Newspaper of Evening Star, September 26, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 26, 1860 Page 2
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THK EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON OiTY: WKWEIDAT *epTe?ber *?. 1*0. Spirit ! the >1?rnlng Prf*. Tl.e ('<m*iilmtion bu "a word" (about a rolnmn and a half) " to thr New York Courier and Enquirer" on Republican politic*. The Intitligenetr Is devoted to new* ar.d mliceUaoy. . JIT" Koasutt mi ?xpcctin? to a*?t bis sons, one kgrd 19 ard the other 15, at Twin, early this month The young men wereatMUan. jfT It Is rumored that Messrs. Ritchie k Dtinnsrant. Isle of the Richmond F.nquirer, contemplate the publication of a new dally In Richmond at an nrly period. ILT A number of ladies residing at Trieste bare irat to General Garibaldi a handsome silk banner with the national color*, accompanied by a patriotic address, expressing th?lr best wishes for bis success. The fact of Trieste sharing in the sentiments of the Italians, has caused great annoyance at V ienna. irr At a political meeting held In Waresborougb, Georgia, on the 17th Instant, Mr. Senator Iveraon Is reported to bavo held the following i language in reply to an Inquiry whether he favored a dissolution of the L'aion in case of Mr. Lincoln's election : " That woold depend on circumstances If Mr. Lincoln should bis elected by a small vote, he (Mr. 1 ) would not advise It. If, however, the people of the North should show their hostility to the Sooth, and elect him by a large majority, then lie (Mr. 1.) wan for disunion." 2^ The car designed for the use of the Prince of Wales aad hia party, in journeying from Cincinnati to Washington, has b?en finished in Philadelphia, and aent on 11 la arranged in compart, menta, with aittlng-room, sleeping coaches, dining-room, closets, Ac., an J at one end is an open verandah, which will accommodate a dozen peraona with se->t?. affording a tine opportunity to iew the road aid surrounding country. It ia aaid to be the most beautiful car on any of the roada of the State*, and for thia reason (t haa been tendered and accepted for the use of the Prlrce and hia auite. shocking attempt to murder a woman was made in New Vork on Monday by her lover and aapirantto her hand, one Henry N. Plerrepont, a shoemaker. The victim was Hannah Jones, keeper of a boardlng-hoaae, Morria street She waa engaged to Plerrepont, and on Sunday nlghteircumatanrea with reference to the woman's conduct excitad hia jealouay, and on Monday he called at her house and demanded an explanation. Her reply did not aatlify him, so be drew hia knife and gave her a severe wound in the arm She took refuge In the house of a neighbor, bo* Plerrepont followed her, and shot her in the head with a pistol. The wound will prove fatal, it la thought. feres?I. Hon. A. H. H Stuart, of Va., la at the National. svmor rrwaiu spuae ai pi. J ?ej ti. MO , on Saturday He left that place fur Topeka, Kaniii on Monday. Uazzanlga, the favorite prima donna. I" Stnging at Lisbon. She is said to txj married to Albites, the well known musical professor. Lady Franklin and Miss Cracroft, now in Canada, return to New York about the Oth or 6th proximo. Rt. Rev BishopSmith, of Victoria, recently from Hook Kong, China, who has been stopping with Dr. P. Parker at the National Hotel, left this city yesterday for the North Among the passengers who arrived at Boston la the Europa, on Friday, were Robert Dale Owes, late U S Minister at Naples, and Robert Chambers, the weil-knowu Scottish publisher and author. N. Scott Russell, son of the celebrated engine builder. Scott Russell, of Kngland, Is at present in St. Louis, Mo. He Is making the tour of tbe States, and devoting himself to an examlnaJon of tn? wlous manufactories of our country. Cintial Aickktca ?Tbe news from Central America la not of much Interest. On tbe .'J 1st of August the President of Honduras issued a proclamation against Walker and bis followers, calling the people to arms and invoking tbem to defend their families, religion, Ac., and to expel the flllibustera from the country. On the same day he Issued two decrees: the li t at requires all Honduxians from fifteen to sixty years old, excepting public crticers and priests, to take up arms; orderfug thein to abandon all tbe villages or places taken possession of by the enemy, and to remove or deotroy all provisions, property, Ac., which might be of service to the enemy; and also authorlxing them to make war in any manner whatever against the ttllibusters. Ail foreigners traveling thrnnuh tli* rnnntrtr mrm r?niiirs><) B .. ? J ?v ua?*i ^MMUVIW signed by the proper authorities The second ?lecre? ?u u a r >n ?d loan of $9,000 a month from the capitalists of Honduras uutil the war is concluded. Kx-l*r?ident Mora, of Costa Kica, remains on his plantation at San Salvador In Santander the revolution continues. Toere have been further successes by the Government troops, and the intelligence from Santander is confused and unsatisXiCtory Mmu> Niws.?The most active preparations were going on at the capital, at the latest dates, (August 20 ) to receive the Liberals, who, to the liumWr of 2u,000, were expected to commence lege operations in a week from that time. The Archbishops assented to the proposition to send the church plate to the miut, ana a quantity has already been meited down. The foreign ministers. with the exception, of course, of Pacbeco, persist in refusing to recognise Miramon The capital was crowded with families who bad lied there from the country towns, aud la case of prolonged siege a great deal of misery is expected. Pachsco is all-powerful at present, so uiuch so that on the occasion of presenting his credentials no flag bat that of Spain was to be seen iu the capital Marques, who has been in prison for quite a considerable time, offered his services, aad It being perhaps an hour of need, they were not only accepted, but be was appointed second In command to Miramon This is said to be attributable to Parheco's influence. Threats against Vera Crux continue to be made, but nothing will be done till next month. ITT The committee of flfteen appointed under resolution of the Cooper Institute Union meet ing have unanimously agreed upon an electoral ticket to be recommended to the anti-Lincoln voters of the State of Mew York, without distinction of party. It comprises twenty-eight names taken from the Douglas Bell ticket, viz: eighteen Douglas men and ten Bell men; also four names taken from the Breckinridge ticket, and three Brackinrldtte man not on any other ticket. The Journal of Commerce thinks the ticket an excellent one as to the character of the nominees, and