Newspaper of Evening Star, September 13, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 13, 1860 Page 3
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1.0 C A L NEW S. IZTTbou*h Tax Sta* is printed on tbe fastest team pre* In use south of Baltimore, Its edition to so large as to requirs it to W put to press at an early hour; Advert seme tits, therefore, should be sent la before 19 o'clock m ; otberwtoe tbey mar not appear until the next day. Nonet?Dlatrlct ot Colombia Advertisements la ba 1 nanted in the Baltikokb Sow are received at and forwarded from Tk? Sta* Office 4 Thi Twiirri or Ssptkmbkb ahd tu NIlit**t ?Yesterday waa joat suited to the parpoaes af the various military companies who designed to celebrate the aaniveraary of the successful resistance of the British troops at North Point by the American forces The celebration of that event by oar v?lauteers la very appropriate, lnaa. moch as the volunteers bad a very great ahare in aihe glory of that victory. All the companies that *narad<?d yesterday during1 the day were fortunate in having arranged for their pleasure in the rural districts in the vicinity of the city, thus escapiug ~\he annovance of the clouds of dust which were wafted through the sbsets by the strong wind which prevailed. Tkt H'asktngfm Light Infantry?Tbebattalioa paraded, as we stated yesterday, under command ofCapt L. Towers After leaving the Columbiaa Armory, they marched by way of Seventh strct to Pennsylvania avenue, by th-avenue to Fifteenth street, thence to Meridian Hill. Arriving at tlje maiiainn 11 Kattnlir.n )>al ! <) sfi a It .11) rma slid prepared for dinner, which had been provided for then bf the proprietor. .Mr. Weldon, tu a superb . atyle. The provision wa? MpM.y appreciated by the j^Infhntrr. who could not help admiring the jud*ra^iwnt displayed by their Lost in making all tutu^a tirtMdy at the exact moment when tbeir appetite were properly set to do juatice to the " d?licacles W the season." After dinner the battalion w? ~ f >m>ed for the purpose of receiving the President'* Mom nt- d Guard. under Lleat. Teel. who paid th^ Infantry a brief viait as they proceeded to Crystal Spring After an Interchange of clvilitit* the Guard* left, tendering an Invitation to tlie Infantry to visit them. The battalion then ii.arrueu ui me ground * utiw ior target practice. A very fai^b wind prevailed, and the t.uie for tbe It contest of skill beini( limited. it was determined Lit the decision sho 'Id be made upon a single **??t by each man. find not, at usually tbe case, ffce brat two in three. Tbe first prize was a ve y k?iidaome silver goblet, presented to tbe battalion - Jf th? proprietor of Meridian Hill, Mr. Weldon UI was won by Master Lakenan. marker of Com Jmny C. The aecond was a stiver goblet, alao '^fceseuted by the proprietor. It was won by prlmVsU Dime, of tLe time company. The third m prise was a silver goblet, presented to the battalion by private H. Gorbett, of Company B. It was won by private Padgett, of Company A. The fourth prize was a trip to Boston witn all ezpenaes paid, tendered by Lieut Purdy, of Company B. It was won by private Bbehan, of Company B. The shooting having been ended, the battalion formed and marched to the front of the mansion, where the prises were awarded by Capt. Dubaut. of Company B, to the successful marksmen with a very appropriate address. Tbe battalion enjoyed the afternoon in varloos sports until tbe arrival of tbe cotillon band, when the members repaired to the mansion and passed the hours in dancing, and returned to tbe city a little after 10 oYlock The President's Mount*d Guard, Lieut. Tecl romnandioj;, paraded about noon, marching through tbe city T hey attracted much attention. l'bry p<?*a?.d on their route through the President's Ground*; thence to the realdence of Lieut Owens, wh?re they partook of a handsome collation; theace to Meridian Hill, where ther paid their respects to tbe Light Infantry battalion; theuce to Crystal Spring*, where, with a somber of iBTited guests, they partook of a dinner s?*nre?l up in magnificent style bv the managers of that popu'ar reaort, aher which thev passed the hours in merry sport and social hilarity, and returned at nigbt to tbe city delighted with their trip A's*imuU Ri/let.?About half-past seven o'clock last nigbt tbe Rifles began to assemble in their armory. Temperance Hall, which had been handsomely arranged for the reception of the corf* and thoae who had tbe opportunity ot being present with thera on the occasion By 3 o'clock the rapacious hall was well filled with an invitad company, la which the beaut? and fashion of the Metropolis, as well aa the country at large, w?re largely represented. At balf-paat eight the rompaur was treated to allrrss drill by a detachment of aboot thirty men. the hall not being sufficiently lafi'f to ivirmit a dlmlav a# t w.. exhibition of their sltilf in Hardre:s evolution occupied about an hour, and was regarded a? the feature of the evening by the deii_Lu-d company. Tbe exhibition waa completed bv a drill In the manual to the tap af the drum, whtrb wus highly complimented bv very excellent soldier* and competent drill masters, of whom aereral were pras etit. AfW this admirable acquittance by tfce cor pa, tLv hall was made ready, and the Urge and happy company pi?ri the ?*>r?* pari af the night in tti?* erjoyment of music and dancing, separating abou: our o'clock Tht National Guards.?This fine l>att?lion marched from the Columbian Armory to Pennsylvania a vrane, along It to Fourteenth street, and by way of that street to the Arlington road Arrived at Arlington, they proceed-d to target practice. The prizes were two uandsome silver pitchers, the gift of Mr B. F. Beveridge, proprietor of the Springs The prize for company A was wou by private vVeeu.s, and that for company B by private Moylan. The awards were tbtn made by Major Tate and Captatu King, with appropriate add.'isses to the successful marksmen The battalion then partook of a dinner served ap In style, highly <tedi table to the proprietor of Old niuu^wu, uy wooui li Wll provided Tb< aalotn >* :>s ikon arranged. mud the company, with a large number of lad:rs, soent tnr remainder of tbe afternoon ai>d evening auiciog. Thi Conditio* or Fik?t Stbket East?We have received a number of complaint* of tbe condition of Firat street east, brtwen C and D ?tr>-eta north Home time ago one half of the ctreet wit excavated to the depth of ?t, eight, and ten feet, and the otUer half left In ita original condition, luce which time heavy raina have donejjr?t damage t?y earning the banka to slide off a?d leaving the carriage way in a very dangerots condition. ao niut b ao that freauent accidents have occurred there, though