Newspaper of Evening Star, September 26, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 26, 1860 Page 3
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1? gj LOCTL WEW.S. M 1^7-Ttong>; rmt Stab Siprtotea ?m the Hetert ?t?tm pr?* In nae aouth ?f BaltlnJoi*, It*edition I It to large m to require It to b? pat to pre* at an I early bonr; Advertiaementa, t*w?forr, abonld be j arnt In before 12 o'clock m ; otherwise they may j not appear until tae next day. i ? ?r?1 n ? Notic*.?DMrlct of Colombia Advertisements I to be inserted in the Raltwcow 805 art received it and forwarded from Thi St a* Offlce. T** ClTT O* Wi?HIS?JTO!( atvd IT* FUTtT*?.? We clip tbe following from the United State* Railroad and Mining Register. published In Philadelphia: "The capitol dtf of the United Main baa keen railed tbe city of magnificent d!?tances;" andao it is: bat It ia alao a city of growing consequence nnd population. Tbe greet man Wan illustrious name It bears, founded It upon the bank of the Potomac, believing the alte an eligible one from political considerations and cherishing a hope of its rlae into opulence and greatneaa. The acale and plan of ltm groundwork Indicate tbe measure* of his ideaa upon Its future 'and lta prospects; and bad he been lesa sanguine Waahington City would now be wanting In tbe grandeur of its diagonal avenues which crosa lta rectangular t'eeta. and which, diverging from different centers grve prominence te lta public butldlngsand tlffi press the spectator with the stupendous proportions of its original conception As be read the Ik tare in the signs then beaming on the horizon ef the times, Washington beheld in the twin lights of hi* enthusiasm nod Ms Imagination tbe silver line of a continuous water-way along tbe Potomac to the Allegheny Mountain, and acroas tbe Allegheny Mountain and down tne Yougblogbenv and tbe Monongahela to the Ohio river at Pittsburg, over wtileJU was to pass, between tbe valleys or tbe Totomac and the Ohio.'commerce interchanged between tbe Kaat and Weat; but thia project was not realized, and Washington f i t?r 1 B M lak V. M.* n-I*J ? v?; Hi>(u?oni,woiiii oaiumure. unoer (DC impetus derived from a direct rail and stage road to tbe West, via Cumberfand and Wheeling. m.wte rapid progress and became a seat of exteis;ve trade Meantime, the nation expanded. State after Stale was added to the Union, new and imposing national ediiices were ceustructed in Washington, Congress becan>e a scene of attraction to ever-Increasing numbers of strangers, and, Anally, from these and otber causes the city baa sttatned to a population of 6I.4WJ aoula, and ha* become tbe in oat interesting and attractive city in tbe I nlon, t<i tbe educated and patriotic of both sexes Washington city .bowever. cannot become metropolitan until It sharl become more commercial, ana nntll there shall be provided additional risible means for tbe subsistence of Its population, independent of tbe patronage of the General Government. In s&nrt. Washington City must base more facilities for rail communication with the surrounding country. Tbe canal up (he Pilwic assures her chssp foci from the Allsghaay coal rr?ion; and tbe deep tide-way of tbe Potomac gives her unobstructed communication with the sea But these water-ways, one natural, and tbe other artificial, will not suffice There should be a railroad np the Potomac to Intersect the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, where that great road deflects from the Potomac river to Baltimore city; and there should also be a railroad serving as a nnvfsmu - ? - * *- ? - v - * *' * " 1 vwimkc iiuiu hue mi orancn 01 tne POIOWSC In Washington, toa port on the Chesapeake Day In looth. Annapolts and Washington nave a common Interest In a direct rail communication. With lu eligible harbor aad proximity to the bay. Anna puds should aspire to become thecominoa shipping port for the miscellaneous sea commerce of Washington and Baltimore. Indeed, with a railroad bridge across the Potomac at Washington, aad a close connection between railroads in Virginia. Maryland, and the District of Columbia, we do not see why strong reasons might not be urged In fhvor of making Annapolis the Chesapeake terminus of an European steam line, and Washington City the centre of an important miscellaneous Inland trade So that, after all. It is not Impossible that the dream of Washington may be fulfilled, and the city bearing his name be made an emporium of commerce. At all events, the subject is deserving of the consideration of the people of Washington, who should make the natural advantages of their beautiful city available for lasting results. Let them ask themielves why should the current of trade which pannes down the Potomac to the Point of Rocks tnenre forever be diverged across a rough country to# harbor on the Patupeco? In other words, why should not Washington city be made to exercise paramount influence In the valley of the Potomac, and in the regionsfcccesslble through that valley* Why should not the prophesy of Washington concerning the city bearing bis name be fulfilled, through plans of enterprise within the compass of lu present citizens* Unquestionably the city of Washington presents an Inviting scene for railroad operations, and we know no other place where a very few short roads could achieve such Important M?rtnan?n? TUe subjoined atateiueat abow* the population of Washington at earh rensos of Its inhabitants: 180U jlSlO 18-JO | 1S3D. 1 1S4U 1850 j lfe?0 3^top^ue| i3,ai7| ia,seta,?4 14o,wji |6i,-kw Tww Bkviwal?The protracted meetings ire increasing in Interest at all the rburrhn where they ha\<? been in pragrCM fur two werti past. On Monday uight the meeting at the Methodist CUurrh South was very interesting; the congregation wu lar^e and the number of penitents Increasing. At the Metbodiat Protestant Church (Ninth street) a very great lntereat prevails; and on Monday night tb? aervice at the altar waa peculiarly liiU-rMtUlg. Last ulgUt the Interest appeared to iruns*; the o?!iei*gatl?n growing in numbers. aa alao the penitenta. Rev. J. T. Ward, of Alexandria, preached a very eloquent and touching d'acourse. At Wesley Chapel, Ust night, Kev. Mr. Carpenter preached to an attentive cougrevattM. and the eaercises at the altar were attended with considerable spirit Several penitents presented theiuselves for the advice and assistance of the church. Rev. Dr Sunderland preaches to-night. At Wangh t'hapel, on Capitol Hill, the members have entered upon a aeries of meetings. and ao far tbey have been very Interestlag and auece-af<il At most of these churches the meetings will be protracted till la the winter, it Is said. Ma Editoi :-W? noticed the following item 1 ! oar local columns of Thursday last: .WMkvltU Ckmchts and tk* Nrm Ck*pt4T on Slartry ?Waugh Chapel, Capitol Hill, and East Washington, (near the Navy Yard.) Metbodiat Kpiaropal Churches, have recently taken action in favor of holding a convention of lavmeft in Staunton, Va. during th?? nert Mim. of the Baltimore Conference, to