Newspaper of Evening Star, September 21, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 21, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. YIRSKS. bt own mx?id:tk. Yet lull p?rt of the thiols I despise, Si. o* my ltf? > bmiB'1 by their oommoa ?p*n ; And M?h idler I ineet in square or street, Hftth witlna him whMn, that's without Inn b?lio, Tlw miraculous infinite heart of man. With iU conr.tlsss capabilities! T*i? sleekest <uest uf the gei.erai feast. That at evw) ?ip. *? he saps, says a race. Hath in him a touch of the un aimvl U?a*t. And chang? or nature is change of place The iedgee on to* bench and the ?c?mp in the daek Have tn eaeh of them much that is common to both; Ktchi* a part of the parent s:ock, their iliieieucecoi.taa of their different oloth. p?ui the Sevan Dial* and E*et?r Hall, The cuif that is h*t.d is not so wide : And the foo! that last year at Her Majestj's ball Pieken'd mo so with his tinper of p nle. Is the hero now heard of th* first on ttio ?a>l. With the !.a*onet wound in his side. Who knows how sculptor on acaiptor sta'ved. With th* thought in the h ad b> tne haud uncarveJ. And he that spreads out in its amp e rupuM, That grand indifferent. ao'like brow, Hcne ram/y ktt ovm may tat? a ke<i,ie*o k*tnes, *7"iriT# th* lanrrl abort and the icrinilt btlcw ' Thi Jaffa. Otrnuo*.?An Eastern conrtpond entoftbe Boston Traveller rWe* a statement of the manner In which tbe "Jsffdoutrage" has been settled it will b? remembered that in ianunry of 1959 an agricultural m ssionary. namel LHxon, resided In the garden some diitance from Jaffi. In a very dangerous and exposed place; Lia daughters were daily In the baDit of seeing and converting with the Amhs of the vicinity, aud cue sight the house was attacked and broken open, the women were outraged, and in the nieleti tUe husband of the elrdest daughter, a Prussian named Ste.ibeck, was killed, tbe property was stolen, and tbe family mined. After many a l?-uipt> U> secure the real criminals, the Consul of Jerusalem only succeeded in arresting parties designedly put forward by the authorities to screen the guilty. The c.aae was finally transferred to tbe Consul at Beyrout, who ferreted out tbe guilty parties, and brjagbt four of (hem to trial, and secured tbeir conviction They were condemned by thf Porte to hard labor for life at Acre, and about fire tbons and patters (or *tS?0) Indemnity was offered for their looses This indemnity and verdict Mr ^odiui jounaon remsea u> receive as satisfactory, and Colonel Williams, our Ambassador at the Porte, protested against such an inad^uate pun ishment I he case was finally adjourned over until the mnrderer nfthe Prussian, Mr Steinbeck, might be 1 treated. Time sufficient havtng elapsetl to show the impossibility of arresting a biack lave who had escaped to the Bedouins In the in terior, jo t bas llnally been accorded and ai.other verdict has been given at the demand of tbe American anthorltles in Turkey. The list and dual verdict was to the follow] ng effect: ? First. The uoarrmted crlminnl, when taken (for the accomplish meat of which no ea..rt* will Ik spared.) to be punished by the Inflation of the ex treme penalty of the law, vl zz?demtk Second. I The four prisoners now In Irons at Acre are to be removed to Constant!nope, where they will be Imprisoned for life at hard labor, unle?? their crime shall hereafter be regarded as meriting deatti, In whion case thev will be executed. Third An indemnity of 92.34) to the family of Mr. bilon and th*- urliinur Af u aui-w^i. Attixft to Blow L> a Mas-of-War.? During the celebratian of the Emperor'* fete in Vienna, an attempt wai made to blow up a mammoth man-of-war. named the Kaiser. An account sayv "The attention of a sentinel on guard over the powder niagaiine of the Kais-r having been at tracted by a faint, grating noise, seeming to l?ue from the woodwork, he gave the alarm V March was made, and crouching upon his hands aad knees was discovered au individual, who, having succeeded In boring an augur hole into the powder magazine, was already Inserting the wire to which was fixed the match which he had dcatiiMd to blow up the vrwel with everv soul on Doara. me wnoie or tbe ships lying in the neigh borbood. the Archduke ana ail his company, in cluding, bcaldee, the greater part of the town it Mlf." ?lbe culprit belonged to the Kaiaer. and tarns oat to be the officer called In the Austrian service Second Captain, which answers th First Lieuten ant la our own. He was, of course, immediately Mixed, but, before be could be secured, had blow his brains out with the piatol be carried in his belt He was an Austrian."" . An Episcopal riergyiii&n in Fairfax Co., a., In acknowledging th* receipt of a donation from the Southern Aid Society, r?m-irks: 'One of my moat Interesting poluts of labor 1s Old Poblck Church, the parish church uear Mount Vernon, of which Gen Washington wa? a Vestryman and in which be worshipped It U very much dilapidated, and we purpose nmk an appeal for help In putting It In complete oroer - ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. BROWNS' HOTEL?J L Rodgera, DC; R Llvtngaton. Va; J A Reynolds. Ua; A Barbour, Va; Mr Lincoln, ?; W H Jonca, Ga; J Wrlgley, Tex: G Harrta and ly, Miu Kld-r. Mim Woodly, Tran; T McNeil. Miaa; F A My rail. Tenn. A M Rlcka Alia F E Walker, U.M; S Sommefi, Va; J N Davla. Mo; Mlu V Collavr.iy, Miax Coll? way, NC; J Cammtiu(i, J Byrd, K A Vffl'. Va: W O Talburt.'Md; R H Vaughan, E lioodwjii and ly. J K Wood. U Ho^e, Ve; ft C Clifford and ly, Air and Mra McLaore, 8C; J t Murf?