Newspaper of Evening Star, September 22, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 22, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. THE DIRTY L1LTLE INOf. "There'* noUno? right but vhftt I think :; Jkere* nothing good but meat ?ro) dunk; hare's not un< to oornp*re with 'ealnk, Bfclri the dirt? little ?noh. "Awl work's the treate??'bore 1 know. And ieAminf'* tiull *4d virtue "?1<>w, So, fa?t shwli bo the ro?<i I'll go.' flatd Um dirti iatle ?iw b, Devoid of Hense, An Ma intense. And dirty little ?jo? "I'd like to luuv tlw iii? of friends. Unless they serv* on?-, pleasant enfls; Tbo bast is fie w^o *ires or lends, Hurt the di ty little snob. "Voar learned Mea are hoary ' wall*,' Tour mo'kl youths tremendous 'i-lls.' And stangs the onlr speech tkat 'telle,' dirty iittiesnob; siaipTiii^ s'ave. The brainless knars, And dirty little asoa. ' H <waver chaste aid aura t.ha l>e. Aud bright ani boauuful to sre. No woman can say 'Nay' to me," Said the dirty liftle snob. Is trier* no husband. son or sire, To draftkia or eat >ir?U> rouift the mire And kick him till hi' toa stoat 1 tire? The dirtv little snob? The tool and crass, Conceited ass, And odious little ssoa. ^VhV A N?w Qc??tii>s ?Mew Vork baa pot a new agitation, and Is In the travail of solving a mo mentous and altogether overshadowlngly Import ant problem It is, who shall the Prince dance with when be comes to Gotham, and above all who shall he first dance with? The press of that city discuss the question with an ability that shows it to be equal to any possible emergency. They see all the possible consequences that depend upon anv fanr pat in the matter; the social feuds that may follow If Mrs A. Is preferred to Miss. C., tha lmmlnencv of a war with Great Rritatn if feminine America Is preferred to the femlnlntv of the English resident population; and above all the terribly exciting sectional question that will add to the horrors of the Presidential contest If the North and Sonth In crinoline are not equally honored with the Prince's hand The latter danger has been happily got over by the snggsation that a lady from each State shoo Id be selected to dance with th? Prince, tbns giving him ihirty tbre? partners, to say nothing of the Territories. It ts aao nmpoaed to settle the whole of the vexed question r>y allowing tl,e Prince to chose for him elf, mod dance with wboia be chooaea. but thia apparently eaavaolution tlnda ftvor only wttb the prettleat and youngeat Udiea who expect to attend tne ball. Thb V. 9. Ao*icrLTr**L Fat*.?We learn frocn th? Cincinnati pinera that over jHUXW per sona attended thia exhibition on Tuesday. The atock on exhibition in the ring waa better than enr prerloua day. The flrat premium of ?5<*> for the beat thorough br^d atailion waa tak?n by Bon nie Scotland, owned by Reber A Knrtz, of caater, Ohio. The aim* gentlemen were awarded aereral other premiuma, making; a total of 91.130.' The flrat premium of S300 for breeding atalllona waa taken bj Stock bridge Chief, owned by Joe Cooper, of Hamilton county, Ohio. There were thirteen entrtea. During the day, the well known trotting hor?e "Za^k Taylor,'' while trying hia apmd in a trot, fell dead, "lie waa owned by Mr. Aahley, of Weatern New York. Among tli? ex hlbitora of aheep were John Merryman. of .Mary land, and Col J. W. Ware, of Virginia, both of whom obtained premium*. E. B. Aahbrid^e. of Weat Cheater, Pa , obtained the aecond premium of S5 f?r Cheater white low The fair cloavd on Tbnr?i? IX^TtaeSt. Paul Pioneer chronicles tbe inau guration of a new enterprise by the departure from thst city of a train of w?goui, !<nde<t with merchandise, for the Upper to taaouri R iver. Here tofore til kjoods for the American Fur Company, aa well a* for private trader*, and all of the pro duct* of their trade with the Indl&u*. have been transported on the MiMouii river, at about 95 per hundred, aa ?-xpeu*e tuat made tenons inroad* on the profits of trade From an scoualntance with the country, and a knowledge of the great tavlag of distance, and probable living of expense, tome of the trader* eame to !*t. Paul, have purcliaaed their goods, and will make the experiment of overland transportation The distance, by the route expected to be traveled, ia about cne thou sand mil** The train consists of seveu large wagons, drawn by fifteen yoke of oxen, with the necessary drivers Its destination is the Upper Missouri and the Yellow Stone country, to the potts of the Company among the Black Feet, Crows, Aslniboines, Sioux, Ricarees, and Grot vsolw tribes of Indians Ltuch Law is AiKimi.?A man who oalled blmawif Willtam Owen. late of Louisville. Ken tucky, was arrested at Fort Smith, Arkansas, on tb? 15th Inst , for horse stealing, and committed to jail About 11 o'clock at night he waa forcibly taken from the jail, and an attempt made to hang him to a tree. White the noose waa being adjust ed to bis neck be suddenly cast ofl' the rope and f?d A vollev was fired at bim by the infuriate*! mob. which brooght the fugitive to the ground. He was then carried back to the calaboose, where he now lies In a dying c ondition Another borso thief whs brought in the next day, and he will, doubtless, share the fate of his "companion in criate. tiJ" The Grand Duke of Mecklenburg Strelitj, just deceased, was the oldest of the reigning sov ereigns of Kurope, and the head of the oldest reiguiag family in Lurope His lineage Is from the Vandal*, but bis duchy is but a small terii tory, containing about lUO.'Mi inhabitants Hi* successor is bis son Frederick-William-Charles George-Frnest-Adulpbus-Uustavus, who Is mar ried to a daughter of the late Dnke of Cambridge. i RP f c i n'inin < r ii A 1 1 II tiu I ts LtS. BROWNS' HOTEL?A J Gwenn, Md; W Barbell and friend. On; M Duval, Md; J Meylali, R Lewis aud bro, C Root, NC: C Hum andctild, t'9N; J Leddon, Va: Col B Waites and iy. Ml** M Covington. Miae; G Croiter and nircr. Dr 3 T Everadeid. Md; C Carter. Va; J Barrett, T I) Bil liard, A M Hunt. I'.t; J H Heath, DC; Dr Petera. Tenn; 8 Bou^htou and ly, Ga; 9 McCay, Va; T G Blewett: Mis* HarMaon. Nrt Waul, Jurtse Clay ton and daughter, G II Harriaaod fam, Miw; Mis* R Saffoid. G?; MImts Brooker. G D Harris. 