Newspaper of Evening Star, 17 Eylül 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 17 Eylül 1860 Page 1
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f w- -r ~ I S , - ' af ^ \ (ftaittg jte. . V26. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 17. 1860. N?. 2.865. ^i _ ? THE EVENING STAR t? PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Cornm of and 11<A it., it W. D. W1LLACH. r^wi nerved in paoknc** by earriere *t II year, or ST owti pmr month. To Mil enbeoriben ttte p:ioe is * year, m mdvwet; %2 for ux ontSi; Si far three months; and for leen thw three taonths at the rata of K oenta a week. Siaj.e eopies, oy* cut; in wrapper*, two c*ht?. IIT A >TKnTiiKM??iT? saonld >>esent to toe ofioe before 12 c'o.ook a.; other?lee they may not appear antil tte mat day. A S?ch4 Attack the "Abede e( Leve.1' THE HrSBAHD AO AIM ATT BR HIS WITli Some time ago we published an account of an attempt to rescue his wife by a Mr. PriCe ?t the ' Agapemone,'' or Abode of Lore in England. The London Morning Star haa the following in relation to the second effort: It waa known on Monday in Bridgewater that a mmt determined attack was to be made w. r.ji : *?* ??*? ' * ? uiv lvnuwiug (lueRiij; evening upon im Agapeinone, to deliver Mrs. Price from the olutchee of the Princeites, and tbe aid of volunteers im solicited, to enable the Rev. Mr. Price to resist any force that might be brought agtinst him The enterprise was soon bruited abroad, and numerous persona, of different classes, offered to aasist in tbe undertaking. Tbe storning party met on the Spaxton road at six o'clock on Tuesday evening, headed bj Mr Price and a few friends in a cab, and proseeded in two vans each drawn bj a couple of horses, towards the Ajapemone. They arrived there about scvsn o clock, and directly commenced the assault. Two of the inmates of this peculiar institution were on guard armed with bludgeons at the rata laadinir from the garden in front of the foundry, that point being the one most easily scaled Mr. Price, followed bj about twenty of his supporter^, rushed towards the gate in question immediately upon leaving his vehicle, and scaled over the adjoining wall, obtaining access to the g-ounds at once. The Agapemonites retreated and gave the alarm, but were quickly followed by their late eo-religionist to the front door of the principal dwelling On reaching thus far Mr Price knocked at the door and loudly demanded entrance, declaring that he bad coiue for his wife. Entrance was denied him, and the door was thereupon battered with iron k.M L.J I 1 a? luo I.vaimuia urn uruugui w i in IQeiU Tbe pannels were smashed in a short space of time, but it wax found difficult to burst open the other portion, the wood being very solid and the bars at the back exceedingly strung. W hen the panels were smashed, the Agapeinouite* were seen in strong force in tbe passage. well armed with life preservers, and the entrance was barricaded with tables. One of their number presented a pistol, and threatened to shoot the first intruder. A man in the crowd outside hereupon produced a second pistol and informed the Princeites that his weapon was a# good the one first exhibited While these proceedings had been going on the door in front of the dwelling had been forced open, and tbe assailants increased to 60 or 70 in number. Mr. Price, in a firm and collected manner, told his late friends that they bad brought this business upon themselves by treating him like a dog, and keeping his wife from him. lie added that he was resolved upon searching the premises for his lady, if she w ere not given up to him,and if he were not allowed to d<> so peaceably, he would do so by force. After this addrea* the crowd became somewhat excited. One man shouted "Let him shoot, he can only kill one," and another called upon the owner of the second pistol to fire also. A cry was raised to break in the two bow windows. This direction was about to be carried into operation, and the people at the threshho!J were beginning to force their way into the pawige, a man aiming a blow at the pistol with bis cudgel, when one of the defenders called out a fla^ of truce." This was a most prudent step, for the assailants were resolute men, bent on carrying out their object, and bloodshed must have resulted had not the Princeitet decided that discretion was in thia instance the better part of yalor. A parley ensued, the spokesman on the part of the Agaj.?mni9 ottering to admit Mr. Price to the houae. The companions of that gentleman would not accede to that arrangement, and it was eventuxlly agreed that six individuals should accompany Mr Prioe in pursuit of his wife. They then entered the house, and searched every room therein, their examina tion Idling more than an hoar. A male Prineeite went with the searchers from room to room, an l the ladies of the establishment were een in their various apartments. Beds were turned over, and closets peered into, but no Mrs Price was discoverable. The investigating party were treated civillj by the inmates, and when it grew dark were supplied with a candle. While the search was going on the outside multitude was greatly augmented by persons from Bridgewater, who came in vehicles. on horseback, and on foot, and by the inhabitants of the villages of Spaxton and CharIjncb.who flocked to tne spot to ascertain what was the matter Before eight o'clock there eoald not nave been less than five hundred people assembled, and none were heard to utter other than disparaging remarks of the frateri ::y who-") repose had been thus rudely disturbed The lane leading to the Abode <>:' Love from the waiir road was tilled with gigs, vans and carriages. From the first, groups of men had stationed themselves in different parts of the grounds to foil any attempt to take off the lady concerning whom so much trouble was being taken. Two or three Princeites stood as sentinels at the door which had been broken in during the search of the prineipal residence. The upper rooms were examined twicc, and . ? ?' # * * -? loo&ea a! laev were leu, oui me scrutiny was unavailing. The oottages, conservatories, and stables were next visited by Mr. Price and his half dozen follower* without success, and near 8 o'clock the trespassers left the notorious abode. The mission to the Agapemooe having failed, a consultation was held as to what next was to be done. Some suggested that the neighboring Lamb Inn and cottages should be visited, but the general opinion was that Prince's farm at Aisholt (three miles distant) contained Mrs. Price, and that it would be advisable to g<> there at once. To Aisholt, therefore, Mr. Price led the way, two vans, several vehicles and a number of men on foot followin. Darkness drew on apace, and when the bottom of the dangerous Aisholt hill had been reached, and the establishment in question was near, a council of war was held,whereat it was decided to be unwise to attack the farm that night, u sufficient ume baa elapsed for the removal of Mrs Price if she had been there, and it would be impracticable to search the adjaoetit wood* for her. Thus ended the aecond organised effort to free Mrs. Price from the influence and custody of the Agapemonitcs Actions for trespass and damage sgainut some of the aetors in the transaction may be expected. Mr. Price says he is prepared to defend any suits against himself, aud to indemnify those who aided him. After such events as these it is not probable that the Abode of Lore will be much longer located in the Ticinity of Bridgewater. A New Hoasa S?Hoa?A gentleman of Philadelphia has jiat completed a voluble Improvement la horse shoes, which, it is said, enables ho'Mrs to travel over paved streets without Injury, aud aa easily as oa forms or common roads. A thin piste of steel of iroa is constructed to tit the hoof sad then the ordinary shoe. Between this plate and the shoe a strip of gum elastic or other equivalent substance is placed, and the three s*rv urely riveted together To sllow of the fastening of the plate of the hoof, and to give guttapercha elasticity, without loosening the nails In the aoaf, pieces are taken from the side of the lower shoe, which permits the heads of the nails to push up to the plate and thereby hold It securely to the hoof, while the shoe ana Hum are held to ifce plate by the rive* put lu before nnlling It to the hoof The platea. when made, will last for yeara. u thev never touch the ground, and those using them oa their horses, can, by having dupll ate*, slwais have shoea ready for their horaes, which can be put on in a few minute* The advaaUgea of it*- ahoea are, the gum between the piates absorb all the vibration caused by the shoe sulking atone*; hence there will be no jar to the torse's legs. thereby preventing all Injury. It la bow definitely arranged that Mr. Yancey will coma North. He la announced to arrive . at Annapellaon the *Jtb lust. He will probably I rlalt Washington en the aJ9tb. where he will be L received by a committee appointed by the Mercklnrlaye City Aaaociat'on. After leaving Washington he will viait New York and Philadelphia. ?7" The Niagara Siiapenaion Bridge has been tccently painted The Niagara Sentinel aays It required for the operation twenty tons of paint. J / A Rthunct ( Baltimore. / The Baltimore correspondent of the Charleston Courier relate* the following suggestive and pretty romance: A little inoident characteristic of good fortune, flowing from economy, prudence and perseverance, came within range of my notioe during the reoent year,which, if properly portrayed, may serve to emulate others. The afAvw im ?A# T --11 ? ? J ?? owij 10 itv uum^iou. x win cuuwvur iu present it briefly. Leas than a semi-decade ago there might have been seen in our city, seated at some public corner of a crowded street, a young, poorly-clad Italian woman,with a small rosy-faced, black-ejed child in her arms. Beneath dishevelled hair and sunburnt face could be discerned lineaments of beauty, (lightened into sympathetic attraction by the sweet smile of innocence. Though the garments of mother and infant were ooarse and tattered, yet cleanliness and an air of neatne?s alwajd told that a careful hand adjusted them. Day after day, verging far into evening shades, passed, giving place to new morrows, and still this apparently forsaken pilgrim of the Italian clime sat at her post amiu the moving, busy throng, modestly begging a sustenance for herself and her tender offspring. A year had made its revolution and still she was there, constant, unchanged, except to a browner hue. The babe grew; its full eyes brightening into sweeter expression, while waves of sunlit happiness now and then illumined the mother's bosom. Another annual round, and she, with her tender charge, disappeared. The lonely place that knew them onoe found other occupants. Time passed, 1 A I e A i rri auu tuojr were lorgonen. ine sequel, However, hun recently come to my knowledge. Some days ago there appeared in oar metropolis an opulent Southern merchant, lie came to purchase goods and pay cash for a bill of several thousand dollars. ' Who is my strange though fortunate customer?" inquired toe gentleman with whom he 4ealt. " I will tell yon," replied the stranger. "I know you, but you have not the same advantage with me. excepting mv name. I am the husband of that poor "beggar-woman who eat in your streets with an infant in her aruis, and to whom you often?very often?as she baa sinco told me, gave alms. We came to America young but poor, and I think honest. I sought for employment, and could find nothing to do. From the little my good Signora had saved I bought a hand-organ, and set out on a musical expedition. I made a tour, passing through several States, going far West and S??uth?was gone many months and ground my organ all the time, while Signora still maintained nerself upon charitable donation 1 finally returned to Baltimore with three hundred dollars, found my wife and little one, and we departed for tno South?locating in Virginia, commencing business in a small way, fortune smiled on