Newspaper of Evening Star, 14 Eylül 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 14 Eylül 1860 Page 1
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9 0 ?? * * 1 Ifiii Star. V-- XVI. WASHINGTON, D. C.. FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 14. I860. N?. 2.863. THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED BVBRY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS BXCKPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILD!*GS, Corner of r?nmtijlvani+ awn 114 and llxA St., BT W. D. WALL.ACH. P?t?e_Mrred is by camera at ? year, or jj oenu per month. To Mil sebeeriMrs the price is aa_? a je&r, i* ad cant*, $2 for lis month*; 91 for three monthe; ?ai for ieee than three mouths at 'he rate of It cents a *?k. Sine.e opiet, om cent; in wrappers, iwo'cnn. lL/~ Advkstmsmem-i soouUl be sent to the oAo* before lio'e.ook m; otherwise they may not appear aatii the next day. f ~ FIRST LOTS ; Or, Ceastaacy ia the Maeteeath Ceatary. Tho assertion that "Whit ilenrjbodj'ibu?* ioeu is nobody's" is true enough, bat the as1 AL.A uUM * a . i_i_ v eerwL'u mat "nun is noooays Dimness is everybody's" is (till truer. Now, a lore affair, fur example, is of all others a thing apart, au enchanted dream, where common griefs and cares come not." It is like the matrimonial auarrel?never to be benefitted b y the interference of others; it is a sweet and subtle language, "that none understand* but the speakers.^ and yet this fine and delioatc spirit is urnet especially the object of curiosity It ia often sup|*?eJ before it exists ; it is taken for ^granted, commented upon, oontinued and endJed, without the consent of the parties tbem? Mires; though a casual observer might sup* poae that they were the most interested in the business. All love affairs excite the greatest possible attention; but never was so much attention bestowed as in the little town of Allerton,upon that progressing bei veen Mr. Edward Rain lorm ana jum ?.111117 > onmngion. xncy n&a been a charming couple from their birth?we 11 the little lovers from their cradle; and veo when Edward was sent to school, his let 'Ur home onee a quarter, always contained his 0 to his little wife. Their oourse of true ^|ove seemed likely to run terribly smooth, ? their fathers having maintained a friendship ' a regular as their accounts. Mr. Worthingb, ton s death, however, when timily was just lo, I.J iL.i v:. _ iT. __ inv m iuo uHiiuvetj vdsi ais aauirs were od the verge of bankruptcy. Mr. Rainsworth now proved himself a true friend; he said little, but did everything. Out of his own pocket he ecured a small annuity to the orphan girl, plaoed her in a respectable family, and aaked her to dine every Sunday With his full sanction, "the little'' became "the young lovers m * a ? m < ia * # ? * ^ ana tne town 01 Aiierron, ior me nrst time In iu life, h&d not a fault to find with the conduct of one of its own :nbabitants. The two old frie.'ds were not destined to be long parted, and a few months saw Mr. Kainefortb carried to the same churchyard whither he hid so recently followed the companion of his boyhood. A year passed away ; and Edward announced his intention of marriage. The whole town was touched by his constancy, and felt itself elevated into poetry by being the scene of such disinterested affection. But for the first time in his life, Edward found there was another will to be consulted than his own. His trustees would nut bear of his marrying till he was two-and-twenty, the timo kis father's will appointed for hia coming of age. T1 1 J r iL - 1 xuo rage >uu ucjj/air ui mo lovers were oniy to b? equalled by the rage and despair of the whole town of AHerton. Everybody said it wad the eruelcst thing in the world; and some went so far as to prophesy that Emily Worthington would die of consumption before the time came of her lover's majority. The trustees would not abate one alum of their brief authority; tbey had said their ward ought to see a little of the world, and both of them were men of their word. Accordingly it was settled that he should go to London for three months, and see how he liked studying law. He certainly did not like the prospect at all; and bis only consolation was, that lie should not leave his adored Emily exposed to the dissipations of Ailerton. She had agreed to go and stay with an aunt, some forty miles distant, whero there was not eTen _ 2 ? : _LL. * * I?11 m J uuiig cuilit >y iUO uciguuorao<Hl IDS tO*vn of Allerton was touched to the heart by the whole proceeding; no one spoke of them but as that romantic and devoted young couple. I know that I have known greater misfortunes in life than that a young gentleman and lady of 20 should have to wait a twelvemonth before they were married; but every person considers their own the worst that ever happened, and Edward and Emily were miserable to their hearts' content. They exchanged locks of hair; and Emily gave him a portfolio, embroidered by herself, to hold the letters she was to write. He ?aw her off first, under the care cf an old aervant, to the village where she was to ?iay. ane ??red ner wane handkerchief from the window long iu she could see her lover. ' and a little longer, and then sunk back in a flood of 4*f?liing pearls,which men call tears." Edward wa? wretched, and he was also exceedingly uncomfortable, which help# wrotchednee.* on very much. It was a thorough wet 9 day; all his things were packed up?tor ho kimjalf ?? l/\ i n (Ka ^ a' Li i iu v II ?f?.i *u uiiliuy.'li WUOIi lilt) mail passed through?and never was a young gentleman more utterly at a loaa what to do with himaelf. In such a case an affair of the heart ia a groat resource; and young Kainsfurth i got upon the coach box looking quite unhappy enough to satisfy the people of Ailerton. In these days, roads have no adventurer? they might exclaim, with the knife-grinder, *4 Story! bless you, I have none to tell !" we will therefore take our hero after he was four daya in London. lie ia happy in a lover's rood conscience, for that very morning he had written a long letter to his beloved Emily ? the three first days having been "like a re* tutuoi ia a twirl," he had been forced to ce.