Newspaper of Evening Star, September 18, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 18, 1860 Page 1
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* WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 18. 1860. N?. 2.36(5. THE EVENING STAR N FUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THI STAR BUILDINGS, Corner /Pe?tutyiv*ni*av?*ue and 1IM BY W. D. WALLACH. Tzfn mii< ia rttkma by o*rr1?ra kt |4 > jfi+r, or ST otnti par month. To Mil rabooribor* liie prioo u #3J0 a year, m i^nm; St for ?U month*; SI for three montAa, Md for iau than threo rooatba al tho rata of oenta ? wook. Siugl* oopies, osicistju wrap pert, two con, ir7"ADrKiTT?ntiirrs*fto*14 be eeat to Um oSoe bflore 12 o'oiook otherwise they may not appear nUl the next day. Life n the Border. COLD-BLOODED MURDER ? KAXSA8. [From the Mound City Report, Auguat 31.] A most cruel and oold-blooded murder waa perpetrated r.enr the Missouri State line, in Bourbon county. about twelve miles from tbii Siace, on Monday last. John Denton, a resi ent of Bourbon county, and veil known in this vieiniyr, wan deliberate]/ shot by a des perate character from Missouri, called Bill Marchbanks This terrible affair in its details ia the most dastardly murder which has for a long time occurred in this part of Kansas, where eo low a price is set upon human life,and where manslaughter is of so freauent occur rence. To understand the causee which prompt ad the murderer to commit the crime, we must briefly refer to the history of the murdered man. xJohn Denton, bis father and the family came to Kansas in the early settlement of the coun try and tattled in Bourbon county, ob the Lit* tie Otage. where they commenced the work ol making thumaelves a home. When the diffi culties between the border-ruffians and the free-8tate men were rile, the father of John Denton, although he had been reared and edu cated in the regular democratic faith,could not countenance the wrongs which were resorted to for the triumph of slavery, and he threw open hid doors to the free-State settlers, who were pursued and driven from their homes, and rave fond and shelter to all who were en gaged oc tbe ?ide of freedom in the free-State 8,ri*ggle. This course of action drew down upaolir. Denton the curses and hatred of the border ruffians They warned him to leave the country, which he refused to do, and on one un a. liigm, i wo ucuas la numan saape, nira wick and Tom Marrow, went to the house of Mr. Denton, called to him, aad no sooner had he. in response to their cat], appeared at the d<v>r than llardwick fired upon him, and he (ell and expired. Hardwick and Marrow fled into Missouri, but were pursued bj John Denton, who, exas perated by the cowardly and unprovoked mur der of his father, resolved that he would bring them to josiio?- Marrow was apprehended and imprisoned For five months John Denton alone pursued llardwick through the State of Missouri, Ark ansas, and the Cherokee Nation, and finally captured him in Missouri ; and upon hearing Htrdwiok relate the manner in which he had killed his father, the motives which induced him to do so, and the other crimes of which he was guilty, he became so enraged that his pas sions were entirely ungovernable, and he shot U- v: if A- AU jiaiufflOA uv?u. 1AU gave flllUSOU up I'j mo authorities, and was imprisoned, but afterward escaped, and has ever since been pursued by a gang of mercenary desperadoes who have been urged forward by the promise of a bribe offered by the border ruffian portion of Missouri for the death or apprehension of John Denton. He ha< been beset on all sides for a rear, and has been compelled to boon his guard continually. Two or three weeks ago his house was set on fire at night, it is supposed by Marchbanksand hisolau, when Denton and his family were in it, and the house and his goods were consumed. Last Monday Denton, accompanied by his father-in-law and brother, went to a small gro cery where the murder afterward occurred, and chanced to meet with Bill Marchbanks, Robert Mar?hbanks,and a man named ilickMn, all belonging to a gang of ruffians. March banks professed friendship, as he had always done on former occasions. Some one in the grocery remarked to Denton, "There comes t H PAA man ftvinaif '' IIa a?arvrvAil and no sooner was ho fairly in their view, than hill March banks drew his rifle and deliberately shot him. the ball entering his chest. Denton fell, and died in about 2u minuted. The ruf fians than crossed over to the State of Missouri where it is reported they are protected. John Denton was a young man in tna prime of lifa H? leaves a young wife and an aged mothor, who looked to him for support. ArrAtRS i!* Stria.?The latest letters from Beirut describe the landing of a part of the Franch expedition sent against the Syrian miscreants. It appeared ofi the harbor on the l*ith of August, just one day too late to take part in the fue* of the Emperor, as they aro called, which occurred on the 15th. In expec tation of the arrival, the French residents and the >.