Newspaper of Evening Star, September 17, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 17, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: MONDAY September IT|1?60. ftptrit ( the n?rila| Preee. The 0*Jit.'Kfio? pnbll?he?, la exteMo, the lUe peech of Mr Breckiarldge ant to be good on the principle settled in the case of Mixbury and Madison. The question whether It was the duy of the President to Interpose for the protection of the citizens at Grey town against aa irrcspoaalble and marauding community that had established itself there, was a public political question, in which the Government, as well as the citizens whose Interests were involved was concerned, and which belonged to the Executive to determine; and his deciaion was final aud conclusive, and justified the defendant in the execotlon of his orders through the Secretary of the Navy The verdict was for defendant Col Mans tie Id, l. 8. A , U at girkwoods'. j v u ueuow and family, La., are at Browne'. "Ion," of the Baltimore Sun, we see by hla letters, la at Buffalo, N. Y. The Hon Jeff Davis, of Miaa , bis bosti of friend* will be glad b? learn, ia now la the city. Mr. Speaker Pennington baa accepted a renommation for election to Congreaa. - Rev Wni C Doane, aoa of tbe late Biabop Donne, baa received a unanimona call to tbe rectorabip of St Mary's Cburch, Burlington, N. J. Mr George Francis Train, who haa for aome tnue lived in tbe newipapera, baa juat s'icceeded in Introducing tbe American s>?tem of street railways into England, if we may Judge from tbe tone of tbe Liverpool pre?s in vpuaklng of the recent inauguration of a street railway at Birkenhead. Da Grub's Oxygijatkd Birrns ? We are ot In tbe babit, aa our readers are aware, of recommeadtng or noticing tbe various nostrums (bat are urged upon tbe public attention. Bat tbere are oixaaiooal caaea where a departure front tbis rule aeeiua proper, and tbe article abovenamed presents a caae of this kind This medicine baa acquired n permanent reputation for tbe tellaf of dyspepsia, liver complaint, heart burn. iim tu aiBCOiutt MlgloatliK or proceeding front the digestive organs, and, containing do alcohol, no mineral, or aay poisonous drug. It Is one of the safest remedial prescriptions For a fuller account the raader U referred to the advertisement of the article?Worctiter Spf nfl^THE REGULAR MONTHLY MEET LL5 m? of tne Young Men'* Christian Associa trnTwillV h?i4oa mONUAV BVKMN'O. Sept 17th, at8 o'clock,at their Room*, on fa areaue, opposite Brown's Hotel. It GEO. H. TW18S,Rec.Sec. ry^?WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY, IL5 ATTENTION.-Tie hattslion wi 1 meat oaMONDA Y EVENING. at* o'clock. A full Ht?ndance is perticnlarlj requested. n* P. J. ENNIS8. Sec. irW HR ECK1NRIDGE AND LAN Ifv?Tke rag11.9 mar weekly meeting of the Jackson l)?wuoritic Association will be held on MONDAY NEXT, the 17th instant, at their Hall, south side Pa, arenue. near 41- at. Able speakers will address the meeting. All Diwicmu are invited. CORNELIl'S BOYLE, Pree. WM. J. DONOHOO, eeo. . ae !&-? (Y3? DEM PSEYT OTOOLE. ILf vrauitihQ A.\D risiTigfi Importers of fine WEDI>Tnu b^VlONEJR^. I WfcJJlHNU k-NVELoPES. , ., , , the moat beantiful sty 1m. I Pa. At.. t?tween atu and H?h sts , M27?ih WASHMMYO*. JT'BT RECEIVED T1118 DAY^Ooe" bead re?1 I l>U?ll?U M _ / N I i.ARKF COVE OYSTERS, J At HARVEY S l)KP(?f, VU&f J*>1 C St.. IxtVMB I<*1> M)d Uth sU. XSlir Call and jet them, either Sea'ded. ? ku>>fa>d ?r Raw. H I French always ahead; slfS Pa. A vex lb. PRINCE OF WALES MEDALS. BRECKINRIDGE k LANE do. new styles, I BELL a EVERETT do. do. I DOl'toLAS * JOHNSON do. do. UM'cl.N t HAMLIN dc. do. DOI OLAS and LADY do. Atmts oppii?it at New York prices, se 17-lw | ^WARTWOIT <? METALIC PAPER PAS- I TEN EB, with directiob* for usntc, Ae. Just | rfcen e?: at SBEPIIER corner 7th and D ?ts. I The ettention of Anornrtr, Com rfaicri, AiMrwj I Pahlu, Patent,, fr , u re* pec folly called to I this n?w, convenient. and nx>?t useful article, a? a I substitute for the old eyelet luachiue. as superior in I >11 respect*. se 17 ?* BY STEAMER COLUMBIA, this morning,! i September 17.) we shall be in receipt of a larse I stork of staple I?R Y GOODS of the best class, to 1 a exasiinetioaof which we invite our customers I and the paliUc generally. F anil >es that bnv lor cash are especially solicited I to !??pe?*t <>?r stock ; the* cae oUaitt their supplise I fr-m us at the very lowest cash prices. Or?* prir? on!*. AH ioo?J? win h* dilirtrtd I prcu.ptr> oa the day ol ^^^YmaY8'1'' I . II u 1'" " ' ~ _ _ . ? i m ?., ifiw Mil ?Wl 10th itl. 1" KAOLfc 8TOVK HOU8K. HAVE N??w in ?tore a eomilrte i?*?ortment of to* KRA.NKl.IN RADIATORS, (three tit.*.) 'i M?T ar<- a latf>in*at on ttif old Franklin St? tx?\in? tii* laftiftting attnebti^m, thc.nj H.ra. hue fcrcoiian lined uriu io. ersp?'&tir>D ?ia1 nre dreidrd!) u>e nrettie?t and trnxt eheerfu. ?*t?>\ * to ?i b> t'H parlor or chamber) that ran he in ?i>v ir.ark.M. u >ou ran be accommodated w?th a ?!?> or tn open grate fere *t pleasure. To brfou..dai o. C.WOOI)WJARI>T5, No. 31tj Paaaaylvaaia arenue, ?17M hatwata loth aa4 11th au. " ? | niwuwt^ cuici mi ucu iac rrowa Willi One Of bis happiest efforts Yesterday, Mran. Baldwin and Alexander Rivea spoke, Tbere were sumptuous dinners on each day. Tbe speaking was floe and the meeting, on the whole, one of the moat interesting ever held in that section of the conntrv . Th* Sen A&x1k3i Capt. Hollihs fob Damages at Gillitwii ?An Important question has just been settled In New York. This sro6? to a esse in the Circuit Court before Judge Nelson, in which Capt. George N. Hollins, Commander of the United States sloop-of-war Cyane. is defendant It was an action of trespass brought by the plaintiff to recover damages for the destruction of property by the defendant at San Juan del Norte, Nicaragua, otherwise called Greytown, on the l?th July, 1?34. Capt Hollins pleaded obedience to the commands of his Government, to which It was objected by the plaintiff that neither the President nor Secretary of the Navy had authority to give the orders there relied on to the defendant, and heace that they afforded no ground of justiflcaUon The Court ruled the plea of the defend ? nittee, In session on Friday, refuted to accept tbe proposals for anion against Lincoln offered by the Breckinridge democracy, and accepted by tbe Douglas sub-committee. Subsequently, tbe "National Volunteer" (Breckinridge) organization made a proposition to unite, giving tbe