Newspaper of Evening Star, September 17, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 17, 1860 Page 4
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r"?Minet" * THE EVENING STAR. . (A Sirm ?r.!iTiJirK ?In the early part of bla ] residence at Wanst/od, my father's boyish spirit of fun broke out aa uaual On one occasion some boys were caught by him in the act of rubbing an I i< orchard, with the assistance of the gardener were d dragged tr? mbl'.ng into the house My mother's {> father happened to be staying th?*re. an imposing- ? looking old gentleman, who had not forgotten Lis scholastic dignity when looking on anything lu the shape ol a boy A hint to him snfficed, and j he assumed an arm-chair and the character of a ? - ?- - ft-- tf.l.jr j ? J F. lor IDf COlirUY- u? hjkuiciicu uuruuni ? were drawn up brforr blm. and formally charged i by my father wtth tbe theft, which was further proved by the content* of their pockets. The Judge assuming a severe air, Immediately aen- 3 tenced them to instant execution by hanging on the cherry tree I can recollect being prompted J by Sir father to kneel down and intercede for the , culprits, and my frightened crying and the solemn ; ftrce of the whole acene had its due tff-ct on tbe ] offenders Down on their kness they dropped in < a row. sobbing and whining most piteouslv, **nd owing never "to do ao no more.*' My father, ' thinking them sufficiently punished gave tbe | Vnt. and they were aa solemnly pardnond. my ; rather and mother laughing heartily to see the c-'ttH? tfiH which they made oH ?Hoe*'* Memorials. . Ab&ival FRO* STBIA?9*w*ll0'? Ac.?The Boston Joiirnifi ft tbe IVtU | ears?Tbe bark Speedwell, Capt Mdfo. afrived at this port to-day from Beirut, Syria, ' two of the horars which were presented to tor Seward during his recent tour in that country. ! They were a gift from an officer of the Turkish government. The lot comprised three animals, | nut unfortunately, on the sixth day out, tbe mare ; ^1*4 r.f anma nnntpurt<?H K*>fr?f ? fimhark* 1 UICU V1 vvui y V, w.. wi - W-- ?? ? ing. as she gave unmistakable signs of sickness ' when brought on board. The others are In fine condition, and being of tbe celebrated Arabian breed, they will attract considerable attention In \ this country. The Speedwell was in the harbor of Beirut during the late excitement growing out of the massacre of Christians near that place, and Capt. Mayo Las been highly commended for the prompt and efficient aid which he rendered to the flying fugitives from Moslem revenge. Large numbers sought refuge on board his vessel, some returning on shore during the day but coming back at night. On sorfte occasions be had over three hundred persons on fcoafd. They were all kindly treated. A Slight Mistake ?A distinguished author was recently overtaken in a shotr r, an'* took refuge under a portico A young and baa'^iful lady, who wag at tbe winaow, after looking attentively at hlai for a moment, sent a servant?, it with an umbreTH. The next day the delighted author dressed himself up to bis list result of tiiC problem of what be thought was becoming, and as the umbrella was an old one. laid it aside as a souvenir, and purchasing one of the costliest taste, t ailed on the lady to return her flattering loau. She received the new umbrella evidently without marking the change, and after listening with curious gravity to the rather pressing tenderness of th? dramatist's acknowledgments, shesuddenly comprehended that he was tinder the impression that she was enamored of him, and fo thwith naively explained, as ht stood in the way of an expected visit from her intended, who wished to come and see her nuobs*>rved, she had seat him the umbrella to get him off k'.r front slept! Cmops is tmk Caxkbcake* ?The Demopolis Gazette, published in the heait of the richest and most productive farming region of Alabama. *pe*ks as follows of the crops in the"Canebrake:" We hav? never seen so poor a crop of corn and cotton as the Canebrake lands around the village of Macon exhibit this year. In that vicinity we are sure that not more than one-fourth of a good cotton crop will be realized this fall. In the neighborhood of A P. Calhoun's and Hon F. S. Lvon's plantations, around the --18th Section," we are 'informed that the crops are decidedly better, bnt in no event can the Canebrake make a showing of more than half a crop of cotton, and about enough corn for home consumption, this season iDDrvjrc J T TT/r tr/rnur o /it?Avi r/iliU A1 1 il-D H\J JL -15 A*0. BROWNS' HOTKL ?R Bowie and ly, Md; W H Bretman, 'ia; H Burch, Md; F Speller, Gen W B Shanda and iv, Va; J .M Floyd. K B Floyd. Tenn; K Chnk. M K Cbuk, Ark; F McClureand lr. Mo; W Gruv??? Mr* C Lew!*, W 3 Hoyt, La: Col**telner, Ala; J Starr, Md; F D William* and It. Mr* J F Kwele. A S Chapman and ly, Ky; R Hugher and ly, A M Hart and ly, .Mr Lan and ly, l^a; J G Acker. Ala; H I>awson, Tenn; F. Snyder and aon, Pa; A Bartiour. Va; B Smith, E MagarSle, Pa; W Keirn and fam. Mis*; Dr S Logan. W [arral, SC; J Kendrick and fam, D D Kendrlck, <?a: H Chapman. A Damaid, Va; G W Irvin, J B Kallv, Md; W H Kdward* and ly.Kv; 1. Blttlnsr, R J Hemphill. Pa; N R< ad, Va; T Iledlan, Md; I. W Brown, Mas*; \V Hill, Md; H Orr. NJ: J H S ted ma ii, Va; J Weill, JDBDe Bow. La; W R Taliaferro, J M Boyd, Va; J Walker. J M Harrli, Ga; W H TMtterfleld. II McCune, NY; J Jannle ani aii'e', Pa; B Herbert, Term; Gen W W W \C od, Mid; Col W Luper, Dr G Taylor, Fa; T Co n<*v; H Smith, Tenn. NATIONAL HOTEL-T J McKaig, Md; Jno PoweJL Va; J Fo*, R Hivward, DC; J M Ke-r, I'jIA; K Ledvard, Ala; C F. Gregory, NJ; Ss Weatberby. Md; A Davis, Ct; Dr Ammen, USN; J Mairness, Tex; J T Aniss, Man; C Brown^Va; Go* Pratt and fam, Md; HCoggill.NY; L JanIn, 8 Osbourne, La; E C Chamberlain, NY; S C^nten and lady, Misa Cartten.MinW Allen,Pa: G B Walter. E H Castle, Mo; J M Speed, Va; \V Swift. NY; L A Whitelev, Md; W P Lee, USA; R W Browning,?; A Thompson, >ld; W M Blackford, B .Vlacory. Va: M Loudon, NC; FSobal, Fla; G Smith, NY; C Rooter,-N J; E C Cabell, Mo. KIRKWOOD HOUSE.?C Coaflee, Man; R R reatberaton. O*, K Uuuidiiitf. Ill; J John*, la; A P Moi*. Mom. w R Glover, Ky; D Wordraw, Va. A Kaele. Tex; Col Manitleld, ISA, \V Dix, NY; E Walker, \Vi?, A Pembroke, LI; J Widdowaon, Eng; s Hoyt, Va; J N Dugga.n, T Dujjgaa. La; C I>e Brignon and son, Ga; K A Mayo, Va; W Wileou, Ky; W IS JJeach, Va; II Lindcliog, Minn. OCEANS TEA MERS' SAILING DA YS faom the umtid States. SiMDifft. Lea*'.. For. Days. Canada. Boston..? .Liverpool. ..Sept 19 C. Washington..New York....Liverpool.. Sept 2i l.eineter Boston Ga! <rsi S*pt 25 Asia. New York_, Li vnrpttol.. .sept 2b Bremen .New York._ Sooth'pton. Sept ? Adriatic ... New York....Havre Oot 6 Ara<o New York-.. Havre..? Oot la Prom Entop* Bremen ?South'pi?