providentially no very serious <lamave baa been done aa yet. The condition of the carriage-way, however, la inch that tbe lorpontluu la dally and hourly liable to be meread In heavy damage* The dar Wfore yesterday the grocery wagon of one of our dealer* was being driven along this dangerous locality, when a pot tion ot tbe hank gave way and precipitated horsf, ws;'#a, and driver over, injuring the horse, breaking the wavon, and plmriug the life of the drivtr In peril. This was in broad div light, and tbe driver a careful man. We understand that an at t was pasted by the City Councils a few week* ago to open asd grade tbe street at the point above indicated, snd ss the measure is one of great ner?. sttf it la to b? hoped that measures will be in mediately taken to put it Ln force lor the beneft of the traveling public Fift? DisTaicr Policb ?Br/?r*Ju\tU*T\omftua ?Several persons, residing iu the sdjac*at counties of Maryland and Virginia, have been rsreutly fined at this otttce. on the complaint *f tbe market master and tbe polieeolBcers stitionad at the Centre market, for occupying staLs withoat paying reat, snd for huckstering without license I he names of all the parties have not been fufnisbrd to us by the pol ce magistrate, betaus- In hi* opinion It waa not necessary to wound tbe feelings of si>nie persons who nulutenUonallv via. I tfexl tue Corporation law, but were nevertheless finable This morning a reaper table market vender, from d county, Va., who appeared from bia own atatemeut to be unacquainted with be Corpora* n law In relation to huckster* wm convicted on bia own admission and fined 85 and coata, which were promptly paid to oHirer *??* PkKMivwa to alsxa9i)Kiaaa ? Pramian* were awarded at the late Loudoun Agricultural Fair to the following cltisenaof Alexandria:?Mra H L. Monroe, for counterpane, shell work, and wax work, J. T Price, for t?est tbree year old atallion; W H May, for beat ebnra, beat har*e rake, best at raw and bay cutler, threshing machine, and bone power, wheat acreea, dirt scoops, rag bolder, and platform scales; Meade * Mary*, for elder mill. ground plarter, ox robe, hHl-atde plow, and pUUvfBi aeaiea; W . B Richards, jr., Jur sewta*utacbine; W. F Padgett, for donbte Ml of harness for carriage; H 1. Gregory, tot Mat storrs, ] VI *..11- ? 1 1 m vv . iw ? ?vciOCBfc. Attsxtt at brselakt ?On Saturday night, while Dr. Ironalde vu sitting in his parlor be heard a i.oiae ia bla back yard, and, upon going nt. be dt(covered a man about approachme U* window Hk went Immediately for bla revolver, but, 0:1 returning, be made a alight noise, wtiru the tta rf tuade fur the fence The Uockr I red at bun, bat, fortunately for hitn. the shot mi Med. and t?~ mad# hla ea ape Our citiieua ahould keep their pr*ml*ra well guarded, for there have brrn quite a uutubcr of robberlea lately committed CHiiar or La&ckxt ? Last night, Otfloera K-eae and Kimball arrested two pvraoaa earned JtoliiVtM aad I'aUeraou. who sUud charged with Ik* tameay of certain jewelry, lUMey, ho , from Ju:la Dein They were taken beftre Juattce Johuaon a ad held tuaerurity for a bearing to day. The property wua recovered Urt nUbt hv iJill. ~r Jk?-a?. __ Wa*hinotoji i*Bicg? Cihut ?White wheat tl *3 to 91 i*r. red do ?l 33 to ?l ?u; corn to Wwuti; 03 to > ccate, rye flu to 45 ceata, uoUMm M to .* cciite prr husbe); ta ly TO to su cenU, ?tr i? 0U to 65 <?-iila; cUlckeii* *U 5o to ti 60 Ct 4a,a*-u, Uu?U*i 5o to?3. ?ral eaiYea *4 to *i; tab's tui illy floor 4* 5u; ?trt kj^iiIIh f7, jjJ.pwtseWAUi ??<* Z Oca licai)((io*o ntlt(hbor( tM to hrte tbat fteiJM, iNghtoir, fu?my maa. Wymaa, at Kur m?| HaU. toaivbi As tb? wwltw U rtaar la4 ^> 1, we pre4tel i crewdeU ge e?rly. * I A Last's Snrrntcrrs about on Srvtrrs.? Mr. Sdilt: I read a piece in your paper the othei day, trllinp of tbe sad plight of New York aren tie. I waat to call tbe attention of the oltlzens to nearly all the streets True, 1 am only a woman, and I ran only talk or write; and for oner I will bate my say about my own eitr I Irnre this place above all others, as the capital of a great nation, and as my home Critics may lau?b and aneer. and aay,44 What does she know of city amir*?" I r??kon I have eyes and ferltng, as well aa tbe real of the world, and know what I ana saying. uiTiug, mm i uu, iu tue luuuroi ox we ciij* 1 mi more annoyed by the condition of the street* than many other*, and mar tako mora notice, as I always have to ride, to ahop or vi*it my friends I do aaatiro you tta? rear of an upaet often keep* ma at home, aa much aa I like going oat. 1 feel thai it la at ike riak of a saiash-up of myself or carriage, or both. 1 have complained of the street* lo many, and thev Bay it ii the water pipe* being lata. They have been laid for month* in eome places, and not a thing ha* been done to the street*; there 1* bardly a street fit to drive through la the city. Pleasant difvlng, to be sure, over bill* and bo<? Iowa, a to iks of all a. if*, and rubblah of all kind*. The street* that are paved (and few there are) are full of ruts and atone* I have been told that It 14 all owing to the way the work waa done?by eon* ant) th#T1 Vnrtt nf fall th** irnltaM r\t rail# city?the construction of them is awful, to HI noibing of their condition where they are washed fey the rain. I bear they are called Berrat gutters; but I think break neck gutters a far better name. All tbe country roada around the city are far t*W ter to ride on than our streets; some one seems t# take care of them; you aee the stone* piled up oM tbe side of the road, and ail the washed placts mended. It tbe mayor and city fathers want to rtr a model road, let them take a drive past "Mr. Corcoran'! Lodge," and tbev will aee that a private citizen has done more lot a road that pastes bit country aeat than they lutve done for one of tbeLr city streets. i leauta w> me we mgai jail a? wen nave do public authorities for what good I ran tee that they do for thecity. If you complain to the May< r, be refer* you to the Councils, and the Council* will do notbng, without it la to vote for a flag to be presented to a company of another city, appoint a committee to present it, and nil band* tja on t? New York for a grand time By the way, in otber cities is is said that the ladles' heads are belug turned by "the Young Prince;" but here, forsooth, he hi?a turned the Leads of our City Fathers, for they do nothing but talk of bis comi _ _ -m v .? ? * -? mg iuey ua?r f rrn inr^oiien itie re?pect aue the President, in their eagerness to pa) homage to the Prince Don't they know that tne President invited Victoria's son to visit biin, and she accepted tbe Invitation for her sou. But it is like all tbey do; neglect their duty for something of no benefit to