Newspaper of Evening Star, September 21, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 21, 1860 Page 3
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U~Ttoiiifb Tit* Star la printed on the feat. Hum prew ?" u,r ?"uth of Itoltlmore, Ita cditl j, to Urge m to require It to be put to preaa at ?rly hour, Advertjgnenta, therefore, ahould vnt in he tore It tberwiae they m act appear until None*.? ilumbia Advertiaemei to be Inserted tn ibe Raltmoii Sua art recelY it snd forwarded from Th* S?ta? Oflce Th* Uill and F.viiitt Clcb Last Night A crowded and entbualaatic audience assembl at tb* rooms at the BH1 and Everett Clnt? 1) night After the preliminary procedings b b<?eii concluded. Mr Webb stated that tbe en utive committer rb-jrged with making arranj loenta to attend tbe maaa meeting at Jtockvi trxt Saturday, bad d"Tided that tbe oinnlbui fee 11 start from tbe corner of Ninth and D atree atan early boar on tbe morning in question Mr Lurner itated that Prot Espnta, maater the band present, had composed a marrh. call tbe >-Beli and Everett March," tbe copyright vrbirb be had this eveDiBg presented to tbe Cli tbe band would now perform tbe march, that t members mignt hear U. The band here playe* lltrely rattling marrb, (the march fn qnestiol sad at the close were rewarded wltb three t ? i i - u? < " t ?<" aituirm r 0 ' motion by Mr Lamer, it was decided tt llw next regular meeting cf tbe t'lub be po rned. and that Instead Ikrrmf, a meeting Id i n nest Wednesday ni^bt. for tbe purpt of nuking preparations to attend the Bell ai Kverett maM meeting to be "held at Alexandi at Thursday. Tb" Prnsld-at bere Introduced ta tbe oaeetii Mr Dolaney, of Virginia, wbo entertained t adicnce for half an ho;ir with s stirring spee< pon several of the questions of^publlc inter whtcb trew out of the pending canvass. He i viewtd tbe policy of tbe democratic party as ?i veloped in their late administration of the Fe eral liovernnient. and more esfteclallv tbe aduii titrations of Mr 1'ierr* and Air. Buchanan, ai held that while they had always been conter.dii that they are tue only national party, they h beca taking advantage of their posit'on In t eat of power, not to serve the best inter>-*U of t country, but to serve party ends and purpos< The speaker then spoke briefly of the rrlati positions of Breckinridge and Lincoln iu t , .ann<r ??a*n nair?n ? *?! ?-1 ?? ? } .-u ^ i ~ ? < ?** Wist uwMi ?mr? ?J r ideavoring to make political capital out of Impracticable issue?the question 9t slavery \hr territories ? the i nc side holding the doctri of Intervention to protect, ana the utt?T side t tb?* doctrine to Interdict slavery In terrltorl wber?* all know the climate ia such that no neg < ould lire thfff He held tbat tbe etPtlutii negro questiou la a dead Issue, and the giw < *1 hwitbii* tbat ever wu Invented 1 pAllli .ana for party purposes. He tb< ' r>nt on to aay that there baa not been democratic administration aince 1-40 tbat b l-eea iador*e<l by tbe democratic. party; tbat lb b*xe uevcr d~red to bring forward a democrat President for re-election He alluded to I course of tbe several opposition candidates traveling about tbe couutry making atun speeches, and held tbat auch a course >va* degra ing tbe Piesideutlal office He held tbat tt wbole agitation of slavery which threatens to d' wrmN-r the Union is tbe olftprtng of the dem cratlc psrty; that the compromises of Mr. Fi mor*'* administration bad set tbe qntstioi. at r< I raver, bad not the democratic party stl rred up again by paaaingtbat Infemoitameasure wb> r-j eiled tbe Mitaoim CoiupromU? Tbe apeak concluded by calling upon all consei vati ve ai patriots -tnuided men to rally to the support the only true and sound candidates, the candidal of tbe I'aieu *od Constitutional party Tbe Chair tben introduced Col H. W Thon.i of Fairfax countr. Va.,whoaddre>sed the meetli air n.<.arrjiiw teu^ia.ana reviewed the politic aspect of the conntry elaborately. He fc?ld th the pending campaign has never before h en e relied la importance to tbe people ot the who country, and more especially toe people of tl border slate and of tbe Ml of fhe tover ment. He went on to speak of tbe causes wtu< have led to tbe disruption of tbe deinorrattc part and said tbat It was no satialartto*. If. la cons qoeoce of tbat disruption, Lincoln waa to l>e el valid to the pr. aid*oct; bat. tbat if, by its dew fall, tboae pure and patriotic gentlemen. tbe ca didates of tbe I'a on party, oooid ba elarted tbe two first ctllces in tbe nation, then tbe disutei berment of tbe " spoils party" occurred to son purp?*e Hetten went on tospeak of tbe disunii rlemeuts at work in the pending president! strnptfle. and of tbe impvw'DiMty <>fa dissolute of tbis confederacy under any circumstances wbl< could ^row out of the elaction of l.incola Tl country could >tand four n ore years of mal-a ministration But we bad no idea tliat Linco would be ele led. Tba peopla are eattiiiK wa out with this perpetual agitation of tbe slavei quostiaa, aad tba conservative tlemenu are work, which will explode forever this mlserab partizan bug b?*ar i u?->pvaaer roi.wnafa MMltl.e lis wry questU If left to itaelf would seUie iu>-U, mud that tb doctrine of intervention and of non-Uitervent1< has iij practical effect, in fact, upon it. He th? paid iii? respects U> to* Southern disunioalsl and beId ttat tb* cotton Slatos have been plottii fur ye.ira to bung ?U?H a disruption of lu> I ni? and tbat the tru.-secret of tLelra tiou Is torec>p< tbe African slave trad** for the benefit of the < < toi-tf rowing South cott<.u brir.j popularly Whom hi tbe kinu export of tbe country, and tbe supp not being equal to ttoe furelgr* d'tu-indj- He he tbat these disutitoni^u (ofwboiu Mr Hrmki ridge *aid in hi* spe?-vb at Ashland, be didn't b lieve there are fifty, y*r ??, in tbe country) are t to be found iu|ipuitin|( Mr. Bre?-kior'dge. ai tbat if tUat ^entlviiMu waa sound upou tbe qu< tion of tbe I'.Mot) be had an opportunity In tb apeecb at Asbland to set tbe aeal of bla reprobatii upon tbe dot triaea preached by bis diaumou aa purtera and a b bettors Mr. 1' touched upi many interesting questions comm t d with tl campaign, all of wbich he treated with in ability and waa frequently and enthuaiaatical applauded Mr tsrly, of Albetnarie county, Va , follow* with a few c .uatic ren arks about the barkoW Mgro qites'.ioii: Bade a dut at (be upatarta wl Ms 111 to think tbe Union uiua; iie dissolved, ?a WIN w??i M> tOiiab A >?Uliierii ik>ulr(irr*c Mred a few heavy tfuni at the two wioua uf tl draii? ratlr party; ridiculed the editor of a !*oi:t em Review. wUo support* tU< diauoiou doctrin u4 klaM at tue eataoi lab meet of a aort of Soit era iDPiia/'Jiy for the proto* Uim< of alav?ry; ?i 4?*:re?l to know u b?t our eeuutry would be k> a contemptible conglomeration of individual* < aae of it bfin^ broken up into arparate ronfei rrerira lie held tbat It ia lufamoua to talk abo the North and the Soaith. but thdt we ought to 1 oue profile, wtth one comiuori purpoae; and tb we will beaa, deapite (be rilorta of tuoee tllu trioua ii.dviduai* wbo preach uij{i;?