Newspaper of Evening Star, September 19, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 19, 1860 Page 2
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???? Tfl E EVENING ST A R. WASniNOTfKS (IfTTr W I DNKAO.lY ftcpW?t?er 19, 196>. Him ?t Ua Haralu Prwa. The Constitution diarnaaea "Mr 8eward?a rale of Interpretation o4 the Federal Conatltntlon," and. In another article, repllea to the InUlligtnctr on tb? right of aeceaeton The Inttlhgtnt'T treeta upon what it conatder* the Inronalatew lea and ronfltctoof the Breckln * ? -*>aai Ia lb* nMilion nf th?ft OAIL. r luge prra, ? ?~ r ? B' ? tleman ? * Ujr A t tbe Philadelphia 1. 9 Mint three millions of gold dollar* are now being malted and recol ned Into doable eoglts. In pursuance of mm order to that eflVct from tbe Secretary of the TreaaurT Mr*. Isabella MVKee, of Nw Orl??ana. another victim of the Lemly poisoning affair, which occurred In that city torn* months ago, recently died from the effects of the poison partaken bj her on the occasion in question. inr The committee of arrangements for the boll to the Prince of Wales, in New York, have issued their 'rules and regulations " Gentlemen Bust appear In full suits of black, with white cravats and white gloves. This rule, however, Is only advisory, not peremptory. fj~^ The smack Whim, having a load of oyster* for New York, was run into on Frldsy night, I Hell Gate, by the steamer pi re State, of the Fall River line, which resulted in the sinking of tb?smack snd drowning of Capt. McCruer and one man. Another was rescued, but Is badly lajured. The steamer proceeded on her way The collision was said to be purely accidental. No Republican Nomination in Baltimore The Arae.-ican says: "The committee appoiuted at the Republican City Convention to take into consideration the expediency of making a nomination for the Mayoralty, met on Saturday evening, at Royston's Building. It is understood that a majority of the committee adopted a report deeming it inexpedient for the Republican party to present a candidate for the .Mayoralty at the comllif election The reriArt will dntihtl^n h#> approved by the Convention. The effect of thia course, it Is expected, wlli be to throw the tier maa vote la fcvor of Mr. Brown, the Reform candidal*. ' ff~7** We take pleasure lu noticing the work of Fijiory Washburne, University Proiessor of Harvard Law School, recently published by Little. Brown A Co , Boston, Mum While .the poaitlou and antecedent* of the author are a sufficient . guaranty of the correctness of the compilation, from a knowledfl^B his character, we are sure that through hi^^Prgetic and persevering application, combined with a life-long familiarity with the subject, at the bar, on the bench, and lu the professional chair, It will be found to be a treatise on the "American Law of Real Proparty," every way worthy of the confidence of those for whose use it Is intended. With the *- first volume in hand, we predict for this valuable contribution to American jurisprudence, a reception equally flattering with that given to Pruf ? Parsons' work on Contracts. New Yoie Politics ?The P*vpWt Fwijon * # Movement ?The Union and anti-Republican meeting held at New York on Monday evening Is acknowledged. even by tbe Tribune, to have than om of tbe largest and moat effective demon stfolloss of the present campaign Among the speakers were tbe HonkF. Wood, J. J. Henry, Esq, tbe Hon. H. W. Hlllard, of Alabama, extiovernor Morehesd. of Kentucky, F. Holme* SUq , Of Boston, tbe Hon. John Co?'bran, and Mr Wright, of Missouri. The utmost harmony pervaded the proceedings, and the proposition tc Appoint s committee to nominate one straight-out I nion ticket for the defeat of the black republi cans was received with such appiauae and heartiness of enthusiasm as sre seldom witnessed A grand torchlight procession of tbe Union Leagues and Minute Men took place In conne>tlon with the demonstration, and at a late bout tbe lmmeu?e gathering broke up with loud cheer* for the Constitution and one -traigbt out Union ticket The President of tbe meeting, Mr. Joshua J Henry . ras authorized to form tbe new ticket and promulgate it for tb* suffrages of tbe people fry Letters from Damascus, dated the -Jt>tb ult Inform us that, early on the morning of that day, sixty-four of tbe Moslem citizens of Darnasrm were found bung before their owu doors "These are the first executions for the massacre in Dam as cus This has thrown tbe city into gloom dcepei than t*fo;e. Tbe few Moslems who had opened their shops have closed them to-day The Jewi keep to their own quarters Few Christians ap pear In the streets to-day. Tbe Moslems are down cast, and many of them weeping The women ol tboae hanged and those of the prisoners now fearing tbe worst sre weeping and screaming in theli houses or In the streets, aud cursing the dots and 1.1 1 > ?>?uiuunui arc ue>llg uill^rd Tbe poor Christiana In tha Castle (about 7.WH)] are fearful and anxious, and more desirous than ever to get away. Oae hundred and thirty prisooera, tied together in parties of ten. have been married to Um- plain for execution, and 300 were sent from the city with their hands in wooden yokes. Yesterday there were 1,300 under arrest. The Pasha is desirous U> detain the Christiana and iiMlace tbem to go to the houses from which he Las driven the Moslems "*^Le foregoing is the testimony of an English gentleman who has remained in Damascus during the entire crtusde. Til HJLco Is??c?rictio:? or UlOKSiA?The eoaunittee appointed at Cateraville to examine the nevroes arrested upon the charge of being engaged in the incendiary plot, report that, '-aftei thorough investigation of the matter under coualderation. they have no just grounds for furthei censuring the negroes upon the evidence adduced gainst Uiem." H7* The largest sugar estate in Cuba contain! 11 jyu arres, employs b&i slaves, and turns out 10,000 boxes of sugar. The smallest number ol sieves employed on any esLite is 300, and no estate has less thaii 6,(4.1) acres The yield to ea< h slave Is Io.Ujo poui.da of sugar. There are J,0U> sugai estates on the Island. |X_r 1 he London correspondent of the Scottish Guardian says: "To show how Loudou example , and Influence act, I may mention that there ii "? ' new a ragged school about to be established at t Cairo, in Egypt, for Moslem children." lit GRACE CHURCH, (Epiacoaal.) on tl.e * IJJJ liltaJ.willbecogMciUMTO-MliRKOW. 8?t oc?> w ill Mil o'cio. k a. 114. It* rr*? CENTRAL BELL AND EVhRElT lior CLLB.