us I say shame on sucb a 8ft of careless men as have our affairs In charge. Instead of trying to make our Metropolis wbatlt ought to be. as the capital of a great and.aod glorious Republic, tk'y do nothing. Have they no pride about toe matter' Strangers are always coming to see the seat of government. When this young Prince is driven over our terribly rough streets, will he not remark ou them? 1 do hope he will get out of our city without accident, altbmi^h I have no love for English princes; and hope our citizens will not make fools of themselves if he should come here I do hope tbe slreeU will lie fixed, by some means or other, before long, for I never saw them as tbey are In my life, tbey even frighten DikVkkmon. Ssaiors Ciino* -Yesterday morning Caspar Nlcho'.s and 8?ainl l.arssun arrived in tbe early train from Baltimore, and went to otficer Keese. and informed blm that Nicholas bad been swin dl-a by a Frenchman named Thomas Lamar, aiir>.? Slg L Luttey, aliaa F Hochberga, and that Laraxon had been robbed of his wife by the tame Individual about six weeks since. Koese got on the trail, and hearing that Frederick Beck had also suffered to the amount of $150 by the same m*n. by forged papers purporting to be letters from Dr. K. Di*fl?*nba?-h of IrvingCollege, Manchester. Md , telegraphed to Beck to come on. He at once came in the evening train, and Keese went with him to the house of (ieorge Dllly, near the Northern market, where Lamar was boarding. By a stratagem Lamar was brought Into the pretence of Mr. Beck suddenly, and at once attempted to leave the public room, out was arrested. Keese went with him to a private room, and there, the odcer says, Ijunar acknowledged everything charged against him, aud said he intended to .?? . i t ? ? 1 * ~ uaie mil rigoi. n? was men before Justice Donn.andthe whereabouts of the woman being discovered, she also was brought up On the appearance of both In the office. Mr. I.arsson drew a double pistol, loaded and capped. to shoot them, b?t was Instantly sic zed and disarmed Lamar was committed for a hearing to-day, when It Is expected that Dr. Diefleribacli will arrive. The woman is a small light complexloned German woman, not over 27 years of age, apparently, and seems tn excite a considerable degree of sympathy at the office. Bc?i5*ss Statistics of thk Foc*th Who. The following are the censu* statistics of some < f the principal branch** of business in th? Fourth Ward, viz: Business Cost raw Annual capital, material, product Siddle and harness. .. 10,?i0 8I4.3U7 S3l.02u Tailoring 77,3ml H4..M1 Jewelers lifcMWU 23,500 48,175 Tobaccou sta 7.8UII :*? -Go Confectionery 4.500 6 002 11.575 Hoot and shoe 47,400 2J.1SJ 73,105 Carpenters U,?00 23,740 3m 690 Carriages and wagons 74.(*<0 12,557 129.-"Mi Plane-maker 300 180 ?5<i Harness maker 2.000 3,250 1,780 Optician 3,000 4,460 4,750 Printer and publisher 12,(00 22 3711 33,(<0 Bookbinder 8,000 3,050 10,<*iU Lager beer brewery... 15.U*) 9,050 18,0W Gun and locksmiths.. 1,200 062 5J&S Chandler 35,000 34.900 45,750 Curriers 18,500 83, *78 26,050 Blind, snsh and door factory 81.500 16 340 36,550 Painting 7.000 7,4)4 83.040 Blacksmiths 1,950 9.145 8, -.'50 Tinners and sheet iron t),050 10,174 24,5V Undertakers. 10,000 3,469 11,550 Thk Pusbttikia* Theological Skminakt ? The proposition submitted in the Gazette of the 4th, for the establishment of the Presbyterian Theological Seminary, under the control of tk? United Synod, Is favorably received in many quarters of the State, and a desire expressed that iU.^.U K. -t- ?* nWABuui I? auuuiu wc kUC piocr, WU lOCfllliy 111 the country combine* more advantages for ineh an Institution The town Itself offers many excellent (ilea, while If "rws in ttri?" la thought desirable, the loftv hilla that overlook the city from the side of Hunting creek, or crown It on the West, offer locations, the like of which have already been seized upon by the Episcopal Theological Seminary and High School, ana Geoivetown and Columbia Colleges. We have dne tews, the most sirreeabl* and cultivated society, uuparailtled facilities of access. and what purhaps Is most important, one of the most healthful positions?as the census proves?In the United states. liy all means let the institution be located here?Alt*. Gazette. The Bddworth's Minstrels, at Odd Fellows' Hall, are nightly drawing crowded booses, and everybody seems delighted with their performances Our citizens snould Improve this opportunity to ltogh and grow tat. See advertisement In another column. Cixtial Guard-House Cases ? Bas 1 Hpqsob, Waiter Clarke, druuk and disorderly; workhouse 60 days. Five lodgers. Rearrb, have jrou ?ejn Prof. Wood's advertisement in our paper. Head it; it will interest you. au Jv-eoiy Homeopathic Remedies All of Dr. Humphreys 6 Co.'s specific Homeopathio Remedies put up expresslv forfamilv use, id boxee, M 25 tad 9) cents each. Also, in c&aaa, containing 30 vials, from 94 to ?6 each, with book of fall directions. For sale by Z. D. Oilman. 350 Pa. avenue, wholesale and retail agent: W. A. Pitmgerald. 333 north P street; also by P. B. Winter, corner ol Massachusetts avenua and Sixth street. Alan, Pond't Extract qf Witth for internal and external mflamioationa of all kinds. Sold aa above. maO-ly Mia. W i it slow, an experienced naraeaod lemala physician, haa a Skoi*m?? Syrup for Ckildtn T**tkisr, which greatly facilitates the proeeaa of teething by softening the guma, reducing all inflammation? will allay all pain, and ia tore to regulate the bowels. Depend upon it, mothers, it will give Ml HoLLeWiT't Pillb. Jhnmttry.?Unlike other spjoilos ia oommoa use which act aa mere temporary styptios, Holloway'? Pills aeiae on the seat of the <|iseaoe ana extermioate its primary eaaee br invigorating the digesOve orgaua, stimulating the liver, purging the efcaine'e and purifying the bktod.lhey promote a apee<iy reaturation of health aed rigor. In biliousne a, sick h-adaotie, acidity of the stomach, and deerea?ion of spirits, they are equally efficacious. Sold by all Dtuttfuu, at2V'..<tt..aiul $1 per box. se 7 1 w Mim'i Mieacclops Vnmi Dutioyii, the oldest and beat remedy known for exterminat?2* ***? **ice. Cock reaches. Bugs, Ants, Miie^isttoes, Fleaa, Moths,Omin-WoriM aad UarJ-? i i.a?At a ffT" Principal Depot, 612 Br<wlw?y, N. Y. ffold by %ll l?rn?n?U *?w>wli?r?. m> r AUHRIKU On the Hth instant, by th? R?y Mr Lemon, WM ft. HUNT, to Itf.. HKNRIKl'TA PRATH KK. tx>th of UiiOitj. lDnl?*.CUpp?r*?id Port Tobtoco Timet copt.) DUD, On 1?l? *fUr % ?ko t illneM, MAR 1;.UCT A WAHVKILMVM dau?UUrof Ann UU \V*lUr \V?rd-r, ?u Ik. Mil, >e?f ui hlr i|f? . ? I # _ *? sfeS2EMa?*25 1 12^h ln,th?khV^"d?o?HWf *1 I rO*I^Vral&nV MalUn'f- . * ??-* 1 Ffcua* H. *1+ ffi&m** sun cof ?.l ?fe h ; I WAKT3. 