-r'' and di union. Mr K retired amid the applauae whlc hU spirited remark* had elicited from the and Wf The meeting then jfave three hearty r. be era f tbe L'nion candidal*-* and three more for tl State of Virginia, after which they adjourned. Tu K xvtvaL ?Tbe revival laalill w pragre in the MetbadUt ehucchr*. a^^^^^^h U weather Lae been ao very unfavl^H^^^^^^, lour nighta, there appear* to intefWt t? an the ? hurrfjet^ngVt II elooJ* th?e?lened rain. anA*j.inf who * onl i?*v?" at'.- ntrtl the aid-ti nij^BPrf prevriifi|^Aroi doin^ ?>, Out the atU-u<n^K* wu mii^Hi titan al any werting* durin^thr wrek At the Muttittllct Pr<?e*taiit:<'tair*L..ii^^K Rev W iu T Duuiiii. paalor of Kaat WailiTaeti Mission. preached a vr-ry unpressive discourse i bu usual energetic and eloquent style. Aft* wt< 11 \V Kobv eiuortfd IL? coiyjregaUoi In the rcartr Of which beiittrodored several < IL- moat touch tijj illustrations of the idea of roi verm ion wm Lave ever h?ard The remainder < the evening waa aerapied in Binding and praye At the MeiU*U?t Church Soum, Rev. D Wljhtnwiti prrarheil. and the eierclws were vei lively and lntcrrstlng. After the discourse ha coo- laded, ae^al penitenta were at -the a Its d jrtug tM ?v??in/ At Waalt-y CtwpH. Hev I* K*wa>4a prMchc v mun isiuiy upon amtjactrj prayer. **** -f*?~? - r *~T?rVrtii| ail J several penitent* appeared at the altar The cbureMi at % l?av? Vard .ft/e no It cUrr than thoae In utnfrjfcuta o/ the city. Protfarted meeting commented ixit Suuda night at Ka?t Wa?U:n^ton Station, M K , K< Or K>au,Lhiii^r 'J'hia Urge church waa rrowd? to iti Otii*?t ? **<* *; fwr pwt o{ Ae W where ?i;e could ul or aland waa ofccufiea U Ky-ia prjpnbed a powerfi^ j-'rmou ; titer wbi( kJitroprlite etf-irfw# wrt* had * UJ' - At the M. **. Jttualo*. Kev W. T. Pumt p-utor. meettasa will y.wff e?anwnr* .it VVaiuh Chapei, (Capitol H.11.) Rev J 1 kdln/et. a very ItoVMtJflg bic#tii<g it ! pt.yrew Several penitents wer? at the at ar < !-ufcd?y 4MU MoimUv availing*. 'i'Ua fair to be productive c( much goad. Milivjikt KaTiBfKisc ?A number of our your citixeua are about organizing another lnfanti rorpa. and It f?iia to tnnet wife conalderab 4??uf, a* abuut ttilrty have signified their read QMft Ul CUVItft! ill tlu* ur<rfeAl9 iliitn Af rnr-ia f the plan prvjx*** It 1* <T*ahrned lo &fg*alzr an drfU ill* eorpa regularly . ana fltltfrr * ertdlhib jiip^nm r in any txwitio*, before tL* n?1for ball be adopted In order to a uniform &(>{>? am? m tu- fcffead ?d drflu a fall#* dr*?* will l>e .ia?d on tb<>?* ocraalona, wli.rti ea br> ttoi?<latl ni*derj* * %_ Afufelto paru will not be mud* nnleaa titty meu are drill-d an uniformed Of I VH?4 la ILti enterprta we m> Ibe namra of tome who are irqutlutrd wll one of tLrta wboa.- >kin aa a Jril-rnu?t?-r trfbl . *t+>keu *f by tor btal drU^d ottcera of tl military ^ _ _ _ ___ ABUiruAt WturJ -font * A'birWritA nad-?ti?lf ilrNt, M)UMM?r Trop<>:. Biota, fro tJ?la>?ury, Md , Wll# #>,UV <r?* ot lumber for ! ^iwfmeut, Cat} llw/i} .M T? Liability of the Coifo*atios rot Dam ftOXS TO PglTATB PmOFMITT F?03l Moi Vio lixct.?Some time afro two eitlsens of Washing ton. Mew* John F. Wolfe and Alfred R F.delln, petitioned the City CouncM for rerrmneratlon foi damage* sustained ?n theTilght of the last J an* election by a ? jfa?S of rowdle*" who, aa thev alleged. ou the night In question committed a violent assault upon tbeir premtaes, at the cor ner of 1 atreet south and Seventh street east (SUth Ward.) Th? doors and window* of the houw belonging to Mr Alfred R Kdeliu were rmn pleteiy demolished, and his damage* were laid at about 920. ~ The furniture and Bttur?-s in the bir ber's shop of Mr. John 8 Wolfe, in the same building, were broken up and destroyed, to thr v*lue. as be alleged, of 955 The statements ol both petitioners were sworn to. and accompanied k. ??. ! a A A_ A - jy vriiLui an u u> tar rxwai 01 atmigtt, Ulnae by respectable citizens, sad jtiven under oath. la the Board of Aldermen these claims were re ported by the proper committee, and the chair man, (Mr McNerliany,) though entertaining some doubta a* to whether the petitioner* bad a remedy in tbe city council*, was in faror ot the passage i.fbilla for their relief on the ground that they both pay taxes to the Corporation, and that the Corporation, tn consideration of such taxes, i? hound to afford them adequate protection. Thai there Is an Implied contract between the Corpo ration and the tax-payer in this respect which oazht to be binding in cases of this sort. Mr McNerbany also took the ground, that la caae the Corporation is not legally bound, the claims ol the petitioners ought to be considered as excep tional cases, for the reason tint the occasion was extraordinary, the police haviug been ordered awav f o>i> their regular beats, and concentrated la a central portion of the ritv, thus leaving the suburban wards Without adequate protection, and the mob having taken advantage of tbia clr , u instance to perpetrate the violence above men tioned. Otter members of the board took a liiullar view of the case; but objection having been raised to tti? Ikvorable consideration of the claims, unlesc snstfeined by authority of tbe Corporation Attor ney, the whole subject was referred back to the committee,with Instructions to obtain tbe opinion of tb-it officer upoa It On last Mondav tiie riaiins committee reported upon the cases, and were dis charged from tbeir further consideration ?the artlon of the board belmr hai*H -- ?'-' ? Q ??.? u^>uii an upjUlUU fr<m the Corporation Attorney ,who hold* that tt??* Corporation is uot liable Ilia letter ia aa followa: OrFics or Coaro&ATio* Attorxey, > September 15, IStitl. J Sir: Your letter of the 3d Instant waa received at this office during my absence from the city; aud on my return I baa ten to reply to it The petitions of Johu h . Wolf and Alfred R F.Ue.ii n proceed upon the assumption tbat in every cuae of private tr^sp iat, accompanied by brea< h ol ti.e peare within the corporal limita, the city ii Maine for the damageaao sufiV-red. One of the petitiouera describes the injury tohli house aa having been committed by '? mob;" and the other complains of the destruction of hii property by "o lairUi* <<"?< of rourdies " But, ao far aa tLeae petitioners are concerned, both ca<rs appear to be instances of private trespass. With more or leas of aggravation and violence Tae naestiwu la whether tbis Corporation i? liable In auch If action lies for dauwgea luatilaed from injury to real or pertoiul property. 