Newspaper of Evening Star, September 21, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 21, 1860 Page 1
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V^. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 21. I860. N?. 2.869. THE EVENING STAR M pUBLISHED BVBRY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT mi STAR BUILDINGS, Corner Pennsylvania av?nu4 and \Uk St., i "T W. D.'WALLACH. r?|*i aarvad ia ptaktfM br aarriari it |(i year, oc T oaata par month. To mail rabMnbora u?e priaa u 9vn a yaar, u? oJvmm,- #3 for in iuoi?Ui?; #1 for thrt? aoitlu; and for tin thaa .... ? -v? m \mw nn 01 B awn WNt. Dll|i* ooptea, orb c4*t; in vrappara, two cmiTa. II7AtrBT?nnT. .viaId be Mat to the oSee before KoVock m ; otharwiaa they nay n'tiffwir antil the next Jay. OpmiUai ?( tkr Pttcat Office. The following la a llat of patents laaned from the U. S Patent OSce for the weak ending September 11. !-?<>?each bearing that date: O P Allen, of Rlndge, N. H ?For Improved clothe* dryer Sampaon American, of Chicago, 111.?For com poaltlcn for toilet 9 C. Amea, of Waahlngtea, Ark ?For Im provement in cotton c lea vera. David (larger, of Colombia, N. Y.?For Im provement to threahln? marhtiiea. Everett Baaa. of Calhoun coanty. Ga ?For Im provement In tightening tire on wheels Levi A. Beardaiey, of South Kdmeston, N. Y. For improvement in hay elevating forka. Leonard Brlcker, of SprlncrfeM. Ill ?For im proved combination of amoothlng Iron and lamp H R Rllrir?p nf RirhmAnH V* ?Cap ImnaAwn^ roar bine for grinding uwi F.litfaa W. Cady. of Tom ah, Wl??For im provement In aeif-adjnating brace* for jack acrews or other boiatinc apparatus M C. Chamberlin, of John*onaburg, N Y.? For inprovemeni In aelf-detarhabU whi Octrees for vehicles D W C'xrk. of Stratford, Conn ?For improve ment in stirrnpa. G?orge Collar, of Appoqulnlmlnk Hundred, Del., and A H Patterson. of Philadelphia. Pa ? For Improvement la couplings for city railways Samuel L Donnell, of South Carroll, Tenn.? For Improved grading instrument. John H Dunbar, of Plymouth, Conn?For Improved saw clamp Wright Durvea, of New York, N. Y.?For Im proved device for joining botes. Matthew F.lder, of Lansing, Mich.?For Im provement in brick raouida. E.G. RUlott, of Elk Horn, Wia ?For i no wove inent in watch** A. H Emery, of New York, N. Y?FOf im provement in anti-friction preaaea M H Ferguson, of SuniWh, O.?For iuiprove >?nt in feeding: grain to mllla Charles Fleming, of Ypallanti, Mich?For Im provement in moulding plane* Geo. Freeman, of New York, N. Y.?For im provement in wood acffw*. O. L. G'.beon, of Fort Beod counto. Tex.?For Improvement in cotton aeed planters. Edmund Greenlee, of Summer hi 11 township. Pa.?For improved stave jointer. C. P. Gronberg, of Aurora, 111?For improve ment la raking attachment for harveatera. J R Hall, of Brunswick, Me?For improved machine for *aw1ne out ahlnglea. S 7j Hall, of Sequin, Texna?For improve ment in feeder* for roUwn gins A. F. Harding, of Middletown, Ohio.?For Im proved marine propeller. John R Harrington, of New York, N. Y?For Improvement in machine for making carpet lining. Isaar Harden, of I^wrence. Mais.?For Im provement in cotton cleaners. A. Hoagland. of Jeraey City, N. I.?For im UfUTCU wuuuoua Ansel Holman and Oliver A. Kelly, of Slater vllle, R 1 ?For improved machine for harden ing scythes. F A Mull, of Belvidere, 111.?For improvement In grates for (team boilers Charles F Johnson, Charles P Johnson, jr , and 'Vlliiam W. Johnson, of Owego, N. Y?For iniL^ovad lock. \vli7'?ni W Justis, of Genito, Va.?For Im provement in machine for straightening and pressing tobacco. Daniel l.ashef, of Brooklyn, N. Y.?For im provement in grat* bars. Benjamin F L?e. of New York, N Y.?For improvements in railroads Pierre A Letoarneur, of New Orleans, La ? For Improved cement. Calria A. Littlefleld, of Covington, Ky., as _? > ? 1? J n u n" t ? _ Mgavi ku munru aim mna ouyir. of Millie ^lace ?For Improvement In ire place* Jnllna Loeb. of New York, N. Y ? For im provement in t bread-dre*aiag machine* Ira Mason, of Berlin, N. H ?For improvement la law teeth George Marlow, of Cincinnati, O ?For Im provement in apparatus for beating buildings. Arthur Maglunla, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For Improved method of ventilating hat* Bernhard M-ru. of Burlington, Iowa ?For Im provemeut In barvemtiug machines. J* H Miller, of Haaowrton, Ohio?For Im provement In governor* for ?t?im engine*. C D Ober and S ? Ober, of Morrisvtlle, Vt. ?Kor improved washing machine J J Parker of Manetta, O.?For Improved ap ple parer. corer, and sllcer. r??"n' P?*, of Brockport, N. Y ?Per im prove>T>ent In pump* Charles Pevley, of New York, N Y.?For Im proved vertical ship's windlass. Augustus ProiyD. of Albuy, N Y.?For im provement in wooJ saws William Kaakia, of Richmond, Ya.?For im proved machine for planing mould)nga Joseph Ranb, of Highland, Pa ? For Improved hoop-K-iwlnp machine Alfred A. Raymond, of Salem, Mam ?For 1m ptKwurui m iiwik cuuaecuuu lur iuuiiincry William Rice, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For im provement in bomb-sbells William Robinson of Augusta, Ga.?For Im proved machine for joiatia^ staves William Robinson, of Augusta. Ga.?For iiil pr?v?4 machine for riving and dressing stavra. Bernard F Roe, of Nroruia city, Nebraska.? For Improvement In farming mill* Benjamin T. Roney. of Philadelphia, Pa ?For ?iproven>ent In harvester cutters TvIUiam H Seymour and l.athrop Heyiftour, at Wey.noant, Ohio.?For improvement la cuitiva ton WWII? *thaler, of Ripou, Wis.?For improved washing mai io? Henry W ^hi^ltT* ?f Mount Vernon, Ohio ? For improvement UT imnt machines. Charles Smith, of Kjioxville, Tex ?For im provement In cotton cltai)""f ' Aimw P Spauldlng and E1>U Pnrce, of West minster. Ma** ?For improvement In machine" for bend! tiff wood. Strph??aStewart, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For im provement la eloaln^ doors and gatr* Tbomaa Stewart, of Pittsburg, Pa.?For im provement tn safety-guard for railroads. J. C Stoddard, of Worcester. Mass?For ltn provement tn horae rakes. Levi F Straight, of Pair^^P 111.?For im provement in corn planter* Joaspb W Strange, of Bangor, Me ?For im provement in spring dividers. L an lei Strock, or C uawbersbiirg, Pa ?For Im provement in borae rakes. Alpb'us C. Tlbb?