*. La; I S>w t >n and ly. E Newton, Ky; 11 Thorn;*. VV Dula n>\ Hon A R Botalar, Va, B H Brown and fam. SC, Dr 3 Cowpton and ly, La; T C Morralle*, W J Beall, Va; A Ailemong &nd ty. N ATIOX A 1. HOTPI.?* . ?J - ?? i vhuit> an? liny, Dr R Gale and lady, U; H Burkiuaa. X V; K rtl O Smith. Ireland"; J P Shinty, Va; J Carrt-rr. Mtx. W V Ttmrj, NV; C A Sterena, Tmn; G H GUddon, Mo, G Uodgioa. Mi* A H Br'stol, Miss Wilaon, Pa, K Contec and lady, Md; K C Wild* and lady, Mo. F P /aura, CVV: W Birch,'Ct; O B Noyca, DC; W Duianny F l-o*. Va, W Gibson Miaa card. MiMftihaon. knir A (iambic, Mu; B Bullock aad lady, G a, W Hoxail, Vie; H S Baaa, SC, U Tin ale aad fam, NY; ? Carter and fam Mra Tyler .Mi* Tyler. Ky, H Riggsaud aon, A Gordau. SC, Mra l>jctor J Bolk>u, H B Bolton. N V. KIRK WOOD HOUSE.?W C Heyward, HC; H Catling, A Porter aud ly, NY; C H Brantln and fam. H Gailaher and fain, Ct; II C Markall. Md; Mr Fant, Va, C KliOit.Uor, Ala, VV Wilaon, Ga, G D Sargeant. h Wehb, T Rutierford, NV; G C Rienardaon, Ma*a. R W Roae, R B Wright, Va; !* P BroJrn Mer VI r? ...A a J _ - - ?j .?| ?- ? - Hvi ? ?*? u?ui^mcr| v d, d Allen, Pa. Washington house.?m Bandrr. o; j Varcher, NY: 6 batons, Mast VYheaton* Mtaa Sevoy, Va; Mia Mitchell, Tex; Miia Hill, Philadelphia; Misa Rhode*, J B Caruea, North Carolina OCEANS TEA MER&> SAILING DA YS From th k Ukitib 6tatb?. S(<?n<ri. L*are. For. Days. C. Wuhia(ton ..Ns* York. .-Liverpool.. ?*ept22 Lemater Breton Galw&y S?pi 26 Asia N?* \ ork ... Liv?rpoo>.. s?pt fir?m*--- .New York Routu'ptou Sept ?* AfllThe . New York. ...Havre .Oct 6 Ara?o.-, New York?Havre.. Oot U From Kceopb Arir>aHo. 8oaii?>U?n...N>w York Prinoe Albert Gal way ? ? -New \ ork.Sept. 18 traco 8outh,ptod...Naw York., rtept. W aw Vork ?ir?nf V.? v?.k ? Tk? Havana mail ataamers la?v? York^oj Jr&ia m*r; ?te%ni*ra Iwyi Nmt York on as 2d. !?h. mo. and 27'.h of aafi jnw&th. and i on the 4tii aud Uth. 8i? 3il. 12th. har.Miou m "ft# caklor tfc? ttii and 2fth of m*' month. N ational SOAP AND CANDLE WORKS, Gum Siiiit, Aiwmi Bruit* and Wa'tr uruli, Gtorguovm, D. C. a lMge (took of CANDLES, Irnri, Family. Caatilaand Pauov anal TALLOW tad GRKASK far Looomotiven. tit?anihoaU, aad All kind* of macnmerr. a)vara on hand, and for aaie at pno?* to alt tha trad* C. B. JEWELL, Proprietor. lyM-?otf TUB UNION WIL?. STAND. NOMATTER WHO'S PRESIDENT! Coaaaqaan'ly 1 shall remaia in Washington and taMipae to fyr?u? io? cooapau<>u <?f HOUbE, 8t?iN and ORN A.MEN TAL PAINTING. Gild .n in all iti braacfeM. Old Glaztng pfoinpUy ai ts adad to. Punt nj and Oraaiaanuuc Cotiac* sl^ap frlMtfl uTotly'iobaanrid, and work dons in~ths bwTt>U|aau T VarXiafiM 6*' ?} I! *T2 Loaiaiaaa a*., aorta u4?, btwaaa ttk 8* Sua* pat ap ti~ af ohar<e, aa hM? 275 ALLEN ?75 JACKSON, PLASTEKKRS, PnrSA. Avxsui, UXn ?nd 11th ?tr?to. lm 1? C? STfAW HATS, STRAW HATS! /LKAITm O ou r STOCK OK 8TKAW HATS la orJsr to OUpoM of iar ?nUr? stock of Men'* ftrni Boj* SIKAW MAI'S ir??t iralaoein?nu wilf t* * *mlil iho lW or tM LINE'S Umt ?nd C?p Mor*. 21 lm r*. %*.. ,t Fomr- mJb Clf g|? 8.?5WS v 09 J 90S f*M-. Ufc 9U. WJ IK* MISCELLANEOUS. Proposals forf7l&aS of ten* mil lion DOLLARS. t*SASC*T DlPA*TM1T*T, Sept. 8, I860. SztLKD Piopos4Lt will b# received *t this !> - pirtmaat unu! 12 o'a.ook. nooa.of Monday, th? Sal dar ofOotobcr next, (or ten miliioa* of dollars of stock of tutt United StAtaa. to Ua lHiuii) 11 nJftr tne act of Concrete of the Btl day ofjuneaat, authorizing a loan and providing for the redemp tion of Troaaury not*. at which tun* tha propoaaja w U te opened and decided on. Tha a took will ba reimbursable in tan year a from the firat day of J as vary aazt, and will bear interact. at lira per oon tani par annum, payable semi-annually on the firat day* of January and J u'y of ?aoh year. .No o9>r will be acaepted below par, and none for auy fraction of one tliouaand Jo lara: uor will any offer be oonaidered ualesw one p?r centum of the amount tnereof la depoaited with a depoaitary oftheUnitoJ ?tat)a, auU.eot to the order of the Secretary of the Troaaury. The certificate of aaoh dapoait must aoooinpany the propoaa *. In all oaaea tha offer amat be unconditional, without reference to other oflera. aad mnat atate tha rata of premium offered. The proposals shon'd be endorsed on the oatsida, "Proposals for Loan of 186"." and to be Addressed ' To the Secretary of the Treasury, Washington, D. C." Tfce best bidders under the foregoing oonditions for tte aggregate sum of ten millions of dollars will be immediately informed by mail of the so oeptance of their flTera. and ther muBt deposit the amount so aocapt**!, with the premium thereon, with the Treasurer ol the United States, or the Assist&i.t Treasurir at Boston, New York, Phila delphia, Charleston New Or.cans, or Ht. Louis, on or b<*foro theSdday of November next. Shou d successful bidders desire to deposit at other points their wishes wr! be duly oonsidered on being siaioo 10 iins uaparirnei.i. Certificates of inscribed stock will b? issued 111 sum* not I' sa than one thousand dollars