Newspaper of Evening Star, September 13, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 13, 1860 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED BVBRY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,I AT THE STAR BCILDIMI, Cmrmtr ?/ Pennsylvania ?i and 1 ItJL f * OITOOA ^ roV - J -.t'I J ? rui??A>i? WT'fJ !< SXUUlf I ** UA tv?r p - >, I ^ I I v I V , l; V W^ / ^1 H b ^k ^ V fl H H H ^/ I B V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 13. 1860. N?. 2.862. ?T W. D. WILLACH. wrred m p?akk??e by oarrioro M 9* yaor, or St oo&U pmr month. To outO wbMribor* the >rioe la ?X3>) m ye*r, in 99 for aUi raoatha; #1 for thrM Months; and lor Iom than throe month* at the rate of It oenta a week. 8iofle aoyiea, on cot; in vnpmri, two cxmm. LrADTiiiuiKriTi aooald bo sent to th*oMoo before U o'oiook m; other vim they may not ipwr Btti the MiHa?. (Oa the Wlag. art rpvndtnct / 7V Star. ?. Kanawha Co., WBarraa Niiotwia, > f A ncrtiit 9ft lfiil) v wv.w mm mm i vi vfc wvuimiu VVI (I mil UV? UC more than twenty rent* per bushel, other breadstuffs ia proportion. We were coaatantly passing what they call here " store boats," which carry general assortments of good*, groceries, dry goods, glass and tinware, etc., etc , for retail slong the rlrer shores; also, floating daguerrelan saloons, where we could see the country girls flocking aboard with their " fellers" to get their " plcters tuck." It struck as oddly to witness the extent to which tbe spirit of accommodation seems to be carried bv these Ohio river boats On going aboard I asked the Cap Til Ohio Rim-BLiHUtUiiitT'i Islajtb? Tall Corn?9ru?oiT-?Hii?iiM-Floifim Oiocnin ass DAoraaaiiAii 9aloo*s? T?i Kanawha Rivii-A Rica Cocmtei?Tan Coal Fi*lds o? W*stbbn ineniia?Coal Oil?Tax Paoapir-ri Ahbad D?t Star : Behold me "floating dowa the fit er O-hl-o" on the steamer Melrose, a stern-wheeler with deck engine*, and 19 inches draft?good for any stage of the water. Starting from Parkers burg we Immediately came In Tlew of Blanoerbasset's, (familiarly known here as " Manny," renowned la history and story as the residence of the nnfortonate Blannerhassets and the locale of striking Incidents ia the career of Aaron Burr. Alaa for romance ' the gay hall* of the Blannerhiasetts are leveled with the du?t and the lalaad la famous now mainly as a corn-field, growing one hundred buahels to the acre. Just below the laland we entered upon some of the difficulties of Ohio river navigation at this season, in tb? sbspe , if shoal water and a narrow shifting (quicksand) fcmnel It was Interesting to wstrh the pilot ' lodging the tow-heads and sand-bars, following With tb? eye of Instinct rather than of knowledge, ne would think, the sinuous path of safety The river was bordered all the way by rich Kottom land?now on the Virginia shore, snd now on the Ohio shore. These bottoms almost Invariably were covered with corn, promising a crop of unusual abundance. The cora crop of this year, from appearances, will be very heavy in this region, and the farmers are looking with aooie solicitude to the foreign news, as the prospect is, that nnlf th?p? < * fnt*!-m mill ??a# mia ii i couig una m< me mourn or we Kanawha. " Anywhere von like,*' be cald; and In fact passengers are dropped from these boats pretty much where they Indicate, as from an omnibus. The boats are of light draft, and don't require the formality of a wharf landing place, but " scoot up" to the shore, drop a passenger or a little freight, and are off again. I stopped at Point Pleasant, at the mouth of the Kanawha, a growing place, and the county seat of Marlon county, Va. There are now four steamboats plying regularly up the Kanawha as high as tbe salines, some seventy miles?two Cincinnati boats and two from Gallipolis, a point on the Ohio shore a few miles below Point Pleasant On one of the latter?th? Julia Msftit?I took passage for Charleston, ten miles below the salines The Kanawha itmrk ? a rlvar nf urnnH?Ail ?- ?> .v. > .. ?ctT U null, tuu turning OUI from tuo to 2,0U> gallons etc*} of crude oil per day. At tome of these factories the oil is refined, but a considerable portion of It goes to Mayvrllle, aad other places for this purpose There seems no good reason why coal-mining should not l?e even more successfully prosecuted here than in the Pittsburg district. These coal fields are 250 miles nearer Cincinnati (the great mart of the Western coal trade) than the Pittaburg fields; the navigation of the Ohio below the Kanawha river ia open during the winter for weeks frequently, while the upper Ohio ia frozen over, and there seems to be no doubt of the superiority of these coal fields over thoae of Pitta, burgh. Heretofore there does not seem to have been as good management exercised here as at Pittsburg, in having boats always loaded ready for a rise of water better system has bow been Inaugurated bare, however. Thus oa the 16th inst . the Virginia Canael Company, taking advantage of a rise of eight feet In the Kanawha, hipped nine boats, containing 73,QUO bushels of caanel coal from Coal river to the Ohio. For about four mouths of the year, aay from July 13, to November 13, the Ohio river below the mouth at the Kanawha, and the Kanawha below the luouUi of Coal river, are too low for irrigation, but ty due watchfulness. u above, ahlpaienta can be made The business on Coal river baa had a drawback tium auddeu tlaea of water injuring the lavigation work*; but these work* are now to be strengthened and guarded, and aaadditional lock and dam construe ted at the river'a month, by which advantage can be taken of the deepened Channel of tke Kanawha. fc?Ai,U)0 has already been apeat npon the improvement of Um navigation of Coal river. As aa additional item it may " stated that within eight yetrt upward of a lllitv of dollars has been inverted by American and European capitalists in Kanawha and Elk and Coal river coal properties With the completion of the Covington and Obte Railroad, and of the James giver and Kan awln Navigation works, tbe people hareabout am looking lor a brilliant future in the way of the dne development of the apiendid niinsral and .?. ? ) i .4 % ?. ? ?