Newspaper of Evening Star, September 22, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 22, 1860 Page 1
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J THE EVENING STAR tl rVBLI8U6Q BVSRT AFTBRNOOtf, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BtlLDIRM, Cfrnw ?f Pmtuy/fMM www mnd 11<A t*., Pm?i Mr??d l 0 pukun br mrrlen M W ? ytAt, <'T To mail MlMfibtri the rno* ir iu] m rMr, m $i for u nontk*. ?i for tbrw moatha; and for ieaa that thr?e month* at th? rata of M ocnta a week. Single uxb cairr; ta wm9fn**wo cnm. TE^ADviart?i*WT??<?omld be tent to the oftoe Vrtore 11 o'?,90tother vim they may not appear antil the next day. A MYSTERIOUS LODGER. ?Y BLCRDBSatSS. Id September 1852, I occupied a room in a *?r>-?k>ry frame building on Stoekton street In the honee perbapa was half a dosen lodger*, poaalbly mora. Am I viaited my room daring the day, and inTariably retired at twelve o'clock. I rarely met any of my neighbors, or, if I did. it waa without ksowing them, With two of my fellow tojgen I became partially aequainted. One wu a middl*>aged man, occupying a room adjoining mint, and dirided from it by a thin partition. Against that thin boandarjr stood our b%ds, the middle-aged CiUeman'a and m\ae, not to axoead three be* apart. The middle-aged gentleman was weddod Hi tk> w?w;? i>>j was a pec.'iitr snore; not * periodical mur mur, accompanying erery fourth or Ifth in 'pi^tion, but a tarrifle and uninterrupted oooibination of snorts. groans and snuffles, With* tb? addition of teeth grinding, and ooee Vional plunks of the extremities agamat ihe creaking foot-beard. For one week 1 bore up mgainat the clatter. At length, one night, I knoeked at hit door. I was dr*perate. He roae, struck a light, and for the first lime icet face to face. I bad prepared myself to dejuge him with saroam, to abuae kirn with billings gate, to sink him with abuse. His face wa.< so rout) I aad jovial, and his head to entirely destitute ot hair, that I could not summon courage to utter a harsh word. For a mo ment, we peered silentlj into each other's faces. * Can I do anything for you?" I inquired, baulk, for that was his name, mu?t have teed my thonghu?must have known that he snored, must have been aware of the object of mj visit, for ha smilingly replied : " Yea, wv friend, join me in a glass of It rand 7 and water, I have few drops of Muviuisg genuine. rtrmu me to inrist,5' he continued, obeerving my hesitation, "you will sleep all the better fur it," and be give me a look, swelling over with comoHMratton. I meekly followed him to the sideboard, and we pledged each other in a glaas of an cient Tillage He then pressed me to smoke a cigar 1 could scarcely do lew. Sitting on the side of thq bed, with his rotund YWage peeping throvgh n pause of smoke, and his rit legs #wiQjr\0g good naturedly, Smith was a f>ioiarQ% Together we would have afforded an amus:ng sketch for Punch. He talked inaee eaptiy, and before I left him we touched #?wa?al ?? J T m ">i uiiin, iuu x nrmij resolved that he aught snore night and day, for n year to com*, and I would not disturb him. I wrung his hand in an ecetacy of friendship, and bade him an affectionate good-night. I tumbled in bed, but tried in vain to aleep. Smith's brandy was playing strange tricks with my fancy, and I felt as if something was whispering, u to Macbeth, '-Sleep no more !" I lit a candle and found it was two o'elock Irritated at ay wakefulness, I drew on my clothes. and was soon in the street. The moon rode high in the heavens, and the night was beautifi'A as a poet's dream. Strolling along th? 3treet as far as Clay, I suddenly turned tbfe.corner, and encountered a crowd of half drunken rowdiea, standing in front of a houso they had either just left, or were about to enter. In the act of retracing my steps, I heard some one exclaim, in a boyish tone : "Not to-night, gentlemen, Some other time; but not to-night; please excuse me." Th? ancikor in n??in? ?1"?? ,l>- v" J _ g ? ? - - - ? vuu OIIVTIV) uau be?a slopped by the rowdies and invited to drink. 4*Bah/' xcUimed a number of Toicea, "You milt come up to the scratch. either drink or tight " '* But, gentlemen, I cannot," insisted the btraagcr, struggling to free himself from the grasp of hu persecutor*. "I ean neither drink nor light, to-night. I am not well !" "Gammon growled the party, attempting to forcw him into the house. I felt that, as a conservator of the pence and champion of social/, it was my duty to inter fere. Smith's bready told me so, aud furnished the nerve, in addition, to carry out the resolu tion. Stalking quietly in upon the crowd, I lair) mv Kaiul ??tK? ** J ? . ..M> ?MMJ vu? Vij W OUUU1UC1 , UU ru* guested hi in to follow me. He turned to oom ply. when, "(Jive him one !" jelled one of the rowdies, and the next moment I received a blow in the back of the neck, and found mjself leaning against the wide of a huuse. 