Newspaper of Evening Star, September 14, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 14, 1860 Page 3
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J LOCAL NEWS. I |0-Though Thk >*T4* Is printed on the fadtrst I * strain press In nap tenth of Baltimore, Itk edition u ?> targe as to require it to be ptit to press at aa I ewrif hour; AdTertisements. ther* fo?# thAni.* w. I p<-nt ( before 12 o'clock raotherwise they may I ?M ?pr?fT until the next day. ! Notici ?Dlrtrict of Columbia Advertisements I to be Inserted In theBaltimobx Ho*are record at and forwarded from The Stab OIIcg.- '* ' ~ ^ Fniarami ? 9tm* three month* ago i fire occurred at the planing and sawing mill of ifasrr. Trumsn Jt Draper, which In a few hour* red ae?rt their line establishment at the corner of Twelfth treet and the canal to ashes. and inflicted upon thoae gentlemen a roost disastrous lnas of machinery and material, throwing them out of a large amount ?f work then contracted for, as well as throwing r them out of work during the entire (to them) a.tttsr season of th? year Nothing daunted, how? #ver. by the stroke of misfortune thns suddenly y?irl fortiiiLniialv hrnnrrV* ?*L-? 4V? " ufi'u turin, mey imme^ntely set to work with trie business energy to rrpalr damages. They selected a site at tbe corner vt D and Thirteenth streets, upon which they bare lore erected a large and well-constructed mill. In > which they have srt np new machinery of tke ? m?*t app'OTed kinds, and are now ready to make 4 another dash at fortune. The principal room of their new mill Is to by 50 feet in size, In whl<h they bare set up a flooring mill, a surfacing machine, and a large circular rip saw Adjoining this room they have a room 13 by 50 feet in six?-, where they bare machines Tor resawing lumber getting out sash, bli ad. and moulding stuff, ,*roil work, etc. , ? m Upon the second Son- ?< ?. i- - -?-- eA 1? cn ^ ,uvio i? a MJ "V liftit in ?!zp, wLkh contain* machinery for cot* tiwax out any kind of fine work required In their Visinema There a /e two moulding machines. of "^mpruved design*^ which dre? flown three (Idea '-at one operatlfj; one saah machine, a large taming lathe, a r ,vot slat tenanting machine, a blind tile mortic'.ng machine, one power and one hand morticing machine, a beautiful ?aih dovetailing machine f two circular sawa, one Grey &. Wood'a planer, and an improved tenanting machine Nrar'.y #11 tbe above are set up and at work, and *? Truman * Draper are again in condition :?*4o execute orders In their line of bosineM R?v^?g experienced the mlaforttme of nr? *?? ? ""Vve conflagration, tbey have, In the erection of ftteir new mill, provided against similar disas>4m?, by rendering it as nearly tire-proof as pcs-^ble. The new buildings are covered in with G^fcavy iron roollng. and the sbavinjrs and mw, 4nst, a* fast as made, are conveyed from all tbe . nom*. underground, by machinery, to a vault In 1 rear of the main building, from whence they are tulera to supply the f ret uftder the boilers At *1* rear of the mill a large circular saw la set tn a Tsilway carriage bed for straightening cedar -poets, the railway carriage being an improve wut which obviates the necessity for lining. These industrious mechanics deserve credit for their go-ahead qualities, and with such business aualiftratiana *? -???- ? * ' "" _ ? iucr c?nnoi iau in a abort tlnir to make their late losses up, and jrtecc tbemaelve* ahead again. "6.> Thoc asd Do Likewi?k "?The night Vfaee la?i two genti?*:aea (oneacitizen of Wash In^tQ.i, and the other a stranger stepping at one of oar hotels temporarily) were taking a-walk alun.r Missouri avenue at a late hour, when pa?s(nrr ! #? ??? ?* 4V * . .?? ivi ? ine corner <>i me avenue fnd alley known as Marble Alley, they discovered a sraatl boy sleeping on the ground in an etpoved cvodition. without other shelter than was afford* d bv the interposition of a board fence between 'he wind his nearly naked person The little fellow wu barefoot and in tattered, thin summer cloth in*, and quite benumbed with cold The gentlemen roua>d him from his dangerous slumber, and on questioning him. ascertained that his name is Th(<inaa Amey, and hla age between 7 and ? year*. He stated, In reply to a question how be came to be sleeping there, that his father and mother are dead, and that he had Ijeen Li vine -wixb an aunt In the First Ward, who bad struck him with m knife aud driven him out of doors, telling him that she had children enough of her own to take care of. and be must And some other home He had wandered about the ?treeta until hunger and fatigue had compelled him to lie down where be was discovered The stranger immediately proposed to take the neglected one to bis room in the hotel for the night, and did to. Yesterday morning the two ventlemen met at the office of the citizen (General Fust Office), having the boy with them. His story wat told to a numiier cf clerks, wbo immediately took up a collection sufficient to provide him with a complete suit of comfortable foil clothing; they then took hiiutoa magistrate * office, where he told bis story, and the magistrate advised he ?s pacru in ?onir a?vinm. The trustees of the Orphan Asylum in H street, between Ninth and Tenth sts., were waited upon, and on hearing the little fellow's tale, gave a ticket for his admteion to that inititution. The gentlemen then took him to a bath, and had him dressed in bis new clothes, with which he was delighted?his grateful expressions indicating that such a thing as having I romfortable clothing had aeldom, if ever, ^een | his privilege before He was then handed pver to Policeman King, who took blcn at once to the aaylum, and placed him in charge of the miUoa. #le exhibltea to the gentlemen a Urge, fresh cut o? his irm. where he said he had been struck by Lis heartless aunt. Secosd Wakd Elictio:*, Yamut. ? TLe ?i<"(:tioc in the J*econd VVsnl. _ ?.J J 1 J IWI WMW In place of Mr. Urine, resigned, was characterized by {rood order In both precincts The voting was not at all spirited, no great Interest being manifested on either side as to the result? both gentlemen v/ho were placed forward for the vacant seat btlng well known and hlghlyj>opular In the community. The result of the voting was S3 follow*: First Pre? iact?Clark ..120 Swond Freeloct?Clark IpI?301 First Precinct?Barr 13H Second Precinct?Barr 150?!X Clark's majority 13 Scattering vot^s. 12 in 183?, Dr. Magruder, Anti-Know Nothing ...ju^. t? ?. .... iui .nayur, carried tan ward by 1J majority. At the last Mayoralty election the AntiKnow Nothing randidate carried the ward by 13 majority; and oowCllrk, the Anti-Know Nottin? < .m didatc for CoudcH, carries the ward by 13 majority. awiiritt a R*qcsit;o:*?Yesterday. The*, l.aroar. alias 81? L Luttey, aliis T Hrwkbtrara, who wu arrested by Offl-er Keeae upon a warmit issued on the complaint of Caspar Nikola, was brought out of jail for a bearing before J >; . t.?e Donn. The evidence of Dr. Dieiferibach was to the tff< t that be bad never ^tvea the prisoner any orders upon anv uoe for any purpose whatever The evidence of Mr Beck w;H that ti.e clothing which the prisoner had on was obtained from him on tLe representation of an arder fr m L>r Diefl'enbocb. Caspar Nichols folly Identified hitn as the man who bad swindled birr It appeared from the tss;luiouy that Lamar has been trtvettac ss a nobleman, t* to< , and is another tf those spurious Counts, one of whom Is now ?? rrlP(j a term in our penitentiary for a similar ctfeace. Justice Donn committed him to await a requisition from the Governor of Maryland In relation to the female, who was llrstsoid to 1* irv? w<r?..r ?