Newspaper of Evening Star, September 19, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 19, 1860 Page 1
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i ' " ================================= V<*. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 19. 1860. N?. 2.867. ???????????? ^ THE EVENING STAR ? PUBLISHED BVERY AFTERNOON, I (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) I AT THI STAR BUILDINGS, I Cvmtr / Pennsylvania avenue mid llxA it., I ?* __ '?(1 I WW KW. WW AliLl?;H. '*?? ?rwd : ptoktiN by oaruen ?t < I year. of & oents fm month. To mail subeorlbera the n<M i? t3o<? ft year, m adtantt; ft for ai* months; ?1 for three months; and for lees than three mouths at the rat# of K oenu vitk. 9inf 1ft oopiee, ohm cart; in wrapper*, two ckjiti. LJ~ AcT-r*n?*vaxTi aooald b? seat to the ofloe betore li o'c.oek m; otherwise they ma; not appear BBtil the next day. Tkt Lady Kl?la lilaaater?Mere Bed Ira Recovered The Chicago papers continue the melancholy details of this graat disaster. The total number of bodies thus far recoreriJ ifl fU in(P tA iKft Waft* aa?:mo?a tkaft can b? made of the number of persons on board the steamer, there are a boat 1M bodies atill in the lake. Many of them doubtless will neter be found. It ;s believed that few. if any,of those in the lowercabiu (about all of whom were ladies> escaped One of the rescued state* that just before the boat went to the bottom he looked jdown in the cabin and bebeid many ladies I fwnning wildly about in their night robes, caving apparently just come from their bertha. Theswloabtless still remain with the wreck All the bodies found yesterday were in a far Advanced stage of decomposition, and some of them oowld with diffteulty be identified by any thing but tbe garment* upon them. One, the body of a woman, had a portmonaie fastened in the hair by a pocket handkerchief The portmonnaie contained fifty cents in silver. A noble Newfoundland dog has been of great Misuace in recovering bodies, but he utterly refuses any reward in the shape of caresses from bystander*, snapping and snarling at them when any such demonstrations are offered. The auimal has displayed more soul than the land pirates who have made the wreck a means of robbery. The names and descriptions of persons among the lost are continually coming in. TKa iHArtjl pamaina Af UarK*>? T? ? ? ? ? ? i VIH?I uo uoi iuj^rauaui, left this city last evening for Quebee, from which port they will be at onoe forwardad t? England. Mr. Ingraham waa a member of the British Parliament and proprietor of the Illustrated Loadoa News. Some three weeks ago, accompanied by hu son, he arrived in this country on a visit, and u oar reader? are aware he met aa untimely end on board the ill-fated Lady Elgin In all probability, the rsRinsof Mr. Ingraham will be conveyed to England in the same steamer in which he came out as a passenger. The body of hit ton haa not yet been found. Mr. Ingraham waa one of the moat enterprising men of the age, and of all the English journalists the moat partial to this eountry. He leaves a wife and six children to deplore hia low. Bodies Seen in tbb Lake. The propeller Acme reported that she passed , 17 bodies floating on the Lake, about 15 miles north of the barter, and 6 or 7 miles off land. The tug McQueen waa immediately dispatched by Capt. Prindoville in search of them. The achooner Racine. Capt. Brown, passed at a #*i? ? near w auiegan on mur-day evening, and report! baring seen about one hundred bodies; the wind ?u so high that it was iuipoaaible for him to recover them. Uinoif Qt iRDs Niarly ALL LOHT. The whole number of Independent Union Guards who came to Chicago on the Elgin wu ^ S3 muskets, with five officera, and odIj 7 were aaved alive. The entire company was pretty much wiped out of existence at one fell blow Also the Milwaukee City Band was nearlyall destroyed, as only two, we think, were sa'ved live. The tug Me^oeen retnrned about 6 o'clock, bringing eight additional bodies, which were found floating in the lake between (Jros Point Mid Lake Foreat. Two were also brought in ^ ->*rtie? searching along the beach. " "*dJ ?f Capt. Wilson waa identified by over a doxeiT ?en,on' name was alao found written upon the* wHohfob f *\\ P?taloona. A broken silver pe^l, "d ?*? ?n *er? found upon the body ?t0PPf<1 at ? 45, probably run after his ^*^7 k The b>dy of Cnpt Wilson was fdu"n4 aboul 1 miles north of tiros Point. , , The body of Capt. Wilson will be forwa,?; to his family at Coldwater. Mich., to-day. Tht flags of the shipping will be displayed at halfmast, and other demonstrations of mourning will mark the event. OeatNl Peverly. It has been philosophically remarked that one hslf the world do not know how the other half live This truth arises less from want ?f curiosity on the one tide than studied deception on the other. Poverty, for instance, is neither legally nor morally a crime, and yet, aaide from ita convenience, there is a discredit. in every sense of the word, attached to it, which renders its possessor very jealous of ita discovery. In worldly judgments we too often find that the sin is id the detection, aot the commission of the uSense. A man may live in a garret, and dine on stale bread and mouldy cheese, and yet, with the exactnals of independence, his company will be often olicieed at the social meal or festive board. Bat let his domicil and his means be detected? let his coat lose its freshness, his hat its fmoothneiM. and his boots their polish, and the felon's brand would not morecertMiuly excommunicate him than the poor man's garb. Men often prefer tha suspicion of crime to the suspicion ' of penury. Poverty and beggary are very distant relations. The beggar never knows poverty, he only feels want. To him the mere daily necessities of life are Mfieiaat. He bag* without disguise, owns to the world bis destitution, eat* the rich man's crumbs, and snores upon the flint. How different is the oondition of the other In him, the gnawjngs of