Newspaper of Evening Star, 27 Eylül 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 27 Eylül 1860 Page 4
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r / ^ JA J 3 HI im IH ? THE EVENING STAR. LOVE IS ITKRTWHSRK BY a BO. XT. IITH. Tie not I'ftMin pa'ao?e. Where beaatjr'e lip? die?".e. From roM e ?rel<Nl Hip lorf't iuip?**:'Mied wiu? ; 'Tit art k'oiui in lordly h&J! Where wealth ?r.?i ?? in* meet, That lonelineee the efirit pane And hwiti neponeire beat. But ia the eewant'e humble oot, 'Midst toil'e deep iorrr>win*?, la er?r fomid eooie cheri?hed spot For lore to fold hie wraji Hi* amilM bH ev?rv care ue?ari, gh??is sunshine through the gloom, B:d* roast twine roard every haart. And there in beaut; Uoom. And thus it is where'er we stray. Through 1 >wij wak* or fashion's glare, We piack these roses by tbe way, For love has sowed them everywhere. Tmbibli Effect or Liohtkiko ?A letter from Ransom, Sept 14, says:?Tbe particulars of tbe accident by lightning which occurred at . Wood's Corners, In the township of Wright, in this county, on the 7th Inst , are these: The building which was struck Is a two story blacksmith shop, tbe upper story of which is occupied by Mr Fr. derlck Young, the owner, as a dwelling At , the time of the accident there were Ave persons 1 In the building, namely : Sylvester K Joles, of Kanaom; a son of .Mr Joies, Mr. Young, of R*n- ' ora; a son of Hugh Harber, of Wright; and ail- j other boy whose name is not known to the writ r, who were In the lower part of tbe shop, together with some horses Tbe lightning struck a stove-pipe and ran down to a stove in the upper story, breaking the stove in pieces. It then passed through the floor without farther damage above; but when Mr. Young went lielow, a sad spectacle met bis sight Five Individuals all lying prostrate, apparently dead, and one (tbe son uf Mr. Barber) with his clothes on fire. Mr Young procured assistance as soon as possible, and endeavored to revive tbe sufferers; bnt life wss extinct In two?Mr. Joles and the sou of Mr. Barber Tbe latter was shockingly burned before the ft rr could lie extinguished. Joles was about M years of age. and respected bv all wbo knew h tr; Le leaves a wire ana several children The other sufferers are recovering I might add. that the dog waa killed, and the cat has never been seen since; abe wu probibty badly friicbt*n>-d. and left fur parts unknown ?Joneirtlie (Mtek.) Independent, Sept 20. A.idtuik American Alcidbs?A Kival of Dr. Wi*ship ?The editor of the Norfolk (Va ) Kxamtner writes to a New York paper:?"! have seen notices In regard W> Dr. Wlus'nip, wbo, it is stated, shoulders with eaa?-a barrel of flour, and , can lift l.UNJ pounds, Ac. Without any design to disparage the claims of Dr. Wlnshln to tbe prestige of great strength and muscle ana consti tutlon, I think it proper to state that there is another man In this country who la the Doctor's equal in point of strength His nauae la Lewis K Stem. of Connr*ogeagi;c Maryland, now a resident of Columbia, Pa He Is about 22 years of as>e. weighs less than Dr. Wicship. and, if challenged by the latier gentleman, will doubtle* readily accept a proposition of a trial of strength. Mr Stem is a remarkable young gentleman, In other respects besides being tbe equal, or superior, of the "Yankee Doctor," as he is familiarly called He can play almost any tune with no instrument but n peach leaf; can turn t?n itHrimssMlllta ko n<4 an J aa vuhiiuci*uuiu> kmc m nmu, uauu'iuuiitu^ auu ai many forward. Ac , Ac , which the "Yankee Doctor" cannot do." A Niw Fsatcr* !!* Fckx Mioio Fmiqratiom ?An agent of JefTard. the President of the negro republic of Haytl. baa been in New OrJeaiia for the purpose of en lilting emigrant* from the free colored population, to whom grent inducement* in the way of land*, exemption from taxes, etc , are held out in Hayti Provided with letter* from the .Mayor of New Orleans and others, he attempted to visit Mobile, but. says the Register, there oeing no power In our loral authorities to suspend?even had it been desirable?the wellknown law of prohibiting free negroes from entering the State of Alabama, the colored ambassador wa? forced to retrace his steps and return to New Orleans The Mobile Register commends this movement on the part of the Haytlen authorities in- Garibaldi washes his own shirts when occasion requires After the battle of Melazzo, finding his shirt dirty and soiled from hi* personal itnifffrlwfl IaaIt 4# tu?ak<ui ' * 1 - 1 * -Kb*va" uu, namcu It ID ?UC UTOUK bard by. and bun? it up on the bushes. at? bit lunch of bread, fruit and water, smoked bisclgmr bare-backed, and. wrapt in thought, mi apparently contemplating th?* drying of hi* garment; thus la the field or bivouac, sharing danger and hardship with the humblest of his followers Directly bis shirt was dry. be went on board the Tukeri formerly Voloce, lying In the bay on the western side of the peninsula, and personally dir*ct?d her tlr*- on the fortress and retiring masses "Stati Kkliuioi" itv Paau ?A bill for the aatablishment of the Roman Catholic religion as that of the State has been introduced by the Bishop of Arequlpa into the Assembly of Peru It provides that ail the affairs of the Church, secular as Well as spiritual, shall b? regulated by a special concordat \?lib his bolinms Pio Nino, and all other worship is prohibited. The clergy and military to be exempt from prosecutions of every description before civil courts, they to have courts ot their own. ARRIVALS AT TUB HOTELS. ?r * fWl/tar * f wm * ?