1*7ANTED?By a respectable \Momen. a SITUATION ai a'wet Nnrae. Apply at No. 440 l?t utreet l>etwe?n B and C. It* WA NTKD?K. SITUATION, hr a yount Ainerican Kirt, ?? nur*e or t-> do plain ??wiriR ; cai make h^rieJl K?nera|lr u??ful Apply at No. 433 L t.b?hr?>n tth and tth, Nav? faril. If WANTKD? V SITUATION. by a lair, a? coolf ami to aa* ?t in waahinc and iromn* Apply at No. '.143 D street, between 14th and 15th ?ts."" r wH-it' U|7A*TEt>-An exp*ri?noett COOK. WASH ER, and IRONER, to whom the hichesl wage* will be given. None need apply but th<>*? having good recommendations. Inquire at S*. DUVAL'!* Grocery Store, oornerof I and 20th streets, Ftf st Ward. It* AGENTL?^AN GOING SOUTH 18 *DE iroua of purchasing several NEGRO MEN, for hi? own private use. Persons having euch foi sale ran secure them a good place by addressing Box 496 "City Post Office," stating where an interview may be had ?e 13-1 w* t*7HO WOULD BE WITHOUT MONEY sc^4A?-SSS?SSS S who are not ashamed to make an honest dollar by industry, will have an opportunity if they call at th< Plumb Dacuerrean Gallery, Brown's Hotel, Penn, avenue. Hours from 8 toll a. m,; 2 to5p. m. se H-2t* M. H. CAMPBELL. \UANTED?A SITUATION as housekeeper. " Also, a Situation as chambermaid and aoamstre?s, or child's nurae. Bast of references given. Apply 44 7 Ninth st. se ll-3f WANTED?A respectable young WOMAN, to attend children and do chamber-work. Apply to Mrs PERRY, F st, south side, between 6th and 7th sts se 11 3t WANTED?A respectable young WOMAN, ti nurse and do chamb?rwork. >atmfactorv rel*noes required. Apply to Mrs. a. E. PERRY, P street, between 6th amt7tH sts. we li st WANTED-A SITUATION as overseer on a iarm, by one who is thorough'y and practically acquainted with farming and gardenin* in al! their arious branches ; or would tako a place on shares. Adjress, through the Washington Post Office, Overseer." se ll-3t* WANTED?A PURCUASER for a Farm of 75 acres of land, sitnated in Montgomery county. Md , 12 miles from the city and 3 frorp the Keltsville railroad ?tatmn. There are 4-1 acres in choice wood and pasture land ; the remainder in a good state of cultivation. The improvements consist of a comfortable dwelling, bam. stabling, Ac. The above proporty will be sold a bargain, upon immediate application to Mr. ROBERT TAYLOR, Wflmlal 1 m Umlilinv mA ? ** WMMW.. ? _ wo WW WANTED?By a steady and industrious man, a SITUATION a* collector. Best of recoiu mentations given. Address M. C., Star Ofbco. JT 12 tf Tto the public. HE Undereuned. from Ion* practice, confidently recommends himself to those afflicted with "St. Vitus Dance" as a careful and successful nurse. MARC 1)1'BANT. He has permission to refer to the following rnntlemen: William J. Mutter, John Pettihone, Williarn Petti bi ne. M. A. I.anxfit, George II. Houtzinan, A. L. Harmon, WiTlian McL Cnpp*. 1?. Hauptman. M. DUBANT. sel2-8t* No. 39T Eleventh *t.. M. f ai.d K. BANK STOCK FOR SALE-19 Shares in Bank of Washington, 9 Shares in Farmers and We chauics' Bank of ?i orKetown, N. CARROLL .MASON Attorney, se ll-3t* No 134 Pa. avenue. FOR HIRE-A SERVANT MAN, (slave) 25 years old; is competent to tAk? care of horses. W WV. vvOTviiimvu, UUVDif ysjHOI, vr HI a IOI III hand. Auplt at No. 4<)9 .Ninth btreet, l>etw?en II and 1. i>e 11-1 w* THE GREATEST BARGAIN l> A PIANO VET OFFERED.? A liaRutifnl ncw^-jniK Rosewood eplem'il tone 1'iano, n ad* bTCflSaS Nuuri* k. Clark of Nfw Yi>rlr: sold only 3TTXTI in>nth? sin ? bf ? ?oll known peroon for Peculiar oirouinstanoes enable us tootfor it for .$2"0 on easy terms. Call ani eee it. JOHN P. EU.IS'* Chiokering tc Hons' Pianos, ?11 306 Pa. ay., bet. 9th and l ah sis. F^OR A SHORT TIME "N -Y.?DEAFNESS AHD NOISES TN THE WFMD.-HR. COL. 8TON. member o! the Ruya1 Col exe of s*urseous ofE. K fcnd, has arrived, a-^d is now |reparedt> app y his new and extraordinary treatment by which he was hun-e f cured af er eleven year* in tense Mt-fferirir Parti ou a^s for seif-oure sent to any address for postage; consultations daily from 0 till 4 o olock fre*; refcrenje to Lnndre'a of p^r >uni cared. AOiiress No. 51U Twe.fih stren, \Va?hineton. 1?. C Nervous persons btiould read ' Vita Statics" for self cure, sent free to any addross for l?eenta in atainpa. so 11-1 w* yj AIDS, WIVES AND BACHELORS ! Kememner KKIUAV, theznt day of September, to preaeai your BwaetbearU, Hut band* Uil Children vith the first number of THE HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL. Thrre Cents?Wfelly?Fifty Columns. Kdited by the bright it galaxy of talent ever oombined in one paper. Special editors for the different department*, which are an follow* : Poetry, i Puzzle*, Enigmas, Ac., Tttiex of fact a id botionj !*ci*noe and Fine Art*, K?sa>*. Music and the Drama, Riof r*phie*l Sketches, j Wit aiid Humor, Piot?leni? H Ch??*. _| Leaders on the Topics oT the Dav, Gardening and Horticulture, Recipes and Domestic Economy, Notdi and Memoranda, New Invention* and Mechanic!, Instruction in ijerman, Instruction in French, Music,, Polkas, Ac , Answers to Correspondents. SIXTEEN PAGICSTFIFTY COLUMNS. 017" Printed New Type on Good Paper. Publishers, A. IIARTHILL A CO , 20 North Williatn St., New York. The Trade supplied l.y ROSS 4 TOUSf* 1 DEXTER A COMPANY, or any of the Whole In 4 ? ? ?? IV * ^ w ww m AfevMU j 11"?0V a ?C 1 I 'Ok LMNE PIANOS FOR RENT OR SALE, r At Ki.LIS'S. Moaic received triweekly, at ELLIS'S. M lodoooe ami other lnatrumonts for rent, at ae5 ELLIS'S. DO NOT FAIL TO CALL AT HARVEY 8, 261 C St., bttwtm lot* and IX*. i Ho will to-Uay open his long f?tab;i?hed and well known NORFOLK OYbTER^. SHUOKIN6 DEPOT for tb* aeaaon rfpjh f.J He ha* made arrangement! to reo?ive^\Ll# r'lumr auppiiea or the beat NOR- XSflv FOLK OYS TER* on every Tue?dar, Thuradaj, and ttaturdar. He will alao keep con tant'y on hand a large and varied aaaortment of FISH, including every aurt known to Waahington tahlea. He r*turna hia aincere tbanka to thoae who patroniaed hu Eatabii?hmei:t during the jpa^t . eaaon, and is confident that hia inoreased taoilitiea (or k epuir ooi.itAi.tly on liaiid frean anppliee of OYS TERb, FIrtH, GAME. ico , *o., will anply reward a eoutinuanoe of their patronage aa<< ouitom. Sold at th* lowent market price*, and delivered at al! parte of the city free of oharce. a l(Mm T. M. HARVEV. f^OR SALK.-A pair of COACH HORSES, young and fast, aold for no faint; the fry owner h*vinr no use for theui. Apply at W. H. UPPERMAN'S Groaery, on Penn ?y' vaniaavonue. Imtwoen 3d ami A% ?t?. an 21 tf C STRAW HATS, STRAW HATS! F.RAR1NG OUTSTOCK OFSTRAW HATS In ord<-r to dmpone of my entire atook of Men's and Boy?' STRAW HATS great mduoenienta will be offered until the close of the aea.