hunger reflect the blandest of snries, he talks of dinners he never saw. and fancies suppers that he nerer knew. He believes himseif suspected of memnew, because he declines some pic-nic or other pleasure darty, where the expenses are so much per head He never venture* on a river excursion without first secretly searching his pockets, at-d deducting the oost from the sum total. If, under sudden windfall, be asks a companion to take an oyster, he trembles lest his whole fortune may with the oystar, disappear down the throat of his quondam friend. Thus the poor baehelor lives, spending one half his time In some mysteries occupation, whereby he receives the means of keeping up appearances the ether half. He dies, yjrf is forgotten by II, save perhaps some intimate friend, who wonders be is not appointed executor. Uut it is the married man, the man of family. who most deeply feels the miseries of genteel Cverty. His personal sufferings are merged the the thoughts of home. He would gladly .1 - Mr _ J; -1. XI fc_l_ #..? i*row om im ui|?ii*?|iaui/ r?ugu uu iuniouable acquaintances, and seek his happiness, ?b?n the day's labors are over, in the bosom of bis family But the inexorable world decides otherwise He can never escape the grindstone (o which he is tied. Couotrj cousins most be eatortained, family reunions siren, summer jaunts undertaken. He knows full well that as the mainspring of the whole machinery, if he oooe give out, discord and destruction are the inevitable result, and ha woiks on, hopeless and desperate. Finally, the anticipated crash comes. He kaes nothing?he had aothing to loee But now be in%y gain all for whiafc he ao long sighed. The play is orer, the lights are Mt, and the gaudy trappings of assumed wealth may be replaced by bonest homespun. But it is too Ute?the intoiieatlng bowl of worldly vanity hae b??uae too neceasary to the depraved taste to be now resigned. Once it might nave b?an, but uot now. Again he starta upon the fatal race, again he for a moment hovers bore the horison. and then forever disappears ft ^i ?ght, and it is heaven's meroy if hla u uotaiated with guilt.?Pktladeli - _ njjiurtr. JMtltt A? ^ Milieu Tk~tJ**n.-Tlx Boston Traveler MVS "A naval o^lcer says that applicant* for admission to the nsvy tre contnually visiting tb? Navy Yaras tn dozens When a ship to ordered for sea, tbe naval station at which the to to be oq nipped nrinui for days with all sorts of anemlands men snd msriners It ts believed by ^ ohoie roaipHiU 'a judge that In esse of neeewity wicouM RiWtrt seamen and ten tiro.** msay landsmen ?kW( a month. Respectably dlres?d voting men /re^aetitly come expressly Cmm tas cj%jtry to suter Un wtct." hnihtifa Detail* Cokchhino m Evacuation or TmrxiLLo ?The New Orleans Fie*yune of the 11th contain* detail* of Walker's evacuation of Truxillo, from which it appear* that the interference of the British iloop-of-war wt* a demand on Walker for the revenue* of the port, on the ground that they were mortgaged to the British Government. Walker having collectei no dutlea, bat having made Truxillo a free port, of courae could not answ er this demand rh?- British commander (Salmoa) then required Walker to lay down his arms, offer!**, if be did so, to protect him and bis men until tfcey could embark oa some vessel and leave the coast of Honduras. Immediately on the receipt of this, and before answer ?u returned, the Picayune correspondent says: Several of the principal officer* were summoned to the presence of tn? General and order* given as to the various dntlet to toe performed by these with dispatch. Additional rounds of cartridge* and cap* were given out to the men. and a quantity of Dowder and htlU tnr IS* - * . ? ?.uv Hiwiumv?uic V'A mow rartrldges was carefully put up In small ba-'S fur the men to park with them on the uneertaln march that wns Iv fore them In theordnance department were66 of Walker's Minnie muskets, which must remain behind; and as these mnst necessarily fall into the Lands of the enemy, the ^prks were broken and the barrels bent In such manner as to render them useless A large quantity of powder and soma cartridges were thrown into the water-closets, and casks of watrr emptied upon them. Thus In one service or another the officers and men were busily employed until between 10 and 11 o'clock, p in , when the two companies were rapidly formed in order and the march commenced Everything connected with the evacuation of the fort was conducted so orderly and silently that no one knew of It In the xiwo ur ua uoara 01 any oi the several vessels In the harbor. The whole number of men under Walker, arxl leaving the fort with him, waa about 80, Including Offlcert Gen Walker left behind him In the fort the entire hospital Thta 1* composed of eight persona, aa follows, viz : Dr. E. H Newton, surgeon in charge; B Johnson, hospital steward; Col. Thomas Henrv, wounded by a pistol shot In the face; Charles Allen, secretary to general-in-chief. sick of fever; Walter Stanley, private, wonndea in the arm; Henry Cooper, private, wounded In the leg; K P. Conway, private, fever; and A. Lowe, private, Those left behlnMftade Immediate application to the British Consul for protection. Who promised to do sll he could for tbem. Commander Snlmon afterwards called on them and offVred them the protection of the British flag if they woold tell kiin which way Walker had gone, which they either cotild not or would not do The office^, however, assured tbem of protection. The correspondent. who appeais t> have been a participant, add* : ' We were to be permitted to 1p?