Newspaper of Evening Star, September 12, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 12, 1860 Page 3
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J 1 <> caT ISE W S . I |[7-Tbooph Tmi 9ta? it printed on the fastest I vtenm pre* In use south ?f Baltimore, lta edition I la an large aa to require It to b* pat to press at an I early Wo n, Advert *esnenU, therefore, ahoald be | Bent la Tvfbfe ft o*clork m ; ottertvlse they mmf [ not appear until the next day. Notice.?District of Colombia Advertisements to bolttAAed I* the Bajltibobb t*g?ue received at and forwarded from Thk Sta* Office. A Rascally Act.?All who have heretofore had occasion to put through the Smithsonian grounds, ffther on pJeMrtre or from Mrsatk*. in art have experienced. until very recently, t e great Inconvemeno* rwalUng (ma tbe absence of any accommodation In (he way of seats Tbe efficient Commissioner of Public Buildings bad feng sought to have this inconvenience remedied, tout waa nnaaeceaaful In procuring an appropriation for the purpose, until laat year,when one waa Made, but so limited in amount as to arceaaitkte kjm to relinquish tbe judicious and excellent 1*an be bad at firat conceived with rigard to tbe quality and arrangement of these seats, and adopt another, which.while it affords a great arrommocialioa, of cawrse ta nothing like ao extensive or elegant arrangement as would otherwise have been provided. The preaent seats, which are arranged under different troes in couples, at-parafa d from each other, (Which fact renders them I Tattaer uncuuilortablc lor "young Igvyers,") are made of a post of red cedar with a tomied top of black Walnut, rnmhinino ntlHHr wri^K I ami elegance of style. They are to situated on the ground that some of them aball always afford a raatiug place protected from the rays of the sun, ?o untie* at what peal ad of the day It maybe. "The Public Gardener, who bad charge of the dispoaition of them, certainly deserves a great deal of credit for this wise arrangement Notwithstanding the great utility to the public of these aeata, and the trouble and car* which bad foeaa exercised in their preparation. It was not long Jitter thev bad been tlxedon the ground before one or two of them aufffered matlhrttan at the bands of otne malicious person*, and one actually taken out of the ground and carried off. T^l. ???? ? - * . ... ?_ . iwuif fiiccr oi ousiness, ana me hope if the offender* are caught, they will be 4*ilt with to the fall extent of the law As there m*v be thoae who are ignorant of the law on this object (at it is of recent dnte), and the severe Pfeul' v attached. we publish tbe same as follows: law provides That every person who ?teH wilfully aod maliciously, or wantonly and without cause, iu the District of Columbia, cut dewu, destroy, or by^irdliDg, lopping or otherwise inj ure any frulfor other tree, not his own, sta ding or growing for shade,ornaui?:nt, or other useful purpose, or shal! maliciously destroy, mutilate, ox otherwise injure any statuary, monument. or other work of art, standing or being on lind net his own. or shall maliciously breik down or injure any fence, inclosing or brisking to another 's land , or shall maliciously sever from the freehold of anotaer any product thereof, or anytbiag attached thereto, shall be punished by imprts ument la jail not more than three mouths, or by a fine not exceeding $100. Acd, further, that every person who, in said district, without color of right, shall wilfully < oiiiimt any trtspaaa l>y cultiun down or destroying auy of timber or wood cutdown or lving c'i such l.ind. or by c'iigglng up or carrying away any stone orr. gmvej, rlay. sind, and stfh like from su~h land~ or (nr roots fr it or plant, or by cnttinvf down or ewrrylng away any graas, hay. <m t\r rnn <??J. tried to HT<*rt an entrance by cutting the pauel ?ni<l prying ft open with jimmy, tad failed in Mt (w ?>? r?HMi Uiit?l!tu< a'ra arrangement fat the security of tbe premieea made the door more aecure the more tbey used the jimmy TTi?y then atteuipud to enter by tbe window, and a cb'ld crying aroused Mra C and she getting up nlarmed' tbe oarglxn, who left Had they entered they only could have taken the proprietors guoda, at a*. cu*toiuei* pco(>erty la ??o;red. TLLt is o??! uf a uuwlrcr of attemi** luide !n populous part* of our city within a few werka. aud tbe inquiry la a prop??r one?Where were all tbe watchmen when these operation* were perfecaung latUecautac oX their respective beaU* - ' ' - T Dexfskv k O'Tton ? Those ?ood-looklag aud enterprising engraven. No. 326 Pennsylvania aveaue. between Ninth and Tenth streets, always on tbe alert ta exhibit slendld specimens of their handiwork to the beat advantage, have thla morning introduced Into th?lr tt<uw window something decidedly New York-iah in the way of a shove fame, wbirti 4 taken down" naythlng of tbe kind ever seen in this city. Any attempt to given dienipUoa of Us multitudinous beauties would be XoUy. Go aud look at it, aud belp to swell U?e crowd of admirers who throug the pave nent la front of their place of business; and take occasion wW le there to order pick of their beau tifu 11 y engraved cards. . Paoov R?qbi**d.?Yesterday, Mr. J. II. Ycetman waa arrested by officer King and taken beftye Justice Donn, and charged with being disordeily in the market. Mr. VrLitinan ?*t?i ? ? SjfiigftFi iwapffSgs Lad been nude. not the slightest evidence could W lUMMd to maintain It. sat* ?r a Tftorn?? ?Vetu-rdav. 4 Green. auctioneer, sold the weli-kuowu Plnry ran .u Tr Course property Mr; P. M?( tin^ly became The purchaser for *3.000. Tpt property luesjUwi of about ten acre* vf land, with Improvement*, and It located about two miles froiu tbia city. I*. waa toid under deed* of trust. C?>t*al Oi\itaotiii Casks ? George May, drunk and disorderly; workhoaae 0U days D-illa* Gpxdou was br vug LI m tor safe keeping! but upon a eoMldmflMi of all the' e I re nmstances of the iHOOt 11 ywrw of ?z*?It ?y dwmrt advisable to send him to the Asylum. ud to Vu committed fur DO days. Four lodgers were acc xnmodatad. < ' #gUV |i o'clock, this city ana vteinly was visited by a heavy storm of wind W fUft Witt) ?a j?compaaln?eat of vt?ld hrtrfthuntler The air %*aa. not oopremUrrir but previous to the storm, se*. rqunitly arltiOr garmfitta itot ii#uujfurubli to those who are not actively employed T?i Fata.? The annual Montgomery (Mtt ) n!n?'Say ^u^b?da^?klr to be ttlMdH^lr an kasrz probably be ftaar tbaa vm Uton. a j who have suffered (in many ln?v?...