Newspaper of Evening Star, September 20, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 20, 1860 Page 1
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J f $ iftil Sta r. t*. t V^. XVI. WASHINGTON. P. C.. THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 20. 1860. N9. 2.868. I j THE EVENING STAR f PUBLISHED EVERT APTSRHOON, I (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT TUX *TA- Bl-ILUISOS, Cormtr 0/ Ptnnt jtvania aw*u* W IliA *t.t W. D. WALLACE. P&??ra NrTtd m by <mrrtara ! *4 ft I Te*r. or *? NiU ft uoiU. To Mil eobooribora Ut? prioo la tajo ft TMr, te aJrvui; $2 for ?ft ont&a; 91 jfot Urao aroittia; ftad lor looa tftfta ?<matnliofltinti>Tw|[. Biafle ? ncisti in TWO com. 1*^" 'iOTiin?mMTi anoeld b? sent to t*e oCoe b*or 4 u oVook otherwise U??y miay nut mkv | al the Kit day. /A Nttln ( Pl|ain la Africa. To the sooth of Kaffa and Susa there ia a Tory aaltrj and bnmid country, with many bamhoo woods, inhabited by the race called Dohos, who are no bigger than boys of ten J ears old ; that is onlyT-ur feet high. They are a dark. olir^-nr.*?.^ ?1? -?1 - ? /??IVU WinpiCAlUU) ?UU lire in a completely savage state, like the beasts; having Deither bouses, temples, nor hoij trees. like the OiIIm. yet possessing something like so idea of a higher being called Yer, end to whor^, in momenta of wretchedneee and anxiety, tfjey pray?not in an ereot po?hr mtv, but rer>,rMd. with the head on the ground, and the fe? v ?apportwi upright against a tree or etoM. i? prayer they say : ?' Yer, if thou really f'.oes exist, why dost thou allow u? thus to be jIaIq > We do not ask thee for food and clo'.hinc. for we live on serpents, ants, and r^ice Thou but made us and why d?t thou tarmit os to be trodden under foot?" The Dor?j havo no chief, no laws, no weapons- they do not hunt nor till tiie ground, but lite solely on fruits, not*, mice, serpents, ants, honey, and the like, climbing trees and gathering the fruits lit* monkeys, and both sexe* go completely naked. They baro thick, protruding lips, flat noses and (mall eyes; the hair is not woolly, and is wora by the women over the shoulders. The nails on the hand &nd feet are allowed to ?;row like the Ulons of vultures and are used n digging for an',*, tod in tearing to pieces the serpent?, wb'jjix they devour raw, for they are unacquair.tfel with firo. The spine of tho suake is the o.aly ornament worn round the avok.lmt thej pierce the ears with a sharp pointed piece f wood. The Dokos multiply very rapidly, but have do regular marriages, no settled home, each in Crfeot independence, going whither fancy ida The mother nurses her child only for a short time, accustoming it as soon as possible to the eating of ants and serpents; and as ?oon as the ehild can help itself the mother lets it Amnmr* ? nuivuoi 11* pieases. Alt Dough these peo- I pie live in thick woods, and oonoeal themselves amongst the trees, ret they become the prey of the slave-hunters of busa, Kaffa, Dumbaro, and Kullw; for whole regions of their w.oeds are encircled by the hunters, so that Vne Dokos cannot easily escape. When t^e slave hunters come in sight of thu poor oreatures they hold up clothes of bright ool'sfg, singing and dancing, npon which the 1> ok03 allow themsolves to be captured wi'hnut resistance, knowing from experience that roch resistance is fruitless, and oan lead <>*Aj to their destruction. In this way thousar oan he captured by a small batd of hunters; md onoe captured they become qn*>w docile. In slavery the Dokos retain <^eir predilection for feeding on mice, Mrr <*nts ana anu, although often o? that acco,ant punished by their masters, who in other set pec u are attached to them, as they are docile and obedient, have few wants, and eniov awn! Vim]fV ?u:-1 , , B ?, ivi Kiucu ru??jus iney are never sold m i!?tm beyond Enure*. As diseases are Dot known among them, they die enly of old ago, or through the asdaulU of their enem'es f. i cannot b? decided whether these Dokos ?re the pigmies who, according to Herodotus, were discovered near a great river in the vicinity of Central Africa by two yoatba dispatched by Etearch, King or the Oasis of Amnion: yet I can bear witnesr that I heard of theae little people not only in Shoe, bat also in Ukambani,twe degrees in the sonth, and in Baravia, a degree and-a-half to the north of the euuator. In Barava slave was shown to tne who aecorded eompletely with the description of the Dokos. He was four feet high,very thiok set. dark eemptexioiied. and lively, aud the people of the place assured me that he was of the pigmy race of the interior. It is not impossible too, that circumstance*!, such as continued rains from May to January, and other means, may contribute to produce a diminutive people of stunted development in the interior of Afrioa. A priori, therefore, the reports collected from different and mutually independent poinu of Afrioa cannot be directly contradicted; only care must be taken to examine with caution the fabulous element mixI ?J -ta. ?