Newspaper of Evening Star, September 27, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 27, 1860 Page 3
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i. LOCAL NEWSr . ' Z- . ' ' |r_/-Though Twt ^-ta* ta printed on the faateat ?Wir. prnn in aae tenth <*( Balli mora, lt? edition I* so large aa to require it to be put to preaa at an early hour, Advertiaementa, themfore, ahould be aent In before 1*2 o'clock rn ; otherwiae they may not appear until the next day. Notice.?Dtatrlct of Columbia Adverttaementa to be Inaerted In the Baltimoki Scuara received at and forwarded from Th* Sta* OtBre. T?* Ntw Yon* Arnn Cmca ?o?* of tha moat noticeable improvements which hat been etfected in our city during the present araaon la tha new Preibyterlan Church, at the juncture of New York avenue with H atreet, between Four ... 4k ..j'cn* *L - 'Pk. U. unrnvtA ibu r ilicvDiQ iwrrw i uc um^u, ur .nr. Kdward Havilland. of this city. is Romin Corin. thian. and ia admirably suited to the site. The basement story contains s commodious room designed aa tbe pastor's study, a well arranged apartment for tbe oseof tbe ladles sewing society, and a large and elegantly fitted up audience room, capable of seating a numerous congregation Tbeae rooms are capitally arranged with reference to light and ventilation TLe principal audience room is eighty feet in length, by sixty feet In width, and contains accommodations for Mating between seven and eight hundred persons Tb? p?ws are set on a curve line, so as to face the palpft. thereby making any aeat In tbe room an ^eligible one for seeing and Bearing The ceiling rises to a bight of thirt/ feet, and is constructed in pantl wo k, and the room is lighted on a plan similar to that adopted for lighting tbe new houses of Congress, only much more economical. The sunk panels each contain acircularpane of ground glass, and immediately above eacb pane la a gaslight with a powerful sliver plated reflector over it. which forces tbe light through the glass Into tbe room. The brilliant glare of gas burners is thus avoided, while the Illumination Is snfflciedt and pleasant. The congregation are Indebted for this simplification of the plan of lighting to Mr McLean, one of the building committee, while the excellence of the work is attrlbntable to tbe mechanical intelligence of Messrs My era A McGhan. to whom the gas-ttuing and plumbing was intrusted The frescoing of the walls. celling, 'and recess at the rear of the room it under the skillful management of Meant Sc butter 4 Michaeison, who are executing the work in admirable style TLe entrance to the main body of the church ia by duplicate flights of broad granite aide steps under a portico supported by four beautiful columns of iren of the corinthian order. These columns, we are happy to be able to state, were manufactured In Washington, at tbe founary of Messrs Ellis & Bro . and are considered to be tbe finest specimens of the iron founders art In the city, not excepting the best iron work on any of our public bnlldiags; and what is more worthy of notice, were furnished at considerable less expense than they could have been done elsewhere. It is encouraging to see oar own mechanics In a condition thus to compete with outside manufacturers; and we hope soon to see tbe day when contractors for every spec lea of work will And It to their advantage to footer and encourage home industry and enter prise Tbe external apprarauce of the edifice U Attractive and imposing, it being surmounted by a loftv and well-Droportloned spire, which add* gracefulness to the main building The contractor*?iMeasrs Downing A Bro ,?deserve great praise for the faithfulness and neatness with which all detail! of the work have been performed under Ihetr snperlntendence The nandsome pressed brick walla were made bv Mr George T. I.angiey The atone work wan executed bv Mr. Vehimver, the painting by Mr. Hobt. McLean, tbe plastering by Messrs. Allen Jc Jackson, ana the upholstering is as>igned to Messrs. Harper A Mitchell The pulpit, of pure white marble, la l>elng made after an elegant design by Mr. John Rutherford, marble cutter. A.\otukk Abolition Excit*m?5t ?On Monday night an old free colored woman, residing In Washington, DC, arrived at New \ ork, in a steamboat from Albany, accompanied by her granddaughter, who wu born a slave, but waa liberated last winter, through the exertions of Rev. H. W Berber. who exhibited her in liis church, and took op tbe collection for her ransom. She was formerly called 4iP1nk,M in allusion to her complexion, bat after ber liberation waschristened "Rose Ward " Recently she has resided In Albany, but was anxious to visit Washington, and her grandmother consented to take her on. Mr Blake, a student of Georgetown Theological Seminary, having agreed to see them through, came down to Albauy with them On the trip an over-zealous woiiua recognized tbe little girl, and started a rumor that she waa being kidnapped; in consequence of which considerable excitement ensued upon tbe beet, snd tbe child was prevented from 1 raving tbe boat Tbe girl was finally forcibly take* from tbe old woman by the abolitionist* In New York, but snhaenrrenlfv rMrnail by the police, and tent on to this city. A scbglabioc* attempt wm made last niy ht " to enter the groc?ry store of Mr. James H.Wvnn, on Fourteenth street. which ma at have oeeopfed tae thieve* for a considerable time, as they had nearly forced through the thick panel of the door when disturbed by the proprietor. The freaneacy of three burglarious attempts 1* several quarters of the city, of late, ou^ht to excite a little wakefulness on the part of the "model force " Caiinot our worthy, patriotic, intelligent, energetic and highly popular " constable of the %?tfh" manage to wake 'em upa little now and ben' Suppose the Mayor of New York should tappeti to come on toW ashlngtnn again, and toe Mayor of Washington should want to take him round soma Bight, just to Me how vigilant and well-conducted the ' model foree"' la under that excellent set of regulations of the Wellingtooian Chief of Police?what would the Mayor of Ne*r York aay, if he ahould discover that the " model force'' had not profited by that little dmuutmtmi iast spring* ' The Bell and Evbbett Club ?A large attendance was present at the rooms of the Hell and Everett Club last night Spirited addresses were delivered by Messrs. Wm. H Tenney. of Georgetown. and Carper, of Alleghany county. Ma., which were listened to amid rood order. natwitUstaodla^ tbe enthusiastic character of the meeting. Arrangements were made to attend in a body the mass meeting and torchlight profession to be held at Alexandria to>alght. Tha members wnc ai(cctr? w mco wui vn ocvruui ?wrri at ?n o'clock p a., who* the procession will be Immediately formed. an*, prredtd by a band of music, wlit march to the wharf of the steamer Thomas Collyer, which ha* been chartered for tbe occasion It 1s expected that there will be a name roc* attendance from Washington and Georgetown, and fom the surrounding country. Didicatio* or Esosi*iax Hall ix Columbia Collbck.?The ball In Columbia College, used by the Enoelnlan (Debating) Society connected