-?? r ? ? ? ? . nAiiu.iAL nuir.ii.?t ! uoi<ut>oro, Mdj T ? Corlu. Pa. M ShMtaio. H N Fryatf, H J Col11 as. NY; T Ereacbun, Cuba; A Tuero, Esprna: H C a macks Yen; NUT Lee. Va; C A Hart aod lady, J M Smith, NC; 8 Young, ? T Latham,Pa; U A Taylor, NP; J S Hedges, Del; J Finger, D F. Flagor, 8Cj AO Nalle and lady, K Nalir. Va; F H Smith and lady, NJ; 1) VV Green, Va; VV L Am, Md; W F.rana. Miaa Kvana. VV Evans. N G VV Rock, DC; J W Stevens. Ky; J B Baldwin. E R Stratton, SOiu, D Sibert, VV Nuffee, D Watson, A Brady, Va; VV Haskell, 9C; A D Brown, NY; S VVrt*ht, H Van Hausen, Ore; A J Smith, Tex; VV McKaig, Md, O VV Emerson.Ga; K C Graeff, Pa; F Tenney and lady, Miss E TenD?y, DC; Mias Benedict, T H Smith and lady, N J, Mrs Bailey, ?. BROWNS' HOTEL ?T DunUp.Md: M Wilth Va; J K Harti. 8C; M N Dubose. Ala; T M Bl?lr, L*; O H Howard, USN; W Stewart. Va; ROrnie, NC; J R Johnson and ly. Pa; W Ruakin, J W Gibson, Md, G Wallace, Va; VV R Gould, NY; E C Doran, USN; J Jones, USA; C D Kingman, Mass: N M Taylor. Tenn; J S Caldwell, R Aiken, Mrs M Bradbury, Pa: R H Clark and ly, P Torbet, L Keualey. A L Handy, D Smith, J Gray and ly, Va; VV Williams, Mrs J H Crogios and daughter, Tean; H M Haigs and 3 ladies, SO; P CroM, Va, S B Hard, USA; H L Buker. Kv< S Dogge|t, Miss; A Morris, VV H Ransom, VV F Russell J C Noe, J 9 Gray, NY; F Suit, FSaaaer, Md; J Zentmeytr and ly, Va KIRK WOOD HOUSE -J Murphy, NY; T D Wegtcott, Fla; W Koch, Md; J Stiuiiand, Ala: J BIM, .> V; W O Wiljiaint, V?; T J Burcbea DC, A J Beunrtt, MaM. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DA YS Fbom iii ubitbb Statu Sttameri. ftf. Day*. Br*m?n. ?.New York.- Bo?tb'?ton. Sopt? Adrialie New York . ...Havr* Got 6 Artfu. Now York?Unrro.. Ool 13 Fnon Eubupb Prmoa Albert .._.N?w York ,8#pL 18 Aruu SonUi'pUin ..N?w York. .rtspt. 19 N*w York .. .Soulb'plon. ..Nnw York.. OoC 3 Tb* Hivint baii iImidhi Imt* N?v York on tAo bl. !?U, 17th. and 2Ttk of a*oh month, Ana CwrloftoD uo the ?th loJ I9tb. TW Ciliforni* uaiI inv? N*v York on tteMu4aHti Ummk month. NATIONAL BOAP AND CANDLK WOBKS, oim uttiit, BtW4?m Brtift and Water ttrull, GiorfttotM, D. C. A lATf* stock of CANDLES, Brown, PMnily. Cnrtilo nnd Faxmy SOAPS. Alio, Ttl lilW n?ir?a? for Looomotirea, sneamboaUa, and all kinda of . . , ??oliinery, tmriMkaad, and for afcie at pnoea to amt Uta trade 0. B. JEWELL, Proprietor. Jyltkeotf Fkancib hakpki, UTIM Ofixn A FAMILY GKockki a.\u t EED STORE, Comerof iVnr York ovmut and Ttntk strut. Eeapeatfully aoiioiU tha patronage of thoaew My be in want of My article in the adore tin*. Hip HlMWW efc*M bo >? pi??, mod by i .triel attentwi to tk? want* or the paUta, ha hupea to merit t akare of their patronage. Hia look oonaiata of erery af#afo aaoallr to ba jouad ta a ftrat-ofoaa Family Oraaary aad^P^d D~ uro?-r? euNPowpE*, For aaJejU j??nnfa?turera prfoa*. by J OHM J. jfi>eOE, Gsoaoarawa. D. C.. 8*1* Atmuv for tko Dittritt $f OWwatia, aHassagaaaas Kxpraaa Cnaiur. WMhimtnaZP. T! fe>-law>r U W. HA Mil HIM u. paivte*. tod DKALER IN PAINTS, No. IflJ Ttm (*Tt?rr. m* Odd fkUtwt' UmU. mat ft PrTTV~I* DOWN. NK M UN UK 120 A UN 8PKI jurf raoMvad. rill b? aold low for o??h. J BLAMCHARI) A MOHl'N, M tl < ori??c ?t ami P?. >T. O AVi: SMiNAI. MOltN, Pmo? f2V. ju? r. U Uto Jkluato olo of M| W> V.MfcfZtKOiT _ MISCELLANEOUS. I Look to your interest,purchas er8 of cabinet furniture. We have now in store and daily reoeirinr th? largaat, hand*omn?t and ohaapMt lot .of. Caoinat | r ui uikma over unsrra 10 in* oitixeu* or WMh 1D(ton, Georgetown ami Alexandria, whioh wo oor dial y invite ail who desire famishing to aall and examine fur tht>m*elve*. Our flock tmb aoM every o*?..o ivable artiola neotsaary tofaruiaha parlor, ha.1,dining room, chamber, and kitohen. Oar extanatva atook la too nameroua to portico aha*. NVaoaij nana a faw of tba leading arUalaa, aaoh aa, vn: Roiewood. Walnut and Mahogany Parlor Su'ti, upholstered iu a superior manner is Brocatelle, Si k rluah, Luting and Hair Cloth, Gilt frame Mantel, Pier ana other ttlaaaea, Silt Baae Table*, Gilt Bracket* and Mar hie Slab*, othie and other handsome Rnoeption Chair*, in Broeatelie, Plush. Ku*h and Cana Seat*, Eteiere*, with Marble-top* and Mirror Baoka, Do. Parlor Doski and Whatnot*, Rosewood, Walnut and Mahogany Bureau*. Waahatand*, B'deteada and Wardrobaa, wry handsome aad oheae, Cottace Chamber Furniture, in Oak, Imitation Oak, Maria atd Painted, with or without Mar I ble Top*. Barb a-top Hatraoki, in Oak and Wa'.nat, on Hatnoka, Hall Sunda, 9-crataries, Bookoases, Shaving Stand*, Marble top Center Table*, Hair and f huok Mattreaae*, ! Feather Bolster* ami Pillowa. B anket*. Comfort*, Quilt*. Towel*, Ao. iu isuuiuvu uui 'kuvt vi r arm tare our urn fl< or contains a large and veil seleoied a took of China, Glass and Croekery, Plated Goods, Japanese War*. Table Cutlery, Britannia