* w uji w i vu worn urn j dc trae by native reporters. In the Snahili dialect " dogo " menus * small." and in the language of An area " doko " ia indicative of an ignorant and stupid person. Passion for Orusirau, The desire f0r display?at least in thst gross form of propensity which finds satisfaction in ?t.e possession of gold plate or in the wear-1 Lag of massive, ornaments?is an attribute of semi-barbarous life, which, instead of increasing, declines with the advances of society. M Cberalier, in his recent work on the probable " Fall in the Value of Gold," alludes to this utyect and says : * The display of golden utensils, more or leas massive is the luxury of the less refined pare of the community, whoes eye is instinctively attracted by the glare of a dauling metal, and whoa desire is excited for an objeet to which there ia vulgarly attached the idea of great riches. It ia a species of magnificence which was reserved for the sovereigns of nnmitiw* nation*; it constituted the splendor of the Incm, and that of Attila and of Qenserie. and was the prida of tho savage race* whom the Europeans discovered in America. M Chevalier states some interesting facts, which show this tendency of civilization to cheek the consumption of the precious metals, in both England and Franoe. In both countries the consumption of preoious metals proceeds more slowly than the increase of the population. Iq England during the period the population doubled, the increase in the quantity of gold -that was manufactured only increased oO per cent., and during tha past fifty years tha inoraaaa of gold plat* has not kept pace with the inoraase of the population, leavfng out of the account tha vast increasa of the wealth of the people. If w? take into accouat the quantity of gold required for this manufacture wa are aaasad at ita small new, aait is but an atom in oompariaon with tha total production Tha Ediaburg Review, in referring to this abject, remarks : The same passion for o rnamanta is a powerful instinct among the native races of Hindoetan, with whom they serve at once as a mode of inveatmoat sod a means of decoration. But, as civilisation makes progress, tastes of a dif ferent order are developed. Vanity perhaps lotN nothing of iu power, bat it exhibiu itself under a di?erent guise, and ia directed by different objeoi* Luxury, in its modes of display, u in other respects, undergoes refinement, and mankind seek enjoyment, lew in the gratification of external sense, and more in the enlti ation of the higher faculties. The superfluous expenditure of a nation advancing in civilisation is accordingly devoted lees and lew to objects which sbsorb mere masse* of gold and silver, and more and more to purposes of a higher order?to the beautifying of its domains, the embellishment of iU houses, the ?cn<ral cultivation of iu tastes; and parkland mansions, paintings, sculpture, and oooks, take the plaoe of accumulations of pUte and collections of jewelry. Tn Hoxictna of PaAiKun h. Na.ii.?The homicide of Praaklln H. Naif is again before the public ia Baltimore. On Tuesday tb? case was Wore tbe grand jury, aad upon the testimony there preeenWd tbey found a blU of Indictment age led Erasmus Lew, charging him with tbe willful murder of Naff. The accused was immediately arrested and committed to prison to await trial It U Mid that testimony has V*n found which was not brought forward la the trial ef Woodward, net In the habeas corpus case when Judge Bartol discharged Lory from custody. 1LTTM efforts mat nave oeen made recently \m louden lo mitigate the ' octal evil" appear to be*e met with almeet aoeipertedeocceea Twen ?-three baadred fallen women have been gathered nt the latdalxht eeMeta Many of three have been permanently reclaimed. Twenty-aeven bare bren returned to their friend*. CT ttertnl pereene have been inoM (W rcboMf U>e UUot the Udy Elf la ^ Plaatatioa Life la the Saath?A Picture ! Cmfnt. The Philadelphia Ledger aays that an Alabama planter, formerly a well-known citizen of Philadelphia, writing from Macon, Marengo county, Miss., thus preaenta a oontraat between the phyaaoal condition of the alave people of the Soath with a considerable portion of white laborers in other sections of the country. The sketch ia not overdrawn : I contradict all the lies they fabricate in tha North against the South. -Contraat the condition of the negro with that of the laboring people of Europe. You wi!16n?l him in?nu.i? ... ?? ? - luuutwi^ better off and "more happy. If anything ails him, ho is attended to immediately ; his master sees that he Is not abused. la many cases he has been his playmate when younr, and they am attached to eaeh other. ITis wife and chili dren are under the care of their mistress, who sees that their wants are attended to. lie has nothing to trouble his mind, and has no care# at all. It is true he is a slave, but he does not j know the difference, having boen raised under ( a certain discipline, m we raise our children. I think that we are all slaves to our wants, to I our families, and our habits. He is not worked ; the culture of ttottan is very light, and working in the flelda la favorable to health. He goes out wheti it is light enough to work,at 3 o'clock takes his breakfast, at 12 his dinner, at 2 o'clock goes to his work again and at dark com?n hosae; he cooks hii supper and smokes his ptpe, and about 9 or 10 o'clock goes to bed. 1 This is generally his ererj day life on the | plantation. He has a house for himself and family. Some havo bee-hives and a small gardes about their premises. Now how does he live ? He gets seven pounds of meat for himself and wife a week, and every youth who works out has three pounds, and as mueh meal aa they want, and during the summer some molasses. I In the plantation garden thousands of cabbage*. greens, okre, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, ; onions, squashes, pumpkins, peas, Ac , are cultivated for their use. Every hand or youth . a _ _ * - wao worna in me Hold, bas the privilege of raiting chicken; thej sell them and eggs, or eat them as they pleue. They also raise corn and sell the same. The negro has nothing to trouble him; he chews ail day and smokes his pipe at night. The planter is the only one who has all the head-work to do; and if he is not suoceszful he is very unhappy, being afraid of seeing his family reduced to want. Si<i>dbh Rkstosatiox to Like.? A well known perfumer in New Orleans died?so it was thought?and his funeral was arranged, but his tody remaining supple and warm, the oeremony was postponed, the physician thinkirg he might be in a trance. This reminds the N ew Orleans Picayune of a case which may be similar: A rentleman of wealth ?r.