Breckinridge democrats tbe same number of electors, (ten.) and tbe Douglas committee took tbls into consideration. Q7* Among tbe distinguished visitors at tbe United States Agricultural Fair in Cincinnati is General Joseph Lane. It is said tbe General has' a fhrna of about a thousand acre* in Oregon, and that upou the farm are about 1,UU0 bead of cattle. Tbe General has always indulged a warm Interest ia agriculture and stock rearing. He is very anxious to improve his stock, aad will transport, by the route across the isthmus some fine animals from the Atlantic States A verv large ami most enthusiastic Union mast meeting was held on Thursday and Friday at Calpeper Court House. Notwithstanding the Urge crowd present, everything passed off in tbe most orderly a*d agreeable manner. On Thursday afternoon the assemblage was addressed by Messrs Thomas, of Fairfax, and Ingersoll, of Pennsylvania. At night, Wm. Gilmer, Esq , of I IV 1 * " - The him paper treata at length upon Douglas, Johnson, and disunion." The defends the Hon John Bell from the charge of disloyalty to the South on the slavery question JX7" Seats at Nlblo'a, New York, for Forrest's opening night (Ibis Monday night,) have been sold at an aggregate premium of S600. Tbs Cottos Caor.?The New York Shipping List states that the rati re crop of cotton ls4,675,77? bales, and uie rx porta 3,771,173 bain. Stork on September 1, 837,706 bain. X^ZT' According to the London Obaerrer, the Atlfcutlc telegraphic cable U not the only deep tea telegraph communication which refute* to work. The Red tea telegraph l> out of order; the Malta and Cagllara line of about 3U0 ml lea In lengthy baa long been Interrupted. The line to Algiers has been abandoned, the cable froin Malta to Corfu tua also gone the way of all predeceaaora. Vinos is N*w Vol*.?'The Donslaa State com* WiiHiwatow wiw? iiro soiiir. CoMrLtcxTms th* Difficult?.?The peraist?at com oi Mr. Donglaa, in ?*rW1 ne to prevent a combination-In Pennsylvania. New Jency, and New York, of all the conservative poltti:al elements, to prevent the election of Lincoln, Is Intensely complicating the difficulties In tbe path of thoee at the South who would prevent SouthernState action hoatile to an adminiatration of the General Government nn<i?r hniitin nini?<a The more w? reflect on those dlflfcultiea, tbe greater they are magnified, In our judgment. We know well, and regret far more tbaa we can exprraa, that the fact is blindly and persistently Ignored at the North, that a vast majority of tbe people of the South are opposed to tbe conti nuance of the I'nioB, If the General Government Is beresfter to be administered upon the principles in connection with the slavery question laid down in the speeches of Messrs l.lncoln, Seward, Sumner, Andrews, (iidding* A Co., and in tbe rr cnthrdrn eiposition* of R epubllca n-party pri nc I pies appear I inn from day today In ttf New York Tribune. We know that In Mississippi, Alabama, South Caroi Una, Teias, and Florida, full four flftba of tbe people at this moment stand ready to hazard disunion as the only relief from the yoke of a general government administered upon the doctrines of th? Republican party authorities mentioned above. We know that not only In those States, but In Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia, the great mass of the men of energy snd actlou In I connection with current political aflkirs, ardently sympathise In tbe same cause: the class of men who shape the conduct of communities and States. while their more conservative fellow-cltlzena are debating In their own mindt what to do. We know, further, that however oppoaed to taking the derisive step they tnay be, even the most conservative portion of the southern people regard the cause of the South aa involved In tbe crisis as a rightful and just one, and only oppose the proposed last resort because hoping on still that its necessity may be avoided by some means, they know not what. We feel sure, stili further, that Lincoln selection will be instantly followed by attempt* at .success ful organization t" resist the transferof the author!?<, ?? fl?n?I n - ? ?? ' - ? i.j ui wuvTciuimni in Tanouar?onuier * | States into the hands of the abolitionists, and *" ' believe that those attempts will succeed to the tent of procuring formal State government actiHn \ to nullify the Federal Government's authority That once accomplished, and there can bo' but two solutions of the problem of our national fu- j ture. The first is a full, final, and satisfactory settlement of the question of Southern rights under the Constitution as now existing, brought about by the tardy action of Northern conservatism under the Impending dsnger of the destruction of the Union. The other possible solution is neither more nor less than the dreaded destruction of the Government. If a tingle State government resists the Federsl authority, the General Government will not only find itself unable to command the assist MIVC VTA a cmgic sona jtu* Boumprn man in the work cf compelling the submission of the rebeling State by fire and sword to the authority of the party of Greely, Andrew, Giddings, Sumner, el al, but it will very soon find the entire South as vehemently opposed to the Government's then only "force'' alternative left, of sending armies 1 of Northern men to do what the South will take no part in doing?to hang the authoritle* of the rcbellng Southern State and those of its citizens who essay to obey Its laws made to meet the emergency. We believe, further, that for every volunteer or soldier the General Govern- * ment may be able to enlist at the North to carry out its purpose of compelling submission to sn i abolition government at the South, ten volunteers j from other Southern States will fly with srms in ai a_ % A_ A- ** - - mcir uidoi 10 uie assistance of their brethren. I We alao believe that the authoritiea of no Statr ' oath of the Potomac can. by any poaaible chance, be induced to lift a finger to prevent the rebellng State from receiving auch aid; and that the whole people of the South will, within a month after the occurrence of the llrat effort of an abolition I set) General Government to reduce a rebellng Southern State to aubmiasion by mean* of armlet raiacd In the North, be aa fully enlisted, quite, In th? cause of the South, aa their fathers were in the patriot cat ai at any period duriug the memorable revolution that grew oat of the paltry a tamp tax of the Government of George the 3dKeating under theae