express the sense of the church in this region respecting the w# chipter on tUvery Incorporated Into the dtactpllne by the tote General Conference, and against the holding of such ? convention In Baltimore In D* ember next." We d?e*n It proper to atate that the action of Waugh Chapel referred to. took place In the third Quarterly meeUag conference, and ft reaolutlen 1 up' rovirm of holding ft convention of lavmen in Baltimore In December next, met with decided opposition, and waa carried by majority of two votes only?three member! of fbe body bc4np al>aent who would have voted (If they had been pssaeut) wttfc Uae Minorjit. Wi ahviai ill persona In aetreh of a furniture warehouae. where they can buy tint claaa good* at the atoat rwooabia ariccs, to drop la at the emporium of Messrs. VVall k Barnard, corner of Ninth and C atreeta. under the Gymnastuut. Those eaterprialng gentlemen have recently fitted up their warehouae, and placed It in capital con dltloa for thftdiapiav of gooda, and (be vlaitor on entering la aure to caat hi* eye"upenaome cozy article, a lounge, or an eaay chair, or aome other thing, ' did up" in the highest atvle of the cabinet maker'a art, and indiapenaible to a well ordered house They have oa exhibition that rea teat variety of articles In theU line. d?-a.^n-,i to auppiy the fall and winter trade of the city and surrounding country, that we have ?een In any almllar warehouae thla aeaaon Give them anenrlyeall. hiaifoad Pbalajx ?The announcement of the contemplated visit of thla corps to Mount Vernon has excited the coiioalty of onr military corps to know who they are The Phnlaax, we are Informed, to tewpoaed of start tag Maldenta of Hartford. Coaa , ranging from 38 to 7? years of age uui ciuicoi wm rememoer we Anotketg Veterans, woo vtaited this city la Daaamber, le55 Tbe uniform of the Pbalanx is of tbe nune patter u. of tbe Continental stamp Major Horace Goodwin, who la aald to be about 73 yeara of age, la thaiawiaiir Jdayar liana la, af Hartford, is alao a* wlti aaembar of tW corps. In iw last the corps, numbering 1**5 men, attended tbe cere o?V of Laying tbe ootner-aloae of the monument to the memory of General Putnam, at bia grave 8anioca Accidmt.?Yesterday afternoon,while laborer was engaged 1a pulling down an old brkk wall on P. brtwwn Thirteenth and Fourteenth ata , It aud<lenly gave way near the top, and feM apoa tbe tabsesr. camptaSsiy beryl sg bias In tbe rubblsb. Hia grosns were, however, beard, and perawna Immediate*? set about digging him out.wbirh tbey succeeded in dolug la a few minutes Us was vecy badly Injared. but It is hoped bla injur Ira wttl not prove fatal Passaaaaas at tia Mo.iTtcoiLa?Thesasanu* Maatieaftto, fraa New Voab, araisad at tea* wharf at! o'clock p. m yssterday Tbe foliowla* iaa list of ber passengers: J. A. Cloughtoa, if. F Hatch, wife and dsnghWt, U. Asbtfeld, M Webster, Cbarlea Field, M A Jobnson, William F Gulaa, k\II C?o*r, wlfsjwa chUdraaaad as-vant. W VaJleyTl. Bogart, Mrs Fan and three children, O Pagan, J We xotics, by advertisement la another col ma of thkt papsr, that Wall * Barnard com mence to-morrow morning to aell by auction tha large stack of fancy and aiiW arbdes in the stors of J C Gibson, NV SO Pennsylvania avenue, be{rr.-52i*s?J,a!;s. may be ex pec lad. I JY 1 Him tin m roiin *? On la|L Sunday night a very disgraceful scene wu iifai led tn*a most poblft? iWiiiim In front of aehurcb on the I aland by two men named Dennis ?nd Jerry Rif*dan, which would Lave passed off wi&out any notics from the authorities, In all probability, but for the prtmmm at a policeman from anottT ward The two *i?n wer?* standing In th? middle of the pavement jnst before the hour of church service near tl?e Haptist Chnrch, and one of them, ia a state of seml-nudlty, waa calling upon the peaceful church-goers to observe hia condition, while both were cursing aad creating a disturbance, and Insolting ladins ami gentlemen Indiscriminately Offle?r Harraver; of tbt Fifth Vf ard, was accompanying some ladles to toe cuurcn, ana came in ror lu uire or tne abuaeand profanity, as he paaaed theaeacoundrela. Having Been tbe ladle* aafely in the church, he i went back and requeated the two men to deatat and retire from the place, which they refuted to do Flndlbg " impoaatbie to quiet them, he / aeized them with a view to taking them to the watch houae. They fought deaperately, and the ( officer waa obliged to call upon trveral gentlemen to aaatat him la the melee which followed, Jerry Riordan knocked down aeveralperaooa and eacaped, hot the officer managed, after a at-vtre atrugvle. to aecure l)ennla.and though he had received aeveral aevere blowa and kicka from both the men, aucceeded in taking hlia to tbe Central tf uafdbotiae. where he waa locked up for the night Tbe next morning h- waa fined #5 and ! coata for tbe dlaorderly behavior, and held to bail ' for court for reeiatlog and aaaaultiug the officer In ( the diacbarge of bia duty. , Veaterday, Officer Harrover aacertalned that the two Hlordana belong to the artillery corpa at the ri *1 anH nriv*##nin(r thith#r A1 *Ka . u i . u ?j f ( wvi ? ui?i/vvcim ?uv brother who had escaped on Sunday night in ] the form of a sergeant on guard at the Maior'a j quarters, lie made known to Major Ramsay his i business, and that gentleman promptly cauted the fellow's uuiform to be taken off, and delivered 1 hi in over to the officer, observing at the same time j that the Army and Navy was designed for the protection of tbr citizens, and that while be treWed all his men as brothers so long as they conduced themselves proDerly, he would be the first to make an example or tbem when they disgraced an konorable profession by conduct such its that 1 above described. Dennis was taken before a i magistrate, and. after examination, held to ball i in $oOU for assault and battery upon several gentlemen cm the night referred to, and for resisting the officer in the discharge of his duty. Wouldn't it be a good plan for our excellent j and patriotic Chief of Police to renew the cele- I b rated " target drill" at the Columbian Armory 1 for a while, just to Instill a little pluck Into that ' portion of the "model force" to wbom is assigned the responsible position of conservators of the ftublic peace in the tenth district? But, of course, t will again be said that the fracas occurred at a time "when the officers were off duty." Can anybody tell when they are on duty in the Seventh Ward? _ _ _ _ i M?. Euito* There appeared In the Star of the4lst instant, the Corporation Attorney's opinion la rrfgard to the protection of private property , within the corporate limits of this city; and as < that opinion, coming from so learned a jurist, may be understood to be the law In the case. I, 1 fully conscious of the importance of the undertaking, will assume the responsibility, and make such reply as my poor sbllities will enable me to mtv? f wa?* vin sb n*(lksktlu * ? <?