9C: Hon H W Hilltard and lr, P Hilllard. MiaaeaK* aa, Mlaae* Smith, T Kenan, Ala; H T Stwt and fam, H S Winter, 9C; W Thompson, A M Burt, NY: J Howard, Va; H Duncan and ly, Mi**; Mn Mil.Ivan and ly, Md; D M\eahart. U; J Knd^-ra, A C Vail, Ga; W 1' D<-adrlek and ly, Tenn; <j Moore, P C Moore, La; G 9 Blackburn, J Gard ner. D A Carpenter, Va; J Hamilton, LSA; J Mrr.t rm ?? ?1- ? ?* ai?, j u nievriiion and fam, M'j; J M Aii^atlaiml lv. NC; M Dunlop. Va; E Same, J Spieauurger, C G Croxler, W T Shields and ly, Tent; F M Farrut, Kjr; C Fiarnag it and Lv, Mary R FUrnagat. Va, J L Broadman. Ala; H Bates, J M And?*rs>n, Mm, W B l?anar. Ala; J Pease. Ga, 8 D Tar. R H Tay, Md, Mia Art and child, Dr II Anderson, Va. NATIONAL HOTEL.?E 8 Lamille. 9 Stuart C A Smith, VV M Harper, Va; U W Humpreya, District of Columbia; J R Hogg, NY; C C Stuart Ark; J H Ryan, G T Crawford, Md: Con Smith, Kan; B T Duckett, E Magruder, Md; C iiurch, Molmou Troupe; Major Dea, I'SA; T \V Wll lnrd, NY; 6U Cbdiinian, Ind, L Whiteiey, Md: G W Welch and lady, Mi** M Mc Entree, Ala; H H H*ath, Iowa; A G Macdoweil, La; A T Bled- j oe, Va; E F Jou??, E T Jouea,?; K Stockton, 1 NY; W Worthlnvian Md I ' . - - Boyd, Va; J E Greavea and lady, Tenu; M!m SA White, ?; E D Cl??rry and lady, Pa: Geo B Bur d*-tt and lady, Miaa Burdrtt, M!m Mi)o, Mo; K >1 Driuker Md, A l< Tailcutt and lady, Ct, Col Le Barra, Itiurtio Lynch Taldiver, Mex; J \V Ba rd. Ky, H Hardey add fain. Mo: G F Paddock and lady, ny; Dr E It Darlaand lady, NH, OM Carrier?, Cba CarrWe, H Carriere, A Carriers, L Carrier*, La; J Mar Do well. Tenn; A L Caryajil, Max; R B Carmtrhael. MIh Carmictiael, Md, t? Pfrrliw, C L Stlekney, W A Stlckney, Ah; W G Binder, Va. KIHKWOOD house ?S N Solomon. NY; M Herring, CS; J Barbour. NY, C N Upton. La; R Finch* ch, Miaa; W P Klctislinc, <> Klcbstine, Md; G MitchclL NY; T R l.ov*-. J Pitman aud It, Mir* v C Pitman, MIm 8 j Steinburger, J A Moore, Va. Washington house?s Butu*m?!d, ia; A Bolder, Md; M rurtnt. W'y; d Coae, NY. UL&AH STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS F*0? tib UsiTIB bTATKN {.???*. >0r /)av, -.n^to. <J?! war *?pt r Ur.,n?n vlw Vurf l'iv?>r?.H>l . Heft* ? 2 w V?rk... S..uta'?loo 9<>iUi tZ??0 y?,j . S7VrVf_;.!oS 6 Artju,.... .> ? \ urk.. Dot 13 Fhom ?ur >pb Adfi^tio ^uth ,N#v York 4jk>t it fnoMAIUrt....?ia'wa, N?Z \Zrl sSc" &* *<> York <? N*v York Souik>(uB . ,.N?w York.*5R? 3 lh? Havana mail uvMiHv* Ittara N #w york U>? *J. !*h, 17th. ao*l jrrtn of woh month V5 CtMiHt.n un the 4th and 19th. * fh? California mai J at<~?-?*r? ! ?*# Nov York an I W? 4th ?ad Mil of ??! month. *i ivoT/r^' KkGULAR ftTKAM PACKET LINK BB TvVfcKN HALIllKORK ANU Jf ^ WAhHINi. I O N.-L?? Coin m#ro? ii. wharf, Ba.umort, u *Tha *t NICIOL *r?j W SDN BSD AY, at 6 f. m. Columbia, ?my SATURDAY, at 6 a. m. iAr? Wuta attt* foot of nth itrMt nMfliMW??,uR)!iaTt: VVKDXKSDAY M'lANiMti, THUS. W. RILEV, Afoet, ? *T?n=j^5? rwtHss, MISCELLANEOUS. D [No *69.1 15Y THE PREBiDKNT OF THE UNITED STATES In ?uria*noe of law. I. Jaxks Bern****, Free ident or the United state* of America, do hereby ceclareand make known that pnblio ralea will be Held at the r noer-mentionod land o!Roe?, in the ftt)*t? of Ai(t<iiti,at Uie periods hereinafter des ignated. to wit: At the land oflioe a? Lirrti Rock. oomaeaetPf on Monday, the 17th day of Deeeibr next, for the dispotal of the eabliolande heretofore a?oflared. situated within the following township*, vis ; South of f*? t/an lim and wtt of thsA/tkrrmcifal meridian. Townships 13 sod 19, of range 4. Townships 18 and 19, of range 3. At the landofioe at, oommenoing on Thursday. ihe 2>th da? t f I>eoeni'?er uext. for the disposal of tin poblio lacdi heretofore uoof tarrd situated within the following townships, viz : North 4f tkt baseline and vtst of thtAfthprintiral meridian. Township M. of range *?. Township IT, of rauge 21. At tlia land offiee at Clakkvivill*, commencing on Monday, the 17ih day of December aext, lor the disposal ??f the public* lands heretofore nnofTered situated within tba following townships. vie : North of th? ban line and wett of thtjifih rrinripnt meridian. Fractional townships 1 and 2. of taage 33. At the Land Office at W akrinotox, oominenoing am ?ka lQ*kila.Af i ? - - I ?* vu *? cuuo0uaj ni" i.'ili ua; ??l i/rouilllKJI uejll, IUT thediipo*al of the psblie lands heretofore unnfferoii i tnatrrt within the lollowmg townships, vis: Shttk ot tkt ban lint and west of He fifth principal meridian. Th? fractions south of the old boundary line, ?f towuilnp 2", of ranges 21, 22, 71. 24,25, and 26. \l Ut? LaaU Ot&os at Cuaxfasxols. commen cing on Monday, the ntli day ot December nest, for t'M disposal ot the puhlie lands heretofore uenflered ti tutted within fhe following townships and parts of t iwustups. viz: South of iht batt lint and v?tf rf th> fifth principal miridiaii. Township 19, of rauge t>. Township l*.of range7. Township H.oi ranges. Township 19, of range H. Township 29, of range 18. The osrta south of tne old hniin<l*r? linn ?f tA?n. hip of ranees 19 and ?