la all other respects as good and as equitable ss circumstances permitted The Moxa-t Hall democracy have cordially indorsed it, but several days will probably elapse before the decision of either of the regular State Committees will be known in re* i-d to it. The Journal has grest hopes that eacb of these committees will give It tkelr sanction, and thus unite the opposition to republicans throughout the State of New York. Mabsh but Ht?w?It will be remembered tKat we tlill# tun *v m - - -W ?V Vi IUC kidnapping of a man named Mtrth, wherein be wm to clbty taken In a skiff to Arkamaa. This morning Marsh returned to the city ssfe and sound, but looking decidedly tbe worse for wear; and from bim we learn the aequel to tbia heretofore myster.oos sffair. He Cutaa that upon leading mi tbe other aide ot the "big creek," be wm burrled acruaa tbe country to Camden, Arkansas, and lodged In jail. A day or two after bis arrival there Ue wdi taken oot and tried on tbe charge ut brine an abolltiooiet, and alao for being In complicity witb Texas incendiaries. but tbe cb?rge not being tustalied by direct testimony, be w? disr barged from immediate custody, with an admonition to u.ake himself -'scarce" aa soon aa n?lgbt be. He accordingly struck a bee line for Memphis, and. aa before stated, arrived here this morning ? JUtmpktt Argtu, latA A Cociciuux Hnor st a Ballet Giel? W in H Oiaes. member of tbe city council In Cincinnati, was shot in tbe lower jaw and badly wounded, on Sunday last, by Eliza White, a ballet glr'. st bis confectionery store, on Vine street, la that ?ity She was srrested, and while on tor way to prison, swallowed a doee of laudanum, wblcb rame near causing her death. Glass is lying in a dangerous condition, the ball having t?Hi ft upwards and through tbe chin, breaking the lower jaw, and come out at the base of the tongue 11 Is suppo?-d tbat the wounded maq wallowed the ball, as it has hot been fouad. He had It is alleged, been on Intimate terms with tbe girl, but lately discharged ter.aad she sought revenue by attempting to kill bim and take her own life. - Twk Bovanons Sellibo Oct.?The Joornal Acs Trsvaui Publics announces that Ibe Coup de Chambord is in treaty for the sale of his extensive forests of Vai (Meurthe) aad Wassy (Haute Marnri, ?nd that Um ilffcnoec ! price Mkea and utt-frd ia to unaU tfcat so doubt nidi of Um <* i j j mrnrnm?????^ WASHINGTON IVKWS AMD GOMIP. | * P*?*?tl vaxia?Our Information from Penn- j tylvtnia leads ua irresistibly to the conclusion I that Foster will be elected Its Governor next I month, hy a larjje majority, desalt* th? earnest 1 Intrigues of Mr. Stephen Arnold ritaOftlM *o comff pass bis defeat in order to secure the tritmpb ffj bis opponent, Mr. Curtain, the candidate of tbc^ Republican l*rty I We are fuitber satisfied that bis election will I operate with tremendous fotde in tbe way of | consummating tbe propoaed (Vision of tbe con, servative political elements in New York against "Lincoln in November, as well as in New Jersey and Pennsylvania Notwithstanding their pres0nt antagonism upon the question of the Presidency, tbe conservative political elements In Pennsylvania must, in the nature of things, bt ccfully Impelled by the success of their com- I blnation upon Foster, to continue It out to the end?to the finale of securing the succtaa of s combination electoral ticket also. It is already slready clear lo our mind, that from the moment of Foster's election >11 the circumstances of the csnvtts will tend with Intense force to consummate the proposed fusion In every debatable non-slavsholdlng State; putting upon the contest a face entirely different from thst which it has woru up to this time. Naval I!*t*ixioxsc? ?Despatches hare been received from Capt. Engle, Chief of the Chiriqul Commission. The hydrograplcal party, under Lieut. Jeffers, had completed the surveys at the Chiriqul Lagoon, and proceeded to Aspinw&ll in the Brooklyn, arriving there September IS. On the 15th they left the Brooklyn and crossed the Isthmus, to be conveyed In a Government vessel to the harbor of Golfite. The Brooklyn then returned to the Lagoon. Before the departure of the Brooklyn for Asjinwall, Information had been received of the safe arrival of Meut. Morton and hla party at Caldera August 31, having crossed the mountains In five d.iys. Two of the corps bad been sent to Dolega for supplies, and would meet Lieut Morton at the Boquette, from which point the survey would commence toward ea -h ocean. They were in tine health and spirits The Geological party, under Dr. Evans, were prosecuting their work with success, on the river Changainola. mi i 1 - ? * iuc uaruuri 01 cmriqiti are reprrg.-nted as Incomparable, and the lauds aurroundlng them of the first order, and require only cultivator*, wlio may be certain (fan overflowing reward. Natal Ordik*.?Surgeon Tboa. Dillard and Aaaiatant J. D. tirmlton have been ordered to the United States aloop-of-war Cumberland, to report on the 17th of October ; Aaaiatant Surgeon P S Wales, to the Naval Asylum, Philadelphia; As slstant Surgeon Chas. Lowndes, to the NavyYard, Washington. Lieut. Kdward Donaldson, to the receiving ablr> at Norfolk, and Lieut. Joa P. W. Miller, to the Naval Academy, aa an aialatant to the Proft)si>or of Ktliica. DftarKfi.?Lieut, lieo. B. Balcb has been detiched from the St. Mary's, at Panama, with permission to return to the United States. Com. A B. Fairfax has been detached from special duty, Washington, and is awaiting order*. Surgeon Jos Beale has beeu detached from the Receiving ship at Philadelphia, and directed to report for a passage in the Richmond to the Mediterranean, to join the Snsquehnnna. Lieut Wm. Ronckendortf has been detached from the command of the Coast Survey schooner Arago. and ordered upon Coaat Survey duty in the otlice at Washington. n A ? * ^arprmer i.uwara w unarm has twn detached from the receiving ship at Norfolk, and ordered to the Richmond. Thk Opxba?"Norma."