-The regular nieotiug of the Hell 2nd Everett Clnb will be h~ld at Thorn'* Hall ou THURSDAY EVENING, MM o'clock Hon. H. w.l'iuxasud Mr Dchnat,of Va.,ami \V. 11. ?Ba*ATa Ea?., of Georgutuwn, will a<VJre*? the lub. A1m>. trie arra -x^iiHsiit* will l>e uifttli) to at leud the Uaibecue at Rocaville on Saturday. ? 19 21' OH AS. I. CANF1ELD, Sre. IT*?DEMPSEY A O'TOOLE. ~ lLJ WE VUI Mi AMD VISIT I NO CAHD MHUKAVEKS, Importer* of fine WEDDING STATIONERY, n ADDING ENVELOPES, the moat beautiful at) lea. 3?6 Pa. A v., between SKn ai d loth ?ts , au 27-6411 Wa<|I!I?toi. CORPORATION OF WASHING ION QuarV' Urly Six p*r Cent b'fOCK fur aale in ernca to aatr. J AS C. McGUIRE * CO . e ? <t Anct'rtand i'uniNiiaaioa Merchant*. NEW FURNITURE WARFROOMS. Tallin and look through my at- ck 01 Fl'RNI TURK. ^ J. C tif KEN. ? * * "* Niath door fiuan Pa. ar. M MUSIC. I-S M. F. El>\\ a Kus. Who ha< had several jMrynprmcen uaol.iaK will aow r~ aaa kUBif bar vla?a <>? it,*- Piano, and u duair WBmmm out** an inc.?u.?<t aumber e|flTmY7 MWll. is* Vlll MIMil thanu 3 ... . . ...i.i 11*1 rmMdwco, of have tlmm < 11* Ul IhT ou Alllth ||(?t hMVMtt l.aadM.No.v^l. Term* mode rat.. j N F.W FLKNI ri'KK \V AKhlODOM. AM C"?Hi?t?fclljr rf"T?-i*inr rrckh arrival, of tha latNiililt NKn Fl RNITL'MK ai?: I can off?r B~U laJuiM BltnU !i? peraoaa Wishing to luriiiati I ?.. ? wiih Oot.ll) or ?h#ap Furiitar*. rail II tl J. t IiKIiKN'M, Ninth treat, one <fc?or Iroiu ?? l? post Pe^.j?va?u0 _ K" A?E (HANTtJ FoR TME JLADIK8.?iua rcc?.n''.d a lull ?r??oli a| JUHlti HAI'H, (ONNKT!? aid STRAW TRIM HI NO. KLNCH Fl.o\VKKy,<rich s??la?)l .w pnoa. ilit \IK*. KQVHKX and BONNK F FKA?t !>. Ll'MiS UK fOOL OSTRICH ar.J ?i?.w F.A rUKRM. CF.Lt URATkL (iOl.M BELTS ad CI.A*P?, DKEs* TRIMMINGS, low U? eKiwiwi: HAitkhl, POM^' BH.rtr> bne, EXTRACT* ainl CO;.OWN E", HOMKRV. 61AJVKS aa>l FANCY COOl?4.*c. WmT. P. f?IIFDD. wlU (lut) KkvMtth at. WMHIWOTOW fOtWI HIP OOIIIP. | PintrHATlc Guaso.?Many v^ars liberal use of |*eruvian guano upon nearly all t^e different varictira rrf fl?-ld crop* grown in this latitude sad Mctiou, baa cnnviuced ua that except la the haada of moat energetic and aagaclous farmers, It has tkiled to pay back III cost, In tbe aggrafate returns at ten years' application to tbe feral. That |a to ay, when applied wltboi^mixliua with other fertilizers containing a larger proportion of the phosphates ; and even then, unless applied with great rare and managed (the land) systematically afWwvd. tha chances are ten to one that In the long run be wbo applies It doe* not get in return for Its .application Its coat and sii per cent, per annum upon bis Investment In It. We know well that In sections (belts of territory) in this latitude, in wblcb the fall fly, joint worm and mat have prevailed much for fifteen years past, growing wheat cannot be safely attempted without the use of Peruvian guano. Yet we question seriously wbetber.witb it, the aggregate of the wheat cropa to which It baa been applied have fbr ten years paid back their coat to the farmers growing them ; or, in ctber words, whether the culti vat ion of wheat on landa subject to thoae drawbar ka to their prodii/ttUn nf uiboftt h#?? not ??? unremunerative In the aggregate, u in western i New York, which thirty yean ago to the finest wheal producing region of the Union, though for fifteen yean subsequently Insect enemies of the crop compelled the farmers there to abandon its cultivation almost entirely. In that way only have they been able to rid the!j lands to a considerable extent, of the Insect enemies to growing wheat. Very recently they are returning to Its cultivation ; so far with satisfactory success. The western New York farmers^h&ve reaped ^reat profit from di versify log their crops, tbus forced upon them; and our remedy for the similar disabilities to successful wheat growing in ths latitude, is a resort to theirs. In the meanwhile, we would resort to the use of the phosphrates, which do pay lu the permanent improvement of the soil to which applied, while yielding a fair increase pf crops to which directly applied. W? know no more satisfactory phosphatic guano than that termed "the American guano," though the chemists of this country are said to have proiiAnn.ituI uirsinat it Fn? IKs ,, . at l - ???? *?vrws?--' mma * ? ?MV ?UIIX yr'tllS WC ttiive used considerable quantities of it, and always witb better payiug rtsulls than the Peruvian guano used side by aide with it. For com, field peas, and root# for winter-feeding stock, wi have fouud it a better fertilizer than any other that we have tried from tl e dealers. Our use of it was at first with misgivings, because heariug that the chemists had prunouuc?|^^ainst it. We are therefore ^lad to Hud that tha^Hptest agricultural chemist of (hem all. Leibigjfifiira widely in his estimate of the value of the artlclc as a fertilizer from those of this country, as will be seen by the first extract hereto appen-.ted, both being from lata^wmbers of the Journal of Comnuret. The sn Ma extract*too, proves that ita application to the great commercial crop of the country has certainly produced us favorable results as uave come from our own application of it to the trope named above. We are induced to write thus upon the subject because its introduction into tbla country has grown out of the pas^a^f of the law 1 liriar l.l?W _ ? - ? ? uuv? n uitu It wu niadt the July of ttiia Government to pro. tect American dl?coverer? of guano depositories in any ocean ; a law that is destined to prove a great ben^ttt to the leading American interest, indeed. We labored earnestly to bring about the enactment of tbat law. In tbe belief that sncb would be its eventual result; and rejoice tbat ao soon, It it working enormous good for tbe cause of American agricultural progress. AvkkicaX Gcako ?Kxtraitsof letters and re ports of Baron V on Llebig, President of the Koyal Academy of Sciences ami l'r?>f<-ss<>r of Chemistry at Munich, upon tbe American guauo from Hai Iter's and Jarvl* islands, forwarded to John B , **jrdy, as agent for Wm. H. Webb, by James R. Mac Donald. Ksq , 1.9 Consul at Hamburg. Under date of August llth, ls*io, Mr. Mac Donald writes: " Kncloaed I send you a letter of much lmport! ance, containing a report from Baron Von Llebig, which leaves nothing to be desired. Prof Llebig, after reporting tbe analysis of the guano in the most srlenlifi'j manner.and by various tests, states > 1 that there are no analyses made on order in the ! chemical laboratory of the Royal Academy, arid that I take c harge of this examlration by excep1 tlon. not to gain something by It, but as I felt a :/reat Interest In the matter, * * and 1 have spent two months' labor In the matter. * # ? The Baker's-islai.d guano contains mora ph??sphoric acid than any other known fertilizer; and it is similar In its ingredients to natural phospho' rite, differing fr?