#i recently married to a charming wife, fell sicli, and after a few days' illness, apparently breathed his last. The body was laid oat, not dressed, and unoovered. but sewed up in a sheet or shroud. The oocurrence had taken place during the day, and at a late hour in the night, the family bad retired, and a confidential servant named Alexander was left alone to watch the corpse. This man was sitting not far from the bed when be thought he heard a sigh; there was no mistake, he distinctly beard a heavy breathing, and saw a slight motion of the body. With remarkable presence of mind, he split open the sheet, arranged it as if it was the natural covering of the sick man, blew out the lights, le?ving only one burning, and in fact took every precaution to prevent bis master, if he awoke, froin beine shocked at the idea of his supposed death, lie then s?t down by the bedside aud waited anxiously. Presently the dead moved, yawned audibly, and, looking around, asked, ''Alexander, what time is it? ' Near 12 o'clock, sir." " Bring me a broth." T)<? *1 -? * ** no lauuiui mciiuuir went oui 01 me room, called a male member of the family, and broke the news cautiously. lie then ordered the cook to get broom, and returned to bis master'* chamber, where the now overjoyed family itoon assembled. The gentleman recovered, and it was only after he got quite well that he ww (old that he had been dead for eight hour*. Ilia eldest daughter used to say that she was the child of a ghost, having been born during the year succeeding her father's temporary demise A Negro Cekbmon y.?A correspondent of a Ueorgia paper gives the following verbatim report of a negro preacher's remarks on oelebrating a marriage at Live Creek, Ua., between two "cullud pussons Here is a couple who have walked out toRight. wishing to be jined in, and through lore, and wishing all dem dat bav any ting twizt dem come forward and speak now, if not, let them hold their peace now and for evermore.' 1 wants every ear to hear and arery heart to enjov. " Mr. Jim Thompson, whosoever stands fastly by your left side, do vou take bar for wm dearly beloved wife, to wait on her through ioknesa and through health, safe and be safe, holy and be holy, loving and be loving? Do you love heainother? Do you love her father? Do yon love her brothers ? Do you love her sisters? Do you love her master? Do you love her mistress? Do yoa love God the best?" Answer?141 do." '-Miss Mary Thompson, whomsoever stands f&stly by your right side, do you take to be your dearly beloved husband, to wait on him through health and through conflution, safe and be safe, holy and be holy ? Do yoa love bis mother ? Do you love his father ? Do yoa love his sister ? Do yoa love God the beat f" Answer?" I will." " I shall pronounce Mr. Jim to hold Miss Mary fastly by the right hand; and I shall pronounoe you both to be man and wife hv th ? Commandments of God. We shall hopes and trusting! through God that you may lire right, that you may die right, now and for ever mora. Now, Mr. Jim, slew your bride. " Let us ting a hime: "' Plunged la a gulf of dark despair Ye wretched sinners are,' Ac. Amen.*' A Huhab Sacrifice.?A strange affair U related in the Russian journals: At Moeeow, ten nights back, the oocupiers of a vast house at the corner of West street were awakened by the glare and cracking of a fire, and on getting up found that a large pile of fuel, consisting of logs of fir trees which nad been collected in the court-yard, was in tames. The conflagration was extinguished as quickly as possible. On examining the remains of the fire the ehar?d bones of a woman were found, and it turned out that a widow named Theleska T , about 40 years of age, who had lired in tke house, had disappeared. Nothing could be beard of this woman, and as she had repeatedly declared that in theee times the sacrifice of human victims was necessary to appease the wrath of -?s?. ' -- rr sinners, the conclusion ?U tome to that she had lighted op the fire and placed herself in the midst to be oonsumed. In the Rossian KmpLrea the Mosoow journals state, self-cremation, from motive* of religions fanaticism, is not rare. In the province of OloneU, for esample, in th? coarse of last spring not fewer than 15 persons, man and women, Burnt themselves to death in the belief that thsj I were performing an act pleasing to Qod. UTA literal copy of the last questions proposed for discussion la a westers debating club:? Subieeks of Discussloa. Is dansln morellle rong? Is the reading at Ictisus works commendlble? Is It necessary that femal Is should receive thurry edtcsshun? Ort fsmalls to take part la pollytiir Duss dress constitute the raorrel part of wlmml n> KA Lsdy, paying a visit to her dsugbter ru yonug widow, ssk her why she wore tbe widow's irarD so long: "Boat momma, don't yen see," replied the daughter, "It ssvss me the expense of advertising fee a hnsbaad, m every one can fee that 1 am for Mfhy prima emUMCt.'t Anns. wiiuloWi N Kxjerien ad Notm And F?m*le Phfilolta, prManta to tb? attention of mother*, her SOOTHING SYRUP, For VUKrta Tulllic, Wkiak fiiuir racUuua tka irttiu ?f utihin?, k? aaftaa log tka ??m?, xsaeirf all inlatniaauaa? vUl amy ALL rail* and tpaamadia aauao.aod ia SURE TO K EG VLATE THE BOWELSOaf ?a4 ap?o It, matkara, it will fi?a raat ta yaaraaWaa, aad RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wl bin pat ap md tald thii articlt far arar t?o yaara, ?od caw ut, lit cvftriDBNCB ii?d tbct* elit.wkat wa hi?i aaaar kaaa akla tai iaay af any omBB Madieina? w B? Bm MRS. ** it FaiLBP,iw tjimn ,Ti"CB TO ,r" ' ' * i r. . mnwiwtr'a vbii timely ml Nattrdid wt know inilTflihfl inatanea ( 4i?tatufaeti*n by to? wit* attd it. Oa tha contrary, all ara SYRUP, dalifhtad with lu riRATlONI, and Itptak to ttrrot ( kiffcttt e*mmandat?an *f it* raiMCtl aftcu tod mtdieal Tirtatt. w# tpttk in Jot marttr ' what w1 do imiw," if.trttn yttrt' tiptritnct, A!