-tu, of Rockland, M-e?For improvement in fore and aft sails for vessels Dwt?bt Tracy, of Worcester, Mass?For im provfl^i.1 in sewing-machines. John O Tread well, U Albany, N. Y.?For im provement in ranges sad stoves Lsvi B Tyng; of Lowell, Mass.?For improve* imooi iu raurosa j?ma A Little, One Wall, George Roberta, and M 9 Cartter, of Docatur, 111 ?Fur Improvement ta portable capaiao for mole plougba. Jaaal hi a Waltoa, ot Brooklyn, N. V.?For lm pror?4 door laU-h S M . Wtrta, of Hudaoa, Mich ?For improve neat Ingialn separator*. W . A If ood, of Hooatck Fall*, New York.? For inproreuieat la raking apparaiua lor barvaa O W. N. Yoat. of Yellow Sprlnga. Ohio ?* ( For Improved link for ehatna Aoot Chaae, of North Weaw, N H.. aaalgaor to Natbaa C. rage, of aanie place.?For Unproved *<*hool dt'k - Meory burrow*, of Georgetown, D. C., aaalgaor to blmeelf and E W. WooduelT, of D. C ? improvement in fence* l. U. Bate bailor, of Kocbaaier, N. Y , aaa;gaor to iUk.wif and R. B Hurd, of aame place.?For improved ehaii aaate. __ i.immim .v, vjiimore.oi jaaaroue, wu .mjsifoor to blo-elf >nu J Mail 01 pi** -P<* ? ? provcnirat la rock. ^r n# machlnM. CbM b Hutcbii*o?fpf Auburn,N. \ to H A UaUbtMoa,o/Mtu?pUc?.?For Improved Mirci ltd mackiiw. T. MeOaatei, of Bowliag Ort*H, Kf-, to hitMelf and J VV Jewell, of mile place ?Pot .mprowawai la hanging mlil ?ton*a. jiunea Molyneux, of Bordentowu, N. J . ** Ignor to U.* Bordentowa Macblaa Cootpaay ? F?r lmprovameat in blocks for forming ttlcs. B. B Mub. of *&ady Bill, N. Y , aMlgnor W A- B King, ?f Troy, N V ?For iwprovod mitrr (ieorgr W. rittork. of I'alon Mtlta, N. V ,u> lf?or to Iaaar Brown, of niw ptacc, and Joa Ku*iMii, at Trt>y, N. Y,?For lmproreineat la MfkddU* k A. T. L'niorblU. of New York. N. Y., Maigr.or C . R Und?rblll. of NewaalU, JH. \ ?Fur JWP>? ? ? mm?B "" H BiniM. rf^MVanace Welti, of New York, !1 Y , anljnor to klwtU lid Samuel B IVelts. of am? place Ar tutprovuMiit iu aUaiu eagluM. Theodore 9 Wukbu t, ?T M<* b?Ut, N . V Wivasi to Kirm B Booth, of aotc place ?For * >t la arwtni ' Ui prueemeut in arwtng marhlaee ? Hlrttn Kerdsn, of New York, N \ ?k?r iatprof?iacutIn bakers' uvem George VV. Brown, of Ualesburgb. III ?For Improvement in seed planter* Henry Cowing, of Corpus Chrlstl, Texas ?For improvement in gang plows J. C. Stoddard, of Worcester, Maaa.? For Im provement in bav-making machines Extension?Ellas Howe, jr , of Brooklyn, N. V., (formerly of Cambridge, Maaa.)?For lm- ' provtment in sewing machines / Terrible Tragedy. A MA1? ATTEMPTS TO RAVISH HIS DACGHTBR? ATTEMPTED XCRUtR AMD SUICIDE. The New York Express of Wednesday even- 1 ing says: An intense excitement wasoccasioned this morning in Morgan street, Jersey City, in oonaeqaence of a man named James Gathrey having attempted to murder his daughter t Catharine, 14 years of age, and then attempt- j inir to deatrov hit own lifti h? * ? >">? 0 ^ ~ >? ? VH*?I1I^ um ?UIV?V \ and inflicting wounds upon his arm Gathrey i is a Scotchman, about 40 years of age, a ship carpenter by trade, and removed to Jersey i City aboat six week* since from Williamsburg The girl states that her father had aade ser- , eral attempts to violate her person, and that I she recently caused his arrest in Williamsburg for that offense. Catherine states that on Sun day last her father induced her to accompany him to New York, under the pretext oi' visiting an iee cream saloon, but instead of that he took her to a house of bad repute and again at tempted to violate her person, but she raided an outcry and finally succeeded in escaping from the bouse. This (Wednesday) morning, while engaged building a fire, Gathrey approached bis daugh ter, ana, throwing her upon the floor, attempt ed to accomplish his brutal purpose, when her screams attracted the attention of her mother. who was in at) upper room, and upon entering he desisted. Shortly afterward*, as Catharine was adjusting her hair before a looking glass, Gathrey rushed upon and struck her a heavy blow on the back of the bend with a hatchet, indicting a deep but not dangerous wound. Gathrey then ran up stairs, and his wife gave an alarm, but the people who gathered around were afraid to attempt his arrest. Word was sent to the station house, when Chief of Police Marinas, accompanied by Coroner Gaffney, proceeded to the house. Gathrey waa discov ered sitting at the head of the stair*, all cov ered with blood, which was flowing profusely from a wound in his throat, mil t?n wnnnJiiii his aria, which had been inflicted with a rator and a small knifo, which were subse quently discovered secreted between the plas tering and clapboards. Drs. Morris and Reeves were called in and tbej succeded in dre9*ing the wounds. The gush on the neck was some five inches in length, and the wind pipe was nearly severed. The