>floers of the shms in the harbor srot tin a m - O" " ?r rand celebration. All day long flags were isplayed from the houses and shipping, and at nignt, there were illuminations and a grand dinner at the French Consulate. No than fifty naval and military officers, representing a doMB different nations, were present, and the effect of so many party-oolored uniforms ia said to have been very brilliant. Nearly all the nations of Europe have now a squadron at Beirut. This display of force will, doubtless, intimidate the Druses, and put an end fer the time to their fearful massacres. Fuad Pasha also displays unusual energy, for a Turk, in bunting up offenders and administer ing summary punishment. But the population in and about I)amaacuH are still exceedingly surly and malignant. They may be restrained from outward acta of violence by the presence of the government, without abating a jot in inward fury. Many of the moat criminal have tf*d to the mountains to await in silence and concealment the boar when they may again emerge into light, and renew the work of de struction. The arrivals of fugitives from Beirut con tinue; the hospitals are crowded with deoeaaed or destitute; aad the benevolent sympathies of the Karopeans are taxed to the laat degree. There are nearly 5.000 on the poor lists, all #ub*istin? upon charitable contributions, moat of theiu Roman Catbolica, with a few Prot??U anta aad Moslems. But the charity, we are glad to perceive, knows no distinctions of sect, aid the pittances, for they can be no more, are doled oat eqaally to all deterring applicants. Horrisls Fratricide.?One Brother Kilts Another with an Axe?Arrest of the Mur dertr.?From * gentleman who haa just ar rived in the city from Steelville, Crawford county, Missouri, we learn, says the St. Louis News, of on* of the moat horrible oeoorrenoea that ever startled the people of this State A man named Davia, a resident of Lieaburg (near tha aeene of the bloody deed), a few nighu ago approached a younger brother, who was sleep ing with him in the same room, and attempted to aaver hia head from the body by a blow with aa axe. Two of them, the eldest and youngest, St along peaceably and happily together, bnt e second being, it is said, a man of bad charaetar, was not in favor with eitbar of the uthera. On the day preceding, or the morning of the bloody occurrence, the eldeet sold, or rather it waa rumored that he had sold some nt^naefw ?/! Wa J wm~.A m 1 -j y buu UWA IW?SIfWI ft? BUAU Wi moMj. After the reported sale bad taken clace, ho took the ears and cam* on to St. Luwis. The second brother, in the absence of the eldest, that sight slept ia the room with the younger brother. Oar informant states that tke axe struck the cheek-bone, glanoing downward and carrying with it a portion of the chin The axe was found, the next morn iag, in the yard, immediately under the win dow of the ruom occupied by the brothers. It was covered with Wood, and to it was still pushing a portion of the hair, in whieh the chin was enreloped The brother, whan taken into custody the following morning, firmly protested his iannoeence. but soon became cea rnsed and contradictory In his statements. He Is now ia prison, awaitiag his trial for the hor rible crime. Tw* OejnrwricrT Ci*?n ?Returns fiota IK) towns In Conaeetirntgtre MO,713 Inhabitants In latO. aoalnst HOMS la 1*0. Net gain In 110 town* W.lw. Tbw are let towns In the 8Ute, and the total population la 1850 iru 370,7ft! Tk? SI town* to be trwil from include all the clHre "?pt Bridgeport and Waterburv, and a number, of Cbe moet tbrlTUc rwaoofacuiiag towns In the ?*ute, wbile few, Indeed, of them will chow any UlAng of. The a** gain to them will hardly be aMM ef- ?J.UJU the Ntv lMN Oetiifir minks. The PeiseatBf C?H la Uliaets. [Fsom the Springfield State Journal, Sept. 11-] Yesterday afternoon the four colored per son# charged with an attempt to take the lire* of the families of Messrs. Officer and Hue? by i givfcg them poison, were examined at the court-house, before Justice Francis. The par ties are named Robert Jones, Margaret York, and Margaret and Elisa Lucas. The evidence I indicated the existence of the following state , of affairs. It appears that Margaret and Elisa Lucas, wheee respective ages are fifteen and thirteen jean, were bound to service with Messrs. Of ficer and Huey respectively, by their father, who lives in Ohio. They were to remain thus I until they should reach the age of eighteen years. In the indentures it was expressly stipulated that their mas ters should, as far as possible, prevent the two girls from associating with colored people promiscuously. Robert Jon**, i* aeens, became enamored of one of r the girls, and wished to visit her regularly. To this objeetion was made, and the youth , was told by Mr. Officer, with whom she lived, that he must stay away. This was a serious obstacle in the oourse of , their love. The young blacks had gone too far to recede, having decided to marry. The girl's master standing in the way of any suoh arrangement, it was determined that he should be removed. Accordingly, young Jones insti gated the girl to procure poison, and admin ister it in toe food; it would kill both master and mistress, and then he would marry her and take her back to Ohio. In order that her sister might participate i n the benefit to be derived from this pleasant little project, she also was induced to put her muter and mis tress out of the way. In pursuance with this arrangement, young Jones furnished money to procure the poison. This was about two weeks ago. The remainder of the story we hare told before. The unsus pecting victims were in great danger. Lnck ily. however, the poison caused vomit, by which its deadlier effects were avoided. When the circumstances came to light young Jones had gone to Virden. Officers Mitchell and Waite went down on the evening train on Wednesday night and succeeded without much difficulty in effecting his arrest. Yesterday the parties were examined. The two sisters testi fied substantially what we have stated above? acknowledging, also, that they had done it understanding^, and with a full knowledge of what would be the consequences. They were ably defended by W. II. ilerndon, Esq., but tae facts against them and their fiendish ad viser were too strong. The Court requirod that they should give security in the sum of $5,000 each, for their appearance at the October term of the Circuit Court, in default of which