Newspaper of Evening Star, September 14, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 14, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON VITY: FRIDAY September 14, 1"60. THE WEEKLY STAR. JET That valuable and popular family Journal, the Wiiili Stu. fall as usual of Metropolitan new* and gocalp, and choice literary reading, la now on oar counter ready for delivery to the public. Embraced ! ita entertaining content*art the following article*: L?Teri Down Stalra and Vp? an original poem; ConaUui e?a very interesting atory of Florence, 4 Oh b? not the Flrat"_a poetic Kem: Bachelor'* Lore-making?a very ammine sketch; A Good opinion of One'* S#>lf How to Plmr-a poem; How the l.adies rommenced attending the debate* of Congress; Volcanic Krnptlon in Ireland; Marshlield; "A ballad spout de Itowties; Crueltie* to Seamen?a Freiirb Boy* at on ; A Women at Pikes Peak; Long and Exciting Seige of a Maniac?an extraordinary attalr; A Prince at a Ball; a Short Honeymoon?a bride of two days; A Sharpshooter s Exploits, Too Modest; A Perllons Adventure In the White Mountains; Sensations of a Man about to be Hung; Blondin and Farini at Niagara; A Mammoth Air-ship; The Latest Sensation at Saratoga?a handsome yonng 'nephew" proves to t>e a gentleman's mistress; On the Choice of a Wife and a iluiband?poetic; Be a Mother to your Children; The Pfinre nf Wale*" Red room tii?? of the different varieties of Ulan; Violent Storm in Charles county, Md.?great destruction; Full Parti'ulars cf ike Loss of Ik* Steani'r Lntiy FrankIt* m Like Mtrki^nn ; Complete Account ?f the Presentation of the Stand of Color* to the New York Seventh Regiment? rtport of tbe presentation speech, 4c ; The Poiaoain? Case in Anne Arundel County, Md ; Defrauding a Gas Company; French Peerage; Mr. Lowe and his trans-Atlantic Balloon; A Burglar Killed bv a Locomotive; TtfLotsuk l.?a ? ?' a *' * ? ?? - ' - ,..yu r iui r unaiae uniiea ?ui*e*; Who Dtorcd with the Prlnc*; Spontaneoua rombuttlon; ?ad l>atb; The City Paaaenger Railway Company in Baltimore and Politic*; Funny Mutake, An KnglUh Lady In the Pulpit; (nauKuration of the Perry statue; Robbery of the Welt Troy Poat Office, Protiunclamento in favor of Coinoafort; A Lady Robbed at Saratoga of Jewelrv and Dia. nionds of the value of 96.000: Desperate Affray imonj Students of a South Carolina College; The Floyd Uun; The Taney and Nelson Meeting at Leonardtown; Scenc In a Village Church; Eating on the Cara; Operations of the Patent Offlce; The Positive Slave Case in Washington; Reports of Political Meetings of all four of the Parties; Organization of the -Wide Awakes'' in Washington; Mr Ogle Tayloe's Speech at a Bell and Everett Meeting; Account of the York (Pa ) Encampment; City Census Returns; The U S. Penitentiary; The late Base Ball Match in the City; A Rascally Act; The Twelfth of September and the District Military: A vwrv incr l?H?r fmm "C. S N "On the Wing'" lnTvestem Virginia, Our Naval Correspondence; Murder of a Fireman la New Yori; An Execution at Montevideo; A Locomotive in Mourning, Spanish Expedition to San Domingo; Sentenced to be Hung for Circulating th? New York Tribune; A Letter from President Buchanan: The Covington Railroad; Exploded; The Key tohis Journey; Senator Cliugiuan, A Sensation; List of Candidates fur admission into the N aval Academy; The Duke af Newcastle. Department News, Editorials; Washington News and Gossip; Local Intelligence, ic., Ac , Late news, foreign and domestic, by mail and telegraph; Interesting Personal Items; And a great variety of choice literary articles, both proee and poetry, too numerous to mention. This Is jest the paper above all others for per on* sojourning in the National Metropolis to end to their friends at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or 91.25 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arrangrl. Spirit ( tk? Mtralai Press. The Constitution mikn allusion to "Mr. Hell's attack upou General Jackson;" and, in another article, argues at length that the North is the aggressor in the matter of slavery, and that the South acts on the defensive. The lnttlligtnetr in an article in reply to tb* Constitution, claims that Jackson, JrfiVrsou, and President Buchanan, whom it styles ' Three Federalists' in a Row," have all advocated its anti-secession doctrine. d^The potato crop of Maine is now coming m- i.. *. _ a ai? i??a a - - ? -? A- ? ucci) tv iuiiui u iuc r.ui, ana is ma u> oe i rumeuse and healthy. Good early varieties sell as low as 35 cents per bushel y-T At the exhibition of the American Pornological Society, In Philadelphia, Oliver Taylor, of Loudoun county, Va., exhibits 19 varieties of grapes and apples, and Col. \V. Steele, of North Carolina. 11 TSri?tlM nf annUt ?nil n?*rc ? -ii r-~Ci^The Toronto leader, the government or. gan, contradicts the report that <;overnor-Geiieral Head is to leave Canada. It saya positively that be will, after a short absence, return and commence a new term of office. |p* Tha colored populaton of Philadelphia ia from twenty to twenty-five thousand. They own property to mr amount or nearly three million dollars, and have churches and schools valued at from four hundred thousand to five hundred thousand dollars. Hzalth of sfnatoe Clay?The Huntsvllle (Ala ) Democrat of tlieWth ult. savs : "We are requested by Senator Clay to say that 111 health has prevented htm from responding to many letters and invitations to address Breckinridge and Lane replication meetings. He is happy, howcv?r, to add that he is rapidly convalescing, and hopes be will be able, before the cinvw is over, to take an active par?in advocacy cf the sound principles of our piriform and the election of our candidates." 1!~7~ A number of the '-old gentlemen'' of New Orleans met at Odd Fellows' Hall. In that cityon the tth Instant, si,d formed a "Fossil Club," ox wnicn J M. wpeyre was choseu president; T. L M? Gill. M. B-irnett, Jobu B. Lrrfe, and Jacob Straub, nee presidents; Henry Bier, secretary; mod Bcnj Flormnce, treasurer. Mr. Lapeyre said that he had, since the demise of the o!d Whig party, acted with the Democrats, but now that party was rent In twain, and he had enlisted, heart and soul, under the banner of Bell and Ererett. the only national candidate before the people Mr. Barnett declared that he was eightythree years old; that this Coustltuttonal-l'nlon movement had flred his heart, infused news'ren^tb into bis bont-?,aud that he feltHftv vtars vmm.... J J - "o* > a* ready and able to battle for the cause as be waa to flt,bt tbe battUa of bis country during the wa cI IrlJ. Pemaalt Hon. Lanaing Stout, of Oregon, la at Brown a -Col. Gadolia, Ruuian Army, la at Ktrkwcoda' Tbe birtb-day of tlie Dwrheaa cf Kent, tbe Qo?en'a mother, wns :eWbrat?