-- ?? ?w. vir? u? ?uc vuuijiain&iiis, n iiiriua < ?! tbat she is Dot, but tbe complainant want-d u?*r to be, end made a proffer of bis band at tbe < ttice; but It waa rejected by tbe fair one Pbe declar-d ber Intention to stick to tbe prisoner, let Uie result be wbat It would. Mkxtibg or tub Republic** Association Last ErifiiSu.?We are not laforined as to whether all those connected with tbe Republican Aasoclst'.on In this city are members of tbe "Wide Awake" organization or not; but, if there is anything in a name, and the enthusiasm manifested by tbe Republicans at their meeting last evening may be taken as any criterion in the matter, they r? all most certainly deserving of tbe appellation. Seenslng to catch tbe spirit and teal exhibited by tue orator of tbe occasion, lion. K U Washburne, of Illinois, wbo spoke for upwards of an boar with an an usual decree of warmth and force tbey w?ii!d fr>q'jeotly interrupt him la his address with tbe most raptor on applause The speaker s?ld be regarded tbe election of Lincoln ana Hamlin as foregone conclusion; and all that was wanted now was to know what majorities each r f tbe free States would roll up for the t'cket. lie pledged tbe State ef Illinois for a majority of 13.000. Tbe Glee Club was present, and added tK? i.1^.1 .-.r ?k- 1? - tendance wm qnlt? large Tn AMirvLrvBAL Fain at Roca villi ? At ) -?? eight thousand persons visited Use Rockviile fair yesterday. Tbe display of stock, agricultural .md horticultural productions. and of Implements, 4.C., la by long odds the flneat ever before seen in thla Immediate section ef coontry. Our fellowcitizen, Mr. Bartholow's display, Isdecidodly the luest on tbe ground. We hear on all ndn praise* of it* completeness. Ur aUowa ttirre, specimens t?f avery new agricultural Implement that is now attracting public attention at tbe North and elsewhere, and will doubtless do far more than hit hare for agricultural improvement around us, Sway of Inducing their more general use amoa? s Urge c.rcle of customers He is always wide awake in busiiw-ss matters, and pushes bit tnwineaa with tenacity and energy ceoibiiu-d, that tbut renders Lis extensive establishment one of great benelt- to all tbe region foe tnlrty mi lea around tba Federal Metropolis A Gaaau TovaxaxasT will come off at AnaUstan Island oa Monday next Tbe crowaa and coronets for tbe ma:da of honor are gotten up bf oar energetic frllow-cttii^n K C ^tewiu, ana are on exhibition at his store, No 338 Fsncsvi. -rant* avenue between .Nlatb and TeaUj alrcc'u. which has juatbem ntteu opto mosteleg*ut?i>ie. t Akstvbs at wrnir, foot of Thlr\ teeo-aud-ataif street, schooner KM City, Oonklln. tnm KockUjui L*k?, with m Wu?of l<*/of M/ C B Cfeucfe. 7 ! . . V \ ~ . . .. j . ;.' # Tta* National Ri?li?'Ball o* the 19th.? Mt<?r Star;?"There ?u a Bound of revelry bf bight," and Washington's capital - had gathered there her chivalry and bright;'' and that sound of revelry and mirth might have been beard at old Temperance Hall, now occupied by the National Rifles as an armory, where was gathered the youth and beauty of our city. 1 doubt wneioer. in au me annals of conviviality and proverbial gayety of ths Metropolis of this contlitfiH, a more enlivening or select party was eve* collected under more flattering auspice*. But a few short months have elapsed since the formaof our popular and gentlemanly corps?the lBcs?aud yet you see them leading the District military by undivided acclamation, by the finest connoisseurs in arms, at the recent York encampment. and following their "feats in the honorable skill of our defences," leading and setting a most commendable example to not only tbe District military, but to the citizens of our fair city, in tboae select and popular entertainment!, such as wu Riven by them on Wednesday evening, la the pretence of tome four handred ladies and gentlrraen, at tb'lr quartera, so handsomely arranged fbr the occasion. Tke stand was most txitefullv decorated. Over a larire mirror were tlmped the American colon, surmounted by our symbolical eajjle, With a full length portrait of Washington, surrounded by a circle formed 01 sabre*, handsomely arranged, diverging from hilt to point, the centre formed with beautiful ft* toons The walls decorated with many fine and appropriate paintings and engravings, with the brightly burnished arms of the company glittering In rows round the room, all combined to give a beauty of effect impossible to describe on paper. Seats were provld'*! encircling the whole floor, which were well Ailed, and all anxiously expectant lur ramucr 01 me company in iuii art , who, after a truly beautiful entrance, with customary honor*, Ac., proceeded to go through with their inimitable drill in the Hardee tactics, eliciting well-deserved applause from the throng at each exhibition of tnelr quick and difficult movement* The manual, which was executed in a manner to elicit the most rapturous applause, being through. the company marched out to lay aside their s'de-arms, amii the wildest cheers and enthusiasm; and the floor cleared and the dancing commenced, which was entered into with Zf St by all present, and kept up until about on* o'clock, when the assembly dispersed, highly delighted with this the formal ilfbut of the Rifles into the social sphere of Washington life. Potentlnl furnished the refreshments, which Were of the linest. We did not learn what bind discoursed the music, but it was universally conceded that It was just the kind for the occasion. Not one untoward event marred the perfect Lappi una ui an auring tne evening, ana the throng dispersed, nil agreeing that Capt. ychaeffer and hii gallant corps are model soldiers and gentlemen of the highest order. Military. P. 8.?I am informed that Capt 8 is in receipt of a certificate from a committee appointed, setting forth the grat'fying fact that " The National K tiles of Washington, D. C , were the best drilled company at the Camp 1'atterson Kucampnieut." g f Albxandria Matters?The Douglas wing of the Democratic party in Alexandria, assembled In COn9*?l?rahl? nnmhrn l??t ? Hall. The meeting wai called to order by R. S Douglas, esq . Vice President of the Alexandria Douglas and Johnton association, who Introduced Mr. J F Knnts. Mr. E. addressed the meeting at some length, setting forth the Indisputable claims of Douglas and Johnson to the support of each and every conservative democrat throughout the land J. H. C. Mudd, esq., followed in a most eloquent speech, strongly advocating the cause, of tbe "Little Giant," ancl repudiating in strong language the idea of fusion with the other wing oftbe party At the conclusion of the remarks of Mr. Mudd loud calls were made for G. W Brent, wq . the Douglas elector for that district, wl>en that gentleman arose and entertained the meeting with a speech of some length, which was attentively listened to throughout by the large audience present On Wednesday night las', some heartless villain attempted to throw a train of can off the track of the Orange and Alexandria railroad, near Manassas Junction, by placing a fence rail across the track Fortunately the obstruction was removed by tiic cow-catcher without doing any damage. The sailor. King, who was so brutally beaten at a ten-pin all?