War*, B'ooktin Goods, Baskets, Hraanes, Ac.. altogether formin a oomslete variety of every thing neoeaaary to luruish a house in all iu apartments I C. W. B'?TELER & SON9, Iron Hall, No. Penn. avnnne, se 17-MAThtf between 9th and i<Kh sts. BINo B69.1 V THE PRESiDKNT 6F THE UNITED STATES In pursuance of law, I. James Buchaxa*. President of tho United States of America, do hereby I cedar* and make known that publio ??lee will be held at the anuet-mentioned land offices, in the State of Arkansas, at the parioda hereinafter des. iguated. to wit: I At the !aod office a? I.ittlk Rock, oommencirg on Mondav, the 17th day of l>eoember next, f?r tho j disposal cf the subtle lands heret jf< re unolTered, situated within the following township*, vis : South of tut Oast hit" and wist of the fifth principal meridian. Townships 18 and is?, of range 4. Townships 18 and 19, of range 5. At the land offioe at Fayittevill*. oommenoing on Thursday. the 2oth da? of December next. for the disposal of the public lands heretofore unoflertd situated within the following townships, viz : North of tht base lint and west of the fifth principal meridian. Townahip 19, of range 20. Township 17, ol' range21. At the land offioe at Clakkbrvtlli, commencing on Monday, the 17th day of December next, for the ! disposal of the publio lands heretofore unoffered 1 situated within the following townships, vis : North of the base lint and west of the fifth principal rrw r ? u hi /?. Fractional townahipa 1 and 2, of range; 3. At the Land Offioe at waihisgtos.oommenoing on Wedneaday the 19th day of L>? ofmber next, for the diapo>al of the public land* heretofore unoffered aituated within the following townahipa, viz: South nf the bast lint and west of thtfifth principal meridian. The fraotiona aouth of the old boundary line, of towaahip 3*>, of rangea 21,22,23,24,25, and 28. At the Land Offioe at Champaoxoli, commencing on Monday, the 17th day of December next, for the dispotal ot the public larida heretofore unoffered aituated within the following tewnahipa and parU of townahipa. viz: Simth 4/ tht bat? lln* awl wen nf tiufijth principal mtridtan. Township 19, of range 6. Townahip 19, of range 7. Townahip 19. of range >. Townahip 19, of range 9. Townahip 2>. of rarce 18. Th? parts south of t&e old boasdary line, of town hip 20, of ranges 19 and 30. Lands appropriated by law for the dm of eohools, military ant o'ner put poses, together with the "iwamp and overflow, d," will be excluded from the sales. The offering or the above lands will oommenoe on the days appointed, and will prooeed in the order in which tney are advettised until the whole shall have been off- red and the tales oloaed; but no shall be kept opun longer than two weeks, and bo private entry of any oftheiands will be admitted until after the expiration of the two weeks Given under my hand, at the oity of Washington, this l'th da* ofSepte-uber, anno Domini one tBoasand eight hundred and sixty JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: JOS. S. WILSON. Commiasionser or the General Land Offioe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption toaay of the auds within the townahipsand parts of townships above m*iatiouted is required to establish the same tn the satisfaction of the register and reoeiver of the proper Land Offioe, and make payment therefor as soon as praotioable after seeing thi? notioe, and before the day appointed for the commencement of the publio sale or the lands embracing the tract olaimed ; othei wise, suoh olaim wiil be forfeited. JOS. S. WILSON, r*~???- ? - ? wawumivim VI kilo UIUTli Ijtnd UB06. Not*.?Under the regulation! of the department, as heretofore and now existing, no payment can be made for advertising proclamations exoept to euoh publishers as are ip'ctallv authorised to publish by {be Commissioner of the General Land Ofioe. se 15--wlSws NlNo. 666 ] OTfCE OP THE REMOVAL OP THF. LAND OFFICE FROM SUPERIOR TO HAYFIELD, IN THE STATE OF WISCONSIN. In aocordance with the provisions of the aot of Congres*. eutit'ed "An aot authorising changes in the looativn of land offioes," approved Maroh Sd. 1*^3, it is herehv declared ana made known that the office for the sale of publio lands at Superior, in the State of VYiaoonsint will tie removed to Bayfield, in said State, at 40 early a day at rrartuablt. Further notioe as to the precise time of closing the ofioe at Superior, preparatory to removal, and of its opening for buameea at Wayfield will be tiven by the register and receiver lor the land disriot. Given under ray hand at the city of Washington, this 24th aay of August, A. D. I860. By order of the President: JOS. S. WIL8ON, Commissioner of the General Land Ofioa. au 25w6w T ROYAL. HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of the Royal Flavins Lottery, oonduoted by the Spanish Government, under the supervision of the Captain General of Cuba, will take plaoe at Havana on TUESDAY. Octobbk 2, 1*0. BORTgO NUMB HO ?43 OHDINAKIO. CAPITAL PRISE 100,000. 1 pnxe of 9100,000 to prize* of fl/W! I do ?,ono 60 do 60$ I do 30,(00 153 do 400 1 do ? tt.OuO soapprez. 8J00 1 do ? 