Newspaper of Evening Star, September 18, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 18, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. A WORD TO THE WISE. Love fcarlad a little maid. Romping through the m?Mo? ; Hee?ile<>* in the euu she placed, Scornful of the shadow. "Come with me," whi?pered nm ; ? "Listen. sweet, to love and reason. * By and by," she mocked reply ; "Love's not ia season." Year* went. year*earn# . I.ight mi ted with shadow ; Love ni^t the maid again. Dreaming through the meadow. "Notsoooy." urged the boy ; List in time to love and reasou." By and by " she mused reply ; 'Love's still in season." Veers went, years came ; Light changed to shadow ! L,ove ?aw in? inaia a<ai?. Waiting in the meadow. "Pass no more ; my dream is o'er; I oan listen bow to reason." *' Keep thee coy," mocked the bo> , " Lovs's out of season." |n*Th? 'Old" Spiritof the Time*, In some sensible remarks on Dr. Windship's system of physical training, says: "Dr. Windshlp has proven himself to be a national benefactor in the rule* he has given to the world, regarding the preservation and cultivation of the health. We rmbl shed them some time since Inour paper, and t fortnnate y found its way into the hands of a Fifth Avenue clergyman, who was of the truly orthodox sty le of black clothing, white cravat and whiter face, a man whose whole appesranr e in dicated a most unhealthy and woe-begone appear ance, and whose life was made up of aches and pains. This gentleman used Dr. Wlndship*s rules, and commenced in a degree following them particularly in the matter of alwavi having fresh air. The consequence is that the clergyman baa perceptibly improved in health, and, of course, in spirits. Theology, under this new in spiration, baa assumed a pleasant guise, his se - inons have became more genial, his philosophy mors extended, his charity more universal In short, his people continually congratulate them selves upon the happy change, and all this moral effect has been brought about by a regard for a few- simple rules of health " CxMsrs of ViBsistA.?The Richmond Whig has returns of the I nlted States census in a num ber of counties in Virginia, and compares them with the estimate of the population of the State given by the Auditor of Public Accounts in his last annual report. That estimate made an in crease of the population of 23C.5i9 over the aggre gate of lfeOO Twenty-five western counties show by the actual census returns a total of 141,620, being an increase of 113,110 on the estimate, while thirteen eastern counties give In the actual census, or a decrease of 5?&S ou the estimate From this it would appear that the population of the east w-lll not come up to the estimate, while that of the west will be slightly In exccw The aggregate of tbe ceusus show* a gain over the es timate of the A'lditor of U,US6? the whole gain In the decade being *J47,5St, instead of 2 Airisi or a Fast Yooa Mas ?J. S*. Brush, a youth 19 years of age, employed as sntry clerk In the store of Mills 4 Ray, New York, has been arreneu. ccargefl witb Having, within the pact few we?ii, taken shawls to the aggregate value of Win from the store of his employer- On Tues day night an officer followed him to a pawn shop Here he entered and pawned two shawls, and. as he was receiving the money, the officer arrested him. lie at fl'st assumed an air of In jured Innocence, but finally acknowledged h's guilt, and admitUd having stolen 01 shawls of the average value of *10 each. Brush confessed to an Intimacy with a woman who cost him a great deal of niuuey. Sometimes, he said, his ppera with Ler cost him SOU, and his livery bill for a single week was S40. $a> Fbaxcisco?A San Francisco correspon dent says. '-We are a littledtsappointed at the re sult of the census in this city, which, we le?rn privately, will give us a population of only about 75,000. where we think a caiefid examination would give ua at ieast nu.UUO-. Our city directory cou tains name*, and women and children are quite as abundant here now as in any other part of the Union. 1 learn also that the census will give Placer county about Ift.uuu inhabitants, an increase of 3.UUJ In ten years ' |?7" Henry Ward Beecher. in one of his ser inons. took ground that f?et washing is a "most affecting ordinance of the church," which' stands upon a command just as explicit and is just as lit erally enjoined as the Lord's Supper or Baptism " The New York hxaminer is surprised that if such Is the belief of Mr. Beecher, 4,he does not intro duce the affecting ordinance Into Plymouth Chnwh " |[7 A correspondent of the New Orleans Pica yune, August 31. say* that \\ alker "has now pos session of part of the Carlb town of Lima*, wberr he U strongly barricaded, and able to resist 500 Hondurans; but we hear that the Icarus is bound down aga.n to root him or make him prisoner/' ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL?A Thompson. Md; MJ Jewltt, ?i E E Bro< kaway, Vt, (j Albright. Md; Z K Pangbcrne, Mass- W H Russell, Kf; W T Niemann, Pa; J Sweet and lady. Tex; T A Bott ler. Pa; R A McCreary, Ala; J Cooper, A Smith. Md; T Adams. Pa; Gov Pratt, Md, K H Bledsor Va; E P Jours, E T Sones. 8C; D y Stagg and lady, NY; A Tbitiupiou. N D Thompson, N L> Thompson, \V Clayton. NJ; \V U Harrison and lady. Mitt Harrison, Miss Henrn, NC; Ch Grlthn and lady, Va; H Boyce, I*a, W Bruce, J Roach, Md; Mrs Susalca. Mrs Owen, R Phepps, I Bell, A Schell, NY; S H Carpenter, S H Carpenter.Pa; \V Langley, Misi 11 Laugley. \Mss, Mi*s; L Rey nolds, l't?A; H Sauaders. .Mass. J McAfee and ncph, M1m; A Cazanas, F Cairina., Cuba; M 8 Mink Ml> U?