers ran hither and thither with alarm. Women screamed and clung to their husbands or companions In frantic terror For a considerable time afUr the boat left the wrei k. the terrific shrieks of the passengers were heard above the howling tempest. Incidents. It is said that on* man. a passenger, who was saved iu one of the boats, left his'wife and child on the vessel, and in his abject fright did not seem to thick of them until he was himself safe on land Mr. Ev'ston waa with hij wife on tta? pilothouse, and his sole care aeennd to be for her When near the abort, a huge wave washed her oft Into the lake. Her husband instantly left hit place and swam to her asslatauce Seizing her in bis arm* he struggled back through ttie wavea, and by preat exertion* aucceeded in placing her agaiu i y his side on the pilot-house, iioth were saved. Kd ward Spencer, a student of the Garrett Uiblical Institute, was especially prominent in bla effort*, and plunged into the surf with a rope tied around hie body, thua rescuing several from a watery grave. The life-boat. In which were the two mates, came In below Winetka. One of the boatafrom the hurricane deck started with twelve passengers, eight of whom were aaved. The boat ups<-: twice. A lady and child who were on thia boat were washed away once and picked up. They were washed otf the aecond time and drowned. For Ave miles along the abore the surf was filled with fragments of the wreck. Furniture, doors, the piano, carcasses of cattle, and fragments torn m.? ?.?.. ?? ???- * - - ....... .uc uv?>, tviu we xciriui iaie 01 destruction ami death. John Furlonc.when the boat began to break up, found a cabin door, with which he threw himself into the water. A man who gave his name u (iough, front Indiana, made his way to Furlong's raft, which proved Insufficient for both, and (ioutch refusing to relinquish his hold, Furlong left it. and succeeded in reaching a rattle pen, upon which he and a comrade reached the shore. Uough wt>? lost. i.itkr fhom Mexico?Pronunriainento in favor of Comonfort.?The N. O 1'lcayune of the tfth lust, says: 'Intelligence of the highest authority, and brought by the last steamer from the Rio Grande, has been placed in our hand to thecffect that a reneral pronunciamento In favor of th? return of ex-President Comonfort to authority in Mexico has been planned and 1> on the eve of ueing proclaimed. Thi? new movement. a? we are assured, It not confined to tbe northern States of the Republic, where, however, it was first Inaugurated, but it coextensive with the Republic. The governor and highest olficlals of each and every one of the States adhering to the constitutional cause are in tbe secret, and when tbe signal Is given, will all pronounce simultaneously. We call this movement a new one. It is such, however, only in the sense that it has now beon fully matured arid brought to a head. For six months nOW. It well Vn??s?? 4 - ' * , ?.vm auvnii iu an inumavfiy conversant with affairs In Mexico that the wires were being laid, and that for thla purpose Generals Doblabo, Tracona. and others visited thia city the last winter for purposes of personal conference with the ex President, and afterward left for their respective fieida of action* More recently special messengers have passed backward and forward through, perfecting tbe arrangement and communicating with their chief, who waa at last accounts in New York. As said before, Gen. Doblado, who has recently won tbe great victory over Miramon at Lagos, is one of tbe most trusted leaders of tbe movement, and, now that the exPresident's friends are more than ever masters of the field, it is expected that the pronunciamento will be made at once. Foxeiok Items ?The accounts from the French harvests are more satisfactory. The wheat is all safely housed in the southern department, and it was hoped that all In the northern department would l>? saved. The harvest In Poland has proved a total failure Count Pnrsigny, in opening the General Council of ih? Department of the Loire, made an important speech in favor nf th? nnii/><> r.r i.'