1 wh not stanned, but exasperated beyond measure. The liquor of my bald-headed fellow-lodger * tee led my nerves to aation, and [ threw my self into a position of defence. Not doubting my perfect ability t?j scatter that erowd over an aere >4 ground, I invited the unequal con test. The appearance of a polioeinau spared the impending slaughter, fur the party sud denly left the held. My oompanion informed the o&oer of what bad occurred, and he started in pureait of the retreating rowdies, enjoining us to ftui the way to our lodgings. Taking the ?rm of the laid, we proceeded toward my i-Oom. He wu a pale-faeed, interesting look ing young man of perhaps eighteen or nineteen ?ears, remarkably well bred and intelligent. 9 was dressed in good taste, without affeet inc any of the airs oT maturer Tears, and f w*? quit* taken with him. He told me bis name ?m Richard Jau^eu; that he was alone in Cal ifornia. bat not without mean*, that he lived on Stockton street, and, visiting a friend that evening, had been detained to that unusual hour. In i few moment* we arrived at mj lodgings, and observing that he evinced little inclination to part with me I invited him to accept a portion of my bed for the night. He 33iiiDjjly declined, stating that he was quite nanr b') own, and I then learned, for the first time, that he occupied a room in the same house and oa the same floor with myself Thus I became acquainted with two of my fellow lodgers. Jensen and myself often met after that, but it was always in the street or on the atairwax fie nerer invited me to hU room, or accented a invitation U> Bin*, lie visited mo but once at my office, cod then remainod loss than five I'lT"-? How h* spent his time I did not in attire He was a mystery I spoke of him to mith one day. Strange to aay, that gentle man had never seen him, hut from my descrip tion of him, ventured the opiaion that he was either a gambler or a genteel pickpocket. ' I was reluctantly forced to the conclusion that baaith wait right, and after that I treated the young Ban with anusual coldness He ob served the chance, and his looks wore a re proach to sorrowlul that I half repented hav i Dg harbored the anspicion of ay venerable looking friend, who was fearfully averse to all aayetenee. Occasion called ae to my room, on* evening, at an earlier hoar than usual I heard a sort rap at ay door, and opening it, found Jansen standing in the entry ?' Come in, Jansen," I exclaimed, throwing onen the door. t " Would too not prefer taking a walk 1" he Inquired " The night i< beautiful '' I believe not. to-night," I replied, "souie ?^b?r tuat " 1 ?u a little piqued that he ahould peraint in remaining oataide the doar. " I ahould he much pleaaed to hare jou, ' ha rejoined, 441 hare a few worda to mj to ynu in jaatiee to myaelf, and?" Enough," I interrupted, "I will go." I felt aeaved he deeired la tell mo aome thing of binsaelf, and I waa all anxietj to bear it. It waa uapleaaant to think him a pickpocket or harper, and I hoped he might be able to prvra to me that he waa neither. Wa left the house and proceeded along Stock aitreet toward Happy Valley. For ton min oot a word waa apoken. Several timea ha aanad m the paiat of apeakiac, bat ha aa of i tfQ ebeekad MlQNlf. r li I'nUw I m?j oeU you on?, I kan not a friend iu California," be at length began. pla *Wm b? h?edopon my iboalder I bowed, bat fiB-tle LO reply-, . i " ?e? do not qpeek,' ka eon tinned , obaenr. ic^ a} ?4ence. " I * to understand. I pre. I&*l JN are not to be made an exeep* ? To k? flruk with you, Jumb," I replied, "there < ft certain mystery about your move ments raleulated to girt rue to avspioions any thing bat favorable ' " Of what nature?" inquired my companion. " That you are a gambler, or evea worn," I bluntly replied He nailed aa he replied : 14 Yet, yea, I fee; yet the auapioion wrongs me." " Make it appear so," I answered, " and yen shall not want a friend. 14 Promise that you will not divulge what I may tell you, or attemDt bv word or aet to thwart me in the accomplishment of a purpose to which I hair* pledged my soul," he aaid, looking me earnestly in the fa?e, " and you shall have the proof you require." "If your purpoae is not criminal, I promise; if otherwise, keep your secret," was my an swer. " "Tis what you would do. or aay other tnan worthy of the name." ' Th?b I promise, here is my haad." - (> l>tct))'' he returned, taking my arm, and miking slowly on, "I have a twin sister. We were bore in Georgia, and ourparsota war* the possessors of a hundred and a plantation Urge enough to give all employment. When we were fourteen our father uied. At the age of sixteen my sister became a convert, during a religious revival, and six months after, ia the face of the determined 0D?oaition of m* mother ran away with and married a young preacher, to whose eloquence the revival owed lit origin. My sister did not love the man. Her feelings for him were a religious enthusiasm, a fancy wrought upon by an unnatnral initiation. Learning that they were married, my {rood mother sent for them, and they returned to receive her blessing. The plantation was Elaced in charge of my aiat&r s husband, and o relinquished the Gospel. lie frequently visited New Orleans, and other of tho Urge Southern citiee. during the >irst year of his marriage, hut the eireumatanees excited no ?tts?icion. r*>r~ k- i?:-* v.