<m? , fmucuii) naiklllg |l 1 Millie one better qualified then myself to cope with our legal Hercules, but none appearing. I must join issue with him, even if I suffer the fate of the Lern?an hydra Tbe property of a citizen of Washington, who ' pays to the Corporation taxes for the privilege of , possessing and enjoying said property, was maliciously dcitroyed by a mob on the night of the 4th of June last; and when this citizen, this taxpayer. in bumble supplication, begs said Corpo- | ration to reimburse him for the loss which he has , si Stain Ml ss aforesaid, the Corporation Attorney, , with all the energy of his forensic genius, peremptorily declares that the Corporation Is not ] responsible, and ought not to replace the property ' so demolished as aforesaid. Now, although I entertain tbe most exalted idea of tbe legal acumen of the learned Attorney, vet 1 must be per- 1 mitted to say. and I say It boldly, fearlessly, and j aboveboard, that his opttuon, In the matter now j in hearlug before the public, is not law. His Olympic thunder may knock smotheroons Into tbe prerogative of the Board of Aldermen, and shake that body from Its propriety, but it can never move the tax-pavers of this city from their i legitimate rights; and If the Councils will not * give tbe injured citizen justice, the honorable Circalt Court must The learned gentleman implies, or rather de- | clares it to be bis opinion, that a citizen has as much right to recover damages from the Corpora- J tlon for a broken head as he has f >r the destruction t of his property, either of which misfortune might ( be the lawless act of a mob. Does our Corp >rauon demand of tbe citizen a poll tax for tbe privilege of wearing a head on his shoulders* Certainly not. If it did, then tbe Corporation would be 1 bound to pay the citizen for his broken head, If , said cranium owed its fracture to the violence of a mob. Tbe citizen may save his head by using bis heels, but his house and fnrnihi v vauuVI I U II ? .way on the approach of a mob. The Corporation t compels the property-holder to pay t*xes on hta ' property, for the purposes of protection, among ' other thing*; consequently it ii bound to protect aid property, and should aucb property i>e destroyed by mob violence, the Corporation ia liable. But according to the Corporation Attorney's opinion, before a citizen can recover damage* for f tb*> destruction of bis property. *uch destruction t must have been authorized by the city govern- t oietit This opinion is gratuitous, because the oity government would never antborize the demo- ' lltion of such property as was demolished on the J 4tl> of June la*t. Upon the whole, the learned gentleman, ?* mta oyinione, is wrong In his con- ' elusions, and be evidently formed his opinion s without uiatur? r>-iWtioD The orporatlons of 1 t er cities have always reimbursed individuals for loasea sustained by mob vlolenee. and I do not aee any reason why our city government should aot do the same. Parvus, t A'tarnaiv.1 ad Stxtam Partem. " Washington, Sept 24,1'-fiO. "Mi KniTo*: The interest that you have always aken in the progress and improvement of the Metropolis emboldens us to solicit the use of your eolumns in calling the attention of the officers of tbe Corporation to the existence of a nuisance 1 which for a long time past has seriously impeded 1 the growth of our city. The condition of L street, t between Twentieth and Twenty-third sta. west, furnishes an instance of_ shameful official incotn potency ina oegirci rae street. projecting MTerml feet above the sidewalk. Is perfectly lmpas- I able to vehicles of every description, and the i quantity of earth washed down and deposited ? upon the pavement below In rainy seasons threatens > soon to close this great thoroughfare to foot pas senders also. We call upon our representative* la toe City Councils to eiert themselves to secure ^ the Immediate Improvement of this long neg- ; lected neighborhood. We know that our ward is In debt, out the cost of grading and graveling L street, from Twentieth to Twenty-third streets, 1 would require but a small expenditure of money, nad If the ward fund cannot supply even so small > an amount, we would remind our representatives tiat precedent is not wanting of many less de- s:rable Imp ovemenu being effected at the ex- < pense of the general fund. ? Mint Reside.its or the First Wabd. ( Tee Hailoe OpkeaTrocfe are win- 1 nlng golden opinions at Odd Fellows' Hall Little Miss faille has already got half of the town In love with her, and the entire troupe nightly acquit thetnaelves in the moat admirable manner. We understand that a part of the public schools were to be dismissed at 1*2 o'clock to-day, so ss to attend the matinee this afternoon, and thsttLe rest ' of the schools will be accommodated to-morrow. c This Is a great treat for the Juveniles, especially, > and they should all be allowed an opportunity of enjoying It. | Police Cases?Btfort Justice ?G. M. t Miller, disorderly and profanity: fine and costs, $Si 19?arrest by Eckloff John Butler a?d Robt Adams (colored) accuaed each other of swearing i in the street, and were arrested by Officer Ashe, j They arere fined |il.M each. Base Ball.?a mstch game will be played . to-morrow afternoon, the 27th lost, between the | Pythias'* second nine and tfce Jefferson's first . IHilf ; 1a taliA nt??* ? ^ U ? ? y mm |f>?> v v %* IB rrSDBUB | square, 1 street, between Thirteenth and Four- ( leenth itreeta. PoerronrazKT ?The political dlecussion v whlok *m to have taken puee next Friday eve In*, at Alexandria, between tbe Bell. Douglas, and Breckinridge district electors, has been poet- \ poned until Thursday, the '<tfth of October next. CxjfTXAL GcuB-Uotii Casts ?Three cases were taken up, bat dietsisMd. Two lodgers were accommodated. _ W(stab's Balsam or Wild Chibxt, Curtt Brtmekxal mm4 all Diktat** of tkt 1 Luntr. J From the Boiton Evening Traveler. January 6. c 'It le perhaps but a simple not of justice to the t proprietors 01 Wutmr'g Balsam ?f Wild Clurry tor ' nt tosar, tnat eu* rtrtonul tTyntnct in the use of I this a>tiel?. has tuipreteed us favorably. One of the ' proprietors of the Traveler was er tirely eo red of a eevere eooic h of foar months' continuance, by the aseolthis Balsam .and several ofonrfnemls and ac- a quaiatnnoes, who hav* tn?d tije artiele, have found h ft of great service m relieving them of eevere s oough? aoUyiiortueea of brea thing, with vhiek the/ ? None^genuine unless signed L Burn on tbe c ; 0. Stott, John Schwarxe, Nairn * Palmer, Waah <1 ingtoa; and by dealera everywhere. ae *-lw,r p Hollo way's Pills. , Who would with patience eutfsr the pangs of exon?oieiing heartache-the gnawing stiaxs ofladigestioa. the sickening nausea eJTbile?ike tremor of skattared nerves, tbe broken and troubled sleep with the g adual oonetHanonal deeay from excese-when these ?n!s mew he avoided or permanently oursjd by Ute a*enc> i ?* iheee invauable medicines. Sold by all Dni .glste, atStoMOo^aod fl per beau ie*l lw - 4 ?v ?