they were sent to jail. The woman, Margaret York, who was ar raigned aa an accomplice, was discharged; there being no evidence to implicate her. Spiritual Cosvextio* is Michigan?Ar rest or the Mr.nicns ?Our readers are aware that quite recently a large convention of spir itualist assembled at the village of Lyons. At tkft invi/\f .?..v?.vu vi iu? uuuiumiie or arrange ment*, through D. M. Fox, the chairman, the mediums known as the Davenport boys were in attendance. On Saturday evening last there were manifestations at the Town Hall ef Ly ons, in the presence of a considerable number of the citicens of Lyons and others. Sunday afternoon it was announced at the grove,where the meeting waa held during (he day, that there would be similar manifestations that (Sunday) evening Next morning the mediums were waited upon by Mr. llawley and requested to pay $15 for exhibiting. Mr. Fox at first of fered to pay the money under protest, but af terwards, at the suggestion of the Davenport boys, from whom the money was demanaed, he refused to do so, nnd was sustained in this eonduct by the members of the convention. A a,.;* ... i 1-' W.A? .l- ' - ?ti*d i/ivu^uw uciuio lUO roiICQ J U311C6 of the villiage, that withdrawn, and an other action commenced in the name of the People, and an examination insti tuted before Justice Spragne, of Lyons, to in vestigate this offence, as to binding them over to the Circuit Court for trial. The prosecu tion maintained that the manifestations were a show, and hare brought the suit under the general statute of the Compiled Laws of Michi gan The spiritualists take sides in the con troversy in favor of the prisoners, and in the long and novel trial many matters have been introduced as evH-noe, which invest it with SKuliar interest.?Grand Rapid* En(jutr$r, epte/nber 9. Dists&csruL Ami*?A WomanTabrkd and Fkathe**t> ? An occurrence of a disgraceful nature took place a few days since in the town of Komulus, In this county, of which we yesterday received tome particulars. A large party, consist ing of men ana boys w ith a few women, turned out In the night time in disguise, and went to the bouse of a man named Jeremiah Gaining, from which they took a woman named Jan>* Y,ongty, who was made the victim of a aeries of Indignities, not the least of which was the application of a coat of tar and feathers, and an imnromptu ride upon a fence rail. She was knocked and banged 1 about In a naked condition, until, from abase and exposure, she nearly fainted, and was thought to be in a dying condition. < While she was in this stste the party gathered ' around her and entered into conversation In regard to the probable consequences of their couduct, , when from the familiar tone of their voicas she recognised a number of them She sfterwards J gave the names of thirty-nine persons, who have i been arrested and held to answer. Among them < was a daughter of the man with whom she lived, and sevrral other women. The alleged cause is a disposition on the part of the woman to ill treat the children belonging to the familv. ?he has lived with Ganung several years, ana has borne thre? children by him, hav ing previous to the death of his wife entered the family as a domestic. It Is charged that he de slrad to get rid of her, and took this means, as he ? ? ...i . > * ?-?-* uv uaiamuiyc wucU mo LI UWU QIUCftiQ 1118 bo dm bat allowed them to take bet froai hl? bed and do what they cboae with ber. He baa been arrested.?Dttroit Frt? Prtss, Stpt. 12. Tib Fatbob Mb. LvMeDBK and Family.?The New Orleans Picayune baa the following state meat of a colored boy, who was on the steamer Lady Elgin, and was aaved, concerning the fate ef Col. Lumsden and family : 141 saw Mr. Lomsden a few minutes before we went down He asked me if there waa much danger. Hia wife and family were then standing near him. His wife appeared very much frightened. Hia eon told him be had better get a table leaf and be prepared for the worst. He did not do so, however, but told his fhBiily to stand where they were while be went to aee what the danger was. Mr. Lumsden left. The son then advised hia mother and a'.ster to take off all their upper clothing. They did not do so. Soon after, the oaptaia came into the cabin and advised the passengers to secure each a state room door and go out on the quarter deck, which all did exceot .ur. Liumadeo'a family, who continued to wait for him In the cabin. Id the mean time, young Lumaden got throe table Imtm ready to float off. "The boat then went down, and I saw nothing more of them till I waa In the water, when the little girl caught hold of me aad called out for her father, and asked where be waa. He answered 'here,' and aakvd where she waa. A big wave then swept over us all, and when 1 came to the' surface again the little girl was washed away and I saw nothing more of them " Other statements, however, alflrm that Col. L., and foully were seen on a raft: that the litte girl waa In the arms of Capt. Wilson, and all were drowsed Within a few net of the shore. rr-r- a >? < <t??i nt ?m?. tLrouehouf the old States, nn th? Austin State (iueoe, In regard to the condition of the people of Texas It has been reported generally that in consequence of the failure of erope our people are lacking the necessaries of life, while in fact enough grain baa been gathered for the Ae of our popubtioQ, and the Late heavy rains Insure a crop of rottoa. We believe no portion of the Union is more prosperous than ours. _ 1LTA turn of money had been bequeathed by a benevolent gentleman of Milan, to be distributed to the tost work of charity, and the testamentary neeatora ? o?id deviae uo better course than ta a?d it to UarlbaMt **? cf the iosurreettea ia lu Sicily and Maples. ?. W1KSLOW, K*f?1en ed Narae ud Female PhfitlUli irMtDU to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUP Fer Childrn TeathiBg, Whl?b piUl; hltlililu thi prottaa of ittthiaf, t? m taf tbo gmmt, rMMio| all lolionitwi?will allay lilR and ipuntd:{ ??u?n,*nd is SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELS Day*nd a poo it, n?