*? Trn.iiin whenever opportunity presented, and would be allowed to take our private baggzge with us. but all a: ms or papers relating to General Walker * expedition mm: be retained In the fort as public property." . ? f Tbk Piijci or Walk* at |Niagara ?On Saturday the Plnce visited th? Falls, going through the regular routine of of tourists, but 4 d not go over under the Falls Dr. Kerwin, the Master of tbe Horse, and Major Teasdale guarded the Prince's horse while he was absent, and discovered a fellow attempting to cut olf the horns tail as a memento After a great war of words they succeeded in putting the fellow kort dt tornhat Returning from the Falls the Prince rode at a slapping pace to the residence of Mr Street, former M P , and one of the wealthiest men i n Canada, where be luached In return Mr Street din-d with the Prince this evening JKondin us'd the Prince as an advertisement, but Ms did not draw. There wtrequite a number of persons on the Canada side, a few on the American ?id?aitd manv on the hrldcr? whn ?1 j f ??* mw?iiiii> a 11 u saw better than all. There was no enthusiasm When the Prince arrived Blondln bowed to the Prince and started off, the Prince watching htm attentively through a telescope The Prince had a seat in a rustic pavlllion. the Duke of Newcastle, and suite sitting rear, with Msj. Teasdaie and others sitting cross-legged In frout w ith no regard to drew. Some Americans will be surprised to see that the Prince and suite dress ia clothe* vt-rv plain and neat, and which would give a Broadway dandy tbe horrors Blondln crossed and reamed, and the Prince complimented him by . **og his hands In applause; and then Blondln nreuareu rBrrv B man over Tothls the Prince anu on'U after repeated assurances would he allow'bloudi.*1 to start with Colcord, his agent, sir stttt tere*t. commenting much on 1hc performance Many people were disappointed, as they thought Blond in *ould carry the Prince on the rope. We st? e this M all seriousness, as the affair was freely talked about by the spectators For the flrst time BL.ndin returned oil Wilts, the Princ? also having tut in a protest against performance. It was a most arduously and mast,'''/ did not please the Prince, who thou^."11 11 rooinaray. When Hlundiu reached ths shore, the ? a,d suite had a long conversation with him In . complimenting him, and asking about the sU.,|-? and his feelings while on the roue. As the Prince left he said, ' Thank God, It's au over." OtxervIng Farini's rope, further up th? river, he *skrd what it waa "A |Mth for another fool,!' answered Dr Kerwln. The Prince laughed aloud, and nodded his assent to hi* epigrammatic reply. The sensation on seeing Blondln la like witnessing the execution of a man by hanging. I The Prince then went on board the steamer Maid of the Mist and went up to the Falls. J ust as he embarked a burly Englashman Insisted on shaking hands with him, and the Prince invited him onboard the steamer. The Niagara was very rough and mist very thick, and the Prince remained only half an hour. I Potso^ir* by LsadCoxtaikid i.i tSavrr ? One of the German medical jonrnals fives an account I by Dr. Wicke, of a case of poisoning by lead contained in snuff. The symptoms were violent attacks of colic, which first awakened suspicion the patient was being poisoned by lead No source could be found for such poison, eicept In the large quantities of snuff which be took The snuff waechemically examined, and found to con MliII ?*?o miu m unu prr cviil U1 lUCVOllIC I9iia. UX. Wlcke, 1? of tbe opinion that lead tlada It war into snuff from the lead wrapping In wblch snuff la packed. The pacbages being exposed often to damp and to the atmoipbtre, the lead become* changed into carbonate, and tbe snufl ia chargedwith the poison He think* that this view la corroborated by tbe fact, thai in examining parkage* of sauff, tbe lead changes in aiuonnt as one approaches the centre, and that at tbe corners of the packages, where contact with the wrapping is most perfect, the cru*t of carbonate of lead 1* most marked. The absorption of lead by the snuff taker, is mainly bv the stomach. The snuff is conveyed to the palate in small quantities, and thence downward to tbe stomach. jJTA correspondent writing to tbe Buffalo Commercial says that Mrs. Capt Jack Wilson, widow of tbe heroic commander of the I-ady Elgin, Is a noble woman, well worthy of such a husband, and that the whole family are well deserving the sympathies of the Christian world He leave* three children?tbe eldest a modest, amiable, and noble girl of 15 years, in size, appearanee.and accomplishments Indicating * young lady of 17 years; the next a fine boy of about 13 veais; the youngeet a pretty bright girl of 11 years vu? ?u uur'i Bimaio tavaua, w uu w 111 rvinsin through life The appea-ance, roauuert, and acrompliahmenta of each give unmistakable evidence of the aucceaaiul train) ug of a alerting mother. Phtbical TiiiHisa in BoaTON Public ScsooLa. Mr Philbrtck, Superintendent of fee Public Pchoola of Boston, baa juat made a report recommending physical training ? a part of tbe common achool ed'.n .ition of Boston He aava: "Tbe priori pal remedy which I would suggeat ia tbe Introduction into nil gradea of oar achools of a thorough (viwnn of physical training aa a part of tbe acUool culture. Let a pirt of tbe achool time of wli dav be devoted to the practtce of calistbenie and gymuaatlc exercises, In which every pupil aba 11 be required to participate." MlLi.?*iTaa?Tb# Miller ilea have just concluded their annual religions service* In North W libra ham. Mass The net, it waa stated. aow number\50,000 In tbe United States aad Canada*, and repreaentatlvea from nearly every Bute In the L'nios attend their annual camp meetings. Great diversity of opinion exists among them regarding the time when the world la to coma to an end. Some anticipate the unljeraal overthrow In six teeu w?eka. oiu?r? ior u previous to the lut of March. lb<H. while other* still are confident that It will bepoetponed ten years and two wcka. IC^ A named McClare waa arrested In Newark day or two aio?*?* on a charge of beating hit wife He paid kla Ine promptly, and tfien returned home and alopod with his wife'* aiater. A MAS. WIMLOW, -*?