conviction* ? ?? ? , ?? la not In accordance with our views of the responsibilities of the position of a conductor of an lndependent press, to withhold them from the public. We are on the very thresh bold of appalling events which northern conservatism alone can stave off. We bad sincerely hoped that it would appreciate its duty in the crisis; but if Mr. Douglass stl 11 possesses any share of iafl uence at the North, further reliance upon northern conservatism, seems to us to be next to hopeless. Disposition op Tkoops in Nkw Mexico ?The following disposition* of troops In New Mexico have been made with a view to Held service: Brevet Lieut. Col. E. R. S. Canby, tenth infantry, will proceed In command of (j company, second dragoons, and one of the companies of the teuth infantry, now at Fort Garland, via Abiquln, to Fort Dettance. On the arrival of company E, United States rifles, at Fort Union, compeay I, second dragoons. will repair to the headquarters at Santa Fe. The commanding offlcer at Hatch's Ranche will detach one of the companies of the eighth infantry, now there, with orders to proceed to Fort Union without delay. company f., united States rifles, will be held in readtneas lor field service at Fort Union until the arrival of another designated company. Immediately on the arrival of company I, fifth infantry, at Fort Stanton, company B, United States rifles, will proceed to Fort Fauntleroy, via Albuquerque, and await further orders. One of the companies of the seveuth Infantry, now under commnnd of Brevet Msjor O. R Psul, will be detached by him at Albuquerque, where It will be stationed until further orders. Company O, United States rifles, will beheld la readiness st or near Fort Crslg. for Held service. Bravet Msjor R C. Gatlln will detach Capt. * as ?w ? l.. gicuwi, in command of company O, United State* rifles, and two companies of the seventh infantry, from Fort Craig to Fort Defiance, through the country of the Navajoes. Assistant Surgeon J. C. McKee, Medical Department IT. A. Army, will proceed wlthoutdelay to Fort Craig, and report for field service to Major R. C. liatlln, seventh Infantry. ? . Postagb to Bkazii, by thb Fkksch Mail? Pbspaymkjct Optiowal?We are requested to state that the French Government has recently concluded a postal convention with Uraztl by the terms of which letters m?v > _ "?J Xtv VIMKI UT transmitted between thel'nlted State* and Brazil, via France, in the Preach mail, at a postage charge of 33 cents the single rate of oue fourth ounce or under, which embraces tki full jiostagt (United States, French, and Brazilian) tkargenl,l$ to dtitmatitm; and maybe prepaid or left unpaid, In either country, at the option of the sender. Closed malls for Brazil will he regularly dispatched by the French post office, alternately, by the French mail packets leaving Bordeaux on the 94tb of each month, and by the British mail packets Waving Southampton on the Vtli of each month. Csnsi-s Bcbkau?Ths examining board of the Census Bureau is strtl actively engaged la the examination of applicants for clerical oositlona in that bureau. From two to three hours la generally assigned to earh candidate. In conaequence of tbe rigid course of inquiry into the qualileatlons of each, which it rendered necessary by the fact of competent persons being required to perform tbe peculiar dntlea pertaining to aucb poattlona, appointmenta do not avenge mere then two dally. Mr C O. Wagner, detailed from tbe Interior Deportment aa a member of the examlalng board, ban tf nee received the appointment of Chief Clerk In the Ceaeae Bureau. Col. W. A. Newman, of Vermont, baa alao received an appointment. Scnvei ov tub Cnirraw a R nnri,Ktnui.Tbe General I*rd OAce has receirad a ronv ?r I ? r? """" uKNMDOtnu4 plate of anrrrj of the Ckippewa Hum In Kimu Territory, with a copv of th? eerrected plat Indicating the allotaaenta of land ail tor tba vattod boMa at Bwma creek and J Stock Ewrk Cklppewea, *e., under toe S -* * ' ?.i I * ** * 11 1 j trraty of Jaly 10, 1959, and transmitted the Mine to tbe Acting Comminioner of Indian Affatra. The aurvey of thia react vatiou waa mad? by John McCarthy, under contract with Perry Fuller. United State* Indian Agent at Sac and Fox Agency, Kmaaa Territory, September 24, 1S59. atmt I**ck ? Brevet Col. C.F. Smith, tenth infantry, has been naalgned the command of * A ? A m I Hi-t rn a a. IM paw ? vamp rioyv, ihd territory. First Lieutenant B. H. Robertson, second dragoon*, has been announced as the Asslstaat Adjutant Geaeral of the Mine department. Major I.loyd J. Beall, Paymaster, has hem directed to repair to Jefferson Barracks, Me., and pay the troops at that post. Companies G and I, fourth regiment of Infantry, bave l*een directed to proceed to Sen Francisco, for duty in the department of California. Owe*** Oibcrkd to th* Ctmbkbi-axp ? The following offlrera bare been ordered tore, port on tbe 17tb of October next, fbr duty An board tbe U. 9. aloop-of war Cumberland, now being fitted out at Portamontb, N. H , aa (he flag *blp of the Home aquadron. Capt John B. Maraton; Ltetenanta, Alex. Mur. ray, John 8. Maury, J. II. Rochelle, Char lea H. Green, Char If* E. Fleming. ? 1)rath ot thk Chilian Mitiist?b ?W? f?o?t to learn, by a dispatch to the headquarter* of the legation here, that Sen or Rello, Mlnlater fram Chill to thla Government, died In New York thla morning. Ilia funeral wtll take place In that city to-morrow. Hla family were with him at the time of hla death. Rtaio'tatinm and Traxhfie ?Peyton Wiae having reaigned hla poaltlun aa a $1,400 clerk In the Treaa iry Department, John Pennybacker, of Va , haa been tranaferred from the General I .and Office to fill the vacancy. Op* reader* will tlnd, In the local depart* ment, an Interesting communication In regard to she ancient aarcophagua, at the Smithsonian. Naval Oint*.?l.leut. O. H. Badger haa been ordered to the receiving ship Baltimore. trk wutbii.?The following report of the vremther for the morning 1s made from the Amer i?nn Consolidated Telegraph Line to the tfmltfcaonian Institution. The time of observation le ?l>out7 o'clock. slptimiu 17, 1800. :Wew York, N. Y cloudy, warm. Baltimore. Md cloudy, warm. Washington, D. C cloudy, wind 8\T Richmond, Va. cloudy, 09?. Petersburg, Va. cloudy, 71?. Norfolk, Va cloudy, 65rj. RAlelgh, N. C clear, 6*". Wilmington, N. C cloudy, mild. Augusta, Ga. raining. Savannah, Ga clear, 80?, wind S Maronj Ga. cloudy. ;ouimDua, oa ...clear, pleasant. Montgtftnery, Ala. cloudy. VKOM TBI WIST. Frederick, Md cloudy, warm. Hageratown. Md cloudy, warm. Cumlwrland, Md raining. Grafton. Va cloudy, damp. Wheeling, Va raining, 81*. ^arkersburg, Va cloudy, warm. Pittsburg, Pa cloudy. Ottawa, 111 clear, MP. C?lro, ill clear. Flgin, 111 elear, 14'. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a.m., (corrected for temperature,) 29,949; at noon, 29*981. - Thermometer at 7 a. m., 07*; at noon, 70?. Maximum during 4* houra ending 9 a. m. today, 80jf*; minimum 5e,)<*. foal! coal!! ks wood: wood:: I am daily receiving lar*e snppl es of COA I, from the very beat Pennsylvania mine*, which 1 will soil ?l raiannaKluniKiA* il?? * 1? V. a ? " * . ... . W y iv?n. niau, VIIXJ UOH| qilJlillT Of U&ITf } fine and Hickory WOOD, cut and split. aJl lengths. Call and leave your order*. R. W. BATE8. Wood ud Co*! Dealer. ?e 17 (States) Cor. C and 14th sta.. near Canal. 318 EAGLE STOVE HOUSE. g|g I vonld respectfully call the attention of the ?ut? lio to hit new PaR"LOR VIOLET WAS CONHUM IN6 R aDTATORS, superior to any tiat has offered for sale heretofore. They have superseded the old four-column Radiators, as they are much handsomer for parlors, being finished off with hue poroelain-lined urns for evaporation, consumes much less coal, and throws out mors heat than any other Radiator in the market Pleaaecall and satisfy yourselves, at C. WOODWARD'S, No. 3IS Pennsy vania avenue, se 17 e?^t Between loth and 11th ats. ^yS EAGLE STOVE HOUSE. 1 wish to call the attention of all those wishing to obtain a first class Cooking 8 to re, that the aching void ??n now b? filled bv purchasing one of mr YOUNG AMERICA DOUBLE-TOP GA8 roNSCMERS?the entire top being double, and s? arranged that a circulation of air is kept up between the plates, thereby preventing it from ever sinking and beooming warped.(like inanv others.) I! - I ? - " % - . wmcn prevenia inem iroro baking well afterwarda. 1 have also a ?i?at variety of other hrat-claaa COOKING STOVES, viz: Tl>? Fuel Saver, with or witnoattheexUnmontop; Challenge, THegraph. Patapaoo Cook. Pennaylvania Couplet*, ami other*, which will be guarantied to give aetiafactK'ii to puicbaaera. Pleate call and examine, at C. WOODWARD'S, No. 318 Pennaylvania avenue, 1017 fit Between 10th and Hth ata. P~TdPOSAl.S FOR IRON FENCE AND G\TES FOR THE TREASURY EXTENSION Burb&u or ConarHt cTioi?,i 'Iikabcby EirtiTMiXT,Sept. u. 1W. < Ska '.id Proposal* will he received at t?ia office until Mio loth oay of Ootober, A. D , I8fip, at 12 o'olot-k. noon, lor furniahinc and puttng np oom Diet* vl' the iron work of the Gatce, F<u*ea, Ac., f >r tls approaohea to the aouth wine of the Treaaury F> teotion Building Photographed plana and ap^ciErationa oan be had opon application at thia office on and aftrr the 18tli matant. The prop<>*ala should be plainly endoraed on the envelope'' Propouls for Iron Fr*re <* *>! dales for the Treasury Extension," and the* will be opened at one o'olook on the day last named tor receiving the aame. B'da will only birecoivtd per linea! foot for length of Fence, for kind ofPence. The measurement for lengtR t? be ej:aluaive of tuoGranita Poataand the Iron Gatea Hida will not be onna; dared if made by the povad. or if made m groaa for the whole. The bide mnat alao atate a ape?:fio price lor each doable Gats of the different sizee. 8. M. ni.ABlf Aoting Engineer is ehvge, Treesery"D?p*rt ment. se 17 SewtOOlO L~OOKTO JOUM. INTKRE8T, PURciuL^ ? k.R8 OP CABINhT FL'KNl fURE. We here now in store end duly receiving the largest, handsomest end oheepeet lot of Ceoinet Furnitere ever offered to theoitisene of Wuliii(. ton, Georgetown end Alexandria, which we eer diel y in rite ell who desire famishing to call eed examine for themselves. Oar stock enib eoes every eoce treble Article neorssery to famiahe pavtor, be;I, dialog room, eheinber, end kitchen. Oar extensive StOCk is too nnm?rn.i. ?" VH. jrcv? VIV.U MHO. We onlj cave a few of the leading artioles, inch aa, vis: Houwood, Walnut and Mahogany Parlor Suit*, upholstered in a seperior manner la Brocatelle, 5*nk flash. Luting and Hair'Cloth, Gilt frame Mantel, Pier and other Hlaseee, Silt Base Tables, Gilt Braekets and Marble Slabs, I othie and other handsome Reoeption Chairs, in Brocatelle, Plnah. Kuah and Caae Heats, Eteserea, vith Marble-tops and Mirror Baoks, Do. Parlor De?ks and Whatnots, Rosewood, Walnut awl Mahogany Bareaua. I Washstanda, Bedsteada and Wardrobea, very liandaome and cheat. Cottace Chamber Furniture, in Oak, Imitation M..I ? *_; - * ..... iTispm uiu rainiea. with or without T?ps, I Mmbie-top Hat racks, in Oak and Walnut, Iron Hatraoka, Hall Stands, Secretaries, Bookoaaea, Shaving Standi, Marble to* Center Tables, liair and ?huc? M attreaee?, Keathsr Bolatera aad Pillows, 0 anketa. Comforts, Quilts,Towels, ko. in addition U> oar stock of Furniture oar first 03retains a lares and well selected stook of China, Glass and Crockerr, PlaUd Goods, Japanese Wars, Tal>!?Cutlery, Britannia Ware, B'ocktin Goods, Basket*, Brusnes, 4o., altogether forming a eoinplste variety of every thing neoassary to furuish a housa in ail in aptrtrosnU C. W. BOTELKR 4k SONS, Iron Hall, No. *1S penn. avsnue, se 17-MfcThtf between 9th sod 10th ats. M~achink bklting. lkather and KUBMKR.?Also, Machinist's Findings. for sa.v at northern prices. JOS. j, SAVAGE, Sign of-the G-lt Saw. se 1 j 6t (Stat?) Pa. a v., hat. Iftthai?! 11th si a. POR.8ALE VERY CHKAP-A u? ? -** ? llifil a IJKOP, with iron ?ide? ?;?1 blc> ? himmw, weif hinc about lu# pound. Md fall It ? t?%. Call at 339 Penn.avnnu?, HO('l) 8 J*yeli? 8lor? bc\6? i_> A BAR IRON AND HTEEJ\ > COMPLETE AMortmea* ol th-^bei*) viak"? r?, M.I. ?th. I??"t A(jl. Si]jf. oftbl'OilrSav. te 15 6t (Stataa) Pa. ay.,g<. Mtttaad 11th ri?JJOR8E SHoE?N1) Hq?SE ?aoE IRON ur- t? ? 2 '? O Iimr mi m imiurRt tari* lot of thn &l?. +j< and will Mil it at i.iauufactu&rV priori 3? JOS L. SAVAGE. J? <H36t (Stat?.) Pa.av.lUt loth ^ln D~ COAL! COALK ^ AILY Expootcd, a cargo of mperior R*d A.I, Ere and B?ov? C*ai. Thoaa wuking a auppl*wU' ple?M Mod in th?ir ord?n. Alwajaon haoda*o?id S&%kme ..1|? N s3^x,g?