Newspaper of Evening Star, September 18, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 18, 1860 Page 2
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m THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TUESDAY Ifl?, 19?0. ftpiril ( lh? .flaming PrM?. The Conititmtio* tells about the South being In a blaze, the excitement Increasing, the doctrine of federal coorcion being denounced, the North catching the spirit of southern resistance to the aggrrauons of Seward A Co., Ac., Ac. The ImtrUi&ewr charges the Constitution of being blinded by.prejudice In its political dla c anions. t?7" We hare received from Shllllngton, Har per * Magazine and tiodey'a Lady'a Book for October, both excellent number*, aa aaual. t?7"lce formed half an inch thick In the North Wooda, Herkimer county, N. Y., on the l?th and 11th lnat , and there was mow on tha Catakill mountains on Thursday morning. ID" Jndgc Doaglaa la ex per tod In Chicago on tfce 4th of Ootober next He will, of courae, be enthu*iaatlcally reclvcd by bia frlenda. Trepara. tlona to thla end have already been begun. IE7" Returna from forty-live countlea In Mlnne aota give a population of 114,214. The population of tbe whole State will not be leaa than 170.000 In 1619 it wu not quite 5.000. IH7* We have received from W. 1>. Shepherd, corner of Seventh and D streets, a specimen of Swartout's Patent Metallic Psper Fastener, which bids fair to be of great service to those who have to do with law papers, pamphlets, newspapers, aud manuscript* of every description. All such shoald call and see the article at once. \T~J~ Chief Engineer King, U. 9. Navy, baa just i*sned a valuable little treatise on steam, the tram engine and propellers, for the nse of young engineers, machinists, and students. The volume is dedicated to the Hon Isaac Toucey. Secretary of the Navy, as a tribate to the interest be has manifested in the promotion of the mechanic arts, and the aid he has extended to the advancement of thtitnm Navy. This work will aupply the want of a text book long felt by practical men and students, especially those preparing for the Navy. Franck Taylor has it for sale In this city. Niw Books.?We acknowledge the receipt (through the hands of Blanc hard & Mohun) Of '-The Greatneaaand Decline of Caesar Blrotteau " From the French of Honore de Balzac. Trans lated by O. W Wight and F. B. Goodrich. New York: published by Rudd & Carleton, 130 Grand street JstiC. This volume is the first of a series that ia to embrace a translation of all Bal za a works of fiction, which are among the most popular throughout France H is translators claim for him the merit of having written nothing whatever?though a modern French novelist? that may not aafely be admitted on the center table of the parlor of any modest family. We are also indebted to the publishers for sending us (through the hands of Mr. Joe Shil l.ngton) "The Mother-In-Law," a tale of do mestic life, by Mrs. Emma DEN. Southworth. Philadelphia: published by T. B Peterson & Brothers, 3>"6 Chestnut street?the last new novel frcm the pen of Mrs. S , at this time more pro lific in the production cf popular light reading than that of any other novelist in the land. The feet that this book w*s written by Mrs South worth, will of course cause it to be read by all An.arican novel readers; for oue and all they are sire to read the productions of her fancy. Taa Niw Yokk Politics.?The fusion move ment in New York still hangs lire. The Sub committee appointed by the Do'iglas State Com. mittee to endeavor to negotiate a Union with the B eckinridge Democracy, met on Saturday at the St Nicholas Hotel and resolved to reject the terms of tbe '-National Volunteers" The latter were made acquainted, verbally, with the ultimatum of tbe Douglas men; that the Breckinridge party should have six of the elector* and four more In a certain uncertain contingency; that Breckinridge candidates should be substituted for Lieutenant Governor and Canal Commissioner; but that all the men substituted should be new men To this tbe Volunteers would not accede, and there tbe negotiations ended In view of this fsilure to fuM, the Breckinridge State Committee have ls sird a m in festc, In which they concede the elec tion of Lincoln, and throw the responsibility for that dire calamity upon the Douglas Democracy Tbe leaders having failed to fuse, the New York Times intimates that the people will take the matter in baad It is rumor*.:!, however, thatthe Breckinrldee mm, having failed to make a bargain with tEe Douglas lenders, intend to appeal to the people, with whom they expect to find more sympathy! Thus it ia asserted, that they will avail themselves of the opportunity presented by the Lnlon man meeting, at the Cooper Institute thia evening, to tent the feeling of the ms?rt by offering for their consideration a fusion ticket, made up substanti al! v after the model pres?nted to the Douglas Stale Committee Should they foil in getting a favor able response, it Is said that the JJreckinridge men. or that portion of them represented bv the '.National Volunteers,' which probably Includes a bo it half the 8reckinridge vote of the State? ttien intend to form a fusion ticket of their own, whi^h shall be th? same as tte Union ticket now in the field, with the exception of ten Douglas electors, which are to be stricken 00' and their place* filled by Breckinridge men In that case, there will t* a sufficient concentratlou of the anti Kepublican vote of the State on a portion of the electoral t:caet tu show the comparative strength of those who do or do not 'desire the defeat of Lincoln at all hazard*.' " PeniMl. Hon Augustus Schell, Royal Phelps, and I Hill, jr., of .New York, Lave arrived In the city and are staying at the National Hotel. Hon Henry Winter Davis and family, are among the late arrivals announced In New Or On tbe 9th instant. Hon James Green, on hia way to Waterloo, Mo , where he was going to mskp a public speech, was thrown from his boggy, by the horse running away, and coming in contact with a atump, Mr Green was ren dered lnsenklble bj^he shock that he received, and being alone, If was supposed that he lay upon tbe ground for som? time, when he was discovered by a paster-by, who took proper care of him. Mr. Green is severely if not seriously hurt. nrg="i>^MP?EV A O'TOOLE. IL3 WEDUlbQ AND VlSlTlSd CAK1> JCNVRAVERS. Importer* of fine WEDDING STATIONERY, WADDING ENVELOPES*. the must beautiful styles. 