Newspaper of Evening Star, September 14, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 14, 1860 Page 4
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*g="' . J ? , THE EVENING STAR. REFLECTIONS / I sit tne down in thought profound. / This maxim win* I dr?w : / 'TIS ?HMer far to lik?* a gcirl Than irakr * eirl Mk* ?on. But after ai I <t.>n't be ?*ro , M' heart wi'i br< ak witu W??. ' For f sue'* imlin#x1 to lovo ttutf oh?p, * Why. Mess her. ?he CM 1? ? ? ro, tlx mb |u to, thecmi (u tu ll"nl Kobj l#f nitt | ?*??> Rccaariliattaa at Taraala. The affront which was given the Royal party , at Toroato on Saturday la?t has b**n atoned toT t>y an ample apology on the part of the Orange 1 Lodge* It appears that on Saturday the Mayor 1 of Toronto took npou himself the bratne of ha*- ( )ng deceived the Prlnr? and the Duke of New- ( rwtie la rcUt'.nn to the portrait of King William having beea placed on the Orange arch. I'pon j this beiajj communicated to the Duke, that gentleman wrote the following note, copies of which were extensively posted throughout the city : Ooviismmi Hutse, Toronto, Sept 9, lt??0. SiK : I am sincerely anxious that all the painful events of the laat few davt should be at once and forever burled in oblivion, and nothing remembered but the heart-stirring sr-enes which last T? ilfVlf nfA^la{m<ul * I- ? ? -* * 1 ? ? M.fc? iu me wwra mf noaniiuw'is and entbnaiastic loyalty of tbecity of Toronto It la a rcliff to my mind that i ran without any < atrlfl -eof duty to the Prince of Wales accept i the apology wnich ia offered by your letter jaat received. 1 can only hope that from th's moment all differences may aa completely vanish from the minds of othera aa tbey will from that of Sir, your very ob't servant, Niwcaitii. Aa aoon aa this information waac??nveyed to the Orangemen a af>eeial meeting c?f the mastera of the lodgea in Toronto diatnet was held, and the following resolution waa adopted : Rtiolvi, Bv the mastera of the varioua Orange lodges in the district of Toronto, that while events hive recently occurred tending to excite the Orangemen of this dist'let, we can?ot but regret that a few persona who are not in connection with the Order, forgetful of the xuietity of the holy Sabbath, dfd. without consent or knowledge of the master or the committee which has chage of Vfte Orange arch, place thereon certain hannera. surreptitiously obtained font one or more of the 'jrange nana 01 idij city, ana which banners were taken down at the direction of the chairman of the arch committee, and not, as represented by acme of the lity papers, by oi'der of the Mayor or police; and wbile regretting that an institution baaed on devoted attachment t<> the Sovereign <nd fidelity to the constitution, a> by law established, should be slighted by any authority of the empire, we cannot bat at the same time express our 1 carty i ongratolatlons at the arrival of bis Royal lligh* neaa the Prince of Wales among us. Tbia at once allay d the excitement; the Orange arob wsi removed, and those who had beeu most demonstrative against the Duke we;e most enthusiastic in his praise. On Mo(.day nu ruithe Prince went to Collingwuod, on L ike Huron, by special train, stopping at several placei oa tL? route. He was everywhere e:.thu*:astically received. On Tuesday he was to participate in no less than eight celebrations, receiving the people of Toronto at eleven o'clock. BumsTino or the Air-Ship.?Exciting Scene* nt Pome Brt'ze.?The Philadelphia Enquirer of the 10th nays: " Early on Saturday morning the 'strait and narrow path' branching oil from Gray's Ferry road, a short distance below the Arsenal, and leading to the balloon grounds via 'Inzrahain Park,' waa thronged with anxious nedestri.tuti in-w4-i-t ?' ? " - cm u|vu uuuiiuiiii; n iasi glimpse ci tLe volant air mobster. Toward noon the breeze freshened intoaawni sale, and the bvlnon, whose Inflation had almost been completed, reeled to and fro In the intoxication of ita pride. Notwithstanding the apprehensions felt for its safety, the car and the boat were attached, and everything seemed ready for the departure of the aeronauts Professor Lowe had just !-ft the "round* to bid his wife '-good bye.' when a sudden squall of wind struck the balloon, tearing a huge rent in bef side, at least fifty feet in length, and of a mean Teidth of a foot. Instantly she careened over, and with a hissiiig sound. ca:r?e crashing to the earth. The ?Hd?it scene vt confusion and excitement then began. It ws< rumored that one of the workmei was bnried beaeath the pile ofcanvau, which ay throbbing upou the parched ground. The falsity of the rumor havin. Wen proven by I the appearance of the reputed victim, the enclo- I lire was instantly cleared by the police, wto | pwvut Mm K|I vav Hitll]urr?, clliU IUC Vt'OlI OI removing the wreck commenced Professor Lowe was perfectly calm and collected in this trying moment. and declared that he had befit expecting such a tin.tle, unci that it had proved to his entire satisfaction the capacity of his balloon to endure almost any strain to which she mV'fci be subjected. The force of this train may be imagined, when we state that the cables attached to posts driven several feet into the ground were diminiahed to half their previous diameter by the tension; and that one of these cables was imbedded in an oak?a post more than half an inch. Capt Dickinson's mental anguish almost drove him crazy, as he beheld aii b!s hopes prostrated with the falling canvas. He exhibited greater calmness and resignation, however, on learning that the accident, unfortunate as it was, would only temporatily delay their voyage. Mr Cresson. the superintendent of the works, and the other subscribers to the project, have expressed a determination to give it a fair trial; and, before two weeks have ptujed, Prof. Lowe w>ll probably make his second attempt to cross the Atlantic from the same starti lg point. He is extremely grateful to those gttv?