<- " 1 * jiimw, in, it iveinicaer. ,>ia; \V B Murrell, M in Murrell. O; S Bilker Cal. BROWNS' HOTEL?G Leaur, V*; Dr G B Peter*, L H Peter*. Tenn; W Canneille. Tex; J C Wilson and ly, Ark; C Baakewell and It, Mi?; Mi*a Wat*ins. Va; (i Roe. Dublin; G Carpenter, Md, 9 A Holt, Mr* F E I ryahart and fain, NV; T G Little and lv, do; M 9 McCoy, Md; A Har din; NC, W Gwyun, Kla: J Garrett, La; T Hut ter, Va; W Pitta, La, J Murfee. Ala; J H Hunter, Mo; T Key, Tex; A Saundera, Ky; VV H Carroll, Tenn, G Jordan and fain, Mi?s. KIRK WOOD HOUSE?H C Scott, Pa; BP Brown, M?-; J B Craig. C Donohue, NY; T R Baaaford, G Coulter, J C Harrkaon, Md; Capt El zejr, USA; T R Love, Va. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Fbom tqk Uhitkd States. S'ttimnt. Lttvt. For. Itoyt. Cumi ?Boston . Liverpool. . .Sopt 13 C. WaskiujctoD..New Vork. ...Liverpool,. Sept 21 Lemater .... Boaton. tjal way Sept t*> Asia. . New Yurk_. Liverpool ..Sept36 Bremen .Now Vork... Soutn'ytou. bept ?? Adriatic New Yorlc ...Havre Oot 6 Artto New York...Havre.Oot U Fbom Eoropb Hrenien _Snuth'pU?ii .. New Y??rk .Sept. 5 Adriatic SoMth'pton. New York Vnnce Albert. ..iialwaf-.._ .New York..Sept. la Aiiio .t^oiitii'pton .. New York.. .Sept. n New York .. Soath'pton...New York..-Oct. 3 The Hav-nn-i mail *t<*ainer? leave New York on Ike .'d. Utii, '7t!i. and /ith of each month, and cSar',*>t?*a on ?n*4th and l*?h. IT - California waii steamers iea*e New York on t >>e %h and jwh ol eae}* month. CARRIAGE FACTORIES!. WAfHlNiiTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, D Strut, B't wet* 9tk tind jotk Streets. We bar* just hnishM a nnraber ol first class ?"ARRlA??KS, ?Mcti m Lfkt MiOfjraiA Witmtt, Park Pk'tiUmt. ynmtif (ar gSRj^K^L ?uiws,'t*i b?*t ?*. which W Will?tilt ? ~ * vor? tiuaii erobt. Veins practical mechamoa in different branches of the r>?atn?M, we flMter ourselves that we kn"? the at?>ea and auanty of work that will *ive aaU? %oti<>n. combining ii<htue*e, ovwlort and durabili It. Re?a>rlng promptly and carefully attended to iUe shortest iintioe auci m<'?i rea&onaMe coarees. WALTKK, KAR.M ANN A BOlO', Coaohmakers, auooeaeora loWnuT. Hook. ar 7?-dlf TCARRIA6KS. H K Sabeerlber hmr:nc made ad di bone to hi factory, making it now one ot the tar geet aJBBlA. in tte District, where hia /aoiWbea forUMXR an < waring C ARM IAS K A UttHTM-aJB WAtiONS ?*. a.1 kinds cannot be anrpaseed, and from bis Ion* experience in the DKicm, he ho pea lo gir* general aanafaonon. A-ikiaOaolca/riaxeeaatf Light Waxons keptea k*ad. IT* 1 ardkc* rr?a?l P>m??b4 fca*4 Cvrl?c*a ttkn in ?xeh*B(?l*rMV Vi ^ A NDR tt wiVjOY 6 K, ?? *_ ?r?r?f MtkuiKHfc ~279 2BSHK? 206 Btfi lr?T?to o*'i U.a *it?nt;?n of au friend* ui ?b* Bb.JO cefi?r?i!y to Illl Nw Stora, uadar W U l*riTa Howl. jMt ofami, ia connexion wuh kit <?d MUl-'ifhiueat, wb?fa bewul bah^sitor*. ?* <? *jt mi Jera far ?ajerior Con/action* of hiaow* Infortftuu o? %:i orjera for Diniara, Sinrn, Bella, tu rn?u? fartiw. wbiau will be aerred ? In ku ln inuUbie atyle, with the M.-na riomytoflM Bad die M'ln whiAh S?t hu hith??rtn liowi ? > AI VICKY NICE 8BVKN OCTAVK PIANO hevinj bt*a m aae I abort tin* will [? aold et a great aaorifioe for e?ah tii a u?fr 6?i a ( com mum to Imt* tJie?H*?* oitf. O.iKtna. price f >*), will, now he told for SiO MISCELLANEOUS. Proposals for materials for the NAVY. Navy Dkpaxtxknt, ) Bureau of Construction, iqmpment. _ Aug Bit 22.1H80. S S*AI.*? r eopo* a t.s to fnrnlnh materials for the Naw lor the fiscal year ending the 30th Jane, lh6l. will bt> reoeived at thia Bureau until S o'olook, p. in., of the anth September next. These Propoaals milt be endoraed "Proposals for Materials for the /Vary, Bur tan of Construction, that they may be diatiuguisbed from other buainesa lettera. The materiala and articles embraoed in the classes named are particularly deaorlbed in printed ohednlea. an* of whioh wi'f be furnished to anoh as deaire to offer, on application to the Conunaa danta of the reapective Yards, or to the Navy Agents nearest thereto, and those of all the Yards upon applioat on to this Barman. This division into classes being for the convenience of dealers in each, such portions trill befurcished as are actu ally inquired for bids The Commandant and r*avy Agent or earn muvn win nave a copy ui u? schedules of the other Yards, for examination only, from which it mai be judged whether It Will l>e desirable to make applioation for them. Offers inutt be mads for the whole of the olaM at any Yard epon one of the printed eohedules, or in striot oonformity therewith, or they will not btf considered. Tne ooctract will be awarded to the lowest bona JUe bidder who gives proper security for its fti'ftl ment. The United States reserves the right to re ject all the bids for any class, if deemed exorbitant. All artioles moit be of the very best quality. to be delivered in good order, and in suitable vessels and p&clcicea. as the case may be, all the expense and risk of the contractor, and in all reepects snbirot to the inspection, measurement, count, weight, &c., of the Yad where received, and to the entire satis faction of the Commandant thereof. Bidders are referred to the oommandants of the yards for samples, instructions, or par ticuUr description of the artioles; and, all other tfcings being equal, preference will be given to arti cles of American manufacture. Every offer, as required by the law of 10th Au mat lQifi mnot ha aonnmnenia^ hw a n (um (MHO* 1/w ?rwx?iii^?auic*i ?