-y on Union street a few days since, has been lying at the alms house ever since His condition has become so Drecarious that no honea are entertained for his recovery. The Star's readers in Alexmdria will be glad to learn that VVvman. that queer, quaint, quizzical. frolicsome, funny fellow, will shortly appear at Liberty ilall. Look out fur sport. Thk Faih of the Montgomery County Agricultural Society commenced yesterday at Rockville In the grounds of the Society, and will conclude to-day. At about 12X o'clock the toll-takers at the gates reported that 8,001) persons bad passed Into the grounds, and if onc-fotirtli of that number be added for coming after that report the numbers at the Fair rise to the large number of lO.txiO. C;rtainlv we never before saw such a concourse there, tbe ladies apparently constitu- | ting a full half The official proceedings commenced at 11 o'clock, and were of an interesting character; we think above the average. They opened by the presentation of a very handsome banner from the ladies of the county to tbe Agricultural Society; the presentation having been made through a yonng gentleman ot the countv, Mr Moore, who made an eloquent speech on the occasion The gift was handsomely acknowledged by Joseph H. Bradley, senior, Esq., the President of the Society for the current year After that, addresses, partly congratulatory and partly didactic, in an agricultural sense, were made to tbe assemblage by Col. McKatg. of Cumberland, Alleghany county. Benjamin Hallowe'.l, of Sandy Soring, formerly of Alexandria, and by Col. Geo. W. Hughes, the Representative of the district in CongreM. Sulisequently a number of premiums were awarded, and exercises in the equestrian ring occupied the attention of the assembled thousands. Preparations were made for a grand ball at Bight In the new building of tbe Society. Everything went olf harmoniously, and all appeared highly pleased. The show of cattle, horses, vegetables, and fruits was excel lent.?intelligence r. Alexajs dbia Scbckba* Improvements.?The Gazette says: '-The improvements In thecentral portion of the city are patent to observation of , ? rs * si? ? ? treiy uue. om me use, or even a greater Improvement of the suburbs doea fall so readily under the- public uotlce, and few persons really know the extent to which the suburbs of Alexandria have improved witbin the past few years. "NaylorT? Hill," especially, has grown from a few straggling tenements' into a collection of dwellings and shops that are more than a village, and eontalnaa population greater than many of Hie country towns wbich were incorporated at the last session of the General Asv mbly, and from which hsue, a weekly newspaper The increasing population of the village has led to the erection of a mail church under the charge of the M. E. Church South, the services ?I which are well attended, and to which one of the most flourishing Sabbath Schools in the city la attached. The msrch of Improvement still continue* there.some doze i houses having beeu erected within a few years, and at this time five houses are In pro^ref* Two of these houses are of brick, and are being built for Mr. James \V. Nails; three are frame tenement*, which arc goiug uj> for Mr. Warner llowdershell These tenement* are on Patrick street, nea* (ilbbon The Improvement of these localities adds another to the rmnv cheerini/ In. dicatlons of the prosperity of our city. Dismissed?The case of the U. 8. agt. R. G. 8alii van and ? Patterson was set for a hearing at uoon yesterday, before Justice Johnson. Mr. Wharton, as counsel for defense, asked a postponement, in order to obtain evidence for the defense. The case was accordingly postponed till S o'clock p. m. At that hour the defendants, with tbeir counsel appeared; but the prosecuting witness, Mary Boya, a boarder attne house of Julia Dean, did not. An attachment was given to oAcer Kimball, who went for her, but he was obliged to make hla return Hon at. She could not be found. The evidence went to show that the act was not committed with a felonious latent. It was done in a frolic, and the next morning Sullivan did not know wbere the things came from, and Patterson was alarmed at finding in his own possession articles for which he hsd no uie. They consulted and d'scoYered where the* had been; restored the articles willingly, and did not pretend to deny anything. The case was dismissed, of course, aad the young men wore taught a lesion they will probably not soon forget. Mm Ewtoi:-I noticed a casein your local yesterday .in which it was stated that a citizen urns ??W*. W-# ' _... Wu ircntfc certain magistrate cnargea with behaving in a disorderly manner in the Centre markeUbouse, and promptly dismissed fur want of proof. The facta of the case are that the information upon which the warrant waa lsaued waa given under oath by a respectable cltiien, and waa of such a character as to demand from 1ti? magistrate a Judgment against the defendant) and the prompt diaiitiasal under the circumstances has txclted considerable iaqnlry among those who are awars of all the facta of the case. Sept. 13. Ivazx. Riv. G. W. Samson, D. D , tha able and popular President of Columbian College, has kindly, and without compensation, consented to sup pi v m<* puipit 01 uw Assembly's Church every Sabb%th morning. Tbe feeble health of the pastor ri quires relief, and In this generous aid of Rev. Dr. 3. our cltizeus are xratia?5d to kuow ?h-v secure a eontiiiuauce of b ? pulpit efforU. Dr. Ham; on commences on next Sabbath. Fibs ?About twelve ??,cl?*rk last night a Are broke out In a row of stx or elsfct small two-story frame houses on Second street, between F and G. occupied by laboring men and the.'r fismlllee, a ad In a short time ill of them were destroyed. The kousts were owned, we are informed, by Mr. John McDermJtt The tenants, no>* hoaselese, excite much aynpathy. Mr. McDermott was inlured. _ Cbstkal ovawbovsb Cases?Maty Klser. drunk and disorderly; workhouee90d*ya. ACtchael La heady, sua pic las circumstances; dayiisaed Three lodf*n ware ?xomaodate4. --j-i, u ijtn'*& x-. ?a * * - ? Th? Yorso MatTAST ?Tn oar notice of the military ptradee on the 19th we omitted to mention the appearance of the Junior companies out, which attracted much attention. During the day three companies of juveniles, ranging in age from ' 12 to 14 years, paraded, making a fair display' of their uniforms and of their skill One of the companies was uniformed with blue jackets and red pants, something after Ihe Zouave pattern. Thev had * very pretty dag and martial music. After marching through the streets for N>me time, they met and exchanged military courtesies with another company, with uniform of th? mme pattern. but diifering in that the latter wore white 1 