-N Experien ed Narte ax.d Female Physician, preeeata to tk? attention of mo'Jiere. her SOOTHING SYRUP, Per CfetUrea Teethla?? WM?k fTittlT taeiiiixti U? knhi af taatkiaff, nAii tag tk? ran*, rtoacic( all intamwau?? will allay ALL ram anu ipuaWla ?um.u< >? SURE TO R SOU LATE THE BOWELS. Dipa ad a pan u, iMLbin, tt will fi*? rnl ta ;<uh>ii, u< RKLIEP AND HhALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa hi ti pet Bp and (aid tkia aniela far on taa fiui, and C4X i*t, III cotiriDBncl and truth ofit.vbatwa baaa aaaar boo abia U iaay af nay otwbb Mtdieioa?itbvia MKS ha? it failb?,i* * IIMLI IB _____ ?**CB T irHCT A CVtl, WI.llLwW'l wkan tliaaly Mad. Naaatdid *i knaar KIHITafl \I3 an inatanea af 4:? auafaatiao by auj *" 1 ~ " ana ?na aatd it. Ob thi aanirarj.ailara SVRJF, dalicbtad with iu our at ion j, * "' u*x" ** biffcaat caciciandtuati ?' i? m? -tca*^f?ca and aiadical airtaaa. Wa apaak in .hia mattar ** WI do afiartao fi?n' tipininci, PLtoal ?UI lirilTttiow won thi rulrilmint rtT what VI Mill n?claHB. In **ar/ luaunet vtiara ta* infaat ia tufar* Inf fraia pain and alhaaauao, raliaf will ha faand la (fiata ar twarUf minataa aflar tha $yrap u aomintatarad. Thia aalaahla prapnratian m tha pra <riptian af an* af tha aaal ItriRiBNCIO and aBiLFCL 1WRIB* la Ni? Una laad, aatd baa kaan aaad with NBTBR-rAiUSe sVrcBil la THOUSANDS Ot CASES. It aa( aoly raliaaaa tba child fra;n pate, bat lL*if*ritaa tka ataniacb and bawala, earracta aridity, and fiaaa tana and na?f y ta tha arhala af ataia. It will Llmaat ir.aumi* raliava Gftirme in tb* Bowblo and Wind Colic, aad art rc on a eemainana, which, if araadrir ramadijd and in daath. Wi' |bAiaTaiilha HIT A!vd irmit aiic.i FOR I ~ ii til etui if dti- CHILDREN wtmond diu IMA lit CMIL- TBKTHINO. n"?"- 'Bihar 11 ariatt fram ttathinf m fiom to? othti M?i(. W woiH t*y ta n?r? rtsoihar wit hat c nil J tafftririf From any r.f <k( (i>ri|*lrr complaint* ? no HOT LIT TOUR mlJl'DICBI, NOR THI MIIJl'DirH OP OTHIII land bavwttn y?ar loSaru.f cl.iid and tha rtiitf ih?i will bt UR ?yn, ABIOLUTILT ?P*??! fnilaw tht Bit ef tb tdieint, if ti.Ttly ind. Full dirtetiora or aainfr will a ttmpany tach ksttlt. Nont rtuwi.t aalttt it a fae-ttailt CORTII ft PERKINS, Ntw York, It an tht muMi wrippt oid by Drar<iti? ihroufhcat tbt arorld. Principal Olei, Na. HCtilar Btrtt:, M. T. Pret anl? tS Carta rar Baiut. M U-dtvlf FOR SALE AND RENT*"^ E<OR RENT?A thre?-story P. KICK HOVsTtI r un H street, between 4Ch au>l Mh. AIbo. a twoatory BKICK CO TTAGE. earden, corner of Tennessee avenue and north F atreet, surrounded by a larcft common pasture, and would t>o ? desirable location for a dairyman. Inquire of C. BIK'jK, 446 12'h at. jy l?-eo8m* fOR SALE?Very cheap, on reasonable torma, r one of the most driii-at>ld BUILDING LOTS in the city, situated on the north *e?t comer of Sth at., and New York Avenue, Enquire of JOS. F. HODGSON, Stove Manufactory, No. 405 7th ?t., between H and I sta. *? iA-*f FOR RENT.?A new and handsome FRAME HOUSE will be for r> nt in a few dajri. It is beautifully situated on Thirteenth street, l>etwern Georgia avoni^e and K St., Navy Yard: ha* a large ea'den lot attached, a pump of good water n-ar, and contain* 4 room*; kitchen aud woodshed. Will l>e rented low, with or without the lot, to a good tenant. For sale cheap, a good, strong WORK HORSE: works well in anything Itiouire of T. E. CLARK, Navy Yard; or of JOHN PATCH, 61** H st.. between 4th and 5th jy 16 IjMIR RENT?The three story (brown Irort) HOUSE, No. 3?i7 New York avenue, between 10th and 11th streets, north side, containing fifteen rooms. This house is oonvenient to the Patent Office, Treasury, etc.: is lighted by gas, and in every way suitab e for a hoarding hoiue. R*ut mole rate. Apply next door, or to A G. FOWLER, second tlO'?r north wing of Patent Offioe. jy |7*OR RENT-Three BRICK HOUS?H-otfei r Twelfth street, between C and D; one on'fee oorner of Twelfth and H sis. ; and oik on H- between litii and 13th sts. Inquire of JAMES W B ARKER,on H street, between Utn and 13th.'No. 48S. ma 30 tf FOR RENT?Tne FIRST FLOOR of the building mi mediately opposite the west wing of the City Hal..recently r>ecjpi*d by Chaa. S. Wallaoh aa an oSfioe. Also the front room in t&e second story and the third <b>or of the same bailiiing. For term* apuy to KICIJAKD WALLACE, No. 8 Louisiana avenue. ja IS U Extensive and elegant stock or Carpeting*. We reapectfully announce to the citizen of Washington, Georgetown, Alexandria,and envirooi, that our aeaortmeut of ALL KINDS OF CAR^ETINGS, in all the varioua trades, makes, and olaaaes.ia now oocnplete in all departments, having just re plenishej oar stock I'om the most recent make* and importations, which enables us to exhibit to i'Uteri the most "r?ch*Tc\r" styles knowu to the trade We have? fclet*nt M'-dallion, Tourney, S?xony, and Yorkshire Eufliah Vrivet and Wilton CarpetiDct, in triple, double and aiugle widths, for drawn.g-rouma and parlor*. A'so, ruli and heavy Velvet Carpets aa low aa 81.25 p?r tard, worth 92. superior and heavy bnciiah and Bigelow Bruaaele Carpetinga, for drawing rooma and pa. iora, very oheap. The ?am? make* in heavy and rioh Tapestry Brunei* Carpeting*, for <irawin< room*, parlor*, uining room*, Iibrariea, chamber*, h&ilc, Ao t-.xtra heavv and outirety n-iw deaigua of Royal a^d superior ThrM-ply Carpeting*, aoine aa low a* H'H oeuli per >&mI. borne make* in fine and nupofine Double Ingrain Carpctii ga, exant oupiea oi Hrji*kt*l*, at from f?6 to & o-ntf per yard. * i*o, hi'avv and cheap V/uh' Dutch, for ofioea, b*?em "nt i hall*. *o., very ohcep. D iuble i rUI'd English a d Thornp*onvi'ile Ve < cetian.inall wlu'Ua, for hall* andlaiepa Alao. a full ?appiy of ali kmda of Ru^a to match any of our Carpet?. Ill Oilcloth for Floors Our atook ia fall and oomplete, embracing all the d**igiM whioh are novel and n.oat deairaole, which we purchased u"d*r the moat favorable oironm*tanoei, acd whioh will enable u* to a?tl them at leaa fcgorea than utual. In Curtain Materials We a'ao have an entirely new ?upply. which oi ly nwd to he *een to t>e a?