<-s serious*) by *eason of th? u row ne*le :t above indimtMt The ni?bt before last a gentleman attempted to cross New Jersey avenue at a legitimate crossing place, when suddenly h? was dumped bead flrat into a pit at least six feet deep, which h.d been left by mm? enterprir ng contractor without the tie* esurv signal It it outrageous that out of the one hundred policemen, whose salaries and unifornis our tix-paytra furnish, at least one man in each district oaunot be found with sufficient en-r^v U toting to smaaary puniabm-nt tnese violators of an ordinance so important to the safety of citizen*. . OrPOSlTWI M**t11g 1.1 thk Skcosd Waro, to hoa?micu(dib*ti ???* Cohmoi Cou*. riL.?According to announcement, a lirge and iithusiastic meeting of the opposition voter* at the Second Ward was he'd at Union Hail la? tvening. Capt Digges call-d the meeting to order, and 011 motion J Ruaacll Barr. Esq . was appointed Chairman, and R H. Abbott. Secretary. Mr. Barr, on taking the chair, briefly stated tbr ohwrt of toe meeting to Up toe nouti nation of r canurdat* for Common Council, in place of Win. Orine. resigned Nominations being in order. 4 Ru?rli li*rr and Than. Y S1 mpeon were nominated On motion of Capt Digges, J. Ru? eU Barr, Kiq ,wu declared the uauniaioua nominee of the opposition voters of the ward Mr. Barr. in a few very appropriate remarks, returned thanks fur tbe honor conferred upon htm, which wet*- received with great applause. After a few remarks and mo'ions ia reference to the election to fee held ou Thursday uext, the mefcli:ig adjourned Bulk Attempt, bct a Failur*.?This moraInf. Mwtss one and throe o'clock,an attriup' w.ta made br burglars to eater thu jewelry store of John Cnit on Seventh, between l? and II sta. Tbe thieves tried flrot to enter by unlocking the door, but broke the kev in the lock. Th?? tH*. ...? ww utioi rn ?ucn land hall be punished by impris >nmcnt in jail noi. inore than si jty rtavs or by a floe not exceeding* Uv tlie >d section of this art, full jurisdiction Is Kive i lo U>^. iMd^istraWa of the city over the ?*st? sti all vi yia '.or j of this law. I'nriiLK Niglsct .? thi Part or ooi Citt 4 Ivrirui a ?It ?*?#*. ? ?% * . .. .. hiu? wwinjuHiij 'Din^ mat, with the one hundred policemen and ten police mat!istrntes wLo compot*; theconstabularydepartment of ntir iaum< u>Ai;ty. the requirement* of our uiost necessary ordinances cannot bo enforced There ii a law of this Corporation, which has never been rep?'.ed to our knowledge, requiring persons who make excavations In o jr itrevta to suspend signal lights at the termini of such excami'oni d':riiH? the nl^ht. In Mdff to prevent accident*: and yet so seldom la '.t enforced by the offl-ers that U s a dead letu>r RB<| the doctrine would seem to be Inculcated that contra* tors for laying water, gas, and o,b jr pipes are especially empowered to leave m->n traps In all our most travalod streets oa p?xf o*e to aeere?*e the census returns line would suppose that the surgeons and undertaker* L J(j conspired with these contractors to prey ?r ,>n our population for the benelit of science, and *-jth a view to a rise in the pries of colons T exrsvatioas are belug made In titany of our principal thoroughfares at the present time, and signal lighta required by law to be placed to, 'warn iMMfm of the dangerous localities, ? not put up in more thau or.e case In every ten; ?nd ever* dav oomolaliits rearh ? from Base Ball?TV Mmtrh Game Between lAe P?. tofnmr mnd Sattimal Clutr?An exciting match came between the first nine of the Potomac sod ' Nntlonal Clubs was played yesterday afternoon on the grounds of the Potomac Club, situated south of the President's House. For some time previous to the commence meat of the game, the executive r remittee ct>ar?rea witb tbe duty of receiving Invited guest* were actively encaged in that capacity, and at the time set for tbe Etme to brain, a. large crowd of lad lea and gentlemen bad assembled to witness tbe exciting sport aboat to etsae. The opposing nines were as follows:? Outbe part of the National?Messrs Brown, Hibba, (Jorman, Preach. Dovley, Beale. Wright, McCanapt, Benner On the part of tbe Potomac? Messrs. Pmedberg. Bigger, Robinson, Trook, Hartley. Wood, Mlebell, Oaran, Wiae. The Nationals were dressed in deep blue pants aid jackets and red belts, with jockey cape and chamois leather gaiters well clogged at the heel and ball; while the uniform of the Potomac conristed of a light grey dress of similar fashion in all respects, both sides presenting a very fine appearance, exhibiting, as they did, some of the vat proportioned tucwi una unrwi in tm? community. The preparation* having been perfected, the word vu given to play; and the boy* went at It in fine style. The playing waa good on both ides, many fine strike*. ran*, and catches being v*de On the part of the Potcmac Club, Mean. Wood, Trook, Hartley, and Bigger batted exceedingly well, and Mr. Mitchell exhibited splendid running, often making a baae while the ball waa passing from the thrower to the catcher. Of the National Club, Mea*r? Wright. Hibbs. Gorman, and Brown made excellent strikes, ana very line runs The best catch of the day was made by Mr Dooley, of the National, a fly catch in the left field, from a splendid strike by Mitchell. Messrs Hibb* and Bigger won golden opinions on all hands, as easy and even pitchers; while the catchers, Messrs Smedberg and Gorman, occupied their difficult posts with honor. TBI CLUB* . National.? Brown, 1, B.; Hibbe, P.; Gorman, C.; French, 2, B: Dooley, L. F : Beale, C. F.; Wright, S ; McCanant, 3, B ; Benner, R. F. McCormtck, Scorer. Potomac ?Smedlev, C.; Bigger, P.; Robinson, 1, B.; Trook, 8 ; Hartley, 2, B ; Wood, 3. B ; Mlchell. L F.; Camp, R. F.; Wise, C. F. R. B. Irwin, Scorer. Umpire?J. F. Bean, of Excelsior Club of Baltimore i We give below a score of the game, as furnished ua by a member of the committee: Innings. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. B 7. 8. ?. National ? 17 0 1116 3 | Potomac 3 8 3 3 _7 5 3 3 I Total Innings. Potomac 38 National 22 Potomac won by 16 runs. Distance from base to base, 30 yards. No. of balls bowled?Bigger 172 ; Hlbbs 202 At tbe conclusion of the game eacb club gave three hearty cheers and a "tiger" for the otner, and then both clubs united In giving three hearty cheers for tbe umpire, for his impartial conduct throughout the game. Mr. Gorman, of the National, then delivered the trophy of victory (the ball used In the game) to the victorious Potomacs, which was received with appropriate remarks by Mr. Smedberg. We learn that a homc-and-horne match, viz: three eames to be played, tbe club winning two out of the three to be declared the victor, Is to be played next, between the Potomac and National Clubs on the grounds of the latter on Capitol Hill. Th* Militabt?The parades to-day were not as full as they w?