>n .. New York..Sept. 5 Adriatio South'pton...New Prinoe Albert...??al way New York..Sept. 18 Araco ..._S?Mith'pton_..New York,. Sept. 19 New York South pton. ..Nsw York. Oot. 3 The Havana mail steamera leave New York on the 'id. ink, 17th. and 27th of each month, and Cjwrleaton <>n the 4th and 19th. The California mai 1 ate^mera leave New York on the sth and IHh of month. CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. U Strut, Bttimm 9tk and l'U* Sirtttt, i We have juat fiuiahed a num!*r of first ciaaa CARRIAGES, tuoti m Light Finr*. iWffrg, P*rk P*talonj, hamilv far-ttgtui B-fgiet, which we willaellat ? ? I * ver* aroall profit. Heine pr%c'ti Mkl in^rhariot in different branches ct the ombib^m, we flatter otrraeJvna that we know 1 ?fca etjleaatxl laantjr of work Uat will give aatif faction, eonbiotuc hjhtneaa, comfort and darabili Repairing promptly a:?i carefully attended to i the a borteat actio* and moat reasonable charge*. I i WALTER, KARMANN k, HOl'l', Coaohmakera, auocesaora to Win. T. Hook. P^.tllT I m - ? ? - _ . ^AKKiAUKS. 1. UK frvbaeriber bannc m*ue sdditiOMto tu Kio'j. matins it bo* <?i.e of tto I* the I>iitrict, wii?'? Ira footlitsea forUSDWC !?i,n!*cUmE* CARRIAGE * LltiH i JK=*X vv.\*iON9?r*'i iintia cer.noi oe iBrptiMd.urf fiou? iui lone e*F#ri?t.oe in U?e buifitM, he hope* *OLr:iA(b? mi Lljkl 7ii{0Bi keft e> ^UiREPAlHBMUr 4*m.u4?U *r4?ra ymiH 279 * ??%&?' 206 ! Pa. Ate., FORElttN FRUITS. Pa.At?CONFECTIONS. WUitf tk#*L I 'mJiwsK;* Beca le?Te U> o* t itie?u'-tiu?Q ui ui? friende tne Ue lenerm^r to h a New Siore, ander wQ- j lftr<T? Motei, Jnat open ?1, in connexion with tua old eetnb.iefcmeut, where hewul M h*ppr to re#0t re 7 ordera for aijeno: Confeotiona of hie ova ^f^OTjtor ynMW, iglft, lU .a.fcnc ! * wr * ?* r* " r**xu wiu w 'wi ii ia hii n. j lfltitSblS StWW? Wttk til? SBIIl# irOIZIltLOei ihj dia. SEdTvIhA b* Itu bltbarlo ?nwn ""Jr ' WNEW goods. 1 R H?Tf jait rw?irid t ?r|? ito?k of BI?uHmI tnd lirova COTTulMS vf th? bMt nuka^ a * ! SHEETINGS. TA HLE LIN' K.N si, NAPKINS*. TOWELINGS, IRISH LINENS, 2000 ?*rda LAWNS, from < oMti to i2H; HOSIERY, 1 pss ; hav* a few hen ORGANDY ROBES on kMtd , vfaicb v* h*T* markod l*aa than *~?t. if 3D TAYLOR A PTCTUKW. Avery nice seven octave piano \ lianr.g b**a in un? abort tin* < will be aoltl at a f raat aacrifio* for caan ! , til* nfttr b?ia< eoni^*!.?d to l*?v? th*??? *? ? j city. Orifioal* AJ?>, wiii now h*aol<l for MN \ eaak. to ba M*n a: Mr. M ETZEROTT'S Maaio i St?r?. oorn*r Pa.av*aa* and K!??#ntb at. aa St i F^lne pianos for rent or sale, ! At Ki.LIS'S, t , Maaic r*o#iv?0 tn-VMklf, at ELLIS'S. \ M'lodeoaa aod vU*r iuaUumacta for r*at. at a* 5 ELUrS. MISCELLANEOUS. j (No.66.Vl JY THE PRBSll'BNT OF THE UNITED STATES. In pursuance of law. I.Jamii Bucha?!*!*, Preelentoithe I! nitoi States of Amerio*. do hereby eolareand mace known that public sa1?s will be eld at the under-mentioned Land Offices in the 1 ate of Iowa, at the periods hereinafter desigca ed, to wit: At the I^aod Offioeat Fort Dodoi, oominenoin* >n mona&v, xne u;n aar 01 f?ovenio?r nexi, lor ine liepoaal of tbe publio ands, heretofore un-tiered, itaated within the following townships and parts >f townships, vis: \ortk of Ik* bat* It** and tre/t tf the fifth principal aurtfiaa. Ssotiona l.S.5,7,9, II, 13. It, 17, 19, 21, a, 85, 27, 19, SI, 33, and 35, of townahip 98; aeotiona 1, 3. 6, 7, I 11, 13. 15,17, N, 21, 23. 25, 27, 29, 31. 33, and 35, of townahip HO; aeotious 1,3, 5,7. 9,11, 13, 15,17, 19,21, 8.25,27,29, 31,33. find 35, of townahip aeotiona 1,3,5,7,9,11, 13. 15, 17.14,21,23 25, 27. 29,31, 38, and 15, ol townahip 97: aeotiona 1.3.5,7,9,11.13, 15,17, >9. 21, 23. 25, 27, .9, 31, 33, and 35, of towuahip ?8, )f range 27. Sections 1,3,5,7, 9,11, 13.15, 17. 19,21,53. 25, 27, ?>,31.33, an<l 35, oftownahip 93; aeotiona 1,3,5,7,9, 1, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, and 35, of towaahipM; aeotiona 1,3,5,7,9,11,13, 15 17,19,21, ii, 25,27, 29 , 31, 33 ai d 35 of townahip 95; section" I, S, 5.7, 9, 11, 13, 15,17.19,21, 23, 25. 27, 29, 31. 31, and Vt, ol townahip 96; *(*viona 1.3,5.7, 9 11. 13. 15, 17, 19,21,23, 25,27,23,31 ,33, and 35, or townahip 97; aeotiona 1,3,5,7, 9,11,13, 15, 17,19, 21. 23, 25, 27, >9,31, ?, and 35, of towns-tip 9S; sect ons 1. 3 5. 7, 9,11,13, 1% 17. 14. stl, 23,25, 27, 29, 31, 33, and 35, of towuahip 99, or ranee 28. S otiona 1.3,5,7,9, 11.13, 15,17.19,21,23. 25. 27. fc,, 31,33, and 35, of townahip 93; aeotiona 1, 3,5, 7, 9, II, 13,17, 19,21,23,25 27.29, 31, 33, and 35, of townihlff^; aeotiona 1,3,5.7,9,11,13.15,17,19,21,25, 25, p, 59, 31,33, and 35, ot townahip!?; section* 1,3, 5. .'3. 15,17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29. 31 33. and 35, of townal'i) 96, aeo? one 1,3, 5.7, 9.11.13,15,17,19, 21, k 27. 3' 33- ?na ss. or mwnilup 97; i??iinn? IU 7,?, il. IS. 15,17.13,21. 21. 25. 27.29, 3'. 33. and IS, of 98; 86*! ions 1,3,5, 7, 9,11,13,15, 17, 19! 21,2*, 25,27,29,31,33, and 35, of township 99, of | "seoUons l.J, 5,7,9.11,13,15,17,19, 21,23,25,57.29. B1 S3 and 35, iff township 93; motions 1,3.5,7,9, I * 13 15 17 1$ *1 ?. 2.5,27,23,31JJ3. and .<?, of town h,lwUM.ii*.'l,3,5 f7,9,ll, 13.15,17,19,21,23. 25, 27 5p 81.?J, and 35, (if townshipitt; sections 3,5, 1 H l l 11 15 7 19 21, 25.27.2J 31, 33, ani 35. of township 96;' iekioml, 3, V7.9.11 13 15,17.19,21, 23. 