?This beautiful opera was performed at the Theatre, laat night, by the Cooper American Opera Troupe, In a style of execution aud brilliancy of effect which, under '-fashionable auspices," would have crowded the bouse. It Is strange that with such artists as Miss Milner, a prima donna of rare accomplishments; Mr. Bowler, a tenor, whose rich melodious tones, fine acting, pathos, emphasis, tact and ski/1; and others, most excellent in their respective depsrtments. that the house is not crowded to overflow* lag ?verv night Miss Milner *xcell*d herself, personating the Druid Q**cn with extraordinary power and delicate appreciation of the part. The tenor, Mr. Bowler, displayed great talent; and Miss Payne exhibited wonderful artistic ability. Mr Cook rendered his part in very creditable manner; he Is a great artist. i ms evening we are to Lave "Kllxlr of Love," and the farce of "No Song no Supper." The house will doubtless be crowded. Al.lotmxnti to Stockbriimi Indians ?The necessary data having been returned by the Indian bureau to the General Land Office, including the original map cf the Stockbridge reservation on the east side of Lake Winnebago, In Wiscon in. the latter office Is enabled to proceed without further delay to the adjustment of the difficulties growing out of title* to lota In said reservation under the treaties of 194ti and ls56 with the Stock* bridge and Munsee tribes. Arrangements have been made accordingly for Issuing during the coming month patents for all allotments to Stockbridge under said treaties, so far as the same have been returned. Resignation or Midshipman ?The resignation of Acting Midshipman J. H. Comstock has been accepted. Appointment.?Charles Miller has been appointed aa Acting Boatswain in the Navy. Thx Weather.?The following report of the weather for the morniiur Is made from th* A ma*. isan Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithtonltn I mtitotlon. The time of observation Is about 7 o'clock. SBFTBMBBB 26, I860 New York, N. Y clear, cool. Philadelphia, Pa clear, pleasant. Baltimore, Md ...clear, pleasant. Wuhi njton. D. C clear, wind \V Richmond, Va. ...clear, 67". I Petersburg, Va. clear, 70?. Norfolk, Va ...clear, 6w?. Raleigh, N. C clear, 71?. Wilmington, N.C clear, mild. Columbia, 8. C clear, pleasant. Charleston, 8. C clear, 752?. Augusta, tia. clear, pleasant. Savannah, Us.... clear, 78'. Macon. Ga clear, pleasant. Columbus, Ga clear, pleasant. Montgomery, Ala clear, pleasant. Jackson, Ala clear. Mobile, Ala clear, 73?. raoit Til wkt. Pittsburg, Pa...., clear, 50?. Cleveland. O clear, 54?. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a.m., (corrected for temperature,) 30.091; at noon, 30,1W. Thermometer at 7 a. mM 58'; at noon, 64?. Maxim am during 48 hours eudiag 9 a. m. teday,9S*?; minimum 50V Th? Visoiwia Obmocbatic Committkxs ?Mr. Jsrob Baylor proposes la a published card that both the democratic committee of Virginia meet st an early day?say 2d day of October next, at Richmond,?and withdraw fifteen of the present K.liiriAM aiu*k mm w*0?f ka i.aam -j * , ? ?. -V imn.iuu l?>l tout one common electoral ticket, and have the whole electoral ticket pledged to cast tbe rota of Virginia rateably and agreeably to tbe vote, to > wit: Each Douglas vote count Jn? tbe saute as each Breckinridge vote. Mr. H*rmaa responds, I and says:?" I propose tbat tbe State Executive Committees of these tickets meet at Richmond on tbe 5th of October next for the purpose of arranging for one ticket." Tbe Virginia Index says, "we are Informed tbat tbe propoaitlon of Mr. Baylor meets tbe decided approval of other leading Breckinridge men of bissactloa. Mr. Herman, the author of the card to tbls paper, Is a member of tbe Douglas State Executive Committee. Tbe Sth of October Is the day designated far tbe wineting of said committee, by tbe cbalnaaa, in accordance with tbe original understanding of members at Staunton, "to most a boot a month Wfore tbe election to compare notes, and to complete their arrangements for the campaign " A full meeting of ike committee is requested aad expected here at tbat time, when tbev will be prepared to coaaider aad decide upon all matters presented to them in connection with the Interests of tbe aatioafcl democracy." ITTOn the 5th instant, the new iron paddle steamer M unster, the last of tbe new Iron steamers intended for use of the Gal way Packet Com pas 7, was successfully lanncbed at Hull, England Tbe M unster is next la slxe to the Great Eastern, is 3*0 feet long, 40 feet wide, snd 30 feet deep: is 0UU horse power, and has paaaenger accommodations for nearly 7W person*, / Spkcial Tbain VOX TBI Paiirci or WiLlI ami) Puitb ?The Prince of Watea and hta aulte are to reach Cincinnati on Friday evening next, by aperlsd train wr(| |tf4liilo and Miaaiaaippi KaUroad. After remaining it that cltv Saturday and Sunday, be Witt leave by another apeclal train au tbe Little Miami at7 a. m . and proceed I 4c CfeaUiBf. and theiM* Hitbf Plttaburg and Fort TTHyne, and Peuttsylvuita Central, to Harrtsburg, Brftimoryand WaaMagtoa. The Chicago I'r^a and Tril*?'1 /fun th* following account of tbt ru? from D-traitl?ChJf.ago: Tbe special t?aln for tbe conveyance of the party I Vlltward over tvMlehlfUCantral Railroad una t? leava < W a m "S^pe^auly most of our Amortcan railroad oiHoesa woqid l?e anly too taappt to put these distinguished strhMMft In the receipt of the utmost courtesies of theirunts. but this is contrary to the wishes of the party, who, It is understood, are to travel by special trali.s la English style, and pay the English first-class rates, equal to five cents per mile for each passenger, and this Was the si.rti paid yesterday to tbe Michigan Central Railroad, or between "WOO and 94(10 for the wfcola party. Tbe train consisted of the Directors' car, which has been In use some three years, but for this occasion touched up end reitted in some minor details, and famished with a dome in tho main saloon In front of thts was the new sleeping car juat put upon tbe line, and In front of this till tbe car chartered by tbe Marquis of Chandoe, not In Lord Renfrew's party, but thus occupying a carriage of bis own for the occasion. The train left Detroit at 10 a. m , Superintendent Rice accompanying the party. A splendid engine drew the train, and a pilot engine, ten ininutea In ad* ance, led the way out across the Peninsula J*t.te. Tbe run of :fcil miles wss made in 10 hours, including a few stop* for wood and water and a change of engines at Marshall Tbe sleeping car was used as a larder, and for tbe attendants. TtaaiBLK Calamity.?A te rlble explosion oci j as a_ ? - * - - currru on itiuuaav ax iae machine and marble works of W W. Wallace, on Liberty street, In Pittsburg There were about one hundred men at work in the establishment when the steam boiler exploded with terrible effect. The boiler. It appears, in consequence of the fore* of the explosion, passed through tbe entire length of the building, reducing a part of It to a heap of ruins, and then struck a clothing store on the opposite aide of Liberty street, (oue of the widest In tbe city,) killing the proprietor, Mr. Robert Barker, who whs standing at tbe door. Uls bead was nearly taken otf. The boiler then passed through the rear wall of the store Into G. Schwartz's lager beer ball, which it nearly demolished; ana a man. named Wilheifer. who was in tbe salo >n, was killed The boiler finally landed in tbe Presbyterian grave-yard, back of the ball, baviaj; passed through four solid brick walls, bealdea tearing a corner out of a house. It was found lying in the grave-yard, apparently but little Injured. It was located In the rear of tbe first storv of the building where it exploded, and fnrnisb*d steam for running all the machinery of the establishment. It was forty Incliea In diainet?r, twenty-two feet in length, and made of quarter Inch Iron It carried sixty pounds of steam to tbe square Inch, and was attended by a boy. It Is believed that the water had been allowed to get too low, and that It bad just been turned on when 1 the explosion occurred. Tbe following workmen are among the killed:?Wm. Burke, William McMurray, T. McCutcbeon, W. Agnew, James McCutcbeon. Thos >1. MeArnett. Jas I.affertv, \V. McMillan. J R. Hamilton and Lewis Hutchinson. Agnew bad his head blown off. and presented a truly horrible spectacle. Tbe otbes were all morn or less mutilated. Several other* were uulnjured. KiAirrL Balloon Acvt.ttrBE ? I-a Monntun, tbe balloonist, met with a serious accident on hit recent voyage from Albany. He traveled thirty miles in {wenty-nlne minutes, and in attempting to land at hast I.anesboro', Mass., whs caught in a tornado and dashed against a stone wall, knocking him senseless, but breaking no bones The b.uket rebounded and was elevated to an equal altitude with tbe balloon, thus clearing the wall. It was then dragged along the ground at a fearful speed, and. coming in contact with a tree, stripped it of its branches, and tore the net-work of the balloon to atoms. It continued its course some d'stance, when it came in contact with another tree, throwing Mr. La Mountain out, causing the balloon to coliajse, and tearing it to tatters. Mr. La Mountain was not consc ious for near half an hour, when he was found on the top of a mountain by some men who had witnessed bis perilous descent. He was very badly bruised and cut, but not so seriously Injured as to prevent his riding to a farmer's bouse, where he remained twenty-four hours, wben he returned to Lansingburg, reaching home Sunday night His escape from instant death was most miraculous, as the balloon was driving along at the rate of a mile a minute when be was dashed against tbe stone wall He says It was a more fearful and perilous descent than was made when be landed in Jefferson county, on his trip from 8t. Louis. ^ A Usifcl Articl*.?A new and useful article, called Spalding's Prepared Glue, has been Introduced to the notice of housekeepers. It is reliable and reallv adhesive, and enable* every housekeeper to repair furniture and household ware without trouble, as It Is always ready for use.? Philadelphia LeJgtr. Bask Ball at Philadblphia'The Excelsior Base Ball Club of Brooklyn, on their return from Baltimore, played a match against a picked nine from all Philadelphia, on Monday, In presence of 1.5UU spectators. The victory,as usual In all their excursion matches, was for the Excelsiors, who scored fifteen to thetr opponents four. The venerable Nathaniel Willis, who was for many years editor of the Boston Recorder, baa recently received a very pleasing letter from an old subscriber, enclosing thirty dollars for the principal and interest of three years unpaid subscription to tbe Recorder, due i\o?nty-tk'U ytars ago ry-=5?I.O.O F.?WASHINGTON I.ODGE. No I L < tt.?The lueinlwrs of Washington Lodge aro iequnited to meet TI1IS( Wednesdaj) EVENING, at tiie hall, for the purpose of making arrangements to attend the funoral ol oar late Brother Jos. P. CoriSWKLL. It JAS. P. McKEAN,Secretary. .? CENTRAL BELL AND EVERETT CLUB.?An adjourned meeting of the Bel and Everett Club will be he>d at Thorn's Hall TH IS ( Wednesday) EVENING atBo'oioek. W*. II. Tknniy, Esq , of Georgetown, will address the Club All persons having transparencies in their posression belonging to the Club are requested to tiring or send thoin to the Club-'oom to-? ight. ltj CHAS. i. CANFlKLP.Seo. -r5="l>EMPSEY * O'TOOLE. JJj WE 1)1)1 NQ AND VIS IT I SO CARD ENGRAVERS, Importers of fine WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the most beautiful styles. 396 Pa. Av., between 9tii and loth sts , au 27-6m WashixotoS. \OW OPENING 1^1 AT LANE'S. Now and elecant fall ttjles of SCARFS, TIES, S rOCKS. HANDKERCHIEFS, GLOVES,SUSPENDERS, HOSIERY, Ac., Ao. LANE'S GenU' FiJthionft.hla Pm?BiaKin? se26 3t ' ~4iM Pa. avl/b?r'4^'k'n<l'>ith'>U. New styles fall ^ AM) WINTER CLOAKS. We shall receive and open for inspection our first sujpply of Fall anil Wiuter Cloak* on to morrow I Thursday) morning, amongst which will be found all the novelties in that line. Call and see the new styles at MAXWELL'S, se 26-eoSt 398 I'enn. avenue. L>OR PHILADELPHIA.?The steamer James I Jerome, Captain Jerome, ia now JP""^ ready for freight for the above port. ' To aail on Friday morning, at o'clock. Apply to HYDE * DAVIDSON, a26 2t Georgetown, D. C. ; I^OR SALE?An IKON GRKY COI,T,4 years old. perfectly sound; only been going in /TV harness about three months, ami can trot now inside of four minutes and is very at ? tractive iu appearance, Alto, a very &ne NO-TOP BUOOY, turned out about two months ago, and a fancy HARNKSS made for aaid oolL The owner ol tht establishment having no further use for it Inquire at HOWARD'S Livery Stable, Seventh street, between H ami I. se 26-4t* WK HAVE JUST RECEIVED A NEW AS so rt men t of Stein way A Sons' over-? strung semi grand rqnare Pi A N OH, ofaBBlH different stvlet. whioh are now undoubted 'II 111 ly the best iMlraaitnU manaf&otured. We are oonftdent that every lady will admit this faot alter a oar*ft I exam nation. 0?r fneade and U? pablio In general are reepeotfulhr requested to eal' and <" w.mO. PLAINFIELD ACADEMY, ... ? ,??N*45 Caelum, PA.) Twenty math eeeaion (90 weeks) cora<renoeeNovember 9Ch. A {Wmily school for Twenty-live Rood boya, for whose comfort and improvement tin.* .?/? ? ? ??? ~ vi tuo rrmoipai IS dfr* voted" Entire expense *75. C rouUr? at Star Office. To fill a few vacancies call at Kirkwonde' frmn 3 to 5 p. in.. October 18 and 19; or addrrea R. K BURVh; Principal aad Proprietor, PiainSefl, Cumberland oounty. Pa. ae as-eolm ESsbh ?tefeSffi jssasSH&s&iBt offtefo'AkeVale ofpablio Fatettivill*. ia the *U?e of Arkaaeaa. Willi* retao ved u? HtranY''l ha pai^na eaU?^TtU^y Uie'lUwettvyroe. OfBaeat PAT*TTaviti.?on**h Deoember next, it ia hereby declared will be. held at HTXTevn.u,in aaid Stat", oa tha date deal mated Farther notice aa to the prec time of eloeiag the oftoe at Kaj attar'lie, preparatory to remoj-aT and lU op*noi for boaineae at HutttayiUe. will be lj*en by tha Kefia*ar aad Reoeiver for the Land Girenunder my haad at the oity of Waahiacton. w Commiaaioner of the Uen=ral Land Ofto*. ae? w?w ; ? g 1 i ? 