-<i AuguitlTtb with tbe uaual honora Tbe Ducbesa li 74 years old. Thk Tuaj CxriTKXlST ?The investigations which tii?? btfo p'mrculrtl iu tbe dliturM <?; tikta of Texas have not developed, with aoy degree of dlatlnctncM. tbe existence of any other plot for rain than what a few desperate characters, without connection with or hope or help from any other quarter, mi,; lit have formed In some rases the uegro popfiTaUou have been demoralized evidently by tbe Insidious promises of white men, and the work of rain wrought has doubtless been mainly theu work liut not half cf what h>s been confessed se? ins to hr borne out by later facts Tbe strychnine said to have been discovered In tht annus of nt'/rots turns out to be very haimlws, having no sffUuty with deadly poison which It was supposed to be. The wells thought to have been wJtffsied, late accounts declare to be uatainlrd with any deieterieus subatance On the outbreak ofths?lwm in Texas, we cautioned oar readers against adopting all the reports from that qnartrr as true, believing that somewhat, at least of their coloring, was due to excited suspicion, that Bade ths aliwbteet r. ? eviatucr ita etrong u proof from holy writ, The result of tlr? InvMllffaMona m?desrcord with that caution while it reveals enough to warn and instruct the entire Boartfc. Dr (>iin OitGt.iitid Hittkb* ?We are aot in tbe habit, as our readers are swsre, of recommending or noticing tbe various nostrums tbat are urged upon the public attention. But there are occasional cases where a departure fr?m this rule seems proper, and tbe article abovenamed presents a rase of this kind. This mniieine Las acquired a permanent reputation for the relief of dvspeptia, hrer complaint. he?rt burr?, and all dimenltlts originating or prrweeding from tbe digestive organs, and, containing no lrchol, ro mineral, or any poisonous dng it is o?<- of tt>? safest remedial |wese<rii4ior,s For a fuller account the render fcrrftrred u> the advertisement vt the article ?Woreftur Spy WASH1WGTOW W1W? 1WD SOMIP. His Thikat to Plat th* Otmu Hanomi* Riiiwid ?A day or two since we took occasion to publish the following brief article. VI*: Th* Kit to His Jovkxet.?It seemi that Mr. Hersrbel V. Johnson, suddenly abandoning hla remaining appointments to address the people in Vorgi i and other Sontbern States, has go?e post haste to New York Now. the key to tbia unexpected journey of his Is found in the whisperings nf th** nAliaU* msnaoi.? 1 ' - - ? -- iiiauncna u> ? accUIl 4U?? tbe "force" speech of Mr Douglas. delivered at Norfolk, Va., a* published Tn Ike Norfolk Argus, and repeated oy bim at other points In Virginia, bas played bob with tbe scheme of drawing ofl" from the Breckinridge ticket In Georgia, votes for Donglss sufficient to secure tbe State to It'll; tbe game for which tbe Georgia Douglas leader* bave l?*?n pitying. It will l>e remembered that, in effect, tlie Argument or posftlon of tbe " force" spe*> b in question is little more than a paraphrase of tbe threats of tbe New York Tribmnt, and Messrs Sumner,Wade, rf nl , that In case of resistance In what she regards as her constitutional rights, abolitionism will send Its armed cohorts down upon tbe South to compel her submission. As might have been expected, the assumption of such a position by Mr. Douglas Is musing every States-riglits man at the South to waali his hands of Donglastsm : and ere the rise of the l)onglus party all the southern democracy were States-rights men. Thus, tbe errand of 11. V. Johnsonlo New York Is to the end of inducing Douulas at once to mndifv his "fnrc?" n?iitnn in order to '-me the pieces" at the South; and to that end only lie will probably fail In it. aa the Maine election mutt tend to convince Douglas that the ouly way In which he can hope to save the pieces at the Nortb, la to flj^ht the d?I with even hotter abolition Are than he has been using there up to this time. He cannot afiord to venture to correct bis southern mistake at this particular Juncture. That's clear. So Mr. Johnson will have but bis labor for his pains, we apprehend. We published these facta on positive information la our possession. The speeches of both Mr. Donglas and Mr. H. V. Johnson, delivered on the day before yesterday in New York, bear it out to the letter. Mr. Douglas did make a characteristic effort to deceive the South into a temporary belief that bar bad modified his "force" views, as expressed at Norfolk and elsewhere in Virginia. Thus, he pretended to retract, almost in so many wo ils, his lste ex taiktdra declaration that a Stale of ih? */?- Kj? -+ * - * . n| " ^uuty ui vcuon?a ming as impossible as that a bank or a railroad company can be guilty of treaaon. But while he appeared tLua to yield the important point, he contended that the people taking what he regards as treasonable State action, if essaying it, must do so as our fathers did in Revolutionary times? "with halters around their necksa most unfortunate alius on, indeed Bat the entire drift of his speech in this connection cannot fall to convince well informed persons throughout the South that he Is playing with the question, just as be assured his abolition constituents that he had played with the Kansas-Nebraska question, in a never-to-be" forgotten speech delivered during his celebrated contest with Lincoln, wherein, with tiuger at nose, he told them, In effect, that he had egregiouslv cheated the South In his Kansas bill; for they (tbe South) would sooner or later Bud out that whil* fc* had been pretending to secure their material rights in his bt 1, it would operste more surelv than even the application of the Wllmot proviso, to exclude slavery, beyond ptradremlurtt from all I'nlttd States Territories in time to come His ' Halter'' allusion shows iinmiatak* | bly that be realizes that Kit ^anie it to continue to play for the confidence and favor of abolition federalism, and that only. And, further, it is not remarkable that Mr. HV*. Johnson?(who, judging from the current tone of the Georgia paper*, bad literally tied from bit | own State under a storm of popular indigna. tion against both of tbem?against the former for the purpose of aiding abolitionism to hang all at the South who may, In obedience to State authority, take measures to resist a General Government countenancing ? aiding and abetting ? John Brown raids and Texas well-poisoningsand armor.