25,27.29, 31. S3, %ndI 35, oi ST0^.0*!, ' t 7 o 11 13. 15, 17. 19? Jdl * 25, 27, 29, 31, 33. &n 35. ofVownihip f2iloni 19 21 1 25 27.29. 31,33, and 35, oi township 99; see t?or.s' 1^ 5.5! 9 11, \s.\s, 17, 19. 21, 23, 25.27, 29,31. 33. and li. ?i towneni o iwi, ?>i mu^n j , SMtitina It S, 5,7, 9. II, 13. 15, 17, 19, 21,23 2.5 27 29, 31,33, and 35. of tow ua hip HS: aaations 1.3 57* 9. 11.13, 15. 17,19, 21, 23, 25. 27, 3J. 33. ana 35 of townahip 94; aeotion* 1. 3. 5. 7, J>. St, 13. 15. 17,19, 21 33,28.27,29,31. 33. and 35. of tow?*fc?p 95: aMtions 1.3,5, 7.9,11.13. 15, I7,M, 21, S3. 25,27. 2* 31.33 and S5, of township 96; eeotiocs 1,3, 5,7, 9,11.13 15 17 W, 21 23. T>, i?7, 29, 31.33, and 35, ol towiahip himoti?na I, 9. 5,7.0, 11.13, .5, 17, 19. 21, 23,25. 27, *9,31, . oftt>wm?fcip W; aectiona 1,3. 5, 7,9,11, 13 *n<l 35, of lowna^ip "w'TL ' 3 7'9' A1'.5c 'V3 a, 25, 27, 29, SI,*., and Ji, o' i4>trn?njp MO. of ranee 31. ??0tlOu? 1.3,9, 7 4, 'J. 13, 1.5. 17, 19, wl, 23.25,27, 29,31,33, anu J5. 01 vcr#nat?lp 93; aecto>n? 1, 3. 5.7 9, II, 13, 15,17, 19, 21,?, 35 27. i?, 3'. 33, and 35,of township !M; ?ectioi;? 1,3.5, * 9 iJ.13,15, 17,19,21, 23, 25,27, 29, 31.3i,*rva 35, of towngi'lp 95; seotioi k 1,3, 5,7,9,11. 13.15, 17.19,21,23, S%J7, 29,31,33. and 35, of to vnahip 9s; sectHna 1,3, 5,7.-9, 11,13,15, 17. 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 2"), 31. 31, and 35, of lownehip 97; Otjona 1,3.5.7. 9, II, 13, li, 17. 19. 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31,33, and 15. of townaiiip amotions I. 8,5,7,9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23.25, 21,2s\ SI. at>d *6, of tnwn |"JP 99; sections 1,3,5,7.9, *1.13, 15,17, 19, 21, 23, 25. 27.19. 31. 33. a?id 33 of ti>?rn?. " ll*', of_ranK8 3/. Seotlona 1.3,5,7,9. 11,13.15. 1,. ' VshY^fiw29, 31.83, and 36. "f 'own*hip<M: to* ~T?nd a^of tiona 1, 3.5, 7, 9, 11. 21. 23, 25, 27, 2?, 31,? ' ,U ?,'2i towns'i 1 p 96; actijna 1.3,5,7,9,11,la,15,. *.>i0>ib 23,25, 27,29,31,31, *nd 35 ot township 97; a?s. ? 1; 3.5,7, 9. 11, 13, 1*, 17, 19, 21. 23, 25. 27. 29,31. ' a d 35. of .ownthip 98- aectioua I, 3,5. 7, 9,11.13, la, 17, 19, 21. 23 25, 27, 2?. 31. 33, and 35. of township 99; a?ct one 1,3,5. 7, !?. 11, 13. 15, 17, 1H, 21. 23, 2., 27,29, 31,33, and 35, of townahip 100, oi range 33. At the Land Office at Sioux City, oommenoing on Monday, the 26th day of November next, for thediapoaal of the public landa, heretofore unofft red, aitnaiei within the following townahip* and parta of townabipe, viz : North of the base line ami i*e*t of the fifth principal jneridian. Section* 1,3,5,7,9,11, is. 15,17. 19.21.23, 25. 27. 2>. 31, Si, and 35, of townahip 95; aec'iona 1, 3. *,7,9, 11, 13, 15. 17, 19, 21, 23. 25. 27. 29. 31, 33. and 35, ol townanp 96; aec'iona 1,3. 5.7, 9, 11, 13,15,17,19,21, 21, 25,27,29. 31.33. and 3i, of townahie 97; townahip 91; aectiona 1. 3,5,7,9, 11,13. 15, 17, 19,21,23,25, 27, 2*,31, 33, and 35. of townanip 99; aectiona 1,3. 6.7,9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19,21, 23, 25, 27 . 29 , 31,33, and 35, of townahip 11)0, 01 racge 34. i ownsnips sw, w?, ana in", or range 35. Township 9^, ol range ?v Township* 9*. 99, and wo, of rut* S7. Townships 90, 99, and inn, of range 3*. Townships 9R.99, and inn, of ranges?. Townshios 9?, 99. itrd 1<?, of ra*ge V. Township* 99 and inn, of range 41. Townships and 10?>. of ranee 42. Townships 90 and 100, of range 48. Towmui|ii 99 aud <*>, at iM.*e 44. Townships 99 and ion, of range IS. Townships 99 and 1 <*>. of range 46. Townships ?aai 100, of range 47. Townships 99 and ion of range 4.'<. Townships 99 and 100, oi range 49. Land appropriated by law for the use of sohools, military, and other purposes, together with the "'swamp and overflowed lands," will be excluded front th? sales. The offering of the above lands will be commenced on the days appointed, and will proceed in the order in which they are advertised, until the whole shall have been oflered and the &aios thus closed ; but no sale shall be kept open longer tk<m t*co vetthf, and no private entry of any of the iands will be admitted until alter ihe expiration of the two weeks. liiven under mr hand, at the city of Washington, this fourteenth day of Auru?t. Anno Doinini one thousand eight hundred and sixty. I i ML'S mrruiMiw *li waAiiAiii By the President: Jos. S. Wilsok. Commissioner of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitle*! to the right ol pre-emption to any of the lands within tha townships and parts of townships above mentioned, is required to establish the same to the satisfaction of the register and receiver of the proper land office,and make payment therefor as soon as practicable alter seeing this notice, and belor: the day appointed for the commencement of the pnb!ic saiea of the lands embracing tne tract claimed; otherwise guch claim will be forfeited. JOS. J*. WILSON, Commissioner of the General Land Offioe. Not*.?Under the regulation! of the department, as heretofore and now existing, no payment can he made for advertising proclamations except to such publishers as are *pec\mily authorized to publish by the Commissioner of the General Laud Offioe. an 20-.M,wi3w WOOD" AND COAL. 117 O O D "AND COAL Delivered to all parts trt tuo city, at the lowest OMible rates. T. J. A W. M. GA1.T, Olfioe I'a. av., tatween llth and 12th gt? , uia n tf north aide. THE SUBSCRIBER HAVING ON HAND an exteuatve nfwik of FUEL, 1* prepared Ui Mil at a very low figure for cash. WOOD tawed and Split an; size. Call and m for your*eif. R. W. BATES, Wood and Coal Dealer, ma if 8. K. corner of Fourteenth and C it a. niONEER STEAM MARBLE AND BROWN 1 STONE WORKS. The anbaeriher imi -?.? ?v- _:?i _ o- ---? ? v r' IUJVI ni IllO C1MZODI of Waahingtm,Georgetown and Alexandria that he has added t<> his lone estaMiahed boameaa the auxiliary of steam p"*><r for sawing and manufao turine Marble and Brown Stone Work in 'heir va rioua branches, Marble Mantela, Table and Waahstand