(b*r?, it will gi?? rut ta rnrMlin. lit RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS W? ha?i pat ?r ut (aid ibis articla for o?ar lm jwrt, >< C*R ?4T, ill conrioincl ahd truth of it, what wo baoa fir koaa lM? ta Madteloa? nifia all MRS. WIN8LOWI BOOTHiNO SYRUP, a I in li in ner a cmi, wardid * ku? atiafaeuou by any tha Mntrary.allara epuiATioni, and hifkaat eomnandatiw of ? rirtaaa. Hi acaak id .hia raatta* what mi ?i> ay of any OTM1 ma* it itahci to ?? vboa timaly aaad. ao inatanca of dlo an *?o aoad it. Oa dalirhtad with it? treat la torma of mi rital affoeu and wadical aftartan yaara' aiparianea, AltD PLBD6B OUR BBPUTA TIOH FOR TNI rUI.rn.MBNT OP WHAT WB N BB B DB CLABB. In alaaat a?ary inatanca wbara Uia infant ia aaffa?> lnf from pun and aiHaaation, raliaf will b? foard ia iftaaa r twain? ninitti after tha ay rup it auminiatarad. Thia T?lambU preparation ? tha praacnptian af ana af the Ml B1PBBIBRCBD and iBII.rUL RDIIBI in N?? Eof laad, udku been aeed with NBVBB-PAII.IK0 IL'CCBtl la THOUSANDS Of CASES. It act aniy relieeee tba child fraio puin, bat luMjeruee tht ilaa>ch and bawele, carrecta acidity, and fivea taoa and energy ta tha wbala eyetern. It will elmaat inetaotly ralia*a Gkipino in tbb Bowbls and Wind Colic, aad overcome can?aleieoe, which, if aat epeadUy ramadiad and la death. Wa AKDIUBBITBBM In ail caaaa of DTS IBCA lit CMIL arteee frerii teething b Aleve it tha BBtT M)T in tha VOBLD itITBIT and DIAB dbbk, whaihar it from an* othai aaaaa. Wa woaldeay ta aiary mother who haa a child aaf faring from any of tha foregoing coroplainte?DO HOT LBT TOC* PR BJCDICBt, ROB TMB PBBJUDICBt OF OTHBBI Diwivn jwwr iQBfnng cniia ana m? rt n?i mat will fet SURI ? TOO, ABSOLUTIST SI'KB? to follow til* Ml of th odicino, if tirroly and. Fall dirtctlocs' er sung will s MajMnf oseh bottio. Nono r?n?ino ?ol??? the fseaimilo COIiTli * PERKIN3,Nsw Turk, is en ths oouids w repps cid by Orisgiets throsrhoit the world. Prmeipel Ones, No. IS Coder ttrsst, . T. Price onlv lfi Ceou per Bottio. o? ll-Uwlr FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR SALE?Very cheap, 011 reasonable terms, I one of the most desirable BUILDING LOTH iu the city, sitfated on the north west coruer of 6th St., and New York Avenue. Enquire of JOS. F. HODGSON, Stove Manufactory, No. 405 7th st, between H and 1 sts. au 15-tf FM OR RENT.?A new and handsome FRAME HOUSE will tte for rent in a few days. It i? beautifully situated on Thirteenth street, between Georgia avenue and K st.. Navy Yard : has a large Garden lot attached, a pump of good water near, and contains 4 rooms, kitchen and woodshed. Will u? low, "Vr 1 in or WKIlOUt lot, to a Rood tenant. Fur sale cheap, a good, strong WORK HORSE; works well in anything Inquire of T. K. CLARK, Navy Yard; or of JOHN PATCH, 61& H st.. between 4th and 5th. jy 18 f^OR RENT?The three story (brown front) HOUSE, No, 367 New York avenue, between 10th and 11th street*, north side, containing fifteen room*. This house is convenient to the Patent Of fice, Treasary, etc.; is lighted by gas, and in every way suitable for a boarding house. Rent moderate. Apply next door, or to A G. FOWLER, second floor north wing of Patent Office. Jy 14-tf FOR RRNT-Three BRICK HOUSES?one < n Twelfth street, between C and D; one on tliu oorner of Twelfth and H sts.; and one on H, be tween 12th and 13th sts. Inquire of JAMES W BARKER, on 11 street, between 11th and 12th, No. 42S. ma 30-tf L'UK KEnX-TM MK?T KLIIUK or tie build 1 inr immediately opposite the west wine of the City Ha!.,reoently oooupied by Chas. 8. vrallaob M an offioe. Also the Trout room in theseoond tory and the third floor of the same tiuildiur. For terms apply to RICHARD WALLACH, No. !) Louisiana aver.ue. ja 13 tl DENTISTRY. D DENTAL CARD. R. MWNSON Han returned and resumed bis Kofesclon. Offioo ami house at 463 E St.. lrd door east of Sixth. In addition t?., every other approved style. Or. M. has set teeth on vulcanite Base for the last three years, and, from expenenoe, knows it exoels all others, and is one-third less in prioe than gold. His old Catrons of Wasnmgton, Alexandria, and George iwn are respectfully solicited t > call, au 25 eoly D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOM IS Has closed his offioe for the sea son, and will bo absent, as usual, during the sum mer months ; will resume practice about the 1st of Ootol>er, of whioh further notice will be given. Jy io-tf D DENTISTRY. R. HJI LL8, after apraotioa: test of two years feeis that be oan with oonfidenoe recom-A ? mend the Cheoslastio Process for tnaertini artificial teeth It ha* tbe advantage* trenfth, beauty, olsaulipnw, an<l ohenpnoM. Fal p?t>r ?etB inserted f?r #3*. Partial la jroiortion. Once 306 1 %. avenue. ce 7 Stoves, Grates, Ranges, Furnaoes.&c. We l>ez to call the attention of the public to our large and beautiful htock of STOVES, GRATES*. 