-meu who have extend-u him their aid and influence, and says he dots not regret having made bis llrst attempt In Philadelphia. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS, NATIONAL HOTEL?J K Daweil, Va; f< Zl Hartwell and lady, ioldman. N V; W Hn'ned, | Pa; H Hell, ?; J C Miller, La; J Howard, Me; J I ^ I < ' 1 " ? * ? ? - .....i ?;ri. .repl. 18 ' Ara* i?? .9outh'pton_.New York.. S?pt. 1? j Nsw York South'pton. ..New York.. .Oct. 3 | Tb? Havana mail ?t*ara^r? laavs N tw York on the id, !*thf ITth. and -Tth of eaoh month, and , Charleston on the 4tii au?l 19tfi. Tne California mail laara Now York oa tkaatii and a?tt of ma*- monta. CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. ' ' D Str*et, b-1 9tk and K>*A Sirttit. Wo Have juai SmaCtsl a numier ot firat ciaaa CARKlACF.A, auch u Litkt >'mry JfTag, I ITi* -ns, Park Pkeettrnt. family Car VCKj\ ?wi"i anM Bmno, waich wo wi:l aeli at" ~ w S , ? V0T> amaU arcbt. Heine practical *n<*hanic? in different branches i f the a>irint(?, we Hatter ournelvee that we kno? ?ue ?tn? *?d qua..?y of work tiimt will give aatif faoCion, combining Uthtueaa, comfort *n"< tlurabill j tTRepairiBf promptly and carefully attended to the shortest n?. tice tad most reasonable eharcM, ] WALTER, KARMANN A BOPP? Coachn.aaers, auooessors to Wtm. T. Hook. ay 7T-4ir CAKUlAGEa. I ??. St icniw HaviEf rials additions 10 ki t~Urr, iaa?ia? it bow pas of'.no: vt-?t to Us LUstrtol, wftere fa is fajii.lim forHBO?K p?a.M.:actar.a?CARRlAGE A USh'rJE* ' W AbU.Nbot atl kind a caoaul bo 'uxpassod, aad uu loag exporieuoe la Lao laaiceaaf he hopeo to jirs geaeral aaUalaotion. Ail kia>u of Carruueo and Ltckt Wacom kayt as ( kufl. AJ! RKFAlR9kc?tlr4aMtaadaU*rd<rsvr*mv? i Jy allude* to. . i .sp" ^ tjum * f-w MM if 1 V Kit V Nlt'K ?EVKN OCTAVK PIANO t>*?u mi u * iv abort (ittto i.niT w Mr *?.? 0 Tor CJk 'i kjV/l I > ? -r li^i rt? to lcav? I ii? ??1 * ? * ( ?i(r. U iiil* prio* nnw f?t AM | full, to b? aeon St Mr. MtTZKKOTT'3 Mukiq Stoi e, odiner fa, imic aaU Liovcutii ?t. au a % ?, j ? j?nuer. i.*; I" A K Webster. \ V; i ? Williams. E B Cellwig, Pa; F P H?ni, Hav; A Rawson istr f&m. Ky; R T Goldsboroujfb and It, Md; AW Emery and lady, Wlij W Byrne, P Goodrich. Va; T A Gilmore. NH; G Rhett, SC; E P Goode, I>C; B F Casby, Va; M S Piumaier, Md; Mrs Watson. .Miss O flow. Pa, Kesack. Belve >ue; B Mi rand t, J*pain; S T Bacley and lady, Ua; D J and lady. NY; A F haker, H Knraijue atid ly. Mass; M Thorn iss. La; R Watson. J Blr-k. Md. BROWNS' HOTEL ?F Pallet, B Dabin, Ks; Mis* Apierpont, J Lootnit, Va; W P Turner, Mo; W Kepbart. Va; B Cooler. Md; W Bisland, T S Bislend, La; C E Foster, Pa; G W Bours. Gs; B Bltiard and ly, Miss M J Potlard. Miss P Pollard, Va; R M Oat^s, NC; J K .bertson and ly, O; J P Terrell, La; HCotrell, Va. W L Bako, J Cooke, Md. A Hopkins. Va; M?J J A Haskins, Va; l!SA; D F Booter, J Godlev. Ga; P West, Wis; T lireer and ly, NY; H D Keunoldia, .Md; J Hoooer. J W Aiccr?trv, Cal, J Beaacbamp and lv. M'iw ltevis, Mrs Eciford and fam. Miw; J Crt*a*b, Ala, R W Brown. TVnn; L Clause. W Carr, La; J XVestou, Va, L 5?lout, Ua. XMKWOOD HOUSE ?J H Conrad. Pa; JD '.VI*, Md; , L D Wat* ins, Pa; Col (j.idolis. HA; G Cborperlug, Pa; J Miller. Va; 8 Johnston. NC; F Ruluam -?ud ly, Miss; O Sprlgg, Md; C 1) Day and fam. Ua; D Clarke, Md. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DA YS From tub Usitsb States. Stwtifi. ftr. Days. Vi?o. New York... Liverpool.. .Sept 15 Fa!tim.? .Mow Vork Havre Sept 15 B^anit New York 8outlTpU.n. Sept 15 ?,'v. vl* Boston..Liverpoo' .Sept 19 C- VV'a?U:u*too..New York. ...Liverpool,. Sept22 l*?i aster Ua.tou. Gaiway Sop: ^5 Asiv ?..._N<??r York 1 aver pool ..Sept 36 Bremen. .New York. ? Houtu'ptou. Sept i9 A'lriMio New York.... Havre Oot 6 Arajo New York.. ..Havre Oct la Fboh Ecuop* |,eic?t?r^...^.^..6a!way Brston Sept. 4 Bremen South'pton... New Vork..Sept. & South'pton. .New S ork Sept. II Prince AIImtl " ? ' I 1Am . MISCELLANEOUS. Proposal* forf/loan of tkn million dollars. TmiAMTKY Dipaetmkst, Sept. S.iaen. SiAt.vt) Proposals will l>? received at this Department until 12 o'clock, noon, of Monday, the Bd day of Ootoher next, for ten millions of dollars rfitockofthe United States, to be issued ander the act of Congress of the 23d day of June last, authorizing a loan and providing for the redemption of Treasury notes, at which time the proposals r 11 be opened and decided on. The stoak will be reimbursable in ten years from the first day of Jan as'7 DWI| ?nu wm Irt?r imncn, at 11 ?o jrvi v?utain per s.inuTn, payable eemi annually on th* first lay* of January and Ju'y of each year. No offer wtT.' accepted below par, and none for any fraotion of on? thousand do'lara; nor will &ay offer te ?one.dorod unless one peroentamof the amount thereof.?? deposited vitu a depmitary of the United States, *ubie?t to the order of the Secretary of the Treaaur>*. The eertifioate of such deposit must aooonr.pany the propoaata. Ln all oaaea the cffer must l>e unconditional, without rtferenoe to other offers. and must state the .rateof premium offered. The proposals should be endorsed on the o atside, "Proposal fur Loan of I860," and to he addressed ,-To the Secretary of tho Treasury, Washington, D. C." Ta? best bidders under the foregoing conditions for the a?