#reoiate<l? ail heinr new tnd different from anj uim neretofore weo m this city. Housekeeper* and others ore respectfully invited to call and examine our goods and judge (or themselves. CLAGETT * DODBON, Dcaltrs M all kinds of Fumiturr Dry Qoodt, No. 4 Market Spaci, selft-eogt 3d door fast lrom 9th street. |V| EIGHTH 11 A T I O N A L EXHIBITION, At CINCINNATI, OHIO, Sept. 12iA-2WA. The UNITED STATES AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY will hold its Eighth Annual A';rioultu ral and Industrial Exhibition on the onnds liber- I ally provided by thecitixons of Cuieiiiuati, m hmh are to be fitted np in the l*est ?tfle. Tti?'r? will be I Halls and Tents for the displa? of IMPLEMENTS, MACHINERY,TOOI.S. DOMESTIC MANUFACTURES. FARM ANb GARDEN PRODUCE, FRUITS, FLOWERS, and NA IIVE WTNKS: with Stalls and P?'s ?r HORSES, CATTLK, SHEEP, ^nd SWINE: and an unaqaal'*d Track,out mile m length ana forty feet in width. Tor the exhibition of Homes The Premiums offVred?in oa?h,?gold, silver, and bronxo meUala,?Uijfem&s aud oerfifioate*. amount 820,000. The Exhibition will remain open from Wednea day,the 12th. to Thursday, the ?>th, ot September, thus giving time to examine and teat the unp.e ineuta and machinery. For premium Until or information apply at the Oil)oe of the Society, No. 336 Pa. avanue, (up ataira ;) or to the aubacriber, at Cinotnnati, Ohio. BLN. PKRLOT POORE, jy 34 tf Seo'y U. 8. Agriculture. Society. 'F KOYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. 1. HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottery, oonduoted by the Saaniab Government, ander the aupervision of the Captain General of Cuba, will taae place at Havana on TUESDAY. Octom* 9. I860. SORTEO NUMBRO 643 0RDINAR1O CAPITAL PRIZE 9100,000. 1 of fion^oii sn prises oL 91.0W' I do 50,000 ou do SN I do ?,000 158 do 40t 1 do ?,u*> auapproz. joc 1 do lo,om? PRIZES. Whole Tioheu, S'JO-Ha.ves, 910-U garters, 93. Snxee oaahed at sight at per oent. discount, til* on all epl vent Banks taken at par. A drawing will '? forwarded as aoon as the malt beoomM known. All ordera for aohemec or tioketa to be addrMMd to ? DON RODKI6ULZ, e 14 tr Care of Citl Hrmt. (Thartealou. H. C. WATCH REPAIRING AND SILVER WARE manufactory. I have one of the best e?tabliNhment*. and furniahed with aooaiplete set of tools for repair Jtv inc every deeonphon or line Watchea, and fTU particular attention mve to the nme, hy *mmm t orough competent workman .and alt work guarantied At o, every deeonp ion of etaudard SILVKR WARK, plain arvl ornamental, manufactured under my ova supervision, which my ouat<>mers will find far superior in quality and firu?h to northera ware old by dfealers in general and represented a* their own manufacture. 11. O HOOD, e *39 Pa. avenue, near 9th st. I n ord r to dia?o#e of my entire stoek ef Meu'a and Boy?'STRAW HATH ?r?at induo?menU will b? offered until the dove of the aoa*on at LANE'S EDUCATIONAL. H_ MISS JHNETTE L. DOUGLASS AS Thf pleavnre of an?ounoinf to her friMKM and the public that the will op?r her Seminary, at the corner of H and Uth ?U., "Philadelphia Plaoe,' on Monday,September 10th. For terms oail on the Prinoipal. She will be assisted by the followi&g eiperienoed and efficient t?achers:' Miss DOUGLASS-Highcr English Brac?Aea. Competition and Penmanship Mi>s Abbik M Brook*? Latin, Algebra, English Branches. Mim Jtlia^a G. Mat?Teacher of Vocal Mnsie. Prof. ukokgc c. sctr a kvpeb?Lecturer on Philo.phr.Cheniiatrj.and Phyaiology. Prof Hknrt E. Maki*?IVacher of Freaoh and German. Prof. C.W. BtMiuNX?Teacher of Piano and Science of Muaio. Miu Mabt T Da.vtdboj?Piano. J. Madison WATios.oiNew York?lecturer oa Elocution JoaiPH G Batrrr?'Teacher of Dravinx. , Teacher of Spanish. . Moral Science and Clasaica. se? ? w T FEMALE EDUCATION. ! HOPE Parcut- wno wish their daughter* to receive a thofough an<l systematic education, where their physical training wi 1 receivedailr and epecial attention, under the most approved system of Calisthenics and Gymnastics, ar? respectfully invited to 1 vifcit the Union Female Acadcmy, corner Pour- 1 teeuth at. and New York av mr. A. mrs. z. richards. au 30 tf _______ _ _ Principals. Female boarding and day school, ' ALEXANDRIA, V4. Mra. S. J. McCORMICK, Pbihcipal. * ? ?r * " * .... ?... ?- rwiuii ui mil iniuiuiinil ' will commence on Tuenday,September 18th, in the honse recently occupied by Sylvester Scott. F.m., I No. 1^0 King street. I The oourso of *tudy pursued will eomprueall tho branches requisite to a thorough English Eilu ' cation, and Music, F<enoh, Latin and Drawing, it desired. < In addition to day scholars Mrs. MeCormiok is prepared to receive a limited nmnber of pupil* aa hoarder*, who. constituting a part of her own family, will be under lier immediate care and supsrvi ion. She will endeavor. a? (ar a* posmble, to surround them with the oomforte and kiudlv influence* ?me, nmtti.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Elias on. Rev. I) F. Spricg, William H Fowle, ' Edgar Sn?ij4<iji, K??i . Edmund F Witmer, Km,, Henry MWfcurv, K*q., Lewi* McKeuz-e, Esq . Robert H.Vlunt'nn, E*q . VV. D. Wallaeh, Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, E*q. .Jas. Entwisle, Jr., E*u.,Col. John W.AfBor, Loudoun. M??r?, Riaoklock it Marshall, Meuri Come brothers. ' Tnxa. Board, with Tuition in all the English Blanches, the annual session?payable *emi-aixnnall>, in advance. M nsto and Languages at Professors' prioes. ! \P~ ,\o extra charge*. a? <8-tf I Franklin academy, CoH*kr TniRTK*!?th and H st*.. A SELECT SCHOOL. FOR IfOYss < Formerly lotntrd in tkt Urard,> This Inktirutiun w ill commeno* U* '1'inrd Annual j Session, at its new location, on Monday. September 3d. Applications for admijiaion may t>e niade on i me premise* at ant time afW the ZS?h in?t. au 25 lm . R. B. DE1RICK. Principal. (CENTRAL ACADEM V, v ,, CoRmF,**!)tnthsw. Thi* Institution will resunw its duties f^eptemb^T 3d. Application* made to the Prinoipal at the rooms. Circular* at the bookstore* J. s. de HART, Principal. Rtfertnre.