10,000 IN ALL 988 PRIZES. Whole Tickets, fJO?Ha.ves, 110?Uuartara, $i. Prizes cashed at sicht at f per oent discount. Bills on all solvent Banks taken at par. A d rawing vill fee forwarded aa aooa aa tha remit becomes known. All orders for sohejnoe or tickets to be addressed ?o , pON RODRIGUEZ, se 14 tr Pare of Citv Poet. Char)? ton. 8. C. PIONEER STEAM MARBLE ANi) BROWN STONE WORKS. The subscriber begs leave to inform the oitixeos of Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria that he has added to his lone established business the auxiliary of steam power for sawing and manafao mi.uii n>?>?* iuu nrown pione work in their va rioosbranches, Marble Mantels, Table and Washstand Tops, Tile. Monuments, Tomb and Head btocee, 8la?e. \\ indow Lintele, Sills, Steps and Platforms. Having purohaeed a large a took of Italian Marble in blook,from firathanda,at the lowest rates, he feels oonfideot of being able to ftarmsh Marble Work as low as it oan be pnrohasad in New York. Philadelphia, or Baltimore. The trade supplied with Italian Marbl* in blook or slabs at the same rate as farniahed in ^w York, and on aocommodating terms. Also, on hand, a large supply ot PumiceStone, Water of Ayr Huce and Pollening Patty at New York prioes. Enoourage the enter prise; it will be an aoqnisition to the oity. ' ALEX. RUTHERFORD. Pionur Sttam Marbl* and Brovtn Stem* Works, Pa. it., oor. Thirteenth st, as 21 3m Washington. P. fl. mHB UNION WILIi STAND. NO MATTER |. WHO'S PRESIDENT! Consequently I ah^ll remain in Washiagton and in# in rI) ita f\\A ? * ... v>w.v?n. VIM UINNI| prOIUjPll X tlteoded to. Painting and Ornamenting Cottage Furniture in the best atyle I ala<>, call attention to the Painting of Koofaand Brick Walla. AM of the a bo re I will do as oheap aa the cheapest. I therefore solicit the patronage of ray friepda and fellow eitigena of the Diatqot. Punctuality athotly observed, and work do?e in tjje best manner. Vou will please mind yoar atopa and slos at M. Z1 PARKER':* Painting Esiabliahment, No. 43' 3 !! 33 !'! Louisiana av , north aide, between 6th and 7th ata. P. 8 Wigna put ap free af oharge, aa aaaal. an Si Sin __________ Regular nJBTW**t LINE BEraw M-tcfitSfi iperoe at. wharf, Baltimore, as "fheSr Ni^3pL?a every WEDNESDAY, at* p. Washington, as follows: CpLffMBiA, every WEDNESDAY MORNIN8, at is. At. Nicholas, every SATURDAY.at6 a. m. mar lA-TATftm 11th st TWaahinatnn Tno? BALZAC'S NEW NOVBU HIS Greatnessand Decline of C?aaar Birolteard. oTHonora de Baltao, triqalatM --TCftMannraiiws^1' ? 14 aorn?r P.I???ntH at. * <! w ; *X? 889 Fa. At.. Uth and lftM Sri., aw l^INK PIANOS FOR RENT OR MALE, r At KI.IJS'H. M i ?io rooeivoU tri w?? ELMS S. M?!<>tloofca &m4 otittfi iuvtiuuionU for rent, at Mi BLUI*tti .- 4*. IT--1 ^ ( >f7" ATInV if i n j-t TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. I HAVE REMOVED TO No. 16 MARKET Bpaoe, Penn. avenue, txtvMi tth&ndaAs 9th treeto.'where I will be happy to waitBBI on *11 who will favor roe with a call withrMj a in* stock of BOOTS and 9H??K9 for* K . LadiM', OenU'.Boy ?',Mia?ea' and Children's wear. aateotr J. ROSKNTHAL , MOOTS AND SHOES TO SUIT TMtf KM TiiUKS. Ws (f? now m&iiut&otarinc all kinds of BOOTS and SHOES, and constantly receiving i^jAb eapply of wU rn mad* work of ever* de I, oription. made expressly to order, and will* ] be sold at a much lower pnoe than has been* K heretofore aharged ta this city for rauoh inferior articles. Persons ia want of Boots and Shoes of sastara or i oity made work, will always find a cood assortmen i in store and at the lowest price* Hive us aeali. 6K1PFIN * URO., ap*-r 314 Pennsylvania avenaa. i Five hundred traveling trunks < arrived this day, embracing all ieali-*e^* ties and aises of Sole Leather, LadiesHA Dress and Packing Trnnks. Onr trunk^"1*" sales room exhibits at this Ume the greatest variety of traveling requisites, at moderate prices. to be found this side of New York. Also, every deeoriation of LADIES' HAT BOXES, VALICE3, CAB PET BA??. SATCHELS, Ac. HjTOld Trunks repaired or taken iaaxokaac* for new ones. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., Trunk Sale* Room, mir Sl-tf S'i'i Pa avamiA SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. 499 7th Shut. (Jrpositt Odd ftilcrws' Hill, Waikinttcm, D. C. Travelers will study their interest# r>? examinm my TRUNKS, VALICES to , before pur ohasln* elsewere. As I nee none bat th'KXffK beat material the market affords and the b?*t workmen, 1 oan confidently recommend my work to be superior in Strength and Durability to Trunks that are made in other oitiea and sold her*. I keep constantly on hand, and make to order (on one weok's notico) every dwonptien of SOLS LEATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRESS and WOOD BOX TRUNKS: ASHLAND *nd otktr Y ALICES; TRATELINO BAGS ; HARNESS; SADDLES; WHIPS, ft., tc. Trunks, Ae., Repaired and Covered, in a workmanlike manner, at short notice. Trunks delivered in any part of the oity, Georgetown, or Alexandria. Also?AreDt for Howe'a oelebrated FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. de 1S-W JAMES S. TOWHAM. tkavmttkutuky. Daily line of nf.