injuries will undoubtedly cause his death. The girl was taken to the house of Mr. S. Edlestein near by and received proper attention. She sustained a scalp wound some two inched iu length, but the skull did not appear to be fractured. A large number of people gathered around me uuuje. ana upon me tacts becoming known, much indignation was manifested, and some of the women propo*od to lynch 'lathrey on the spot. This proporition would probably have been carried out, had there not been several otfioers present, (lathrey -ubsequently inquired if his daughter was dead, and on being informed that ?he was not, he replied that he was sorry. Officer Chazotte was de tailed to koep a watch over the injared man to prevent him from doing further injury to himself. Syria. [correapondcuce of the London News ) B?vkopt, Aug 22 ?Our letters from l)a miwtu are dated 20th instant, and give no ac count of the measures adopted by Faud Pasha, which certainly show no lack of determination to punish the authors of the atrocious massacres of which that oity ha* been the scene. The ar rests already exceeded l,tXM) in number, and comprised persons of all ranks. Ibe accused are divided into three claoses?those punish able with death, those to be condemned to the galleys, and those to be sent to*; w> serve in the army ; ;md the number of tHin latter class is expected to rea?,h .1.000 On the 2'Jth the executions on a large scale begau Gibbets were erected in various parts of the eitv. and iT neiw>n? ?ni"? #!??... 1 ^ . g V ? ? ilit ui VI laun auu importance, were bunged thereon, to the stupe faction of the fanatical multitude, who per ?i?ted to the last in believing that the wnole affair was merely a farce got up to mystify the Franks, and that only a few obscure individuals would be sacrificed. On tbe same day 116 reg ular soldiers and basuibazonks were marched to the Meidan, the most turbulent and fanat ical quarter of Damascus. and there shot Of the second class of criminals, 170 have been sent to the galleys, and the Shiekh of IIhs beyah. who presided at the horrible butchery there, has also boen shot, with another chief whoaa name bad not reached me. The state of Damascus is described as extra ordinary. and ita appearance as almost that of a desolate city. The streets are comparatively deserted, except by the military patrols and the wives and families of the criminals exe cum, "uu wwmsr iv<ju[ me streets snnekiug Ad wailing; but no one Jare# to show any sympathy with them. These women, a few weeks ago, were hounding on their relative* to their bloody work, and sharing in the plunder and destruction. The arrests go on; the whole council of the Paaha will be tried, and many of them, it in believed, will be convicted. The communica tion with Damascus is difficult, the roads being carefully watefied to prevent fugitive* escaping, and every precaution U taken not to provoke but at the same time to repress energetically any outbreak of fanatical revenge Twice within lh? last few day* some of the Moslem rabble have assembled with sticks, Ac., crying, "To arms, Moslem*.'' but have been so easily dispersed tbat it is evident how little courage was needed to have put down the demonstra tions that threw all JJeyrout into ptnic in June. All seem quiet in the moantalnn; a few Druses are prowling about, but it is reported that on arriving at liasbeyah, Hassan Bey m i . i ? ?- ... ? found mat im urusea bad decamped, and that instead of there being 2,000 Christian* to bring in there were only a few hundreds. The nnm? bora mtiviog relief hero are v ery small. Mcthodibv axd Slaviry ? Her. Dr Eddy, editor of the Northwestern Christian Advocatey (M E.) haa written a letter to President Bu chanao. which appears in the Chicago papers. He writes aa a member, a minister and o?cer of the Methodist Church, regarding matter* which affect the life, liberty and happiness of those whom he represents He states that tho Methodist Church ia no political organization; that its members hare ever been a loyal peo ple, and that as anch lhai ?Uhn tt>? ? enter any part of the domain of the l?nited Stat**; but that the denomination to whic^ p, they belong baa attained Its influence is conse- te queues of ita being decided and uncompro mising In ita anti.slavery views. Many person* residing in the slave States, for various reasons, prefer to be oouaeoted with the division of the Ifetbodist Church for whioh l>r. Eddy speaks, rather than with the Methodist Episcopal Church South, yet they have been subjected to barbarous treatment for acting in accordance rith this preference Dr. Eddy cites recent raosMtious in Texas as proof of this position, illudtng especially to tke banging of Rev Mr. Etewlsy. with whom he was personally ao- R .minted. Now. the Question aHa?- ?w?- - itate of affairs, can Mefhodlatii ba protected id he Southern State*, or a*e the it to ba exposed o death at the hauds of snliceaaed mobs? Hitherto the Church haj been divided in iU ' lea oa political subjects. but a few more such nurden aa that ef Bewley, iiyi Or. Eddy, md Methodists will ask who cau give them an idmlnlatration strong enough U> uphold their righta. H7" Th* population of Boetoa ia now 16?,9<* In taM it w*? 13H.7HH. jj?? gain In ten yeara baa therefore been 9U,U4. 