*D niDSI OUI lirUTitiow fob thi fi lrilmi^t or what wi h t* n?CLK I. In tlAMt *t?fy Initjnct Wh t rt lit Infant ia mf trtof from pain anil axhabatiob, ralial will bt fomnd inlftaaa ar twtruj mirattt afiar tha ayrap ia aOnlniturad. Thit ?alaabia preparation it tha prttcnptian af mi* tf tht < maat B?rBRiBNCBP tad tBil.rt'L NCB?B? in New K>>. laad,andkaa attn atad with KBTBB-raiLiNs ivccm la THOUSANDS O* CASES. It art aaly rtlit ?tt tha child fram rain, bat lnvtfatataa tha ' ttaaaeh and kawala, carraeta acidity, and firaa tan* and tatrf y ta tha whala ayatern. It will t-lmaat inaianlly re I it re Gairixe in thi Bowili and Wind Colic, ' and ararcoma cantalaiana, which, If tat tpttdiiy rtmtditd ad ia dtttk. Wei )??ie?eitthe BUT 4*d ll'DBII RBM- FOR B0Tlntbe wobld la all eaeaa af OT?- CHILDREN whtbb* and diaB INC a in chil- TEETMINO obm. whether It asieee fram teething 1 or from any etbet caaaa. Wawoalduyto erery mother who htt a child tmffennj fram any af tha forefoinf complaint*?DO NOT LIT ton r* ajunic t?, roh THf mut'oicii or otrui usd bovwatn yosr isfftrlnf child XIrl tha raliaf that will bt CS ?JM, ABSOLUTELY H'll-I* follow tb? of th , caodiemt, If tin**ly good. Fill dirtcuorV or Minf will a Mrnjunt oaeh bnttia. Nona ranatna anlaaa tht fac-atnila (JORTli * PERKINS, Naw York, ta on tha aataida wrmppa oid b; Drajgiata throorboot tho world. Principal Olleo, Ko. IS CaSar >ir*?t, H. T. 4 P?U? aolvtS Coat* por BotOo. M ll-d*wl? FOB SALE AND RENT. i FOR SALE?A small FARM ofSOaorM.altuatwl at the Little Falls, having a comfortable dwelllog-house, corn-house, stables, Ac ; well-fenced and watered ; within four mile* of Washington ; 15 acres in oultivation, the baianae in handsome woodland. It ts peculiarly desirable as a country rest denoe, being perfectly healthy and most romantioally situated : excellent fishing and hanting. Inaoira of Mr. MARRIOTT, bridge keeper, Chain bridge, Little Falls. de 7-2awft I^OR SALE?Very cheap, on reasonable terms. 1 one of the most desirable HL'ILDING LOTS in the city, situated on the north west corner of 6th ?t.,and Sew York Avenue. Enquire of JOS. F. HODGSON, Siov^ Manufactory, No. 405 7th st., between H and 1 Ms. au 15-tf FOR RENT.?A new and handsome FRAME HOl'SE will be for rent in a few days. It ia beautifully situated on Thirteenth street, between < Georgia avenue and K st.. Navy Yard ; has a large garden lot attached, a pomp of good water near. \ and oontaina 4 rooms, kitchen and woodshed. \V ill bo rented low. with or without the lot, to a good W.ant. For tale cheap, a good, strong WORK i HORSE: work* well in anything Inquire of T. E. CLARK, Navy Yard; or of JOHN PATCH, 61^ H St.. between 4th and 5th. jy 16 * POR RK NT?The three story (brown lront) * HOUSE, No, 367 Now York avenue, between 10th and 11th streets, north side, containing fifteen ] rooms. This honse is convenient to the Patent Of- ] fice. Treasury etc.; is lighted by gas, and in every ?a* Moitab'e fl?r a lM>arding house. Rent moderate. Apply next door, or to A G. FOWLER, second Ho?>r nortn wing of Patent Office. jy 14-tf I IPOR KEN T?Throe HKICK HOlSES-one on ' Twelfth street, between C and D; one on the corner of Twelfth and H sts.; and one on II, be- < twnen ljth and 13th sts. Inquire of JAMKS XV BARKER,on il street, between 11th and 12th, No. 1 484. maaV-tf |?OR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of the build- l JT inj immediately opposite the west winrof the City Hal., recently oocnpied by Chaa. S. wallaeh as an office. Alio the front room in the second story and the third floor of the same building. For ' terir.s apply to RICHARD WALLACH.No. 'J Louisiana avono*. ja IS tf Stoves, Grata#, B&nges, Furnaces,&c. Wo l>eg to oall the attention of the puhlio to our ] large ana beautiful stock of STOVES, GRATKS, Ac., of every description. In addition to our rege- I lar stonk, we a*k particular attention to the following articles, which we do not think can be equa led, I certainly not surpassed, by anything in the market: | Tke Stewart Air-Tight Cooking Stove, 1 The Kisterbock Dog-house Furnace?the best heater in the world, The Cosmopolitan Cooking Ranee, Collins A Co.'s Improved Parlor Heater, . The Challenge Heater, j Cox's Gas-burning Stoves, The Danner Complete, Gas Burner?the largest j and finest elevated-oven Cooking Stove ever offered for sale in this city. We a*k special 1 attention to this Stove. , We oiiait ft rii.ll from Uu?ma HAairinr to nnrnhiUA I SIBLEY k 61Y, 334 Pixw'a Atuci, between H'th and 11th at* Observe? Si$n nf tk? Jroa Dot. ae 8-eo2w I W SEALED PROPOSALS ILL Be received by the aubaoriber until tha 24thinstaat,at 12 o'olooa m., for furnishing aeven oorda of good inerohtntable Oak Wood Tor the Aaaiatant Quartermaster's Office, Noa. 