9rc.. of overy desonption. In addition to our regu lar stock, we a?k particular attention to the follow ing articles, wliioh we do not think can l>e equa led, certainly not surpassed,by Anything in the market: Tho Stewart Air-Tight Cooking Stove. The Kisterbock Dog-house Furnace?the best heater in the world. The Cosmopolitan Cooking Range, Collins A, Co.'s improved Parlor Heater, The challenge floater, Cox's Gas-biirninir Stove*. The Haulier Complete, Gas Burner?the largest and finest elevated-oven Cooking Sfuveever offered for sale in this oitjr. We aek special attention to this Stove. We solicit a oall from those desiring to puroiiase. SIBLEY tc GUY, 333 Piii'a Avbnue, between 10th and lltli sts H7* Observe? Sign of the Iron Dog. e 8-ftojw EIGHTH ATIONAL EXHIBITION, At CINCINNATI. OHIO, Stpt. 12M-2UU. Tha UNITED STATES AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY will hold its Eighth Annual Axrioultu rai and Industrial Exhibition on the grounds litter ally provided by the citizens of Cincinnati, whioh sre to be fitted up in the best style. There will be Halls and Tents for the displav of IMPLE MENTS, MACHINERY, TOOLS, DOMESTIC MANUFACTURES, FARM A.\b GARDEN N PKUyiH'E, FRUITS, FLOWERS, and NA HORSE^S, ^TTitT'SHE^P, and SWi'ne! Mid an unequal;ed Track,one mile in length and forty f??t in width, for the exhibition of llorses. rho Premiums offered?in cash,?gold, silver, and bronze medals,?diplomas and oerfifioates, amount Sao,ooo. I t remain open from WwIbm iay, the 12th, to Thursday, the &th, ol September, thus giving time to examine aud test the imjtia nents and machinery. For premium lists or information apply at the Offioe of the Society, No. S46 Pa. avenue, tup itairs ;) or to the subscriber, at Cingjnnau7Ohio. jy*tf Sec Uuuunnatf, unio. BEN. PERLEV POORK. I'y U. S. Agriouitura Society. (X7ATCH REPAIRING AN DHILVER WARE V? manufactory. I have ene of the best eataLlisinnenU, and far luhed with a complete set of tools for repair ng every description of fine Watches, aiidl3l) >artioular attention give to the same. b? mm I ?operVIlion "kr superior in anility and finish to northers ware lold by dealer* fn general and represented m their >wn iMoiaotar*. H. O. HOOD. which my and finieli >ral and ri Ml - 136 Pa. >venue.near>th it. CuE^Mo^B^omFWA^WATR. In order to diapoee of my entire ?tock of Men'* and Boye* STRAW HATS great inducement* will I* >tiered nntil the e!o*e of the ee**?n at LANES _ Fathionafcle Hat and Cap Store, Ufl ln Pa. ar.. near Four-and a-haltet. iv.U. lylrama avenue, between 3d and Oi *U. au S-tf % EDUCATIONAL. HMISS? JENETTE L. DOUGLASS AS The pleasure of annouuoing to her frienda and the pnblio that ih? will open her Seminary, at the corner of H and llth *u., "Philadelphia Place,' on Monday, September loth. For terms call on the Principal. She will be as sisted by tho following experienced and efficient teachers: Mill DOUGLASS? Higher English Branch#*. Composition and Peurnanship. Miss Abbik M. Bhooxs?Latin, Algebra, English Branches. Miss Juliana G. Mat?Teacher of Vocal Music. Prof. Ukoxgx C. Scnaevfxx?Lecturer on Plii losphy, Chemistry .and Physiology. Prof. Hxxxy E. Maxix?Teacher of Freneh and German. Prof. C. W. Bxxgmann?Teacher of Piano and Scienoeof Music. Miss Mart T. Davidson?Piano. J. Madison Watsoji, of New York-I/eoturer on Elocution Josbph G. Barrr?Teacher of Drawing. , Teacher of Spanish. . Moral Science and Classic*. BK 7-2W T female education. HOSE Parent* who with their daughters to re oeire a thorough and systematic education. wh?re their physical training wi 1 reoeire daily and special attention, under the moat approved xystini of Calis thenics and Gymnastics, are respectful y invited to visit the Union Female Aoademy. owner Four teenth st. and New York av. MR. k MRS. Z. RICHARDS. auSntf IVincipals. Female boarding and day school. ALEXANDHJA, VA. Mrs. 8. J. MoCORMICK, Priscifal. The thirteenth annual session of this Institution will oommenoe on Tuesday. September 18th, in the house recently oocupied by Sylvester Scott, Esq., No. ISO King street. The course of study pursued will <jompri?e all the branches requisite to a thorough English Edu cation, and Music, French, Latin and Drawing, li desired. In addition to day scholars. Mr#. MoCorrnick is prepared to receive a limited numlxJr of pupils as hoarders, who. nonntitntinir ?. nirt nf liar f- ? . 1 p ^nui v w ii * Cm III ily, will be untier Iter immediate care and super vi iob. She will endeavor, as lar a* possible, to sur round them with the comforts and kind!? influences of Home. htjtrenctt.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev, Dr. Ehas Harrison, Rev. D. F. Spring, William H. Fowle, Esq.. Edgar Snowden, Esq.. Edmund F Witmer, Esq., Henry Marbnry, K*q., Lewis McKeuzie, Esq., Robert H. Huntna, Esq. W. D. Wallaoh, Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, Etq.,Ja?. l'.ntwisle, Jr., Esq.,Col. John W. Minor, Loudoun, Messrs. Black lock tc Marshall, Messrs Corse Brothers. Tim*. Board, with Tuition in all the Engluh Branches, $?*ifor the annual session?payable semi-annually, in advance. Music and Languagos at Professors' prices. lL/~ rvo extra charges. au 28-tf Franklin academy, CoR!*K* TniRTKiriTW AJID H Sts., A select SCHOOL for BOYS, (Formerly located m the First Ward.) This Institution will commence its Third Annual Session, at ita new location, 011 Monday. September 3*. Applications for admission ma/ be made on the premises at an* time nfVer in.t a.u'25 Itn R. B. DETRICK. Principal. CENTRAL ACADEMY, COKRKK K AND T*mth St*. Thia Institution will resume its duties September 3d. Applications made to the Principal at the rooms. Circular* at the bookstores J. 8. DE HART, Principal. Rtferenc*. Prof. Henry, LL. D.. M. H. Mt.ler. Esq., Rev. John C. Smith, D D., Dr. C- P. Culver. Rev. A. 0. Carothers, Rev. J. P. Davidson. _au23-lui ^ELECT SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. Miss M. RIDDF.LL will resume the duties of her school on the first MON DAY in September, at No. 4 51 'J welfth street. mi 2?