* * ** in uc unci, ueiure 1*0 year* elapsed, me large o*late left by our father wit swept from as. and we were almost bankrupt. He bad in duced my mother to mortgage the plantation, with the view, be said, of purchasing more ne groes to work it, but the money was squandered and the slaves we had were secreUy sold by fires and tens.until less than a doien remained. hen ssked to explain to my mother, he had no excuse to offer In the midst of this great grief another wife of Mayhew?that was the villain's name?suddenly made her appear&nce at the plantation Learning the residence of ber husoand, but knowing nothing of his sec ond marriage, she had left South Carolina to meet him. My poor siater was heart-broken. U..1 * ? - s??juiw, i<j escape proaecuuon. nea trom the State. His first wife waa sent to ibe mad house, and in three months my poor old mother was laid in the churchyard. My grief-bowed sister?bat I will not speak of her. Turning the wreck of our property iijto money, I started in pursuit of the scoundrel who had dealt such havoc with our peace. Through a dozen States I tracked hyn. and returned with my mission of vengeance unaccomplished. One year ago. by accident, I learned he waa in California, As soon ai I recovered from a serious illness under which I waa laboriug, I took passage for thla State- I arrived six months ago. He is here, for I have seen him, and be cannot eacape me now ! He is even in this city, but little dreama that the pistol ia shotted to send him to the great reckoning. I have made few acquaintances, having no wiah to implicate others in a work of blood that muat be mine alone. Last night I followed him from the EI 1/viauu, n UCiC UC SLItUUD UlVfl Ul U1S UlUtJ. IIJ a house on Powell street. lie hM visited it frequently of late, and to-day I ascertained that he U paying his addresses to a widow lady of wealih residing there. But he will not marry her, for another week shall not sea him alive' You now know all. Have I one friend in California?" To see so much spirit, eo much determina tion, ao much manhood exhibited by a beard less boy, surprised me beyond expression. I offered th? brave little fellow my hand, and he felt that ha was answered. In silence we returned to our lodgings. Bidding Jansen good night, I stepped into Smith's room for a moment I found the old gentleman some what agitated. He had lost a valuable dia, inobd pin that day. and freely intimated that the "sleek young cuss," as he denominated Jtnsen, had stolen it. I so strenuously en deavored fn diamr.ate the imnrmii/m that T verily believe be felt inclined to transfer the odium of the supposed theft to me. That night Smith soored louder than usual. Three days after, I met Jensen in the street and learned that he had taken rooms on Powell street. I did not inquire the reason, I thought I knew it. The next day I again met him His face was unusually pale, yet he said he had not felt better for years. ' There is to be a wed ding on Powell street to-morrow; at least so Mayhew say*, but there will be no bridegroom! Do yoa understand ?" He placed his finger significantly to his lips, and we separated At eight o'clock the next evening, as Isaac Mtyh?w ww mounting the stepe of the houM* to which Jannen had traced him six days before, a pistol ball pierced his heart, and he dropped dead upon the pavement. Some unaccountable influence had drawn me to the neighborhood, and hearing the report of a pistol, Janaen s words flashed through ray mind, and I started, with a doien others, in the direction of the tragedy. Before I arrived on the spot Quite a crowd had collected. The body of nayhew was lying upon the sidewalk, and over it, ia *pee?hle*4 agony, stood the widow, who waa to hare been a nride Who saw thia?" inquired a policeman. " I heard the report of a piatol," Mid one of the crowd, " and, a minute after, saw a man enter that house rouder," and he pointed to a small frame building on the opposite tide of the atreel in an inatant to* omcer, followed by the ax cited spectators, started for the home. Spring ing through the crowd, I reached the tide of the policemen, and, u he knocked at the doer, I vai at hii elbow I felt that Jansen wu there. The door waa quietly opened, and a well-dressed lad J calmly inquired the objeot of the viait. " We are looking for a man who, a few min utes aince, committed a murder across the strati,' aaid the ofioer. ' And do you expect to find him in mj room, sir*" continued the lady. ' No, madam," replied the policeman, rather politely for one of hie calling; " but I #il glanoe through your apartment, merely M a matter ?f form, before proceeding to the other portions of the house." The officer entered, I closely following. While he waa examining the room, I for the first time obtained a fair view of the lady's face. Involuntarily I threw up my hands in amaiement She detected the movement, a?d, miick u thought, placed her finger on her lip*. In a moment I comprehended all. Richard Jumi atood before me. No?Richard no long er. now that she had alaiu the deetroyer of her peace, but Martha Janaen. ray former fallow lodger. Heaven*, wh*t a diacovery! And for me to hare been to uonfoundedly Wind, too? hut no matter. The polieemaa aearched the house, hut