*. Prof. Henry, LL. D., M. H. Miller. E*?., Rev. John C Smith, D D., Dr. C P. Culver, Rev. A. O. Carothera, Rev. J. P. Davidson. _au 23-lm * " ^elect school for young, Misa M. RIDDF.LL will rerume the datiea of her school on the first MONDAY in September, at No. 4M I welfth street au g'-lin THE PRESCOTT HIGH SCHOOL. 1 37o Kiohth St., Btrwuin K mca L ST*. Stadiea will be resumed in thia iimitution on MOv [)KY, September 3d. Ciroularaat Coolest <re?j. au_16 tf A. C RICHARD&. Principal. Metropolitan collegiate institute for young ladies, 4?4 e St., bstwsk* 6tb a."?d7th sts. The fourth kiuiual mmioii of tli? commence on the first MONDAY id Septeml>~r. < Application* should be itiade early, as tt.? nutnl?er < or pupils ia limited. For particulars see oireulars ( or apply to the principals, .\lr. and Mri. T. H. HA- < VKN N F,R, at the Institute. _ au 9-tf_ ( Mrs. m. e. king9ford'?8e.,?narv, 4I& E St.. Washix -ton, U. C. , The next session trill commence! >cto!?er 1st. bW.. Terpis, Ac., forwarded on appiioatiou. auj&V ^ VOCAL INSTRUCTION ! MRS. FRANKI-IN. Tiicmt or Mine, .143 H, between 6th and 7th streets. j _*el-eolm _ _ ' GEORGETOWN. FEMALE SEMINARY, l Fotxnilt Miss L. S. English's.) a boaruisa and day school. Thi> duties of this lnstitutien will l>e resumed on the first Monday iu September next. The course of instruction em!>ranes all that is taught, from the rudiments to tna most highly finished education. The oorps of teachers, ten in number,are ennnentW qualified aud experienced in their several departments. Leotiuet. Friday evemngr on the Natura' Sciences without oharge to the pupils. Circulars ma; )> > obtained by addressing the Principal, Miss M. J MARROVKK.Georgetown, D C. ? au 22~eo3m I. X. SINGER & CO/8 IMPROVED ; SEWING MACHINES, ! > 388 PKXXITLVANU AVENUE, 'Umdxs National Hotbl.) J r 'A * A OOOD ASSORTMENT OF. * ? t Hachines, Tl.r..4., f?dle? ft, TwUt, J KEPT ON HAND. ( wl-lm WM. H. GLOVER, Agent ( BH. STINEMETZ, C ? aJfi P*. Av., ht. ISm iso 1 Jm 8t?., ( Having ju?t returned from New York, unuv ( opening ft compl'-te ansortnient of Soo.1* in his line of trade? )? 5*7 I lENTS' DRESS HA1S. various 3 flg I BEEBKS VENTILATING 8l ' DRESS HATS. ^CIVK^ ? CAJ?S1MERE DRESS HATS.W^Si# 1 west proof, I PRINCE OF WALES HAT, for =?*joung men, i A beautiful as?o*t<nent of CAPS for yoong man, I boys, and ohiMran. Fine Calfskin KOOTS, tewed and pegged, $3 75, I Calf GAITERS, good qualities, low prices. au 31 J TO SOUTHERN 4 WESTERN MERCHANTS. { RODEWALD* ? I.N D ALL, COMMISSION MERCHANTS. \ ASD DKALn< III , INDIGO, SPICKS, SOAP, STARCI, SODA \ ASH, SAL, SODA, 1)1 CARB. SODA, SAL- \ ERATVS, and GROCERS' DHUGS. j. 80 cheapsi l>e baltimore, i invite the attention of Mercha^U viaitin# this city to an examination of their atoik, wkioh in variety \ and anoe is not surpassed eith?' in Una or any of i tha Northern oitiea. : fET Order, reapeot fully solicited and faithfully J executed an 2T Ira* 'r (RATIONAL ! SOAP AND CANDLE [ WORKS, [ Gun Strbkt, 1 fiitvwa Bndte and Watir ttretls, ' Georgetown, D. C. ( A large etook of CANDLES, Brown, Family, Caatils and Fanoy SOAPS, a Alao, t TALLOW and GREASE for Looomotivaa, Steamboats, and all kind a of S machinery, " alwaya on hand, I and for sale at pnoea * to auit the trade ? C. B. JEWELL, Proprietor. ' ly 10 eotf I Thk placeto get you* 1 school books At lis i^nii Pritu ee *-ln? Abov* Odd Ftllowi' Hall. , W DAMAGED BoOKS \ E Have a lot of Parker ft Wtuon'a Reader* j and Sp II -r? tuat were daniiged a little by water in 1 the ateainer from New York, wuioh will be told for * u,ua1 P'1?LANCHARD * MOHUN. S 4 Corner 11th t a#?1 Pa ar. 8 VI ITH'H, No, 490 StvtLtk street, Offot ? Poe? UftM, M? Im I '**-? V 0 t i % ' I ^ f fl T?r*T?n rvn/-\ rrr?T rvrrnnmiUTTn I uivaurjivww au y anfto F3R HARPER'S FFWRY.-CHAX& K OF DA YS ?Oa End after July, 2,1 WQ, w the ate%iner AN f El.OPE, Cajit B fiCBK J. WM.L?vcarrying the United mail, willleave Georgetown EVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY a*T FRIDAY, at 7 a. m.and raturn every Tueedar, Thurada* and Saturday. N.B.?Every Weriiieeday the Antelope will ran through to Shepherdetown. au Mm' 0m . F?R HARPER'S PERRY. I N Anda/W July 3J. ItfO, th* L. J. Bren?-le. Captain \V. H. Ritt-r, wil! leave Georgetown EVERY TI ES DAY. THURSDAY,ami SATUR DA\ , at 7 o'clock a id., and return every alternate day, at 6 o'clock a. m. On tte Saturday trip from (To.> *eto\rn the boat will run through to Shep herdstowu. je 21 Sin pRANUtLJL, OPTICIAN., V iVo. 1 J* k-idrt ft., Bwrmww, Has constantly ou nana a targe Meortmeut ot French Near *?ght<?*. renecoPio. ' ored, and al. other SPECTACLES, the beat ^na.ity. la ?f?m. a:lver. ?i*ei. au4 Gerw**t> nlv<?r fraui*e. N. ft. OW F^mea ktK '*<! *n? Dow g uiri aet ia than to order. m S-b \f ASSKY.COLLINS A CO.'S PHILAPEL: [ 1 1'HIA DRAUGHT ALE.-Weareono.uumy receiving freeh enptUee <>f the above deu*LJu> bevsra5*. and invite al' persona who want a pure unndu:terated Ale. to five it a trial. ARNY k. SH1NN, Agenta, f?f IT Bnwn ?t.. Goorgetowa. f OB.fT K1R0H, UNDERTAKER, ~ J C?r. Bridie a%d J ifrt son tts., (rrnrtttowa. Having ci veu my peraonal attention to thu biauoh of my bu*ine??, I am prepared to -- . _ attend to all ca.ii with pr?mptueaa Peraon* from a distance ca- he anp tiled at a *ew minutea' n.'i.w.m I uoortnent of COFFINS b?t;i on hand. Particular attention paid to the remonl of th? < If lid from the old to th? new burial ground*. 11 Hearses and HoriM for hira. at 10-6m LIST OF UNCLAIMED PACKAGE!* at the P Otiioe of the A0atne F.xpreea Company. Wash- t melon, D. C., to be eold tor freight aud oaargee, if t r.ol immediate.} oa1 ed for. ^ GEORGE H. BURNS, Agent. t ?ept?mt^?,186u. . Aut'in, Ni^P linesman. M 1 ? Adkinton^F* Konee. Mr. E a A den, J K J Kecnan, W J ii And<*rson,JH Hartley, Prof Adair, O L^nrenoe, AB I Abbey. VVm Livingston, H B _a A?he, W 8 Lynch, A A kobrook, U R l.atrobe, ||B Barber, Her 8 tawinl.WC Ua land, H Ltw?on. Sergt W Branch,J W Loomn, M Hrown. A a 1-MtlfT, UN . Urmter.M O I.