/^ O VT I JIVDU ?UDI an tee. the form of which is herewith given. Those omv whose offers may be accepted will be ro'ifinl, and the ooctract will be forwarded aa soon thereafter a* practical) e, wtuoh they will be re quires to execute within ten days after ita receipt at the Pott Offaoe or Navy Agency named by them. Sureties in the fall ameant will be required to sign the contract, and their reiiponaibility certified to by a United States Diatrict Judge, United States Distnot At'orney, Collector, or Navy Agent- As additional security, twenty per centum will be withheld from the amount oftno bills until the con tract shall have been oompleted; and eighty per ceutuin of each bill, approved in triplicate by the ceramandants of the respective yards, will be paid by the Navy Agent at the points of delivery within tnirty days afu?r its presentation to him. It is stipulated in the contract thai, if default be made by the parties ?.f the first part in delivering all or any of uie articles mentioned in any class bid for 10 the contract, of the quality and at the time anil p aces above provided, then, and in that case, the contractor and his sureties will forfeit *nd pay tothe llmt'd States a sum of money not exoeeding twice the amount of sr.oh class, which may be re oovored from time to time, according to the act of Congress in that case provided, approved March 3,1A43. Class No. 6 to be delivered one-fourth part on or befbr* the 15th Mai, one-fourth pa t on or before the unh July.oue fourth part bv the 2?th Septem ber, and the remainder by the 1st December, 1061 Cla*s S. the whole by the l.vth May, 1W1. The re maining clashes to be delivered one-fourth part on K -f- -- - t * I * l- - - - * ui iiriuiB mo igi ueoemner part on or before the 1st April, and the remainder on or he fore the jrith June, 1861, paless earlier required, with a notice of twelve days. comprising at oaeli deliver* a due proportion of eaoo article. Class 1" and all following, if additional quantities of any of the articles nained therein are cemanded, th*7 ire to he furnis'ied on like terms and oooditioKa pre vious to the expiration of the fiscal rear, upon re ceiving a notioeof fifteen days from the bureau, the commandant of the yard, or Navy Agent. Form of Offtr. \ I. , of , in the State of , here by atree to furnish and deliver, ia the respective Navy Yard*, ail theartic es named In tli9 o!*s*os horourto affixed aereeahly to the provisions ??f the aohM'inleK inerefor,ani in conformity with the ad vertiaement of th? Hureau of t^oiistruotioD, Ac., of AucustZJ, Should my offer be acoeptod, I re <|Ufcst t?. be addressed at . and tlie contract ?.wt to the Navv Auert at , or to , for signature and certificate. Sienature. A. B. Date. W itness. The schedule whioh tho bidder encloses mast be paeted to his offer, and eaoti of them mnwi Kv him. Oppnaita each artiole in the achejule the price must be set, the amount oarried out, the ag gregate footed op for each c.aai, and the amount likewise written in words. Form of Guarantor.. The undersigned , of , in the State of .and , of , in the Stat* of , .hereby guaranty that in caae the foregoing bid of ? , for any of the olaaaea therein named be acofpten. he or they will, within ten daya after the receipt ol the contract at the Poat Oftiae named, or Navy Agent designated, execute the onntract lor the s\mo, with good and sufficient sureties; and in ca*? said shall fail to enter into oontraet aa aforesaid, we gSarantv to iii&ke gooO tuo difference between the otfer of the eaid and that which inay be aooepted. Signatures of the two guarantors. O. t). K. K. Date. W itneaa. 1 hereby ceriifr that the above naniod are known Ui m? at iuen of property, and able to make good Ui*ir guarantee. Pate. Signature. G.H. To M signed l>; the United State* District Judge, United State* Dmtriot A ttorney, Collector or Navy Agent. The following are tho Classes required at the respective Navy Yards: KITTKRV, MK. Clas? No. 8, yel ow pine man and spar timber; class in, white pine; cfas* 11. a?h plank, ola*s 14. white ash oar : afters; class VI, iron; 22, spikes and rails; 33, lead, zinc, tin; 2">. hardware: 27. paints, oils, tea.; 3i, flax canvas: ???, cotton canvas; 30, cotton and ilax twine; 3^, leather; ai. bunting una dry goods; 37, pitch, tar, r?sin, 33, 'allow, soap, and oil; 3?, ship chandlery; V>, stationer); 41, fire Wood. CHARLKCTOWN. Class No. 1, white oak logs; No. 6, yellow pine p auk stock logs; in, white pine; II, ash and cypre?s; 12, black walnut cherry; 14, white ash oars and hickory butts; 15. white oak staves and heading; 21, iron; 22, rpikes and nails; 23, lead, zino, and tin; 2S hardware; 27. paints, oils, Ac; 23, tiax canva**; 2?, ootton canvas; 3n, flax and cotton twine; 31, gias?j32 leather; Si. hose: SI. hrimh??-!tt I'""1 ? and dry rood*; 37, pitoh. tar, rosin;.S3, taliow, soap, and oil; 3). ship chandler;; 40, stationery; 41, fire wood; 42, ox hitlM for rope. BROOKLYN. Class No. 1, white oak logs; 3, white-oak prom.8 oaous timber: 10, white-pine; 11, ash and oypress; 14. white ash oars, hiocorr bars, and bntu; 15, white oak staves aud headings; 21, iron; 22, spikes and nails; 23, lead, zino, and tin; 24, pic iron; 25. hardware; 27 paints, oils, Ao : 23, flax canvas; 23, cotton oaiivaft; 3>, flax and cotton twine, 31. glass; 32, leather; 33. noso, 34, brushe*; 35 bun tin* an<i df t goods; hi, lanterns; 37, pitch, tar, and rosin; 31, tallow,soap, and oi:; 90, ahipohanilery; 4?