\v four-horse COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO', Carrol** iK* U. 8, Mail_. i ne una^raign-<1 are now running IMily, (except 5*iind?j.l Four horge Coaches lwtween Washington and Upper Marl horo', a* follow*: Leav<? the Steamboat Hotel, oomer of Seventh street and l*a at7 o'clock a. m. Returning leave Upper Marlbo-o" at 11 o'clock a hi., and arrive in Waahington at So'clogk, in time to connect with the 3 2<> p. m. t am for Baltimore. Trie Coaches are new and commodious, the tea inn first-das* in the hauda of careful and accommodating drivers. Fare to Upper Marlboro SO cent*. To Long Old Field* 25 " ToCenterville .38 " Freight and packages in proportion. au 15 tf OSBORN Aj:o , Proprietor#. Baltimore and ohio railroad. WASHINGTON BKANCH. jgMHM Chassis or Hocrh. on and after wednesday, June 13th, 1880, trains will run as follows: Leave Washington at 6 2<i and 7.40 a. m. Lea re Washington at SJu and 8 JO p. m. On Sunday at 3 30 p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 40 a. m. I.MVI Unltimorn *t S IS ?.nrl a an ? n Ou Sunday at 4 25 a. m. Passengers for the East will take trains at ?J0 and 7.411 a. m and S an p rn. For the West at 7.4" a. m. and 3.20 p. tn. For Annapolis at 7.41 a m- and 120 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. in. On Saturday evening the3.20 p. m. train com to Philadelphia only. je 13-<l T H. PARSONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS usr TBCR.Z1ZI DAT8 WITH THB CHOICE OP THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Rati road TO LYNCHBURO: Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, Nete Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! memph7s~route.Memphis by Rail, thence by First olaas Packets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thenoe to Mobile by Firstclass Packets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS? SUNDAYS Included, Leave Washington at 6 a. m. and 6 w. m. TheSUuiirGKOKGK PAGE io*v?? her whirl foot of Seventh street at 6M a. ra. and 63% p. id. and oonuects at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexftndna Train* for the Monthwe*t. Offioe? Peunsy Ivania avenue, corner of Sixth at. ASOAfll CIICIIO TBBOUSH TO ?BW ORLSASI. bynohbnrg. ....... >7 50 Memphis - (31 00 Bristol 15w Atlanta Woo Knoxville ?.'j0(w Maoon 38 oo Chattanooga 34 00 Columbus 31 50 Da.tou...?Moo Montxoinew 3a to Huntsvillo .2100 7 via Meinthis.42 so Grand Junction.?30 Oft N.O.J viaG. Jono 4250 Nashville ?-.2S?o \ via Mobile...46 00 THIS ROUTE 18 ENTIRELY BY RAIL aud is 00 MILES SHORTER, and UA HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other ( ibo?the Lyn?bbnrg Extension being now oompleted, aa also the Mississippi Centra!, raakinr it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It ii provided with First olass Sleeping Car a: !To New Orleans. 78 Honrs. Memphis do. Montgomery do. Nashville .46 do. QT'The U. 8. MAIL~and ADAM8* EXPRESS aretaken over this New Lisa. Iiokets can be obtained at the South Western oe, corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, U> the following points: f.vrnhhlirar UriaLJ hawviIU a w, ..W..UH<A, Vlt?*UI| UUWAf IMV| Ch&L'jtnooia. Huuterille, Grand Juration, Macon, Nashrill*. Dal too. Colambat, and inr THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. It^Omnibneee and Baccate Wacom leave the ofltoa at ? a. m. and p. in. JAMES A. EVANS, Ticket Arent, maa tr Corner Sixth et. end Pa. a*. rHK STEAMER J AS. GUY Will reeume~h^ tripi on TUESDAY, Ztet of jrmm . February. 1M0. Will leave WASH INGTON ever? TUESDAY and^""*"? CD I HA V -?-l ? ? a t ^ 8ATURUAib^fAWpAlfe, Promtlor. NATH'L BOUaH. A g't. Alexandria. fe?0 Efeu A"B The New York and Vlrnnia Sorrw 3to*m?hl? SfiP^ffN^.^r^KK^afc will leave tii* Coirpanj'e Depot, Wee tera Wkr?u,atll'o'olook Lm every WSDN ESDAY, awl the Company's Depot, at Alexandra ^PMMOftri ftom WM^nfton and Peorcetoiri oantake the oouhM oonnecunj with Alexandria wairWaU or railroad, wluoh leave Uie corner ol nh atreet and Pa, avenue hoorty, or they can lean on the ateamer from the Western Wharvee at 1] "loSe roSme oao be aom* on Mjlioation U Messrs. More an Jt Rhlnehart, Western Wharvea ' nbight inflbe reoeired if to the ho?ri ofdejar &SS43 "fti" aoooramodations for pamengera by tots lint are in every respeet lr?t o aae, and every effort *11 be made to raadeftlus eomrnumoation with New York an acremhle and heal thfsl one. Foe freickt or passage apply to FOWLK * CO., Aien , A ?xxaB7?ROMWKLL k qq mm w?* -? ??HT.1WW Vnrfc N>WYO RK AND WA8H1 N 8 TON The Staaaier MOUNT VERNON will 1mm Alexandria and Wathinrton for New ~ ??rk EVERY WhPNBEDA Y. JZ Stfivi'U^rir*?6 11 mVh*fcfr*rihTh< >a fo rth eat*Mwir'* dV&Vture For frtight or W, I I A*LOW BgftgB ^^SWFW, lodeoaa, Aoodraewae. ft*. ; aa 15 w?UMr?Rt|baOkiak*riaf 4 Hbsa^ pilBoa D _ '., NOTICB, ~ ? J 'W0,U'Y' i F . 