* gleet that duty so sweet and so indispensable to an absent lover llo had, however, found time to become quietly domesticated in Mr. Alford's family. Mr. Alford was of the first eminence in his profession, and had two or * I *1 1 LI- - * * - mrov oiucr jvuug uicii uuuur m? cnarge, Dul it is toon evident that Edward was * first rate favorite with the mother and two daughters at alt event*. They were fine-looking girls, and understood how to look their best, They wore ail dre??ei, and it is wonderful bow much the hair --done to a tarn,'' ribands which make a complexion, and an exquisite ehausaurc, off a young woman. Laura taught him to waits, and Julia began to sing daets with him. Now these are dangerous employments for a jouth of one-and-twenty. The heart turn* round, as well as the head sometimes, in & MMifewM, and then it is difficult to ask those tender questions appropriated to duett, as 4i Tell rae, my heart, why wildly beating*" 44 Canst thou teach me to forget?" without some emotion. A week passed by, and the general postman's knock, bringing with it letters from his trustee, who, as an item in his accounts, mentioned that he had just heard that Miss Emily Worthington was quite well, put him in mind thai be bad not beard from ber himself. Oh! how ill-oaed he felt; he had tome thoughts of writing to overwhelm her with reproaches for her neglect: bat on second thoughts he resolved to treat her with silent disdain. To be sure, saoh a method of showing bis contempt took less time and trouble than writing four pages Ut express it, would hare done. That evening he was a little out of spirits, but Julia showed so much gentle sympathy with his sadneea, and Laura rallied him so plea.-wntlj upon it, that thej pursued the subject long atier there was anj occasion for it. The week became weeks?there ?u no drawback to the enjoyment of the trio, excepted now and then "some old friend* of papa, to whom we mu-?t b? civil; not/' said Laura, "but that I would pat up with one and all, excepting that odious Sir John Belmora." Edward had been in town two month* and a for might, when on? evening Julia?they bad bean singing "Meet me by moonlight alone"? asked him to breakfast with them. "1 have," aid she, " ft>me commissions, and papa will tract me with you." He breakfasted, and ..J AS I.* ? ? auenaeu u?e ojue-eyea Julia to Sw?n and Kdgar'a. "Now I ha?e som? coaacience!" exclaimed ?* ? with one of bar own sweet languid smile*?JalU had an especially charming smile jt M (Uttered the peraon to whoa it waa addreeaed. it waa that aort of a smile which it ia imDoaeib'.e to help taking as a personal comDliuent " I k*Te ? worl? shopping _ ?, do?bargains to buy?netting ailka to choae; and jou will never hare patienee to wait. m? hare for an hour and then ocme ? bark-now be punctual Let we look at your , watch?ah! it is eleven. Good-by. I ihall expect yoa exactly at twalra. ' Shi turned into the ihop with a meat heconiisg blMk. M ptotty, MM EdMU& ? I a mind to have followed her in, and quoted Moore's lines? " Ob! let me only breathe the air, The blessed air that's breathed by thee but a man has a natural antipathy to shopping and even the attractive sort, one on jour own aoeount?eren that was lost in the formidable array of ribands, silks, and bargains? " Bought because they may be wanted, Wanted because they may be had." Accordingly he lounged into his club, and the hour was almtet gone before he arrived at Swan and Edgar's. Julia told him she had wait ed, and he thought?what a sweet temper the must hare not to show the least symptom of dissatisfaction ! on the contrary, her blue eyes were even softer than usual. By the time they arrived at her father's door, he had also arrived at the agreeable oonclusion that he could do no wrong in appropriating their softness to himself. They parted hastily, for he had a tiresome business appointment; however, they were to meet in toe eveniug, and a thousand little teader things which h? intomtoH tn m* occupied him till the end of his walk. (to be continued.J The Paris Cathedral ef Plerte Dane Robbed ? 8160,000. [From the Boston Traveller, Sept. 10 ] We extract the following paragraphs from the last letter received from 'Spiridon," our Paris correspondent, dated August 26 : " We are at this moment in a good deal of excitement in consequence of a successful burglary committed at the metropolitan church in this city, to the loss of the cathedral of at least 8UO,OOOf.. ($160,000,) and I speak merely of the pecuniary loss?the moral loss is irreparable. "Every person whj has 'done* Paris must have visited the treasury of Notre Dame, which is kept in the vestry-room, for it is one of the shows of Paris. Whilft it ! nAt nnm ?? - - ? - - ? - - *W wuipaiavio W the treasuries of Italian and Spanish churches, it is interesting, for the visitora?es thegorgeou? vcstmeats of tne metropolitan clergy at state ceremonies, some of which (snch as the costumes given by Lonis XVII upon the baptism of the Duke of Bordeaux, by Napoleon on his marriage, by Louis I'hillippe upon the marriage of the Duke of Orleans, and the return of Napoleon's ashes, and by Louis Napoleon on the baptism of his child) are historical, and a great variety of ecclesiastical ornaments, crosiers, taper-holders, crosses, etc., in massive gold, adorned w;th the most precious stones, all of great intrinsic and historical value, and many of them important by their great antiquity. These treasures are kept in an outlying building connected with the cathedral and built purposely for these treasure*, which are therein kept in iron closets secured by massive doors. As every person pays ten sous for entering this place, (the Church of Homo has alwayi Doen distinguished by tiie Jewish instinct for turning a penny,) a considerable harvest of half francs must have been leaped every year from this field which the burglars have despoiled. The large space of ground which lies hAtvAAn riror SifitnA ov\A *?