>,stA,ion ery; 41, fire wood. PHILADELPHIA. Class No 2, white oak plank; fi. yellow pine plank stock logs; in, whit* pine; 16, black spruoe; 21, iron; 22, spikes and; 21. lead, xino, and tin;4?, hard ware; 21, ptmta and oil*; 2>, flax canvas; tf. co ton canvas; U>?, flax and cotton twine; 31, glass; 32, leather; 33, hose. j4, bruahea; 35. bunting and dry goods; 37, pitch, tar, and tosm; 38, ta'lnw,ao*p,and oil; 3>, aiup chandlery; 40, stationery; 11, fire wood. WASHINGTON. Clans No. 1?, white pine; 21, iron; 22, apikea and naila; 23, lead, zino, tin; 21, pi* iron; 25, hardware; 27. paints and oila; 31, glass; 32, leather; 3), tallow. a<>?p. oi1; 3?, ship chandlery; 43, boiler, tank, and e*u<7j iron, h, cnatn iron; 43, Ingot copper; 47, bellows; 48, po.e*. UOSPORT. Cia*s No. 1, wlnto oak Ions; 6, yellow pin* plank took lot*; li.elni; IB. black spruo*; 10. lunnmvi t*; 21, iron; <2, npike- and nails; 23, lead, ziuc, tin; ?'?, pijc iroo; 2S, hardware; 21, paint*, oils, tto ; M, flax canvas; 29. cotton canvas; 30, flax and cotton twine; 31, glass; 3J, leather: 33, hose; 31, brushes; 3'i, buutmK and dry goods; 37, pitch, tar, ro*in; 38, tallow, soap, and oil; 03, ship chandlery; 4", ita uonery. WARRINGTON. Clans No.2, white oak p aitk; l?>, white fine; It, white aso oars; lb, white oak staves and heading; 21, iron; 22, spikes and nails; 23. lead, zinc and tin; t, hardware; 9, paints and oils; Si. flax and cotton twine; 37, pitch, tar, and rosin; S4. tallow, aoap, and oil; 3">, ship chandlery; *>, stationery, au ?i Iaw4w WOOD AND COAL. WO O D AND COAL Delivered to All parts of tiie city, at the lowest possible rates. ? . i. j. <v ?. m. ua Ij'I'i Ofiioe '2SS P?. av., between 11th and 12th ?ta., ma 17-tf north aide. The subscriber having on hand tauUuin atook of FUEL, ia prepared to ull at a very low fi^are for oub. WOOD Sawed and S?llt any aise. Call and see for youraML R. W. BATES, Wood awl Coal Dealer, ma II 8. E. oorner of Foarteenth and C eta. PIONEER STEAM MARBLE AND BROWN 8TOMK WORKS. The auhacriber be*a leave to inform the eitizeoa ol VYa?lun*ton, Georgetown and Alexandria that he ha* added to hia lonr eatabllahed baaineaa .he anxiliarjr of ate&m power for aawiac and manu >o turinr Marble aod Brown Stone work ia their va nooa branches, Marble Maateia, Table and WMb it*, ml Inn. Til. J ' ' -T f - J ,'u n*3 Stones, Sla1*, Window Lintola, BlITa, Philadelphia, or Baltimore. T^? lr^*tKP?iiS? with Italian Marble in biook or a'aba at th* ?aro? rite aa furiuaned in New York, and ?> Mwnmo d&'irg ifrmi. Alao, on nind. * Wr7;?J Pumice Stone, Water of Ayr Hot# aid PwUfcinK | Putty at New York erioM. Enoonraje the enter i iMVH?iS'EStVi,lD. ? , Fumur St tarn Marbl* and Brown 8ton* Works, Pa.IV4 oor. Thirt-e&th it. as 21 3vi Washington, D. C. ' 5l? w ..u *? u\AIUOi itock of wi"W Jf^g HUTCHISON. if * MEDICINES J> SALT! LOCK HOSPITAL, Ht Di??S~* tk* " ?* Ctnmm. ?% Kjf tetnal Ktmudy tm Ik* World, FOR ALL LM8EASK8 OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSJ* DELICACY PRETEST. APPLY iMMED ATELY. A CURE WARRANTED, OR NO CHAR9E, IN FROM ONE .T? TWO DAYS. VMkiNt *r U? lut, ttUlL*. **** ? nww ?i mm*. r*ipiut???i rih? . "'U Uiranm of Stfht ?r jidd:nt??, JiHlili Imi ?r Mi, iliui?i .f tb* Lun, lu "?^c* * Uimi Ttrrtbl* I>i?ord?r? aminf fr?m S*. ,UT ,*u T?th lb?? Drtadfal and OtxraetiT* Pncb M '*** d tr Marrwf? iapawibl*, ?od d?tr?y tola S*d> u< to owe Mr* _ rr TIM, I^IIIUIT W Tim R1TV *?I*IU? uit I.UU. *| lit; drtadfa; and dattracuva bakit vr.ich anaaally i\ "f* ** au antiratly frnra ibaaaaod* afYaaag Mao ( tha ma. ** *" altad ulania aud krillant iutallact, wba mi# hi aiharwiaa a atruead lutiumj litum with lhaUaadtra if alaqaaa** " vttidw iuui; Iki living lyr*, may Mil *iU fall inl HiUUitl JliUUID Yaaa JfiUUIS PBUOKI, ar Yni( M > taiwulittii Mtf rUg i, kamf iwui af ahytiat I waakmata, aifuli dtYifty, itfirtx <uaa, ft*., *p**dil* cared. lit vtv* alaeaa himtairandar the tin af Dr. J. Bar rallrl aaalr eank' in hit ba. tr aa a ftnUtmaa tad taaldaoUy rtlr ipn bit akli.1 * a phyaiaiaa. UTFlCk Ma. T SOm r MED ERIC KtTUBT, laft h'ud alda aa'?C ,'?rD laltimai* uraai. a lav daar* Fna Oit earn**- Till ??.' taakaam aaat and aaak*?. kltttn att k* P*'^ aad laau. * ata?p. pl^imvoi, Maraktra afiha .^ayai CalUa,' afjjatfaaaa, baadaa, aradaaM (ram ana af tfc* mt."t arointm G. " * in ?* BolttS Mulaa, and til* (tta'ar part -*f whata lift _ * an apant ia tfc* haa aital* af Laadao, Pari*, Ptailadilphia ?od ' ?hara, baa af ftcttd tam* af tls* matt utasithinf e?."M l*?t *IM am knawn; many traabltd with ruiguif in L!i?' *>aad end aar? Vhaa atlttp; rrtat ntrraaanaaa, kauir alarm.'d at tad*'*? aandt, knthMntaa ?rith fraqatnt blathiur, atttr>v'?d *? * " * -J I a. - ?-?? VU19I Will airinfiuvm ii Winu, ?u?u inmiiiu miv? TJU PAATICBbAR NOTICE. Th>{ Mjn ?*4 athara wh?btT? uijarad ibamaaWMky aartaio prtiSVr indmlf ad in vhta alana?a habit fr?]M?tli laarnad fram aril canMiiimi, a? at aefcoal, tba a facta M wblsh ui nightly falt f*n whan aalaap, and if na? carad. randara raarrmfa iropcarftkla, and daatfaya katk Bind aa( kad?, abaald apply imma.ticlalT. Tnoaa arc torn of tba at.' ?*i malancbalj ifttuttidml ky airly batita a/ vaath <iil Waaknaaa af tba Back aad Itmba, Paini in lh? Haad, Dunnaaa of 8ifbi,Laaa af Mucilu Pewar, Palpitation af tba tfiai.', Drapapaj, Marvaaa Irritaali ty, Darangamar.t aftba Dif aau?.'/>ucUaoa, Oaoaral Dakility, ayinptoioa of Co<.aaraptian, *c. MENTALLY.?Tea fatrfal afat<?an tka mind ara taaah U ka drajdad?Loaa of Mamary, Caofa.'tan af Idaaa, Dajpraaaiaa af Spinta, E*i! Farbadinfa, Araraioa c ' ciair, Balf-Dtatraal, bo?a af laliwda, Timidity, aic .ua aa"a? af Ua arila p*a daead. r.BTnBi nrllLlVT ?Vk?atiBif v aavlidaa vkat ta tha caaaa of thair declining banlth, laaink* thair aigor, ha aareing weak, pal*, carroaa and amaeiatad, ba?mg aatng?U? ifpaaraaca a boat tba ay ??, coogh of yroptama ?f (Miurte DISEASCf! OP IMPRUDENCE. Wkaa tha mugaidad and irapradant aolary af pllUItl lad* ka baa irrbiktd tba ?