3:26 Pa. A v., between Wu and 10th sts , a<i 27 bin Wa-uusgtos. U7 DR. WAD9WORTH "" ILL Return U> the city this evening and re sume hi? professional nuiies to-morrow, (AVednes 19th. It* t'ART hubs: FOR IRQN OR WOODEN AXLES! Just received and !<>r sale by JOHN R. ELYANS k CO.. e H eoSt (Al'i liaz.) <(>9 t a. avenue. t R SALE?A NEW SPRING WAGON and liARNESS. suitable for a grocer or h rkrtT Fur particulars applv to. R F. ME'iEE, at the National Hack! Htamt. M lt-M" h * OR BOSTON.?The fine sehuener Henry Per k>ns. Captain Goud ridge, has arrived aau owdischarging bar freight. For ireight^^^ passage apply to * is i < HARTLEY k. BROTHER. ?e MS* 09 and 101 Wster st. s., in nyniUA.-Tn brig Ch&s. Heath, Capt* A. l.oad. hti ar-jved and ia now Oitchari j*_.Av log Lei freight 1-or freight or pMMtr appl)r^nB> to HAhTLEY A BROTHKR, *> 18 y. ' >*> and 101 Water 1. LH)H NEW YOB K.?The packet schooners Ara l Uc, Captain Hluhs, tMirpnsc, CtpUii Col*, and V orktow ,CtMui W?gloro. have^*? crived and will ?aij as ilovn with dispatch For freight Apply to McCOtiB A UODGE. ??il Water street. Sfokks1 P A lot of SPOKES. IV. 1*,and inch, (thor-! 4) ougnlj 92 per set of to, to close K out the Mtne. *or?ile?>T E J. R. KLVANS A co . g. < ? l?-oolw?Aie?. Oai.t 30? Pa.av. Academy ok modern langauages, (Washington Bcildixg.) P? Comer if Sevmlk Pbivat* l*?T>riTtoi?? !? Fkskcii a*D Sf ahi?*. DAY and KVKN1NG CLASSES. .. ~ TKAXSLATIONS. A M. Db MONTHl RRY. Profeaaor of Modern Laneiimm and Literature, has the honor to an nrnooo that he will resume his Classes anJ Private l.? >N>n? on Wednesday sextjtii* 19th of Sepfetn uuva Acfcwmy. He ta pr?p*r*d at*o to , cire ia tchoolii and p.irat* famili/a, a Court* of Lector* upon the I- reach LiUratara, from the fcai li*st Formation ?f the lAngua^e to tka Promt J* Ifl?. For tcrma and further particular* inquire at tb? Aeadamjr.wjior* Prof. D?,Monthurry wiil be inat * amlftom 5 to p.m. j WAlHlNAfON NKWt AND OOMIF. Til Gkiat Ea?teih.?We are Inclined to believe that the Greet Eastern will very ehortly olvethe problem of ' direct trade" between the watera of the Chesapeake and Europe, orer which o many commercial ipeculaton In the newa paperm hare been ao long puzzling their brain*, If not thoae of the public alao. Thua, tbe exer tlona being made to secure her a return cargo of graio, cotton and tobacco upon her next voyage to American water*, to b? taken on hoari at Nor folk, bid fair to be crowned with *urce?.> W? have long bwn of oplnloa that the great obstacle to tbe successful Inauguration of the "direct trade" In question was neither more nor leaa than tbe combined efforta of tbe New York preaa to ridlcula the Idea whenever aerloualy preaaed upon tbe attention of tbe commercial world. The making of one aach buslnaaa voyage aa tbe Or*at K astern la shortly expected to make, will aettle tbe controversy beyond peradventure. As a me chanical achievement, her late voyage baa already demonstrated that the calculatlona of her capacity In all reapecta for service, on which abe waa con structed, were sound Or, in other words, that she is the most agreeable and aafeat paaaenger steamer, and tbe most convenient freighter and the fbstest steamship that floats on any ocean. It now remalna to be proven that abe can carry such freight aa the South has to send acroea the Atlantic ior less money, wun a ratr margin or proflt, than any other vessel. We repeat: our own belief ia that a single voyage will make thla fact ao ap parent, aa that it will initiate the end of the (to the South) pernicious system of sending nearly all Southern exports for foreign countries coastwise to New York, to be transhipped direct from that port. China Attains?a letter from a distinguished source, just received, says that the Chinese will not yield to the French and English force* with, out a desperate struggle. They are represented as being but poorly supplied with means to resist the European enemy; their small weapons being, for the mrst part,matchlocks and bows and arrows That the allies will reach Pekin there ran be no doubt. The successes which await them, to gether with the progress of the rebels, justifies the writer in the startling announcement that the Chi nese Empire Is on the eve of dissolution ! It docs not appear that our public functionaries in that part of the world are acting in pursuance of any special instructions, while It is stated that the Russian Ambassador had had an interview with our own, and both were on the moat friendly terms. Ax Invitation.?Mr. Augustus Schell, Collec t/ir of th#? Port of \>w VinH Dav?1 PK?1m and luic Dell. Esq*., of New York city, reached Washington last evening, coming as a committee to invite the President and Cabinet and their families to be present at the grand ball to be given in their city on the 12th of October prox imo. In honor of the Prince of Wales. Though it is hardly possible that the President can attend, It seems to be understood that bis niece, Miss Lane, and some portion of the Cabinet and their families, will probably be present on the occa sioo. Tns Ck*sus Clkbkships.?There arc nearly one thousand applicants for clerkships In the Cen sus Bureau, notwithstanding a number have failed to pass the examining board, and others, not caring to submit themselves to the arithmetical tests, have withdrawn tbeir recommendatory papers. 