each to the rnccessfal b>d<lers, or their assigns, for the principal so deposited, carrying interest at the rate >i five per centum I rum iKe date of suck deposit. Much stock wit* lio trausferrable on the books of the Treasury, agreeably to the regulations of the Department. Should auy of the successful bidders roquire cer tificates of str^k. with conpons of semi-animal in terest payable thereon from the first day of January next, such certificates will be issued, with such coupons attacheu. in sains of one thousand dollars tun; and suoh ooupon stock. icstcad of being transferable on the books of the Treasury, may be assigned and transferred by the delivery of the certificates. The interest of the last-named stock, from the date of the depor it to the first day of Jau uiry next, will be paid to the successful bidder or Ms attorney, by the depositary with vhoui tho principal was deposited. The preliminary deposit of one per centum, re quired upon all proposals under this iwtio*, will be ir.clud<*l in the depoiits of principal and premi um made by snooessful bidder*, and will l>e imme diately directed to be r?tnrned to the unsuccessful bidders. HOWELL COBB se l0-2awtl Beoretarr of the Treasury. N I No. 06*.] OTICK OPTHr. DISCONTINUANCE OF THK '-NORTH WESTERN LAND Dl* TRIlT," IN THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. N?tinft is hereby <i??n that, in porsnanoe of law, and in ti?? of the fact that the unsold land in the Northwestern District,"(G*I*ada,> in the S ate of Missusipp., is reduced betww one hnndred thnn n I a> r-s, tie Secretary of the Interior Las direct ed the discontinuance or said district, the ffice for which i? ! oatt?d at IiRiikdi, and that the vacar.t ianiis in train be made aijiiu-ct to ?ale and entry at J ack'ox. in said state, fruin and a/tar the 1st day of Dftin^m next. Lai.ds remainmc unsold and unappropriated br ltw, ad subject to sale a'd enti; at Obhna"*, will c a?e to be kub.ect to entry at that office alter tho receipt of notice to that elf*ct br tin r?mi?r ?nrf r?. oriver thereof, eioeptinc oaiT to consummate ?x litiar pre-emption*, and the land offioers at Jack will give pubiie noiioeof the day on which they -m ill b? prepared to reoeive app'ioations for entries of anj auch land* at their oiBc.*, whioh will, if practicable, be on the first day of l>eoember next All persona entitled to patents ?t the Grenada Land Offi ie will oall for the same before the 1st day ol Not ember nex', at after that date they will be re'urned to this office for delivery Giv- n under ra? hand, at the oitr of Washington, t> ?< 12t?? >iay of S'pteinber, anno Domini one thou sand eight honored and sixty. JOS. S. WILSON, C'-irnmissiouer of the tianerai Land Cffioe. se H-wC? v DENTISTRY. on. and will be absent, as usual, during the turn mer Months ; will resume practice about the lit of October, of which furthor notice will be gir?n. ir io-tf kJR. HJLl.S, aftor a praetio*.' lost of two years ieeis t:i*t Ue oan with oonfidenoe reoom nruJ Uie i'Dt>op.ajUu l'roo?aa forinsertiurflfflflHiP artilMai teeth. It lias the a*ivantages or***"** itreugth, l.oatit/,, and ciixapneas. i'ai upper nets inserted for 93i. Partial iu proportion. Offic* v?* J Pa. av? MtwMu IHh and 13th cts , hia 1? tf north siue. 'I>ui: rtlJ HHt.Rl HK.M HAVIVU UN ui?in UKNTiaTRY, se 7 WOOD AND COAL. A. unteaiiTi atoer of FL'BL., la prepared to Mil at a very low fiicur** for oaab. WOOD Saw<*d and Split any alia. Call anil aaa for yonraelf. R. W. HATES, Wood aod Coal Dealer, ma li 8. K. oorner of Fourteenth and C ata. CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASBINGTON CARRlAftE FACTORY, f ? D Strut, between 9tA and 10tk Streeif. We have juat baiahed a num^r ol firm CARRIAGES, ?uoh aa LttAt &imry. Wa4ir?*, Paik Fktilo**. Family Car-] rim?, inti Butnt!i, whioti *re will aell at a vert suiall profit. Uaibc practical iitfKjliauioa in different branchet of the Mtir,?3a, w? flatter ouraelvda that we know ttie atytea and jaatHy of work that will give aatiy iMUMuui wiui/iiuu^ u(ui^o%Ai uo|iuon &qu aar&Diii ty. Repairing promptly and carefully attended to shorteat notice ana moat ro?i<Mithie oharrea. WALTER, KAKMANN ft. BOPV, Cr.aGUinaJceri, auooeasurs to Wn. T. Hook, ap 27-dljr^ CARRIAGES i !ar|cat HE SvbMilber tianni nuuit addition* to teotorr, mafcint it now one oflhaJarjeat ta the Distnot, whore hi* facilities for lnanolaoturinx CARRIAGE ft LIGHT? WAGONS of all kind* cannot t>* aurpaaaed, an# . > from hia lone experynee in tha baaineaa, he 1 to fira t*neral aatiafaciion. All tiuda of CarrUf an* Light Waou kapl n All R EfA1&3 naati j dan*, and all ard* t att*uJ?dia. _ s~*,to*4 0'""tamiirasfS'ir' ??? ? * lath tM R ata. AM. 4 ia ?f FjUHbfcK STKAM MARBLE AND BROWN DiONK WORKS. The subscriber bent 1mt? to inform the eitiseca of waakiogttin, Georgetown end Alexandria that he hae a?i<i?