^rejsi2.s^s5j Columbian RMtaaraat, M j/|7* 0 i Additleaal Ferelga Flew* by tV iteaaMf Mfllta. The following addlttoeal adiUm by Meaner MelU bebeen received Great Biiuir. At a collision on tbe East Lancashire Railroad of two excursion trains, eleven persons were killed and nineteen badly wounded. Many were also slightly wonnded. Paaan. Tbe Emperor and Kmnrm ck. meunelx and were entkuaiaatieally rrcelred A Parla correapoadent of the Londoa Herald nvt that France baa Juat purehaaed ten large aleain tranaporta in the United State*. The Bourar cloaed dull on tbe 3d at finf Sc. TUe Parle corn market was rather lower. Natlis. Sardinia waa about ta Interfere at Naples. It waa reported that General La mar mora waa about to leave for Naplea with 30,000 troops, the object being to prevent Naplea becoming a prey to anarcby in view of the fall of the Bourbon dynaa IT. All dUpoMblr Tfwli of the Sardinian navy were to l>? arnt to Naple*. and military preparations wfr* more vigorous In Piedmont. The Sardinian government hiring every available transport, and it waa said that If a rapid conveyance of so large a force would be found lmpoeai tile, the Pope would be asked to allow passive through hla dominions. The province ofTierra Diiavoro had rlaen in Insurrection Hands of insurgents had united and were marching ou Camp Basso There was nothing as to Garibaldi'a movements further than that he was at Montrleone. It was reported that the Neapolitan Ministers had tendered their resignations, but they were uot^accepted. The King or .Naples is to pay an indemnification of three million francs for French losses at tbe bombardment of Palermo. It was asserted that tbe prohibition placed on the departure of voluuteers from the Sardinian States bad been removed It was rumored that the Cabinets at Turin bad agreed to prevent invasion of tbe States of tbe Church. The French garrison at Rome was to be increased by 3.500 men Anrona has been declared In a state of siege, and the Papal delegate recalled. AcsTaia. A Revolutionary Committee had been d scovered at Verona. Tbe member* were arrested. Tbe papers seised are said to throw a startling light on the proceedings of a neighboring Power. Russia. The Kmperor had invited the Prince Regent of Prussia to a hunting party st Warsaw. The Prince consequently visits Warsaw about the middle of September. The Russia crop accounts were favorable The yield was expected to be very good. Tallow prospects very favorable. Syiia. Tbe French troops continued at Beyrout, and It is thought tbey will be required to go Into the interior. India asd Chima. The Bombay malls to August S, and Hong Kong to July 17, bad reacbMl England Tbey will be dispatched to America per steamer Bremen . sir nenry ward, Governor or Madras, died of cholera on the 'id. A famine wa? Impending In the Northwestern Provinces of India. The Brltlah forcea In China were ready for an attack, but the French protested against commencing hostilities on account of having lost all th?lr harneaa by ahlpwrock, and having 2,000 leu men than the British. On the 36th of June Lord Elgin Induced Baron Groaa to withdraw hla protest, and the attack waa commenced immediatelyTrade at Bombay waa very dull. Freight* were tending upward; exchange 2a 9-lGd premium. Latest. Liverpool. .5th?a m ?The Melita was detained till 9 o'clock this morning. Confusion waa Increasing at Naples. The Annexationist Committee on the 3d received a communication from Garibaldi, announcing, that aa the country required a definite solution, be would be In Naples about the bth, and in the name of Victor Kmmanuel assume the Dictatorship of the Two Sicilies The Neapolitan Ministry had withdrawn their realgnation. The attempt to form new ones under Prince Ischitella had failed. Count Perslgny had made another speech, giving the Impression that Napoleon will do tinthincr mar* tn?n 41 ? B ..... ..nN.i?aiU ?uv iviic i vuruiir on the Vatican, and not help Lamoriciere to keep the Roman States The Paris Bourse was quite steady on the 4th. It was reported from Syria that toe French detachment Lad Buffered a repulse at the hands of the Druses in Lebanon Piedmont had considerably reduced the duties on yarns, tissues, Ac., of cotton and hemp. The SLip Pioneers' Society of London had passed resolutions regretting Mr. Lindsay's semiofficial visit to America, and declaring that he does not possess the confidence of the shipping interests. W SPECIAL NOTICE. E Take great pleasure is returning our thanks to our numerous friends for theirvery liberal patronage in the School Bo<>k Trade, and especial!? t? the hundreds who were compelled to leave without getting supplied would we make our how. May their shadows never glow less; and would car we still keep full supplies on hand, and let our thou Ajulinf nnatn?riar? tall ? ? ???? V?t?aviuvi n nvn UU I PI W. f> SHEPHERD, a 16-lw corner Seventh and D mreeti. Sl ORT1Im*^BCTFkOAI THE FACTORIES. Double-barrel SHOT GUNS, laminated ateel. Single-barrel do. twist and common, POWDER FLASKS, SHOT BELTS ?nd POUCHES, GAME BAGS. DRAM FLASKS, BALDWIN WADS. F.lley'a and Cox'* CAPS, POWDER and SHOT, GUN LOCKS, GUN WORMS. WAD CUTTERS, NIPPLES and NIPPLE WRENCHES, CLEANSING RODS, Ac. in For salo by JOS. L. SAVAGE, Sign of Gilt Saw, ?e lS-6t (Statog) Ta av., bet, loth and 11th tta. . AH AM MACK'S RESTAUR ANT,^^ Ao. 80a Wt liar ill' Haiti filock. M tiaviuK passed an irr'pressihle dull lumntr, 1 Iit to ray to mjr many friend* and the public generally that I am now fully prepared to supply all their want', freat or small. I am in daily receipt of the finest Cove Ovfttar*. sHeotwd expressly for my own trade; also, all kinds of Fish. My stock shall never be inferior to any house in this country. My stock of Game a< usual is quite abundant. Reed Birds, Ortolon, Pheasants, ({nails and many other kinds too numerous to mention. Mr stock of Wines and Liquors as usual are A No. 1. Mr Champagnes selected by Dyer are all that heart cau wish,as all who have tasted it can vouch for the game. My Eatinc Bar is stocked daily with a great variety of dishes, where ?nacks are ??rved from 7a. in. to 12 p.m. Meal* earved in or out of the house. Meais ?erv*d on Sundav from 7 a. m. to 11 p.rn JOHN D. HAM MACK. se U-3t Proprietor. g|g EAGLE STOVE HOUSE. gjg I have now inj Fall Supply of STOVES, tRATES, HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS, o all arranged in store for inxpection, and will hi<i pira?ure in snowing tne various new patte ns whiati 1 hart gotten up fir thi? Pali's Trade C. WOUDWARD, No. SI* Pa. av., a 13 fit Between loth and 11 < h sts. W PROFESSOR MORKTTI. HO Has ju*t returned from Milan Italy, (having been in the Musical Conservatory there,) 0j and who has been for a long time a teacherlflt lioth of Voual and Instrumental Music in New^f Yoik, (having tn.iikht soine of the l>?ht singers there, suoh as Radiaii, Tiberim, ha Grange, Ac., Ac ,) has come here, thinking to remain,and woclu most happy to receive the patronage of this city. Prof. M can give the best or references in regard to bis moral as well as his intelectual standing. All communications please address to 2t>4 p at. e 13-*w* KI T AND CRINF.LLK CARPKTINOS. Just received and for sale 20 rolls Felt Carpeting, very heavy, in exact copies from most approved styles. Brussels and Perrian Carpets at half prioe. Also. roll* CrineUe.a new article, wears as w?