4 . A MRS. W1NILOW, N Experien cd Norse and Female Phjtlelai present* to tA? attention of mother*, bar SOOTHING SYRUP. Far Children Teeth lag, Wkltk pHtlj heltitilii tha prHtu af taatfctaf, fcT mAm ia( Ua faro*, rtAaeicf ait lafammauaa?will alfay At r ain ana apaarnadia aeuao.and la SURE TO RRU ULATE THE BOWELS. D?P?B* ?pao It, matbirt, u Will girt raat la " RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANT W a hav* pat apatidaoM thi* articla far a?ar tan can ?4T, ii* rojirinttci ai*D tiutM of it, what ?a ha* aifbaat c>Mi:u.and&tiMi af it* mi ual alacu *&d madici nrtaaa. Wa apaak in .hia nuttar < WHaT vi DO MOW, (f'.artan yasra' aiparianea, al*0 FLBOal 0l'? RBFDTJ ein? r/>o wu ? * ** --- ? * - aa*ar baau afcla 10 Madieiaa ? ????R 4 man m ?ict a Cl'kl, M* tar did wa kuaw laitafaauwi If auy ika contrary, all art riMATIoNS, and i aay any othii MM. IT r*iL?D,ii ?!?ta!*cb to ai MRS. ...r. .. rvi,>i4.nii<l ui W HAT VI W BP. I DM CL4H I. In aln.oat ??#r? in.tunc# whtri ti>( infant aulai l?f from pain an1 aihtaation, raliaf will b* found in Uui ?r iwntf mu.aiaa hfur tba a; rap la auminiatarad. Tbia ?*!a*bla prafxratlwi w tha pratertptian af Ml If th mi liriitillK'lD arid aliLFt'L Nruia in Nav Ei i hid, uiku baan aia J villi NIV BR -FA I LI 1*0 H'Cclll f THOUSAXDS Ot CASKS. U aai aul j raliaaaa tb? child from piio, bat inrigarataa ti itaniaeli and tawalt, corracta acidity, and (itaa ihi u< luargy ta tha vhala a/atara. It will eluiait inaUully ral.??? OklPINt} IN THK BOWSLS AND WIND COLIC, tad avarcoma canralaiaoa, arbieb, il ial (tadvJj rauadud lad in tutli. i: baiiara it tbi in 111 lh? VOItLD TIIV and Dial WW. wbathar i or from tut Xha I4DIUIIITKIM- FOB. d all eaaaa af lvj- CHILDREN lattA It. cm il- TEETHING. triaaa (ram laathni* ;ic?a Wa voaM i-y ta a?ary moth a r who haa a eRild aai 'ariuf from any of 'ha fora{am? complauiU?DO HOT LI1 roui pi UVDicEl, l*ol THI rniJl'Di'jla or otmi&i itaad baiaraan year aalfarinf child and tlia raliaf t!iat will b IUIB?T*a. AltbLUTILV sill?la follow tna oaa of tb adieina, if tiTtlj aaad. fall itirai'.iaca' araamg villi tampan* aacb Ljt'ia. Noua ranaina anlaaa tha fac-aiuill 30RTI1 4 PJCRKINS N.. V*rk .s. old by rvrarfMi* thrr.afbuat t>i? ?r*rld. Principal 0#c?. N?. UCtdar Itmt, !l. T. Pn?? ?oIt iS C*uM H> Btrxi* M 11-dAvlv FOR SALE AND RENT. tfOR RRNT-A three-story RRICK HOUSE on H Ktroet, botweou 4th and 5?h. Also, a two itory BKICK CO I'TAGE, garden, corner o I'ennetaee arenue and north F street, xurroundu iv a largo oornmon pasture, at?J would be a do*ira >!e location for a dairyman. Inquire of C. Bl RGE 146 12 h lit. jy SAl.E?Very clioap. on reasonable terinj one of the mo*t desirable BUILDI>C LOT?1 .. tuv uuj, ii i?vou un me norcn wpsr oorL^r or6tli t., and New York Avenne. Enquire of JOS. F iOUGSON, Stove Manufactory, No. 405?th it., wstween H and 1 Mt?. au 15-tf FOR RKNT.-A new and handsome FRAME HOUSE will 1? for rent in a few days. It is >e?titully ?ituat?d on Thirteenth street, between ieorna avenue and K at.. Navy Yard: has a large arden lot attached, a pump of g.?o<l water n-ar, .nd contain* 4 rooms, kitchen and woodshed. Will ? rented iow, with or without the lot, to a good enant. For sale oheap, a rood, strong WORK IORSK; works well in anything Inquire of T. J. CI<aRK, Navy Vard;or of JOHN PATCH, ill* H it . l>ctwwen 4th and 5th jv 1b L^OR RF.NT-The three story (brown Iroi.t) P HOUSE, No. SbT New York avenue, between Oth and 11th streets. north side, containing hfteen ooma. This house is oonvement to the Patent Of cp. Treasury, etc.: is lighted by <as, and in every ray suitab e for a boarding house. Rent moderate, ipply iifxtdoor,or to A t?. FOWLER, et-cond oor north wingol Patent Office. jy 14-tf L^OR RENl'-Thieo BRICK IIOUSKS-one on T Twelfth street, between C and D; one oil the orner of Twelfth ami H *t?.; and one on H, b? ir.^n l.'th and 13th ats. Inquire of JAMES W tARKKK.on H street, l*tween 11th and I2tn, No. mai# tf T*nB B k'M'P rl v ht DI f" >o -f". _ vs. m. M rv I- *avu * A HV/V/n Vi Mir uui:u luf immediate;* opposite the veit wine of the itj nil., r'Mxmttj oocapieU by ChM. S. VTallaol'. an Also the front room in the seoMiu .ory and the third Uoot of the same bnildinr. For >nns apply to K1CKAKD WALUCH.No. ? ouuiar.a aTenuo. ia 13 tt J?X fKNMVE AND ELKO ANT STOCK !* op Carpeting. We respectfully announce to the eitizans of l'asliiii*ton, Georgetown, Alexandria, aud envi ?us, that our assortment of AL1. KINDS (IK CAKPKTINGS, i ail the various rr&dcn, make*. and oiaises, is >w complete hi all department*, having ju.t re enished our stook Imm the ?i>ost recoct makss iu mifui i?i?on?. wmrn ( nai>i>>8 us to exhifnt to j>er? the mO?t *'rf< ncrcfw" ?t) Us known to the ade Wchave Kle^ant Medallion, Tournfy, S?xony, and Vork ure Kiigiish Vrivet and Wiiton Cat pt-tinga, in ipie, Joubloaml niitgie widtha.lordrawing room* i'i parlor* Also, ujh and heavy Velvet Carpet* a? law ae 1.25 p r ?ar'J, *01 ih $?. Superior tin<l heavy Kr,?'ub and Bigfelow It n:? ila Carpetiug*. for diawiug rcoina and pailor*, fry oheap. T(i? Kama make* in bMr; and rioh Tapestry ruaaeU Carp>-tinrs Tor drawing room*, parlors, nine rooms, libraries, chauib^ri, balls, Ac Kxtra heavy and entirely orRn>al id superior Thre?-(>.) Cai petiufs, some a* low a* S o?nt? por yaid. pome makes in fane and auue tine DouM* Ingiaiu arpetings, exact copies oi HruaaeU, at froiit 96 to o<-nU per yard. Alao, tisavf and cheap Wool Duteh, (or otftcea, moment*. l.all*, Ac., very ol.-ap. Double Twill?<i Kiifluli aid Thoiapaonville Va >tian, in all width*, for Iim1.cs and atepfc. Alao. a f'uil ?upp'.y of all kind* of Kuga to mitoli ly of our Carp? t?. In OilclotbH Tor Floor* ar stock ta fall and complete, embracing all the >signa which a-" nov*l aad mm t ueairioie, whioh 0 Olirflliftitti unriar thm mr-? 