>m it. hdwerer, In the following remarkable partimiara: Phosphorite lalnacrya' tallied state, and is completely Insoluble in water. The Bakers-island guano, on the contrary, la r amorphous, is soluble to a considerable extent in pure water, and wben moistened colors litmus paper red The Jarvls-laland guano baa also an i acid reaction, and is partly soluble in water It la worthy of remark, tbat the Jarvta guano, although only half as neb in earthy phosphates as the Baker's, gives to wat?r a greater ' quantity of aoluble phosphoric arid. 1 regard the discovery of these guano depotites aa a most fortunate event for agriculture At the preaent time the prices of fertilizers like bonea are now continually ou the increase, and soon tbe agriculturist will not be able to procure, at pay* ing rates, an amount sufficient for his wanta i Baker a Island guano, being of all fertilizers the richest Id phosphoric arid, will be of especial importance. Aa far aa rhemlatry can judge, there 1 la hardly room for a doubt that In all cases where the fertility of a field would be increased by the i uae of bone dust. tbe Baker's Island guano will be used with decided advantage The phosphate of lime in tbe Baker's Island guano, Is far more easily dissolved than that of bones, and If we i take tbe proportion of that ingredient to be 60 Kunda in tbe latter, 1U0 pounds in the Baker's and guano are equivalent to 140 pound* of bonea Thus the agric.ilturist would k*- benefited as much by using 70 pounds of Baker* Island guano as by 100 pounds of l>oiie dust "Ffils gmtno contains in ammonia, nitric acid and azotic substances, nearly one per cent of ?rti v? t _ ?? ?. V </gCUA small addition of "salt of ammonia would give It the full strength of Peruvian guano. '"For turulpa, clover, &.C., the Jarvls Island guano Is just as good as the Baker's. Judging s.mply from its percentage of phosphates, it is of less value as an artlclc of iuijtortation; but it i Is rich In sulphate of lime, which is also a fertil' ixer; and its phosphoric acid is of higher value. F as nearly half of it exists iu soluble phosphate of < lime. The Jarvis Island guano would aecm to ' be an excellent means of restoring cotton or sugar plantations whose soil has l>een woru out by longcontinued cultivation, i think it is preferable to I'eruvlau guano, which, being rich in ammonia. U uds rather to great development of leaves and i stems.'" Amkkicax Guano ? It will be remembered that considerable sales of guano from Islands in the Pacific were made last Spring, to Southern planters As the crops are beglunTng to ripen, we now have opportunity to observe tbe resulis The Macon (Ga ) Telegraph says "weare glad to bear generally favorable accouuts of tbe influence of uie American uuano upon tbe crop*, particularly as doubts have been expressed In rw*t<i - fertilizer." The Savann?h Newt publishes a letter from Charles A Pealxxiy, of Columbus, in the nine State, which speaks of the '-magical effects" uf this peculiar substance lately Imported iu large quantities from the 1'acific oce?u, and call* the special attention of the press to the fact, that "cotton, rivaling Sea laland for many purposes. Is grown In abundance oa very poor lauds, with the aid of American guano " Facts of this kind i;o to establish the value of the numerous islands (containing guano deposits) which have been appropriated by American merchants and sea captains, under a special law of Cougrrss passed at a recent session. " j Tin Chilux Ministkb.?As w? have already stated, Don Juan Bello, the Minister from Chili to this country, died on Sunday evening laet, a1 the Clarendon Hotel. In New York. Hisdisease was of an asthmatic character, and his death wag very unexpected to his family and friend*, who are now here with him. Mr. Bello has been for a uhhioti ;nn nupioyi-a uy ue liovernment of Chili In Important political posts He wuformerly a professor of Law and Literature In the Santiago. He commenced b1a diplomatic career as Secretary to the Chill Legation In Parla, where be remained several years. He waa then promoted aa M in later to this country, arriving here about right month* ago Laat June Mr. Bello left Washington and went to tileu Cove, Loot Island, to spend the summer, and was about to/return to Washington at the time of hla decease He was thirty-live ysnra of ape T?t Opisa ?My an advertisement lu another rolumn it win be aeeo that the Cooper American Opera Troupe wlU open In this city on Monday next They are now play tug In ftaltlmort to rrowded houses 91n<-e their last appearance here the troupe have added im ?? ? ? | tbrlr uumUr, making ov? twenty-two In nil I Several operaa an$l musical farce? have been added to their* already large repertoire The lieautifbl opera of *?Fra Diavolo" it promised ua; alao, for Uie tirittiine i? this city, the subiiiu* of>era of -'Lucres!* Borgia." A* Lucrezia; Miss Milnet la said to b? equal to any Italiaa pciir.a donna at percent Ml ttr American stage. We promise tbo ttwrpe a warm reception on their penlBg night, and fail bouses during their engagaseal. % Turn Wbathe*.?following report at th*? weather for the morning ft made from the Asms lean Uonaoiiaaiea Telegraph Line to the ?*mlthsoulan Institution. The time of observation * about 7 o'clock. BirriMmu 1ft, 1360. N?w York, N. Y cloudy. Philadelphia, Pa raining, wfnd E Washington, D. C cloudy, wind 8 Richmond, Va....? cloudy Petersburg, Va. cloudy, 73?. Norfolk, Va cloudy, 70?. Raleigh, N. C clear, 17?. Charleston, S. C .clear, pleasant. Augusta. ?a cloudy. wet. Savannah, Qa .clear, 81". Macon. Ua. cloudy, pleasant. Columbus, Qa clear, pleasant. Mon'gomery, Ala. clear, pleasant. Jackson, Aw. clear. FROM TBI WKT. Frederick, Md cloudy, damp. Hageratown, Md ....cloudy, damp. Cumberland, Md cloudy, mild. Grafton, Va clear, pleaaant. Wheeling. Va cleir. pleaaant. Parkersburg, Va I?ggy, 80?, calm. Cincinnati, O clear, pleaaant. Pittaburg, Pa.... cloudy, 00?. Cleveland. O dear. Cairo, 111 clear. 603, wind N W Ottawa, I1L cloudy, 30% wind NW Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m.. (corrected for temperature,) 30.644; at noon, 30.