*<i ai Drusieii, and sens lit nftll pnot. Al?<> 3 rolls very tich ami heavy WooUn Dragnet*. in all vi<lth?, up to 1R-4 wide. CLAGKTT k. DOOSON. Dealer t in all kind* nf Furniture Dry Goods, No. 4 Ma ket Space, ?e to eo6t 3 doora ea?t from Ninth at. JVTORFOLK OYSTERS! [N NORFOLK OYSTERS! The finert and large.t NORFOLK OYSTERS in the market are received and daily /?v erred ap< together with all the othergjft f luxuries in eeaaon) in th? very bMtmllflf C. G AL'TIER'S Ladies and Gentlemen't Saloon and RtslauraiU, an Fxnii*. Avnvi, e ll-M,WkS2w Between 12th and 13th sta. U C. SPALDING. lit JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, AND CONVEYANCER. Deed a prepared and acknowledgement* taken buying, selling a .d leaaing Real Estate. Ac. Ogee 3>3W b ?t bet, 9th and 10th eta ae 14-eo6t* M| VOCAL INSTITUTE. RS. CECILIA YOUNG Haa the honor to announoe the removal of her Vocal Institute to No. 44ft Eleventh afreet, between M and I eta. te U-eolin 7\ WOOD AND COAL V/F The beet quality eelivenxl to all part* of beorgetowu at the lowest prices. Cuatomera preferring U??r wood aawed by the machine at the yard will be given aa full maaaure aa if the* bay fall length wood. Charge for aawing rflAOBftUli COAI. under oover. Call aad aee, at BOU> CHER'S Wood Yard, on the Caaal. at the aeeond , (.ridge weit of the Market Houae. ae It .Hep ] Cm BICKERING A SONS' SUPERB PI AN OB. ? ? n~T- ? mr-ioni prioe# JW.1U lor oia risnos in p&rtlHBBI payment. for new. riuoe for r*nt. HI 111 ? 1? ?? P*. Mr' hK.'ttki and JMh ?u. ???*&?- " 1 Hi W. 6. METZUOTT. ^ ^ ^ . I 1 AUCTION SALES. Br A. 6KEK1Y. A?etlom?r. UOU8KHULD FURNITURE. CHINA. Olam ** **d Ceocbbbt at Arcjios.?Ob TUF.PDAY, ths Uth in?t?nt, at ? o'clock a. hi . I fh?ti Mil. m bit Aaction 9t "re, % au^rior tot of f?rnit?r?. Til: Srtei i&jsKs?*. *?* +. - gn^Tii n. /?* ?ruror>?i %dc nu'Mai, Fe^r HefiTPjllow. and Ch.rt, Gla.. mm! Crockery W?r*. Andjjany "tk9T article* to* ommtona to mimt. *' A. GRKKN. A? t. By WALL* BARN ARD. AaeUoneere. 181 LB CONTINUED ) CONTINUATION SALK or FANCY OOODf, Dmv Good?, Ac , Ac -In tk? wIm roo? onr Mtxv*l>'i Fuot 9t?r*. No. 3*2_Cia& commencing at l? o'clock on TLE8DA\ MORN ING, September U h. Fmwt 6o?l.,t??k *Kmbroideriee, Lao*?. Collar*. Sloevee, Flowers, Veils, Com*, Cravat*. Shawls. Clocks. Dusters. AI?o, will be added from a Dry Goods Hoase, a lot of Ladies' Drees Oeede.aaok ae? Bsysdere Stripes, i.avella Cloth, Barff f and nts?r ftobee, Mereenlea, Grey Worsted Pamela in silts, Ac., Ao. Terms cash. aen-a> Ua4i WALL k. BAftNARD. Aaa*. Bf J. C. MrGUIRK A CO.. Auctioneer*. FURNITUKK AND KFFF.CT8 OF A FAMILY CK< LISISiJ H<LSBtKBFIM<.?On FKI l?A V MORN'NO. September *nh, I860. at !? o' the r*eid?"ce of Mn. Ann l>el!away, No. 3*0 Nineteenth at., between land K ata.. we shall sell all the Furniture ai.d F foots of a family deolining housekeeping, comprising? Mahogany Hair Spring ?eat Sofa. Roeker and Parlor Chair*, Marble-top Center Table, Work and Card Tab lea. Mahogany Dining Tables, Cane seat Chair*, Bedatsada, Bareaua. Wa*h*tanda. Feather Bed a. Bolatera Mid Pillow*. Chamber Table*. Toilet Set*. Window Shadaa, Carp?ta. Oilcloth. Matting, Chi' a. Glass and Crookerr Ware, Cooking and other Ptoree, Knolien Utensils, Ac., Ac. Terms cash. *e 17-d J. C. McQUIRK A Co.. Anot*. By J. C. MctiUIRK A CO.. Aaetiooeers. T'HUSTKK'S SALK OF I.OT* RAHTA. TUB I Capitol -On THU R> I?AY AFFRINJJON*, September 77 th 1W. itt'i o'olock, at tit* Ancti a Room* of Jaa C. Mottuire A Co , by virtu* of a d?M of truat from hrneat W. Cecil, d?t?d iSunmt>er22ri.lU9 and duly recorded in Liber J A. S., No lfc7, folioaSS-% Ao.. one o* the land reeorda for Waahington county, I). C..I ahall eel!, Lola and li, in Square fito. 1 ,u*U and Lot No. 11, in Square No U74. Terma: ^ne-'onrth caah: t ie re?idu-? in 6 an * IS month*, with intereat, a?< urtd by dr*d of traat on the premiaea. AH conveyance* at the cost of thepurcbaeer. SAMUEL SNOW DEN. Trnatee. ae 17 eoAda J.C. McGUIREA ro . Aactr. By J. C. McGUIRE A CO. Auctioneeru. TRUSTEE'S SA..E OF LOT FAST ' F THE Capitol -on f HL'R^DA V A ITER NOON, at4l; o'o ock at the Auction ol Jaa. Mofeuire A Co . by virtare of a deed f truat from William Lanahan, dated February 2id. i?<~,i.and duly recorded amort; the land rroorda f >r VVaahin(t?>n canty. D. C., I ahall ae:l Lot No. 5, ia equate No 1 IIS. Terma: One third oaah; the reaiaae in C and 13 mortha, with interest, aeoured by a deed of traat on the premiae* Al oanvayanc r.r at Uie ?oat of the pnrckaa*r. SA.MU1U. tNOWDF.N.Truatea. ae 17-eoAda J CfMcGl lRE A CO.. Auata. By J. C. MoUUIRE A CO., ?*ra| rpRUSTEE'S SALE OF CITY LOTS.-On 1 THI!Ksn*\<.?i - - wi*i ^pwmr>?r 37th, lfl??,at 4't o'clock, at the Anc'ion Ruomi of Jas. C. McGmre A Co.. by virtue of adeed of trast I rum William lanahan to the aubaonl>er, dated February 3d, I860, and duljr recorded amum the land records for Washington Connty, D. C., I .ball ell, Lot* No.9and !0 in **?a?e \ l."74 and ti e western part of l.ot No. 4, in uara Mo. 144, Irontiag 41 feet on north D street, between 18tb n,nd 19 h etreeta west, and rntininc back that width iSt feet t inches, and containins 6,198 square feet, more or lees. Terma: One third oaah; the reirainder in 6 and IS month*, with intereat, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. All oonveyaacea at sarnhaaers ooat SA <iUEL SNOWDKN, Trestee. ae 17 eotJn J.C. MctiUIREA CO.. Auct. By i. C. MoGUIRE A CO., Asotioneers. STOCK OF FURNITURE AND HOUSE FCHttaHiKG GooU* A.T FCSUC AtCTIOB.?OS MONDAY MORNING, !*eptemi?r i?4th. at tea o' the Hoosefurnishinc Store of the l%te firm of Bants A Coomb*, on seventh street, between I and K rta., w? ahall a?ll the entire stock of I Fornitaieand Housefurmahing Gooda without re | serve, to oloee the oono*rn. The stock eomna*> I in p%r;? Mshoginy and Walnut Hur Spring mt Sofas* Ann Ch%Ti, Kockers aud Parlor Chairs of various p?< fc n a, Marb e-top Tables, Ca'd ard Fancy Tablee, Wha'D' U, Lounges, Cane seat Chairs, 0 U and Mahogany Pram* Mirrura, Clocks, Can* and Wood-seat, Ann and Narse Kockers. Painted Cottage Chamber 9?U, Walnut and Mahogany Dressing and Plain Bureaus. Marble top and Painted Waahitanda, > Toilet Sets, Window Shade*, Cornices, 1 vs <?