jackets. The arms of these little soldiers are harmless, but adapted to their instruction in tba use of the more destructive weapons to which they may be called In after life. Their movements were very accurate and were highly complimented by the hundreds of spectators who witnessed their performance*. Another corps, similarly armed, and nniformed with wblte jackets and pants, appeared in tbe Fifth Ward, and attracted murh attention there bv the accuracy of their movement* and their excellent behavior. Wi take plzasckk in calling the attention of the ladles and our citizens generally to the reopening of our friend R. C. Stevens's store, which takes place on to-morrow (Saturday) morning. Tbis old and favorite resort has been so renovated as to present a most beautiful and inviting appearance. Stevens Informs us be will be receiving new goods from to-morrow every day until his stock is the most complete in town. Protracted Mimitns.?Interesting meetings are In progress nightly in several of the Methodist Kplscopal Churches of the city, and otberchurcbes of that denomination will begin with the approaching week The peculiar method of this church in such things is always attractive, and their revival and protracted meetings generally are largely attended. We i-kakx that the revival meeting at Wesley Chapel is progressing finely, and that the interest is increasing every night, as also the number of seekers at the altar. The Rev. Mr. Kennard, of the K street Baptist Church, will preach there tonight, at?X o'clock. Hack.?As has already been announced in our advertising columns, a match race of one mile, for a pnrst- of two hundred dollars, Is to come oil' to-morrow, between 1 and 3 o'clock, on the course at the west end of the Long Bridge. If yoi want to laugh and grow fat, just drop in at Odd Fellows' Hall this evening, and see and hear the Bud worth's Minstrels. Hollowat's Pills. Aridity of th' Stomach.?Those medieines are & most powerful antacid remedy for the correotion of all those acidities, whether induced by debility, from ftlt substances in the stomach, or impaired by excess? tho torpid functions are stimulated, the blood cleansed, and the secretions of the bile and liver purified. sSoldbj&ll Druggists, at 25c.,62.. and $l per box. se 14-lw rht J. Hostkttkr's C*leb*atei> Stomach Bitter* is one of the greatest strengthening prepara tions extant. It is especially adapted to those who are atilio'ed with the Fever aud Ague, or any other di?ea*e arising from a disordered condition of tho digestive organs. For Fever and Ague there is, perhaps, no modioine in the world equal to it. as it inters, purifies, and replenishes the blood, which is so important to bring about a healthy action in diseases of tins nature. The Bitter#are now among ti e most popular, and at the same time valuable, specifics in the medical world. In recommending it to tha public we are fully conscious of doing them a great service, knowing, as we do, their mauy excellent qualities, aaflsure and speedy action i a all cases w(tere the disease is caused by the irregularity of the digestive organs. A tnal will suffice for most skeptical. Tor tale by druggists and dealers generally every, where. ' se 12 eo3t Ho m bo hath I c Remeubs All of Dr. Humphreys &. Co.*s specifio Homeopathic Remedies put up expresslv lor family use, in lioxes, at 25 and .V> cents each. A 1m>, in oases, containing jn vials, from $4 to So each, with t>ook of full directions. For sale by Z. 1). (inman, 3i<> I'a. avenne, wholesale and retail agent; W. A. Fitzgerald, 3ft 3 north F Htrect; also by F. B. Winter, corner of Massachusetts ave nue and Sixth street. Also, Pond's Extract of Witch Hazel, for internal and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold m above. ma 9 ly Mas. Wins low, an experienoed nnrse and female phyeioian, has a booth tng Syrup for Ckildtn T'ttk??*, which greatly facilitates the process of teething k- - ?j -i' 11 UJ VUI17U1UK HID KUII1B, rouuuiiiK *11 iDasmmttlOE? will allay all pa:n, and is Burn to regulate the boweit. Depend up?m it, mothers, it mil give rest to yourselves. and relief and health to your infants. Perfectly uafe mall cases. Smadvertisement in another column. oo 11-ly Barsy'i Tricopusrous is the be?t and cheapest article for Dressings Beautifying, C.aan?ing, Curling, Preserving and R?> storm* the Hair. toadies, try it. Sold by all Drug cists and Perfumers ar 12 6m Mbtkb's Miraculous Vermin Destroykr, the oldest and l>e*t remod) known for exterminating Rats and Mica. Cockroaches, Buss, Ants, Musqaitoes, Fleas, Mollis,ttrain-Worms and Garden Insects. Principal Depot, 612 Broadway, N. Y. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. ma U-3m 1 MARRIED On Ihe 13th inst, hy tho Rev. !.\Ir. Lemmon, Mr. Til OS. B. HUMPHREY, of this oily, t<> Mm* ANN MARIA NELSON,of Alexandria, Va. * (Alexandria papers copy.) dicdT la thia city.on the 14th instant. LKNORA, the only 'laughter of Enoch and Virginia F.Morau, aged 5 months and 23 days. Our little l>abe has ceased to weep ; No more she surfers now ; How aoundiy there she seeina to sleep? Beho'd her pallid hrow ! The friends of the family are invited to attend her funeral on funda> evening, at 3 o'clock, from the jemdence of her father, 011 231 st.. No. 197. On the 13th instant, at tho residence of his son. IRav I'Url.. u<ll VI ut v IM? , .a in\ ? -, /?i? wvikVt mill IUI HCill " KV Hli'KS, ag?d 1't yenr*. Hi? remains will be taken to Wesley Zion Church, on the Uland, at 3 o'clock p. m onSuntiav, 16th inst. ; ffom thence to its last resting placo, *t WANTS. \17ANTF,I>?By a Totnu inan, aSITIJATION as ? ? ooaolunan in a private family. Tiie best of references given. Apply No. 455 Wth st , between Gar.lH. lt? VVANTKDTO PURCHASE?A Ixnit three thou>and chestnut RAILS and six hundred of cedar or chestn it. Addroas JAMES L. CARBER V. Georgetown, D. r. se 14-3t* WANTED?A CLEKK. who is acquainted with ** the city trale, lor a Jew< Iry Store. Beat of referenoee required. Address T. II., No. 4, Star Office. se H t?r A VTfn I'/l llin I * - o? ? iun.< i nu 1 II uinrj?lilHUIIUISkrij, ? OU&VCi ?? WOMAN,?ran American Whit* Woman, who is a good cook, washer aad ironer. The t,e?t reference required. Inquire of the Rev. 8. M. SIIUTE, Columbian College. _ _ ^se_V4 St* WANTKlV-A HITUATlON.bjr alady.Moook an 1 to assist in wat<hin< and ironing Apply at No. 243 D street, between 14th aad lith its. s?1S-2t? A gentleman going south is de sirous of purchasing several NEGRO MEN, for his own private use. Persons having sutsh for vale can Kncure them stood place by addressing Box 496 "City Post Office," staling where an interview may be had. se 13 Iw* VVANTED-A PURCHASER for a Farm of 75 acres of land, situated m Montgomery oounty, Md , U miles fiom th > city and 3 from the Beitsville railroad station. Thore are 4" acres in choice wood and pasture lanil; tho remainder in a good state of cultiva'ion. The improvements oon^int of a comfortable d?el!iug, barn, stabling, Ac. The above property will l?? Mold a liarraio. upon immediate application to Mr. ROBERT TAYLOR, Wendell s Building. se8-6t* WANTED?By a steady and industrious man, a SITUATION as colleotor. Bust of roooni mendations given. Address M. C., ijtar Oftce. iT la-tf DO NCTt FAIL TO CALL AT HARVEY S, 261 C St., bttteten lOia and lit*. u - ? r ii - .?