* a O "" """" throughout the South, and against the latter as the political al'.y of ihe utterer of auch doctrine*) ? said not a single word in Am speech npon tlii? ' force' question?not a word. II* had practically failed !u hia errand to New Vork Douglas had positively refused to alter his "force" position, further than to resort to the shallow trick of pretending to notice tLe distinction between a State IJovernment and the people who compose and administer It, In tha matter of their action in protection of their own rights-hi that, though abolitionism may not legally hang a sovereign State, It may draw the halter around the necks of those who are the government of Stite, for its (the State government's) >?M>. V-i -? ? " Mm. nix a wuru on iae iQDject, we repeat, doe* LU speech embrace. It laalmply a string of abuse and twaddle a^uinit the Administration, be< auae that doea not withdraw Breckinridge and I*ane from th? contest! . t )n?* word more concerning Mr Don?laa" apcechWhen preaaed with a question whether he counaellcd fusion In New York or not, against Lincoln1 he undertook to denounce Breckinridge and his aupportera for disuulonista. virtual traitors, Ac ; anH n,?n > ?-! .... ... .. |..v* iai?iru IIIB vtlulIlgneSS lO iusc W:th any and all who were not either Northern or Southern traitors and disunlonists: This disingenuous, tricky sophistry on his part, must strike fair-dealing nien everywhere as being as contemptible as his position on the other point discussed above is atrocious. Tint position, we again take occitsion to say, is that, if the South attempts to resist by State action the abolitionizing of the General Government, through the administration of itj affairs by abolitionists bent on carrying out abolition euds by means of its (the General Government's) opportunities and powers, thnii(rl> K* ? 41 * "c wiu iiui sanction Linking the State, be will do hi* best to aid Lincoln and bis abolition cohorts to han^ all tbe citizens of tbe Southern State who may obey its ordinances and laws made to meet tbe emergency. Naval itulligixce?Dispatches of June iO have been received from Flag Officer Strlbllng, commanding tbe East India Squadron. He was about proceeding from Shanghai In the Hartford, with tbe Hon. Mr. Ward, United StaWs Minister, to the Gulf of Pitchlll?to be followed by tbe steamer Saginaw. The United States ?ioop John Adams, Commander Rfrrlnn in? ' ? ?.? 4U tuc liter will. 1QC UID^ ton and Chlncbew men were fighting at Fouchou and Cnm'iler Berrien bad diapatcbed two arn:cl boat* for the protection of American citizen* TbeChiriqul surveying cominiaaiou, of which Captain Frederick fciiyle it lu charge, arrived in the Brooklyn at Boco del Toro August '?i, tea days out from Norfolk. Tbe Brooklyn bad a very smooth paiaage, which favored the commission in tbe arrangement of their plan of action. Immediately the Brooklyn dropped anchor tbe variou* divisions of the commission entered upon tbelr respective duties. The weather was dry?the days pleasant and the nights cool, with a refreshing breeze. The harbor Is represented to be beautiful. On the sound end of Columbus Island.there are about 500 huts, with a population of over 1,000. Naval Board or Examinatiox.?Commodore George W. Storer, Commodore's. H. String Lam, Engineer-In-Chief Samuel Arcbbold, Chief Engineer B. F. Isherwood, John Lentbal, Esq , Chief of the Bureau of Construction, and Naval Constructor B F. Delano, have been appointed by the Secretary of the Navy, In accordance with a special act of Congress, a board to examine into tuc condition of the sailing vessels of the Navy, and the coat of giving them, or any of them, full steam power, together with tbe expediency of making such change, la view of the coat, condition, model, and general character of such vessels so ordered. They are to commence tbeir exam iimiirttiiitiy oi idc veaaeu u ut I'ortamouth, N. H., navy-yard, and then examine those at Boston. New York, Philadelphia, and Norfolk successively. Naval otdian.?Pasted Aaslatant Surgeon James F. Suddara haa been .detached from the Naval Asylum, Philadelphia, and ordered to report on the 'Jolh iaat , for duty on board the Richmond. Comincdore James Armstrong has been ordered to Peaaacola, Florida, to take command of the Navy Yard there. Lieut. F. A. Roe haa brPii aaaigned U> ordinance duty in the Navy Yard, New York. ChL'f F.naine-r IaherwMwt ??-?i?? j ? -? w _ ' iMinag I/CVI1 uiucrcu upon another duty. Chief Engineer Wm H. Shock has been appointed upon the Board, wblrh mrrti la Philadelphia ou the loth lust , to txamine candidate? for promotion and adifilaajon In the Engineer corpe of the Navy ApMtHTMtJtTi ?'The following appointment! have been made by the Prealdeat: Jeeeph E. Folea as dfpnty postmaster at low* City. ?ieorge W. Heard, of Massachusetts, Secretary of Legation to China. William Qarroll consul at St. Helena. ? n I HI ur inn VAPITUL WHOUHDS ? The United States District Attorney, it ia said, la now examining the title* to the land which la to be Included in the contemplated extension of the Capitol Grounda. Hon. George C. Whiting, Commissioner of Penaiona, who haa been absent from the city for a brief period, sojourning at the North, has returned and resumed the duties of his official position. - - Thx W*ate**.?The following report of the w*atfcer for the morning la made from the American Conaolldated Telegraph Line to the SmlthaonUn Inatltution. The time of observation la abojt 7 o'clock. SErTCMBKIt 14, lHrtO. New York, N. Y clear, cool. Philadelphia, Pa clear, pleaaant. Baltimore. Md clear, cool. WaahlniHnn I"? r> -1 ? - -? u * v ioui '*?} A/ Va ? CiCUl f W I (III O If Richmond, Va. clear, 58?. Petersburg, Va. clear, 58?. Norfolk, Va clear, #0?. Lynchburg, Va .....clear, 55?. Bristol, Tenn clear, 52?. Knoxville, Tenn clear, M?, Chattanooga, Tenn clear, 6:}'. Raleigh, N. C clear, cool. Wilmington. N.C clear, pleasant. Columbia, S. C clear, cool. Charleston, S. C clear, pleasant. Augusta, Ga clear, cool. Macon. Ga. clear, pleasant. Columous, Ga clear, pleasant. Atlanta, Ga clear, 65?. Montgomery, Ala. clear. Jackson. Ala., clear, pleasant. New Orleans, La clear, 83*. FROM THE WI?T. Frederick, Md.. clear, cool. nagrruown, ma .near, cool. Cumberland, Md clear, pleasant. Grafton, Va clear, pleasant. Cincinnati, O clear, pleasant. Pittsburg, Pa clear, 46'. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m., (corrected for temperature,) 3U,:i.i2; at noon, 30.39,. Thermometer at 7 a m., SO*; at noon, 66?. Maximum during 4S hours ending 9 a. m. today, 68'; minimum 45#*. U7" A Calabrian, recently arrested at Fare, confess d to having been hired by Count Aguila to assassinate Garibaldi. Yb*T11E TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION Will I 3 ni?ct at the Smithsonian Institution TOMORROW (Sntur-lay i MORNING,at 1"o'clock. 