us, and we are now the owners and occupants of a comfortable home, possessing wealth, abundance, and happiness Such is in substance the story of these parties, founded upon facts still cognizant to many wno sun recollect tnem it is a striking commentary upon the unfailing virtue of perseverance, and shows what can be accomplished even under the most adverse circumstances. Onlj a few days ago this now enviable merchant was in our city, purchased goods to the amount of several thousand dollars, and paid for them in cash. Scenes ia Syria. A correspondent writing from Damascus says: " It is impossible to give an adequate idea of the utter misery of these poor creatures, which was the greater,as all had been formerly more or less comfortably off?some in affluent circumstances. Ihe women bad really barely enough to covcr them. They were just as they had fled from their homes on the 'Jth of July, when the majsaacre began, and had since been living?in the dog days of a Syrian summer? on very indifferent food, many boiog so weakened by starvation that they could hardly eit on their horses or mules. A voice called mo by name out of the crowd, and I went up to see who it was. The speaker was a gaunt, lean man, with nothing but an old pair of torn drawers upon him. lie was riding a miserable stumbling mule, and carrying before him a young child evidently dying; while behind him clung another infant, blind from opthalmia, with which, by the way, three-fourths of the caravan were afflicted. It took me some time?and not until he told me his name?to recognise in the lean, hungry-looking, ragged beirzar before me the trim. suue. wealthy wer chant, whom I bad known so well a few months before?whose house at Damascus was a palace which had cost him nearly ?20,000 sterling, end whose signature for anything under ? 10,(KM) iterling would be considered as good as the bank. I asked the poor fellow whether, wheu the massacre began. he had been able to save anything. He replied 'Nothing.' Hooks, bills, bonds, cash, jewels, goods, house furniture, clothes, everything, plundered or burnt. The man is literally a beggar. And, ex uno dtsct omnes, there are more than two thousand poor men, who have come or are ooming here from that accursed place,who are in exactly the same condition. Or the Door women I can hardlv speak. God in Bis mercj forbid that in England our mothers and wives should know, even in a dream, the utter, hopeless misery the.-e poor creatures hare suffered, because they were?if only in nauie?Christians. Hundreds of these women, ladies in rank and accustomed to every luxury in their own homes, who would never appear in public except veiled, and knew not what a day's hardship meant?hundreds arrived here with but a rag around their loins and over their shoulders, having ridden on hard wooden pack-saddle*, over the anti-Lebanon range, across the valley of Ccelo-Syria and through the defiles of Lebanon, burnt up by a fiery sun by day, and ehilled to death by a bitter wind at night. Mure than a hundred poor children died of want and exposure on the road; women were confined, and jet obliged to move on with the caravan; scores have reached Bey rout only to die; and yet those that have left and are now here are the most fortunate of the Christian population of Damascus. I need not detail the fate worse than death which hundreds have met with, nor enumerate how many have been carried off by the Bedouins, Kurds, and other miscreants,who came to help in the work set on foot by their co-religionists. Thk Zouaves Disbandsd?We And the following announcement going the rounds of the preas: "A drill by the Chicago Zouaves at the W igman In that city on Tuesday evening, la understood to have been their 'last appearauce' in a military capacity. The members propose to devote their time and talents exclusively to their private affairs hereafter " Thla is the most sensible conclusion the company could come to, and we hope all the victims of the Zouave mania will follow the example Hardie's tactics are a good thing in their way,but (Kat ia nft rssinn urKu >? .? ..1J 1 *"" yuuiic uicu IUUUIU nr^icvi their legitimate bus! new and waste their time and money wandering about the country to illustrate them. There ism time and place for all things, and military companies are proper institution enough In the right time and place. Hut there may be intemperance in all things, and it is as peralcioua in a degree to go on a bender in strange garments and a musket on yonr shoulder, sleeping out In tents, as to Indulge in a private convlvial at the corner grocery. Excess in all things Is bad for health and morality. The military mania has much to answer for. We have heard of young men who belonged to a certain crack regiment addicted to perpetual parades, who have In attending these military escapades, neglected their business until they lost their situations, spent all they coatd earn, and were dv me continual excitemcnt they were kept in, unfitted for their private avocation*, and were literally mined by this luili* tary furore ? Brooklyn Eaglt. TT7-Madame Elizabeth Ortes. the great grand* motder of the adltor of the 8t. Loula Bulletin, la 1U5 yeara of ag?, and haa resided la that city 1U3 year*. * : 1If A balloonist at Marietta, Ohio, ascended a hundred feet, when bis balloon burst, and be came down standing in his basket, one of his ankles only sustaining a hurt. Fmo* Mkxtco?We have Intelligence from Mexico, by way of Havana, that Gen. Mlramon, upon hU return to the city of Mexico, after hia drfect at MIIho, resigned hit Presidency substitute Into the hands of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and then, in accordance with one of Zulonga's laws providing for vacancies In the Presidency, the Council of State was summoned, who proceeded to vote for a President. M iramon was elected, receiving nineteen votes out of twentythree A few days afterwards s*enor Pascheco, the Spanish Minister, was formally received. Some changes have taken place in the Cabinet, and It Is ?