>re expected to be by either of the military associations, and yet the comj?anies appeared well upon the streets and attracted much attention. The Light Infantry battalion paraded under eommand of Capt L. Towers; company A, Capt. Dnbant; company B.Lieut Tucker; companyC, Capt Stephen*. The battalion numbered 94 ofttcera and men-79 muskets After marching through the principal street*, they proceeded to Meridian Hill, to spend the day there In festivity. They were accompanied by the Marine Band, | undvr Prof Scala. Ttebattalion of National Guards paraded under I command of Major Tat* A aerious disappointment operated against them this morning, in a failure to receive a portion of their new equipments which were expected. The battalion consists of two companies?tbc first waa commanded' | hv Lieut. Lloyd; the aecond by Capt. King. Number of masketi on parade 67; total, officers and men, 76. After a dress parade at the Columbian Armory, the battalion marched from the grounds at noon, and proceeded to Arlington to enjoy a pie-nic and target practice. The battalion was accompanied by \V1 there's Brass Band. As this report closes the President's Mounted Guard. Capt. Peck, is assembling at the Columbian Armory for parade and drill. th* tfvsixzss Capacity or the Fibst Wjia. The most prominent business establishments in I the First Ward are thus stated In the census returns: Value Capital Cost Raw Annual Invested. Material. Product. Steam Sawed Wood. fl2,ooo 8-24,7(10 905.250 Iron Foundry.. 35,l*X) 11,100 16.700 Soap Factory 4.500 6,195 9.477 Lime Kilns 5.1.000 20.135 65.800 Brick Kilns 15 .000 3.500 190,000 Lampblack Business. 7,11)0 2,100 6.900 Brewer* 75,000 60,164 120.400 Fertilizing 38,000 47,700 50,050 LsT^^wdMmi - 20'K)0 ?.?? 21,125 Marine Railway 0,000 300 6,000 Job Printing 15,000 1.600 3-500 Bakery 2,000 81,100 26.250 Collin Manufacture.. 3,500 1.400 4.800 Cigar* 2,000 1,100 2,400 uu'uuciing . mv ufc)j r.n i?hi. i jU Giving an aggregate capital invested of J*#r7,700. Paid for raw material S.'K-i.i-e, and realising an animal product of 9075,452. The business of thi> ward has very largely lncreised in ten year*. Turn SiroND Ward Klsctio* To-morrow ? An election will be held in trie Second Ward tomorrow to ill the vacancy In the Board of Common Council caused by tie resignation of Win. Or me. Esq. The places of holding the election will be as follows: First precinct?At the corner of Twelfth street and New York avenue. Second precinct?On Tenth street, between D and K sts., one door north of the auction store of James C. McGuire A Co. The polls will be open from 7 a. ro.until7p m The following are the candidates:? L. F. Clark, democrat; J. Russell Barr, opposition; and Thos. P. Simpson, independent. The Bcdworth's Missthkls at Odd Fellows' Hall are nightly winning golden opinions. They are considered t?y good judges to ne one of the best, if not the very best company of the kind that has ever performed in this city. Their music Is of the very beat kind in its way, and their comiealitics are new and irresistibly amusing. Do not fail to drop in and tee and hear for yourselves. A (isand TotrRXAMKMT by the Eagle Riding Clnb i? announced it Aualostan I aland on Monday, the 17th InaV Keep a lookout for particular! in a future advertisement. Oct Navy Yard frienda should bear lu ii.ind that this ts Wvman'a farewell nigh'; so they should let all the children go, and go themselves. Norfolk Otstbbs.?Harvey (on C street, opposite the theatre) has jnat received a few barrels of the tlnast Norfolk oysters ever brought to Washington s? early In the season. Dft J. Hosr*TT*E'S CSLEBIATID STOMACH HltTias la one of the greatest strengthening preparations extant. It is especially adapted to those who ?tv affiic.ed with the Fever end Ague, or any other disea?n ansiai from a disordered condition of the digestive organs For Fever and A rim there is, perhaps, no medieine in the world equal to it, as it enters, purifies, and replenishes the blood, whiqh is so important to bring about a healthy action in discaeea of thm nature. The Bittersare soeamnii mo nival popular, sua ll 1110 Hm6 lim9 VHUIDI6, specifics in the medical world. In recommendiag itt>the public we are fully conscious of doing thein a ereat serrio*. knowing, at we do, their many exe'llent anahtias. and snreand speedy action in all caeea where the diaaaae la canard by the irregularity oi the digestive organs. A trial will suffice for the moat skeptical. Per sale by drngfiata anddealera fenerallr every whe e. M13 eoM Buit*s Tiioormon _ IS the beat and ahaapeat article for Dreaaing, Beanssa-.s.te'^Ssv Sratt srwr gista and Farinaers ar 1MB AU ..f Homoopathio Remedies put np expressly lor family I sea, us boxes, at JS and &> oauta each. Also, la cases, ontainiaf 80 rials, from #4 to- M each, with book of full directions. For a*la h? . viiniAB. a#0 i'&, tvdiiii6 wbolenale &nd Jao'twV'ii t- \ l*14**"*'*1. north F atreet; ?.??r,??r i>( Mft?aaohu??tta are ^aS^=f'?5=s^a sssss fcirjSt?^Su^?u1--pffiia Hollo way'i Pill*. nbf. rrr, s4.-!cjf. ?3 UriS^i; z.'.'^ytftryb;__ M*t**'?M:*aculou? Vr>mi.f Dvstkotbk, th*oMmtMilMtt remedy tmown for xtenmnat f _ < MARRIED Ob Tuesday ereum*. September Mtk.bytke Re*. FCtherAkchvrander, Mr. WILLIAM H.POORE, of GwrMtnwn. D. C., to Mm MATILDA JANb JOHNSON,of Montgomery county. * At WoodlKMirne. Baltimore oonnty. M<1..the 11th ineUwit, by Rev. Dr. Gibbnn?,A. W LEEK 8, of Washington city. to LIZZIE R.. eldest daughter of the 'ate Rev. Joe. Merriken, and adopted dauzhtor of officiating eleri\maa_ * DIED, On the 11th instant, at 9 o'clock a. m., WILLIAM CAMPBELL, in the 67th year of his m*The nlalives and friend* of the fk? ily are requested U> attend his funeral, on Thareda<r. 13tti in tttact, at 3 o'clock. * Oa th? Uth instant, of consumption, in the 21 st trar of his ace, JAMES, sun of James MacwiiIiarns. The f iends of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at 4 o'oluck, from the residence of his annt. No. 2t?9 B street, between tt and 3d sta. * A CHAINS. N Invoice of TRACK and CART CHAINS. Light, Medium, and Heavy. Reoeived and for sale by se7-er>3t (AlexGaz) JNO R. ELVANS ft CO. COAL AND WOOD! Red Ash Coal. White Aiih Coal. La Icon s Valley Cooking Co*!. Oak and Tine Wood, sawed and split, Also,2W barrels Charcoal, in quantities to aait. For tale by R. W. BURR, sefl eo3t? Corner of 7th st. and Mass. av. 4 TTENTION, A CITIZENS! _ Thia is the time to bur your Buy your Fuel Winter Fuel at reduoed prioes. wkile I have a large and veil selected it it ektar. stock of WOOD and COAL, C*ll,m*d txamim which I will sell very low ?oa for yourtelvts. cash. STOVE aud KINDLING WOOD always on hand. WM. H. H. BARCLAY, at the Old Stand, Ninth street, west side, ao 85 eo*w one square north of Pa. av. JL. NEW COOK STOVES Foe 1H60. J3EM M AMERICAN COUSIN. HELPMEET, CONTINENTAL. Toceth?r with an uneuualed stock of all patterns COOK STOVES. PARLOR STOVES, CHAMBER STOVES. HALL STOVES, Ao , worth* of merit, which will lie sold at pric?s that cannot