-? ??* 1 ...v. Mv.uv ?u?4 iuo v/aiucurai oat* : been for a good many years past used as the 1 workshop where the stones and other object* wanted in the repairs of the fabric are prepared for their places. "Yesterdey morning when the workmen went to resume their labors they were surprised to see a good many ecclesiastical vases scattered over tne eronnd. They notified the officers of the churcn, and tho latter instantly discovered the treasury had been entered hv hnroi.M ^ _ ? ? J WM> g*?10 *UU all the golden sacred furniture it contained, and estimated, as I hare said at $160,000 in value, had been carried off- The poliec were instantly sent for; their investigations led them to the parapet wall of the fjuay, and upon leaning over the wall and looking towards the *? 1 ter they discovered a rope secured in the iron riiie ahov? th? l?v?l nf ? ?? nut;-.:' _ .wv nHWIi XUIUAlUg U Firoloble the rop? had been used bj the burg&rs. they entered a boat and attempted to detach it from the iron ring. They found it tightened by an object under water and pulling it out of the water they found a large fishing net filled with a great many object* belonging to tho treasury, but all of them stripped of their precious stones The police are now emnlovimr divert to search the river 8 bottom. ' This diaoovery hu led the polioe to presame that the burglars, after having secured their first portion of prizes in the net and sunk it in the rirer, returned to the treasury, to empty it of its content;, bat were put to flight by some noise, probably the barking of a watch-dog placed there, and in their haste let fall or threw away the ecclesiastical furniture found in the yard, and contented thoraselves with running off with the diamonds, rubies and other precious stone*. The police feel assured they will noon capture the burglars. You may well conceive that a robbery of this importance, and the loss of such valuable objects, has made a deep impression upon us. Ihe treasury of Notre Dame was sacked at the Revolution of July, and all the ecclesiastical vestments thrown into the river, wbere they were discovered by some fishermen several months afterwards. ? What is Coal??It is supposed that *11 coal, both soft and hard, is of vegetable origin, having been formed by long processes of fermentation, decomposition, and carbonization, from submerged forests, or from grasses, leaves, shrubs, and foliage, which hare settled Into compact masses, and have gono through various change*. Teat is vegetable matter on the way to become soft coal, which, undergoing still further changes, becumes hard coal. The shapes of great trees, of a size almost unknown on the earth at present, have been traccd out in the coal beds with great certainty. This is one of the most curinn* 1??? ?- t-?wwoocg V* lUVVftVlgdtion. This is one instance : a fossil truck was found near Bonn, which had 792 annular rings showing that the tree which had been thus turned into coal was nearly eight hundred years old. The lignites are very curious. These are specimens in the transition state from wood to coal. In aome cases, as in one in the possession of the writer, while one end is coal, the other is yet wood, as if eharred. The coal fields in the United States are about 150,000 square miles, and in Qreat Britain less than 1x000. Yet England produoes about 40,000,000 of tons per annum. while the United States produces only 7,600,000. In 1820 anthracite eoal was soaroely known in this oountry; and nobody suppoaed it would burn, and only about 400 tons were sent to market. In 1859, 7,300,000 tons were sold. In England the soft, or bituminous coal, is the great staple, aad the trade in this is growing in this country, about I1M ft!Ml ??.- I . -t . 1 -* - - * - ?vu9 uanu| wva pruuuoftt iasi J6W. Rohas Catholic School fob Gip.l?.?The Sisters of Notre Dame?a Human Catholic order of nana?have lately established * new school for girls in Boston. Of the twelve hundred applicants only the older ones were admitted. There were over five hundred of eleven years and upwards among them, so that all under eleven were rejected, and must wait till vacancies occur. It was thought proper to take the older one* nn? ? w-'; 1 -, ? v KOI irolUJTCU they were in need of the restraining influence of religions teaching. Another company of Sisters of Notre Dame have arrived from Cincinnati. to take eharge of a similar school at East Boston, where there has heretofore been a small school, conducted by one of the Sisters from Lancaster street. Each of these colonies Ls accompanied by a Lady Superior, who acta as bead of the establishment. No eharge for tuition will be made at these schools just established, but it is designed to have select cbools in connection with them whi?h -?? k attended only by those who cm afford to pay! ftHOOTlNO ArrAlB at R.chmoxt). V* ?We leun from the Richmond paper* that Mr. Joaeph H Creashsw, of the firm of Crenshaw * Co . shot the mate of the schooner Connaconark, of Baltimore, John Askew, on Tuesday last. Inglcting three wounds wbloit are coostdared dangerous The mate used some offensive language to Mr. Crenshaw, and refusing to apologize ne struck , htm with a pistol, aod fired as he was rushing at > Aim. Hishwat Robbery *sar LvxcHBrRo, Va ? On Saturday evening lut Mr. Barney Hughe*, when about six mile* from Lynchburg was balled by two men, who came out of the woodi on the aide of the road, and preaenting platols at bis bead demanded hla "money or his life " Mr. II. ? i % i ? rrpntra ne naa no irionev, upon which he waa made to dismountand Lla norse turned looee The highwayman than took him in the wood* and tied him to a tree, and robbed him of