*i<i th*t 7.nin?tT? - ? uua IC?UI IIVU HZ IUC capital, bavin^ received permission to retire to the privacy of hit home. The bulk of tbe constitutional army was at Queretaro, doing nothing, though In largeforce, while MI ratnon was actively engaged in recruiting forces and preparing to meet them. It is said that he has considerable means at his disposal. Why Coiwin WohtSpkak to LonsvtLLiAifs. Tom Corwin made a black republican speech at Jeffersonville. Fridiy night In the course of it, his remarks elicited the following, between Col. W ., a Louisville editor, and the speaker: Corwin ?"I see there are some Louisvlllians here. I would like to talk to the people of that city." Col. W.?"Come over and talk?be glail to see you." Corwin?"My friend, 1 would like to talk to them, but egg accompaniments and that sort of thing don't suit me Amu. WIKSLOW, N EzKri^u ed Naree and Female 1'hyaiolan, presei.ti ?o the attention of mothera. her SOOTHING SYRUP. Fir Children Teething, Wblab ftaati) f-tltitataa tba aracaaa af taaihiof, by aaftaa inf tfct rani, radaeirf all iniimmtUM-will allay ALL FAIN and (pttTTivdit ?eu*n,and ia SURE TO HEVULATB THB BOWELS. Oaptad tp*o it, itathara, it will fi*? IM! ia yaaraalvaa, aad RELIEF ANO HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa baaa fat a;< aod taJd tbiaarticla far ??ar tan yarn. and CAN (AT, in CO ?riDBNCB AND TBDTM ef it, what wa hava arat baan abU la a*jr ?f toy #THM Madieuif-- * ' BR MKS. NAI IT rAILBD.IM A I I* e L B I*TAI*CB Tl ?FfBCT A CITBB, WI11SLUW B whan tiroaly aaad. Hartrdid wa Imw kiiiitim an toaunea af diaaatiafaetian b^r any * ana who aaad it. On tba cwitrary,allar* SYRUP, dalirbtad with ita or*8?Tio!*s, and l*r*** la tarma af hifhcit eooiraan^flMM tf iaa nriiu. W ipati in ;hi? raatttr " WH?t VI DO B50W," aftartan yturi'- arpananea, ar?D FLIDSI OU( BBPOTATion FOR THI H LriLMIHT or WHAT VI NIRI IIICLARB. In tin Mt a?*ry ininnti thin th* infant ii aafarIn j (rein pain a.u<l *ihaaatiou, will ba foand lnlfl*** r iwiuy minim aft*r th* ajriip it aumini*t*r*d. Thia ralaahla preparation ia the preeeriptian af an* af lh? meet IIPIIII.1CID and (IILVITL KUHill in Kiw En*iaad, udtai been asad with itBTBK-PAlLiRe stcclii la THOUSANDS Of CASES. It aat anlj relie?ae tha child fram pain, bat Inn jaruei IB* launch and bavali, correct* acidity, and g i*e? lac a and aoarf j ta tha wbaia ajratam. It will tlroaat inatanlly rtliar* UliriNS IN TH* BOWILS AMD WlND COLIC, andcrereorr* eunvaleiaa*, which, if jat araadilr ramadiad and in daa'h. Wa _ ball*** it tha BUT ANDIL'BBJT BBM FOR BOT in tha WO* LD ib all caaaa af nv?- CHILDREN lOTBivaod out bnota in chil* TKETllCVn dbb*. whether it ariaaa (ram taathiifr 1 o* fram an* ethar caaaa. Wawaallcayia aaary roathar who haa a child aaffarinf from any of tha forajan. j complaint*?DO NOT LBT TOi:? PRBJUDICCt, IHK THI PR BJl'DirBS or OTHBBI land ba'waan /ear tcfermp child and tha raliaf that will b* il**?jt?, AasoLCTtiT *CBB-M fallow th* ua* af th adicma, if tiiraijr need. Pall directiac.* *r aim j will a camr-anr *ach hmtle Nona (traini anleee th* fac-eimila CCRTlt * PERKINS, Naw fork, it ao th* aauid* wrapya oid by Drarfiai* threaaheat tha warld. Principal Office, Tta. II Cedar Btreet.H. T. Price anl* IS Caata oar Batd*. aall-dtalf I" FOK SALE AND BENT. IPOKSALK?A small FARM of3tta<;rea, sitnatod r at the l.ttt'* Falls, having aoomfurtahled welling lioune, com bouse, stable*, Ac; veil fenced and watered ; wit an four miles of Washington; IS aoreaincultivati' u, theba>anoein handsome woodlaud. It is pr-nu'.ariy desirab'e as a oountry real denoe, being peW?*?tly healthy and m?et romantically situated :exr>?i!ent fishing and hunting. Inquire of Mr. MARRIOTT, bridge koepei. Chain Bridge, Little Falls. de 7 2awtf FH)R RKNT-A three story BRICK HOU8K on H street, iietwoen 4th ami 5th. Also, a twostory BRICK COTTAGE, carden,corner of Tennessee avenue and north F street, surrounded by a largo common pasture, ami would be a desirable location for a 'Jairyinan. Inquire of C. B1RUE, 4 16 12:h st. jy ll'-coSm* I/OR SAI.E?Very cheap, on reasonable terms, r one of the most desirgTble BUILDING LOTS in the city, sit-.'a'ed on the north west corner of6th st.,and Sew York Avenue. Enquire of JOS. F. Ill I IK iV Vtnua U'.K.iCaM.... Va inx?ll. .t 1 ' ' Wl ) J ? U ?>? UliU iCW W / f ?*<-!, * V'? I VII C li I ( etween H and I sU, an 15-tf FOR RENT.?A new and handsome FRAME HOFSE will m for rept in a few days. It is beautifully s'.tuat" I on Thirteenth street, between Georgia avenue vt<! K st., Navy Yard : has a large carden lot attach* d, a pump of g>.oa water n*-ar. ami ooniains 4 ro?.>:ns. kitchen and woodshed. Will l?e rented low, witii or without the lot, to a good tenant. For said oheap, a good, strong WORK HORSE; worki well in anything Inquire of T. E. CI,ARK, Nary Yard; or of JOHN PATCH, 61*^ H st . I>etwi*tri 4th and 5th jy 16 P^OR RENT?The three story (brown Iront) HOUSE, No SiiT New York avenue, between loth anW ilth stro t?. north side, containing fifteen rooms. This ho<ise is convenient to the Patent Office, Treasury, ?tc.; is lighted by gas, and in every way Huitab e fui a boarding house. Rent moderate. Apply nextdo.