1: is important that there should he a full attendance. All teachersof the District, and others interested, aro cordially invitod to b1 present. it i Intel) R B. DETRICK. Sec nrSF?THE ASSEMBLY'S CHl'RCH, (Corner 'ij of .Mass av. and o'h st .)Rev fLG.CsaoTHsri, Pastor.?Rev. G- W. Sam*on<D D., President of ( olumlnan College, wiil supply thepulpit every S?hh*?h morrun*. commencing NEXT SABBATH a' II o'clock. The R?v. Joh* C. Smith. P. D., the co pastor of the Church, will preaoh at 7 p. m. It* iYs?DEMPSEV & O'TOOLE. JOS WEVU1NU AND VIS IT [SO CAKD KNGHATERS. Importers <>f fine WEDDING STATIONERY. WEDDING ENVELOPES, the most l>eAiitiful styles. 346 Fa. Av.. l>?tween 9tii and loth st* , au Z7-6(a Washington. A PLACE, suitable for a Cake Bakor, with take ovu and ranresall fixed, to rent on reasonable tsrins; or suitable Tor a workshop for a few shoemakers. Applv to 443 D ?t., between 14*h and 15th Bts., opposite Birch's Stable. se 14-2t* ' FOR SAl.E?A very good and substantial Brick HOUSE?and Lot?with 8 rooms, in a good and improving j art of the city, near Pa. avenue and the Center Market. Apply at No '2**$ C street north, (K at ANTHONY'S Bat Store, 7th st. so 14-tf LJ C. SPAI.DING II. JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, AMD CONVEYANCER. Deeds prepared and acknowledgements taken: !>u) ins, selling aril leasing Real Kstate.&c. Office :*3"? U lit bet.9t!ianil loth its au 14-eofitTB T_ ___________ v KI HE Greatness and D cuiieofCeasarHirolteard. from the French of Honors >1* Balzac, translated !>y ?hr. VV \V?f htar?l F- H. Goodrich; 1 vu . price SI. BUNCHARDA MOHUN. a* 14 corner Kleveuth at. and fa. ar. Mrs. m. c. brown. No. 9 K Stemt. Will he prepare.) to op?u, on Monday, tho 17th i i.tmit, entirely distinct from her Femalo School. a PRIMARY OLAfS for Boy*. A? the uumUr will l?e limited, those desiring to enter should make immediate application. M rs. U. ? ill he ably assisted in the Female Department se 14 3t A. . AHAMMACKMIII.VI'illUiNT ? mi ST?. aoii lYtilarJi' Hotel'Hi o<k. pasted nn irrepressible dull tummer, I le* to lay t<< ntjr many friends and the puMi<- icener&lljr that I am now fully prepared to supply all their want*, creat or small. 1 am in daily receipt of the finest Cove Oyster*, select*] expressly lor my own trade; also, ail kinds of Fish. .My stock shall never lie inferior to any house in this country. M * stock of (isine as usual is quite abundant. Reed Birds. Ortolon, Pheasants, Qoails and many othc kmds too numerous to mention. My stock of Wioea and l.iuuors as usual are A No. I. M? pa;ne? selected t>y Dyer arc alt that heart can wish,as all who have tasted it can vouch for the*a:ne. .My Eat n? Bar is stocked daily with a 5reni variety oj tiisneit, where tnacki are ??rv?>d from 7a. m. to 12 p.m. Meal* ?frvwl in or out of the houiie. Alenis serv<Ml on Sunilav from 7 a. m. to II p. m JOHN D. HAMMACK, _ne 14 3t Proprietor. N < > T 1 C K! ' *i*h all gentlemen Km '-*Sd ',fnr 'n >nin?i that HJH the plan which I six *e*r? a?o. of nellinr H Al f* nuil IIOOTS at (treetlj re riuced p'ices for cash u in successful operation. Just received a full rupply o( the latest .Now York gfvles of DRK^S IlAlS The very fineft Hat a first rate Hat fS: and very noo I, fa?!iio able Hat $2 50. All of the latest style* ?>f no!". HA Tr1 ami CAPS,at the very lowest prices. I am constant!* supp led ttith a very large stock of those fine DRfcSS BOOTSat *31y? which 1 have h?^n s?Jli?'K for man v ycars?a* well as tho very 1e<tqnal t? of Pat?nt Leather GAITERS at 935P. fr me French Ca'fskin Gaiters from $2 to .$26". Terma cash; no extra charge in order to offset tad delft* ANTIIOOY. Agent for th? Manufacturers, Seventh street, second hat store froin the con er, opposite Avenue House, No. ?40. se 14 3in r|? KOYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. X HE Next Drawinj of the Royal Havana Lottery, conducted by the Spanish Government, under tho supervision of the Captain General of Cuba, will tat* place at Havana on TUESDAY, October 3, 1M0. SORTEO NUMERO M3 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE <100,9(10. 1 prize of _...8loo,nm s<>prize?o? ..fl,nro I do ftn.ono en do ttt$ 1 do ?>,oro 1V3 do ?f?i I do 2n.(?n *< approx. 8 1 do 10,1)00 JN ALL ?*8 PRIZES. Whole Tiokeu, HUu?Ha.ves, 910?Quarters, 95. Pr i -ram ?L* - * 4 * ' . .unir.-u > hrui s'. o per oeni. QISOOUCL Bills on ail solvent Hank* taken at per. A draw in* will We forwarded as soon M the renlt becomes known. All orders for schemes or tiokets to be addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ, se 14 tr Care of Cftv Post. Charleston. W. Q. Nl No. 66?.) OTICF. OF THK DISCoNTINU\NCE OF T1IK "NORTHWESTERN I.AND DISTRICT," IN THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. N->Uoe is hereby siren that, in pursuance of l?w, ar.d in *isw of the fact that the nnsold land in the N'?ithwestern Oistriot,"<Grsnaua,) in the State or Mi*si?sirr(, is reduced below one hundred thou n ) a r ?. tne Secretary of tiie Interior lias rtjrto ??i ihedikoontinnaiioe of kaitl district. tS? . <?;*? ?'?. -r ?mvw ?ui wnich w looated at Oiibiiada, and thai the vacant lands tnrrein bo made tubjeot to sate aud entry at J ackson. in a%id ?tate, from and aftertktUtdav cj Dertmber n*z'. Land* remaining unsold and unappropriatad by ltv, a .id subject to sale and eati y at uaaaaiiA, will e-a?e t?? be r>ubiect to entry at that office after the raceipt of notioe to that etfeet by the regi iter and reciTor thereof, excepting only to oxQaainmata exintinc pre-emption*, and tbe land officers at Jack son will five pubuo uotioe of the day on whioh Uiey will be prepared to reoeiveappiicatioas for en?ne? of any auoh land* at their office, which will, li practicable, be on the firatday of Li ecember nextAll person* rn.itled to patents at tue Grenada Land Offioe wi'l call for the same before the lat day ot (November nex", at after that date they wiilbe returned to this offioe for delivery. Oiv< n under my hand, at the city of Washington, tt<i? 12c? day of September, anno Domini one thoatana oiiht hundred and atxtv. JOS. 8. Wll ?r?v Commissioner of the General Land Uffioe. se U-w6wf" _ T NOTICE. HB UNION MARKET, Union Btuldincs, on E street. between lS:h *nd MUi, havioc jmt been rcfatud, wnl be duly opened again on Mon4nya the loth iuaiant, where my euatonier* and the publio will find everything 10 my Provisioning line th*t the country fcfljrds, at ray usual moderate charges, se lu-ot JOS. L. HKli*F.. M VOCAL INSTITUTE. R8. CECILIA Young Ha* the honor to announce the removal of her Vooal Institute to No. 4'i? Eleventh street, between tt and I ate. a? 1> ?? A HI _ CW. SCHUKRMANN Continuei to gijr? IN. STRl CTIONSON TIIK PIANO, IN VOCAL MUSIC. Jto. R?mi?nce No. 40U Sixteenth ?Uft, HQftit of l.aIay?tU3miart>. m lft-tf fiNK HUNDRED RUN SPEECH PAPER an 51 o?rn?r KU??ntli >t and Pa. >t. /^IlKAP SECOND HAND PIANO.-A 6* oeV> tave Freuoh Piaao, in jootl order, lor R&>, for alaat U>? JftMio btor? of nU W. 0. MKTKEROTTr EXCURSIONS, PIC NIC8, fcc. Ti RAND TOl'RItAM~ENT AND PIC NIC VJT or th* Eagle Biding Club, Or the Distiict or CoumviI) f>? AN A I.OSTAN ISLAND, MO.N DAY, September 17th. Th* Club takes cr?at plruuro in MDonmiac to the public their intention to hoM a (iiaml K& ?? 