-lm _ THEPRE8COTT HIGH SCHOOL, 37 o Eighth St., Bitwux K mid L Stb. Studies will be resumed in this iitfctitution on MOi\F)AV ^ . , uu. vuvuiaioni au 16 U A. C. RICH AH Uy. Principal. jy|ETROPOLITA^COLLEGIATE IN8TI FOR YOUNG'LADIES, 464 E St., Dktwbkn 8tb and 7th Sts. The fourth annual session of the Institute will commence on the brst MONDAY in Septeml>#r. Applications should be made early, a? the number of pupils ia limited. For particulars see circulars or apbiy to the principals, .Mr. and Mrs. T. H. H A VKN.N F.R. at the Institute. au 9-tf TVf RS. M. E. KIN'GSFORDS SEMINARY, i'l 4 lft E St.. Washinoto:*, D. C. The next session will commence October 1st. 1860. Terms, fto., forwarded on application. au15 tf t\IRS. A. E. BELL'S SEMINARY, 1*1. CotH't of L and Trntk sts., VVi-ninfron rity. Tha next session of this school will coinineuoo September 3d, lafti. The young ladies of the Insti luuun arp particularly requested to lie punctual ill attendance at the opening of school, and all others who wish to become members of th? same to make early application, as the number of pupils will be limited. Terms, Ac., (i von on application, au 25-d-ltAeotOct 15* TWKSTKRN ACADEMY. HK Fxorcisesof this school, under the chare" of Dr S. L Loojtis. and the Primary Department under Miss Ahhie K Pbck, will be resumed Sen temi>er 3d. Circulars can be obtained at the book stores. (Int.) au 17-eo2m MRS. BURR will resume the duties of her School on Monday, September 24, on H street, between 13th and Mth streets. se4-eolni L M. SINGER, & CO.'S IMPROVED SEWING MACHINES, 398 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, (t'xrKR National Hotel ) A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF Hachlnes, Threads, Needle*, k Twist) KEPT ON HAND. e 1-lm WM. H. GLOVER, Agt-nt BH. STINEMETZ. 236 Pa. A v., per. 12th and 13th St Having just retumeil Irom New York, is now opening a complete assortment of Ri>ods in his line of trade? EN TP' DRESS IlAlS, various styles, BE KB EMI VENTILATING UK ESS HATS. CASSIMERF. DllEFS HATS, sweat proof, PRINCE OF WALES HAT, for youii)i men, A Mauttful assortment of CAPS for young men, bors. and children. Fine Calfskin HOOTS, sewed and eecied. *3 7V calf GAITERS. good quahtiea, low pric??7 au'si TO SOUTHERN * WESTERN MERCHANTS. RODEWALDJe BIND ALL, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AND DIALBK1 IN INDIGO, SPICKS, SOAP, STARCH, SODA ASH, SAL SODA, BI CARH. FODA, SAL ERATUS. and GROCERS' DRUGS. i9 CHEAPSIDE BALTIMORE, invite the attention of Marohanta visiting thia city to an ezamination of thair atook, whioh in variety and anoe la not anrpaaaad either in thia or any of the Northern citiea. Dj^Ordara reapeetfally eolloiUd aad faithfully ezeeated au 27-lm* LIN5-?E WABHL1GT ON.-L*?i Coin meroe at. wharf, Baltimore, m fol ate p. m. m ,m tract. Waahinrtua, aa followe: TheHt Nicholia every WEDNESDAY,! m. CoLtxiu, every SATURDAY, at 6 p. m Leave R115^ Wliarf. atthe foot ol 11th a Colombia,every WEDNESDAY MORNING, " 81. Nichola.?, every SATURDAY,at6a. m. 4(M. Riley' Wharf,at icefoot of atfc For freight, *ou. aeelv to THJOS. W. RILEY, Agent, 16-TJfcT8m 11th at., Waahingtoa T~ HE FLACK ~ TO GET YOUR 8 C U O O L BOOKS At tk4 Low u Prittt 8 A L L AN^1 Y N E'S, 49S Sevkktb St.. .. aefi-lm thnv. ii/)^ V?ii/?.t u.n We h.,. and Spellers that were dutKod a little bv waier in the steamer from New York, vhioh will lw told for hair the usual price. BLANCUARD k, MOHUN, 4 Corner 11th ?t. a of! Pa. a?. A VERY FINE l.ot OP GKNTS'SHIRT COLLARB. TlfcS. undkrbhirts, and UKAWER9. Also. a fifl* stock of I ALL CLOTKINO, MATS and CAPS, jest r?coiveJ at Slor ' 4 Seventh treat, oppuM.u hcst Ar?t ?f 8t?Mwai St Son's and Raven, Baoftn ft Co.'e Pianos. te to I GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTH I^OR HAKPKK'tf FKRHY*-CIMJIQS Ut * DAYS?On And alter Jul; ,2,1 MO, the steamer ANTE LOP K, Caet. B. J. Wkll?. carry in? the Uaited Atatn* mftil.willieave Georgetown EVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY am" FRI DAY, at 7 a. n?? aad re turn over* Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. N.B.?Every \Vedne?lay the Antelope will rnu through to Shepherdstown. au O Tor HARPER-^ FERRY. N And after Jul* Hd. 1*6". the steamer L. J. Brentle. Captain W. H. Ritter, will Ifivve Georgetown EVERY Tl ES DAY, THURSDAY,and SATUK DAY, at7 o'clock a.m.. and r?-turn every alternate day,at 6 o'clock a. m. On Ike Saturday trip from Georgetown the boat will riui through to Shep iierdstown. je SI 3m C?ANDBLU St., 6mti >rtaaent of nu oonaianuj on um a iar*a Mai French Neivr sighted, PcriaeejMQ, Col ored, a.ii(l J. other SPBCTACLKH, oPC the heataua.ity,in gold.atlver. steel-and fiermac eilvcr frarora. N. B. Old Knuaci Repaired *nd Mf iiOM set m them to order. no t*-1j MABSKY, COLLINS A CO.'fe PH1LADKL PHIA DRAUGHT ALE.-We are constantly receiving freah supplies oftheabcvedetinbtful hev erage, and invite all peraona who want a pore itn adalteiated Ale, to five it a trial.. ARNY A SH1NN, Acenta, fa *7 Areen at.. Seorceto' JU OS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Car. Bruit* and Jtferton ill., Gsergaii Having given in j peraonal attention to thu bianoh of mr bmritieaa. 1 ana prepared to attend to all oaila with prcmptneea Persona from a diataiute caaneanp plied at a 'ew minutoa' notice, aa 1 have a large assortment of COFFINS alwaya on hand. Partioalar att?nU?a paid to the remn?l nf ?k? at art from the old to the new burial ground*. ~ Hearses and Horses tor hire. ay in 6m LIST OF UNCLAIMED PACKAGES at the Oflioe of the Adams Express Company, Wash ington, D- C? to be aoKl for freight &ud onarges, if not immediately o*> e<l for. ?EORGE H. BURNS, Agent. September 1st, I860, Kriesman, M Kones, Mrs E Kenuan, VV J Lindley, Prof Lanrenoe, A B Livingston, H B Lynch.A Latrohe, U K Leonard, Kev C Lawson, Sergt W Loomis, M Aubin, N Adam son, A Alden, J R J Anderson, J H Adair, O Abbey, VVra Ashe, W 3 Aisobrook, U R Barber. Rev S Balland, H Branch,J W D . 