1 aee jio reaaon why it would not tve in every case f a broken he^d or battered body occurring in any part of the city, at any part of tbe night, when I ?... h ?' I* >>j-i j hiikui uave neen prevented by tbf timely a^peanmce of ? V>dy of police. But thin latter conclusion is manifestly absurd Tbe idea that the Corporation, acting in Krl?d faith for the preservation of order and tbe security f persons and property, ia to be held as mi iu aiTfr against every loss occasioned wilitin its limits by lawless violence, i* wholly inadmissible A qnrsUou ha* been made as to such responsibility where tbe injnry Las resulted immediately from a pnblic nuisance, culpably permitted bv the municipal authorities. having power and means to f>reveut it; and it is only upon this ground of Distance that anv plausible ruse can be made B'rt the petitioners make no such case. And if they did, 1 cannot ado; t the opinion that tbe city government is liable where the act complained of 1a one which they have not procured or author Uod expressiy, or by clwr implication I'pon the whole, i think <h?? ?.? .?- (?? , ? ?*v i^cutiuiicriare But entitled to the relief they ask; and, whatever may be the hardship of their case*, I cannot con tent to be Instrumental in making a precedent of the kiud tuty uropose. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, J M. Cakiislb, Attorney. V. McNkbhaiit, Ksq , C Lair man Cuiiimlttee, Ac., Hoard of Alderuien. Alexandria Matties ?The steamboat Alice Foi, which has long been run as a ferry host be tween Alexandria and the Maryland shore, has. during the past suiumer. proved a great conveni ence to tbe farmers and others residing on the opposite s'de of the Potomac, In tbe vicinity of L>-r landing. 1 j*rgt quantities of produce are almost daily brought into Alexandria by this ni'-aas. which, if the convenience did not exist, would. In all probability, find a market elsewhere The boat has recently undergone a complete course of reuovatlon, and ts now lu excellent order, and under the management of her courteous and sbllirl*!' ?" *" "* * ' '**?" J B _? n, ii urn uf?ivin^ iLie patannage so liberally b?MMMd upon her. Large quantities of excellent wheat it coming into the Alexandria market dully, and ftiulsa very r?-~dy sale at fair prices No mail portion of this I * bong lit by the Pioneer Mills. whiob are con atatiUy turning our tbe be*t of fl.turfor shipment to New York, Philadelphia, and fiuetua We tear that In several run shipments have been nude direct to London ami other |>orts on tbe other aide of the water The B?-ll aud Everett hag pole recently erected In front of tbe mafket-houae 11 to be dedi-atrd on th- U7th instant A (lUd torchlight prweaaiou and other aiditlnr demonstrations are to b? In dulged in l>y the adherent* of the party. A hand oine banner, prepared by the ladle*, i* also to be preaented on the occasion. Mr John Shake*, oue of the oldest rltlirni of Aliskt??iria, died yesterday afternoon at bla real* deuce. at the <?ge of ~<J year*. >lr. Shake* ha* >>eeu a constant resident of Alexandria f r nearly Go year*, and during that period ha* tilled several offices at the gift of the people At the time of Li* demise he waa serving In the capacity of keej?er of the powder-house, wli cit omce he ha* tilled for many year* Sixty-live years ago he became a member of the M**oi?lc Order, and at the time of bis death wan probably the oldest Frca Mason In the country Mr S. was als'j a constant member of the M . K Church South, having entered it thirty years since. He wm ut-ioveu >tchx mpfN'tfd by all who knew him The Lntoa meeting last night was well at tended. and qolte eottmslastlc J Edwin Young, of Loudoun county, and R H Carter, of Faaijuii-r iroanty, addressed tUe assemblage ou liie political Ihum of the day > Obtain-in* NIoTbt I'iioix Fai^k Puktexce*, Detectlre A E l?. K<-? ?,of WashingU>u. yester day trrivrd > tt?U< lty fur the purpose of obtain iug from ta?- proper authorities au orillr or requi sition for tbe part mi .if a man named Thomas La mar. various times baa assumed U* name ofF Hotaerg.aud I> LieU? in crd^r to ac complish Ula purpoaev I^ajnar is chared with leaving obtained the sim of SOW* from Frederick U.-rk and fitou from Christopher NlcsUs, both re odiug in. tUe wwtua part t>r tbn city The moD?-y was obtained abont six weeks since, and about tbr same Unw be left with a Mrs. Laanr. wuo d. mm uri uuau4ua ju Uji? city. (>? ttr Ke?-?e mccet-djd In sr?Vat1ni( >??th In waftblug jtan, where Ji?tiee U<>itn cornKTIit?J I.amir to jail until t( -inorTT'W, when tb?r otS<.c-r wnlbrin^ It I in totbecit/ The rtrnnd Jury bav?* found indict ment* agnlMt Um In hotu twi of fait* p?? - tencn?Maliiuutrt Autttuan. -4 _ PahMJW tt Seventh ?tre?t yeaterdaf, we were aatonuhed at W?e change that baa taken plare in the drug ?U?rf corner beventh and I ?treeta, well uud favorably kuowu 10 long a* McloMreV The whole place ?<ta be?-u renovated, and l? now un drcgolug a thorough opnrae of painting, revision, &ST. Wt learo thai the old proprietor, Dr Mcln baa dl*i<?ed of tfaf t^lflitbnwJit to- W i Ml), a *radu?t?} of the Lai vanity of /*ata. Tbe Do: tor la a young and aoer whohriuga into the drug bualueaa a ? knowledge of drut* and pharmacy? with'u cptrit <>f kuterprlae *nd affability that la dratf net&fe work ^reat wundera to the old ri-glme. Hl? akxtk of drills, fanry fttdrl. tr . U new ia i arefiUIz liUlMpi eonfldcntly reco<p nnd Ike attootlou *t omr patron to the new eaUUUlunent. i of Hewtitb ami I f.recU ieally the Av?nut mast burwUh up lt< armor, tor It liia a daiiferou* competitor la Seventh ir3 Tmb ^mitiiusui The lumber of visitors at tb?|?tiiatioii roattaur to be nnineroti* Moat of them of cottrae are vlaltora and eojotirnera In vVaafciugtob. The arrangement of the Muuuui taatitl procreating, and the ?tyle of arran|(eu>ful la rr^-irded u moat <*to*Ur*t by ac ten title gentle men. Wlio hove vlalted aud t-x.i<nlaed it aa fully aa tt<-y could la the few hour* of leliure whic* they devoted to thl* ohjeot, while In the city. Spoetuene In tbe depurtuaeato of natural btatory, ^roto^Y, mineralogy, &c , ore coaalaaUy arilv lnjf Anmae thooe of recent reception are collec tion* of ojliterala by Prof<*aor F. B Melk; and apecliuena of btrda, auitniU. 4c., eollerted by Klliult rniirt -k'-1 mrr, will return In a t*w daya. At tub Navy Y**d the Immense propeller far tbe neve Government steamer PenMcoU U sow OeiuK cast, under the direction of that tklllful ..? ??# Ut Iron. Hoofnairle. It bt? three bUdn 18 f*e?6 Inch** In diameter ? probably the largest machinery of that deacrlptiun ever OMt In the U ni - ted State*. Tb#- Niagara * propellnr ,s euhVta ^ ^ tbi* part of tbe machinery la put up un board tbe noble Penaacola, we may tben ex ~ct I*. ! to aae ter at o?r Nary Yard wharf. Abo?l 53U m? hanl?? are ttlll. employed here It Uxuunoaed that the Alofutneat ' fur An ASSUvrll! freight tha ateaaM* Aaaaa*.a two I tri?T Mhe I. watting tor some alight repairs W> to^hluerj before Iwvtnf Tmi Ravi* Clcb ?Dr Condi et addressed th teat meeting quite learnedly on the subject < physical training The theme waa ratbar profet alo'nal than literary, but It was elevated by beln placed In the category of educational subject) ;ind tbm came properly within tbe sphere of th objects of a litrnry mocfatlcn Abntini; ?h mystery of err**in learned te< bnical term* pr? i liar to the faculty, the nddreaa an tx redtn^l inter eating perfuriuaii'-e, and w <s listened to wit cartons lntereat A favorite idea of the erudit peaker waa that the body ia tlie temple of th mind, and ia hallowrd and dignified by th