>. hands appropriated br law fur th? use of aohoola, military and otner purposes, together with the "swamp aud overflowed," will be excluded from the sales. The offering of the above lands will oouimenue on the days appointed, and will proofed in the or der in wbioh tne* are adveitised until the whole shall have been offered and thi sales cu>aad; but u<> sales shall be kept open longer than two weeks, and no private entry o( any of the lands will Im* admitted until after the expiration of the two w</eks Given under my hand, at the oity of Washington, this Uth dav of9epte>nber, anno Domini ono thou sand eigkt handrea and sixty JAMES BUCHANAN. By the PreaHent: JOS. 9. WILSON. Commisaionaer of the General Land Oflioe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right of preemption to any of tlie lands withinthe townships and parts of townsnipa above m?otionted ia required to estab lish the same to the satisfaction of the register an* receiver of the proper Land Office, and alte pay ment the-efor as soon a* praottcatiie after seeing tM j notice, and before the day appointed for th? commencement of the public ?*;e of the lands em bracing the tract claimed; othe;wise, sueh claim wi.1 be forfeited. JOS. S. *> ILSON. commissioner of the General Land offioe. Not*.?Under the regulation* of th? department. M he-?*tofore and now existing. no payment oan be made for advertising proclamation* except to auoh publishers an are sr'rinlly r.utbvrttfii ta pubiieh by the Conrnnissioeer of the General Land Office. ael5--wl3wa THE UNION \VIL?. STAND. NO MATTER WHO'S PRESIDENT! Co'-sequen'ly I shall remain in Washington and oor.tinue to pnrsue rr.j uocn^alion '?f HOUSh, HGN aud ORNAMENTAL PaINTING. Glid ing in ail it* branches. Old Grazing promptly at tended to. Paintirg and Ornamenting Cottage Furniture in the beat style 1 a!m, caP attention to the Painting of Ronfa acd Crick Walla. A.l of th* above I will do as cheap as the cheap est. I therefore solioit the patronage of my friend* aud fellow citizens of the Diatriot. Punotuality atriotlj obaerved, and work dona in the b?at man ner. You wil. please mind your stops and stnp at M. T PaRKLR'S Painting Establishment, No. 5.1* .">3 !! 33 !!! Louisiana av., north aide, betweea 6th and 7th ?ts. P. 8 Tigris pat np free ef oharge, as asual. an 3* 3m DENTISTRY. D dental card. R. M''N?ON iia* returned and rnnmed his frofo?aton. I'flioe ami liouie at 463 E at., ntrd door east of Sixth. In addition t< *verj o'her approved atjrle, Dr. M. Iia< aet teeth on vuloaoita Base (or the laat three year*, aiid, from in'i.tiiou, know* it excala all othera. and ia one- third leaa in prioe than gold, hia old patrona of Waa tunc ton. Alexandria, and (ieorge i >wn are renpeotfully aolio'ted t ? ca l. au 25 eoly D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOM I:* Haa cioaed hia olfio* for the aea son, and will bo abaent, as u^ual, during the aum iner months ; wilt rwaunif practioe about tin liit of Oct'>!*>r, of wnich furtaor notice will be given. ir i "-tf D DENTISTRY. R. H.1LL3, auor a praotsca test of two ye fee>a that he can witn ooDtidenoe reoom-. mend tne Ciieoa aatio Proo**? artificial tooth. It haa tne adranta?ea of,cleanliaeaa,and cunyn?u. Fu! upper aeta inserted for #M. Partial in proportion. Oloa 306 Pa. area as. so 7 wood and COAL. Wood and coal Delivered to all parta of the Oity, at the lowest possible ratea. T J A W. M. OALT, Office *J9'J fa. av.t lietween 11th and 12th ata.. ma 17 tf north aiae. i ^HK blibscr1bkk HAVING ON HAND . an eateoaive a took of Ft KL, is prepared to aell at a vary low fixurefor oath. WOOD Sawed and Split any aiae. Call aad aee for yourself. R. W. DATES, Wood ail J Coal Dealer, mall 8. K. oorner of Fourteenth and C ata. "carriage factoriesT WASHINGTON cakriagk FACTOR IT, 1) W#?- * U-s- ? " ' ? - - m*r ayarwcif OCIWtCJl Wl 3M 1014 VV? have just finished a number of first class C.\RRi AGhS, suoh u Light ranryrMrmiJgj Wagons, Park Phealont. Family C*r-YgCgE?z rtatts, and Bmtnut, wluon wa will sell at? * ?-* a rerr small profit. Using pract.oal ineohanioi in different branches of the business, ?e flatter ourselves that we know the styles and tuau'j of work that wlH_give sat.9 faction, oombi Ring lightness, ooinfort an.! darabili ty? Repairing prompt!; and carefully attended to the shortest notice ar.d most reasonable oliarcet. WALTER, KARMANN A BOPP, Coaolunakers, successors to Wm, T. Hook, ap 27 diy T CARRIAGES. HK Sabaoribar naving made additions to hi factory, making it now one of the It/fMt. ffwA In the District, where his faoiltties foriUJ^JW a^iuiacluringCARRIAQK A W of a;! kinda cannot be aurpaaaed, and torn hi a lout experience in Uta buu?N,he ho pea to gi>? ( uoral satisfaction. All kinda of Urrikft: and lUfkt Waiona kept?a a*ad. AJl RKl*AiaS:it*iir dene,an4 all art^ra pre apt J ?U?nnw to. Be?tsMu< Carria??a taken laetehantij for*?? ?a*a. AKJ5RKVY J. JOrCK, 4 1% ti -mrmmr ml Ulk (ih| K vta PIUNKfcK 8TKAM MAR BLK ANL> BROWN STU.NK WORKS. the anl>eeriber bene Imt* to inform the eit'fana of \\ a?hin*ton, Georgetown and Alexandria that h? baa ?<iU'J tu Ma lon? eetabliehed bueiimaa the auxiliary of at?\m pow.r for aawing ami mnnufar turiux Marble and Hrown Stone Work in Iheir va riona branohea, Marble Maniela, Table and Wa?h aiand Top*. '1 tie, Monument*, Tomb anil Hual, S ? -a. Window Lintela, Mil.a, Step* and ?