Newspaper of Evening Star, September 15, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 15, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. IF WE |!HlW . If we kn?w the cares and criwf" Crovlins ronrd our nei?hl<or'? way , If we kuew the little losses. fofily grievous ilajr brdav, W on Id we. th?-n. <> ofen cli i<l? him . For hi* iat It ol thrift aiui iain? ] Leaving "n hi* heart a shadow. Leaving on our lives a utain f i woTing unui m'Y were *n>ppea Dy the jeering and laughter of the crowd. or the prompting of iomi well dicpoeed friend, and one individual finished hi* career after boxing the at the point he itarted from. Mokb Swajis FO* th* Niw Yo*K Cextrai. F'akk?On Monday there were received at the Central Park, New York, eleven ?wans. which V.4 J * 1 -> ?' * ju?? Biiivru iiuiu riii^ianu 1 cry are ai p-esent kept within a small enclosure, and will not be allowed to try the merits of the pond until thev become somewhat acclimated to their new ' residence A man Is stationed near the enclosure, to prevent visitors from giving tbem unwholesome articles of food, or otherwise injuring tliem. Tbe whole nnrnVr of swans now in the park is fourteen, and there a*e more to corr.e from Hamburg, to 911 tbe places of those which died so suddenly last summer. Fatal Accidkst ?On Tuesday morning last Mr. William Sudler was found lvin? dead at the foot of the public stairway at Wilson's Hotel, in 1'rlncers Ann county. Md. It is supposed that he attempted to find the stairway In the dsrk, and II wf kn w the clciiilp at?ove ns. HeM by gentle blesaiMS th-re. , Would tarn away aTtremo'ing In OTir hlin<l twi weak <1e.?pair Would we shrink from little shadow* !.?ir?i on the'l*wf Whil* tis oalji bird* of t.d*n. Juat iii in*'cj lljil past. If we know the niient atorv On norm* through the heart ?f pain, Wu?l<l our womanhood dare iluoin tliein Bark to haunts <>f guilt again ? Life hath mtrij a tangled crossing, Jojr hath inan> a break of woe, An<t the cheeks t-*ar-wa*hed ara w)nt??t; This the b!es?e?l angels know. Let us reach into our bosoms For the key to other lives. And with love toward erring nature, Ch?rish good that still survives ; So that, when onr disrobed epirits ?oar to realms of light a^aiu. We may m?, dear Father judge us As z e juign our fellow-men. tp-At the county fair of Hamilton. Ohio, after the performance ofarrobatlc fe*tsand roj>? walking by Blondin, the novel f'-ature of wheelharrow running, for a pxttnium of flO, was Introduced. The propellers of the vehicle were blind-folded and had to walk or run two hundred feet from a starting point Inside the amphitheatre to a mark upon the opposite side, the competitor r.omiau nearest to the mark to be the victor. Fifty-five entries were made at 25 c U. each, making a purse of S13 75. S >me ludicrous scene* were enacted during thts display that but for the occasional laugh excited by the mishap* of the contestants, would have been as tiresome as it was puerile The urchins enjoyed it hugely, ?nd gee-hawed the wheelbarrow meu to their utter confus'.oc. Some passed twenty or thirty feet to the right or left of the mark, some would wheel entirely out of the arena through the opposite gate and "keep -.Bit a icn irom inf lop to iue bottom, breaking his n?ri and killing blm instantly. Nrwr Railbo^s iji Citba.?We learn from the Prenaa de la Hnhana that the work on the great rail revmA u- ? >??vana and MdUnzan. direct from the bay. progw m?* rapidly. and that there is no doubt of Its completion by the beginning of nest year. The road will soon be opened as far a; Bararoa. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTKL?1 T Winslow. J Jobuson. C Yatea, NC; T McAllister, Md; Mr Davis, DC; 8 M Johcson, NY; EC Anderson. Ga; C C Hendiev, VV Bruce. Va; 8 Jacnell. NY; P Dicklnaon. Pa; A r? Holbrook, Mass; J Allon. G Allen Com Levy. Tex; J G Appletou. Va; B K Bliss, Mass. W Miller and ladv, Ala; 9 \V Sanderson and fain, M'.sa; G T Anderson, P Warren, La; F Duffy, Tenn; J J Jones, Ala; F A Brake, Ga; A Himann f*C; J H Davis, NC; Capt Moore, J Delarun, Mrs Ackemiaiin, J Midbnry. NY; W I.aiiian, J*H Harmon. Mlrh; W tl Mitchell. Md; C M Berford and ladv. La: E K Ai!?n nnri e.*t_. Mn Dver, Va; J M Stower and lady, Mim; T A Ratchelor, C G Batchcln', l.a; W E Rollen. Mo; Mrs Thornton, Tenn: K G I'endril. Md; G Small and lady. Miaa Sniedley. Va; A Price, Md; G B C*rpart and /am. Miss .-5anip-?on. N V; Or J Treble and lady, Mm Waring. Miss Young, Va; II 1! Brooke and lady, Miaa Brooke. Ml?s Pbernor.Oa; J W Alls, Va; C Rowiea, Nil, <> Cottle. M J Lockford and lady. O E Roberta, NY; T rtte?eiu, La; G R^tield and fain. SC; H C White and ly, Master White, Ga; Karthwyoff. PGalovlne. Ru?: A Anderson and fam, Va; J G Chanbeane, Mo; B smith, Pa. BROWNS' HOTEL ?T Key. W Kaphart, J LoomU, Tea; W Brice. NY. Mr Phillip?. Va; W rtteele. NC. F Cooper, SC; J Haselton and ly, N Y; OF Cawthorne, Ala; W M Sweeney and ly, Pa; E Bate#, r?C; T Chelmen and it, Mr* Lawson. ana aau^nu-r. h >ioor. Va: K Livingston, NV; J Donnahue. G Bidgood, Misses Yancoy, Va; W F Murdoch and daughter, Md: R C Thompson and daughter. KT; J Matthias, Mrs Haynes, Mrs Lucado, Va; U Roach, NC; J A Walker, J Markey, SC, B Griffey, H Marr. Pa; T O'Bannon, J Harri son, Md. R Kaper and 2 ladles, Va; T G Forde, Md; D Logan and fam, Miss Flnker. NC; Miss Ashton, J P Ashton, C Ashton. 