did not find the murderer. The next day I met Martha on Montgomtry street. She smiled and bowed, and I coafeeal thought her an axeeadiagly pretty woman A week after she quietly left the Stat* for Georgia, where she la now redding. After the aailinc of the lUuer I received a note through the poet ofltae from Martha. She explained all, and tbaaked me for the aaaiftance I had ren dered her, and the klodoaM ?howu to her in aginary twin brother, Richard. #,n, ' ? . . r> til -- T 1! i w ON ft wurmea owuu, *? i uia on* even inj, that the "alaak young earn" whom he had viewed with to mach tnspfoion, wii a woman, be waited for ma to repeat the amnion, and then checked himeelf In the aet of ealli lier. The news vxrited Smith, and ha ^ d draak Ahat oigfet, and mored m Barer inored before. She who was to have been the third wife of Mayhew atill lire* in Ban Fraaoleeo. She was married in August lut. I met her in the street a few day? ago, How vividly the sight of her faca brought to mind the incidents I have re lated. She will read thii little story, perhaps, nnd learn, for the first time, why ahe did not become the wife of Majhew, the bigamist. * Anecdote or Stbpbeh Girabd.?Old Jlrard had a favorite olerk, and he always said "he intendod to do well by Ben. Lippincott." So when Ben got to be twenty-one he expected to heat the Governor say something of his fntnre proapeota, and perhaps lend a helping band in starting him in the world. But the old fot carefully avoided the aubjeot. Ben mustered courage "1 suppose I am free, air," said he. "and I thought I would say something to jna as to my course; whet do you think I had bet-, ter do?" "Yes, yes, t know you are," said the old millionaire, "and my advice is that you go and learn the cooper's trade." This application of ice nearly froie Ben out, but re covering his equilibrium, he said if Mr. Girard was in earnest he would do so. "I am in earnest," and Ben sought the beet ooeper in Spring Garden, became an apprentice, and in due time could make u good a barrel as the best. He announced to old Stephen that he had graduated and was ready to set up busi ness. The old man seemed gratified, and im mediately ordered three of tne best barrels he could turn out. Ben did his prettiest, and wheeled them up to the old man's counting room. Old Girard pronounoed them first rate, and demanded the price. "One dollar," said Ben, "ia now aa low as I can live by." "Cheap enough?make oat your bill." The bill wm made out and old Steve settled it with a check for $30,000, whioh he accom panied with thia little moral to the story : " There, take that and invest it in the best possible manner, and if yoa are unfortanate and loae it, you have a good trade to fall back upon, which will afford you a good living." We abeuld like to aee all the old solid fel* lows trying that experiment. It might spoil a barrel or two, but it wouldn't spoil the Doys. A 0IM8* WINILUW, 91 Experlen ed Nnrae and Female Phyalotan, preaents to the attention of mothers, her S00TM1NG SYRUF, Far I'kildru Teetbkng, Wklak (Ttul; (ul.ilatii tfea fmui af taaibinf, k? Nftn taf tilt cam, raoMiri all (nlaimaUaG?will allay ALL UIR uj ipniudii kiim,u4 U SURE TO REG ULATR THE BOWELS Dipaod apao li, maUiara, U will ji?a rut ta ;?inilTii,it< RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS W hin pai ip and m tkia artiela far a*ar tan yaara, aad CAN at, III COIiriDBNCB AND TIl'tH af It, what wa ha?? aatar km akla ta Madieina? nirll A IIKtLI in flct A CVII, Martr did * knav laiiiltcun by any ilia contrary, alt art trUiTIWI, and kiahaat ewaiaandatian af \ Tiriaaa. Wi apaak in JiU miliar what fl do Hot," aftartan yiiri' itpamnci, AlfD plsdui OM Kiri'ta n> if any OTHII A* IT FAILIB,!* takcb TO ?r wban tiraaly ml an inatanea af dia aaa ?ha aaad it. On dalirhtad with ita ?k ui tarroa af MRS. WIKHLOW*! IUUTH1.16 SYRUP, . , I apaak M tarroi af ical alacta and madical nvn run rni ruLFii.mni or what VI Hill DB CLARB. In almaat ?r*tf tnatanta whirl fit lofaot la lefir Inf from pain and aihaaation, rallaf will ba fc?nd In Iftaaa #t twinty rainaiaa afiar tha tyrap at:mlniaiara?l. Thia ?il?*Ma praparattoo la tha praacriptiae af ana af lb a mi urimiKCift uarDL Ki'mn Id !?aw Enr l*ad, udtukin Baad With WBTBB-ratLIWe fCCCBIt la THOUSANDS Of OASES. It Ml ?if tallaiaa tfc* child fraia sain, kat Invifarataa tba Match >r.d hivill, carracta acidity, aad gjvaa taoa and tmttgy la lb a whala yatam. It will alaaat inataoUy rallav* GR.1PIN* IM TH* BoWKLI A WD WlMS COLIC, aad iiireoni cn'ililnii, which, If j?| ipudil; rama4iad and In daath. Wa. ___ tSDIUHBITIBM- FOR ID ail cam af DTI- CHILDREN B??a in ck.l- TEETH15IQ. ariaaa frmra taathinyl. I4tata || tk* BBIT M*V in tbt WORLD TITBIT Hid DI*B D*in, wba.Lar It or fraai aar atbar caaia. \V ? wcal 1 a*y is a?ary rooinar wno baa a child aaf fartnc fretn any of tba for?t?iif cemplainu?DO ROT LBT TBI'S PBBJDDICB*, WOB 1KB FRBJUDICBI Of OTHBBI aland batwaan your aif trinf child and tba raiiaf that will b? ICR B?yaa, ABIOLUTBLT iCBB-ta fallow tha lua af th dicinc, if tiirtly u?4. rail dirt?ti?r.i *r atmg will a Mnfut ??th bottn. Nod* r?i ?o# antcu tfct f?c-?imil? CORTli * PKRKlNS.Ntv *?rk, U ?n ih? aauiJi vnpp* c<4 by Prl((?u tbraarheat lh? warld. Prtoeipil uic?, N*. llCtdtr M. T. FHc* ?nl? U Uuu p?r Battl*. N INt*l| Read! Read! Read! THREE CENTS WEBKLT. Fit for Every Family. The Best of Everything. 