fail to please JAS. SKIRVING, Washington Stove, Grate, Range. Hot-Air Furnace, Tin, Sheet Iron, and Japanned Ware Manufactory, No. 267 Pa. av. aud 11th st, se 5-eo2w _ 550 NEW RESTAURANT. The undersigned have taken and entirely refitted the spacious house No. 556 Seventh street, a few doors south of Pennsylvania avenue. They respectfully invite a ca I from thrir friends and the public who miy desire a pure article of Brandy, \Vine*. Whisky, 4c., or Brown Stout. Porter, Ales and other Mult Liquors, from celebrated brewers. Their larder at all times stocked with Fish, Flesh and Fowl, served by an experienced cook. This branch receives oar personal supervision. HF.NRV Kl'HL WILLIAM Rt'PP, sf5-eo3w Proprietors. CLAY'S HOTEL, (Fokmkkly Frrimo States,) PENH. AVENUE. WASHINGTON, D C. The Ujutkd Stati* Hotxl having passed into 1 1 ? imnuaui viio uuuniai^iiru,HICT I CBp"fr m A fully inform their frienJs and the public yiTTMy that the house has been closed for the last Jl^SLL two montns, and has been thoroughly renovated, repaired and furnished,and will be reopened on the 1st September inst. Tim house being heated with steam.and prorided with other modern improvements, may now b? classed with the first hotels of the oouiitry. It wih now accommodate some three k undred persons. The proprietors givuiK their personal attention U> bustnexs. no effort will he spared on their part, or their attendants, to contribute to the comfort of their guests. Hopin* to receive our *hare of public patronage, we remain, very respectfully, H. CLAY &. CO. Washington, August 20,1880. X B ?Gentlemen desiring Board can find pleasant Rooms at moderate prices. _____ se l-12t Fine pianos for rent or pale, At ELLIS'S. ftl usic received tri-weeklj. at ELLIS'S. Melodeoos and other Instruments for rent,at _Mj ELLIS'S. DO NOT FAIL TO CALL AT HARVEY'S. 261 C St., betw?m lora an<i lit*. He will to-day open his Ion? extabli?h*d and well known NOKFOLK OVftTEK ^ *?v Q(IfT<ll7IV/^ TMLill/vTi + K * ciiui/ni.iu urrui mr mn iwnon NTJU f . J He h&? mvie arrangements t'< reoci ve^t. \ VMJt r?gul?r supplies of the beet NORFOLK OYSTER* on every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. He will alio k-iep constancy on hand a large and varied assortment <f FISH, including every sort known to Washington tables. He returns hie sincere thanks to thoee who patronised his Establishment during the e*?t ?ea?i n, and is oonfident that his inore&sed facilities for keeping constantly on hand fresri soeplie* of O YS TERS. FISH, GAME, Ao-. Ao , will a>nply reward a oontinnance of their patronage and oustom. Sold at th? lowest market prioes, and delivered at all parte of the oity free of charge. e 10-1 in T. M. HARVEY. Extensive and elegant stock or Carpetlngs. We respectfully announce to the oitizena of Washington, Georgetown, ^Alexandria, and envi iuui, vain our assortment OI ALL KINDS OF CARPET1NGB, in all the various grades, makes. and classes, it now oomplete in all departments, having just replenished our stuck from the niost reoent makes ai d importation*, which enables us to exhibit to borers the most ''recherck'" stylos known to the trade. We haveElegant Medallion, Tourney, P*xony, and Yorkshire English Velvet and Wilton Carpetings, in triple, double and single widths, for drawing-rooms an<I parl ir*. Also, noh and heavy Velvet Carpeta as low aa 31.25 p?r tard, worth $2. Superior and heavy English and Bigelow Brussels Carpetings, for drawing rtomt and parlora, verr oheap. The *arae makes in heavy and rioh Tapestry n.n..?u n- ' ? -1 ? * in uasvia v*i |fcn?i|(ii> inr u[Aiii)( HMiIIlS, P&riOn, bining rooms, libraries, chambers, hale, Ac t xtra heavy and entirely n?w desigrs of Royal a?d superior Three-ply Carpetings, tome aa low as ?7>4 cents per yard. home makes in fine and supe'fir.e Donble Ingrain Carpetings, exaot copios of Brussels, at from 96 to 25 cnta per yard. Also, h?av? and cheat Wool Dutoh, for offioes, basements, halls. &.O., v?ry cheap. Double Twilled Knglisha"d Thompsonville Ve retian, in all widths, for halls and stops Also, a fuM ?npp y of all kinds of Rugs to matoh any of our Carpet*. In Oilcloths for Floors Our stuck is full and complete, embracing all tke designs which are novel and most desirattle, which we purchased u?der the most favorable circumstances, ai d which will enable us to sell them at less figures than usual. In Curtain Materials We also have an entirely now supply, which only need to be seen to he appreciated?all being new and different from anything heretofore seen lu this eitr. Housekeepers and others are respootfulty invited to rill and examine our goods and j#<lge lor themsel ves. CLAGBTT * DODSON, Dialers in all land* of Furniture Dry Uoodi, fto. 4 Makkkt S*pacb, seio eofit 31 door rast from 9th street. FOR SALE.-A pair of COACH HORSES, young and faot, sold for no fault; the rv owner h%vinit no use fur thoin. Apply at jLLn W. H. UPPER MAN'S Grocery, on f?enn-<<^"X syivanra avenue. Wjr.wn 3.1 and 4W ?t?. au 22-tf C STRAW HATS. STRAW HATS! LEARING OUT STOCK OF STRAW HATS In ohIt to dispose of nir entire atock of Men's and Boys' STRAW HATS Rreat inducements will ba offered until the close of ti.e season at LANE'S FashionaMe Hat and Cap Store, au ?1-jm Pa. av.. near Four-aid a-half >t P)LITICAL BOOKS FOR TIIE TIMESCiuskey's Text Book tent by mail, pie-paid,on receipt of ?S. Gre-lj's Politioal Text Boak by mail, free,on receipt ol'f 1. Douglas and Lincoln Debates sent free on recnipt of 50 cents. Dred Scott Caio sect by mail on receipt of 90 cents. I.ife of Douglas sent br mail on r?e^iptof9i cents. Campaign Medals of al: the carnliJates sent by mail, free, on receipt BKN F.FRENCH, Bookseller and Stationer, Pa. ar., 6-lw (Int.) between lltli and 13th sta. N? MERCHANT TAILORING. ? _ EW FALL STYLES or CLOTHS, CA5SIMERS, AND VE8TINGS. WALL. STKPHRNa * rn -too nift Ar?nu?, have just reoeivad ft large varietr of n?w Fftll Goods, to which they invite the attention of their friends and customers. ftu 30 tf HW. HAMILTON* ~ PAINTER. ftnd dealer w paints. No. 388 Tth Stksxt, near Odd Fellows' Hall. fta 8-tf PUTTY~18 DOWN. __ gCHOOL AND COLLE8K OUTFITS. YoulAj' and Bov?y Clothing for School and J) rut Wear. lor ui6 ooming lawon, are invited to examine oar resent I arte and extent ire assortment BOY 9' CLoTHINtf, where they oan fit out their children ofall snee in a few momenU with every description afR'ady-aade Garment*, of substantial aud d. 3. ^ co aoap-tf l?8 Paaa. araa> . WATCH?E6V|fi?i^(P.Il,VER W..B .1 have one of the beet oetablishmeats, and Airaished with a complete set of tools for repairing every description of fine Watehee, and #71) particular attention fiva to the same, by t.oroufh competent workman .and all work rusrsn Wed Al.o,every descrip ion of standard SfLVKR WARE, plain and ornameatal, manufactured under ray own anporvislon, whieh my customers will lad I "K Mfior in quality and finish to northern ware *" I Mb ! , ?v iJf r.f: J Jx*mT. ? i t'- < I*. 