? K. s MYEE,KjS^Wrlt''4T*. COMM1Sdoer ws*t of the ?enoral Post O&oc, aud o?? .sue Columbian Restaurant. eUlw 0~ A FRESH SUPPLY. WING To the immense rush for School Books m? stock had foeoome almost exhausted. Te-da* I havereoeiveda fresh supply awl am mam rrady to furnish mt numerous customers at astonishing!? low prices, wholccal.^M r|tali:LANTYN|t 490 Seventh street, eUove ,? 12-3t OadF ellowc'M ?J) T HE Undersignedfromlo'n* practice confidently reconiinends f i??elf to those afflicted with ?*- toTUS'liSSSf: He tec fcrimssioa to refer to the followt?< ?enitlemen: William J. Butler, John Pettihone Tfil"SSST Ei??tk. ,, _ ,wv |AVk?vf "? *-*? !" K" *ror. lie justified tbe annexation of Savoy and Ice, and repudiated tbe idea that the policy of France was aggressive or at all threatening to England or the Rhine frontiers of Prnssta, and be confidently predicted an era of peace unprecedented for hurope. Tbe Papal government had r-ent reinforcements to tbe garrison at Benevento, but tbey were driven out of tbe town and forced to return. There was Increasing agitation in Hungary. Gen. Benedict had resigned tbe Governorship. Letters from Odersa ?[>esk of ditlon of the wheat in t^iat region. The cholera had broken out at Malaga, fix hundred person* had been attacked with It, cut of whom fifty died. It is aald that Napoleon baa resolved to create two new regiment* of Zouaves. It is stated that the French Admiral at Naples baa been ordered to observe the strictest neutrality, and to do nothing to interfere with the defense of Naples against an attack. ]?7~Tbe Dubuque Herald says that some of the ministers who have arrived at Dubuque to attend the Metbodlst Conferdnce, walked in?some as far as one hundred and fifty miles. r><3=?THERE WILL BE A MEETING OF the friends of Bell and Everett TO-NlOHT at Island Hall, at 7>? o'clock, for the purpose of reorKAniztng the Union Association of the Seventh WArd. (IT) COMMITTEE. (Y"5=?DEMP8EY * O'TOOLE. U3 WEUUINQ AND VISITING CAKD ENGRAVERS, Importers of Una WEDDING bTATlONERT, WEDDING ENVELOPES. the most beautiful styles. 396 Pa. At., between 9tu And 10th sts , A'i T7-6m WitnmoTQM. r^HBAP SECOND-HAND PIANO.-A 6H <kV/ ?Ave Frenoh Piano, in good order, for fM, for aale At the M usio (Store of se 12 W. Q. METZEWQTT. M VOCAL INSTITUTE. Da * vi?n "" n.~. iuu?u nai the honor to announce th? removal of h?r Vocal liatitutn to *,? 4 4* KIovmU atreet, hetwec^ Yud l .u, 10 12-wHffl m 4 WANTS. A GUILDS NURW WANTED. Apply atSJO G ?tr?ot. Ifodr* Itth. If fJOY WAXtRP, to w?rk on mi Adtmi' pre**. 11*", c*~r * i?t IB washing and u<mine. Good rHommnwlioni gi" " i " irm* Anih. far twn . ? ? No. 919 !* . avenuei bttwee'rf Uthaad 15U >i> ' J-aft* - WHO WOULD BE WITHOUT MONEY WHEN IT OAN BE OBTAINED BY 8<>ME L1TTI.E ENERGY??A few jou'-s men who are not ashamed to make an honest h* industry, will have an opportunity if theY call ?t the Plumb Dazuerreaa Gallery. Brown's Hotel, Penn. areooe. Hours from 8 to II a. m,; 2 to 5 . in. ?f 12 8t* M. H. CAMPBELL. WANTED? Bv a young girl, 10 year* of age. a SITUATION as nurse or chambermaid Can give good reference. Address S. 1)., Georgetown Pout Office. w lift* U7ANTKP-A SITUATION aa housekeeper. "" Also, a Situation as ohamhermaid and "amstrews, or child's nurse. Best of references tive*. Apply 44T Ninth st. seliy WAITED?A respectable toong WOMAN, to attend children and do enatnh*rwork. Apply to Mrs PERRY, F st, south side, between 6th and 7th ?U. se 11 ?t WANTED?A respectable yonne WOMAN, to nurse and do chamberwork. ratisfaetorT refcnoes required. Apply to Mrs. A. E. PERRY, P street Ixstween 6th and 7th sts. *e It !