(>iW Thermometer at 7 a m.. 09'; at noon, Maximum during 48 houra ending 8 a. m. today, T-tX *; minimum 5'. Amount of rain yeaterday, twenty-six bundredtba of an Inch. WANTS. \]|/ANTED?A HOY,(au apprentice) at the con ?V ft-otionery tniitineaH. A erinan to> preferred It t\ 11. RIDENOL'K, 3P4 Pa. htJ WANTED-A LOAN of $2tn00or for : or more years. lor which roal estate wortl at least five tunes the amount will l>e *iveu ai s -cuiity. Address T. K. V., City Po*t Office. se 13 a \y ANTED?By twoyouny girl?,aSITUATION ** one a* cook or am.ary maul ana the oti>ei chamlwrmaid or a child's nurse. Apply at 3**'. Twentieth *L, between I'a. avenue and ll it. ^?e l'J 2t* WANTKD TO HELl.-One oi Hunt & Web ste.'s best MACIMNKS, suitable for taiiori or dressmakers; will b? cold low lor cash. It t nearly new *ud in uerfeot order. Can be seen^ any tune at Mr. O'BRIKN'S, 074, Oorner^MEil and L streets. WA N T K 1)?A respectable and experience* WOMAN a* cliaiulierii.MJ and eaiuKtrea* 11 a small fai0ily. Alto, a good COOK who ia capab 1 of doing the house work of a stnall family. Applj ar the northwest corner of F and Nineteenth *ts between lo and 12 o'c ock. ae 19 3t* UL7ANTK1J?A WOMAN to do w*?hm? ?... " ironing and to asMst in ohauil>er work. Ben references required. Apply at 39T C atreet. he tween 3d aud 4J?. ______ ?? 18-St* tlTANTED-A large UNFURNISHED ROOM f (aecond <ioor preferred)in a central Uwation wi'h permanent l>oard lor lady and gentleinon witl one small ohild and nurae. Adores* li.G . at tin, offioe. go 18 4tWANTED-Tea HANDS and five APPREN TICKS, to work at the dressmaking. S. T Taylor's dresa-cutting rule taught at 8 a. tn and p. in. Apply at Mra. MARY A. EATON'S, l?*h *t i.ear Pa avenue. 4S4. so 18-2'* -WANTED TO BOKROW THIS amount for one year, for which a libera intereat and aatffactory aecurity will he given Address through Pout Office, with rate of uteres expected, X. \ . Z. ae 18 3t* WANTKD-A competent WOMAN to rook wash and iron lor a small family. A!ao, i HOI!SE ?ERVA.\ l\ Such aa coino well recom will rkceive liberal wa<ea a d pcrutaneu homes,at 4'21 E street. It* WANTED?A (ilRE. between 13 and 14 yearn o a*a, to work aliout a house with a family of \ persons. Inquire at 490H. north aide of Ala^aarhu setts av , betwoen 3d and 4th sta. ae 17 at %M7ANTED?A Cl.F.KK, who la acquainted witl v the city trade, for a jewrlry Ptore. Beat o r?-f?rencea required. Address T. H., No. ft, i*ta Oftoe. ae 14 AUENl'I.RMAN UOIN<J SOUTH IS DE siroua of purchasing several N EURO M EN tor his own private use. Persons having sush lo Hale can secure them a good place by addresmn! Box 490 "City Post Olfcce," stating wlu-re an in terviuw may t>?^ had. se l't lw WANTED? By a stead? an*' industrious man, i 81 Fl'ATlON as collector. Best of recoiu inundations given. Address M. O., Star Oflice. Ji 12-tf Nkw furniture WARKROOMS If yon are in want of any article in the Furmturi line, you can purchase cheap at J. C. orern's, se lM-eoM N inth at, ope door from Pa. av. New furniture WARKROOMS. My assortment of FURNITURE m very com pU-te, and we take gnat pleasure in showing am rivinn the pncu to a!' in want of good* in our line J. C. CRKKN, so 19 eo3t Ninth st., one door from Pa. av in8pect1ne, o r~ persian aul't 1 charm. A supply of this wonderful Medicine just re ceived. Also, a ar*e supplv of frekh ME 1)1 CINE*. TOILET AKTICLKS, &c. At MOORE** se 19 2w West End Drug Store, 113_Fa a\\_ WEDDING PRESENTS, PARIS FANC^ GOODS, watch IS, JEWELRY, 4cWe open this inorniuK a choice assortment of nei an i elegant boods, designed especially fur Wed dune Freseuts. 4 Also, a great variety of Pari* Fancy Good*, lim Fana,. I vorv, Amber, and Shell Combs, and all thi n wer styles of rich Jewelry, Watches. Silver Ware.&c. M. W. GALT ft BRO., Jewellers, 354 Pa. avenue, le 19-St 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel. D~~ IMPORTANT NOTICE." R. F.A.COBB Has a superior Oil which hi recommends to remove all kinds of Fains in tin human family, such as Rheumatism, Kervou Headache, Stiains, Sprains, Neuralgia, Mashes Cuts.and Hr?1se? . He is stopping at Mrs Fitnera'd'a, No. 4T4 Fa aveuue. Room No. 3, where he would like to b? every person, with all kiuda of pain, if they wiak t< be cured in from 6 to 9) minutes. He will try the Oil on all that come, free o charge. He expects to renain here till FnJay, Septemlie 21,188U. ae 19 ?* I~ "something new. WAVK Jua< received from thoee world renowns endjuatl; c*Ut>rated makers of Pianos, Chickeiini ft. font",two new style, ) new patent, S PIANOFORTES. n?w 'd a \ The first of their kind ever introduced mthisoit? the one a ruamufioant'y finished Boudoir, Uprigh Cottage Piano, the other a Full Grand Piano of 7^ octaves, but in a square oase of most poweiiu t >n . gotten up exp-essly for oonoertsor large par loi i. Ail music lovers are aoiioited to oali and en: ._ , u? ?;.L* ? _ j ? a f ? ? - j mo iriiv au'i wuaa 01 mow munow wonflfri. P aqos and >1* lo .eons for hir?. Music reoeived semi-weekly. . JOHN F. ELLIS. S^le Atj-nt for Chiekennj A 8 >?? ' Unrivalled Pianos, 30H Pa av., bet 9th ant loth ats. t ?? F^OR 8ALE-A NEW SPRING WAGONam 1 HARNESS, suitable for a grocer BBBWB. or huckn-r. For particulars apply *" ft aft K F. MEG 1 IK, at the National Mack JB*M_ staad. ?c ta-at* A CADEMY OF MODERN LANGAl"AGES, ft. < \V ASlll .-ofoN liL'lLDIKU,) Pm Avenue, Corner ?/'Seventh Street. Fkivatb Instructions in Fxiuch ami Spanish. DAY AND EVENING CLASSES TRANSLATIONS. A M. D* MONTHL'RKY. Professor of Modern I an*ua*'?? and Li-erature, has the hoaor t* announce that he will resume his Classes ana Private Lessons on Wednesday next, the 19th of Septom ber, in the above Aoademv. He i* prepared alan to give, in schools aud private families, a Course ol Nocture upon the French Literature, frotutlie Earliest Formation of the Language to the Present "^FOr'terms and further particulars inquire at the Academy, where Prof. l)e Monthurrv will be in attendance daily from 9 to 11 ft. m and Irons ? to 8 p. ?18 1 in ||u nui '? AT HARVEY'S, y61 c St., beltete* km* an,/1 <t*. He will *??-?!*/.?I??* it*" toff eatabjuhed and well known NOHFOI,K 0\sTKH^. -v SHUCKING DKPOT for the wmui)^^ /.J lis ha? made arrancoroeiiU t? recpi vexkTA LWw regular ?upp!ie? of the beat NOR TtgMjW FOLK 0\1frF.l? eu every Tueui&v, Thuiaday.and i?atiirda?. He will aU? k??pconstantly on hand a larg.t aud varied a**>ortui>Mit ol FldH. including every aort known to Wathington table*. . . He r*turne hi* ?i?c?e tbanka to those who pat ronited hia KataMuhuient durit.x tho a? t.ea*on, and if ci.HnfitfCTt thit iiu inorMi?d Mtlitita (nr k*cpi?