1 . v^a. nuniciuui! IMY? nKllMd B "*rs procession of Knielits -will lraveCH^ I Georgetown at 8 o'clock a. in. and parad-- thrrugh the principal streeta oi (ienrirtuvn and Washinr ton under the command of Chief Marshal John D. Ham mack. hafora entering on the It.and. The Knight* will emb-ace gentlemen from Virginia. Maryland and the District, who will enter [ ami compete for the honors. !*ut>xtantfo< will* will be erecti?d for the accommodation of th?* ladiea, and every effort will !> made to insure the comfort and enhance the pleas nra of all who ma* tavor tha Clah by their praaence on the occasion. The following-uanied gentlemen hava kindly oon enttd to act as J ndcea: Hon. Henry Addition. Col. William Seld-n, Hon Hnich Caperton. John H. Merry. E*q , Rioha'd S. Cox, K*?|., Jo?. N. Fearaun. Jno H. W*t?r?, 'Ant di*tm*uiehed speaker. Hoe. R. R. Craw fukii, will be the oratui of the da*. We bee to a**ure the public that order and deoornm will be rigidly maintained, at an ample polioe foroe will be de ail^d for the pnrpoa*. The Inland will l.e opon fo' the reception of visi tora at 8 o'clock a. m. Dancing will com me nee at ina'clocka m. Riding will c>-mm?noe at I o'clock p. m. VV ithem' fu 1 brans and string band liaa been enraged for the occasion. Hn*ta will leava Hi?h * ? ...... ? - >t noiif wwiHBWIWU| and Stone House wharf, Washington, every five minutos. No charge on Die boats. Ticket* Fifty Cents, admitting a gentleman and ladies. Tickots ean be had at all of the principal book tore* and restaurants, and at Messrs G. H.Barnard k. Co.'s drug store, corner of High and BrnUe sts.. G'orgetown. and at the boats on the morning of the Tournament se 13 3t AMUSEMENTS. J^OOK OUT FOR THK HICKORY BOYS FOURTH ORAND~4SSEMRLY OF THE HICKORY CLUB JR Will take place at *1 THORN'S HALL. Th st. b't. D mtrf F.flB On MONDAY EVENING, Oot. 1st. Q&k For particular* see future advertsement. It* ?^OOK OUT FOR THK SHIELDS BOYS! The Shields Boys announce to their many friends and the public in g?n*ralthat they in'end eiv- RR ing their SIXTH GRAND ASSEMBLY at * Thors's Haxl, on 7th street, on FRIDAY.IA S^tember 2l*t, IHfin. MMfc The members pl?dge thernce ves to make this one of the most pleaaam and a;reoabie of t*ie season. Tickets Fifty Cents, admitting a gentleman and ladies. By order of the Committee of Armgementf. J. Flanagan, J. Harrigan. N.O Shea. se t4-2t? ^ J u u r r. l. i< u w tj ' HALL COMMENCING MONDAY E7JTtf, 5<T<. 10. BUDWORTH'S (Latsthk Original and Oxly Gixnax) WOOD'S MINSTRELS! THE MODEL TROUPE or thi PROFESSION, From Wood's Marblt Palact of Mmslrel ty, 561 and 563 Broad wa?, New York?where they have Iwen permanently located for the past 10 years. This Troupe (th* best Ethiopian Troup* i? tK* ronm(ry) have recently rioted the brilliant and triumphant engagement of four weeks at Harnum'a Must inn, New York?the greatest Minstrd Engagement on record. They are now making their Southern tour, under the entire supervision of MR. JAMES H. BUDWORTH, Prince of Ethiopian Comedians. FIFTEEN STAR PERFORMERS: J. II- Buuwohth, Tamhonnist, w.s. Budwohth. Brn?ider Hones, Rolli-i Howarh, Balladixt, J. K.Oampbfll. John Kklk. A CJ ur ?? u?iu, r,. n A'.' , M J. Salomon*, Mona. Strakoich, \T. Stratto.x, Mait*r Tommy, 11 ARK J. B GRKIsXR, E. H. Mokk. J. Ucioif, Milt Fias* Bcdwoitb, Madams Iwdix Fabrico, The Great Sensation Prima Donr.v All Solo Performeri. Forming, for cenuinn talent, a gal axy unequal ed in the annals of Minstrelsy. Admission 25 Cents; Re*orv?yl Soata 50 Centr. Box office open Tor tin* kale of ticket! from 10 a m. to 1 p. in. and 2 to 4 p. in- It* W ASHING TON T HE A T E K7 V V Sole Lctneo and Manager S. W. Gl*.\n. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will op?n for the regular Fall and Winter Seaeon on the night of THURSDAY, Novkmbx* l?r. JOSEPH JEFFERSON. The Comedian of the Age, will commence an engagement of Twe.v-e NijlitI on MONDAY, November 5th, and will l>e followed by the most HKI I, I.UMT STARS In the Theatrical Firmament. ID" Communications if add ren?e<l to S. \V. Glkns. "Old Bowery Theater," New York, will meet with prompt attention. au 18-tf IT i- RKK CONTKRTS ! -JRNST LOEFFLER, New York arenn, betienn 1*t a Hit id street*, would respectfully .IBfrf state to the public that A OOWKRT of4fl? SELECT MUSIC wiil he'riven over? MON-?* DAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS during,the eaaon, at lu? Pavilion, commencing at 3 o'oloclt and ending at 10 p. m. l*reviou? to the Concert. thu Sultvin i? fiOAn /? w?i-?- ? ?*-'' ? -- ?rV.. ?- t.'ruw UCOl I1UK VU Willie (iwar a few houra in the mazy ?lar.ce. IOK CREAM, WATER lCF.9,and every description of CONFECTIONERY always ready at city prioes. Fartioc desiring the Gardens for Pie Nic purposes. are re^ueetod to give a day or two notice, je 18 3m jyjAlDS, WIVES, AND BACHELORS! REMEMBER That on FRIDAY, ihe 21st day of September, 1860, you can present to jour SWEETHEARTS, HUSBANDS, 0 AND CHILDREN, A copy of " The Household Journa'," the cheapest ax<i beat periodical ever published, eoctoininc sixteen paces of fifty oo umn* of matter, bp the best writers on the best snbjeota. Prioe Three Cents per copy, to be published weekly. JETThe Trade supplied by Rosa 4. Tousey, ana Dexter & Company, or any of the wholesale news agents in New York, who will supply the retotl trade with show bills, Ac., Jfco. sell 3: IjMiR SALE-A SLAVE WOMAN. 34 yeare of tjic wliu is a superior cook and entirely honest. Also, a BOY. 10 fear* < Id, who has l>ecn raised in the dining room Also, a finely broken family HORSE and Iikhi CARRIAGE. Address Box 4?t>. se 13-3t* The young ladies* seminary, No. 394 i Stbbet, Btitecn IZtiaud 13/A >ll., Under the superintendence of Miss SARAH WOOD. Commenced its present session on Wednesday, the 12th inntant. ?'