1 4 SPECIAL WARD ELECTION. ?<bCOND WARD OPPOSIT^N NOMINA* At ? mejtine of th* Oppo?iton vo'Wa of tb? S?cnnrf IVimI Ul.l . tr.-Ifi ?. . ? ' * ...... h>iu*i niu nvi on wjui, llth inataat, J. RUSSELL BAR. Esq.. ?? ur?aimoualy nominated for Common Cornell. to fell a vnfMincj canard by the reaignatioa of Wm Orme. Election to b? held September 13th. >t* THE SECOND WARD ELECTION.?II'- Edtlor : It hu been, aa I an informed. "r*TJJK?7 erally circulate I that Mr. THOS. P. plMPSON has withdtawn from the canvass I desire to say >t la not true. He haa hoaeatly presented him"'! ii(Hjn the principle of the *xcla?ion of party politics from municipal nfTairs, whi?*h should comm*!*' rta-lfto every jood citisea of all parties. Whether ucveaa or defeat awaiti him, he will adhere to a principle essential to the interests of the city, and which, sooner or liter, muat be auceessfnl. Jt WALTER LENOX^_ \1R. EDITOR:?Some jeara aco the people of the !" . Second Ward conceded to the north end of the Ward their requeat to haveone member of the City Council. Forthelaat two veara all the members have resided in the middle and lower end. To fill the vacancy made by thereaignation of Wm.Orme, Esq.. the voter* and property holders of the north end have presented the nam* of the oandidtte of their choioe, J. RUSSELL BARR.for theoflioe, and respectfully request voter* to consider the claims of the NORTHERN LIBERTIES It* A gfirnvii w??nvi ittimv Mr. SIM P.'ON, tk>. no-pnrry canivt*te, proposes to ?tt in motion a wholesome reform la our elections,* Iriend of many year*' standing, who knows the sincerity of his views, thinks it proper to say a word in his behalf to those to whom lie may be unknown. Mr. family association, is deeply interested, not onlv in the progress ami prosperity of the Second Ward, bat of the whole city. He is a gentleman of liberal education, strict integrity, and irreproachable morals. Let voters inquire and they will find that this is not the opinion of mere partial friendship. If the piincipte be right to exclude the bitter spirit of national politics from our municipal affairs, (and who that has the interest of the city at heart doubts it,) Mr. Simpson will not bo found unworthy to unite in carrying it out. (It*) M^ For city council, l. f. clark. At a m*eting of the Hemoc atio and Anti-Know i Nothing voters of the Second Ward held an Mod.1. :? ?i > ovmiuis, wiuijuuvb numinaimn wiis unauimona1* made to fi I the vacancy creited bv the resignation of Wm.Ormk. Election?THlitSDAY. September 13th. we II -3t 1>0 THK VOTERS OF THE SECOND I WARD. Having concluded to ac ept the invitation ten dered me by many fn?nds to become a candidate for the vacancy in the Common Council occasioned by the resignation oi Mr Orme, I deem it proper to uny that I present rujself ituirprndent of party. The frinciplen and policy ol national parties have nohing to do with oar municipal affairs, and the intermingling of them has been prolific of disorder and mischief Whilst free from party obligations, which too ofrfcn, aa experience has ?hown. come in conflict with the true interests of the Corporation. I shall, however, endeavor, parnestlr mid cordiallv. ?o support the chief magistrate of the city in tho adnnniftra'ion of his office, exempt whsn an honest sense of duty compels me to differ. As to the qua'ifications I linav possess for the post, and the considerations which would induce me faithfully to perform its duties I must leave you to learn them from others. Thus much I will fav,that 1 shall re gard the faithful performance of its duties as I would the fulfilment of any other honorable obliga tmn I might assume. ge 1121* THOS. P. SIMPSON. 1*1 Ilir* DUAftU Ur UU.T1MUA UH lflL, September 3, 1860. Rtiolvtd. That an election is hereby directed to b? held in the Second Ward on THURSDAY, the 13th ;!ay ofSoptemlier next, t?> fill the vacancy now <*xivti!iK iu the Hoard of Common Council by the retaliation of William Ormc, Ekq. SECOND WARD?FIRST PRECINCTPur?u%nt to the al*ove revolution, an election will l>e held at the corner of Twelfth street and New York avenue. The polls will lie opened at 7 o'clock a, m , and closed at 7 o'rlock p. rn. GEO. \V. STEWART. SAM'L W. OWEN. GEO. E JILLARD. *e 7 te _ _ Oom mi wsionora. IN THE BOARD OF COMMON COI NCIL, HBPTEMBKR it. IfrjO Retolvd, That an election is hereby direct-dt? lie held in the Second Ward on THURSDAY, the 11th day of September next, to fill the varany now exist njr in the Board of Common Council 1>y the resignation of William Orme. Esq. SECOND WARD-SECOND PRECINCT.? Furauant 11 altove resolution. an election will tie held on Tenth street, b-tween D and E sta., one door north of the auction store of J.C. McGuireA Co. The polls will be opened at 7 o'clock a. m., and closed at 7 o'clock p m PAM'L LEWIS. EDWARD C. DYER. WILLIAM F. SHEDD. se7-te Commissioners. LOST AND FOUND. LOST-A BUNDLE OF DRY GOOD?, from an omnibus, on 7th street, between Fa. av. awl L st. A liberal reward will be given to the finder, by leavinx it at No. 399 7th St., between L and M. se 12 lt? LOST.?A liberal reward will be raid for the rendition of a Set of BUGGY HARNESS, taken off or found after a mule which stray ed awar from the subscriber oa Sundav night. JEREMIAH HENNISSEY, It* J*a. av\, near the Wept Capwot Gate. ! W OST?Oil hoArdthA ttptjnflr Thnmm Pnllvor <?p I_J let ween the boat and the oinnihun^on Mon lav loth lnatant, a large Caineo BREASTPIN, set i.< garnets and Dea ls. The finder, bv returning it to Mrs. I NDKRM Al'Ell, 57 J 7th st.. Island, will be liberally rewarded. _ se ll-3t* CJTRAYED AWAY?On Snnday morning a IO young b!ack brown CO W, with atraight short horn* and a white spot on tho fo-ehead; white ?pr>ts on the hind quarter.J^Mflh? Five dollar* will he given to tin finder by leaving it at WM. BABBlNGTON't*,Third street, between 1 and K. w ll-8t* QC REWARD.?strayed or atolen. a brown and white unixnd or speckled) COVV;?#?g has been imaged wimo week or ten days:fl*4t is nearly dry. Whoever wilt return KaidJbalte Cow to tho subscriber, at the corner of Virginia av. aud 7ih st., Island, shall receive the aliove reward, sell 31* MAR??'T MlLBlMtN. LOBT?OnTuemla), August 7th, a BUNDLE of Evening Star .