8C; A Dudley, Va: J Nott and fam. Ala; C E Haile, Fla; W Dennedy, J Mr Davidson, C 8 Blake, Tenn; L Armistead, Va; J E Hrady and lv, G W Brooney, Pa; G Dunran, Ky; W Nlblo, NY; A Donnon, R Mann, Mi? V A Wilson, Va; T Mudd, Mc; Winaton, *' . ti 11 uiiley, L.a, ? ~ rving, w -r Winston, Tox. KIRK WOOD HOUSE.?F B Lockwood. Mass; G Watklnaon, NY: M Fenchinch. Da; J S Dean, Ala; R Fincu, 8 Bingham. Pa; W N McKenney, Na; 8 W Todd, Ky; L R Franklin, Pa; C Fenner, La; Gen H Nicholson and daughter, Tenn; W Crawford and lady, J A Cowardin, Va; 8 Reynolds, KT. OCEANSTEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Fbgh ru Ubitsd States. Sttamtrt. Leave. For. Days. Vijo. .New York...Livorpool. Sept 1j Fulton . .New York....Havre Sept 15 New \ ork -..South'ptoa. Sept l.i Cauaaa. _Boaton.__. Liverpool ..Sept!!) C. Waahington.New Voik. ...Liverpool . Sept li I*tnster Boeten Ganray Sapt * > A?ia.?.... New York_. Liverpool...Sept 2K Bremen _,New York ? Souto'pton . fvpt Zi Adriatic New York ...Havre Oct 6 ArM? New York.-..Havie.. (Jot !3 From Ecsofb tMaster Galway Beaton Sept. 4 reman South'pton... New York. .Sept. 5 Adri&tia. .South'pton . .New York. .Sept. II Fri no* Albert... Gal way?...New S'ork Sept. 13 Jltcco ._South'ptnn_.New York. Sept. 19 R?w York ? Soath'pton ..New York. Oet. 3 Tha Ha. m*ii ?? * '? ?*- * ? > miQ UPW iori on ?? 2d. 12th, I7tn. and 27th of eaoh month. and tiarleetoa on the 4th and 19th. The California leave New York on t be rttk and .i<tt of e?*h month. CARRIAGE FACTORIEST" WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, D Street, b*tUHf?9tk litd MiA Struts, We have just fiaiabed a uuiuoer of firat c:ua CARKlAGhS, such as Light Kim-ii, tr,> b??- "i. ' - uatuiiurf, " ' Ivayaon hand, J ami for aal? at prices 1 to (nit the trade . C. B. JKWELL. Proprietor. iy in sotf Avkry^nIce ?kvkn octave pTano having been id usee short time <>nly,_ . vill he <>ld st a nrrit sacrifi'.o for < s?ii BIB < ths owwr Iwcif I:<>(?ip?lte4 to !? ? ? Ilifc??l*lf " cutT. Ou*mai pno? e . >?,?,U no* ?-esold lor f)i-o i cull. i? t'? K*o?4 4t N(, VU TZKKOT I 'S Music I Si re. corner p? s;aea(tn i Kiorenth st. to 3 \ W DAMAGED BOOKS. ? E Hive iot of Parker & Watson's Read*-* f ?- < * fhat wei* <4*in*c*d a littl# by wa*er ia I n ? <* ste?m#rfr<>iB \? w Yoik, which will f>e sold for I t ha f th? usual pre*. I ^ ULANCHARDft. MOHIN. I 4 Corner lltii st. and Pa. a v. I riraioiu. ramuy for f ??<&?, Ma/ WhiOQ *6 WliliellfctMr ~ M-? a ver* email profit. B??iu ?raot:oai mechanic* in different branches cftne t>uein?ea, v? oaraelvea that we kno* the BtylM *u*l *ua;i?jr ?>f work that wi'il live aaU? faction, oombiuiof 'inkiaeea, comfort and dnrabili RtMirtnc promptly ukI carefully attended to lite stK<rt??t n^tio" aod most reaaonal ie oh%rcea. WALTER, IURMASN 4; BOPP, Coaahaiakera, enoceeeora to Win. T. Hook. M ^-dir T CAR HI ABES. i HE Sabeonbor ua*uii mad* adamooa to iu i frsTtsWi's: sf.%*sr^'g;yB? : maoaiaclariucCARRIAGE A LiGllTJEl^K? WAGONS of all Ktnda cannot be aarpaaaad, and ! treat lua ioug experience in tfle baaineaa, ba hopes , I* cit? general eaOafaotion. . ^ AU kind* ot Oirrmn and Light Wa<?u keptet J All REPAIRSaeatlTdeoe,aa4aiJerderipre?H ' CtnUfM Uk?e m -Tfc? 1J2^2S3KT National ' &t)APANl)CANUl.H [ WORKS, i li E U 1 HtlllT, B'. w< * 4>n/<? ?i*i I\atn stTMtt, Urorttlutm, 1). C. { A lw<? stock of CANDLES, j Brown, Family, Ca?tiU and Fanoy SOAPH, i Aiao, t TALLOW and GKBAHR for Lo?omot?v??, st >?inl>.>ats, and all kiadaof * MISCELLANEOUS. Proposals f??kf7loa^>i of ten million dollars. Truiuit Dbpaetmknt, Sept. 8,1860. ' Bkalid Pk i 1-d*al* will be received at this !) - . p&rtmcnt until 12 o'elook, noon, of Monday, the UA dar of October next, for ten millions of dollars nf 1. .. r tl If ? a ... . . . 111 m>v> ui tag I'niieu r->l&l#R, to m lMiea unarr the act of Congress of the S7<l da? of Jane last, nut homing a loan and providing for the redemption of Treasury notes, at which time the proposals w II te oper.od and decided on- The stock will be reimbursable in tea years from the first day of Jan nary n?t, and will txar interest, at five for centum p?r annum, parable semi aunuilly on the brat daya of January and Ju'y of cach year. No offer will be acospted below par, and none for any fraction of one thousand do larc; nor will any offer be considered unless one per centum of theairount thereof la deposited with a depositary of the United Stat)*, aubieot to the order of the Secretary of the Trsaaury. The oertifioate of anch depoait must aooompany the propoaala. In all UBfcKOV 1119 l'|]3> IllUOb iw UUUUUUIUUIlAi, Witllt'Ul rt f"renoe to other offjra. and m Jst state the rate of premium offered. The proposals should be endorsed on the outside, "Proposals for Loan of I86<>," and to l>e addressed 'To the Secretary of the Treasury, Washington, D. C." The best bidders under the foregoing oonditiom for the aggregato aiim of ten millions of dollars will be immediately informed by mail of the no ceptanoe of their offers, and thor must depoait the amount so accepted, with the premium thereon, with the Treasurer of the United States, or the Assistant Treasurfr at Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Charleston. New Or.eana, or St. Louis, on or before the 22d day of November next. Shou'd successful bidders desire to deposit at other points their wishes wi!l be dniy considered on being stated to this Department. Certificates of inscribed stock will be issued in sums not less than one thousand dollars each to | tho fruccesefnl b'ddrrs, or their asrit;ns.for the principal bo il ^posited, carrying interest at ttierate nffi/ep.?r centum from th? date of such deposit. Such stock wili h i transferable on the books of the Tr'a*nry, nereea 1.1 j to the regulations of the Department. Should any of the *uoo?ssful bidden require certificates of stock, with coupons of semi-annual interest payable thereon from the first day of January n?xt. such certificates will be issued, with such coupons attached, in sums of one thousand do'lars eacn; and suoh coupon stock, instead of being transferable on the books of the Treasury, may be atsitncd and transferred by the delivery of the ceitific&tes. The icWest of the last-named s-'ock, from the date of tho dep-vit ?o the first da* of Jan uary next, will be paid to the successful bidder or his Attorney, by the depositary with whom the principal was deposited. Tne preliminary deposit of one per centum, required upon all proposals under this notion, will be included in the deposits of principal and preminm ir ad* by sucosssful bidders, acd will be immediately directed to be returned to the unsnar.Msful bidders. HOWELL COBB *el0-2awti Seoretarr of the Treasury. N[No. 666.1 OTICE OF THE REMOVAL OF THE LAND OFFICE fr ROM SUPERIOR TO B^YFIKLD, IN THK STATE OF W1SCONIn accordant" with the provisions of the act of Con?re*?, entited "An act authorizing rhanc* in the lfcativ.n of land offices," approved A1 arch 31. 