S140 in money. I and hla watch. After securing their booty they Mt down near Mr . H , lighted their cigars and smoked away quietly until about 1 o'clock when they released their prisoner who went immediately to Lynchburg and gave the alarm, but to late to arrest the highwaymen. Rimarkablk Operation?About a year ago a youug man was violently naaailed one night by ruffians, and severely cut about the head with a knife, and otherwise badly injured. From the effects of the wound in his head, a punctured and depressed fracture. Daralvsls. eniiensv. and 1H!? ? have since supervened After continuing In tbis condition for nearly a year, tbe operation of trepaning was successfully performed in Richmond, VV, a few days aince. In the short space of time reauired for tbe operations the seuii-paralyzed epileptic Idiot was completely restored to reaaon and the me of bis limbs. The brain was relieved the instant the depressed portion of the bone wu removed. Small Favors Thankfully Rrcrived?Th? Buffalo Express of Sept. 10, contains tbe following: "The undersigned would moat respectfully return their thank* to all persons who interested themselves at the late picnic of the St Louis Church, t? particular to tke brewers for their liberality in furnishing beer gratis, and to Mr. D. Brown, for his kindness in furnishing a rope. "For Trusters of St. Louis Church." A MRS. WINSLOW, N Experioired Noras and Female Phyalolan, presents to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUP, Fop thildrta Tiftbiag, Wbtak jraatly faeiiitataa iha pncm ?f tf(tfaiag, ky mAm id( tha fmiu?, radacir f all inlaB?n>au*o?will allay ALL rale ana ?paamadic *et'tn,aril II SURE TO RBUVLATB THE BOWELS'. Otpiod apao It, DMtbtrt, it will fir* rait ta yaarialMt, aad KB LI BP AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa kava pat ap and Id thia articla for ??ar tan yaara, tnd caw sat, in conriDincB a!?d tilth of it, whatwa h??? oavar bain abla ta. ?? af any OTHIl Mfdieiot?5 IT BR INKS. MA* IT rAILBD.IN A I I If A L 1 l!?- ITAIfCB TO BrrBCT A Cl'BB, WINSLWW'S whan timaly ihi*. Navar did wa knaw KOUTIMAG *" 'o'Unei of die aa:>af?euan by any tm ?ho (ltd it. Oo tha eantr?ry,allara SYRUP, dalirhtad witb lU orBRATiom, and ?r?"? in tarma af htjhan caremsndatian af ' miriraj iiicu and madical airtaaa. Wa apaak in .bit miliar " what wb do brow," af.artan ynr>' npimi<ci,i^o flbdsb oub bbp i*taTlOPf FOB THB ll'LULMIST OF WHAT WB HUB DBCLtn b. In almaat arary malanca vhara tha infant i* aofar* Inj from pain and aihaaatioo, raliaf will ba found in Iftaaa r iwanty imnataa a/tar lha ayrap ia aoimmatarad. Thia ralaabla praparation "ia tha praacnptiau af ana af lb* Ml BIPIKIBIIl'tDind IIILFUL RI'DB! in Naw Knrlaad, aadhu baan aaad with RBTBB-FAiLina ivccBft ia THOUSANDS Of CASES. It aat aaly raliaaaa tba child fram pain, bat Inrifaratai tba wiuivu mm** ??w i , wviitvu auiuilj, Uia |1T|| l#r LDQ MV|J ? tfct wb*l? . It will alnrwt inataotly GRirms in thi Bowels and Wind Colic, and arareoraa cm?!>ihi, which, if jal apaadtt* ramadiad and in daath. Wa ?? u^iki it thl BIT tiDit'iiiTRiii- FOR bt>y in tha world latiicint tf on- t'HILOHE!! wtiitand piae ??? ?!? cmil- TEETHING. whatbar it ariaaa from tiathirigl I or from an* oihar caaaa. W* ?o?H a?y to a?arj mouitr who haa a cniid aaffannf from acy of tha forafainjf comj'.ainu ? do rot lit TOUR fRBJl'DICBl, !*OR THE PRBJI DICBI OF OTHERS land t>aiwatn yoar aafariiig child and tht raiiaf that will ha IVRE?yaa, alJOLl'TILT (CBB?ta follow tna aa* of th adicina, if ti/ral? oaad. Fall dirtetiora er aair. j will a aarnpiiir aach botJu. Nona ranuina anlaaa tha bc-aimila CtltT'i k PfcHKINS, Naw *crk. la an ilia aivaida wrappa l?d by Dracriata hroufhoat tha world. Principal Offiea, Wa. II Cadar Btraat, H. T. Priaa aalf U Canta par Battia. N U-Mwl? J? UK AM) KENT. I^OR SALF.?A lot of LAND containing 5acr?s * in PrUioe ??eor*e'iicoiirty.adjoining the District lino. 5 miles north of Washington city and 2 mile* from the Soldier*' Homo, in a heaithv neighborhood. improved with a coinfortabiedwelline and an orchard ot select trint. Situation desirable as a building site, convenient to churches, schools. A c. Terms liberal. For particulars inquire on the prom- j lses to the sutwcriber. au Mrs. K. DAVI? 17OR SALE-A small FARM ofanacres, situated i' at the Little Fails, tiavinc a ooinfortaMedweiliug-hou*e, oorii house, stables, <k.o ; well-fenced and watered ; wituin fo'u ir.iles of Washington ; IS acres in cultivation, tii<> . ance in handsome woodland. It is peculiarly desirable as a country rea* denoe, being perfectly hraithy and moat romantically situated , exoellent fishing anii hunting. Inquire of Mr. MARRIOTT, bridge keeper, Cham Bridge, Little Falls. do 7-2awtf FOR SALE?Very cheap, on r>?sonable terms, one of the most desuable BUILDING LOTb in the city , sii-iVo-l on the north west corner <>i titli St.. and New York Avenue, Knquire of JOS. F. HODGSON, Stove Alanufacto.rj, No. 404 7th st., between H and I nils. au ivtr li^OR RKNT.?A new and handxome FRAME r HOUSE will tx* for rent in a few days. It in t>eautiliilly situated on Thirteenth utreet, betwoen (Jeorgia avenue ami K at., Navy Yard; hns a large warden lot attached, a pump of good water n-ar, and contain*4 rooms, kitchen and woodshed. Will Us rented low, with or without the lot, to a good tenant. For *ale cheap, a rood, strong .WORK HORSE: works well in anything. Inquire of T. E. CLARK, Navy Vard; or of JOHN PATCH, tiifc H i?t . I?etw?en 4th and 5th. jy 16 liH>R RENT?'The three story (brown Iront) I HOUSE, No. 367 Now York avenue, between IOth and 11th streete. north axle, containing fifteen rooms. Thin house is convenient to the Patent Office, Treasury, etc ; is lighted by gas, and in every way suitab e for a boarding house. Kent moderate. Apply next door, or to A G. FOWLER, second Moor north wing o( Patent Office. jy 14-tf li'OR RENT-Three BRICK HOUSES-une on x Twelfth street, between C and D;one on the corner of Twelfth and H sts.; and one on H. I.etwMii I2?h and 13th sts. Inquire of JAMKs W BARKER,ou H street, between 11th and 12th, No. 4 US. maX-tf ipOR RKNT?The FIRST FLOOR of Uie bnild1. log immediately opposite the west wine of the Pi?. tf.l * i _ - - t u_ ni?