*si U li iw !? '1 ' * All of Drf^nmpftnS? spaoifio Boraeopathio Remedies pot on expressly for family use, in boxas, at,25 and 50 cent* each. Alio. Z. D. Gilinafi, 3SO Pa. arenne, wholesale and retail aseutiw , A Fttijeralrt, S5.1 north F street; also In F. B. Wintet. corner of Massachusetts aveuue and Sixth street. Ais", Pond's Smart of Witek Haztl. fur internal and external inflammations of ail kiads. Sold as above. uia9 ly lUi.Waiiow, an ezHnraoed nurse and lemal* phytic.Hi, ha* a Soothing Syrx? for ChilJrn T*itk ut(, wLicn jrestiy facilitate! ttisprooes.-* ;ift?ethini by sonsuiu* the mime, roduoin* a;l inflainmat.on? will aitay all pain, and ? an re to recniate the bowels. Depend upon it, mothers, it will jive rest to yntreeivps. and relief and health to your infanta. Perfectly safe in all oases. See advertisement in another ooluma. o# 1l -1v / ItlARRlKD. la Bomerset, Pa., August 14th, 1380, by Rer. Walter Brown, GEORGIA, daughter of George ,o F- * Mtsmssi \? Lnitad State* Navy, to> RROCKHOLDST, son of Hon. F. B. Curung, of New York. * di id, On the morrinc of the 26th instant, in the 71st fea'ofher age^iHrs ANN H. 9C<?TT. the relict of the late Dr. Thomaa C. Scott, of this city. ineiuneiai service win take place to morrow Thursday) morning, at 9 o'clock. The friend* of the family are respectfully invited PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED AT I the Offioo of th* Commanding Officer of the &rs<nal un il 10 o'clock a. m., October 1, I860, for furnishing this Arsenal with 3U0 tons Cumberland Coal, U'st auality "run of the mine," suitable for alacksraith u?e and burning in the furnace of a itoam engine, and full? oqnafto that j urchaaed last rear, a samplo of whicn will be shown on appliaa Lion, To be delivered in the coal house at the Arsenal immediately adjacent t > the wharf. GEO. D. K AMtf AY, Major Commanding. WAjiHi"(GTo?i Aksexal. Sept. 24, IG60. seg dt28th OUR STOCK IS ALiWAYP COMPLETE OF the celebrated Chickenng A ^ons' un-_aak. equaled PIANO FORTE*, embraotng|p^^Pq ir<ui7 aibvi ir, rvOin aUVl UUIBJI. |?l> pi I OP? w ? ** ' to suit the times. Old Pianos taken inp irt payment For new. The Checkering*' have been swarded 40 foil anil silver medal* at the different exhibitions in the United State* for the superiority of their Pianos over a I other makers. Their Pianos are Setter, their prioes a* low, their term* of paying as Ba?y, tr eir disoounts for oa*h greater than any othsrs. Call and see for yourself. JOHN F. El.LIS, s* 2S 306 Pa. av.. b<*t 9th ami loth st*. NO. 3 AND 4 FAT MACKEREL. St. John's A LEWI VES. Halifax HERBINGS. Landing and for sale by s?24-6t MlDDLETON h. BEALL. T NEW SUPPLIES! AYLOR * HUTCHISON. i.1 Market Space,* ire now receiving their stock of KALI. GOwDS, embracing all the new and desirable styLs of the teaitvn, to which they cordially invite the attention yf bnyers generally. se24 CALL AND EXAMINE GLAD MOM'S New Stock of HATS AND CAPS! 2S6 Pennsylvania Avkktti, 11 (A and 12th <(*.. se 24-lw Washiwgtoa. F direct importation. RENCti LETTER AND NOTE PAPER.? Inst imported from France a large and complete usortment of fine Letter and Note Papors, from the celehratod Mil's of Laroche, Joubert, Du norque, Lacroix A Angouleme. BLANCHAR D * MOHUN, se 24 Corner ltth st. atid Pa av. 2 LADIES, stevens' stock of elegant fancy goods s now full at,d complete. Ca I and s?o the new tyles. Rospoctfully, R. C STEVENS. r A DIES ARE MOST RESPECTFULLY IN Li vited to call and see the groat improvements in STEVENS' Fancy Store, se 24-lw 336 Pa. avenue. LADIES, - un i oun nw.t inc.ia, MAI TV f l<ATf. LEATHERS', FRENCH FLOWkRS, and JRE8S 1 RIM.\1ING?, ro to STEVENS'. 33?, Between 9th and 10th atreeta. 4 I'L ORDERS FOR BONNETS, HEAD(\ DRESSES, RISLETTS and SLEEVES, and JETTS, promptly sxecutert at STEVENS' Fancy fttore, ae 24-lw 336, bet ween 9tli a r.rt 10th ata. |\TOTlCE OF CO-PARTNERSHIP-We. the . undersigned. have this da* entered in?o eo>artnership to transact 'he GENERAL AUCriON.COMMISSION AND Fl'RNlTURE BUMNEsS under the name and style of CLEAR Y A JREEN. F. D Cl.EAR V, J.C.GREEN. CLEARY A GREEN vould moat reapeotfully nform their frienda and the citizsnaof \\ ashingon that they have opened a General Auction, Comaiaaion ana Furniture Houae on Ninth atreet. one loor north of Pa. ar., (adjoining Perry A Broa ) They will pay a;riot attention to any and all b-?sitess ent'usted to their care Particular attention >aid tti the sale of Real Eatate. both at private ami uhiio talo. We earnestly solicit a ahare of public iBtroaage. CLEAilY A UREKN, Auction arid Commission Merchants, ge 24-eo3t 9th Bt.. one door north Pa. av Notice. LONDON GL'NS. M. W. GALT A BROTHER haveju?t received in invoice of verr superior London Bird Guns, Bade by Greener. Moore A Harris, Manton, Morimer, and other distinguished makers. Also, LafauchauxV Breech-loading Double Shot 3un. Tiiia ia a new article of French inanu Tact lire, rery superior in finish, ard supplif-a successfully a lo*ideiaturn to the spotting w..rld. The above, with a large assortment o| the English Trai.ter Pistol, Alain*', Colt's and Smith A Woevin's Revolvers, Sharp's Repeating and the genuine Deiinger Pistols, we off-r at ver* low tate*. M. W. GALT A BRO., Jewellers, 354 Pa. av.. Be 24-3t 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel. r^ood light! Lf CHKAR I.lfiHTi SAFE LIGHT! PARAFFINB OIL, from Coal. KINO A BURCHELL. se 22 Agents for iU sale. VOTICK! NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! The opening of FRENCH GOODS, for the Fall Prade, will be n?xt Monday, S?ptember 24th. The adies are respectfully invited to inspect the novelles just arrived from Pari*. N. WlLLIAN, a? 22 2w (Intel. A Statea) 32 Market Spacp. 7 STE1NWAY A SONS'. Ml NEW Assortment of these unrivalled Instrunentn is now on the way. And will arriTewwM^. n a few days, from the plainest to th> Pr^pj^W mist elegant Lonis XlV style, which* ' ? I* rill be sold at faotory prices at the sole agency, tf ETZKROTT'8 Musfo Store. se 22 ELEVENTH STREET. 494 rHE WASHINQTONTNTELLIGEVCE AND GENERAL EMPLOYMENT OFFICE. The Proprietor returns thanks for the patronage it> has received,and states that ho can supply the i est help, with ??>od reference. Several good Sir ants wanted this day, both male and female. Hoels supplied in town and country. ; se 22 lw C. LEONARD, Proprietor. QUIRTING COTTONS AND LINENS. I have now on hand a full ? up ply of all the best ! >rands of BLEACHED SHIRTINGS, suoh as 1 he NEW YORK MILLS, WAMSUTTA ARK WRIGHT " 1 CONTINENTAL " DWITE k, BOOT. Ac. Also, the original Never Wear Out Family Shirtng. which I have made to order, with my name tamped on them. Alao, one oase of assorted qualties of Irish Linens ar d Linen Shirt Fronts, of ray >wn importation, made to order in Ireland, all rarranted pure linen HENRY EOAN, se 21-6t *21 Pa. awnw ; Ml 7th street l?OR SALE?PURE CRAB APPLE CIDKR. I Leave orders at Heall A Mathews', Qeorgeown : or at the Star HENRY LOUGHBOROUGH. 1 ae84 M.W&S* i DRINCE OF WALKS RENFREW HATS , L and Cape for young men, at STINEMETZ'S. 9S*Pa. ar., < se 30 Near oorner Thirtee nth st. j PILOTS' NOTICE.