1*VJ, it is nereb? tioola-fd and made known that the f.> - ? w.. 1? ? ki ; ? 1-?i * : - - : - - fin 1?>! Viirr i r- pui'Iiti IAUWB Ik I C7UJJOI IOT, in IflfJ Slit* of Wisconsin. will he removes! to iiajfield, in kmiI S'ate, at at early a Jiy as prarticabl*. Furthfr notice an t'i tne precise time ofc'oaing the office at Superior, preparatory to removal. and of its opening for business at Eayfield will lie ?iv?n by tho reenter and receiver lor the land district. (iiven under my hand at the otr of Washington, thi* 2ith day <>f Aiwust, A. D. lc-60. Bt ordflr of the Freeident: JOS. 8. WILSON, Commissioner of tho (janeral Land Offioe. an 25 w6w WOOD AND COAL. %it ii t\ n W AND COAL Delivered to all part* o4 the city, at the lowest possible rates. T. J. A W. M. GALT, Office V*?2 Pa. av., between 11th ami 12th sts., in 17-tf north aide. 'I^HK SUIUM^IKKR HAVING ON HAND 4 Ml eileiwve istook of I'l'fii,, > pr?Dltre<l to ?ll at a very low G*u re for cash. WOOl) Sawed and s<plit any mz*. Cail anil ses for jourseii. R. W. BATE9, Wood and Coal Dealer, ma IS S. K. corner of Fourteenth and C its. DENTISTRY. ~ D DENTAL CARD. R. MUN?0.< im> inuiu^u .vid resumed hit ; profession. Ciff.ce and house at 463 E *. , third door east of Sixth. In addition t every other approved style, Dr. M. ha? sei^* ' ' 1 ?* I nn vulrttnifA Ham Jnr ?ko thraa and, from experience. know* it exoele all others, and 13 one-third ??s in price than gold Hi* old f&tron* of Washington. Ai.xandria, acd Georgeown are r??p?ctfnlN f ^a'l *u 2Veoly D~~ DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOM IS Han cloned tn? oinoe for the teasou, anJ will he abseat, as usual, during the sum iner months ; will r?suine pri^ctice about the 1st of Ootol?er. of wiiich further notioe will be given. Jr io-tf i\? _ nKNTHSTKY. I -7 R. HI !.L,S, efier a aractioa: test of two years faeis that ne can with ooa&dence reoom mend the Cneoelastio Prooens / >r inaertm t HM t artificial toeth. It hu the advantage* strength, beauty, cleanliness, and cheapness. Fol upper sets inserted for 93*. Partial in proportion. Oflee 306 Pa. avenue. hi PIONEER STEAM MARBLE AND BROWN STONE WOHKS. The subscriber begs leave to inform the citizera - . 1 .... . .........vnuinnuiu i?'iu A'PX&DUriA Uiat lr' us- a'M-''! to rni lone *ntabliah?d buainesa the auxiliary of ?team power tor as wing and manufao turmg Marble and Brown Stone Work in ?heir va riou* branch**. Mar Mo Mantel*, Table and \Va?h atand T???, Tile. Monuments, Tomb and ilM<t Htoiwi, S:a ?. Window I.intern, Sil a, M*pk anil' Fiatfurmv Having purohaaod a large stock of Italian Marble in blook.trom tirst the iuweat ratos, he feels confident of being able to furuuh Marbe Work a? low aa it ! ? purchased in New York, Philadelphia, or Baltimoro. The trade supplied with Italian Marble in blooic or a aba at the same rate aa furnished in New Vork, and on accommodating fvma. AIho, on hatid, a large supply ol Pumioe Stone, Water of Ayr Hor.o and Polishing Putty at New York pnoea. Encourage the enter prise; it will be an aci uiaition to the city. ALhX. RUTHERFORD. Pionter Steam Marble and Broken Stone Worki, Pa. av., oor. Thirteenth at, au 21 3m Washington, D. C. |MPORTANT TO HOUSEkEEPERS. E. R. DIRKEK& CO.'fl BEIiECT 0FIOZSS. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but ground from freah Spioes, selected and cleaned by u? exprossly for the purpose without reference to coat. Thoy are beautifully packed in tinloil, (iined with paper.) to prevent injury by keeping, and are lull weight, while the ordinary ground Spioes aro almostinvariably short. We warrant them, in point of strength and richness of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, aa a tingle trial will abundantly prove. Mannfrotured only by K. t. ntlRIBU a rn 1?1 Vo>V WASHINGTON " "? K?N8TTI.OE^FKKtRl,r*o?riWor. New York avtntu, between 1st and id its. In oil!in* the attention? ! the publio to my cronnda would lUtt that evory arranc?ni?nt kaa f " " jl I l>#*n made lo mate thia "Retreat" n.?r,IMI kttraetiveevery day. Monday* the Car-liliHT len* are open to the pul.lio tre? ?.f oharge-T^ r% I 5'*en hy a aeleot band. Thoae deeina* to mm .hi I ianoe and waits wi l Bud the saloon iu complete ' >rder to render pleasure to all. On other days the 4 proprietor will oheerfully grantthe Bsc of the * [round* for aohool or other Pio Nio Parties with* 1 >ut charge. ...... . For the amusement of children he ha* introduced 1 i number of little games, Barer before seen in thi* 1 >ity, and calculated at the same time to amuse the 1 'old folk*." " N. B.?Attached mm* Buttling Establishment, ind (ami lies nan fee supplied with ant quantity at iheir 'esiuerio*. of that healthful dnuk, LAG I R ' LiEER, upon short notioe. Je )5 Sin I~HK UNION WIL1- STAND. NO MATTER \ VV HO'!4 PRESIDENT! < Consequen'ly I shall remain in Washington and ! lontmue to pursue my occupation of HOOK, . MGN and ORNAMENTAL PAINTING. Gild 1 ng ib ail its branches. Old Glazing promptly at ended to. Pawting and Ornamenting Cottage ' h'uri iturein the best stile I also, <*\l' atteLtion ) o the P.nuting of Hoofs and Brick Walls. All of the above I will do as obeap as the cheap>*t. I therefore solicit the patronage of my friends tnd fellow oitisens of the District. Punctuality , ttrictly observed, and work done in the beet man ler, ??a will ple%*e mind your stops and stop at M. P PA RKKR'!