4 U ?,ywu. '\r*IJ Bnn*?r, >1 L? BntU, w.m B Bowie, K J ? Baldwia. B ? Baird. Pi Burni, MW Uurna. r n p Btaokmor^, ? ^ fez . Bsprf? Barnard. G C KwnihtkC? Blanton, D H Browa._AJ* i-nni .ry , %j r* >ong.9B Umbcrt, CG Long troth, RivLL L&ns. J ? Lat>arre. F Lawrence, Col Lentior, 6 H Mott, ColC H M Yf>r?, Col MoPbereon. J A MaoKey.J T M8 P - MoAbw, E Mmod. Hon C Montague. E L fcfcCreery, P A Muldoon, M Manny pec nr. Col Morgaa.EB Montgomery, J Martin, D B MoKe?vert A_ DAIlIli r. u Bennett, C \V Byrnes, Dr J Camer, A L Clark, B H CoJemau, C W Cochrane, J A Carter, C H Cannon. J M CutU, H L Connoiijr, F C CQoutean, C P Coleman, Mri M B Connolly, J ' \XT Chapman, Wm Cruger, L . . Chamberlain, J Cooker, J L Campbell, J U Cooper, John Campbell, T A Clark*, Mm J Crutohett, J Col burn. J O Campbell, Arcby Conrand, C M Conrad, CM Cunningham, C W Cook, A P feSvfoJTEJ mcLean, vv I MoGraoken, J Sitcheil, A S eader, J eeki, J w Morion, J H Markley. T Merrill k I'earce, Murray, T MeMurray, C H Maaninr, Catharine, MitohoU.I! Merrill. V H Mill?, Arc MtKenny, O Mitobell. A 8 Muzty, F McPher?on. C II Mitohell. W F M indeloff, M Nawbrough, J B Nailor, 6 Nioholaoa.G W 8 Ouids, JO Patent, Com of fl)? do aimer, E orter, W D Parker, 6tT Fat*nt, Com of do do ai-n ft, renx pioieyn, Mr Dubois, Cher Do Men* Daily, b C vine, R J A laney, K ukIm, MoG ^uunain, W 5 tenuis, J P Davis, R W Dunham, K W Doard, fc, iui Duuuil Edwards, 8 Do J 8 Katon, W Katun, J Haling, Dr Fraier, J 1. Farmer, M G Fr?noh, E B Ford, M Field, M Furse. J Foster. J Ferguson, g VV FarTey, Mis J rwitj. mi? Freip, Fred Fu'ler.G C Ihi do Do do Do do Do do Poliook. h A Peueione, Com ol Patent, Com of Patent nfcee Perry. TW Hindolph.Col J J Rodrera, 1 Kus'iac.J obesou. Cap I J ioh, G W leeway, W obinaon. Mrs A eed, Isaao ic hard son, F Shepperd Win Stoart, Rev D C *ulhvau. J Htone.N B Seward. J L ?Tpl' D'i. Solom'ii, H Ptfhmidt. F Schae:. Win r>mith, Lai'ia jj*eiectnan, J.H nmMD.M btone. H Heibert, g 8kinner, A P ?peneer, Bosh btu?rt, A ??te, K 8oranto?,J H Bt?svsus, n F ?ulliv&s. N S **mith, W mutton, C t^hoem&ker, B Sefmour. J Ton*y, E _ Do, Trier, C N Ttiomai, H Thomas, B M ten," * Tncksr, Wm Thompson. fciu*h teiir V*n Vint, B F Vomh. H W right. W W* Iaoe, MrsM Whiteher. J B Wiliinns. J Wemaugs, J WnnatAr 1 R James, F L Jackson, T B Jolss, A I verson, Hon 8 Jones, P Johnston, Mrs 8 F !*W & Andsrson Kidder, B Ksri'0"**0' BSKTJiJ1 Keehler, 6 Kaugen?trauch,0 Kirohner. M ? - ? - v ? ? Do. Ware, W H Wj kor, W C W*re ? T Woodruff, J B Wniteler, A Welii, flon O Whipple. C Water. JC WhiU, M M ??'{rAW Watooo, A Zeuler, Geo QPFlClfi %^A^??rAND ?KXLK? Wa?hikoto5, July 18,1860. NOTICE IS HEREBY UIVin, That,a?re? ably to the proviftioua "fthe oidinanoe of the Cor poration approwf*! May I*, imi tbe un.!erai?ned is uow prepared, "?**nev?rreerir?? in writinf.ajid on pre- pay ment of th? fee of ?ft, oeats, to lemeet. examine, teat, prove, and ascertain the aoe.racyof ui m* in taiaoity." .. >uwa muw l?l, win , ud iwkMl * tr??. will lm ?!?? . If to N? accurate }* issustiMkJjiK-rt-i". "oiS1 Ns'"irss:i"?Si..(j?r 0*1 f? U?' C^N^hTh. jy U-tf lu^Mtoi ui 8*>'?r of till Mftiera. csyfe*?. sy>?ig SllaXliait b, lh..o?nUM di?Jur.,7V?.t. tilled. made by tfa* moat reuab>? diaUim S tLManlapd ?.uJ Vlrrn^ rorwM.^ \i?o, ImporltA Hraadiw, Hbcqbmt, OtanL D?*?j k Co.,T?1m RotiM, fcc. AIm>, P?Mh and AW? Branny. ?nrft Holland 81a, old Jtmrn* arJVu NoiV kSm, awi W&M >'1 ?v?r ? rW?, i!i M twntlard fanwla. A ehoio* i<?t ??f (Ti?ar? *.?* <*s <? WUKSlILfK DALTiMORE 1' * *9 Excha&s Pl*o?. BaJUmv re. THE WEEKLY STAR Tkit momirnu Family ud Nm Jeereel-we UUDiDf ft ?r*ftt*r variety of mtaraabac raadtac Uuui ?an bo foaad ia My ?ttar-?a rabttaM om 9ataniay moralBf. Tt**??imr+rUMf, m mdrmmri. Single oopy. per uma. ' V rineorid - m x*1' <* ???? 2 Twenty 15"* l)l ??rt?cnt>iaf ia elate raieed m?a# ae??kb?ra fcaperoajved ? %PTT*"''i'The Mpv?" tu%( kaa maa* 7%* Krmimt Sim ciro?>*?? M B?ti*(?ll) ttrocgboat Ui? oonutry. ITj^9inil*?o?iM(ia vr?pp*r?t W b* fro?iir?4 fcl lu*0"?int*r. ?Aor lit* IMMOl HK'. I'noe-THRliK CKNT8 JIT" vim met m kmIi will *? loved % oommiMion <?f ? o*?U. MISCELLANEOUS. PROF. H OOD'l RESTORATIVE CORDIAL an BLOOD RXNOVATOE It pre*i*I j what lU ram? ii?4lofttM. for, wfcil* piMMCt to th??%at?. it ? iu< ( mi iik >? nrniflMtiailKlMVIttilOVtil, Uid at Uia aama Uia? r*ri\ifcea. ruiiittlM. ud ra uew? tha RI?m?1 m & I it* original pantr.aiid tKna it once rt fiitrm nnji rtnJ't* im lyil'm tanumtrmbU iftfrkt qt &t *<***. It la th? ouiy preparation v?r oflorea to th? world, eo ohaniaally and aiuil rullv oomlxnad utol>a lite ?<>at powerful toaio. Mid at tha aaiue tine ao perfeotlr adapted to, aa to fcct in porfact acoordanoe with the lava of nature, knd lienoe will sootk- ike tr,a> tt t tomm k aa4 lona up tha rtumtiv? urtu*. and that allay ail a*r run*and other irritation. It ta perfaat r extoilara Uok and *t the tame tin?e it n oompoaed aetiraly <*f re?atal>iaa, yet ao ooint>in*d m to prudaoe tha aoat thotvtuli toaio tlMl, vitkAiit prodaeiuf ao; i?< un?ii? I'DUMtiawi'i. Such a rmmm&t ha* loe? l>*ea fc?:t to bai deeid?r?t?? la Uta madioal wur^C 6H it needa uo madlcai kill to eae that debility oar* all attack* ofdieeaae. and proceed* and la laed Lay* the aretem op-n to tha laeidioa* attar ka ?f many of Die iao*i fatai. auoh. for axan c.< a* tha following Consumption, Indiraetion. Dyapepeia, L>oa? of (Appetite. Faintne**. Ne'vou* Irnlatu Hi, \rina (ia, I'alpiiattoa of Uir heart. Melauehoif. > mill rwr?u. I*ai cur, Gidriineaa, Retentica of. aa wril h Painful ohntraotfd, tuo profttt, or to* e*ul Menalruatiou. aud Fa., mi of the Wunib. rheee all depend up<>u general debility. Thi* pare, lealthy tonic Cordial aod B ood Renovator la as tare to aire aa the iuq n'#rM and ul There ?a 10 mwtake a(?out it. ? it thia ib not all If tha iy?tem II weakened w? are open to hilioua at acki. tba livor baooa#* torpid, or voree dieeaeod. .be kidneya refuse to perform their function*, and re are troubled with aoa.diac and moortineaoe of iriee. or involuntary diechaige ol U>e tame, pais n the baok. aida and between the hoo.dara. ax >eeding ly h?Me to alight ootda. ooagha. and if ? iheoked, aoon emaciation foliowa.and the pattei.t toee down to a per inn'u re I r*re. But apaoe wi I >ot &>low ua to enumerate the many ilia to whieh wa kre lialiie in a *m?