6n.;.?akU ? ?? - . ? ? . ? mvwv w *-?? auiv vuuuui" anoes, aud winch will enable us to sell them at figures than uiual. In Curtain Materials !? also hftro an entirely new supply, which only ed to be scon to be appreciate*!?a'l bei:ig new id different from anjlluu* heretofore Men in this Housekeepers and others are roipeotfully invited oall aud examine our goods asdjud*e lor theni CLAOETT * DOOSON, Dealers <? all kinds of FumUurt Dry Goods, Nu. 4 Mikkkt SfAOK, iel0-??6t 3)1 door ea*t from 9th street. V SEALED PROPOSALS ILL Be received by the sahsoriber.nutil th? th instant,at 12 o'otook m., for furiushluc seven ir<l* of gn<>d merchantable Oalc Wood for the instant Quarter waiters Olbee.Nos. 302 and )? K street north. The fu >( is to bj delivered before the 3uth instant, iw 10 ironi <>i me omoe am men legally msaa ah ould be addressed to the subeonber, id enduraeo-'Propoiia's for t-nel." MORRIS S. MILLER, Captain Aasist't Unariermaster, U. 8. Army. Aas'tQta*tkb*u*t**,s OfricK, I ?13-9t WaetniiKVm, D. C., Sept. 13. IBM. { JCIIOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS. J outJis} and Boy-*' Clothing for School anA DrtJ* Wear. Parents and guardians wishing tw furnish their tildreaand ward* with SohooIArd Collate Outfits r the ooming season, are invited to examine our esent large and extensive assortment BOYS' LoTHlNtt, wnere they oan fit oat tneir children all sites in a few moments with every descrip >n of Keadjr-inada Garments, of substantial and ~~ * atvery moderate prions WALL, HTEPHBNS * CO. M ao-u ?#t P?na. avenue. >n ijftble quality V PROFESSOR MOKKTTI. , HO Haajuat returned from Milan. Italy, (hav I lx?n in tbe AHtaioal Conservatory th d who h&a been for a long time a teacherUjUB th ofVooal and lastrumontai Muaia in NiwV jrk, (having taaght aonae of the b-?at ai re. anch as Badia.i. Tiberini, I.a Orange, fto.. i.) h*a eome here, thinking to remain,and would iiM>?t happy to receive the patronage of thia oitv. tf. M can give the be* of reference* in rff?rd hw moral aa wall aa his intellectual Man^idr. kll o' mmuuiMtiuBi please addreaa to 2t>4 Pat. w?-2W ' * I L 17 OAMA6KD books. * E Have a lot of Parker & Wataon'a Readerg <i Speil*ra that were damaged 9 little by water m > atwamer from New VorK, wbioh will be Mid for :f the ueual pace. BLANCHARU4 MOHUN, Corner lUh ?t ( L and Pa. aa. ^ATCHRFgmggggHW.VPK WARE have one of the beat eatabliahmenta, and far ihed with a complete set of toola fur repair t every dcaeription of fine Watohea, andj rtioular attention give to the aarne, by a xoach ooinpeteut workman .and all work gu ft Zl.n itnaawm ??? ?1 a"' _ ,, ..... ..?..r >vu vl aiMiwru r?iu? ri? ARff. plain and oriuuii?nta!, manufkct?'?d onoar r own supervision, which niv ou?U>m?r? wul diiu ranponor in quality *nd fiai?h to noithmi i rate..'""*1 r Twr ?8 Pa.imai.BWfWh it., LOUt, MEAL, MILL FEED, *? Ju?t received on con?u nmurt? ?ila nupurior brand of fresh ground Familf. xtra and faperfine Flour," * , EDUCATIONAL. H MISS JENKTTK L. DOUGLASS ? . AS The pleasure of an^ounomg to bar friends and the public that sne will open her Seminary, at the corner of H and 11th sts., "Philadelphia Plaoe. on Monday,September JOth. For term* oafl on the Principal. She will be as uated by the following experienced and eftetent teacher*: Mm DOUGLASS?Higher English Branches, Coinpoeitiei: and Penmanship . Miss Abbii M. Bkvoks?l>ann, Algebra, English Benches. Miss JcMt**. G Mat?Teacher of Vocal Mbsic. Prot. Itioiai C. Schaktfx*? Lecturer on Pni losphj. Chemistry,and Physiology. Prof IIknrt K. Marix?Teacher of French and German. Prof. C. W. Bkrgmxnx?Tcaoher of Piano and Science of Mnsic. Miss Mai T Davibsoi*? Piano. J. M kvtun Watson,ofAiew York?I^ectnrer on PlfUllltl/v** JfoaiPH BmtfFr?Teacher of Drawing. , Teacher of vanish. . Moral Science and Classics. tie 7 2w T FEMALE education. HOSE Parent who wish their daughters to re oeive a thorough an l systematic education. where their physical tr&ininn wi I receive daily and special attention, under themost-npprove?l svslein of Cali* tiiet>ic? and <i vmuaotics. are respectfully invited to visit the Union Femala Academy, corner Four teenth kt. and New York av. MR. A mrs. 7. richards, au 30-tf Principals.^ Female boarding and day school, A ..EX AX OKI 4. V A. Mrs. S. J. MoCORMlCK, Pkikcipal. The thirteenth a>-nual retsion of this Institution will commence on Tuesday. September 18th, in the house recently occupied by Sylveiter Scott, Esq., No. ISO Ki.,g street. The course of study pursued will eomprweall the branches re^uiaite to a thorough Engli-ih Edu cation, and Music, Fieuch, Latin aud Drawing, il desired. In addition today scholar*. Mrs. McCormick is prepared to receive a limited ntiml>er <if n.n.ii* ? iioarilT*. who, constituting a part of her own fam ily, will be under her immediate care and supervi sion. 9b* will endeavor. a? lar as possible, t<> sur round them with the ooiuforU anil kindlv influences of Home. K'frrtncfx.