( conataatji ?d hawl freaii aupplttM of<?V? TKR8, FI-H, (JAM}., ko , ka , win a?pW retraid a ooeneuanoe or their p^trouAgf and ouatoin. Sold at th* lowaet market pnoea, aad delivered at ail tart a of the eiti free of charaa. eltt lm T. ft. HA8VKY. Just recei vk1>, i Im ttock of fall CLOTHlNt.",Ffine* ?f VYal** H?t., Jaeaneee HUM, and all kiada of the people's CLoVhINS STORK. No. 460 Seventh ktr?et DffOMtO Poll 0#"f ? *! 1 " rfl BALZAC'S NEW 5"v5i. ' , 2EK?raawb3K,b.',';ssi M14 ? oorMr ElnuU at. ud fv w. AMUSEMENTS. yY A 9 H I N O T ON THEATRE. KASD OPffiA SKASOJi , CUO*!ER AMKIl'fcAV OPIR A THOUPK, 4 Unsurf?M??dfc* an> Company.aaiire ?' m iheUi tted ? , and fcumbeiint WiUf tic a Lyric Artiitet, MOK DAT F.VjSn WS?s4??te, 34. >NL H. C. C0OPKK (L*t* le*der of the Royal Italian Opera, London.) AXNlE MILNLR,< Prima D^nna Asso.uta ) ?oors open at ; Opera to commence at 8 o'c'.k. rioes of Admission: Dress Circle and Parquet & cents ; secured feats 25 cent* extra ; Orchester Chairs 31; Private Boxes 98 each. Heats may now be secured at Melxerott'a Music Store. Polite Ushers will ha in attendance. se 19 5t ?^OOK OUT FOR THE SHIELDS BOYS! The Shields Boy announce to their mint friends and the pnblio in ccneral that the* intend firing their SIXTH GRAND ASSEMBLY at 49 Thoks'* Hall, on 7th at,on FRIDAY,Sep-/? tember Slat. I860 Hi The m'inhere pledge themselvea to make thia one of the most peasant and agreeable of the uaiuu. Refreshment* included. Ticket* 50 oenta, admitting a ionlleman and ladies. By ord?T of the Committee. FLOOE MiSASIKI. J. Flanagan, J Harracan, N.O'Shea, N.O'Day. M1* St* II1RD GRAND COTILLON PARTY OF THE MOUNT CLARE CLUB. The members take pleaanre in informing their many friends that their Third Grand I otiilon I'arty will be tiven at Stott's Hail un JH TUESDAY EVENING* Sept. 25th,1880. /9E They pledge themselves to make this aUflfe p easant evening to alt who may honor them with their piesenoe, Afth's celebrated cotillon band baa been engaged for Uae occasion. Tickets 91, admitting a gentleman and ladies. Committee F. Mohlar, G. W. Hlnos, J.E.Hilton. J. W. Hill. ?e 19 6t* ODJJ FELLOWS' HALL! uui) riMjUUWS' 11AL.L.: ODD FELLOWS'HALL i ODDFELLOW^' HALL! ODD FKLLOWS' HAIJ ! ODD FELLOWS' HALL! ODD FELLOWS'HATTT,' . ODD FELLOWS'HALL! . ODD FELLOWS'HAbL! | WOOD'S MINSTRELS' 1 WOOD'S MINSTR ELS ! i WOOD'S %??-*STREl,S! WOOD'B MINSTRELS ! WOOD'S MINSTRELS! WOOD'S MINSTRELS' WOODS MI* S I R KLS ! ; WOOD'S MINSTRELS I I SUCCESS CNF.QUALED! SUCCESS UNEOLALKD! . SLCCESS UNE<s I ALED: S' CCESS UNKUl'ALKD! " SUCCESS UN EC UALF.D ! SJjCnE-S iJNEt UALED! \ 'success UN equaled I POSITIVELY, LAST WEEK ! r Monday, 9IPT**B .* itth. This great Troupe, during thin second and lint w*9?._wiu present entirely new acts aad a chaos* l oipertormanceiach night. t Tne following new and original acta will I* presented: The Railroad Explosion. Ut-wi-na and Py-tbi-a*, the Go-d-for-Nothing, the swim Warblers, the Pike's Peak Reel, Visit of the Prince ol \Val<-s, II T. o'.atoie. No r-ma, Cruelty to Johnny and other acta never before p^eMnied to a Washington audianoe. Adinis?iou 25 Cents; Reserved feat* .V> Cents. Office open for sale of tickets from 10 a m. to 5 p jn. _ se 17 yyASHlNGTON THEATER. Sole Lessee and Manager 8. W. Gi.*rtn. THIS ESTA"BTJSHMF.NT Will op-?n for the regular Fall and Winter Season on tna night of THURSDAY, Novkmbk* la*. JOSEPH JEFFERSON, The Comedian of the Age, will commence an enga*ement of Tweive Ni^ht-i on MONDAY, November 5tli, ai d will be followed bythe most HKILLUNT STARS In the Theatrical Firinairxtit. Communications if addressed to S. W. Gi.knx, "Old Uowery Theater," New Yurk. will meet with prompt attention. an It* ti EXCURSIONS, P10 N1CS, &c. J|0* FOR ARLINGTON! URBATEST PIC-NTFOF THE SEASON' r The HOWARD ASSOCIATION of Waehing5 ton announce to the public A OH AND PRIZE PIO-NIO, Fi)f the Benefit of the Poor, L Oil THURSDAY, Septembkk 20. Two or three thousand Prize* to lift dutrtbted. Each lady and gentleman are tore ceive a prise when they enter thi gate. 'I'he prizes are to constatt*nry*F1 Uold Watches, Tea Set* and Jt-welrv ..f ever) d?-acription; Ladies' Mutfs, Ladies' Fur*. l*a>1iea' Gloves, Children'* Carriage* and Cnb>,4o Alto, B A GRAND DISPDAY OF FIREWORKS AT NIGHT! A full Br&*? and String Band has been eniagoj for the occasion. Tue Prize* will be exhibited in one of the largest jewelry establishment* in tbe city n-xt MonJay. There will be a large box upon the c ound, from j which ?a<-h vi*i;or will draw an eiiv lopo atr the* enter, Qonlaining the number of the prize, aad will reeeivwthe priz>> on the card in the envelope. The stages will leave hourly, commencing at 8 o'clock a m. The Geo. \Y. Riggs will leave th? ? wnarf,loot <>f Huh street, and run hourly. Cards ol aJinission for gentlemen,5J cents; ladies, . 2S oenia; a d onildren and *er\ ants tree. By order of e iMt COM. OF ARRANGEMENTS. - FRENCH ALWAYS AHEAD! J d. a ? * > c? rn. nviHCl. - PRINCE OF WALES MEDALS, r HKECK1NKIDOE A LANE do. new styles, - BELL * EVERETT do. do. DOUuLASA JOHNSON do. do. 9 LINCOLN A HAMLIN dc. do. 8 DOUGLAS and LADY do. Agents supplied at New York prices. se 17-lw Swartwout'h METALIC PAPER FASTENER, with direction* for using, 4c. Just * reoeived at SHEPII ERD'S, corner 7th and D eta. The attention of Attorneys, Convetfaneers, f*ctar,4% ' I'ul/lic, Patent Atentt, tc , is respectfcl'y ea'led to ? tins new, convenient, and moat useful article. a? ft substitute for the old eyelet machine,a* superior in ? all reepecte. aa 17 St* y STEAMER COLUMBIA, this morning, (September 17.) we shall t>e in receipt of a large J atock of ataple DRY GOODS of the l*e*t class, to an examination of winch we invite our customers f and the puhlto generally. Families that buy for oasli are especially aolicited r to inspect our atock; they can obtain their auppliea from ua at the very loweat cash price*. One prioe only. All goods will be delivered promptly on the day of Kale to any part of the oity. clagett a may. I se 17 6t 334 Pa av.,l>etw 9th and loth sta. ACH1NK BELTING, LEATHER AND RUBHER.?Also, Machinist's Findings, lor sale at northern prices. JOS. L SAVAGk, > Sign of the Gilt Saw, vuv ?wi J iU?P?V/l *' 110 ior tT f*?n. Also, on* very littl-> a??d. for 175. At U? Mhu4 ?lor? ofW.O. METTRitUTT.^J* AgMt of sUtBWM 4 Son's and Raven, Bacon ft C?.'? fiano'. ?? IB NEW FAufs?^L?sro/Vi!ofiHft, cassiWALL.StoWES** Ca. W Psnosilwnia AvMiia, h*v? just r*o?iv?d a lani? vsruK* of ? w Fall Goods, to which u>?y larite Ue aitestim t?f ui?u frtsodiand oustouwrs. * au so-tf 1 ? 