80 far about twenty, or one fifth of the entire number of clerks required, have been aj>" pointed, it is a noticeable fact that "qualifies- 1 tlon" for the duties of office Is paramount to all other considerations, and to thia the Interior De partment has consistently adhered In making selections for the work appertainlngtothe census. The Pcbltc Buildiugs.?Under the efficient superintendence of Commissioner Blake, the pub lic buildings and grounds in and about Washing ton, are undergoing considerable renovation and Improvement, as thorough and complete as a lim ited expenditure of means will admit of, in order that they may present a creditable appearance when Lord Renfew and suite visit this city. The President's Mansion, especially, is receiving the attention of the Commlaiioner in this respect. Pcilic Lands in Minnesota.?The Commls sioner of the General Land Office Is preparing for the introduction into the market of 36t,000 acres of land In the State of Minnesota, consisting of detached tracts withheld pursuant to the order of September 3, 1839, from the public sales hsd In that State In October and November last nnH.f the proclamation of tbe President of July 8, 1S59 Sixty days' further notice of the places and time of sales will be given. Naval ?The Board recently appointed to ex. amine Into th? condition of tbe tailing vessels of the Navy, and the cost of giving tbem full steam power, together with the expediency of making such change, In view of the cost, condition, model and general character of such vessels, are required to report tbe result of their labors to tbe Secretary of the Navy, who will submit the facts to Con gress for !t? further orders. Naval Boakd or Examination ?A Medics' Doara, consisxing or Burgeons Jas C. Palmei' William Grier, and Charles Everfleld, hss been directed to convene at the Naval Academy be tween the 20th and 3t>th of September next, in order to examine into the physical condition of candidates applying for admission Into that Insti tution. Post Officx Dxpabtvsst?Mail Agists.? ' Tbe supervision of the local mall agent* and of the route agents on the various railroads on which the mails are carried haa been transferred to the Inspection Bureau, and la now under the direc tion of B. N. Clements, Esq., chief clerk of tbe Department. A NkwPlanit Discovxexd.?Last Saturday night a new planet was discovered atthe National Observatory, its right ascension is 23 hour* and 4 minutes, and its declination is3 degrees and 23 minutes south. Tux Old Sxkati Chamber will be ready for occupancy by tbe United States StiDreme Court at the commencement of the December term of that tribunal. The architectural alteration* are now in progress. The Coopi* Axkbicak Otira Taovn, who are now performing la Baltimore, will open at the Theatre in this city, on Monday evening next, for six nights. For particular* see advertisement to-morrow. Thb Wutiib.-1The following report of the weather for the morning is made from the Amer ican Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith sonian Institution. The time of observation Is about 7 o'clock. Septimus 18, 1840. New York, N. Y .....clear, pleasant. Washington. D. C cloudy. Richmond, va. cloudy, 88?. Petersburg, Va. cloudy, rainy. Norfolk, va clear, pleasant. Wilmington, N.C rainv, cool. Augusta. Ga. ....cloudy, cool. Savannah, Oa cloudy, 81?, wind S /! -1 ? iaacvHi vr?u ee r:icor. Colttmbua, Ga .....clear, pleaaant. Montgomery, Ala. clear, pleaaant. raoM tux wiit. Frederick, Md cloudy, inlld. Hageratown, Md cloudy, mild. Cumberland, Md cloudy, m'ld. Grafton, Vi cloudy, mild. Wheeling, V*. clear, pleaaant. Parkerabure, Va clear, pleaaant. Ptttaburg, Pa clear, 00?. Cairo, III clear, 60*. Rock Ialand, 111 clear, 60?. Dubuque, Iowa cloudy, 60?. Barometer at the Smlthaonlan at 7 a. m., (cor rected for temperature,) 30,045; at noon, 30,047. Thermometer at 7 a. m., 83#*; at noon, 73}. Maximum during 48 houra ending 0 a. m. to day, 71*i minimum 00#*. K ? RKMOVKD. lemovtd Iih O9o? to No 433 K atreat, aeoon<t Wk? ?C,ih# Goaaral Poat Uffioo, aod opposite CO uaaUaa EaaUorahU aa 12 lw* o?iaffi? ?w .V im ,_ _ BALZAC'S NKW NOVKi fJB Gr*?tii??iand DeclineofChmIb U coram Eleventh tJa4er the Kaapaack. 'orre/pomdence of The Star. Grkat Flat Top Mocbtaih, > Mercer coaaty, Va., 3*pt. 7, lt?0 J foV5TAi? Glash Hit Tablb Lard*?A Hak Road to TRAvn.~riDB?T*iA!? and E<jc?i tuai* Locomotion thi oblt Modi?Th UP?KB gmxdoiti?IltUHArnTIBLK SlTPPt o? Va*i*ti*s or Woods ? 