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. IV, E!ias Harrison, Rev. I). F. Sprigg, William H F??wl?, Ksq., F.dicar Bnowden, Ksq . Edinunri F Witm?r, Esq.. Henry Marhurr, Esq., l.''wis MfK'iii ?, Esq., Rotwrt H. Hun ton, Kiq . VV. D Wallacti, Editor Evaniajt Mar, Benjr.inin Waters, Esq. ,Jm. Entwisle, Jr., E*?.,Col. John W.Minor. Loudoun, Messrs. Blackloclc k. Marshall, Messrs Corse 1 Brother s. Tni??. Hoard, with Tuition in all the English Branches, Samfor the annual session?parable seini-annually, in advance. Musio and Languages at Professors' prices JO" No extra charges. auM-tf 1/ RANK LIN' ACADEMY, 17 CoR*?K* TmBT*irXTH A5P H St?.. A SELECT SCHOOi, FOR ROVl*. ( Formerly located tn the Pint HW i i'ftis institution will commence it? Third Acnua! Ses?ion, at it* new location, on Monday. September 3.1. Applications for admmsion may be made on the premises at any time aftor the 25th inst. au 25 lm R. B. DEI RICK. Principal. (CENTRAL ACADEMY, V CoKNKft E AND T?!ith St?. This Institution will resume its duties September 3d. Applications made to the Principal at the rooms. Circulars at the bookstores J. S. Dfc HART, Principal. Rtfertnc**. Prof. Henry, LL. D., M. H. Miller, Esq., Rev. John C Smith, D D., Dr. C P. Culver, Kev. A. G. Carothors, Rev. J. P. Davianoa. au 23-lm __ ^KLKCT SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADlKS. .Miss M RIDDKLL will reaunie the dntiei of her school on the tir.ii MONDAY in Itfeptdinber, at No. 461 I weiltti street. au 2u-lui T^HE PRESCOTT HIGH SCHOOL. 370 Eighth St., Uitviki K ai*d L St?. Studies will be resumed in tnis institution on MO * DAY, September 3d. Circulars at bookstores, an 16 tl A- O. RICHARD*. Principal. aiwruiiD/u it*'1 Itwi uuii All <UV<<I<KUIA* K 1NSTI 1" TlITK FOK YOUNG LADIES, 4(>4 H St., liiTwiuN 6th ani>?th St*. Thefouith annual Ke??on or the Institute will commence on the Urut MONDAY iti Sfptemh-r. Application* should he made *arl?, a? the nuinlier ol pupil* is limited. For particular* oiioulara or applv to the principal*, Mr. ami Mr*. T. H. HA VKN VKR, at the Institute. au 9 tf MRS. M. K. KiNGSFOKU'SSKMINARV, 4 15 K St.. WinuisiiiTox, D. 0. The next teuton will commence October Ut. lBfifl. Terms, Ac., forwarded on application. au IS U? MRS. FRANKLIN, Tx a.< h k r or Mvtir, 34'i H.l'fctweeu 6th anil 7th ui-ttilm G'LOK UPTOWN FKMAI.K SKMiNARV, I ? I'ukmbulv Mis* L. KnuLIHITs.) A HOARD! SO AND UA\ SCHOOL. Th* duties n< this Inatitutien will bo resumed on the tirat Monday in Kbpteraber next. The course of instruction embr&oos all that is taught, (rem the rudiments to the uiost highly tin - is tied education. Tim ouipt of teaohers, t*n in numbe^are t*nu iifiit'v qu&libt-d ar.d experienced in th^p several department* . Lectures Friday evening* on the Natura'Sciences wilhuut charge to the pupil*. Ciroiitari ma\ beobtaiund by addressing the Prin oipal, Mi** ALJ. HAKROYKk,Georgetown, D.C. au 22 ?u3iii rp ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. X HE Next Drawing of the Rural Hava&a Lot Uuy, oonduoted by the ^panic. Govenunai.t. ucd?r the supervision of tb? Capta-n Geo era] of Cuba, will ta*o place at Havana on TUESDAY, Octobkb 3. 1M0. SORT SO NOMSKU MS OHDINARIO CAPITAL PKIZK tl00,?00. 1 prlxe of. ?tloo,M? 1 60 prixa# ot?-?#!,one | r wi Ann I m J- - ? - ? IW,W | ?v UU W " - jUV 1 do 30,001) 1?S do 400 l do aoipprox. i^oo 1 do 10,0110 IS ALL fl?8 PRIZES. Wbols Tiokeu. ??0?Ila.vds, tl<>?Quarters, %i. Prize* cashed at tight at 6 per uent. discount. Bill* on all solvent Danks tak<*n at par. . drawing will Im forwarded aa soon aa the malt be jtnaaa known. . Ail orders for schemes or tiokste to be addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ, e 14 tr Careof Pitr Post. CharlMtoa, fit. C. I. X. SIKGEE & C0. 8 IMPROVED SEWING MACHINES, K8 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, IUHIIU IIATIUIIAL MOTBL.) A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF achlMt) ThrcUi) leellei, fc Tvfet, KEPT ON HAND. e Mm U M. H. GLOVER, Agent TO SOUTHERN A WESTERN MEROHANTS. RODEWALD~fc 9INDALL, . COMMISSION MERCHANTS, A!TD DKALMt" TIT invite the attention of Meroha'nta viaiting thia oity t<> an examination of tbetr atook, whioh in rarieti and yrioe la Dot aurpaeaed either in thia or any oT thp Northern oitiea. . .... LZ7~ Ordore reepeotfnliy aolioited and ftuthfallf AxiMaUH " * * ? m the place 1 .omwo.. At ti4 LoiCttt Prictt B a 1, 1. a n*& v n ?'?, ? ?. .. "" i H. w painter, aod in paints. No. 68? Tth 8T1IIT, near Odd Hall. fM 2-tf puttvls down. A veby fink lot OF 8wjw shief 12d?~WPiff l^othine. hathudcim. <iitr*A*..i<( ?i SMITH**, No. 4?<lS*v?Bth kriot/offH^ite Po5i _ U?T , COAL pIU The triple th?, ' T~ BALZAC'S NEW NOVBL, HE OrtUhNiuid D?eItD#ofCMMr Biro!U*r4. Iron tU Kjfrvoh of Hoa?r? da BiUxac, u&o?Ut?i GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS OFOR HARPER'S FERRY. , . N And *11er Jujr 3d,|se0, the itMniT L J. BrenjleTCaptain w. H Ritter. will Jp"*k leava Geor?etown KVKRY TL'fcS DAY. THURSDAY, and SATL'R-*""^"1" DAi i at 7 o'clock a in., and return every alternate day. at 6 o'alock a. m. Oil t.e Salnntey tnp from Georgetown tke boat will run through to Shep ardatown. jag tin PRANU8LL, OPTICIAN, v iVa. 1 UrUf <.. &*orr$tMM, Ha? oonat&ntly on liaoU a tare aaaurUuect of Pr?nah!&e*r-ai(Cled, Periacopsc. o**d, anda! otharflPKCTACLES, T* the oaat ?ua.ity. in tvtd. a.lvor. ateel, t 'i?l G?rnia:. aitver frame*. N. 8. Old F-ainea Repaired %ad C-aasaa tat in them to order. bo 11-It (If A88KY. COLLINS A CO 'S PHI LADEL i'l PHI A DRAUGHT A LR.?We are coattaatl; roooiTiac lre?h eupaltM of the above ueticfatfai b?? iru?, and invite all percoue who want a para adnitaratod Ala, to aire it a trial. A.RN Y A SHINN. Aiant*. 7 ufmmh ilm 6<wrinui*k, |OS. f. KIRCH, UNDERTAKER, w Cor. Brxdt* and JeJtrto* si*., G%or$tit*n. Having Riven inr prrtonl attention to thia b-anob of my liamneaa. lam prepared to. ? ? atteiid u> ill otlla vilii promstnom person* from adiatanne cmboiap piled at a >w minutea' notice, m i ure t !ar(? afceortment of CuFFlNS a ?u on hand. i'artioular attention paid to the removal of the 4* ad from tit* old to the new banal fronnda. Hear*** and Horeea for hire. ap 10-to List of unclaimed packages ?t the Oflioe ofthe Auaina Kxpreea Company, Waalt infton, d c., to be aoid to: freight ai.d eoarce*, if lot immediately oai ed for. BEORGE H. BURNS, Agent. September let, 1m0. An bin, N Krieaman, m Adamion, A Kouea, Mr* e A.den, J k i Ken nan, w J B*rt>er, Itev 3 B* ?'