*?U ?f W UWUJ/ V i Ct K , ?W CUIJ* BfT^n ml lea above Charleston, by 'October, 1^61. The readers of Uie Star arc aware of the loci bauslible wealth of the coal flrldi of this river and Ita tributaries Elk and Coal rivers, but nothing abort of personal inspection can give an adequate Idea of this profusion. Veins of cannel coal three to four feet lo thickness, splint coal throe to sii feet, and bitaminons coal from four to ten areas "common as goose-pasture" here. Yet with all this abundance of mineral resources, the work of mta ng here haa heretofore been an np-hill one. and is only now beginning to be remunerative one, even if it Is now, while the wrecks of numeroui company-undertakings are stranded all aboat. At Peytoaa, on Coal river (Boone connty) 1 found two companies successfully engaged In mining and shipping c-annel coal to market, Cincinnati, Louisville, Ntw Orleans, and other poiats During the last nine months these compaaies have sent down 860,000 bushels of excellent cannel coal. They propose soon to erect factories and make oil on the spot. In Kanawha county the manufacture of oil has grown op to as extensive business, there being some eight or >? 1- ?> ? beauty, willow fringed ami bordered deeper by a rich vegetation of tbe moet brilliant green at a aeaaon whea tbe vegetation elaewbere la parched and brown. Tbe background waa filled up by bold bilia covered with a magnificent growth of tra? rich tr*ea aa we hear of aa exlatlng in tbe far fir west, but which 1 did not anticipate finding in this part of the country. The toll on this river la excellent. Probably no bottom laud on the Kanawha can be bought for Ire* than 940 or 30 per acre. Away from the river, aa the surface get* more broken and difficult of access. the price * of land decreases very rapidly,and Immense tracts of laud, admirably adapted for atock raising, can be bought fur the merest aong. It la well for the purchaser to look to tala title, however. The Insecurity of land titles In Weatern Virginia from defective aurveys aud other causes la one great * reaaon why, with all Its natural advantages, this section continues a comparatively unbroken forest. The Immediate vicinity of the Kanawha, how* ever, presents quite a business aspect. A large sum of money Is being expends this season for tne Improvement of the navigation of the river Four dredging machines are at work, and the contractor* engage to complete the improvement of the rlvr > >?!? . nnM I ?-1- - f the wasdthltat aad moat populous tactions of tb? Union la ten years' time, enjoying, as It does, food air a?4 water, a aalabrlona climate, a aoll fertile to tbewy mountain tops, aad inexhanatlbly rich In ceel, Iron, and aalt. C.S.N. Occupatkmi or Emigrants .?Of the 120,432 emigrants who left Great Britain and Ireland, lost year, says the London Time*, 1,010 of the men were agricultural laborers, gardeners and oarters; 176 bakers; 166 blacksmiths and farriers; 26 bookbinders and stationers; 287 boot and shoemakers: 49 braiiers, tinsmiths and whitesmiths; 22 petters, briok and tilemakers; 606 bricklayers, plasterers and masons; 31 builders; 114 bntcners and poulterers; 71 cabinetmakers and upholsterer?; 1,383 carpenters and joiners; 27 carvers and gilders; 682 oierks; 29 olock sad watchmakers; 29 oftachmakers and trimmers; 18 eoal miners; 54 coopers, 17 cutlers; 145 domestic servants; 10 dyers, 11 engravers; 141 engineers; 4.439 farmers; 1,354 feutlemen, professional men and merchants; 7 jewelers and silversmiths, 23.286 general laborers, 3 locksmiths and gunsmiths, 92 millers and malsterers, 8 millwrights, 771 miners and quarrymen, 262 painters, paper-hangers, and plumbers, 111 pensioners, 70 printers, 10 ropemakers, 42 saddle and harnessmakers, 4 sailmakers,46 sawjen,269 seamen, 24shipwrights, 1 045 shopkeepers, 331 smiths, 290 spinners and WMTora. fliiirftp K?lr*r? :I?? 1A I v. WI u HUU W1IVI9) IV ourveyors, 337 tailors, 1 tallow chandler, 24 tanner* and carriers, 25 turner*. 69 wheelwright*. 8 woolcomber* and aorters, and 6.9G6 of trade* not particularly specified. Of the other sex. 7.107 were domestic* and farm servant*, 119 J an tie women and gorernnesse*, 251 milliners, ressmakers, and needlewomen, 14,562 married women, and 18.632 of undi*tingai?hed occupation (a large total, which aeems to indicate that official examination into the pursuit* of the femnle is not of a very rigid nature.) The remainder of the emigrant* were children, and of theae 8,431 boy*, and 8,130 girl*, were under 12 year* of age; 3.046 were infants, and 14,517 were undistinguished a* to age or sex. THi King's Pbiparatioks fob Depinck or Flight.?A letter from Naples, dated the 10th ult., aod published in the Journal dee Debats, says : "If 70a desire to know the most remarkable event in this city during the last two or three days, I will tell it to 70a in four words?People are running away. The news that the conquest of the kingdom by Garibaldi was about to begin has filled the reactionists and the timid with alarm, and they are all departing. The King is causing the fortress of San Elmo and the new fort to be filled with bombs and other incendiary projectiles. Three days ago preparations for a bombardment by Uis Sicilian Majesty would have been useless; but since then it appears that Admiral Mondy and the English fleet hare received instruc?;?