*!atfonii?. Having purcbaaed a large atook of Italian Marble in bloofc.from brut the loweat into*, h? ff?-la coulidont of beiu* able to furnish Marb e Wmi k a? low aa it oan be purohated in New York, Philadelphia, or Haltunore. The trade aupplied with Italian Mirble in blook ?* a aba at the nam* rate aa furnished in >ew Vork, and on aonoiumo ll&llnf t<*nn. Aim.. k" - l- - - __ . immwwl, m I?rs? Iiupptv (4 Pumice M tone, Water of Ayr Rose and Puliatunc Putty at New Yo?k prices. Encourage the enter jriee; it will be n> aojniaition U> tbe oitjr. A|TkX. RUTHERFORD. homer Steam Marbl* and Brown Sson* Works, Pa. av., oor. Tbirt'enth at, au21 tm _ WiwhuMtoii, D. C.^ Wmm NEW UOOUS. ^ K Hay* )%at rmteivetla'argtituck of KiMAhrd ami Brow a U< ?ttonb i>f the beat mak?a. Alio, SHKKTlNUa, tahi.fc 1.1N KNS, NAPKINS*, TOWKI.inw. IRISH LlNKN?, jiroa LAWNS, from 8 onuta to , HOSIER) , ?loves. uAUtrrt.l.rn. <vhirn. red, tSLL' K and GKhY FI.ANNRl.8in wielf. VVe have a lew rich OKUANDV ROBES on htud whiob we have marked leea than <?"at. _ if ? tayloR A HUTCHISON. A^m V KHV NICK seven octave PIANO having been in uaaa abort time will be eofd at a great aaorifioe for caab.|ff^M the owner beiag ooinpolled to leaye the"'? " citr. O if ma. i ertoe ftSW.will now heaold for caah. to be aeei it Mr. llET'/grott'S Maaio St .r?. anrner Pa. avenue aa<! Eleventh at. an J3 a <KLTZKK WATKR! ? SELTZER WATER!. *7i ??**' ' *? *?* , direct from the In which they virt impurt?L d * BURCHELL. t. and V(r*MDt *v. 5 FifWrth T\._ Bil'/AC'H NKAV NOVEL, Hi. Urrata?M?nU D*aUa?of Oa#?r Hirvitrard, t^lNE FlAiNUS FOR RhNT UR fALJE. A* l&MvS! MthMbuMtflUtr In?tmn>?nU for^rent^^ TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. ? HAVE REMOVED TO No. IS MAEMET 1 Penn. aveuue,between 8th and^tifa* 9th iimto, where I will be ha?y to wattflHfl oi all vbo will fhvor me with a call withwVv a fine atookof BOOTS and. SH0K9 f?? WL Ladies', Genta\Boye'.Mium* and Chiliiret'a wear, aaS-eotr J. ROBKWTHAI. gOOTB AND ST^/meh T? 8U1T TliK We ara bow manafaotnrinc all kinds of BOOTS and t*HOB8, and constanuV receiving a^^M nfply <m eastern made work of everyda-Ml oription. made expreaaly to order, and will rWj be eolu at a nuoh lower pnoe than h&a been* Mb heretofore charted in thia city for much inferior articles. Persons in want of Boots and Shoea of eastern or oity mads work, will always find a good anaortraM is store and at tha lowest priow. uit? u* a call. ?R1FFIM k BRO., ay i-r *14 Pennsylvania aveuoe. ijMVE HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS arrived this day, embracini all goali es and si**s of Bole Leather, Ladies' Dress and I'&cking Trunks. Oar trunk sates room exhibits at tins time the greatest variety of traveling requisites. at moderate prices, u> ba found this side of New York. Also, every oescrif Hon of LADIES' HAT BOXES, VAL10ES, CARPET BAGS, SATCHELS, Ao. ft)-Old Trunks tepaireu or taken :n exohange for new ones. WALL, STEPHENS A CO? Trunk !3alea Koora, mar Sl-tf ?ai> Pa. aven?. CldllTneDN TBHMK UiMI'DlPTllDV IT? ***' w *- nv A VM 1 < O 499 7th Stumt, Drpotit* Odd ttltmes' Hall, W n'hir.gtm, D. C. Traveler* will stud? their interests t>j e*ariunin oiy TRUNKS, VA1.ICL5 Jto .before pur cn.'": ; elsewore As I us* none but the best material the market affords and employ' the best workmeu, I can confidently reooinmend mj work to bti superior m and LhirabUiiy to Trunka that aro made in otner cities and sold her*. 1 keep constantly on nanii. and make to order (on one week's notice) every description of SOLE LEATHER, J HON FRAME FKENCH DRESS and WOOD BOX TKUNKS; ASH LAN It and otker Y A LICKS ; THA V ELI NO BAUS; HAR NESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, tc., *c. Trunks, Ao., Repaired and Covered, in a work manlike manner, at short notice Trunk* delivered in any part of the city, tieorje lown, or Alexandria. Also?Agent for Howe's celebratod FAMILY 8KWINS MACHINES, de 15-1* JAMKS>?. TOCHAM. TKAViDbmiri' DlttKOTOKY. Daily link of nkw foitr-horse COACHKs* TO t ITER MARLBORO*, ("arrvtn* tkt If. S. Mail. The undersi^n-d are now running Dailj, (except Sunday.) Four horse Coaches tc XTT twoen Washington aad Upper Marl mr horo', a* follows : t*7w~v- g"* liMra the StojiinVat Hotel, corner of Seventh street and Pa. at? o'clock a. m. Returning leave Upp-?r Marlboro' at 11 o'clock a. m , and arrive in \\ ashiugtun at 3o'clock, in time to connect with U:e3 2fip. in. t ainfor Baltimore. Tiie Coaches are n"w and commodious, th<" teams firat class iu tlie hands of carcful and accommodat ing drivers. Faro to tipper Marlboro 5" eer'g. To Ixing Old Fields .25 44 TnOnterville 38 *' Freight.and packages in proportion. au 15 tf _* OS BORN t CO .Proprietors. IJALTIMORK and ohio railroad. U WASHINGTON BHAXCH. Chatsgk of Houks. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, Juno 13th, IW>, tram* wifl run a* follows: Leave Washington at 6 and 7 4>i a. m. Leave Waahinu ton at 3.?>ana o.?