\ews-papers, containing fnnr copies ol eaoh day for the month of June, 1858 The finder will receive a liberal reward by leturmog them to ill is oflioe. au 15 tf PERSONAL. A NOTICE. PROMISSORY NOTK. drawn by Richard IT. Truunel and Benjamin Mazraw, in favor of ? Sooit or order, for the ?um of ?40, will not be raid at maturity. All periion* are hereby cautioned not to negotiate or rttfive *aid note. se u st NOTICK.?The public, are hereby notified that RICHARD HILL, :s no longer authorised to tramaot hn?iu???t in mr name under a power of attorney from me.thenaid power of attorney having btton revoked yesterday DVKR. Contractor with tbe Corporation for laying the Water Pipes. Sept. 12,1860. hp 12 3t* I HEREBY FOREWARN ALL PERSONS from trusting aujr one on mjr account, ss I will ray no deb'.s except of my own eontrac inc. so H 3f OH ARLES HI UBS. ?1 Pf| REWA"D.?Ran awav from the BUhIscriber, living near Nottingham, Pnn<? George's co , Md.. on Sunday, the 9th ihb? , my tioy JOHN WILLIAM TYLER ADDISON. abeut 5 ft. 5 or 6 in. in hight, tolerably stout. light coppor mulatto, hair a lntln curly and trimmed to a imdmm thickness, face and fo?ehe*d well proportioned, and likey. May have a scar oa the outer corner of one of his eyes; chin slightly dimpled; about 19 or ?> ??-arn of age. Was dressed when he left With black ftlt hat, black cloth frock coat and light blue caxMinere pants, marked on the inside of the waistband "*C. W. Ilollyday;'' some of his shirt collars also ma*k<d. He may, however,ohange his cloth hg. He may be in Washington or George towa, l>. C , where he has a quaintnnoes, or m** have followed the course of the turnpike or railroad lor Dal imoro or Pennsylvania, as he left witnout provocation. i win giva thu aiiove reward of S130 provided he is retired in jail th*t 1 get him JAMES E.b.liOLLYDAY. *e ll-6t* JVJOTICE OF COPARTNER9HI P.?The nn1" dersigned have this day formed a c< part iic-ship under the naine and style of \Vm. G.and P. M. Pattit, for the purpoie of oarrvtnc on a fir-t cl\?* <?rocery. having th>* day bought the entir? stock and oxtnrea of William 8. J on**, on the corner ofThird street and Mat*, avenue, where we will t>e plraoed to furnish the citizens ohoioe Groc*n?? and Liquors at moderate prioe*. We respectfully solicit a call of the public patrorac e. WM G. PETTIT, P. M. PETTIT. Washington city, Sept 7th, 1860. have this day disposed of my entire tock of Groceries, Liquors and Fixtures, on the oorner of Tnird street and Mass. Messr*. Win. G. and P. M. Prttit Thanking iny former customers and frienda for tneir kindue" aud liner* al patronage bestowed on me, I hop<e they will l>estow the same on my snocesso' s.who will be thankful for all fhvors WILLIAM S. JONES. Washington Sept. 7,1880. so 10-St [11A DA MR MORR1CE, Thk Gkkat Airiow1*4 but asd Doctkkrs, just from Euro?*.?Tfcis highly Kift^d and intelligent lady can be oonsulted on the Past, PreeeutacJ Future Events. Call at No. 'i06 Twenty-seooad streot, between H and I, Washington. Je l?3m'T'HK UNION WIL?. STAND. NO MATTE* 1 WHO'S PRESIDENT! Consequently 1 thall remain in Washington and a"V^OlfV^E%^V"lNTAg0lGM-' ins Jn all lU branches. Old Gluing promptly attended to. Painting and Orsaoentiug Cottage Furniture in the beet style , I also, cal? attention to the Painting of Roofs and Briok Walls. All of the above ( will do as oheap as the cheapest J therefore solieit the patronage of say {nanus and fellow oitizens prths Enstnoi. Punctuality atnetly observed, ana work dona in the bast mani!#$m5Bg!?8B8-S&& - ? * p. oi|u put up 1TM VI un*r|?, mm mm, M 31 Sm Stmt, r? u^^md|J2?*.0' *** 35Sfki GEORGETOWN. Correspondente of Tie Star. eMMiTOWH, September Li. 1800 There wm a ?udden chance of tha Mtw.. i..t night, ltd thia morning overcoat* ud fire* arc In demand Yesterday morninp. at an early hoar, the premise* of Mr. Dill, butcher, were entered daring his alvence at market, and a lot of kaivea, ssusa^e*. Ac., attracted therefrom Two men suspected of being the depredators. were arrested bv police officers Drill end McNHr in the afternoon, and after examination before J as tire White, one of ti.em, John Bmy. was committed to jail. The other was dimusaed. there Nelng no proof against him. Our townsman. Mr Henrv Borrows, we are glad to learn, was \eaterday granted a patent for hit portable combination (wire) fence. It is, In the judgment of those who have examined of the best fences as regards economy and durability yet Invented The patentee is going with It to tlie agricultural fair at Rock vi Ue to-day, and I those interested will there bare a chance of seeing six panels of it on exhibition. We understand that a handsome flat ia to be presented in Washington to the best drilled juvenile military company in the District, and that it ia the Intention of the Young Guard*. Cap*. Rodier.of our city, to compete for it. The Wash1 us:ton bora will bave to look to their lanrels. We hope thoae having the upper road to the Little Falls Bridge In charge will immediately put it in good traveling condition, aa tbe lowVr road will, in a few daya be Impassable. on account of tbe excavations' being made on it to lay down tbe 30-inch mains of the Washington Aqueduct. Our enterprising and accommodating young friend Mr Joseph W. Boucher baa juat erected at hla wood yard a frame building eighty feet In length by twenty-five feet In width, in which to conduct hla sawing and splitting operations, and %- *? -? V. ? i r? *- i- * -j iv pwic uia iwck ui coax. on aavcruifmeni in Georgetown column. The steamer Monticello left here this morning, but had not much freight. Business is <*till act ire in and about the Canal, and at the coal whinre# Those interested will attend to the notice In another column of the meeting of the Democratic Association, this evening. Able speakers are expected to be present. GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS For olktr Gtorgttoten sdtcrltimnli sti fir ft pig* <Yw=?G EO RGKTOW\ DEMOCRATIC A8*L3 SIMM ATION.?Ttiere *i!i U- a meeting <>l th? Association WEDNESDAY, 12th inet., at o'clock p. in. Al'le speakers will address the meet 'nR Br ord?r. J. OWENS BERRY. Sect*. K??r t'iCK?Ki.L. I'rest. ?e 11 i't Owo<?oTnd COM, F The best Quality delivered to all p?rt? of beoigetown at the lowest price*. Customer* preferring their wt?od aawrd by the machine at the jard will l>e ci v> n a? fu 1 m >H*ure as ifthev l>ur full length wood. Chars* for sawing reasonable. COAI. under cover. Ca'l and ?e?. at BOl'CHk'R'S \\'i Yard, on the Canal, at the second bridge west of the Market House. se 12 3teo Just rkckivkh10 hhd*. prime Porto Rioo SUGAR?. ISO hhin.oM Kve WHISKY, 2S0 I,hi-. UF.RRlNU and ALE WIVES, l>b!s. Crushed and Refined -I'GARS, bags R io and Java COF FE E. 10 hhd'-.ilnw priced ? MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J. KQHI'K. se 10 FOR BOSTON ?The regular packet bug Andover, Cap'ain Levi Crowell, has arrival /ja and is now di*oliargi?g her ca p. She wi i/3s \> be receiving freight for the above port oil'"* Saturday morning. and will sail with diaratch Ap ply to HARTLEY A BK'J., 9? and 101 Water kt.. Georgetown. Be 6 1* n r < * T'/?i tt. KSPECTIT"IjLYTaforinV hi friends a..d the pulilic generall* that he hu removed U> No. o* Huh