8a* JfocnK*. Jh'r Star. I write this at the house of one San lei Mill*, who farina it on the highest southea* >rn niun 01 mat no^uur emiMU?, me ureal F1 P?P Moon tain, that yon see irt retching along tl nap of Virginia, trenching upon the counties < Raleigh, Wyoming, and Mercer. The monntaii ibout the headwaters of the Guyandotte all be his flattened character, and most of the fannlr and* hereabouts u upon these summits Instead following water courses, as lower down ths rt vr Prom the Guyandotte to this points walked f 14 or IS miles of the way along one of these mou lain tables called Barker's Ridge. Prom Oceai I struck across to the Guyandotte (main river) ai followed the stream up; the country growli wilder ana moresparseiy populated at every ate Such a thing aa a carriage-road was new here see rhe malls, groceries, Stc , are conveyed up horseback, and that at ao alow a rata that I foui no difficulty In keeping In advance of parties th mounted over any distance. The Uuyando1 river district is exceedingly rich In timber,whic however, Is valueless, comparatively, from ha Ing no access to a market. The difficulties In t way of making the upper river navigable ha been heretofore deemed Insuperable; but the d will come, doubtless, when the imperative < maml for this supply of timber will foroe access to It. The variety of growth h< la remarkable. Taking note for a sin* half a mile along a mountain side 1 met wl peclmens of the white, black and red oak, f oak, Spanish oak, chestnut oak, and water oe the black, yellow and white pine, (though pit are not plentiful here;) black and white ash, ipl tree, hackberry , blue, black and red haw, wh and yellow poplar, white and black hlckoi ihcll-bark hickory, buckeye, white and yelk birch, black gum, iron wood, dogwood, hoi beam, cherry, slippery elm, red elm, sassafr elder, alder, red cedar, hemlock, sycamore,wh and sugar maple,wild plum, black locust, prlcl uh, beech, black walnut, white walnut (butt nut), cucumber tree, yellow and white llnn,wa and weeping willow, persimmon, holly, l?r savin, ivy, quaking aspen, sour wood, lumai paw paw, &c., Ac. Rafts of timber are able get down, now, from a point tome distance ab? Logan Coiirt-hoose, and the main difficult higher up the river cover only a few miles at 1 foot of Wyoming county. I passed many " sang houses," t. ?. cab! where the ginseng Is dried and clarified for m ket. In conversation with an Intelligent mot taineer, who has acted for years as agent for t tang dealers in purchasing of the gatherers, held that the ginseng hat been a curie to 1 country, ai Inducing the people to follow tbe p carious business of gathering it, Instead of attei lng to tbe steady cultivation of tbeir land, a also as causing tbem to run in debt to tbe trad with tbe expectation of liquidating In tbe sa lesson?an expectation not always realized, to nothing of tbe ruinous prices they are charged I goods on this doubtful credit. They also j vitiated and tricky by tbe business, and, In reta itlon for tbe bigb prices charged them for goo< *rater-soak and muddy tbe giuseng to make weigh heavy, and also substitute a variety of sf rious roots bearing a close resemblance to tbe g< nine article. C.S.N Read! Rea4! Read! THREE CENTS WEEKLY. Fit for Every Family. The Best of Everything. 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HE Next Annual Session of this school w sommenoe on MONDAY, Swteinbsr 1 The soho has been removed to 161 West street, betww Congress and High. Circulars may be obtain< sfler the 22d of August, at the drug store of Mr. 1 8. T. Cisul, corner of Congree* and Bridge sts. au 18 eo lm GEO^ARNOLD, M. A., Principal TP HE UNDERSIGNED CARPENTER AN 1 BUILDER offers his services to the pnblio < Georgetown, Washington, and vioinity, and wi sontraot for or superintend the construction publio and private buildings. Plans and sperif nations will be furnished at short notioe. cffio ind shop on Coiigrasa st., Georgetown, tmmedial It nnrth of tH* l?A?t nill?A MtftaMo" \ HENRY WINGATE. ?)0 NOT FAIL TO CALL AT HARVEY 8, II mk and W tk. He will to-dar omb hi* Jonj_e?t*bli?hed ai vail known NORFOLK OYbTER SHUCKING DEPOT for the muob kee? OOI RHBL - rtiulftr luifiiN oT the beet NOR FOLK OYSTER* on e*eg TnMdav, Thnraday, and Saturday. He will aleo kee? 001 tantly on hand a large and varied aaeortmeut < Fl^SH, inoludinf every eort known to Waahingfe He r?tnrn? hi* cinoere thanka to thoee who aa ronieed hi* Eatabliehment darin* the *?t >eaao and la confident that hi? inoreaeed feoiliUee f< a eontinoaaoe oftheir patronage aad onator Sold a of"" BM "T?: a.vky. * Proposal! forf/loan op ten mil lion dollar?. TfttA?l-*Y Dir**TMt!?t, Sept. 8, I860, stalid Proposals will be received at this De partment until 12 o'clock, noon, of Monday, the M day of O^tobaf next, far tan milUoas%f dollars of stock of the United States, to be isaaad under the act of Congress of the 33d day of June last, aatkcmzilf a loan and providing for tha red en p tiaa of Traaaurf notes, at vhich tine the proposala will be opened and deoiM on. The stoek will ba reimbursable in ten rear* from the first day of J an nary next,and wiTl bev interest, at five p?r emi tutn per annum, payable semi annually on the first days of January and July of each year. No offer will be acoepted below par, and none for any fraction of one thousand dollar* nor will any offer he considered untess one per ?entom of the amount thereof ia deposited with a depositary of th* United Statss, ?uh eet to tke order of the Secretary of the Treirnry. The eertifieate of auoh deposit must aocouipany the proposals. In all oases the offer must be nnoonditional, without reference to other offers, and must state the rite of premium offered. The proposals shon'd be endorsed on the ontside, "Proposals for I?oau of IfcGft,"and to l? addressed 'To the Secretar* of the Tres^n-* w?. kinvtnn D. 0." The best bidders under the foreroing conditions for the aggregate mm of ten millions of dollars will be immediately informed by mail oftheao oeptance of their offers, and they most deposit the amount so accepted, with the premium thereon, with the Treasurer o! the United State*, or the Assistant Treasurer at Boston, New York, Pkila delphia, Charleston. Now Orleans, or Ht. I.ouia, on or before the 22d day of November