-d to h}? lone established butiuesa the auxiliary cf steam power for sawing and m&nufac tanas Marble and Brown Btoue Work in their re noua branches, Marble Manilla. TaUe and VV&sh atand Top?, Tile, Monaroenta, Tomb and Head Stones, ?ia>e, Window Liatele, Silia, Step a and Platforms. Haviac aureheaed a large atoek of Italian Marble tn bloek.irora trathan<]e,at theiQwefrt rates, he feeis oyafecUtut of Mine ab.etn furnish Marble Work aa low aa it pan U? purutaaked in New York. Philadelphia, or Ba.timort. The trade supplied with itafiau Marble in block at a lab a at tke aame rate aa rariiiihea in New \ ork, aiid on acnemoio dating terras. Alao, on kaod. a large suddIt of Puimoe Stone, Water of Ayr Hoce and Polfalnnn Petty at New York prloea. Eneoursge the enter Houmr Stuim Marolt ami Brown 8ta*> Works, P*. #or. ThirWnlh at , M 81 3m WMhinirtoB, D.C. VV K Havf juat r^i^ei^l?r|fijock of Slashed and Brown COTTONS ofth? beat Alad, f^?B2p&TiVi!s? klSlRSS^'SK I.AWN8, from oanta to 'tHi. HOSIERY, GLOVKtJ. GAUNTLKTT9. WHITE. RED, BLUE aii(l ORbY Pl.ANNELS in wMf. 'Wf Ure a few rioh ORBANDY ROBES on ksad "Si ' Un sga AVUV NICE SEVEN OCTAVR FUhlO iuvinc bMo in na?? abort Maw oniy_?^ wili b? aoid at a (r?st aaorifioe for c?U the uwoff being compiled to ttaa*V* II * Oitr. O.iginaJ prist ten,will now t>? aold for #*? o*ah. lo M aeon at Mr. MKTZEROTT'8 Muaio Mti>r?, crner P? hvmuh tad fc-levonth at. aa tt ELTTBk WATEJt J "" "" " " " ""I'kfl t BUKCHKLL, ae 5 FiftMitk K. acidVfwwt it. A L> K! TM moat to k* wbiAinM M tfea KRY. Title Ale la made ind cannot ml to iih entira ind oannot Qui to ?i*e entira eatie&oiion to uiwi. , C. COLINEAU .Proprietor of th? pNK MA TV OS FOH KENT OR^SALE,^ M neio r?<x?l*a<t tri weekly, at *' ELLIS'S) ?fli>i.?4*?n*a?4 oth?r lr><W?i?*uU for^jn^|^ TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. HAVE REMOVED TO No. 16 MARKET Sitae, Pran. avenue, between ItktDd^Aa 9th streets, where 1 will be happy to wkitl|| on all who will favor mo with a call withrMJ a fine atook of BOOTS and SiloES for* W? Ladies', Gents',Boys\M isses' and Children's wear. an 2 J. ROSENTHAL. BOOTS AN1> SHOES TO SLIT THE TIMES. We are now mannfeotnnnc all kinds of BOOTS and SHOES, and oorstantlv receiving a, sipply of tattorn made work of ever? de scription, made expressly to order, ana will be *01(1 at* much lower pnoethwi hu been" VQk heretofore obarged in this city for oinoh inferior lllwliii 1'ersons in Wit of Boots and Shoea of eastern or oitf mad* work, will alwava find a good aseortmen in store and at the lowest prices. Giveasaoall. UR1KKIN 4; UEOh a?*-r 314 Pennsflvania arenna. EHVK HLNDRKD TRAVtLINO TRUNKS r arrived thi* day. em: racing ail ?uali-gnran ties and sizos of hole Leather, Ladies iBnH Dress ana Packing Trunks. Our trunk^"*** sales room exhibits at this time the cr*atest rarioty of traveling requisites at moderate price*. to be found this side of New York. Also, every deeorit fikjs5?hIW& ?AUefeS' fDT Old Trunks repaired or taken in *xohaag* for new ones. WALL, BTBI'HKNS * CO* Tnit Mm Room. mar 1-tf ??n Ft. tTtnai. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, 4?? Tth 9nm. Opposite Odd mim?' Halt. Wanhinntt*, D. C. Traveler.? will study their mtei eata Dj exarainin my TRUNJC8, V A LICKS* 4o , before pur gngi ul.ihiug elaewere Aa I ua? none but th? BHfanR beat material the market afford* ami employ^*"**" tbo beat workmen, 1 can confidently recommend my work to be superior in Sir/nrcA ar.d Durability to Trunka that are made in utner oitiea and aold here. 1 ke?p oonatantly on hand, and make to order (on one woek'a notice* evert description of SOLE LEATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRESS mud WOOD BOX TRUNKSj ASHLAND and othtr TAL1CKS; TRAVELING BAGS; HAR NESS; SADDLES; WHIPS, fe., #r. i Trunks, &o.. Repaired and Covered, in a work manlike manner, at shoct iiotiee. Trunka delivered in any part of the oity, George town, or Alexandria. Also?Agent lor Howe's oelebrated FAMIL' sewing machines. d? 15-1* james 8. topham. IKAVJhiLEHtt' DlKfcXjTORY. Daily line of new four-horse COACHES to UPPER MARLBORO', Carrying Ik* U. S. Mail. The undersigned Arc now running Daily, (except Sundaj.) Four horse Coachos be- jCTT>fc^--s-s. twoen Washington and Upper Mar! boro', at follows: wwy*y* Leave the Stonmlwa' Hotel, cornor ol Seventh street and Pa. at7 o'clock a. m. Returning leave UpperMarlboro' at 11 o'clock a. m.,and arrive iu \\ aslitagtou at 3o'clock, in tune to oounect with the3_a)p. in. t am for Baltimore. The Coaches are new and commodious, the teams iu vim iiauu? 01 uaruiui auu ftovoinmoou ing drivorn. Fare to Upper Marlboro Sn cent*. To I A>ni; Old Field a ?...25 *' ToCenterviile js *' Freight aud packages iu propoftiou. an 13 tf osborn i co , Proprietor!. Baltimore and ohio railroad. WASHINlxTOy BRANCH. Change or Hovks. ON A N n A PTEB WKMlSniV I..? ia?k _ w _? . . U VII I I ? M?W J UV" ? 1??, train* will rnn ae follower Lmvk Washington at 6 20 and 7.4n a. m. Leave Washington at 3.2u and 5.30 p. m. On Sunday at 3 20 p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8.40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and i^SJ p. m. On bandar at 4 25 a. in. Passengers for the Fast will take trains at 6JO and 7.4*i a. in and 3 an p. m. For the Weit at 7.4o a. in. and &20 p. m. For Annapolis at 7.?> a m- and 12" p. m. For Norfolk at 7 4<i a. m. On Saturday evening the 120 p. m. train goea to Philadelphia only. jel3-d T H. PARSONS. Arent. NEW ORLEANS WITH TIB CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennesse*. East Tennessee ana Virginia, East Tennessee ana Georgia, Nathwlle and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and JaeJcson, TO NEW ORLEANS! mem phis"route: Memphis by Rail, thence br Pint 01 Ml Paolcets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thenoe to Mobile by First class Packet*. Mobile to Now Orleans by I.aku Steaiuar* TWO DAILY TRAINS?Sgnkats Ikclukkd, Leave Wiuhis|Ua at 6 a. n aad 6 p. m. Thortteamer liEOKGK CAGE leave* her wharf foot of Seventh street at a. m. and tij* p. in. aii?l connect* at Alexandria wita the Orange and Alex andria Trains lor the tt.