^ ?J iv.ii ? t vitj uaitf icuoutij uouuyiwt uj viioe. cj. >Tmuwo u an oftoe. Alao the front room in tho second tory and tlie tuird floor of the eanio buildinc. For terms apply to KlCilARI) WALLACH, N'o. -J Lou iaiau% avenue. ja 13 tl T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottery) oouduoted by the ??ani?h Government, under the npervicion of the Captain tteaeral of Cuba, will take plaoe at Havana on THURSDAY. Sxttkmber 13, 1W0. SOATEO NUME&O 642 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 9100,000. 1 prize of 9100,000 fOprisecof. fi.oor I do ?,00n 80 do 600 1 do ?,ooo las do too 1 do ? jo,ooo so appro*. 8.300 1 do 10,000 rv tit ofca bbitpe Whole Tioke'ta. |iiO-HiiTn, 310?Uuartera, $3. Brizee ouhed at eight at 5 par oent. diaoonnt. ilia on ail solvent Banka taken at p?r. drawing will be forwarded aa aoon aa the renlt beoom?a known. All ordera for aohemea or tickets to be addreaaed to DON RODRIGUEZ. an 2?-tr C?re of Cttf Poet. (Tharl?ton. ?. R. I. M 81 HQ EE & 00.8 IMPROVED SEWING MACHINES, 368 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, (Umdk* National Hotel) J nnm\ 4 CC/lDOIumurm r?ta /? ?*/vi/ iiaut/niioiini KJMP Hachloei, Threaii, Needles, k Twist, KEPT ON HAND. ?e 1-Im WM, H. GLOVER, Agfnt 17LOUR, MKAL, MILL FEED, Ac. r Juat reoeived on ooniigntnent? 470bbls- superior brand of fresh ground Family, Extra and Superfine Flour, 9nbbJa.No. 1 RyeUo., Freeh ground Corn Meal and Mill Feed of all kinds oouatantly on hand, for sale lov in lots to suit. aa?-6m D. L. MORRISON A CO. J COAL OIL. UBT Reoeived from the Virginia Oil Com parr Cbarrels prime PARAF1NE COAL OIL, wnion t/. ?h. V?k ? n? ii ? ?V ?UW l*ww V Via VI WII. The trade oan De supplied on the **? term* u they bur at the North. Mvinjr the freight. an nAm H.C. purdv.4q3 pa ??. Avery fine lot of gemta1 ?hirt .COLLARft, TIES. UNDERSHIRTS. and JJKAWER&. AImi, i fcn? etook of I'ALL Ml JOt tekMw^iiaSiiMi EDUCATIONAL. HMISS"JBNETTE i, DOUGLASS, AS The pleasure of announcing to h?r friend* and the publio that she will h?r s*rT,ln'r" * the corner of II and 11th ?t?., "Philadelphia Place,' on Monday, September 10th. For term* call on the Prinoipal. She will he assisted by tlie following experienced and efficient teachers: Mm DOUGLASS? Higher English Branches, Compt'Si.U'n and Penmanship Miss Abbik M. Brooks?Latin, Algebra. English Branches. Miss Julian* G May?Teacher of Vocal Music. Prol. Geokgk C. SrHAiFPsm? Lecturer on Phi losphr, Chemistry .and Physiologr. Prof Henry E. Marix?Teacher of French and German. Prof. C. W. Birqmann?Tcacher of Piano and Science of Music. Miss Mary T. Davidson?Piano. I J. Madison Watson, of New York-Lecturer on Elooution I Joseph G Barrr?Teacher of Drawing. , Teacher of Spanish. . .Moral Science and Classics. se 7-2w | nn **lf A L' ? JM - n a 1 HOSE Parent- who wi*h their daunhters to rei ocivrf a thorough and systematic education, where their physical training will receive daily and special attention, under the most approved system of Cain- ' theme* ami Gymnastic*, are respectfnlly invited to visit the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth at. and New York av. mr. a mr3. z. richard#, &u 30-tf Principal*. Female boarding and day school, ALEXANDRIA, VA. Mr*. S. J. McCORMICK, Prisctpal. The thirteenth annual section of this Institution will commence on Tuesday, September 18th, in the house recently occupied by Sylvester Scott, e?q., No. 1 *0 Kin* street. The courso of study pursued will comprise all the branches requisite to s thorough English Kin cation, and Music, French, Latin and Drawing, il desired. In addition to day scholars. Mrs. McCormick is Rrepared to receive a limited number of pupils as oarders, who. constituting a part of her own family, will be under lier immediate care and supervision. She will endeavor, as far as possible, to surround them with the comforts and kindh influences of Home. Rtfrrenctt.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Elias Harrison, Rev. D. F. Sprigg, William H Fowle. Esq., Edgar Snowden, Ksq.. Edmund F. Witmer. Esq., Henry Marlmry, Esq., l^wis McKensie, Esq., Rob#t H. Hun ton. Esq . W. D. Wallach, Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters. E<q.,Jas. Entwisle. Jr., Esa.,Col. John W. Minor, Loudoun, Messrs. Blacklocic At Marshall, Messrs Corse Brothers. T?M?. Board, with Tmtion in all the Kn?li?li HmhioIim 53*Mor the annual session?payable semi-annually, in advance. Music and Language* at Professors' prices. !?/ No extra charges. an 2fl-tt Franklin acadkmy, CtiRNKR Thiktkknth AND H STS.. A SELECT SCHOOL FOR BOY?, I PrtMTJ 0vi*t I r\rn t cri * ? titm f.?t# !!/?? J i Thin institution will commence its Third Annual Ses*ion, at its tew location,on Monday. September. 3-1. Application* for admusion mar ha made on the premises at any time after the i5th inat. au 25 Im R. B. DE TRICK. Principal. CENTRAL ACADEMY, cornkt E and Tenth Sts. This Institution will resume itsduti** September 3d. Applications made to the Principal at the rooms. Circulars at the bookstores J. S. DE HART, Principal. Rrfertnce*. Prof. Henry, LL. D., M. H. Miller. E?q.. Rev. John C. Smith, D D., I>r. C P. Culver, n.? A r-i n ? > 1 acv. n. yj. v^arowiers, nev. J. I'. uavidson. _&u2S-lin W ASHINGTON SELECT SCHOOI<, Corner or Tksth a>d G Sri. The exercise? of this school will l>e resumed on MONDAY, Septemlwr 3(1. For terms appiy at my residence on D street, near Star Office. Circulars at bookstores. au 21 at SAMl'EL KELLY, Principal. WBLECT SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. Miss M. R1DDELL will resume the duties of her school on 'he first MONDAY in September,at No. 4 51 Twelfth street. ail -J' lt The pr~escott high"school" 370 Kiouth St.. Bktwkkm K I. Stf. Studies will be resumed in this institution on MONDAY, September 3d. Cirouiarsat hoolc^tiTts, au 16 tl A. C. RICH AR !