Top*, Tile. Monuments, Tomb and Head fc*tonea, S a">a, Window I.inte's, Silia, Steps and P atforms. Having jurchaned a large stock of Italian Marble in m first hand*,at the loweat rate*, he feela oonfident of being able to famish Marbe Work aa low aa it can be purchased in New York. Philadelphia, or Baltimore. The tiade supplied with Italian Marble in bloek or aaba at the aanie rate aa furnisned in York, and on aooommtiJaUng term*. Alao, on hand, a large anpplr ol Pumice Stone, Water of Ayr Hoce and Poltahirg Putty at New York pncea. Encourage the enter priae; it will be an acqniaition to the city. ALKX. RUTHERFORD. Piotutr Steam Marble and Brown Stone Works, Pa. ar., oor. Thirteenth at., an 21 3m Waahington, D. C. IMPORTANT TU HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. DURKEF, A CO.'S BEI.EOT 0FIOES. Uaaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, bat * round from freak Spioea, aeleoted and oleaneo by ua expreaaly for the purpose without reference to o.>?t. They are beautifhl1.y packed in tinA^it. [iined wttli paper,I to prevent injur* by keeping tod ar? full weight, while the orainvy ground Sptces ara almost invariably abort. We warr?a4 taem, in point of streugth and richness of flavor, BEYOND A 1.1, COMPARISON, uaaincletnai will abundantly prove. Manuactured only bv E. R. DURKEE * CO., fc l*-if.DA 1 ? 1 PtT at.. Nf w York. T'HE UNION W1L?. STAND. NOMATTER 1 WHO'S PRESIDENT! Consequently 1 shall remain in Washington and lontmaa to parsu? mv o?uf?Uo? ?f HOrSK, SIGN and ORNaMKNTAL PAINTING. Gilding In all its branches. Old Glaiinf promptly attended to. Painting and Ornamenting Cottage Pernitnrein the b*st style I also, eal> attention o the Punting of Roofs and Bnok Walls. All of the above I will do aa cheap as theeheapal therefore solicit the patronue of my friend* fellow oitiaens of the IMstriot. Puuetna'ity itriotly observed, and work done in the beat mani?Fe Yon will please mind your sf>ps and stop at M. T PARKER'!* Painting Establishment, No. ?3' 53 !! 33 !!! Louiaiana av., north aide, betweea 6th and 7th ata. P. a. Signs put at free af charge, as osaal. M 8'n (M)LllANl) SILVER ?PtCTACLE?.-Hav*. ins had much experienca In ** ? <?- a f ? nanuiaoturing and n&le of Apeetaoles ~ j*I am now prepared to supply any or all titat want a wt superior euajlty of (las***, with those that krebeetoalculated tobeneittheirsiKht. Having bad nueh praotioe in fitting the ?oat diflloalt oases, I eel warranted in saying that I c?n select giaeses at times taat wilt tnit the wearer, and at the 4m? van wii uiin m in iov ft price that JltlVat I nth to km them oftu Afford to purohtae. I MM .No. 33b pVnn^^nuV I MKDICINK8. f |A. I9IMTOR, 'J L? BALT1VOKI MMCK HOBTITAJLt H*t DittTtd tk* most Ctrfm. Hvmif, mnd mJf Effectual Kimtci y i? tk* World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF 1MPRUDENCK. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY I MM ED .ATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHAROE, IN FROM Olfjf ti> TWO DAYS. VNkilM af Ui Itik, luttimi A f??hMifUlllfct>? ud Bladdar, iuTalamary Diacbargai'i Inpataoty. fit carat Dakilily. NirrMiniu, Dyayapaa,Lara Hir, Ui pirua.Caafaaian af Idaaa, Palpiiai'ao aftbt art?. s?i lity. Trankliafa, Dimuaaa of Sifht ar Jiddinaaa, Diaaaaa afi^a Baad, Tkraal, Ini? kin, Afaotlaoa afiba kmn, I,md ick w Bawala? thaaa Tarrikla Dtaerdara analog frmm Mi Ury lakita d Yaaib?thaaa Draadfai and DtMracux PitttiCM vhiafc nr dai Marriaf a impaaaikia, tod daairay baia Bad ? aad Mtad TOINMUI BapaaiallT vka kara tba ?ictia?a af h'JUlJ Tlaa, Ike; draadfai and daauacuaa Baku wbiek aonrall v awaapa M an anomaly gr.ra ihaaaaoda af Taaug Man a flna roaai asallad talaota ar?d krillani lntallact, wba ?i#ta? Mi arviaa bar# antrancad liataomf Baoaiaa wiib Uaibaadara aft laaaaaaaat vakad ;a aaaiaty Ua living lyi , May tail ?i|i rail iwf daaaa. MAUUBl'B. MAUIII PBUOn, at THi lMavMaMBplai >a(Mw lata, kaiuf awaraaf abyaiaal fMtiau, Hfaili dabtllty, dalarmiuaa, 4c., apaadilr earad. a ?h? placaa himaalf tndar Ua aara af Dt. J. may all0aaaly eoulda in bit haoar aa a faatlaaaa aad aaatdaallf .*M7 pa<i hia akiil aa a phyaiaiaa. orncE Na. t ?orr? laft kaad aida faiof fraia Btiumara (traat, a fa w daara (MM Ua earoar. F*<1 oat ta akitrra uat U< amakar. hattaaa at ka aaldaid aaatain aaiaaa. DR. iOlHITOI, _ M?km af tk? ftayal Call, (a Wadaa, m<KU ham an* af ih* dn| raiuanl Callaf aa in Ik * Vnltta IWH| and th? fraatar part af *Iimi lif* hu k**n in tha i? aitali of Lwdw, Paria, Philadalpbia and alaa ha*?, ha* ( r?ct*d aama af th* ruaat aataniabtDf carat iba ' war* knawn; nianj traablad with rinfinf in th? h*i < tad aart wb*n ailaap; fraat narraaana**, btinr aUrmad *< ddta taaodi, baanfaln*** with friqaant blaabinf, attand.'d kail witk d*r*?f*m*iuaf mmd, war* euad imiaadi.'t*lT> TAKE PAITiCBkAR NOTICK. TMaf Mao andothara whabna* injarad OiamaalTM *7 * nam prattle* ludalftrt in whan alana?a babu fraqaak Uj laarnad fram *ti1 eampamana, ar at acba*l, th* afacta which ara ntfir.lj fait aran wbta aaiaap, aud if nai tarad, landara raarriifa Inpoaaikla, u4 dtatraji balk aiad U4 kadr, abaald apply iraroadntalr. Tnaaa ara aama of th* tad and malaoebalj ?f acu arada**d by aarjr baWta of vaatb vii: Waaknaaa ofib* Back aad limb*, P iin? in tba H*ad, Dimnaaa of SifhtfLaaa af Maaeaiu Poarar, Palpitatiao af tba rfatrt,?>apapaj,Naria<a Irritability, I)ar?uf ?m?nt of tha Dtgaatir* rancuaa*, anarai Dakility, MENTALLY ? Tin faarfal iftetiM U? mind at* math W ba dra^dtd ?L.