1 1 ' H A I . e'." .1 J^ '-j f , >? * i ' 1 ? MBPHHMB. D* ,MTurlniu LOCK HOiririfc, Hmt DiumnrU tkt ?utt (Vum?, Sfttdf, amd mif Kf tcrua.1 Rtwitdf m ti? World, POB ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DRLICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMED ATKLY. A EVRE WARRANTED, OR NO CHARGE. IN FROM ONE TO TWO DATS. VmIuw af Ui ktt, llfUULTM iliiUm rftti EMatyi lad l?4d*il in??Ianury Diictaipt, Ibmun;, twiwl Dtklltly, Rtrttmm, D7t7iMT.UtfMf.Uv ijiinti, C?arawau tfUiti, Ptlptttuaa tliiilMn, ribidi(;,lt?blii|i, Dimntai M Stfhi ?r hMiaiM, Diaiut aflb* Iwi, Thraafc Hhi it Skill, AfiktMM ?f Ui Luri, kMxk M ltvtliLhM* Ttrnblt Ducidtn uui>| frtm lalitir; litili *1 Ttaih?ikatt Dratdfal and Dttiratu* Practical vkiek twill Mutufi MfMiUi, tad dutm kaia M; tad Miad TOIRUMia ipialtllT vto km ktuoi ? tiitiai af MMU7 Tit*, tktt dra*Jfai ud dMUicUTi htktt vkicta taaaallv ivitf* M to anumily grm?? tbaaundi ifTNt| Mac ifi* mi * tlud talaau tad kriltant iatallact, vki Bigkt itkirtai ktTi loirutad iMMoiaf Itmtii with tbilkaadin ifilHMMlN fUld ta IMU7 ? liTinf lyn, at J HU vnk fan aaafl****** MAU11H. MtlllU PKMOMI, ? Yaaaf MiiMauafblla(M(> rlui, knu t*4N af afcjnatl wuhwi, ?|uU dikUlif. dtrlrmiUM, *?., tpttdilT tared. vka pltci* kimttlf aadtf iki mm af D*. J. may rallft aily taoldi in kit kanat tt a (tailimaa tad aaaftdiaUy rat* pan kit (kill aa t pkyiitiaa. urrics Na. r aovra PMDiaicinttiT, lift kAud tida rttnf fvMi laltiraMA ? ? * ? <???? * iki tmit. KiI dn uikHtii'HMu7iuiit. fciHw ?> H p?M tW aaatala ?W? BR. joan?Toa. Hiakin af tba Boyal CMlifi ifhriiMi, rnlltM fr?m ana af the bmi eminent Callegaa m the Baited him, and tb? greater pert af wbaee Ufa hu beea epaot in the baaCle af koodoo, Pane, Philadelphia ud iliivbni, bu ef 4 eaene af tb? mil aeteniehing cam that wan evai Uiti; many traabled with ringing la tba baad aad tan whaa aalaap: (real oerreeeooie, being alarm a J at ndiai eeanda, baabfblaeea with fre^aent blaehing. attaodad taaattaaa with ddtaaxaaaot af mind, war* earad Immediately, TAU PA1T1CIUI NOTICE. Yavag Man and atbara wba bare injared ubamaalvaa by a attain practice indalged la vbaa alaoa?a babit freqaeotly learned frarn eril companiene, ar at ecboal, tba affaeta ? which ara nightly fall eren when aalaap, and if oat eared, raudara marriage Itapeaaibla, aad doetreya balk aM lal bodr, abaald apply immediately. Thoaa art aama af tba aad and melancholy effeete prodaaed by earl* babiu of Teeth ?i? t Waaknaaa aftba Back aad Uisba, Paine in tba Meed, Dimneee of Bight, Laaa af Maacalai Pawar, Palpitauea af tba Meart.Drepepay, Nerroaa Irritability, Derangement of tba Digeeure raacuane, Ueaeral Debility, eympiome of Coi.eamf tien, Be. MENTALLY.?Tfce faarfal affaeta aa Ik a ailad ara aaaak ta ba draadad?Laaa af Memory, Cenfaeieo af Idaaa, Dopreeeioa f Spirito, Eti] Ferbedirje, Araraaoa of Social*, alf-Dialrwt. Lara af Balitada,Timidity, ata., ara eeue ar tk? arila pradaead. MEB.YOBB DB11UTT.?Tbaaaaada aaa aawjadga what ie the Caaee of their declining health, leeinc their nror. be Maine vitk, pala, Qtrrwu ud amaaiatad.iaviaf aalnfwlaj >ry?uu? ah.aitha ayaa, CM|b or ayinptami af aaaaampuaa DIBKASKf or IMPRCDKNCB. Vkio tha mitfaidad and impradant rotary ?t plaaaara lata ka ku irobikad iba aaada af tkia palnfal diaaaaa, it tM iflu kappact that aa ill-umad aaoaa ( b>m< ar draad ?f dttet'ary datara bin frain applying la thoaa wha, fram adacattaa ud raapactability, ??n afoot btFnanii him. Ha falla lata lk? kin da af and daaiyninf pratandara, who, incapable af cariui, flch hit pacaoiary aebeiaiict, kaap him iriliof maalh after month, ar a? louf aa tha amalleat faa can ka ektaintd, and in deepair laare him vilh ram ad baaltb la airk a? v hi* rallinf diaappainuaant; ar by tka aa* af that da a alt panon, Marcary, haeiea (ha eatiauiatiaoal aymptame af Uu tarribl* diaaaa*, aachaa Affaeuonao' the ait. Threat, Neee, prorroeainf with frifbtfai rapidity, till dtath paua parted ta hi* dreadfal aafirian k; eendmg him ta ihat aaitecarered eantr; fram vbaea beam* aa trareier mana. DR. JOHNSON*UMEDY POR ORGANIC VXiUIH AMD mPOTKMCY. y tbla (real and Impartial remedy waakaaaa af tka erraaa if* epeedily earad and Ml ?i ?a? reatered. Thaaaaad* af tka aat nintt* aad debilitated, vka kad laat all hope, kar* klti> immediately rallatal All impedimenta ta Marriage. Pkyelaal ar Mealal Dleeailllealiena, Laaa af Praareiure Pavar, lartiaa Irritability Tramkiiaf and Waakaaaa at Elkaaatlaa aftka aaeetfearfa1 kind apeeedtly eared. KNDOUEMBIT Of TBS UN. TUX MANY THOUSANDS earad atthia inautaUaa wlUta tka laat eerecteen yeara, and tka namereaa impartial Sarftaai aparatiani performed ka Dr. Jofcnaoc, vitaa***d by tka rapartara af tha papara and many a'.ktr peraani, uatiaaa af whtcb hata appeared a|am aad again k?f?r? tka pahllc, bealdaa bit atanatnf aa a IntltattM ataraeiar aid raaaacatkllityi la a aaftctiul (ututaa u tka eNtated. )aa M-ly l"VR. J. HOVKK IMITVM MJ IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, At now being used from Mains to the Groat Salt Lake, anl ttoe universal verdiot of all who use them either aa a wudiettu or as a bivcrat*, is that they are ansurpased in the world. Dr. Dods used them suooessfaUy m hii practioe for SS years before we purchased of nim the sole riiht to mannfeotnre and present them for nle to tne public. For the ou^e of Inoipiont Consumption, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Pile*. Nervous Diseases. Vemfle C*\u plaints, and all oases rMBirijpt a tome, they are beBund doubt a most invaluable retredy. Aside from leir medioinaJ properties they are a pare, wholesome and delightful Beverage, produoir.g all the pleasant exhilerating effects of Brandy or Wine without their injurious results. Let all friends of humanity and all advocates of temperanoe assist us in substituing these valuahle Vegetable Bitters for the mintral poistms ud cujviiera.itJ Luwen with whioh the country is flooded, and tfceretiy aid in buushmg Disease ??d Drankeness from the lat?. CHARLES W1DDIFIELD * CO., Proprietors, TS William street, New York. J. SCHWARZE. Agent, Washington, D.C. DR. J. BOVEE DOD8' IMPERIAL OIS BITTERS. For Diseases of the Kidney s, Bladder and Urinary | Organs, and espeoially for Female Obstructions, I nAVAP f?i I tA AUM ami * *> -i? ?