*?1? of tbu patnfal diaaaaa, it Im aflM bappani that an lll-limad aanaa af tfaama ar draad ?f dUeaaary datarahim 'roro?applying to tbnaa who, from adveatraa and raapac .bility, Can afooa bafrtand bim. Ma faila lax* tha handa of ignorant and dtaigmng pratandara, who, inca^abla f earing, tich ni? paeaaiary aaiatanca, kaap hira triling aootb aftar mon'Ji,?ra* long aa tba amaliaat faa can ha ?b tainad,andin datpair iaara fiim with rassad kaaltbtaau k aaar bia (alliuf diisppoir'mant; ar bjr tfca Ma af that daaoi * paiaon, Marcary. ha?tan tba ?*u*titatio?al ayrtuitama af tkft tarnbla diaaaaa, aacb aa Afaeti/wao'tea Haart. Throat, Naaa, kin. Ac., prograiair.g with frig?U?* rapidity, till daatk pata a Ciriad to bia draadntl acfarmra by aanding bim to that aa> aca?arad coin try from whaaatnrn m traralar lataraa. OR. JO ElltOMt REMEDY FOR ORGAM1C VIUIMI A WD IMPOTEHCT. ly th!? (Mat and Impartial raraady vaaknaaaaf tha arrama art apaadily ear*J and fall rig?r raatarad. Tba?anda aftha Baai n?,nn,rii itikiliiaiiil. ak> had Iaat all kill.iuri baan iuraadUtal? raHa?a4. A il irapidininti t? Mtiritfl- Phyiiwl ar Mtotal DiiiltU* fcationa, Laai of PrieiiuiTi Pawar, ifar?a?a IrvUaMllty Tiambluif and ViiIhih a* IitiuvH afiha mlfwM kiad ipaatdily cuid. ENDOMEMEIfr Or TK rft.ES*. T?E MANY THOC9ANUScMtd atlhia ir.tuatla. wltkM 111* laai aa.aulaan tkii, and Uia nimtrni imp#runt ra^ ul ^mtwia ptrNruiad br Dr. Vttnm, vitnimd k; tM rap.rtair< tb? papar. and many aVitar paraai.a, oatiaaa af which h*?a ipwrid again and again kafara tha aablla, ba aidaa hia auiiduif ia (anlitraanaf ibinttliud ia.?a.ri ktlltj, la Ctiaol ^viuui Wlha attlctad. |an tt-ljr Dr. j. jjovke doits IMPERIAL WINS J*ITTBK8, Are now being used from Mfene to th* Great Salt Late, anl the universal verdict of alJ who use them either as a medic ins or a* a beverah i? that they are unsurpased in the world. Dr. Dou* used them successfully in his practice for 0 years b.*ior? we purchased of nim the aole nrht to mannlaci.'ire and present them for sale to toe public. Fortk1? onre of Incipient Consumption, Indigestion, Dy? pepsia, Piles, Nervous Diseases, Female C*rm plaints, and all cases resulting a tonic, they are be yond doubt a most invaluable remedy. Aside from their medicinal properties the? aro a pure. who!?? uino and delightful fJeverace, produoing all tha pleasant exhileratiag oflocts of Brandy or Wine without their injurious results. all friends of humanity and all advocate* of temperanoe aaaiat us in aubatitiing those valuable Vegetable Bitten for tlie mineral prisons and cuiuitrrftUd /.i>vor? with whiali the count'jr i? flooded, and thereby ef f* aid in bamahiiit Diaeaaeand Dru&keneaa brom the land. CilARI.ES W1DDIF1EM) ft CO., 1'roerietor*. 78 William street, Naw York* J. sUHWARZE. A tent, Washington, D. C. DR. J. BOVKK DOD8' IMPERIAL GIN BITTERS. For Diaeaiea of the Ktdneja, B.adder and Urinary Organ*, and especially fur Female Obatruotiona, never fail to cure, and are warranted ta give aatia taction, CHARMS Wl DDI FIELD Sc. CO.. f roprietora, 79 William at.. New York. J. hchwakzk, je7 ly,r Agent. Washington. 1). C. JOY FOR THE SI OR AND SUFFERING. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED KKAD! APPLY THE REMEDY nun R EJO ICE IN HE A L TH, Friend, do yon suffer? Are you the viotun of any of those numerous ailment* which arise trom im purity of the blood.' Wiiatare they, do you ask? Rattier auk, what are they not.' * he blood is the source of hie and health, and it is th? .first element of our being to respond to any cause wiu'oh sffeota th? system, as the pulse infa'libljr attests '1 u* ever prrvii , .< Neuralgia, the irritating Krys-pe'as. 'he subtle Scrofula, the agonizing Rheumatism, Nei - vous Debility. Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint with its torpor and dvjection, ana the numberless ills that flesh ia heir to, d?nve their hideous origin from the blood. Deal kindly then and gently with the blood. L's? the vitalizing rea. utors of nature for its aid. and suffer us to oommend to your oonfidenoe and use that truly ra'uable medicament known aa MRS. M. COX'S IXDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to this almost infallible spoolfio popular sentiment has spoken in deoided terms, and the evidences of this great efficacy are sus tained bj constant avowals of ourative effects and th* happiest result* from its use ar* after a! 1 other remedies and the best medioal skill have failed. Let us say, in conclusion, th*t certifioates oures are not sought from the illiterate and super ficial, hut they are volunteered from the most ro speotablo sou res and ju?tifj the highest terms in which it is possible to oommend so valuable a SDdClfio to Dllh In ?nnrAu>l r ? - - ???.. ?* v maj w?u ! ?/ miw. the curative properties of the medicine are equalled only by its restorative effect*, the sysUm recover in* from disease with renew-vi constitutional vigor. For sale by all respectable Druggists in this city, and by the proprietor, MRS. M. COX, i*oue reuuiue uuless her name is biown on the bottle and her seal on the oork K* Price 91 per bottle# for $5. oltfaU Atmt. R. H. T. C1SSEL, Druggist, Georgetown, l?. C., Wholesale A sent for the Dis trict, and wi:l supply the trade at iny prices, au 18 tr |MFORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. DL'RKEEA CO.'S BXjBOT 83?IO]Q0. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but ground from fresh Spices, relected and cleaned by us expressly for the purpose without referenoa to oost. They are beautifully paoked in tinfoil, (lined with paper,? to prevent injury by keeping, aud are fall weight, while the ordinary ground Spices are almost invariably short. We warrant them, in point of strength ami richness of Bavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, as a siiule trial will abundantly prove. Manufactured only bv E. R. DURKEE * CO., fw 1> li*1 Pearl ?t.. Ntw York. THE UNION WIL'. STAND. NOMATTER 1 WHO'S PRESIDENT! Consequently 1 shall remain in \V*? "p ?'