- ? - * * Suwu ?u|wrviBiun, wmcn my customers win ina u^nor ta euahty And fiaiah to norther* ware d by dealers in general and repreaeute l a* their own mauufacture. H. O HOOD, ee< Fa.avenue. nw?rflth at. WOOD! WOOD!! WOOD!!! poSSCtefrJStf KINDUNe WOOD, at the lowee _ T. J. * W. M. GALT, ?D.y,?fc?'-b? utt-d3S<3j no win *o-uay open iua iong-rsiaDlli?he<l and well known NORFOLK OYi?TKR/^^. /^v SHUCKING D IS POT Tor the wmou H? ha* made arrangement* to rcc^ive S^JkU9J? regular supplies of the best NORFOLK OYSTERS on every Tue?dav, Thursday, and Saturdav. ile will also k*ep constantly on hand a large and varied assortment of FISH, including every sort known to Washington tables. He returns his sincere thanks to those who patronised his Establishment oaring thepa?t >ea?on, and is confident that his increased facilities for keeping constantly on hand fresh sapplie* of OYS TERS, FISH, GAME, Ac., Ac., will amply reward a oontinuanoe of their patronage and custom. S..ld at th? lowest market prices, and delivered at all parts of the city free of ebarch. sein-lm T. M. HARVEY. j^CHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS. Youth*' aid Boy*' Clothing for ScJiool and J)rts? Wear. Parents and guardians wishing to famish their children and wards with Sohool aM College Oatbts for the coining season, are invited t? examine oar resent large and extensive assortment HOYS' CLOTHING, where they can fit out their children of all sizes in a few moments with every description of Rrady-made Garments, of substantial and durable quality, at very moderate priors WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. _au 30-tf 3aa Penn. avenue. WATCHREPAIRING ^pSILVER WARE | M LOST AND FOUND. LOST?Ontho I2th,between Virnaiaavanneaiid Maryland a venae, Island. 01 'S ' .\nAP,V*r''Jln'''? >*lr of Gold *: ~y^ fACLBs, for wbich 'he owner will pay a ?uita!>le reward, if left at the Star Office. If ^TRAYED OR ?TOLK\. no Wedii-eday, the l?h instant,alarre rn?l HofHUo with whiUfac?\ a little whit# on her l*ck. and white underneath. Th*re I* a mark or&dhi n-ratcti on the rifht hind quarter, fnrnunc nearl* a itrauht line, which it on'y di?ccruahleon oloso oh rer\auon. A libera! r?war>i will be paid for her return to me, or for ary information ai may I''?*' to i**?r recovery. JOHN AIcNF.RHANY. se U 3t* Corner S;h aad P street* north. LO?T?L??t nirlit. probablv between 7th street, opposite the Pout Office, and the corner of 9'h and Fata, a pair of GOLD EYEGLASSES. for which the owner will pav a suitable teward. if left at thie office. htt 13-3t ?C REWARD.-A largo blaclw NEWFOUND l.AM) DtMj atrav<Hlawa> Trom m*<3?. .> store on the morning of the llth He anawers by th? name of Frank. The ** above reward will be paid for his delivery to me. J. C. GREEN, ae 13 3t 9th *t.. 1 door above Pa. av. LOST?On Tneadar, August 7th, a BlTN DLF. of Evening Star News-papers, containing four oopiea of each day for the mouth of J uue, 1863 The finder will raaeive a liberal reward by returninj them to this office. au 15 tf PERSONAL. Mauam s.can beconsfltedon the I'ast. Present and Future Events, at No. 445. corner New York av. and 17th sts. *? 13 2t* NOTICE. promissory note, drawn by Richard H. Trunnel and Benjamin Masraw, in favor of ? Sou or order, for the sum of $40. will not l?e paid St maturity. Ail persons are hereby cautioned not to negotiate or receive said note. se 12 3t E"~ditor EVENING star -Drat Sir: Having seen an advertisement in your paper yes t?iday forewarning all persons fiom negotiating for ft nrnmiMAPv nntn nf K? ? ?? 1 * w , J v V1 jjt'u'wwii try ua* wo wuuiu respectfnlly inform the public that the t.aid advertisement hu lw?en published without our knowledge o* ronsent. We would farther inform the holdei of ud note that entire satisfaction will be given o nun or her on the presentation of the name to either of us upon its maturity. K. H. TRUNN Kl.L. It H. K. McGHAW. NOTICK.?The public are hereby noli lied that RICHARD HILL in no longer authorized to transact business in my name under a power of attorney from me, the said power of attorney having been revoked yesterday. WM.B DYER. Contractor with the Corporation for laying the Water Pipes. Sept. 18, I860. ce !2-3t* C? I Ci^IRKWARD.?Ran away from the stibO Iwlf scriber, living near Nottingham, Prince Oeorge's co , Md.,on Sunday theOth ins*., my boy JOHN WILLIAM TYI.KR ADDISON, about I ft. 5 or 6 in. in hight, tolerably stout, light copper mulatto, hair a little curly ami trimmed to a medium thickness, face and forehead well proportioned, acd likely. May have a scar on the outer corner of one of his e>es; ohiu slightly dimpled; about HI or 20 years of age. Was dressed when lie left with black felt hat, black doth frock coat and light blue cassimere pants, marked on the lusido of the waistband ,lC. \V. HolLda*;" *ome of his shirt collars also marked. He may, however, change his clothihg. He may be in Washington or Georgetown, 13. 0., where he has a quaintanoe*, or may have followed the course of the turnpike or railroad lor Bal'imore or Pennsylvania, as he left without pro\t>catioD. I will giva the above reward of Sid' provided he is secured in jail so th%t I set hi ra JAM E8 B.?. HOL LYDA \. 80 11 ?t* II1ADAME MORRICE, The Great Astkolo?i?T and Doctkkss, juit/rem Europe.?This highly giit<Kl and intelligent lady can be consulted on the Put, Present and Future Events. Ca'l at No. 'JOS Twenty-aeoond atreet, between H and I, Washington. jel9-3iu* EXfEN&IVE AND ELEGANT STOCK OF Carpetlngs* We respectfully aonounoe to th? oitizer.a of Washington, Georgetown, Alexandria,and environs that o.ur assortment of ALL KINDS OF CARPETING?, in all the various grades, nmlcee. and clashes, is now complete in all departcneut*. having ju?t re plenished our stuck from the most recent mates and importations, which enables us to exhibit to buyers the must "rttktTckt" styles known to the trade. We have? Elegant Medallion, Tourney, Saxony, and Yorkshire English Velvet and Wilton Carpetings, in triple, double and single widths, for drawing rooms and parlors. Also, noh and heavy Velvet Carpets as low as 31.25 p*r ?ard, worth $2. Superior and heavy English and Bigeiow BrnsseU Carpetings, for drawing rooms and parlors, verv oheap. I The kaiAe makes in heavy and rioh Tapestry Brussels Carpetings. fur drawing rooms, parlors, diniag rooms, libraries, ohamtiers, halls, An Extra heavy and entirely new designs of Rojal and superior Three-ply Carpetings, some as low as 87J4 oents per yard. Some makes in fine and supe'fine Double Ingrain Carpetings, exact copies of Brussels, at from 35 to 25 ount* per yard. Also, heaw and oheap Wool Dutch, for offiees, basements, halls, Ac., very oheap. Double Twilled English a^d Thompsonville Ve retian, in all widths, for halls and steps Also, a full supply of all kinds of Rugs to match any of our Carpet*. In Oilcloths for Floors Oar stook is fall and complete, embracing all the designs which are novel and most desirable, which we pnrohased under the mo?t favorable circumstances, ai.d which will enable us to sell thein at less figores than usual. In Curtain Materials We also have an entirely