> ? *1-? ??> ?? " kivwa wv^iijiug vuooc nroi given. WD1CD W0r6 to the effect that a renewal at Naples of the iaccess at Palermo should be prevented. The modification of the instructions is certain, bat I cannot tell you to what limit the King is authorized to defend himself; nor can I exflain this change in the attitude of England, n the meantime the Court is spreading the rumor that His Majesty will embark without striking a blow, but will make an appeal to Europe and his people, and oonfide the preurvatinn n# Ki? inWA?tU?^ JJ-' ? 1 ? uso muoiivouuo ml mymuulbluy ftllu the arm, . The report has produced the effect of slackening the activity of the revolutionary J tarty; but toe troth ia that the King will deend himself to the laat, and as long as he haa a single cartridge or a man. The sole precaution ne baa taken is to embark 30,oou.(MMi ducats in the Arthur, a small war schooner anchored in the military port beneath the windows of the palace. The vessel is to sail in two days lor Trieste, passing by the Faro, and going round Sicily. ' A Dreadful Accident?A Mam Falls *ua ; iw. ivrur AOTiiPLi.?inexroy 'Limes, Sept. 7, says:?"Two men were this morning employed in giving to the dome of Kt. Patrick's Church, Weat Troy, a coat of white paint. Before going op, one of them, named John Fishback, wu noticed by his companions to have been drinking, and was remonstrated with for ascending , but it was said in reply that he whs better able to go up in that condition than though he was perfectly sober, and as it appeared he was quite rational, and but aligbtly under the influence of liquor, he was permitted to go up. Sixty-one leet from the ground is a narrow ledge or oornioe, from two to three feet wide, running around the basa of the dome. Upon this ledge the two men had ? ?w >? ?-? ?? wwu mm wvl? 1UI BUUIC llilie, OMTlDg previously finished the painting above by mean* of ladder* fastened from the erosc on the summit of the dome On thi* narrow shelving, where the men were now at work, Fiahback would frequently let go all support from the dome, and walk out on the very edge, to ahow hi* nerve and bravado. The entreatie* of hi* companion not to do so. only induced him to ahow still greater reckleaanesa, until all at once his companion saw him going, when no power of him could save him. He had lost his balance, and then upon the ground, falling upon the right aide of the head and shoulder, instantly killing him, causing the blood to spoat, from hi* ear*, and driving the right aid* of hi* head and face into a horrid ahape. Coroner Whitbeck held an inqueat, and the jarv returned a in accordance with th'e above fact*. Fiahback waa a native of Canada, and was a widower, haring two grown up children, who are, we believe, at work in Albany. Tub Bbaziliam 8t?tbx or Govitsmtr ? According to a correspondent of tbe World, the Senate of Brazil numbers atity member*, and tbe lower houae one bnndred and twenty, who are elected by elector*, who are cboeen from and by the people, each man who la a free-holder and poeaeaaes an Income of $100 per annum being entitled to tbe prlTllege of Toting. The Senate are cboaen for life, the deputies for four yeara. in tbe former the unction of the Emperor is nereaaary to the choice of the people; In the latter there la no such restriction It la not required that a canju-? - ?> ? *- ? - mumc iur eiuer doom tnouia de native or citizen of the province wbtcb be U chosen to represent At the Mate time, whilst so much power 1< vetted ia the government, tbe Brazilians are said toenj y almost perfect democratic liberty Tbe white, Indian and negro blood, which is found among great masses of the DODulatloo. In everv grade of amal^am&ifon. joined to the hereditary hatred between the white and negro races, render it impossible to harmonize on the level platform of a republic-IB government. The correspondent states that this mixture of blood prevails only amoug the lower clashes, and that the nobility, of Portugal grandee descent, have kept their blood free from amalgamating confluences They oppose, strongly, every extension of privilege to tbs' free negroes, are turning their efforts to the establishment of a landed and hereditary aristocracy, (titles of nobility are now conferred for life only) which shall prove a safeguard against in UVTSUOI] . JET l<ord Lovelace's ton and heir, the grandson to wbom will ultimately go tbe bulk of the late Lady Byron'* Urge landed property, and who now become* Baron Wentworth oy her death, la, and haa, for a considerable time peat, been working at weekly wages as an artisan la the smiths' department of Woolwich arsenal. For the son of an earl aad the heir to a barony by writ, this Is a unique raae Lord Lovelace's daughter, to whom pasac-s the bulk of Lady Byron's Targe persons I property, la an Inheritor of much of the rare ability of her mother, Ada, the only daughter of Lord Byron. HjT Farlnl la to take out a patent washing sacblue oo hie next trip over the rope, draw up water from the river, cLessae his clothee, aad bug them e* tbe euya to dry, trusting to tbe honeaty of hi* neighbors not to steal tham. H? uw ue\ oj pending that he will walk one mile bark and front ou his rope la thirty ratautos, and stand upon Ills head three tlmea during the promeuad*. He Is to perforin this feat on the 15th. when the Prince expect* to be at the Falls. irr An amateur wire-walker. Darned Theodore Price, on the 4th Instant, performed the ordinary frats of Blondtn (wheelbarrow, cooking, and ann-on-hls-bat k expedition) with success, on a wire rope stretched diagonally acroaa on* of