Newspaper of Evening Star, September 29, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 29, 1860 Page 1
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f I + *^=^======= =i=as ?3S3S5SS5S3BSC3C3SSCSS^?S35E?3SSSSS3^SS3SSSI^^SS!SSS^CS;S!^SES^S^ESSSSES^S^S3^SSS^E^3ES^^S^SS^^S^H!SS^S^E^SS^^ .V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER 29. I860. N?. 2576. THE EVENING feTAR la PUBUSHKP HVBRY AFTERNOON, f*'*JNDAYS EXCEPTED,) at the star Bi'iuxnes, Vomer *f Pmwrylvmum mwim *mi lliA st., - W. IK W4LLACH. " ; . qi 1 1 ? iO : tr r?f?r? nrnd n yMO(H by MnNTMt #4 a rear, or J7 cwtim i?>atlu To anil ?al*?lb?ra tli* ?noe is 93JD ? j&*r, ?* <tf & ??*, #2 for its month*; 31 for thro* month*, ud for thAU thra*mt>n*ia at th* r?*? rtftto?>nt? ft t?k. Btfigi* ?opif?. uncut JIM vmrpot*, TWO CHTt. 117* Aon*T!UKEin ??ou,d be Mat to tfct otto* Mora it ?> oc k m ; *tftorviM tti?y may sot ft?oftr - * ? ? - - - oui w? next aay. OCACOIV PAin^A'S FAMILY. Tbe sound of the stage horn flowed in tweet,aioanifui oarrfr ^ jn and out ?f the hollow*, ad tbe eeb'>?? among tie hills oaagbt them up and tor.j?d them back and forth through tne fora'.t, they ran in long, silvery add lea P t^e turnpike, end over the meadows, and c'.om the orchard, till they reached the eari \od stirred the hearts of the quiet lltUe illage of Woodatook, whose farm hoasea aat in the valley it the foot of a long chain of hills, like a company of pilgrim* gathered to worship before the shrine of a vast temple. It waa juet at .<nn?et. and Somehow those long. Biournful *un >r tones seemed the fitting close mt the day's aorriee?that autumn day which had arisen on tho mountains in garments of sar-hine, and marched through the hours in fcaaaty ?ad rejoicing * tiring "Glory to God!" 'he Crt?tor of its rood and perfect gift. Hut it was a day fraught with dread and forebodings to thousands of homes and hoar's in the land, for tho voioe of war was abroad in tho earth, and mothers had strained their 4*ave sons Cor the last time to their boaoina. and seen then go forth to the battle, and husbands and fathers had laid aside the plow and the wiytbo. and shouldered their mtisketo. and tahee their lives in their hands for the sake of I ^ a - ? ? - ? f-r^ractn, ana in tne stmt or tlie (iod of battles. bo do?p shadows lay on the <|uiet oountry ' hreeholds of almost every home in New England that autumn day, and almost erory hearth-stone was an altar where anxious, loving hearts sent up a cry to Qod for their beloved Mr? l'almer. wife of doaccn John Palmer, of Woodstock, stood in the wide, oldfasbioned kitchen of the dingy, yellow farm house, which she bsou^hther nusband on her marriage morning. She was an ample, motherly, pi want-freed looking woman, whose whole pnysiognomy corresponded with the r?otr Strings of red peppers and rows of dried apples were festooned along the ceiling, while a swinging board fastened to the beam, which divided the hall overhead, was burdened with herbs tad berries; hams, dried beans, reds and a motley variety of domestic wares. Mrs. Palmer's life had slipped over iU * - - lue'Q summer, and her black hair was thickly rtfied with gray, and thore were lines about her forehead, and the smile in her faded eyes had something rarrowtul about it, for Mr?. Palmer had walked with grief many times; and *)f the ten fair boys and girls who had been gathered to her maternal heart, only two remained to her old age. It was a small family under the roof of the old gr*y homestead on earth, but a larger one in that goldeu upper homestead whose blessed threshold is ucrer darkened by the phadow of death. Mns. Palmer paused as her ear caught the faint, sweet echoee of the stage-horn, and she deposited half a dosen freshly-boiled doughnuts in the pan on the table, murmuring to herself, "Now, for all the world, if that isn't the mail oo?ing in! Who knows bat what there amy be some news from Reuben ?" Ah, if you had heard how her voioe lingered over the name, you would hare known she was his mother. " I wonder if that boy'll take any sort o' fare of himself," continued the fond mother, dexterously convolving several strips of dough *nd planting them in the large iron kettle which hang over the fire, filled with boilinr fat. which iodignantly snapped and sputtered at their intrusion. "If there was a fray, he'd be sure to be foremost, for he al'ays was poking his head into II aorta o* danger, and never seemed to feel ^uite so eontent as when there was a oh unco o' getting his neck off his shoulders. ' I never could exactly see where he got his harum-scarum turn, for his father was al'ays a sober-minded man; hat it was amaiin' bow he'd be ?