4 i THE HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL or laftraktitit Anuiemeot, and Dcmeatla Til* iH?t ?nd Cheapaat Jouruil ?v? published oont&ina Ev?ry Week: POETRY. TALES OP FACT AMD FICTION. ESSAYS. BIOGRAPHY. HISTORY AND TRAVEL. CHESS. PUZZLES, ENIGMAS, 4c. SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH. THE FINE ARTS. THE DRAMA. MUSICAL PIECES. LEADERS ON CURRENT EVENTS. GARDENING AND HORTICULTURE. RECIPES FOR THE FAMILY. RECIPES FOR THE WORKSHOP. NEW INVENTIONS. NOTES AND MEMORANDA. WIT AND HUMOR. LITERARY EXTRACTS. THE BEST LESSOMS IN GERMAN AND FRENCH. WEEKLY. ANSWERS TO CORRESPONDENTS. SIXTEEN FAUES. FIFTY COLUMNS. SPECIAL EDITORS FOR EVERY DEPART MENT. Forming gtlur of Ulant oomtunad i* one Jonr hjI, untqualed iatheaonaUof periodio\l literature. TRY ONE NUMBER, and SATISFY YOURSELF, That it ia the Boat Paper FOR OLD AND YOUNG READERS Evtr pabliahed. fly Published in New York every week, at Three Ceuta Weekly, by A. HARTH1LL A CO 90 North WillImm etreet. The Trade anpplied by ROBS A TOU8EY, DEXTER A COMPANY, or My of the Whole aa'e Ne?44k(enoy Honeea. ?e it eo4t 556 N"w 556 The nnderaigned bare taken and entirely refitted the epacioua bonee No. 686 Seventh atreet, a few doora eouth of Penneylmnia arenne. They re apectfnlly invite a ca I from their frieuda and the public who inay deaire a pure article of Brandy. Winee, Whieky, Ae., or Brown Stout, Porter, Alee and other Mali Lionora, from oelebrated brewera. Their larder at ail timee .looked with Pieh, F1e?h and Fowl, aerved by an experienced cook. Thui branch reeeivee our poreoual anperviaion. wcKfimr. irt eotw Proprietory. Who ^JSraSSf?StlS7V^. !? lioth or Vaaal mm) Instrumental Maaie in New^^ York, (baviag tau?ht eotne ?f Ui b at M?aere there. Bitch m Badiati, Tiberini, La Orange. Ac.. Ac ,)Ma some hero, thinking to remain, ami woulfl ha wait happy to receive the patronage ol.tkia oHf. Pro|. M can giva the beat of referenoes in regard to hta moral aa vail aa hi* intellectual atandin*. All o"mmuQio?tiona pleaee addreaa to *464 F at. m1Mv< EDUCATIONAL. T?_ _ FEMALE EDUCATION. . HOSE Parent! wno with tneir (laughters to re oeive a thorough and systematic education. whera their physica1 t<aining wil receive daily and ipwi?l Attention, under the most approved s?idem of Calis thenio*and Gymnastics, arc respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Academy, corner Four teeuth st. and New York av. MK. & MRS. Z. RICHARD*. au 30-tf Principals. l^EMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. JT ALEXAyUNl i, VA. Mrs. S. J. McCORMlCK. Principal. . The thirteenth annual session of this Insbtutioa will commence on Tuesday, September 18th, in the kouse reoently ooeupied by Sylvester Scott, Eaq., No. 190 King street. The oourae of study pursued will comprise all the branches requisite to a thorough English K'lu cation, and Musio, French, I.atin and Drawing, if jiesiraa. In addition to day scholar*. Mrs. MoCormick is repared to receive a limited number of ptipi.'s as boarders, who^ constituting a part of her own faru i j, win uc uuuer nor unineainie cue ana suporvi sion. She will endeavor. a* l&r as possili'e, to tar round tliein with the ooraforta ud kindly lufluoncoa of Home. Htftrtnett?Rer. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Eliaa Harrison, Rev. L>. F. Sprig*, William H Fowle, Esq., Edgar Snowden, KM.. Edmund F. Witmer, 1 Esq., Henry .Marbury, Km., Eewis MoKenaie, Ksq.. Robert (I. Hnnt^n, E*q . \V. D. Wallach, i Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, Krq.,J?i, 1 Entwiale .Jr., Km.,Col. John W. Minor. Loudoun, Miners. ulacklocK & Marshall, Mcura Corse Brothera. . Tnvi. | Board, with Tuition in all the English Benches, I ?a?ifor the annual aeaaion?payable semi annually, in advance. Musio and Languagea at Profeaaora' prices No extra chargea. auS-tl Franklin academy. CoKIKR THItTKIXTH AMD II ST8., A SELECT SCHOOL FOR HOYS, < Formerly lornitd t? tk* Fint Ward.) Thia Institution will eominonce it* Third Annual Sear ion, at ita new location, on Monday. SrptemW it. Applications for admission may be inade on the premises at anr turn' aft?r the 2-Vb inat. au? 1m R. B. DE TRICK. Hri?.*ip%>. CENTRAL ACADKMy, CoK*BK E aid TkNTH St8. This Institution will resuino itsdutiea Supipiiitwr 3d. A pplicariona dikI? to the Principal at the rooms. Circulars at the bookstores J. S. DE HART, Principal. Ktfertne*'. Prof. Henry, EL. D , M. H. Miller, Eaq., Rov. John C- Smith, D-D., Dr. C P. Culver, Re*. A. 0. Carothera, Rov. J. P. Davidson, au ^3-lm _ PRE8COTT HIGH SCHOOL, J. 370 Kiqhth St., Hirrwri* KawdLSts. Studies will be resumed in thia institution on WON DAY, September 3d. Ciroularaat bookstores. a? t? ?i a n ii fn?? * ii rw. - ? - ? GftU lO W a. u. n?i ri aj\ rnncipftl. jyjETROPOLITA^COELEMIATE IN8TI FOK young LADIE*, 4?4 E St., DiTWisn 6ih and 7th Sti. Thefonrth annual M**inn of the Institute will oommanceon the brit MONDAY in September. Application* should be mails ear It, as