'J09 and 20t k street north. The fu?l la to be delivered before the 30th instant, piled in front of theoffioe atd then legally measnred. Proposals should be addreaaed to the sobacriber, and endoraad "Propoaa'a for Fuel." MORRIS 8. MILLER, Captain Aaaiat't Quartermaster, V. S. Army. Aii'TQTiiTUMiaTU'a Ovfick, i i a* 13-SK Washington, 1>. C., Sept. 13,1M0. \ ' ^CHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS. ~ Youths'1 and Boys' Clothing for School and Dress Wear. Parent* and gaardiana wishing to fnrniah their ehildren and warda with Sohool and College Outfits 1 for the eoming aeaaon, are invited to examine oar present large and extenaive assortment BOYS' < CLoTHINt*, where they can fit out their children J of all sixes in a few momenta with every deaorip- ' tion of Ready -made Garments, of aubatantial aud . durable quality, at very moderate pnoea 1 WALL, STEPHENS A CO., . au 3n-tl 333 Penn. avenue. 1 PROFESSOR MORKTTI, 1 HO Has just returned from Milan. Italy, (having been in the Musical Conservatory there.) Wj 1 an<l who has been for a long time a teacherAHl . both of Vocal and Instrumental Musio in New?* J York, (having taught some of the b<-?t singera ' there, auch as Badiaii. Tiberim, La Orange, &o.. , Ac ,) haa come here, thinking to remain,and would ' be most happy to reoeive the patronage of thia eity. Frof. M. can give the beat or references in regard to hia moral aa well as hia intellectual standing. All communications please address to 304 F at. se 13-2w* H W. HAMILTON! PAINTER, and DEALER IN PAINTS, No. 589 7th Stkkkt. near Odd Ftllist' Hall. \ aut-tf PUTTY~IS DOWN. 1 EW SILK MANTLES ! , AND HOOPED SKIRTS. ' *2? tt:y^N?L^#^KV?^fe?V^ LACE MANrLKr* aud POINTS Also 10 doxea of the fall style of WOVEN SKIRTS of saperior quality. Ladies in want of aay of the above good* at very low pnats will pisses kit* as an early oall. jyan tavmir V mi-fi-hialim J COAL OIL. ' U8T Heoeived from tit* Virgin* Oil Company SO barrel* prime PaRAFINE COAL OIL, which I i? warranted equal to the Now Vork or Boston oil t Tk? trade ofta be (applied on ? eawe term* M t f bn* it the North, Mvinc the freight. *ia-lm H O. PDIDY.IM Pa ay. TBBn BALZAC'S NEW NOVBK . . "IS Greatnoaeand DeoltnenfC*a?ar Biruiteard. i of ft*** 4o MiH.butitM 1 by Dr. W WldUAOd F. BJBoodrieli: I wo J * t L < i mWVX tuTod f +*r, I ? ?^I EDUCATIONAL. MISSJKNETTE L. DOUGLASS AS The pleasure of announcing to her friends and the public that the will opou tier Seminary, at theoprner of H and llth sts., "Philadelphia Place,' on Monday, September 10th. For terms call on the Priooipal. She will he assisted by the following uperienced and efficient teachers: Mm DOUGLASS?Higher English Urauohes, Composition and Penmanship iMiss Abbik M. Binon-Latin, Algebra, English Branches. Miss Jpi.iana g Mat?'Teacher of Vooal Music. Prof. Geoeoe C. Schaepfke? Lecturer oa Philoiphj, Chemistry: and Physiology. Prof Hbxey E. Mabix?Teacher of French and German. Prof. C. W. Btjia*A5???Teacher of Piaao and Science of Musio. Miss Makt T Davimoji? Piano. J. Madison Wat?u.\,o1.\cw York?Lecturer on Elocution Joseph G. Barrr?Teacher of Drawing. , Teacher of Sr*?"h. ? . Moral Science and Classics. se 7-2w T female education. HOSF. Parent* who with their da*chtera U> receive a thorough and systematic education. where their phyaioal training witl receive daily ami special attention, under the most approved system of Culiitheme* and Gymnastics. are respectfully invited to visit the L'nion Female Academy, corner Fourteenth at. and New York av _ mr. ft. mrs. z. richards, an 30 tf Principals. Female boarding and day school, ALKXANDHJ*. V A. Mri. S. J. McCORMlCK, Principal. The thirteenth annual session of this Institution will commence on Tuesday,September lfrth, in the house recently occupied by Sylvester Scott, Eeq., No. 180 King street. The oourae of study pursued will oomprire all the branches requisite to a thorough English Edu eation, and Muno, Frenoh, I.atin and Drawing, it [{ aired. In addition today acholara. Mrs. McCormiok is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils as hoarders, who, constituting a part of her own family , will be under lier immediate care and supervilion. She will endeavor, as Jar as possible, to surround them with the oomforts and kindly mnuoncea of Home. Refertne*s.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Elias Harrison, Rev. D. F. Sprigg, William H. Fowle, Esq., Edgar Snowden, Esq.. Edmund F Witmer. Esq., Henry Marbury, Esq., I.ewis McKenzte, Esq., Robert H. Huntnn. Esq, W. D. Wallach, Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, Esq...las. Entwiale, Jr., Esq.,Col. John W. Minor, Loudoun. Messra. Blaokiook ft, Marshall, Mesara. Cora* RrotlUri. TUM*. Board, with Tuition in all the English Branohes, 92m for the annual union?payable Mini annually, in advance. M 11*10 and Langnage* at Profeaaora' prices. TTJ~ Wo extra ohargea. au 3-tI Franklin academy, CoHNKH TH!ET**!*rn a*P H St?.. A SELECT SCHOOL TOR BOYS, . i Formerly loctltd ta tk? Fir>t Ward.) Thia Institution will oommenoe ita Third Annual Aeaaion. at it* new location, on Monday, September H. Application* for admiaaion may be inada on :ho premiaea at any time after the aAth mat. au t5 lm R. B. DETRICK, Principal. PENTRAL ACADEMY, coknxr E and T**th 8t?. Thia Inatitntion will resume itadatiea September kl. Applicationa made to the Principal at the rooma. Sirculara at the bookatores J. S. DE HART, Prinoipal. Rifertncri. Prof. Henry. LL. D.. M. H. Miller. Eeq., Rev. John C. Smith, D.D., Dr. C P. Cnlver. Rev. A. 0. Carothera, Rev. J. P. Davidson, au 2J-1 in i^elect school for young ladiks. Miaa M. R1DDELL will reaume thoduticaof her ich'tol on the first MONDAY in September, at No. I ft 11 welfthntreet. au ?