1** k I* 0 y $ " I'll break the match?I will, If I di$."' C'led Julia fair, with a flaahlnz eye? " I will, If you keep?n chewtu? ! ? And Cbarlea looked up In a fearful mood, For fear hla darling paaalon ahould Vet prove hla lore'* undoing.. r ?Glv^A>>lj?rik, hrfW* No? Not If *iwe4ifn yean J go:'? **?' Y? Wont! then w* are patVd r?l 8n< t>m??ian?I Will, Intoed, Who AMBii'lfe* tbalMugbty weed!" A ad off the flblr onatfaru?d Ttiev^?pt ^pprt for^RrK- a ?Wi; Sf Then strange to say, with a quid In &ls cbeelr, l Charles happily sat beside her: ft?d she let him Kiss her?ye* ahe did : Kit* her, without removing hia quid' W hat purpose new could guide bet ? The mysterv is toon explained : Charles betfo hta guide and hia rirl retained By seeing the place bs stood ln|-<By giving up all naughty trash. And juat lnvestlnga lltte cash In the Patent Pkksssd of Goodwin. Dear J ulln scold* and fame* no more. Though she thought, a little while before, H is sin so black and flagrant: ^he's rather glad that Charley chews. While Goonwm's only he will use? gk? pare, aad fresh, and fragrant. amusemejsts yy A S H I N C T ON THEATRE. COOPER AMERICAN OPERA TROUPE, UnaorpaMed by an> Company, native or foreign,in the United State*, and numbering Twenty lira Ltt.:t*m<*ie Lyric ArtttUt. THIS (Wednesday) EVENING, September 26, Will be preieiited i)onii?tti'? charmicg Opera, the To conclude with the mvicl afterpiece of NO SONG NO SU' PPER ! Supported by an efficient Chor " and a powerful OiChester, the whoie und. r the direction of H. C. COOPER (Lat? leader of the Royal Itilian Optra, London ) ANNlE MlLNER,(Prima Dunr.a Assoluta ) D^ort open at 7>?; Opera to commence ?t 8 o'clk. Prices of Admission : Dies* Circle ami Parquet H cents ; Men red seats ~b cents extra ; Orcfceeter Chiiirs ! ; Private Boxes #8 each. S^ats secured atMetznroU's Music SUire. It j^IXON'S ROYAL AMPHITHEATRE, Niblo't Garden, New Yorl, Ast ley's, London, and the Philadelphia and Boston Academies of Music, On its Southern Tour by Railroad. THE COMPANY. M ile ELLA ZOYARRA, Th? renowned Sen?ation Lad* Equestrienne, The SIX HANLON BROTHERS. The Mighty Acrobats? THOMAS. ALFRED, GEORUk. EDWARD, WILLIAM, and FREDERICK. Big. SEBASTIAN. The Dashing Italian Equestrian. Mons DUVERNEY, The Man ol a Thousand Forms. Herr CHARLTON, The Oomio Aerial Stilt Performer and Dancer. Mons. DF, BACH. The Equestriin Revolving Orbit Performer. Mr GEORGK ROSS, The Daring and Graceful Principal Rider and Bridge Leaper. Mr. JAMES WARD. The great Rope Suspensionist, a la Blondin, and Professor of the Art M&cique. Mr. WILLIAM KINCAIDE. The t>est (ieneial Performer in th? World. Master FRANK STARK, The Renowned Double Somersault Thrower. Master WILLIE, The Juvenile Petite F.qaestrian, in kia Double Act of Obstacle I.enping on his Twin Ponies. Mr. L. SAMPSON. The Herculean Acrobatic Artist. The Troupe will be accompanied by the Brass Band, led bj Herr Kopp. The world's favorite, the Mare Zaidvk, the incarnation of eauestrian beauty and iatt-111< -nee. The beautiful Twin Ponies, Cupid and Diamond. A superbstud of Ring and Trick Horses, in splendid condition, fresh and vigorous, aa railroading saves it the fatigue of traveling. Admis.ion 50 cents ; children nnder 10 years of age and servants 2j cents Seats are covered, and of a width to make ttem perfectly comfortable. Ushers in attendance The Company will exhibit upon the ground cor ner of 12th street and Ohio aven??, nea- 12th street b-id^e, on MONDAY and TUESDAY, ?th and ?th October. I860. Doors open at 2 anl 7 ; pe r forma -oe to commeaoe at2>?and hk p in se2gw,r.M,wts WILL HOLD BACK NO LONGER! PIRST COTTLLON PARTY of thi HERNDON CLUB. The members take p ea?ure in informing their wan* friends that they wiH give their Firat Cotillon Party *tSr tt'? Hall, on TUESDAY EVENING. Oat 2. They pledge themselvos to* neither pains nnr expense toUMfc make this Party of the ttasom. They need r.o recomendation. Wither*'celebrated band kas been engaged for the occasion Tickets &> cents, admitting a gentleman and ladies. Committee. E. Piggott, J. S. Rider, ?. Br?<{y, J. Murry. te 26,28,OotlJ2* () D D F E L L O W 8' HAL L. FOR THREE NIGHTS ONLY, Commencing MONDAY EVENING, Sbpt. 34th. THE HOLMAX Jnvenile Parlor Opera Troupe, Comprising the most talented children hi the world. The names comprising this Troupe Are the samp as when at Palace Garden and Hop* Chapel, Nov York, a. d now at the Coi.tiuental Theater, Philadelphia, vis: Aiisa SAL LIE IIOLMAN, Prima Flonna Continue; LITTLE JULIA. "La Petite Patti," Pianist au<l Comedieane; MASTER HEN J A MIN, Balladist and Dialeotatist: MASTER aL- . KRF.D Comedian, Baritone, Buffo, atd Snara Drummer ; Mr. GEORGE HOLM AN. Prima Doni.aS pranoand Pianist; Mr. GEO. HOLM AN', Ttwr and Tutor. Price of admission 25 cents; reserved seats 25cli. extra Tickets for sale at J. F. Ellis', Pa. av., U tween 9th and lothsts. se 21 tf_ QRAND COTILLON PARTY! The members of the F~RANKLIN FIRE COMPANY take pleasure in informing their ? friends that iheir "IRST COTILLON PAR- fll TY OF THE SEASON vill be given at their Hail on T"ESDA Y, the 2d October, 1800. M se24J6^9,Octi^ ASHING TOfT THEATER. Sole Lesseeaad Manager ...S. W. Glshn. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will op?n for the regular Fall and Winter Season on the night of THURSDAY. Noviuu Isr, JOSEPH JEFFERSON, The Cornelian of the Age, will oominenoe an ?ngateinentof Tw?:re Night* on MONDAY , November 5th, and will b? followed bvthe moat HRILLUNT STARS lit the Theatrioal Firmament, try Communicationa if addreaaed to 9. W. Gun*. "'Old Howery Theater," New York, will meet with prompt attention. an It-tf wants! U/ANTED AT ONCE?40 LABORERS. Ap ? ply at oorner 4H and N ata.,< 1 aland ) It J. VV. THOMPSON k. CO., 869 Pa. a*. WANTED FOR THE WINTER?A FURNISHED ROOM, with or without Board, (the latter preferred) in a private family where there are ao other hoardera. and the advertiaer oan enjoy the comfort of a home. Addreia "Benedict," Star Office, atating terina and locality. It* WANTED-Six rood OYSTER SHUOKKRB. A on v at HA ftV KV'i Wo.t-.Ifc ii.a,. n _ . , ? ? ? - vjt?w wpui, 2* 1C atreet. **?? \M7 ANTED?By a aober and ateady young man, *? a SITU AT ION m ooaohman, or porter ia a frooery atore. Beat of recornmendatio ia given. 