* Pit, nttng Esial liniment, No. 43' ?:> H a*lo I ...... - - ... kiUUIDI ?? AT'i norm aiae, hetwoan 6th I mi?1 7th at*. , I*. H Minna put up ftw af ohnili u uau&l. an W 3<n f AOLD AND SILVER SPECTACLES. Hav 1 "/ "^1 i.iaclt xpeueuca m * nanurartariug ami aala of Spectaolaa.tkJ# o aui bow pravared to supply auy or ail that want a * reri upenor uaauty of iiuw, with tnoso tnat wow>?t ctirnla'-a to peaafct their ?it ht. Havir.fhad nuoh prac'iao in tuin< <h? wnat difficult oaaoa, 1 * art warranted in saying that i o*n aafert ?laeaen at ,11 tjmaa th*t will ?uit the waarm. md at th* aaa>a t< ma oan aell thorn at au tow a pri?i? tiat ail that t ptcii to aw than oan afford to purohaae. a ? * H, O. HOOD, &u A No. JJ& Pana. avaaaa. MEDICINES. fuTitmro*, ] LT BALTIMORE 1 LOCR HOSPITAL, Mai Di*t*?rtd tk* mutt Cntum, Study, ?Krf M?Jf Eftttu&i Htmtdf in |4? World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. I.*r iVO J^ILSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY 1NMEDATELY, 1 CURE WARRANTED, OR NO CRJR&M, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. W?aJta*M*fU? l*lk,?t'nlini Aftturai ml It* ud lladiitr, in??!*a:irj OiKhnrft*. Imc**?n<f, (antnj Dtkilu*. NirtnuiH, Ur|?ir,l?? Sntnu, Ca- > f?ti?n ( Id??i, P*lpitMi?u f:i)?1??nrt,"',mi.'.iiy,Tr?rcblinf?f Uun.oa ?f Sifhl or iid-Jintx, F).?f tbt Ht?d, Thml, H?m ar Ikin, AlMWHM kap, nmur.s n oawi*?? ihett Tarnbla I>?->rdtri ariaiuf frai a loliur; likiu d Yaath?vim* Draadfel in.1 Daauacuva Practical which raadar Hinufi inpaaaibla, aud dtnray bam Mad 7 ui Miad TOVNaMtH Bapaaialla vka kaaa hacama tha ?icUnu af Ni!Uij TiM, ihf i draadfai and daalractiaa h-.hit wfctch ?cu??ily awatpa m In tnUmilT frsaa thaaaanda fVaatif Man af tha maai iilltad lalao'J ??d brillant intallact, wba mifh; c'niiiii ha** Otrnnctd liaianinf i*oat*? with tb?thand*r* af iiiiiiiiu a* vakad i* Ittui; U? liviaf \jtt, mmj hJI with fill MafttaM. WUUII. HAU1IB riUORI.v r*io(M*v**aM*pUUat Mv rlaja, b?inf avaraaf phyai 1 w?akaa??. arfut* U ability, dafarir.iti**, Ac., ipaadiia'cartd. a who plaeaa himaalf andar t>a un af Of. J. My rallfl a>l* cnnSdi in hia hanar n & gtirCtnaa ud ??al4*nt!y rily tpar'i Lit (kill aa a phyaicita. OFFICE Ma. T BOBTH rmuCHCIITlIR, laft hand aid<irwij frair Baltimara a V*at, a / ? daari tnm tha earnar. rail oat ta abarrra aaa* ? ?d aaabtr. kttttn ai; ha paid aad mu<i at lamp. DK. JUKKtTO*. Maahari af :bi *ay?.l Oailfft afS?rf?*nt, !?*eriaa, rradaau fram ana af tha rcaat amir ant CalUfa* in tha finttid Blataa, and tha jraatar pitrtafaban tifa haa btan at'?iH in tba haapitata of Landao, Taria, PhUadalpbia ud ataa wl ara, haa factad aama af tha rnaat aatamhinf caraa that vara aval kaaarn; m-my traablad with ringing is tha ha?<f and a an vhar. ailaap'; fraat f ''*?' ?."? < v < < at ?<! ? randa, b-iatifalQaia ?itb fraqvaat blvariinf. attandad Man with daranfaraant of isind, ?in carad i rani dial TAKE PAETICCLAR NOTICE. Tainj M?a ud?!hiii ?ha fca?a tcjarad thamaalvaa b* ? (anain prp.ctica inda!j?d in whin aJana?a habit fraqaaaL f Itcrntd from a?il caripauiana, ar at aeboo!, tha aft eta aw* which ara i.ifh'.Ir fall itin vhan aalaap, and if nat carad, ranJtra mormja lcnfoteb.a, and in.rtjt bjtS mod aac bo<t?t ahonld apply immadiitaly. Toota ara aoma of tha aad and iralaocholy afac.a aradaaad by aarlT habita of raalh Tilt Waaanaaa of tha Back aad liraba, in a in tfea Haad, Dipinaaa of bif ht, Loaa af Mvteaiai Powtr, Halpit?tt?i< of tha rfajrt.Daapapaj, Narwaaa Irritability, Daraiif ti.iatii of ilia Dif tatiTa i &ocuao?, Gtua/al OabUity, ayraptoma of Coi.acuytien, 4l. MENTALLY.?Tna faarfal affaetaoa tba mind tra raatk la ba draadad?l.raa of Mt.'iarj, Canfaaioii of Idaaa, Oapraaaiaa af Spirita, E?il Har!>odin?, A'arnon af Sociata, Balf-Oialraat. Loaa of Molilalia, Timidity, ate.,ui aaica at tha trila >fOdacad. MKRTOB* Drit!LITr?\"baataadi?aa itajidf* what la tha caaaa of tbair tiaeiiuinf har.llb, '.aauir tbair ?ija?,- baaaminj weak, pala, ti?r>?;ii :ud a raaeialad, Baaing a amfx'a* appaar&nca aboat tba ayaa, comgh ar aymptaraaaf caoatnftli'l DlSKAEKd Of IMPRUDENCE. Whan tfca mug aided and impradant aatnry af pliaiara ladf v nai lmpioiq uiv ivaa* at voi? ^i.uki ui?th<, u haprana that an til-tinad atnat of (faint* ar draad af diaeartry daitra him from appl?u.f to tfcoaa wha,from adaci'.iao ant raapaeuoiliiy, can afont bai'itu.1 him. H fatli inta till kacdt of ignorant and dtaifm&f prattndara, who, iocap&klt f earinr, lleii hit picantary abatanca, kaap Mm t riling month a/iar month, or aa lonraaiba a;?Uiaat faa can k# aktaintd, and in dtapair It*rt birn a.nth roinad htaltbtaaifk a?tr hit filling diaappaintraant; ar ky tha of that daadli patton, Marenry, hattan Uia canatittlional ajmptona af tku tarribla dieaatt, aach it A Jacucna of i*it Haart. Thraat, Has*, kin.Ac., prcgraaau.g with frigutfa! rabidity, till dttth patia 5triad to K-.a Jr??dfol aafariup by amJi.ig him la that a?iacarartd eaiotry /ram whott fcoarrx am trmTtlar rtiarsa. DR. JOHKSOM'>k?H?<>Y FOR ORG AHIC VIAUIM AIIO 'MPOTEWOY. y Ult frtat and imrcrtaL't ramtdy waakatat af tka trgaai ut ipaadOy cartd and fali Ti?'?r rtatartd. Thaatudt oTlka Mat n?r?osa and dtkilitatad, w s* bad iatt all kopa, bar a ktao immtdiataly rallaaad. All impadsmanta ta Marrtaga. Pbytl.**1 ?