&refrate sum of tei} millions of dollars will be immediately informed by mail of the sooeptance oi their offers, rod thet must deposit the amount so acecpted, with the ,*reininm thereon, with the Treasurer ol the L'niti'd States, or the Assistant Treasurer at Boston, Ni'W York, Philadelphia. Charleston. New Or.5Mu. or St. Louis, on or before the 22J day of Novemtrcr .next. Should suoosssful bidders desire to deposit at t. ther points their wishes wi'l be duly considered on being stated to this Department. Certificates of inscribed stock will he i?s.'iet? >n sums l ot less than one thonsand dollars ea*'h to the sncces?fu! bidders, or their assigns, for *he principal su deposited, carrying interest at the ra te office per centum from the date of suoh deposit. Such stock wil1 he tr&nsferrable on tho books of the Treasury, a*recallr to tho regulations of the Department. Should auy of the snooeseful bidders require certificates of stock, with coupons of semi-annual interest payable th?reou from the irst day of January next, sued certificates will be issued, with such eoopoM attached, in sums of one thousand dollars eacn: *cd such coupon stock, instead of bohig tranaferraMe on the books of the Treasury, may be atsicned and transferred by the delivery of the certificates. The interest of the la*t-named stock, from the date of the depont to the first day of January next, will be psid to the auoooasful bidder or hia attorney, by the depositary with whom the principal was deposited. The preliminary deposit of on<e per centum, required upon all proposals under this notice, will be included in the deposits of principal and premium made by successful bidders, and will be imme diately directed to be returned to the unsuccessful bidders. howell cobb. e 10-2awtd Sooret^rr of the Trea*ur<r. Proposals for repairing the custom house at baltimore, Ms. TRSASUEY PKFARTMEtT. I WuHisaios, July 13, 1960.\ PRoro* <l* wiii l>e received at. this Department until tlie fifteenth day of September, A. D136 >, at li o'clock, noon, for the repairs of the Cu&toinH><u?o authorized to be repaired at Baltimore, Mary aud. aocordin* to the plans and specifications prepared at this Department. Bidders will bo required to receive the oid cast-iron work dispensed with in part .ayment of the work, at the rate of one dollar por hundred pounds, and will be required Co furnish ail tue material and perforin ail the uec*nsarjr labor to complete the repairs according to the p ans furnished. Ninety p?r cent, of the amount of work done and m.iteriais delivered according to contract price is'-tid a-nount to be ascertained in the manner prescribed by the contract, by the estimate ol' an agent of the Department appointed for that purKn 1 w < ' ' La 1/1 munth) m ?u lha nvitrlr n r.i.rraa }?"oc ; wi I iro poui in"nvm?,?D wio wvia piu^ivsrvoi * ?nd ten per cent, retained until the completion of | tho contract und aiceptanoe of the work by th? aeeut a^orat^id, and to be (orff ited in the event c. f nen fulfilment of o'.ntr&et. S'pe-ificatior.s a*id drawing wiil l.e read ? on the 15th oi August,when th-*y c&n l>o had on apphoation to the Department. The propoxa s inunt f>e sect to th'? Department. addrtB8t*d 'o the JSecrewy of the Treasury. Arid plainly endorsed " PtovomIs for repairint the Bmlti triorr Cu*ion\ house," ?ud will bs opened at one o c ocu of the list day uauit<d lor receiving the cane. HOWELL COBB, jy 17 2aw?w Secretary of the Treaeu'-y. WOODLAND"COAIi. WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all part* ix tue city,at the lowest possible rate*. _ T. J. A W. H. GALT, Office 2*2 Pa. av., between 11th aad lftn sts., ma 17-tr north side. THK SU1MCRIDKR HAVING ON HAND an rxt?nuve ?t<?ck of F(JELt i> prepared to se!! at a vorr low figure for cash. WOOD Xawed and Split any ?uo. Call and see for yourself. R. W. BATES, Wood and Coal Dealer, ma IS 3. R. corner of Fourteenth and fl its, ????? DENTISTRY. D DENTAL. CARD. R. MUNSON Has ivturntxj and remmed hi* rrofe?sion. office and hon*e at 463 E bird door oast of S"ixtn. In addition ti every o'het approval style, Ur. M. ha? set>*-UJJ* } eth on vulcanite Hwi for the last three years, ana. from experience, knows it exoels all others, and' i>? one-third less in price than gold, bis old patrons Washington, Alexandria, and Georgetown are /*r-tfutly so.ioit*<l t > ca!l. au 23-eoly 7)F n'TAL NOTICE. R. LOO MIS Has ?,''o?od his olfcoe for the season, ami will he absent, 5* usual, during the sum iner mouth* ; will romnn?? *raotlce about the 1st of Octolx;r, of whiuii further no ,c? w given. Jy w-tf D? ? DENTISTRY. . tmo T?r, R. BJLLB, afu?r a sractica: test v Tears feels. Uuit ho oan with oonhdeaoe reoo^^'^HB^' mend tne Ciieoplaatio Process for insertmt.