<ng,SU U?'u!aj. A P Lamport, C O HutU, wm 1) Longatrotk. R?v L fc Rrowni A Lang. J , Bemns, Prof 8 M i?al>arre. F * Haer. Mn M Lawrence, Col V Bowie, K J Lender, U H v Ka'dwin, UH Mott. Co'C H 1 f Baird. Dr Mrera, Col r Hurts, Mary MoPhereon. J A u MmKct.J* i SlankaKW*. B C MoAbo*. E 1 A OrownCi M >i^?uu- lion t it B??m. E r Moa?MU?, bt I Brown*. H r McCr#?fJv, A 1 ?' tJoMfl. wm MuWoon.M 1L 5S3tf? o Bssn-? I! Si^wV*0" asa? $* ' 5 Sisnton, B H McKwrfr. A 1 Urowo. A H M?L*W;)J ) 1 11 BMH.ED * '? 1 Uennett.CVV Miteh*il. A B I Byn??.p*J M?*d?r, J ? ?? ?*? bsM jSi!Ki.J A P-r?- I tr -tnno'n. J M M?MaVrtf;C B I X 3utts, ? S?anin?, v?U?nne? I Connolly, FC MitohilUBL |T 3houte*u.Cr Merrill, ' H I Mr. U B ?U1?. ft C | J 5oru.ollT. J McltMM.? I ' ^olby.PT Mttonvll.AS I Chapman, wm M""T. F ? H 1* >uger. L . . Mofb?r?OD;C n I 3hw?b*r}M?t J Uiiohril.WjP I W ;ook?r, J ^ u itiDOe.uff. ? tinfMilj J ** Nevbrou(D> J *? uopar, Nai'.or.G _ w a -.sinphcU. T A Nieholtoo.G W I J (nidi, J O . 10 "Jrotehett, J P?t?i U Com of D lr. ,or.r?l'<i,^1 VorWr.W D_ 3oar**l, J".? r> w .'auiiiiiLKBui, r?nrr. u a - -* ^ok.A P Fat-nf, Com of '? [Hnigliertj, J E Do do H D<'?iyn?, Col T J Do do ?1 Dudin, Felix k) do *' Jiokejg, Mr >o do *' iubou, Cher )o do 01 Do Mont Do jo Jai'j. 8 C Pollock, E a >?Tir.e, R J a Pmmiou C? m of * Vlanoy, ? IHtect, ^ of >oniflM, Mo(i Patent Ofto* M Juu. aw, W 8 F?hj, 1 W tonnu, J P Randolpli.Col J j [Mvi., K W Kodcara, i . Juiihsm, E W Rualmr. 1 !r >'Wil. K (or Doim) Robf inn, i u| J lSdwrnrd., * Rich. G \\ ^ ? r Do J 8 Rid(0war, W 5jaion, W Ruiuucoii. Mrs A * s,*U>b, J R*fd. It^so ialinf, Dr Riftkardnor P r*i?r, J L Hippp-rd Ww 'arroer, m q Stu%rt. Kit do d r?noh,EB ruin van. J 'prd, M 8too(, (\ B wM. M He ward, J L ** ur*e, J fem^, Dr {fl 'o?ter, J Hoio.n n. H 'errmon. 8 w 8c!iinidl. p t1 *?rley,Mr*J hchae;. \\ m ot *rejp, Pred 8mith, Lama uler.GQ, J H , uhw |SlK1f:" plfioi F C Suibert, 8 ? ?iamba?tian, ? HkniLer, A P w iivacor, 8 Hpencer, Booh Jrea*on. W 8fuar:. a ^ villi*, B W Sac*. F p. touett. Mr* 8orantor, J H iaxette Office 8tev*na, ? R Irepn I'rnr G W Snlli ?r. M Crimea, j W Bmitii, w A Gardner. A W ?*utv>u, C 5 iatea, Mr* N hiioemaker, B F ^ Humour. J' ,r 2ib*on, W N Top**, E Jaapair, 6 . Do, lamlin, H Hon* Tyler, C N Jyam. H D : Tnompaon * Bush. InmmeU. Joht#' T? (r. R C 1*11. A 1** Co TbomaV.H jualcmt. J J Thom&i, B M ol Jatofc, K D Thoir. paon.YV A L __ 'I'nnKdcr H ?, 8 B Tucker. Wm jenry, N 8 Tlioiapami, Elijah iaoJcneoht, O L Taylor.Jta th jammer, M Turir/Mr dt Jeald, JT T ball. Dr C A m larrington, W H load, Lt J W lawkea. Col J A T J lyam, B D Van Vlut, BF N liKfiua, A J Vouch. H Jervoy, H Wrieht. W IttKheK, N H WalMf, Mr. M iarman, S Whitch*r,JB onea.8 Willi*? a. J I ? Werannja. J w ** ? ? m Wooater, J R FL? Do. M, aokaoa, T B Wa i, W H "t orea, A Wykoff, W C 11 v*raon, Hon 8 W?re, K T H otiea. |* W.KKlraff. J B ohnatoa, M?a 8 F \VhiU?.??, A cy A Anderaon Welle, Hon D tidder, BA W nipple, C Lirkup, Potta A Co Waief. J C I Sir by, J W hit<?, M M C Lennarter, N R Miaa A W at (?ndall, JE D Woodlty, D [ abler, 6 Wauon, A A [auaeneuauoh, O Zeitler, 6ao tirohner. M aal-lm A rkFFICK OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER r lt ur VAf mc 1 CM, m VVajhiiwtoji, July II, 1M0. ^ NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That, ,bly to the provieiona of the oidinauoe of the Cor- pi oration approvedMay It, Mto, U? nndaraigaad if L ?ow prepared, "whener* reanlred m writing, and .?( in pre payment of the fie* of fifty eenta, to inapeot. j i xamina, teat,prove, and aeoertain tue accuracy of \t ef titration ofany cat meter m nee in tnia oity.'1 Srery meter, if found moorrect, will be oondemned, ?ind another, aeaied and marked aa true, will be V let in ita piaoe. if proved to be aooarata in ita neaaurment otcaa/Tt will be aeaied accordingly, md again put in poaiuoa for uee. JranJy, pure Hofiand ein, oil Jamaica m!V?j EUeJT 23Si3f9ll2%JlM J ''TgaraBSIB&r S BiLT,MOEEBoTTEji HOUBE^ I J js^issras 1 ? ' j THE WEEKLY STAR tfcM ?b t* fm mi is My *U*r- u wMMwiw OMBrtay moraine. Tum-Cwt, hwn y . flocle ?<??, p? una. 91? ??=r= ?s Tvatur oof***. ? ? .. .... ? -?a??tt8^J5SaSSSr8 k? p#rc?i v?*i to pmr at. of Tkt Wmkit Stmr <n1[ ba IK* {L!rKta.*TK? iZT&SSl ao t?Mmi'r throaghoat Um ooaatry. , trrP>.t.?*.t*r. Who Mt M l(Mti VlU fc* lo*-?.4 IWll.iw of ft: MEDICINES. AVER'S FARSAPARILLA Ita oaMatratodoxtnat of Kara flaroaMrti:*. ?o somhinad Vita Ottiar mbfueri nf a ill iruMr atoa irapuwar ul ?furd?u,i ct r? ai.tiu?ia lor to* di?aaaa StriMvri1,* n r*ritH tottra. *ach a rem* 1* rurr > vuit^ toy t*oa? vho eotfor from ^tranoa* ootup ataU. tad tMM oa* whioJl wi.l aooon.paab their cur- mut prov* of immoooo t*rvim to LbM Urc* slaaa of our aflhoua Ullow Miiatna. H.iw Ct up *U1J thi? c-m^urd vtli do it haa t o+n Pr./v*:i ? MpmiMU ? m?? a? tteo v?rit ?! -? to krt fouud la th* fol r*^ o..iunt? : Hcrofu'a ant! Serofaloav Complain**, frapttoaa ind Kruptir* I' loor*. jkim*l?a. B>trbM? Tumor*, ''a't Kbouni. So* d H?ad, i*;pkili>ar' xipamtio Ad otu.n. V*-caMal I*?%*a. bmp**, \*tirag.a or TV Uoo*oar??*. DatoUty Diapapi.a and i?dif*?tion. kroipaia*. Rom or He. ta ;ton> ' Firo, a*J, tad *?d, th* wh->!a c!a?a of oom Tainta amioi; froir irraartty H?* Klcod. l hi* <y.m>o*n<1 ?i m iound a groat promoter of ina.ih. wbou UfcOi. im La; apnag, 10 *Xf iu? lu tumor* wh'ol faster in th * t> nod at that aoaooa of ha ?aar. K> th? um?>v aapaiuor <H tkaai May % ik'.mc duo*d?>/? are >>pt. < ?n t*o t-u t MuUl 4itU? oac. I y tt'r ai of 1 i* rem *dr, ?j>ara \hmm~ I-1co< f oin th? *n*ia?fc' fo ot f<>a< ?r? prion al?or>'?, threatb wwofc Um wilITtnao ,a rid it** f ol O"irort:u*?. i: n-H a*ei?'?d rr?iitiU* Jtrrtugh tii? atuial ohacix It of the b.*f- t?y an *|, *ratl?e fi.odicix. llxk Moot the ?mat*1 Mr?>d rH?nev*r '??u hnj ita >di| ui iIim i ur?Uht ta> t>?f? lie nm in aimpea. erapi tuar. or lure; c ?u> 11 ?heu y< u ui.d it is <t.-iructfd and alurmh ?? tfen r ina: ele?p?* it wh-aever it is tou . ar.4 poar J*a?n* will t??l you ?ban liven wkrr* i.? particular liaordar it I??it aniey h?a th a*?i lift >nc?r, for c canMi.