august character of its inhabitant So ennobled It is tbe part of the true philosopher tucousider I particularly, from the bead to the h??l, and froi part to part. Taking tbe bead as a starting do in lie pronounced It the seat of the soul; 'and b t be nee proceeded to pay bit respects to the lung ad to the nervous system. Hf commented wit severity on tbe fact thst so occupied are tb stronger sex with the pursuit of wealth, and tb , other sex with tbe distinctions of fashionable lifi that they pay little or no attention to the prop? , training and development of their bodies Tnl was a sad oversight, and the pernicious effects c It were evident In the early decay of beauty, th , diminution of physical energy, and tbe prevalenc of various diseases that undermined the constiti tlon and brought on premature dissolution. Wit a view to the correction of these evils, Dr. Cot diet recommended that greater attention shoul be paid to the ventilation and heating of house > ana chambers, with a special regard to a health temperature; to bodily exercises in tbe open all to the use of tbe bath; to clothing and to gym nsstlr exercises On each of these points b dwelt at considerable length, and made severs important suggestions The sounduess of som of the views Druniulvated hv the learned SDeake was railed in question, and a spirited debat ensued, to which Messrs. Fuller, Colburn Wheeler, and Joseph S Wilson participated Constitution. Ckxtkb M aikkt Pricks.?Si nee Saturday ther has been no material change of prices in th principal market, and there is no reason for change of of articles now most in demand In some departments where the advance of th season will effect the quantity and quality of th provisions offered, there may a slight change, bu tLe prices generally will be as duriug the wee! past, viz: Beef, fresh, V B? SfSliiiSnap beans, pk... 2 3aK do ftaJo 'Quinces, pk 7 Pork lug 12 l-'.ggplants,e?ch.. 1 Mutton H>ial2 Okra, pk Lamb, qr 10(a 12 Tomatoes, pk.... 2 Veal H^-15 Green Corn.doz.. 1 Sausage, hp tfc... 12 ltifd I. 14 JBt+t tong.iea... 50^.75 karon bauis.... i4;a 16 Sides 14 Shouldera 1 ijtf 1'2>j Jowls =^1w Dried beef 14 Chtr kens. v pr. Irlali potatoes. pk 25 Sweet potatoes.. 37 corn.ear.^bbl*!^! 50 Corn, alielled... eo^.i)u Beana. % * buab.. 111.7ft R ye, V" buah,... 55 a 7<i Oat? 35 a 10 Meal bu^ixi Short* 20 Sliipstutl'a 25,gflo Butter bmiM, qt. 10 Ducka, V pr.... 50@75 Cucumbers, dcz Damsons. nk... Peachea, nr.... Applea. pk Peara, pk Kweft peppers. Roll butter.... Phil's print .. Cheese Kggs, i**" dox... Oyster plants, bh Onions Cabbage. v head Beets, bunch. Carrots Rock, bunch.... 2 Perch, do 2, I .urge Rock> Salt water Taylor* 2 W mt?rmeloiis.eachl2^i2. Canteloupe*. each 2^3 3 Tnr 6vnt?r Scholarship awardkd.? Th committee of the School Trustees, t? wbnni w? a ?u 1 rrirrrru lur ?uujrci 01 xur u union ur i:oiB{SIII p, I will be remembered, were placed in a Mtuatloi of some delicacy in making the award, for th reason that, of the fourteen competitors fur tu prise. six pupiK prmsed so g,?od an ex uninatioi that It Wi.? a matter of difficulty to dlscrlmlnat between them. The committee, Lowevfr, iifte inuth deliberation, tlii* morning awarded th< tcboiarship to Master O. T. Thompson, a pupil o the fourth district school, who was duly notified by the chairman of the committee, of his t^ord for tnue, and furnished with a certificate of adiuis ion to Columbia College. The names of the six boys who were thought t< be equal for the scholarship were () T Thomp son. John J Cook, Robert B Riell, and Edgu Dulin, of the Fourth District school, (J. F. Thompson, teacher;) McKendrie Davis, of thi First District, (Mr Wilson, t*acb?r;) and ?? , of the Second District. (S John Thomson teacher;) all of whom are exceedingly intelllgen lads, and a credit to our public schools; but on re eiauilning the papers, the committee declared thi two pupils fir-it named almost equal to each other and decidedly superior to the remainder, wlti were meritorious In the order named The successful competitor Is the son of Mr Win. Thompson, carpenter, an old and tsteemec citizen of the Iiland. H'? ari mroBMKD by the Manager that this ii p*:tiveiy the last week of Bud worth Minstrels in this city Consequently those, If there are any who have not already enjoyed the Illimitable auc irresistible performances of this uuequaled com pauy, should not fall to improve the present up }>ortunity of doing so. To-morrow there will w ait afternoon [terfornianre. commencing at threi o'clock, for the benefit, together with the evening performance, of Mr J. H. Bndworth, the leadei of the company. The burlesque on the opera o II Trovatore U of iUelf worth the price of a lull ? dozen admissions Of course all who have u( to this time enjoyed JJiutworth's drolleries. m well as those who have not, will be on hand a his ben*-tit. Ripcbmcas Mkktiko La?t Kvt!*mc --Ther* was no abatemeut last evening of the enthusiasii, which K-emi generally to characterize the in^et iii^b ui vu'-irpuuiiraii?oi liifB rilV I litflT *W warn," situated no the corner of Indiana avt-ntn and Second street, wai nj.itn tilled, nnd larj^e ac ?e*j?ion* were madt- to tbe roll of membership Ti.ey were addressed by Montgomery Blair, fcsq. wLo delivered quite an interesting and eloqueir pm^b We understand that tbe Wide Awake Anuria Hon of Washington has received an invitation t< Up prtlfiit and participate In the grand U id. Awake demonstration shortly to come <.tl in New York; but have uor yet signified their acceptance Proposals fur Fencing. Ac., for Trkashi Kxtkxsios ?? M Clark, K?o , acting engines lu ctr.rge, invitea proposals for furnishing and putting up complete all the iron work of the gatci and fences for tu? npproacbea to tue south wing oi the Treaaury extension. !>* Hon Tom for October, for aale at Shilling ton's bookstore, contains four plates of colored and hlghl)-finished engravings of (a?hions , twc full-sized paper patterns; also, a boy's Zouav? suit.with explanations for making, tri mining and putting them together. Bka* i* Misd the opening of the new boot and shoe establishment of C F. Cummins 4. Co.. to morrow, at No 347 Seventh street, l-'or |>artiou lars see their advertisement in auotber column. That Bask Ball Match comes off this after VIOfill Ml thM urniniils nf ?1? VI i?u?iviiui v/mvj V> aj/1 WJ] Hill, from two till Uve o'clock. (*m iKxociiciMt.1T, iu another column, of th? coiniuy of a very uitareaHag exhioitUin of trained piiuniUs. Tiie Navi YaKfRa* will find something t? their advantage In the adverttaemeiit of Mr I. A I**liwig, (Jrucer, in another column. HoUoway'* Pii.u. Dizzitus*? H,aJa< tu ? Who w ould With patience sutler the pauga ??f excruniatiug headache?lit* gnawing stings of ludtxuatioa, the siukemni uau sea of hilo?Uie tremor of aitattered ui!r\?M, the broken and troubled sleep? with the giaduaicou stitu' decay from excea??wheii these eviia may be avoided or permanently cured by the agency of these inva ua'jlu mcriiciuea Sold by allDiu. guta, at 25c.. 62c.. and $1 per box. aeil-lw Fkvsk amd Agu? is a terrible diaeaie Of "ail tiie ilia ihat ti-'Mi is hoii to,'* ii ta the Ian teat in iti tir?t manifestations, the most uurel-nt ug iu ill pro;r?aa, and the most Ueiiant of medical skill, KeverHvd Ajne ta more destructive or life tiian consumption, lntoaa*e it la n>oie easily induced, and therefore more prevalent. It m&rka its victum t<>r the grave like an executioner's bond. Day b? nay th j sufferer ir?w a weaker and weaker, and each hour does lie fear a strong coua.iouaaesa of ap proaoliiag Uie touib. We have said that the la one of thus* which haa nearly always defied luedi cai scuoce-a few cases ono-taud a while bavin* been cured and repoitod We recommend Or. J, Ilontittr'y t>t<jmar\ BiUer* to auflniinn liunnuiiu general!