? ? M Mrw* 482 P^N?V..Vf,N(A^Vli.NUE. 482 GUNS?GIJN8?OUNS ! All kinds, cheap Powder Flasks, Shot Poaches, Gain" Uses, Percusmon Caps, Gan Wads, Gun Nipple*. Powder and 8hot, and all other articles connected with a sportsman's outfit, for sale cbeap at No. 484 Pa aveuae, near 3d st.. by se 13 3t GEORGE SAVAGE. , gjg EAGLE STO'VE HOUSE. gjg I have now my Fall Supply of S T O V E 8, GRATES, HOC8E-FrRNfi?HlNG GOODS, , Ac , all arranged in store lor inspection, and will Wkeplt a?ure in showing the various new patterns which 1 had gotten up f ;r thi? Fall's Trade. C. \VOiii/WAan ?i? ii. i>- ? - - ? ? - .? -? ? mr f ? | ?. -1 * ?e 13 6t Between 10th and lHh ?U. WPKOFK8SOR MORKTTI, HO Has ju?t returned from Milan. Italy,(baviok been in the Mumcal Conservatory there,) Mb and who has been for a Ion* time a teaoher AMI loth of Vocal an<1 Instrumental Music in Nev^P York, (hariac taught some of the b*st uncer* there, such as Butiaii. Tih?rini, La Grange, Jto.. ' Ac .) has couie here, thinking to remain, and would t>? most happy to receive the patronage of this city. I Prat. M cau give the liest of references in regard to his mojal as well as bis inteileotual standing. All communications pleaso address to 264 F st. se 13-Jw* WI,.lb.8^.kJ _u. 24thiDStaat,at 12 o'ofook m., for farushinz eeven cords of good merohaatable Oak Wood Ibr the Assistant Qaart?rmaster's Oftoe, Nos. 905 and 1 SOT k street north. a* fu*l is to be deiirsred before the 30th lastaat, in frost of the oAoe aad then legally meae- 1 gride Proposals should be addressed to the iuh^r,u. and indorsed ^ProfosAta for Faal." " ? MORRIS 8. MILLKR, Captain A mart (jaartargwaUr, U. 8. Amy. A n't QuiTIIM IITIl'a OVTICK* I ?> l?-'Jt Waahinatoa, D. C.. 8a?C 13. IMP. \ r^HlCKERlNO A SONS' SUPERB PIANO*. ! SHnwp i trie mr*?v ,b?t.9tfc Ml ltifeata, i AUCTION SALES. C. Br WALL* BARN <RD, Aootiocoen '(wTIWITip* SALK *?V FANCY AND i#tm? D*r 6?oi?, *t Acctio*-Ob SATURDAY MORN'IKblBUiinit.ftt 9 o'clock. w? Will ?on tip a* th?m> of I)r? (innH* with a. mnoh lar?*f and b-tUr Maori"* Block. " Terin? oa?h. *e?? U WALL k BARNARD. A not Hr A. GRKKN. A uotionMr. HrOlTSKHOf. D PVRNITURK. CHINA, . yLAf*. A5D CKOCKKBT. *T ACCTIOH-O* BATu* DAY, tne L5t? instant, M 9 o'eiook ? T hall Mil. at my Aootion Store, a aaperior lot if Furniture, vis : Mahogany 5*<>la?, Chair?. an<1 Table*. Mai.ogany Bookctw, Wardrobe*. and Bnr?wi, Mabonanr Bedstead*. \VMtni*nil?,61a***s, Cottle*, ifnar Lmd.and other tiedetesds, Hair. Cotton top. and Huik Mattreram, Tan?. Wo?d S**t and other Chair*, Feather IW?, I'iiIows, and Bolatara, China. G'a**. and Crockery ware. And many othor article* too numerous to mine, rat*. aw 14-It A. OR KEN. Anct. Br WALL A UaKNARO. Auctioneer*. IAR<iK AND ATTRACTIVE SAL IS OR _j ChinPaii>. Cuis^lit, Lava and otrbb rn*n ? \V a b ? - ? ? . ~ . .? sivniii v.vt r *?11 n am ammioa*Gla?? Win,ft** ptat*r? w ah, r?mrli*r axd amiucai Cctlbkt, Ac.. fasten AID IKoS i*TOH* CllXi \V All, P A HAS AHD Brim Statcitt*. Ac. Ac.?On THl'KSDA\ next, September 15th,at w n'o'oek, and wWwl?| each da; until further r cuoe, we aha)I aeti, at the toreolC. E.Green, 474 P*. avenue. between 11th and ISth atreeta, a'ar-ge and varied aaaortmect of the above ware. ?aeh av? Vaeei. Card Kecu-era. Cologne Bottles, Cordia1 Seta, Tea Sets, r* ae oi ail Kinds, Tahla Cestors, Win* Casters, Spoons, Forks, Dinotr Sets. Cutler, Ac. With many other g oris not here enumerated. The at>ove sain will he found worthy the attention of the pubiie. us the ckhJs h'? all new styles of the latest importation. and all warranted to I* of the bsft qua it*. Ample arrangements mad* for the comfort of the ladies. Terms : #3* and under cash; over .%*> a credit of 6n and ?' days, for satisfactory endorsed ooles, bearing interact. ae in d WAI.l.t BARNARD. Awct By A. GREEN, luotiuiNr. Handsome furniture and house kksrinc Err*cr? at Ptblic Arrnos-Oi WEDNESDAY MORNING, the '9?b in?t. M Je o'clock. I sba.l sell a* the late ren.ience cf Hob. John B. Haskia*. at the co-ner ol I street and New Jerre* avenue north, an exoelient assortii ant of Furniture, vix: Haudsom? Rosewood oase Piano, made by Cinckering Jc Sons, Bortou. 7 oetavee, Rosewood Stool and hue Cover, Handsome suite of eatin li&mask-covered Sofas, Arm- Easy,and Parlor Ch*i'*> Elecaitt Walnut Etegere. and Tables, Damask Mantel Board. Va?ee. Labre. Two sets ofvery fins Damask Curtains and Cornice, Handsome Parlor Chandeliers. Drop. Light aul other Gm Burner*. Har.dsom* Ve!*et. Bruaael*, Three ply, Ingram, Venetian, ard other Carpets, KIAc?ct Mahocaar Marble top Sideltoard, F.legatt Oak Writing-drek and Table*, Hiiid'Cime Cha?nher 8?t, oonmating ol Mahogany \V%'droh?. MarMe top Bernau. Wa*h *irk, Bodatead and Towel rack, made exprcaaly to order by Cripps. Very fine curled Lair, Cotion Top,and Husk MattreeaM, Feather Bolat?ra end French Pillow*, ftaa Heater. Air-Tight, and other Btovee, Wa'.cnt Dressing Burrana, Wa?l'*?and and Jenny I.ind B*dstead*. Solid Oak Dining oano rent and Arm Chair*. Iron Be?i*tead aud stained Waaiutand*. (jilt frame l.ookiug G'a**e*, Kie*ant Walnut and ?tamed Wardroba*, Klegant Rus'ian Coffee Set (ocaner.i I Krrn.-h Chiua and Granite Toilet Seta, China, Glaaa, a?d Crook??ry ware. Two verv fine bnata of Washington and Franklin, Floor Oilcloth, Matting, and Ruga, Cook Stove and Fixture*, Together vith a g-sueral assortment of Kitchen Reqniaitea. Terma: .*:*> and under oaah; over #30 ? ored it of 2, 4,and 6 uiontHa, for approved endorsed notes, bearing int'reat from day of Mle ae 13 d A. GRKEN. A net. Liverpool salt at auction -By the Mrk Petrea, expected daily, having Bailed the Xth July, we ahail receive? backa Course Salt, extra twilled aaeks, l,Rfl d<>. Ashtoo'a Fine Salt, J Factory 6lud,l< to 1,V?? do. Worthingto" do. { the ton. Tl;n cargo we vi l aell at publie anotioa on am val. delivered from the amp, of which die aouoe will l>e given in this paper aell <1 R. H MILLER, SON fc CO. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. ON MONDAY, September 24, W60, we ahall ee'l, in front of the premiaes. at 6 o'clock p m',m OOTT.I llfc: t f With the t*rm? nfm.AmaA ? -? - ? from" Thus. A. Hrown aud wife, d*t<*t 24'.IT Septem b ?r, 18r8, ar.d r?c rded in Liber J. A. 8, No l?i, pare 22f>. Ac., o n of 'he land records of Wuhiiic tor, county, parts of 1 >u H and 12. in seatre No 2"n, bo*inning lor the same 40 feet 3 inches from the < uthwe>t corijer of said square, running ttaenoe e?*t on a tine with D street ? u'h 16 feet; tbenoe north 7 thence VMt 16 feot; thenoe soatn 7? feet to the p ace of bogioniof. together with the improvements, ostitis ting of a two-atury frame hoa'f wilhone "tory baoi buildinc. Terms : One fourth cwh; the balaroe in 6, U and 18 months, alter da* of sate, with n"?ea "Ocurad by a deed of trust on the premises. IftUe te' me of ea.'e are not complied With within fire days after the day of ?a e the tru?t?ei reserve the ruht to reeel!\be property at (he parciiatet'a risk and ooat, after jiving on? we. L's not c?. Gi'tl. O. HKNNINO. I xr?.t?? R. THOMPSON,* _au 2^3?a w* d s A. GRhK", A act. ]\f ARSHAL'8 SALK.?In virtue of a writ of l"l fieri facias is*u"d from the Clerk'aO&oe of the Circuit Court of the Distriot of Colombia for the County ol Washington, and to ine directed. I will expose t.> euotic sale, for wish, inf'ontof the Court Houi# duAr nl ?*i<l miiwha v the let day of Octol^r next. l&V>.ai 12 o'olooli m., al. defrudar.t right, title, c'aiin end interest in ar.d to l.ot No. C, in Square 41', in the eit? of Washington, U. C , together wtu ail a-.'l sincatar the improvements thereon, sened and levied upon as the propsrt) of WiKi&ui H a..ct'.a'd, and wi I )>e sold to satisfy judicial Ni\ SI. to January term IH&i, ia favor of Jfctse B. Wilson. W 8KLDEN, U. S. M art Lai for the District of Cwumbia. ?