> p. id. On Sunday at 3 30 p. m. L?ave Baltimore at 4.2S and 8 4? a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4^i p. m. On Sunday at 4 25 a. m. Pafsenrer# for the Ea?t will take traina at 6J0 and 7.4" a. m and s 2>? p m. For the West at 7.4^ a. in. and 3.2^ p. in. For Annapoiia at 7.40 a in-and 3-Jii p. m. For Norfo'k at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday eveuinc the3.20 d. m. tr?.m Pfti!ade!phi& oulj. T H. PARSONS, A*?nt. NEW ORLEANS WITH THE CHOICE OP THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHUUR8: Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Mississippi Central, Nrw Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHis~ROUTE: Memphis bj R&:i, thmio? by Firnt elaaa 1'aeketa to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montconiery bj Rail, thenoe to Mobile by First Oi&M 1'ackeU. Mobile to New Orleana by Like Steadier* TWO DAILY TRA1N8??uxdat? Included, Lrtve Waihinjttu atii and h p. m. The Steamer GKOHGE PAGE lear*" her whirl r<?ot of Seventh street at 6K a. m. wd 6Jf f. m. and oonneot* at Alexandria with the Orange awl Alex andria Train* for the Sonthwext. Uttioe?Pennsylvania avenue, oorner of Sixth st. AQSASB CUOUD TDROUSH TO HMW OIUAI). L jnohburt #7 50 Bristol ? .15 0' KuoxviDe .??SO On Chattauooga 24 iiO Klton... ?._24 ?) mUvilio .27<K> Grand Junotion_.?9>nn Memphis f' 00 A tlanta .... 3f> oo Maoon ... .......28 00 ('oinirihus .....SI 50 Muntzomeu 33 '*) ) via Metuptiie.42 AO N.O./ viai*. Juno. 42 fifl Nashville 25 mi \ via Mobile...46 no THIS ROUTE 18 ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is 800 MILES 8HORTEK, and 24 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other l.iae?the Lruehbarc Extension belm now completed, as also the Mississippi Central, makinc it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT RO UTE rX)K SOUTHERN TRAVELERS It ia provided with First olaaa bleeping Cars! I To Now Orient ? 72 Hosra. Memphi*. - ? do* Montfon-.err S3 do. Nashville ? 46 do. fI7*T!.p U.S. MAILand ADAMS' EXPRESS aretakeu over this New Line. Tioketa oan be obtained at the Booth Western Offoe, oorner of Sixth otreet and Pennsylvania av enue, to the io!!owir,jf pointr: LjncMiur*, Briatol, Knoxntlo, Atlanta, ChaMaoooza, HuntavUle, Grand Junction, Macon, Nasimlle, Dalton, Coiumbna, Montgomery Mobile, Memphis, and Rnjva vumiyiA SPMNlrS. TJ^Omaibaaes and ttacsago Watona leave the office at G a. in. auU 6 p. m. JAMES A. EVANS. TioketArent, ma2?-tr Corner Sixth ?t. ami Pa. %*. The STEAMER JAS. BUY Will reaume hei trip* on TUESDAY, Slat of February, M60. Will leave WASH INttTON everr TUESDAY all.t^ , al0, FRIDAY, at6 o'ol-./ok a. m.,avt ALEXANDRIA atkalf-p&ate o'olock, lor CURKiOMAN ^cd tt>? intermediate l.andiuca. On her return trie*. ahe will leave OUR RlOM A N every WEDNESDAY and 5 o'olock a. m. LUCIAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L. HOUSH. A?'t. Alexandria. <*30 PFOR NEW YORK. A9SA0E, IN0L.UDIN8 MEALS ANA STATEROOM. fT^O. The New York and Virfinia Screw 8lea:nahij O-xiteacr'a ubw ami el?iaut ete?niahip r^ati Mfkntu'l* u l r? iki r? ai .1 ? 1 ?? /> ^ n.uu.i i t i^Hiiun,i>."7k t,l/<PllilU!,UUK^| will leave the Coirp&iiy'a l.epot, Wre tern Wharves. atll'o'eluCKa. m.every WKDNES DAY. and the Cuiripanj'e l>e?ot. at Alexandria, kt 3 o'clock p. in. tame <iar. f&ss9n??ra from Wasninfton and Georcetowa can take the coaahas conneoti.if with Alexandria teaio'ivaU or rsjlroad, which leave the oorner of Tth (treat and Pa. avenae hour'*, or they oan leavs on the iteamar from the Western Whanretf at II 'elock a. m. Utate rooms oar be on application ts Meairr Morran & Rhkr.ehart, Western WhnrrM. Kreiiht via he received up to the hours of aepar {Or Insurance will be effeetfd on all f0o4a by tliTvine at the ottos of Ue Company at X per oent premium. The accommodations for passeuiers by this hn? are in every r-sup-ct first o ass, and every effort wil be made to renUer this oomuiu.ucaUon with Nsv York an afrerable and heal'hfat one. For freight or passace apply to FOWf IS * Ktxr., Aicun, AiMAnuna. fi. B. CROMWELL * CO., ? ?-ly BtWertiLtoraerAlbmy.NewV?rk._ NEWY ?gAi#&7rlfflN " ?" The Runner MOLTNT VERNON will lwn ' look p. m., ami New York for Wub-^INIk incion ever? Saturday, at 3 o'clock p. m. Piieniin oan join the ahipat Alexandria at an* time before the kour of the etoamer'e departure. N. B.-In the erent of the jteamer. inability to eroee the bar in conse^oenaeof low water, all tooda wil! be promptly tichtorod to and from the teams' For freight or >aeeace apply to I OT* OP F1ANOS FOR RENT AT LOW ratee. Fianoe for tale on the mr t m r^MonaDi* Hirmi. Urwit f.argftim in u!dR*OT^H Pianos; alu>, m Guitar*. Violin*. Mn-?? ? >' p ELLlf, ?B IS for Ohickirinc ft Plunon V) NOTICK. I KRKONS D#olminft'?ue?K?J*inf or lutviiif * r^tinssBxgid si'ist & **'? """^luAjLTa 8UCHLY. MHDIOIHBS. ni. niRiTON, \J BAJ.TiI.JRK LOCK BOiriTU, flu DUumtrU ik* ?WiI OrUrm, Spt+ii, mU mJ$ Sfftttn&l Ihmtdf w World, FOR ALL DISEASES OP IMPRUDENCE. UK* JfO FAL*? DSLICACT FRBfMNT, APPLY 1MMED JkTELV. A CURB WAR RANTSD. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONt TO TWO DATS. wnnNiuui Mu.iwmrM mm?Him ithifi ud llUtir, tn'alanurj DMirpi, UiMncf, 9a o a raj Dahiluy. Hinnwrn, Dytftptf, kurar, Law if .nU, Cm rum / Idtaa, Palpiuuau Tramhhnfa, Pimnaaa of fifht ar Jiddintaa, Diaaaaa tf tb? Thraat, Umiii 8km, Af?fib? Linp. Ittnnth M thM? Tamhla DimtImi analog trim Miury Sabiu ml Y?ath?that* Dra*d(alaod Duuiei n Praeucaa which tw ill Mirntfi impaaaihlt, ud dtaira) ktuBady tad Iliad YOGNOMER BapaaiallT wfca kava hacacri lha vteiimt af tmf.iatf TUt, llrt iritihl and daaft-acura hahit which annaallv awaapa M an hntimtly (fi?? llnMirdi af Yaang IUn a(til mi a> altad Ul?tu? and brillaat latallaai, wha mifhi athar viaa ha>? anuaacad liaiaamf Sana tat vuh Ua ihaodara af laaaauta at vakad m atauaf Ua Uvitif lyta, ataj m!I a ilk riM Met ( Ml. HilkliM NAUIID PUIORI,aiTM>| Mi^mtiayliUaf Mat rlttl,Mia( avaraaf it;a?i aaakaiaa,ai(?la dahilUj, dataruitiaa, At., apaadii? car ad. ? *m uiiuasii umi wi ?