*, ?ur? a<iU ?|M34Mly spooilic For k?u? by drugkiaU ami dealer* generally <v?r y who e. ?u Irt aoHt MAH&IL'D On the itii iuatant, bj the Bcv \\ M I). Ryan, Mr. J. R. Ct >OK, ol \Vt*liiui|li>ii, to Mm. M A K - KiAREl Hl'NTKR.oI Aleaandna <Ale*. an?l St. l?un payer* copy.) MID, On tlieeveaiiit; of tlia lath in -taut. DKl.lA, oul aort ul ?idue> Kanton, and daughter i?f Juttaon Dirges, a<ed 24 years. On the 20th instant, SARAH C? third dauglit i >d Kugsa* and Julia paly. W*' 16 >e%ra *i?d < month*. !Ua* she re?t la peace. Her funeral ?ill take place from tb? residents* o| Iter father, 399 loth ?t., ou Saturday, at If) o'clock a. m. Tliu frieada ot the family art invited to at tend the lunetaJ, Without further notice. "At Saratoga, Naw York, August 31,1??, lira HARKIKT M.OAK LAN I), w i le of Geu.ral John Oar land, if. ?. Army. The funeral ceraiuonies of the deceased will take lacr at Oak Hi:! Cemetery, Georgetown, atfoui ilVtiwIr n m Ia ?L^ ("1 ***1 - ~ * ! * and frionda of the family ax* rbapc-otfull> la sted to attend. ' t *gal coalm V WOOD! WOOD!! 1 am daily reoMviac iarpe auppl as otCOAL froia th? very l>?*t PeooayTrama mine*, which I will Mil at rwtoiat, p i?m a No, the b?*t qn&litr 01 Oak, Pina auJ Hiokorv WOOD, aulaa.1 uplii. all leu^tUs. Call ami h.?v? your order.! ft. W.1ATKW, ? . _ Wood and Coa: l>t?lar. 17 ldU?U Cor.CMdl^?ta.,M?rCM%l. WANTS. M7 ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A SITUATION ?' hy a jronnjc American *irl tn utrM and do chainbanr?rk. or to ww. Can make h?*r?*lf e,x? erallv ii?fful. Inquire at .No. t.VI |? <-tr?*t. b?t? " II mb khI ?tN tta.. Navy Yard. It* WAITED?A fir* mti TIN *wd WHKKT I HON WORKER, by C SNYDER. <>?t liix'f !? 'h? Star Office. sf^'lw A YOUNG LADY DESIRES A SITUATION ai teacher of the Kndi?U H'anchesaad Mntto. A(Mrc*? tt?m A., AUxamlna, Va. ? au-4t* WAN* TEU-Biajou.u Amcri, %a?irl, juat fioin I t iJ country, a SHTATION to do homework or as ciiftmMrtn& U Ami uise. A home m h*' prin cipal object. Please address Box ltt, SUr Offisa. ?eSS^St il/ANTED-A LOAN of $2,rt<>(>r #i m, for 2 ??r mora year#, for which real estate worth at least five times tiio muou it will l?e kivho as security. Address T. K. Y., City Post Office. b? 19-31* WANTE D?A respectable a-?l experienced WOMAN as chambetmaiJ and seamstress in a small family. Also, a good COOK who is oapabia ofdoin* the house vMh el a small family. Apply at the northwest oornor of F and Nineteenth eta. between 10 and 18 o'o ock. a* 19 3t* WANTED-A large UNFURNISHED ROOM (second door preferred)in a oeatral location, wi?ta permanent board tor lady and ftentlemon with one small chad aud nurse. AdJress B. G , at tlus offiae. se 18 4t* WANTED-A CLEttK, who nacquainted with the city trade, (or a Jewelry >lore. Best of references required. Address T. H? No. 6, Mar Otlioe. wM WANTED? By a steady and industrious man, a SITUATION as oollector. Best of recora a.n/l.lm... " ' " " - "? ?' kiivu. nuureu V/M Sl&r UIUC*. ir lt-tf LOST AND FOUND. FOUND-a 8UM of MOM.r, Which th? owner f?an have by a'atia* the frol>a!>ia locality *od th? amount lo?t, and addressing Box 31* City Pos' Office.* LOST?On Wed " em! a r last, on K **?-?tt. Ivtwoeu iilh and 7<h uta., a pair of r"1'* ^TVf Sl'KCTACLKf*, being highly priz id tiie yift Irom a iMter. Th" tinder wii! Im jfcitahu te warded l>? leavin* them at No. ? Louisi ana ay. It* BOARDING. BOARD.?Board nifty bo obtained 1i>r a fam >1). on moderate terms, at Mrs. BAwNARD r*,one llii ti fiom the Oumil ui Stand *t 4 ! *? fur r?nt, a t otf*? (with ix>nrd.?~ * se5n*3t ' JCQ NINTH XTREKT.-t'?r*on? r. turnnjf t-i 1 thecitvf, on* thrjr summer r??ort? will find meant srve-al desirably rooms, having th? eonve nionces ol r&k, water, and UatbiiK clo?rt>. at Ninth st., one door smith M F; mutable ei'lier fur fanitlien or snide reiitlem<*n. Table boarder* no oommodaletl on moderate tei ma. ?ei Sw* FOlt SALE AND RENT. [Fur etktr For Sal? and HtM" advtrtistmmis, M first pngt ] CTORK FOn HKNT AND FIXTt'RKS FOR ^ HALK?No 32 AS 7?h nt-eet, under the Avo un House. It has Iteen occu; ied for th* last 3 yearn ai i a tailoring store, and m we!' adaoted as a elothin* stoie Apply at Mo. 7th ?t. ae 21 Jt* I^OK KENT-A HOUSE on IdUi sue. t near I, street north, No. 3.">tt ; has ? rooms, in food order ; a pump of good watir next ?arri. Tb? Feiit $12 50 per month. Inquire ai No. A&U 1. ?tr*ei tvrth. x>2t-3 * LH)R RENT?One Frame COTTAGK-HOlTSF a situated on Mns?actiu?ettM av , I* tww-n 14 h and 13th sis , rontamiiM; f rooms. A tine pump o g< o.l wMo< in the )ard For particulars inquire at fct th? Uncli house on the prunuai**. Kent ?l" per jnotrth. . - . *e?'!)t KKNT-Ti.o 8 TORE ami DWELLING .T t'jrmoiljr < ccupied by Mr. Fettit a? avrooery and provision store, on the corn- r of Two fth end F ?:re*?t? w?*t. The dwelling c?? tains ten (tool rooms, dry basement ai d >ar<1 fwiow tfce uton- a capa.iaua cellar. d v aud' suitable for siort^e of nny kind. Will b*> rented 1 iw to a ounr-tuv tenant ' For further particular* inquire' of CONRAl) 1 Fl VKMaN, No. 25 ? Pciin. avenua between 1th and IJth ?U., toutli aid<?. *e S\ \w' l. OR RKNT?A new thr?*-?lory BRICK I U DWKI.L1NU, oont?inini? 8 rooma. citnared on i 1 Rt , liet ?-< eu il?t and 22d iits To a <o?>.l tei ant th.^ * r?*rit will be moderate. Inquire at No. 165, fOeoud door from I ho Imuse. M IB--S * |<M>R RKNT 1MMKDIATELY?A ?mall four " roomed HOUs'K, with ?ond lot. on F',nith?t., between N and O. Apply at JOHN II. Ui'l Heun avenu , beiwuen Utn aixi I3tli ?ts. ?e 1*4 3t* ( I^OR RRNT-I'a t of a HOUSE, compnunx I F parlor, two chambrra a?d kitchen, furnished or , unfurnished, or rooms with private Board can l>e obtained at So. 311 south aide Pa. avenut , l>etween j , Wtli and loth wt? ge 19-3t* ( IjV)R SALE OR RF.NT-Tha Brink HOUSE. ; No 457, on N * treat, Uctwo n Uth auj 3tii ' I ?t? , and possession giv^n on or l?t?fore the lit if ! October, For particular* apply at t*e ??roc?ry More of P. VV H iTK A CO., corner of F and IStii j mta.; or on the p, etniaea. se 19-3t? . t'OR RFNT-A three Blorjr BRK'K HOUSE. , * uleasautlv mti.ateit on til* ?f M and 1'itli sts. wpbI, containing 10 lOunu. l.fsije* kitchen, bath room. and cellar or f>aM*tnent ro.<ntH lor fy?tl; hot and eold water in kitehm, l?*th and -ome of the ch*m!