>? . Principal. METROPOLITAN COLLEGIATE INSTI1ti TUTE C*/tO \*f\ITIkTn * a r\i I'O rvn luuiiu uauir>3, 464 K St., Bktwekn 6th and 7th Srs. The fourth annual session of the Institute will commence on the first MONDAY in Septeitil>-r. Application* should l?e made parly,as the number of piipiln is limited. For particulars ko? ciroulars or apply to the principals, .Mr. anil Mrs. T. II. H V VKNWLR, at the Institute. au 9-tf MRS. M. E. KINGSFORDS SEMINARY, 415 E St.. Washington, I). C. The next session will commence October 1ft, I860. Terms, Ac., forwarded on application. au 16 tf VOCAL INSTRUCTION ! MRS. FRANKLIN. Tiachir op Mvut, 643 II, between 6th and 7th streets, se 1 -eol in G^EORGoTOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, i ( Formerly Mis# Ij. S. English's.) A BOARDING AND DA Y SCHOOL. ti.? ,.f ?u.. ? ? ii * ?? M. nnuut ion hi ? iin iiimiuiuc II Will UO rCHU IIIt'll Oil the first Monday in Si pteruber next. The course of instruction embraces all that is taught, from the rudiments to the must highly finished education. The corps of teachers, ten in number,are eminently qualified aid experienced 111 their several departments. Lectures F riday even in** on the Natural Sciences without charge to the pupils. Circulars mav be obtained by addressine the Principal. Miss M. J. HARROVLK,Georgetown. D.C. au 22-eo3m COLUMBIAN COLLEGK, V/ WAsmnoToa, D. C. The eession of the College opo:.s on W ednrsttay. September 4>th; the preparatory school Wednesday, September 12th. For terms, catalogue, or other information. apply to the President au a *aw4w* G. W. SAMSON, D. D. !V . EIGHTH _ M A 1 1 U HI A U h A II I HI T I U H I At CINCINNATI. OHIO, Sept. 12<A-20U. Th? UNITED STATES AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY will hold it* Eighth Annua, Agriouttu r&l and Industrial Exhibition on the ground* li rurally provided t?y the oitixenK of Cincinuati, which are to be fitted up in the l>e?t style. There will l.e Hall* and Tenli for the dmplav of 1MPLEMENTS, MACHINERY,TOOLS, DOMESTIC MANUFACTURES. FARM AND GARDEN PRODUCE, FRUITS, FLOWERS, and NA T1VE WINKS; with SU1I? and P-<n? for HORSES. CATTLti. SHEEP, and SWINE: and an unequalled Track, one mile in length ana forty feet in width, for the exhibition of Horse*. The Premium* offered?in ca*h,??old, silver, and bronxe medal*,?diploma* and certificate*, amount to f130,000. 1 remain open lrom Wedne* day,the 12th. to Thursday, the 2"th, o! September, thu* civinu tune to examine and teat th? imnle mants and machinery. For premmm lists or information apply at the Office of the Society, N?- 34? Pa. avenue. (up stairs;) or to the subscriber, at Cincinnati, Ohio. BEN. PER LET POORE. jy 24 tf Seo'y U. S. Agrioultura Society. H. STINEMETZ, 236 Pa. Av.. b*t. 12th a*d 13th Sts., Having just returned from New York, is now opening a complete assortment of rvv roods in his line of trad*? KBi GENTS' DRESS HA IS, various H 99 BEE^E-'s VENTILATING j| ? DRESS HATS. - ? CA8S1MKRE D it ESS HATS,f*&^3fl _ Kweat proof. prince of Wales hat, ror young inen, A l^autiful assortment of CAPS for >oung men, ? boy?, and children. Pi n* ? ? - J J ?1 ^ ? ?r . .mv waiiB&kW r?UU ft BCWCHI linu _ Calf WAITERS, good qualities, low pnc?*. au -J TO SOUTHERN 4 WESTERN MERCHANTS. RODEWALD lr I1NDALL, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, INDino. SPICKS1! &TARCH. SODA ASH, SAt, SODA. BI CARB. SODA. SALERATUS. and GROCERS' DKUOS, ao CHEAP3IDE , BALTIMORE, invite the attention of Merchant! riaitiug this city to aa examination of their atoek, which in variety aad pnoe ia not anrpassed eithc ia tbia or any of the northern citiea. . . , (IT"Order* raaaaotfullT eolioited and faithftall* fX-OBtXl - fcU 27-lm* " 1^ OUR NEVW O'EN^' FASHIONABLE DRESS HATH, with improve*] Sweatfa Leathers, rendering them eat) and plear&ut to^L the wearer. At LANE'S Faahionable Hat and Cap Emporium. 4*4 P* avenue, aear 4V? ?t. aw? *ofit iSUtfeACo*" > | New silk, mantles AN!) HOOPED SKIHT8. We have reoeived It exprexi aeuppij < f rich f'.aiu 8*Lit MANTLES end KKAL FHF.N* H LACE MAN i'LKBanl POINTS Ale* 10 dt-s-in oi ti>e fail atrleof WOVEN SKJKTS of ??pr>rtQr I4U&Utjr. Luim in v&ut of &nj of Ui? above gooda n;?lowwtmmmm? i GEORGETOWN ADVEBT'MT8 For harper's fkhrv.-rhi.v?f of DA YS ? Ob and after July ,2JMn, th*ste*mer ANTELOPE. C*pt J. WKLLs.oarrjrtnd the United mail, will laaveUeorcetown EVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY aod FRIDAY, at7 a. na.,and r*turn every Tueedar, Thuradav and Saturday. n. B.?Every w rdneeday the Antelope will run through to Shepherditown. au 20 1m* OFOR HARPER'S FERRY. N And after Jul; 3d. 1W, the iteamer I.. J. Brengle, Captain \V. R. Ritt^r, will leave Georgetown EVERY TV ES DAY. THURSDAY.and SATUR-*""^""* DA \ , at 7 o'clock a m., and return every alternate day, at 6 o'clock a. m. On tUe Saturday trip from Goorcetown the boat will run through to f*h*pherdato wn. je 21 3m C*RANDSLU OPTICIAN, V/ >?. ltf? Bnktt St., euriMM, Has constantly on hand a large assortment of French Near-?igftt?d, Periacopio, r"' fi r> f*> ored.audal. other SPECTACLES, the beat* cold.silver. itMl.and German silver frame*. N. B. Old Frames Repaired and aew g asses set in tbem to order. nolt-tr lifASBEY, COLLINS * CO.