80 10 01 iViatel ; r*.ay.,i>et- iQUi and llth a'a. 1 PORSALK VEHY CHKAP-A large IRON F DROP, with iron Rides and block hammer, weighing about 1(10 pound* and fall from 7 to 8 feet. Callat 338 Penn. avenue, HOOD'S Jewelry Store ae 15 3t A BAR IRON AND STEEL. COMPLETE Aaeortmeot ol the beet makee for eale at the lowest market price. JOS. L SAVAGE. I * feign of the Glit Saw. we IS 6t (States ) Pa. av.. f>?t. loth and 11 h ata. s UOUSE SHOES 1 n AND HORSE SHOE IRON. We have now in store a large lot of tlie above, and will aell it at manufacturer*' pnoes. JOS L. SAVAGE, fcirn of the Gi t Saw, ae!5-6t (States.) Pa. a v. .net 10th and llth ate coal! coal!! AILY Expected, a cargo of superior Red Ash, ' E?g aud Siove Coal. Thoae wishing a supply wil' ' please send in their ordei a. Alwa>s on ha J a good ' xuppljr of of a!l the variona kinds of Coal in general use; aa, also, Oak, Pine and Hiekorv Wood. i- ^ a m. waller, | ae 1.5 Near the Capitol gate. WPROFKSBOR MORRTTL HO Has jmt returned from Milan Italy, <hav1 ing been in the Musioal Conservatory there,) Mb and who Kan been for a long time a teacherilBB > l>oth of Vocal and Instrumental Muaioin NewV York, (having tanvht some of th? l>mt Mioccra there, auch aa Radia<i, Tilierini, l.a Urange. i?.. Ac ,) has come here, thinking to remain,and would be moat happy to receive the patronage ? ! thia city, i Prof M cau give the lieat or refereoeea in regard to bia moral aa well as his intellectual standina. Ail communications please address to U64 F st. se 13-2w? W. HAMILTON* " PAINTER, and DEALER IN PAINTS, No. 094 7th Srawr, near Odd Kltctei' Hmll. an 2-tf PUTTvls DOWN. |^OR SALE.?A pair of COACH HORSRS, w young and fast, sold tor no fault; the #rv owner hiring no use for Uiein. Apply at juZn \V. H. UPPfc*MAN,S?Qrpcerv,oof>eau--<M*. avlvania avouns. >x?twwen M and 4H ?t? au 22-tf T1.aNi>i? ?n?? ? " * AUCTION SALES. B> J. C. M?HI l?ci; A CO.. Ar? TWO VKRV VALfAH'.K BUILDING L*T? ? ? K *T.. ormiTllllMLK PgOABJI ** AV'-TlfN^n TIH*DAV AKTAR NOON,i^i*M?W*h ftt ? . 'c ook, ?o th? #r??j^ ! *?, w? ibil gfvmput.lie auction y?M N?.JJ Ttitu Lou for>t diraet]^ on Franklin Pauara, are lasted m adoluhtfal ytrt of tha oitf fo? a fT\UM||<rM< *o<1 oflar mduoasanta t? fw 355 in want of a fcxrtJui bailding ?it? Terma On* thffn ca*h; Ui rf<a.due in 4,1 and It ntuntb*. with interact, a?oured by a d?*xl of traal -Ar~ i.C. MoGUIRE * CO., Aaota. ITTTHK ABOVF. SALF MS PO?TPONKU on account of the rain until TdURSDA^ At* tmnoon, ... ^UL.?Btr,,Wj Bj J. C. MoGUIRE * CO.. Alotion.^* MORWlN?,t*??ta?hara.??ll w'o.ucit.?? k?* *f ?ha Auotioa^Koo*;. wa Mm.. aall? .. .... A i??t "r n?u M >r?-. ,x je\rs >. il wuo.', kit d and gentle, worm wall in single at doaMa har UN, or ander the saddle. AfineGra? Mara, eight jear* oM, worka la siag.e or doable harneae, t'-a it an excellent driver, Alan, an oaeo Family i^rnace aad Harueea Ail eold for aoooant of a genii etnao at*>at o leave the city. terms: A credit or 60 anJ 9n dsys. for notes aetlafactorily endoreerf, h<~*"?,g Internet. ?el9-d J C. McQulRK A r ?.. At o By J. C. MoGUIRE A CO , Anotiocerrs PI AIR OF SUPERIOR BLOoDEP HOR8R9 At Avctioa.-Oa >ATLRDAV MORNING. September 11 o' front 01 ihe A action Koomi, ve shall tell a fair of sapeiler blooded Sorrel Horse?, out of a inorougb bra-* mare by a Morgan horse, four year* old. aad well brwfcea to H*f?Ma:<,?oft""miim? in* trawler la ?iag)-': haroaaa. Thar are eold for 10 Uult, thi owi r I havrog no farmer use for t .am. an i wi.'I be Id asaa ate or together, a* mar be desired Terms: A credit of80 and ? daw, for satiefaeto rily endorsou notes, bearing i>itere?t ? J. fi. M?-*?i'l * * OO , A ants Br J. O. McUtiKb A i On aetio e- . T| RUSTKb'S HALF. OF TV LUTS -OB THURSDAY AFTERNOO?. s^tember 27th, I860, at 4,li o*o<ock. at th? Anc ion Rooms of Jas. C. Mctimre A Co .by vi'tue ol a deed ol trait lrum William l-anahau to Ui? sab^oribr-i. uaud Mi< IKA ~?d J.I. < - J ? vvi?? 3 uuij i wiyw ?iiiU(>|ir t laml rMordifor Warfcil(U>ti County, D C .1 tall sell, Lots No.9 and 10. n Squa e No. l.?74 a- d ti vuwrji part of l.ot No. 4,10 >^uar? No. 144. fronting 41 feet on north D street, ta-tween la.h and t9'B stre?t? tut. and rnrninc back that width tfl feet 5 inches, and containing 6.19K square k*t, mora or l?sa. Terms: One third oath; the remainder in6 mm! IS months, with interest, s?cured by a de?dof;rost on the premise* Al! conveyanre* at puroh^*ers cost. *A 4UKL PNOWDt' N, Tr??t?*. seJ7 widi J. C. McsUIEKA CO., Auot. By J. C. MoGl'IRF A CO. Auctioneer*. , TRLBTKE'S BA.K OF LOT FAST ' F THE OAPiTOL-??n THUK^UAV Al-TKRNOON. at <X o*o ock. at the Anotion Ro..?u? <>f Ja?. Mr*?,-ire A Co , ry virtme .if a d?*d f ?rn?t from Wiliism I.ana >sn, datel K^brcary 2Jd, it*"), and duly recorded amougthe land rrcoids f >r Washlugtoc cnnty. D. C.. 1 shall sail l-ot Wt < MliM? No l.lU. Torma: One third caaS;the r??ione it: 6 and 12 mortha, with iutereat, teen red l-y a dead of trait or. the pretniaea Al o >u\eTAno'n* at 'he "oat or th pure1 uer S.iMU.i. .* W l)? N, TiaaW a. aoneoAda^^^C^W^J^IF^E^^^O^Ajotiu I EAGLE HTOVK HOUSE. HAVE Now iu store a c??nipl?te a??ortiwnt of tne KltANKi.IN KaDIATOK!*, (<> tixe* > They are a late improvement on the old Franklin eitovea, having th"> nuliatirif attachment. aiming > dour*, fine tornelia.ii lined arm fo- evaporation, ard are decio<*dl;r the ?rettie?t and moat cheerful !* *? to ait b* <for parlor or chamber > that can be found in any market, a* you can he accommodated witii a cioae or an open srat- hre a!ple*aure. To be found at C. W( ODWAKIlft. No. SIC* Pennsylvania avenue. aa 17 6t between loth and llth at?. EAGLE SIOVE HOl$? I wiah to eall the attention of all tiio*e triahinf t tooi.tam a firat claai _ rooking 9tora, that the acntng v>m ean n?v lv? tilled hv puroha-inc on* of Biy VOI NO AMERICA DOI BI.E-TOP OAS '.ONSIMKRS-the enti'e top being double, and a; r?Mc*Mi that a circulation of air ia k<-pt up I etween the platea, thereby preventing it from ever inkinj l>eooming warped, rike ntur? uthera.) which praventa fhem from Iakmc veil afterward*. I have a!?o a great variety of other kret-elaaa CoOKINH !*TOVKS,vix: The Fuel Sarer.wtth or witQout the* x tension top; Challenge, Telegraph. I'atapaco Cook. PennsylvHnia Complete, and other*, winch will be guaiantied to give aetialaotion to purcLa^era. Pieaae call and examine, at C. WOODW A R D'S. No. 31B Penni) I v&ma avenue, _ee 1 ? 