-'im of Mamary, Canfaaian of Idaaa, Uapraaaiaa aflptnla, Eril Farbsdingt, A*ar>ian af Baeit-.y, ialf-Diatraat, kt'i a[ BaliiaJa, Timidity, aU.,ara aaraa af tba a?ila p?adacad. MKRTOCI DKIIklTT.?Thaaiaada aaa aav}adf? wkti la tha caasa af thair daclining haalth, laaing thair aigar, ba(?aminf aaik, pala, Dtrraaa and amaeiatad, having aaiajalaj ' appaarania aaoat tha a*ai, eaagh or aympiaau af aacaaaipUaa DlBfcAB&fl UP IMPRUDKNCB. Whan tha miagaidad and irapradant Tatar? af plaaaara ladi ha h<v? iin.Mfcad tha aaada af thia painfal diataaa, it taa aftaa happar.a that an ill-tiintd aanaa of ar draad af diaeaaaiy datara him from applying ta thoaa aria, from adacitian and raapastability, can alona bafruod bim. Ha fall* In la lb? banda af ignorant and daaignmg pratandara, vha, lucapakla af caring, l!ch hia pacaniary aabataaca, kiap him tnllag man'h aft a r month, ar aa laag aa tha amallax faa can ba aV tainad,and in datpair laava him with rainad haalth taaurb arar bu galling diaappnintraant; ar bj tha aaa af that daadlw paiao... Dlarcary, baatan lb* cmuuuiul aymptania ( u(a tarribla diaaaaa, inch u A Factions of tba Naart. Tbraat. Km, kin.Ac., prograaaing with fnghtfal rapidity, till daith piui pariad ta hia draadfal tuftrinr* by aanding him : tbat aadiiMfirid uintri fratn vkniWiM na tnfillt r ;ini DR. JOMNtOITiREMEDY FOR 0R0AH1C WKAJUIEM AMD 1MPOTEHCY. j UU graat and iaparunt ramady waaknauaf tba arraaa ara apaadilj carad and fall rigar raatarad. Tkaaaanda a? U* aat narroaa and dabilitatad, tka bad laat all bapa, bar* baao iniraadiattly raliar ad. AII iropailimanta la Marriag*. Pbyalaal at JJaatal DIhmIV laatiena, Laaa af Pracraatira Pawar, Harraaa Irritability Tramfcling and Wankaaaaai KlhaaiUao af tb? BMlfnili d apaaadrly carad. KNDUUEMEMY Of TIK PRBM. mmr "*"Y THOUSANDS eartd atthla inautatlaa vttkk thT7* jaara, and tha caraaraaa invariant ?r(4. ! !*_ . _ 'rfarwad br Dr. Jthnw k. .V. w*i vrartiiviia p. ,M m-jT __ - 7?~? ^ reparian *f m? pap. .!5.mJoy **? * "?! 1 vbKh h.T. ?pp..r.d a? *' ?? ?|UU wi;. U>. kite, kc i.itt hiiitaudtcf at a riau "imuJ'Uity, ta a ciantgaaiaaia* w " * ! ? *. Jaale-ly Dr. j. bovee dod's IMPERIAL WINE E1TTERS, Are now being used from Maine to the t^re** Lake, ani tbe univernal verdiot of all who,?*? them either aa a mtditin-* or an a bereratr#, ' tll*J they are onsarpated in the world. Dr. Dodk' " o them ?u'oe??fnllT in hit practice for 35 year* b won we purchased of him the aoie richt to mannfae Kr.-1 nr^nant thf?ra fnr ibIa t/t tha aiiKIim for . m oure of Incipient Consumption, Indigestion, Dir.'" v Piles, Nervous Disearen. Female Cora pi&ir.ts. and all canes repairing atonio, th?T are beSouii douiit a most invaluable remedy. Aside from loir liWicinai properties they are a pur?, wholesome and delightful Beveraze. producing all the p4eft?arit exhilarating effects of Brandy or Wine without th?- r injurious results. I,et all friends of humanity and ail advooatos of temperance assist us in nubstitning these vsiuib'e Vegetable Bitters for tha minrral poison* and adultrrait'l Liquors with wbioa the country is floodeu, and tnereby effoc'ua ;y aid in ban.shins Disease and DronkeceM inmi the land. CHARLES WIDDIFIELD * CO., Proprietors, 7M William street. New Y ork. J. SCIIWARZE. Agent, Washington, I). C. DR. J. BOVKE DODS' IMPERIAL GIN BITTERS. For I)i*ea?es of the Kidney a. Bladder ann Urinary '?r??nr)i>, and especially for Female Obstruction*, never fail to cure, and are warranted to giv* Mtittaotion. CHARLKS WIDDIFIELD tt CO.. Froprietora, 7*> William ?tf New York. J. SOHVVARZE, je7 ly,r A*ent, Waahiufton, D. C. XT. O. H. db T. HUMMEWELL'S UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, for a// Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNEWELL'S JUSTLY CELEBRATED The Natural and Sure Remedy for all Nerunif* (1 n*rir*Istint? From Neuralgia through all oases where Opium was ever used to that of Delirium Tremens, and the common chief canse of htsease LOSS OF SLEEP. The Tola Anodyne, though containing cot a particle ol Opium, produces all the requirements of, and ma; he used in all cases wherever Opinio waa used without producing anything hut Cure#, and leaving t;ie patient in a perfeotly natural state. The Universal Cough Remedy, (free from all tho common obieotion of Cough Retntuies, which product* nausea or prostration,) may be considered the common enem> to ail Throat and Lung Comp'aiuts. and used with perfect impunity. Asking all to court from proprietor* or friends tho most -evere investigation ofbnth Remedies,and reading of our paint', lets to l??lound with all dealers, ana mom particularly to purchase only of those who can l>e dapeuded upon, we wait in oonfidenoe the decisions of Patient* and Physicians. "Prices within reach of all." 6KXK1AL ASXNTS. J. W. HcitriEWKLL k. Co., 7 and 8. Commercial Wharf, Boston, 610. Hchnswkll, 145 Water st, New York, Under tue special supervision of JOHN L>. HUNNEW ELL, Chemist and Pharmaceutist, Boston, Mass., whose signature oovers the oo'ksofthe genuine ooly, and to whom address all communications. Jvuu ut all respectable dealers eve where, and all the Druggist* 111 Washington and Georgetown. mar 26-eo.r JOY FOR THE S|f5K AND SUFFERING. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED READ! APPLY THE REMEDY I AND REJOICE IN HEALTH\ , Friend, do you suff-r.' Arc rou the viotim of any ' of those rumerous ailment* which anse from imputity oi the blood.' What are 'hoy, do yon ask.' Rather ask, what are they not? 'the blood is the source of liie and health, and it is the first element of our being to respond to any cause whioh sffeots i systeiu, as the pulse infalfi>>i? attest* The ever prevailing Neuralgia, the irritating Erysipelae. the subtle Horoiuia. the agonizing Rheumatism, Nervous Debili-y, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint with iU torpor and d?jecfiou, and the numberless itis that flesb ia heir to, derive their hideous origin from the blood. Deal kindly then and geutly with the blood. Ua* the vitalizing resources of nature for its aid. and suffer us to com mo ml to your ooufidenoe ana use that tmly valuable medicament known aa MRS. M. COTS INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to this almost infallible speoifio popular sentiment has spoken in decided terms, Alld til A AVldmAM nf ?