}t i i . .. .. I . i .iii i a a WANTKD?A SITUATION ?? overaeer on a f*rm. by nna who is thoroughly and practically acquainted with farming and gardenia* in all their rano;is branches : or would take a plane on share*. Address, rhrongh the Washington Tost Office, ' Overseer." we 11 3t* WANTKD?By a young fir', a SITUATION as nurse or chambermaid. Phase address Box 12, Slar Office. selO-St WANTKD?Three PLA9TERKR9 and "two good HOD CARRIKRS, to go to Richmond. Va. Steady emplorment and the highest wages will be given to rood hauls. Address JA8. KKKNAN, 3*8 4lj st, Island. se 10-31* WANTKD?Atthe Railroad Depot Restaurant, a smart, active WOMAN ai cook. To one who understands her business the duties will be light and the huhe?t wages will be given. A!s>. a No. 1 Dining-room Servant. Apply to L. A. TARL TON, Railroad Dflpot. se 10 3t* WANTKD?A PUR^HASKR fora~Farm of 75 acres of land, situated in Montgomery county. Md , U miles from the city and 3 from the Beitaville railroad station. There are *:> acres in choice wood aid pasture land ; the remainder in a good state of cultivation. The improvementa consist of a comfortable d veiling, barn, stabling. Ac. The above propertv will be sold a bargain, upon immediate application to Mr. ROiiKRT TAYI<OR, Wendell s Building. _ se8 6t*_ 1A7ANTKD?By a steady and industrious man, a SITUATION as collec'or. B?st of reoommendations given. Addresa M. C., Star Oflioe. jy la-tf BANK STOCK FOR SALE-19 Shares in Bank of Washington, 3 Shares in Farmers ami Me chanics' Bank of (aeorsotowu. IN. CARROLL MASON. Attorney, go 11-St* No 1-V4 Pa.nveniie. fpOR HIRE-A SERVANT MAN, (slave) 25 years oM; is competent to take oare of horse*, to serve as coaohman, driver, porter, or as a farm hand. Apply at No. 409 Ninth street, between H audi. ee 11-1 w* FOR PHIL*DEl.PMA ?The steamer James Jerome, ?'ast Jerome, has ar- JJT"* I* rived and will sail for the altove port^^^jlBEC on Thursday morning, at 10 o'clock.^**"?^^"-She will receive freight up to tune of sailing. Apply to HYDE * DAVIDSON, _se 11 ^2t Georgetown, D. C. A n/vnt'i?tt * w* ? ?? An w irv > i l. i. r> r A l jv .... N Orrnibua will leave Martin'* Franklin Hotel, corner of 8tn and Data, on Thu^w- ~ (lay morninc next, at 6 o'clock, forMAafer^hy the Kockvule Fair, and returning W?y*y a reasonable hour. Rounil trip ticket* ffi. Pora<>na dPHirona of securing a ae&t will loave their nain?e a*, the Hotel. e H-tt B. COOl.EV. Ager't. THE GREATEST BARGAIN IN A PIANO VE'l" OFFERED.?A beautiful n?w?j^ Roifwnn<) splendid tone Piano, n-ade biMHI Nunns ic Clark of New York; sold only 3'" m.'Btha ain'0 by a well known person for 3M0. Peculiar circum?tanoea enahleua to offer i'. lor on eaay terma. Gail and aee it. JOHN F. EM IS* Chickerinjc & Sons' Pianos, _ce 11 300 Pa. av., bet. 9th and l 'tli ata. IT1 OR A SHORT TTMK ON 1.Y.?DEA FX ESS 1 A VI) XOISES IX THE HE A />.?I >R . DOI,f^TO.M, member of th* Roya' College of Snrgeona of Ei.c and, ha* arrived,a-d is now f repared t app'y hia new and extraordinary treatment by which h? waa hime f cured af er eleven years in tense a.iflVnrg Particu ara for a?lf c?ire sent to ?j ..?. v? > , VfVunuuoiu'nR 111%;iv ironi 10 till 4 o clock fre?: reference to liU'idre-'" of p?r ?ons cur>d. Address No. .>12 Two.Oh Mreet, Washington, l>. C N?rvons [>?r?nr? |i< utct read "Vita1 Statios" for s?lf cure. Sent f.-eo to anv ad1I.-541 for 12 cents in stamp*. w 11-lw* jy|AlD3, WIVES AND BACHELORS! Remember FRIDAY, the 21 ?t day of S?ptenil>?r, to present your Sweetheart*, Husbands and Children wit'i the firtt number of THE HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL. Three Cents?Weekly?Fifty Columns. Kdited by the bnght'it ga.axy of talent ever combined in one paper. Special editors for the different departments, which are as follovs: Poetry, 1Puzzles, Enigmas, Ao., Title* of fact and fiction. Science and Fine Arts, Koaatfl. ; M11 gio and the Drama, Biographical Sketchos, Wit and Humor, Problems in Chess, 1 I<ea4ers on the Topics of the Day, Gardening and Horticulture, Recipes and Domestic Economy, Notes and Memoranda, New Inventions and Mcch&mcs, Instruction in Herman, Instruction in French, Music, Songs, Polkas, Ac , Answers to Coirespondebts. SIXTEEN PAGESTFIFTY COLUMNS. fTT" Printed from New Type on Good Paper. Publishers, A. HARTIIILL A CO., 20 North William st.. New Vork. The Trailo supplied by ROSS A TOUSEY, DEXTER A COM PA NY, or any of tho Wholesale News Agency Houses. SS 11-St Look out FOR THE ROCKVILLE FAIR ! Hugh Latham's six-horse Mage will leave the Avenue an 1 Seventh street on THURSDAY seveLiyjW|--^^ o'clock. Faro 31. W i8> se 1ft at N. J. PORT hK, Agent. (WHICKERING A SONS' SUPERB PIANOS. J New a< rivals every wim; terms ev?t !!i?h.?!Lpr!c:*.fild fcr-?