-> ' WIIU t ooniinua to puraun in* occupation of KODsK, , SIGN ami ORNAMENTAL PAINTING. Gild- ' 1 Mr in all ita branohea. Old Glazing promptly at- 1 tended to. Painting and Ornamenting Cottage 1 Furniture in the beat atyle 1 also, oali attention l to the Painting of Roofa and Bnelt Walla. All of the above 1 will do aa oheap aa the obsap eat. I therefore solicit the patronage of my friend a and fellow citizana of the Diatriet. Punctuality atriotly obaerved, and work done m the beat man ner. ... You will plaaae mind your atopi and atop at M. T Pa RKhR'S fainting Establishment, No. 33' 53 !! 93 S! Louisiana av., north aide, between 6th and 7th sta. ? . . P. 8 Signs put up free ef oharge, aa uaual. i au ?> Sm i iOLD AND SILVER,SPEC TACLBS.-Hav U ing had. much ?^lenoe in the^p^^ manufacturing and aale of Spectacles.^.^ I am now prepared to aupph any or all that want a v?r? auMf ior quality of glass*a, with those that are be stoale u lated to benefit their eight. Having had muoh praotioe in fitting the moat diffianlt oaaes, I (m| warranted in saying that I o%n aeleot giaaeea at STtiVEthitW?M .Sit the wearer,and time aan sell them at so low a pnoe that all that wish to use them can afford to punshas^^ ^ M 34 No- 33? Penn. avenna We h*v? tn-Hfcw . r?> ?. ?? ? >>u<ii Buppiy or tselt ier Water, in basket!. direct from the veeeel in AekRwniwo.^,, burchbll. Fifteenth ?C and Vermont ay. ee 5 AWM.T. DOVEfcCO. RE Now prepared towteoaU any order* with rnr 8tore on 9th treet, a few doore north of tMNK M*N<? ?>* *"N r ?5t%h5k-?. ii? oUiu iMtruMtla MKPlODfKS. ^PB'OTINE; pk, PERSIAN. fbvbr tharm. FBTBR AND UOVB EXTERMINATED. thb hut ian constitution saved r?w? WIBCL THE PREVENTIVE AND REMEDY IOKUI INTERMITTENT AND BILIOUS FEVERS. * \ CURES INBl ftED IN A DAY, NATURE'S GRAND RJ58TOIAT1VK. JXPECTINE, JXPECTINE. INFECTIVE, JXPECTINE. JNPECTINE, JNPECTINE. The terrible malady known aa the FEVER AND A6UE hu amitten hundreds of thoaaanda of per son* throughout the world every year, and h&a never till now been in?t by aucoeeafnl medical treatment that haa not prodnoed aevere MEDICINAL DISEASES, which affeot the lungs, the spleen. the lim^ lh? heart, or other parts of the human organism. The IN PECTIN B is the natiral antagonist of %u fe vers, and when it oomee in contact with, the skin, ia absorbed by the interior organ*, which resist easily miasma and all tendencies to wards those maladies which prostrate the mind and body with fever. Fever and Agne result from, numerous causes. No plaoe ia exempt from the o-ioses whioh promote the exietenee of the disease. That being once seat ed in the eratem, induces de-preaaion of apirita, las situde, languor, pains, ehills. fever, and a long train of disagreeable aeaaationa, depriving the pa tient of all energy, and reduoing him or her to a oondition of EXTREME HELPLESSNESS. Why will any one suffer toe herrora of a debil itating Intermittent Fever, when by the use of the INVALUABLE IN PECTIN E, Oft PERSIAN FEVER CHARM. the eminent medioal and magfoal qualities of whioh a?A i mntlo aK?A*KaH ALL TRACES OF DISEASE MAY BE ANNI HILATED IN A FKW HOURS. SELF-CARE IS BETTER THAN PHYSIC. i NATURE IS WI8ER THAN ART. EVERY DISEASE HAS A DIVINE REMEDY. THE WISE APPLY WHILE THE FOOLI8H DREAM. BETTER PREVENT THAN STRIVK TO CURE. DELAYS ARE DAN8EROUS. THE INPECTINE, OR PERSIAN FEVER CHARM, Hu on red thousand* of both mxm of the meat dreadful Fevers. Read and refleot. WONDERFUL EFFECTS. Lemnel Bonsall, at Pittabarg,for tvo yeara ate lesa to htmaelf and aooiety?a martyr to Chilla and Fever?oared in leea than three weeka, and tin proved in eight hoara. Mary K. Belkoap, Saodnaky, Ohio, after almoat losing her reaaon aa veil aa strength by Inter mittent Fever, with Chilla, restored to health in twenty hours. J. R. Tilton, of Belgrade, Maine, broaght front death's door, having Buffered for four years, mado well in Jive weeks, and improved in two hoar*. Adolphe Monhro, of France, relieved in one hour, while travelling in the oars of the Fort Wayne and Chicago Kailr ad. He waa apparent ly dying with Chills. Ellen R. Benson, of Lock port, New York, res oaed after eeven years' suffering. A perfeot cure. Thousand of other oaeee prevented and cured every month, and not a single complaint ol the effioienoy of the INFECTIVE, o a PERSIAN FEVER CHARM. TRY IT, PROVE IT, KNOW IT. \nd make known lU wonderful powers and vir tues, that those who suffer, or who are threatened vith suffering, may be led to use a simple, ia loxious preparation, furnished by Um held of Satire fur MAN'S BLESSING ! INPS3 OTXNH S HOLD BY ALL. nBliflfllltTR iNn uvni CINE DEALERS IN AMERICA. PRICE ONE DOLLAR, Sent by mail to uy part of tb? United Stat*. REMEMBER, t is not takaa Inwardly, bat ! applied oatvardly, Moording to dirMtioa*, whieh iiwn?y>i aa?h *akaca. MANUFACTURED BY JOHN WILCOX * CO., IBS MAIN STREET, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. ?