- - ...... (iw gilllW); are tained by constant avowals of euriUive effeota and th- happiest result* from its use are after all other remedies and the l*eat medical skill have failed. Let ua say, in conclusion, th*t certificate! cure* are not sought from the illiterate and superficial, but they are volunteered from the most re?peotab!e sources and justify the highest terms in wluoh it ia possible to commend eo valuable a speoifio to pub ic approval. We may add also that tne curative properties of the medioine are equalled only by it* restorative effects, the ay*t?m recovering from disease with renewed constitutional vigor. Fur sale hv ail respectable Druggists in thia oity, and by the proprietor, MRS. M. COX, None genuine unlees her name ia blown on the bott'o Mil her aeal on the oork ^noe $ I per bottle, six bottles for ?5. rr r%uiz*uit AKmi. I\. I. U199KL, Drngfict, I Georgetown, l> (*.< Wholesale Agent for the I)i?triof, and wt.l supply the trade at my pnoea. an 18-tr ttELTZER WATER! O SELTZER WATER! SELTZER WATER! We have to-dar received a fresh anpvly or Seltzer Watw, in haakrtt, direct from the tmmIui which they wore imported. KINO * BURCHELL, e 6 Fifteenth ?t and Vermont av. *A WM. T. DOVE * CO. xilRE Now prepared to exeoata any orders with vhiflh thMr ma > ha fawAvM i? "7LUMW*.6jgO|Jk|TKAM PITTING IC7* Store on 9th street,a few doors north of Pa, avenue, vhere may tie found a complete assortment of CH A NDKIJ KRB and other ?AS, 1ST K AM and WATKR FIXTURES. Ja?-fr A * XX ALE AND XXX ALK!! jfe ve&aOT.TKsfflswits/'ft'Bw? ERY. This Ale is made from malt and hoes only and oannotfiail tome entire satisfaction to eon earners. C. COLINEAU, Proprietor of the Waah'a Brewery i oorner K and nth sta. ? w " ; a MEDIGIN] & : JNPECTINE^ ' 1 I PERSIAN FEVER. CHARM. V FEVER AND AGUE BXTERMINATED. THE HUMAN CONSTITUTION SAVED FROM WRECK. i THE PREVENTIVE AND REMEDY worn. ALL INTERMITTENT AND BILIOUS FEVERS. CURES IN SI RED IN A DAY. NATURE'S GRAND RESTORATIVE. INFECTINE, INFECTINE. INPECT1NE, INFECTINE. INFECTINE. INPECTI vr ? a? The terrible malady known as the FEV'^r AND AGUE hu smitten hundred* of thouaa' j<ia ?f -or sons throughout the world every yi tTt an(j never till now been m*t by aueoea ifQi me<uoai treatment that has not produced sovf ?9 MEDICINAL DISEASES, w.Sich affeot the lunga, the spier .a, the liver, the heart, or other parta of the hum'?n organiam. The INPtCTINE ta the natoral ai .ttcomat of all fevers, aud when it cornea in oe ntaot with the akin, is absorbed by the interior jrgans. which reaiat easily miaama and all tend tneies towarda thoae maladies which prostrate tt\? mind and body with fever. Fever and Ague result, from nnmerons causes. No plaoe is exempt fro\n the oaoses whioh promote the existence of the dxaease. That being once seat. ed in the svatem, mduoea depraeaion of apirits, lassitude, languor, pains, ohilla. fever, and a long train of disag reeable sensations, depriving the patient of all eiurgy, and reducing him or her to a -A 2 a : # oonaiuon 01 EXTREME HELPLESSNESS. Why vill any on* suffer the horrors of a debilitattng Intermittent Fever, when by the use of the INVALUABLE IN PECTIN E, OK PERSIAN FEVER CHARM. the eminent medioal and magioal?aalitioa of whioh are instantly absorbed, I ALL TRACKS OP DISEASE MAY BE ANNI, HILATED IN A FEW HOURS, SELF-CARE IS BETTER THAN PHYSIC. NATURE IS W1BER THAN ART. EVERY DISEASE HAS A DIVINE RiiMEDY. THE WISE APPLY WHILE THE FOOLISH DREAM. BETTER PREVENT THAN STRIVE TO CURE. DELAYS ARE DAN6EROUS. THE IMrECTWE, oa PERSIAN FEVER CHARM, Has oared thonaanda of both aexea of the moat dreadful Fevers. Read and reflect. urnrjnri?vitt pi?J7I?/'T9 JV l/ATA/JUl^Jl M~? A A X *-' Lemuel Boiuail. of Pittsburg, for two years useless to himself aad society?a martjr to Chills and Fever?cured in lees than three -weeks, and improved in eight hours. Mary K. Belknap, Sandusky, Ohio, after almost losing her reason aa well as strength by Intermittent Fever, with Chills, restored to health in twenty hours. J. R. Tilton, of Belgrade, Maine, brought from death's door, having suffered for fuur years, made wall in five w**k?, ana lmprovea m two honra. Adolphe Monhro, of Franoe, relieved in one honr. while travelling in the oara of (he Fort Wayne and Chioaco Railroad. He vaa apparent ly dying with Chills. Ellen R. Benaon, of Lock port, New York, reaoued after seven year a' suffering. A perfect onre. ThonaaLd of other oaaea prevented and onred every month, and not a single oomplaint ol the ffloienoy of the ? IHPECTINE,] ~ OE PERSIAN FBVER CHARM. TRY IT, PROVE JT, KNOW IT. And make known lU wonderful powers and virtu m, that those who suffer, or who are threatened with sufferini, may be led to use a simple, ii- i noziou* preparation, Ismished by the field of Nature for MAN'S BLESSING ! ! < 1 INPBCTXNH 18 BOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS AND MED1- 1 CINE DEALERS IN AMERICA. ] PRICE ONE DOLLAR, < Bent by mail to any p*rt of the United States. REMEMBER, 1 It Is not taken iawardl*. but Is nailed outward!w. eoordinc to direotioM, wkiok totoapu; c?oh 1 fMlutt. c MANUFACTURED BY I JOHN WILCOX fe CO., 1S8 MAIN STREET, j RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. ' BRANCH OFFICE, ' No. W BANK OP COMMEKGE BUILDING, j NEW YORK CITY. M U-dlnfttewllB TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. HAVE REMOVKD TO No. 16 MABKtiT _ , tftce. Pern. a???f" V??? " ?ta Iberu, wkm 1 will be hsffy to 1 ob all wh? will favor me with a call with* a fin* atook of BOOTS acd tHoKS for' OTk Ladie*',GenU',Ilo)aufl CkiWreg'j? wear. aw 2 eotr J. ROSKNTHAU BMOOTS AND fcttOKS TO SUIT THIS TIM BS, Wa are cow manaftw?nux ail kinds of BOOTS and SHOKS, and oortUntlT reoemac a^^a aopflr of eastern made work of ever* dt-IBI 1 aoription, made expressly to order, ar>J will* be sold at a much lower shoe than has been" heretofore charged in Una oity for ms jk lalerior artiales. Peraocs in want of Boots and Shoes of eastern or oity made work, will always 6nd a food aaaor'naea in store and at the lowest prices. Give ua a WKlfKIN ft BRO.i I a, >-r <14 Penn?TlTanla avenue. i?lVE UlNDKbD TRAVELIN8 TRUWI8 F arnreu thia day. eint racin| all ?ua!t-?wjr? tie* aixJ ?iim of ?u;e Leather. Drees and Packim Trnnke. Our tr?