the attoeta of Indianapolis, % totoM of tOV ie<rf, and at a bight of M fMt, * ia w ; i U W A HAS. wmuow, I An Kxporloa od Nm sad FmqoIo nyotoUa. prtMBti to tb? utirtka of nothors. hor SOOTHING SYRUP. For CklMroa Toothlag, Vfctah mul; Uctwtam tit mmm tt iMthtaf, h ?t\m \%g tfct nai, fimcttg *11 mSaiMBsaee?will *lUy ALL f AIV ua spwwdU leuN.ud U hui. w woain eay la every mother who hat e child ea(fennf from ?ny of liii foriftinf complaint* ? Do ROT LIT TOCft miJUDICKl, NOR TNI rBBJCOICSl or OTHIII itaDd between year iDfering child and lh? relief that will t? H'U~yu, AIIOLUTBLT ?r?l?to follow the aae of tb aedtcir.e, If trrely aeed. Kail directiei.e er aeinf will a company eeeh bottle. None rename mnleee tfce fec-etmile CDRTII * PERKINS, New fork, ie on the oauide wrappe Moid by Hrargtele throarhoat the world. Principal Office. No. 11 Cedar Street, N. Y. Price onl* tS Cente per Bottle. oe 11-dAwlT FOR SALE AND RENT. . f^OR RF.NT-A three-ttory BRICK HOUSK ou H street, between 4th and 5th. Alto, a twostory UKICK COTTAGE, with garden, corner of Tennessee avenue and north F street, surrounded by a larre common pasture, and would Ite a d>??irable location for adairyman. Inquire of C. B1RGE, 446 ia:h it. jy 19-?oain* I^uk. hk> i ?mat new and well arranged three r itory BRICK HOUSE. No. 19S. on It street, between 19th and anth at*., First Ward, latel* occupied by Mr. Bodi?eo, Russian Legation, fosses siou given immediately. Inquiro of Mr. SOUTH EY 9. PARKER, next door east. mal6-eotf FOR SALE?Very oheap.on reasonable term?", one of the most desirable BUILDING LOTS in the city, s it-fated on the north west corner of6ti St.. and New York Avenue. Enquire of JOS. F. HODGSON, Stove Manufactory, No. 403 7th st., between H and I sts. au 15-tf POR RENT.?A new and handsome FRAME F HOUSE will be for rent in a few days. It is beautifully situated on Thirteenth street, between Georgia avenue and K sL, Navy Yard : has a large zarden lot attached, a pump of g oa water n ar. and oontains 4 rooms, kitchen and woodshed. Will be rented low, with or without the lot, to a good tenant. For sals cheap, a rood, strong WORK HORSE : works well in anything Inquire of T. E. CLARK. Navy V ard ; or of JOHN PATCH, 61* H st . between 4th 5th jy 16 IJH>R RENT?The three story (brown front) HOUSE, No. 367 New York avenue, between Iffth and 11th streets, north side, containing fifteen rooms This house is convenient to the Patent Offioe, Treasury, etc.: is lighted by gas, and in every way suitab.e for a boarding house. Rent moderate. Apply next door, or to A G. FOWLER, a)ooQ<l Hot north wing of Patent Office. jy 14-tf If OR RENT-Three BRICK HOUSES-one on r Twelfth street, between C and D; one on the oorner 01 i weirwi ana li ?U. ; ami one on H, t?f twwn L2th and 13th sta. Inquire of JAMES W BARKER,on H itreet, b?t*MU 11th and 12th, No. ?aa. inaj^-u FOR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR nftbe buildin* immediately opposite ihe ??it vine or tiia City Hali, reoeotly occupied by Ch&s. 8. Wallach aa an offlne. Alto the front room in the second story and the third floor of the a&me baildiut. For tenus apply to RICHARD WA1.LACH, No. * Louisiana avenue. la 13 U /l A 1> T*fc T a rm. Ti a s~*rrm / * f'AUTUKllUS. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, U Strttt, Awn* 9tk and 101A Strettt, We have ju?t finished a numt-er of first o.?<> CARRIAGES, auoti aa Light Pa*rvrMms. Wagons. Park Pktatons. Piimiiw Car riagtg, and Brngutt, wlnoh we will sell atJBSC=aBE3 a vpr mall erofit. Heine practical moohanioa in different branohe* of the i>a?in*>ar, we flatter oureelvee that we kuo? the (tries anil quaiit/ of work that wi:| rive snti? faction, oombimb* tightness, comfort and <1 u ra i i 7Rspairinc promptly an>l oa.-rfolly attend<xl to tha shortest notice anil noil reasonable oliarras. WALTER. KARMANN * Co&ohir.aker*, successors to Win. T. Book, ftp tfT-dlr T carriages. RK Subaariber barine m#<5a additions to? hi factory, inakini ?t now one of iLa iarteaU^BBdt. in the District, where hia jftoiUtiee JorWBg3* laauuiaoturiL/CARR1 AGE X LIGHT*C?S WAGONS or ail kinds cannot be surpassed. an* from his lone experience in tna bumeaa, ha bo pas 10 rive csncml satufaotioa. All kinds of OsrrtMM in4 Llril Wtnn k?tl M *^tjjtEPAIEB vmCy 4cD*,*ii4all?r<?ra prtayt 8ee#ni-k*sl CirrU(?a taJces in axekani e for m tin. ANDKEW 7. JOYCE, I M-tf ?ro?r or iuk V ?ta. deWistry" D DENTAL CARD. R. M''NSON Haa roturned and roaumed his profe?aon. liftioe and houa* at 463 E third door east of Sixth In addition t mfiyJ vary o'her approved ?tyle, Dr. M haa a?t^" '' * treth on vuloMiite Daae for thelaat three year a, and, from expnnenoe, knowa it exoala all otWa, ard ia one-third leaa in price than sold, ilia ola ntruw <>i nwrniifioDi Aiei&nGnt, and U6org*lown are r?peotfally aouoitod t> oall. an 35 eoly D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOQMIS Haa closed his ofiioe for the ?? aon, and will be absent, as usual, during the *um mer month; ; will resume practice about the 1st of October, of whioh fnrtliar notice will be (iren. Jt io-tf Ddkntihtry. ft. BJLL8, after a practice teat of two y?ftra feela that he o&n with ooofi.tenoe reoom mend the Cbeoplastio Prooeaa forinaertinriMK# artifioi&l teoth It haa the fuirautajces or*""' atrengUi. beauty,oleanlinoM.auu oii*ap!ii?M. pai upper eeta inserted for 9M. Partial in proportion. OAoe 306 Pa. avenue. m7 I. X. BIHOEE ftCO.'B IMPROVED SEWING MACHINES, IM PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE* rUxDM National Hotsl ) 4 GOOD ASSORTMENT OF laektiM) Thread!) Kecdlei, k Twist, KEPT ON HAND. ae l-lm ffM. M. GLOVER, Agent THK place 1 TO GET YOUR , ? SCHOOL BOOKS At tk* L (netst Pruu B A L L A N^T YNE'g, 4?8 sivikth bt , . , i8-lm AbuT> Odd PalIpwa* Hall. Wp. Have aYo* ?on' ReaJaa aad 8pell-ra that ware damaged a little by ?a ar iu the iteanwr from N?? Vnrt 3ZJ ?in t? ?11 f - ? ? . ? , * mull Will in> ?WIU IW1 ha f iho utu&l price. BLANCH Ml DA MOHUN, 4 Corner 11th ?t. ami Pa. av. 275 ALkEN " 275 JACK80N, FLA8TERBR8. Pinna* Arxxri, TUttr??n l?Hh and 11th )? If WO ALTS' O O J> A N D COAL OFFICII, #3* Pa. At.. Brrw. Htb and i*ts Hh. North Md*. ~ ' Mill and Wharf foot of Seventesnth it., w? n tf RaIow W?r Pi>|?rllM' t. Avery fine l??t ok gents*' shirt COLLARS, TIE3, UNDERSHIRTS. and V*AVVLRS. Alto. ft fin* *tock of Fa LL auiV A11*10, RATI ?ud OAP9, i?