-To all Captains and ovnera of Vessels, bound to the District i f Columbia, notice ia hereby giveu, that^Bfttfr I *ilota may be found at all tiinea at St I Jeorge's Island, at the mouth of St. Marj's nvar, ' >nd near Piney Point, and that it ia not nrceaaary o take Virginia Pilots from their boata, when tha -easel ia bound to Georgetown or Washington city. I m Maryland Pilots oao be found of at least equal kill and reliability. au ll-eod2m* WASHINGTON (FI*%8URANOE iFoMPANY. Arc**m mud Tfntk Strut. ~ - J-"cTMoGUIRE, President. . 1. P. HANSON. Saor?U.rv ma !-*> * J ECONOMY IS THE ROAD TO WEALTH Cj Buyof hTINEMETZ, 336 Pa. avenue, near orner Thirteenth street. Philadelphia mannifco- < nre Bo ta ?S-76. ae gi ' r\L?> RICH, MELLOW AND PURE J B U R NSIDR'S , MONONGAHBLA RYE WHISKEY, < Conscientiously diaullrd by Mr James Burnaide. | 1 it Allflfaay County, Panna.. ia the oM-l*ehioned < >oneat war, front the ohoineat and most carefully #1 acted Rye, and in no ease ar*r ofared for aal? intfl adapted to wholeaome a a* by age It is at noe the most palatablf, a* it i* enipiiatioalW ana f the purest beverages m the rrach of the puMia. . To the Invalid, aa wall aa to thoaa in health. It J o mm end a itself for Ra unrivalled qualities as a ! timnlant of the aafeet. surest, and moat benrnoai I ascription. and many of the meat distinguish"* | ibyaiaiana are usuigitin their praotiae with tha lappie.t results CLERY Jt STOCK DALE. Proprietor. 39fc Walnut street Philadelphia. | i WM. C. CONOVEH. | Agent for the Proprietors 994 Pa a v., aa X-?m oppoafta Willands' Hotel. ?. a ; - f . i I ?* (*?<>.) ' 1 r- ? '*. ? . i !?.? ,<> . ,; .? .-, i*. lAi :JL u >i'v?? Da. J. H McLKAITS rranoTHXvnro COBDIAL ISO BLOOD PL'tlVPlER THE GHEATEST REMEDY <? ?kt WORLD, rftt and mint dkuciov? a!q> Mm It U ttrirdf a utJL/^V\| tonCc u4 Viftubit Co*jpo?nd, oruExgU| e?r?4 by lb* diautiaK)?L Uoa of roots, htrb*, fto4 btrki. Ytllov Dock, Blood Root. W Black Row, kriipt WpK rill*, Wild Cherry Jjjrjf Bark, and Dandelion entere into its com- HH 9fgM}M . The re eetive _y |^B 4 lemiiliil priociple of each ingredient M Before t*kiit?~?j; ~}lfler taking. dietilling, producing a detieioue, exhilarating epirtt. Mid tfc* DOtt iifallible remedy for renovating the dieaaead ijMtn, and rieteriej the aict, raferie(, and debilitated invalid to health and etrength McLEAJTS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will effectually care Liver Complaint, Dyepepoia, Jamdue, Chronic or Nervoaa, Dieeaiee of the Kidneya, and all d'aeaeee ariaing from a disordered Liver or Stomach, Dyepepeia, Heartburn, Inward Piiee, Aridity or Sickneee of the Stonach, Fnlloeee of Blood to the Head, Dull Pain or Swiaming in the Head, Palpitation of the Heart, Pullaeai or Weight in the Stomach, Boor Ernet?tif?>e, Choking or ( rociiliif Peeling when laimr down, Drynoae or YelloWncu of the Skin and Eyea, Night Sweate, Inwird Pevera, Pain iu the Smail of the Back, Cheat, or Side, Sudden Plnatea of Heat, Depreaaioc of Spirita, Priihtfal Dreama, Languor, Daapotidaucy or any nervoaa diaoaae, Sorea or Blotchea on the Skiu, and Paver and A file (or Chilli and Paver.) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES have been eold during the laat an montba, and in no iuelance haa it failed iii giving eitire ea tiefactioa. W ho, than, will euffer from Wenkneae or Debility when MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL will cnre yon 1 No language can convey an adequate idea of the immediate and almoat aiiracnioue change produced by taking thie Cordial in the diaeaaed, debilitated, and ahattared nervone eyetem, whether broken down by eiceea, wrak by naiare, or impaired by aickueea, the relaxed and caetrung organtali on ie raatored to iu priatina health and vigor. mat i D D rr? n n n n jwjinniiii/ rfinoUAi, or other*, eonicioua of inability from vhtltxrout, will tod M('LEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a thorough regenerator o4 the lyetrrr; and all who ni t* haee iuiur?'1 theu.ielvee bjr improper indulgence! will Bud is line CordMtl a certain and epecdy remedy. TO THE LADIES MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL ia a aovareiga and ipaady care for Incipient Cotnaroptioa, Whitea, O betracted or DiCcatt Menstruation, Incontuienea of I'rmi or Involuntary Uncharge thereof, Falling of lha Womb, Giddiueaa, Fainting, and all diaeaaaa iucidant to Femaiea. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT SnlTer no longer. Take it according to direction*. It will etiiaelate, etrengtben, and lueigorata yon and cacaa lha bloom of health to inonct your cheek again. Erery botlla ia warranted U> gi?e eatiefaction. FOR CHILDREN. If your childran ar* aickly, pan y or afflicted, McLEAN'3 CORDIAL win make theni haalthy, fat, and robaat. Delay not a inotnant; try it, and yon will b* eonviucad. It ia dalicioaa totika. CA UTIOS. Bawara of draggiita or daalara who m?y try to palm npon yon aoraa bittar or aaraapantla traah, which thay caa bar cha*p, by laying i* ia Jaat aa rood Avoid aach man. Aak for MCLEAN'S VrRENoTHINING CORDIAL, aad taka nothing alaa. It ia tha oaly remedy that will purify tha Blood,tnoroafklT and at tha aama tiraa etrengtheu the eyit em. On* teaepoonial taken every morning failing la a certain preventive for Cholera, Chilli and Fever, Yallow F irar, or any prevalent diaaaaa. It ia pat op la large bottle*. fnce only #1 par bottla, or bottlaa for 95 J. H McLEAN, Sola proprietor of thia Cordial; alio, McLaan'a Volcanic Oil Linianant Principal Dapot on the comer of Third and Pina etreola, St. Loaia, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD ) Tne only aale and certain core for Cineera, Plica, Tu I mora, Swalliuga and Bronchile or Coitra, P-iralvni, Neuralgia, Waakueaaof the Muaclaa, Chronic or InAimmuory R he una tiara. Siifneei of the Jotnii,Contracted Muaclaa or Ligtmenta, Earache or Toothache, Bruitee, Sprama, Freeh r "- w i- " - " ? ? vma, nvuuui, ticcn, rcrer oorri, Uaiea firtAil, Sirt Nippltt, BarM, 8:*ld?. Sort Thro*!, or any i:.fl*min?iion or pain, oo diference he* tcvirt or lonr the dieurr m r h?T? taittt-1. MtLEAN'8 CELEBRATED LINIMENT i> a certain remed*. Thoutandt of human beingt hart been tared a lift of ditcrtpitudt tnd mitery by the utt ofthit invaluable remedy. Mr LEAK'S VOLCAyiC OIL LINIMENT Will relitTt p?in almott luttanlanaoualy, and it trill clean, purify and heal the foulett tern in an iucredibU thort time. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS McLEAVS CELEBRATED LJNIMENT it the only taft and rtiiablt remedy for the curt of Suattn, R nrbooa, WiodgalU, Bp'tr.u, Unnatural l.irapi. Nodtt or Swtllinrt It ntTtr failed to curt Bif Head, Pollen!, Fittola, Old Running Sim, or Sweeny, if property applied k'jr Spraint, Bruitet, Scratahtt, Cracked Httlt, Cbaftt. 