>" J?Ul Dltflmatl(anient, Lata af ProcttAura Pawar, *Sar.'a?a Irritability Trtmhlmg and Wrkmuai KjtbtatUtQ 'fO' attftarfBl ktad tpatadiLr cartd. EMI)' IRITKEUT Or TIC flllf, THE MANY THOUSANDS earad aithia inaiitatw"* J1"" Ua laal nttln yaara, and lha ratotraaa icnpanant v" Sal p?rat:*nt par'arinad by Dr. Jahnaan. w.tnaaaad I,* NMnin ( tba pa para and mr.i:y athar iimu?, * wfcreh h?r? appaarad ?f?in and again bafara tha pablia, k* * 14*1 hiaataniwf aa a ftntlantn af thiraturaiia raiaanMUlity, Ta a aafluant ? Ui alutti. |an ti-ly K. J. BOVEE DOD'S IMPERIAL WINE BITTEHS, Are now being used from Maine to the Great Salt l<ake, an J toe universal verdict of all who use them either as a viedicin* or aw a beverage, is that they are unsurp**?.! in the world. Dr. Dods used thein s'icoeBbfulty in ins practioe for 25 years before we purchased ofnirn the sole right to manufacture auci present them for eale to tn? public. For the ou^e of Incipwnf Consumption, ln'iKest'.on, Dyspeosi&, Files, Nerv< tis Diaeatee, female Com piaiiiU, and all caso* reauinni itU?iro, the* are t>eroiid douM a most ic vafual-l* remedy. Aside from heir medicinal pn>pertieiJ they are a pure, wholesome and delightful Beverage, producing all the plen?aiit 6xhileratins effects of Brandy or Wine without their injurious results. ail friends of humanity and an advocate* of temperance assist um in subst:tuin< these valuable Vegntable Hitters for the tnittnai ai.d o/iviitratel Ltfver* with which the country is tioouet, arid thereby effec'ii* ly aid in ban.shmc l)i?'<a?e and Drnniceneu iroiu the land. OHARLES WIDDIFIKLD ft CO., Proprietors, 7* William s*rer?t, New York. J. 3C11W A R ZE. Asent, Wa4hi."cton, D. C. OR. J. BOVKK DODS' I MP K RIAL UIN BITTERS. For Diseases of the Kidnevs, Bladder and Urindry f ...J : - 11 r ' " * ' >1 Kbiin, anu raj)t?ciaiiy lor P bJHM" UDStrnctloilB, u<.>v>r fill to oure, &ad are warranted to jive satitlaotion. CHARLES WIDDIFIELD & CO., I'roprietors, 7?1 William ?t., New York. J. WHWARZE, Je7-ly,r Agent, Washington. D. C. JOY FOR THKS10K AND SUFFERING. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED RKAO! APPLY THE REMEDY AND REJOICE I AT HEALTH. I Friend, do you sutfcr? Are you the victim of any of those numeroui ailment# which arise irom impurity of the blood.' What are they, do you ask.' Ratlior a?lc, what are they not? the blood u the suuron of lile and health. an J it is tlio first element of our b<Mn? to respond to any cause wliich * fleols tli* ?*st?ni, as tlio pulse lnfvni..v attests The ever previi'ir.^ Neuralgia. the imtfttinr F.rys pe as. th? HU btl#? S.?rof U la. tl'" " ? ' ...... MMBMIHIi w?rvou? Drtbih' y, Dyspepsia., Liver Oomp!a;nt with it* torpor and d-ieotion, and tho numlieiless ilia that flesn is heir to, derive their hideous or'Kin from the blood. Deal kind.y thea and ger.tly wit.'' the blood. LTi* the vitalizing rea.uroes of nature for its aid. and sutTer us to cimineiid to your confidence and use that truly va nablo medicament known as MRS. M. COX'S INDIAS VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to this almost infallible epeoific popular sentiment ha* spoken id decided terms, and the evidences of this great efficacy are sustained hy constant avowals ol curative eflVots and tn? happiest resultii from its us* ar? af'er a!! other icinedies and the beet medical skill have failed. ns say, in conclusion, th?t certificates onros are not sought froin the illiterate aud superficial. but they are volunteered f;o?n the most re spertahle sources and justify the highest terms in which it is possible to coiii">eud so valuable a specific to pub io approval. We may add also that the ou rati ro proper uos of tho medicine are equalled only by its restorative effects. tlio syst iu recovering from disease with renewed constitutional visor. For sale hy all respectable Druggists in this city,and by the proprietor, MR*. M. COX, P>one lenuine unless her name la biown on the bottle and her seal on the oork I ffr Pnoe 51 per bottle, six bott'es for 85. WAoU.'ale Af*t. R. H. T. C1S3HL, Droggist, Georgetown, It (7.. Wholesale Agent for the Dis ' trio*, and wi 1 supply the trado at uiy pnoes. au 18 tr fc. m7 keysJ < \\ DEALER IX Ji 1 WOOD & COAL, LIME, [ (I SAND, CEMENT, HAIR, \ \\ Plaster, and White Gravel, if J 548 E. Cor. 12th & C SU.ll H One pquare South I\<nn. A v. \l ((WASHINGTON, D. CJJ *" an tr __ OTO T. witkntini Sd I ?7 lkl>0*TM*0F " ZUt) I ( i*a. avi.? forklgn fruits, pa. arm* k.MitllUii* <;oISFFi'TJON fe, WillUTd'iktuL ' fates. preserves, n CONDIMENTS, Ac., . A r P?ga leavetoMiakeuuutitn ol tiia frtendeand tUo aabiio jeu*ra;ly to hi* New Store, under Wtiarii a Hotel, jan opened, In oonnexion with hit >lrt eatablieVimnpt, where he vi.l be happy to rewi ve any orderi for aaperiorConfeotioca of hlaowi awriftuua. Altu.ail urdera for Dmnera, Snppera, Balla, and private Vartiea, which will be aerved up in hia inuutaule atile, with tm> ?Moe proinptneaa and dlataUih wliioh h? haa hitherto ahown. oa Wf NEW GOODS! 1 v? K Har< Just received alarge utook of Bleaohfd n.a Brown COTTONS or the h?*t makea. Alto, JHKKTlNUS, TABLE LINENS, NAPKINS, i'ow EI.INliS. IRISH LINENS, j.oo yarila LAWNS', from a ?#rit? to iw*. HOSIERY, iLOVFS. tiAUNTLETT*. WHITE, RED, ULUE and Git EY FLANNELSln variety. We lave a i?w noli oROaNDY robes on Inud rhioh we ha>v? marked le*? lhan 0'>at. jy an TAYMiK k. HUTCHISON. LJELTZER WATER! > SELTZER VVATER! SELTZER WATER! We have to-day reaeivmi ? #*?- . - * ZSlfr-'h?v^i? i! .=i " 4 u u- ? wm*t- dovk & cu. 3M*ANi?w 'raf*rf'110 ?*<*cut? any orders with r .1? ,/ME"* in tn? plumbing. GAS oh STktu* - -jtfwiNuft "411,w |rZT om 9th ?treet, a fow (*oor? north of Pa. ivnnne, wlrfre tout b? foiimi a ooinnlvtft Miorttneul !""' u&' s'ya.r,J %. L c ' XX ALE AMD XXX ALE t! ^ Th? nrnt ?nd most vfcnlMonup Alt in tUaflitria N r> bi wbtauied at lfi? VV AE*IU^O I uN BREW ;KV. Thif Aio made froui tuait aau hoMouiy ftsr1 khsn^,?