*k ' uIm room exhibits at this time the r r?ate*t T?riety ' of traveim* r^iiMtM ?t moderate pruw.tot>e found tiu* side of New Vort. A!sp,every fr L UOB of LADIES' HAT fcOXES, VAL1CES, CARPET BAGS, SATCHELS, *0. ItirOJd Truaki reared or Uken in axokW for new one*. _ __ WALL-STFJ^Ig,*^ m*r tt-tf an* Pu. *T? . _ \?OUTBERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. O 499 Tt? 8nin, ^. n r Owvtsttt Odd etaowf Htul, WmhuMttm, D.C* Traveler* will atudr their interests in exMBiBc my TRUCKS, VALICES Ao , ooasin* elsewere A? 1 see none but ut^HQ beat Material the market affords and the tn at workmen, I can ooiifcdeptij reoonimena naT work to to tuperior in Strenttk and Dmmbiixtv to Tru ?x- -?A . mv in ouitr ciun IM sold her*. I tMp constantly on hand, and make to order ton or j* week's notice* every detonpuen of SOLE 1*BATHER, IKON FRAME FRENCH DRESS utd WOOD BOX TRUNKS; ASHLAND mmd ?k*r VALICES ; TRAVELING BAH 3 ; HARNESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, It., tc. Trunk*. Ac., Repaired and Covered, in a workmaniike manner, at ehort notioe Trunks delivered in any part of the City, 8?orfatown, or Alaxaodruu Also?A?ent for Howe's oelebrated FAMILY SEWINw MACHINES. de lfr-lv JAMES 8. TOP HAM. TRAVKLKbLS' D1KECTOEY. Daily line of new four-horse COACH em TO upper .marlboro*. Cmrrjnmt tkt U. S. Mail. The undesigned are now running Daily,(axoayt Sunday.) Ktmr horie Coaches betweenAl'?' ??1 " P.x.'u uuu c ppvi jinn boro', as follows : tW? Jr^y Leave tho Steamboat Hotel, corner of J?eventh street and I'a. at 7 o'clock a. in. Returning lf*ve l'pp"r Marlboro' at 11 o'clock a. ni , and arrive in W ashington at So'clock, in tune to connect villi the3.2Up. in. train for Baltimore. The Coaches ar<< new and commodioas, the team* first-class in the hand* of careful and accommodating driver*. Fare to Upper Marlboro. 5" cents. To Long Old Fields................. .25 " ToCenterville...... 38 " Freight and psclruni in proportion. au IV tf OSBORN t CO., Proprietor!^ l>ALTIMORE AND OHIO RA1LROAD. D ? WASHINGTON BRANCH. Change or Hours. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, Jane 13th, I860, trains will run aafollower Leave Washington at 6.30 and 7.4? a. m. Leave Washington at 3J0 and 6J3S p. bl On Sunday at 3 30 p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8.40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4J0 p. m. On NiinHaw ,n*? ? Passengers for the Eut will take train* at&30 Ad 7.?n a. m and 3 2n p. m. For the West at 7.4" a. m. and X3P p. m. For Annapolis at 7.40 a. m and 3.20 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday evening theUD p. m. train com to Philadelphia only. 13-ri T H. PARSONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS ZN TTTRBB SAT'S WITH TH CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad . TO LYNCHBURG* Virginia and Tentusses, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIsTROUTE: Memphis by Raii.thenoe by First olws Packets to Ne* Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montcow^ry by Rail.thenee to Mobile by Firstoiass Packets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Scjidats IWCIXDBD, Lfife Wafbingten at 6 a m and 6 p. at. T he Steamer OFORGE PAGE leave" her wharl foot of Seventh street at 64* a. m. and 6Jtf p. m. and oonneou at Alexandria witn the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the Sonthwent. Oflioe? Pennsylvania avenue, oorner of Sixth st. BAOOAM CUCUD TEROTGH TO BBW ORLKAJTB. Lynchburg #7 ?' Memphis f 00 Bristol. 15(?' Atlanta . 3A 90 Rnoxville 2Q0Q Maoon oo Chattaooga 14 no Colombo* SI so Bl.ton?_ 24 <? Montgomery 33 00 untsvule 27 00 / via Mrn?his.<3 S? Grand Junotion ? on N.O.S via**. Juno. .<3 60 Nashville 25 fO S via Mobile. _46 00 THIS ROUTE IS E*NTIRELY BY RAIL and is 800 MILES SHORTER, and 94 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other Liae?the Lynch burg Extension being now oompleted, as also the Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It is provided with First-ciass Sleeping Cars! !To New Orleans .?.Til Hours. Memphis do. Mcctgcmerr ^..,>3 do. Nashville .40 do. ICTThe U.S. MAILand ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Lane, Tickets oan be obtained at the Rosth Western OiRoe. oorner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, to the following points: Ljncbbnrg, Brmtol, En ox vile, Atlanta, Chattanooga. Hunts voile, Grand J motion, Maoon, Nashville, Dalton, Co.umbus, Montgomery! Mobile, Memshis. and NEW ORLEANS. " lET THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. fJ^OmnibnaM and Baggage Wacom leave Um offio? at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, Tioket Acmt, ma 23-tr Corner Sixth ?t. and Pa. a*. T^HE STEAMER JAS. CUY WU1 rmai hw 1 triM on TUESDAY, 1M of February, 1880. Will leave Wl!<ll IN6TON everr TUESDAY FRIDAY,at6 o'clock a. ra.,_%nd ALEXANDRIA uaii-puit o cio?K< lor Cl'KRIOMAN ud ti? intermediate L&ndint*. On her return tnte.; he will Int? CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY ud SATURDAY, at 5 o'olook a.m. LIJCIAN 8. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. At't. Alexandria. fa ? ^ ?heNew York and Virginia ttcrew BWmM| sawft kmss. DAY. ud the Coapany'a Depot. at Alexandria, k>PMsen?erV Som'waeliwiton and Georgetown oan take the ooaohee oonneoOM with Alexandria ?t*amboaU or railroad, whleh leave the oorner oi fth etftet and Pa. avenue hourly, or they oan leave ?n the ateamer pom the Weetern Wharree at ll sssss?: Sfcasrt^ffirtdi^ WgA Main, The aooommodationa for >a?eagw by this Uaa . ire ? every reepeet iret-e aee, ana erery efffertwU 1 m made to reader thie oommucioauon With New J Vork an agreeable and healthful one. 1 For fmcht or paeeage apply to FOWL* M r 3?" W" A"Sfn?OM WELL * 00- * ? t-ly S* WeeteUoorner Albany. New York. * |^EW YORJ^A NJ)rW AS HJ N6TOM ? trill ten T clock p. b., ud New York for Wuli-*^" Z niton erery 8*Urd*y, at 3 o'oiook ?. ra. I " " ngera oan join theahipat Alexandria at aay 1 nr ? i^^^stKSe^S& a r OT8 OF PIANOS FOR RKNT AT LOW u ntN. Pianoa for aaJe on the moft^QM eaaonahle terma. Great bargains in 1 *ianoa; alao, id Gnitara, Violina, Me-* " ? ' 1 wauu, Aooordeona, fco. JOHN P. ELLIS, * an 15 nolo mnt for Ohiekering A Hoea' Piano* m P NOTICE. . ERSON8 DMllmni ?.