*rtin to come out straight. I never had an eaay hoar for the first ten years of his life, for fear ha d be brought home with broken ' limb*; but arter he'd gone through with what * would a kilted a dozen ordinary children, 1 kind o' gave up. I concluded he bore a charmed life Blase his heart! my brava, handsome boy never gave his mother a cross word in the world; and 1 saw the tears a shinin under his lathes that inornta' when he kissed me goodby. afore he started for the army, though he talked so' bold and chetry about his coming back a cap'n or a colonel. ,l if out fellow ! I kuM he won'tnt tho rh?n mati- cainpia' not mght, and they gay they have to pot up with tare such as we wouldn't have the face to offer to a smart dog. I wish I could do up a paper o' these doughnuts for the boy; he al'ays was food of 'em- Dear me, them cakes are harbin'," dipping her large tin ladle into the boiling fat; 14 but it al'ays fluitrates me when I get to thickin'o' Bcuben I in reminded sometimes o' what Parson Huntor said to me?' Miss Palmer, you musru't make au idol of your son. lie belongs to the Lord.' I know it's true as Scriptur , but I can't help thinkin' the Lord 'Uahow marsy on my weakness, oos ke's all I't? cot, and after a great many struggles I t* given up the other# to Him; but my very life a bound up in that boy, and if anything should happen t> him. God knows it would break hi* poor old mother's heart." And Mrs. Palmer broke down hnre, and she tat down on the old oakeu chest, and wiped her eyes on the corner nf her cheek apron. Light warbling* of some oM psalm tune fluttered down the stair-case, and tfcen the door opened, and a pleasant-looking girl burst suddenly into the room. Rabecca Palmer was tweaty-one, and the t . ? i _ t a . _ - e?gai oi n?r ortgni young iaoe ?u like a picture rejoicing the eyes. 8he wu not beautiful. but her cheek* were fall the glow of joath and the richness of perfect health. ' Well, akild," said Mrs. Palmer, taking her kettle from the crane, " You just bustle ronnd spry, and get op sapper. Your father and the men will oons home dear tuckered oat, for they've been fellin' trees all day, and we must Kt a hearty meal for 'am. You slice up some a, too, aind fry a dosen eggs, while I Hx sp some short-cake " " Mother did yoa hear the stage bora ?" askei iUbeeca, as aha laid the eloth, which ska had span with her own hands, for the - "in; AM l >u Kind ?r iiproaaed there wai news front Reuben " " I wonder what keep* father bq ?" remarked Rehecea. " Likely aa not he's gone round to the tavern to learn it there'* any tiding* front the armj." Another half-hour throbbed iUclf a war ia (he palaea of the great old-fa*hioned deck ia the corner, and Mk the womei had began to grow alarmed at the deacon'? prolonged abaeooe, when they caught the click of tfie gateiateb. aad hia heavy tread aloag the footpath. They aaw him 'top, aa uauel. at the wooden trough at the well, and waah hia haade there, *Bd then he came into the kitchen. s ' Why, father," began Mra. Palmer, with a little wifeiv admonition ' what ha* kmL vnn eo lonj ' I ra'lj began to get *careif about joa." * And the tuppart about karat to cindare," added Kebeccn. who waa in something of hurrpr to *et the table cleared In time tor MMI-Mwal. The deacon ?m a aquare-bvilt. sun-browned man; with ahaggj ?yebrvwt and weatharW?n feee. He came toward the table with a alow. gropiag movement, which neither of the ;,.pr*-oe3?piod women noticed. aud he cleared throat twice before ha (poke. f V * {waa ile^ained a apell on aoae matter of mj ova;" aid Mrs Palmer and Rebecca at oooeludad that be alluded to aotae bar?^ln with a neighbor "Don't you ?? the chair there, father?" liked Eebeeea ; for the old man atood atill a* a Y %tatae before the uhle, though his daughter had kit placed hi* seat at hi* elbow, and now he irnmKi de*a without speaking a word - V Whj, husband, I do believe you're deaf I , ,|n aiglu You haven't tnkea joet hat oC" *j?Uu?ed *? Fataer. ~ u Don't. wife, don't;" and the old man laid his straw hut on the floor beside him. The tiro women bent their beads reverently orer the board, waiting for the deaeon to invoke his customary blessings upon the meal; bat no sound broke the stillness. Mrs. Pataer glanoed up at bar hatband; bis bead, too,was bent over his plate; and astream of oandle light falling on hie face, revealed it tally to her gate. "John, something