next. 9hou!d successful bidders desire todepoeit at other pointa their wishes will be duly considered on being stated to this Department. Certificates of ineonbed stook will be issued in sums not leas than one thousand dollars each to the successful bidders, or their assigns. Cor the prinoipal so deposited, oarrying interest at the rata of five per centum from the date of such deposit. Such stock will be transferable on the book* of the Treasury, agreeablj to the regulations ?f the Department. Should an; of the successful bidder* require cer tificate* of stook. vith cob poo* of seini-annual in terest payable thereon from the first day of J anuary next. *uoh certificate* will be isaued, with *uoh ooapona attached, in *um* of one thousand dollar* acn; and such coopon stock, instead of being transferable on ths books of the Treasury, may be attuned and transferred by the delivery of the certificates. The interest of the last-named stock, from the date of the deposit to the first day of Jan uary next, will be paid to the suocesaftil bidder or his attorney, by the depositary with whom the prinoipal was deposited. The preliminary deposit of one per oeotum, re quired upon all proposals under this notioe, will be included in the deposits of principal and premi um made by sacoessful bidders, and will be imme diately direoted to be retimed to the unsuccessful bidders. HOWELL COBB. se lo-2awtl Seorotary of the Treasury. French always ahead; 878 Pa. Avihui, ERINCE OF WALES MEDALS. BKKUK1NKIDGE 4. LANE do. ?ew styles, BKl.L * EVERETT do. da. DOUGLAS 4t JOHNSON do. do. LINCOLN Jt HAMLIN dc. do. DOUGLAS and LADY do. Amenta supplied at New York prices. se 17-lw SWARTWOUT'8 METALIC PAPER FAS TE\ER, with directions for using, Ac. Just r?ceivo<l at SHEPHERD'S, oorner 7th and D sta. The attention of Attorneys. Conreyatfeers, Notaries Public, Patent Aqentt, tc , is respectfully called to this new, convenient, and most useful article, ai a substitute for the old eyelet machine,aa superior in all rcspecta. * se 17 3t* BY STEAMER COLUMBIA, this morning, (September 17.) we shall he in receipt of a large stock of staple DRY GOODS of the best class, to an examination of which we invite our cuatomera and the public generally. Families that I'll? for cash are especially solicited to inspect our stock ; tuey can obtain their aupphea from us at the very lowest cash pricea. One price only. All goods will be delivered promptly on the day of sale to any part of the city. CLAGETT k MAY. se 17 6t 324 Pa av., betw 9th and loth sta. I EAGLE STOVE HOUSE. HAVE Now in atore a complete assortment of the FRANKLIN RADIATORS, (three sixes.) They are a lata improvement on the old Franklin Stovea, having tho radiating attachment, aliding doors, fine porcelian lined urna for evaporation, !iu>icu?mmij ma oreiuesi ana must cheerful Stove to ait by (for parlor or chamber) that can I* found in any market, as >ou can be accommodated with a clone or an open Krate fire at plea?ure. To befoucdat C. WOODWARD'S, No. 31? Pennsylvania avenue, ? V7-6t between Huh and 11th ?tn. EAGLE STOVE HOU9E. gjg 1 wish to call the attention of all those winhing to obtain a first clasi Cooking Stove, that the aching void can no* l>e filled by purchasing one of my YOUNG AMERICA DOUBLE-TOP GAS CONSUMERS?the entire top being double, and o arranged that a circulation of air is kept up 1>? tweeu the plates, thereby preventing it from ever sink inn and t>eooiiiing warped, (like many others.) which prevents them from tiakmc well afterwards i have also a great variety of other first-class COOKING STOVES, viz; The Fuel Saver, with or withouttheextensiontup; Challenge, Telegraph, Patapsco Cook. Penns> Ivania Complete, an<l other*, which will l*> guarantied to give setisfao tion to purchasers. Please call and examine, at C. WOODWARD'S, No. 31S Pennsylvania avenue, sel7 6t Between Hith and llth sts. 77v 4 h f wT 486 NEW FALL GOODS. 486 PAPER-HANGINGS, WINDOW SHADES, PICTURE CORD AND TASSELS, Ac. The Suhacriber would call the attention of his frionds and the public to hip fall stock of PAPER HANGINGS, WINDOW SHADES, PICTURE CORD AND TASSELS. Ac., embracing a choice and varied assortment 01 Gold and Velvet, Gold, Satin. ?nd low prloed Good*, with aohoioe variety of ws > Anted Gold Hand Window Shades, Picture Cord and Ta?eels. Allowing no old stock to accu mulate and purchasing Tor cash, persons requiring the above goods will find it to tneir advantage to give meacal. Punctuality infilling orders and xatisfaction guaraoteod in workmanship or no pay required. Orders lor Paperhanginga or Winifow Shades faithfully executed in citv or coaotry. PUase give me a call. Don't forget the number. J. MARKKITER, No 4*6 Seventh s? , w 15-eo2w* 8 doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. 486 WINDOW SHADES. A 0? PICTURE CURD AND TAS- fcoO SEI.S. Ac. Just received, fall stock warranted Gold Band Window Shade*, Imitation Gold and Common CL. I. **-ii > *?: * ? ? * * * i-noucn, onwio ncii5nu8, iiciuro t-ora ana j M seis, icc., Ito. Window Shaiiex of any required detign or size furnished to order. I'ap'rhanging expcutod and Window Shades furnished in cit> or country. Satisfaction guaranteed or no pay re quired.' Don't forg?t the number. J. M ARKR1TER. No. 4S6 Seventh st., se 15 eo2w* 8 doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. A PICTURE CORD A*P TASSELS. Handsome assortment PICTURE CORD and TAhSE- S. Crimson, Sc\rlet. Grsen and Blue Colors, from photograph to portrait size Picture Cord all sis is and co'ora Also, Pioture Rings and Nails. Just reoeived at J. M ARKR ITER'S, No. 4?? Seventh et., . 