<!' Hr Kiancb,J V\ Drown. AH Brin?*r. M i? BntU, m B BeimM.^rof 8 M H?er. Mr? M Bowie. K J Ht'dWiB. u H B&ird. Dj Bttrr.e. M?ry Burns, F _ Black more, K ^ Browne, M Kolu. K T Brown*. H r Bosae, VV m L>a* i vn?o, n 0 ^eouard, Ker C ,i*tun Serict W .OOII1U, >1 u?ntle?. O N Long,9 B L&iui ert, CO jongitroth. K?t L L *og.J ^?wrr#, F >awr*nce, Col l^nher, O H 8ott, Colt H T?rt, Col ePh*rtoo,J A MucKti.JT M ST ? McAbee, E Maion. donC Montague, E L McCreerr. P A Brown, A V Harnard. G C Butler, J G Maker, Wncht* Co BiantcB, IS H Hrowa. A H Banks, E D Beunatt. C \V Bjrrn'a, Dr J Camer, A L. Clark, B H Coie-nan, C \V Cochrane, J A Carter, C 4 Cannon. J M CutU, H L Connolly, F C Chouteau, C P Coleman, Mrs M B Contioily, J Colby, P T C bap man, VVm Cruger, L Cnmmlieriain, I Cooker, J L, Cainpt>?il. J H 'ooper, John Campbell, T A Clarke, Mia* J Crotohett, J Coiubrn, J O (yfttnpbAii( Archj PoririnH, CM Conrad, C M Cuunin*h?uj, C \V Cook, A P I k.?. . I. .. t. B L? Muldoon, M Manny penny, Col Morgan, E B Montgomery, J Marti u, D B McKeever. A McLean. W T Mpcr?oken, J Mitche*], A S Meader, J Meek a, J W Morton, J H Markley, T Merrill ft I'aarce, Murray. T McMurray, C H amine. Catherici Mitchell, H Me-ri!!. 7 H Mill*, W C McKetDj,0 Mitci.e.i, A 8 Muzzy, F MoPheraon, C H Mitchell. W F M i ride] iff M RNewhrough, J B ailur. 6 icholaon, G W 8 On Ida. J O Pallet, C??i of Do do Palmer, K or*or, W J> I'arkw, G ft T I'at nt, Com of LniUKHrilT. J r> gobwu-.Col T J tiffin, rviix iMcK?rs, Mr l)UtK>18, Ctlrf Do Mod* Dai'f, S O Im- vine, K J A R D-iuclas, Mofl hill, \V 3 )?nnis, J P Hvi*. It W Lhjnh-m, K W I. (or Doooa) Kdirarda, 5* u.. j a *'atou, W F..\?ou, J Kahtig, Or FiU'r, J L ! '* m*tr M H IK) UO IK> do Do do Do do 1>> do Do do Pollock, K A PntiBtuoa, Com of Vnt*"1, iii of Patent Offio* cmr, i iv Eandolpli, Col J J odrar*. J Kua inc, J Uobeaou. Capt J Rich, O W ItiJr^w**, W Kobtasou. Uri A Rafd, lanac Kiohardno", F g?Wrii-V^ Fr?noU,L B Ford. 5i Field, M Fume, J Fostar, J Ferguson, 9 W Farley, Mn J Kreip, F.-*d Fu ler. li C Farnlt, J hotter, J W Griffin, F O Giambastian, 6 Glvaneer, & tircMoa. W Ciliia, H W Gossmt. Mra Gazette Office Green. F?o? O W Grimea, J W Ga.dnar, A W Gata., Mrs N Gekyl, P Gibcoa, W iV Gaspair, G Hamlin, H Hon Hjaro. U D H annuelt, John Hall, A T A Go H anient, J J Hatch, E D Hayes. J L Hooka, 8 B Henry, N 8 HaukuaoLt, G L Hammer. M 3iu?n, nrv ii u hufiivan, J StoiM. M B Sawanl j L S?ii>pi, Dr 8olo? *n. H Schmidt. F Hchae:. Wm Hmita, Latna Seleaiuan, J H teStf-k 8eif?ert, 8 Bkincar, A P Spencer, Buah Stuart, A Paje, F scranton, J H Stevens, t> R Hu III ran. N 8 H-aith, W Sutton, C ?!H>?maker, B Setmour, J Ton?n. E Do, fler, C N jompson A Baafa, n.ou as, B H hongsoc^W A _ iok?r, Win Pnumpaou, Elijah ajrlor, Ju Iff* HeaW. J T~ Hart iac ton, W H Hawkea, Col J A H;wn, H D Miftjios, A J Hervey, H Hashes, N H Harman, 8 Jonfi, S J*r)s.n, 6 J W f J?mM, P I, Jackson,T B Joues, A Iveriun, Hon 9 Jo: m. P otuistim, Mm 8 F ?y A Anderson ..Jifar, B A Linear Potts A Co B&u 51 .eehler, G, O HirohMT* ' - ?- DU| 1U I Tr* i bail. DrC A ;j,<Kld, Lt J w Van Vint, B F Vouch. H Wrutat. W WlW, Mr* ft WbiieiiM-, J B WriiL. WaTaee, Mi Wbi(Mi<tf, J J Wemtriigi. J Wuuitcr, j R Do. Ware, w H Wykoff.W O Ware, E T Wooflmf, J B Whttelev, A . W ?il?, Bon 1> Whipple, C Waters JC WUett^SiM AW Woo4kf, D Watson, A ?, Self ler, Geo se 1-1* QFF1CK Qg^Si'^^N" S^LE. W AtHIXSTPX, illy IS, ISM. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That, a* re* u>ly to Uie provi?ion? of Mi* oidinano* of the Cor poration approved May ft. HW.tti* nnder?ict>*d i* iuw prepared, '*?rh?n*r*r r*aair?d in writim*, and >B pr? payment of the foe of any eenta, to ioiaeot. xaminr, ts?t, prnve, and aso*rtain the accuracy of *ci*t?ation ofany (aa aMter in a** in Uiiaattp." Every meter, if found inoorreot, will U* oot?4euined, ind another, sealed and marked *a tra*. will ba JwrssAe: kndacaiapftuifoahioaioraaa. ' Oflea So. 410 tieveutL street, (n*ar Odd P*l. New silk mantuu) * . , AND HOOPKD 8K1RT8. mRNmpftft luaiity. Ladle, m want of any of ti? abava*ood* VV "" """ esssHisg? ?*TI 'MM and Virginia, VVruM HN, Llao, ln?urtfd ttraudiec, HeuoftMr, Otard. X)*mi t Co., Jul* Hotuni, Alao. P?aok aud Afi l Iraody. !*% old Jamaica ftfilst Jroi* Ram, and Wibm of vrvrr vartoty.alj of SsJ*" wU>l| HMFi ttk iMmlh. i I ... ?? Bm, Daily rwMviafr ft?li mliwM, i> Ga?h? pa??? CM. Alao, Okio Buttar, aa* ^ V f i|? ttaftufflwi. WIWWM 1 Ml THE WEEKLY STAR Tkia ?k toimiBf ? t?fb*ad ta itr Satardar orau|. Tk&h ? ?o*y, f* ? Fit# oof im ? ">: wr^?nefi;iras - - -? nur.K LFNT* U7" P??m?Mttri who Mt h iiMk trill b* lo*M a soamiMiui of? ** ! MEDICINES. A 1'BR S sarsapakilla ll ? oono?>.tr?l(K> utrftot of ~ v v. w* <?r. v. combined w.tfi ou>?r >?Wm?m of #ni titMl ivtf *'r MtiHuidUff .ttoT tvo pwt wuu ?""* ?? tor u? a*rymU?j. nnw i?on?. *Bch & rom? j w roly vtatad b* Mom who i?T Ur from ?triii?o?? eomylot. t?. , aod U?t on* vbiefe i* ft,nts : Sorofnl* %mA Sorofulooi Co?flwnt?. Krupttoaa ?d Kr-rt.?o ('iMMoa. . taw. St phiatie Atf otto.r**r??rial Umm, JProM?. Votu. ii. or Tir Dootooroas, l?l>tMy. Dyofoy !..nd i?Ui?o?tf.u. r'MHUi. *?. or ?L Am ihony** Fn*. tut. imI-ou, tbo tffcota eta*?' *o? UinU ari.tnc from lMtrttT*' tb* Blood. I hi* oomn?m.d will b? fnvad . great promoter of hea.Ui. who. Ukon i. tk? ?fri?f, 10 *?