<u?kMpiif or k4vii( ft S urelua of household enooU can feno ready aale by ? allinc at mi Furniahing more. 446 TU aw oat, ba- i ween G ana H atreeU, Hit aide. / ft?2-4m RUDOLPH BUCHLY. ft | MISCELLANEOUS. , COLLEGE TEXT BOOKS. 1 HK Pol.owinf n?w for ola?a o*l Bckoec I h*T* j??t bwii^ubuahed, Ui wfciofe lk? atteaunt. ..f i n?ir ia c?i IM : Virfil'e Aenatd. with explanatorr notee by Hn. ry S. Fries*. Profeeeor of Lmti* m Um 8Uti l n;. vereity ol Miobifm. 1 vol.; pnoe IJSPlato'e Apoloc y ft.'ij Crito with n<?ie* by W. g. TtN (in*n, PrufMMf < ? 6r?*k in Ai?k?r?t Col. luce; price *5 Mnti r.xercieee in all parte of French Syntax. arranced after PoiteviB'e r,S?Btaxe Fraooaiae,' by I". T. Wiokelnann. 1 vol ; prio* ft. A New Method of i?iu>| Span tab. after <ae B) atem of F. Aki. For m1( by BLANCH AKD ft MOHI N. an ? _I?leventh ?t anc P*. ?v._ HOWK*tf 1MPROVKD WKI6HING8CALLS Theee Mm are olareo to the mWm aa M ?o?t ample, da rabie, and reliable aoaie* ever eat 4a aee. Firatolaaa pr?miBine have bean *w*-W > m by the UBitod State* Fair and Virf ibib Af'iea:terfi Society; VirgiBia State AcnaaKaraJ Fair, Praakiia Inatitnt* Fair. Penney vania; New \ crk mate Kiir, Vermont State Fair. Ac., Ac. 1b every oaee where xh.bited they nave received (rat elaea praauaaa Cb'i 1*^*1 roe a^*ulllsus <kT*Due' ?' *lSri 2* ia i? ?- ? m.' ?. rATTIMJN. A|?L \JUABHINSTON SKYVINQ louMB, IMfatUNNiMr tUtrtht/Tm. Am. Now u the time to ?et tf PR IN6 ud prom <fc "ss'aa&.-jrwAr F^* r 1 R 5'oro m jr ir.,T?J. I an (till raftiad li th? PLUMBING knd QA| FITTINU BlT?INK#S?at my oMrtand in PhilWm?nic Hall. The adrant*** of ba*inc i pi?phfil apply ofwatar w*? rtadi * nhaerTad MIW br*?< > p?Urday.M 1 am vail ?at??fied I ahoaid k??? bar* barred out b?t lor th* hountifnl tupply apor Otj praintM and lh?t of m? n? in bora All order* far tbe lntrod'. otioa of W alar and Oaa will be promptly attended to. Term aa reaaoaa n MI flHBDM ID UM 01(7. jy 3 C. SNYDER WG A f* FIXTURES. F Have in store. m>?i arodai * reoainnj, 9At FIXTURKS of entirely new Patterns and Dniih and Finish, superior lu utile to nnltiinj heretofore offered in tin* market. \T? invitecitisens tenwa. it to cull and examine our atook of (iu and Water Fixture*, fee!inc confident that we bare the bwt eleoted Block in Waahincton. AH Work in the abore line intrueted to oar oar* win plwHlPliT MWIi-IWI Ml. MVERS k MeGHAN. mxr *-tf X7* 1> at rot. lO ftflft GALLONS CHAMPA9NK AND 1^VUIHI CKAil APPLE CIDKR.-W* ibtim thf tUtubun of th? pcblie to our arceaod w#l' Mleetod ?t"ck of OSaaipacne and Crab A PP Ci<4*f, whioh w* i*arant*?to be pare laioe.aad will t* old on reasonable ib order to make room for oar apriug Mock. Give a? a o*!: at the Unioa Bottlifif Depot, frl No. tT timw it. ?i*orffl 'Vfi. /^/W0"?"T \'t\ / <$ DI3PATCH! <9 1 'C /V - -- ?v' 1 siTf the Pitcci! At artxdutt will k?wv*. ?* #? in mll-rtnU*t*4 fmmiiUs, it is very des:-ahle to hare mni oheaf and convenient way for repainnc FurtuUre.Toy* Crockery i Jto. PALDIFIO'S PREPARED GLUE rimU all inch m?r(wcin. and do hoaaehoU oan afford to be with. ?t it. It i? i van rea<1y a"4 ay to the cUckiDg point. There la no lon?er a neoaaaity for nrrpint chaira, apunterad rtnom, beadteaa dolia, atid broken cranio*. It ia iaat the artwie f?r 0?n?, aheii. and other oiaaaienta: work, ao popular with latiiea of refinement and taate. Thta admirable preparation la used ?old, heinf ohemioally held m eolation, and poaat>aainc all the valnabie qualitiea of the beat cabinet niakara' clae. It may be uaed iu the aiaov of ordinary mnoua?e, boinj raatiy more adheaiv*. M USEFUL IK EVERY HOUSE." Prict, 25 oenta. N. B.-A Brnah acoompamea each bottle. Wk*Us*U Depot, No. 4? Cedar itroat, Now Tort. AdUreaa KLNRY (^SPALDING 4k CO.. Dux No. 3,690. Now York. ret ? Tor c cmm containing For, Kifht, ?td Twelve P< set>?a )>eaal:fa S Lttbofraph o Show Card aeo->mpanyinc each p*okMr< H- A untie bottle of FPA1.B1WS FREED ULVE wiil nn ten tmM ita eoet anaaally to every nouet?hold.-/"Tl Sold by all ?ron?.neat btafaoterm, Dregfleta, Hardware aad Furniture Dealer*, Gruoera, and FaiiOT Stores. Coo r. try merr!,ar.U ?homld make a note of SPALDINU'S PREPARED GLVF. when tuakint a* their liet. It wis! taud ani.climate. fe ie-ly i ^ 'a i/i f v i a 7*'? h ???.)? f j J, * I J/ ??'?/ ? ?* ' ? (1*? ? U Ul'CSV ,1/N.I ^ V**f*p <f *r,r~'Tm'* b3[ 5^3^ i/) h ?r" ^"'"" '*' ?*"'? 5^#*, l ?a*? >ini.iii< r..:i? ?-*.?**.. ..J, ('Jrtf V J ^?' ? ?U if li< fiattlt <W*. /( >< f* jV .ft( J *?niM A?tl? 4-tl /lirnmi iaW 2(1 #p? * t HirtMui.MjrWnMi ?f Pi 'L t it Solon^pnetor.J, 1^5 ' ^ CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VA11CY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS juhkmuetimiff WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. _ WM.HJJALT, SOLE. PROPRIETOR 19 SOUTH WiLUAM SINEWML I tOR SALE IN WASHINGTON BY j 1 ly BAR BUI't A WEMMBg. Kirao^juiwiM no- Co wer-Diatil lad Mftltod Rye Whiakj. ia taenia ana Mlf-barreia. Aa it ta of oar ova diaulia aa poaaibly be diatiiied. WaaJao offer oar a OLD PAMIL Y RYK WHISKS Y. 1 pd oUw branda. from the largMt a look of Plat rkiakia.iathabwtadS*toa baeali Distillery, oa the Schaylkil! rirar^t'Eia OBoee-96 Wall atraat, New York; aoo I? oath Front ?treet .Philadelphia. w?r g-lr ? I i N C I 8 HA KPGR, HA YUM OF EH til * FAMILY GROCERY AND KKED8TORK, firmsr if tine V?ri *r*nut itn.l Tmii Re?p?. tfully eolicita the aalronare of thorn* w mr be id want of any article in lb* aeove line. Hia idaarore a hall be to piean*, and by a atriet aileron to Mm want* of the public, be bopea to merit a tare of their patronaf*. Ilia took ooaaiata of evary article aaoalJr to ba nad ia a fcrat-olaaa Family Grocery aad Feed tore. mm n tf i.a?<uaa. a. a. ion. i. a. ami. [ TMY NICK PIANO IN tfteT ORpER % X for.iao, apon easy terma, for eaffat tbe MmM 9 ** 01 (m It) vf, G. METZtlOTT. ^ V'j

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