8 ddlt or Collar Oallt, Cutt, floret, or Woundt, it it au iaf*llibit rtmtdy. Apply it at dirtcttd and a curt it ctrtain in tvery inttanc* Then trifle no longer with the many worthlett Linuutntt oltrtd to you Obtain a tupply of Dr. Mi LEAN's CELEBRATED LINIMENT I' will curt you. J H McLEAN, 8?le Proprietor, Comer Third and Pine ttt., 8t Loi n, Mi. CRARLE8 JTTOTT, >75 Pa. av., tolt tftnt in W?tbinrton; R. 8 T. CI88EL, Gtorgttown it 24 D4Wly *vcjjf FOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPER, AND ENVEI.OPE8 1 N V TO match, IflUIP^r at the CnAnbt METROPOLITAN bookstore, PH1LP A SOLOMON?, Agents for Laurence's celebrated l.iiitn Papers, "Metropolitan vills," te., iff. g* 24 ly 33%i I'a av . h*t. at' and inth nt?. JAVAAND RIO COFKKK, Blaok and Ureen TFA, Brown, Yellow ami White SUGARS. Received at L. A. DKLL. WIG'S OMVK Oil.. SCOTCH HKRRING, CHEESE ..I Ill'TTI.'D ?? V' auu B9KJ M a I i U Ai> L. A. DELLWIG'S. OSWEGO STARCH, and Chemical Labor Saving SOAP. Received at L. A. DELLWIG'S. A CHOICE LOT OF OLD WHISKIES, FORT WINE and UHA.NDV received at L A. DELLWIG'S, e 21-ltr Seventh >t.. Navy Yard. National SOAP AND CANDLE WORKS, Giikk Strut, Bttwien Bruitt and Water itrtttt, Georgetown, D. C, A large stock of CANDLES, Brown, Family, Castile and Fancy SOAPS, Also, TALLOW and GREASE for Locomotives, Steamboats, and all kinds of machinery, always on hand, ... and for sale at prioee to suit the trade C. B. JEWELL, Proprietor. ly lft-eotf _ gjg EAGLE STOVE HOUSE. 1 vish to call the attention of the public to hit NEW IMPROVED FEIN OUR GAS^CO.VbUMING PARLOR HEATER as lieing the very best and most economical heater as yet invented. 1 will guaranty them to heat frowone to four stories _ t __r a 1 _ liL I a *.1 ? lh a iiuuitu penoukiy wun aiH/ui um nanu* quantity of fuel as an ordinary jrnte or stove would require, ind will (urnmti sausf&otory reference* from reliable cititenu of Washington and Georgetown, who bow have them in u><e,a* to the merits of this heater over all others which are oflerwl for n,\le to the public. Please ?ail at C. WOODWARD*#, 314* Pennsylvania avenue. Between 10th and 11th tti. P. S. Manufactured by S. B. Sexton & Co., Baltimore, Md. Parlor Heaters and all kinds of Stores repaired it sho t uotioe. s^au tit . c. w. DO NOT FAIL TO CALL AT HARVEY 8, 261 C St., betw?n 10?A ami 1U4. He will to-day open his long-established and well known NORFOLK OYSTER SHUCKING DBPOT Tor the uuoi /_ J He ha? made arrangements to reofive^?\^a# regular supplies or the beat NORFOLK OYSTERH on evory Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. He will also keep con itantly on hand a large and varied assortment of FI8HT, including every sort known to Washington tables. He returns his rinoere thanks to thoee who patronised his Establishment during the paet ieason, Mid is oonfident that his lporeased f&oitities for keeping constantly on hand fresh supplies ofOYS rERS, KhH, GAME. *o . Ao., will amply reward a oominuanoe of tneir patronage and oustom. Sold at th* lowest market prices, and delivered " "" ?f?W': HAEVBY. MR8. CEC1U A^h)UNG'Has^Si honor to announce the removal of her Vooal Institute to No. I2A Eleventh street between H and I sts. e I?-eolm _____ PGR 8ALE-A fine young GRAY HORSE, I works well in harness. Apply aigy ] F LEMMING k. FOY'S StaWe. C street,*CTn between Four-and-a-half and Sixth streets. sea?-eo6t ' QUARlES i. 8HiFKK,WATc(i 346 Ptnn. Avenue, scar Seventk Slreat Entire attention given to tbe Repairing of Chro lometera, Duplex and Lever Watchea, fin* Jfcv New 1 WALL. mS%ES8 t CO.,'j?G?8>?ll?^l??- I na Avenue, hare juat received a lane varietv of I tew Fall Gooda, to whioh they invite the attention < it thai r friend a and oettnwen. an |B-tf < WO O if: . W O O D !! w o o 0 at STOVE aad KINDLING WOOD, at the Iowm < T. J. * W. IN. 6ALT, ?M Pa. av.. batweea 1 Uk aad mkato., t iT-tf iw?H ?iil ASK ibt PURSE WHAT TMO? SHALT BUY ! . *-? i TV , ! f *1 *#t ff . * ? * #* * y*3^ ' *'J k- ' - ' ' ; ' " *4 GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS ' i* , ii. ? ?? i Ar otktr GMrfiiMra tJririiimnli ntHrlt Wfl it b " GEORGETOWN TAXEjC^OolnWr 1st UJ being th* 4icufcl t.rn* for th? "I taxes dae this Corporation, the attention of ail om aerned m earnestly called U. tlx uim. CHARLES D. WELCB. *.19-tOctl CoUacWr. MI?* WATT}*. FASHIOIfABLK MILLIN?Jt,(la'e *>f Phii?<leiphi?.) returns her iiiMra tharksto the ladles or George- , town and nctuity for their rer? kiwi pat-^^^^ roitage since she oowimeneod bitmm h#r?,3< aa*i informs th m she hM fast received a**^ spleadut a.sortnent ol Fall Goods of the rawest and most approved styW, whtah eke vill aeli at a | my moderate profit. No. 90 Hifh street, opposite Forrest Hall. ee fc-St j AfiIFTP!-G!FT9! RARE CHANCE TO MAKE A rUECHASK AND RECEIVE A PRESENT. Tke subscriber reicg desirous of o osini out her business, now offers ore of the most ahoioa sio?> of BOOKS', STATIONERY AND FANCY GO0D9. in me district, for a sho t time only. A* aa inducement, any one purchasu t foods at the amount of one dollar i%\) will reoeire a present worth from 12 oeats to four do I ^*r se24-e<-3t Hifh street, bear |UST RECEIVKD? J 10 hhds. prime Porto Rico 8UGAR?, ljnbbls. ..Id Rye WHISKY, 290hbls HERRING and A1.EWIVF.9, Jn bb.s. Crushed and Refined ?DGAR?. ? oags mo ana Java COKFEK, lnhhds.dow ?rieod > MOLAS5E9. For sal?hT JOHN J B<X)l'K. f 11 RO. O. ATZS K8PF.CTFIM.LY Inforniihii friends and the public gen^ra^y tie ha* removed to N.>. 55 High atreet. adjoining Ma?oiiie Hall He i? preaare.1 to furnish,at the shortest notice. Dinner *nd Evening Parties, and teels assured that he will give entire s^atufaction to those who mar favor hi in with a oall. All kinds of CONFECTION FRY ai?d f AKF. at the lowest prioos. Best ICE CREAM at 9 I per gallon. i;. C. ATZf, se 4-lm 55 High street, Georgetowa. BOARDING. 4 tO NINTH STREET.?Persons retumirg ti the oit* f.-oir their sumuier reaoita will find I racant M>v?<al desirable rootnav having the tonve ni'wicea of eas. water, and bathinc cloaeta, at 453 Ninth st., one door t>outh of F; an i tattle ei'her for i families or single gentleman. Table boarders accommodated on moderate terms. se 5 4w FPU SALE AND KENT. [For oiktr "For SaU and Kent" adv?rtif*m*ntt. if first j>*gl ] COMFORTABLE HOUSE FOR RENT, Furnished or Unfurnished ; neighborhood delischtfnl. and snrionnded by everv eonveniaroe Terms very moderate. Apply at SS9 Nineteenth s'. west s? y 3t'K I WILL RENT, to a practical Gardener, who can furnish trie satitfactory recommendations as to sobriety and dmposit:on. and aim it* to ?< thai rent promptly as agreed upon, my UARDfeS. on Georgetown Height*. _?e 36-St* RICHARD 8. COX. FMOR RENT?Tnree new BRICK liOLSK?. containing 8 room* each, in the handsome row Of brick building* reoeutl) erected on Ninth street, betwem M au<i N' sts. Also, one for sale on veiy reaaonat?le terme A ppl?to K. VV FaRI.EY, 42.1 Tenth street, or Mr IRVIN S. BARKER, the buildor. or at the ahoe sto e opposite se 2G l?* 1?OR SALE OR RENT?The two-story BRICK hoi SE No to. on Market ?treet, between Sd and 4th sts , Georgetown, D. C. The house is coin modions and in complete repair, as to afford eve-y comtort, with gas and water: sufficient grotinds to cultivate \ege ah'es and flowers. The lot runs back to a joint alley with a stable. Apply to J AS A. SIMPSON. No. 59 Congress street, near th? Post Office. Possession can be given on or alwut the 1st of October next. 26 eo3t* SEVERAL FINE ItOOMS, with Board ,~a?d also several gentlemen can be accommodated with Meais, in a v?ry healthy portion of the city. Apply to 4.12th street, between G and H sts. _ae?