with that institution aa a place of meeting, has been subjected daring the summer season to a thorough renovation, and been otherwise handsomely Improved These Improvements have been made at a very ?raat eipense. with a Tleur of having it la every way adapted to tbe pnrpoae for wblch It Is Intended to be need Its dedication will take place on next Satwrdav weak, when tbe Rev l)r. SunSM, President of the College, Will deliver aa appropriate address. Rrxotio Ankst ? About three weeks ago. a gold watch was stolen from Mr \Vm. Mlnntx at W< he use near Helta vlile, Md It was recovei*d front a watchmaker in this city, to wL >m it bad been sold. It was rumored this n.orglng that the man suspected was arrest~.l near Elllcotrs Mills vesterday by Msryland otters Tbe name of the priwner la ?a?d lo be Hooker. The watchmaker, when b<* learned that tu? wit h was stolen prop rty, delivered It to the custody of Justice Doha* Ladics, do you know that Mrs. R O. Ktchlfon baa just retarded from the North with her usual aplendld aaaortment of fancy goods, which in point of beauty, style, and richneaa of quality, and great variety Is for superior to anything that baa ever been offered to the ladle* of this city A call at Mr atoee, Mr it Peaaayivaala avenue, between Eighth and Ninth atreeta, will convince VM of the het We ad viae you to uo at once and * m (he uw ujl?a. t Tub Holham OfmTiocn are now drawing crowded bouaea every night, at Odd Fellowr Mali. The houae laat night wu Urge and faahloeabU.aad the performance elicited the heartleat applauae We are by the management u atate that the arrangement that waa made with the public achooli Tor the matinee to-day Will hold good for Saturday alao, whether the weather WaeaiKGros Paicaa CcaaiiT. ? White wheat ?l M) to 91 JO; red A*, 91 .flu to 91-tt* rem 7b centa; oata tl to 39 centa; rye 65 to 70 ceata; potatoee ?W to 75 oaM p*r 0 aUel; hav TO to HO cenU; straw eSU to 70 renta; <>hlckena92 SO to 93.5U per ilexea; It tuba 94 fk to giittc veal oa4*c* 93 90 to fb" WeUb'a family flo*r 99.79; extra auperaor 9> 5U; tu per Mae M; floe ^50. | 4 A Bell 4IB Kvbbbtt Mbbtixc will be held thia evening In Aleaaadria. for which eitenaia# preparation have been made. Addreaaea will b% delivered be diauagaiahed gentlemen. amongst whom are announced Hon. Alesaader H. H Maaitaad John B. Baldwin Kan ? :?n Fi?*t urnm. o? rttniMr, Pwt Wnl (?ll a ad winter opinio* of Boanet*, ttaift, Ctp?, and Preach FaaeyGooda. Ai^nvim i, - ^ _ w^^cwthwia ioih*. I 0*t Prut 0*ly ' tw* absent ^rrrvT crN aw ' rf* Ladim la KAicited for Saturday wit, S*pt ?, W Taney *tor., 33$ t P'itH Ovtn<** of tk$ S>aio??Omt Prit* 0*9. * . . .. ?i - . .i lnoncf Notice' Notice '.J! ? Opening at ?U.?- nov*lU?? o? * **>**, on *?t?rday. fcpt MMj At 9TKTB!ia'9, MlV^. 0*4 frut (Wr: u. 0 . ii UY I r~ j *1 tin*. J: -4 4 i Economy or Mechanical Combination! ?A d*T or two ago we rtitwd the Ptweer Sawmill aid Firewood Factory on the eouth aide of the rami idjoliine Seventh street on tke we?t. uad were aatoniabed at the economy of human Ubcr required for converting the tnomrrhi of the foreet (trunkf and branehee) Into theamalleat dimensions required for parlor or kUrben use, by a cumbinatlon of powerful machinery nod Ingenuity The inventor of the plan, and agent of the eetabllahment. la our well-known townsman. George Pave. ?o give In detail all the appliance* involved fa the ope rati ao la beyond our present limit* of apare. but we append a few of the moat prominent feature* of the operation. The supply of convertible material come* from .76 mile* above Washington, on the line of the canal. The tree* and branch?* are eut Into 14-foot length*, and loaded on board the propeller by means of a stationary crane, worked by the engine of the boat ttaelf. Arriving here, the boat la unloaded by the aame process into the extenalve lncloaure. There a railway 600 feet long carries the heaviest aa well aa the smallest piece* from any part of the yard to the mill, where, by mean* of a rotating Ilatform on the car. they can be turned in any traction, and rolled upon the feeding platform. They are then adjusted to the required length by a very ineenioas and aimple appliance, worked by a single hand. The logs, of any diameter or shape, *re cut into sections or blocks from 6 lnche* upward Thea* block* ere then placed upon a large revolving platform encircling the splitting marline, and brought cloae to the knives, two in number. A few stroke* converts the block into fire or kind ling wood of the size required A single motion of the operator's hand tbrowa them Into a contiguous reservoir, from whence they are taken up by an endless elevator and dropped Into a dumpIn* car almost la the extreme top of the building. The dumping car standi on a railway extending the whole length of the building, and the wood Is dropped down into the division or the carts which may be awaiting to receive it. The building is divided into thirteen transverse sections, each section twins appropriated for some particular aixe or quality of wood, except three, which are reserved for the carta to be filled from above Attached to the establishment are a blacksmith and wheelright's shop for repairs or manufactures, r? turning lathe, a circular saw for converting select logs into timber or planks for carpenters', wheelwrights' or boatwr s{*ts' unes, and a portable engine to supply auxiliary power If required. .The principal engine for moving all the machinery is of l5-hor?e power, and the furnace la supplied with fuel from the sawpit By means of a horizontal screw in conjunction with an elevator, which conveys the sawdust into a reservoir immediately ov>-r the furnace As fuel ia required, a sliding' valve or shutter is withdrawn and the dust Is discharged into the furnace. A visit to this establishment by the curious in these matters will well repay them for the time and trouble, and perhaps teach them how, by a proper application of ingenuity, the prices of the necessaries of life can be reduced, and economy secured to the needv in hard times. We refer our reader* to Mr. Psge's advertisement in another column. CoBPnaxTion Advbbtisbmbsts ?For the benefit of the thousand* of our reader* iu the citv, who neyer see any of the excellent political paper* of necessarily limited city circulation, in which the municipal powers that be, see fit, in their patriotic wladom to do, and to have done, the corporation advertising, we inaert the following advertisements gratis: Proposal* will be received at the Mayor'* offlre by the undesigned until October 1st, at l'i m , for grading and gravelling Third ?treet ea*t, from C street north to the centre of Massachusetts avenue; the gravel to be nine inches deep in the centre oil to four inches deep at the gutter line; to be raked of all stoaes of improper slze^nnd well rolled with a heavy roller. Propoials will state the price for completing the above in lnmp to the satisfaction of the Commissioner and Assistant Commissioners to be appointed by the Mayor Stephbx Costkk. Sr , Com. Improvements 5th and 6th Wards Proposals will l>e received by the undersigned at the Mayor's office until Thursday, October 4, at 1*2 o'clock, m . for trimming and gravelling H street north, from eatt sideof Connecticut avenue, to the west side of 17th street west; the Kravel to bo nine Inches deep in the renter, oil to four ilir.hM at th? crlitter Una t/\ l.? V..11 r . ..... ? VI VI 111 atones (f improper size, and well rolled with a beavv roller The trimming to be done to the satisfaction of the Commiosioner and Assistant Commissioners before the work of gravelling commences Proposals will state the price in lamp for completing the above to the satisfaction of the Commissioner and Assistant Commlsioners Jos E Rawlings. Commissioner of the 1st and 'id Ward*. Thi Washikjton Mithodist Chckchks and THI Naw Cuaptie Oil SuruT?Mr. Editor: Someone has presumed to speak through your paper for three absent members of our late Quarterly Conference, affirming tbat they would nave voted with the minority, and tbereoy defeated a revolution expressing our disapproval of the call for a convention of laymen of the M. K. Church to meet In Baltimore Beit December. This demands a line from me. Soon after our Quarterly Conference session one of the three who were absent voluntarily told me t< would have voted with the majority I have s^en the other two this morning, and am authorized to speak for them While they might have voted with the minority to lay on the tabic, they wish it understood that they are oj>postd to the Baltimore Convention, ana if the sense of a full meeting had been taken on the subject, the vote would have been right to tkrrt disapproving of any convention Ixjfore the assembling of our Conference In Staunton, Va , next March. I hope this will be satisfsctory to "Minority." It Is well to have a fair understanding of tilings Joh.1 R. Ernausa Washington. Sept. 27. IMk). The Revival ?'The series of meeting* progressing at the various Methodist churches appear to Increase In Interest > they progress Tbe congregations are much larger than a week ago, and tbe number of penitents at tbe altars is also nightly increased At the Methodist Church South. Rev. J. C. Grmubery preached a very appropriate discount, to a large and attentive congregation; after which the services at tb? altar were resumed AI Wesley Chapel, Rev Dr Sunderland (Presbyterian) preached with bis usual ability, to an attentive and intelligent audience; tbe remainder ol tbs evening was spent In prayer and praise at the altar. At the Methodist Protestant Church, Ninth St., Eev. P. Light Wilson preached ; after wbleb the service at the altar was resumed, and occupied tbe evening till 10 o'clock. At each of these churches there is evidently much Interest, and tbe members think the series of meetings will extend Into the winter. cirttbal Gcabs-Housb Casks ?Wm 8ullivan, Wm. Luckett, Barney Trunnell, and W. H. Moore, were arrested upon a charge of firing a meeting-bouse on Seventh street, in the Northern Liberties, belonging to a congregation called by tbe witnesses "Vegetarians," which was entirely consumed, about one o'clock this morning It wis a wooden building, and the loss Is ao< very great. Tbe testimony, though circumstantial, is very strom, against Sullivan and Trunnsll, who were both committed by Justice l>onn to jail, for trial at tbe neit term of tbe Criminal Court Luckett and Moore were dismissed Jno ttradly and Jere Quick, vagrants; were sent to the workhouse for ft) days each. Push ma Ahud ?Tbe work on tbe Qrangeand Alexandria railroad, from tbe point to where tb? car* now run (about a mile above this city) to the site of tbe Intended depot. 1* being pushed forward with great en era?. The pier* for tbe bridge across tbe river bave been completed, tbe grading all flnisbed. and In a few day* tbe work or tracklaving will be commenced It la thought the can will be able to ran to tbe city by the Utter part ol October, but a much longer time mast elapse be< fore a close connection can be made with tb? railroads with whiefcj It is Intended to connect. L0?ckb*rg Republican. Tat fhrwu Dion ?Oar citizen* will be glad to tee an improvement now making in tbe >e irei drop, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Seventh street, completed; and f It succeeds in carrying off ttjs floods which descend from the northern ridge by way of fUvsnth street, It would be well to Improve other drop* on tbe Avenue in the sains way. After every bard rain the cross streets an almost impaosable at tbe Avenue, by reason ot tbe deep ponds of water and heaps of soft mud that settle upon tbe crossings, and pedestrian! are frequently obliged to leave tbe sidewalk aad take ta the earri age.way In order to get along, Ojra Fnci Ofir!-N#?e but tbe very best goods bong ht and sold. Warranted In nil cases as represented. or no sale. Prompt and polite attention can be depended apan. I most respectfully solicit an early call to examine my stock On Saturday next, Sept it. my Irat fall apentag si new and elegant styles ol M4li?mrw I.'I * * ? 7 ? ,v"vu ? ?v*?rr?, rm*nrn, ?ir?wuoooi, .Dree* Trimming, Kiabrolderlet. and real Lacea. C?U enrly ud tret t)rat chotse. AtSrsrajt'a. f 3J6 Pnn at., bet uth and 10th at* CMTB M abut ?The market tbU m#rnlng SxUMtod an average atteodanue of dealer* and powknsera. Tbe buiineaa of the mornliig wn net very great, out was encouraging to the dealer* Tke provision waa amploand afaunerlor quality, and the prlcea but little different from tboae of >? post week. \ * On Fair* OsLf ! ?Hodlng It Ktotlly necesaur, to aaabU as to alee o?a tuatomers propel aUSotton ltd entire aaflafkottou, We have adopted ooe price ouly, a?d will adhere urletly to tfaii principle- * Innm. Dealer in Prenck millnery and Fancy Good* f 33f Penu . by , bet 9ih and 10th *t? We hakb tbe aanouncement to tboae ofoui (rlUw-eiUx<?na requiring tbe profesalonal aerrlco of M experienced opUnlan and oceniiaC that Dr Weolfa* ha* returned to tkw city, and will re "|*a kia eaUbUabmeat to-dar, No.ati Peauaylvo nla avenue, betwaan 1Mb MM 13U MwnSs. It U M -**1 J*r- >- * - "s i A Washington Ft** aacaiva a Ba.ltimo*? CamcT Tlwftnrf'Mi witnlnj itin' "Hon. Howell Cohu, Secretary of the" Treasury, bM awarded tbe contract for the rtptltt of the Custom-bouM at this port to J ft \V Henderson, of Washington city, tbe!r hid having h?en ?7 <*"0. and the lowest R ^nowden Andrews, architect and superintendent of the Uf Conrt-boua*. has Jieen appointed to superintend toe repair*. It la eapected the work will be finished within ninety days" Fall and Wintbb Opirog at 9tkvih?"s ? i One Pritt Only ?My styles have all been selected i with the greatest care, from the stocks of our t noriuern importers, ana will be offered at rair prices and one price only. All order* executed at th?- ihorteat notice and In fall keeping with tbe litest itvlei. Call on Saturday, Sept '29, and fnapect the nme, At Stkvkni's Fancy Store, f 336 Penn av , bet 9th and 10th ata. To th* A?flict*d !?Be sure to read the advertisement of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another column. tf Chills asd Fhvxh! Chills ajtd Fxvra!!