>d se(it Arm ChMrs, Stump Ch*ira, Cottage and other Uodstaads, Wardrobes, Hair ai.d Huik Mattressea, Bolsters aad Pillows, F.ather Beds.Ceiniorts and Blackcts, China, (Jlass and Crockery War*. Knives and Forks, Spoon*- Tin Ware, Carpets, Oil loth, Ruga, Mat', *o.,k.r. Together witn many artiolea in the Mouaefurniak ing Line not neoeaaary to enumerate Terms: $2$ and under, cash; over that sum a oredit of 1. A 3 and 4 months, with interest, for ap pre ved endorsed notes, bearing interest J. W. B'JNTZ, Surviving Partner, ae'7-d J. C. McutJiME * CO., Aacta. EXCURSIONS, PIC N1C8, Ac. UO! FOR ARLINGTON! GREATEST PIC-NTrrOF THE SEASONf The HOWARD ASSOCIATION of Wuhiniton announce to the public A GRAND PRIZE. PIC-NIC, For the Benefit of the Poor, On THURSDAY, Siftimbii SO. Two or three thousand Prizes to be dittnbtod. Bach lady and gentleman are to re /CThL, oeive a prize when they enter f ate. 'I he prize* are to jr1* {old WT" -? * " . ? wu wowbiij <>i every description. Alio, A GRAND DISPDAY OF FIREWORKS AT NIGHT! A full Bra?? tad fctring band has been engaged for the oocaaioa. Tne Piizee will he exhibited in one of the largest jewelry establishments in the oity next Monday. There will be a large hex upon the g'ound, from which each visitor will draw an env-lope aa they enter, containing the number of the prixe, and will receive the prixeon the card in the envelope. The stages will leare hourly, oommencing at 8 o'clock a m. The Geo. W. Riggs will leave the wharf,loot ?>f High street, and run hoarly. Cards of a lmission for gentlemen,51 oents; ladies, 25 cents: and children and servants free. By order of se 13?*t COM OF AKRANGEMBNTft. AMUSEMENT^ ODD FKI.inVVi' Hill 066tf[?tows-&*it: I0w?-HM-y';\ ODD FELLOWS' HALL! WOOD'S M N8TREL8! WOOD'S MIN8?RKL8! WOOD'S M >8TREL?! WOOD S M N8TKEL8! WOOD'S M NSTKK ,8! WOOD'S M NSIREL8' WOOD'S M NSTRKLS! WOOD'S MINSTRELS I SUCCESS UNEQUALED! mm mums SUCCESS UNEC UALKD! SUCCESS UNEt UALKD! SUCCESS I NEV UALED! SUCCESS UNEt UALKD! SUCCESS UN EQUALED! POSITIVELY, LAST WEEK! FOSi IVELY, LAST WEEK ! POSITIVELY. LAST WF.F.V MONDAY, termiu 1Tt?. Thii treat Troop*. daring thia aeoond ud laat week, will preaant entirely cev ?U and a chance of performance faoh nuhL TM following rw?w and oruiaal acta will be preSated: The Railroad Kxploaran. Da mi-on and r-thi-aa, the OtM.d-for-Nothing, tba Swim Warera, th* Pike'a Peak Reel, Viaitof the Prinoaof Walea.Il Tmvatoia, No r-ma, Cruelty to Johnny and other acta never l>efore pieaented to a WaahiDfton ?u(lian?e. _ ... ? Admiaaiou S5 Cawta: Referred Seat* ? Casta. Oftoe open tor aale of tickata from W am. to 5 y in. A8HIN0T0N THEATRE. Sole Leasee and Manacer 8. W. Glkxx. THIS ESTABLISHMENT _ Will Of*n for the fmuIw Fall and Winter Sraeon on the night of THURSDAY. Novwaaa Ui. JOSEPH J~EFFBRSON, The Cornediad of theAge,viIi oomwene* an en(uemrDtof Tv*it? Nijhti o? MOWDAY, Nor?mb? Sth, ?f>d will be followed lythe raoel BRILLUN T ST A IS Mbsi; wi%n piumpimwDUOD. M M If WOOD! WOOD!! STOVE Md KINDLING WOOD, M & IOWM ? n-?'"fc k-~"""-'S&Sa ~ m AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTBRIfOOIf * TU JWUKKOW rrRUSTKK??SALE.-B7%1rtaa a ?f 1 tract, dated Aprn 14, 1M, raoi.rdad la Libar. J. A. S-. No 171, folio* l?l, to ,1 Will ??ffar * ?aa io?. or. MONDAY, tk? lltk rtar of Mlt it to ?iuok p. m., on tka mrannaa*. a > Ik at lot of f raaad n tt*or(*?awa. b*<n* paita of l<a?a oa* haadrad and aiaaty Soar il??>aad omm kaadrad and aiuetj fera, <>*6. fia B?* P* **c?ud addiUoa to aarpatowa. boandad a* foltova, via: IWiaaiaf at th* nortliWMt ooraaf of I-ot No. mnat?. ( ?,> ta *ajd additioa, aad ranainc tharoa ea*t aad parallel wiik Baal I *traat IM laat. tbjw ao<th aad paraiial with WashmctoB atraat 9* fa-t. tKoac * waat aad parai lal with tha 6rat liaa toCoaera** *tr?at.aad tkaac* wltkaaid *traat to U* Mwiaaia*. with tbaiwproaam?rta. oopaiating of a small dwalliac Taria* of Mkl* : Oaa third of tk* **>abaaa aw>aar ta ka paid ta aaak; aad tka raataa* in twa aaaal laataim^a** at oaaand two yaar*. with intaraat. to baaaearad. Tar** of *aia to ka o<>mpiiad viUi ta ?!i , irr ? -w pit'fwiy win w rtiol4 at Um purehMere M*k and oot WAUTKR R C??X .IM**? 1??w?da RARNaII P 4 B> CK F.N . A?flt> I IVKKPOOL. HACK #AI.T AT AUCTION L< l? ALixi.iutii.-Oj TL'KBOAV *011^. IN?. I'thTnat..a' o*?iw>k.<>n tb* Loa? v&rf, foot of D?k? lUNt, we thali Mi I at aa?Ui>n without i f < ?? j/wo Itoki Cfltn* Mt. 1? to UMtoa, Driw* Hro.a< f -nor I willed ?t*ika |?? do. Aehton'e P.Mftalt.J V'Mtorrftltal.Mto ljio do. Wo?tkii|l>" d?. | t)?e tu?. 60 dos. Peter?hors Mi'i actable for Cabta* M&kvr*, or N?r.?rj Mn, la iou to wit pwO I Term a 4 moothe far apvrond fjmr or ttrm pm Vh M|LLE?. BOW * CO. Br WALLA BlINAlD, AMlMm (SALE CONTINUED ) | A RUE AND ATTRACTIVE RALE Or ?- ??'? ?. DVIFI^VIT, I.?T1 ARB OTRII lOaTLT Will. mjCHLT COT BoHIMAK. F*t*c? AHD A Mine A x U LA Will, rrwi KumMAii. Kmuaa AKD A*e?icah CCTLUT, AC.. Fesrcn AKT> lEOH ?TOW? C?I?A WAU,lAllAl AKD Bn? ?taititt?. Ac., 4r.-4H Thl R^DiV **{ PM13th. at lOo'o ??ok, and oonuaaiac daj' BBtil furtiior RohM, W? ah Ail mIJ, At U?? oTC. KOrofn, 274 Pa. aranae. h?wrf n nth kiMimhitrfoti.klrto ud varied aaanrtmeat ?f t be above war*., nek aeVaeea Cart Receiver*. Colocne Bottlaa, Cort ialSmb. Tea Sou. A l&ll VI lm rtl All kaa.U Cutvn, Wirt Clitorl, !>M>oni, Fork*. Dinner Srta, Catlery, Aa. V\ ith many other g ode not here enumerated. The above aale will be foand worth? the atten tion of the pubiio. a* the i?odi are all new atyiea of the iateet importation, and all warranted to be ef the beet qaaittr. Ample arrangemeuta made fer the oonifort ?>f the i*4iea. Term: jM*1 aad aader eaeh; over ?jn a e red it of ?n and y> daya, for aatufact.