>^r?; gaa Uiron*hont the tiou*? : larice >ard, stride and carriage houm. I n MUirnofO. S il'HAKK, Qruoar, No UAil 7tn i?t., Iirtwem M ami N fcts. l'Ktt* F*(iR RKN'T -A (!oiuruitalil?threc-it<irj KRTCK L?\V KLM.Mi ti()l8kl,oii Nti tii *tr> t?t, i/?p<? ?ite (iracc Cliurcli. or< the Inland Kent vfry low. Inquire of <>. CAAI ljRO\, next door, where tlie key can l>e found ; or ol' CII A?1. S. WAf.l.ACH, No. 7 Indian* a v. *e7-eo3w I/OK >* * l.fc?A Fa K .VI containing in?aoree,?it a nn.1 ?d t> mile* from Georgetown, in VTo- trnnie r* <u.unty. M<1. Fifty aurea are in a iu/h *tate of cultivation: twenty - five acrP4 in wo >d. Theresa Muiall lo< house, ?)at>:in<. ahedu, oorn house on it. A ppii orciiard ard peac'uvt. fcpi in an awoil of wr.ter at tlie <ioor: heing perfectly lie%!thy. Ptea.e inquire of UARNAK 1) A BUCKKV, Auoaunmrii N'k 114 find** street, ?ie. rjotown, or WaI.I. & BAKNAKl), \Vathin?ton. aa lj-roliu |.V)R RKNT-HIIOHsNni * 1 J ? ? I 14, li, !*>, 11 l9,St sinI S3, in tU lew five ilorv brown stone building cornur 7th htreet w??t atid'l'a. avenue. known as ''Washington Build ing." They are woil adapted for Office*. having ga>, water. 4c. For terms apply at our S'ore, No. 407 Pa. avunue, or to John 11. ttenunM & (Jo , Mo. 5^3 at It i treet woat, oorrer Louisiana av. ael3-2awlui MURRAY A. SEMMK?. L"?()K KENT?A two story COTTAGE, on H'th I ?trt**i, t ast side, brat house nottli of H at., con taiiuni! 8 rooms, a tunimir kitcaen, wood hou*?, ctore-rooiii, 4c.; lighted with gas, and surrounded l>y a large yard opening in t&e rear into a thirty-if?t paved alley. Kent $21 per month. Apply at the Office of the Gm Light Company, ?"1 w FOR RENT?Poasftssion on the 1st of October. The lUVKi.MNG HOUSE No. 43* I) street, at present occupied by the Rev. Or. liutier, and uexidoor to the residenoe of the ltd vertis?r. J. M CARLISLE. N. H.?It will not ix?iet for a boarding house, se 18-tf . i/OK KENT?A three story and-attie BRU'K r inVEl.LING,on H street. between ISth and Uth sts Also, a three story and-basement brewn front DWELLING HOU*?E, on ISth street, be tw> en L and Massachusetts av. : toiumun mven moid* time in October; to* Iiounh to be repainte! ititidc anil < ut Apply at WM. P. S*H KL)D'.-> 'Store, N". 3Q'i lUa t ati 25-4 w* FOR REN T?A throe ?tory and i*.uein<M<t PRICK H??Ut*K on Kiral at. ?o?t, l*tw#?n d and H n'r. north, n???r St Aloymua Church, con taining 7 comfortable rmnm. Fur particular! aj? ply next door ?outli,or to WISE ft OALLAHAN. so U. 7t* L'OK SAl.E?A very good aitd ?ub?taiitial It<i<-.k r HOUSE?*011 Lot? with 8 room*, in a good an J improving part of tlie city, near Fa. av*nu>< and th* Center Market. AppU at No C street north) or at ANTHONY> Hat Store, 7th ?t. ? lVtf A RAKE OPPORTUNITY-A ma*Difao?nt FARM for sa'.e o: exchange for city property* containing >84 aorej, U*if mite from Faitfax Sta tion, Orange and Alexandria Railroad. It in utkur a huh state of cultivation, well watered, good bui dint a and Umber: it can be bought low i""*!! nnG. W. HRAV A. CO , at their Stur?, 416 Seventh atreet. M S-1m* gjg KAGLK SIUVK HOLiSK. <^|g I with to cail the atteafioo of ail those wistim* to obtain A first claa? Conking Stove, tiac the aohwn void eaii now he tiled bv pan-ba^inx om of my VOUN'U AMKtUCA UOFBUi- TOP tf AS < 'ONSUM KRSf -th? eati-e top ht-tflc cteuble. Mil ai' arranged that a circulation of air i? kept up tw??ea.tiie plates, thereb? prevent tax it from ever ?u?km* ami i*<coniinc wareed,(tike mai) othcra,) which prevents them from baking well afrecwarria. i l ave alno a creat variety of oUter lieet-niac* STOVE8,?i?: The Fuel Jtm.fHi >r wittioatthefxtenaion top; Challenge. Telegraph, Patapsco Cook. Pennavivauia t:*??roieu. aad which will beitu.vrantied to givn striafac tion to purchasers. Pleas* call and examine, M C. WOODWAKh'S, No. SIB Peiiueilvaiuaav.'iin, m 1? 6t Between loth an4 nth at*. V\ HKSLE& A WILBOITS ITNRfVA r.T.KT) Family Sewing Machine*, W1TII IMPROVEMENTS, wliiflh r*it<Ur Ui?m ?b?otut?ly !? that tu b? ftinl M _ AT THE NEW AGENCY, No. 346 PsitNAf t/VAaiA Aviuiox, aa&t 7th ?lr*et. Prom $iO to #100. lufc With InttntoUuna IrM <>f charg*. M 8-Ib_ _ P. J. 8TEKW, A??ut """"WATCH MAKER. 346 Ptn*. Art**r, near Srfentk GEORGETOWN ADVERrMTS >V otUf irMr|?MM t? jlrU p*f< ry^=? GF.ORGETOWN TA XFS.-October 1st bei :u: tli? Utttkl tim> for tha keUlmnont of t*x?? dw?? thi* r'?rjMii?'inn. the attention oj *12 oon cerned is ?rn"sl!j c*M?1 t<*th? aame. CHARLLS D. WRLCR. ? l#-tOotl .Collector. Y5?A MEETING Or THE REP!" BI.IC IS A??ooi? ton of Georgetown, Will be tvrkt tn t he hall, corner of Huh fend G?? ?tr**U itk* tine in* * roo.ii ion ft I DAY EVENING. SetTiT cl&nf &t*711 prin/??n? I "f " ? at ??' ?vuM?uor UI Id# mentliera la re*oe?tari. an I all are invited who *r? fnemJU U>tk?wuHOr vithto become member*. Bt wrtier a- ? it rp WHK?KC?N I ?KT 1 HE New M?-Ulic SLATE, >?u?d-oor?ar?i or Suu, liRAWlNO fRN^-wd |!loth?f im?wid( ateria'a : BINDING STt !>?. for lawyer*, ro a riaa.aud other* ; SCHOOL B"OKS. *t p?Ml?h era' lowest c*th >iio?i ; STATION FRY, FANCY ARTICLES, TOYS, Ac., 4o.,Ae .' At CR A>DKJ.L*S. ae y-3t 1V?* Bridge atreet, Georgetown. Ii3.000-93.06F! RAVE The sum of 9S.<?? to loan on commie noti. on unencumbered roai estate in Georf?town <>r N\ a*h agton ; munt b < kept inaured. and ail ex - pena?? at the eo?t of th? Sorrower. I nave for aai? 75 bai?e Hay tamal! aiz xlJ Apply to E B. BAR R KTT. G? orretowr, D C-. below the Fa~r**ra and M*ch?nios' Bank, on Ci.rre.a ?t ,1 Cnnal Bridie (9 19 at E/OK \K\V YORK.?The packet echooners Arc r tic, Captain Hicks, S*?rprie*. Captain >,,*> Col?, and Yorkiovu,Captain W?>floni. iiave^- *C> ?riv- tl and will nail as above witn dispatch. 7orfrrt*ht apply to McCOHK ft l>Ol>UE. MIS t>3 Wat*r street Jl*ST RhCElVK li lt* hhd? prime Porto Rieo SUGAR?, RmWHhKY, ?> bbW. H KR RIN ti and A1. E WIV F S. A) bbi?. < 'rukiicd aud Hi-finM -UGAK?, 3n has* Rio and Java TOFFEE, 10 hhdailnv priced? M()!iAiSE8. For atie br JOHN J. BOtil K. Nil (' c aTZ^ tlF.SrECTFri.l.Y Informsbin friend, and the public Kenerallr tiiai he i m removed U> No. .'id Hub ?ti<xt. adjoiuin* Maiumo HaU. He i* pi^pawrd U> the shortlist iiotic.-. Diun? *i,.l V. -..,.. aid fee's assured that he will uve e?.tire "Atislftctioa to those ?hn mar favor Inn, with ft OBftil. All kind* af CONFKC TlONKRY ftnJ 1'AICK at tin' lowest pnoea. Bent ICK CRKAM a' Si H- p<r gallon. U. C. AT?!*, se 4-1th 65 Hieh street, (Jeorcetown. IJAGI.E IKON WORKS, A Coft.tKK Ohio Av. and Thtkt**.vth ?t. KRIC?5?ON S CA'.ORIC KNG1NKH. The undersigned have been Appointed solnacenia m tin* cit> lor tue mauulacture and sale oj the above F.iign ea, and arts prepared to supply ali order* with promp ii as and dispatch. These eurin?s have boon satisfactorily mtrodeoed. and are now prac?i aally employed in bakeries: by bookbinder*; for uj ibiiiiioi maker* lor Urawuu. fan Winters to ventilate l>ti!Jing<; for pumpm*; for domestic pu;p<??e?; el*vatinic riant; ?itu<? ctttfinc; (inning cotto..; Kiiudin< quartz: fitutmi paint*: (uihIiuk kiitiar cat.o ou pUiiuUi'inn in Ciifta: lor nou>ttng; for knitting mickiuN; l?? manulacturerb of piaed w^rt-: of printer* mute rial, <>f ailvor ware. c! arriraltural impifliwntt: ol matches: of hooped Wirt*; for ; umpin? at raiiroa*] UU una *> <1 on l?,ard ships; {or wwiiif matinees. fur iun piloting at ii printing dailt iiewn;appr?: fr>r rar:011.4 p a ,tatton use*; P>r uwiik ami plaiting lumber; l**i ptrlci g haw; lor poi 1 klituouim; lor shoemakers' uae?; far ano aiftttic; tunmw; t?h?eeo emitting and pttlvr izine; 111 tanneries a?