&> pi ut j. may riugi tmt>y eon la in hit br..?r at a r tntlanaa tad m14?uUt rail ,f~ hia .k II tba ps.?le:??. * orrK't h*. r bowtb pebobkicbitaxbt, lift ban J atda (ainf Imi liluraui r.raal, a fa* <Hti fraa tba ttrnar. t'ul nM M tknrri uai aad >UM|. kalian Ml b* paid tad IMUli a iubi be. JumnrruB, Miakin aftkt Ea?tt Calltfa aftatfaana, kaadaa, m(M frain ana af tfca nut Irclnatit Callaf M la tba VaHad Otataa and tha {TMltf |?iri af vktit Ufa baa baas iflii in iba baa aitali af Landan, fana, Pbtladalahia aad alaawhara, baa af fa eta d Hmi af tba luaat aatar.itbinf eara* that *ih liiavn; many traabliJ ?it>, rinfinf Id tha hlad aad H> vhiii liltip; rratt, b?tnf alariMd at aaddai audi, bainfalaaaa vnh fraqmul blaanuif, attaadad aaaia Haas wilh daianftnar.t af miad, tin carad nam tdWlalf. TAKE PAETICIbAB BOTICE, TNi{Bu aad atbara vhahavt u.)Bcad uiuiHliaa bj I nun practici iadatgad in ?tao tlaaa? a babit fn jaaut!; laarnad train aail eanipaiaana, ar at aohaal, tba afacta a wfclib ara ihjmIj fa*t aran vhan aalaap, aaJ If nat carad itndara marrufa impoaaibla, tod daatraji baU a>ad aai bad 7, aboald apply iiumadiaial*. Tbaaa ara aaina of tba aad anl inalancbaly affacu bradMli b* aarlr habita ui raath via: Watbtiaaa aftl.a Beck aai liuibt, Hnit.t in ihi U?*d, DitnuoM of Sif >>t, Lmi tlUncilt Fowor, Pollution of lb* tf?rrt,l>T?pop?j. N?r???? lrrutbnl ly, Ilorouf ?mot tof lh? Dig tout* rauclMiit, 4i*cir*l UtMIlt) ymuto:<M of CtM.tamf iivb, Ac. MKNTA1XY.?Tu* fttrli! tficu tu lb* mlad *? niik t b* dr**d*d ? Lo?? of Mtraorj, Coi.faiior. ofldtat, Diptml* fSpirhi, K*il Forbvdmra, Artiaan of*?e:If-Hi*tra*i Uuif Uolito.1?, Tlrmi'ty, *t?.,ar? mis* M U* *?il* pn MKRVOSB DKllkiTT?'Vfcoaoaditta a*v]?dy? vki U th* cum of ibtir d?cimlo( btnkb, loamr ibtir 'n*r, bl minf wtak, pnU, otrtoaa *cd *m*ei*t?d, ba*inf aairfala ippiuiui(i tbHt th* tin, h or ivrnptorn* of (MllnpUl DiflKASKS UP lMPKUUKHCE. Wbtn th* mi*fatd*d ?i?a irnprod*?t Tour J ofyliuin lad bo DM tmbit*d th* ***d? of U>>* painfal diaaaa*, it to* oft* bappari that *11 ill-tntitd hum of sham* or dratd of diirovor uaiara m.-c iram appriuf t? tnoaa wha, rrara adacatiaa an r??p?-wbiliij, ean afrna btfnand him. full* iota U band? of ignorant and detuning pratandart, wha, incafakl f cirinr. Ilch hi* paCBLiary aabatanca. keap lua inlut Mtti >Rii manth.arai l?o(aalA? mallaat can b? ) Uioad, and in dtepiur lim him with raintd htalth la tig ??r hit galling duappainlreent; n ky the af that daadl paiaan, Marcary. hattan tha cttiMi'.iUMil aymptama af Ik ( rnbl* diaaaea, iicj ta Af actinia of ika Mtart. Thraat, N*? kia.ftc., pragraaaii. j with frightfai rapidi'.y, till death pa'-a J triad (a hit oraadfal auffaricra by atnding him ta thai ai iacavarad caantrj fram whoaabaann oa travalar rttirot. DR. JORKIOM'I liMSPY FOR ORGA*!C WKARMRI AND IMPOTEKCT. y Ikti rraat and inpartaot nisid; vtaknaaaaf '.ha ttiu ut apaadily carad ana Ml rifav rattartd. Tkaaaaada af tk Baal narvaaa and dakiliuud, vka kad laat ail kapa, ka? kaan iramadiataly raliavad. All iraptdimtott ta Marrtaga. Phytiaa! ar Manlal DUaaal flaauana, Laai af PrMiitUra Pavar, MarWaa lirtUMlH Tramklinf and Waaknaaaat Kskaattlaa aflka aatt fttrfl ktad tpttttfilj unS KM DORA CM KMT OF TBS UR Til MA MY THU6BAHDI e?r?4 allhia iniutsUM wltkl Ik* lit*. Ittmuin flirt, and tha mroaraaa impartiru lui Ml aptrtuani ptrfirnild ky Of. J?hr?*r, wm.aaatd ky tl NMiun af (hi papin ii4 many rtfcar mhihi, osucm i VBieh h*ra appaarad again u 4 agaia k?f*>* tkt sialic, ki sldaa hi* auoduif u a (iitltau af ikmitiiul liiHii kUlly, u a *aB?i*nt f aaranw* to Ik* tftUttd. (?D Il ly K. J. bOVEE DOD'tt IMPERIAL WINK BITTK118, Are bow being used from Maine to the Great Sal Lake, anl the universal verdict of all who tl them either as a wudtctn* or a* a beverage, is tha they are unanrpMed in the world. Or. I>uda use them successfully in hia practice for 25 jears befor we purchased of him the sole ncht to tganufsctar and present there for sale to tne pubno. For th cur? of Inoipient Consumption, indigestion, Dy? pepsia, Piles. Nervous Diseases, Female Com plaints, and all oaees requiring atonic, thfj are N Sond doubt a most invaluable remedy. Aside trot ieir medicinal nroaartift* th** *.r? ? ?nt? _ _ _ ?.. ? mm f ?< W uv?l? tome and delightful Beverage, producing all th pleasant exhileratmg efTecta of Brandy or Win withont th^ir injurious results. all friends c humanity and all advocates of temperanoe asm us in suSKituinn these valuable Vegetable Bitter for the mineral poutms and adulterated Ltqttoi with which the country is flooded, and thereby el feo'ufi.I* aid in ban.shing Disease and Drunkenea from the land. CHARLES WIDDIFIELD k. CO., proprietors, tH William street, New York. J. SOHWARZE. Agent, Washington, D. C. DR. J. BOVKK TM>D8? IMPERIAL OIN BITTERS. For Diseases of the Kidneys. Bladder and Urinar Organs, and eepeotally for Female Ouatruotiom never fail to oure, ana aro warranted to give satu taction. CHARLES WIDDIFIELD & CO., Proprietors, 7* William st., New Vorlr. J. HCHWAR7K. Je7-ly.r Agent. JOV for the sick and suffering. LEV ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED RKAD! APPLY THE REMEDY AND REJOICE IN HEALTH. Friend, do you suffer.' Are you the viotirn of an of those numerous ailments whioh arise irom im purity of the blood? What are they, do you ask Rather a*k, what are they not? The Wood is th son roe of lilo and h^a th. and it i? the first a em en of our being to respond to an? cause wluoli * fleet tli? system, a* the puise infallibly attests The eve prevailing Neuralgia, the irritating F.ryi-pe m, th subtle Sorofui*, tlie agoniziug Rheum.