^rJisr tally WMh'nBravery.MrnarKaadrnkMb I 9 i _ MEDIO Wfig; !B=! [n.peotin "irr OR^' PERSIAN FEV^ft CHARM. * FETBR AN1> AM* 'JBXTSRMiyATED. THE HUMAN "SONS TITUTION SAVED FROM WRECK. tub prevent/ye asd remedy FOB AM. intermittent am* bilious fevers. CURES INSURED IN A DAY. NATURE'S GRAND RESTOF ATI VJi. 1NPSCTINE, 1NPECT1NE. 1XPECT1NE, INPECTINE. llfPECTINE, INPECT1KE. The terrible malady known as the FEVER AND AGUE hu smitten hundred! of thousand* of persons throughout the -world every year, and has never tilt uow been met by sueoeesful medical treatment that has not produoed severe MEDICINAL DISEASES, which affect the lunge, the spleen, the liver, th*> heart, or other parts of the human organism. The INPECTINE is the natural antagonist of all fevers, and when it comes in oontact with the *kin, is absorbed by the interior organs, which roeiht easily miasma and all tendencies towards those maladies which prostrate the mind and body with ferer. Fever and Ague result from numerous causes. No place is exempt from the canses whioh promote the existence of the disea?e. That being once seated in the svstera, induce* depretsion of spirits, lassitude, languor, pains, ohiils. fever, and a long train of disagreeable sensations, depriving the pa-11 -A ? : ? ? "i '? vuoigj, auu rouuciuK 111211 or nor to a condition of EXTREME HELPLESSNESS. Why will an; on* suffer the horror* of a debilitating Intermittent Fever, when by the use of tha INVALUABLE INPECT1NE, OK PERSIAN FEVER CHARM. the eminent medical and raa|ioal?n&UUes of which are instantly absorbed, ALL TRACES OF DISEASE MAY BE ANNl si i Li a i C'U in a r r. w huuks, SELF-CARE 18 BETTER THAN PHYSIC. NATURE IS WISER THAN ART. EVERY DISEASE HAS A DIVINE REMEDY. THE WISE APPLY WHILE THE FOOLISH DREAM. BETTER PREVENT THAN STRIVE TO . CURE. DELAYS ARE DANGEROUS. THE VMPRirrVMV!. OR PERSIAN FEVER CHARM, Hat cored thousand* of both Miei of tho moat dreadful Fevers. Road and rorfleot. WONDERFUL EFFECTS. Lemiel Bonsa'l. of Pittsburn.for two years useless to himself and society?a martyr to Chills and Fever?cured in le?a than three weeks, and ina A ...L* U?.. JHUTWJ 1U ClgHb UOHII. Mary K- Belknap, Pandnsky, Ohio, after almost IiNiing her reason a* well a* strength hy Intermittent Fever, with Chilli, restored to health in twenty hours. J. R. Tilton, of Belgrade, Maine, brought from drath's dour, having suffered for foar years, inade well in five week*, and improved m two hoars. Adolphe Monhro, of Fraooe, relieved in one hoar, while travelling In the cars of the Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad. Ho was appareuty dying with Chills. Ellen R. Benson, of Lock port, New York, ressned aft*r seven years' safTmng. A perfeot cure. Thousand of other oases prevented and oured iverv month, and not a single oomplaint ol the '.SUoionoy oi uio IRPECTIHE,; O E PERSIAN FKVBR CHARM. try it, prove it, know it. Ind make known lU wonderful powora and virUN, that tboao who ?utTar, or who aro threatened rith suffering, may b?? ImI to u?e a atmpio, inmxioue preparation, furniahod by tho field of (aturo for man's blessrno! i ? 1 INPHOTINH 1 8 SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS AMD MEDI- 1 CINB DEALERS IN AMERICA. 1 n T) T m /\ 11 T\ /\ ? w ? ?? r xv i Ci w ? I'j UUijLiAK, i Bent bj null to toy part of the United Stat*i. ' I \ REMEMBER, j i is not Ukeu inwardly, but It applied outvardlf, 1 soording to direotiona, whiofc tooonptni etoh I uk?e. ( MANUFACTURED BT } JOHN WILCOX fc CO., 188 MAIN BTEBRT, j RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. ' BRANCH OFFICE, o. 39 BANK OF COMMERCE BUILDING, j NEW YORK CITY. *" ^ Im I 2 M &-41aJU?wUn |* ? ? 1 TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. I HAVE RKMOVEU TO No. Ifl M \RKKT B?ace. Pcnu. avenue. bvtwaea IIh atid mAm *th alrseu. *i ?re 1 wiii U iar>f.y U> wa;tp*l on *1 who w.ll favor n f with a ca! W:thr ! fine ttock c?f BOOTS* aud J?f1o|*9 for* L?d'???',GenU\boy?\Mi#*e?'aBd Ohndrw;***<?r. hb 2 ??otr J. HIHKNTHAU BOOTS AND PHOE3 TO SLIT Tfilt TIMKSi W? are now mannf%c?nrinx al! kind* rf BOOTS and 8HOHS, and ooraiaatlV rocwnuc a^jfa* cppij oj t'Miu-n n.vJf work of evm .!? J urn nt*M\r ?? ! * ,rnw? ni.xr CA^r ? ? j woriier, iuij * F | i'? told at % ii'uch iuwi* j rice than hu heretofore cuar^ed in tLia citj /or much inferior ' vtiolra. Persona in wort r>f Boot* ar.d Shoea of e*at?ni or city made w?ifc, will t wnri find a jood aisor' in <t>reai4 i &l tie lowest anoea. Uive at a oail. flRlKFIN k. bRO.i a? t-r 314 Pern?Tivania avar.ue. F1 *1VK lilNDRKD TRAVELING TtUNKB I arr^rcxl ttii* u?r. emhra^i'i* ?ji ??*! u<?? Ud njMof t*o!e Lolitfr. BMM UreFg (uju Packing TrttiAa. Our trunk^***1 ?a!ea room exhibit* at Uu? unt tx? (rfttkt TirMt; ?? trareuoK requiMt?a. at iroj?rau pricM. to b? f"UX:(J till* Bid# Li New Vork. Aluo.eYeN de?onp ; Uoi of i.AiMKS' HAT ROXK3. val1ce8, 1 CARPKT HAti*. PATCH Jke. TAU1V'&?' , tr^OM TiunkB r*Fainxt or UJein in axohaace for stv ouoc. wall, stkfhfns a co.. ?i ?f Tniak Sale* Room, a?r n -ti saw Pa. arena*. coutheantrvni manufactory. o 4'j? 7th gram. r?niuu< fiJJ 11 ? . i Htiw> Man. Warkinrtom, D- C. T veJ?atari t thetr intereeta tij muuus my THINKS, VAblCKS4c .before pur Mgrw ouaWinc 1 UM con# hut tiwWnnH t*?t materia)?.ie market aticrds aod injlo*^*1 the t??et worr d?