<? 3-dt< TRUST 8ALK?By virwe of a deed of tru?t from James Skirimore to the undersigned, dated Ancu?t ?th, 185t). and reoord?d amonc the land records of YVushincton county, Distnot of Columbia, there vri:l be a pub 10 *aie, at the foot of Kiev( nth street, on MONDAY, !?epteiiil?er 17 h, 1M>, at 12 o'clock m., of the follovinr propertyOne ten oar S?in? H,i?t 1 One Seine aboutore hundred and fifty fathom* long and atout twenty feet deep. And tec coils of acice R >pe. Terms c**h. e 5 d D. L. SMOOT. Trustee. ? 1? R KMOVED. 1 . !*. MYF.R, MAulSTHATE. COMMISSIONER OP DEEDS, f COSVEYANCEK, has removed hi? Office to No 434 K street, ?coq<1 door wo-t of the General Po?t Office, aod onpotite Columbian Restaurant. telilw* OA FKESII SUPPLY. WING To the immense rush for School Book* my stock ha-1 almost exhausted To-day I have received a fresh aiipply and am a<ain ready to furnish my numerous customers at astonishingly low prices, whok?al? and retail. WAf. BALLANTYNE, 409 glWBt'i street, above se 12-St Odd Fellow*' Hall. IKfl 61'TV MIIjLS FLOUR. 1UU BBLS. Ot tii11 superior brand of Family and Extra Flour rccelvs.i thi? day. Fur sale in lets to uit by D. L. MORRISON A. CO. e 8 corner of Twelfth and B ?ts. SWJPERlOR SHIRTING LINEN'S AND COTTONS. We have now in storo a ful?to<*kof mporior makes oi Shirting Cottons mul Linens. all grade* Sheeting Cottons and Linen Sheeting, Table Diapers. Napkins and Towelings, some in the lot rery oh?a?. White and Colored Flannels, in ail trades, with a full stock of general Staple Goods for families, all at the lowest prices. J. W. COLLEY * CO., e 8-1 w MS Seventh st., above Pa. av. IVKW ASSORTED LOTSi>l SELLING OFF CHEAP ' Just opened, WO dosen LADIES' LINEN HANDKERCHIEFS, from 75 cents to ?2 a dosen. 50do*. GENTS' LINEN HANDKERCHIEFS, from ?1.50 a dosen to all finer grades. 5n dosen LADIES' FRENCH CORSETS, white and oolored. _ LADIES' PINE APPLE HANDKERCHIEFS, a new and beautiful article, ver* cheap A large lot of EMBROIDERED COLLARS. Alldeoided bargains, to whieh wi invite the attention of the ladies. J. W. COLLEV k. CO., se8 6t S3* Seventh st above Pa aT. n WOOD AND COAL UF The hast unalitr cellared *n &JI * ?? feeoriretown at the lowwt prioe a. Cualomera preferring tbeir wood ?aw*d by the machine at the yard will be given aa full maaeara m if the* buy full length wood. Chare* for aawiac reasonable. COAI. under cover. Call and mo, at BOUCHER'S Wood Yard, on the Canal,at tb? eooond bridge weat of the Market Houm. ae IS stao PELT AND CRlNELL^om Juat received and for pale ib rolls Felt Carpeting, very heavy, in exaot copies from moat approved ' iirnsaela and Percian Carpeta at half prioe. Also, an iolla Crinele.a new article, weara aa well aa BresaHa, ami aella at half prioe. Also.3 rolla very tioh a?d heavy Woolen Druggets. in all widtha, up to 18-4 wide. CLAGETT* DODSON, Dtalrrs t* mil kiadt if Ftrmitmre Drt Oeetf*. No. 4 Ma ket Spaee. _ a in ;V ? ?? uuor? oil irom nmin h. ft^OR 8AI.B?A tmt auperur Rosewood Cm r Iron Fiame PIANO, with an Ros?wood Stool to match, ia offered forflBBM ale at tbe low prioe of ft??Ue Piano"' *' 1 I fclone ooat #750. T*rms: One-half oaah; Uie baiftnoe on a orccit of 30, tiO a<>4 9i day ft. Fareona detiroua of purchaainc can e?e th? iDetrurnent by *glyin^r at the^Drng Store of W. ELIOT, oorw^of 346 Pma Avtnw, near Srvmtk Strut Entire attention giren to tta Repairing of Cfcro aotnetera, I>opl?vx and leaver WaKki, ftne Cardi aeto-li J Pi JtfM,1 V'u' A? ,* *>* of FALL. I THIS AFTERNOON TOMORROW. By Wall * BARNARD. aMirawm. " iCoirrihUEDt Auction rai.k mb two havf longer 9 tbi Cuiti amp V??mu Room* ovu !"! wiiimtosb itoitior Niiwiu a Rao . i'i . r11!? ArE!?cl. cohmk^ciw# at *11 FRIDat JfOKMNG. 9im?rt MtA? In otd*r to mittinm?MUti oar CU*fcM<1 Nu ti .a rnrmi. ?nd to a!.?m <> ( fh* ki aam .J ? ? tt wk of I-bAim' Wr*wi?i?. prior v> tko o*#bim of Mil ww rirtpf ma. ?*( * w4U ttfco bJbo* Ihnat U? SOU iMt.) we?ll. ..fer mom urtr oir ilorf.oa TRIPA^ MOESlflO, ?oot#??ibor l?th. ??r re???o??!t.f ?to??k of? LmHm* Bitok !*i!? fttmi i am MmuUm. I?m Point*. Um oi.U t*4?..B bhowl*. Borate 1 ravclint Clotk* tn4 Rm'"*. Grey Duittn.ftt. irr ai.w will madwd from a Dn Uoodi Hnui* t wkich will mtAe U*al( 4<>ak>if attractive)b lo? of? . . Lodio*4 Drew Good*.IB WIOH fn*t*ri*ia, I j?v*1 * Cloth. Grej ??<U. Hoop Skirts, Cuhmwfi and MuumIimc. .... Bright Colored FW! phowl*. pmiola Matmhio*. <>?Dtirm*a'a fchtrl Boouiaa, 4?. Tor ma oa*h __ MAXWKLL ft BRO.. 3'J? Pft. _?fJ3 t BABNARP, A acta. Bf THO*. pOWLlNft RwteWE. FH RAMK HOI SK AND M?T AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY ApTKRWOON neat, the 14?>. mat., At So'c'ivk, ! front of the I et?a.> ell part of Lot No. ?, ! Ttaratuke 4 * mMiuo*. fronting 34 foot on J*ixth atroet. by l'-0 in depth, mi th? corner of Krodorick atreot, with two ?tor* r? -? '? * * *" - * ' n>mr mmw wm riwimurf iur> *. *e. Terms of Ml*: Om thirJ ?mk; halBnas ib t aad 12 month* for approved cador?ed no?M, oeanr? loterast, and secured by a deed of tract on tt<? Maim. ? n -4t TWOS. POWUWO, A?i. t By J. C. McHI'lR K ft CO.. ABctioacora. HH IOHLY VALUABLE BUILDING LOT 0| 1 Capitol Hill at Acnmi-Oi KRIDAY AKTKKNOON, Mill, at 5 o'clock, ?a the premises, we *ti\Jl cfler at public aaotioa the west part of Lot No.ll. in !*anare No.*, fronting 27 f*et on north C street between Unaware in nae and Kirat street east. rai>Bia? hark 1X7 feet i?? a}i feat public allay. This lot is ne;v located for a private residenee, and must n sa Mt la a sknrkiims, la vie*- of the siltrfsacntnf tba <_aa*tol troaad?. Terms: One-half cash ; the rasidaa ja ? and U months, w:th interest, se?- a red by a deed of trast aa the iremiiM. ?< '? d _ J. C. MrGUIKK 4CO.AW Br J. C. mogijirk a. CO . AmUmmti ? TKl'^TKE'9 MUOrBVPKRIOl Ft' KIII tcrk axi* Hor?tH?LD trri< t? at Praftjc n S*ATL'it 1)%Y MOKMNti, & tembtfr iMh. at 10 o'eioak.on the firtt floor ?(m ftaot on rofrai, we a'all ae I. viiito?t re?-a Jiaaatitr of letMi* Karmturc and Hom?hoii ?fecu, oompri?ing? Suit of aolid Koaewood f sr'o' Furniture. firiahaf in Grwn and OoM ooiditiii of Iati* French rk?ta. Arm Clair and aix Parlor Chairs. Suitol Walnut Hatr-doth Corered Parlor Formtnre eonaietinc of twu tv>fa?. Arm Chair and aix Parlor Chair*, Marbie toe Center TaNee, WhatloU. Suit of aolid Oak Library and Dmn room Fir mtarw, cnm^naint elecaru ItookoM* and Vrrrturj, Libr&ry, hxtaamoa ?ud Side TaU*et Arm a*d Parior Chatra. and LwaacM fcaiahed in u reen k?h, Seta or Oreen and Black and Gold Chamber Peruiture. _ Kite ant Hi?h Post Walnat Carved Canopy BaditAtol Pnpcrior'forled Hair Maitreesea, Boatereand Pillow*. Mahogany and Painted Wardrobee. Dreeain* and Plain Uureaua. Waah'tande, Velvet. Bruaae ? a .d i hree ply Carpets, French China Dinner SM. (ilaaa Ware, Stlrer plated Ware, i-nwoli Clook, Vim, *c. Nueiber ot excclimt S'ovee, Kiloi<eu L Unci la. 4c. Terma: and under, ca?h; over that cam % eredit of and d*??, for aatiefaetonly endoraed notes. bearing interest. B? order of the Truatee. e 'S-d J C. MrOI'ltRl n?