*8 PHILADELLT1 PHiA DRAUGHT A I.E.? We are oon.tMtT* receiving fresh supplies oTthe above delightful b?Terace. and invite all persons who want a para unadulterated Ate, to give it a trial. ARNY A 8HINN. Agenta, f* U 0r?m ?t.. AmriMown. _ JU OS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Undue and Jtfmon *<*., Georgetown. Having given hit persona, attention to this branch of iut business, 1 am prepared to . ta ?? attend to all cails with promptness Person* from a distance oaa be supat a rew minutes' notioe. as 1 hare a large assortment of COFFINS aiways on hand. Part iciilar attention paid to the removal of the d<ad from the old to the new burial grounds. Hearses and Horsee for hire. a? 10-Am LIST OF UNCLAIMED PACKAGES at the Office of the Adams Express Company, Washington, D to be eoliMor freight and oaaries, if uui iiuiucutAK'i; |i>r. ?EORGE H. BURNS. AcoaU September l?t, I860. ^ Auhin.N Kriearoan, M Adamson, A Konea, Mra K Alden, J K J Kennan, W J * And<*r?ou, J H Lindler, Prof Adair, U Laurence, AB Abbey. Wm Livingaton, H B Ashe, W S L*nch. A AIbrook, U R Latrobe, H B Barber. Kev S Leonard, Rev C Ba land, H Lawaon. Serst W Branch, J \V Loonua, M Brown, AH L&ncleT.ON Brincer, M D Lone. S B ^inpe". ? *oav i. L 1 rw Lonnitrulh. ?,vl'lJ Butts, W?" lADte.J ? I Brown, A .. L*h?rre. r 1 |?B*n8,B l^wr^i-ce.Col 1 Bvr. M.r? M benhe'. G H I Howie. K J MotU Ool p H I Ka'dwin. B W Mvert, Col I Sir*, ft _ McPher.on, J A 1 Burns. M*1^ MfccK?? i T ' Burr.8. r ? c MS*' Kl,u,kn>or?. H Browae, M MoAbee, E Bolan, E T Mason. Hon C Brown*. H F Montague, E L Boss?, Wm McCrwy.FA Brown, A V Muldoon, M Barnard. GC Mannvpennv,Col Bu'ler, J G Morgan, E 6 Baker, Wright A: Co Montgomery, J B.anion, B H Martin. D B Brown. A H McKeever.A Kinks. K D McLean. w T Bennett, C W MoCraoken, J Byrnes, Dr J Mitcheil. AS Camer, A L. Mender, J Clark, H H Marks, J W Coleman. C W Morton, J H Coohrane, J A Mark ley, T Carter, C H Merrill & I'earoe, Canuon, J M Murray. T Cults, H L McMuirav.CH Connolly, FC Mauninc, Gather me, Chouteau, CP Milobeii.H Coleman. Mrs M B Merrill, ? H Connolly, J Mill*, W C Coiby, P T MeKenny.tJ C&apman, Wm Mi ton ell, A 5 Cruder, L Mnaxy, F Chwnfierlain. J MePberson. C H Cooker. J L MitoUf.ll. W F Campbell, J H Mindeloff, M ?"ouper, John Newbrough, J B Campbell, T A Nai'.or, G Clarke, Mib# J Nicholson, G W 8 Cmtoheti, J Onldi, J O Co! burn. J O Patent, Com of Campbell, Arehjr Do do Conraud. C M Palmer, E Conrad, C M Porter, VV D Cunningham, C W Parker. GAT Cook, A P . rat?nt, Coin of Uvudiertr, J G Do do Dob} n?. Col T J Do do Dndin, Felix po do l>iokeye, Mr Jo do Dubois, Cher k> do Do Moua Do do Daily, bC Poilook.bA Devine. R J A Pension*, C?<m of Delanoy, B Patent, Conn of Dougla*, MoG Patent Office Dnunain, W 8 Perry, T W Dennis, J P Randolph. Col J J Darn. K W Rodcers. J Dunham, E W Rusting, J D?wd, h (or Douns) Robeson, Capt J Edwards, S Rioh.GW Do J 8 Ridfjeway, W Faton, W Robinson. Mrs A Eaton, J Re?-d, Isaac Kahug.Dr Richardson, F Fraawr, J L Stiepperd Wm Farmer, M G Stuart. Rev D C Fronob, E B bullivan, J Ford, M Stone, N B Field, M Seward, J L Purse, J Sempi, Dr Foster, J Solomon, H Ferguson, S W Sohnudt. F Farley, Mrs J Soba?i, Wm Freio.Fred smith. Lau a Fu'ler.G C Seleonnau, J H Farrill, J 8elu<nan,M Poster, J W Stone, H Griffin, FC Seibert, 8 Giambaatian, 6 Hkiaaer, A P Givau?or, S Soenoer, Boeh Great on. W Stuart, A Gilli'i B W Sase. F Gosaett. Mri Soranton.J H Gazette Oftioe Stevtu?, b R Green. Pro' G W Sullivan. N S tfnmn, J W Smith, VV Gardner. A W Sutton, O Uatei, Mra Ptoem&ter, o Gekyl.F Retmuur. J tiibvon, W N Toney, ? (j\s?air.G Do, Hamlin, H Hon Tyler, C N Hj*m. BD Thompson 4. Buali, Hummel!, John Tyler, R C Hall, A T & Co TtioniM, H Hanient, J J Thomaa, B M Watch, El) Thompson, WA Hayes. J I '1 hraeder H Hooke 8B Tuok*r, \Vm Henry, N 8 Tnompaon. Elijah Hankneoht, G L Taylor, Jaa Hammer, M Targe, Mr Heald, J T Trn?.ball. Dr C A Harrington, W H Todd, Lt J W aa l " **%' I a a ?r ? nivim, *_oi j a I J Hy&m, b D Van Vint, B F Higftiua, A J Vough. H Hervff, H Wright. W Hu*he?, N H Wa Fane, Mn M Harmau, S Wkitcher, J B Jones. 8 Wiliinws, J Jordan, G Wemnugs. J J W F Wouster, J R James, F T. Do. Jackson, 'f B Wars, WH Jones, A Wykoff.W C Irerson, Hon 8 Ware, E T Jones, P Woodruff. J B Johnston. Mrs 8 F Whitoiey.A^ Kaciy A Anderson Welle, Hon D Kidder, B A Whipple. C Kirkup, Potts * Co Waters J C Kirby.J Wlut?, MM Kennarter, N R Wilett, Miss A W Kendall, fi D Woodley. D K elilnr. ii WatSOU. A Knu?en?trauch,0 Z<-igler, Geo M aal-ltn OFF.C^r^NWBCTOJ^ND SuS V\ A(HiNGTO!(, July M, I860. NOTICE IS HEREBY iiIf KN. Tbkt.urM ably to the proviaions of the oidinanee of the Corporation approved Mar 12. lam, the andersigned ia now prepared, "waaaaver react red in writing. and ou pr??- pajinent of the fee of kfty ?ents, to inapaat. examine, teat, prove, and ascertain the aooaraoy of registration of any gas meter in see ia tbis city." Kver* meter, if found icoorract, will be oondenined, and another, sealed and marked as traa, wUl be aetinits plaoe. If proved to be aoearata ill its measurement of gas, it will be sealed accordingly, and acain put in position for ase. Oifioo Nu. 410 Seventh street,(near Odd PalIowa' Hall ) Open from 8 a. m., to 5 p. m. CHAKL.E8 W. CUNNINGHAM, jy 18 tf inspector and Sealer of 6as Maters. mid w m.n vk wnuirv o. w._> 1 " brand* ofPara 6ld RyaWhli ky, Copaar Distilled, made by the nest reliable distillers in Pmb?yff?aia, Maryland aad Vtrnnia, ?armit?d para. Also, liaporfvl Hrandiaa, Hntatin, Otaid. Dspuy M Co.. Ju ea Robins, Ac. Also. Peach and Afili Brandy, pur* Holland Gin, old Juuim ar.a Vt. Croix Hum. and Wkm of every ranety,ail of tandard brands- A ehoioe lot of Clear* and ToBALTIMORE 13 BUTTER llOLsjE. iJaily reoeiviuz fre?h and ivni, m a ? THE WEEKLY STAR tauunc a grmtm riwty of latorMOac r?iln Uu ou bcf taadin an* otkor?it MbUaM tm gatotclar Bonuag. Teams- Oui, ?a bin* eoi'FJ. P*? ?uuu #1 J? ??-^T IS Twwt; oopiaa? U* Without tA? Inter vMtT?n offt b? KtoMTtd *> r*r c*nt. of IV m** SWr WlUee ?& - /'r^' Tnr-g sZ*???2? o *ecerft.:j thr< ufhcat Um ooutry. C7" PextaiMUr* wko ut m M?U vill to lowed a ecretrumoB of Si oenU. 1 ^ MEDICINES. Helm bo Id's Genuine Preparation. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATKI>" r??MPOl ND FT.I'Tn EXTRACT BUCHU. A Positive ftod Spec fee Hrm***? For Uimmoi ul th? HuAUukK. KIDNEYS. GRAYKL.ftad DROPSICAL fcWfeLU>6l, mwmm FLAM M ATIONt??d*s | MHiV. WUMAM. UK. Itill.lJH.MX. HELM BOLD** Anting from Kxcr?M. Habiu 01 DiM^tbot, h&rly Indiscretion or A Hum. All'*4*4 with lii /'iiMNN Sy?tfl*?u Indisposition to Exertion, Loaa of PcMr, I ??.of Memory, Difficu ty of Br?