*t r*?|v?f tt SMI rff *, No. 4*0 fc?TMth itrMt, oprotitt Po?t 8URS TO RBOVLATE THE BOWELSDapao* a pan tt, matbara, it will gift rntt* ^iinItm,u< RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa h*?? p?t ap and aald thia artiela for arar tan yaara,?ad c?* (at, in coftriDBlccB and tictH of it, what wa ha*a navar baaa abla ta< iaay N any OTHU Madiaio*? (? ? ? MRS it raiLio.iw 4 a I M L I IK- aTAHCl to ?? hct a evil, WIHSLOW'I ?bn tiraaly ?aad. M???r did ? koaw uiurm an iaaua?a af dia atiahcttan b? aay . ana *b< aaad It. Oa tha aantrary.allara SYRUP. daliffetad with ita rUtTlOKl, aad1 . . tapaaa ia tarma at aifhaat aamaaadatian of ila ia\ -i?aj affacta and readioaI trtaaa. Wa apaak in -bia mat tar " TKtT vi DO mow," aftar taa yaara'aipariaaca, and flidoi on itpctation POM THI ri'LPILHIKT Of what w1 Hill dlcla! I. Id almaat aaary matanaa vbara tha tafant ia aafar> (af from pain aad aihaaauoo, ralial will ba found ia Mtaaa ar twtntr mtuotaa aftar tha ayrai) ia acmioiatarad. Thu aalaabla praparatiao ?a tha pratcripuan if an* af tha aaaat lirillMCID and allLFOL ItCKfll ia Na? Er.flul, ultaa kaan Mart with airil-rilLllia IVCCIM la THOUSANDS Of CASES. It aat aaly raliaaaa lha child fraro p*in. hat toaifaratai tka alamacb and kaaala, corracu acidity, and jiaaa tana and anarf y la tha whala ayatara. It wilt tlroaat inatantiy raliaaa tiKiri!<e m TBI Bowkls and Wind Colic, aad ararcoma caa^alaiaaa, which, if aat apaadUy ramadfad and in daatJh. W I bdiaaa ft tha BUT AHDIUIMTKBM- FOR MiV in lha WO*LD la all eaaaa af DT?- CHILDREN ?TIITudDia *? '. "V ? *- TEETHING. whathar it or frMM in/ othir EDUCATIONAL. TJf M1S9 JHNETTE L. DOUGLASS XI.AS The PlMian of UnMIHiinf tn K?r tr'm?Am and the public that she will open her Sfm.nun, at Ueoorner of H aad 11th ats.. "Philadelphia Place.' on Monday, September 10th. For terms call on the Prinoipal. She will be aisisted by the following experienced and efficient teachers: Miss DOUGLASS?Higher English Branches, Composition and Penmanship Miss Abbie M Biooks?Latin, Algebra, Eagluh Branches. Miaa Jtuajia G Mat?Teacher of Vocal Music. Proi. Gcuiuk C. St-HAirraa?Lecturer on Philofi phj. Chemistry .and Phyaiologjr. Prof Hkkrt E. M*aix?Teacher of French and Oersnan. Prof. C. W. B sac mamk?Teacher of Piano and Science of Muaic Miaa MaIT T DArtueo*?Piano. J. Madison WATnoif.of New York?lecturer oa Elocution Joacra G Bmtrrr?Teacher of Drawinv. , Teacher of Spanish. . Moral Science and Classics, i* 7 2w T female education. HOSE Parent' who wish their daughters to receive a thorough and systematic education, where their phvsical Gaining wi 1 receivedail* and special attention, under tho most approved s? stem of ("sin theme and Gymnastics, ar-< respectfully invited to visit the I'nion Female Aca.lemy, corner Fourteenth st. and N<-w York av MR. k. MRS. Z. RICHARD#, au SO-tf Principals.^ Female boarding and day school, ALEXANDRIA. V A. Mrs. S. J. McCORMICK, PbiuctpaL. The thirteenth annual session of this Institution will commence on Tuesday. September 13th, pi th? house recently ocoupied by Sylve.ter Scott, Esq., No. ISO King street. -f _a?1_ ? ?? : * * i hp uuuns ui tiuu; pununi win conipri-cail the branches requisite to a thorough Engluh fcuu cation, aud Music, Fieuch, Latin and Diawing, it desired. n addition to day scholars. Mri. McCormick in prepared to receive a limited number of pupil* as warder)", who. coirstifuting a part of her own family, will be u der iter immediate care and supervision. She will endeavor, as tar as possible, to surround them with the comforts and kindly influences of Home. Kifermc*Rev.Geo H. Norton, Rev. D\ Elias Harrison, Rev. D F. Sprigg, Will-am H Fowie, Ksq., F.flgar Snowden, tsq , Edmund F Witm*;r, Esq., Henry Marbury. L*q . Lewis MoKens c, Esq., Robert H. Hunton, Esq. W D Wallacfc, Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters. Esq.,Jaa. Entwisle. Jr.. Eso ,Col. John W. Minor, Loudoun, Messrs. Blackloclt k Marshall, Meairi Corse Brothers. Tnxs. Board, with Tuition in all the English Benches, Sinoforthe annual session?payable semi annuallj, in advance. Music and Languages at Profeesors' prices J21 >0 extia charges. au 28-tl I/RANKL1N ACADKMY. 1' C0R18K THIRTEENTH AND H ST*.. A SELECT SCHOOi- TOR BOYS, ( Formerly located t* tlu Fir ft IVttYd.) This Institution will commence it* Third Annua! Beanon, at it* new looation.on Monday. Septoml>er 3d. Application* for admixion may he mad* on the pri-miaee at any tune after the 25th in*t I au a& lm K. B DEI RICK. Principal. CENTRAL ACADEMY, VV CoKlIK E and Tenth ST*. Thia Inatitulion will resume its dutie* September 3d. Apphoa ion* made to the Principal at tb? room*. Circular* at the bookstore* j. 8. DE HART, Principal. Reference *. Prof. Henry. l.L. D , M. H. Millor. E?q., Key. John C Smith. D U., l*r. O P. Culver, K(v. A. G. Carotliers, Rev. J. P. DavidauQ. au ZMm WASHINGTON SELECT SCHOOL, coftitkk of tenth a.nd g st*. The exercises of ttiia school will be rukumcd on MONDAY, September 3d. F?r t'rmi appl) at my residence oo 0 street, near Star Office. Circulars at bookstores. an?1 at SAMUEL KELLY, Principal. ^ELF.CT SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LAD.F.d. Mias M Riddell Till resume the duties of ker school on 'he first MONDAY in September, at No. 431 i welfth ntreot au2u lin The prescott high school. 