-lm I^RE PRESCOTT HIGH SCHOOL, 37? EIOHTH ST., Bitvhx K and L ST*. Studiea will be reaumed in thia institution on MO N DAY, September 3d. Ciroularaat bookstores. aw16 tl A. C. RICHARDS. Principal. ^JETROPOLITAN^COLLEGIATE 1N8TIFOR YOUNG LADIES, 484 E St., Bnwits ?th and 7th St?. The fourth annnal aeaaion of the Inatitute will touunenceon the firat MONDAY in September. Application* ahould be made early, aa the number Hpupila ia limited. For particular* aee circulate ?r apply to the prinoipala, Mr. and Mra. T. H. H AVEN iN ER. at the Institute. au 9-tf_ MRS. M. E. KINGSFORD'S SEMINARY, 416 E St.. Waih.nsto*, D. C. , The next aeaaion will commence <tctober 1st. I860, forwarded on application. au 16 tf \IRS. A. E. BELL'S SEMINARY, L"* Comer 9f L and Tenth *tf.y Wa>*iHtt<mrity. The next action of thia achool will commence September 3d, 1M?. The yourg iadiea of the Inatiution are particularly requeated to l>e punctual in ittendanoe at the opening of school, ami all othera a ho wiah to beooine membera of the same to make arly application, aa the number of pueila will be muted. Terms, Ao., given on application. au 85-d3 AeotOct 15* WESTERN ACADEMY. HE Exeroiaea of thia school, under the charge >f Dr S. L LooMia. and the Primary Department inder Miss Annix E Pxcx, will be resumed Sepember 3d. Ciroulara can be obtained at the bookitorea. (lnt.i au 17-ew^m MRS. BURR will reaume the duties of her Sohool on Monday, September 24, on H atreet, ^Wa.n 14?k Ii)k -- * ? ?W?li ?uu I1?ll (WUTva* ?o * CI11 III rKOYALHAVANA LOTTERY. RE N?xt Drawing of the Royal Havana Lotary, oonduoted by the Spanish Government, coder he supervision of the Captain General ot Cuba, rill UK* place at Havana on TUESDAY, Octobb* i, 1800. SORTED NUMBRO 643 ORDINAJIIO. CAPITAL PRIZE #100.000. 1 prtaeof oprixesoL, #l.nno [ do 60,000 w do SO# I do 30,000 133 do 00$ i do ? 30,tmo 30 appro x. ljuo < i do - ? 10,000 < IN ALL 48S PR TIES. Whole Tichets, ?UO-Haves, ?10?Quarters, $?. Srises cashed at sight at ? per cent. discount. < ills on all solvent Banks taken at par. < A drawing vill he forwarded as soon as the recall i jeoomes known. ? Ail orders for sohemes or tiokets to be addressed a DON RODRIGUEZ. ee!4-tr Oarewf O'tv Pnet. <*harlwtfin. 8. C. I. X. SINGER & CO.'S IMPROVED SEWING MACHINES, S?8 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, (UNDM National HOTEL,) A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF hiklMi) Tkrta4i, Heed lei, k Tvkt, KEPT ON HAND. ac 1-lm VM. H. GLOVER, Aftnt BH. ST1NEMETZ, ; 930 Pa. Av.,nrr. 13th akd 13th fra.. Having just returned from Nev York, n now >pening a oomplnto asaortment of iood? in hi* hoe of trade? 3ENTS' DRESS HAlS, varioua SEKLE'V VENTILATING i : A?SI MsKRKa d\ ESS HATS, aweat proof, PRINCE OF WALES HAT, for yoantman, V heaetiml aaaortment of CAPS for young men, { bore, ar.d ohildren, rine Calfakm HOOTS, eewed and pegged, *3 75, | -alf GAITERS, good qualities, low prtoaa. an 31 ro SOUTHERN 4 WESTERN MERCHANTS. RODEWALDt SINDALL, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, NDIGO. SPICKS1! "OA"' STARCH, SODA ASH, SAL SODA, BI CARB, SODA, SALERATUS. ana GROCERS' DRUGS, 99 cHEAPSIDE BALTIMORE, nvita the attention of Merohaota viaiting thia city 0 an examination of their atoek, whioh in variety >nd jirtoe i? not enrpaaaed either in thia or any of he Northern oitiee. CZ^Ordera reepeotfully aolioited and faithfully ixeouted an B-lm' T?HE PLACE I 1 TO GET YOUR ? _ _ SCHOOL BOOES il tk* f_aaait> P?? - TTST BALLANTYNB'i, 4#? SsvcftTH Br.. . I ? *-1w A ho** Odd Fallowa' Hall. , \AI? .. DAMAGED BOOKS. *? E Have a lot of Parker St Wataoa'a Reade/a nd Sp?ll<*ra that vera danagad a little br ?a'?r in ha ateamer from New Y*ik, which will be tolj far ia'f the uaual prio?. BLANCHARDfc MOHUN. 1 4 Corner 11th ?t. ami Fa. av. GEORGETOWN ADVKBTMT8 CM)R HARPER** FKRR\.~CHAIWE OF r DA VS? On aj.d after -W? ^ the sterner ANTELOPE. Cut M h J. W kll*. earr) ing tne Vnited mail. wtllWralieori*own EVERY MONDAY. WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, at 7 a. m..and return ev*ry Tiioertar, Thursday and Saturday. N. U-?Every Wednesday tie Aatalopa will raa through to Shepherdalowrn. lu ? In' OH . FUR HARPER'S FKRRY. N And afl-r July 3d, IMO. the *teamar L. J. Brrngle,Captain W. H. Ritter, will leave Georgetown EVERY TftKS I* I Tm f DAY, THURSDAY, and SATLR-*""*"* DAY, at 7 o'clock a. ml. and return every alternate day, at 6 o'oloak a. m. On tfc# Saturday trip from Georgetown the boat will ran through to Shepherdatowu. je21 3?n /"1RANDKLU OPTICIAN, Vv JVa, 1M MrUf* St., &smr$m0Wm, B?? ^ ? ? ? * mw? vvw*MkMKi vn i?w o i?rgo Mvorimom oj Prenoh Xear-eijnted, Periecopio. ' ?! js n ored, and aE other SPIsCTAtTLhS, trie foeanna.ity. in?<r4. silver, ateel.and Germw i.ver fr*m??. N. B. Old Kthtm Repaired nod I ew caeeee eet la theaa t* order. bo V-b | \1 A9ttJEY, COLH>a^t~ CO.'S PHILADELLTl PH1A DRAUGHT ALE.?We are <k nstant y i reoeiving itmIi aupptiee ofthe above delightful bertrut, and invite all person* who want a pur* unadulterated Ala, to civa it a trial. ARNY A SHINN, Agents, IT 8rMn ?t? Sonri^Uiwn. JosTr., undertaker. Cor. Brxdg* Mrf Jtfrrton it*., Qf?rnlowa. Having given my persons, attention to thia brauch of mi bo?ines?, 1 am prepared to^? attend to all calls vith proniptnMa kAaMf Persona from a distance oan ne sup plied at a *ew minutes' notice, as 1 have a large assortment of CuPFlNS aiways on hand. Parttoalar attention paid to the removal of tto 1 d*ad from the old to the new banal groaads. Hearaea and Horaea for hire. a# W4n LIST OF UNCLAIMED PACKAGES at the Offioe of the Atlanta Express Company, Wash luftwu, a/. v.. w? w wnu IVI irrigni ai.a oairiei. u Dot i mined it taiy oai'ed for. ? k i * ?EORGE H- BURNS, Agont. September lit, I960, Au bin, N Kriearaaa, M Adamoon, A Konee, Mri E Alden, J R J Kennan, W J Anderson, J H Lindley, Prof Adair, O Laurenoe, A B J Abbey, Wn Li viruiton, H B Aihe, W 8 Lynch, A j Alaobrook, U R Latrobe, H B Barber, Rev 8 Leonard, Roy C < Balland, H Lawaon, Beret W Branob, J W L?omia, M Brown, A H Lane ley, O N Bringer, M D Long. 8 B Barclay. A P