^panlSrm r_, w F EL"LY**' se 10 306 i'a %v , bet, ?th and l"th sta. A GRKAT BAR?AIN.-For sale, a light family CARRIAGE, with shifting seat for^ jPBcg, two or four persona, made to order thnVgySWg^; Spring : price 575: can he seen at T. w - IB-? N AlLOIi'S Liverj Slab e, corner 14th at. and Av enue. ?e 10 3t* T NOTICE. BE UNION MARKET. Union Buildings. on E street. Ii tween 13"It and 14th, having just been refitted, it 1 be duly opened on Monday, tie loth iuiiant, where my customer a and the puMio will lind everything in uir Provisioning line tint tli* country affords, at my usual moderate oharfes. sc Hi-at JO-?. L. HEISF. pHARLi',8 A. SHAFKR. \J WATCH MAKER, 346 Peim. innue.stsr Seventh Street Entire attention gi .-?u to the Repairing of Cbro nometers, Dup'ex and L.ever Watches, fine CI'>oks, An. Also, to tb? Kngra>i"? of In-ryM vitation, Welding, Visi:iug and Professioaa'dUC Cards ? iQlm FOR SALE-A BAY HORSE, five years old last spring; stands about seventeen ev haud* high and stout in proportion. Also, a j[ ,n Ha* Mare, three years old laat spring; nut vet broken The owner of the above named stock havi'grained them can vouch for their age. Sold for no fault, but for want of usa. Can he n ?t the liable i f the sul>?eriber. Firet et. west, between I aod K *ts. north, Fourth Ward. ge 10 3t* JOHN ROVER. A ~ GENTS FOR DIAMOND STATE HORSE SHOE IKON? (AlexGai) JNO. R. ELVANS A CO. TH1MRI.K SKEINS AND PIPE BOXES, FOR WOODEN AXLES, Aseorted Sues. Ja?t received by mtn eost (A>x(ia?.) JNO. R. ELVANS A CO. t/OR SALE?A very superior Rosewood Cms r Iron F amo PIANO, with an elesnnt, mm Roaiwood t^tool to match, i* offerofl for|pp^VI mu ui. nw>_ ?yw I1'tUO UI in0 nano??? *? ' I alone coat 9754. Terms: Onn-half oaah; ths hal*ncf on a orec it of so, flu aid ho day a. PirioM de eirout of purchasing can the instrument by applying at th? Dru* Store of W. ELIOT, corner of F and Twelfth at?. ?10 eo8'.? ELT AND CR1NELLE CARPKTIN?*. J ust received and fur sale 3U roll* Fait Carpetiaj, rery heavy, in exac'. oopton from moot approved stiles. Druaaela aad Persian Carpet* at half price. Alao, 30 rolU Criuelle.a new articla, wears a* well as lirusaeia, and nII? at half price. Alao. 3 roils vary itch and heavy Woolen DrtffeDtmlert ?n all kind* if Furniiurt Dry Ondt, No. 4 Ma kat Spaoe, ae 10 eo<6t 3 door* east from Ninth at. 1 via novelty mills flour. lOU BULS. Of this superior brand ofFamily and Extra Flour reoalved this day. For sale in Tots to mH ?tf D. L. MORRISON k. CO. ip8 ooraer of Twelfth and II sta. SUPERIOR SHIRTING ^ . _ ianr.K.5 AilW tUlTU^B. w. u,vt,??w >n "tore a fuil itnck ofjiu?en*r niakws ofSlurtiu* Cotton* an<t I.ineiui alliriattea ?m3Im Cottoo and Li.on Sh^tiSJ^bU ^ jmk , Napkin* ami Tow?k?ga, m?? ,*,? t?? Jot very cn^APi AUCTION' SALES. SALB.?WrH b* aoM at auction, on Thur** d*Jt.'3tfit ?* **{, a larci> dark brow n M L' LK. 5 jroari <fld Can tx> a??n at R. J. Rainc)'* Lirery 9?abU. Malo por^naptn-^. It* WALL A BARNARD, AictionMri. , (COKTllfOBD.) AU tlON SAL* FO* ONK DAY ONLY, ** t*THK Cl4>At Hfl MAMTILLA ROOM* OTII t!!5 5JoK*i?l?2IP'?DWoRT??r Mtiwiu A bio . #?"nXIV.?V|Nr I.TAMVIM 'Id AT Ifln'rt a/?i a TUMMlAV MokMNMi HirnaiiV if-|B"or" (I?r to make inicruvMBMt* in oar Clook and Muti la room a. and t" close oat the a'anot of oar t >ok of Luin' Wrapping*, prior to the cpeniug of fai.and witter ?t> ? , whioh will take plaee about th* 3nth in?t ,) we ?ni oifur at aeotiou. in 'ha room* onr our "tore, on TUESDAY MORNING, Saftwn' er 11th, oar repairing atook of? Ladiei' Blaok 5ilk and iJtee Manfinaa, I .aoe Points, Lace and St"!'a !<haw!?, B?r?c? Duster*. Travflin* C.oak* aa4 R a (tana, Grey Du?ter?. 4 c. 117-ALSO WILL BE ADDED FROM A Dry Goods Route (which wit! mike the aa!e donb!