-on at LANE'S Faahionakle Hat arid cap Muni, au 21 1m Pn. av., near Four-and a-half ?t. t ii f T In t I n/Y/tir^i n / > r? ??r* n *? ? - ? 1 !V>Ali DUI/IV^ r I'll IMTj 1 1.11 M5 ? C uskey'n Text Book sent by mail, pre-paid,on receipt of #3. <?rerl*'s Political Text Boek by mail, free, on receipt of 91 fmuglaa and Lincoln Debates ?ent free on receipt of SO cents. Dred s*cott Case sect by mail on reoeijrt of S> cent*. Life of Douilns sent by ma 1 on receipt of 31 cents Campaign Medals of all tiie candidate* sent by mail, free, on receipt of 25 oonts, by r BKN fc. TRENCH, Bookseller and Stationer, '27;* Pa. av., se 6-1 w (lal.) between 11th and 12th fcts. VJ MERCHANT TAILORING. Hew fall styles or cloths, cassiMERS.aNU vestings. "WALL. STEPHENS 4 co., 3?U Pennsylvania Avenue, have just reoeivod a large varietv of n^w Fall which tbey iuviU the atteNti<>a of their friends ami customers. au 9n tf HW. HAMILTON* PAINTER, and DKALES IN PAINTS, No. 59'J Tth StasxT, near Odd Ftllews' H*ll> mu ?-u rtl 111 IB UUWB. ^CHUOL AND COL.L.KGU OUTFITS. Youths' and Boy*' Clothing for School and Dress fVgar. Parents and guardians wishing to furnish their olii.dren and ward* With School a> d Coll?ge Outfits for the ooming sowon. are iuvi'ed to ttxauiin* our present large and exten:ive assortment BOYfV CL? ?THlNti,whare tb?y can fit out th*ir children i.f all iixm m a few moireuta with every description of Ktady mad* Uarraoatt, of substantial and durable quality, at very moderatepries WALL, STEPHENS ft CO., a?3P-U aaa Petm. avonua. WATCURKPAIR,^1A?0?,.1.VKK WARE I have one of the tiest establishments, and furnished with a eoinplote set of tools lor repai r- Jbk inn every d?wiri(Uoi of tine Watches, aadfM reticular attention give to the same, bjr nAtfK rough ooiufet.tat workmaruand all work ?uar?ntird Al o, every descrip ion of atulard WL.VF.R WAR K. pla n aud ornamental, inaaufactu ed under my own supervision, whieh my evst inert will iind 11 10 1UW'1) *n?l Hu??h to uorltiarn war* old by dvtier* iu general Mi) rap r*a?iit?U as their own manulaoiura. H. O HOOD, ** S3? P>. tvwiui. awif ath ?t WOUD! <*?> <" WOOfl!!wtf0 0?, fSBKlZt KIN?^NU YVOOD.1tk.loW~ a., _ _ T. J. * W. M. ?ALT, 1 hh?* p* * 4 ? SPECIAL WARD ELECTION. - C"OR CITY COUNCIL, ' r L. F. CLARK. Att m'Mmf of th? P?in4?t?lio iiwl Anti-Know No nine vutem ol th? Hocond Wani held on ?ou[ vraing, th?hm Domination w?s nnamnou*' iy i to i l tlie rvanct rrc ln\ Ht the rwnni1 j tto* of Wm. Oini. El?oti?n?THURSDAY. | toinlMr IStli. H :? : IN THE BOARD OF COMMON COUNCIL | 1_ MirmiKiS. J um -,.T2ikl an ?'<"oU?n u haifbj directed ti SL1 Wrti? S^ond Ward on THURSDAY, tia i3fnr>r of September nrxt, to 111 th? vacanc\ now exirtiiit id the Bosrd of Common Council by the J re?if nation of William Or.oe, E?<i. ward-Tirst prkcinct. imiuuHUjinii nuove resolution, an ejection wti 1 be held *t the corner of Twelfth streot and New York avenue. The poll* will be opened at 7 o'cloek a. m , and closed at 7 o'clock p. m. OEO- W. STEW * RT, SAM'L W. OWEN; GEO. E. JILLARD, se 7 te <'ommiM?ionerg IN THE BOARD OF COMMON COUNCIL, flFTXMBEB 3, 1W? , That an election ia hereby directed to be held in the Second Ward on THURSDAY, the i 13th day of September next, to fill the vacany now exist'n* in the Boar* of Common Council by the reeignation of William Ornae. Esq. SECOND WARD-SECOND PRECINCT ? Purauant to above reaoiution, an election will be held on Tenth atreet. b tween D and E eta., one > door north of the auction atore of i.C. McOuire A C>. The polls will l>e ? pened at T o'clock a. m., and closed at 7 o'clock p m SAM'L LEWI?. KDWARD C. OVER. WILLIAM P. SHF.DD. se^-te Commissioners. LOST~AN D~FO U N 1>. IOST?Last nuht. probably between 7ih sti??t, _i opposite the Post Office, and the corner of 9 b andFsta., a pair or GOLD EYEGI.A?*SE9. tot which Uic owner vill pay a suitable reward, if l? (I at this office. ?e 13-3t STRAYED AWAY, on Wednenday morni"*. a whit* butfalo COW, witli a haltnr. Five dollars will be *iv?*n to fiml^r, if returned to Mrs. M. C. BAR Jmh U ER , Georgetown Heights. ?e 13 3t* . ? REWARD.?A large blaek NEWFOUND V* ' L.A.N D DOG strayed at ay from my J store on the morning of the 11th iostant.i^^^f He answers b> th-name of Frank. Tho * above reward will be paid for hn delivery to me. J n r.Bi'i'v sel 3 9th at., 1 door above Pa. av. 0 P REWARD ?Straj?J away from the tnhacriV'' i>er, on Wedneaday, the Vn instant. a brtmlle buffalo COvv, with both ?ar? Ky* oroppeo; a white stripe in her back; parr ofJtaaJ^ her tail white; a sm*ll piece of akin iff her ntht hip Any peraon leaving the aaid oow at John ft. Iiates'a. on 11th street east, or Win. ljuinn'a, near the A?> luin, will receive the above reward. It* J WM QU1NN. rOST?On boa-dthe ateamer Thomas Collyer,<ir 4 l.ttwtv n the boat an<l the omnibus, on Mob lav . tilth instant, a large Cameo HKKA^Ti'i X, a?t in garnets and pea Is. The liuder, by returning it to Mrs. 1 N UKRM AL'FK, 37*2 7ta at., Island, will tie liberally rewarded. se ll-3t* STRAYKD A W A V?Oa Sunday mortiinp a y uiinjt b!a. k brown CO W, with straight short liorns and a white spot on the fivehead; white spots on the hind quarter.MmJmm Five dollars will be given to the finder by lea vine it at WM. BABBINGTON'S,Third atreet, between 1 a -?4 w ? ? ? m ...u mm. PC ll'OV C REWARD.?Strayed or stolen, ft brown and white (mixed or speckled) COW; haa been missed Rome week or ten da?s;x(?.wr is nearly dry. Whoever will return ? 1 Jj n Cow to th<? subscriber, at the corner of Virginia .it. and 7th *t., Island, shall receive the altove rewvd. all 3t? MARG'T Ml I.BUKN. LOST?Ou Tuesday, August 7th, a BUNDI.E of Evening Star News-papers, containing four oopius of each da; for the month of June, lft5? The finder will teoeivo a liberal reward bjr returning then* to this office. au 15 tf | PERSONAL^ Madam s. can be consulted on the Past, Present and Future Events, at No. 4 45, corner New York av and 17th st?. s? 13 2t? A notice. PROMISSORY NOTE, drawn l?r Richard H. Trunne! and Benjamin Macraw, in lavor of ? Scut or order, for the sum of will not be paid at maturity All persons arc hereby cautioned not to negotiate or receive said r.ote. k? 12 nt TV^OTrCE.?The public are hereby notified that 1^1 RICHARD till.I. is no longer authorized to transact business in iny name under-a power of attorney from me, the said power of attorney having been revoked yesterday WM.B DYER, Contractor wi'h the Corporation for layinr the Water Pipea. Sept. 12,1960, se 12-3t* I HEREBY FOREWARN' A I.I. PKBsovu 1. from trusting anr one on my account, as I wiil pay no d^bts except of my own oontr&c ins. ae 11 3t* CHARLES HI BBS._ m ! ?T|\ R FAVA" D.?Ran away from the atibscriber, living near Nottingham, Prince (ieorge'a oo , Mil.,on Sunday, the 9lh inn , my bay JOHN WILLIAM TYLER ADDISON. ab..ut . > It. .5 or 6 in. in bight, tolerab'y atout, light copper mulatto, hair ali'tle curly anil trimmed io a medium tlitckntiflx, face an<1 fo>-ehej?d well prep >rtloued, ami like y. May have a scar on the outer corner of ono of lu> eyes; chin slightly dimpled; about 19 or 2n years of *ge. Wm drt-ns?.