< ' J I'MWll vF " I '. ' ? . bmakch office, io. 28 BANK OF COMMERCE BUILDING, \ . >' } * ' HEW YORE CITY. M 31-41 aASMrUm TBCNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. | I HAVE REMOVED TO No. IS MARKET Space, Penn. avenue, btttrno life and^A* 9th *tr**u, *h"r? I will be happy to waitHHf ob all who wiU kvof m* ?:th t oalt withvYj Liee etook of BOOTS and SHoK? to#1 Mb rfiM'.eiiiU'JoTi'.MiMM' ud Chfldrea i we?r. teotr J. RQHKNTBAL- 1 jJOOTS AND TO SUIT TMt? We Art now mapnfactunni all kind* of BOOTS Ud SHOES, and poihUbUt reoemng appif of extern nade work of ererj de onptioe, made expreealy toorder,aad wilirMj be eoid at a ranoh lower pno* Uaa haabeeo* Ilk heretofore charged in this oily for meek inferior article?. Pe;p.iM in want of B00U aad Show of eaet?rn or oity made work, will aiwar? find * ui ewreand at the loweat pnoee. ~fl?ve 7"?oauTB \ _ TBRIFFIN It BRO., W*-r 314 PewcTlvana tvwiN Five hundred traveling trunks arriTeu ttu? day, embracing aii *aau tie# im nin of Sole Leather, Ladica Drew and Packing Tracki. Oar truxk alee room exhibit* at this time tbe rr?atrwt variety of traveling re* meitea. at moderate pricee, to be found thia side of New York. Also, ever* deecria ftjr DOW odm. WALL, 8TFJPHKNBA CO^ arM-tf SOUTHERN TRitnk mam Pa. ftTtua ITP a /vrni -mm Uinnur AViUA I? Tm Snm, _ _ Orpasttt 0>U ftUrtc.*' Haul, WarktMinm, D. C. * ravwfri will stndj their interests by ?iMiini? my TRUNKS, VALlCKS Ac , before psr i onanng e,severe. As 1 ui' cone but thel beat material the market affords and emplov the b*et Workmen, I can confidently recon.mend my work to be superior in Strmttk and Dmrmbtlity to Truck- 4 that are made in otter oiUee and eold here. 1 aoep ooustaiitiy on haod, and make to order <on op.e week's notice) every deecrietien of SOLS LEATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRESS amd WOOD BOA TRDNES; ASHLAND -U otktr VALICES; TRAVELING BAGS, HAM NESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, tc., tt. i Trunks, Ao., Repaired and Covered, r a work m&iMke manner, at short notioe. Trunks delivered in any part of the oity, Ourf town, or Alexandria. . _ Also? Atent for Howe'* oelebrated FAMILY 9KWING MACHINES. da If-It l/Hfta ? Tnon ? w TBAVKmtta' D1KK0TUKY. VvAlLY LINE OF NKW FOUR-HORSE COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO'. Carrying ike V. 8. Mail. ihe underaignpa are row running Daily, (?xo?ft ^inrtaj,) Four liorae Coaohe* ^ fwoen \Vfi*liin?:t<>iiand I'ppcr Marl boro'. as follows: Leave the StoamU at Hotel, corner of t?even _ *trc?t and Pa. at? o'clock a. in. Returning leara I'pper Marlboro" at 11 o'clock a. m.and arnre in \\ anhington nt SoV'ock. in tune lo connect with tbe&JOp. in. t ain for Kalumoie. The Coach?* are new anil comn:o<]ioua. the teaeia first cla&K in the Uanda ofcMeful and accommodat ing drivers. Fare to Upper Marlboro... cenla. To f,onK Old Fields. 25 " ToCenterville 38 ** Freight aud packages in proportion. auJ5-tf OSBOKN A CO., Proprietor*. UALTIMORK AND OHIO RAILROAD. D WASHINGTON BRANCH. Changs or Hon*. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, J on* 13th 1800, trains will runu follow* Leave Washington at 6 tP and 7.4? a. is. Leave Was) inn ton at $J0 and 53" p. m. On itanday at 3 2f> p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.2S and 8 40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and *20 p. m. On bandar at 4 2S a. m. Passengers for th? Kast will take bains *16JP and 7.4" a. ra and 3 an p. n. For the West at 7a. ra. and p. ra. For Annapolis at 7.40 a in- and 3-20 p. on. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. in. _On f^aturday evening theSJO p. m. train ion to Philadelphia only. >??s-d T H. PARSONg.Acent. NEW ORLEANS IN TSJtBB D^LmH WITH TBS CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR61 Virginia and Tennessee. East Tennessee ana Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, Neve Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MITMDUiti omiTO. Memphis by Rail, thence bj First olass Paokets to "iw Oris ura a U I O wvt> A r< ,thei Net MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail.thenoe to Mobile by First - class Packets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS? Sc*d*ts Iitrirm, Leave WssbisfUa at 6 a. as and 6 p. m. The Steamer GKOKGE PAGE leave* her wharl foot of Seventh street at 6M a. m. and 6X p. m. and anecta at Alexandria with the Orange and Alex ria Trains for th* Southwest. Of&oe?Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Sixth st. tiMAU CBBCBBD TBB0U8B TO BBW OBLBAJU Lynchburg _..t? BO Bristol .... ,150' Kt.oxville &o Ou ?ii!vt tacocga _. ?.-. :ii oo alton. 24 ? nntsville .*7 00 Srand J u nction ?_ 91 on ashviile 36 to Memphis ..#51 on Atlanta M 00 M w n 28 00 Cuiurabus ? .31 60 Montgomes* Si 00 ] vm Mempnis^a 50 N.O.J viaG. Juno .43 80 \ via Mobile.. .48 00 THIS ROUTE 19 ENTIRELY BY RAIL 900 MILES SHORTER^d 34 HOURS LES8 than any other Liae?the Lynch bur* Extension being now oompleted, as also the Minisaippi Central, making it the . QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTB FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It u provided with First-oiaaa Steeping Cars! aw *?ww v*1 * ?***? ???? ?> ? ? 99 neurit fiMR ) Mempfam .? ^. 44 do, 1 ?oDlcon.orr? *3 do. ( Naahrilie 46 do. IT^The U.8. MAIL^d ADAMS' EXPRESS aretaken over lh:a Nev hint. Ticket* can > <> obtained at th? Routh Weatwrn Office, oorucr of Bnth street and I'es nay Irani a ar snue, to the foilovinx point*: Lrnohhnrc, Bm?v>I, Knoxrille, Atlanta, OhaHaiioora, Huuteville, Grand Junction, Maoon, Naahvii'.e. Dal ton. Col nm boa, Montgomery vv OR LEA la<1 ITT THROUGH TlFKETS TO THB VA RIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. rn^Oinnihuaea and Baggage Wajona leare tke jffioe at 6 a. m. and 6 p. tn. JAMES A. EVANS, Tioket Acant, ma 33 tr Corner buth at. and Pa.aT. rUK STEAMER JAS. GUY Will reap me bar tripa on TUESDAY, Xlat of P"ebrnar?. 