(Mag, W*kk N*rry?, mTr*Mn?* i>rynoM oi the 8km. Kr?*uuu uh tM Pin, PALLID COUNTKtf ANClT These irnip'i mi. if ?llow?d to *o oa. which thu medicine tcv*n?J?lv wnow, ?ood fot-oy* rMPnrrvrv r<*rri>v rtn rPTif ?rrt *? ? niM || J A 1 vil I| ? X In On or W mn rn* Patikwt mat EinU Who ub Uf thUtlMr v?in||y^mt;Io. ciTi4 by th??B? "DIR EFUL DISEASED" "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION. Many are aware of t&*> oauae of th?<r afftriaf BUT SONS WILL CONFESS. THE RECORDS OP THE INSANE ASYLUMS Ami the Melancholy Oeaiki Co~mmwt?m B^ar atrial* *itn??? to th? troth of th* *wrfot, THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS R <n?ire? the aiu of medioio* to itrrnitim * n<l Lr. v i rn rat* the Myatoau Which Hklmbold'* F*Tw a(fr BUCHU wmtv %bly dLoti* A. TllAL WILL comrwtl TBI HOST SKEPTICAL. .^ales-fei^e^femalm, _ VI-I/ L/n iviiiw. o J, A IA. ,M CONTKMPLATiyV MARK IAOM. MANY AFFECTIONS fGCUUAR TO* extract Bucha it nne?iMtfI?l by ar.y other remedy, m in Cklnrama or Beteotioa lrreguanty, Painfnlneat, or ?apprM?ion OI Cu tomarr Evacuation!, (Jloerated or toirrhoxt ttate of the Utorm, Leuoorrtaea or Whit**, tHonllity, and for hi oomp'.ainlt inc.dert to the vs. vkMlwr aritinx from lnditoretlon, Habitt of .OiMiyhotu or m the DECLINE OR CHANOE OP LIFE. tXX SYMPTOM! A.BOV*. NO FAMILY CHOUL1) BE WITHOUT IT Tmkf no mort Bait am, Mifrtwm, m wilil?t Mtdtetni/or mfiMmi and Danger mm Mnwu. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BCCHU 8KCKBT%IAMI In all their State*. At little ?j?*nte. Little or no ohanxeln Diet; No lnoonrenloooe. jh/J no nirermr*. It mmm? a frequent denre an<i |Itm r tract Ui to I'rinate, thereby Roninnm Obatrvotioaa, Preventing Ud curing Strioturee of Um I'rMlir*. Allaying Fain and Inflammatioa, ao frequent is tne c.m? of disease* and expeUuig *U fwimmi Dtitastd. and term out Matter. THOUSANDS UPOH THOUSANDS who rati bken tbi victims of ocackb. and woo h*v? paic *e?r? fttt to bteirad tnaehort Urns, have found they were deceived, and that the ' POISON" ha?, by the use of'pownrVL aatfthsekt-." l>een dried np in the ??ilem, to hieafr out in an aggravated form. and PEKHAPS APT&K MARK. 1 AO E. I'ee H klxiot d'i Kxmrr Bvmvfor a efee Uons and ?* ?rtk? URINARV ORGANS. Whether existing id .WALK <>R FEMALE. From whatever oan?e oruiratinc and no ? tlw of HOW LONG SI ANDING Dihum ofUi?.jeoi*au? re?uir*ta?aid otaJPnw^ft I!ELMBOI.0> KXTK ACT BCCHl' 19 THE fcREAT DIURETIC, And u obtain to have the tleaired effect ui alljPwewtFOR WHICH IT IS RKCOMMKNDED. EriiOnr' ?f tkf moft rutobit and rM^MuAJl ckmIer wnl ao<w>?*<i>*nv the CERTIFICATES OF CURES. Prom t to JO yrarj ttmmdmi, WlTB NAMCX IJOWJ TO SCIENCE AND FAME. Price SI.00 prr hottle, er six tor Si.00 D? :rf'?d to any Addroaa, itoutij packed fro oov?r>iuuD. Dkscripk Smrrons m all CoMwrmcatipkh. Cir?. (iiwaaicf4! Atfrlce Oratla :! AFFIDAVIT. Her?. nii ? app?u??d haiuia m?. aa Aldormu theoity of Plii arfelpbivlLT. H klm bold, who duly aworn, doth cay. hie prepara'iona ooutaio ao narcotio. do mercury, or oiher injvioua dmn. but are purely ver*ta!>>. H. T. HLLMBOLD; f*?oru !?nd *abacri><?d befora bm, thia ad day of November. IBM Wty. r. HIBIiF.RD. Aid*MMi. a?~. U> * i< l<L<H WX'I'k'i VUaaitVM Depot, 104 So?U? Te?u> ft.. b?t Choanal PLil BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS. Who eudMvor to diapooe * or TIKI own ui AkTICLM OH TEI UFUTATION A.TTA1KIB Kelrobold'i Geo viae ?rrp*r&L"M. ** " WMMrilki - M Improved RoaeWaak. 80Id by 9. B. Wait* Seventh atraet, aai S. C r?Di>, Jn , ooraei P *un. avenue and Eleventh ?tr??t, AND ALL UKVOOISTS KYKH YWHMEE. AfK H?K HELM HOLD'S. TAKE NOOTHEk. Cut oat the advertisement and eeod I"r it AND AVOID IMPOSITION AND EXPOSURE a? 4 eolr U._c7?L^b Y. A. . Hl'MXEWELL* UH1YE&6AL COUGH &ZKEDT, For all Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Coughs to Actual Camum/itm. HUNNE^VELL'S JUSTLY CKLfcllRATEV TOLiU ABIODYNJi, The Natural and Surg Ktmsdy far all Nar11'us Complaints, From Neamlma throne ii all run vb*re Opinai vm ever urod to tli&t of 0?;irium fMMM, IM tha ooaunca chief cutf M IHceaa* I,UM nr rL,Ltr. The Toln Anodyne. th>?rh ennuuaiac not a nttiola of Opium, pruduoaa all the r^uirMirati of, an<i may ba used id a ! caaea wherever Oatam waa aned without pro-iiioiDj anytbinc bwt Cim.aai leaving, the patient m a perleetly uataral a<Ma. The I nivoraal Couch Remady. ifreed von ait the oonimoii olnoctUu .-f 1 ourS Rermdiaa, whioh Broduoo nausea or pro?t-?fon,> may '* oonanlnaj ie oominon ai.einy toa l Throat and Lent Cntp aiuU.and u?ed with perr-ot luipanity. Xiklu all to court from pr? prt?u>>? or fnendt tha mom aarere invact ration of n4ji *ud raadina of our pmiiphiiu to b?found with al. dealers. an4 mora partiou arly to parchaee only of those who oao be depended upon, we wait m oonfiaenoe the decision* of Patiand Pa*?isAaa. "Prioea within reaeli of ?I" (IKIUL aeKTfTI. J. W. Hchriwill fc Co.. 7 id 8. Couareitl Wha.rf, Boston, tKo. HrsxiWELL, 143 Wat?r ft.. New York, ndcr tii* ipocfoJ aupervinon ofiOB N L. HIN\TELL,Ck<mit and Pf-a'maconuat., Bo^o, Mui., whcae ninu?r? o vera tha ookaoftna genuine oiJy, ar.d t? vhorr addrwa all cocjnumoationa. Bow oj all -rMpeotabl* tealera ev*rr wsare, atd all the Drtt*|.au in Wa?Jun?toa and Geort etown. mar 36-eo.r ^0iNLAS4^fnS%ES u j-?j" WASHING TO N.-Lmv Coa B.*^^m I*> naerca at. wharf. Ba.uetore, aa fvl ******0" owa: The 81 I* icuol < a jerrW ElDN,Kt*D A Y, at f. m: CoLcuftA, rgn^^tW)Xt,atlaa. liW? ?nrj " ?? I. M uni nnn Vf Ula ? ?>? WMh:nirtoB, m follow* t Colombia. *rrn wkdnfceday morning. al?. st. Nirioni, eywy saturday,atba. m. *or freight, *ou apply to Tffpg. W 1ILEV, AffMt, . ^s, FLOU. S&kMlHION Ml-HcHAN I S . And wl?oie?*.ie d?airr? ia ? MILL FtiKV. CORN MWJL ft.. *(.. . 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