-r,or to A G. FOWLER, second Door north wiuc of Patent Office. jy 14-tf L^OR RENT-Three BRICK IIOUSES-one on JT Twelfth street, between C and D; one on the corner of Twelfth %nd H sts.; and one on H. ber Wiion I't i n 14f ti ut j (n/aiiiro r\C I i \l I' W " *'UU 1*1 II WIIU J 1**11 Obfl. llil(Utl<> V/* rf ?? . I JC ?f B ARKER, on H *ir???t, between lltli and 12th, No. 4 US. FOR RENT--Tte FIRST FLOOR of the buildin; immediately opposite the vest vine of the City Hal., recently >ocupied by Chas. 8. Wallaoh M an offioe. Aiso the front room in the second tory and the third floor of the same building. For term* apply to RICHARD WALLACH, No. 9 Louisiana avenue. ia 13 ti DENTISTRY. D DENTAL NOTICE. K. LOOMIS Has closed his office for the season, and will bn aliment, as usual, during the sum mer months ; wiil resume practice about the 1st of Ootolter, of which furth* notice will be given, jy i"-tf D. _ DENTISTRY. R. HJLL8, Klur a practice: test of two years feela that he uau with oonhdence recom mend tlio CheoplasUo Process for lnsertincHJIBf ihkv1w Hnu. 11 llM uw wiwiwim ?i strength, beauty, clean!.ness, and cneapreu. Fal upper seta maerted for ftSt. Partial in proportion. OSoe 306 Pa. avenue. Hi N EIGHTH ATIONAL EXHIBITION, At CINCINNATI. OHIO, Sept. Wk-mk. The UNITED STATES AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY will hold its Eighth Annual Agricultu ral and Industrial Exhibition on the grounds liinsralljr provided by the citizens of Cincinnati, which are to be fitted up in the best style. There will l>e llalis and Teats for the displat of IWpT.EMENTS, MACHIN KRY.TOOlA DOMESTIC MANUFACTURES. FARM AND GARDEN PRODUCE, FRUITS, FLOW fclRS. and NA TIVE WINKS; with Stalls and Pens for HORSES, CATTLE. SHEEP, and SWINE: and an unequalled Track,one mile iu length and forty feet in width, for the exhibition of Horses. The Premiums offered? in oash,?gold, silver, and bronze medals,?diplomas and certificates, amount to 30,000. The Exhibition will remain open from Wednos day, the 12th, to Thursday, the $>tli, ol Septeml>er, thus giving time to examine and test the implements and machinery. For premium list* or information apply at the ?f thfi Va n- -/? ? ~ - ?? , -'-"J ? ?*" ?-?' * O. ? yiuo, lUf stairs ;) or to the subscriber, &t Cincuuu&ti, Ohio. ? BEN. PERLKY POORE, jy 24 tf Sm'jI . 8. Agrioultura. Society. LOUR. MEAL, MILL FEED, &o. Justreoeived on consignment? 470 bUs superior brand of fresh ground Family, Extra au<i Superfine Floor, 30 bbls. No. 1 R ye do., Freeh groun.l Corn Me?l and Mill Feed of all kind* constantly on hand, for sale low in lots to suit. au D. L. MORRISON A CO. J COAL OIL. U8T Reoeired from the Virginia Oil Company UlU.nla ? PlBll'lMV ><mi (til ? 1 L yr - ?w?? mmmrnmm ? ???* a??u x/vrnu VI iJ| wilivn u warranted ?qual to the Nev York or Boston oil. The trade ou be plied on the *an>? tering a* they bur at the North. saving the freight. Mg-lHi Pf EDY.4Q.1 Pa. av. rPHE PI ACS At li? Lour* tt Prictt B A LL A NT Y N E'B, 498 Sivisth bt., . ? ? ee ft-lm Ahow Odd Fellow Halt. W~~ .. / DAMAGKD BOOKS. " F ITSvi a lot of Parker A Watson'* Rcade'a and 9p*ll?r* that ware damaged a little tnr wa<*r in the (teamer from Now York, which will o* sold for ha'f the usual pnc?. BLANCHARDA MOHUN, 4 Corner 11th it. aod Pa. ar, f 1 I / EDUCATIONAL. Mrs. m. c. brown, no.9k?t*?*t, Will he prepared to <>pea. on Monday, the 17th inatant, entirely diatinotirom her Female Sohool, a primary cla?s for Boy?. Aa the number will be limited, thoae deairinc to enu*? atiould make immediate application. Mre. b. wil be ably aaauted in the Female Department. ae 14 3t HMISS JENETTE L. DOUGLASS A9 The pleaaure of announninr to h?r fri*nrf? and tha public that ah* will open her Seminary, at the corner of II and 11th ita., "Philadelphia Place,' on Monday, September loth. For term* call on the Principal. She will be aaaiated by the following experienced and efficient teacher*: Mika DOUGLASS? Higher Engliah Branchea, Componitinii and Penmanahip Miu Abbik M. Broobb?Latin, Algebra, KngUah Br&nchea. .Miaa Juliana G Mat?Teacher of Vocal Muaic. Prof. Gioxoi C. ScitAarrKR?Lecturer on Philoaphr, Chemistry .anil Ph) mology. Prof Hkxby K. Mabix?Teacher of Freach and German. Prof. C. W. Rbkgmax*?'Teacher of Piano and Science of Muaic. Miaa Mast T. Davidson?Piano. J. Madison Watson, ofNew York?lecturer on Elocution Jokkph 0. BmurF?Teacher of Drawing. , Teacher of Spanish. . Moral Science and Classica. s*7 2w T female education. HOSE Parent* who wish their daughters to receive a thorough and systematic education, where theirphysical training will receive daily and speoial attention, under the most approved system of Calisthenics and (iymnasticx, are respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth at. and New York av. MR. & MRS. Z. RICHARDS, au 30-tf Principals. Female boarding and day school, ALEXASVRIA, VA. Mrs. S. J. McCORMlCK, Principal. The thirteenth annual session of this Institution will commence on Tuesday. September 18th, in the house recently occupied by Sylvester Scott, Esq., No. 100 Kins street. The course of study pursued will comprise all the branches requisite to a thorough English Education, and Music, French, Latin and Drawing, il desired. In addition to day scholars. Mrs. McCormick is f>repared to receive a limited number of pupils as warders, who. constituting a part of her own familv. will he uniler her immpHmtfl cipa anrl un.?rtr. ion. t*ho will endeavor. as far a.s possible, tq rutronnd them with the comforts and kiudlr influences of Home. K'Jtrenrfs.? Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. F.lias Harrison, Rev. D- F. Spring, William H. Fowle, K?q.. F.dgar Snowden, f,sq.. Edmund F Witmer. Esq., Henry .Mar bury, Esq., Lewis McKeuzie, Esq., Robert H. Hunton. Esq. W. D. Waltach. Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters. Esq.. J as. Kntwisle. Jr.. Esa.,Col. John W.Minor. Loudoun, Messrs. Blaokiook Jc. Marshall, Messrs. Corse Brother*. Turns. Board, with Tuition in all the English Branches, $ ..hi tor the annual session?parable semi annually, in advance. M sic and Languages at Professors' prices. jrr No extra charts. au 28-tt I^D i VVI IM I nLUV riv4??i nv'ai/rim i ? Cornbr Thirteenth and H Sts., A SELECT SCHOOL FOR BOYS, \ Formerly lornt'd in tk* Ftr.*t Ward.) This Institution will commence iu Third Annual Session, at its new location, on Monday, September 3d. Applications for admission may be made on the premises at any time after the 25th inst. au 25 lm R. B. DETR1CK. Principal. CENTRAL ACADEMY," Corner E and Tenth Sts. This Institution will resum* its duties Septemt>er 3d. A optica1 ions made to the Principal at the rooms. Circulars at the bookstores J. S. DE HART, Principal. Hrferent'*. Prof. Henry, LL. D., M. H. Miller, Esq., Kev. John C- Smith, D D., Dr.C P. Culver, Itev. A. G. Carothers, Rev. J. P. Davidson. auZMm UBIKCT SCHOOL FOE YOUNG LADiES. Miss M. RI DDELL will resume the duties of her s?li<?oi on the firtt MONDAY in Septemt>er, at No. 431 Twelfth street. _ an J' lin TilE PRE8COTT HIGH SCHOOL. 