8 doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. Don't forgwt the number. se 15-eoitw* Machine belting, leather and RUBBER.?Also, Machinist's Findings, for ale at northern prioes. JOS. L HAVAGK, Sign of the Gilt Saw, se 15 St (States) Pa. av.,het. loth aad 11th ata. FOR SALE VERY cheap-A large IRON DROP, with iron sides and block himmir weighing about 100 ponnda and fell from 7 to feet. Call at 338 Penn. avenue, HOOD'S Jewelry Store. M 15 St A bar IRON and STEEL. complete Aaaortment ol the beat makea for aale at the loweat market prioe. JOS- L SAVAGE. Sign of the Gilt Saw, ae 15 fit (Statea.) Pa. av , f>*t. loth and 11th ata. Horse shoes and horse SHOE iron. We have now in atore a large lot of the a bo re, and will aeil it at manufacturers' prioee. jos l: savage, t>irn of the Gilt Saw, ael5 6t <Statea.) Pa. loth and 11th ata. ? COAL! coal!! aily Lxpootrd, a cargo of auperior Rod Aah. Krc and Stove Coal. Tlioa* wishing a aupply wiir pleate eeiid in their or^o. a. Aiwa; on hard a food aupply of of all the rarioua kinda of Coal in general uac; ae, aleo, Oak, Pine ami Hickory 'Wood. A. B. waller, ? 15 St Near the Capitol gata. Who ^RKSHaMEWZ?^.- .... - . iVtUIBWi IIWIH OTI1BB' ing been in the Musical Conservatory there, and wholias been for a Ion* Ugw a teechertfH both of Vooal ??l Instrumental Mono in Nev^^F York, (having tau?ht iome of the beet meters there, suoh as Radia.i, Ttbenni, La Orange, lo.. Ac ,)1im oome here, (Making to remain,ud wonld lie nkost happy to receive the patronage of thia city. Prof. M can give the heat of refereuoee in regard to hie moral an well ae his intellectual slaotltn*. All oommuiucatioas please address to 964 K st. hIMv' W. HAMILTON* DAIM??0 . ^ PAINTER, and DEALER IN PAINTS, No. AM Tea ?w Odd Ftlkmt' H*U. US It PUTTY 18 DOWN. AUCTION SALES. B, THUS. Card. ud Hid* ud "om , M?ttlDK. JM fluak Ma _ I) Cktirl, m?<t OUoloUa, pl?o^i% War*, .nketa, QuilU. Sheets,4 o.< hncany Ures?inR and Plan Bureau#, Bedstead*. d and Stlrer Watcbes, >ks, Newspapers, Theodolite and Coapase, ohen 1'nrr.iture lao, at 12 o'clock? 510 tjirl year* of ace, and sla?e for life, (ro Bur Johi>,16yearsofa#*,aedeUv*foriife, o Sorrel Colt, 2 rears old, Bwr.ko. . >rm*of?ate: All umi of an< aader fffn.eaefc; ?r $80,a credit ol thirtv, ?i*ty, aed ninety da;s ,TO'? SSflff iSSTTt... SXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, Ac. ^or FOR ARLINGTON! rREATEST PTC-sIFoFTHK SEASON' he HOWARD ASSOCIATION of WaahiBf announee to the nubile A GRAND PRIZE PIC-NIC, For the Benefit of the Poor, On THURSDAY, Simmn ?o. >o or three thouaaad Prise* to be dtatnbted, eh lady and gentleman are to re ve a price when they eater *. The prizea are to ooneut Id Watcher, Tea SeU and Jewelry ?f every de iption: ladies' Muffi, Ladiee' Fur?, ladies' uvea, Children's Carriage* and Criha,Ae Also. GRAND D1SPDAY OF FIREWORKS NIGHT! L full Braaa and Striae Band haa been encased the ocoaaioa. The Prize* will be exhibited in oae of the largest relrj eatabtialunenta m the eity next Monday. riiAre Vill he R 1w? hft* liana * lioli each vim tor will draw mi tDv^ope a* they tar, containing the number of the prise, and will >?ive th?? priz* on th? card in the envelope. Phe nuuea will leave hourlv, commencing alt lock a. m. The Geo. W. Rigg* will leave the iarf, loot of Hick street, and run hourly. Jards ofadmission for gentlemen,50 ceut?; ladiet, Bents; and children and tenant* Iree. By order of elV4t COM. OF ARRANGEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS. ODDFELLOWS' nALL! ODD FELLOWS' HAL.' ! UUV fellows' hall' )D fellows' hall! )D FELLOWS' hall ! )D fellows' HAlL ! UNF.Qt1 L.NEt I! nec UN EC1 UN EC PMKC un EC UN ec wood'S wood'S wood'S wood'S wood'S wood'S wood'S wood'S :aled : ualed! ualed: UALED! ualed! UALED! uai.ed: ualed! minstrels! MINSTRELS! B INST R els! INSTRELS: MINSTRELS! MINSI RELS' MINSTRELS! minstrels i positively, last WEEK -<?SI ' IVELY, LAST week positively. last WEEK monday, Siptubie 17th. rhis graM Troop?. during thi? aerond and la*t ?k. will pretant entirely new Mti and a chant* performance ?aeh nuht. ill he >ra mi on ai ' pciiiiriiiAiiunt?cn iiik'iv. I'ne fallowing new and ontinal acta wi ited: The Railroad Expl<>*ion, Da-n ?n*? v?""u-i??r-.iufcninp, vn? t*wi?? wir ir?, the i'lke's Ptak Reel, Visit of the Prince of al*-s,Il T'ova'oa, No r-rna, Cruelty to Johnny i other aeti never before piesented to a Wuk rum audience. ulnusiiou 25 Cents; R^wrved Seat* so Cents. )?ee open for sale of tickets from 10 a. m. to 5 n. *e 17 WASHINGTON THEATER. k>le Lessee and Manager 8. W. Gluts. THIS ESTABLISHMENT ill o#?n for the recular Kali and Winter Sea eon in the nif ht of THURSDAY. Norixm tar. JOSEPH JEFFERSON, e Comedian of the Age, will eommenoe at en easement of Twe ve Ni*bt* on MON DAY, Ifhremher 5th. and will be followed bjthe most URILLUNT STARS li> the Tliea.trina.1 Firm??n*. ? rj~ Communication* if addressed to 8. W. *s?t. "1)1(1 Bowery Theater," New York,wiJl ?t with prompt attention. nu ll-tf AOLE IRON WORKS, I C(ii!iii Ohio Av. * Tii'*tii5TH 8l. KRICSSON'tl CALORIC K.NGIXKs*. "lie undersigned have l?een appointed sole arenta this oity for (he manut'actare and sale of the anove ginea. ai. ?re prepared to aopply all orders with >mptii**HS and dispatoh. These engines hare ?n satisfactorily introduced, and are now practi Ijr employed in bakeries; l.y bookbinders; for iwood cutting; by cabinet makers; for drawing ? blowers to ventilate bwldings; for pumping; for mestio purposes; elevating grain; glass cutting; ining cotton; grinding quartz; grinding paint*; nding sugar cane on plantations in Cuba; for nunc; for knitting machine*; by manufacturers illftiAi! *?r?