>;.tli v??L Office- Peunsjlvania avenue, corner of Sixth st. kxaex?8 OSRCKBD THROUGH TO RHW ORLRARB. Lypclibnrg . $16o| Memphis . 331 00 urisioi - ,.ia"? Knoxville ? *>?? Chattanooga 24 no ailton.., iintinri!le ? .27 "C (irand J u notion __.3uui Nashville ~? ? .25 *) At;ar,?& Maoon Columbus Moutromi-u .. . J viaMemp. . N.O.> via ?. Juno t2 fif* \ via Mobile. . 4.S ?hi >, (HI 23 on SI JO S3 "0 >18 M W THIS ROUTE IB ENTIRELY BV RAIL. and is *00 MILES SHORTER, and 'i4 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other I.iho?the Lynehburg Extersion bemf now completed, as also th? Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLKASANT ROUTE EuR SOUTHERN TRAV ELERS ! It is provided with Pint-class Sleeping Cart! TIME To New Orleans.?.? . Mempnis. Mout(omerr ? Na fasbnlle. ..? ..7)1 Hours. ......1)4 do. 6S do. ...46 do. UT'Tha U.S. MAIL and ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New l.iaa. Tickets can be obtained at the South Western OSoe, oornjj of Sixth street and Pennsylvania av enue, to the following points: Ljnohburg, lirjytul, Xaoxyilla, Atlanta, unanauooza. jminuvuia. brand Junction, Maoon, Naabville. Dal ton, Ooluini>u?, Mootcomerr. Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. IET THROUGH tIckets TO THE VA RIOUS TIRO INI A SPRINGS. ITT" OninibmM and Bacra?e Wacotu tear* the offlofl at 6 a. m. and 6 p. in. JAMES A. EVANS, Tioket A*ant, ma tt-tr Corner Sixth at. and Pa. ? . THE STEAMER JA8. OUY Will raaume her A tripa on TUESDAY, 21 at of JP??k Febroarr. law. Will leave WASH IN ?TON every TUESDAY anc!*"4^"* FRIDAY, a? eo'oloo* a. and ALEXANDRIA at half-paste o'iMowa, for OI RRIO VJAN and the intermediate lADriinci. On bar return trips, abc will 1mv? CI! R R l<>\7 A V t ..... . . ?T Vt ( ? V UW4 I and SATURDAY, at 6 o'clock a. m. LiJCIAN B. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L UOUHH. Af't, Alexandria. fe-JO p?u8wiSS"' The New York %nd Virginia Screw Staatnahif will leave the Coirpany'e Depot, Wee torn Wbarret, at ll*o'o!ock a, m. every WEDNES DAY, *40 the Conpany'i Depot, at Alexandria, tJ o ouSJS f. m. lamjflfe. P&iio^iert from \Vaah1n4ton and Saorrotuwi oan take the ooaohea oonnectine with Alexandra etoamboata at railroad, wnieh leave tne corner o; nh etraet and Pa. avenue hourly, or they can lean on the itoMMr from the Western Wharves at u r lnnrtDM will be effected an all roodt by Tin* at u?a oAaa of the Company %\ * |ir oaw The aoaowodatlona tor paueniera by thia llu are in every reipeot firat-o aaa, and every effort wil be made to reader thu communication with Net York an acreeaMe and health Ail una. r ? * lS(8h wsteV VIII l?n The lauai MOUNT VI Alexandria and Wfrihinctoc Yor* EVERY WKDNESB o'clock p. m., and Mew York' 1 inrton ?ver? Saturday. at3 Paskeuiars cap join IUp ship at Alexandria atani time before the honr of tha ftearaer'a departnro. N. H.?In the event of the steamers inability te oroaa the bar in oonae^netiocof low water, aJlcooda will be promptly lirhtered to aad from the ataamar by the anderaitnM. For fro,,!,, O'KKVS'lf *?HIMEHAR?. Waatarn WharMML | OT8 OP FIANOH FOE RENT AT LOW Li rate*. Piano* t,r sale on tha moMww reaaonable Great bartaina in old Ptaaoa; al?>, id Guitara,VTolina, Ma-*? ??T UxleOhS. Acoordaona, Ao. ?B IS f?U for Chi?k?rinr ? s'?>n?'V'i^o, P NOTICE. 9*ini:c?t niTl urnuhing Stur*, 4i?S 7U? wiK""--. isaatr, wc^T CINBS. D** ibtoh, IUTWORI LOCK HOSPITAL, Bt DittemtrU U? w^est Crtmtm, SftUm, mmd MJf Effuttml Rtwudy m U< World. FOR ALL DISEASE* OF IMPRUDENCE. LJPT NO FA2.SK DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY 1MMEDATELY. A CURS WARRANTED, OR NO CHARBM, iW >'?OM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WMtttHWtM lt?k,SoU.?tM AlMdMllflkllllilVI ltd Maduar, IUMW117 DiKkufu, Irsmm;. DtiltiV, KUTMaMH,Lu(Hi, U? ftwixCw ftoaiau af Uaaa. Palpiiauao aflLfYaart,~-i*iduy,TramW>ufa, Diicnaaa af Sifnt ar Jtddinaaa, Pinui >ruil li>4 Ttnal, Mmiw Skin, Afavwani af iba La.fa, Ittiutb af Dim* Tarnbla UlMidiri Uun( frtta Satiiary libra at Yaaih?tbaaa Draadfal *od l)?o?u<a Pracucaa wbic* raa dtf Mirufi '?faaai?!a, and dai.iaj aaia E?o? aad Ha< yonuMBi ^acUtlf aukati bacansa lha flc'Jma af SallUfj *laa, lb.; dratafol and daatractiva b*bit vhteb arniaally awtapa u an aniimaly fraaa tbaaaanda af Yaaaf Mac W lha maai aa aitad taianta and bnllaat lataUaet, *M ra.^oi atharviaa baft totruiaad itataaiaf SacAiaa wub ibatba vaktd la aaauuv ika livi&f iff, m*j (MM. MiUUAtl. HiUUU PUMIt, a* T?ai{Mai awua^iutf Mar rlara, batuf ivaraaf abyaiaal vaabaaaa, arfaaia dabiUiy, dafaraailiaa, ftc., abaadilr catad. a vba pier aa blmai'.f andtt lb a aara af Of. J. wuy rallfl aaair ewlla in bta hanar aa a (aaUaaaa ud aaatdaalir rail mm Ma akill aa a pbrrtaiaa. > latfol MtNVM baft aoJara af alaqaa naa at r aall vuk fall aa*fr OPF1C* Da 7 lomi PKRDEfclCKIYRECT, laft band aida r*u>f fram Balunara aira ai, a fa v daata liaa tka tartiai. rail >M la abaarra uaa aad caaakai. kalian at ba raU aad atatala a iua|. d*.. joumrrou, Miabin af tba Rayal CalUfa i(S?r(iHi, Wtdn, riilMtt fMin an* af tin aaat aimnaol iJallag a* la tba Sunt! lutaa, tad tli* giaaiar partaf whaat lift baa baan apai.iiu Ua baa 1.1 Las lon, far.