370 Uightk St.. Brtwrkn K mw L Sts. Studies will bo returned in this iirfctitiition on MO * 1)AY, Septemt>er 3d. Circularsat bookstores. ?u id-li A. U KICHAKDP. 1'rincipal. METROPOLITAN COLLEGIATE INST11U TUTE FOR YOUNG LADIES, 464 E ST., BETWKITI 6TH axd7TH ST?. The fourth annual session of the Institute will commence on the first MONDAY in September. Application* should l>e made ?*arlr, as the number of pupil* ia limit-d. For particular* citculars or apply to the principals. Mr. and Mrs. T. 11. HAVKNNER. at the Institute. _ au 9 tf IYIRS. M. E. KINfiSFORD'S SEMINARY, lTl 41ft E St.. \Va?hi"i?to.i, D. C. The next session will ooinmcnoe October 1st. ISfin. Terms, 4tc., forwarded on application. au 16 tf VOCAL INSTRUCTION f MRS. FRANKLIN, TitcHii or Mutic, 542 H, between 6th and 7th streets. o i-toiiil _ ?^KORG??TOWN FEMALE ?EMT.\ARY7~ VJI (Fokmekly Miss L. 8. Ksjlish's.) A BOAKD1SU AND DAY SCHOOL. The duties of this Institutien will bo resumed on the first Monday in September next. The course of instruction embraces all that is taught, from the radiments to the most highly finished education. Tho corp* of teachers, ten in number, are eminently qualified aud experienced in their several departments. Lectures Friday evenings on the Natural Sciences without charge to the pupils. Circulars may l>eobtained byaddressing the Principal, Mih M. J. HARROVfcR,Georgetown, D.C. au 22 eoSm COLUMBIAN COLLEGK, V/ Washihoto*. D. C. The session of the College opens on Wednesday, September 28th; the preparatory school Wednesday, September 12th. For termsvcatalogue, or other information. appiy to the President au 22 2aw4w* G. W. SAMSON, D. D. I. M. SINGER & CO.'S IMPROVED SEWING MACHINES, 388 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, (UifDUt National IIotkl.) A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF machines, Threads, feedles, k Twist, KEPT ON HAND. el-lm WM, H. GLOVER, Agent H. ST1NEMETZ, JI36 pa. A v., b?t. 1 2th awd 1 3th 8t?., Having just returned from New York, is now opening a complete assortment of Sooda in his line of traa?? IENT8| DKKSS HA 18, various WW BEE H E'S VENTILATING | IB dress hats, _ mHI _ CASS1MEKE DRESS HAT8,%A^B# sweAt proof. prince of VVALE8 HAT, for . -J a uwumai assortment or UAffi lor jroang men, boys, and children. Fin* Calfskin HOOTS, sewed and pegged, #3 75, Calf GAll'KRS. good qualities, low prices. *^31 TO SOUTHERN k WESTERN MERCHANTS. KOOEWALDIc I1XDALL, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, A.JID D1ALIK9 IS INDIGO, 8PICK8. WJAP. STARCH, SODA ASH, SAL SODA, BI CARS. PODA, SALERATUS. and GROCERS' DRUGS, 99 CHEAPS1UE BALTIMORE, invito thO attention of Merchants visiting this city to an examination of their stook, which in variety and pnoe u not surpassed either in this or any of the Northern cities. IIT'Ordera resp?otftilly solicited and faithfully oxfottted aa 27-lrn* i DK.M.KH IN 7 ] WOOD & COAL, LIME, ( <( SAND, CEMENT, HAIR, \ \\ PUtter, and Whiu Ortr?I, ff J 548 N. E. Cor. 13th * C Sts.ll U One quire South Penn. At. \\ B WASHIRGTO^D. C.J ?***-%t ' A UK A W KK>. Also. fine stock of FALL CLOTHING, HATS mkI CAP*, j?rtrto?iT?d ?? ?M ITU'S, No. 460 Seventh street, opjostte Poet O fioe. MJD-Im | GEORGETOWN ADVEBTMTS FHOR HARPER'S PERRY,-CHANOE OF DA YS ?On and after J air. 2.1890, JP? k the steamer ANTELOPE, C?ft. J. Well*.carrying the United mail, willleaveGeorge*own EVERY MONDAY. WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, at7a. m.,and return everv Tueedav, Thur*d?T ud Saturday. N. B.?Every Wedne?da* the Anteloee will ran ttirouch to ^hepherdatown.' a'u 80-1 m* 0~ FOR HARPER'S FERRY. N And kiter July Sd.lMO, the steamer L. J. Rrennle, Captain W. H. Ritter, will leave Georgetown EVERY Tf'KS- " f1 DAY. THURSDAY, and SATUR 1)A \ , at 7 o'clock a. in.. and return every alternate da> ,at 6 o'clock a. m. On tke Saturday trip from Uourjplowu the boat will run through to Sbepherdstown. Je a 3m f^RANDKLL, OPTICIAN, v Ho. 118 Bridr* **., G?rfalswa, Haa constantly on hand a larje assort mert of French Near-sighted, Penscqsia. p"!- -* ? ored, and al. other 9rECTAfTL.ES, oi*v^? the beat qua.ity. to cold, silver. ?tee Land German silver frames. N. B. Old F^amee Repaired and new t asses aet in them to order. no U-li MAS8KY.COLLl.N8 A CO.'S PH1LADKLPH1A DRAUGHT ALL-We are oonstact.y reoeivmg fresh rnpiliea of the above delightful beverage, and invite all persons who want a pare nnadUiterated Ale, to five it a trial. ARNY k SHINN, Agents, fei 47 green et? Georgetown. |OS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, _ ?r Iflr. itrtart aM J'ftrsou IK., litorftlown. Having-given my persona, attention to this branch of mj buaineaa, lam prepared to. attend to all oalla with proinftneaa Persona from a diatanoe oan be aap plied at a ?* minatee' cotioe. aa 1 have a iarre aaaortment of CuKFlNS alwaya on hand. Partionlar attention paid to the removal of the Ct ad from the old to the nev burial grounda. ilearaea and Horaea for hire. ay 10 -6wi LM1ST OF (TNCLAIMKD PACKAGES at the Oflioe of the Adama Kxpreaa Company. Waah; k. U * ' - > ? - ? uiKV'Ut mj* V* vu up iimu ioi ircinnl UQ ODtriECt, 11 nut immediately oal ed for. n OEORGE H. BURNS, Agent. September 1st, I860, Aubio.N A Kneimfcn.M AdamtoM, A Konea, Mr? K Alden, J K J W Jr And?r?on, J H Lmdiej, Prof Adair, O Laurence, A B Abbey, Wm Llvin*?ton. H B Aihe. W 9 Lynch, A Alto brook, U R Latrobe. HB Barber, Rev S Leonard, Itev C Bat land, H Lawaon, ?ert t W I W > " U V wuvii| m I? iU Brown, A H Uniln, O N Bringer, M D Long. SB Barclay. A 1' Lambert. C G Bntts, VV'raB Lun(itroth,RfTLL Brown, A Laqc, J BemiM. Prof S M Labarre, F Baer, Mrs M Lawrence, Col Bowie, K J Lenher. <i H Ha'dwin. B H Mott. Col C H Baird. Dr M?en, Col Burnt, Mary MoPheraon.J A Burn., P MaoKey, J ^ Blackmore, B C MSP Browne. M Me A bee. B B<>lan, E X Maaon. Hon C Browne. H F Montague, K L Buwe, Wm MoCreery.F A Brown, A V Muldoon. M Barnard. G C