| when h<: left w tli black felt hat, Mack cloth frock coat and light blue cassimere uauls. mat ked on trie inside of tne wai*tl>aii'l *C. W. llollyday;" some of hia shirt oollars also marketl. He may, however, change r.ia oloth hg. Ht mav be in Waahinston or Georra town, L). C , where h" has a uuaintancea, or max have fallowed the course of the turnpike or railroa.l lor Bal'imore or Pennsylvania us he left without prov'Xiation. I will rive the above rewarl of 31511 provided he ia secured in jail so th*t I gat him JAMES E. 8. HOLLY DAY. ' se 11-Ct* \1ADAMK MOKKICE, THKGRBAT A*TROI.Ol"i enr Alb PoCTRESs, just from Evropt.?T?ls highly gift -d and intelligent lady can be oonsnltad on the Past, Present ana Future Events. Call ai No. U03 Twenty second atreet, between B and I, Washington. jel^.im* THK UNION WIL? STAN 'J. NO MATTER A HO'S PRKSIDENT! Consequently I shall remain in Washington and continue to pursue mv oooupation of BOl'HK, SIGN and ORNAMENTAL PAINTING. Gild ing in all its branohes. Old Olating promptly attended to. Painting and Ornamenting Cottase Furniture in the beet atyle I alio, oil attention to the Painting of Roof* and Brick Walla All of the above I will do aa oh-ap aa the cheas eat. I therefore aolioit the patronage of my friend* and fellow citizen* of the District. Punctuality triot'y obaerved, and work done ;n the beat manner. You will please mind your atop* and atop at MT Pa H KhR'S Painting Eai?blishine>it, N< . 33' >3 !! ftj Louisiana av , north tide, betw?en bth ar d 7th sts. P. ** Signs pat up free ef charge, aa uaual. an 3' 3m UNION FIREWOOD MILLS, Corner 7th ?t. ant) CaKO , W7i.<At*gro?, D. C. The unda signed most respectfully invita the at teuton ol our ouatom ?ra and the public gene ally to the fact that we have now afloat 500 TONS OF COAL, of all size* and uf the very n?at quality, which w* willaell at a profit of 2& oeuts per ton uvni the vessels r- We are aNo manufacturing HICKORY, OAK and PINE WOOD, all lengtha and aizea. Ify All ordera HI kJ with dispatch. ITT* Office corner 7th street an t Canal. ?4 eolOt McKNEW A. MAR LOW, Pro'ra. (V ATIONAI. I^i SOAP AND CANDLF. WORKS, ukkkn street. Bttwtrn Bruitt and Water str*4t', (itoritttntm, D. C. A large atock of CANDLES, Brown, Family, Castile and Fanoy SOAPS, lao, TALLOW and GREASE for Locomotives, Steamboats, and ail kinds of machinery, m. haraara am kia and for sale at prices to suit the trad* c. B. jewell, Proprietor. It 10 eotf Flour, meal, mill feed, *c. Just received on const* niuent? 470 bbla auperior brand of freah (round Family, Extra and Superfine Flour, 90 bbla. No. 1 Ryo do., Fieah ground Corn Meal and Mill Feed of all klnda oonatantly on hand, for aale low in lots to suit, au 25 6m u. l. MORRISON a CO. UALT1MORE LIFE INSURANCE co.-In 13 coapoiATXD 183u.?J ohm I.> sow, Pres. -4 BUVS DeeenptnM pamphlets ma* be obtained at the Companr'a Aceuoy for the District or Columbia, otfioe of Lewis Johnson k. Oo,, Bankers, loth atreel and Penn. avenue, J. W, M AGILL, Agent 1). R. Hum. W. I?. Marl. Ri'r. 7a? Mtf Washington " <f1*^surance COMPANY. itcaai and Tmtk Strut. ? ? J.~c7MoGUIRE, President 6. D. HANSON. Keoretary. ma7-eotr (fi t o R ci K b. BLoaT k C 6., vl Manufactnrers of THE ELLIPTIC LOCK STITCH 1m p? o v ru1?h uttl.k SEW IRQ MACHINES ! The umplMt ud heit ever oonatrveted ! Free from i?*ih?r pada ftnd comphoiUo*!. WARRANTEDVcT*KeT*Pl'R CH ASIil!!! m^s^tu^sgasim. ""n"rts<s'M^w?u.. /WHICKERING * SONS' SUPERB MANOR. "7 wM&Jia; W ?W fV? A W A* ^ swat GEORGETOWN ADTERT'MT9 Pm *k*r G tor ft men aircrtuwwMi tm jinl ftf1 Forrest hall, GEORGETOWN, n. C. W Y W M ! ? T?1? ft'!! THURSDAY. FRIDAY, ud SATURDAY MGhTo *l?o. for CluMr*n.oo RATURDAY AFTERNOON*. 3 r. a. ? we 13 it Jiht RKrKlVKD10 khda. frioie Porto Rl?o SUGARS, i* !,h:*- l_'il Rj jseania. HhKHlMi *nd Al.EW|VE>?. Afl bbla. rru*hed aa>1 Refined "I'CARS. !W bata Rfo and Java COFFEE. inhh?a.(low prioad?MOL.AS9K9. Foraalebv JOHN J BOG UK. ? 10 RC C ESPECTFULLY Mkm bn friend* and thy public generally tha? ho ha* removad to No. Ai High ?tr*M. ad)o>nitif Ma?oruc Hail. He la ??repar, d to the ah<>rt??t notic*. Dinner aad Evening Parttee, and feel* a?fured that he will five eatire satisfaction to thoae who ma* favor hi in with a otM A 1*1 kinda of CONFECTIONER V and CAKE at the loweat pncea. Beat ICE CREAM at SI SP per gallon. C. C. AtZS, ae4-lm At High atreet. Georgetown. TV HE UN HER SIGNED CAR PEN TER AND BUILDER ofl>ra hi* eemcea to the public of Gao-getown, Washington, and noinitr, an?t wi 1 ouctraot for or *nperi> tend the oonatrvction of pablio and private bai'dmga. Plana and aperiS* nations will be furm*h*d at ahort no tic* fti e and the? onCongra?a at . Georgetown. Immediara ij norm or the Post Otto* _a? 21 jloieo II KNR V_ WINGATE. T CLINTON ACADEMY. HE Next Annual Ses.ion of this acho! wi|: on MONDAY . Sr-ptointier 3 TIm ach?K?l has been removed to 161 West utie-t, heiwe^n C'tngresM and High. Circular* may hr nli'an.ed after the 22d of Aueust,at ttie dru? a ore ol Mr K. S. T. Cuul. comer of C<<ncres? and Hrid*r sta. au IB eolm GEO. AKXOLD. M A.. Principal. S~~" STM.L ALIVE," PI 1.1.MAN Sc. HI NT have Removed, temporarily, to the Stoie (No. 77) formerly occupied by l.ewia Payne, * nearly opposite their o!<1 establishment. C7" DR\ GOODS can he had as ehe*p a? eTer. au 22 :tw B0AED1NQ. | "O NINTH STREET.?Persons returni*~K t-> ** >0 the city f-orr their summer r??ort? will tiiKi vacant several dosirllblo room* h*nn? ?Ka ?ir, * nienees of gas, water, and hathing closet*. at 433 Niuth at., one door south ?>f F; nuitable either for families or single gentlem-n. Tahiti hoft-dftr? accommodated on moderate t?vm*. se :> 2v ~ FOR SALE AND KENT. [tor otktr "ftr Salt and Kent" advtrtinvunnt ftjirst f.agt ] I^OR 8ALK?HOL'SK and T.OT on the corne* ol Montgomery Mid Piimtwirton ?t?. (jnorgrtown, I i uk 4'> I <>ii the former and 131) feet oa the latter street For terms apply on the premise*. se 13-eoSt^ f^OR RKNT-A FKAMK IIOL'SkTo" E street n'a' Seventeenth, contai: in* six rooms, pa sa*e, aiid ?*ei'a . K?in in 'c'erau* to a n. .d terant. Injure at No ^Yeateeuth at. Th-J p"frp-?rty is also for sale. IS 3t* F"OR RKNT-KOO.M> Noa. 2. 3,4. 5, ?. 