^n, | can oonbdently reo?'rrmeixl my work to be ^p?riorin Strmrih atd Dmm+tfitv to Trunks tnr.t ? e made id otiier oitiea and aoi<i here. 1 keep cx>bsi?nUy on ha.nd, ana make to order (on one treot'e notioel ovary deecriptieu of solm leather, miojj fkam e fkexch dress ad ttood box trunks; ashland ni otu'f valices; tkavblisq baus; har ndss; saddles; whips, #e., fc. | Truuaa, &.o., Kepair<d and Coveted, In a vorkmanlike aiacm?r, at anort notioe. Trunks ?Vn -red in auy part of the city, GeorfetoTr", or Alexandria. A'.ao? Apent for Hoire'a oelebrated FAMILY SKWINti MACKINLS. .. de!6 I* JAMES 8. TOPHAM. TKAVEiifciiS' PlKttUTUKY. Daily link of new fih r horse COACHKS To LTI'KR M ARLBORO', C?'T?t*r tk* U. S. Mail. The urderiu^n.v,! \re row running Daily, taao^pt Sunday.! l iu;- horse Coaolie* be-, t*wn\\ jintonand I'pperMarl loro*. a* <'>' .nw8: t^WTr**** Leave i' a St^rTi'ira' Hotel, oorn.'r of Seveuth street anrt pa. Rt7 o'clock a. m. Returning leav* lj>p<>r M Arlboro' at 11 o'clock a. n: . and fcrrire in \Vs?hin^t<in *t 3o'c!ock, in time to cowiect with the3.*>?. m. taiafor fialtimore. Trie Coathen nre dp* ami c<iinu>odiout, the teamg tir-t o vi in the hands of careful and accommodating drivers. Fare to Upper Maril>oro .V cents. To Lons Ojd Fiaola * " ToCenterrillo .38 " FreieM and [Ack*cf? in proportion. au l.Vtf (iSUORN L CO . Proprietors. 1 > alt 1m ork and ohio railroad. |J " " * ----- Awmiriri t/i? JS HAISUIi. M m CBA^exor Horn. ,-2N AFTER WEDNESDAY, Jnn*lJth. **? will run m followa: L?av,^ Washington at 6 20 and 7.40 a. m. Le *Ve Washington at 3.20mad 5.3* p. m. " a Subiiay at 3 21' p. m. T..eave Baltimore at 4.25 and S.*> a. m. Leave Wait- more at 3.15 and 4-2u p. m. On buudar at 4 23 a. m. Passengers for the East mil take trains at 6JD and 7.4? a. m and 3 ?' p. m. For the West at 7.40 a. ra. and SJ" p. m. For Annapuha at7.4" a in and 3-20 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 4-1 a. in. On Saturday evening the3.20 p. m. tram com to Philadelphia only. ?? 13-<1 T B. PARSONS, Agent, NEW ORLEANS I1NT TEIlHil DATS WITH TBI CHOICE OP THREE ROUTE8. BEgjHfe.'Jig 9JJ JLHf 4 V * ? all kail. ROUTE, Via Orangt and Alexandria Railroad . TO LYNCHULR8: Virginia and Tennessee, Hast Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennis set and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Centred, I\?to Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! __ MEMPHIS'ROUTE: Meir.phu bj Rail, thence by First olaas Packet* to New Or,twins. .MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thcnoe to Mobile by Firstci&?* Packet*. Mottle to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS-Scsdat* Ikcludwb, Leave \V?k!iiii|t?n at 6 a m and b p. m. The Pteauier GEORGE PAGE !esv*? her whart foot of Seventh street at 6Jtf *. in. and 6Jf p. in. and anrctH at Alexandria with the Orange and Aiex ria Trains for the Southwest. Office? Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Sixth at. ! ?? ? CBBCMD THROO&O TO HV OBLIABf. Lynchburg >7 3" Memphis . SSI OP Bristol' At'.ar.ta .JR W Knoxviile StOOti Macon SB 00 Chattanooga.. 34no Columbus - _ . ?i so ?ilton... 2i M) MonUoniH. 61 nn untsvilie. .27(?< ) ??4C?*?ii?.42 SO Grand Junction *J uo N.O.> m ii. Am. .Li SO Nashvilie. 25 ?-l \ viaMuWo. ..45 00 THIS ROUTE 13 ENTIRELY BY RAIL and ia 800 MILES SHORTER, and 94 HOURS LESS IN TI>!E than any other I-ikb? the Lynehbnrr Extension being now completed, as aieo the Mississippi Central. makinr it tha 01A IX.RUUM, f 7.?B. The New York and Virginia Screw Steamahlp Oomiaci'i new and elegant aUamaiup^^Aa* sS Svr tarn Whareee,atliv>'o!ook a. m.every WEDNKfr DAY, and the Gonptn;'i Depot. at Alexandria, atSo'elock p. gi. same day. Paaeengere from Washington and Georgetown can take the ooaehee connecting with Alexandria itnaTTihoaUor raiirvad, which leave the oorn?r o) j Freight win be reoeived ep to the hoan ef depar "jnr icnranee will be effeoted on all geeie to fjj thleTine at the oftce of the Company at % per eent r,t^e"ao<8oramodatlone for paeeengera by thli llpe we in every reepect firet-c ace, aad every effort wil fti be made to render this communication with New r* York an agreeable and kealthfal one. ti< For freight or paaeage apply to KOWLM 6 N ? CO., " eel-lr 8* Weit at. corner Albany. New York. ? N BW J/NaTO" I The Steamer MOUNT VERNON will leave W Mexacdria and Washington for New < k'ork KVKRY WhDNESDAY. at 8? >'olock p. in., and New York for Waah-^^^^^* ..try oaiuruay, at3 o'aiook a.ia. H Passenger* can join the shi f at Alexandria at at) *, line before the hoar of the steamer's departure. 1 N. B.-ln the event of the .teamen inability ta , troaa the bar in oonaaqaaooaof lov wmtarTSl !?? ' riUba promptly lif htared to and from the aUMMt Vor freight oriuaua aaply to r OT8 OP FIANOS FOR RFNT AT LOW ^ YJ ratrw. Pianos for aale oa the ' eaaonable terma. Great barjr*""1I laaoa; alio, in Guitars. VIohn*. Ma-? * Li odeom, Aooonieon., ft*. JQHN p ? ^ aa it wolsag?at for Chtokffa * egaa'rWoa. aaa r> NOTICE. J" tg&esB&sasaft f * ?? >4 H atreeta, emM gjyOBIiYs & QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS It is provided with First-oiass S.eopun Cats ! STo Nov Orleans..?-? 7'i Honrs, Memphis 44 do. Moutjorcerr ?? ...?3 do. Nashnl'.e ??..i? ao, Cy The U. S. MA I I/and ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over Uus Now Line. TickeU o*b '( ? ol>ta!csd at ths Sooth Western Office. earner of Sitth stroot sad Pennsylvania awonue, to tUoluiloviag points; Lynchhur*, Urt-iol, Knoivillo, Atlasta, Chattanoora. IlnntsnDe, Grand Junction, Macon, Nashviiie, Dal ton. Comrobss, " " -"(Jt WutlLEA Hi""*"'= \rr THKOVOH TICKETS TO THM VARIOUS V1RU1MA SPRINGS. IC^OmcibuMC and Barjafe WafOM leave the offcd at 0 a. in. and 6 p. m. JAMBS A. EVANS, Tieket A?:ent, ma 23-tr Corner bixth at. and Pa. mr. 1*HE STEAMER JAS. GUY Will ree?n>e her trips ?n TUESDAY, Met of PehroarT, 18?. Wil! leave WASH INGTON every TUESDAY FRIDAY, at 6 o eloolc a. n.,?nd ALEXANDRIA ?t half-past 6 o'oloolc. for CURRIOM AN and the intermediate lAodinri. On her return trip?, *he will leave CURRIOM AN every WEDNESDAY uul SATURDAY . at 5 o'olook a. m. LUCLAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. Att. Alexaadria. U? P ASS AG E ^ EAUB AMP MISOEUiAMEOUa , T COLI.EOI? TEXT BOOK* iTvn EHoiicnrc, w wniCB tM aiteruon of taaotoora taw'Vl : Viraiia Ifbehi. witk r&pUr.fttot) aotaa by Hh *7 W. Fnaaa, Prufraaor ??f i.atin in tb* SUU I bk yrrmty pi Mtekitan: I Y*t.: pn?? ? *- . . Piate'a k*4 Crito viU ?