the number or pupils ia limits. For particular* see circular* or apply to the principal*, Mr. anil Mrs. T. II. HA VJKN .NEK, at tho Institute. au 9-tf_ Mrs. m.e.kingsford'9seminary, 4 15 E St.. Wadh!!mto!i, D. C. Tfcfi next session will commence October 1st, IHO. Tettns, Ao., forwarded on application. au lb if \f rs. A. E. FELL'S seminary, 1*1 Cormir of I and Ttnlh xt*.. Wo kington'ity. The next session of this ?ch<x>i will commence September 3d, 1H6>. Tlie tour* ladies of the Insti wiviwii our? tiuuiwij iu iro piinu'ati in attendance at the opening of noKool, ano ail otuers wlio wiah to I :< <ui'1 iiiemtiera of the mm< to mtk" arly application, as the uuml>er of pupils will be limited. Terma, Ac., (iron on application, au 26-d3t&eotUct 15* rf WESTERN ACADEMY. A FIE Exerouea of thie eohool, under the eharp? of Dr. 8. L. Loom*, and the Primary Department under Miaa Annie E Pbcc.wiII be resumed Sep tember 3d. Circular* can be obtained at the book - tore*. (Int.) au l7-eo2m MRS. BURR will reaome the dntiea of her School on Monday, September 24, on H atr?et, between ISth and 14th etroeta. ?* 4 eolm FOR SALE AND RENT. I/OR 8AI.E?Very cheap, on reaaonable term*. F on* of the moat deeii able BUILDING LO'l^i in the city, ait feted on the north went corner of 6th at., and New York Avenne. Enmiire of JOS. K. HODGSON, Stove Manalastory, No. 404 7th between II and 1 eta. au 16-tf FOIl RKNT.?A new and hand v nun FRAME HOl'SE will M for root in a few daya. It is boautilully aituatcd on Thirteenth atrcet, between Georgia avenu* and K at.. Navy Yard : ha? a large garden lot attaohed, a pump of g<?od wnlcr n*ar, and oontain?4 rooms, kitchen and woodahed. Will be rented iow, with or without the lot, to a good tenant. For sale cheap, a good, atrong WORK HORSK; work* well in anything Iuauire of T. F,. CLARK. Navy Yard: or of JOHN PATCH, ?1S H at., between ilk and 4th. jy 16 F'OR RF.NT-Threa BRICK HOUSES-one on Twelfth street, between C and D; one on the oorner of Twelfth and H sts. ; and one on H, be tween 12* n and 13th at a. Inquire of JAMES W H ARKER, on H street, between 11th and 12th, No. ?wa. nut yi-tr FOR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR of the bmld me immediately opposite the *e?t wins of the City H?l.,r??n*ly oooupied by Chas. 8. Wallaota m an office. Aiao the front room in the second tory and the third floor of the game buddies. For terms apply to RICHARD WALUCH.No. 9 Louisiana avenue. ja 13 il Stoves, Grates, Ranges, Furnaces,&c. We he; U> o*ll the attention of the publio to our large auJ beautiful ?took of S I OVKa, GRATES, Eo.,of every description. In addition to our re?u r (took, wo aak particular attention to the foliow - ing articles, wluofi we do not think o&n bee^ua led. certainly not surpassed, by anything in the maikett fhe Stewart Air-Tight Cooking tHove, he Kiaterbook Dog-house Furnace?the best heater in the world. The Co?inopoutau Cooking Range, Colfine ft Co *e Improved Parlor Heater, The Challenge Heat*", Cox't Gas-bar nm* SUiyaa, The 12ai<ner Complete, Uas Murner?the largest and finect eleva?Mi-i?veii Cooking8to?eet"t offered fur ?ale in thi> city. We a?k fecial attention to thia 8tove. We aoiioit* oaJl from those desiring to pnrohas* SULKY fc OCT, Pmmm'a Avmi, between lo*h are I UUi it? _ frT" Observe?Stjm of tk* Iron Vet. _ee 8 -eoTw _ \ ^ <^CHOOL AND OOLLK&K OUTFIT*."" Youths' and Boys'1 Clothing for School mud Drett Wear. Parenti and guardians wishing to fbnnsh their children and wards with Sohool a"d Coileco Outfit* for the coining season, are invited to examine our Lrof*ot lar*a and extensive assortment BOYfiP CL?jTHlN?#, wiitr* they can fit out their onildrep oj a!l ium ia a f*w Bomecti with every descrip tionof Rajjaiade Garment i, of aubat&aUal and an JD-tf Penn. avenue. w?.L .??u. ?* IS o'e'oflt m., for #nrnt?hlu* irrrg oord? of (chkI merchantable iiak Wood fr>r tin* SxSa**$agjri&'?? ^MORRIS 8. MILLER, CspUia Aaiut't Qn*ru?rmMt?r, ^ jTS_An?i. M|M \ HVT. HAMILTON* PJIIflTEl, tad V 1>EALEK IN PAINTS, No. M?# TtH lmiTLM*r <Mi JUmn' PUTTY IS DOWN. ? GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS Hu ccn<rtant.T on hand a targe aaaortni French Near-?icMed,pen?ct2?ie. Col-jeWi ored, and a!, ether SPECTACLES, trie f-st 4nft.1t?. in jotd. mlrer, teei.aod German ilrer frame*. N. ft. Old Ftm?i Repaired and aMMMt in tham toordar. WlMi at of fe "I'RNVV&INN. AT flnwn at.. A* Afanta. JOS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. BrxJtt mmd Jtftriom ill., Having given rar personal attention to Una of mr buaineaa, 1 am prepared fa> att"ni to all oalla with pmaitnMi FArinr.a fn?m A ?11 if " * Ir> vi v/i?r r Itiu ? w?r? "U IL?nu. Pai ticuiar Attention paid to the rtmonl of tb* drad from th? old to the new huritl groan**. Hearcec and H r?fi for hire. ay 10-ta IIHTOF UNCLAIMED PACK AO KS M th? j t'ffioe of the Adama Kxpraae Compaay, Wwt ioctou, 1). 