-Oae Sf the greatest remedies that has ever beeu laid be >re the public, for Fever ar?d Ague,and which have received the highest encomiums fr< m the areas and the people, ia Dr. J. Hoitetttr's Otl'brattd Bitttrs. Who would endure the torture arising from this terrible disease, when it can be so easily eured ? Who would endure sleepless nights, burning fevers and icy ohills alternately, when a remedy can be obtained for a mere trine? Aid yet how many families linger out a painful existence under this deadly blight.and do nothing but gulp down quinine, until it becomes as oominon as their daily meals, and yet they are not re.ieved. None but the foolish and weak would hesitate to procure these valuablo Bitters, and save themselves intense agony. Sold DV druCElsts and daaJara ran?rs.11r averv where. M 25 eoSt Rkadxr, have you seen Prof. Wood's advertise inent in our paper. Read it; it will intereat you. au 30-eoly Hollowat'* Pills. Dizzinea?Htadarht ?Who would with patience suffer the pangs of oxornciating headache?the gnawing stings of indigestion, the sickening nausea of biio?the tremor of snattfred nerves, the broken anil troubled sleep?with the g adual constitutional d?oay from excess?when these enls iiiav be avoided or permanently cured by the agency of these invariable medicines. Sold by all DrotgisU, at25o.,82o., and $1 per box. se2I-lw Homeopathic Rkmkdibs Ail of Dr. Humphreys St Co.'i specific Homeopathic Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and 5ft cents each. Also, in oases, containing vials, from 94 to' ..k ,?k 1^,1. ..( r..n ? r.7. _.i. r. wiiii i?uv'? vi lull ui I rvi|vU9i r vi bsio uj Z. U. Gilman, 350 Pa. avenue. wliolesale and retail agent; W. A. Fitzgerald, 333 north F street; aliio by F. B. Winter, corner of Maxwachusetts avenue and Sixth street. Also, Pond's Extract of Witch Ha*fl, for internal and external inflammations of al 1 k i nds. Sold as above. ma 9-1 y Mm. W ihi low, an experienced nurse and female physioian, has a Soothing Syrup for Childrn Tuthtng, which greatly facilitates the prooess of teethinc by softening the gums, reducing all inflammationwill allay all pain, and is sure to regulate the bowels. Depend npon it, mothers, it will give rest to yourselves, and relief and health to yoar infanta. Perfectly safe in ail eases. See advertisement in another eolamn. ? 11-It MARRIED On the26th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Hami'ton, Mr. WILLIAM H. MORANand KATE, daughter of the late Francis Garcia, of this city, ' DIED, On the morning of the 2*tli instant, of typhoid fever, JOSEPH P. COGSWELL., printer, in the 2ftth year of his are. The friends of the family are re juosted to attend his fnneral. to mor-ow ( Friday i afternoon, at thr e o'clock, from his late resid**nco, Massachusetts av., north side, between 6th an?i 7t>i sta. On 'he 26th instant. ANN'fE E.. infant daughter or <"har!ns snrt the iat? Puwin C. Kotxnacn, a?e<l 2 months ami 3 weeks. The sorrows of this life She feels not now: It* sha o*? may not fall Upon her brow. We will not wi?h her hera With us to roam ; Oh, father, rrieve no more? Your child's gone home. Iler funeial will tak* place to-morrow, at 2 oV k, at the residence of Mr. Stee.e, No. 439 Massachusetts av. * On the 25th instant, FANNIE A., daughter of the late B P. Johns and wife of Dr. B. Berr*. id the 25th year of her aje. * (Ba t more Min p'raie copy.) O" Tuesday, September 25th, at th? residence of his/a'her, LhWIS DKAVKRS, only son of Win. Deavera, in the S4th year of his a<e. (Alexandria papers oopy ) mhk miiiARR WEnnivr. iuriw I AND WEDDING ENVELOPES, Now the most fashionable, t be seen at and engraved by DEMPSEY * O'TOOLE, e 25-eo3t Kcgravera. DORTO RICO SUGARS r AND Rio COFFEE 30 hbda. Porto Rioo and Cuba Sugars, part atrietly pr'me, IShhds Porto Rico and English Island Molasses, 51 higs White and Green Rto Coflee. Juat received and for sale by se24 fo6t MIDDLETON ft BKAI.t,. \OW OPEKIXG II AT LANE'S. New and elegant fall i-tylfl* of SCARFS, TIES, ti TOCKS, HAN OK ERCIIIEFS, GLO V ES, SUS1 FENDERS, HOSIER V,&o.,&o. LANE'S i * Gents' Fashionable Furnishing Ptore, 3t _4'J4 Pa. av., bet IS andjith ets LM)R PHILADELPHI A.?The tteaner James I Jerone, Captain Jerome, is now jl"? ^ r>*ady F??r freight for ti.e above port. To sail on Friday morning, at i o'clock. Apply to HYDE A DAVirsON. ee2B2t Georgetown, D. C. rOK S*ALE?An IRON GREY COI.T,4jears r old, perfectly sound: only b*en going ir. r\ harness about three months, and can trot now inside of lour minutes an<l is very at tractive in appea ance, Alo, a very hue NO-TOP RUGG Y, turned out about tao months ago, and a fanoy HA K Nf.SS made for said oolt. The owner 1 ol th? establishment having no further use for it Inquire at HOWARD'S Livery Stable, Seventh street, between II and 1. se?6-4t* WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED \ NEW AS acrluient ofSteiuway A Sons' over irong aemi grann square HBfra ditferentaty ?, wbioha-e n>v undoubted ITT*11 ly the beat instrument* manufactured. We >*r? oon6J?ut that everybody will aUmit this fact after % oareful examination. Our fnonda and Uih puMio In general are reapeotful'y requeated to cal' ard judg? 'or themaelves at tlje warerooma of W. G. MbTgBRUTT. ae26 flROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED AT the Office of the Commanding Officer of the raenal an il 10 o'clock a. m., October 1, 1880, for furniahinx thia Araenal with SX> ton* Cumberland Coal, boat quality "run of the mine," auitahle for blackami'h'a u?e ?nd burning in the furnace of a team enuii.e, and fullr equal to that | urohaaed iaat ear, a aample of whion will be ahown on appliqa lion. To be delivered in the coal houae at th? Araenal immediately adjacent to the wharf. GEO. 1). kams vY, Major, Commanding. Washington Arms*al, Sept. 24, I860. ae 25 dt28th OUR STOCK IS ALWAYS COMPLETE OP the oelebrated Chickerinr A Sona' equaled PIANO FORTK-, em bracing HBBHI every aiie. ?ty!e, aoale and fimah, at priSM'll *T ' to suit the timet. O'd Piano* taken l'npirt Myment for new. The Chiokering*' h?v? been awarded 40 i fol' and eilver medal* at Uie different exhibition* in the United State* for tho superiority of their 1'iano* over a 1 other maker*. Their Piano* are better, their price* a* low, their term* of paying a* > eatr, treir discount* for oaah greater than any othC*" "" " "" """"'/oHN P. El.LIS, jie 21 306 Pa. ar., bet 9th and loth *t?. ' IXJO- 3 AND 4 FAT MACKEREL, ' 11 jTihn'* ALE WIVES. IIaliTax HKR KINGS. > landing and for sale by ae24-6t MlDDI.ETON & BEALL. T NICW SUPPLIES! AYLOR fc HUTCHISON. 49 Market Spaca, f are now receivini their stock of FAL1. GOOD**, embracing all the new and dosirable *tyl of the *ea?cn, to whioh they oordially invite the attention of buyer* generally. ?e 24 CALL AND EXAMINE OLA DM ON'S New Stock of ! HATS AND CAPS! 9*6 Pl.MSSYLVAHIA AVBNUK, Between 11(4 and 12jA ji*.. kX It WMiiitok. \ FRENcS'SETTER Ahft)T^0,WtN'PAPER 1 Jnit Imported from Pranoe a large and oomplete > assortment of fine Letter and Note Papers, Irom t *? _.i.L .4.J *? -r? - ? 