<l w re making 'ah'i'hiMiitu; for soda water manufacture; for loue crueliinc; mat n.nihuwt; totting; grinding cutler) &e Tliej are ineipkwirc; economical; en?il) managed: they r<'?4Uire no t'ii?int;0rs; use uu water; and consume ver> little fuel. Any pe^ouik*6irt u* of usiu^ th''?*? * . VCMI I'; o^m niM'Ti hj t.i& ' 11. <. < r >>J ? UfcnJ t??f Biiou n a lar^o riuu*l>er of t?;*timomaN from ^iiodh U '.o li*va lh<>ui iniisily u?>e, upraising tlicir entire bA'u&iction IB their operation an.I ut><* Price* ol t!?e a* ??Ublmh?J by ti.e I'at piitee: Uin.cjPr $35. I : |) ?* 1_AI'A uMe^4 .. gj " 4" ? 43 60 -Ml <,&* ? fi,iin liio ischea ctlinJer, ' " ljs? " 2 J? *' " SM*i " * W> \\ ?? &r.< are &!*< pre^AroJ U> furniah. at abort w> tice, Architectural Ca-Ung*, any liwMcim ti.?i may lm iuruitli'-il, as chfsp can lie ot.twiii.*t tiw triiere Alw, SltMn buginc*. portai** au?l Malign iff; hwii or tow preaaure. ?a w aaii *n>-t mil ?, u\ - Iro-Utio, or otner p oaaea ; Itollera fur htaUiig liulldiuffS, wrought iroii waifr Um*?; i.aftin,. tt*ar 114, Ac., (or ttouriutf ur other nulla, auJ i<>rgir( ?f lII Limit. sel3 2\1c3m \VM M EL IS k. KRO_ m&OSL N O T I C K! 1^. yjflD I wisljat cenMem*i >v l^'Sgl to btar in uoad j|j M3I th* p'*n which 1 ^JB-^I^^H'l<>ptt<tl, SIX (fvt axo, of " 'llilii VNVHATS and R<M)Tr? at pMI| re duoed price* lor carm it in Kiiccootul operation. Just received a full supply of the latett New York stue* oi DKK>S Ha IS The very Finext llat % i50 j a hr*t-i?t* ^at %3; aad verv rood. la?tiio al?lo Hat ?2 50. A.lofthuiat Ktttylea if soh HAT;?and CAPS,at th?* varjr lo*?*t price*. [ atn constantly snpp'iad with a very largx stuck ?.f :ho?e fine 1)R K8S BOOTS a: *375? whicii 1 i.ave selling for many yf>ar??a* well as tJ.e very . at qua! t? oi Pat lit I.M*iN>HiiAITKKr> at Ai.'Z. Pine French Ca l>kin (Jutera from *2 to # 5". Te.-ma cash; o<? extia charge in nnl?r to uf?rt tad debts aNTHiinV, Agent for the Manufac turer*, 8ev?-nth street, aocut d liat store lroui Uie corner, opposite Avenue Hou?e, No. A4U. r?v in IKI PRUPO?*?.>s FOR IRON FKNCK *XD GATES FOR THE TREASURY" EXTEX ?!OX. Brsur of Cojuimrctto*,! Trramit Tjii'ah tmikt, 1v&>. j KkaI.KO I H<IP<H<AI,* ?>il l?? r<MM*iv?il at t^l* mill the n?u? i.?y of October, A. I) . ''?*. at 12 "'ciook, uoon,'or furni?i>iai( aiid putt ug up coai >ls te all tlie iron wm k of f lie Gat a, F- ?uk,Ac, or the app'uachra t . the a utit arm* of tbe Tram - irjr F.xt? tioti Ru'Mii.K I'-iotogrvphe-d* and pfCih'-a'KJ .a cai' (? ha>l upon appUuatioo at ttu 'fFic* on ami after the Idtli iuitant. Tho prop aala uN u 'l p an ly en^O'cKI on th<* iTlV-'ope "'Prow*!* f*r /r?* K'*'' a?ri (intra for kt Tr.a.<>"V E/MHM," Jwnd that wil: hr it one o oH'Ck 0:4 the day laat ua.-.MJ lor rarwrinf h*> name R da will orljr b* rrfWiT'd par lint-a foot fc?r lar.fth ;f i'Auoe, for ash kind of Ktxica Tha m?-H.??<r^ii???i>t <>r l^ucti) In be esr uaivo <>f t..e Urarite Potaand he Irou Ultra fiida ?ill not fw eonvidorrd if made > the pound, or if mado in Krone for thv ariiola. -I? ...? *>- ----- > mu? ntrvi? a "p"l!:iIW pnPf , OT ft?D loul'Ie Gati of the different aiae* H. M CLARK, Acting Engineer in chir^a, Treua^j Dpirt nent. _ a? 17 AWu.i'lO r\0 .\of FAIL TO CALL \J AT HARVEY'S, Sbl C Sr., britr>e? lot* on<t urd. Ha vili lo-dfcy op?fi iti? l'?"B a- 'aim-h?<l ar.d r*l> known MiKK-lI K O^TKK^. 'Hi CKi\<I DEPOT forth* ,*?u<on /_J le h?? m ale m rtm. ?r arit? t ? reo'ire'^^jl^flpf >*u ar i .ipp i^t of th? t>*?t n< t K xQBir 'OLK OVSTKIl** on eirery To**!**, ['hur*:i*.> , and S?tu -tia?. He will a?<? k-efeon tantiy on hand a large ar<1 \*r <-1 %??< rth<Mit of 'I3H, including aver j aort known to Waahingtou alile*. He r'tan.a Ms amcere tba^k* to thoae who pat omeed hia Kat?Miaament durto* the**-t h^u, >nd i? ooiifident that hi* inort?ri??x1 fict'itioa lor ;eepir>g coi.ntar.tW on hvi <1 frean au^p'.ie of??\S ["KKSj, FIsH, GAME. Ac . Ac , will &.i plr ra r?r<l a eortinnntice of t.neir patronage auJ cuatom. Sold at th* l<>we?t market prioaa, and delivered a ail parts of the citj fra? of cl?*rn?. aalP-lm T M. H\R VKY. L^Uft A HHOKT TIME ?"N ' Y-DEAFNESS r A*D NOISES/.? THE HEAD.-UK Ot?L (TO^, mt?mi>*r or ui?> R<?>? col ?*-* of !?nrt?'n? ifKiix aod, baa ariwe.!.* d u njw | ri?par??d *> p? y his tier* alhI f-xWao'ditiary ir?ativ*f>t by rliich h* wm inni of ju.edafer ?lev?u y??ar? (u mc iillfriiif t'a'ticua'* for ??l|'ear* sent to jiy artdr?n?( for po?ta*?*; a<?fi*uitattou? daily from o till 4 o olock fttxv Tpffreuca to bunar*1* of p^r on* curtd. Ai)ilri>?a No. *12 Twe f'h Vila 8'atios" Iter ?*<f oura. Boot (re* t<? arv ad PKLT AND CJMNRLLK r CARPKI1NOA Just received an<1 tor aaie 3ft rail* Felt Carpatinc, eiv lieavy, in ex&ot copies from most appiovud life*. Brussels aal Persiaa Carp?U at half pr???. wo, 41 roil* t:nn?ll?,a new arMel*, wef r* a? rt?ll Hi Br?s*cls,and soils at kaliprio*. Also 3 rolls verp tick at4 heary Wool?n l)ra{ eW, in ail width*, op to 18-4 widr. CLAtilfrT * DODSON. Dt(U*r> mi mil *a+d* nt nmni?r? th? Vomit, No.4 Ma k? Spa?e. ' M se 10 eo<t M di.on ?-a?ttrom \intl> tt. )iLi r.Afii r arnvk urn wl: >io i wnuUt mtpfotfiil'T eail tb" aturti?n ofth* puh c to in, n?w PARLOR VIOI.KT UA* Ci>N UMINu R ^DlA'l QKts sj***nor <HVl has for aal* b?r?V'forr>. The? have Hkyef tie old four column KaJ.aU?r?, M th?? a<? Mitoh anil* nier for pariort, l**im fiwuhed ofl'with 6/i? orce.*in Un?tl urni for evaj*i%Uwi\ oo?.?ui??r luck l>'i? eoai. ami tbrww* nut m >r?? heat thau * * th*r Radiator in tk* ma.?? t Hi * >.?? eal I a?*1 Mtua f you rati vet, at C WflOHW ARIVg, No. 31?? P?nn?> vanta a^mt, . Beiw U?U> ami IKK it*. P4S8, wat.!.. it$o',l3ii rmmn ia Aveulie, have ju?t received a largo va iut? of ew WiT Qftuto, lo whio?! UH?y nnt? the artchtieo ) Uiwr *w<* "w?wo*? ' *o?.H rioR9iTsHot> II AND UOR?ifc HIIOK iron. \Va have row in Mora a larx* tot <?l Uir auorc, iiil wLi 1 aflil it tkX JOS L. SAVAGE. Sfun of the 8i'? & te 15 6t (St *?> .) ??.??.,*? * Wi?>iUUl < _ l/OR SAUK.-A pur yf OUAOU HuHKKH, P jo*** ma fc* ?? ?? *?; wn?r n%viuj: no u?e f<?r tk?u?. 4?l' M juTM V. H,UWfeKM\N>Orfc?rT, on P<bu Tlv??i*?vM?n?. lw>twwm 3a Mil ?H lU *n ?.tf L(f>nt of SUiav*y k, 8o?'? M , - l?? anJ Tr,k Strec | b ft HANSON, it*mj?i. J THE LATEST NEWS telegraphic. Ikt PrUcf at HmhUIm. HaMiLToH, C. W l*-Th? PHaea mC \Talea rr?-H^d an addr^aa from the n4 the Hamilton l.ltrrary A?octatt?n early tn* am i?C He then held a ??*?