new supply, which or. ly need to be fon to be appreciate? all being new and different from anything heretofore Keen in this oitjr. Housekeepers and others are respectfully invited to call and examine our goods and judge for themselves. CLAGETT * DODSON. Dtal'TS in aU kinds of Furniture Dry Goorit, No. 4 Market Stack, se 10-eofit 3d door east from 9th street. ^, NEW COOK STOVES JBBM For 1**0. A9 AMERICAN COI'SIN, art helpmeet, CONTINENT A Together with a<i nnequaled stork of ali patterns COOK STOVES. PARLOR STOVKS, CHAMHKR STAVES. HALL STOVKS. itc , worthf of merit, which will be sold at prices that cannot fail toplpiw J AS. SKIR VINl#, Washington Stove, Grate, Kange, H^t-Air Furnace, Tin. Sheet Iron,and Japanned Ware Manufactory, No. 26? Pa. av. and Uth st. se S eo2w NEW RKSTA1TR ANT f f OD u ? ooo Th? undersigned have taken and entirely refitted the spacious hou?e No. A56 Seventh street, a A>w doors south of Pennsylvania avenno. Ther respectfully invito a ca 1 from their fri?nds and the public who may desire a pure artiole of Brandy, Wines, Whisky, Ac., or Brown Stout. P?>rter, Albs and other Mslc Liuuors, from oelebrated brewers. Their larder at all timew i-tooked wuh Fish, Flesh and Fowl, served by an experienced cook. This branch receives our persona [super vision. HENRY Kl'HL WILLIAM Rl'PP. Sf5 eoSw Proprietors. The union \vil?. stand, no matter W HO'S PRESIDENT! ('onsequen'ly 1 shall remain in Washington and continue to p-irsue mv oooupaUon ?>f tiOlfSK. ain ai * . tn kt . M l' *fT s i A . armi /> ? 1 oi'in Miu IIK.HA.meihi oil rAinrini). (jiming in all it* hranchea. Old Glazing p;rmri;j aitended to. Paintirg and Ornamenting Collate i-?urmture in the best stile I a!ao, c.P Mi- ntioo to the I'aiiitiun of Koofa and Brtclc H'ali*. All of the *.bove I will do as aheap aa tne cheapest. I therefore aolioit the patronage of du frienda and fellow eitixena of the District. Pun :tu*!ity atrictiy ubMrved, and work done 111 the bed manner. Yon will please mind yonr a trips and atop at M. T PARKi.K'S Painting Eaiabliahment, No. S3' A3 !! 53 !!! Louisiana av., north aide, between tth and 7th ats. P. 8. Si-ne put u? free ef charge, a* nanal. an 3.1 3ni Tto thk public. HE Undersigned, from Ions practice, confidently recommends himself to those afflicted with "St. Vitua'a Dance'' aa a careful and successful nurse. ? MARC DUB ANT. He hasjpermisaion to refe' to the following gentlemen : William J. butler. John Pettibone, William P?ttil>one. Al. A. Langfit, George H. Houtxman, A. L. Harmon, Williaa MoL Cripps. D. llauDtman. M. DU BANT. ae Vi-3t* No. 39? Eleventh at., bet. 1 a?d K. POR HIRE?A SERVANT MAN, (slave) 25' 1. >ear* old; ia competent to tak* earn of horses, to serve a* coachman, driver, porter, or an a farm hand. Apply at No. 409 Ninth street, between H and 1. ?e 11-1 w* The greatest bargain i* a piano I \ ET OFFERED.?A beautiful new^^^^ Rosewood splendid tone Piano, trade b?|H^BI Nunns A Clark of New York; aold only 3'WI1" month# ain-e by a wall known parson for S3S0. Pecauar oirrmn^tanesa enable as toofleritlor on easy terms. Call and sec it. JOHN F. EL 1.18*8 Chiokering A Son*' Pianos, e 11 306 Pa. av.. bet. 9th and loth sts. l^OR A~PUORT TIME <>Nl-Y.-DEAFKESS I AND NOISES IN THEHEAD.-HR.CULbTON, DemMr of the Royal College of burgeons ofEngaud, has arrived, and ia now jreptredto *P?iy his new and extraordinary, treatment by whioh he was hinue f oared af'er eleven years intense sufferirg. Partiou ars for self-oure Mat to postages consultations daily from l<) till 4 o clock free; reference to bnodreds of per sons currd. Address No. 213 Twelfth street, Washington, It. C Nervous persons rhould read "ViU; 8tatios"for self oure. Sent free to any address for 12 cents in stamps. se ll-lw* In order to dispose of my entire stock of Men's and Knvi' <ITB A \C u t W .? > o1M?(ST^StTS ?n 71 im FwhioMkl# Hat and C$*&& , ?? ltn P*.?y.. n???r Four.aod Y-Kfrifit New CA9SI" ?^anS^ri&SW aJSRSfe 5f S? /.SSSJwj Ji?i2?' "?& "* * ?i *, , / . -i * * irt.HUi.i ut.i * ,,m.m ??????????? GEORGETOWN. CorretpcnJ'nct of The Star. Giomrowi, September 14. 10W. There was a meeting of tb? Democratic Amociation on \Vedneadav rwnino i?-? - ??-_ v.>> ? ?*? ? vur uan on the corner of Gay and High Arrets Many of our most reapertablv citizens were present. and the occasion was r>*e of mnch interest The President (Mr Esau Pic rell) introduced Mr. Wolfe, of yoor city, and stated that be was preaent by iimtiticn of the association. and would now addreaa iheu?. Mr. Wrlfe then delivered an argumentative speech, which waa very effective, and he waa frequently applauded, after wblcb the meeting adjourned. The inimitable, mirth-provoking. fun-loving, popular and ever-welcome Wyman gava one of nls amusing entertainments at Forrest Hall last evening, and, aa usual, had a crowded hous-? In fact one ef the largest audiences we have ever aeeti in that room. He performs many new feata, magical and ventrlloquial, and to all who Ilk* a 8o<id l*ugh, we will say that be gives an exhiblon thla evening, and another to-morrow evening; also, one on Saturday afternoon for families ana children, with a change of programme on each occasion As be pays aa much intoour town treasury for three evening exhibitions as the Corporation of Waahington levies for two weeks, we think a portion of the police force might (on that account, lr no outer,) be detailed to assist In preserving order in and about the Hall If this is done, and egress and ingress to and from the building made aafp and comfortahle4or ladies, as io other cities, they would not be compelled to go to Washington for an eveniag'a amusement We hope ttiose having the matter in charge.will Me 1o it hereafter, as the credit of our city is concerned. It will be seen by the advertisement in another column that tbe young gentlemen composing the Kagle Riding Club, of our city, have a grand tournament ?t Annlnafnn nn Mni.H*r nail W m expect to tee a large crowd In attendance, surpassing that present on a similar occasion a year ago. A great many of our citizens have gone to the fair at Rockrille to-dav, which is said to surpass in many respects those of former years. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS for other Utorgrtotru advert net fint pa^i Forrest hall, GKORGETOVrX, n. c. XV Y M A N ! VI Y >1 A N !! THURSDAY, FRIDAY, and SATURDAY NIGHTS Also, for Children, on SATURDAY AFTERNOON, 3 j?. *. ?e 13 3t JUST RECEIVED? lo hlida. prime P??rto Rico SUGAR?, 15(1 Mil*, Rve WHISKY, 250 hbls. H E R ft IN O and AI - E WIV KS. in I.I.U, Crw?hed and Refined ?UGARS. 3> bae* Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhds.Uow priced) MOLASSIJS. Fur ?al? lur J Oil N J. HU(H K. mH RC C AT7** KSPECTFUI.lS* Informs hit friend* and the pnMic Generally that he l.a* removed to No. Hitli rtreet, adjoinii'R Ma?onir Hall. He i? prepared to the ?liortei>t notice. Dinner and Evening Parties, and feels a*j>ur?xl that he will jire entire tatief&ctiou to tho*e who may favor linn with a c?Il. All kinili nf (!(IN t'KI'TION KB V and C. X K I *i the lowest prioea. Bett ICE CR EAM at #1 per gallon. C. C. AT/!*. ?e 4-lm 5.5 High street. Georgetown. BOARDING. 