0 m ? * ? T ' m* i;vimn?ni mini ui Mroent, jouoert, VU marque, Laeroix tt Co., at Aneouleme. , BLANCHARD? MOHUN. ae 34 Corner lttk at. and Pa ar Stevens' stookH&el^ant fancy goods 1 ia now foil ar.d complete. Ca'l and nee the new styles. Respectfully, R. C. STEVENS. Ladies are most respectfully in vited to oall and aee the <reat improvement* in stev ens' Fancy Store, , ae3*-lw 336 Pft. frvepue. II* LADIB*. or your bonnets, hats. flats, feathers. french flowtrs, ?nd dres4 trimmings, to to stevkns*. sae. Between 9th and 10th atreeta. . avk^g?r^?ft^i?.tst^ ee ai-lw >86, litween Bih ana 10th ate. ^otick: notice;: notice;u The oPenin? of FRENCH GOODS, for thfl Fall r TiaJe, will be next Moudaj, September Wth. TO* t lad lea %te reapeatjuljy Invjted to inspect the novel> tiM iaat arrived Ira n Pan*. N WILLIAN. 1 e?M tw (Intel. 4 StaUa) SU Market Spade. <191 ELEVENTH STREET, ?Q? ^\r:wii\Ki^^fsrsl4Si te "t S W " ~'crt28SJUi>, *<*+? .4 ir 1 Air rji Li v u * . .//i ?.wi'>I *i'^ * ' >u * .< D?. J H MeLEAN'S 8TRB*eTHEHIXG CORDIAL AMD BLOOD PlgiFll^. ' THE OMKATE8T HKMBDY ?? ik* WOULD, /?^1 11 * fietljp * ?ei! ntific and V' ctearw b'* C?wpo?B4, o'o t cartd by ib? dutnl*- WW ^ w!A tion of r-o*?, h?rb?, l>oc?, Blood floor, Black Root. gin>p. V|B*jl rilla. Wild Cherry JBxf/a Birk, and Dandelion BB fymi ff tntsn mu iu cam- Htl XJ |1 - The entire aetin C^B X LJrTL Jf remedial principle of cacb ingrsdieat is Before taluiig.^;g}2~'-iner taking. distilling, proda&ing a daiicioaa, sihilsratiag apirit. And the oat infallible r?Baily lot renovating the diseased system, and Metering the aick, suffering, aad dabiliutad invalid to hsalih aad euaufth. MeLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will effectually cure Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Chrome or Narroei Debility, Dieeaees of the Kidueys, and all diseases arising from a duor Jere J Liver or 8'omtch, Dyapepeia, Heartburn, Inward Pilea, Acidity ar Sickaees of the Stomach, Pullr.sss of Blood to the Head, Dull Pain or Bwimminf ia the He-\d, Palpitation of the Heart, Pullness r Wsight in the Stomach, 8<tur Eructations, Choking or Suffocating Keeling when laving down, Dryness or VelfoWness of tha Bkm and Eyee, Night Hviau, Inward Pevert, ' Pain in tha Small of the Back, Chat:, or Bide, 8ud<Sen Plushes of Heat, Depression of Spirits, frightful Dreams, Languor, Despondency or any usrvous disease, 8cres or Blof.hss on the Skin, and Paver aad Ague (or Chills aad Karat.) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES bare teen sold during tha last sil months, auu in no ins.anca haa it failed in rivin r enure satisfaction. Who. th?n, will suffer from Weakness or Debility when MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL will cure you 1 No lauguage c m convey an adequate idea nf the immediate and almost miraculous change produced by takiug this Cordial in tbe diseased, debilitated, and shattered nervous system, whether broken down by excess, weak by nature, or impaired by sickness, the rehied and unstrung orgsni. lation is restored to its pristine health and vigor. MARRIED PERSONS, or others, conscious of inability from whatever cause, will And MtLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a tho rough regenerator of the system; and all who mav hivs inJured themselves by improper ludulgt-ucss will find la this ( Cordial a certain and speedy remedy. TO THE 1. A L>IKS MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL i. a unreign and (peed* cur* fir Incipient Consumption, Vkjiti, Obstructed ?r Dif cuit Mtmfruatioa, Incontinence of Urina or Involuotary Discharge thereof, Fal'iag of the Womb, Giddineae, Painting, aud all diseteee incident to Females. * THERE IS KO MISTAKE ABOUT IT 0 Safer no lender. Take it according to directions. It will stimulate, strengthen, and iuvigor.itt you and ears* the bloom of health to inocot your cheek again. Every bottle is r warranted l*|trt satisfaction. FOR CHILDREN. ( If your children are sickly, pour or alRieted, McLEAN'S ' CORDIaL wnl make thsin healthy, fat, and robust. Delay r not a moment; trj it, and you will be convinced. It la de- t licioos to take. i CA UTION. I Beware of druggist* or desleri who may try u> palia upon you some bitter or sarsaparilla trash, which they Can bur cheap, by earing it is lost as rood Avoid snch men. Aek for McLtCAN'd STRENGTHENING CORDIAL, and take nothing elee. It is the only remedy that will purify the Blood Otoroufhlr rud at the same time strengthen trie eyatem. 1 One tsaspooulul takeu every inoming fasting is a certain < preventive for Cliolera, Chills and Ftver, Yellow fever, or t any prevalent dieeaee. It ie pat up In large bot'les. frice t only #1 psr bottle, or fi bottles for f5. J. H McLEAN, i Sole proprietor of thie Cordial; also, McLean's Volcanic Oil i Linimsnt Principal Depot on the corner of Thud and | Pint streets, St. Louie, Mo. ( McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, ' (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THJu WORLD ) 1 The only sale and certain cure for Cuitere, Pile*, Tn mors, Hwellings and Bronchi'e or C?itre, Paralysis, Neu. r*lgia, Weakness of ?he Mnacles, Chronie ?r Inflammatory Rheumatism. S'ifTness of the Joints,Contracted Muscles or Ligaments, Earache or Toothache, Bruises, Sprains, Freeh I Cuts, Wound*, L'lcers, r???r Sores, Uaked Bretsi, K re t Nipples, Burnt, Scalds, Sore Throat, or any inflammation or | pain, no difference how severe or lonjr the disease m:?y i have existed, M< LEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT is , a certain remedy. I Thousands of human beinr* have been saved a life of die- , crepitude snd misery by the use of this iovalnible remedy. j Mr LEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT ( Will reliefs pain aluioat inatautaneoaely, and it will cleaa, purify ahd heal the fastest eoree id an incredible ehort tima. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS McLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ? the only safe and reluble remedr for the ear* of Sp*vn, R ngb"ii?, W lndgaPa, flp'inte. Unnatural l.ompe. Nodea or 6?allin<( I. I', never failed to core Big Hefcd, Pnlievil, Fiatola, ?MJ Runoing Iiaree, or Sweeny, if properly applied. For Sprain*, Brniera, Scrat'hee, Cracked Herle, Caafe., Siddle or Collar Galla, Cute, Soree, or Wonnda, u la an infallible remedy. Apply it a* directed and a care it eartain in s?ery inatane* . Then trile no longer with the many worthlrea Limmente oftered to you. OMjiiu a aupply of Dr MCLEAN'S CEl.E . BRATED LINIMENT It will car. yo?. J. H. McLEAN, Sole Proprietor, Corner Third and Piue au., 8t. Looie, Mo. 1 CHARLES STOTT, 375 Pa. a*., aola agent in Wiihiut- ' ton; R. a T C1SSEL, Georgetown. ee 24 DtWly ( ga| N O T_2 c K! B"Bl I with all gentlemen V. uljwjn to b?>ar in mind that VkJ? BH the plan which I ^^KS^^^adopt" 1, aix year* ago, of selling and BOOTS at gr.atly re duced prices for cash in in successful operation. Juat rec?ived a full rupply of the latent New York styles of DHKSS Ha IS The v.ry fineot Hat $3 50; a first-rate hat i?3; and very I good.fashio able Hat .J2 50. All of ttin latest ?t> lee of aoft. HATS and TAPS,at the very lowest prices. | 1 am constantly supplied wuh a very large stock i.f those fine DRKSS BOOTS at S.1.7b?which i hare he-n belli hi! for nrnnr rrara?as ??ilaitii?v.? bestqual t? of Pat - nt Leather GAIT KRS at $3(1. Fine French Ca'r*lcin Gaiter* I' ?2 to ?2 5). Terms cash; no extra cliaree in order to offset I bad debts aNTHO> V, / gent for the Manufai - ' turerit, Seventh uttoet, st?eond hai store froui the ' corr er. opposite Avenue House, No. ?40. . we 14 3in JAVA AND RIO COFFEE. Black and Green i TKA, Brow.i, Veliow auil White SLt?ARS. t Received at L. A. DELLWlG'S 1 I O 1.1 VP OIL. SCOTCH HERRING, CHEESE and BUTTER. At L. a. DELLWlG'S. OSWEGO STARCH, anil Chemical I^lbor < "J Saving SOAP. Received at I L. A. DELLWlG'S. i A CHOICE I OT OF OLD WHISKIES, PORT t WINE and BRANDY received at i L A. DELI.WIG'S. I se 21-1 w Seventh st.. Navy Yard, i Baltimore life insurance co.