-st* Rooms may be had on very rea sona!>le terms, furnished or unfurnished. with or without Board, on 16tli street w?>?t, west side. between K and 1.. se 24 3'.* FOR SA LE ?One or thr?e of the three new twostory brick HOUSES, with two-story hark buildings, with press brick fionts.on nth street, between O and P sts north Terms~-three hundred cash; Uie_balanoe in 6 12and 18 months; or ex mianee ior dtv let* Inquire of JOHN W. REED, on the premises. se 24-6t* For half, or rent-a brick dwfll 1 .NO-HOUSE, No tf30 Sixth street north, between M acd N west, containing ro>ina and a kitchen. YLt location p'.easant mid b**'thy. Possession riven immediately. Apply text door north. ae34 3t* i^OR RENT.-A cctt%r? built BRICK HOUSE on Ma*s. av.. No. 3A7, hetween l?th and 11th sts., with side lot, flower garden and fruir treeta. The houae contains nine rooms. beside bath-room, closets and cellar A pnmp of excel ent water in t:ie kitchen, and water and gas throughout. App * on the premises. se 24 3t' POR SALE?A new two-story-and-l a-enn nt ft BRICK HOUSE, containing 5 rooms and cellar, situated on Uth ?t north, b-*!we?n I. ami M ids.. No. ATS?within 5 minuted walk of ill- North-rn Liberties Market. Terms unntiuaii* literal. App'y ou the premises, or to McKKN \KV * LainS dale, corner of Pa. avenue and 7th at. ae 24 2w' * LH>R RENT?Ttie STORE and DWELLING JT formerly occupied by Mr. Pettit as atrocery and provision atore, on the corner of I've Ith and E atreet* west. The dwelling oort&ma ten good rooms,dry Iwisement and yard; below the store a capacioua cellar,d y and suitable for xtorage of any kind. Will be rented lnw to a punctual tenant For further particulara inquire ol CONRAD FINK.M AN, No. 25 ? Penn. avenue between 1 th and 13th fita.. south aide. se l/OR RENT? Possession on the 1st of October, r The DWELLING HOUSE No. 43^ D street, at present occupied by the Rev. Dr. liutler, and next door to the reaidenue of the ad vertis r. J. M CARLISLE. N. B.?It will not be let for a boarding house. e 18-tf FOR REN T?A three story and t<asement BRICK IH?USE on First at. west, between G and H sts. north, near St Aloysius Church, c>nitaiuiug 7 comfortable rooms. For particulars apply next door south, or to WISE A CALLAHAN. an 1A m?* FBBOR RENT?A three-atory-aiid-attie HRI K DWELLING.on H atreet, between 13th and 14th eta Aleo, a tliree-etory and-baei'ment brewn front DWELLING HOUSE, on ISth atreet. b?twven Land Maisaehuaetta ?v.; poaaeasion given to the latter houae aome time in October: the houae to ho repainted inside and out Apply at 1 W.M. P. SHF.DD'S Fancy Store, No. M9 lltii ?t. au 25-5w* A RAKE OPPORTUNITY -A m&rm&oent , PA K M for sale or exchange for city property, oontainiac ' &* acrea, haif mile from Fairfax Sta- < tion, Orange and Alexandria Railroad. It launder ! a high state of cultivation, veil watered, good , bui ainga and timber; it can be bought low. Call nuG. W. liRAY A CO., at their Jewelry Stora, 516 Seventh street. eeS-lm* OT.iCE!^ | I wiali all gentlemen BUB to bear in mind that the plan which I m WiW^ aix >eirs ago, of selling ^^^VhAT^ and BOOTS at greatly re duced prioea for oaah la in aucoe?sfuI operation. Juet reot-ivod a full rupply of the latast 1 New York atylea of DK ESS Ha IS The v?r% 1 finest Hat $ i5>>; a fir?t -rato Hat (3; and very good, faxhio al>le Hat $2 50. Ailofih- lat-st st\les of sort HATS and CAPS, at the very low fat pricea. I ain constantly supplied with a very large slock of . those fine DRESS BOOTS at *S7V-wliich I have been selling for many ypara?an well aa the very ' fte*t qnal tv of Pat nt Leather GA IT F.RS. at ?3 5<i. Fine French Catkin Gaiters from 92 to 8? 5". Tonne caali; no extra charge in order to otfaet bad debts ANTHOIvY. Agent for the Manufae (ureri, sevenin siroot, secocil hat ator* from the 1 corner, opposite Avenue House, No. 440. > e 14 3<n J "GET THE BEST." ! THOKBO**CELEMLATED ( 8 K I E T 8. NOVELTIES FOR AUTUMN, 1M0 The E?|nle Parti Gere. ?? C?MUttti*a. ?? lUtllRB Qh?I ?* Fairy. ? ParUlu Trmia. ? Zephyr. Remodelled from the lateet Paneian deaigna. Manufactured solely by oa from Thomson's Patent Improved Corrugated Springs and Inimitable Wedje glide. Every Skirt stamped with our nana lad trade mark, the Crown. For M e every where. The Beet ia the Uheapaal. W S * C. n Tnnuioiu a. on *36 Bioaowii, NEW YUBK. 1 ai 6-MftThtlst Sgpftlawiai I^A NOVELTY MJI,L*FLQUft. 1OU BB LS. Of thia superior l.ranlof Family tod 1 Extra Flour reoolv?*l thia day. For aa'a is lota to 1 mit by D. L? JaORRlSON ft CO. t ae? oornor nf Twelfth and B ?U. u JU9T RECEIVED. a fin? stock of FALL ? CLOTH1N8, Prmoa of Walw Hata. Ja.?nn?*a <1 Hata, an<l all kinds of Hata, at the PEOPLE'S t SLOSHING STORE. No.ll?lm?U atr*t Pnrt O*"* ?? ?-1m j JNPKCTINK. AUUK * A supply of thia woodarfgl Madioia* juat r?- 1 MKU|- i ? 1? 2tr Wet End Pr*c Stor**/?*P^ar. J P>ANO*> -Oaa vary a'aa CK oet%r? Pmo lor t I #%u. Aiao, oa* va.y lttti ?m4 f r flli. At Ik* Vaafo ->to aof W.G METZRJIOTT, tSF.'OSS"mk "" *" * -?1v . ?|'? . r t V J* m * v. * i # THE LATE8T NEWS TELEOEAPHI0. Latn tr*a Kirm. Urtiic. Pfp? m ?Tba Montreal u4 Lh?. pool Com pan rl ilnmhlp aift* Aim, fraa* Liverpool on the T*h ela Loadoadarrr en Ik* I4t*. paaara Farther Pot tit fnteidar afti rtiitt fTh* Hm craard to work tm.oedlaMy afterwarda, u4 the f?ilow1ng baa jootcemeto bw4 ) The belief pn-T.n. tbat tbere wlU be ? (?aaral war. but that aome new VlUafram*" niMfa* uifot would tranaptrr during Me auUiaaa Tbr Timet aava Tlator Kmanoei'a fHoada tod * formidable rorapettter ia Garibaldi, wbaaa earceaaaa apraar tnttrlent wtftrtoaw aajr latfrtaai tbat tbr ?tat?a of thr Church oaa aaaka Aoa'rla la aatd to have decided agatnat admitting the Nrapol tan taet lata any mt b*r porta It l? aaaerted that wlthoot awattlnf aar rnp*? from Rotnr, 25.00B ftardtalaa troop* ftaiad Umbra on tbv llth and 1* b, aod tbat U W aaaro attacked and took the city of Paaaro. eoptartag l.JUO Gennana, wbo were In the Ooa Bella, who commanded the Pope's traopa. bad ordered the tow a to be aacked, and wa? takea a prisoner to Turla CoVMiacUL. LtvsmrooL, Sept 14 ?Cotton?Salea of tba weak foot up 116.0QU balaa, Including ?.