'iMitaddrui O. H.. ^t>r OSoa. ae 26 lw' WANTED? By a reapectable, aettiod woman, a SITUATION aa chambermaid and nurae; or aaiiat in waahing and ironing, or plain aawinr. Rel.trenoea it required. Apply Box 11, at tbia office. ae >s-2t* A YOUNG GERMAN MAN WANTS A SITUATION aa gardener in tic vara and vecatablea. He ean rive tha tiaat of reference*. Plea a a direct your leftare. "JOHN STURM, fi?0 I aU. between 4th and 5th ata., Waabingtoa, D. C.M ae 25?t* OWNER WANTED.?Taken from a white man, on th* 24th in*t*nt, at the Waetern Market, ia thia city, 'IHIRTY SHEEP, marked W. W. P.. a* d auppoaad to be atolen. The man made hia eacape. The owner will apply to WM. D. SERR1N, Firat Di'triot Polio*, and prove property. eSStt^ TO WHOM IT MAY CONCKRN.-A few young men of good addreea and raapectabihty, who wtah to entar a buaineaa that will pay, whe-e no capital ia required, and a'l that ia aakou ia ener gv a- d indue try, will 4o wail to call at the Pltimbe Gallery, Brown a Hotel. Alao, one or two young la4ie*. From to Ua. m. apd 3 to 6 p. ? ae25>." M H. CAMPBELL. WANTED-A good OYSTER ?HUCKER. W Apply to J. I HOLBROOK.footof theCa*. ltol. SITUATIONS WANTED, by two raapaetahlo ~ cir'a: on* aa oook ; th* other aa chambermaid. Will do fine waehing. Good referenoe ean be given. Apply to No. 377 New York *v? betwten tfth and latli ata. ae* at* WANTED-A firat-rata TIN and SHEET IRON WORKER, by C. SNYDER, ?**t door to the Star Offio?\ ae ? 1 w WANTBD-ACLEkK. who,ia acquainted with 7 v the city trfule. Tor a Jewdry Store Beat o reference* repaired. Addreea T. H? No. ft. Mar Ofto*. a* U w iBWftiissf ssw* n*ndationa given, Addra** M. C., Star OAoa. |. | 'J,C .til k ;*-Hi - V . ? io I 41 4ii!* *.** * AUCTION SALES. By J. C. McGl'IRF. A CO.. Ano ?o- aara. ?pHU8TEK'B SALE OF I OTS EAST o? THE I CAPP?OL JbatHLIl^DAY AFTER MOON. !**pt#mw?r*7th, iW ?'cloek. at the Aucti n Room* of J?? c. M06ate* |L Co , by nrtae ofa deed a/ t?t from RriMat w!mwil. dat?d N ems'** *?i'J? J l*orJ?T in Llbar J A. ?.. Nj? M7. fcHoi 2*a,fce..9?f> o' Ike land rroorda for WfifcinfWn oounty .DwC..l eha.l M]l, Lot* and II,In S?,aar? No. 1,4^(1 LalNo. ll.inSaaare WtfclTi . , Twm^s^n^fouAh oaafc: tfca re?iJa > In 6 an ! 12 mdfetiijOrUh tulerfeat, aeottrai Ly iIm ii of Uval on 1 AiH^TXnoe?4ttiis*?i of theeureh*?*r. pAMITMNOWDKN TruaUe. ae 17 eo&ria J. r. McGllHK t ro . Au> t?. By J C. McGllRE A CO. Auctioneer*. TRlSTF.E'S SA.E OF LOT FAST "F THE Capitol ?On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, at 4Va m'oucK it the Auetion Ro?nta of Ju. * irture of a deed f ftutt from William LanaHan, d\taJ PfbruMj M,l86J,aad daljr recorded among the lard r*e??rda f?*r ttuklugton oounty, D. C., 1 a hall aeil Lot No. S. 11 annate No Terma: One third oaaS:the r*aiaue inland IS niortha. with mtereat, eacarad by a deed oi (nut on the pram 1 ae? All aoav?Tanoing at the ooat of the pnroraeec. SAMUEL SNoWDEN, Truataa. ae 17 eoAda J C. M GlIE K A CO . Auata. By J. C. McGl'IRE A CO-Aaotiorau . rriRL'STEF/S ?ALF. OF CITY LOTS?On I THURSDAY AFTERNOON. September 71th, I860, at ?S o'oioak. at the Ano'ion Ruoma of Jaa. C. Motiuire A Co.. by virtue of adaed oftra*t troai William I anahan to th? ubaenher. dated February 23J, 18Gn. and duo r curded amort t-e land reoordafor Washington f'oanty. D C.. I hall eil, Lots No.9and 10 in rSqoa'e No. I.1Q4 and the w*atera part of I ot No. 4,111 l^quare No. 144 fronting 41 feet on north D atreet, between ISth and 18.h atrevta weat. and runmnc l>%ck that width '51 feet 2inohea,and containine 6.198 aaaare feet, mora or Has. Terraa: On* third ca?h;the remainder nCud It m^ntha, witn mtereat, "?cured by a dead of iruat on the preaniam. All oonreyanceeat poroh\*?ra ?oit SA wUEL SNOWDf V. T'Oitee. c 17 eo&da J. C. McttUIKF. ft CO , Auot LOST AND"FOUND. f 0*T?On Friday, tlit lnatant. on 10th straat, Li between Maeeachmetta av and M. or on M. betw.Bthand 10t?i.a la '>'? fold aerpent BHKAS'fP1N Tha finder will be rewarded upon i. avu.* it at the binking-htuae of LEWIS JOHNaON A CO. It* DOO LOST?In or near Lafayette Square, a amall dark tan colore.! Tomer Do* anawnra to the name of Ca-I>.; had arouod^^^^L Me neck a blue ribbon, with a tax tickft 1 * with Chubb engraved upon it. A reward will be given if left at 1ST H atraet, between 19th and XXh. ae26 2t* LOST?Somewhere between the Northern Liberie* and Columbia Collate, on Fourteenth at . a MOROCCO POCKKT BOOK cotwninr paa'ra of value to bo one but the owner. A award of * wi I tie riven the flnder if left *tt- e Star OA *e. or the reaidcne* of Or. GARNET T, Niutk etreet, b twern Kan J F ?tr<<eU. _ aeti-St TAK F.N CP ASTR AY-A WH1TK HO?', u?poaed to he |o*t by aome drovers The AWk AWnar ia ?? ?e? -* ** ??mm ?wvi w wnir iorwsni| prove property, par charier, ami >ake heraUM&gft war. JOHN ROCHE. Rid*eT^" Bi'twc n M and !M ?treeta north. It* and beiween 4th and Sth atreeta weat. ttTRAYED OR STOLEN FROM THE ?UBO aoriber. about tlie l?t of September, a rv dark l?r MARK.four yea ? old. and about 14 or 15 nandu hi?h Noiua-ka "-eeo'lected, exempt afar in the fo ehead Five dollar* reward wilt he r iven for any informa'ton leadmr to her re oover* HhNRV HARRISON. ae 26 St Pomnitoy, Charlee oounty, Mil. RF. WAR D.?wtra??d or etolen on sHiiday, iy)*J 23>l. a larre HAV HORSE, f<oin the gy reservoir, near Georgetown; had a tore neck jUbA from the hurt of the ?a<ldlr hlack tail and mans; aU-p* rhort when walkinc; a <> e from the hurt of a rop? on the hind foot. The *bov?* rewa-d will be pai l by rttu'nin* hi n to K 'CH AR D D J.\ NELLY, comer Four and a hall and F at-??ete, I* and. W aahmcton. ee 38 St* ; PERSONAL^ T NOTICE. HE Copartnerahip heretofore exiatinf between W. H. G ooron and Jamea T. Turnburke ia thia day 1 diaaolred. by mutual conaent. All peraona indebted to aaid firm will p eaae pay the nanitto Wm.H. Qodron, who ia alone authorized to reeeipt for the am* JaMES T. TURN ^t'RKE, ae25 3f VVM H QODRON. fO THE CUR IOt"!* OR ANXIOUS.-Madam D , ao well known a? the m?>et a-'cceasful explainer of the Past, Present and Fatu-eevarin Waahincton. oontinu' a to be conhult*d weekly by hundreda auxioua to know of thinga at praaent hidden from them. Her consultation fee, to both centlsm-'n and ladiea, ia extremely moderate. Call at her house on the aonth aide of Masfcachneetta av , between 17th and 18th ata.?the onlr houee there, ae 17-1 tn PROPOSALS POR MATERIAL FOR THR JT APPROACHES OF THE SOUTH WING OF THE TREASURY EXTENSION. TIUTUU Dvutxiit. t Ul'RXAU or COHSTBCCTIOH, *?pt ?. Pkopos<Ls will be rec*iv d at this Department until 12 o'clock m. on the 2d day of October, 1360, for the deliver? of ?he following artioles, tix : Prepared Stores for Belgian pav.?Tn?nt sufficient to la* down 5,500 superficial leet o* pavement. Binders moat state their prio? fir th? et<>n?,da livrred, ptr suprrkcxa! foul, treasured after it islaid, and a separate prioe for laying, if the? desire to lay the same. Five hundred and sixty (56 ) lineal foot of Curb Btones for sidewalks, Ac., in len<tii