* Af ?i - ? - r...?w pumoia uiabvrifti, Ul SilYVr Wftr9| agricultural implement*; of match**: of hooped rts; for pumping at railroad stations and on L>oard pi; tor sewing iiMMhiaes; for job printing aod nting daily newspapers; for various plantation ;r; fjr Mving and planing lamlier; for picking ir: for polishing ?omb?; lor aho*mak*r?' u*t>s; for ia sifting; turning; tobtooo cutting and pulver ug; in tanneries and making *?tal>liatim*nU; soda water manufacture; for lion* crashing; .It mashing; towing; grinding outlerr, 4c. They i inexplosiv*; economical: easily managed; they luire no engineers; uae no water; ai d consume ry little fuel. Any person de*irou? of using these gines,can by application to the undersigned be >wn a large number of testimonials from persons o have them in daily u?e, expressing their entir* isfaction in their operation and use 'rioea ol the Kngino* as established by the Pat M: 12 in. cjl'r 33S> 18 inches ojlind*r, fMn able34 " l.wo ? - " \jun " 32 * 2Jtn> ?* - " J^O *i " 4j5tth a * - tjm at ?. ? ? ? " ? ? * X^IUIMOT ? *" 5,<m : W " SpOdiH 44 44 740 Ve are are alto prepared to furnish, at short no B, Architectural Castings, from any designs that y t>e furnished, at cheap ai can be obtained elee ere. Also, Steam Engine*, portable and station ; hick or low pressure. saw and grist mills; hr xtstic, or other presses ; boilers for heating tidings, wrought iron water tanks;shafting, gear ko., for flouring or other mills, and forging of kindb. e 13-2aw3m W.M M. ELLIS * RRO. OAL! COAL!! WOOD! WOOD!! ain daily receiving large suppl ea of COAL from i very beet Pennsylvania mines, which I will sell rrasorali e p ices Al-o, th? hrxt q unlit* of Oak, le and Hiekory WOOD, out and split, all lengths. 11 and leave your orders. R. W. BATES, Wood and Coal Dealer, e 17 (Sta'es) Cor. C and 14th sts.. aear Canal. 17 SPECIAL NOTICE. " E Take great plea* ere ia returning our thanks our numerous friends for their very liberal sat iate in the School Book Trade, and especially t* > hundreds who wer" compelled to leave without ting supplied would we make our bow. May >ir shadows never grow lessj and vould sar we II lull ?upplie? on hud. ud let oar thoi ult ofcuatoaiwa tell of our urio?a. D. SHEPHERD, > 15-lw wm?r Seventh and P etreeto. PORTING GOODS, " Ll v DIRECT FROM THE FACTORIES. ^ -barrel SHOT GUN 8. laminated ateel, twist ud common, Oell??e of Harrnom H|iwi, MM ?rri*ea, U BOV f Ttff d to My hit now ud axtraordinary treatment by iok he ra hinualf oored af or elereu jMri in e ufferirj. Particular* for Nlf oiri sent to r addraaa for po?ta?e; oonanltationa daily from ill 4 o alock fraa; refer eaoe to hudrwla of par ia cured. Addraaa No. (IS Tvalftk aiie*. ukington, U. C- Nervosa aaraoaa ahouid rau iUlSOktioa" for aa!f aura. Bant fraa to any ad aafor 12oaaU inatwta. aall iW | g EAGLE STOVE HOUSE. TSJ? , all arranged ia atora for impaction, and a pleasure in abowiajc tha ~~ ' ,c; a IS 6t Bmwn /OOP! f " w O o D? o OP* TOME and KINDLING WOOD, at tta lowaa '- e a H-tr BICKERING * SONS' SUPERB PIANOS. w?nt for nrr. Piaaoa fw^, AUCTION SALES. THjm ATTEM/roUN i TU-MOKM.UW By 1. C. Mo^UIKK h C<1^ A?tl??r? TWO VKEY VALl AUi>K BULDI.N8 Lor. on K Sr., orwmri TltPiim ^caab at Pr*Lic Arcriow.?O* TLK?DAV APT** NUUN, 9*?Umb?r irk. ?t ? o'elook, oc Uhf ?r?w im-. v* ahai. off^r m potfta m?Hm Uti Nm. u ted X?, in Saaara No. W, fronting ? feet wk nortk K iI.viIimii t?h atwl ink ate. vm. reuuti bMk 147 lt*t lo * 30 fart aJl*T. ^ifs.^awi^^arasMvK rate M>*id*Doe, aad offer gr?M lodiWNMtoto p*t Hit (Ml of a first cm# t-ui'dm* Rtim : Opt third Mh; tM> rtMdMia a, mm! i? mrntfc*. with litotMt, aaoarad by a daed *4 treat ?nt e yanuaaa. ^ g Mc0r|>g k co A||(^ UANDHoillK F^t-Ni%rllV?^?ANO HOt*SR w tiir:m Errtrrt at Ptilk- Arm**?0? WKDNt?8D* Y MOKNINtt. U? l#U ?a*t .at h> o c <<ck, J halt Mlt at the lata r*?id*ne? of Boa. J oho B Kukini, at the ro nac of I etraet aad New {****' arena* north, an UttllMt an art?t of F*raitarefnB: H?r>d?>m?t Rotnrsod oaaa Piano, a ad* by Chi *4 arinc ft Son*. Uoatoiu 7 i*eia< Koaawood *u>o\ aad in* Cover, Huainnt aaite of ratia " Arm f*?y,Md Parlor Cheira. Kl?f aat WalaatTctager*. aad Tahlem, UMHkMaatat Board, Vaaaa, Labr*. Two aetaofvary in* Daiaaak Cnrtaiaa aad Cor fl&ao*oin? Par'or Chandelier*. prof. Light and Ct> i>r Ou Bur??r?, HIKMH V*h?t Bra*e*<*, Tknt-^r, liinti, V?M*MB,r " ? Riegatt Oak Wriuag-df>*k MM TitMaa. Chamber Ret. eoeciating oi Mahogan? Wartlrob*. M?rM* tup Bm?i. ?Mk ?ikl, - Bedatead and Towel raek, mad* *ipr?*aly U> v^&H5ra,. Cotton Tef.aid Baak Mm Feather iMit*ra and Frr ooh Pil ovi, <ia* H*ater, A tr-Tuht. and aUtr Btoree, Wa.not Dreeainr Bareaaa, Washitand and Jannr l.ind B?d*tead*. Solid oak Dining oaae *eat and Ara Chair*. Iron Hedatead and atataMl Wa?b?ia:.c?. Gilt frnm* l<ookio* G'a**??, K,?<ant WaJnutand ata'ned Wardrobe*, Elegant Roman Coffe* ;* ! < eoaper,j French Coma asd Granite T?'ii*t Seta, China, Ola**, and Croekery ware. Two ten fin* haaU of Waeb'ngto* aad Fraaklla. Pioor OilaioD), Matting, and Ruga, Coot k?t* and Fixture*, Together with m general aaeortment of Ki tehee _K?4?I*4U>*. rerms : 9? MM order out: over #30 a credit oft. 4,and months. for appro *ed endoreed boMi, bearing iat*rest from day of sale d AJJRKKN. Ant. Br WALL 4 BAR>ARD, AnoboMtra. CONTINUED.) f^ONTINCATlON fALhorf ANCY 600M>. V/ Dit (inoM, Ar , Ac ? In the uIm room over Muvtll'i Fane Store. No. 3141 Peat. ?rtni?. commencing at 1* o'clock on TUESDAY MORN ING, September WA. Ml* of Fancy Goods. saoh rimbrotderiea, Laoee. Collars, 8!ee*es, Flowers, Veils, Combs, Cravat*, Shawls, Cloaks. Duster*. AI?o, will be added from A D'? Goods lowt, A lot of L*rtie? Dress sum as? BayadereSt--ip*B, i.avelia C oth, Barrgeand ntaer Robes, Marseille*. Ore* Wonted Pamela it. aaita, Ao., Ao. Terms CAsb, ** I7-St (1st.) WAUABARNAKD, Awts. Br WAU. A BARNARD, AaoUoaMra. I AKGE A^A^Ac AvPALE Or Li Chiha, Paaiak, BtnsQrrT. I ?ra ant srati COITLT W ARK, mrlLT CUT 0OKSM1AN. PlIICI aiip Am?kica.