* attracti re) a tot of? Ladies' Dreaa <ir>ods, in varioaa malaria!*, Lavelia Cloth, txrejr t*mu. Hoof Skirta, C&f hm*r*t and Mouiet idm, Bright Colors! Fail t*hawls. Parasols Maraaillaa, (roatieman a Shirt Bosoms, Ac. Terms oaah. MAXWELL A BR O.. 3<8 Fa a*. * 12 ^ WAI.ii A BAKNAKP, Aicta. By J. C. MeGl'IRE A CO. A uotioi???ra. I EFFECTS OF A GROCERY STORE AT *?*ipAV MORNING, 9*f. i^wbar 14th. at lo o'a.ock, wa akall the Oroo?rj store of Mr. J?<?ee Owner, on tut Caoitul ?t. between 1 at and 2 I ate. eaat? The t'ounter, Sho ring End Store Pixtaree generally, T"f th?r with ft lot of Groaeriae. Crockery and Glata Ware, Brooms, Bruahea, R"p*?, Blaokicg, Taoka, Cigar a, Tohaeoo, SnalT, to. Terma cash. ae 1 i d J c. McGl'IRF. k. co., Aaota. By J. C. MoSl'IRE k CO., Aaetooneere. Highly valuable building lot on Oirim Hill at Acctios.?On FRIDAY AFTKKNOON, September 5 o'clock, oa the prenuaea, we ahall ofler at public auction the weat part of Lot No. 11. in Pquar* No. h*. fronting U7 foet ?>n jjorth C atreet, between Deaware are nu? and rirat atreet eaat. running ba?*k 137 fe?-t to a** fret pnh'ioal ey. Thia lot la finely located frr a private r*aideoee, and muat beoome very vnubie hi a ahort time, m view of the enlargement of the Capitol grounda. Terma: One-ha'f caah ; the reaidae in * and It mootha, with interest, secured by a dead of traat oa the premiaea. ??I2 d j. C. Mr Or IRK. A Cr>? AaoU By J. C. MoGUIRE 4 CO., AuoUoneera rpwo VERY VALUARLK Htrii.niM? 1 nn K St.. orrotiTS Fba*klis at Pcbi.ic Auction.?On TUKSDAV AFTERNOON, Peptemlxr iah. at 5 o'euck, on the premise-, we ahiMi t'fler at pubho auction Lot* No*. 19 and Jt\ in Square No. fronting a fret each on north K *t.. between 13t? and 14th at*, west.rnni lag back 147 foet to a ?I feet al iey. These Lou front directly on Franklin Square, are looated in a d?1ithtful part ofthe city for a pn vat* residence. and offer (treat irduoemecta to per on* in want of a Grst-ola*i> building site. Term* : One third caah; tie res.due in 4, and 12 mi nth*, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. se 12 d J. C. McSL'IKB k. CO., AnU. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. VALUABLE PROPERTY ON NORTH I. bbtwiknllr IRDlTH ATI WEST ATACCTION. On ihe 3th inst, I sha.i sell, la front of the prer.i?es, at 5 o'o'ook p. m , part ol Lot No 2,iu fc^na'e No. 477, with the improvements, which consiet of a two atory bnok house, with back buihiinn, coi.taiiiinj six rooms and kitchen. The lot front* on north I meet 42 feet, runnin beek 1'W le-taboot unaway the square, between7th and 8th streets. The above mentioned property i? eligibly situ%ted and presents mam inducements to pertona wishing to make a cood investment Terms: One fourth ca?li; ba'a~oe in 1, t and 3 years, for notes Iteariijg iute'e?t fiora day of sale. A deed given acd a d->ed of trn*t taken. Tit.e m disputable. All ounveyancmg at the eoat of the purchaser. se7-d A. GREEN. Aaot. By BARNARD A MICKEY. Auctioneers tf>?ri?iMrs, D. C. DESIRABLE SUBURBAN RESIDENCE AT pi?t!c Auction ? On FKIDaY AFTERNOON. 2lst, at halt past 4 o'o'.onk, we will sell, in front of the premises, that desirable residence cal ed Rock Spunc,attested on tfce northwestern boundary of Georgetown, it. U., and o ntaimng at, tut thirty fiv j acres i'f lard, improved by a cood two storv Frame Homo, Barn, stable*. Sprinc House,&o- The situation i* hisitifal. kirk ?n,i Iir?ithji ?ud i? watered i j *over*l apruiga ol pur* wntor. On? third ?auk ; ba!an?? in "o*. tvo. and tl>re? y??ar?, txtariiig u;t?re*t, soared by a d??a of tru?t. All .1 BARNARD ft BUCREY, AneU.* _ AMUSEMENTS. 0 D D FELLOWS* HALL! CO ifMEXCiyG MONDAY EVrO, St*. 