^WWr artificial teeth. It has the advantages oj^- , ?trer.f.n, be&nty, cleanliness, and oneapcees. ? ' upper sets inserted for #31. Partial in proportion. Oflce 306 Pa. avenue. a?i > PIONEER STEAM MARBLE AND BROWN STONE WORK8. The unheoriber beg* leave to inform the citizens of Washington, (Jiwtrgetown and Alexandria that he ha* to his lone "utablisbed bonnete the auxiliary <>f ato-im p"*<*r for sawing ana manufac turing Marble and Brown Stone V\ ork in iheir va noui branches, Marble Mant?la, Table and Wanhatairl Top*, Tile. Monument*, Tomb and Head gtorea, 8'a'-a. Window Lintela, Hille, Steps ai.d 1' nlfornis. flavin* Diireli????lAli?r???tj??.lr<.n??li?.. urnroi*?." , . ? a M. B.?Attaohod la my Bottling Eatabhakp'lit. and famili~a can be supplied with any quantity at tb- ir of that driuk, LAGfcR BEER, upon ahort notiee. je 15 3m f lOLD AND SILVER 8PKCTACLK8.?HaT^ irjthaii much rxperimoe in manufacturing and aale of 8peoUclea,*C7"^3* 1 am now prepared to auoply any or ail that want a very ?up?rior qua ity or alaaaea, with thoae that arci??toal?ula*ed toIteneftttbeiraifht. Having bad much practise ia fitting the moat diSonlt oaaee, I feet warranted in lajtng th*t 1 e?n aeTeot | aaaea at all timea tint will ??it th? wearer, and at the same time can veil them at *o low a arice that all that wiah to aae them can afford to pnrehaae. H. O. HOOD, M M Wo |?? Pean. avenue W DAMAGED BOOKS. E Havealotuf I'ark?r 4. YVatscn'a R<ado a an-1 8p*ll re that were damaged a littln br ?a>rriu ttic 'learner(torn New Yoik. which ?i!i kesolu j'ur lia.i' tue u?uai trii ?. BLANCHARD Jt MOHUN, 4 Corner Uth it. anU i'a, av. Marble in Llock.irom first hacl?,at (ha lowest rat?s, h? faels confident of beta; tbetu furnish Marl'e Work a* low as it can be purcsased in New York, Philadelphia, or Kaitimorn. Thj trutin supplied with Italian Marble in bi'iok or slabs at the wmn rats a? furin?he-l in I\ew Yo.-k,aud on acooinmoda'iu; t?rma. Also, on hand, a large supply of PumiMStont), Water of Ayr Hone and Polishing Putty at >ew York pries. Encourage the enU-r prise; it wtil bo an acauisition to the oitv. ALKX. RUTHERFORD. Pioneer Steam Marbl* and Drowu Stoiu Works, Pa. ar., cor. Thirt-Mklh st, au 21 3ni Washtnst >;i. D. C. JA1PORTANT TO HOUSERBKFERS. E. R. DURKKE& CO.'S BBIiBOT SFIOBIi. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, hat ground from fresh Spioss, selsotod and cleaned by us expressly for tii* purpose without referenoe K' o"si. i n?y are r-cwtimiiy paoked m tinfoil, [lined with paper.) to preveut injury by keeping, &ud are full weight, while the ordinary eround Spicea are a!inoet invariably short. We warrant Laoiu, in point of atrength and rioh'ieae of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, u a airrle trial will abundantly prove. g R nvHfEis ^ fw 1?? V?arl ?t.. N?wYork. WA W"V 6 A R 1) K N . ERNST LOEFPLER, Proprietor. Hew York at cnut, 6ttwien 1st <utd id ?i$. In oai line the attention of the public to mygrounds I would atate thai every arrangement liaaj . . A be*o made to make thia "Rotr*at" moreyCT^# attractive every day. Monday the t>ar-JUu|X Jena are open to thepnhlic free of otiarge?a concert riven by a aelfctband. Thoaedeairing to eujoy the daiee and wait* wi I find the sale on in oomplete order to render pleasure to all. On other day> the proprietor will cheerfully grant the u?e of the troanda for cchool or other rio Nio Parties without oharge. For the amuaemer.t of children he ha? introduced i number of lit'le gainea, never before seen in this sity, and o*lcu.ated at the same time to aninae the Si ?; ^ mCPIOH TBS. I It. fOlllSTON, U IUT1MOEB LOCK BMPITU, No DUt?mrU im mii CWkhm, Spwdjr, anl wiy EJftttual Ktmtdf i? i4? World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF h MPRUDENC*. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMED ATE* ?Y. A CURE WARRANTED, OK JVG ' CHAMM, IN FROM ONE TO TWO D. 1W VukitN ?f Ikt Int. Iinttmi Af aitaaa . ? 5J u4 Bladdar, laTalanury Oitcbtrfti, lirraitm J> ?,nw< Dakitity, n.r??#piy,Lar f?r.U? ? Jl"\ rati?ii afldaaa, Halpuatiao afthfttaau, ^midiiy,^ Dimniutfliftilar JidtiniM, Diiuii <fih< Mm > i Nwur Skin, AIkjmi afifta knn, Itmtcli u i t.naaa Tarribla Diaardara anaiof (ram oliu.ry . _ Yaaih?thaaa Draajfal acil Datiracura Praclicaa wtai y*" in Marmf a iropaaatkla, and dNin; k?u M?ij aad A TOVMQMKH Bipaaiall? *ki km kaeaaia ifea victim af allury ***1 ifcti draad'al and daatrocur* habit whie* aonaaUv avaa) * an anumaly giava thoaaanda af Yoanf Man afina raaat allad i*!an*a and bnllaut iaiallact, wha micbt Kharviaa ba.*t uiranead hataniof Btnaiaa wuh ika Uln fara af alaoaaaaa a> vakad la tuui; ika lifrnf lyra, may tail wilk rail Mar daaaa. _ KAUIAAB. MAUIIB riUOH,ar Taarf M?-?ai taaaytoMaa ? ** rlaf a, kaio( awara af pkyraal vaakaaaa, dakllttfi dararmitiaa, Ac., aca?d;lr cuid. a who placaa himaalf acdar tka aara *f D>. ! *7 ??U?r aaiy canBda ia hia baaar u a gaullaoaa aad aa aMaolly Mly apau hit akill u a phyaiciaa. UFriUK Ma T OVTI rESDEKICimu^ET, laft baud aida rainf fran Balumara alraat, a fav 4 **** I"* tka earnar. Pail nat la akaarva ataa aad iukw. fciWn aaut ba paid aad taala'Q a alaay. D*. JOHITOI, MinktntfUi Eayal CaUaga aflargaaiia, fr?m ana af Ik a ihhi aoiinant Ccll?g?? in tba Bnitaa Ml 1W1 tod tht [tiitir pm#l?l?n lift fiu ki(D pantintka k* tUli of Landan, Pari*, Pbiladalpbia and alaawhara, haa *ffacta d aupa af tna raaat aataniahmg caraa that vara it O knawn; ii^nj trauklad with ringing in tha baad and aa*? whan aalaap; gra-l narvaaanaaa, baing ataraad at aaddaaa aaanda, b??hfalna?i with frtquant blaabing, at'.andad aaaa baa a witb darangamant af mmd, vara earad iauaadlalalr* TA1LC FARTICSbAR NOTICE. Taing Man and athara wba ha?a injarad thamaalTaa by arvun pnetiea indalgad in whan alana?a habit fraqaaatly laarnad from ?il caaipamana, ar at achcol, tba afacta af which ara nightly fait a?an whan aalaap, and if aal carad. randara inarriaga Impoaiibla, and daatraji bath -ii** ?A baJr, ahoald apply fmruadiatalr. Thaaa ara aama of tba aad and malanebaly afacta aradatad by aarly habita of roatb ?ii: Waaknaaa of tba Back and limba. Ptina in tha IImud. Din-tnan of Rirhf. af MbmbIii ' Faw.r, Palpitation of tha Hfaart, I>?.p.f.j, Nintu IrrittkiUIf, Darang amant oftha t rncuioi, tttnaral Dahiilty, k Tmpto'ni of Cot lumfitKMi, Ac. ' MENTALLY.?Tna faarfal a f .eta an tha raindara aiikll draadad--Loaa of Mamorj, Coufa.iou of Idaaa, Daptaaaiaa I ,( g>. -nta. Evil Kcrt A??r?.on af Saciatr, Baif-rhair*al, o/ BoliWda. Timidity, atc.,ara tarn* af Ik a ?viia pt?'"ilCRTOfc** DIBIDTT ?TSaaiaxiJt ?aa aavjadfa *Ut la tha caaaa o! ,h,,r daelinirg harlth, laamr tbair vigor, ha ominr w*ak pa *' nar.oaa "i J araaetat.d, having aamgdar ia> a'koiit u. * ? ?y iipcama af ca taampUM Dlgji;AS ^SOPIMPRODKMC*. WhiQ lha miarudad an,1 ??