4 NINTH STREET.?Perbons returning t<? xiJO the city fioin their summer issorU will find vacant eeveial desirable rooms, having, the cou.e nienees of gas, water, and bathing closets, at 4 A3 Ninth St.. one door couth of F; tuitable either for /Xmilieo or Mngle gentlemen. Table toa:ders ?ccommodated on moderate terms. se ) ?w* FOR~SALE ANP~RENT. [For otktr "For Salt and Rtnt" &dvtrti*iwit*H, utjirtt pat* ] FOR RENT-A comfortable acd convenif ntlv arranged DWELLING, in a pleasant and health* location. The House contains nine rooits beside barh room and cellar, with water andgas. Apply at No. 3ol Mafc^achuaetts avc. ae 14 X* F^OK RENT-A FRAME HOFSE.on B street mar Seventeenth, containing* six rooini, pa?tase, and oel!a<-. Kent moderate to a e<?>d tenant. Inquire at No 373 Seventeenth st. The proper, tjr is also for Kale. >e 13 3t* STEAM POWKR TO RENT. ? YV&iitnd. a TURNER to do light fancy urmng in wood. Can also let 5 to 10 Horse St<?am Power, with good loom in upper floor, and al?? the use ofcircular an'! upneht $%wn,Sa?ti and Moulding Mach u(,io App'v at Mount Vernon Factory, near the Rail road D? pot. se |j-3t FOR SALE?A new two-story and-basement BRICK HOI SE. oontaimag 5 rooms and cellar, situated on Klsventh street north, within S minutes' walk of the Northern Liberties Market. Terms unusually liberal. Apply to H. N. I.ANSDALE. corner of 7th at. and Pa av. se 4 ?w* IT OR RENT-A comfortable three-story BRICK r hXVKI.I.lVlt h(l(?SK nn Ninth KtrePt oddo aite Grace Church, on t if U.and Rent very .ow. Inquire ol G. CAMERON, next door, where the key can l?o found ; or of CHAS. S. WALLACH, No. 7 Indiana.iv. ae?-eo3w EUR 8* LK?A FARM ooatainmg lWaorea. aitunted 6 milea from Georgetown, in Mortcme rgoounty, Md. Fifty acres are in a huhatateof cultivation; twenty-five acrea in wood. Tn?re a a *iuali log house, atabiing. aheda, corn house on it. Applo orchard sr.d aome peaches: sprint auf a well of water at the door; twins perfectly healthy. 1'leaae inquire of BARNARD & lll'C K KV, Auotioueer*, N<k ' 14 UridK" street, Georgetown, or \V ALL ft KAHNAUI). Wuhinfton. ae 12-eolm AM RAKE OPPORTUNITY -A magnificent FARM f r salo or exohanje for oit? pr<>pertr, containing >H wr>". half mile from Fairfax ftv tiou. Orange a:ut Alexandria Kni:n?ij. It luiindtr a huh Hate of cultivation, well watered, good bui diof? a:i1 timber; it can be bought low. Call onti. \V. BRAV A CO., at their Jeweirj sftore, 516 St*veil tii atreet. ? S-1 m * FOR RENT?A three-itorjr-and attic BRIOK DWELLING ?n H etreet l*tw?'n 13th ud Mth Btreeta. Apply at \VM. P. siiEDrvg Fancy Store, No. .>02 litn ?t. au 2&-3w^ FOR SAI.K-A Iin?ll FARM of 3! acres of land, miiiato.1 I mil"s north of Soldier*' Hoii.e and 4 miloa from U Ashimton Clt?. beiUK a part of Chll iuin Castle Manor; Is acres in market garden and tbo b.Vanoe i* heavily timl-ered. with a spring of never failing water, a lomu orchard of peaoltas and apples, iiavin^ on it a small frame house. Applr at stand No. 271 Center Market. o( Mrs. MORTIMER or on the place to J. H. MORTIMER, au^ 3w* CLAY'S HOTEL. (KoRMEELY UllITED i?TATl6.> PKNN. AVENUE. VTAbHlXiTOIl. D C. The United Stat** Hotel having ia?sed into the hand?of the undersigned,the* re-pec'-A . . A fully lafortn their friends and the puMicYf!|fcy that the houne has been closed for the two months, and has been thoroughly . e.o^arrd, repaired and fnn.islied.and will be reopened on the 1st September inst. The boaee being heated with steam, and provided with other modern improvements, may now !< clansod with the hrut hotels of tiie country. It wil. now MOommaaMe some mtov uuureu pt<taoni. The proprietors giving tlieir persona! attention to htisineiis. do eflort will fee ?par>*{ ou their p%rt,or their attendants, to contribute to the coiufort of their guest*. Hoping to receive oar share of pubiio patronage, wo remain, very respectfully. H. CLAY A CO. Washington. August 20,1860. N B.?gentlemen desiring Board can ?n l piousaut Roomii at moderate prices. so l-ltt VVHEELER A WILSON'S UNRIVALLED Family Sewing Machine*, WITH IMPROVEMENTS, whioh render them absolutely all that ran be desired, AT THE NEW AGENCY, No. 346 PEHSsTi-VANia A vies v*. near 7th street, From $30 to 8100, With Instructions free of charge. _ an 25-1 m P. J. STEER. Af tB NO DAMAGED BOOKS! UT The very Nicest-Best-Oheap**t SCHOOL BOOKS! SCHOOL BOOKS! At the Washington Headquarters. where every body buys their School Books. Still a few left, at the lowest prioes, at SHEPHERD'S, se 8-1 w Corner 7th and D street a H. W' HAM'LT?N' PAINTER, and DEALER IN PAINT?. No. 593 7th Stkkkt. ntar Odd Fillow*' Hail. ao 2-tf PCTTV1S DOWN. 1?1NE PIANOtJ FOR RENT OR SALE, 4 At ELLIS'S. Mnaio received tri-vreeklj, at FLLIS'S. MoI'Hieoua aad other iLktrumeuti for reut. at ee6 ELLIS'S. FOR SALE.?a pair of COACH HORSES, youhk aud faat, *>ld for no fault; tiie ffv . owaer having no uw f.?r theui. Afp'jr atTTn W. H. UPPERMAN'S Grocery, on Peau /wA. eylvama avenue. between 3d anil 4X t-tm. au 22 tf PILOTS' NOTICE.-To all Cap bum and owneraof Vessel*, bound to the Diatrict * rv of Columbia. uoUoe i? hereby given. tlia'Z*gT> Pilot* may ba fouu l at all tim*a at Si George'* Ulaud. at the mouth of St. Marj'a river, aad near Piu*> Paint, aad that it it not w oeaaary to take Virginia Pilot* from their Njata, when the tmmI iiIjouiiiI to Georgetown or Washington oitv a* Maryland Pi lota oaa be found of at least equal nkili aad reliability. an ll-*~*f* nUPONT-B GUNPOWDER, ~ u j Safc Agency ft tk* District af fWwnMa. A large rnpe.y, emtraaing every variety, a vui on oasu, ?nd delivered IVm to fclf mtu of the Diet lot. Orders eutlm k?left at tUeo&oeof Adam** Ei?r? Cobhbt. WaahinctoaTP. ff. fcmwrtr rjOUaVK SIGNAL Hokv Pnc# ?jk raoctvad at tb*Ma??atur? ms w. o. a^tmkott. ' ' -~i ki ' T',i 1 A *? ? .'?! J r ?. * THE LATEST NEWS TKLEQRAPH10. Farther +r ?? A?t. New You. 13 ?Tb# Clea bj tbt Acta contain the fcUowfa* n*w* NothiM tmporuat bm yH oct urrW tt Naplw or ! CiliWli Thi It tag r?naiM * Kapiaa liulhaUlh ?hn> *rmv ha4 ill m IU laud The Emperor u4 Km pre* of the Fieaeh eea tlnue their tour la Saeoy It 1* reported tbat IJeeem Victoria's apeecb rota live to Stroy produced a bad lmpi raaloa la Porta A Permanent French camp wa? to be aatobttab ed cloee to the Pwtaa a?l Grrnaaa frontiers Marshaia Magaaa and Nell bad Made paclic apeeebea to their reaper tlve coaoella general The Bourae < looed Inter at 99f lie Tbe Arrtte sU imer Pes had made a aatMbctory aurvev of tba tarae laiandt for tbo coaetrocttoa of a telegraph lln?. aad bad proceeded to loetaod Tbe London limes protests avalnat Mr Liadtay' imaaion to America relatm to the ablpptag lu teres ta Tbe rumora of a proposed interview between tbe Kmprton of Austria aad Ruaaia tbo Prince Keg eat gala more raeeteteeey 1 be roporta aav that preparations are aiaklac at Wataaw for tbe interview. Tbe report baa alao been revived tbat the Emperor Napotnoa wiabea to meet tbe IJaeta at Barcelona, on her return from Algeria luad Facta la actlag rigorously In Hrrim We rente pcraonabad been bung, and oae bead red and ten soldiers aLot. Forty-flee buudrad French troops bad landed at Beyroat. There are threatening manifestations betweeu tbe Cbriatiaua and Mahomedaaa Tai Latest. qc atmiitown, t^ept a?Oftcial advicaa from L>amaarua. under date of Auguat it4. aaaooaco me