* " ?? >> M IMJMU W I1TV HUItaction. CHARLES WIDDIFIELD k. CO.. Proprietora, TS William at, New York. J. SCHWARZE, Je 7 ly.r Agent, Washington.!). C. JOY FOR THE SICK AND SUFFERING. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED READ! APPLY THEHEUEMY REJOICE HEALTH. Friend, do you suffer:' Are you the vioUm of j of those numeroni ailmenta which ansa iroia iaparity ofthe blvodf Whatare they, do yon uk.' Rather a?k. what are they not? The blood ia the ouroe of lite and health, and it le the ftret element of oar being to reapond to any oanae whioh ?ff(oU th? eyatein, aa the pulae infallibly' at tea La The ever prevailing Nenralf ia, the irntatinx Frya pe a?, the anbtle Sorofela. the agonizing Rhenmatiam, Ner ona Debility, Dyapepaia, Liver Complaint with ita torpor and dejection, and the nnmberleas ilia that fleah ia heir to, derive 'heir hideona origin from the blood. Deal kindly thea and g?ntly with the blood. Ue? the vitalising resources of natare for ita aid. and anffer ua to commend to yonr oonfidenoeana aae that traly valuable me<tioam?nt known ae MRS M COX'S INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to thia almost infallible specific popular aentiment haa apn^ea in avoided tar ma, and the evidences of this great efQoacy are aoatained by eonatant avowal a of ourative and tn? ha.ppie?t reaulta from ita use ate afW all other rem*diea and the beat medical akili have failed. Let ua ear, in eonoluaion, th*t oerti&eates fllirii *.rn nnt snuvht frnnn th? illiUrata ? ficial, but they ara volunteered /rora tli? moa^7e pectable aouroea and ju?tifj the highest terms in whioh it is poaaible to commend *o valuable a apeoifio to pub io approval. We may add also tbat the curative propertieaof the medioine are equalled only by ita restorative electa, the ayat'm rego%-erin* from diaeaae with renewed conatit^t'oual viror. For sale b? all reapectafcle Drug tints in this oitr, and by tfie proprietor, RJRS. W. COX, <one rename melees her nam* ia buown on the bottle and her aeal on the oorf fn- Pnee SI per bottle, aix bottle* for ?ft. Wkolrsalt itent. R. J*. T. CISriKL. Drugciat, Georgetown,!) C., Wholeaaie Agent for the Dia trior, aiid will supply the trade at my prioes. am i?-tr I ~279 * $?$!?' 206 ra.ATB., FOREIGN PRU1TS, Pa. Ava., 8egs leave to oall the attention of his friendsand I i* public generally to his New Store, under Willard's Hotel, just opened, in oonoezion with hi* old establishment, whore he wi.l be hapev to ra? Giive any orders for sapenor Confections of hisowa iportation. _ _ Also,all orders for DinLOTs, Sappers, Ballp, and Evate Parties, whioh will be eorvod up ia his intable style, with the aame promptasss ana disHtelt whion h? he* hitri?rto innwn iw s ~A WM. T. DOVE A CO. ARE Now prepared to execute any orders with which they may be fevored in the PLUMBIN6, FITTINf ITr Store on 9th street, aftw doors north of Pa, PlliE ^EE PCTtlS OLD RYE WHISIY.-Oa hand eevera brand* of Pure Old Rye Whi>kr> Copper Oiauiied. made by the moet reliable distillers in penasvlvaaia, Married and Virginia, warranted aare. Aieo, Imported Brandies, Benr.esay, QtanL Ropey A Co., Jules Robins, &0. Al*o7Peaah and Apple Brandy, pure Holland Sin, old Jamaica and St. Croix Rom, and wines uf every variety,ail of ssr M 1Mv vBO Pa av.. Mv nth and IMS ate. W1 DAMAGED BOOKS. E Have a lot of Parker 4 Watson's Readers and Speilnrs that were damaged a little bv water ia the steamer from Now York, whioh will be sold fur ha f the usual prion. BLANCHARD 4 MOHUN. A * * ' - ? ? i.ornernm 'Land Pa. a*. Flour, meal, mill feed. *o. Just received on eonsif ninent? 70 hbls superior brand of fresh ground Family. Extra and Superfine Floor, 1 3D bbU. No. 1 Rye do., Fresh (round Corn Mea> and \(ll| Peed of aM kind* mmi'aiilly oa hand, for sal* low in lots to ami ?u3MnT pT|^ morrison t no. JU8T Received from^ie VirfVuta Oil Company Ml barrels prime PARAFINK COAL OIL, VBloh Is warranted eqaal (a the N?v York or Boston oil. The trade can toe supplied oa the ean>e term* aa "g g-U'** ... AL K ! XX ALB AND XXX ALB!! Jto ... ?? p la&tkhkhs, PlNMA. AviNDB, U4tWM0 lou uul Uth stTMta. j? i? CARRIAGE FACTORIES. | WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. D Strut, 9tk mmd XOth Strttu. W? hava juat fkmabad a ounbv ol Iratola** CARRIAGES, ?ueh aa ?i?4i fuo^BA Part PWlMU. hmt/k rtAfts, and But tits, wfcieh w will Mil >f t? I T?r? aifiall prnit. Bwnc practioal niaohamea id difaraat braoobe* of tba o?iiw?, we dill?r uuraeiraa that wa k mo* ui atfiaaaud taautj of work Uaitriui aatj fWotion, oumbiuiDf iif btnaaa, oomiurt ana darabtn ^kntirlnc prompt? and oarafatly umirf to tk* BIlOrtMt D< tlOa ind DOtt NUOMblt ?M{m, WALTER. KARMANN A BOfK CoaohnMkara, noMtton to Wm. T. Hoc*. a# SP?