>pr?daol ?atyy af plaa rvra llll ha kaa imr.ibad tha atadaci tfii* paiufcl d.aaaaa, it taa aftaa bappaaa that aa ill-limad ... .. % ar draad af <Uac?TaiJ datara him from appljmtf to tho?* _ wh'|?. from adacatioo aad rf?, cumikt, cau a*on? o?rri?na : ?- "* ? twiL-iU of ignorant snd daairnmg pr?t?. "* "a, >ncaf?bla f orini, Itch hn pacantary anbataitea, aaap hlni tnJlif mor.'.b altar month, ?r?a lour ?a tha HUllit,' lainad, and in daapair laaaa Dim with ratoad n.'allh ta at gk a?ar hii falling diaappointmant; ar by lb* * af t>." daa* ly poiaoa, Mareary, htatan tha eonatitatienal ayiaftama ft th. tornbla diaaaaa, aach &a A ITactintu o' Oia Haart. Tliraat, Nail, kin. Ac., prograaairg with fngbtfal rapidity, till daatb pat* a ranod to fcia draadful auffarinfa by ainairf him t? tf>at aaiaeatarad coantrj from whoa a boaroa na tra*alar ra:arot. UK. JOHNIUM'B RKM EI) Y FOR ORGANIC WliUIW AIID JMPOTKMCT. y tiili (ml and important ramady waaknaaa af tha argaaa ara apaadily earad and fall rifar raatarad. Thoaaioda mIka oat narrouaand dabilitatad, who had iaat all kifa, kui kaan imraadiataly raUarad. All irepaJimanta to Marrlag a* Phyalaal ar Maotal Dl*fl?aU aauona, Laaa et Froeiaati'a Powar, Harraaa Irritability Trembling and Wirbaaaoi Exhtaalian of the Boot faarfaJ kind apaaadily carad. , HHDDUEMWT OF TIB niU, TIE MANY THODIANDt carad atthia inautatlaa wlikia tha Iaat aaTtuiaan yaara, and tha namaroao important Rara*aal oparationa parformod by Dr. jahoaoo, witnaaaad by Ua raportara of tba papara and naay au??r paraoua, notiaaa af which h?ra appaarad again and again baforo tha aablit. baaidaa hta aland ing aa a gantlanuui af aha.-aetai aaa raapocal* alUiy, ta a aaftciont gaaraotoo U Ua aflioU 4- )u U-ly R. J. BOVEE DOD'S IMPERIAL WINE BITTEKS, Are now being used from Maine to the Great S* It u&ke, ani tfie universal verdict of all who them either its a mrdicint or aa a bcvtratt, is that they aro uusurpaned in the world. l)r. Doda uaed them !! w in hi nmntma fnr It .... .. I _ r >m fiwvvivv iUl J OCfcl F we purchased of run the sole ncht to m&uufootnre and present them for sale to the publio. For tlia our of lnn:piei:t Consumption, Indigestion. Dyspepsia, Piles, Nervous Disdates, Female Cora plaints, and all cvse>: reaomng atonic, they are behind doubt a most inva,tiable remedy. Aside from their m<Klicn:al properties they are a pure, wholesome and dei'ghtfut Beverage, producing all the pioa*ant exhilerating effects of Brandy or Wine without their injurious results. all friends of humanity and ail advocates of temperate? assist us in suostituing these valuable Vegetable Bitters for the mineral prisons and nrtuUemte>i Liquort with whioli the chantry is flooded, and thereby effeotua.ty aid in ban.shin* Disease and Drunkenees (rum the land. CHARLES WIDDIFIELD * CO., Proprietors,?* William street. New York. J. 8CHWARZE. Agent, Wa.<Lington, D. C. DR. J. BOVKE DOD8* IMPERIAL GIN BITTERS. For Disraiea of tho Kidneys. B'adder ana Urinary Organs, and especially for Female Obstructions, never fail to cure, and are warranted to rive satis motion. _ CHARLES WIDDIFIELD & CO., proprietors, 79 William at.. New York. J. SCHWARZE, je 7 1 y,r Aeent, W'ashir-fton. D. C. JOVFOK THESITK AND Sl'FFKRINU. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED RKAD! ^ APPLY THE REMEDY a*i> REJOICE IX HEALTH. Friepd, do you fcuff*r? Are you rhe victim of any of those iiim-'i odi ailraei ts which arise irom impunity of tii* bl'.KKl? Whatare ?bey, do yon axk Knt:i'>r a?k, whit a<-e ?hey not.' 1 he blood is the ourcs of life and health, and it is the first e'ement of our I>eiiik to respond to any cau*? which sfTeots th? sfstem, the puis* infallibly attest* The ever prevailing Neura'gia. th? irritating Kryspeas. the subtle aorolula. the agonizing Rheumatism, NerVwus Debiiwy, Dyrpepsia, LiverComplaint with it* torpor arid dejection, ar.d the numberless ills that flesn is heir t?, derive their hideous origin from the blood. 1) kind y then and gent!* with the blood. Us" the vitaluu ic resources of nature for its aid. and Kuff<T im to commend to your confidence and uso that truly va liable medicament known &a MRS. M. COX'S INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to this almost infallible specific) popular so'.tnront has ?poken in decided terms, and the evidences of this great effioacy are sustained by constant avowa's of ourative effects and th? happiest remilts from its use are after all other remedies and the best medical skill have failed. Let us say, in conclusion, tii'i certificates cures are not sought from tli < illiterate and superI-.. ?> ' * ' , .1,1.1, <M1IIII<<; urn vulUUKKired from tlift most re I ?p?ctAble sources and ju^tiTj tbe highest terms in ' 'nh it is poMiblo to oonooeod so valuable a to pub io approval. Wo may a?ld also that ',ve propertieanf the rnodioiue are equalled !,ni.h.i'i? ' Ktorativo ff.'ou, Ui? ?TKt?m reoover- ' in? fm<n.ii?cv ? with reno*ro<l constitutional Vicor. < respectable Drugcista in this tL Drok MK?. M. COX. None Ienuine utile*.. ^r naiviCis b,owu on the br^;!^rSru?.X:^ ! tricf, and wi.l supply the trade at my j?. l005? au 18-tr , (fc. MTKEYBJ Y DEALER IX II * ), WOOD & COAL, LIME,( ? SAND. CEMENT, HAIR, \V ]] Plaster, and White Gravel, /( I)548 N. E. Cor. 12th Ac C St*.