*, fhiltdalthia and alaavhara, baa fac'.ad aaiua a? tba uiaat aatamanuif cant tint vara aval kuavn: many traablad wUb ringing ta th* naed and tan wban aalaap; gran'. iiaraaaana**, bam* alartnad al aadtiaa aaaoiia, t>aaiif?Tnaaa with fraqaant bijahitif, &u*od*d Mat Matt w?U danjifantnt a1 mini, vara t?r*d loaadiauiv. TASK PARTMJf kAk SOTICI. Tn f Man til atcara wba ba?* ui)?rad LT.atnaalvaa by a laat.u piactica todalf ad to wLan alaua?a babr. fraqaanl]} fram ??ii eampulKi, ar at achaal, tba afaeta a< which xti n-fhtly fail a?ais whan aal*?p, and if nat earad, audara ra.irri*g* tiapoaaiMa, and daatrara bath aiaC aad ahoald apply i>nin*<]|*tal J. tlmc art i.i* ol '.Is* >! ami raoUncfcoiy iftcu HidwW ky oarlt babil* e/?oaiti !! 1 Wtakntti of the Vack aaj ItinOt, r'In tfct Hud, liimi<iu of S'fht, Leu of Mutllll hvtr, falpttatMo of tho tftart,Dr?p?(.?f, Nitfou lffil?kW If, Darauf aniout of iht l>ifottiv* Phsuoci, Utbttal i>, jmpiomt of Couoainpiion, 4c. MKWTALLT.?Tin ftnrfai ifieuao iht mind art mat* U k? drii'lcl -boot of Mia?rj,Cmfa>iw of Idtat, Utprtooioa of ftpirua, Kill h*?rt odtr.ja, Avoraiou ofSocit',?, tatifDiatraot koto of K?Li-.odo,TinuUilj, itt., ill torao of tkt t?.l? pi* toid. NICKY 000 DKI1L1TY ?Tfc?a?*?<!i ??a aowjadjt tUl U iht eilii of thtir dtelicinj btalth, loting tttir ?i{or,k? oonitof wok, ptit, ntrroat and omteutod,having a tingalot ipyiiiuti akoatiha oyoo, coagh royrrp'.oiutof tomt.'ipuoo DISLAStS Of IMPRUDENCE. Wktn Iht rui:g mdtd and irapradtnt ?ofiry of plluinliil k* hat ia>i>ib*'J tbt tttdt of ihit paii.fol duiiii, it loo ofui happtnt thai hi ill-umod ttott of tiiMiii or drtud of diocotory dottrt him frou applying to tbooo who, from odacation (ttptctabi'iiy, can afoot bofnood hue. No f*'l? into tot ktudt pf itfuor ml *nd dttif.ung prtttnOtrt, who, uie?j.t'*;t of caring, llch u;? }ti.auiary lauaunci, kttp biui trltitg aooih afiar month, or at lung ao tho tiua.ltti ft* can k( ob< laintd, and in dttpair loa*t Biro with rainod htaith to aifk o*tr hit riliirf dioappointmout; or bf thi oat ofibatdtcdlt poitoo, Morcary. butm tho cotiuuauactl oynittomt A ikh tomblo dittatt, asoti at A o' Ibo Htm. Throat, Moot, km.At.. profrttting with frightful rapidity, till dtalb pttil St nod to ina artxdfal by ttr.ding him to tVat aa itcorortd caantry from wbooo aeamo no tra?tlor rt.amt. DR. lOmOIIKEMEUT FOR ORiiABIG WKAEMCW AMD 1MPOTEMCY. By tkli [till tad lawruui raraad? tiikcmrfUi iirni art apaadHy earad ana fall ?ifat iMtMid Txtannda af tkt Mat nar'taa and dtbilitflad, wka bad laat all kapa, ka?t kaao imiaadlataly raltavtd. All tinpadimtau la Marriafa. Pkyaiaal ar Maatil DltaatU aauaoa, Lata af Pracraatiaa Nam, Maraiaa WrutkUhj TnaMiuud Waakaaaaa* Kiktaanta aftka awfatrfii klad aptaadr.y auad. KNDOUCMHT OF Til rtM VEK MANY THUOIANDfltartd atlbia mautailaa vltkta Ut laataa*tMaaa yaira, and tkt oameraaa imptruM ftara< aal aparatiar.a parftrmd k* Dr. Jakoaac, wilr.aaaad ay u? rapartartaf iha popart arid ?c?lj atk*r paraaaa, aatiaaa at whfch h?T? *pp?it?d afain and afala ktfart tkt cakllc, ka aldat fciaaiandma xa a faaUtBtotf ckaraattttaa raapaari kiiity, it a aaflcULi ruiuln u tka afliatad. luiLi> Dr. j. bovke dod's IMPERIAL WIXE BITTBKS, Are now being used from Maine to th* Great 9*lt Lake, ani Uie universal verdiot or all who use them either as a mtdmn* or a* a bereratt, u that they are ansurpaaed in the world. Dr. LHxl? used them saeoessfalli in hie praotioe for 35 year* before we purchased of him the eole ticht to manifaotare and present them for nle to the public. For the oni-e of luoipient Consumption, Indication, Dys pepsia, Piles, Nervous lliseatos, Female Com piaints, and all oa?es requiring a tonio, they are be yond doubt a most invaluable remedy. Aside from their madioinal properties they are a pure, whole some and delightful Beverage, producing al> ti e pleasant exhilerating effects of Brandy or Wine without their injurious results. all friend* of humanity and all ad vomica of temperance assist us in substituing these valuable Vegetable Bitters for the m intra I potumj aud ai!w.teratt.d Liquor* itk wkml. I. /I J? --J - J. 801 Wi w..u wutvi wv vvuiim/ ib iiuuuau, zkiiu uiereny ei f?c?na !y aid in ban thine Diiwis and Dronkenou from the land. CHARLES WIDIMFIELD 4. CO., Proprietor 78 William street. New York. " HWARZE. Acent, 'Mhington, D. C. DR. J BOVEE DODS' IMPERIAL GIN BITTERS. Pftr Diaeatea of the Kidneja. B'adder auJ Urinary Organa, and eapecially for Female Obetruetiona, never Uil to cure, and arc warranted to five aatia taotion. CHaRLES WIDD1FIELD * CO.. Proprietors, 79 William at.. New York. J. SGHWARZE. je 7 1 r ,r Agent, Washington. 1). C. TJ. O. R-. ?*? T. JL. . UUNNEWELI/S UNIVERSAL COTJOH HEMEnv For all Throat and Lung Complaint*, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HTJNNKWELL'S JUSTLY CELEBRATED ? The Natural and Sure Krmtdy fur all Ner vous Complaints, From Nfturalgi* through *11 c&?aa where Opium iru ever u?