0., to be eold lor fretciit Mid ouarg ea, if i>ut immediate** ca'ed for. AKOROii H. BURNS. Agent. September lat, am. Anhin, N Kricim&n, M Adinuna, A Konea, Nn B Brown, A H, ON Bnucer, M D Long,MB Barclay. A F Lfta>4it, C O Butt*, Wn.B . L> untroth. Rev L L Mrowo.A iAnj J OUUI, U I Krovc, A rsenuat. rroi o m Baer. Mr* M Buwio, K J Ha'dwin. B H Haird. J'r Burba, Mary Burrs, P Backniora, 0 C Browne. H Boian, t T Browne. B F B Win Brown, A V Barnard. (? C Buler, J 0 . Baker. Wriffct Jk Co Bauton, B H Brown. A H B.tua*. K L> UAnnA?? I ' IV>arre. r Lawr?nca, Col 1^nh?r. (j H lott, OoTC H Itora, Col loPheraoa,/ A NoibM, E Saaou kin a C or.latue, K L cCraair. P A uMooa. M Manny pMn^, Col Moii^foinert, J Martin, D B MeK'evw, A McLean. W T flyrn'#. pr J I A k Cl*tk?" \a Coicm*n, O C??ohr?n;. ' * 1 C? trr, C M t'aanon. J Cutu, H L Cnnnolly? f ' i ch<>ute?u,t/ V I Oul?in?n? Mi? * ? I CnncollTt J Oo'.hy, P rWm 1 Cbfcpn*"' wm I Cnu?J. V . C<>oi*r. J 1- H ' C?mpbeHf hn roop"^ TA Campbtii. 1 ? I g?57, g I Coi.rWJ?;C ? i Coor?d. C w r w Oopmajbaoi.C^ I Cook* A " , ?9 A B Mc?4m, J ^ra:!TO,*^0*? MoT-r*y.T fe^SSS" bssk# 5iu?>c? CoKt.'M.O Slitoi ?il? A o I C 'a, A ? lastft" ? o jAiwleU'l. 1* . _ ^ wbr'iuiu. J *> Nai'.or. O a w a Niohol?on;e W ? ()U:d?. J O Patent, Com of D? *? ps;?A?T f B.t*ot. Com of Uufcn. Felix Diclteja. Mr Duboia, Cher Do Mona Duly. & C Da vine, K J A lW?n?Ti R Douglaa, MoO llUIII MII, W S Den ail, J P J)avia, K W Dan bun, K W u?iwd, K (or Doaaa) Etiw*rtia, 8 Do J 8 Falun, W Eaton, J l<'alin? Hr K Gv.' do bo t Do 60 Do jo Pollock, K A Petitions, Com of Patent, ^?m of Patant Olot Perry, 1 W Randolph, Col J J Rode era, J Rnaliag, J Robeeon. Capt J Rich, G W Ridi^evay. W Kobinaoa. Mre A Reed, ! < P i/>Via rri a j jk i iu? f m* Fia?-r, J L Farmer. M G French, K B Fo'd, M Fnif). M Fur??, J t'oatrr. i F?*rcueon, 8 W Farley, Mr* J Kreip, Fred FuJer.G G Farnll, J totter. J W Griffin, F C Giant ^aatian, 0 Givatiter, 8 OfeMon, W Gillie, B W (lOMflU. Mr* Gasett* Offioe Gr??D. Fro' G W Grimes. J W Gardner. A W GttM, Mrs N Gekyl, F Gibeon, W tinepair, G * 'vii?i w i-| a Snepperd W Stuart. Key DC httliiran, J Stone, fc B Seward, J L Kompi, Dr Solom. n, fi Sohmidt. F Sohae:. Win Smith. I<auia Seiecman, J H 8??lif raaa, M Stone. U Seibert, 8 S?IQ! Kt. A P 8??aoar, Both Stuart. A |axe,F gc ran too. J H Ptereue, t? R Sniji7an. N 8 ?witk, W ttattou, C Shoemaker, B 8c?m?mr, J Ton?r. E .. Do, H?rann, 11 iiob H?am, K l> Hummeli. John Hatch,*; D H?r?. J f. Hook#. 8 B Henry, N ? Haiikneoht. 0 L SSTi'/ JJarn nfton, W H s'S,*ii 8"''A ifltoa, A J H H??he., N H Harinap. g J one*. 8 i'#?- ? iS.p}B Joi es. A Ueraon Hon 8 Joa**, p Johnston, Migp r;!S,? c? ?ier,c w oraiios 4 Both, aler.Xc omti, H Thomas, B M Thoir-W A Tfira*d?r H Tucker, Wni Thompson. Llijah < b^ll.^DrC A fodd, Lt Vm Vint, B P Voaich. H Wrifkt. W w?T?o?, Mrs M Whitoher, J B Williams. J Wemmigs. J Wooster, J R Do. Ware, W H WykoftW C Wv*. ET Woodrufl. J B Whiteiej. A Weils. Hon D Whipple. C Watifs J C While. M M :? B * ?^'sAW K*?ehler, G Wfttion.A Juuiaaaatranch, O Zatgit, We? Kirchsar. M ? l-li ZlFFlCE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER vl OF OAS METERS. Wa?hij?otos, Jnly It, I860. NOTICE IS HEREBY GITEff, That.agrea ably to the prurUioua of the oidinanoe of the Cor poration a?prored May >2. lSGn. the naderaigned it now prepared, "wiMrever reeuired ;a wriUng.ftDa on pre-p&yment of the fee of fifty eenta, to inspeot. examine, teat,pro re, and aaoartaic Ute arcirw; of registration or any gaa mater in uee in tnu oitp." Every meter, ifxcut/d mcorreet, will beaondema^, nod ai<ether, eea.cxi ana m&rkfd aa tree, w^rbe at in ita piaae. If prove* to l>e aoatirata ta ita nMasurament of gaa, it wyi be sealed aooordingiy. mm Jj li t/ inspector and Sealer oft?aa MeUra. WATCH REPAt^v.0 A?(?^VE? W?i I hare, one of the beat establishments, and far, nifttiAtfi With &<V>niBiAtA Mt uf t/iula frtr r?nAir. 0W inc every daeeription of fiue^Vatehea, and/9^ particular attention give to the same, by ># ckcompetent workman.and all work ?u#raii Alto, every deacrip ion ot eiandard f*iL\ ER tioroe titdl H CU AliU , *>' ! J u??0wi f iv?i vi m - emu w? ?a I 'I I i ? % WARE, p.ataaod ornamental, winneta ?d under my own ?opervisinn, which my eartomer* will find rs own manufacture. H. O HOOD, ee 6 1SS Pa. avenua. near Mk at. HOOPED SKIRTS. a mIt of neb VL PKENcf Xiao in dosS TS Of HMTM* * uahty. bAdM* la want of ?nj of U? above goods *w rates rfHE PLACE T . c H TPS? ??ou<f 0 < . At tkt Lmutt Prima t ?-1? A 7t?d>*)owV Ball J^LT.MORK Uaily rooeiviDK fr#?U and ??. Ai?o,OU? Jj* THE WEEKLY STAR 1 Tfcta ueHMU Fuull Mi Ntw? J<mt*+ ? ihBM * crsaUr nrt^tj of ai?MU*i mlln U kL ou k? fo*?d i? My ?>*?? MbBAed m . TV fmWt if Uio?|koit IM .U7"atD*** ?ft? (w rmrpmm? mm . HTPoititaftri wh M( m mall *ur to to?M a oonuniMioi of in Mat*. MISCELLANEOUS. PRO*'. WOOD** RESTORATIVE CORDIAL mm BLOOD &UIOTATOB. |i inwMif vu< it* rM.? irtwm. Mr, white to the ' u i?UTifnui.fc*hw*j?Uu?. ,vi(oimtm( i#d itr*njtbfrvag to tti? n* jcwn, tnd ti th* ?im Urn* r?*i*ito?, wtrtMn. m4 r? HTiUtB uod u? Ita ofi!M*l lu lti.wU Uttl It ?>r?o? rtUcwf and rt*dr*f l?* ??>/?? ??r* ?? ?M? [o mttmcki if dt><4W. It ! til* ou4y Kirulr^'i :U W... i4. ofc?. ?i,d ?kil. Taliy combined Mtube tM ??? * tome, tnd M th? **rn? t.n*io porf?Ut ****** to. M to Mt IB p*ffMt WIU tk? ??