*? tba foal bamor* w.?eh fo?Uc in tb?? o ww at tbal eaaoua of (M<?u Mi U? ummii a*?oia4?o of tboai many nnk'.inc dixcnori ?r? > *h* ' 4- Walli tudaa oan. I j tn?? .11 of til. remedy, spar. th?? . i. ? r .?- ??-* " . . I.ww ui> ruuoii D*n! IOOI rupUOt.t Mid at. >?rou? wrM, throoj h w?u*h the ayatotr will ?tnv? t rid ilaaf of o<>rrnptiona. if *ot *aaia'*d todotbia through the fttutii ehanf l? of tb? bnd> l?? ?4i al terative rmdlclot. ClMiMOit tM ?ltl?ted bl?M>d vLi<De?cr )<n hua it* mipuritiaa biratrnt thructb th? aaii. in pimp ??. erap.Hma or aora?, e Hn* it when you fitd it ! ohntmeted aod atriah in th* rmm cla**?* it *kw*vw it ia fa*1 and yoor f*>< inga will t?li Jou vh*c tv?n *b?n so pan iem?r 4 aordar ia fait p*ori? anjay better health. ftad lira I -nrar, for oietnaim tba biood. Km; tb? blood hatltbv.ftud an ia will; bat with Una pa*:umof life diaord^r**', thrre (U be do laattng health, ftuonsr or later aometci.i* maat go wiong, and taa great ir.aohiu*r j < f lif? .a diaordarad or overthrow*. Dam.g la* r?*r? tM pa In hare b**a m?.*d by la-ge boilie* prrtea< lug to f IT* * 4 ?*rt of Kalraot I a'upari. a for one d ?ba'. Moat of tbe*e bava frauda rpon the aick. for they not o?i? contain Lttlejfaov WaraaBarilla.- hal ndtmm --- 'tiN VlMitTtr. Hrurt, bitter and paiufj! tiitf pointmort hM followed th? u*e of the rmriov/ * laet? of Sarnpar II? which flood the market. nil thf> name itee.f > jut7 aMpit*d, u4 tea bMoa? y n ,n? inout < f.inip.?uion acu oh rat. tftill W? oa'l fhie ooinpound toraafanlla. ard mtud to e*ppJy ueh a remedy m thail rMtu' tk? mm fro* M load of ob oquy whiafc r*?u upon it. Aad we think W? h?"e cm,i d for bcil*> mc 11 h?? whiak are irrenstible by tho ordinary ran of Um dneaiea It ia int?ndad to wr< Prepared by Ut. J. C. AVER k. CO.. Lowell, M \an. Price $ 1 per bottle; an bottle* in one paok - ace ?5 ee ift-ooia H elm bold'? Genuine Preparation. BC'CHU A Positive a?.i Specific Remedy For Dieeaeei ot the KLADDER, KIDNEYS* 8KAVKI,, aud DROPSICAL 8** ELLIN?ft. Thi* Medicine tnereaeea Um power of Diceatioc, ir.d excitne the ABMiRIO NTS iott> haa thy ac tion. b> wbirh (tie WATERY OR CALCEROUa depositions, and all L'NN ATl'RAI- KNLARGB MKN Tf a-e r*dne*d. ae wall aa PAIN aod 1N PLAMM ATlOK.a'drfifood for MES, Wok EX. OK CHILDREN. HKI.H Bni.lM STTt i HTl^nr. Arum* from Kimmm, Hib.u hi'.y IiidncrcUon or Ab?M. Attm4t4 w\tk tkt "ollrtrint Indixpocition in Kx?rtu>a, _ f Memory, DlAtmity 01 n Nyyf. T of ISia<w??, wa Oimn*M of Viaion, Pun in tk? Lo?? o( w?Ak r Horror of I) mm*, _ Waai "I muoi run in Dni?-or?kl Iamuvm*# the Mini %r BvtlMn. Hot Hindi, Flo?h:nt of U?? Body. [>ryn*M ol :hc **k!n, ? ruj?n<>c? on tb? Km*, PALLID COUNTKSANCK. Th<??* rvmptom*, if *1 owed to *?> on, vhiftfc tfcia Tierlioin* inv*ri?M? ren.oT??, ?o?>n frw'ow* IMPOTKIH'Y. FATUITY, EPILEPTIC FITS. In Owi or W hioh rut *at Wkonii ttj Uk?t tl??7 ire not fr^uMtly foJ< ,, Uoo**'DIREFUL 1>?S*1U&EB.~ -insanity axd cSniJumption. IUit fcf mr< of th? ?* of th TILL CONFESS. HK INmNk aHVLUVI Bwr a>n?'? wili.eta to tLc lr?th of to* |M>rt ml rut <*ONMTITl'TK>N ONCE AKPSctID WITH (iRUaMC WEAEJSKfti le?air*a t%?! aid of m?*> Mii?tn .tr?r.?ih^ tkick HzlmBULD'I 4 niit will comrti ktti most itmieiL FEM A LES?FEMALES?FEMALES, )ld On. >'/t m*r, i> .<fi./., OJT contkmfla1iv*- marhlaum. IN MANY A*KfcCTlON!? CK.CILIAI TO 'EM A Lbt*. thr extraat Bvrba i? sid^i? i??d kr ny other r*mrxij. *m in Cbl'm*u or krton^un rr*?u.ant?. Palaffclae#*, or Sai>praa?OB of Cot jmary, USoeratad or KurrLooa rtitt r th? I7t?ru?. l.MO(>rrt??a or wkitN, ftcnlntf, n<f for a I ooRipiaiaU to tH* ?*. w ImOmt from lixiiaoraUoit, HaluU ?f Diaaipaboa. r ID ubcutrh or CHANUF of LIFE. as TMPTou* aaova. to FAMILY BK WITHOUT IT t\klr no mon IW'ow, mtrrwry. *r mm mmm! " %~?s ssssfn ms -TWcfir~ eKCRETU^IUMM j all tbeir Sca???. At littt* 4ttlaor nocUsuaxln Dsatt Noitioti lid htt Erp?i*tr*. mioi a(V*iiMt4?w? . ?aa??a a fr?*??ut d*?ire ao i (>?m traofta %m riaata, tiierai.y K*iwovi?c OkatrbcUoaa. PrtrMbu aarf caring Mnataraa . f tb* Urethra* Alfayux Pain and lnflMna.atu?r, ao fVaqoant ia .e o.u? of iii??a?e? ana uprUiOi mu tmbmmmma hn*}> l, <11tdnor* *! mittm. thousands vfom thousands who ha va aa^a tu victim* ?* or ace*. id who hav- pain ktf^fft*t to be o?n-d id a start tr.e, havr fog mi they vara df>ortr??d, and that ttia t.M u is> ? ?, -i r?ruwnni A? HKciNTi." Wii dried up in the yetoat, to break It in *n *Xfr%rnX*f\ form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. > | I I'm Hiivuu'i i:xtkar* Been for ^ ... o?8AN?. "'maiJko* FEMAUt. rom whatever oibm ongiottinf and mo HOW LONG STAND IN9 S.1;^ ivsAr 'eui?*M o/ tk( mo>' rt.fUt mmd TttpamiikU tkm r wi!l tconmpuT the rn?<hol?,e? CLKT1V.CATKH OK CT'lE*. from 8 l*M >hri* iMaiMf. With Na*t* ir<>wi m HOIBNOfc AND PAMK. Price Si.00 per MUe, ar six ter |I.H. Delivered to aaj Addreea, Monrelj lr* twrntion. Dmciiii ^TUMOIII IS all CoHinrsir>.Tio??. re* Gaaranteed ! Ad rice Gratis !t AFFIDAVIT. Personal 1* arreted t??lore *r. A dtnau ecit? of Phi a<iripUin..H.T UtiM BOLO.vku ily iron, doth ear. bit freaara'iona ?o ta? *> &&3ES^8BM& HIBHKRD. *tr?t,?b*v* A.(Ur?M fur lafnriMliw i? 'ho endeavor to * or tTtti" iitiaa on m i?n Md by S. B. Wait*."* ??w?U i*j?L tad S. Pomn, J* , otjmm Pmm. tad ElvrraS kM *OlT Ml'ORTA-NT TO mouhkwkkp B. *. DUIIM ? ??? kBBOLUTBLY ANDPBftFECTLY MM. it (ruuad iri'4> IWti Sfio?K MMMri 'a.'t?SKr; s^raac SKSfri^Sg3 :^w_. 'LOU*^Amtwion And whol*wU? dt?Jt'i'? ia JZM iSS _ M . a *??? ?? Pa. At., v. mi ' w??S^kS

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