11, 14,13.1*?, 17 IS, VI and 23. in she new fivesto'v brown stone building corner 7:h street w?i>t and'Pa avenue, known as * Washington Building." They are *eil adapted for 0?cph. having gas. water, Ac. For terms apply at our Storo, No. 40T Pa avenue, or to John H. Seratnes 4 Co , No. 52.1 9th >treet west, coriier Louisiana av s- !3 2awlm Ml'UKAV A SK M V K>". STK*M POWKK T? KKNT - Want .1, a Tl'RNKR to ?lo I'ght fa- cy_ in wood. i mi aiso loi i ? u? norse >l<am Cower, with g' Oil room in upper tf"(.r,an<1 ai?o the use nfci cutt' at I upright S?w?.Sa?h anil Moulding Mack ne.Jrc Apply at .Mount Vernon Factory, near the Rail road I) pot. ae ia--jt tJ^OK RKN'T OR SAI.E?A three story Fiiime Ht>U?E,ooRtainnig U roomi, with gaa meverr room ; ha* attached stable ai.d carnage. ?nd water in tue \? <! ; aide and t*ck alley* ; No 5t?. no th aid* ol Masnachuaetta ar . U-tween 4th a t 5th ate. Several Hou*?*H(larg?-and small) in ths square for sale. Inquire at J04, three doors we t of'he above. _ ge II 3f npo WENT. AND C.OOD WII.L FOR SALE. 1 A large STOR E on Pa. avenuo, between 8th and 9th ata., No. 20. opposite Center Marke*; ha? been ocoupied as a dry gooda store. For partieu lara inquire on the premises. ae4-lw F^OR 8ALF. ?A new two story-aud-basement BRICK HOUSE, containing a rooms an 1 cellar, situated on Eleventh street north, within 5 minutes' walk of the Northern Liberties Market Terms unusually liberal. Apply to H. N. I AN8DA1<E. corner of 7ih at and Pa. av. i?4 2w* A RARE OPPORTUNITY ?A magnificent FARM I r sa!o or exchange for city p opert*, u'iuvaiuiug irn o"irf, nifc I riiiit* in?m 1'&i I&X ?IA Uud, <)r?nge and A fx?u-1r.a Kailroad. It ir unjt r a hi?b state of aultivaiion, well watered, good bui dims and Umber: it can be lioiuht low. Ca nnG.W. URAY A CO., at their Jewery More, 516 Seventh itrwt. mJ Ibi* 17>OR RENT?Five HKICK HOl^ES of the handsoina ro? of buildings, no* nearl) r. a<*\ lor occupation, situated o i <tth *t , 1* t <# < e i M an N fts. north Forj?*r i"uii-s inqui eat Mo ie69 corner7th :vn.l M st- , '>t 3?:: Pa av , M?utii ?;>lr. l>elwecn l,lj and Oth ?t* , of \VM. H. CAM PBr.1,1.. *e I ~eo2?; OR SALE?A small FARM ofs: acres of land, situated \% milfi north ofSoldiere' H'>m?> and 4 miles from Washington city , l<eing a pait of Olullum Oasfl-Manor; IS acres in market garden and tre ba a-ceis heavily timbered. with a spring ol never failing water. a %oung orchard of peaches and apples, having on it a small frame hou*>. AppU at ZuMlHa QTl fVnt-r \l k.t f.f ?" ? - ? -W. -??-? ? ? O. ,?| ? ?|\ IMER or on the pls.ce to J. II. MORTIMER au an aw* FOR RENT-A new 4-.tor? BRICK HOUSE, with marble mantles and grates, wat r fixture*, with t* h room* Al ??,??? in >?-r) room. Mtuat>-ii on Thirteenth street. between Land Mas- avenue. Also. a thr?-e-*tory-aii<l-atnc Brick Dweiliuk on ti tr?'?t, between 13th ami 14th Streets. Apply at \VM. P. -HEDIVS Fancy More. No 50i nth st au 26 3w* -*ii,'-rs.,.' xSL >'.^^aRn#^K1 <L^-r^"_ "**n^?-^a "^'-X1ZSA^tP^^ y^r^4 mL^*^'* jLs ! BP 9(^MSi!!?Bf ??S5^ * Stoves, Gratei, Ranges, Furnaces,&c. We heg to call the attention of the pnMic to our large and beautiful > tock of S ft > V KS, 6 R ATF.SS, 4i!.. of every description. In addition to our re* u tar stork, wt) ask particular attention tot lie follow io< articles, which wetlo not think oao Im> ?K|iia led, ceitairdy not surpassed, h> anything in the market The *t?swart Air 'fight l>ilm( JMove, The K later hock l?g house Furnace?the beet heater in tn? world. The Co?mopo itan Cook in* Ranre, Coiiina & t'o *s Improved Parlor Ht-ater, ThJ challenge Heater, Oflt'# I,Aa- hn minp Stnrft The Banner Comp'ete, Gas Burner?the largest and finest elevated-oven < 'ook I ng Stove e\ er ntfered fer sale in this city. We ask special attention to this Stove. We solicit a call from those detinue to pnrohMe. SIBLEY * OUT, 334 pfvn'a Avixci, tetween 10th an i llth sts jLTObeerve? Sign e/ the Iron Do*. se 8-eogw INLAY'S HOTEL. ( FOR MKBI.T I WITKD STATM.I PENN. AVENUE, WASHINGTON. U C. The Ukited t*TAT*.? HOTKL havin* passed into the handsofthe undersigned.they t*??ec'-A . . A lully inform their friends and the pnhticV that the houee has heen elosed for the laitX^HX two months, and ha* be?n thofoughly re.->?va<?d, repaired and furnished, aud will be reopened on the let Septen l>er last. The house being heated with steam,ami provided with other modem improvements, may now he oiassed with the first hotels of the oountry. It wit. bow accommodate route three I undred p son*. The proprietors giving their personal attention to business, no effort will be spared on their part, or 'heir attendants, to oontribute to tire comJwt ol their guests. Hoping to receive oar (hare of puhlte patronage, wa riw in varw rAaiMMtfnll* . H CLAY * CO. Washington, A ugust?, 1808. N H ?Gentleman desiring Be* <) cm fcnJ piewant Roonit?' modwaf prio?. -H> WHESLKH * WILSON S *T UNRIVALLED Faaatly Sewlag Macblaea, WITH IMPROVEMENT*), whioh rend?r Um ah*oluU!y all u?t (M hm 4?jr?<. AT THK NEW AGKNCY, No. 346 PKunoTi-v ami a AvBsrt, noarTth atTMt, From ?M to 1100. W ith Infraction* Irw of oharge. H a-l? P. J. itBMU A??t. BNO DAMAGED BOOKS! v *LnXfe?~T*rJ.. B?*t -C hta??st 2KSS? ?" 1 * ? >> _ w, y. MLiataoTT. I THE LATraT NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. LATER IROH|ltK?PK. " Arrival *Mli? Itwmklr A.**. Niw Yo?? hpi It-Tta e?*mehip ami, from Liverp<? l on tb? Ui wrtrW off Steady Hook lb) iiooo Sbe touched al (juculm ?*> IW id In the cHr of Naploa all w latest adviraa f?cel?ed ? LlMrpMi. ?aetbaidl had left Cilibrli and bis i?<fnlM .w? *; known, but it vraa reported that he tad eatsi11 Monteleonr. a uiia! 1 t?wa t? upper CiMto. Otiunoui. [Th? dispatch via guwiifowr, <ofi?alal*f tfc* Liverpool mukrk of Saturday. has oot p* Men received?K<r i.tvrbpoul, fatarday Moralag ?RWhsrdoor. Spear* 4 Co , report A ear d?U end queOUow lure I v ntat?Uin?d Wketl qniet, h it ftren Com dull and price* easier. but simw om unehMfod Provision* quiet Baroate all* kily decilaod Lard U somewhat h'gbeT. General produce ?isalightiy lower. aaJ tbo market dull. Coffer staid v. Rica ta Irw at 6d advance on tba week Koala Ira and htghar at 4a?d Turpentii e (aj I Ita Bra. and htahef, at 31ss31a6d LoRtoi Miiitrt Wheat ruled buoyant bat ciaaed with a downward trad ency; bavera demandlae a rwdu'-ttoo CoffVe tr* and ftdais alitor Loadta Mas-* Market cM <-?trr Hntltoa k ?fea I nk U4 Id'-mird Co a?la cl?4 t Anitrlrti aerurirlea Br?-III cm t liirn at ISilt dtarount Arrival el ike liMBfr Nwtl Star. \i?- Vow. Sepl IS ?Tbe itMffltr Nfirth Stw fro?n Al^lninll arrived iLi< affee-oe. WU?4.. 