\\ II One square South Peun. Av. Vk ((WASHINGTON, D. C >1 g>-tf 279 T-,S?r.?ir?'?'- 206 ' Pa. Ave., FOREIGN FRUITS, FA. AT*., 11 *.10 4-1114 ii?. CONFECTIONS, Wilimrd'ik*uU * PATES, PRESERVES, ? CONDIMENTS, to., * Beja leave to cail the attention of bia frienda and 1 tne aublio ceaerallj to bia New Store, under Willard*a Hotel, juat o?entd, in oonnexion with hie old establishment, where he wi.l be hapsr to reoeive any ordera for anterior Confection* of nia owi importation. Alao.all ordera for Dinnera, Suppera, Balla, and Private Parties, which will be aerved op in hia inimitable atrle. with the aame aromftnoM ana dieaaton which be has hitherto auown. as WNEW GOODS. 11 K Hav?just received a large stock of Bieaohed and Brown C>TTONS ?f the best makea. Aleo, SHEKTINGS, TABLE LINENS, NAPKINS, TOWELING8. IRISH LINENS, 2ono varda t.AWNS. from ? cents to jak; HOSIERY, GLOVEii. GAUNTLETTS, WHITE, RED BLUE and GREY FLANNELS in variety. We have a few noh ORGANDY ROBES on hand whioh we have marked less than onst. )j SB TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. SKLTZEKWATKR! SELTZER WATER! SELTZER WATER! We have to-dav received . _ rr _ , ..? !! ?uvvif OI Dili- 11 mr Water, in baekeu, direot from the tmmI in m which they were imported. 7 KING ft BI'RCHKLL. P 0 5 Fifteenth ?t. and Vermont a*. WM.T. DOVE ft CO. , _ RE Now preearjri to exeoute any order* with WPLV&&JN8, O^BOK^TKAM F1TT1N? ir7- Store on 9th street, a few" doon north of Pa, A L K!XX Al.E AND XXX ALE!! , KKV. T..i?A'o U inad^K o m mffrfptl oob 8BSg==^ L / -II? . MEDIO tun. |N PECTIN ?; OR. * PERSIAN FEVER CHARM. I j* I FEVER AND AU,VE EXTERMINATED. THIS HUMAM CONSTITUTION SAVED FROM WRECK. THE PREVENTIVE AND REMEDY i mux INTERMITTENT AND BILIOUS FEVERS. CURES INSURED IN A DAY. NATURE'S GRAND RESTORATIVE. \ I r . ? . JNPECTINE, 1NPKCTINE. INPECT1NE, JNFECTINK. 1NPECTINE, 1NPECTINE. The terrible malady known u the FEVER AND AGUE hu imitten hundreds of thouaanda of perM>m throughout the world every jeer, and haa never till uow been m?t by auoceeaful modical treatment that haa not produced aevere MEDICINAL DISEASES, which the lung*, the apleen, the liver, th? heart, or other parte of the human organism. The INPECTINE ia the natirai antagoniat of all fevora, and when it ooirn in oontaot with the akin, ia abaorbod by the interior organa. whioh resiat eaaily miaama and all tendenoiea towarda thoae maladiea which proatrate the mind and body with fever. Fever and Ague reanlt from nawerona canaea. No plaoe ia exeirptfrom the oanaea whioh promote the exiatenoe of the diaeaae. That being onoe aeatcd in the avetem, induoee depreaaion of apiriU, laaaitude, languor, paina, ohtlla. fever, and a long train of diaagreeable aenaationa, depriving the patient of all energy, and rednoing him or hqg to a oondition of EXTREME HELPI.ESHNF.SS_ Why will any one uffsr the horrori of a d?bliita?ng Intermittent Fever, when by the nee of the INVALUABLE IN PECTIN Et OK PERSIAN FEVER CHARM. the eminent medioal and mag ioai qualities of which *re loetantly abeorbed, AL L TRACES OF DISEASE MAY BE ANN!HILATED IN A FEW HOURS, SELF-CARE IS BETTER THAN PHYSIC. NATURE IS WISER THAN ART. EVERY DISEASE HAS A DIVINE REMEDY. THE WISE APPLY WHILE THE FOOLISH DREAM. BETTER PREVENT THAN STRIVE TO CURE. DELAYS ARE DANOEROL8. THE Iff PECTME, ok PERSIAN FEVER CHARM, Hm enrwJ thousands of both sexea of the moat dreadful Ferera. Read and reflect. WONDERFUL EFFECTS. Lemuel Bonsa'l, of Pittsburg, for two years useless to himself and sooiety?a martyr to Chilli .Mid Fever?cured in lea* than three weeks, and improved in eight hours. Mary K. Belknap, Sandusky, Ohio, after almost losing h?r reason as well as strength by Inter mittent Fever, with Chills, restored to health in twenty hoars. J. R. Tilton, of Belgrade, Maine, brought from , dr&th'a door, having suffered for roar year*, mads , ir*11 lu bra week*, and improved in two hoars. Adolphe Monhro, of France, relieved in one lioar. while travelling in the oars of the Fort Wayne and Chioago Railroad. He waa apparenty dying with Chilli. i Ellen R. Benson, of Lock port, New York, res , sued after sevea years' suffering. A perfect cure. Thousand of other oases prevented and cured iverv month, and not a single oo in plaint ol the ' xlcienoy of the . IRPECTIHE, j * o* J PERSIAN FEVER CHARM. 1 _Mii? ? TRY IT, PROVE IT, KNOW IT. } kod make known iU wonderful powers and vir- j dm, that those who suffer, or who are threatened I rith suffering, mar be led to ise a simple, in oxions preparation, fnrnished by the held of e Uture for ? MAN'S BLESSING! ? ? I EffFmci'iai a ' VI B SOLO BY ALL DRUGGISTS AND MEDI- * CINE DEALERS IN AMERICA. \ PRICE ONE DOLLAR, C Bent by mail to any part of the United StaUe. I REMEMBER, f E t is aot taken Inwardly, bat la applied outwardly, ooordinc to directions, whioh aoooayany eaek b akaca. ? MANUFACTURED BY b JOHN WILCOX * CO., 168 MAIN STREET, J RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. ? BRANCH OFFICE, fo. 36 BANK OP COMMERCE BUILDING, j NEW YORE CITY. J m a-duutiuriia I* fgw*?? Trunks, boots and shoes. | f HAVE REMOVED TO No. 5 MARKET L*szi.r?p,,,*rv'i o? at! who will favor me with a oal! wittoFmJ t im Mook of BOOTS u?l "HoW 1 ua w, veata',Boya',~ttieaee' ud cShw|g*!*'> I mt ?k>u j. rosknthau iJOOTa AND BHOK^ TO SUIT TM.H We are now maniifacl'urinji all kind* of BOOT# lad SHOK3, and oonatactfV rM?Tin( u^'T ol ea?t?rn mad* work of evert d*BBl eoriptior, made expr***' j t?