Manm penny, Col Bu'ler, J G Morgan, E B Baker. Wright Jt Co Montgomery, J Banton, B H Martin, D B Brown, A H McKeever. A Bank*. fc D McLean. W T gennett, C W MoCraeken, J yrnn, Dr J Mitchell. AS Caiuer, A L Meader, J Clark, BH Meek*. J W Coleman, C W Morton, J H Cochrane, J A Markley, T Carter, C H Meruil 4t Pearoe, Cannon, J M Murray, T P.m. D I U.lf n u u u i-iv-.u ui iay . u a Connolly, FC Mauning, Catherine, Chouteau, C P Mitoheli.H Colemau. Mrs M B Merrill, I H Cou&oily, J Mills, W C Coiby, P T McKetny.G Chapman, Win Mito&ell.AS SBK&UJ fi.TivLcB Cooker, J L . Mitchell. W P Campbell, J H Mindeioff. M "ooper, John Newbrouch, J B Campbell, T A Nai!or, 6 Clarke, Min J Nicholson. Q W 8 Crutchett, J Ouids, J O Col burn, J O Patent, Com of Campbell, Arohy Do do Conrand, C M Paimer, E Conrad, CM Porter, W D Cur.mnghaia, C W Parker. GAT ! Cook, A i* Patent, Com of Ik)Uf hertr, J E Do do I)objrn?, Col T J Do do Duflin, Felix Do do Dickeys, Mr Do do Dubois, Cher Jo do Do Mom Do do Daily, bC Pollock, t A Device, R J A Pension*. Com of Delaoey, B Patent, Com of Douglas, MoG Patent Oftoe Dunham, \V S Perry, T W Dennia, J P Randolph. Col J J Davit, R W Rodcera, J Dunham, E W Rushos, J l>owd. Is, (or Douna) Robeson. Capt J Edward*, 8 Rich, G W Do J S Ridgeway, W ' aIon, W R obi neon, Mra A Eaton. J Reed. Isaac Ealing, Dr Ricfiardson.F Frax?r, J L Shepperd. Wm Fanner, M G Stuart. K?t D C French, E B Sullivan, J Ford, M Stone, w B Field, M Seward, J L Furse, J Sempi, Or Fwater, J 8oIom- n, H Ferguson. 8 W Schmidt. F Farley, Mrs J Sobael, Wm Freip,Fred Smith, Lauia Fuler.GC Seleeman, J H Farnl!, J Seligmm.M Koster, J W Stone, H Griffin, FC Seibert, 8 Giambastian, 9 Skinner, A P Givaneer, S Ssenoer, Bosh 6reason, W Stuart. A Gillks, B W Sa?e, F gossett, Mrs Scranton.JH azette Offioe Stevens, t? R Green. Fro? G W Sulli/an. N S Grimes, J W Smith, W Gardner, A W Sutton, C Gates, Mrs N Shoemaker, B Gekyl.F Serroour, J Uit>*on, W iN Tousy, E Ouptir, 8 Do, Hamlm, H Hon Trier, C N Hyam. HD Thorapeon 4 Boak, Humm?ll, John Tyler.TtC Hull. A T * Co Ttiomw, H Bunient, J J Thoul&*< y H Hatch, K D Thompson. W A Thraeiiertf Hooke, SB Tuoker,Wm Henry, N 8 Thompeon, Elijah Hankneoht.G L Taylor, Ju Hammer, M Targe, Mr Bnald, J T Tm"iball. Dr C A Harrington, W H Todd, Lt J W Hawkee. Col J A T J Hyam, B D Vaa Vlut, B F Higgina, A J Voogh. H Harvey, H Wright. W Hugbe?, N H Wnfaoe, Mre M Barman, 8 Whiioher, J B j onei, o Willia?.a. J JordM, G Wemruigi J J W P Woo.ter, ) R JmiM, P I- Do. Jaokaoo, T B Wara, W H Jonea.A Wykoff, WC I WHO?, Hon 8 War#, K T Jonea.P Woodruff, J B John*ton, Mn 8 F Whjtelej.A K&XKT A Aaderaon Wella, Hon D Kidder, B Wkuppla. C Kirkup, Potta k Co Wauri J C Kirby.J White, M M Kenuarter, N R Wilett. Hua A W Kendall, E I) ^Voodlejr, D Kaehler, G Wataon, A Kaueenntranch, O Zeifler, Geo Kirohaer.M ^ aal-lm QPFICE OFo^N8PECT|RrAND 8EALER WaauiNOTos, Jalj 18. 1M0. NOTICE IS ffEREBY UlYRN. Ttoat,wm abiy to the provi aione of the oidinanoe of the Corporation approved May IS. IMA, tli? anderaigned ia now prepared, "whenever required i* writing. and on pre-payment of the Im of lity eenta, to iaspeet, pram ids. teat, prove, and aaoertain the aocuraoy of reg iatrabon of any gaa meter ia see ia Una oity." Lrery meter, lffoai d incorrect, will be oondemned, aad another, aaalej and mrkeri aa trwe, will he set in its p.aoe. If provp4 to be aoanrate in Ha meaavrement of gaa, it will be ae*]ed aocordiuxjy. and utii pat ia poeiiioa for nee. Olkoe No. 410 fteveuiii etreet.(near 04d Fai low?* Hall ) Open from 8 a. ni., to b a. m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM. Jy 13- tf ioapeotor aad betler of t^aa Mater*. Eggig^is RaltImore ' HLj.. BUTTE* HOUSE. _ ,~~y?'I*0?1Z,.n.* (re?ii uaivMt, u Go?k?n packwm. Ako, Okio Uutur.^i^wd US oenu. J J * #9^Lu.ii*i?*e f laoc, BaJUmoie. 1 ^ THE WEEKLY STAR TVjb asoatlaat Faau'y a?* Nrtn Joaraal i>wtainiLC a jr*?ur \anaty of tataraatxat raadtac Uaa aan ba foaad la aay otkar-ia nMM m Safcrday motciDf. Tnm?Owl. ?Taria?f?, to Rtn?le oo*t. par Ulia. .??? > * Fiye<H'HO^__ i aw Tea 2 Twenty oopiea. ? U 7 ?twonbiB( in e!aba raiato woof neighbor* without t*e intarreiitiaa of a aMul M?i.? wtU b* poroot red ?> omL of Tkt WmU* Stmt will to H invariable 00nt&iu? tli* "tfraehiaitoa New.* that ha* m*le Tk* Wrmtmi Stm etiwuM* ? t?Wily thri>D(hout Um ooantry. IL^" Simla aopteaiia HHfwl mm to promrto S&T^miiSSfir rf tu~ PoitmMWri who Mt M t|Nta WllJ to lovM tounuuMioB of XP Mali. 1BS^ MEDICINES. SARSAPARiLLA la a oonoentrated extract?f Para fte*eaparil.'a. ao with other lubtlMMi of eUli ?raat*r alterai ve power aa to an orC an fff etire antidnt* lor the di-?a?e* Xnreaparilla la repatetf to ear*. Such a reiae-iy la aarelf wuMd by thoee who aa< . (er bom Struiaoa* conrlaiata. and that one whiok will aocoiralteh their care mu*t prorr of mm'nM eervioe to Utia tare* of oar art!iata* follow citizen*. How Cump etelj th>* oompoaad wtlj 4* it ha* been prorec b7 ejpenmect oa manj of tha worst oaaaa to to foand ia the followia# coiaHesi.... - -- ~ 0viu?;i? wra ootvi?:vi? v/uhfikidu, aflluom and Krupti ve l?tsaa?e*, I'leers. Piaaplaa, Blotohe*, Tumor*, t*a t Kheum. 8?