\tisai, Ner vous De'jiliiy, Dyxp^pitia, Li ver Complaint with it toraor and drjecnou, and tho nnmberleia ills tha flesn i* heir to. deriv* their hideous origin from th< blood. Deal kindiy thes and gently with the blood Us? the vitalizing ros.uioes of nature for its aid and ruffer us to ooimneud to your oon&denoe aiK use that ira.y vaiunWe medicament known at ILfCC M r>r-i T1 o in <! ; 1U. t l/A o JXDIA V VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to thia a m<>st infallible *pecifi< popular sentiment haa ap^en In decided tsrma acd tho evidenoea of this great efficacy are aim tained by oonatant avowal a of curative nT?ot? an< th? happieat reauita from ita ua* are af'er all othe; remedie* and the heat medioal akill have failed. Let hb say, in ooiioluaion, th*t oertifioatea ourea are not Bought from tin illiterate and auper fioial, but they aro volunteered from the moat re apnntab'e aouroea an-1 juatify the bifcheat term a ii which it la ponait'le to onm>n?nd ao valuah.e i ap?cifie to puh io approval. We may add alao thai the curative pro per lies of the medicine are equallec only by ita reetorative effects. the syatfin recover inc from diet*aae with renewed constitutional vicor For aaln by all respectable Drugriata in thii City, and by the proprietor, MR*. M. COX. N one renuine unleea her nam* ia biown on Uh bottle and her seal on the cork |i/ r nur 7 i poi mniir, el* UUHl?B IUT fd, Wkoletalt Agent. R. K T. C18SKL, Dru(?iit Georgetown, 1) C., Wholesale Agent fur the 1):* tnct, mid vi,1 supply the trade at my prioea. &u 18 tr 279 T.?gS5itTii"' 206 Pa. At*., FOREIGN i RI ITS, Pa. At*., *.ly4*1114*<*. CONFECTIONS. WilUrftittl S?t* leave to call the attont?on of hi* friend* ao4 e public generally to hi* Naw Store, under Wil lird ? Hotel, jnst opened, in connexion wilii hii old establishment, where he wi.l be haper to re ceive any order* for auperiorConfeotioa* of hisowi importation. ^! order* for Dint>m, Sapper*, Balls, and Private Parties, which will beserved up la hie in imitable style, with the same promptcee* and du %tsh wtitnh he b%? hitlmrtn tiovn. no * A W M. T. IIOV K fr C.C\. /\KK Now prepared'to ex ecu to any order* wiU Which the* mar be favored in the PLLMB1N0, UAS OK STEAM F1TTIN8 BUSINESS. |[7" Store on 9th street, a few doors north of Pa. aveouf, whore may be found a oomnjete assortment of CIUNDK1,1 F,R* and other OAS, 8TEAM and WATER KIXTTTH KS. ia?-fv PLKK OLD KYK U'UISKY.-Ob hand severa brand' of Pure Old Rye Whlrky. Copper Dis tilled. maoe i?y the moat reliable distillers in Penn sylvania. Maryland and Virginia, warranted tare. Also, Imported Hrandiee, Hennessy, Otard, Dapay * Co.. Jales Rolnns, ko. Also, Peaehand Apple Brandy, pure Hollaed tilt, old Jamaica and St, Croix Hum, and Wine* of every variety,all of standard brands. A cl.oioe lot of Guars and To baooo. VOINU A KEPHART, Agents, ** U-1v Ha av.. I?etw ?Hh atxt 10th ?U. fiAMAGKl) BOOKS. E Have a lot of Parker A Watson's Readers and SpHl-TS that were damaged a little by water in the ?te?mer /roin .Now York, which will be sold fur ha f the ukual price. KI.AN''HARI) A MOHt'N, 4 Corner 11th ?t. aiwl Fw. Flour, mkai,, mill herd, *?. Just received on euuuiument? 470 M?le ?up?rior l>raud of freah ground Family, Extra and Superfine Flour, an No. 1 Rya do.. Fresh ground Corn M?ftl and Mill Feed of all kind* conn'antly on hand, for sale low in lota to aaiL au 2f? 6m D. U MORRIHON fc CO. J LIST Reoeived from the Virginia Oil Cobmb* R barrel,prima FARAF1NE COAL OIL, Vtuefi varranttd eqnal to the Naw York or Boston oiL The trade oan be aaaplted on tha aanne terror aa they buy at the North- aavinjr tha freicht. aa C-lm H C. PPRDV.40? Pa. ay. A L : XX ALB AND XXX ALE!! JK er V. Tlrty 4^ >> ! < ffa?MiJl^ad hope only 275 ul?" 275 JACKSON, Psma. Anifi, MCwmb loth m4 lltk iUmU, j?u MISOBLLANKOOS. COLIKOB TKXTB UK FolioviBf hv Books for I lm puhushed, to whiah letchers is osllwl: Virtil't .\er.eid. with rx>ln ?tory notM # ? ry t). rri?s?, ProfMaor of LAtin ia tfco btat* l/B Piato'a iM<]? ond Crito with do?m fcy W. ft. Tj tor Prufoaaor ot Crook la Aakortt CoT 3f) prioo73ooi.ta inkeunar.nj l rp\; orioo ftl. A New Mot hud pf Leo rmn? t*pou*ta, o/lor tk? Bjt'rm of P. Aha. " Por Mklo br BLANCHARD * UOHI'N. AM <| l," . k - ^ D. 3 rflrat M<j r?U&M? m&Im w nt it Inati t u'telhLVfP> u d f it?*n VArT^rk'iii Vermont State ~ fchibitcd they um??t4* I Ciuletl I rue S*/m. de uft BCUf AgnMitariu.PabiPimaiha roDDtrlvaaiac Iwtmk MkM^ir; Fair.kc., *o. limrrwivM xusr^ssgsssrasi E- C. PATTIBON. W""?S13i!SB3! ?2?V ^ IKK, FIR K. POTOMAC WATMML . _n still en(?ce4 in the PLUMBING ud GAS ? ITT I \li RI'Hl V KM at n, oli rt*~A I. pi-emu*** and tfc*t ?Tkit wiftiMri , _ Alt order* for th? introduction r?f WU*r aad mi will l>* promptly atter>a<v] to. Tiriu u .imoni b!? a* auj piumW in Ut? Olty. _ if 3 C. 8.NYPEK WO AS FIXTURKfli _, K Have in atore, *iul are dM.i r(**iTi?|, 9AM FIXTURES of entirely New P?if am! rJuij-Ii, kuf rior in stile to anything heretofore offered in thi* market. \Ve inviteeiti?<*n? iwwtl it to call and examine o?r *tr?ck of Gu and W*l* Fixture, frHinic confident that W# have tlrt h??t seh-oted ?too It in Washington. All Work in the above line intrusted to Mr witt Imi oronioti* to. mar 5-tf MYERS ft McGHA.V ST?D rtriwt. 