- 4 Br J. C. AtuUUIR K * CO., AootiwMera. TH WO RORSKS. HARNK68 AND PA MI' V Ciilitei at Piilic t'all ?1On S*A1 I lDAV MORM\(j, September 15. at 11 o'olo?k, la fool of tka A ucti i, Rooma, we ha I A anp?n<ir black Hon*, ?ix yaara o.d, aoa**. kiad aod (antle, woti wdl in ainjie or aoabla kar neaa, or ander th? aadrfla, A fine ?ra? Mare, e.rht (?ari old. vorka la aim ie or donbla harnesa, and ia an exoaWant driver, oaan Kair.i t Carriage and Harneaa. All aold for aooouat of a geLt'emao aboal to l?r? the oitr. Tarma: A orodit of ?P aad 9J da' a. for notaa aat iafaot< m j ndora?d, b^wmf intor??t. j aelS d J. C. MoOl'IRK * CO.. Aaeu b- r* as - oj ?. v> noumne. m i>u. Aucuonewi AH PAIR OF DKBIRABLE HOR8E9.TROT Tin? WAOOS AXD Dovblb Ha.mi FOB PALE. Ths rabsorihera will sr I . in front ol tkmr print set. on B?fi?nibor 15th,at 1( o'drok.t.Hir ot Iter Marea. b> oBt >11 rears old, atrliali 1b aoUoa Bad *K>p?ra.,,o , ai d Bccut-t. mrd to c? ufi,e and BtBfls hirnow. Both arr excellent aa4d a horsas. A Trot'tnt Hoccy. r ea-W aew, and a doabt# s*t of Hamssa will to aald at tb? aaaae Una. lit* horse* ran be aeec ui.ti! thedar of sals at tha tabto* of ?>r. <jrf*g?or. R ?t.. a?ar Fovrtsantr. 1 Torina af aa e: A aredit ot 4 nrnatha lor sabalka- f tonir endoraod notea, bearinc irtsrectmjl-d _JTC. Mo'il. It E * CO? Aaeta. FUTURE DAYS' Br i. C. MrSl'IRK A CO., Aa?tir>n*era Til WO VERY VALUABLE BL'lLDINtt Let* OH K t*T., OPI?o?ITB FBASkU.f fcyCABF At Pratic Arcrios.-Oa TUfc*i>AT AFTfciNOO.N, Peptemher 1* h. at 5 o'clock, on the T^mmias", we aball f>H*r at puLiis aucti'in Lot* N<?. It and jn. io r*aaa:e No. S4?, frcntiut 23 Iset each <m north k ?t .betwsen id 14th ata.WMt.raai.iiiK baek 14? feet to a SO feet alt*r. The*.- I/Ou froft dt'ssti) ou Franklin 8a?a-a. are located ib a dehrhtfal part of (Im citr for a private reaidor o<-. ai d ?<E<-r ir.dcoements to par Bona in want of it first o'aaa building aits Tcrmi: Oae third ca?h; the leauiue ib 4,1 and IS mcntbe. with interest, aaearad lit a. dead of tr??a on t'-? p-entiMS. ae 12 .1 J.C. MoQIMRE A CO.. A?cU. By BARNARD A BL'CKEY. Auctioaaara tfiorttiomi, D. C. | rVEiMRABLE SURURBAN RESIDENCE AT 1/ rranc Acerm* ?On MMDaY APlhJTNOON.Iltt, at haU pant 4 o'clock. wa vi.i Mil. ta front of Uie pretn?c?. that timirable ra*i<l?M? oai ed Kock ivprinc, aituntwl on the north vf<t*ri boundary of Georfrtovn, 1?. U., ami ??ata:Diat ali.>ut thirty -five aer?i of tacd, ixi'wrw! by a i?w two-Btorv FranM Huiw, Ham. Stabtaa, fprtac Himie.i#. Th? a.luation i* baact fa!, kick aal healthy, and la waterrd ny aav*rai arrioca oi para w*ur. Tarms: Onethi-<1 eaah ; baianae ia one. two, agd three yeara, baanng ictereat aacared by a dm4 of trnat. a? ll-d BARNARD*. BUCKEY. AaeU. B' A GREK1, Aontiotn*r. INTERESTING SALK AT t'lIBIJC AUCTION or Rkal K?tatk and pKBroani. Paona TT?On the firat TLESUAY (ill-2d day > oft?oi?.ber, at o'clock, two huh!? c jitivaUd Farina, ai ^ j iiiuie. ronta t ibk aloatw'n icr<w M*k r tu*t?d milM from Wa?iiin?toa city, l>. C.. "a tha 1 ma atre?*t r?*d, in N<>nt(wiu(?ri county, Md- I Hooia'wld Fu. in tore nn 1 av*rj d jaoripuoB of r *ra I Stock. oonaiatinc :n part of? ? Nine Hore?? and <>m Colt. I One p*ir of Wuikirr ft<vr?. I Twa-ity four heal orCa'tie. cmprinnt? f Milch I'nwi, ynne Steere Ac.Ae. A boat thirty Hnri and hfeuati, lot of Hicep, Pair of tseCkfiiur llorm, l.igbt C?r n.-?, n*w Doabi* flarueaa, F y NeU, Buffs! > Rot*?. B ?nk-t?, A c., A r. Alto. Family carr ace and D?*Ma Hararaa, Mm I* Hare am, L*d;M' acd Geuta' Saddle*. Brid.ea. Sieith Jie'le. Ac . Ac. Ons Fear horr? Wa-.oo, llarne?e. Carti,C*rrvau? C<>- vi end Cob t'maliT, *ood as i??, Threnhing V icinn* a.xJ Hpim Power, Ri-ukaway. Fan, K^per and M .wer, And man; ctliar Uteiul a tic.oa too namaroaa to mention I Arte lot of Clover and Timothy Hw. Waeat. Rye and Oat fct-*w,C->rnaruI Cora Fodder Tlrtf??m* witt be ?o|d at one oVoofc, without reserve. No. I, e<-ntainim aboat 2SS aorsa, titis perirol and free from all eacumt?anoe. haaau "N taut ia<xte-i! house, replete with all converter ees of a ftrat sa?* oity reaideuoe, suoh a* hath*. water o: ranj? a:;d fini i* kitch?a, fsrtaoa, f dry oeliar, i.otaiid cold wat'-r in hcJ, en serv?u>r) , an?l in fcot every thine re*ui*ite lor aa slefant o >untry rcudeiie*. Tbe k??M, With >U rnTcMcdinics, ooot about Farm No > h\? about *>'acre* fcichly i?sro?*4 land. go?<! fa'?n hoi.s-, irv corn orib and cranan. good ham and staking fur 12 horse*. Bsndias* , valsed arecrdirg to ia**ranee nsrvey at abost % ? #5, <?', the wh He rndor ro ?? fswoiac; plenty if c* y asltaat waier m *vry direetoa. A ! <>, ssftciert i wood land and &ne aiead >w*. T*s farm* wil! a old together or ce*antte, at iret psrchassr'* of- ? t?on. X Tl^rmi of I^l? ; I >!>*- ftfcitrJ <taak- wia*a* ^ th* purchase-. r*?b-ad by a dood of tract ob t?? X properly. AII th? |??r?or>at maerty will keiklM I t ?ndit of Inoktm lor til imm *rrr |M>wl ip > I fti til otrr tktt turn ? erodilofC aMRliM vilT h I (ivan for solas aatiafa-tority aadoraad, bttnni i? | trra<t ir<?m tho ea* of ?a'a; HI undar 91* I Mk. Tha wIm?Ib pro*a?ty. raal a?4 MMMI. vill I haaald V llHKit rt<*rv? <>a tha first M ' I Oct -her. and Uia a?ie vi'l ba oontitiaad dm cnul I the kola ufthe fopa-ty is diopoaMt of. Thspiop- I arty can be n?wed acd arary desiraNa inform*- f tionjiv-b bj o* .is* ob the ovaer. william aj ^ ISSSsS^irisir.'t te"si^r.T^ f road. Addraas. if by ?tter,CoUa?e Post OA<?. 1 Moo'romorj oouctr. Md. [ lamMia A. GRBKW.AaaC Br BABNAEO 4 BUCKKV: GMrnian. THRU8TEK'S SALE.-Bi Tirt?e of'a <>/ I I tru?t, dated Apri. 14, IM, recorded in Libef. i I A. 8.. No. mTfolio? liH, Ac .1 *nll ofer at ? % I ob ICON DAT, tfc* 17th day of S?K?fhr??l ?{ l? 5o'0 ook p.M-.on the premieea, aii t*at lot?(t ! OtwiMavtt. bMB| |VU of Lad oae he*re? I ud nicety fo?r (IN) acd om heed red a?dM???' I W6jta eec?d aoditi<?t to I to?i,hNMMm fol,ov% risTllegj*J I northwMt eorner of Lot No. Biaetj.<?a?r "J1" ?Hditioa, and ninclBi tSoa?? mm and paw v>u I ill Hrwl l? iwt; IlMM MrU >< I Br^.ss.'^'su^rr^ssi s~? vith aakl streettotaeb*taainf,vttktMiapf** I Mite, eoMUbnc "fa email dvelliac. . _ I to hm mJdiM ?mk; and Si immm i* two ? ?< I iB?ta!m?nU at oi?acd two years, with int?r*?: J I b? Mearctf. T*r?* of mi* te to eoefllei wttaB I ISlSSW

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