* which waa thronged; Urn In uniform *?ol?ad tVfMlnl arbool. wWn be wu welcomed by four tbooaand ar boot ? hi Id ran wbo ?ans to him and pnaantad an addmaa Ha ab^veoUy opened the provincial exhibition. tbu ptKKM tott* BufUiftoi haarh to Inaugurate th? water works there The water works romtrlaalAB pe?aented an aiiraas. whoa He Prtaoe turned ob the water u4 MtlaM the works Inaugurated The Prince attended tell *1 night The rant party Imvi fbr Detralt this afternoon. I*be Prince bee received areeralnolts of clethee, Wblcb be ordered from a Toronto tailor Among h a pair of pant* for bgnttu. called "knlr kwborkers,'* which ar? m?4e to ? ?* twlow the kae* and hang uwt the (tlhn Ilk* Zona re troweers The panto are peg to pa, wltll lspped atjuu The co%i to a plain abort dcuhla brraiVd, with two aide pockets aad a breast pocket, braid U.iui *a<d o- flat all round, also forming the cuff These aulu are mad* of the best cloth, especially to captivate the Mr Americans. Fsstaa Msreaftl la PranrlraBtt PHiLADiLrHTA, Sept *>?The re<?at proposi tion mndrbj- the DotglMffte* for a fusion on the nrrtnrai ucEe?. aa UBdMfloofl tor Mr WeUk, proridrd for n'.vlng tu# B?U men t?a rln ion, taking twclrr elector* from the straight oat Douf ticket. If nine are tarafVlorv to th? r tend* ot Mr Kre* klurldge. the rr'oaid (114 electors Vu b* wlcrlrd from tbe ftriding ticket by all tbe coa tractin^ part Vs TU? (reposition wu i>j*rted br the Rrecklorldge men u unfkir and m equal Mr Welab actcd on tie proposition aa an lnuitl dual. and not In b!a ofic.ia' capacity na Cbalrmaa of tbe Democratic Committee Reaitar Seward ! NlaaaMtt St, Sept. Id ?Senator Seward a poke bore to-day. at gmat lmytb He kid be looked to tbe wuuiaitioM of BrIUab America, RuaaUn America, and l*p?ril?h America; and pr?pbeaied that tbe tiill#* vi iiiilti rnana w> V^ ? --1 J b> b* the Empire Sbtt, u4 <*>aa tn be the Kf)iU'u? State, aa Virginia bad already r.ean d to be the 0?i Lkxulnioa Tbe New ?*.. ituioa. the Ku.pire State and kniWuc Suit would be hereafter In the MUalaalppf valley. The Stem > Ktwfcrk. Niwai, Sept tt.?A heavy niutorm com menced here at eight v'clixk thta moralnir. tood fog the rlty, the rellaraand t>ia*nie*te. and driving thouaanda fr?m Uialr t>reaklaet tablaa The dearaotiou of farnltare. proviato??a aad other property, I* estimated at foi .Uxi Tbe Irrrn r^iea are now hard at w<*fc. pumping out the water from the aubmerged bafrBrnh Several iilare* were atruca bv lluhtaiag, but ao om killed, ao far aa ) yet known Latar fra? ( a Ifaraia St. Joaara'a. Sept sJM.?The overland ex new b ia arrived with San Kra-irtaco da tea of the ~th I lie liuugla* State Convention salaried aa alee t iral ticket aod adoptad reaoluttoM ceeauri n? tbe ceding ddc?*tM, tkt Intervention doctrla?a mad favorm^ tue Pacific t??erland) mail railway and klwnpk. The Bell and Kver?-tt Convention was 'Otnpiaed of delegate* from over half tbe counties In Um State. n*TimenU ef -ewater uanglai. Albany. N V. Sept -a??Hon Stephen A tr*nnU? ftasaed I.ere yeaterdar A large rnnrniw of people assembled at tbe depot to meet him Tbe train wu saluted by tbe firing ef eaanon. aad upon Mr Lmku'Lm' appearance be u-m yreeled witb enthusiastic eberra He was ntrod?<ed to tbe people bv Hob Saaford K C bare b. and apoka for about ten minutes TK Prix* af U >In la <k* laliH ItalM Detroit, Sept 21?The Prince of Wale* ?f? rived here l?at evealng. and * ** o?el?!ly wel rnniMl bv Gov Wlaw ami Mayor Huh! Tbe ?teani< r bearing tbe royil party paaaod tbroagb a fi?et <>f rrmr-l hrtlltaatlv '.llnmln^ud by flreworka Tbe flrrnrn and military parjdedtbe timto Tbe Prince leasee for Chicago tbia morning taiifarai* Matt Baraed Fo*t Smm, Ark., ??it ?.?Tba Poat Oflca and Marriaou block of bonding* waa destroyed by lire tb:s morning. Loei g2lj0,00l) Four tbouaaud ictter* Including tbe mail from California for the southern Atlantic State*, were consumed Oar H VJakaaaa. WrtLTAW*T>o?T, Pa , Sept 16 ?Got. Herat fcal V Johnaon arrived here thia afternoon, and wm I welcomed bv a lar^e concourse of cltlzeua. necaaa panied hy a line braaa band Mr. Johnaon apoke t > a 1 a/ge audience thia eaaaiag. Id Dwkirr'i Hall. Richard Vau? also addi aaud tbe ataeUag Walker fck*t by the Haadaraa Aalherlll** Nkw ORLrtM. Sept &J ? 1 nteillgeace kaa baea received that Walker, tbe till, boater. and Colonel |v lit! T likH kl?At haf *?- U ?^ uteut, and tUat *11 tbe Ml *f tbe u haretoforc ftawd. wrrr allowed to depart uafno leafced. liter < UUk*a L?k* Mirkigaa Sakma. Sept l<).?The propeller \Viifc*?fe Val ley. bound to Ch;caiTO. came in eolllatoii with propeller (name unknown) on S.indayr, near I'tiunder H.iv liianda !M* waa ma aauore to prevent Uer Irooi unking. KM 1 ba>?r D?lr?to4 HoaToD, t*ept 1??U F. Bailey, of Fitrbbuff, wm iKunibatod for Cou|ti*?a by the republics* ' ooveatlvn of ibe itiatb district, U -day, in plae of lloa Kll Tbayer. Bell und lalM ta T?xaa Niu- OkLiiNt.Srjt l( -TimHell ??4 D?^f laa partie* i.ave agreed to uofninate a JoHit electo ral ticket. C. k Graad Lrdge I V (I. F. UHTIU * Aent *(i?Tk? II u " - -* _ _ ? , ? m. wv ? m ?r? w V-. ' ? f ?a\l 1 I O. O. H bo* r?)rfUd tbn Tart oua proposed amendment to the onatuitlen. A ?! * N?w Yoke ?The r*ported robbery of a draft for ?10 nun pmrn en ha?# b**n a hoax. Baltiac* narktit Biirnoit. Sept. 21 ? Hour haa declined '2jc, HoMrard ?T.ft ?K5 Ohio ai.d City M ila #5 5fl. Whnt aeflvf but anner; r^d VI 2~?S! 36. white f 1.4oal b.) Corn active; while and yellow 87afiSc. Pmvltloui dull and hw?v: bacon dm IttitKc; mm pork ?JV 74; pr-ine S16 Cut** %c bUUrr and active; Rio MfcalS^c. for fair to prtne. Whiaky dull at g2H"*'\c Now Tork SUruu. Ntw V*M. Sept 21.?P\*mr Lifbot! Male Kj 15 ; Ohio A ??5.7l?; *?rth?r? ?6 7*4 W. ? r.*ni ouavani; nouibrrn vblU SI 3#. Oof. flrn?; miT^d <5nr" Pork nujdy. Lard dull. Whisky ?I?I t Cj^c. tl/EDni.VG tRE-TXTS'. PARI:* Fa V> fiDoi*, \VATC|iK!*, JK\VKI.BY. fctv \\ open tLik moru',H? a cT;oice Matortiurtit <?l WW m>o el?jant ?t>oa*. Jr signed e?p?cla!l> for w?t^. .tin* PreaeM*. J Ali"0.? gro&t rinrtr of p%ri? rancj G'?xU. ? ? Irorr. Anther.*be!I Co?nb?. D>? newer slyiei of rich J<"w*lry. Wa'ch^v. fllrtlr W*re,*?. M. W. dALT k WO., Jew?ii-*r?. ."?44 fk. _? 19-JR 4**?rs w?mt of Brwr?'i H<**4 ARE CHAMOKtt FOK THE J.ADIES.- Jm received a full a >"ti wi Jt)i HAI>. BONNKT* ad ?TRAW TKIMMiNU. KKh.NCII Fl?OWEB8,( nrh >r?c RIB vM>?, RlTCMKr*a?1 KONNKT FRAMES. IM.L'MEf* 1>E OOQ. ?STRl( k and tt?*r KEaTMKRh, CJXHlRATKU Mil... BELT* and jUJ^AsP*, 1)K^?S TRlUJdi.NOS*. t?V ?<? ioi, nAnnE.u U.MA n?> mr fine. FX IRKS .awssfll&A* ?" - ? ? O*J, .w ,y?S5ftL I I ^VEiM^JWSWSI^ atxt ?n ctW mn**ra W f Cktek* t?c ft Joni', two ,. ue#?tjie, 1 _ Mw^uwt, S PIANO FORTES, Th? brat iW'th^rkrnd rrtrifttroAnMd u> th < o?? & imtnirx f.'j fcmak*? |o|fiC ? i?U'? tfr? o?h*r a Fu.1 Grmnr *S ?a???oa, Kiit in a*,'n*'' of -JJU to*-, ?f ?ir"ni ? for ?<>?>eru or lor*. All MMie low are oii-jitrd t |M tke ?uJ n 1 P?i."t IMl *lfl< ' *r? oiMSti o jwurt r., ^?'.o Acrnt for C Sam' U?wvml:M fSviot, 30% Pa IT, b#C hftfe m?. I lUTI*' Ni?T|Ol; ? T* mi C??t?-a* o^??-;io( VommK, t? tfc? u ^ UOUM m ktwkf (II ri'ot* may W lAim at all titnM * ' |a tail. fct ifca ?f W. ? r*>?r. ??< P">?r P<>A?t< k! vl' - i A COMpBlSVl**15-nOTrt"^?lW ?? r?. ' M R ^ C IMT to *? nouu??*ewwv? < Vee|l |ipyt?t> to No 4 a^jjTVocjl lw 1BL Imuuu u> N*. I lU. J

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