10. BU D WORTH'S (LaTKTHK OrKIIML iRU OJILT OlHClXB) WOOD'S MINSTRELS! THE MODEL TROUPE or th* PROFESSION, nam *roo<i i nmrbl*. nf Mimtrtlty, 301 and 563 Broad wa', Nov York?where they have f>-en permanently l?Kated fur the past 10 ;Mri. Thin Troupe (i A bf*t Ethionan T* ?r* i* tht country* have recently Hoeed the hrillian* and triumphant encasement of four week* at Barnum'aMu euin, New York?the gna'.eat Minatrel Enga**inont on record. They are now makiox their Southern tour, tir.der the entire auperYisiovbf MR. JAMF.9 I!. Bl DWORTH, Prince of Ethiopian ('omeUiani. FIFTEEN STAR PERFORMERS: J. H. BrDwoKTH. Taml>orini?t, \V. S. Bi DWORTH. Brudder Hones, Kollis Huwaid, Ba!ladi?t, J. K.C*Mr?KLL. John Kblk. A. H. Wood, K. Hail, M J. Salomon*, .Mobi. SmioK R. W. StWATTOX, Master Toxxr. HbRK J. K (iRIlrll, K. K. Mobuk. J. Guioit, Mait. Fbakk Bvdwsith, Iitnix Fabrico. The Great Sensation Prima l>onna. All Solo Performert. Formint.forrenuin* talon'.a salary uneqtia'ud in theaonaiw of Minatr l*? _AUM 1SMON TvVKNTY-F1VE CENT*. if Racing-racing-racing ! MARYLAND AGAINST TIRO INI A' A Match Race of one m le for ?201 will come off on SATURDAY, the 15th in- ^^a staut. between the hnura of 1 and 3 o'clock p ni , on the course at the nna 01 i.ocin linage, Detwean the fol- ? lowing horses : Nawnr A W&lkw enter h. h "Sylvester Dourlas." by Wilton Browu. dam Sally McCarty By Boston. Mr. Han?l>orf>iuh enters b I "Tantahna," l?r Andrew Jr ,?Um fiettie l?f ^tar. An th? track lias he?n well prepared and tha horses ordered. a noo<| race may Meiparted. Omnibuses Icav* junctioa of 7th st. and ta av. from 12 to 3 o'ftlocV p.m. Fare 1" cents. se it 2i* pUN FOR THE NAVY YARD FOLKS' W T N 1 R, THEFCKST FILLOW, At ODD FELLOWS' HALL, N*ry Yard. MONDAY. TUESDAY, and WEDNESDAY NIGHTS, lftth, 11th and 12th September, e 10 it WASHINGTON THEATER. Solo Lenec aud Manager S W. Gliss. THIS ESTABT-ISHMKNT Will o?'n fur the regular Fall and Winter Season on the niglit of THURSDAY. Novembx* lit. JOSEPH JEFFERSON, Tha Comedian of the Age, will commeaoe an engagement of Twe vo Night* on MONDAY, November 5th, and wiTl be fo lowed bythe moet B R 1 L L UNT STARS In theTbeatrioal Firmament. rrr Communication* if addressed to S. W. Gluts. "Old Bowery Theater," New York, will meet with prompt attention. aa l?-tf EFREK CONCERTS! RNST LOEFFLER, Ymrk ??m<, Utwttn lit and 3d ttreet*. womU reseeetfnil* tate to the sublio that A CONCERT o'tfK SELECT MUSIC will be lira every MON-lV DAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS <l?nn?Tke mrmr? >1 nil Pirilian AnaaMMm. ? ? -lii?> and ending at 10 p. m. Previoue to the Conoert, the Saloon ia open to thoae deainng to vhllf awt> a few hoare in the maay danee. ICS ""ftrttM daainac the OtidNi far Pit Ni??v oaea, are r**aeated to fire a day or tvo notiM. Je USm EXCURSIONS, PIO NIC8, to. A GRAND TOURNAMENT Will be riven by the EAGLE RIDING CLUB, At Alt AL08TAN ISLAND, On MONDAY, 17th met. Particular! in future advertisement. ee 11-tf THEPLACE TO GKT YOUR SOHOOL BOOKS At Ik* Loteia Prit*M _ Is at BALLANTTN B'B, '""gggyfi NEW ASSORTED J,OT*^ Ju?t op?Md, 200 Jos^n LADIKS' LI!?KN L Alflls^Fa &Nclf C$lk8ET8, w hi it "LADr& 'PlNRAPrLEaAKBKKRCUIEFP, t ??6t tai < >how p> w. oPITIVi JWi WWWI *wVVI| vpfOIMFm OK*. ?mm auviiud oniuw. THJB AFTER NOP Pi it TOMORROW. Br A. 0RKB5. AMdon**. * rtBSIRABLK l*P*OVBD AND JNIM \* nov? nontTt *t fru* ?j. t ? A action Store ol the ot.u^rf t?u? <i,*ora?r of termUitr?|vM(iidU rtr?M, M ?S5:,I5hul2?to"fcr u"^ftti0ei004^"Lot 5. ia Mn ?C4. > Lot?, ia K* u?r# M L(t ML ia P?u?r? i.fgr. Parto} Lf?M. if fro?tin? Mlmi l>H incus? on Lwl l?at?o *Ue?i, lasiortU bj tvu mill U>Q?m?a'* T1?i* ?rop*ttr ? 'W* pmmmtt *xt?nm<n ( tM OMtt'd ?ro?afm. T?U* pcrf-cL Term* Oo?-fo*rik o??i. U>? rHMlif iM ?, II wd U month*, *?o?r?d by d?*?l ?'f tr?*t. All <xhit*??ne:nc at tb# ?o*t of tfc? finlwiii. If Mm Iww of ?al* ar* aot oo<*?pii?d VIU vtUin It# frva 4n of ?al? the pr uperty wil/fct r*w>M at Um ou?l of Nranor. _ an 3tawfwAd* A. 6KKKN. A?t Br Wall * Barnard, aimuom^. I AR?K t*TOCK OF FANCV AN? *TAPLK Li PIT Ooom At Awtiot -Oh T1CRSDA* imC. at X ? oek.w* will**, M til* AutHW Room*. * hri* Mook t>( Fmmt >*4 ?Uf l? Ury Good*, ooinpr.ainxC ottii, Cuiimfr* and CuMitrti, CnhiMrM, Ros*MhMi, Untnr, ClotiM m4 Maria**, Gray Good*, Cation* aad Livu. pottad and plaid Mon*a*iines, Maranll**. A*. Wkite kid Brow* Cotton*. CtrabriM m Ifiak L>Vn< Fwoch LimbMd Drill iac*. h?nd kerctiaf*. Roaiary, Giora*. Room. Wither th*r tit.not h?ra er.iOMrated. ?Mo7 "* WALL 4 BARNARD, AsotoBy 4. C. MoCUIftE A cfc . A?sfa??sscs. FURNITURE AND EFFECTS OF AJPAJ|l I ilt psclimm Hoiuim im -Oi WIM WAV MORN 1 KM ?