tre*t, adje.niriK Masonic Hall. He is prepared to the shurttwt untioe. Dinner and Evening Pa-i.i?s. and feel* atinured that he will five entire *ati? faction U> those who mar favor him wita a oaii. All kind, of CONFECTION FRY aod CAKKit the lowest pnoes. Best ICE CREAM at A1 M per gallon. , Oi C. ATZS, e 4-im M High street. Ueorgetown. mnDiPi^A avi cu * ^ ' l "VOAWV* r* . * i I r , j\ u J^CiU A A1^, 1 AT WHOLESALE. I haveto-dajr received 136 hoxea of TOBACCO, consisting of pound lump*, fouii, ten*, large and small twists. Al?o a large lot of fine HAVANA and YAR A^E GARS. Also, on hand? 120 boxen of fine, medium aud low pricad Tobacco, 250,000 Sugar*, 35 cases of Garrett's Scotch Pnuff, in bottles; also, liar pee, Congress, and Macaboy, 500 dozen or At derson'a and Gooilwin'a Fine Cut Ch?wiug and Smoking Tof-aceo, 130 groat of Shanghai and Parlor Mate ties. 1'JO boxes of Pi pes and Pip? H'-ads, 75 balea of Killiokinick >mokinc, and all ether arti^lea peitaining to thoirade i 11 ?r ?.1 u ' a-?I ?' - mi vi w ujuii ic"uiiru(iu::D icww wnoif*l&je price*. JAMES WALLACE. No. A9 Hun street. Goorjetowr.. Go>k1s delivered to any part of lite District frw of oharf. . aii J9-2w S" STILL ALIVE," PILLMAN A HUNT have Removed, temporarily, to the Store (No.771 formerly occupied 1>t Lewis Payne, nearly opposite tLeir old establishment. 1L/~ DRV GOODS can be had xe cheap as ever. au 22 3w ~~~~ BOARDING. 1 | CO NINTH STR LET.?Persons returning t-? TilO tbecitr fioni their summer resort* will find , vacant sovefit! desirable rooms, having the con v ninicei of *as, water, and liathing closets, at 4 A3 V inth __ nnn ilix ir kniith t ?f ciitAl.lo fnr f&miiirt* or tin*!* gentleman. Tabla l*>arder? acoomiuodated on mod cm ate terms. m 5 2w* < FOR SALE AND RENT. [For etktr " For Salt and Rtnt" advtrttftwwntt, ??? fir it Tat* ] CTF.*M POWER TO RENT. - Wanted. a < TURNER to do light fancy'urning in wood. \ Can also let 5 to 10 Horae Strain Pow?r, wiui gtod room in upper floor.and al?o the use ofcirru'ai and upright S?wi, SmI> and Moulding Macii ne. Ac Apply at Mouut Wrnon Factory, near the Kail ] road P'pot. we 12-3t FOR 8* LF.?A FARM containing 1HJ aorea, tit uated 6 mile* fiom Georgetown, in Moi teniae r m nnnnlr VI (\ PifVw roi a r? an a kick ata ta ?.f A ?un?j i??" X mm nap ii w??v ui cultivation; twenty-five acres id wox). Thie 11 small Ion house, stabling, sheds, oorn house on n I Apple orchard aid some peaches: ktrin* tiftvii < of water at the door; being perfectly healthy. I'lMie , lu^air* of BARNaK D & BUCKfcYt Auctioneer*. No 74 Bridge tr'et, Georgetown, or WALL k. BARNAKD, Washington. seW-rolin LH?R KKNT OK SAL K-A three .ton Frame I HOUSE, containing 12 room*, with pas in ever) ' room ; ban attached (table and carnage, and water I in tne yard ; side and back alley?; No 410. noith , side of Massachusetts av , lietween 4th and 6th sts. Several Hnusemlargeand small) in the same square ' for sale. Inquire at 304, three doors we-t of the above. se l i stI/OR SALK OR RKNT-A i.ew FRAME , r HOL'SK. with 6 rooms and a summer kitchen, on 16th it., between K and L. Inquire on the preiniaes. _ t>* IP 3t* ? L'OR KENT-A com'ortable three-story BRIl'K ' DWELLING HOUSE, on Ninth str?-tt, opposite Graoe Church, on the Island Rent very low. Inquire of U. CAMERON, next dooi, where the | key can be found ; or of CliAS. S. WALLACH. | No. 7 Indiana av. se?-eo3w I'O RENT.AND GOOD WILL FOR SALK. 1 A large STORE on Pa. avenue, lietween Ith and 9th sts.. No. UO. oppesite Center Market; has ] been occupied as a dry goods store. For p&rticu , lars inquire on the premises. se4-lw FO* BALK?A new two-atory and-baeAinmt I JtRICK HOU;*K. containing & roorae ami cellar, urniaW on Eleventh etreet north, within 5 1 minutes' walk of the Northern Lil*rtiea Market i Term* unoauaJly liberal. Applv to II. N. I .A MSDALE, corner of 7th at. ?e 4 tw* A RAKE OPPORTUNITY ?A magnificent FARM t-r sale or exchange for oitj property, 1 containing )84aore?, ha;f mile from Fairfax Sta tion, Orange and Alexandria Raiiro&d. itianadcr | a high (tare of eultiTaUon, well watered, good < bni din re and timber; it can be bought low. Call . onG. W. BRAY A CO.,at their Jewelry store, 516 S?renth atreet. e??-lM? j FOR SALE?A a mail FARM of31 acrea of laud, | aituated lW milea north oftfoldiera' Home and 4 milea from Waahincton city, being a part of Chillum Caatl< Manor; 15aorea m market garden and the ba'ance la heavily timbered, with a epring of never failing water, a young orchard of peacliea and | applet, having on it a email frame honse. Apply at I iland No. 3T1 Center Market, of Mr*. MORTl- i MER MORTIMER. . au 3P-2w* J FOR RENT-A new 4 atory BRICK HOUSE, s with marble mantlet and grate*, wai*r ixturee. with rooms. Aito. ras id roum. ftitntttd ou Thirteenth atraat. Mvni L and Mm arena#. Alao, a three-ktorr-?ad-?tUc Briok Dwelling on H i treet, between 13th and 14th atraata. Apply at ? WM.P. SHEDiyS PUojr Btore. No. J?S| nth ?L 1 au 25-3w* < - I WHKELKR * WILSON'S ' UNRIVALLED Family Sewing Nachtam, WITH IMPROVEMENTS, whioh render them^abeojaUl j ail that cm ba at the new agency. Ifo. 346 Arrarx, t?r nk atrMt, ' Fro* #30 te?10f. With iMtrmoUou It? or ohtrg*. m? l? p. j. 8TEBI. a?*m Bno damaged books! U T Tk? very Nioert? B?t-Ch?w*?t school books! school books.' v* w ?flC \r\ -^1 < i THE LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. Mr- Dnilu'i fmijlnm T??r Ea?tos. Pa , Sept 10 ? Tbe reception of Mr DoufUa at Allentown thU morning, wm eery enUiiulMtic He was rxperted to arrive at toa o'clock by* special U*i?, but owlag to mom misuBderaCutdlnr be did not come until hatfp..t tweljre_ OrSit preparation. bad baeamalo ?wi bii lomti rn rpww ^ erected. flags md baanera thrown to tfce areee*. aad other demonstrations of ri*P*cLj2jl!j*j?: , Ob his arrival at the depot, Mr DongM"^*" reedTed by the Keystone Club lU a larya of ctttim He apoke * (pw mlnntsa, wbea ? remark* were cut abort by the rtarttag of 'd? train for Eaaton. _ A large delegation accompanied Mr Dejjlnn here, and kit arrival waa announced H the flnng of cannon He waa escorted fromScatt W* by a procession of cltliena and membra of political clube. which made s fine display as It |?M through the borough About three o'clock a meeting was o-gaalaed In the public square by the election of Jaaei T Borhek. of Bethlehem. President Mr Borhek Introduced Mr Donglaa to the asscmblatre H a appearance called forth fa imaodw tutrrs. iau Ulf pressure 10 see Uie Little tiiaef* was crushing Mr. Doaglaa, owing to boarseneaa. did uotapesk at any length Hla speech wu an abbreviation ?f hia Reading effort.and waa mainly direr ted aval net the secessionists. After he had concluded, he was escorted to the Franklin House, where his Meeds called and a hook handa with him At half past 5 o'clock be was escorted to the N ew York train,and left amid enthualastic cheers At Somervllle, Plalnfleld. Elizabeth, sad ether towns, large crowd* hsd assembled on the arrival of the train, and cslled for Mr Dooglss He responded In a few words of thanks Farther Ctllforaia Hew*St. Joseph's, Sept 11.?The 9u Franc karn papers of tbe J'Jth ult , report the markets 4oil and heavy tt boat bad declined 5 oenia per bundred pounds. The abip St Helena, which bad commenced loading for England, will carry J5.UW aarka of wheat. Tbe bark Orestina aalled for Aiiatralia with over l(*i,UUU buabels of wbeat, and tbe ahlp Ix>rd Raglan bat <ooi rue need load ing with grain for tbe aame dea'i nation Tbe abip Wild Rang< r cleared on tbe 'J9tb for Australia. conveying 170 tacks of wheat, l,oou aacka of oata, and over ?,?