-ikcorpobated 183U.?John I. Donaldson, Pre* ; M. Cocltkk, Seo'y. _ I This oompany INSURES LIVES and BUY8 1 ftnd GRANTS ANNUITIES, to. i Deaoriptiyfc pamphlets may be obtained at th< Company's Agency for the District of Columbia office of Lewis Johnson & Co., Bankers, loth street ' and Penu. avenue. J. W. MA GILL, Agent n. tr. h ifinv. %r. n m?h ?uq r /CHARLES A. SRAFKR. WATCH MAKER, : 346 Pen*. Aftnue, near Seventh Street Entire attention given to the Repairing of Cliro 1 nometers. Duplex and L,e*er Watches, fine Ev ? Clocks, 4c. Also, to th* Engraving oi In- ?7%} vitafion, Wedding, Visiting and Professioaa mmm. h Cards we 10-1? T \J MERCHANT TAILORING. i~K\V FALL STYLES of CLOTHS, CASgl- ( MERS. ANU VEST1NGS. ' WALL. STEPHENS k CO., S?tt Pennsylva- i nia Avenue, have just received a large variety of i n?w Fall Good*, to winch they invite the attention of their friends and customers. au 30-tf WOOD! ' 1 W o q ?!! C WOODS! I STOVE and KINDLING WOOD, at the Iowm possible prioe. I ? T. i. A W. M. GALT, J ?S8 Pa. av.. between Uth and 13th eU., * ma IT *f noHh lilt 1 rfcLD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE t U Bl?<xSIDK'8 a MONONGAIIELA RYE WHISKEY, Conscientiously disnlud by Mr James tfornside, ] of Allegany County, Penna., in the old-fashioned ' honest way, fro<n the ohoiocst and most carefully * selected Rye. and in no oase ever offered lor sale jj until adapted to wholesome use by age it is at " once the most pala' it i? emphatically one . of the purest beverage* in the reach of the puMio. _ To the well as to those in oomtner.ds itself for lta unrivalled qualities as a I stimulant of the safest, surest, and most benrfioert h description, and many of the most distinguished > physicians are using it in their oractioe with tue i happiest result* o CLERY A STOCKDALE, Proprietors, S3B Walnut street. Philadelphia. \VM. C. CONOVEk, gent for the Proprietor*. 234 Pa. av., I M 84 flti opposite VVil lards' Howl. 1 ???-???* K70R SALE?A very good and substantial Bnok u r HOUSE?*ad Lot?with I rooms, m a good and improving part of the city, near Pa. avenue and the Center Market. Apply at No 8*S C street nortlw of at ANTHONY'S Hat Store, Tth st. ee \+%C " If?A NOVELTY MILLS PLOU*. 1OU RBLS. Of this superior Lraud of Family md V Extra Flour reoelvod this day. For sa'e in jo(iM f suit by D. L. MORRiyOX A CO. [ se M corqer U< 'VweMth aqd B its. * 1UST RECEIVE'!), a ftne stook of PALL \ J CLOTHING, Pnnoe of.Walee Hats, JaeaiMM Hats, and all kinds of Hata. at the PEOPLE'S : CLOTHING STORE, No. 460 Seventh street aeposite Post an an-lm J JNPECT1NE, OR^ PERSIAN AOlU j A supply of this wundiriifl Medicine just re- f At MOORES I ee!8 2w West End Drug Store, 113 Pa. vr, I PIANO**?One very aien 6H octave Pisa' lor v 50. Also, one very litU usea. for #175. At * the Music Store of W. G- MttTXERoTr. Sole , kl^;? * - a 1- ? 1 O ? - ' V? OV?UW?y ? 30B1 ?UU KITH, JO?UUf] a. 00. i Pimw. ? u*> in J POR 8ALK.-A pair of COACH HORSES, < 1. young aiwl last, aold fur bo fimlti Uf /TV . w."h. i 7<TMuaav?nu*. hetw^n 3J 4K ?U. an t2-tf * IJRJNCE OP WALES RENFREW *AT? ?F* ?r^BN'FfMfc!TZ'8s ?S? P*. ?r., ' ??? N?r oorBT Thirt? th ?t. j Economy is the road to wealth.- i But f'TI.\Ki4KTZ,ii?6 fi. ??? ?, ?ev I corner Thirteenth itrMi ', < "" "*u b UWiJJt uk . v* ?fc 4 GEORGETOWN. ?*rr**p0ml*ne* of TJU Star. Uicumwi, September t7.1HM V A thorough inapection of &e Interior of tbct > rtioa of the roaduit of the Washington aqucluct which eitenda from the ferriTln* to the llatributiag reaervoira waa made by Cu.ef F.nglleer U'cham and aorae of bia &aaiatant? yntrrdiT P h* rv ?0(T? tV> rAiitrk U'?? ! ? -1' * , B> ' HUUI 1X1*1, nd must have b?t-n a dark and disagreeable on#, hough it possessed tbe f barm of novelty The li stance travtri d wu about two roilr*; and the nspecting party found the conduit In admirable onditlon. no serious defect in the masonry or Mastering being anrwbere risible. Mr. Levi Bt-ardsley, the euthuslastic Union nan. whose addresses to tbe Hell aod Kvrrett sociattona of Waalilngton and Georgeio n will ?e remembered by rour readers. has wri<t?n a etter to a friend here, stating that li?* la actively ngaged In stumping the State of New ^ ork for be Union candidates, and tbat a strong effort is eing made by tbe friends of tbe fuaioo In tbat ttate to defeat Lincoln, but be thtaka tbeir aucess Is very doubtful, to sar tbe least He Is estlently of tbe opinion tbat tbe republicans will arry New York by a decided majority Our p-pular corps, the Potomac Light Infantry, 'apt Mrii Hollingswortb. were out for a drill >y moonlight on Tiusday nigbt. and marched to he bill juat ni rtheast of tbe Academy of tbe Vislation. where thev practised for some tune, to tbe vident satisfaction of a number of spectators Tbey drills to the notes of the bugle, and we are nformed tbat their eToluticu* and general proIcteucy in manual practise ahow tbat the cum<anv la steadily progressing in soldiership, ts rellasln nuntbera and Influence Tbe Young tuards, Capt. Rodler, were also out. and sttrsrt d nucb attention For juveniles, tbey certainly irnnit tha?m?ul voa ?r?? ? .? < * V? t.. wxr-t J < ICUiUUiy A boot I ,2W?barrela of tlour wt-rp ahipped on tt? doniicello veaterday. besides other freight. The canal > still !n fine navigable order, and >ualne?a la active about tl.e coal wharve* TUe vater hua Wen drawn off the Latin for a day or wo. Id order to excavate a channel to allow the ttssatie of boat* loaded with building m-.teriala o the Aqueduct bridge j EG ROETOWNAD V ERTMTiS Yor otktr (reirfetoten advertutmtHts set Jirtt fg* r5?GKORGBTOW* TAXttr^Mv l?t 13 heins thp u*u*J lime for tho aettlem?nt of me* iluo tills Corporation the attention of *11 con lerned la earneatlj called t<> the name. CllARLKS D. WELCH. a? 19-tOctl Collector. NOT1C K.? LK'EySES ?All peraon* whoae licenaea t'roin the Corporation of icorjetown expire on ttie Si h mstai.t are hereby lotitieil promptly to take out the ramr under the lew license law. approved July 7th, 18M; oth*rwtt>e hey will subject themselves to a tine, aud the law compulsory upon the arooar iitfin?r? i>f tl.? r..r toralion to enforce taid'liuo ugaiunt all delinquents. WM. LAlK D. Cierk. September 24th, )86\ we 25-eotOctlO Vy- NOTICE.-UOli LICENSES ?All d-.g licenses in Georgetown arc due on the 1st lav of October next, a ;d, i( not paid at the Clerk'a office on or befo e the 10th of Maid month, the au.iioritv will then exclusively given tj the po ioe 0 collect them, with an additional cost, by law, of 55 centi to the owner of each dog the license for which has not been obtained on o'previni.w to the :inie staled, and if not r>iud, together with the ad 1i: on*l charr-, when i1ehimpd"d by th* police, ?lu*> iredirect??t by law immed'ately to kill and dispose >1 tii* aiijumi, nn<l -re made tunj^ci luetiiseivts to 1 fine for asglectmg to do so WM. LAIRD. Clerk. September 2?. 