*1 to that of p-liriuin rremena, and the oornmoB ohiel" o*??e ot m?M? LOSS OF KLKF.P. The Tolu Anodyne. though cont*i run* nut ft par tide of Opium, produces ftil the requirements of, and iu&y >>? used in ail uftae* wherever Oimuui Wft? D??ti without pro'tuciLK auythiu* hul Curpn.auU l iftvit;. the pifif >it in & perfectly i.atur&l g-at?\ Th? Lnivers*] Cmi^h Remedy, (Iroed from ftjl ? .ft k. D . ?> < voiuiifii uuu'wiiHni V' i " un|jj IVCITI i| I f*H, Will on produoa nausea or pn>(traUo?,> may f>e considered tli*? common ei,f>in? to ail Throat and Lung Uoru p ninU. and uaed with perfect impunity Asking &:i u> court from proprietor* or friends the moat a?vare investigation of both Re modies.and readiux of our pamphlets to be found with all ne&lers. and more partionlarly to purchase oct* of tnose who can be depended upon, w* wait in onftdtoo* the decision* of PatienU an! Physiciaue. "Prices within rea?;U of a'l" UENEKA.L AtogNTS, J. W. Hdkmkwkll k. Co., 7 aud 8. Commercial Wharf. Bostou, G*o. Hphskwkt.i., 145 Water at. New York, Order the special supervision of JOHN L. HL'N NKWEbl,, Ciieiiust and Pharmacentiat, Boston, Mass., whose signature covers the oo'kaofth* genuine only, aud to whom addreea all oonunnni oationa. Hold t>v all reapeotable doalera everywhere, and II tk. A ill- ir-.L!?. J "? an win uiU(|l>UIU VT MUiUglOU fcQd ||Wr|thlVa mar 28-eo.r fOY for thesihk and suffering. J LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED RKAQl APPLY THE REMEDY U EJOJCE WHEALTH. Friend, do you suflar? Areyqu the viotiin of any ofthose numerous ailment* whioh arise irom im purity of the blood.' What are hey, do yon ask? Rather ask, what are they not? I he blood la the sonree of life and health, and it is the first element of our being to respond to any eause which fleets the system, as the pulse Infallibly attests The ever prevailing Neuralgia. th? irritating Erys pel as, the subtle Scrofula, the agonizing Rheumatism, I\er vuas Debili y, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint with ill toraor aad dejection, and the nnir.b?r|efs ills that flesh is heir to, derive ?he:r hideous origin from the dioou. ueai unaiy imi and gently with the blood. Ue? the vitalising resources of nature for ita aid, and *utf?r us to e.<!nmeml to your oonfidenoe ana um that truly valuable medicament known aa MRS. M. COTS INDIAN TXUKTaBLK DECOCTION. With regard to this a!m?at infallible apooifio popular aentiment haa spoken in df-oided terms and the evidenoea of this great efficacy are sus tained by oonstant avowals of curative effects and IS" happieet results from ita use ar? afrer all other remedies and tbo beat m^dioal skill hare failed. Let na say, in oonolusion, UtM flertlftSUea oares are not sought froft ?*e jfiiterlte and super fioiaJ, but th"T ar? voiuuteored from the me at re upeotabJP ?"???a *n 1 jw"Ufy the hiKhest terms in which it is po?siMe to qommeud so valuable m. ipeoifio to pub 10 approval. We may add aiso that tne curative propertieaofthemfd:oiaoareeou?.l'l?i only by its restorative effect*. the srst im reoilver mi from disease with renew#.! oonstitut.onal vigor'. Por sale by ?! resectable DruiisU m thu Wty, by the proprietor. **3 M COX, none renujne units* ha# nam* is biown on the bott'ean* Ue*seaiou theoork IT * KriM ft I Mr kkAhU ml mm k^AU. #? A . . .. _? Vv..nv, vi& uumoi ior fd. lf?t. R. Hi T. CISSKIj, Drncriat, Georgetown, 1> C.. Wholeeale Agent for the Dia trio*, and will aufply the trade at my prioea. aall-tr T. POTKNTINI, 205 'Wi//*" 9? 279 i.K^nliVn tve to o*ii tne?ti?ot;en ut oia frier^ja %n? I fio lenerally to Wa New Store, WlC it opened, in ooi^o^iob with hir I 1, )c?t opened, in onnn?^MSwith hir i sr riv 1 MISCELLANEOUS. ' COLLEGE TEXT BOOKS. , HE Fo.owing now Bo?k? for it bMB obluned. to vhiflh th? alt* rti ju?t bm jobl toilers ii o&ltad : ^'irew's Aeneid. with fxoi&rfttory potM by Ho t*. Friex*. Pruieest-r of L*tm in tF* Li r?tj ot Aiiohiran; 1 prio* #1 ?. Apology and Onto with note* by AV. rlw ProfMaor ot 6r??k in Amhorat Ct te; pnc* 1& oects bx?.rci>?* in nil itrU of Fronoh SjnUx.nrmar tor Poit-nn'i ":*?bUlx* Fr?t.eii*?," Dy F. inkelmsnn; 1 vol ; prioo 91. K New Method uf Lettuini Spfcciab. tfUr I tern of F. Ahn. For ml* \ j BLANCHARDA MOHl'N n 30 ElVYBBtti at ftitJ l>? kT m t fc 11' L' *U (iiUUilUDU t k > /> Iv ?* n rruirnvf r.u it r<luni^U 9UALJB The** Soalee are offered >?t ?mple, ilurab.e. a a. Firetclaee rrtMij" m> Soalea are offered to the enblie m C pie, durab.e, and reliable wlHmr eat tcUee preni'ume UvcbMo inroKtM ibe L'n.leti States i-air aad Virginia Ag loaitui >ojotf, Virrxuia Stau> A*r?ealtiiraJ Fair; Frank, ttttte Fair, Prnntrlrama; New York Stat* Fa ?rrr.<>nt State Fair, ike., Ac. In ev?rr oaee whs hiDited they nave reoeived first c.aee prttmaa >r ea e at *6 Loaiaiaea arena*. Depot of Sill* uLed Iron tiafea. Je M-lr |?> C. PATTIBON. A cent |7ASBiNeTON 8KWLV6 ROOMS, ' M 91* ll? two ricori Nfrik cf fa i?? Nov If the time to ret SPRING asd 9UMME im ia uiaco n? 10 order. TQ? ??beonb*r u pi .red to make SHIRTS, DRAW kKS. A?, at t 8 Mr ** n MilTKf r I K fc. F1KK. POTOMAC WATKH Ijtra till ejijarrd intbe PLUM Hi NO and V ITTJiMtx Bl'MNKH!1 at my yldetaod in Piulfca jiiio Ball. The advantage of having a plentil pply of wat* r wa.? readily observed at the fir* 1 am wall utoicd I ihuiU have bo irnedoathet k?r the bom.tifnl aupply npor I etni?ea aud that of iny neighbor* Ai) order* for the iatr?