37O Kiohth St., Bktwii* K and I. Sts. Studies will be resumed in thin institution on .HO DA V, September 3d. Ciroularsat bookstore. _au 1C U A. C. RICHARI>?, Principal. Metropolitan collegiate insii tute for young ladies, 464 E Sr., Betvvke* 6th and 7th Sts. The fourth annual session of the Institute will ^c * a ?~v ar T\ * ** - * * wiiiiiiruuo uu me am iiiu.iiiAl in !^ pi6ni0^r, Application" should b? made earlr, as the number of pupils i? limited. For particulars see cironiars or apply to ths principals, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. HA VENNER, at tbs InatituU. au 9 tf Mr* m.e.kinosfords seminary, 414 b st.. waohinoto!*, 1>. c. Tha next session will oommmotOctober 1st. 1MH. Terms, Ao., forwarded on application. au 16 tf Mrs. a. e. bell's seminary. Corner of I. and Tmtktti., tin nington rir?. The next session < f this school will coramenoe September 3d. 1H60. The youi g ladies of the Institution are particularly requested to (>e punctual in attenda- oe at thv opening of school, and all others who wish to tX'onm" members of the earn* to make early application, a* the number of pupils will I* limited. Terms, Ac., given on application. au 26 da.AtwjiUct 15' ___ T western academy. HE Exeroisesof this school, under the charre of Dr P. L Looms, and the primary dopartmei.t under Mita Ammx E Pact, will be resumed Septemt>er3d. C ircu I are can be obtained at the bookatoree _(lnt j au 17-eo2m MKH. BURR will resume the duties of her Sohoot on Monday, September 24, ou H street, between 13th and 141 ti &tre*ta ae 4 loim Nation ak,i? hff3 hibition, At CINCINNATI, OHIO, So*. Utk-XHk. The UNITED STATES AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY will hold ita Eighth Annual Agriouitii ?J Anil InHnatriAl BvkfeMBMi An tk* - IW> . ... u... VH ?iiv I, I VUUUd II 1TI * ally provided hy the citixena of Cincinnati, which are to be fitted up in the best style. There will t>e Halls and Tenti for the dmj>!&? of I"WPI,EMKNTS, MACHINERY, TOO I.S, DOMESTIC MANUFACTURES. FARM AND GARDEN PRODUCE, FRUITS*, FLOWKRS. and NA TIVE W 1 N E S; with Stalls ami Pe*is fur HORSES, CATTLk, SHEEP, and SWINE; n<l an unequalled Track,one inile in length and forty feet in width, for the exhibition of Horses The Premium* offered?iu ?a*h,?rold, silr?r. and bronze medal*,?diplomat and certificate*, amount *? ?20,000. The Exhibition will remain open trom Wednesday, the 12th. to Thursday, the i?th, ot September, thu* giving time to examine and test the inipia nienta and machinery. For premium list* or information apply at the Ofljoe of the Society, ^(o. 346 Pa. avecuo, (up stairs ;) or to the snNwnbe^.^at^Cmftinnatf. O^iio. jy 34 tf Soc'y l). 8. Agricultura Sooiety. H. 8TINEMETZ, #36 PA. AT., ??T. 13th AHD 13TH ST?-, Having just returned from N?w York, is now oeenlnir t nnrnillotl u.rirtmanl nf - cood* in his linaof trade? S- jltijl GENTS' DRESS HAlS, venous jErSg BE jjlfc* YEN TILATING ftfil | CA?S1M ERR D it E S 8 HAT3,%?&JlStf _ HWMt proof, PRINCE OF WALES HAT, for ml younjr m?n, A beautiful asaortTent of CAPS for jrouag rasn, boys and ohii<ire?\ Fine Calfskin HOOTS, u*?d and p?(g?d, ?3 75, Calf GAITERS good qualities, low prioas. au 31 TO SOUTHERN * WE8TERN MERCHANTS RODEWALDft SINDALL, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, * "> ?**?<?? n Wiwu, sriUKH, #OAr, BTAK' n, ?ODA ASS??8Mi.5??A,' ?* CARB, SODA, 8ALERATU8. and GROCERS' DKl'bS, 89 ?, HEAP81DE B A^TiMoh E, ' rue the attention or Merchant* xniitiog this 01 ty to ad examination of their atoik, whiofi in variety ?? *??"<> i? not surpassed either in thia or any of th? Northern citiea. lE7" Orders reapeotfnlly eoliotted and faithfully e?-oiitftd au2?-lm* Kceijw>. H1!D VL'U uTVf CU ^L'Ki Tal L'idlllAM v v* aw* r Acnivn* ABLE DKLS8 HATo, with improved &weatr-n l.eethera, rendering them eaaj and pleasant t<>^l U? wearer. At ^ LANE'S Fashionable Ha* and Cap Emporium, __ 494 Pa avenue, near 45b et. M ?-eo? (SuteeACooe. > N"W ?? ""IlitfaoOPKD 8K1KTH. LAOBMOrfLKI? and POINTS Alan 1? dos?i of the Mletfleof WOVEN Sk'U T8 of euparior taaluy. Ladiee in want of any of the abovo ?o ?d? M vary low pr.oea yiH |)mw giv* qi *n $ar!j onll. Jr*' TAYL.OK * HUTCHISON. FLOUS Dxk\(^ENKRAl5 noijiMiiseioN .KlSfett;,, IO* CMfefMdto all fclBdaOf $l*a. W3M1 'lift GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS PQR HARPER'S FERRY.-THAW* OF r DATS -<)n andafterialy,J ^ the teuner ANTEkOPE, Cut J. VVkil?. oarrjiaf the United mail,wi:l ieareOeorcerown EVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY ?ad FRIDAY.at7a. m.and return ererj Tueedar, Thareday aad Saturday. V B ? Every >\ edneeda) the Antelope will run throngtto Shepherdatovn. an ae-lm* OH FOR HARPER'S FERRY. N And alter Julr 3d,}86n, the ?tearner I.. J, Breogle, Captain W. H. Ritt*r wall JT?. W?SfflStn* tivkRY T?es iiMMg ni i- fA Tl K ? DAi , W7 ? clock ? m..?ikl rvtnra ?t?m ilternu* 4ST.M?0'cioeka.m. *Hi f>? *M?nUy trip ?r.m Georgetown the bo*t will run through to Sl.eehordtlowr. j?t? Sm pRANDELL, OPTICIAN, ^?c^?u!^.,ss?r*uir.'?asr-?< tiie beet ?u*.ity injrixd. ulver. etoel,and ttermtr. liver fr&iuee. N. B. Old K-toiei Retired and naw w ftaiAa ?Af m _ u - --* ui uivw iwviiwlt do if-lj MAS!*KY, COLLINS A CO'i? PH1LADELPHIA DRAl'GDT AI.K.