1W. Wijj leave WASll-^^g^K^ [N6TON ?rer7 TUESDAY 'RIDAY.ateo'olook a. m..and ALEXANDRIA kt haif-p*at 6 o'clock, for CURKIOMAN and the nv?rmeaiaie leading*. On hw return tri??,?he rill leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY tad SATURDAY, at 6 o'clock a. m. LUCIAN 8. PAGE,Proprietor. NATH'L BOU8H. Ait. Alexandria. fa? p-a?3Sf- *?? VklNnr York and Virtima Sorevr Btwuki| rill leave the CoirpanT'e Depot, era Wharvee, at U*o'clock a. m. every WKDNBS )AY, and the Company'# Depot, at Alexandria, anttUte^tte coaou^oonn^uii^with Alexandra^ ^ui?|orth yr bmI^^ Preixht illberaoeived aptotheboonoldapar f?P Innranaa will ?fc<?w ?? *11 ---J- ? alTline it the fS' f the~bom^nr tZx'fm m& I * to FOWLB * 2J ?" AtBD ' AlB^.nB?CROMWBLL * CO.. ??-ly ? Wt^?omr Albany, Nrv York, UGW YOR ki%8 bw vo^mmz?: w^ AWto* for New w Pk c So Kll) ' sBTsx > Mm imui rflmvmHmE|iAtT. tr W?bUtb Whirr*. OT8 OF FIANOft FOB RENT AT LOW J rate*. Piuui for ?*Je on th? noft^ga aK^ars eHs^xefi-'.viSTttTf JOHN P. ELLIS, M U ant* uMt tor Chi?fc?im? A W?'F?*bo?. > . IR8ON8 irjluor hoi ^Sfcsr NOTICE, fl 0VOHLY. MISCELLANEOUS. t?b rasa? ?.yarro,!? hare jaat to vbiob nt attoation of "virJuVAMptd.'witb explanatory woim bf U*t ry P. Frits*, Pr"f?"*?nr of uatia ib tba 6UU rai r*r?it? ol Mi?ki(u; 1 wl; ^nw flJb. Pltio'i A??lo(! Md Crito wilb ?umx by W. ?. Tyl?r U??*r, ProlMMi ui Grwt la A. toft Cot la?: jno* rs o*rt? jBrpSSWW'KKiJ7Sa2P,e,r?. inke.jnann; 1 rol ; ?rw #1. A Naw Mat bod t-f Ltvuni Ppatuab. a/tor tfca IjiMn of F. Aba. For Mi# by BLANCH \R D A MOHWN. aa 3P K frtiU at and Pa. a*. Ilnwam ? **??? ?? ? - ? arai a?v ? 01/ Diuni.^VO^ALKv n Theee 8o? m are offered to the mMm aa Um Mo?t impie.darabla, W reliable MM tM Nt m M. riretolaea prem nira bareboon iflfMUa R9i Un<t?d ?tau>t Fair and Virgin* Ac'ieaiteraJ la #wrr mm vfcer* "-tSSTW. Usutut# Pur. P^nncf lvMJA; ! |6pSj5?EU" "I ? I> IT ?. o. PATTISON. W*??NM?N .EWJM ?UOy. ~ ? "! " * Mm iwf " ?# i?<!? A Of rM> JPVfl* r Mthotiv.e to (M SI ITS mad* uj to order SfllRTH, I J&2F MOV I f.?e. r.??.oroKJr ri, v I am etfT'etijated In the PLUMBING an^ GA| _ FITTING Bl^IN K#* at ay ?14etaa4 inPhilW* " mARia bell T*- "? " * ?t?mh? W MTIlf ft MtllH ibm!? of wkUr w.-? riMWii'? obaarred at the irear T0bUrd.ty.ait 1 am well aati?fc?d 1 iko?i4 have barned oat but tor the boacli/al auppiy apor mi premiae* and tii"t of ray neighbor* All ordera for the introduction ot Water aad 6m will be prorrptW attended to. Terma b'e aa aey plumW in the oity. jjS C. BWyPML WC A J* FIXTURES. F. Have in atore. and ar# dai y mairiM, OAS WXTPRSSnfwtirfly New Pattern* and Deaifna an it Piinah. aaperioc in ?tyle to aaytHinc heret<>fr>r? offered in tnia market. We invite citizen a ?ener?i !v to oall and examine our stock of (jaa aad WaUt Fixturea. feeiir.e ropfcdent that we have the baet aeiected itMl in Wa*;.iQ&W>n. All Work in tne above Une mtraatad to Mr will be proirptly atler^~4 ?. MYERS 4 MeGHAN. mar 5-tf STI 1) IQ AAA GALLONS CHAMPAGNE AND CRAB APPLE CIDKR.-We invito the attention of the pablie to oar large aad wall aa lecteil atnek of Otoaaip MfeB which we guarantee to aold on reasonable terma fn order to maka for oar sprint atook. Give aa a caJI at the Union Bottling Depot, V* a No. 47 fireen at.. G?orre*<wa. I patneaad Crab Apple Cider, o be pure laioe, aad trill be irma in order to maka rooM f' DI3PATCM! Sate ttaj_Pieeci! At ?eci4*nti will k?rrm. trtn in vali rttmUutd famtlus, it it twt deairabia to bar* ?Iml| 'wmnw, i? as *vi j uwiiwiv w ? '? ?"wmm vh ? . had oooremrnt var fcr repairing Farmtara, Toys, Crockery, ft a. irUDINO'l PREPARED OLCB moetaall *neh eir>er??*na?ei?. ai'1 n<> hoaaehold etc ifford to be withoat it. It U aiwaya readi a?d ay U> the ?Urki!.t point. There u no lonrw a naoea litr for Mmpirg ohaira, ap'int*r?d veneem, Hwd we loila, MKl broken erad !m. It ia J net the ajfiola lor tnne,aba>l. aitd oUier orr.?rnt?l work, to foftiu nth ifeiiea of re&nemaat and taate. Thia admirable preparation la ured cold. Mdi ?h?mioa!ly beid in ar?; utior., and ynuMtini all lb* rainat'le qua'iuea of the beet oahi ret makara' i ia. It may be naed in the plaoa of ordinary aouaca. >viu? >ani) urui o auimm. " USEFUL IN EVERY HOU8M." PrUt.Vt OWU. N.B.?A Un*li aooompuuoa oaok bottle ndwli D*rl, No. Codar atreM, New Tort* Mil HfcNRY C. BPALDING ft CO Box No. I,MO, Nov York. Pitt ay for L*eaJ?re in Cum contain in* Four, Ei*lit, and Two.vo Dosen?o Wotifni Littooi ic Show-Card acconrpacyia* each package. Utograpfc M* CT A ain*le bottle of SPALB1NWS PIXEL OLUE wilt uve tou timoc ita o jaally to every boowbotd.-TTl Sold by all prominent tttatiosen, Dnurleta. lard ware and Furniture Dealera, tirooera, and 'anoT tttoree. Coantrymerenacta akoald makeanoteof SFAL DIXU'S PREFAKEh ULVE.w heir lut. It will etaud am oiimate. nakla* frilly ^ CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOUU) BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VAUEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS ncviurab WJTH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEt WM.HJJA1Y, SOLE! PROPRIETOR 19 S001I WILLIAM SI HEW YORK. SALE IN WASHINGTON BY T 7 ljr BARBOCR * PEMMB8. I otkar kMndi. frM Ikt Iviut rtMt W PlU binkiM in tiaa U enix Distillery, on (Jloee-M Wall street, Naw York; and 1?1 ath Frost street Philndel?B'n- e^r?-1? IANCII HARPER, eapectfully eolicita the aatronare of UnM ? mil be in vulWiar article in the nnov* Tine. Hit hnil b? to a.aaae. nod by n stnoti Mora a hail bo to e**aee, nod by n trio I to the want* of Ui? public, to hope* to roof their patronage. ia tock ooMirti of every article nanafiT Je to ad in a firit-olaai Family Grocery and jy ?. t. UKAJL 9.K.mort. i.kiRMa"* II prnotioe in tha&?h*<5?rt uTkrrera Mi i| Si ttjtokooa, the Peroral. Oonft u Conru of toe Seventh J a M, aiiJ ?iti nttftJ to to* ??rka>I ll? N?Kti Ming VE?Y RHJ* PIANO IN BEST ORORft iv* near irramfir ? ?i

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