>duotion of Water and G ill be promptly attended to. Tirw a* reason e aa any plumber m the city. if 3 C. 8N YDKR .HAS FIXTURRB. K Hare in ature, ana are <:ai y receiving, Oj IXTURES of entirely New Patterns aixi Dnaig id Finish, anpurior in atjle to ^njthinic heretotc fared in thie n.arket. We inviteoittgene tenen to oaJI and examine our stock of Oai and Wat ixtures. feeling confident that we have the h? :!eot'd aUtck in Washington. All Work in the above line lutruated t>onrot iU be promptly attends to. MYKR8 * MoGHAN. mar S-tf 31 * 1) street a tUU\ GALLONS CHAMPAGNE Af< ?,lrUU CRAB APPLE CIl)tfc.-Wa tsv c ait^ntn.r. ef the p>.biie to our juaraeand We:! a cted atocL of Champagne and Crab A?p!e Cidi hiih we guarantee to be jure imoa, and will ?!d on reasonable term* m n ?' ??? ^- ? r o?r ??nnt rtock. G;t? na * o*il ?.t th* " Union BotUin? Depot, fn Na. <T Arm at. 6*?riMnvi safe ihe Pieces! At uetidmtt will k*m*, ?em to mU rmiai miiui, it is wmry deeirabfe to have mi oh* id oonvmuent way for repairing Paraitare, Toj rockery, &o. SPALDING'S PREPARED 6LUI eeta all ancn emer<encjec. and no hoaaehold a ford to be without it. It it & way* reedy and i the (UokiUK point. There ia no longer * neM 11 for rimpiDg cliaira, splintered rueere. headla >n?, Mid brokeu cradle*. It i? jatt the article i me, ahell, and other ornamental work, ao popnl ith ladi*a of refinement and taate. Thia admirable preparation ta need oold, bell innimii nr a ill eolation, fcnd foiWUIIl( All t Uaab'.e q u&Utiea of the ><e?t cabinet maker*' ell may b? iHd in the >!*? of ordinary ?ik| ulc vaatly more adhesive. " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." Frit*. So oente. N. B ?A Bruah uoom^MiiM each bottle Dtpot, No. 49 Cedar rtreot, New Toi ddreea HENRY C~8PALDI.N6 * CO., Box No. 3,604, New Yoi Put tip for DfMe'i is Cmm oontaininj Foi <cht,and Twelve Dozen?* t*antiful Lithograp Show Card accompanying each package. ITT' A sinrle bottle of SPALDISU'S PR TRED OLVE will ?are t?p tiaiee ita ooet k 1*11* to flrcr* kn??*knM fit Sold by all prominent Stationery DragfiM ardwars and Faraitsrs Dealers, firooars, a anoy Stores. Country merchant* should make a not* of 8 PA. JfiG'S PREPARED QL UK, loir list. It will (land am annate. 10-lj Uk? F*lim tf ikt )-~am V+*U, 5/ lif | yrotu* muj W?? U ii?. ? 1 \? CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS ' a UtOMAIIC VA11EY WHISKET RE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOYE WHISKEY. WMJLDALY, A Oft I ITU Ufllliau at iiwi 10 OUUin VILI1AH 5. PILH IUIUL m sale in washington by f 7 1 j BARBOUR * 8EMMKB, rioiaii & swpsok^ a. fcttd hirhly improrwl by & ?. *t old rmtlt in virr m-'" 1 other hiMtft. fro* ' tkatfwtod SlaMae" * ^t^s^ssK?jps T**i?u; < K A N C ? 8 HARPER, ?aMI'Jy GRUCKK*Y?A^i5?FEKD fTORR ^^.?^aTas5aMfSx -? be in want of any article in the atxrre line. B idea vera shall be to pieaee, and by a strut atu >n to the want* of th? public, he kopM to m*rtl S3 TUB IUMAN CONSTITUTION SAVED FROM WftECI. THE PREfENTIfE AKD REMEDY . t * * IY7TRMITTEXT AND BILIOUS FEWERf < CtlKd INSUIED IN A DAY. 7 ? NATURE'S RAND RESTORATIVE. 41 ** % 9 IlfPECTINK, IXPKCTIXW. INFECTINK, INrrCTlNK. lSfKCTlMM, 1NPKCTINS TtMUrriU?Mtody hofm U? FEVER AND A0UB hu i?1Un b?o4r?l? of &nm<i of ?*r mm throveholt u? world M?r; r?r, ud kM ?v?r ttu now b?M a*t by MMMiftl audio*: trrtli?t that k&a B?t pc><?>?d mm MEDICINAL DISRA8BA, Which l#N< th* langa, the apiMa. Um livar, tU h?rt, or ottw part of U* hwu urftUM. Th* INPKCTINR u th? Mt?rfcl inlmmn of *11 to la ?MorM bf tW mtorior trfui. vhUk W Mil7 ud all ImIwiIii to*v4i thm mtladtM which prottnU the auad tad body with km. P#v?r ud Apt rwalt frota hww mm. No pl?o? U waft frwa Um > ?? which komm Um wt? oftk* Himm Ttel bataf mm mu idUUl mm, tadaoaa d*pr*Mioo ot AfiriU, ? ? - ? ** ? - nwM, lUfior, (Mil, ttUW. ?rr?r. U4 * ktag U?aft ?r?M mm.?i rifciM km or bar Ml i iiHll mmt XTRBMI HKLPLKMNBM. Why villuftM raffw Uw horror* of ft Mil iMlii liUraltttat Fm?. *hn bftteMtTtk* INVALUABLE INfECTlNE. ALL men OP MIIAU HAT IB ANNI HILATES IN A FEW HOURS, SELF-CARE It BBTTKR THAN PHYSIC. NATURE I? WISER THAN ART. L. EVHRY DISEASE HAS A 01 VINE RKMEDY. 'f THH WISE APPLY WHILR THE POOLISH DEBAM. BETTKB PEEVBNT THAN BTBIVB TO CUES. DELAYS ABE DAN8BBOUB THE IlfPECTIHE* PERSIAN FEVER CHARM, Hm o*r*4 tkoMMdi of Mil mm of tfco mom rfrwdfol Vron. I?4 mU rilMt. WONDERFUL EFFECTS. U?Ml Bomll, oi PiUabarg, lor two jmn ? 1*m to and mMt- Martyr to CkitUMA F?v?r?cored iB 1ms Dim tkrM VMki, Mrf ? ?roT?d in Mikt hoars. Mary K. Balkan 8*a4?aky. Ohio. i mittaat Farar, with Chills, raatorad to I tvratj hours. J. E. TiltH, of lalfn'*! MiIm, bmiU dtatk'i door, kkvut utflrtd far (oar raari, v?(l in Iva *aaki, ud mprovatf ta two koaia. dolpha MoaHro, of PrMaa, raiisra* la oaa boar, whila travail ia? ia Ua etri of tha Fort Wayaa m4 Clutli* ftMlmad. Ha *i ly lying with Chilla. Kalawa, rf UMkyait, Naw Yort, ~ m. a iAo^iof tfc* 4^ 9inpec CTIll K I TMY IT, FMOTM JT, KNOW IT _ >* voadwfol y.wmn ma ftr tu*, XkaX Uom who ooffor, or w*-, M Mi to* man*^ blessing r | ?" M - ' ?. i > I I* BOLD BY ALL DBUC4ISTS AND MUM' 01NB DBAUBBB IN AMBBJCA. PRICE ONE DOLLAR, BMftfcraail toMTpvtoftbc UaiM BMm. remember, It la mot tun to MiNUPACTVlEO BY wuctx * cm., KICIMONS, TI18INIA MMJUKM OWftCE, N?W YOU CITY.

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