-W??w oonotuntly wsiving treali aupaliaa of tiieatMjreilo.utiUu; M*erue, and mvita all peraona who wa^t a puiaanatluiterated Ala, to lire it a UiaJ. AKNY A 9HINN. Aceota. ft> | ftT fir*i>D at.. A?ori?to*b JosTfTbirch, undertaker. Cor. Bridt* and Jtftrtvm 1(4.t Omtikoim. Having given my peracnai attention to this bianob of mj bu?une??, 1 am prepared to ij ? _ attend to all cat1* witli promatnaaa Persona from a di*tanoe o*n be ?up plied at a *ew minutes' uotioe. u ! hart a large aaaortir.aot of COFFINS a; ware on kaad. Particular attention paid to the rnuoval of Una d- ad from the <<ld to t*?e new burial groanda. flearaat and Homes for tura. ap l?-Cw Liar of i'nclaimkd packagks *t tba Office ?f the \datna Kxpreaa Company. Waili:u*ton, I) ?J.. tu be mid for fraijl,: ai-d c .aigaa, if Lot immediate.y ca! ed for. ? EORGE H. BURNS, Agent. Septeu.ber lat, I860, Au bin, N Kneamaa.M A dim ton, A Kouea, Mr< K A den, J R J Kenuan, W J Aiid*raon, J H Lind;ey, Prof Adair, Q L'-urence, A B Abbey. Wm Livingston, U B A?he, \V 8 Lynch, A A aobrook, U R Latrobe, H B Barber, HevP Leonard, KevC Ba la-a, H Laweon. Sergt W Branch, J W Loomia, M grown, A M Lam ley .U N ringer ,M D Long,8 B Barolaj j A P Lambert, 0 0 Hutu, win H l.< nxatroth, Hev 1. L Brown, A _ Iaig.J Bemiea, Prof S M Labarre, F Mri M Uvr*n??,Coi Bowie. KJ I .en her, Q H Ka'dwin. B H Mott, Co! C H BaiH. i-r M*er?, Co! Burnt. Mary .Morr.erton.J A Barn*, F Mickey, J V Bltekmnre. B C Mgp Browne, M MoAbM.K B?lan. F. T Muou. Hon C Browne. H F Mon'a?ue. K I. Bo<m, Wm MoCreerr.P A Brown, A V Muidoon, \l Harnard. GC Manrtyennn*, Col Bu ler. J <i Mnmc, F. B Baker, WrliU k Co Montgomery, J, B U Martin, 1> B Brown. A li MoKeerer. A Kanka. K D . McLean. W't Bennett. C \V MoC'iwkeo, J Brrnn, Dr J Mitch?.I.A9 Owner, A U Me ader, J Clark, BH Meek*. J \V Coleman, C \V Morton, J H Cochrane, J A Marki*j, T Carter, CM Merrill * Pearee, Cannon. J M Murray, T PnH. 11 f ,/.L- n u vuiw, II w iHVi'lUIIBTll' n Connolly, FC Magmas,CaUteriBe, Chontean, C P Mitobeii, H Coleman, Mia M K Mcnll, i H CobloIIt, J Mill*, w C Colby, P T MoKeunj.e Cnapman, Wbi MitObOJl.A rt Crarer. L. Ma?j,F Chamberlaia. J MoPneraon.C M Cooker, J L MitohHl. \V F Campbell, J H Mindeioi M ooper, John Newbrougk, J IS Campbell, T A Nai'or.G Clarke, Mi?? J Nicholson, 6 W 8 Crutchftt, J Oalds. J O CoUmrn, J u Patent, Com of Cainpt>*ll, Arohy Do 4u Conrand, C M Palmer, E Conrad, C M Porter, W D Cunningham, C W Parker, O A 'f Cook, A r Pat-nt, Com of Oonchertr, J K Do do Dobvn?, Col T J Do do Diao. Folia Da da Biofceys, -Mr Do do aboia, C?? Do ?! > Do Mom Do do Bai'T, 8 t; Poilook. K A *ViD?, R J A P???OM, Cow of Dtlioei, H Pitent, (Vm ul Douglas. MoO Patent OBm Dunram.WS PwT.TW Dennu, J f Randolph. Col J J | Davis, K W KwUer?, J Duohim.E W Rualinjc, J Dowd, K (of Dfeunal Rob*aon. C?jt i Rowarda, 8 Rlok.GW D<> J? Ridcavay, W t'aton. W RoMuoa. Mrs A Eaton, J laaao . Haling, Dr Riohardsor, F Frafr, J L Sheppard Wis Farmer. MO Blfsrt, Rev DC Pr*Mk.E B ?aliiv?n,J fe.a PS-yl Pins, J fspfl.IH Footci. J {Joloui'n, H Ferguson, 8 \V Schmidt, P | Farley. M?. J JohM , Wm l-'ri.i n Vr?ii i K ' " Fu ler 0 C Selsom&n, J II Parriil, J Seticmar., Si Koster, J W Stone, H tin ft n, F C Seiborf.S GiainbatUsn, 8 Mkinu?r, A P Giv&neer, 8 t*?*noer, Buck tirwon, W Stu&rt. A titlli., U W sire, F (><>iseit. Mr* Sor?nton.J H Gazette Oftoe Stsvtn*. t* H Breen Pro Q W Sullivan. N ?* rime*. J W 9"?itk, W Gardner. A W Batton, C Gate*, Mr* N Shoemaker, B Gekyl, F 9*<mour.J Oihin, W N Toner K ttUHir, G Do, Ham.iu, H Hon Tjler, C N H*a<n, HI) TnomDtoc k. Bush. H uminell, JoUn Tf l?i ,'r C Hall. AT* Co Thomas, H Haniebt, J J Tkuobft*, B M "atoh, fc D Thon pton. W A Hayei.Jl- Thrtedar H Hook* 8 B Tuokar.Wm Henry, N 8 Tkorapaon, Klijaii Haukneoht. (J L. Taylor, Ju Ha.ii.mer, M Turga, Mr Ht* d, JT Tru ball. DrCA s:T;Mah Hyam, B D Van VIlit, 8 F Hisgiua, A J Vuugo H Herv*y, H WruhtTw Huihw, N H wal*cr MnM Harinan, 8 wf ncher, J B Janea.B WiUiai a. J Jor'an, G YVanunifc. J J w e Woo,t?f, i r Jamea, P I, Do. Jaokaon, T B Wa.?._WJ?_ TV- ?7?, ?. myioE. w V ??r?oo, Hon 8 Ware, K T Jones, P Woo-lru^.JB Johnston. Mn8F WWUig, A. Kiwn A Anderson Wells, Hon I) Kidder, B A ^ Snipfle,.t^ 0. W-jKJc iafe*bg" i?n? 5 . ? sxrwt 0mCK ?WBffSK*?V<D 8EAUS" Waihiwtos, Jilf in, 1MB. NOTICE IS HEREBY QITKN. ThM,e,ree ably to the provisions of ti>? <?dtuanoe of tM (Vttpotsti n approved Mar '2. UAi. the undersigned is now prepared. "wheoeyer required iu writing. rn.J on pre payment of the fee of fifty cenu, to lrtpeot. rxamin*, toat, prove, and aaoeruin th? aooerauy i f registration oi any *ae m?t?r in nee in tun atly." Every meter,iffound inc..rreet, will Ueooniwiwd, 1 and another, eealwd and ir.ark?d %? tiue, will be set in ita piaee. If proved f be ?ooerate m i>? ,i-**nirtn.*nt nl fu itwiil 1 ami fc?Mu put in po*{uo? for *o , . 0<VS vf? A1? Odd Fallow* tlaJl > (iHtfromla. m.. to 6 ?. in. ? u PuJSd?iftK WSSWrt: feiii'j" tilled. m*l? by tte uit r?5i?b e <S,. Uii.r, , ?\ lvui?, MarrUnd t?td Vlftuiift, wur&atod M>r? A.l?o, imports Hrmdie*, i m. Co.. JiiIm Robin*. *c Alto, i- d a?u I Mrmnrf), pyre |fc>l:*nd Ala, oU i |u? SJKpwJ BALTIMOlBBUTTKE HOl'SK j Dii!; rootlTiDi freak ul ? > ?, in C5o?Mii J I V Jilted I THE WEEKLY STAR1 TkM nhM n?Ui Mi Nm fnmi mm UUaiac tnmr *mn?ty of IHiwih il^ tki ?t te fo??d it My Mmt-m yiMtM ? ftiySiisr???=r iSS jars WA2R^ ass*^ pan^ssagjjagg^ai: tao?l (to ?oanlry. sKSsfiaM?**5'loSZ ftMM^at'oTk^ ? *"11 * ???m MISCELLANEOUS. TEX 01XY F&EFAJLATIOI WOITIT or IN IVE R8 AL OONFIDKNCE 4 PATRONA*? FOR STATESfFEIf, JVDOES, Ct. WKO\M Elf. LA DIES, mm4 QESTL V MEM ia alt ?f ??? wr?rt4 tMtify to Dm i ?f 1 PROF. 0 J WOODS HAIR RESTORATIVE, 'SSSBsSSSsESfr* | foi to d?ubt I ? w*u Sntrr. N?w Tom. * <ir) QmtUmm :-\'f wto (ftk* IMk InMMi kti atnrattve, an > raqaestini my MrtilMU of tttM f 1 bad aoohjeetiaa to ?ir* It. 1 ivard it to roi ekMrfal';, bMMM I think U dac Nrv* ? aboit ? ywn ; Ur ??l?r or ay hair auburn, and inc.inod to aari. Mm It* or aix yeara ainee it began t>> tarn army, and th? eoaJp on ih? #'o?ii of mt hoad to loaelta eonaibt ity ltd dandrutf to fora upon it. fcaeh of th??a d taacree abiUtiea iccr'aaed vitD ?im?