Lambert, C G Butta, W in B Longatroth, RtrLL Hrown.A _ Lang, J Bemisi, Pr<f 8 M La bar re, F Baer, Mra M Lavrenoe, Col Bowie, R J Lender, Q H Haldwin. BH Mott.ColC U liaird. Br Mvera, Col Barna, Mary MoPberaon.J A Burna, P _ MaeKey.j'r Biaekmore. B C MB P Browne, M Mo A bee, B B?lan, K T Maaon. Hon C Browne, H F Montague, K L Bosse, Wra MoCreary.PA Brown, A V Mnldoon, M Barnard, O C Manny penny. Col Bu'Ier, J 6 Morgan, E B Baker. Wrif ht A Co M outcome , J B at;ton, B H Martin, 1) B Brown. A U McKeever, A Banka. ED MoLein. W T Bennett, C W MoCracken, J Byrne*, Br J Mitche.l.AS Camer, A L Meader, J Clark, B H Meeka, J W Coleman, C W Morton, J H (Cochrane. J A Mtrkl**. T Carter, C H Merrill k Purm, Cannon, J M Murray. T Cutts, H L MoMurrar.CH Connolly, F C Mannine, Catherine, Chouteau,CP Mitchell, H Soieman, Mr* MB Merrill, J H ? oanoilr, J Mllla, w O f Colby, PT MoKecuy.S , Chapman, Wm >1 itoi.ejl, A S f Cruier, L Mu??y, P n Chamberlain, I MoPberaoo. CH " Cooker, J L Mite hell. W F ? Campbell, J H Mindeloff. M John Newbrough, JB * Campbell, T A Nailor, 6 " Clarke, Miaa J Niciu>!tonrG W S Crotohett, J On Ida, JO Colbnrn, J O Patent, Com of ^ Campbell, Arehy Do do P Con rand, C M Palmer, K 0 Conrad, C M Porter, WD r Cauningham,C W Parker, GJtT P Cook, A P Pat*nt, Com of l> >ouf herty, J K Do do , JobTna.Col T J Do do > )ultin. Fell* D<) d<> )iokeya,Mr Do do ? )uboia, Cher Do do Do Muna Do 4o Daily, BC Pollook.EA Device, R J A Penaiona. Can of Delaney, R Patent, ron of Douglaa, MeG Patent Ofltoe i'unnaoi, W S Perry, 1 w , i>enma, J P Randolph, Col J J l)avia, RW Rodceri.J J Dunham, Fa W katila*, J Dovd. K (or Doini) Rot^win. Cart J K0 ward*, 8 Rich. G W Do J 8 Ridi?w?r, W Katun, W Robinson. Mrs A _ Baton. J Reed, iaaao C haiing.Pr Richard eon, F b raser, J L Ffcppperd Wm _ banner, MG Stuart, Rev li C D Frenoh.EB bul l van. J FpnT M 8tone. N B F.eld, M Beward, J L p h urae. J S^irpt, Dr Potter, J Somin >n, H Perciiaon, 8 W Schmidt. F barley, Mr! J Schael, Wm tc Kreip.Fred Smith, Lama Fu'ler.G C Seieoman. J H Farrill, J Sella map, M h o.ter, J W gtooe, H Gnffio, F C Seibert, 8 ? Uiainbaatiao, 9 Skinoer, A P U r^r\V ffcdri B?*h urea* on, W nnirt, & Gillie, 8 W Pace, ? Goaeett. Mra 8eranton,JH Gazette Oftoe fetevena, t? R lireen, Pro' G W Sullivan, N 8 Grimes, J W Smith, W Gardner, A W Bntton, C tiatea, Mra N Shoemaker, B Gekyl, F Sejmcur, J Gibaon, W iV Top-w. E _ Gaapair, G Do., H Hon TTler.CN a H,a,n. H D . Thompaon A Bart, A Humineii, John Tiler. K C Hall. A T t Co Thorna#, H Hu client, J J ThomM, B M B Hatch, K D Th?nip?i?n. W A H&jm. J It Th raider if Hooke. SB Tucker, Wm Henry, N 8 Thoinpaou, Kluah Har.kueoht.G L Taylor.Jan Hammer, M Tnrge. Mr HeaJd, J T Trn?.bail. Dr C A Harrington, W H Todd.Lt J W Hawkee. Col J A T J Hyam, B D Van Vint, BF liiggina.AJ Vou*ti, H Hervey, H Wright. W Unxhee. NH Mre M 1 Harman, B WJntoher, J B | Jonee.tT WTUiaina, J Jordan, G Wemmiga. J J W P W oo.ter, 3 K Jamee, PL l>o. Jack ton, T B Ware, W H Jouue, A Wykoff, W C k Iveraon, Hon B Ware, E T Jonea, P Woodruff, J B John*tun, Mn 8 P WhJUler, A aiy"'0* sssNffi ! Kennarter. N K *'!" ^ W . Kendall, K U Woodley, D * Keehler, G Wateon, A Kanaenatranck, O Zeigler, Geo Kirch nor. M ? 1-ii QPFICK OF mWBC^OI^AND SEALER 1 W AaainoToji, Jily It, 1MU, n NOTICE IS HEREBY OltAJV. That, agree- ? fcbly to the proviaiona of the mdinanoe of the Cor- J poration approved May IS. IMP, the undersigned la ?' aow prepared, "whenever reeuired in writing, and ^ jn pre-payment of the fee of fifty oenta, to inapeot. > pxamin?, teat, prove, and ascertain the aeouraey of regiatratioa of any cae Meter in nee in tAia eity." ? Every meter, if found inoorreot, will be oonderaned, ' led another, aealed and marked aa tree, will be o sat in ita plaoe. If proved to be aooarate in ita maaeteraman* nf ?an i*?H e....<l 1 ? "? ??i ? ?y ?"? xvuiuiiifij, a ?4 M. 1 ,0 ' " ^*%feS?{9.' . jy Utf Inspector ud Sealer of tta* Meter*. p-agSSpffSpca^r? . tilled. made by the moot reliable duullcrs in put- < tylvaaia, Maryland and Virginia. wruud pure, ' tleo, Import** Hrandiea, Hmdiut, Otard. Da My fc Co.. J alee Robin*, Ac. Alio, P?Mkt?( Aft'* Brandjr. pare Holland 0ln, old Jamaica and St Rroi* Ram, and Wine* of every variety, all ol M U-ly *<* Pa a*.. bmtw. aft mad Wtt *>?. j DALTtMORE * H BUTTER HOUgE*. ? , Daiiy^rwenr^^ fr??^and^?weet^in 6ort?^e?- ^ THE WEEKLY STAR T -0- -f Tnii-flui,<wimtm? itoni. v^==m=n , lossr^'j^rs^r/s.^ ? * " ? MISCELLANEOUS. "?BT THE BBST.? THOMSON S CEXEBRATEB | WZCjW 8II1T8. NOVELTIES FOK ilTl'NN, I9M Tke Ea|faU ParU Cart. ? r?niUtaliu. " Icalkrra ((atfa ?? fairy. ?? PvUku Trail. * Zephyr Re.nodetlad fron Uta lataat Ptnou <1|M Manufactured aoiely by aa trom Tliniana'a Pataat iMprovad Cucraiatad Spnaga aad UlWlaUa W. ?ifce Slide. Etarj Skirt lamped wiU oar Mat u?d t/ada m*rk. 'ha Crown. F- aa a aramrbara. The Beat la tke Ckrapaat. W. 8.4C.H. THOMSON * CO.. *3? Bioiiwu, N?w You. u*-M 4 ThUat Sap* lawlaa PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AXD BLOOD BEHOYATOE la praoiaeir alia* ita raoia tadiaataa, for, whila flemit to tha laata, it ia rariTt/;inc. e*bil*r?Ur.?. u\ i|orat?A( and atrenfthannf to the nta potrara, ?uv ???? wmo ivti?I|MB? nunMMtMi BV* i#?i the B i?od in a 1 ita original pnrity.aod thus it nmci+ r*riorti nnd rmdrri t\r nftfm tmv*lne*mkU \o ait trie! dtlrtll. It tl U>? onif >ftp>f?llO? ' ?r o<f*r?a to the world. eo chemically and afcill[ jlty combined aa t* be tn* ir.oet puwerfal tome, ind at the Mine time eo perfectly adapt** to. aa to kot id perfect aocordanoe with the lawe of eater*. kn?i henoe will teethe the tnuUraai ?iama?4. and tone up thedigeaiire orgaua and thaa a lav ail aerroaa at-d other irritaUoa. It u perfect*w