*?? by W. R. Tylar Prufaaaor ol Groak to A?ter*t Co'k?fe; fno*"1' oar.ta hXerm?*a i". % >* : Krwp( *? r,tu. ?rr*nc*d *flw PxiitYin'x *>nta?? Fimuim," b? P. T. W naiman . v . fr o* $ A .New M hod if l. vtuiug ?f?aiak. *A?f th? 9? etam of F. Abn. For a&: a by BLANCH\*D* MOHTM. aa 38 V >r*nth at *nJ Pa a*. H~ OWKSI.mVrOVKD \VKI?;HlNol*CALKfl Thawi^ M ?r*ofared to tM pa him a* Ui moat n:ii?in..-,tr?('?e. *:>a an*, aaaver id: ia in, i iraioiSM > n nu > i.ave twai. iwviwfiitia fcy tha I sited 9t?tea Fair and Virami* *????> T SO**?*?; Virjiaia 8*?U> 1 t'&ir, I'emM > M*w N orfc M*t* h? i; Vern.v ?t Suit Fan. Ac.. Ac In f?<rt c??e ahibifxi t;ifj Divr fiit c:%m pr?wwiB?? 8of m e it A* Uiiiitu ?*??< . Defo? of Si.itt a hi! *d IroAMiM. ^ de it-It R. C. FATTIBON. A????. ABU1N6TUN 8KWIN6 *!??>*:? . mt ?? >1., iwe 4*?rt (*irrt ( f?- i?? Nov la the time to crt SPRING *r4 SI M*K* SHlKlT irviOji' e*. The ' ec'i**' ? fre m%r?i to ir^ke i>K K W KK > A?.. M *h? SHIRT R(HM)fti~S, ANDS i?t'T ato?tfcM. ?? K-K n ?nvr? fj* I R K. F I K K. 1 roTOMAC WATER. I am itiH nf wfd in PLl M Bl NO Md 0 At FITTINU Br>INK*S?i my ? dauuid la Pti monic H%ii. rito adva-im?* <>f kav..,t a piepufal iupp!ri>!vttfi?ur'?il, i 'Iffitrd at the 6r* of ialwil?j. a? I am we" fu.j I *b< u d haea h??i burned oot J et t< r t 'i* ti. ur uliil aitpplp apor My premiaea a'-.1 ?h?t of my it l>h?.r? A 'i order a for the iritreaction o( Water aad Gaa will be prompt* attended to. Terma aa raaaoat hie aa any p.uinWr m the oity. trS C. SNYDER. W| G A f F I X T r K K s. I K Have in atore. aim ara dai ? rtwamaj. Mil F7ATt h t s < ( r 11j ? Nf? PaltJ" na aiwi IV?i?n? an<t Fiti;Kh|i?up< ri'<: in ante t>> a ? ' .t.? l.rreto/ora offered i tlna ma, Kit. V ' \ ,i?-i.? ?<y;era ly to call mi r? >ir at?v-k .if ami Watar J-"i*turoii. i, ;iri?; h.^nt ?.>at we Uava the beat ae.ect?>< k Wvt mrton. All W ork in the *h.ivc lite it treated to oar oart will be prompt y MU*i <!? ' ' > MYF.R8 k MoG RAN. mar A-tf 3T* I) atreeC U) AlWk I.AI.MI.N!* CHAMPAGNK AMD l-,wUH ORAU A I'l'i.K OID11K.?VVe meita tile att- .tior; ..i tl.? p.. . ic to our ;ar^eaad we aa 'aote'1 aWx r.f C' auj C rat. A ppla Cider, whiol ftiU'f-ri !e piio wil ha ae.'1 or. r??.?. n*' * t -r r? i;i order to mate rooa for our tprir.? atcek. Giv? ua a ca" at th? Union Pott ing Depot, fa a Nn. I> ttraan at. fianrrat a*. / V ^ WOHOMY! <v , V \ ^ ^ ^ DI3P ATOM! ^ Nj^v Si?e ike Pifrci! >4* *tHJ**ts mi/ ki-r-n. rrrn t* well rtrmifled 'aintlw<,it is very denrable to have some aheap sad oonvemaat Trey for repairiui Kurrutara, Toys, Croofcery, to. IPALUIRO'K PKEFAKEO OLl'K meats ail suoh emergences, and no household MB \flbrd to be without it. It is ai wars rea-ly and op to the sacking point. There is no loager a aeoec ritjr for nrcipirg chair*.splintered veneers. hea?! BUU oran'^F. IX 4* jUPI ^rUOl? PW o^oe. ?h?U. and otln?r (>rr?irwnt*l work, m popm&r with of refinement and ta*te. Thit Mnii^lile preparation ia ca?d ?old. heme eb*iTiio&ll) h?id in a>> ution, and po?MMinr all Um ra'uab'.e qn&!itie? of tL? b*nt cabinet ma?"V e n*. It me.y be n*H in the p ace of ordinary muoua?a, being vast y ni?re a<iheetve. " USEFUL IN ETERr HOUSE." Fric*. 36 N. i?.?A Brnah accorcpaniM oaoh Sottia WKolumlt ln?X,:io. 49 C-atlar atraat. New York. Addrwi F.LNRY c7?PAI DING * CV-. Box No. 1^00, New York. ..Pat np for !)?*!*?* in C??*a containing Poar, Bicut,and l>t.?ei??a t?rvnuf?l Lithojrapa>o saow Card accompanying eaoii package. H- A e-nila bott.e of SPAJ &1NWS FREED ULUE Will *ave ten itmei iu ooat annually to evert hooet-hoM.^31 ^y a*'- Fr,'lr'lnPnt ytationara. Dnmiti. i narnwar# ncti * urcitur? D sfn, Grooera, W>d I Fanej MM. I Couotry raerebartx ?h"wld*ft note of SPAL- > DING'S PHEPAHKO OLCF.wh?o ma.kiB? cf the.r ii?L it will (Cat o arj om'txa. fo . dam ii lP 'J J! < ^ i T?.< I * A .?*< 4 ? x <? ?u ^ l l? " <t C \A Ui.rW?/ar (ll< J<<? fiAJir V| I *Lrtin\$L*' raV" o/"' rjw*,*.,)/'? ? I >7Oo .1 r" *** h Jr I fA 5^#". *1 .u >*?.*? il. i .*., **?* ?, ?V, Y.Zkf.O^ jU,l? m?rlUtk> &*', tm1. h,.r.jf ^-?y a ^ V temmr+'M by tf? (!< * fluinni M\y ^ <W il* Cmita mt* -ita MOmUmi ^ 35# a Bo^^^pt^tor.f. j5s ipf?-e>^?^)| ?'' AT '-p-4K*&* \ 4y / fam5> / *> CAUTION. PURCHASERS SH0ULC_BE CAREFUL in rimurtASiNli 1 Ht VALLEY f WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS | MCnwilllEV ! WITHJHE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOUTH WILLIAMS: MEW TOOL OR SALS IN WASHINGTON BY y 7 ly BAR BULK A. BE MM Eg. . A W# offer for the abore ?t?a4*rj bryd ?t le ?2TKifA?'?Tie ??o?r ow ii^V r^oSnbly b#"i.ti!l?nv. also offer oar OLD PAMILY KYK WHISKEY, id other brande. from the tergeet eteeh of Fiat ekiee m the A SIMPSON, unaiz Distillery, oa the Sohuy:k;ll river, rWil*. P^f 9 WeJl street, N'* V?rt;*B?._lH rrnrt nrft .rr?ii>ifi0ipnifc. wmr gE-IT ^lANCII H A R P K ft. K&uur grockkVA^B* F KKD STORK, OrtMr tf iVr* Yfrk artmtt* **4 Tr*lk tirtH. K??>?ctfuiN ot'nu the Mlrnn%re <?f th"<* * if be in want of anjr article in thr *tx>v* tin*. Hi* i?*rori ?;i*ll h? to p'fwr, and for m ?tnrt ?tt?n t* tto wasti of tH? poblio, h* hepee Id Mr it ft of their (Mttronac*. ii? took oo&?i?u of varj art.rW to b? tad u ? &rit-o.iu j-'uul) U i u??i) vod F*< >r>. ?i?"K .?. . lak?jl ?. K. un. i.kimiT ipfpsssii# r

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