<*? to I i peculators and H.lKIOUi ei porte-s All austWre bad advanced oa the week, but middtlug ami lower qualities are fully J?sg higher. o\a*t,e tn the floe weather and favorable report* from .Man ebestcr. Tbe estimated sale* to-day are 10,000 bales laeluding 2,000 for speculation and export Pbe market closed dull at the following quotations : Orleans fair 7^, middling 6\; Mobile fa1r?y, middling 6%. Cplands fair 7, middling sti<k in port 906,WO balsa, Including TriB.OUO af American. Loads*.Tfcursdsy evening?The English funds were heavy. The J'arla Bourae showed great dullness The La4f Elfla Disaster Chicago. Sept <4 ?The coroner'a jury la the case of the Klgii disaster yesterday made up their verdict H htls they found that the Lady Elgin was a seaworthy vessel, thev censure the owners for al towing a larger complement of pas sen^ers aboard than ia permitted by law. TLey alao find as causea of the disaster the defective arrangement nf the lights. under the law for sailing vesaeis. and the neglect of the second mate of the scboooer to luloriu the captain when he first saw the steamers lights They alao found that he was Incompetent for his position, and censure the captain for not coming to an< hor to ascertain what damage was done Two of the iury dissent from the verdict, declsring that tbey find the Ladv Elgin was mismanaged, and insufficiently supplied with boats Frem New Mexico. I hbifsxnisci. Mo , Sept 24?The Haste Fe mall, with date* to tbe 10th Inst.. arrived her* UM night. The msil party. consisting af Mr D?v?nu4 bit imttant. who drive the rami! coach between Santa Fe and HI Pw, were attacked by band of Indiana at Opo del Nuerto. and there la M newa of Importance from tbe Plains The Ranebe where Mr Peaceck waa murdered ha* been abandoned The time of the departure of the mall froa* thla Care to Santa Fe haabeen changed from Mondays Saturdays The Prince Haatti| Prairie Bm. Dwioht's Statiox, III , Sept 24 ?Yesterday Lord Renfrew and i?arty attended the Old School Presbvter'.an Church and beard a sermon on the text. ' Blessed aretk umk " The rest of tbe day waa spent in answering letters brought li^ special m.aaen^er from tbe Queen. They breakfasted to-day at 5^, went out fur prairie bees at 12. ar.d lunched at tbe 1ok but of War Herman on broiled chickena. bread and butter They arc delighted with the prairies and the abundance of trame. There ta a total a bee nee of reatralnt, and the party la jolly In the extreme The Prinoa sLoots well, but baa the peculiarity of pulling the trigger with hla little finger The Caaaaf Jackalew T*k*tos, N J.. Sept 25 ?The United States Circuit Court met to day, J udge Grler and Dlckeraon presiding The Grand Jury were aworn la and entered tipon their duties, Wos?*~utoT Cannon stated that it would be three, perhaps four days before tbe Grand Jury could art upon the case of Jackalow. aa witnesses hare to be Drought from Connecticut and other places Jarkalow waa brought ]n thla morning, and la now confined lu th?* Mercer jail He >eems to be quite talkative. and aayatbat his hand and am are too abort to kill anybody. The Great Faar Mile Race New Vori. Sept & ?The great four ?4ie race over tbe Fashion Course to-day for MO.OUO, between the horaea Congaree and Planet, waa witnessed by some ten thousand people. Tbe last two miles were run In s hard shower Coogaree was di?t need in tbe first beat Time, 7 38?aa followa: one mile, I 54; two milea. 3 46^; three mllea. 5 39)4, four miles. 7 39. Congaree evidently struggled tiadly in the last mile Planet la i.wn-d by Mr D<?w-elt. of Virginia,and Coagarea by Mr Puryear, of South Carolina Prepeaed I naiea ia VlrglBla. Richmond. Sept ?The Executive CotaaoiN tee of both wlnga of the democracy a'a to omm liTe <>n tbe 5th of October to endeavor to edict a fusion. Tbe Enquirer bo pea tbat ibey will unite by tb? withdrawal of Douglaa, but feara the propaaitiaar comt-a too late. Yancey apeaka here at 9 o'clock on Monday. > l|kt at a lamp-Meeting Stockrbidgb. Maaa , Sept 24 ?A colored campnieeting held la tbia vicinity waa the aceae of a terrible light to-day between tbe negroes aad a party of Iriabmen Cluba. eton*-a and guna wera uaed, and aeveral of tbe partiea were fearfully, though not fatally Injured Interference wiU a Pabltc Jleetii^ SnaaiT Hilx, Carbon county. Fa . Kept M ? A meeting cf tbe Detnocrata at tbia place oa Saturday waa attacked, and tbe a peak era aaaaulted with egg? *nd otber tnlaailea Hon Henry 9. Mott and other* who were oa tbe stand wera truck. Fraaa Headaraa. Niw Ouuxa, Md 24 ?The schooner J A Taylor, from Truxillo 13th. brings twenty-eight of Walker'a iu?*n. W alker and Col Rudler weta nnpriaoned at Truxillo, and were to be a hot tba ensuing day. Mereaieata of Mr. l>aa|la?. CLtvnin, Sept. 25 ?Mr. Douglas irirtrtaaet a very large meeting at Tiflln yesterday. A nananauy of Dougiaa Cavalry were preeeat numbering !,# ?, all beitdeeeieiy mounted. Ae. Marine Diaaater and Laaa of Life. RocKLann, Mi . Sept S4 ?The arhooner Nartuue'a Bride, of Glouceater, wai lost aa Malcottib'a Ledge, on Thuraday. aad thirteen aaea, :ouipoe!ng her crew, periabed. Yellaw Favor at San Boato*, Sept 26.?Tbe brig Gem, from (reorgaIjwn, D C., arrived bere to-day at quarantine, all kawila airV r%f uaIIaiv Cmm alttam MtrkMi. BiXTiBoKi, Sept. ? ? Floor active, wttk km ales; City Mills *5 52: Hcward street and Ohio 1* ield at ?6 W Wheat dull and Mo. lower; red n ami 3; white fl ??al 5? Cora dtiU and ower; white GSaflfec. Provisions doll and heavy ness pork flV 75; prime fU 75*15 Lard 13**. Coffee firm at MjialSfce. Whiahy deli at Wfce. ? . ? Impobtast raoH H AT as* ? Erprtitit* tf rw?i? Tkouiaud M'm Fuitug Out fm Mtxttt.? rhe New Orleans Picayune o( flsfitasnbei tl Las be following: "Mi understand that kattera of the highest lutbortty were received ia thla city by the Caiswba. from Havana, which leave* do roam t? loubt that aerar thing aerieoe ia pending but?a a 'pan and Mealoa. They aeeert positively In dead, bat an expedition of not leas thaa twenty feeaand men ta artuallr flttlng oat ia that city Jhr (>r? Cruz, had of this no secret is made. Lvw he troops coraprisi^ the expedition, their aaglnents and companies, are meat lotted. Tbay am La (ka i net (k* aall ase>a I ? - ?M land. Tb-lr platen will be Iliad bv wcwtn at loom and reinforcements from the peainnul*. the rangnard ?f which ?? daily MpMtad "The ontenslble grounds of quarrel between ipein aad Mextoo have already bam Mated. The eal object of the present exi edition. however, |f tver 11 should proceed to the -Me* lean coast, )e rmed invention, looking to a permanent protectee over the country. if not lis ultimate aoqulatton. However Quixotic thk may mm to aa, it i no doubt actually in contemplation K thmie Ad recant events forsh-idow It, aad ear?e:aUy Ihe ecent recognition of the Miraaoa yiwm n Mexlao?a government with which no otter istloa boida d piomatic relations I n tuat eerenony the powerful Interposition of the Spaalah [OTernment was openly invoked-to give Danoe' o the country, nad the minister prim land 11, la liplomitic terms, it ia tme, but s*Ul in Icrai not o be misunderstood '' The Capiatn-General of Cuba canned to be pabinhed ottcially at Havana, on the Uth, the law of he last Cortes, ordering the enlistment ef Ht UUO tew men for the recruit of the Bpeaieh ws? The* are to be drawn br 1<*. and in proportion V> he population, alike from the mother country ind the colonies Tha oftclal publication ef tha aw at the pnaeattlaaia?1lk tbeobiect of slrtar [a* nUei U> tiM aatborltin a?d bt*f4? of U* tltMl ttet it will at oace be eavrlatf lato r# <-?. .a! i. (t JL* ?j ?\ '?? >'! * . ?# i A ~ *

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