> order, wd willr W be mU at a niaeh lower pnoethao baa been* heretofore charted m this city fur maoh lafenor irbolee. Persons ia wart of Boots and Shoes of eaetera or oitr made w >rk. will aiway* fcnd ajood wrn'MS -* a?l-r SI4 PenaaylTania a*?n GMVE HUNDRED TRAVELIN? TRUNRB ? -n. wh wit, eadridai ft <?%h-?rb U*a and tn?i of Sola Le*Uer, Ladiee'HMnl Draaa and i'mokin* Traeia. Oar trank^*"? aaJea room exhibit* thia Un? Ua a re*te?t variety of traveling re*u.siie?. &t moderate rncn, to be foaod thia aid* of New Vcrk. Alao.eyeo deacria *?? "f I.AD'JKS' HAT BOXEK MALICES, CAJRPKT BAGS, SATCHELS, Ao. IZTOA Trunk* repaired cr taken iatxahMC* for mv one?, WALL, STEPHENS A GO* _ ^ Trunk Satea Room. 38? Pa.>mi?. CJOUTHKRN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. o . ? 4?? ttb btuit. _ _ Orrosui Odd ftilmri' Hah. w+tkinrtvm, D. C. Traveler* will *tuoj their lctcraata bj examioiu my TRU NKS, VA LICKS Ac . before nr ? ouniif elaewere. A* I nee none bat theBjraW bMt material the market afford* aixl awtpiov^**the beat workmen, 1 m oonfidentlr reoom?* m? a_ A * wun m> ik? t-jpenor m Strmnk and Dmmkilitt to Trunk* that are made in other citiM and ao.d here. 1 keep oonatanti j on hand, and make to order (On one week'* notioe) every deaeriDtien of SOLB LEATHER, IKON FKAME FRENCH DRESS mm4 WOOD BOX TKCNKSj ASHLAND an 4 otkt TALICES; TRAVELING FAGS; HARNESS, SADDLES; WHIPS, *e., tc. Trunk*, Ac., Repaired and Covered, in a workmanlike manii :r, at ahort notice. Trunks delivered in any part of ttie city, 8*ori?tova, or Alexandria. Also?Agent for Hove'a celebrated FAMILY BEWlNtf MACHINES. de 15-1* JAMES 8. TOPHAM. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. DIHAIIV LINK OF NEW FOUR-H<>RSE COACHES TO I'PPER MARLBORO', ("arryt** tki U. S. Mail. The undersigned are now ruiii.iuic l)ail>,(except Sundav > Four horse C -ache* he- . tween WaMiiHgton and I pper Mari lUpnfrj boro', a* follow *: W Leave the Stoarnboa* Hotel, corner of Seventk street an<1 l'a. at 7 o'clock am. Returning leave Ffper Maribo o'at 11 o'clock a. in., and arrive m A\ a?hin*ti'ti at 3oYiock, in time to connect with the 3Ja*j>. m. train for Baltimore. The Coache* are new and cctnmodions, the teams firtt-AiftJit in * ? ' 1 ?"* ?ww- ... miv uauiu vi camui Ana MCf ing drimi. Fare to l"pp?r Marlboro JBoenU. To Lore old Fiejda. S5 " To Centorvi lie M u Freight and packages in proportion. au 15 tf OS BURNNt CO , Proprietors l>ALTIMORK AND OHIO RAILROAD. D Washington branch. Mmmmmsmmmi CHASOB OF H0VR?. ON AND AFTER WED.Nfe.8DAY, JuMlSth, I960, trainn will run at follow*: I iMV? W H ^ 1 * ** " - w >t oauiu^tua AVOiOinU / ! m. Leave \Vuhimu<n at 3.20 and 5JO p. m. On Sunday at 3 2u p. in. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 140 a. m. Leave Ualtimore at 3.15 and 4.20 p. m. ' On bandar at 4 25 a. m. Paaseugera for the La?t will take trains at 6JP and 7.40 a. m and 3 20 p. m. for the WmI at 7.40 a. m. and SJO p. m. or Annapo is at 7.40 a. m and SJn p. m. For Norfulk at 7 40 a. m. On batnrday evening theSJO p. m. train goes to Philadelphia only. ?? 13-d T H. PARSONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS xaxr tjbubii data with tu CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR6: Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Ckattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, Pirvs Orleans and JacJkson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHTS" ROUTE: Memphis by Rail, thence br First oiaas PMktU to New Orleui. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montfnmery by Kill, thenoe to Mobile by Firatolua P&okete. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DMLY TRAINS?SrHDM" Leave Washingten at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. T he Steamer GEORGE PAGE )e*re? her whart foot nf HAvantk ? Cl/ ? ? ?? ? - J -..v? ? ? um m. U1 < AXiu p. III. mUQ connect? at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the Sonthweat. Offioe? Pennsylvania avenue, oorner of Sixth at. BAOOAOB C11CUI THBOC61 TO IIW 01LXAII. Lynehbarc ? S7 V M?m>hu #31 on Bristol 1500 Atlanta Jf> M gnnrniu ..anon Maoon . 28 00 Chattanooga... 34on Co!uint>ua .... J! ? Dalton - 24 00 Montgomery SI ? Huntsville ??.27on ) viaMemphiMi 50 Srand Junction _.30 rct N.O.S via*}. Jane. .42 SO aahville ? 26 *> \ via Mobil*. . 45 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and ! 900 MILES SHORTER, and 44 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other Liae? the Lynch burr Extension beicf now completed, aa also the Mississippi Central, tnaking it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It ia provided with First class Sleeping Cars! ( '*'0 si Orl?U? T8 Honrs. | <|i I* / i'tmupui*. i i ? .#1 OU? < Monttomerr .?? 4S do. ' ?? .49 ilo. ICTThe U.S. MAlLaml ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken orertfcis New Lice. Bckeu cm t-e obtained at the ftoath Western te, ooruer of Sixth ?treet and Pennsylvania ar?nue, to the following point* Lynchburg, Bristol, Knoxville, Atlanta, Chattanooca. Hontsville, Grand J n notion, Maoon, NaHhvil'e, Dal ton. Colnmbne, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS, irr THROUGH TICKETS TO THB TARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. IT^Omni bo bos and B?ua(? Wagons leave the jffioe at 6 a. m. aud 6 p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, Ticket Aceat, maS-tr Corner Sixth st. and Pa. av. THE STEAMER JAS. 6UY Will resume her I. trips oa TUESDAY, Mst of ? February, 1W0. WUlleave WA3H.JCBK INGTON every TUESDAY and^"^^^ FRIDAY, at 6 o'olook a. m., and ALEXANDRIA 4 half-past? o'clock, for CURRIOMAN and the nterniediate Landings. Oa her retain tnee, she rill leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY od SATURDAY, at 5 o'clock a. m. LUCLAN 8. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'I. ROI-HH i.t ? The New York and Virginia Screw Bteaenahif Jompaqr'a new ud elegant teem*tup IPUNT VERNON, CaptT.C.Bmith'^ZI^ft rill leave the Coirpany'a Depot, ern Wharvea,at ll?o'olooka. m. tbtj WRDNICK. )AY, and the Company'a Uwyot. at Alexandria, A,J o'clock p. m. aam? dev. Paaaen<ers from WaeninftOB and georgtttWk an take tha ouaohee oonnooocf with Alexandria taamtoata or railroad, which lea re the ooraer at wsaasn: kway#asi&! 'flloflk ii ? X J- TL . w- a - -C "Re^Teeeeimodsboeetor f ?fg?r? hy Uy _ r* in ry ranee* ir*-? Me, aStnmi_^fortjrfl ?Mditortnd? thi? oommncioation wit* Nit " iaSuyi?^5 ? * s HTB. CROMWELL h CO., ? ?-ly ? W?t BUeormef Albany/New York. u yEW y OKI A N D W AS HINCTOM N TIN Will 1Hfl P WhoftAY, eTs^EQ^ 5 'olook p. IB., and New York for WMh "** * i|'-on every S&turdRy, : 3 o'clock. . r rofatbcbftrinoonM^neBMorlowvmtsr.MlKooda _ OTB OP PIANOS FOB BENT AT LOW - U r%Um. Ptuo. (or ul? ud the noiUflg. bSrasy ofewA'.viWtffl i >d?om. Accordant, A?. JOHN p> K, ^ Mi IS *>! *r*nt for Chicknrinc * Won** Ptfcpoe m *K SONS Dm!NOXICJt^ . g B??r^ wSftFa BUCftLY. L T? ? bftv* jut bMD fahuakM. to wkiok U? attonUoa of t**rhw? it o?'W V;r?n'? with ?*pl?r?t<<ry ??* ti?e ry 8. Friem*. Prvfamur of in tfc? SUU Li er?ity . J Michifftr.: 1 vol.; yrio# fl 2V P!*to'* AH"?J ?<4 Cnto Willi Wf W. fl. T* < r (i -ftv , !'i>>i*Mor ui 0<<>rk ia Au.knit C? Iff'*; priWliMDU rx?>rci?M m ft i ?*rt?of Fr*nok t*?Dl?x. fcrr%n??| titer PoitoTin** r,t*?n?*x* PiacoftiM," fcy rTT. Winkciiwann. 1 toI ; pnoe ?1. A N*w Method of Latiiui H>iiii>, After U* Syitem of F. Ahc. Fur Mi* by BLANCHARD* MOHIN ft? y ElrntU it tad Pt IT. HOWK'ttIMPROVKpwklC>BIN??CALK9 Tbefte 8?iM are efferad to Ik* mNm m tt>* Most ?imp.?,U*iftr- .*, ftL re i*h.? Mtmm Ml ia |t6. firitfiWi BrMnium h&viMM . ttho l J*UU?? Fnr*nJV>r?ii:i? j si?ty; VirriBia St?tc Af nut'tur*.FW; rr%nku? * Im( to l^wr. PMnnlniiii: N?w Y?rfc fW? Pi^r; V?r.?on? Suuo Fur, Ac., Ac. Ii?wn??*?k?i s^tru'^7l"K;^rstf.'^i5saOTff,. Ctail ?d Iron bafM. <*I?-lT K? C. PATTlgQtt. All WA8H1Ne row BKWI!M? kcximbTTf m ?u NN tort N?a ?f rm~ jn. N<nr ia tke fcn?* lo get ?PRIN? h4 SKMNU SHIM 1 B tip lo The iibnnMr u pr?ptrad to nuu* BblKTK, DRA WKRft, Ao.. %? IM ?y>tio?. Ai' HMMaeaM' * 1 \ m+r K-t< m O wnyww ?1"-WATMM. j I &fB ti'* ru(ur<! in the PLL M HI !XG and GAg FlTTt .Ntj BI SfSl >>at my . d ataod in I'fa.W ini<nio Hi . 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AS! r the attention of the p>.! >c to our larre a?d waR ae 1 lected atock of C ha >n par ne aad Crab Apple Ctdar, which we guarantee to be p*r? -aioe. and wili ha 1 aold on reasonable terraa in ord?r to make rooa I for oar apriiij atook. O.??ueto* *ru? m /<T // WWITlV^V f 1^*4? OiSP ATCH! ^ ^C/;T S&te the riecei! il a?idrtU.? will k*rr**. *rtn HI ?eaJ4-recwJai?d fmmili**, it is very daiiitblt to htn mim?Ii?m and convenient way for repairing Faraitara.Tort, Crockery, to. SPALDING'S PREPARED SLFB meet* all en emergencies. and no household aaa afford to be withoat it. It ia a<w%va ready aad i| to tb* sucking point. There la no longer a aecea sitv for Tlmping ebatra, splintered veneera, headiest dofia, wrd broken eradiea. It ia Jast the arOe e for oone, shell. and other orn*m?mtai work, to with ad)** <>f refinement and taste. Thia admirable preparation la naed c?ld. he;oi ot emioaily held ia eolation, and foeseeamt all the valuable qua'. Uee of the beat oabinet raakera' ?: ?. . It mar be need in the plaoe of oruiaary KBOiiaga, I being vattly more adhetivo. " USEFUL IX ETERY HOUS*." / rt/a. S c?nta. N. B.-A Brush ioootrr%niM each bottle WkoUimit IMrot, No. 49 Cedar ttroot, Now York. Addreoa HtNRY cT&PALDlNG * COBox No. S,?M, Nov York. Pot oj for Dealera in Cum ocntaimnc Poor, fii?fct,a?<1 Tw*It? l><'x?n? henutifai l,ith<>f Taph- | ?0 Show CirJ fcrcorr.panyiiu each paokaae fnr A einale botti# of FPAf-BINWS FRM- 1 PAH El) GL V? will Mr* tea Umea Ita ooM on- 1 OBally to evorr bt>fae>iuid.-/~n I Sold by all ^romiront ftationora. Draffieta. 1 Hard wan* ami Fu nature l>eaj?ra, Grooore, and v Fancy Storea. Sonntr* tr*rr.harU ?Lo?ld make a note of SPAL- | Xi'S PKEFAKEIi ULl'K. when maki&i up t thoir Iut- It will atard acr oiimato. felO-l? / /Splipl^ , piplfil st tfl f T* Ll flu M > aln it mm/hMM ??'*? | p' *Ofj{ 'VwW>?^?hm t?(H? *'dm! fluttlUr V^r/r *&'** *--> * ' ,)/?? , i y^SCjL "?iiky > t? w. g | 4fftH0HP^HELii Tf?/aY ?&. #1) !??? irtf^d mf*m frilmf m mm*t < ?/* ULtifli rinlxlk ra/faf frbrfn.ul, C.ZX*a<r Jilu'vJF rj- (1? {'fuoa ?? I- I" Mtitamai Jk r M%j ^ CAUTION. 1 PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL A IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY | WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS I. rnxmrne ' WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WICLILIJAIjX. SOLE PROPRIETOR 18 SOOTH WILLIAMS: NEW TORL 'OK SALS JN WASHINGTON MY y 7 ly BARBOUR k, BEMMKPrnrniiu pLLB/U! Cj^iarwuj ^ aspgSSfflSSg as?'trc3$au?!sirs kn ?o??ibly be dutj .fd. W? mm offer oar OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, SfKS' Olwi M Wall strwt, Nov York; aa* It* i>ath Front ?trw?t .Ptiitadolyhtfc- ?r ?-l* P K A N C 1 8 HARPER, JiT?U?PlA th. fZ??Ji?SZ'i V **'" ? artiel* urdwMon 1im.Hu I ^&sp??w?5ss: J ^??k or <*twt artiel* MMilr to b* I Jjd ?? ? ftrat-oiMa Kamilj GiPMrj I ( %>?.luu? (Tim i. l. tmi.' I ' t's""""' i miviukr bv c^lwmiob e'f'cukye WL i ymmr nick piano in but ptpti i wv** cit' "wtfc. jc^ssyf? i

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