9T91.UU) Id apecle The I 9 frigate Sabkee and loop of war Falmoutb were at AiptnwaU Mr. Blum. an American real dent of Buenaventura. bad been arretted at Panama for (be tonpayment of a no> Riven to tbe cuatnai bouee authority at Buenaventura for duties 1 bo American consul wsa Inveati^itiu^ tbe affair Later advice* aa\ thit Mr Blum waa roleaae.l from prison at Pauama on tbe 8d iuat on eflert lug Mi arrangement for tbe pa>mcatof his custom duea. The PrlKt of Wa m. ToboNTO, c v\ Wet* II ?Th? umi-M - Loiior of the Pnnr? cam* off to-day Tbe Prior* laid tbe corner-atone of tb* proposed statue of U>? (.lueeu, to be wcWl la I Diversity Park Ho theu \.s L*d tl.f I'niv-rslty tbe Normal Sciwol and tbe Uotanu al Gardens lbs Prince baa amt f240 to the aervanU who waited OB bta at Ottawa. and ?2U to nee men who h?ld tbe bmaaa oC th?* rovil party when they d I amounted after a sjort ride In the country A lad baa boao aeat to the house of correction for stealing a Laodful of hair fr9m the tall of tu<? Prince's borne. D?u|lss Kleciorol Itcfcet la Pr?iyl?-?B a. HAaaisarse. Sept 11?A atraigbt Douglas el>-ctor?l tickrt is announced It Irclndea t?re:vo >f the names on tbe Heading ticket, taclodlng Mr Van* at large. Tbe following are Utm changes: At l*arge ?John Cessna, instead of Mr Ketm Tl tlrVI I'l ?.? !-> - - ? " m ? jonii Aimnaer, Ftudffir 1l Stover, Godfrey MrtijM, Ddwttd ftirtatn Joaeph Uowdall Inltb Jimn <>eorge D flrlti'l, John Black. ?> org* Uroaa. Wm I. D?w?rt W. K Gorgaa, Francis Sacre. John Colobn sod Ju S. Leonard Mliir t lfi u*a. Portland. Sept 13 ?r^tnrn* from >13 towr give Washburn. rep , 4", 147; Smart, deoo , 3b,UM, Barnes. vi bijj. I -.'lO? sgal; at in tt.e aame twi lest vesr Morrill, rep , 39.3u0, Smith, dern . 3u?4 Tbf republican majority la II.S3I, atrninat ? sld last vear In an increased vote c.f H>i?, there a a republican net gain of 3.00.1. Tbe aggravate vote of tbe State will rearb 12U,((IQ?about?. mm# more than laat rear. All tbe republican inembera of Gongreos are elected MaaaatkaittU Democratic Convention. SpamcriBLD, Maaa , Sept IS.?Tbe regular Demo ratlc iMate Convention to dsv was ?Wndoned to the Dou|(lat men bv tbe withdrawal ??t tbe other wing Krasmns D Beach, of 5pr1*g fleld waa nominated for <ii vernor by ncrlamaHon'wltb a fi il Sat* tVkK and elertora at iarre Strong Douglas reaoiuttona were adopted "f L?t r- - i , j li m - - w>ih^ wm an mcuiy nga;ilU Mllon. (ennectlcnt Pali tic* New lirn, Sept IS ? Ralph J litter toil and Thorns* U Seymour were to-day uoiulaUed el < tors at large. and with district electors were tDStru'-b'd to vote first for Mr Breckinridge. if they ran elect b'.m. and If not, to rote for any national man to defeat Mr Lincoln. Mr LtBidfB't Death in New Orlaane NewOilkmi. Sept II ?The announcement of tbe nd end uf ?!*l Lutraden (of tbe Picayune) and fauilly, canaed a painful annailw aaiettg hie friends in thia cite, where bf Mldrd for near If thirty year* All Uie paper* have feeling noSrea of the event Pennsylvania Coagreaaieaal Nealaatuaa. CBA?B?a?auaa. s'eiil II ?The democratic con(prences Lave n u.lasted Hon. W. P * hell, of Bedford, for Congress Lot s Htuv Sept 11 ?The conference ef the fifteenth congreaa.cNial district Lave aoaiiuslei Hon J T Hale for Congrt-aa Geverner General of <nanda. Toiosto. sept 11 ?Tbe Globe aaya that Sir Fenwlrk ? ?in " " ? ?. ww in win pmrnyMCOCM !<lf Pdmuud Hwl u the Governor General of Canada, In October Rf(??fry of Chicago, Sept ID ?Forty bod tea of unforlaMla Tlrtlma t?v tbe r^nt itnmlxat d Pilar kava be??i? rrcuvrrrd Tbey ?'* uiially boee of rati* deals of Chicago. Toe D??(lti Birktrsr si H*'* Vsrk. Xiw Voaa, S*pt 13 ?Tbe Douglas barbecuo to-day at Jones' Wood was a (treat affair It 1s estimated litat SO.lUb poraona were praat nt More Recrnita for Walker NiwOb* EAK?.8ept 18 ?A party of flftv volnnVeera are preparing to leave here to join Walker. Balttaarra Markata. Baxtiho&b, Sept. lit ?Flour la ataady; Howard strwt. Ohio and Ottv Mills *?. wlui l?r,e sil^i K*tri Umir ?Whe<t Is nrtlv*, red *1 3^41 46; white fci VM 75 Cora Is dull; yellow TUsTlc ; wbit* CbaTlc. PiwWuus aro gti et jiid uurbaiiited: ti'eoi outk ?l? *15 Coflrf >a very a< ti vt, Kiol3K*>4Jt . ?Urk in port only 8.UUU nek*. Wklakt to ?<M4r at *3xt3?c V* Tark Marktu. Naw Vow Sept 3 - Kiour la quiet; Wit* 46 70 >. **, Oblo ?W 1) 96 ?; Sooth-rn him'ul. W'bf.t lnqnlK; Southern wuii*SI 45aI SI Cora la quiet; nv.e-d C9r Piovltlcktanqfllet. YVLtaky ta dull at*4*c. fll N?vr Y???* Sej-t 13 Sfcv-ka mrr bettar, CM< ay baud Muck U>an<l -ii 5,; I1U oi? ahkre* rfcfc, d<> l><v?da Sfc-, MlrLitr*n Ko?>tbe?? 47, .%f? Votk Ceatiai Kwliaf^K Hixla*nKi ? fc it ttix, Va 6"8??ij4: *' MitN> or a m Nrw V>i?t - Tfcr N. V roat or Tunnfficii n* Ufi on Gray a yauug flreniu. rea'diujf la Cbrlsto pbrr ttrvrt, waa Hiuru?-r?-d laat ai^bi about twrtva o'clock, at a bouae in lb*- rear of Clark* atreet He bad Ur*n in tb? bablt of vlfclttag tkr bouae, and weut tberr oo that nl^Lt tn < butpaay wltb a you it friend u*m?d JtaiH Milltc lo aeo aoaa* putative abop girla wbo reside tber* Thev had oeen out for a walk with the girls. aad war* Just returning when tbey werr art upou by three young fellows wbo lived la tbe bouae, and are r*er???nt.d to be ' bard case*," aaa?ed Pb-rles A id batteu, Bernard A Id batten, and Tbswsa s?iavin Gray realsUd to tbe uUnoat of bla ability, wktia MlUer ran of to obtain assistance. aad returning vritl a party of ftreint-a and ether a found, compauloa dead witb a aUb la bU back, lying la Ltoculalrk etreet Mra ??arvia. wbo keep* a ,'rocerv in Clarke atrert, mtaiaa tbat Charles Aidbatteti rnsbed into ber place and tailed a Urge t h'es< kulf*.which be *o?n after returned coveted with blood He waa urniad la Brooms aUret, dee.on from the a ?rne aad U? other AldhaMeu and HUvla were aioa afl> rwards captured Tba aanrder created a great etcilenmi la tb* ward. Dray waa about Xi vaara of a*e. aad a imfibet of t.uardisn Kagioe loaapaiiv No f. ? a I^ocomotitb ia Mcvbnim ?TW ftnail mt Hofarr WbiU, ?rf gyratuaa, *u rttoadad trmm n Panl'a Ctiurcb, to tbatrlty, ?t* p ?.,? Saturday Tbr turoutoUv* wbicfc twa<a tbr n im*> of lb* d?cMMd, Irft tbr ^raoaar dt-pml am Tburada?* veiling, loading tUe wty Uilii ??*rf IM directraad to Roc beater, Tt-ry approprlaleij tlawA VUb black, in raaprct to th? mmmory mt to* toto dirartor ot lk* road Tbo pUto tiaflalaiag to* HUM of the engine, lb* bell, and tor Urge lantora adorned with tbe portrait *>t Mr. Wbtto, ?n? moat beautifully draprd wttfc era pa,faatrnad wild bawa of black ribbon Mowralag ba?l?? ?ara tied at regular I o terra* upon tbr rada of ta? mmviM. firing a xalr but arrlooa rrprra l<?a 9f ,*A n*aa f^byaU over tbe brraavamaal toa pobOo 1 katia Paaaiaa lotumUtf.A oatoer brgglat tttor fran Lanriartaa*. tor Fitock auttar. app*?ra la tbr Praaiiaa. a Nrtai Pritra i' to uAteb bo aki *? ? ? ??-* -u" ? torlp htm out ot peruuiM)rdiactUUM,a*4br??iM tt?- lu^ratllu4? of bit *? rowitn* * " U* people of H*rtt 4o m w?U If IU r??? l*?tf ? ~*r am (bn 4>d Am U? {tuTty <** Jtl* br*?n L? wu. be nul? i? Un>| to?u. tot Mi>i.

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