*ttMah#r istfe. at ? OB ths VMt strfs of FourtosaU strsst. Iiilaiial SI str**U, v? aksll Mil th? Fmsitsrs ud IT m fMllly tf?e mint koiMktniii. ooaipri*I St><rior Romro*4 Paw Forts, Marly Mi.ik in order, Mshoiaoy *o's, Cornsr (..vvr?tDd Parlor Chairs. MsbogscT Aral Chair srxl Rocker, Ksdistor mo** B< <Jk ThrM yly it d lc*rnn <srp*t?, Oilcloth, Extension Dining Tsbl*. R?fri?erstor. Chins. ttla-s sud Crookery * srs, Bsdstsartt. Hirtii, Wsrdrobes. * Msttressss. Wsehstsode, Toilet 8#U, 4 C KlmKnr r\A a?h. ? K*a*ss | Cooking Store, K itchm I ia. w Ttrai: #J? and und^t. rtih; ovw tbBt mid m red it of *< aod ?' 4m ?. for muhften!? otictafi notai. b?aria( interemt? '1-4 J C.We^BHEt CO . A Mi. I B; WALL 4. BERNARD. A?8tx?wri. I ARGE AND ATTRACTIVE WALK O# L* Cms*. Pabia*. Bnevrrr. t ?v? a*v orrnm COtTLI Win. *:<HLT TCT ftOHIMIAH. KBKRC* iKsAxturtR Olm< WiM,nu Plitid *tn, fc-HGLIHH AND AllllCt!) CrTHKV, *C.. FaSM M A>I> IR 0?f PTO** 111 I* A Will, FABIAN ARB Mrt?K STATriTT*. Ac., Ac.?On THURSDAY MIt, ISU.Bt 1?0'0 oek. ud OOBtiBBII>( BBoh <1b; until farther n?tioe, w? rliB 1 Mil. Bt the tore of C. K. Own, 2T? Pb. BT?ni*. hetweea 1?tfc Bnd tSth *trr4>ta, b iB'Kf Bod *B:ieB BKtrtBill ?f 1 he Bbove WBr*. ??ob bb? Vuei Cfcrd Kfi iven. Cologne B^ttlee, CorHnl 9?u, Tat A?u, t?l?e? Win of all kiMds. TtMf Cutnri. Wim Culori, t*pooa?, Forks, Dinner Bcti, Cillery, Ae. With mUT other g -ode not here en merited. The ihowe e*le wilI be foiid worthy the inn ?i'?n of the pub 10. u ih%$ ??de rem lev etyin ol tin liteet imporlitioi. i&d ill warranted to be of the beet qui it*. Ami I* irnmceinente ?de for the eomfoit ef the ladies. Term*: fT ud under oiih. over f? I eredil of 9"ind !?' diye. for *?ti?fv(oii,y eoC>r?ed bo tea. bearing mterett. Nltd WALL A BARWAKP. Aict FUTVRK DAYS By TMO.V OUWU.NG; eeorietowo. 17RA M K HOU8K &NI> I.OT AT AUCTION, r Ob FK1DAV AFTER MOON next, the 1411 iu?w. MO" u uu?, in jrooi 01 me prvnitiMt I BA4ii nil Mrt of Lot No. ? ,m Th'riokeld'a addition, frortinc J? l*?i on tMxth ?traei. by IK) ia depth. mi the corMf of Kmiortek rtntl, with two etoT* frame bout* with exoa lent dry oellar. iub't. *?. Tarma of aale: One third oa?h. halanoe in C Mid 12 month* f >r ftpprn??si endoreed noMt, baarni t-.U?ra?t, and aeourad by a daad of tr?at oa the eremite*. ae 11-<t THOS. POWLl.VC.ABCt By J. C. MoGUIRE * CO.. Auntioaeera. Ar vlR OK DK&!RABLE HORSES. TftOT TING WifiOH AM) IHUBLB HAB3K?? FOB ?ALA. The ul>#cni?er? will arl'. tn front of thwr premibm, on S?ptp?il*r 15th. at li o'el> oh.a pair ul n?> Maraa,afcont ?ix ycara old, at j hah lb aetlua aa<l appearanc*, arxl aocu*t?in?-d to doable and ?in?le harneaa. floth are excellent aaddl* horaae. A Trot'inf Baccy, nw ? new. aad a Boahia eat or H?rneae vi>11* aoid at the mim time. I he horaea mi ba ae?u uuUi the-la* of Ml* at fba UbiM of l?r. O r?fc*oo. B it, n*ar Fourteenth. Tarma <n aa'a : A oradit of 4 montha for aMMfectorily ardoraad note*. iM*nn? intaraat. aa '1-4 J C.V oj UIR KA CO.. A?<t?. By A OKKKN, Awtmow. INTER KtfTlNU bAL^ AT PlllUC IDCrion or Rtti F.?T4Ti a*r P*??o54i riorii TT?On toe firat TL'KHUA V < th* 2d flay i of Oew bar, at 10 o'etoot. two fctckly eaiti vated farm mi joining, aont?iniBf about 3 acre* aack, aitaated S milaa from Wa?hia*t"n oity, !> C?on the Bar anth atraet road, in MonUrnmer* coanty. Md Alao, H"U?an< id Fa mtur??iin : every doaonpuon of Farm i*tock. conaiaticc in part of? Nine Horaaa and or Cott. Qaa pair of WvrkiPf fteera. i weuiy iuir DMa 01 LI IW, ?oB?ri?li|M itch Con,>?bsi S'aere 4c . Ac. A boat thirty Hoc* ?ad Sko*u, lot of tiiaaf. Pair of fine Carntce Hor??w, I-i(ht Canada, new l>oul'.? Harnwa. F.y Net?, Buffjl. Kobe*. B aaketa. Ac., Ac. AWo Family Cerraf and I?>uMe Harnaea, fciotle Harnraa, Leslie*' ard (ietU' BadOlea, Bridioa, S.auh i'?.ia. Ac . Ao. 8a* Four horae Waior, Harnea*. Carta,Carry%lU orn aud CoH Crasher. t ood aa new. j Threahinf i**ehia? and bora* Power, Root away. Fae, R?e?