capital execution of 107 persona implicated in the recent maatcrai These eiecntlonabad atruck terror into the mlnda of tbe Inbabltsrtt. and tbe city remained tranquil. One hundred and ten of the malefhrtors belonged to the police Tbev were ahot In Uh pres ence of the public The others. Including mem bera of tbe Irat families In the country, were hanged. Other pnrtlea wer. aentenced to hard lattor at Conatantlnople. The ex-Ooeornor and other oftclala were undergoing trial Tbe Sul > tan a army was acting with the moat vlgoroua dlaripline. and the moat perfect tranquility pre valla throughout Syria. A dispatch front Perugia states that G?ieral iJkmorlcisre bad directed his troops to plunder any town ahowing symptoms of lnaurroction. Additional tram Califarai*. f*T. Jo?bphb, S'pt. 13.?The Pony Kxprrsa of tbe i(t :nat furnlahea Japan news to t^e tad of juiy. i Df jiptBW mmT UM Bvik bad arrived safelv home from Han Fraaceco, b?a'irg Intelligence of the manner In which the Japai>e*? Ctnbany wa? received in 'be 1'ntted Miat-a The offcera of tie earner bad given to the Jtpetieae Government glowing arcoonta of. not <-?lv tbe:r own reception at San Franrlaco, but also that of the Embaaay by tbe Americana ClLtroBKlA. Several abip^ had Ml led from Paa Kranr laro with luppliea for tbe French and Engl ah foreee in iuc v n: near wiwn olmor. Tbe Democratic Convention la this 8Ulc had divided into two wing* Tbev held aeaaiona ra pcctively on the ldth and 19th last BreeklarMge Urawrttk liau laaveauaa* Bobtok, Sept 12.?The Breckinridge wing of tbe d em or rati c party of Manachuaetta aaaembl?d In thta city to-dav. About all hundred delegate* were preaeat The followiag Stale tlckat waa nominated: For Governor?B. F Butler, of Lowell For Lieutenant Governor?David N Car prater, of Greenfield Far Secretary of Stale?W VV Cowatock, of Mlddleboro For Treasurer?Gaorge Dennett, of Boston. For Auditor?G W. Muneii, of Fltchburg For Attoraev General?George Washington Warren. ofCbarlealown For Elector* at Large?C. W. Chapin. of Sprlagftold, aad Eben Sutton, of Danger* Agrioaltaral Fair?V irgtala Palitira TVhiili!*?. Sep* It ?The Pair of tb? Weatern Virginia Agricultural Society Is bow ta fall blaat. The cttv la a aceo* of much excitement, owlag to the various political demonstrations going oa by the republicans aad Bell and F.verett met* The republican Wide Awakea mad* their ft rat tarn out. and the Bell Gnarda paraded in Urge number* The latter hare a meeting at the AtheaBum, and the former at the Conrt Houar The Breckinridge men hare their meetings tomorrow night, when Senator Mason will deliver a speech. The Frlace of Wal?a. Lo*noii, C. W , Sept 12?On hla way from Toronto to this city to-day the Prinoe stopped and received addreaaes at Goelph. Petoeabur*. aad ci ?r a Ji -?r -M * ? ? - pumuni, u? arrived ncrr n roar t'CUll p. . Ten thousand people aaaembled to receive aim . Tbe ceremony of presenting and replying to tbe address was burned tbrourh on account of tbe bitter cold wcetber. after which a loar proc cation escorted tbe Prince to tbe Tec omseh Hotel, where be atopa Tbe city U bandsamel y decoeeted with arches, banner*. Ac. Natlnal Agrlraltaral ftihlbitisa. Cr^riwHATi. Sept 1*2 ?Tbe National Agricultural Exhibition opened hare to-day Prof Carer, In behalf of the citlxens of Cincinnati, tendered tbe grounds to tbe Halted StateaSociety, to which Prealdent Wager made an appropriate reaponae. Tbe diaplav of stock, agricultural Implements machinery, farm product* and manufacture* of every kind, iaaald to surpass all former exblbltion? of the Society The exhibition will cloae on Saturday. Gar. Ipraga* at Alb*ay?The frtrMtace Light Infantry. Alriit. Sept 13.?Governor 9prague. of ft bode Island, and staff, wiih tbe Providence Light lafantrv. arrived here to-day, and were received by the Albany Burgess Corps They were caoorted mm vvn- r l um nan . w ucrc iury air w ue rmrrMi.IlfQ at an elegant dinner given by the Burgoawa. at which Governor Morgan and other dialingolahed gueata will be preaent. Arrival af Ue Califarala Expreaa St Joiir?. Mo . Sep* 13 ?The pony eepreea, from California, with adrirea to the lot, baa arrived. Th? achoooer Brilliant, of Baltimore had arrived at San Franciaco. The steamer Golden Age led oa tbe 1st with SI,197.000 for New York. Katlread iccU?t. FaiExxmair, N. J .Sept 13.?Mlraoa Seaborne. Conductor on the western division at the New York and Erie Railroad, fell aadar his train just at It left thta place last evening The train paaaad over his legs and thigh, fie lived oaly half an hour. Cricket *latch at Philadelphia. Philadelphia. Sept 12 ?The eneket atatrh at the opening of the new grounds of the Germantown Club between eleven Americans of Philadelphia and eleven English of Philadelphia and York, took place to-day. The Irst laaiags resulted:? English, M; Americans, 4J Dm ill *1 !llri. (ira lbrs?T< New York, 8ept 14 ? Private Irttera from Parts announce th* death of Mr* Harnrv. wife of Uea. Wm 8. Harnry of the liillad a my Kallroad ElntUa. LvKHiric, V?., 8#pl 13 ?Robert L. Owen bu bMa dacted nroliaal of th? Vtnmla ui Tennessee railroad,'In the place of J. R* M IUulei, resigned. Fire Is New Orleaaa New OiLKAKa, Sept It ?The roalu nil fhctary on the New Shell road waa burked y?at rday. Loaa *160,OUC. uninaured. Balilatrt Mark?ta. Baxtthoek, Sept. IS.?Floor cloaed active bat ate&dy; Howard atreet and Ohio K Wheat clnar-4 alradv; rod *1 3ri. fl M, white f I 40 ?! 70. Cora ck?ed dull; white 68a7le; yellow OSaTSo frtv. vtalona closed outet; bar oa a Idea tgfcalSr: itm pork flt.TS; prlw S14 75. Caff at closed firm but active at MaISc; atnck 7.UU0 baga Wklaky closed heavy at *3^a23^c. (Vow York Mirkcti New Yon. Sep* 14?Floor la lower; JMato 5 ttjaS.TS: Ohio *> lu?6 ?; Southern N IIM 3D. Wheat la lower bat very active; Southern nominal . Cora la ali*rhtly io?*er; mixed Wa??c Pork la ateadv. Lard ia dull. Whleky la dell at JU24%C. Tec Ladi Kloin Ota* a Tea.?'The Jery Impenneled at Cbtcago to Inquire Into tbe cauae of the recent terrible diaiater oe l.ake Michigan, commeoccd their laborso-< Wednesday. Several peraona who were oa board tbe 111-frted ataemer were (xuiim, a ad tbeir HmmoiT ?i?a? in throw the t>Um? for the occurrence. 1/ hit. "no* tut- schooner Au^uita, ud the testimony of tie two mates of the schooner leads to the aatne ? o?. cliiKioa. TL- ra.n.t r*s ! ?-bts. iteee??s, were dm < ?v. r?d at it-ai-i-d ii.tuut?s before the coII|?i<m? to?k pi.*c?. v? i,iUi w* certainlv tin* anMrtei.t to have enaiind u tboa* cm board tk? AiurueU to t*ke rwrff p'??ut o? agaiaat aerl4Mt I hm body of ("apt Wl's-?n has N-fit found-atfctof w?? ia the mi t nf robh.nj It at the ma toft bis frieada discovered it Ac r >rdlnir to the Milwaukee 8e?tiacl. both Mr lagtan, of the ' aim Illustrated New*. ?nd bit son were drowned TL* bodjr at Mr I. hii been rfrewrfd. and wb? found wm quite warm, shewing that be r~ic bed IW breakers before be died. J u?t a few boon before ba aaiied la the Lady Klgia. he had made anaiiwnti with a gentleman of Chleaf a to fumlat h)? paper, tba Illustrated London Vewa, with wttrtatM Chlcar<> and lta trade and cmwiw, wall aa of drawing* of the city. ic".i.iiflir

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