6t Between 10th aad t ith ?t?. ./^OAL! COAL!! Ys WOOD! WOOD!! I am daily receiving tarpe iupp! ea of COAL from the very l>?at Pennsylvania minoa, winch I will eeli at reaaonah'e p icea Alao. the be*t quality of Oak. Pine and Hickory WOOD, cut and aplit.all lengtfce. Call an.i leaie your order*. K. W. BATES. Wood and Coal Draler. ae 17 tftate*) Cor. C and 14th ata.. aear Canal WW SPECIAL NOTICE. E Take great pleaaure la returning onr tkaaka to our numeroua friendr for their very liberal Ml i ronace iu the r*chool Bo k Trade, and eapee iaif> t? I > the hundred* who were compel led to leave without getting supplied would we make our tiow. May their ahadowa never grow . aud would ?|w? BUM kwp IUII kuppiien on iia.uJ.auil let our lliou*ai?4? ofcu?tomer? tell of our pric??. vv. f) SHKPHKR D, , go 15 1 w comer Seventh and L> ?ireet?. ^PORTING GOODS. ~ " 1HHECT FROM THE FA( TOR IRS LVouble-barrel SHUT GI NS, lamrni^d ^V'dkr'FLAW^ hlft'iiA?'*1 pouches, BKAM FLAsfcs. ALU WIN WA\)8. ? J"1 Cox'? CAPS, > PO\\ DKK and SHOT, GUN LOCKS*. GUN WORMS WAD PI T For cale by JOS. L. SAVAGR. aelS-ct (SUtea) fa ar.. be^UHtfand'lithe'a. F^OR A SHORT TIMK "Hf.Y -DEAF\ESS Axn ,vnr<;r<! i? n isv ur . n .i ..f.7s _ ?<?#? & J I ^ l'.? I*R| V/Uti8TON , memtur of the Roy a1 Uoleje of burgeons ofEagand, hu ftrri???<l, a?d la now j [Spared to ftp?.T hu new and extraordinary treaiinfut by which he Wftft tuin*e.f oureU at er eleven year* intense suffering P?rticu ftr? for ftftlf onre sent to any addresa for consultations daily from 10 tilt 4 o clock free; reference to buedrela of p?r ioni cured. Adilress No. 113 Twelfth street. Washington, l>. C Nervous persous shotld read "Vital Statios" for ftftlf ours. Seat free to ary address foj; 13 cents in stamps. Mil *?*_ 3|g EAGLE STOVE HOUSE. g | g I have now mv Fall Supply of STOVES, GRATIS, UOLSE-FURNlsHING GOODS. Ac , all arranged in store for inspection, and will take pleasure in showtM the varum* new patterns which 1 had gotten up f?r this Fall's Trade. C. WOODWAHD, No. 319 Pa. av., se 13-6t Bfiwecu luth and ilih sts. wtnwii A."*u UUL.LKttK OUTFITS. Youths1 and Boy*1 Clothing for School and Drrsx Wear. Parenta and gu\rdiana wialuac to forntah their chi'dren and wards with Sohool ard Collet* Outfit* fortbeooming aaaaon, are invited to exaouu-* our present Ivta and extendi re aaaortneqt HOYS' CLOTH1NB, where they can fit out their ehiidrea of ail a ilea in* f?w momenta with ever? description of Rt-adymade Garment*, of eu!>*taatial aud durable quality, at very moderate pne^a WALu, STEPHtNS ft. CO., *o 3Mt 3ajU Paan. avenue. W SEALED PROPOSALS ILL Be received by the eubeenber nntil the J4th 12 o'eloea.m., for furnishing aeven oord* of good merchantable Oak Wood Toj the Aaaiatant Quarter maater a Office, Nee. 2?3 and 5101 F ilr?M northThe fu?l la to be delivered before the 9tth latlant, pilfcd in front of the office and then legally nicaahould be addrrMed to Ue aabeertber, I and endoraed -'Propoaa'a tor * ue.." MORRIS S. V I !.!. V K CtpUin Auut't Uu*rwrm^ie', Ass'TQTA.?TSKx%9Tn'? Orrict. <* J? 15-Ht Wa.?hinjrton, D. C., IS IMP. f _ NEW COOK 9T0VE9 rj| ^B9 FOK 1*60. 4E9 ?amfr,can ^.npwr?w m CONTINENTAL. Together with an nnequaled stock of all patte ma COOK BTOVE8. PARLOR HTOVES, CHAMBER ST??VE8, llAl.LSToVKS.Ac , wort*? of merit, which will be sold at prices that cannot ful to please JA9. SKIRV1N0, Washington ?tora, Grate, Ranc?, Hut-Air Furnace, Tin. J*beet 'ron.aod Japanned War* Manufactory, No, SIOT Fa. av. ami llta st. ae & eo2w CHARLES A. SHAKKR. WATCH MAKER, , , 346 Pm*. Artumt, ntar Seventh Strut Entire attention (i??d to tfce Repairing of Out* nometera, DapJex aaU Lever Watchee, fine JS Clocks, Ac. Alan, to th? Kncratinr ol la- #911 Vtt&tiAn W ??.(.< ' " - ww vMMtu?| t muni ?flU rroiMIlOHft'flU Ctrdi- ** ^-Iwi OH HIRE-A SERVANT MAN. ? old; ia corup?t?ut U> tnk? c*r? of hora<w, to aerva as coaotrman, driver, ?oriw, or a? a **9 hanO. Applf at No. 409 Ninth stro*t, i and 1. ? ?*'? , TR |aK GRKATF8T BABOAlN I? * FIAN?? j YET UFFKRRO.-A t*autirnl n?w_, otewood splendid ton* Fiaao. *ad? | unrit * Clark of N?r York; 3* VJ J moiitlit at*** by * will kffwm H'JJ*. ** P?cilktr oiroQirukUiiOM niAi lt u* tu offtr it lor #?** on r?e> to.?... Call and ? H( , ,?.? rhto??r 1 nV ? Hon-.*' V(anoa. MII 106 a*., ton. *th aad luth ??, pHlCKERINU * 80X6* 8UPKRB HlANOtL Near am rata arsry wr: big beet pnoca paid Tor old Piaa<? is MrifeaBa payment for naw. Plaaoa for r?at. fTTVfl , JOHN K. KLLIJ*, a* 1* *06 Pa , Imc "Hi, a*.I t. ?k 4? .OttSSSKpIw?pi ( t^uMsfev,. ? * AOCTKW HAMS. tHlH At'ThKMOo/* * IX* MOHHOW -By wikU aVaRN *?n. AaMwu _ (SALE GOXTtNVEB.) ? I^ONTINCAiiON PALKor t a.NCY ?UOM. \y D?t 8ood?, fcc ,? c ?) tl* m1? ruow ?t?t &tsL?.?r.; kra in^bpusk: fNO, U.b. ? ) ?f Fw?y WooJi, Moh Knibrcio?ri?f, liiu. r0 'it, IIwvn. Plovers, Vaila, C?k C,o^t. Do ft*, . B?? ??! ' IM ?m, I ? ? I* Ok*K D"?l: <?xl **?; Ei)b??rM?r?orl#<i fc t;? v\or?t*2 Panel* :iant?.ft? , *?. T*n?m ea*K ? W-? |Ht.t WAI.L* tU R NABPL A?e?. Br WAi.L* B iKNaKi), AMbmm u<?r '?*?? SWK^i MUi 6*2 *'? -* * " NMIITM ?iS?S,'.?S!SJ;iij;V^."" ?"'" ?! * UlSM Wuitflll T?M? C??t?f?, Win? Ca?t..r?. >mou, Fork?, Dian*r S*u, Cntle y. 4*. V< ith rnaay ott-ar | ud? apt har? ?naw?r*U<I. TIm ?bu?? nil will to foan * worth* u>? AtlM tiwM of Ut pub.lC M th* | Kidl V? 111 M* >tf)?a nf tha lalaat importation. and al wVftnM tn ba mt the b?l *aa-ttr. Amri* arr*t'null mU? M t)i? eoniloi t f t be Www. T*rni: IS' ?rxl u&drr ea?li; ov*r f JT a orwlit o< $ uJ 91 day . Tor aatufectoifij m4<wi4 M wall k BAR>4*lX?uct ~~ FUTURE DAYS ' Br J. c. vooi irk k. co.. aiqUim... Fukmtvrr and kpfkctm or a famILT DCTT.TIUXO H< U? U Kk fMKU ?i>? f?ll?AY MOKN^U,9*(.?aib*r *?h, IMP. at ? o'e <?k. at th? raaid?ooa of Mrs. Ann l>? tavay, N*. Saw Nin?t?enth ?t.. foetw**r I an* K ata. wa afcalt aril all U>* Farm tara ao? Fff*?ta ol a tmmilj dao'iaicc liou**kaep mg. oomprittag ? Mahogany Hair Sprint ae*t Sofa n*?fra?mmArnm lor Chaira, Marble-U.p Onter Table, Work ?*4 Card Tablea, Maliogaty Dim nt Tablea, Can* Mt Chaira, ttedatcada, RurMQ*. WMh?'a.,d?. K<>*ther Bolsters and Pilk>w?, Cii?mh?r Tab ?, Tui m t*#u. Wu4?v Shadta, C*re?U. Oilcloth. MkttiDf, Cbi-A, Uiui ai.<1 Crocks.? W?rt, * Cooking am) other Mom, Kitchen ru*Miis, A.?., Ao. eeTrd J.C MeHPHK k Co , AX>U By BARNARD A BUCKKY. AmUodnti Gtort'tcnm, D. C. r\GSIRABLK SritL'RbAN K K5I DKNCfc AT LITnwc Acctio*.?Oa KUIDaY AFTLK NOON .list, at haU put ? ' lock. we will eelL in fruAt of UtjrniiiM. that desirable reet*eni>e called Rook Pfrtnc. eituated on the aortW?> m boundary of O*on?tovn. U. C., Ud a tOAikioc abont thirty-ft vracree of laiui, roved byaguwd two-aterv Fraiue Hoaee. Barn. Ptablaa, i^rmi House, Ac Tlie mtnati n le baaat fa . hi<W s?t , healthy, aad ia mtered by severe. apriaga oi M<* alar. Serna: Oae-tinrJ ca?i. ; ba'ance ia ooe tw<?, three yeara, inUreat secured bv ? 