*> quarter aacka of low. 1 be value of merchaudiae. not including treasure, exported from San Frauclaco daring tbe month of Auguat, eiceeda S1.UKI,000, nearly all of wbirb were producta of California Tbe several State and county agrlcoltual fatr* have commenced or are about U> meet, and all tbo reports repreaent tbe progress of tbe country, la an agricultural sense, aa mofct extraordinary At tbe Stockton fair 1.UU0 ton* of copper ore from Cole? 1 w w in?v nr i'u riuiuiuun On the 7tL of Aiuuil the ship Lawson. of Bstfc, Mo., Balled from Port Towoseud. Washington Territory, for New York direct, with cargo cf rclluw pine spars ranging in ltngtb from 60 to lis lift This l? tbi Drat cargo of ship timber shipped from Puget's Sound for any Atlantic port Another veaael la now loading with tbe same kind of timber f r London Frsns laala Fc. 1nokpe>dx!?cb. Mo., Sept 10?Tbe Santa Fa mall, with dates to tbe L'Tlh ult . arrived last night to connect with tbe mall going Last thia morning. Col Fauntleroy bas received orders from tbe Secretary of War to iriske an immediate and vigorous campaign againat tbe Navajoe Indians N Itb tbe force be has now, tbe Colonel will be able to put a speedy termination to tbe existing troubles, if be only obevs bia instructions On tbe I5tb of August tbe Navajoca stole from tbe Government bera at Alvarde, three hundred head of ? ??!? TV.1.4.. i.?? ' ? __ ww * ??ii?? wwj? ? vui m pur nit and recovered fifty bead, but did bo injury to the tblevesNo Indian* were aeen on tbe route A report reached Santa Fe Fork that the Ch?fennes. Kiowm, and Sioux bad joined together and would make war upon tbe troop* whenever found, and tbe command at the Paw? Fork were apprehensive of an attack from them Ihe Maiaf KlrctlM. Portland. Sept 11 ?Returns from 116 towns give Washburn (rep ) for Governor, 33,46ft vote*. Smart vdtm ) ?3.911, Barn* (Union) l.Olt Republican majority, -,64i?a net gain of 3,100 over last year's vote. Tbe republicans have probably elected th* fall Concessional ticket, consisting of the following gentlemen 1st district, J. N. Goodwin,-id. C. W. Walton; 3d, 8 C. Ff?senden; 4th. A. P Morrill, 5th. J H. Rice; 6th. F. A. Pike. None of these gentlemen art members of tbe present Congress, although the State delegation la entirely republican. The New l?rk Fulu EAcriK, Sept. 11?The chairman at the Breckinridge State committee baa written Utter accepting the proposition of ten eleeteta, a lieu tenant governor, and canal commlaaioner, and will call tbe committee together to ratify the proposed union. Albakt. Sept It.?It i? expneted that Judgo Douglas will make a apeech in New York to-morrow denouncing the fusion, and that the Hat* committee will rejoct all overtures The Condition of Walker'i Expedition New Oeleabs. Sept 11?It la believed that the report brought by tbe steamer Oaeola that Walker'a force had been reduced to 35 tr.en ta incorrert. Walker was at L'maa on the tftth *1 h >) men, well provided ("apt Salman, of iLe British war vrast-z learns, has declared hla intention to take Walker, if possible. It was bell-vnd that Walker would march against Nicaragua. A veoael with provislona, clothing, ptc . from RuMan w?a e*i?ected to reach th? mainland soon Tki I'- I. Agricultural Fair. CixnxNATi. Sept 11 ?The ^rounda Itted up fer thp eighth exhibition of the United Stetaa Agricultural Society ere now In order, and numerous entries are coming In from the distant States. aa writ aafrom Ohio. Indiana and Kentucky. There ia every prospect of an exhibition a u peri or to any yet witnessed in thta country Tbe premtume rill exceed M'.WO with aereril citizens1 paraaa. rbe fair opena on the 12th, and continaea to the JOth Inst. A Flew Telegraph Ltae CnaplcM. om*h* Citt, n t , Wept 8.?The telegraph Line to thU joint wu completed and aa afltce jprnrd brr<- vratrrday. We will a la* beta comxiuoicatlon vrltL Furl Kearney by the lit of Norembcr Later fraai Mania. \rw Oiluxi, Sept 10 ?The steamer B'.anrllle bu rrlT?*d. from Havana on the 7th. The health of the ltUad wu excellent A cargo of ilavca bad beeu landed oa the eastern const. N particulars. " The NtUtuI Fair la hi. Leali. St. Lovm, Sept. 10?The entries for the Neboaal Fair, which cobimkm on gefitemlw the ?t*u , ?*-*? V ?? J HHUIWI *,v-' J * 1 ** * jf Wiln will probably be here on the <5tt trlzirr *f a Saapected Sl?wr. New Tou, !*ept. 12.?Tiie berk Waetbergage tin been '.zed by the Marshal on auaplcloa oC telng an Intended alarrr. Sklpmeat (I sort ie and Paper I vrcMf. New Yoaa.J*ept 11 ?Tb* Africa Mi lad far Liverpool at aoon to day. S350.000 la apada, ind *5u,om la bank bllla Baicide. Boamw. Sep*. 10 ?Joaepb E. Thayer, a wellknown cotton broker, hnaf himself la hla atore, So. 'Jt India wharf, tkto afteraooa Alexaadrla Markets Alexaxd&ia. Sept 13?Flour?Family 9* 00* V* 50; extra SC Ua'; auper K0M8 Wheat ?white, new, fair to good f I Uaf 1 00, red SI 40a M 48 Com?white We.; yellow ftSc, nurd tic. Rye 6SaffM. Oata 3ua32 Cora Mm] 70a 7*. 3er boahel. 8eeda-l l motby ?tf *UaS3 *5, Clover 5.75aS6:?, Filiated ?1 40a*1.43 ProetolonaButter, roll, lOatec . Baron llgaltc.; Pork *7 L?a P 50. Lard 13a14c. WhiakyMaSOe. Baxtimoek, Sept. 12 ?Flour to a>?i dr, all ati* perfint braada W Wheat to active, red SI Ska 1 47; while SI 46a 1 76 Cora to qu,el, y?liow 70 ?73c ; white 71?73e Frotklwa are qu'?t pork ?19 75; Drlow SIS: rnoip f14 50 Cafehc la ictlrr, Rio li)|jal5c. Wktoky to cteady at *3)?a Mc. * ? Vtn Marhata. Nbw You. Sept u -Pmw to bun. ud Urora buyer*, Mate 9i 7UH6 75, Ohio 9* 1&?6 30; Soothera *6.19a*0 3S. Wheat lequiet, generally ine hanged; Southern white ?i Mat ? Con in itmdy. mixed 6ea70c Pork la atandy Lard la rteady. Whlaky la alaady. Nzw You, t^epT'lTSSta are Unlj; Chiyi?o aad Rock laUad 80: Illinola CaatrnI aharea s?\, do. boada 9~, Michigan Soutbara *%, Now York Oaatral fT, Reodlaal? ?; HodaoaRivar RR g?H; Va ??*; Mo. PSSSfSi; c?h ffcid for ?U fcrda mf Brmuu m 9 zps^ifecisir % 1 ,*vr, >?*:!. .-4? ^<1 * '

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