186u. se Zi eotOclU* \11SS WATTS, FASHmifABLK Mll.LI1*1 NRIl.i la'e of Philadelphia,* returns [if?r sincere thanks tn the ladi'h of heurse :own and vicinity for cheir *er? kind patrona/e since sue commenced business here,^J^_ int informs tli m nlie has inst received splccdi.l a fortmout of Fall Goods of the newest W<1 most approved styles, which she will sell at a rery m??der*te profit. No 90 High street opposite Forrert Ha'l. ?e ji y THE I'N I?KKSiGKD C AR PEN I KITTND BUILDER offers his serving ty tfce ^uldio of GeoTctown, Washington, atd vi&!n .t?, i,,<l ?i< sontraot for or su(ieit tenu ?ue eon at ruction of publio an4 nrivaw bindings. Plans ad specifisatlona will b? furnished at short notice ?'fti e ini) tkoa /??? <?"? ~ - ' *HU ruu|? UU VUUg'DBi ? *. wr?cu?W U, lTIimfeOiJklO | ,j north of the Poet Uffica ?u 27 3m?o UENRYJVING ATE 1 Rc. c. atzs E9PFCTFULLY Inform* hit frr*r,<i? and the pulilio generally that he has reir.oveato No. ii High itreet. adjoining .Ma?on;o half He 1* prepared to the snortest notice. Dinner ami Evrninn l'arties. and feels assured that he will give entire tatisfactioa to those who may favor him Willi a S All kinds of CONFECTIONERY fcuJ CAKE at the lowest prioes. Beit [CP CREA M at fl 50 per calion. U. C. ATZS, se4-lm *4 High street, Georgetown. FOR SALE AND RENT. [For otktr "For Sal4 aid Hrnf' a4?./Jiij*?w*i*, ttt Jirtt p<m ] Hor?K. AND FI RMTI RK, situated, in beorgetowu, is for rent. Appiy to R. UAR SARD, corner t?th street aad Pa a ver.ue. 27 St LH)R SALE?The PROPERTY situated at the s comer ul C snd I3tn streets south, known as ; e P>-arson p'opertv. Inquirxof JdllN p MI'RPIIEY, as a.-pnt for th* p.operty corner U'th an?4 t" itreets; or H 1LLIAM GAS'lUN PEARSON .the iwaer. se27 3t* F^OR REVT-A modern-built throe sttir* Brick UOy.^E. ?-itrt ! .tck-building, cur.taiotnr ten ooms; good dry collars; marble o.a titles in pa-lors; hrmb waiter, snd otner conveniences; situated > n Ni street north, be?we-n 12th and 13th treets wes'. [tent moderate. Kor terms inquire ncxtdoor west. se 27 Th.f A M* FOR RENT?The tiire- tory aud i n -merit Brick DWKLLING-HOUSE, No *9* f?v nth street. 'ietwe?n D and E at*.. Island. It ?Q'i .ain* din ng- ooin. kite <en, 2 parlors, 6 cuan)t?er*, i d wide pa??age, lias a garden a tachoo, with :rapas an>i fruit t^ees. Po?e*non given on the 1st U* of Octot er. To a go..d and punctual tenai.t t >e ?riee w '. Ite rnrd?rite. App.y to GEO J. SKIT ""PR I.E, at Ja 'ks<>a,Brother A Co's, 33.1 Pent a. ire nue. ?e f7-tf A COMFORTABLE HOUSE FOR RF.VT I~% Furnished or Unfurnished ; neigh! or hood d-ightlul. and urrouniled by every coti\ivni*r <.-* rerinM very moderate. Apply at H.19 Nmetecath lowest ? *u 3f I WM.L RENT, to a practical G&rden-r. who I can (urnu!i in<* satitfactory recommendation* m 0 sobriety and disposition, and atulit* 10 pa> the ent promptly a* agreed upon, my GARDEN, oa Georgetown Height*. ?e 26 3t* RICHARD S. COX. EH>R RENT?Throe new HRICK HtOl*ES, 1 eontiunine 8 rooms each, in th* t\autisome row f brick tmildings recently erected on Ninth street, letwecn M aud N ?t?. Ai?o, one for t*ale on very easonaMe terms. AppKtoE. W FARl.EY, 443 renth street, or Mr IRVIN 9. BAKKKR, the wilder, t>r at the shoe sto e opposite se % 1 w * 2JKVFRAL FINE ROOMS, with Board, and 7 also several gentlemen can be accommodated nth Meals, in a very healthy portion of the city, ^pplv to 44"* 12th street, between ti and H sta. M?-r nqnifs may he had on very re a Lfc. sociable te^m*. furnish-*! or unfuri lkhed. with ir without Board, on 16th street west, wemt side >etween K and L.. se 21 St* L'UR RENT.-A cottage built BRICK HOI SK r on Mass. av.. No. 347, between l?th and 11th ts., with side Jot, dower garden and fru r tr?et*. The house ouutainu nine rooms, beside bath-rcpiu, ioset* and cellar A pump of eieei unt water in ne nicnen. and water and gu^hrauvsout. App j 'P the pramiMw. ae 24 71* FOR SALK ?X?ne or fhr-? of the three new troF i(i>rjr Bil^CK HOl'SKS. with two-Uory back >uiidinca with presa brick fronts, on 11th atre?>t ?tw?ei O am)1 F ata north Terina?three hun red caah; the balance in 6.12and 18 ntontha: or t-vhankce lor City lota Inquire of J(\HN W. IKfaP. on the prrniiaaa. _ ? *4-61* FOR SAI.K?A new two-story-and-tasen* nt P BRICK HOUSE, containing 5 rooina and eelir, aituated on lltn it north,between L and M ate., io. 371*?within 5 minutes'walk of rh? NortVrg iibertiea Market. Terma uuuauall; liberal. Au!; n the premises, or to McKENNkV 4 i*A.V? >ALE. corner of Pa. avaQje7th at ae a* 2w* * t present occupied by the Rer. Dr. Butlar, and est door to the residence of the advertiser. J. M CARLISLE. N. B.?11 will not be lat for a boarding houee. ae U-tf FOR RENT-^ three story-and-attic BRI' K P DWELLING,on H atreet, between lstn and ItfesU Alao.a three-atory aiid-baaement brawn rant DWELLING HOUSE, on 13th etreatv be. weeu L and Massachusetts av.; poaaesaioa given o the latter house aome time in October: the quae to bo repainted inaide and oat. Apply at V"M. P.SHKDD'rf Fancy Store, No. ?03 lfth ?t au 2S-&w* iw urn'i'i,uun;ii,?ii vn? iiwiu neni very n>w. nuuireofG. CAMKRON, next door, where tbe 7y canbeTound; or of CHAS. 8. WAU-ACH, <o. 7 a v. s*7-eo3w FOR RENT?The HOUSE No. *41 F itrwi, between 13th and 14th streets. now ooenyied by Jr. Liet>eriu?u. It oout?ins 9 rooms bestdna kiton* n. bath room and pautry. The whole bouse is esred by a furnace and supp .ed with r?s and wat*r ixtures. A food bpok stable is attached to the reraises. To a ioM tetant the rent will be modrste and possession may be hut about the 1st of Jctoher Apply on ihepreuuansMtwenn the heurs >f 4 and i o'slocfc p. m. anl^+oat* l?OR RENT?Thrje new BRICK HOUSES, on r P?uu. avenue, a few doors enst of the Casitol rounds Apply tolx A. vVATKRSTON,No. ?M d st. **st, or 3tt0 Seventh st west. se 2S eo*% nUPni.^,T?,TO ? iRM fur sale or ex?h*&?efoT oil; vmwtr. j lontnimnc M aaraa, fan;? nuie Rom rsirmxBW THE LATEST NEWS TELEGBAPHI0 . !fm Yark roliUca Atbajit. N. V29*pL 35 -TV Hon Jam*? T. Brady, of New York. ?B I* tbH rtteon professional botlnrM To-itflit kla party frlmda armadrd bim at Conxrnaa Mail. Me MtdriiMMii in mpuDif. tUnking them for U?e cooapiiinont they bad done him He then enterad on the subject of the political caneaaa. declaring tbal fee time for fuaion was paat. and proclaiming war to the knlfr against the Itouglaa democracy He declared It bia belief, that If. through tbed!?.aioh t< the democratic party, Mr Lincoln ehouId be i elected. Mr Seward would ba k!a Ferrrtary e< State, and Mr Kvarta would ?ocoeed Mr. 9e?