*>d Hrul. rrphiliauid St ptnlitio Aif-rtion. Mercurial Dim***, \?inl|;iorTie Douloureux. wbilit;, IJyepep iktno i?ditMti"0, Krui^iu. Koi* or St. A?thoriy'a Fire, and, indeed. the whoie claas of om plaints arising from Impurity of the Blood. This compound wi'. ho (on ad a great promoter of health, wku takM la the spring, to uhi the foal humors wii'oh fatter ta the blood at that mmou of the ?ear. By the timely expulsion ot them m?i,j rank line disorder* are nipped la t> bad. Multitude* can. If the aid of this remedy, spare U?aselvei from the endurance of foal eraptions aad aloeroua sores, through which the sy*tew will *tr:vo t? rid itae.f of aorrupboaa. if aot a***:*d to do Uis through the r ataral e) anael* of the bod? hy m alterative medicine. C ' out the vitiated Mood whenever you had lU imparities baratiag through the sgin in pimp:es. eruptions. or sore*, aleanse it whan you fird it is obstructed aad s.urcish Is the veins: cleanre it whenever it is foa1 ana your feelings will toil you whan Kveo where a<> partioular disorder is feit people enjey batter he* th. and lira longer, for oleaoaing the blood. Kaep the blo<*1 health*, and at is well; but with this pabaluaj of life disordered, there can be bo lasting health. Sooner or later something muat go wrong, and the f reat aohinery cf lif* .s d'eordered or ovarthrowr. Dunn: late year* the pa lie have been misled t>r larce botties Drrtenmn* t?i rive m. uusrt of kilraoc of Pa'aapanlia for oae d -la'. Moatof theae bat* (mad fr&udi upon the nek. for tkey not on;? oontain llttie.ifa.iy S<ar?ap&ri la, but often BO our-.tire prop erti?a wha'erer. Hence, bitter and patafal disappointment hM followed the u?e of th* ranoa* Uuaou of Hareaparilla which flood the market, aaul the name itaeif i* jeatljr de?pi?ed, and ha* heeoaa aynoiiymoae of imposition and cheat. (Hill we nail tbia compound ?araaparilla. and tatead to aapry auoh a remedy aa ahail reaaae the name from (ha load of ohloqay which raata upon it. A ad we think we ha?e groand for be)ie?iBc it haa virtae* wkiek are irreeiatibie by the ordinary ran of tke diaaaaee it la intended to cure Prepared by I>r. J. G. AVER h CO., Lowell, Maaa. Prioe <1 par bottle, aix bottlaa ta oae parkace ae ta-eolro Helmbold'i Genuine Preparation. "HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLl'ID EXTRACT BUCHU A Poaiti re and f*per t fi R eeedy For Dieeaaee nftlie BLADDER, KIDNEYB. GRAVEL, and DROPSICAL HWELLINGb. Thia Medicine ionreae?a the power of Piaaatioa, and excitM the ABWH BKNTts ia*o health? ae_ whioh the WATER V OR CAlLCEROUB d?po?iti"na. and all UNN ATI" R AI. F.N LARGEMKNT8 ara rtdnal.u we'l mm PAIN IN CHILDREN. HLLMBOLD'S EXTRACT RLCHU, For Week n???M A rial dc from Bicmm. HtbiU of UiMHtMi, Early I ndisoTeUoa or Abmao. A'ttnMd with iks followt?f Symptom* IndiapoaiOon to Exertion, Lom of Fewer, SSfW^" ""*** " Horror of Diawi", Dimn?m of Vision, Pud in th? B?ot. luivp'w. LMiiwgg ci ue :*in?ciiiar p-??veir. Hot Hand a, Plaahin* of the Body, Dryuee* of the Skin, tr??uom <>n UmVmm, _ PALLID COUNTENANCE. These *yireto?n?, if allowed to f"pn, which thia medicine invariably r?nor?i, soon f'dlowe IMPUTEyCY, FATCITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, I* Oh* or Which th* P*timi mat Eariaa. Who can ear that i r?e* are not freqaentlv fix owed by thoee "DIREFUL DISEASES " "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION. Many are ?wv? of th* ?mm of iHw' wfariBi. THE RLCO?'l)? OF TH t/f^9 ASKABVLUMS XiU tht Mrl**ch?it Dimikf by Courttmptt** /(ear ample vitrei s to the tnrth of the ut?rU>a HE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Re? aires the aid of mediai ne to etrenrtiiei! And lr.vigorate the Which Hklxbold's KXTRACT BUCHU ??ieria T1UL WILL COIfVMCK TBI KOIT aKBFTICAL. FEMALES- FEMALES-FEMALES. OLD OR YOCNii. blbiiL*, MAnnJ**., OH CONTEMPLATirte MAR HI AOS. IN MANY AFFECTIONS PECULIAR TO FEMALES, the extract Dacha la aneeasUed by any other remMi, u in Chl-?roa>a or Retention Irreguiftrity, P&iifnlneas. or SdMreaaioo oiCeatoaaary Evaoeationa, (Tloerated or Sotrrhoa* state of the Uteraa, Leuoorrhe&& or Whitea. Sterillity, and for a>l oouipi&icu icoident to the u*x. whether ariainr from ladieeretlcn, flabiU of Dleaipatioa. or tn the DKCLIHK OR CM A XV E OF LIFE. en ?tvptoh? iaon. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT Thie no mart ?,U?am. Mercury, or unpicatamt M-1\rin*/or nn4 lHimterous Lhhmji*. HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BtCHU SEC K KT^ISEASES (o all their Stage*. At little MHMH Little or no chaise IfJfSi It eaaeee a fre*aent rieeire an t gire* ifrenrtL to UrinAtA, thereby Remonaj tibetrcotiou. Preventing and oaring Stnoterae of the Urethra, Allaying Fs.itiaad Iul*ia?>ioi, eo freeeent la the olasa of di?eae?e. awl ?xpeuiog aU fruwiear Dneaitd, and \ro~n out Matter. thousands ufox thousands WHO H?VI BKM TBS TICTIMI or OOA.CES, and who hav? pain ktmry fut to |.r rnrfl ia aanort tine, have f unn they were deoeived. and that the "POISON" bf, by the aw eC'rovnrrL u TUMiSTii been dried ay m the ay stem, to break out in aa MgravaUvl fern.and perhaps after marriage. Uae Hn.Maoi.D'* Bimcr Bvcnfor a. affectiona and diaeaae* of t>>? U*INA*Y OE9ANS. Whether exiating la ALK UK FEMALE. *? '^Sow^i^sTSSWfNe'' "**" r And ia oertAin to have tb? desired effect ic a i IMs mmFOR WHICH IT 18 RKCOM.Mh N UED. Eridmtt ( lk* most rtliabU mmd rtsr*m.*ibU ckmttr will teooinafMiv the medieiree CERTIFICATES OF CURE*. Wit* s$rEwrl$DFAHK.t~**'' Trice Rl.00 f*r Witlr, mr m for f? 0? Delivered to a&y Addxwi, wetroly pocked fro oboorvotioo. DK8C*tB*?TJfPTOH* 1* ALL CoBwrmctnow. Cirei Gaaruterd ! A4*let StaUt !l AFFIDAVIT. Poraonolly MMfr'*? *&<?*,F+' ?n AlderwM theoitT of Phi'a/'.e'.phio.H. T H klmaoL?,wko H*af duly aworn, d?th ?y. lna pre?er?'i< 1.1 *0.1*11. do narootto, 00 mercury, or other inj?rio?? cr*_jta, but are purely iw^?. H. T. H>XMJK)I if. ' 8?n-n and been bed before ne, thia ad day of NoMBbtr, _ i "3..rhs^si!.sj?2rwv "nftwafc sF&ft &$&&&* AND UNPRINCIPLED DKALKR*. Who endeavor to dirpnce ' or rirxix own** ?4 "othxx" itTICLU Oil IBS aXPOTATlUX xttxlxbb lb nhold'a OraiiM p.'uc*r'0 m u m MrMMrillk. * - Improved ROM Wxak Sold br J*. B. Wxite, #?? ?er?o?Ji ?t+*L. u4 % c. Fi'Xn, Jx , corner Penx. ?m?? tad LlrveoU "Mjtkttfssw?. KHzzmii. J?S rv'ir^M pf?m*o ^.TJl^pcsc . K m? oolv New silk ma.nti.k8 AND ROOPEP SKIKTS. W h?T? rcortV't*1 t<* fij'fw ? ? > ?.> of ri?k plain *?l.K NANTLm aixl RKAlTV*fcN?l LACK man TLR? ?OU fuiNTt* A>*?? ? ofth* fall itile of WOVEN ?kTKTi n( *??? ? qaality. Ltdiaa m want of any of lb* abo*# |m4( *ss "* ^ ylv&g rare B&?"Flour ^ani^'UKS ril A if rl'lMiwo!* Ml HOHAl^Tj*. MILL PAZK rol^dXT/Jx"Vc.. *t.. C?bm of Lit atul B a.l inStua ottf. ^Caah^fwaHTT^efOrxa. a. ?j, 275 ALLEN 275. JACKSON, rLASTKKEMS, Tmmn. Armt, Wo O D COAL ? _ . ornc*. j m Pi. At., Bn^Un in tin In, Mill Md W iiArf Lw ?, ^TTaf.r'h ?.. m* it tf w r?mt?ct

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