> aX tthrr. io<i h?np? ?i,. t+otkt tk* wiiJust *iem+ch, IM U'B? ap th?diire?t.veoff?4*. m-i t?M ?IUt *( mm i-outawl ??tfc?r irnUtioB. it > porf?liy _ UDf a- a at tua Mm* t-fo* it in c -nipoaod 'rt.rel j of r?p*taWe, yet eo ?n?Na"< la to prodaoa Uiamoat thorough toaio e0*oC, vitkoat ytu^Mu u; 1a IUJ low* COUa* q WPi.Or (. fHcfa a -Mtdl hu Ul ( h*eu ffl t to he a dc*id?ratui<. in tha m^ia?l world, lor it no oM?ilo?i afcitt to aaa that dabtni? folio r a al' attack a of dlaraaa, and pr-aaita a*d ia M lava th? atatam < p-f. to tba inaidnaa attack a if man* of the moat fatal, aaoh. for i taaii*. a* Ua Foooviur: Co-iauiaaiioii. ioUisaatloi., Diapopaia, I. a? of jAraetlta. Famloa'a, N^rvoaa 1 rntat'i try. N?ur? (ia <>(ih? t>?art. Mala?holy. Niikt avrato, l<ai>ro<, fetAiiaaaa. KaLaaboa ?i, aa wall a- Paiuiu! oUatructed. too pioluae, or too ao??t M^natraation, a' <1 FaMm* of Mia Weak, r<H*a?> all depend aa?n general dahiiitf. fhiafara. health j tooio Cordiai aud Bood Kenovai< r ia aa ra to core aa the aun ia to na* and art. Tkara ia n ni 'taka aaoat it. Bat Uia ia avt all If Ua ifalem ia wev?<?oad we ara ofao to UJioua at tael". t*e lirac !:?com'? torpid, or troraa dia* aaao. :li* kldnara r*fa? m eerfern taair fanatiana. mmd ? are troubled with ?o*:Uir.? ai.d uxxmUuecoe T inne, or mm iir.urj <t1eouar(e ?ft?e ?pain n tli? bw?. mm aii'i t?twk* tae ?hoyn?n ? * *?.Uiu..ljr iieUe to ?.i?fct, oolgbe, tat1 if II 3 >?cked. eo<>n *maciat.on foliotne patient r?M<<ovnln?^*rM:irl irtn. IlM spar* Ml not I war u? to eiuaiL'iau* the iui>? 1.1* U> vhu>h w? ire .i?li e in * *?i?k'ln?*l oon<litioq < ! the leteni. Hat we wilt mt in thie Ccrdiel ?nd B tad R?a< r? ' >r yon hsv? ? p~r| *i. e*'t>. (.Mail *o4 afeoiaal reinM> for totea! App tite, hilioueu-ce, rlatn !eno?. w?ah etek M<meoh. i.M?o?r, I i?er Coopifciut, cuiiiemu Fever.or uu U Mta* ?Umi, Lo'ti vor\t*i, AciJiti ofthe M me oh, Nrnotiueu, N?ora'f*a. pni^'t^on of the H?ert. !>? ?? ? > >>fi' lto. iiA'w. CiMprn e? tke Ken*. ?i mt <iu KU fcrin.i# from impure btooi. >00)1 ae ?erofeia. hrrnre'M. Brenehitie. Couch, tfiftoatt) of Breath in*. ?r.d all that aia*e ol diMrn 0% <d f*Ma<* traAkneaa. ajul *n>:DiKr&!jtfl itn in. \V? ?i I 1 >? i?y th? traveler exposed f cp;d*mio?. ctianre >4 jliir.ate and watr r. will fc<d it a pir-aeaiit. Bale ?ad >ur? reo idy. ?o<i u?> on* aiioaid ever travel with ?ut. Ke?di?r. try it, for we ???ur? yon *m will Snd in it a friend in4 ed.aa wwil m a triead in mm*4. All p*ret>?? of eedei.iarf UU>lto wi.i iod it * pe - S?ot preventive of, ? we"l a* a cure for thoee ar nert* whirh the? ar* particularly espoeed i'iui?tera, eiudauta, atuuittya, .iiw < r ! , itid la?)i?e who are i. -t a?ou ?t m?d to mach oat lour cxecue, will find it U> their adva> ta?e to t?ep a bottle constant)* on hand; an? above a< I lutM'i or Uwn DNomioi aaoh. wiU ?o U>ot|k fiat Kiost Uancetoa* p* md n<>t vn'i with all their bccm omed ?trer * th, hot nafe and free ften MM noueanri ai taenia eo areraiei.t a*u>>a? the fo? e K>ili"u vl the wo* Id. Inaliort, la indeed a B?tber sordial. Trv it ??M awl j<>anr:no lo* ger re the '?* < f de.aT 'i v ill relieve and prove iteelf en ?n..tiO*nj a Ki.-torai?r? Cordial mmd Bi?4 Kawt* U. J. WOOD, proprietor. 4 44 DihUm, N?? V'ork.aud 114 Market Slraci Si- Louu, Mo., aad lo'd b? all Uruggiata. l'noa t)n? Doitfcr p*r Bottle. PHOF wood S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL BLOOD RENOVATOR an }0-?pW. klv proclamation? o the citizens of WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, A.O. At the rrM?Bt huoi Ik* yaar :holera morbus. dysentery, Dyspepsia. debility.**^ irAVRl 1 til in sjRrniai? ? tni t And u>krr?n*, it n.uat h? nflll# ftrbt consequence o fwf ffeiuiij to k now "1 A remedy at one* Sr**Hy. nn4 i^wiiw, DR. montarde, or I'iiit, -ffer? liia MIRACt'lors pain killi aa toe m<>?? , in AND fffectual THE ABOVE COMPLAlf IEMKDV for1 THE ABOVE co* plaint* la order to satisfy THE L that no imposition i? tnterded THE Pl'B.LrC THE MONLV iHtrf mkveflnded ? nil e?.<?i rhen the mediome tails to kit# tntin wtirikrtx ksk, then at any drag store for 8r montarde# LLOUS pain killer. take m diraot?d. sod if aot perfect] r wtiitot Return to oar af ?nt, D. B. CLARK. lsk< , Ah Street and Peanayl?a?aAmmi, wiio will refund your mocey. Pnaa-2* and SO Canto pm Bottle. per eil* at all Dn?c Stores < jab. mcdonnell. Jy ll-?otr 6" 42!?i r he ^ ?rj, ooadvotM by tae ftMoitb 1iriTimm?l snicr b? r?rtnuoB ? tt>? C-Mtua ttrs?r*i of C?b*. rill tu* ptftM at Htvut on TUESDAY. OcTomn Z, 1MB. BORTEO HCMERO MS ORDINAEIO CAPITAL PRIZK llM.Mt. rnu of #i<*>,wo ?f> prisa* oC_ #lo? do ioa* w do . . aw s: ? 5?r ~ i .. [ im ? Uf ALL >ifl? PRIZE9. Wkol* TiotoU. f l(Mi?vtars, Prise* ouhM ax aifht at ? p*r o*ot. (iiOOML Bin* on ?<': vcn TjfraLfc*Ut?>n at p?r.^ tuoomrr kMTOi All QtdetMu*i aoheaiM o' to to liimii I. M. SINGER fc 00. 8 IMPROVED ct n nr * tr ii ma <1 n < ?r n n w lfl u mAtniALS, IM rEM^lTLTANIi ATCIfCK, iCisa Natioiux Hrrauj A QOOD ASSORTMENT OF uIlM, TkriUi, Vm4Im, 4 TvHt, SKPT ON HAND. ? Mm VI M. M. GLOVKK, ro bOUTHKHii k WESTERN MERCHANTS*. KODEWALD* IIUD&LL, COMMISSION MERCHANTS. |MfOKl ANT TO BUl'*fc.kKEt>fc.Ke B. K. DI'RkTTk * CO.* Fi^ii rJ&SRSssiufa?&&?. crc?>t.i<wuiBU.<>B? -???. w??# tS^'V^ ' * * Tk. A v., Bmr Ht? ure Brf Hn? North auto

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