~ard ia the Senate of the Untied Males. i? which f>V#nt tk? ? - ~ - ivpuuiina innv n*injr m iDf cftoiw would claim to be the only national party ? Mid that after this conteat Stephen A Denglea would not be heard of again, and that be (Oo?ti la*> ww now only acting u an aid to tbe repub llcana He reviewed tbe action of tbe two daSDo cratlc Stat? committees. declaring that tbe rea ponalbllltv of ibe defeat of the union of the democratic party waa on the Richmond Caster committee Mr Brady's apeech la regarded as a final blow to any union, ao far a* the Greene committee and Sate commlttoe are concerned, and aa flung tbe fact that if a union la eflerted It must be win lb* aid of the leading supporter* of Breckinridge and I.ane la the city of New York, outside of tbe politicians. Mr. Brady defined, and eloquently defead?i, the principle* of tbe Seeding Baltimore Con venAiou. and denouu< ad "Squatter Sovereignty" in strong term* Ousome allusion being made by bin to Mean Richmond and Cagger some of tbe friend* of tboae gentlemen collected together opposite the Lintel and gave them ttuee cheers. Mr. Brady's tii.arks were received with warm applause Vjr his friends ? After the "conclusion of hi* speech, la response to loi<d c*U*. 8 G . Courtney. EM , made a orlef speech, calling on tbe Breckinridge men to rally iu support of their candidates. and denouncing tue fusion ticket of the Cooper Institute. Naw Roihbllk. Sept ?>.?Tbe national democracy of llila lown are now ratifying Ue Union tick't by tbe bring of guns. New Yoga. s*ept 27 ?Tbe Iteugtas State Cesemitteenre understood to Lave agreed to accept tbe sii name* proposed by tbe committee at tbe late union meeting, and will answer aa to Mr Randall f?f elector at larve as soon aa tbey can learn whether the vacancv ran be t*ade Later frta Kartyf. SajtUT Hook, Sept *7 ?Tbe rtwmi' Pmli, fom Liverpoolon toe 15th via Qneen .town on tbe lftUi. pawed off thta point on ber way to New York about eleven o'clock Mat night Italian affalta continued nnchnnged. The French Mlnlater hrd left Tar n The King of NapUa had gooe to Spain. CoHMKBClAL. Livtaroo! , Sept. 15 ? The adv*re? from Mmcheater continue favorable, but the advance ?f Tueadav haa been loat Ureadt'iff* ?TUa weather h?? been favorable fnr tbe crop*, hut waa boWteroua on Friday Tbe floor market cloaed quiet and ateady. Wbeat ateady Corn quiet and rather firmer Pruvlalona ? Beef ? heavy and all qualttl-a Itfhtlv declined Pork'a firm B ern (bWy. Lard firm. Tallow firmer London Mcary Market, Sept 15 ?The money rrarket ia?-a?y Bullion In the Bank baa 1nrr<-aaed X63.0W Conanla 93 *? a'.^n for money, andUQa tor account. Laaa af a Sleaarr- i .viaa ttardwred, kr. St l.oru. Sept 20? \ B Citrnn* bera, bound bitber with a valuable carg<>, ausk on .Monday D fcbt. near the mouth of the Miaaourl river Tbe buat and cargo are auppoaed to In ? total Ion. Tbe boat uu va!u? d xt f 25 UU\ and It ii ajred for fiJO.OOO in Philadelphia and liar(labitr^ No livea were loat A murder vrai committed on the Fair grouada ywaterdav The catiae prin< Ipally waa liquor Danifl ?? J -- "? - * -- ? v. vm mm i bu|? ul committing tbe crime. Bernard S..?-eban w*e afcot on S tiday night by DuiielQuinliu. U?d*?d 01 Monday front tbe < flV U of tL-v wild The nmrderer apr*l Ilatrhet baa been a?-iiW-D<ed at 81 Jwpb, to iu?prv>iinaent in the peiiiteut.arv for 1- ye.vra, fcr en'iclng a free nc^ro woman from Kanaas M.d trying to kII her In Maaourl. laytare ef ft la re re. NoaroLi, Va . Sept ? ?A brig. lime onknown. but auppoaed to be tbe Storm King, baa arrivf d. in charge of Lieut A. K. Hug hee, of tbe UnlU-d State* Navy, thirty-one days froan Monrovia, bavins; been captured bv tbe atenmer ten . Jacinto on the ?th uit , two hundred tuiiea off" Congo river, with 61V ne^roea on board, who were all landed at Monrovia The prize-sbip Erie, raptured by tbe a eaater Mohican on the bth of August. bed arrived at Monrovia, with over sub urgroee, in charge of Lieut Donegatt. Nokfoli, Sept IT.?Twelve prroner* taken co >wvird of the alaver, aupf-oeed ti he the Stor.u King, are here. In charge of the 1' S Vank l, who h?t lodged them la jail Seven of theaa are h-avilv Ironed, but tbe other* ar?- a ck The ahlpalrolden Katie. William Berry, aid Graee Gordon. from Callao with gutnn have arrived in Hamilton BmHi MiMMn Politics. St Loci*. Sept 96 ?The Douglas and Brerk:iridi;> vk nga f tne democracy beld dim me?tin^a in thiacitv laat mgbt Wbiw Jud*e Halt burtoo wamddreaat ug tbe lir? cm tiridgetf* turn ng, Ilit Dou^laa men tn^4c an attempt to break up tbe meeting. 8 id during the melee tbat eaaoed two Breckinridge deiucwrnta were allgbtlr (tabbed The Bulletin call* upon the Breck'n?l<Ur democracy to hold Ibemaelvea prepared foe Uke denoa trationa In tbe future, and to a boot or irn at ail thoae who aeek to deprive them of their privilege* Marder ( TraVetera la Artaaaai Va* Bv?** Ark.. Sept sc.?Two tnvtiera, ujjf^jaed to be from Texaa.* unknown, have been found murdered and tbeir bodiea thfvwa over a bluff tome ten ml lea narth of here It la anppoaed tbey have been dead aboat a week Partiea have gone In purauit of tbe murder era The vlrtima were traveling towarda St l.oua, and It la thought the? were murdered by a rua;? and woman who were teen traveling with tham. Walker, the Ftllbaatar, Mi that New Oiiu<ia. Sept ?6 ?Tbe wtmonor Taylor. from Stella on tbe 1.1th. Uaa arrived fcere. and announce* thut Walker la aafe, aad return* home by tbe next veasel. Walker and Itudto would have been immediately reieaaed If tbey had claimed Aiaericaa cltiienablp ar Brlttati protection. The Britlab commander declared that they abould not beahot Maveaaeata af Lard Reafrew Dwiaht Statiok, 111 , Sent tS-*f?or4 Reafrew and auiteexprest tbetnaelve* Highly grallied with their two daya aport on the pra*r;ea To-day the party bagged IMS quail, uf which Lord Renfrew killed 2K Lord Renfrew and aulteWve here for St Lnala on a apecial train at >? o'clock to-morrow maralag. The Sailer tipladaa PiTT?fcCM4. Sept 25 ?No additional bodiea Lave beeu taken rrom the ruina of tbe building d< oioliabod by the boiler eipioa.ou af yesterday. and It la presumed there are ao othera The nuaiber wounded by Um Nhiaiti Two othrnarata* precarious v*cdltion TLe livnUfttiM by tbm coroner1* jury It progreaalng ImIiu Fight. Omaha. N T., H*p? 33 ? it It rumored brrt ium Um i'awuea *im1 Sioux Indiana tuw bid uotlier ft^ht near the Pawaee merrt Thirteen *iwn arnd ?e Fawn? are myirtai htlted Agent Gillie bad gone out to quell the diaftuxbaao*. Deuglaa aad JehBaea la Ohio. CoLCMBua, O, Sept US ? Meeara Doug la* aad Jobnaon addrraeed a Urge crowd la u>* Park today from tba aurroundlng countle* The proceeeion waa over an bour la paeelng a gives point Ru.Tnoii. Sept. <7 ? Flour firm aad aetl with heavy eaiea. Ohio aad Hcward etraet g3 M. Wbeat higher, red gl.25al. a, wblta ft 35a IH. CoradiiUi mixed 65. ve'low ?a"U, white TuaTftc. ProTialoua dnll and iiwlnal; aaan pork ?I9 75; nrline gift l.ard ataidv at 13%e Coffre trm at 14*al5*c. Wklaky atea4y Haw Tark HarkMi. Nxw You Sept 27 Kte>ur 5xit?e. hfcber, State 85 $?* ?; Ohio g5 Wa5 90, Souiber??5 ff aS.'JU. Wheat Arm, VVVatern red gl 4#-.Sou tlx ru mixed #1.41 Com lower; mixed ?7c, Pr?v:?ona quiet. WUVakv dull at 23)* c. FOR STAMPING PACKET OF f*FBK. ^ f AN* TKbOrf? I NO I TO MATCH. loiARffil BQOKSTO**, '"J PHI LP * SOLOMONS, * ASK .lTPVMRWflAT T*or ftHALT fet'V ! ?rnNEMKT^a Cjnstr*C?hHJl4T STEER, r VI ', y f*-n^ < ^ - ' VX 4 v /ftv.a i im-? v ? % l

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