- .*->t ooi.Uitiou "1 the lygteiri. But we will aay in t hie Oordni and J? ooa H-no> t lor yon have a perfect, ea'e, pieaaaut and effactaai remedy lor loaaof Appetite. biiounneea. Fiata ei.ce. weak and atek Stomach. Langour. Liver Compiaist, Clulla and Fever.or any B'UoitMUct, Coitiveneaa, Acidity oftkest maoh. NenroaaMas Neor&icia. l'& pit*t'.on of the Heart, Depreaaion )f9pirita.9orea. Fimplaa on the Faoa, or aay dii sa ee analog from imp ore biood, auoh aa borofu.a. Kryaipelaa. Bronchitia, Couth, diHoulty of Breath - ok, and all that olaa* of dtaaaaee ea< ed fewal* refcknea*. and enumerated above. Wa will the traveler exposed to epideiiuoa, change of jhaiate and water, will find it a pleaeaat. aafeand lure rewedjr, aud do one ahould erer uave. will* >ut. R?*d?r, try it, for w* aaanre ?on ;n? will md in it a friend indeed, aa well aa a friend in need. AH peraooa of eedeLtary ha tut* will find it a r*' - eot preventive ol. aa well aa a enre for thoee ail neuta which the? are particular!? axpoeed Hw* uiniat*ra, aludenta. attorney*, literarr genUeaen, uid !adi*a who are not aocuatcmed to uiaoh oat loor exeroi*?, will find it to their advantage to teep a bott e con?taut;y on auo above a'I no there. or ttioae beooming aucu, will ao tbrooch hat moat da&geroua period not only with all their wanatomed atreugth, bat aafa and free frem the iiouaand ailmei.ta eo prevalent am one the femaia tortion of the world. In ahort, la indeed a mother a >ordial. Try it old and <oini:uo lor ger ran the tak of delay: it will relieve and prove it*ell mb ihatioally a Rutoratir? Cordial mtid Blood Jlawra. mi. O. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Broadva?, New k'ark. an<l 114 Market Street. AC boan.Mo.. and old by ail good Druggiata. Price One Dollar par Battle. PROP WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL BLOOD RENOVATOR. au Ji-eoly.a-w PROCLAMATIONS jl U I ElCi CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN. Ac. Wktrems, . At tb? present mmoi o th? r<W :HOLERA MORBUS, DU,*afcAfcaouc. ** bnrer9lA J)kBlLlTY. Ac., Ao? irevsil to an alarming extent: It muat he of the FIRST CONSEQUENCE o very family to *??^EI)y at once Soft, Sfjv, ?*d DK. MONTARDE. fieri Lib MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER lEMKL)^ FOR1 THE^ABOVlfSoM$LAINT8 la order to eatiefy TH K PUBLIC that no imposition u intended in Um eale of Uua THE MONEV^R'ILl!1 BK^kEFUNDBD m all rnt'r then tlie medicine latla I ?ve entire i l?k, then at any Drus Store foe OR MONTA HOE'S MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER. take aa directed, and if uot pertcutly aaUaIt?<U leturn to our Agent, D. II. CLARK, ES^., Street and Penney Ivania Arenue, who will refund your mousy. Prioe-a > and AO OoU per Bottle. For aale at all Drue Btoree ererywheie. J AS. MoDONNELL. AfWt. Jy 11 eoti ButTnnia. * NALOSTAN RETREAT, 1 Ofl ANAl.OI.TAN laLAMD, Orpeyitt lirt>Tfftcim nwtl U>* mim. Tli? rnhfi il"H? liAvicg l??Md for a term of 71 lii* t<eautifui and romantic iH i'Mntdf t for the accommodation of the ?ui lic on' l?e3tetdavof Mb* 1*60. Kor taailtjr nf] iMMiery, delightful protneaadee. fcahinz. 4 o., idea w? auperior water, it la uoauipa*eed in ti.e inton. The Honae u large aud oomntodmca, hari ni been ntlrel* renovated It baa a lar(e Itawmf ralnoa ttarhed to the h<>aae, l>?a drUknmi and Df"iii| tooma for both ladiea a no ieJ!re?nen Id addition plendid Arbore detached from the baildiua. Parties, Families and Individual will find it ft iK?at doeirabte p ace to pas* the aultry daya of eas ier, aa evnry attention vtll be guarantied hv the ropnetora. The atrmteet police urtanf "~ riff Men fumed, aad ? rohibitad. The Larder will >? found to contain all the dall kcim oi the *p?*oti at all tima?. The Par will he fa*-tiii>h?d wt?h the cbuioeat iiqaor* and W me* and the hu'rt Htfkriu tSKJietiw*, Kundar HchiM^e. Club* and Military >>nram?< wit! find tfcia the moat dealrabia raaort ear the meVopoln for apoadinx a p eaaaut and or C|r^cL'ildrf u nuaocoKpamed br their parenta or aardiana, will ha exaladed Imm t*e (roan J a. Gunning and dot* prohibited. CT B?aU will laava tne loot of Hi(k atreot, taorcatown. and G treat, Waelnnftou, koarly, romt o dock a. m. ti i IK p. in .daily. We eolicit the publio to ja<1ge for themaalraa.aad y! aaaarad of (iving katrnfaoticv 4e??-ootf jaoob \v. rnwKRM it ro. ^EW SILK MANTLKS Af?U HUUfRW \V? h&vft r*o?l??<i by ?r"i > >n: l*in 9aLK MANTt-KS uid RLAL FRI Toe MAN TLRS *nd POINTS _ >i?o.l0 fthe frliitrleof WOVKM PK]?T?of?i? ufciity. L%di*#tn w?nt of &ny of tt>? *bo?r? c. . ^r, 1.. ,n?. y^lys^rffgw.' ^LOl'BD*Ak!l>,toV!N^^f MERCHANT*, Aw4 wkoimait 4mlert in MILL FRED, CORN HEAL. fr.. tt.. Corner of lttta and K ftrwti, WMlunctun otty. JTT C**h f?r *11 of Gmm. ?i J75 A L S;KN 275 JACIRON, PLASTERERS. Ptssi. Arum, Botwowi Wi w< 1 >t>i rtrwui ? " A/ UALTB' MT O O D A > l> COAL i<99 Pa. At., ajo. 12t* Uru, 11 ill u.i \vi.?r .< ?-? in-7 ?. MEAL. MILT. Fl JmU r?oeJT?i o? ?*> >? wan??ut Lr?ixi of frMh ?rt>itad Ftati'y, COAL OIL. I r?T vixt K-in V l.g.ol* Or, ? ?bMT*i? trim* PAK^FINK OIL, Vki?* i v?nisn<1 eqq*l to Hi* N?* Yo k or Ho#te* (!. 1i* trtuif o*n im map ft** I ou (t>? ?* * t?.?* M mv boj fct tuw N??nt- mu t lUr ? *? a-l?? M.C fCMirV. 4?? *w. MS oOfc i 'b *U

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