19 (Utn GALLONS CHAMPAUNK AND I ^,UUU CRAM APPLfc C1DKR??Wa ilti* ' the piblio to oar tart e and well M }umfui)e tud Craib Apple Cider, >t?e to be tore ituoe, and will be >le term* in order to mafca roo? the attention 01 the prbliotoour Larceaod wall M lectrd *tock of C-hanipa/ne and Crat> which we jfii&r&ntei old on reasonable ? for onr coring (took. GItc m a oaJI at th? Union BottUm Dam, i?> No. iT 6w* ?t? 6*ori?tm. >*V ?[Cpg lim] >-e. is Ml ^ <k *v-JMivmim ? w \ \m DISPATCH! ^l/*r Sife the_Pieces! fK^ At metilmts will karpm, ?t? t* w*U-r?rul*t?d fmmilu*, it is very desirable to bare eoiac tkwy ud convenient way for repairing Funutmre, Teya, Oro?kery, Ac. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE Cmeets all ?uoh einercenciea.aDd no howeebold tu Torn to l>? without It. It ia always ready aed np th? sticking point. There is no longer a neeee sitr for nmpins "hairs, splintered veneers, headiest dolls, *n<l broke?1 cradies. Itia inat tne arfieie for cone, ahell, and other ornaaental work, so popalar with ladi?s of refinement and taate. Thia admirable preparation la sead eold, being chemically held in eolation, and possessing all tba T?:oaW? sualities of the beat maker*' glae. It may be saed in tbe p!&o# of ordinary maoiiage, being vastly more adhesive. " USEFVL in XT SKY HOUSE." eric, ii o?nta. . 11.?A litush aooompanies eaoh bottle Wkoltiml* Dtrt:, No. 40 Cedar street, New Yod Address HFNRY cTsPALDIN? A CO.. Boa No. 1,600, Nev York. Pnt up for Dealer* in Case* obtaining Foar, Kight.snd Dosen?a beautiful LithPfrifh i? Show-Card aooompanyinc each paskage. ?|Tjr A aiitt!e bottle of SFALB1WS PKX PAIiED GLUE will eave t*c times its oost as anally to every hongfhold.-/Ti 8o!d by all prominent BtaUonera, Dr* grists. U&rdmire and romitare Dea!*r?, 6rooers, and r unci Stores. voontry mwrobantu should make a not? oi srAL DING'S PRKPARKO ULUE, wk their list. It vill stand any oh mat*. T.*\r iWl Hc~A f"*,ro4m , TkU M ii*k*K II rj-clm "W?for (M by Itk* /)Mbr im\ f tk* Yall*+ / I Ac /mnm , 'fktfnt* (jm+lit* qf if | ? pn<r?t en if km<* h to Atm. ftmn depend um -n g i*n , wl*u tixy bmw ikt Vm/U9 WTkskrr.?* ; fiit i m mrJA flj mL m m pi 5 CAUTION. PURCHASERS SH0U10 BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VAUEY WHISKEY TO SFE THAT IT IS MM VAUtff WHISKEY WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.EDALY, 19 SOUTH ?tLUAH SI R?W TKQL fOR SALE IN WASHimtTOy BY j l ly BAKBUUE 4 BEMMES. FREEMAN 4 WM rels-anJ hilf-barreii. Aa it u of o*r 0*1 iutiiia oaui joinbly ba dietillad. We also offer ov OLD VAMiLY MY* WHISKEY, and other branda. from th? IWfMt atock of Pia* ?* ? " "man. * . FkaBix DiatUlary, on Lha 8oh uy l kilF n rt~ ? ilia. OiiM 96 Wnil .UMt, Naw York; aad l#t BmK Front itr**t Phiiadalphia. mtV-V pKANCiB HARPK1, FAMILY OR(>Ck58Y0aV5D^KKD8TOEE, ?<W?f Nne York hmmm mmd Tmtk $***. Respectfully solictu the mumafaof taoaav. mai be in want of any article in tha aoora lia endeavor* shall ba to pleaae. and by a atnat tion to tha want* of tha pnblio, ha impaa to I ahara of thai r patriate a. . Hll took oonaiata of v found La"a 6ra?eiaae FmuIy**ttSatarr "a*I Sgi o?, mil AXD 19 V* MKTBXMIFATtD ff r #ti J TU HUMAN CONSTmrTlOtf U TO> I ?* ' *. <, J ! <. : J i : _ r** rtitTMHTira and mmmmdt i i ^ .f *- ? . -I ... * ? > ? * INTERMITTMHT AND BtLiOCB . % CUBES INM'iet m A DAT. NATTIER 6IAND RK8TUIATI^E. INFMCT1NK, INPMCT1NM. INFECTIVE, INFECTIKE. ISFECTJNE, INFECTIVE . T)m terrible Mltdr kaoviia Ik* FETCH A?ID< AGUE ku mitMa kux1r?U W Uwuub of r?r mm Uraiikoal Ikt worU mry ??r, u4 ki* n?r* UU Mf bM ? by HI i?AUi* trwtownt UK ku uoi prod?4 amn MEDICINAL DISEASES, heart, or oUmt parta af tho haaaa orfMtaaa Via INFECTIPIB u tlM bttinl mm|?um of all 10 Ttrt, and when it nnatf ia oontact wttfc Urt Alt, it aooorbod by Um i?t?rvor orgaan. vki?k raar Mill niuna aad all faii?niM toward* tbeoc aliiiict wkio* prootrato tbo auad aad body vitk Favor aad An* raralt froai aaaMroat eiawi. titado, laocaor, paint, ahilla. Mr. aad a l*t| trala of dlaacreeaM* miatioai, doprmaf tfco pa tient of all entrgr. and rod not at ktai or tor to a odaditioa of Why will u; om rafar tfca horror? of ? 4*MI itoftng lnUrmitUnt Ptrm. vbra by Um mm ?f tte INVALUABLE INPECT1NE, PERSIAN FEVER CRARM. ALL TRACRB OP D?RAM MAT RR ANN!. HILATED IN A FEW HOURS. SELF-CARE IS BETTER THAN PBVBIC. NATURE 18 WISE* TBAN ABT. i" BVEBY DISEASE HAS A DIVINE REMEDY TAB WISE APPLY WB1LE TBB POOMBI DEE AM. BETTEB PREVENT TBAN STRIVE TO CURE. DELAYS ARE DANBEROUS. Til IKPECTMB, PERSIAN FBVIR CHARM, flM oarod thoDMad* af both mm of tte MNl draKlft! Faror*. Ritd Ml rdttt WONDERFUL EFFECTS. t? to ki?tf and ?wi1f toOyiand ia Iom ttea tkrm vokt, Mi ua froTod ia wgkt hoirs. v : I looiag kor mto* M ?*il at atMactfc Wr later ittaet Farar.viU Cfcflto, m>wri *? koaMfc m tvontr koart. J. E. Tiltoa. of liUnii, Mala*, kroactt teU'i door, feaviM raflkra?tor?nr rmi+m** well is in weak*. and laprovod ta tor* hnn. dolpho Mon*?r?. of FMM, relieved ta M? boar, wliii* trnfriUy u <|* ?ar? ^ tka Fort ly dyinc wtth Cfcilia. Ellon K. Bkmi, of Loekport, Nov York, Me ssed alter run' nfcii|, A perfect ewa. TkoiiMd of other owh frirfW aad ?r?4 irorr Booth, ud aot a difl* eoa^laiat at tk? IRP1CTI IBa THY IT, PMOWt IT, KNOW IT. iritfc afwimc. nay bi ltd to m i riff. m Mitou ?nMmip?. IvbUM kf Ik* Ml mt Ulan far dUlTS BLESSING S BOLD IT UL MUMUTt AMI MUM OIHOUUUINAMiaiOA. ? PRICE ONE DOLLAR, Mtkra^tour^tWU* DiMMMN. MAJfUFACTU&M II J?IR VUMI * .! -S k I ' t * IM MAIN IVtBT, ICBMONft, TI??INIA. MMAMCS OlfXCS, la. 8f BANK or COKXHOi BOTLBOM. * '' u__, . ? v> wud) JBIW you MMr. v M*^4UbMhMb l lfc * *

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