* iy endoraed no tea. bearing intoreet. eeled WALL A BARNARD. Anet. FUTURE DA TS By J. C. MoGUIRE A CO., Aaetioneera. TWO VERY VALUABLE Bl'lLDINt? LeT. oh K St., orrourm Fbahilir ?i*c*bb at Pcblic Acctios.?On TUESDAY AFlkR NOON, {September lB'h. at B o'clock, on the pi iaee, we ahali offer at aublio auction l?ota >.?? it and tfeaare No. J48,fronting A feet eaeh on north K at . between 13th and luh ?U. weat, running back 147 feet to a an feeta'ey. Theae Lota front direetly on Franklin Bqnare, are located made ightfu: part of the oity for a private reaidenoe, and offer great indncenenta to per aona in want of a firdt-c'aaa building cite Term* (In* thi^l >>' - - - ?1 " raontha. with interest, eeoarisd by idwd of tint on the premiaea. ? I2 d J.C. McSt IRE k CO., Aeeta. By BARNARD A. Ht'CKKV. Auctioneer* tf'orntMM, D. C. DE9IRABLK*IBURBAN RENDKNCL AT Public Arcrio*?On KB 11>*Y APfU-? BOON, llat, at hail pact 4 o'oioek. we will eel. in nnt or the prrinieea, that deairable residence eal.ed Rock Srrinr. *itouted on the northwest*'t. boundary of t?Mr?ttnwii. l>. C . mud e^ntamin* a bo at thirty tve a< ree of land, inproved t>r a <?] two atorv Frame Hon*, flarn, Stab lea. f*prm? Houae, Ac The aitnMion la beast ful, ia*h *'d healthy, and ta watered by seeoral springe of pare t: ins: One-tkird oaah; balance in one, two. and three year*, bearing interest, aeon red by a dee4 of tract. aell-d BARNARD h. bi!f!kkv.i??u By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. HANDSOME FtRNITl RK AND HOl'SF ( kpi.n6 Krr*cT? at PrnLir Arrrion ?On WEDNESDAY MOKNING, tre I9U, mat .at l? o'olock, I ahal! eeli at the late residence of U<>n. John B. Haakina, at the corner ol I street nod N?? Jeraet avenue north, an excellent aaaortment of Furniture, ?u: Hafadaome Rxewood one* Piano, made by Ch?ck erinit A Sona, Boetou, 7 oetavra, Roievood Stool nnl hne Cover. Bandaowe auiie of atm damuk oortred Sofaa, Arm Knar,and Parior Ch'it. Elecaut Walnut Ktetere.and TaMea, Damaak Mantel Board, Vaaes. Labre. Two aeta of very fine 1)amaak Curtaina aad Cornice. Hanaaorae Parlor Chardaltara, Drop, Li(ht. and ott-er Gaa Burner*. Haadeome Velvet. Brneeeia, Tureeply, lafraia. Venetian, and other Carpeta, Eletar.t Mah<>f%ry Marble top Hideboard, EleKar.tOak Writing-dealt and Table*, Handsotre Chamber feet, ooesiaiing ol Mahogany Wardrobe, Marble tup Karean. Waah eitk. Bedstead and Towal raok, made expmaaly to order by Crippa, Vary fine onr'.ed hair. Cotton Top.and Haak Mat Farther Bolfteraand Frfneh Pil.owa, Su Heater, Air-Tight, atd other Stove*, Walnut Dressing Bureau*, Wftikitaod and Jerry Lind Bedaieada. Solid Oak Dining cane seat and Aral Chaira, Iron Be-Jstead and ataiufd Waahitands, Gilt-ftame Looking O aam, Kiegant Walnut and stained Wardrobos, F.legant Rnatiac Set i oopper.) French China and G-amte Toilet B?U. China, Glaas.ard C"?ek"ry ware. Two verT fine buata of Washington and Fraaklia. Floor Oilcloth, Matting, aud Ruga, Cook Stove and Fixtures, Together with a general assortment of KitohM MlilltMi Terms : fan and under oaah;over RJO a credit of 2, 4, and 6 montha. for approved ccdoraed no tea, bearing interest from day of aale ae 13 d A. GRFEN. Aeet Br A GRKKN, Anetioneer. INTERESTING BALtf *T H'Ri.lfi i j. tio* or rbal kstatb ahd Puiom Paorsatt?On the first tu C9DA Y (the 2d day) of Oei?? ber. at 10 o'elo?k, two highly cultivated Farms a# Joining. nonta: r ing at>out%0 aoree each. aitusied mi lee from VVa?hinitoa oity, D. C., on tke 8er nth street road,in Montfomervoounty, Mo Ai?o, Hoaeehold Furniture and every deacription of Pana Stook. consisting in part of? Nine Horses ana out Colt, One pair of Working ? leers. i Twenty four head of Ca*t<e, oomsrising? Milch Cows, young Steers, ftc , Ac. Ati iat thirty Hmt and Shoals, lot of ttMPs | Pair of fina Carriage Hor?es, bight Carriage, new Double Harneae, I P.j Nets, Buffalo Kobaa. Blankets. Ac , Ite. Alio Family Carr age and DonMe Herases. i ?inilj harness, lilies' and Gents' Saddles. Bridles, Sieigh J/ells, Ao.Ac. I One Four horsa Watoa. (lamees, Carta, Carroll, Corn and Cob C?ash?r, sood as new. thrashing Machine aud Horse Power, oekaway. Fan, ReMtrand Mower, And many other use(ol articles too naiaaroas to I mention Large lot of Clover and Timothy Hay, Wheat. Rye and Uat fet^aw. Corn ana Com Fodder The fvms will be sold at oae o'eiock, wit host reserve. No. l, eontaiotng about am aoraa, title perfect and free from ail eaenmbraooe. has as ele?t modern hoose, replete with all oon venienees first o'ass eity reeidenoe. sueh as baths, water slosets, rang* and pame is kitehee, furcaoe, fine dry cellar, not and cold water ia bed roome, conservatory, and in fact every requisite lor aa elegant o >untry residence. The hoase, with its gurr< urdints. cost about f 1?.> <* Farm No. 8 has about 9C? acres highly improved land, good farm hoase, new corn one and graaary, good barn and stablitg for 12 horses. Bkiidiagi Talaad according to insurance ?orvey at aboat gi-'flo, the whole under gooo fencing; piaaty ?f excellent wat?r in every direotion. Also, aaftoieat i w?hxj iuna ana in* nttdovi. Tha Ikrni will be old tot ether or at ft ret parcbaeer*a optxon. Terma of aa!e : On? third (Ml; balanoe to Mil the pirebutr, aecnred by a deed of tmat oa the property. All the pereona! property will be aold oa a credit of 3 month a for all a a ma arar #! aad ap to ail over that aum a credit of 6 noatha will bo It van for notea aatiafactorily ruCoreed, bearing in tereat from the day >>f aala; all aaaia under ?10 caah. The whoie property, real aad peraoaal, will 4 be aold withoat reaenre oa the 6rat Taeaday ia t October, and the a?la will be oontmaed dany aatil the whole of the property iadtapoeed ot Taeprop arty eao be Tinrw aad every deairable lalmatioa ai vn by eallina oc the owner, WILLIAM A. BatCHELOR. aboat 3 nwea beyond the larawof . Mr. Clacet and P. P. Biair, on the Seventh atreat ^ road. Addreaa, if by letter, Cotta?e Poet OAet, Montgomery oounty, MA. . ae4 eoA dj1 A. GREEN, AaeC f\N MOnBASGs5{t^birAil,|ViHw ak?U aall. U in front of the preaiaee.att oatoak p *, ia vs/ssstsusrji: tsamSvWmT Irojn^rnoa. iy, ttrown^ana wii?,_e?*^ u?i, iw, ?nu rrourovu ID W*1 * ? pa<eU6. *e., o.eof the iaad reoords of A'wkiu ton ooonty. parts of ots il and It, in Httrj No W, bMinnim tor the same * fee* 3 irx>bes #W>? fee eouthweet ooroer of Mid M ara. renninf MlWH eHt on a line with D street sooth M feci; tknte aorth 1* feet; thenoe weat 16 feet; the tee eeeth. ? feet to the plaee of kafiLomc, together wit* Ik* improvements, eonmuui or a two story tnm? It icoothi. after d?r of Mie. with D*tee eaeare* hf a deed of trust on the premise*. If the U>me of eaJe are aot ?ompJied with within ire dais after the day of sale the trustees reeenre the nsht to reeeii the property at the par ihaeer's riak ana eoet, after I trine one week's notice. caAiossjf the Cou!jlS?W's^ Will exM?e to sale, for eash. infroatof the Coart House duorof said eo?sty oa MONlu\ , the let day of October next, IWOjU it ooJoai m.. al< to Lot No"? jf^.2^ fl?" iSt *itTZF*?hiaftoa, D. C , toreUer wth all and nacalar the rassvi?rtc2r3? K a, sssmsh ?ut -? J

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