*r and Muv*r, And irnr.y oiiier uaeful arUOa too nameroaa to mention Larca tot of Clever and Timothy Hay, Wheat. Rye and oat M-aw.Cvraand Cora Fodde? ik.r - ? . < i? ?I- -* - ?* > ? . nil will W wua ftl "Il? O'C OOI, WlWtm rwrw. Mo. 1, oontaintni about VO mtm. titie perfoot and free from all encumbrance. Iimu ? gant M<xl?'n houae, repiete with all ?oir*uraeM of a firgt o a?a eity aoch ai lath*, water oloaeta. rante at>d p'i*np ia kitchen, furcaee, ftne dry cellar, tot and cold water in bed ronia.eeaaereatory, and in fact every thing reqeiaite for aa elegant country reaidenoe. The bunae, with tU au*rnundiaga, e?at about #IAJM Farm No. J haa about *? acres kit hi r iwprored land. co> d farm hoc a*, new corn crib and granary, good nam and atablibg for IS boraea. Buildings rained aooo'diBC to inaaraaee aarrer at aboat 05/<**, the whole under good feneing; plenty excellent water i a <vfry diraeti^- >' <>. aufceient wrKvl land and 6ne meadows. The farm* will ha old together or separate, at first purchaser's option. Term* of aile : Oce third MiKbiluM to aait th? purohaoe*. eecu-ed by a deed of tract oa th? property. All the personal aroperty will be a?d oa a credit of 3 aiontiia lor all mmi ovor 0i*aad ay to ft; all owr t^at mm a c rod it oft m?(U< WtiT be liven for cote* ?Mnf?ntom eDdir?ed. bearing >e trroat imm the cay of m o; all aaau odor #! ouk. The whole property, real aod eereoaal. will he ?oid without reserve oa the first faeaday ia October, and the aMe will be oonbeaed deity aatii tHe whole of the property isdiepoeod of. Tba property ean be viewed and every d*eiraMe lifei tion fiva by oallin* on the owaor. WILLIAM A. BATCHKLOR about a nilee be;onti the farau of Mr, Clacetaod F f. Blair, on the Seventh efeet road. Addreea, if by iettar, Cottage Poet OCce. JJontifomery county, Md. ee4 roAdM A. GKKEN, Alft OUy A. GREEN, Auotioaaar. N MONDAY, September 24,1NQ. we ebal! aa>l. in front of the preaueea.att o'e oek p nr. in Eipltaooe with the teriaa of a deed of traat ho na a Thoa. A. brown and: wife, dated 24th Maplaia. 1??, and reoorded in Lit>er J. A. ?,No 1?. KeSX, Ac., o .a of the laad reo<>rde of Waabiaceoaaty. piarta of lota II aiid 1>. la ee oar e No Wl, fca*inrin* for the aame 40 feet 3 mohoa from tee aouthwaataoraar of ?ia mkm. ra?iu ?? ? Ml on liBC With D StTMt eO?lh M feci; thCOOC north T feet; than** w*at U f??C th?no? aoeth W foot to the r'tot of b?f ir.Qinf, ItftUw with the lmprovemoi U, 0' r,?i?ua* of a two ?lory ftta* hon?e with one stor* baci : u Jiu. Tnm: Ob? fourth ruk; Ih* IwImm in 18 months, titer day of ?i?. with "tec aeoared i t dead of truit on tue premieee. lithe tense of *?* ar# not oomc'i?d with within f r* days efter the day of aaie the treetMe roeor*e the rif ht to reaaM the i Cperty at the parehaMr'e mk mm eoet, after ?1 t - ? one wetk'e not.oe. OKO. C. HENIfl^S. t - . GEO. R. THOMPSON.^ ? ? nnXJUwtdi A. OfckE?.A?t. I 1VEEPOOL 8ALT AT AUCTION -fr the Lt bark Petrea. expeoted daily, ha viae il>i the SMh in;, we efcall rooei vVJ.eou cacti Coaree Salt, extra twilled eaefca. !,?? ^oT Aehton'ePine Palt.J Factory ft ii<d, If to " Tkn ovfo v* will Ml 1 ttpaolio Mftioa am airl si,- tfjKsaifa?.,^r'">? wfX5" win K/H MILLBB. BON h OO. \f AUHA L'8 SALE.?( *irt? of ?H? of IM ?*m fMiu iN??d fro* tfc* Clvrfr'a Ofte* of i tta Cirout Coart of tfca Diauiot of Col*a^*afor Um Coantr ol Wutimiton, ud to na lirwm, I will ?xf>m to pub ic Mia, for aaafe, ia front or lb* Coart Hoaaa 4*or of mi* aa MONOaT. U? lat (Ut of Oatobor aoxt, IMMt U u'aleek at., til avfcrd&at'a ntkt, titla, e um atd ir.t#rnt ir n ^ to Lot Mo.t, fa Sqaar* 41', in the ait? of ffnt tat too, O. C, tocatfcar wtt all m4 lacotaf tfca Kg SSSVJSST 10 J? " ? JjB. BaaM for ?? Uu ntSb. rp*U8Tt *ALK -Br nrtM of ? ?w* **? < OHlM(>wMMBi?t?bMtlifirMki?, On Smm kkMioHk?adr?4tMliAj bttoMl?K w v #x w? . mmj u u y : W O O D !? ^ BTOVK Mi KJNDUNfl WOOD.? ? kvw ' 3^1* W.M. SALT,

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