>. and a boat ? m< ntla ?iioa a fourth wa? add?d t > thcra. by hair fa! iac otf tha top of my head and threataaiag to naki me balJ. In thia npl'aaaat predicament I m is I need to try W ood'a Ha..' Keeiorative. mainly to arreet tba ailing off of my hair, for I had -*al * no '?^'a tion that cray hairaoari ever be restored to iu original oolor except tromd??e. I rw. g eatJy nr^ni ?d to f nd, after the nee of two bat Iin oniy, <nu not only ?U tne f? inf of trrMlW, bat the clor tu aatored to th? f ray hairt and aenaibi'ity to tha aoa p am dandruff cuv tofo'u. on my h?*d. ?? i much to th? K*?uiaatipa ?f mj wife. at whoaa aolioitation I *U laduord to t'y it. For thia imom the iuat y obligation* I owe to h?r eex, I atroi.flr all aae>**<<? who va u? tlia ai'miraq a of tbatr Wiraa to pn t b? ?>? example, anJ ui? it if growing gr%? org-ttln m(. Very re?p?-ctfu!l?. H** 4 Livwm To O. J. Wood & Co 444 R'?*d ??y M My family ar??i?-#nt from tha city, ud I wio longer at No. 11 Car?n| P aoe. fiAK*?To!* Ala., Ju'y joth, 11 t> To Pior. O J Wood; Dtmr >trYMr "Hair ftotorfttive" baa done inj b?tr a? muob food etna* o >mmen?ed tha os* ? f ft. that I wish tr> ?a\ka known to tue public of iU rff>-oU on ?ha haw, which aregreat. * or ma b na*ilp4?p iv?d of hair, an-1 hy a rae?r? to your "Hs.r eatonta*#" the hair wi;l return more baai'iii thtq arar; at laaat Uia la my expatiatioa. believe h?,u Youratrulf, Wm H. Kenkdt P. ? ?You oan pub'tah tha ?Sore if yo?Tike ?r publt'hirg in <gr ""out^en, paper* yoy will tat v <* r?1 h? rrenu M *mt oartibofttas in tk* Mobile Meroury,! >lr?u k utiffi W( . 1( IN (W WOOD^ HAIR RB8TORATIVK. Ptov. O J. WaoD: Umr Sir had tha miefortnne to ioee tk? beat ?<> tioa of my hair, from tha rlfenU of the y*l ow f?ver, in New Or eare in 1*51,1 wa? 'ncaeed to utake a trial of yoar reparation and found it tn>an?w?r ae the Wj* needed. Mr hair la now thlok and flotey. aad mo worda oan expreea my ohllgtUaae to yo? in (ivii| to tha afflioiad eeoh a treaanre FiklkY Jormck. The Restaratira ie aut up in bottlae of three ersee. is : arse, medium and aanaU; tha ana.! hold h*H a pint, and retalle for one dollar par lx?tiie; the medium ho.da at least SO pr snl mora la than the email, retails for two dollars p?r b 'ttle ; thelarr* hoide a aaart,?u per oant more id proportion, and reiana lor R3 O J. Wt-OD * CO . Proprietors. 444 Broad way, New York, and 114 Market etrewt, At. Loata. And sold hy all food DratfteU aad Pan?| Oooha Dealers. air *?(??% PROCLAMATION* 4 a TM hr" CITIZENS OF WASikUNuTON, UkoHbt'KiWN, t*. Wktrtms, At tb* hiici o ik* rur CHOLEMA MORtttlH, HI ARK tiLa. taftiL 6YIMTI1Y. 6Y8PE**S1A. 1>E?JLITY *o.. prevail to tn ftift'ibiDf extent ~!E.?#RSrft^8lNck to aver? tenllf to know >f 4 RKMK?f at ubc* .S?r?. Sp**Jyt *nd Kjka. to%?, l?R. KONTAR0K. or Pai?, offer* mi MlHACtLOl* PAIM KlLI.P.K hf Lh| (XiOct of rtainaSd pffkotual REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE OOMPLAI.MV Id order to b&titfy THK Pl'BUt* tHAt DO imposition IP mt?nd*d in Lfc# uli* uf (Li THE MONEY'WILL BK*kKFU NDBD ^ M 04i f* H ^ ^ waw. M<-> TCIUIUf IWM W (IV? MUH UUIIMllJt, Alk, Utfeti M an? Ur*i Bu>r? for SR. MONTARUK'# (TI,oUS PATVRILLBR. t?k? m Uir?ot?>d, tod if not ptrTaoUy Mlimfiad. Return to our Aaeut, _ D m. CLARK, F.SJvt . 4S Street and P??nr?) l>a&ia A?ir ?i who Will lefuod four n>OD?) . Pn<??- 9* ard J0 Caau p.v Boras > oi ?! at alt Uru* t?UM tvtnvura J A*. M*X>OflWBMy jy II *otr Haiti iuor? ANAl.OHTAN KKTK KAT, On Analmtah Uum, Orpoutt m *nrf Tha Mb*oril?*r? haviuc I?>4 fwr a of yaaxa thi? baautifal And roir.aiittc ?*ol, o^c -x A . . A it for tit* aco< >m modal ?h; of th? *?Nie ??VnftV lhaSlatdav of %lay. 1*". t'nr MMtf oiJUuHX e?D?n, dalichtfui Tofji?Dad*? ti-hin/ ?-? . h# Hm iu nMCior vatar, it it wary aad ib ib? U won. The riovae t* l&rgeand onm>nodi-xi?, hannf bno r.tir?ly renovated It Has a line l>?nr>a? FaJooa tttachad to the hoaae. btm M 1*uim a* - Daaaaia* tooina for both iaie?aim *ei.t eturn In ed?uuo? pi?mdid Arhor? dft*o rtl f:om tke huitrf .... Partire. Families und ?>'l |m it a moat daa:r?bi? p tor to ^ui the u txi d&tt of Maimer. m every ?ttent*on wjJ he (iiarantt?4 by tfce promrietori. The Uriotoet poUo- MrMCWuK J^\'?hibit?|0r0**^* *"'"u *' to The Larder will he fo?od to contain ail the d*Uo&ci?? ?j the iwoc at a)' time*. The pfcr ?Ut t*> fariusbM vitM ?> choi?Mt Liauori ?nd W mm aim) the in ?t SooiedM.Bandar SoWU. Cub. am Miitfarr Companies will find U? the n oet dr?iral>ie rt*.>rt jay the metn.po i? for *p??.(lin? % pieuut uToi una.->oon>p%r M-rt br Uiai' pa'OTir* or f u%r<li*u?, will ha xciodod tmm be (ruaarf*. Panning tad iW? prohibit (JT Boats wiil l?*v? tr.? 'oot of Hi*h ?W?C, Orturcetown. and G \\ Mhiuftoa, boar If, from) o tlooka. m ti l IS p. m . itily. Pr?or> ?rai?r'tBf a |?iuul w?k CM r??k .Xkm la fccd vi? thf A?a?d?K. WcaoiioittbapsHM ? > <!? for Umumtm.u4 ire* " THE *S7&?*?JW335^ ^ \mrj, ooadiwtod ,? THURSDAY. Kirimit IS. 1M. BOB.nO HUUBKO UU OBVINaH O. CAPITAl. Pllt. ! To = Bt5?ru-.? 1 ? VW*1 ? -g ittss"'ffi-V--"?- ? w?SSSS'S*S.,.B5? i2?"" ua tr rwr?off*rtr K*.n>?ri??ni..*,<'. fe-KV^frgaC^ oitroa tt. wk*'f, B^tniM.r?, %* fui 1 ThiB* Nicml imivi WKDNK?IU\.?I?|. . ClIIMM* ? ' 1,1 **" *" ' 1 ViTiy' \v KuTuuT* fax* ?n-A, nil M-TkTi* "***, wuiiikn<'? DI LOTS- NOT1CR.-To aii SMI*** *2 " ow^ijof Vr?*?U, b^ito ** ,"M"t S_S? z&irSr iT& , ! rf^:KOTrt^'Si??e?a | r _ . . COAL JUL. /

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