* ih-? Moad. Kaap ttM tx<<od imlihi ani 111> ?n , L<?it with <ln? pa a urn of ife diaoider*4, th<*r? can be to lavtinf r.ealth. !oon?r or :sUr aon?t -i if iao?t go wro.ig, and ta* :r?at aao^iuery? f lif? .? disordered or overthmwf. Durw.j Ut? j?ar? tna pu lie har* t??#n iriatad l-y i je bnttiea prrten itig to fir* a quart of F.cuant 4 Mi'aaparua 'or oar d-l-a . Muatof tiieav t a a -nu frivuda upon the sick for the* not oal? <K>atair. ttle.ifany Sarsarari la. i.troftew loeuraUMimprtias wt.a'?v#r. Hnnre. bitter aud paicfa iuap ointment ha* th* t??? ? Txlt* varioB es -aeti of ?a'*ap*T'lla whirli fl x-O the marfcwt. aati! he name iuelf it J??t.y fctspisart, a?d has hnwwa vnaiivmona of tirp anion and ohnat. Rtil we ra'l hit compound Ha<aapaait*. ad lat a t to sapp-r *ku. * r/mady a? akail **ue U.e nan.e from ft uad <>fol)i?qny whioa raat* upon it. And we think r? h?-? t,n'> d <W belie in? it lt*s ? -*?* Whioh re irresistible by the ordinary ran of th* duaaiaa t is intended to onra freparao by Ui. J. C. AVKR k. CO., Lowe , Jm?. Fnoe 91 per bott^MKbtfttlaain onapacl c* >S aa la-aof Helmbold'i Genuine Preparation. HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" f?MPOr*D FI.UIO KXTRACT ?UC?U . Poaitivearwi Sp?oi6o Remedy . or _Diaeaa?a j VUER_, KIT)N'^l. >ivA?r.<M wi L'nursiiJA l? O** KLL.1 \6f> 1 This Mmioiim id iwum lb? gov*r of l>i*??i<r., nd rieitri th? ABSiK .NTS into i.?* tb? whic* th? WATER V UK CALCKSnrS * ?><'iitiuni,U'i1all unmaTL'KAI knlAKGF,lEN'ts ?' r*<iu??d,m we.i m pain sji? i.nLA.M M ation. ?"<i*s (< >* f r MES. WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. ? HELM BOLD'S EI>R>"T "?<TBU. For W nhmw ? rising from Kiomwi. Htb.u ui i>imi|?hqc, ,?ly Indiscretion or .Udm. a AtlcmUJ wtik lis fti'iovty*i -? adisposition to Exertion, ? rx>ss or PfVar, ossof Memory, DiAeu ty of Jlntfiii, Ve*k NerTM. TriS&ti*. lorror of Dts?*??, . itmnsM of Vision./ PtiinUtltek, Divers* LkMUud* of Ui? Niietf1?r Sr?t?ni. tut Hands, Flaahiot of tka Body, dryness of th? ^tin, V tu??. ui utr t too, PALLID COUNT1 <ANCE. These symptom*, IT aiiowoj to f? on, which thM W*lioin? mrariahj* reworks, noon fol>ws MPOTF.M'X, FAT CITY, EPILEPTIC FITS. 1m Orb or Which ths Patisnt mat Eirfki. Who o&r. thst they &r? not fr*q??fstl) foitova* f thof* "Dl A Eh L L TH*EASES " "INSANITY AND coKsl MPTION. lacy are ??i'? "f tie r* '?< r?? ? "***riug, BUT NOSE WILL CON PEES. HE records of th?.|n&\> r. ash-cms And ik* Mtinurholy lumtk* by Con'trw?pfi?a 3 ear ?mf ?it.e>st*> ths trvt* of Ui* imwi ol he Mnires the aid *-ni?hoiD? u> ?ir*nctn?a A nd Ir.^vti'mt" the rkiek h*l*?olp> tfUCil' mvmHk. ttul will commit icmyT i(imr*l. PE M A LES^FE MALES?FEMALES, LD OR YOUt&r, iujtn n < *. A/% ON VOftTKMPLATINU MARhlAOE IN. MANY Ai FEi'TlONs . EcOUAR TO 11" aXt*Ct Hu< tin 1? IMDll <J l?y jy othar r?w??i1 r. M in Chi <mrn or Ratri.Uoa rajuiarit*. Pa.nfu.n?aa, or Suppraa?>on ofCaa * >mary F.valuation*. ("cwitad ur *<nrrbu?a a lata rttw Utarwa, hmucorrbm* or Whitaa. Staniluy, ad for a I compiainu inmdort to the ? f w h?th?r laincfrom I ndi aeration, Habit* of Dtaatpabon. ,B DRC/.r* Jf OR CHANUE OP LIFE, rmn ojurroma a?otx. 0 famii.v enoitji uk without it * TuJtf *o ?;ivr? Ba4*am. M?cum, or !?Win??/o a?</ ito-trfptii J'l.iMi HKLMBPLWP FX TRACT BCOHI 8kcrkt m^faftes 1 all lhair ?taro*. At littl# axpanaa; lttiaor nooLaucpin Di?i: No iMUkVMitooa XiU (to E -pcsmr* <*an?ea & fro^nar)' -?rr? an firaa otra&fth to rinata. tharai.y Ho.aovia* ? i>-ti u<mou?, Pr?.??liio an-' cdti. i sHncturea of th* Urethra. AUajiuj pseud In??-ni-%ation. ao fraquant in ia eiasa of diaaaar* and axpailuif mU uaaW. ??* ?** *i':?r r/for.Sii VPS rpojv Tffor? who have ?*?? the TlcriMa or IJlti.a. id who bar- p*. j to tx> o?r?<1 in a abort na, have fount th?y wera daoatrad, and thai tka COl!*ON" .'ma, by tha aaa of"n?w*arrL a* liNnrj," t**>n drian up in Um ay?>m. to broafc it in ivr. a^s-a-it*1 i-thi. and PEhlfyPS APT EH MAKKIAVE. L'aa F.xTaacr Brew for a. aBoo?na and diM***- of t-t? URINARY ORGANS. "hathcr aziatiog in _ ma i .e or femo.k. rom vhatavc. eau*a '.(lnatSEaad no ma3?r of HOW MISG8HVDIN# laeaaoa nfth<*aorp*n? r^niraCbaa. Ota Drwrgtt helm nd ia oartatb u> tt a dacirad afi*ct it a IJtHr?aa FOR WHICH l i IS R KOOMMV NilKD. rtArarr of tkr wtr.M rr iiH< Mi -l? r will kk-'P W1* t*1* m ?'? !? Cfc.RTlFlC A I E? OF CURES. Jrotn a irk' imti iimUmi, With Nawt? wjwh to bCIKNOR AND FA*R. Price 91.00 **T h*it)?s or Mi tor |I.M. D?UT?r?<} to any Ad(1r?M,aee?r?ly paokeC Iro Mcrtwioa. l)ncRii? STvrToxa 1* am, Po??nnciT!oii?. rrt UaartMU'd! A4rite brtlU'.l affidavit. J *,?? AHwmb Jcit> of rh. H t Hit, MBOLD.wlpiwiac f iwun . . till |>r?KifliiM <H> (kiii bo krof.t r, iwrcin. ( 1 jurit.n* 0 i?tn wgWibi*. H. T. Hh.MHul D ??or. ? , .so1,'.' J U-f-'ie u*. liui a%i at ' v/M P. HlBMKRl), XUtbfwL. Ninth ?bov? Rim, Pkim. AddreM !ett*i f?-r m conlilmeo to H T Hl.l.M WitLU. >mot, 104 South T?nU* ?t. l~l CUanut, PA.U. BK W AH K Ol roi/STFRFfcl lV AND I' N PR J NCI Pi. KD UKALKftfl. rho md^vor to <li?po?? * o? TScra own'* m4 AK11C1.M OR Tit asrCTATKMI ITTiWB almbold'a 6?ce in? Pr^tftfioni, M " ExtrMtBMM, * Improved Kow Wuk. Bold by S. B. W>iti.77? 9?Tf..Uitrntiii k F??*P, J?. . ooraer Pmi. twiHUd tlfTm.S SWi&VSMK? UU Noiiffiik. N D AV oi'diM P( ?T?S& n1?e!kV&?IJ ft K M4?oU 1 JEW SILK *ANl^n? II *j nwrr.l1 PlklHTH. We rwiwil ?y of ucfc ?an MAN I'l.KS and W KAl VRKNCM AOtJ MAN ?'LK* ?ad P? 1NTtJ A!?o l? <toiw th? f%H ?tTl?of WOVKN ?*kTkT!? nf?*p*rioc i?Utr. LvIk** iu of ?ny ! tk? ?!*>v* ?<M-a? rerj low trxo** will ? .-*? ?it? u? ?,c 1 a*.!. j v jr> T?VL?? > ftTT'-P'i* " V-?? ~ 8S PA. ATMB^w.yre * ?? *? % SW v"""? pLOL'B. MEAL MlLI- F ; ??'* " HM? ?rou?d run r, E*tr? w?d Jf"*"*"* F low. JJJXtr^id M?' ?"d Mill Food of*U kinds OOM<UU) OB hoodI for Mil low ID iot* to MirU TT^oajl OIU ~~ CSCSSZWEMW'* ?af8i?T5Sa ?tnwM *<ul to tM Nw York or Bomton ml k? trai* ob tn? ? unag M Stfu' K"=Vn*il5r?S>. ? Ml . mriH.M.iU ft

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