exhilara ting and at the lama tune it u oompoeed entirely of rage tab lea, yet ao ooiabin*d aa to prodaoe the ?oat thorough toeio effeet, withoat producing, aay lauriuua oouarqaeooea. fuca a rawed* baa loaa >*en felt to be a deaideratam in the medical wur.o, ,or it need a no medical akili to aaa that debility ollowa ail attack of diaaaae, and proaeeda a ad laIced lays the ayateta op*n to the maidioua attack a >f many of the moat fatal, auo : , for eiamaie. aa tha oil owing: Consumption, lndigeatioa. DyaaagMfe, joaa of lAppetita. Paiatnaaa. Nerroaa Irritahi ity. Mearaigia. Vaivitauoa of the heart. Meiaaohoiy, Via ht sweau. Lang or, Giddiaeee. Retention ol. aa rail aa Painful obetraoted. too profaae, or too ??nt Menstruation, ai>d Falling of tha Womb. Theae all depend apon general debilitv. Thia para, lealthy tonie Cordiai and B ood Reno-rator la aa are to cure aa the aan la to rtae and eat. There 1a 10 mniake ahoat it. Bat thia la not all If tha yatem la weakened we are oaen to hilioae ml auk*, I tie liver become* tor pi a, or w?rne dmn*id. he kidney ? refaae to perform their function*, ud r? are troubled with aoalding and monotlnenoe of trine, or involuntary dlaoharge of tl>? aeme, pain o the back, aide and Mwm the ?hou 'irra ex teedingly liable to alight eoida, eoagh*, aud if uaib?cked, aoon emaciation lollowa, and the patient :oea down to a pennature crave. But epaoe will tot allov ua to enumerate the many ilia to whiefc we kre liable in a weakened oondition ol the arateei. iut we will ear in thia Cordial aad Blood kenovaor yon hnve a perfect, aafe, pleaaant aad effeetsel enied7 for loeeof Appetite, biliouaneea, Plata enoe, weak and aiok dtomaok. Langoar. Liver Complaint, Chiila and Fevar.or any B.iuo?attack, 'ottiveneea, Acidity ofthe S*t?a?ach, Nervouaneea. Meuralgia, Palpitation of the Heart, Depraaai?>n >f Spirita.Soree, Pimplee on the Face, er aar diaaae arlaiog from impare blood, auoh aa borofnla, %.> ipelaa. Bnmohitia, Conch, dl Acuity of Breath ag. and all that oiaaa of dieeaeea ca ed feme e reakneea. and enumerated above. We wtli aieo ?y the traveler expoeed to epidemioa, ekaage of J imate and water, will find it a pleaaant. aafe aad ure remedy, and no one akonJd ever travel witk at. Render, try it. for we aaeure yon yon will ind in Unfriend indeed,aa wellae atrieadmaaed. All peraona of aedeatary hablte wil . fiad ?t a per?ot preventive of. aa well ae a eare for tkeee auneiita whioh they are particular!; expoeed Hai.oe uniatera, atudenta, attorneya, literarr gentlemen, ad lariiee who are not aoooet* med to maoh ??utoor exerei*e, will find it to tkeir ad vantage to eep a bottle constantly on hand; and akove ail aotner*. or tftoae beoominc auoh. will ao thr oach hat moat daageroua period n?t only with ail their oouatomed atrengtk, but aafe and free fropn tke houaand ailment* ao prevalent among tke female ortion of the woild. In abort, la indeed a mother a ordial. Try it old and yonng; no lot ger ran tke tak of delay: It will relieve and prove iteelf emhatioally a Resioratttt Corduil mmd Blood lUaeea "o. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Broadway. New 'ork, and 114 Market Street, t*t_ Loui?, tio.. aad old by all good Drngglata. Prion One Dollar far lottle. PROP WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL BLOOD R^OVATOR an 20-aoly.alw * r PROCLAMATION I O THE CITIZENS OP WASHINGTON, tf KOR6KTO WN. Aa WWmi, At tli? preeent muoi o ttoe jmt HOLKRA MOKBl'8, DIARRHEA, IVSE.NTER V, i rtvui to ?n ilinuiii extant: And trkerf*, It mart be of the FIRST CONSEQUENCE > every faauly to fcnow of A RKMEDY ?t onoe S*r?. Spttdy, and XJemdmu, DR. MONTARDB, or fun, ffere Ui MIRACULOUS PAIN R1LLER tEMESmVtifHftZTOthjfll. ' la order to eatiefy THE PUBLIC Lb&t no lmpoaiti'iD u lutrndod in tke?le of Uue THE MONKV^ILr'BK^kEtUNDED tfll // filll rhen the medioine tnili to kit* entire eatufeetio iek, then at any Drnc Store for DR MONTAR OK*S MIRACULOUS PAIN KII LER. taJr a El dirMtEd. AL.J if not BArfaot'v lAillftftd teturn to our Acent, D. B. CLABE, ESQ.. 4H Street and Pennai >an!* Amu, who will refund yoar mocay. Pnoe?'J3 and JOCwiU jar Bottle. For aala at all Dm* Stores ?mj rtwa JAB. MoDONflELL. Oeuerv AiMl. jy 11 aotr _____ BalP?ore. Ml'OllTAWT TO HOU&KEEEl'EJUl. E. E. DUEEEE h CO.*B Baaraotead Dot ocJy ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PL'BE, ut (round from freeh Spiees, and alaaaat 1 as expreeely for the pur*>ee without reterwpea i ooaL Tuey are beauurally panked iu Uofoil, iceu with paperJ to prevent lajar/ by kiMh ad are talMratfkt, while the ord.uyr *roa?<1 yiiM are almoat icranabiy abort. Wj warrant 'Wv-ysra? ^issoHr* a eincle trial will abandautly prove. Manuiaciured oaly _ _ _ fc tl-lf.PA ^ATCHREPAmNO^^VEE WU? I bare one or the beat aetahhshiaaat*, aad firtailed with a complete set of tools for repair- JEv i? every d?sc>iptina of fcae Watches, and 171] articular aueatiau rive to Uta earn-, l>> ?4mB lorouch oom patent workman,&od all work sueraued AUo, e?er> descnp ion of standard 8II.V KR V ARK. p!am and ornamental, inanufaotu'ad under iy own inperviaton, which my cmtJUri will AM ?r *up*rivr in auaiit) and to aortlMr* nn i>ld b> d*?lera in ganertl a.u<l f *!'?*k*w wn naimfkcUr*. H. O HOOD, e 6 X3* Pa. ? <** Hth *t. AH wteWa-le de?)?rt ia C JStt Si'JSi ?p?WdW5"-r. gy Ca*h p^wl ?H kmda ?f ??r?in. U ? Iw i/ OALTB' * ? ? D C ? A L 9? Pa. A*., Bktw. Ht* un lira Btk, North Mill ??d Wharf f??t ??< Sr v*>uU?i th O., ma W rf H>1-* " >' r-i>rt??? l. L^LOl'K. Mi'-A-.L, MILL FKKI>. *?. Jurt rreeiTwii tut ????>> t-hU ?uao?nor hi hi 1 ( fit*! |.?awl J-MMl', Kktf? M?l &IM> F low. ??few Uiii r- ;UU ki~i. ? KMutfj.awwr < ? ? ? * - *

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