not teas than seven (T) feet, and 8 inches thick t>> It inches deep ; the top ed* a hammered straight and true, S iaafeea wide, be returned down Sinohes on one aid*,5 inehes on the oth?r, and have their ends properly jointed Also, 6 quarter cj?ete corner pi'cfts in a aintle rtece of a radios of2 feet outside. a~d M the time htoknes* and deptn and same return* dows the sides as the stiaicbtutie#; and also aaother quarter oirc e in ?ieoes of cot Iks th.1.11 & f<?et in length, > I a radiu* of 3 fset outside, of the sane ?lepu aud return d jWu the sides as above, and6 ioohes thiok on top. 1*5 picoes of blue North river Flagging,* feet by 6 feet s inches. no pieces of Mue North river Flatting, 4 feet by6 font 8 inches. U' pieces of blue North river Flagging, 4 leet by 6 feet 55 pieces of blue North river Flagging, 4 feet by 3 feet 5 inches and lees. Hidde's inuet ?tate the pnees for dmtt'/jlmeof ea ih of the above sise? of the best qaaiity per si peifoial foot, and it must be prepared id a perfeotly rorer manner to be laid down, and be 4 inohsa thick, with the edges jointed square down at least two(2l inches fre?? the face. All tke articles to be delivered at the Treasury Kx tension, where the* will be used as aui he ih. proper authority. hairpixa of the quality of b'ue (lagging atone and the atyla ofdre??mg required mo m a*en on aaplioation at thia ofCoe, and all the atone delivered will be required to be of the quality and atyla ot dreaa mr iliove in theee a&irplee. Bida will not h* considered aniens thay are made in aoordaooe with thia advertisement. via: at a price per limtal/not/or tkr cv*btnt, and per mprrfictal foot for all I Kt otktr material*, nor will any bid be oonaidered unleaa it la acoomeac.ed! with the rua anty of one or more reaponaihla partiea that the bidder will ex*eote a contract with aatiafa'tory guaranty if hia bid ia accepted. The propoaali muat be aent under cover to the Secretary of the Treaaury, endorsed " Prowotalt for Ma:ert*l for tkr Treasury Rrtrntion" and will be opened at I o'clock p. m. of the laat day named for receiving the aame, in the praaenoe of the biddera if toy choose to attend. 8. M. CLARK, Acting Engineer ae 2?-1w in charge Treasury Department j^ew and attractive stock. We are now in receipt of our Firtl atock of paper hangings, s\ 1ndow shades, shade hollands. picture and shade cords and taseels, gilt cornice. curtain ban?s, _ . pins, *0. Embracing all Qualities and Prtcu; All of which have been purchaaed direot from man iifacturea, and with unusual care. We feel, therefore, that, with onr large aad varied atock, we ahall be able to preaant auperior ladaoementa to purohaeera A wall ia aolioitod whether Sou purchase or not. All work in our line executed y auperior workmen in city or country, and warranted ia every particular. Call at _ FRANKLIN A ROTHROCI'S, as?~ita^gw 503. comer >th and D a la. eagle stove HQL'SK. I would respectfully call the attention of the pub lie to my new PARLOR VIOLET OAS CONSUMING RADIATORS, eupenor to any tkltku offered for sale heretofore. They have auperaeded the oltl four-column Radiators, ae they are mack haudtoiner for parlor*, being finished off with fine noroelain-lined urm for evaporation, oonaamee much lees ooal, and throwe out more heat than ant other Radiator in the market Please oall and satiety yourselves, at C. WOODWARD'S, No. 319 Pennay vama aver.ue, ee 17 eoCt Between 10th and 11th ate. Academy op modern lanqauaoes, <Wa*hihoton BCILMHO,) Pa Mremtu, Corner 9/ S*v*tuk Street. A M. D? MonVhVI/r v/proftMor of Mod.rn Languagea and Literature, ha* the honor to aanounoe that he will reaame hi a Claeeeeaad Private Leesona on Wednesday next. Uie lKk of HeoVeia ber, in the above Academy. lie ia prepared sJeo to give, in soboola and private fan 1 lies, a Coure* of Leoture upon the Prenoh Literature, from the Ear- ' lioet Formation of the Language to the Present Time. For terme and farther particulars lo*mre at the Aoademy,.where Prof, l>e Monthurr* will be 1a at- 1 tendance daily from 9 to 11 a. m aad from S to p.?. ee 1B-Im the public generally that he has J net openedlar? new Hat and Cap Store, embracing all UeU^ , at* lea of Hats and Cape. ... . | Peraooe in want oTameh artialee ae are above Mentioned will do well lo cal! and examine mi tockof gooda before perehasieg r lee where, as I MRlw betwssa lUh anilmaataelia. ????????^ AUCTION SALES. THta apttiKnttoy a- rt>jik kxuw i Ut J. C. MotiUlRK * CO. AuoCohm . I :WESKM "??. 8*ptflail<*r artth. M ft oV?X"k. ? ? 'It* prMtwt, w? hs I # IS p?rt of S???re aUut {m*f+tpr#nth ?lr#*l L at t*# eor?*r <Taoatk L rsA m"?"?? ^ 'W * " * .... ? im, u>(? ??r ?iU U>? tin rri>r#if>*pt>, ooi.?i?*iii( of a two ati-rr briok dwallng oontaimni 9 rwna A porlron of tka baiidirj hM been oeee^iedMBgrooiri . Talma: One tnlni cub : tM rmtimitt ntul It in4u'ht. wi?k iDUrnt, MCtrw by a d?W of traat UB.*tn fr""***J C Mcpl'fT k CO. Aaota. By WALL A MAKNABD. AiiSUoew*. A QCTION HALF OF A LARUE STOCK OF j\ Fa.hct Goom At ttt* or j C G,??ov No SO P*** a****r*. mirti* Prm awt> *rm Iti ?On tut .eo?* m?otiHttUv'tl<?k u4 on itiuMtliM dui nbl * 1 ii duaca ?4 of T wtlTaa'! ? !*rr? r<mk cf? t?Haa, Rit>?x?na H *aiary, >ta, Cam brio* Bonr-t *?ik?, ^JSv^iraa^w.. UiidifiMtUMk! un*M, ra. R uofeea. S;ik Krmraa. Qraoadinaa. Lfeca p?' ud imitation. all otbar nbtM aaaal y kapt la a Fuci It will to Um ti Ureal of iMim m4 ftU utMti to allaati. a* Um |?v4a taaat btiald bvcaiua may be bxpoctari. T*rma: All ?a<iu un<1er 1* ca?n, cr? M * ortd it of SO and OP day* JNO M. Mov'I'TOHKN. Traataa aa 24j wall a ba RNabd, a^h. \ Br A. GREEN. AMtioaM. ' EXECUTOR'S SALE. BY ORDER OP I>K L OlPHiNl' Covet. o* tloCaBH jll tlb Ifvl 15 I'lUIITfU AT ACCTIOK?On THl'Rfl A)', the 2Tth iottant. I aha'l aal., at W o'clock a. ?. tka p> effaota of tha lata Ra?b?i Hasina, on gmxtt atraat, brtwaoti h m?d I aorUu tib: Walnut S>"taa. Hajr-aeat Chair a and Baokara. Do Bida TaUoaftiM* MaiUi OrMamtfa. m ? ? hiiiu|h; TtblM I'kin acat Chau? Do Buranaa. *Va?hr arda aud Hadataada, Faatli?r Fada. Plllowaand Bolatar?t H?r, Haak and Cotton Mattraaaaa. Kamgarator. Mm. Ck>?k mj W indow Bhadaa, Brttaaata, li|iMn aa<i o fcar *'irpcu, Hr?M Har d r<x>*. i\>??a ud Mcvtl, gnma, IiImi uml Cru k?r> Wne, ?