01 irnw. _ ? 11-d HARVARD A Bl'CKKY.AMto. Br i. C. MeGl'IRK A CO., AioboiMri. CJTOCK OF FURNITURE AND MOl'HK C? rcaaumne Good* at Pcblu Arcnov? <>n MONDAY MORNING. !* ?4tti. at tea o'clock, at th? Hou?efornuhinc Htora nt the |?m firm of RoritxA Coomb*, on Heveoth atraat, ba tween I ?u1 K ? , w *tiail ?*> ! t . enure ?u? k f Faraituie a;.d Hoasefarouliicr Good* without re serv4. to oIom the cono rn. The stock aa?npn*?' in o%r4? Mikoftaj M?1 Walnut Hair 3w;ac Mat Sofa** Aim cka r*. Racket* au?l Parlor Chair* of va- i riou* pa t'n b, I Ma h - top TabU a. Ca d aid Fancy TabJaa, Whata >u, Lour(?*,Cana *?at ?'.haii*. Gilt ?nd Maht gaiiT Fraiue Minor*, Clooka, Cane and Wocd *?at. Arm awl Nu r*a ; Rocker*. _ I Painted Cntltn a** Walnut aud Draa?ing and Plain Ba r **<) . MaM.le top and Painted WukiUitli, Toilet 8et?. Window Sbadna. i'otjcm, v\ imkI a?at Arm Claim, *lnm* Oh*tre. Cottar* <tnd oilier K?d?t#ada, Wardrobaa, Hair aid Uiik MaltrMM?,B?i>Urt a*J PiUowa,* Kratber B?da,C?iufoiU and Blaikila, ChtqA. tilat* aud Crockery W?i . Kn vfi m'd Porta, t*??on?. Tin War*. ' I I'irpftt. Oil loth. Riin, M%U, Ac. Toft?iii*r *>Ui luaiiy ariicloa m lha Hotiaalarruth - I o( Liaa Dot n?o<*aar? to enamftraU A.10, Faraiture >* aeon, Hn'* and HanMM I T?r*M: Q-& ao<l andar. caali; "v?k that ?yiu a o'odit of 1.2,1 and 4 uullii. with ictareal, for at I proved "dorvMd note*. UMrinj int?r??t. I HKNlT BOWTZ,M?m?in Partait I aa'T-d i. C. MitittHK A CO . Aaot. f By A. OKKKN, Auctimwar, OH N MONDAY, XopUiBitwrSH, * !, Wa afcal aa'!. A in front ot the prowiiaaa, at S o'o ock p in . in ooiupliai oe villi the term* a dead o' mat to ua Thoa. A. Hn>?r an j *tfe, 4*i? I data 8?ptem I bar. 18'P. ai d r?c rd<*j in Lit>*r J. A. 9 . No lutf, I KatA Ac., o e of lha land reoorda of %Vaaina>- I ooiintj. n?-ta o( ota >1 and I*. laauaaiaNo'JOT, I 6a*innin* Tor the aaiue 4m fart 3 iichva frwoi tha J a?nthwakt oori<?r of aaui t^uar*, mnuiic tl.fnca I eaat on alia* with D atraat >u:h ?6 fatt; lhanon a uorlh 7. f.*t: theno? *Mt 16 feat; *h*uo* aofcth 7? 1 f?wt to the piaa* of hefinaiaf. t>s-tU?K wit1 tha I uuprotciwa. ta. OoOawunp of a (?. aU-rj Iraaa 1 ^ u-v wkuwiio nor* inci i u Uinr. J Term*: On* fon'th ?**h ; naif *! <, 12M<1 A 1t*ioaUia,att?rdar ofaa *. v<Ut a fcra>ae?tf<<d >r t deed df truit on < ) ? ytrnuKi. Iftlwt* mul * ? I &' Dot eonp iMi with within fiv?Ma?? *fter tl?-day I o( a& t. the truKt > ?a r#wv? r?m ricbt t?> r*%mi ?b* I property at tka pur cliaaw'a dak arid c oal, afuir ?ir- I IDC otto ??.'k a I.ot c*. I GK??, C. HKNNINlj * ? ?KO. K. TUUMfWiN.i iraau*?. any ?aw?tla A. OKKK . A cU_ Br J. C. MM.1 IH K k CO- Aae'ioarr>. I TH IIU8TKK'S*HAL.K OF OW KArtT or THK I Capitol ?<Hi THl K"DAY AITKRSO?#>. j*ffU-iut^>f/Jtii. le&t. at 4>? u' thf Aucii a I RooinaofJaa C. Mtrfiiiir* h Co , t>y rirlur ol a I dMJ uf truit frua Kin<?t W. & oil dit d No?<a- I bar ifiu. itu aiui . .i . ? ? ' "? 1 * __ ?? lilUVf d n. Brf I No H7, foUoi iiS, Ac two lk? latid rvooru* fur I Wft-kiiictoD Cuuuiy. D. O..I ?ha'l ?ell. Lot* s and f 1?,irHhlw? No l.UU ai.J L??t No. It, t? rvjnare ? No 1. 74. I Ter.n<: naa- oarth ouk; tha re a Ja > In 6 an 12 1 muollU) vilh ml?rett,iKirid t>? a?d of irukt ?a I the premiM*. I All eoarajraaoe* at th? oo?t of it.- aarokaaer. I i'AMl'Kl- BNoWOKIf. Tra?U?. I wH foidi J.?\ McGI'IKK > jPO , A act a. I 1fc A UKKtvM, Auot o wr. " ING s?AL*' AT PUBLIC AlC- 1 tioh ov ftiiL *<?t> Paor?a- Ti C-On tbe fciit TL ESi'A \ (?h-? au t.ajfto' Ooi<?- M , at W o'oi-oi. l? o ia(hlj cu,U\at?-<i * am ad ^P conta i.iuc atom 2 0 aare? eacfc, s.uatM a 8 milM f oin Wa-hiu. t >n oi'-y, 1). C., oa tn? ?* ? I entta *trr-t road, in Moiitionierrooanlf, 114 AIM, Hoaaattoi J KarutUirc a? 1 ?v?r) 4eeori#ti?n of Pans I Stjok. oouaiat :i.c in pa't of? Nine Hor*e? ana m.< Coil. (I f pair ef Woikicf > teera, Twe-ity f.ur fceaJ o/<"a l ?, aompnunf? Miion uu|l Steera Ac . Ac. Al>-ut thiitr Hun anr* St.oata, let of Pheey, Pair of kna Oarria?? Hor?ea. l.ltUt(Jarriaf*. new Harteva, F.j Net#, Buffito K"W, B auk t?. Ac., Ac. A'to Family i arr a*? aca IkuMt Hame??, Pintle Harn'M, l?d!aa' aod iwcU' Saddle*. Bridie#. ??ei|ti> Mo ;?, Ac , Ae. OaoKour l.oroe Wa-on, tia. nraa, Ca:U,Cair?a!l. p,?r. f*??1 vu.u ?u v'<p v_ im ii*r,' imm aa nev, Ihreahuig Machin* ltd Horee Poww, oak a way. Km, Kmj> r au4 Nuv?, a ml imM} uUw imIiI fttbelri too BUttroii M?n*i !.*?? lot of Clover and T>moth* H?v, Wheat. *re an<t on .M nw, Cor*aid Corn Fodd*? 'I he fvnia wilt b? aold at oua t/aluek. vntioat raaerre. No. 1, ooatairtiag at out > acrea. nil# prrfeot and fre? from all Wjcbi* t-awae, kaa an elecant mwdern h<>nee, r*?lete with all Mtvamwao of a firat oiaaa oi?y rea uenoe, auot, aa hatha. watar oioa^u, raw?atid pu-na ta kitchau, foruaoe. ia? dry cellar, not and eofu water ta bad ?K>ma, o?a arwainry ,aad in feet ?mj thing re?aieite lor aa ektaat ejuutry reeitirbo*. The Luaae, with iU u^iata, ooat ai. iut f 10. 00 Farm t naa abnwi ja morea Mchl? improved I land. ??>"d farm hoe a", n?-w aora etil a?U ( good barn aad atab.ii. a for IS horae*. 0iiudin#e a valaed a?aordiag to inacraaoe tcrray ai about M IVWi the whole under rood frr.eing; afaaty of ai- M oeilent water i? er*r? <"?<"?? * * - "* w?o?l land ud Im MtJoTi. Tk#""Urnn"w"iT'wbS / old toieuir or tr?i purotiaaor'a op-M ( of aalo ? Oaa-third cwh; haiMW to tho HNkut;. cur*4 by * tU*4 of trnat on tha , r property. All tho por*o>.*l pr. party will boor Mob ? credit ofSmcuUa for aU nmrnrrr #1t>acd apt* 1 935; all otw tiiat mm a orniit of* aa?aatha will ha |iHi for aotaa aaliafactori.) oad?raod,hoaring ia toroat try* tha cay of ru n; all aaini aador fl* oaah The who'a prop? rty, raal a?? parooaal. ? iU ba sold w**f>at ro?or?a om tha irat Tooocay ib Oet>4ior. a.ud tho a?la will W> o..tiUn?*d d?iiy anal the whoia uf tiia property isiiiapoaed of. Tha prop- I mad. Aiidi?, ii by irttar, Cottar* Poat <>?- . I MoittoaNn oovatf, Ml I WlVa^H A. ORBKN, A?1._ I --sn'.'j'i n 1 tha Circa it Coartof ihe Uietnet of <?o!ttnit'.? for Lha Coaaly o( Wuhinxtoit, and to Ma diraate*. I will expose to pnbiie aa*e, for aaah. la font of the Coart Ho?m (loareTaaid mm*, mm MONDA\. tha lot day ?f Ootohor rj?* t, intact 12 o'elook all ' 5 K9*9l!MP ? ..V v,m r?mi? IIW " **"" I inflow, D. C , U>?au?r m-Ui M. Mil "f1" ** A ppraMBNll tkarfluo, Mim4 umI win upr * II IW, U fwor of Jmm ?. Wita^ DKK, W. a. M tribal fjr tho D-n<*otM CmimmUt I l-Jti I Woo dT i W ? ? D!? W O O D* 1 STOVE tad IINPLJNU U? U>v? I powibUpiM. T. J. A vv *. UAI.T. Jk *** P? ?V.. U(W?*? l?Vh Mm t Ah ?t

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