-dlT nn CARRIAGES. *""" J. HE ftabaertbar unm iaaa* U hi tilorr. mMinK it bow om of th* the Dtetnot, whore hi* flMilib** nanaiaoturiLt CARRIAGE* LIGHT mBBKB, WAGONS or all k.nda cannot be iarpaaao.1, and from bit lone experience in tk* tiniM, he hop** to civ* f*ner*i ?*ti i'action. All kind* of Carnac**aad Light WMuikoftN *AUREPA1R8 mtli d*a*. and all ordara ^roaH ly att*nd*d ta, .sir1"" TS-tf aoraor at utb a?d R ala dentistry" D DENTAL CARD. R. W'NSOi* uu r?turi?4 and retaaed hi* profeaaioa. Office and hoaaa at 4t>3 E third door aa*t of Sixth. In addition t Mlas* everr o'her aDsrovad ?t*la. i?r. of Wa? ^->11 m teeth on Tuloanite But for the >ui th ee mn, acri, from experience, knows it exoels all others, and is one-third lees in prioe than gold Hi* otd patrons of Wulxniton, Alexandria, a: d Georgetown are respectfully solicited t > call, aa % ? ly D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOM IS* Haseloeed his oflioe for the Mason, and will bo absent, at usual, daring th* sub taer months ; will re?uine practice about the 1st of Octol?er. of which further notice will be givea. jj ">-tf D DENTISTRY. R. MILLS, after a practice test of two yeqra feels that he oan with oonftdenoe recom mead the Cheoplastic 1'roces* (or insertiniMUlBHf art.uoial teeth It hA the advantages or**1"? strength, beaaty.oleanlmees, and cheapneea. Pal seer sets inserted for )!. Partial la preportioc. OAoe IH Pa. anmia eel MlSGELLAAEOUa. HOWE'SIMPKOVKD WEIGHING SCALES These Soaies are ollered to the public as um moat simple, durable, and reliable eoales ever sat it ase. First olaas premiums have been awarded thaa br the United states Fair and Virginia Af iculturaJ Society; Virginia State \rrisutura.; Kajr: Institute Fair, penusy vn i*. N*w York Fair; Vermont State Fair, Jtc.. fto. In every ww ?b*r? exhibited they aave received first eiau preouuu I <>> w e at Louisiana avenue, Depot of Biiiar* Chil.ed Iron Safes.deM-ly K* C. PATTISON. A(?t WASHINGTON BKWING KOUMtt, " M ?tt it., nn doors Sank / fa 4m, Nov u the time to jet SPRING and ri'MMKI StilKTtt made as to order. The aabscribw is pr?pweTto make 8fllRTS, DRAWERS, Aa., at the iirsa? ?t*r If-tf m ? ?nTM IRE, FIRE. POTOMAC WATER. I am still en tared in the PLUMBING and GAB FITTING BUSINESS at my old stand la Philkarmonio Hall. The advantage of having a pleatiful supply of water was readily ohsarved at the ire of yesterday, as I am well sati'fied 1 shoald have bam burned not bat tor the bountiful supply upor mf premises and th*t of iny neighbors AH orders fur the lntroduotionof Watsr and Gas will he prompt'* attended to. Terass m reasonable as any plnmber in the eity. Jy 8 C. BNVDBR. / / kjosokt: \\ l^/<* OI^ATCH! \V?V Safe the Pimi! At *etidt*t% will kmrrm, i?m fa wli r<nU?i<4 / milUt, it is very desirable to have wni aheap and oonvenient nr for refairinf Fsrnitare, Tort. Crockery, fee. IPALBIM8*! PREPARED OLUB MMi all such emergencies. and no houeehoid eaa afford to be without it. It ia always rsady and ap to the sUokiug point. There is no lancer a a ease sit* for limping chairs, splintered veneers. head.eee dolls, and broken cradles. It is iest the arOole for oone, shell, and other ornamental won, so popular with ladies of refinement aa<1 taste. This %dnurab<e preparation is need oold, betas ohemieaily held in solstion, aad posse?if all the Suable * uaiibes of the beet oabinet makers' | lee. aay be used in the plaoe of ordinary maailaf a, a< vastly more adhesive. " USEFUL IN ETERY HOUSE.* GfcMSSi aooompanies each bottle. Wk*l4fU Dtptt, No. 48~C?dar street, New Yark. Pot up for Dealers ia Caaas containing Foar, Ei?M,and Twelve Doien?a beastifal Lithofra^kw Show-Card accompanying each packace. ITT* A slnile bottle *f RPdT ? ? PARED a 1.1 F ?fi aave ten~fimm u ooat *d- I Dually to erery Hon?hold.-/T? Bold by all fronnuent Sttationera. Dragfiete, Hardware aad Farm tare Dealera, Grooera, aad Facoy Store*. Country merobaata akoald make a note of SPAL DlfiB'S PREPARED GLUE. wkee makim* M their list. It will *tand any climate. f?" <My u'jfl X' ??* ^ 6?* 4)0 2d .? *?/ ? ?**('*?? * KmB?? ' ? mi' lb'*?*?I jll^ </) jFdi' V W ***" '*** *" ** V*"1 Whflr-, J. f.TxT.0 ^ lltia?M^ll> fit*tit mJm. IlimjF * 2 c?. (Tg Y-v^iihn* *"t /%**?'* **& gjjjj | a? Mtditmml ^ ) BoU^pr^ S^MX y| 'I CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING'THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS mmmmsk* WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABELALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEt WM.HJJALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOOTH WILUAH SI NEW TOOL tOR SALE IN WASHINGTON MY j T-ly BAJLBOUE A IKMM1 fRLEUAM ^ SIMPSON ^OLD FAMILY EYE wins KEY, Phceniz IMatillarr. on the Schayikili riw. ruk < wsa^j&tssbSs. v-?i2?r p*-> ' i. - ^ | MEDICINES. JNPBOTINB; o*. jvrju AMD AU9M UfBtMNAtED. Til HUMAN CONSTITUTION IAVU FROM WRECK. THE PREVENTIVE AND REMEDY 9mm all INTERMITTENT AND EILIOVS FETER9 CURBS 1NHUBKD IN A DAY. , NATL'IB'H flRANO IKSTOBATIVK. INPECTINE, 1NPECTINM. INPECT1NK, INPECTINE. INPECTINE INPECTINE. Th? 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