>ok. Air-tifckt and other Stovea, Lo: ofKitch'O Rrqafatttc, Aod mui otber a< tiw* too numfroH to ? ?i |(f Term*: Ail auaaof and apder f 20 oa*h; tvtr #S? a oradit of 60 aa<i *u da<a, fur appr?v?d tt^ontd uotei iutmaat bum dar ul aaia. U. JOHNSON HKLLfcN, ( STANISLAUS ML'RRaV,! kxaoatera. a* 2? d A WKEHN. ?tot. FUTURE DAYS. By A. GREEN, AucUomw. ON Wrt>ND*Y, Vptfm(?T *4, It*. we ikil aaM. I* front of the p'?miaoa. at # w'atoak p m.ta cotnal'.aeaa with Ui* Krai of adaad of trwat V* aa froM Thoa. A. Brown and wi(?, dated 24U SvptMabar. It =4, atd r?c rdad iu l.ib*r J. A. B . No 1<B, BfZM A.o., o aofihe laad raaordaof Waahtncn county, parte of ota 11 and It. in aaaara No Wl, bacinniDC for the aame ?C feat 3 troi>*% from Um aouthvaat aoraar of aaid e?a*ra, raanlnc thawea aaat on a liaa witk D atraat eoath M feat; thaaoa I north T Mat; thaaoa waat It feat; tWoa aoatStt feattotka plaaa of bajmniri, fgatkar will tha ianpro?ama?.te, ooaatauag cf a two story ftaaaa houea with ona atory back bnt'dini. Tariaa : ?aah; tk* balaraa la t. It aad It montka. aftar day of aa!a. witk n-t?? aacarad by a -load ?f Uaat ontae praauaaa. If the t*-aa of aala ara tot toap ttl with within fcra oaya *ft*r t*a day <rf?a?athe traataea raaarv* tha riiht to raaall tM property at tha pnrohaaat'e nak ana ooat, aftar glTibi ona waek'a not oa. fKO. C. HKNNIVG. iTrmmtmam GEO. R. THOMPSON,* TTm'uman * ttawltda A. GREEN, Auot. CrTBE ABOVE SALE !S POSTPONED uuiil THURSDAY, th?I7th instant atftS o'afeak p. m., by ordar of tka Trnataaa. .alt A- BREEN, AaaC uy J. C. McBUIRE A CO.. Aneboneera AT ERY VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERO. ; atfto'clook o'a*o3fc, on the premieea. wa a bail eell that desirable first alaas reaideaoe at the mtdw of north I atreat?nd Tver tieio afreet tut, now oe onated by ft. Farcaaon. Em. Tit* lot fronta Si feet b % lnikM on I atreet, at the ooraer of Twentieth atreet, and runt beak 1SS feet, and it imroved bye hacdaeae three-atnry and basemeat bnok d??M tag h<>B?e, with large back buildinga. bailt and tabbed thr"ut h< ut in tbe vary bMt n anner, end aaataina mvwMd room* furaiahed with aJ the ">oiarn improvemer.ta. '1 ba location and charaeter of improvements lender thia a very deairatle private raaidaaae. Immediately after weahel eell the property two doora weat of tbe above, lately oceepied by Mra. Rao be. The tot froa a aa?nt 8 (eel on 1 run* beak aboat 196, and u improved fey a tkreeatury briek d veiling hoaae eoLUiLiug II rooau Tbe above arope'tj will actively be eo!d, aa the owner ta about to reaiove rroro the oity Taraa : Oae third each ; the raaiAae ia aad it awatae. with intareat. eeearad by a deed af treat a tba premieee. Title parfet aad enaooambared. Mil 4 i.C. MefcflRE A CO., AneU. By A. GREEN. Aaetionaer. VALUABLE CORNER LOT AT TOE NAV V V arc ?a?t it Acmes.?Ob FRIDAY, the t8th luatant. I aba'l eell, in fr'>nt of the nrewteee at fto'etock p. mLot No 12. in ft^itare MS. having a f'ont on north D at eet H feat 11 inobee.aad oa Eleventh etreet eaat ?' feet Tbe eaie wul be worthy c-f aej one winAm^. to pa-caaae aro#erty ia that aeotio, orthe oityjjM it will be aold withoat reserve. Tit a good. Terma oaah. _ ee 24 d A ??KRN a?? \1 \R8HAL'S SALE?in virtue of a writ of l~l fie-i fac.a* i?aued from the ClerlTaOffca of the Circuit Court of the Diatriot of Colf?li?(<?r th* County ot WMhmrton, tnd bt m* (lir?MM. I will oxpoao to public eaJe, for ?Mk, in front of the Court Homo c^orot mm cunntr oa mon^avi tlM 1st day ?f Ootobor neat. mmju t8 o'ctook iw.. aii dafeadaot'a right- title, o'aiiu acd interest in and to Lot go 6, in Square <11, in the citj of Washington, D. C. together * tli a)< ad ?i?f?l?r the imsroTemerts thereon, (sued and ImM ini aa the property of Wiltiaai Mlanohard. u4 wi.l bo old to satiif* jadioiais No. St, U> j saary tera Ittu, in favor <<f J case it W.ieon W SKliDRN U. 8. Martha, for th* District of Co.uifiNia. ??8-dte Br A. <>Rfc-KN, As-Uooaer. rp?U8TKB S t?ALK OF VALLAULK Paor 1 kjiti htwim iitu a>u htm 8ts. aa*y. *5d n .it ivim i, w afcmi.njto* citt ?By Tirtue ot a deed ot trust from Joseph Cumliar.OMsd Mar 13, IBM, oo j roe?rd?d in Liher J. A ? . Na. 77, folios IT, to., of the land rooorda of WaahtasVus o.-auty, 1) C , I shall, at the rotaoet of the owur aad holder of the not* t heroin aeosroC, oo TL'EJ DA V, the 16th day of Ootobor n*xt, at 4 o'clock i. m..on the areinises. sell ?.t ?ul,i ? ? ??> - loving valuable propsrt', or ?o much rtrh thereof aa mat be n?we??ary, via : i,<Ha Mn?. . 2,5 It, IS. U, 1J, It, It. I?, to ^uri No. 90S. Terms: One third ?a?h ; and the rendu* in . 13 ud It months with mtrroaC Deed given and a deed uftruat takeu to aecare the deferred payment*. All ecneeyanoea at the mranaser1* o ut If Lbe terms of aale are not ?nm> H with within 6 dara, the traatae raaervee th> right to resell. at pureaaeer'a ooat aad riak, after 1 w*ek'a ptibiic notice. WM. R. WOODWARD. Traatee. a>tl StawAda A GKKEN.Aact. By A. GRKCN, A not Mm aw. INTERESTING SALK AT PUBLIC AUOtiom or Rial Ejtat* ahv pnwnil faoravIT-On the first TUK*l>AY(th?9d day >of Oata ber, at leo'oloak, t?o highly eojtivat*d Karma, ad i ium*. coeta Lin* aboal 2 aorea aaeh, a tuated t milee from Wa?hm>ton cut. D. C.. on the J*ey enth aire*t road, in Montgomery county. Md Aleo, Honaehold Faruitare an 1 every daacrif*ioa af farm Stock, oonaiatinc in part of? Nine Borse* and on* Cott, O e pair of Worktaa Meera, Twenty bar head of Caltia. MairuiogMiiah t^?wa,r< ang tfteera Ac. Ac. Aboat thirty Honand Shoata,lot offihaap, Pair of fin* Carriage Hor**a, Light Carriage, new DouWe Harneea, P.y Nets, Huffalo Robe*. Haak*U. A a., A a. Alao. Family Carriage aad I* a toe ilaraaae, fmrle Uarmaa, Ladiae' aad Gents' Saddiee, Bno.ea. Stetgk tfrrtta.Ao.Ac una Foar l.vrae Waioc, Ha neaa, Carta,Carryall, Corn aad Cob Craaher, rood aa new. Thrashing Maehm* and Boree Pawer, Roekaway. Fan, Reaa*r aad Mower, Aad aaaay other uaafci artioiae too aamaroaa |o mm. Lara* k>t of Ctorer and Timothy Hay, Wheat. Rye and Oat Straw, Cora arm Corn Foddr The ranaa will be told at oaa n'etoak, witkaat reaerre. No. 1, eontamiag ahoat SM a area. ul? pirffotaed free fro* all aaeambraaaa, haaaa at* gaot modern hooee, rayliti with all eoavaaMMea of a first elaaa oity ree>d?noe. aaah aa hatha, water ga?EMB aSKTWSi* &?3 TJ 'ZSZ'JZ " v^shcassKsa >w ^ ? esf Sx J^~&*iwas-iraCi T%la?d ^aooord:rj to lniaracea^ ""^feJty ?*'ant water h? #w*T Srwttw. *ilao"?i??teat vMOMui fta*jM*<*?w?. Mp?y2eePa of atla: Ono third ojuh; baliaoa to Wit U>? parahaaaf. aocnrad by a 6?4 of trart ? te? pro forty. All tha paraooal aroparty will fcaaattoa a rr?d it of3 moatba for aJ. am oTN f 10awl u to ifc plover that apaa a oradit of outha will ba tiraa nr notoa aatiafcotortlyaadorsad,lmni|li taraat iroia iSa aay of aa a; all aaau aador fit aaah. Tha who I a property. raal and atraa?L wilt JgggggT ?*?,.!U iLatw^ 1WKW BTYLB CLOAK* I* ^ AND MUWIJL iaUat aoToltiaa of tha aaaaoa. Wa ian?a all iatiaa lowaatartaoa. JVW. COLLEY 4 CQl. ? M-k &?? 8a?? U at, abora Pa ay. FSTotAi^E^r^rst&a tmprortafpart of Uaaity, aoa/Pa. araaaaaadtlf S aT5?J * :?* w J# . \ ^

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