\Gla<* Win, ri"* Platsd Wtu, Ekclish and Amiiica^ Cr TIBET, Ar.. Fa|> n A*D 1*05 *TO!IB ('RTHA Will, PaKIAN aXD Btm t*TATr?TT?. Ac.. Ac.?On THURSDAY next, September 13th. At in o'o oik. and eoatiaaing rack day until further notice, we shall sell. At the store ofC. K.Green, 2T4 Pa. arerroe. between nth and 12th streets, a >ar?e and ranee aaaortment of ' bo above tire, Bach ? Vum, Cud Irocivtri. Cologne Bottle*, Cordial Heu, Te*r*et?. Glaaa Ware or ail kmda, Table Caatora, Wine Caatora, ??oona, Fork*. Dinner Seta, CutWy, 4?. w ith mair other rt oda not here enameratad. The above aa'e wiM hefoaad worthy the attao tion of the pnbno. aa ta-9 covda are a., new atylea of the iataet importation. a*id ail warranted to ba of the beat qua-itr. Ample arranfemants made for the comfort of the ladie*. Terma c 4?> and under atah; over fan a aradit of 60 and 9' dare. f^r aatietactocily enduraad aolaa, bttrinr interest. ae in d WALL & BARNAID.AmL FUTURE DATS. Br J. C. MoOUIKK * CO.. Auotmneera. f'URNITURE AND EFFECTS OF A FAM ILY PKCLtniMo flcruiiirms.-O* FRIDAY MORN?NG, September aoth, 1M0. at 1? o'oioofc, at the reeidene* <>r Mra. Ann Dallaway, No. J?0 Nineteenth at., between I and K ata., wa aha]) eel I housekeeping. comprising? Mahogany Hair 8pi i ui im furniture wi mmu or a iMiuy aaeuatac MMUI Spring lor Clmi r , arble-top Center Table, Work aad Card TaMee, Majiogary Dining Tat; ee, Caaa-aeat Chaira, )s?ead>, Bureaus. Waal. Feather Beds. Holsters aud Pillova riktnber Tab e?, Toiiet Seta, Wi srp^ta. Oilcloth. Matung. Jhira, Glass and Crook* T Wara, Rooking and other Move*, titohen Utnuli, Ao.f k.o. Termi oaah. ? 17-4 J. C. McGUlWE A Co., By BARNARD * BUCKET. Aaetic Or?ri?ir?M, D. C. rkK91RABLK?r?L KBA.N RESIDENCE AT If Public Acctio*.?Oo flfP*V APTER ROON.Zlst, at hail past? o'clock, wa will eHl. ia nnt of Uie premises. that deairfrble raaldaoaa aal ed Rook Spring, situated on the /wrthwaaiara boandary of Georgetown, i). C., and ooottiuu aboat tiiirty-fcre aeree of land, iMrovad by a go?a Bro-atore Frame House, Barn, Ptablaa. Spring onie, Ao The situation ia fceaatifal, higS aad healthy, and ia watered by aavaral springe <M para ?M|0r Terms: One-third oaah; ba'anoe ia one, two. aad three yeara, bearing interest, eeearad by a itoM of traai. aall-4 BARNARD * BUCKET, A By J. C. MoSUIRE A CO., Aaotioaaera. STOCK OF FURNITURE AND HOURS rctminw liooM at Fbblk Apctioh.?Oa MONDAY MORNING. ^wnibM !4th. ?l Ut f' the Hoc?'farniahirn Store of tk?l?? rm of Boats A Coombs, 01 Mnotli street, be tvMi 1 sod K ?U., w* a tail noil the ?nUr# stuck ?*f ForniUie and Hou?ffurcishicf Goods witboet f serve. to olose the oom *rn. The stoofc oompri? is p%rt? Mahogany and Walaat Bur ftpring eeat Boras* Arm chs<rs, Rockers and Parlor Chairs of ea riout patterns, Marb e-top Tables, Card and Faney Tables, WbMfc'U, L*ui>gee, Cane seat Chairs, G. i sad Mahogany Frame Mirrors, Clooks, Cane ana Wood-scat. Arm and Narse Hookers. Painted Cottage Chamber Seta. Walaat aiid Mas >gat.j Dreeciog aod Plata Bs reua. Marble toy an? Painted Wash stands. Toilet Bets, Window iShadea. Cormoes. Wood-seat Arm Chairs, Mum# Ch*irs, Cottage aad Bedateada. Wardrohea. Hair aod H??k Mattreeees, Bn:?t?r? aod frllwa, HaUtr B*di,C*mloru i'jd BluifU, Chin*. 6 iu and Crockery War*. Koirra and Fork*. Spoon*. Tib War?, Otrfeta, Uil 1-th, Rnr?. Mit', *o.,&r, Tof ether witn many erociee in the Houeofarnieh idk Line not nnoeeaary to ?n?m?flU? A io, Furs tare m mob, Horse tad Harneea. Term*: ?*5 *n-< under, caah; nrr thai una % oredit of 1.2,9 and 4 month*. with interest, for ay proved e?<lora?d not**. tw?ann? intereat HENRY BONTZ. SarriTicx Partner. ee'7-d J.C.McffuTkg* CO^ A?f. U. T. M. MoCOKMICk; Ai-**n<nia CI OMVI*?IO.NER'S SALE OF A /ALU* ILlfliCTOt I.AMD1X TM.t CUIRTT ?? alu appaia, ?*., OS THI A , Lfc * H. K. K.-bf VirtH or a deoree of tbe <"ireoit Coart of Alexandria county, in the mt of Hoo?, (Juudiu, n.Stn!ig ud ?tb*ra, tli* u ad e reigned will, on 11'HSDAV. Ue Sd of Oatober, 1MD. ?t IS o'o >>o*. ta front of the Maror'a ofioe, in t?e city of Ale?ni.dna. eel; at rabuc aaetion. a valuable trtot eontaiaiag fcbMi um of land in the oonnty of AlezMdrin, of wrueh Laarit^n B. Hardin baq .died eeised. Tkia aroprrtj nee about 7 irilaa from Aiayaadita IM k pa WnahiLttnn and Uaitnalovi, on the rued leading from "Falia Ckaroh' to Georgetown, and on the Alexandria, Loedoon and Hem pah ire Rail road, a water atauoa being near the laad. The larroreanta coneiet of a good two Dwelling Hoaee.with haokbiildu barn and all neoeaaary ont honeee _ thia farm to the three nark eta ef Ak Waahington and Georgetowr, the eharaela land and the bealthfalneea of the loeatioa, i a <>?eirable reeidenoa. The tenaa areeenbed bv thedeeraearec O of the pnrrlieee mouoj i a oaeh; and the ree*4ae in tere*t from i i.e day of aale, a?d a Utl* anii paid. If deeirad bj para ertr would be divided into two ? and a *ul "ttouS* KiNiea. au to atawtd Onninwf. tha Ciroait (Conrtor the Diatriot of Colaabia for theCoanty of WTaehiaftoj, aad he aM direeaed, 1 EittZZ Pa?o'lTm*fZm5f''mm MoVSa th? lrtd?T of OeluKr But, 1M0,M tt o'MOOk I defondMitv ncht. tttte, MUi iki tatorwt m * to Loc No.*,m ftqur* Cll.ta tS? mtj mt War WCLKjC; tf*m*m TK SS^/JSnltiA^ tnr* *L> Mantel for tto OulrM S%ffihA. -b.v-ir.yarv n A-Tfcgf1"t?i IN8U . ? _ t. O. |

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