hat happened to you tonight," the said, leaning forward, and breathlevly searching bis face. A deep, convulsive sort of groan heaved out of the old man s lips; and both of the women grew white at they heard it. " Ob,what U it, father? do tell us!'' flattered up the frightened voice of Rebecca. Mrs. Palmer rose and wont to her husband, and laid her shaking fingers on his hard hand: '* Oh, John, it ain't anything about Reuben?" Sho cried out the words as one might if sword had struok suddenly into hia heart. Rebecca had sat still at the table, her sweet face struok white with wonder and fear, and her brown eyes fastened on her parents; but now she sprang up. and dropped down on her knees at the deacon's feet: "Oh, father, do say it isn't Reuben!" And her voice was like her mother's. The deaoon opened his lips, but he oould not xpeak He took the hands of his wife and his child, and covered them with his own trembling ones. "Oh, Lord, have mercy upon us!" groaned the stricken man! and then they knew. Mrs. Palmer crept up to her husband, and whispered, in a faint, broken voice: "Jest say my boy isn't dead, father. I can bear to hear anything else." And the deaoon made no answer; but the ervAat t na ro f?U <4a<b? ^ 1 -* * - * ?o.i uvnu ma luiruwea cnecKS, au<l it was enough. The tidings of the disastrous battle at Long Island, which closed the summer of 1776, had filled the land with mourning, for thousands of widows and orphans had been made in that terrible hoar, when so many brave Americans lay dead on the battle-field; and the news of the successful skirmish which took place the followiag month near King's Bridge, in New York, was everywhere hailed with glad noes and gratitude, and the little village of Woodstock bore its part in the general rejoicing on that autuuin night, when the stage first brought in the tiriinira The deacon'* family wta the only one in Woodstock to whom the news brought any sorrow, for it was in thin engagement that Reuben had fallen, lie was a great favorite throughout the village, and every heart wag filled with sadness when it thought on that bright, handsome face lying stark and rigid on the battle-field. It was late that evenioz when Parson Hunter entered the stricken bouse, for friends and neighbors feared to intrude on its awful grief. But the tendor-hcarted old minister could not rest till he had carried the swoet oalm of his love and faith into their broken hearts Parson liunter was a tall, white-haired old man, a fine representative of the ataunch old Puritan minister, but beneath some stateliness and austerity of manner beat a heart where were all fair and fragrant blossoms, and golden fruits of charity and love; a heart In whose pleasant and goodly paths the angels loved to walk with their shining faces, and of whom they wrote, '-Of suoh Is the kingdom of heaven r' The minister found the family in the kitchen, where we left it utterly crushed down by grief, which expressed itself neither by moans nor tears. Mrs. Palmer sat in the large arm-chair before the fire, where her husband had placed her, the crimson light fluttering over her face, which seemed frozen to stono, and her tearless eyes fastened in a blank gate on ihe wall, and it wits well, perhaps, that alarm for ber reason or her life had somewhat diverted her thoughts of the deacon and his daughter from the dead to the living, though it seemed to the minister that the last hour nad done the work of yoars on both of them " My friends," said the minister, speaking in his deep, solemn tone'. " I should not have come into your house of mourning to-night, feeling that the Lord could speak to your hearts hotter thanl; bat 1 remembered that it was twenty-four years ago this very month when yeu brought Reuben up to the altar to dedicate him to his God, and I felt that I had a right and title to oome." And the** words unlocked Mrs. Palmer's face. 8ho turned suddenly toward the old man as the visit of that Sabbath morning rose and walked up its long path of years and stood before her " 1 ?ee him! I ie? him!" ahe sobbed out. " with the little brown curia a danjin' round his face, and the marry brown eyes blinkia' under theiu. My little Reuben! he waa the s wee teat baby that ever gladdened a mother's heart, aod I waa so proud of him, and I thought God would spare him to be the ataff of his mother'* old age, because I bad given all the others to him. Oh, Parson Hunter, it oan't be true that I shall never look into hia face, again, never hear the sound of his voice, that he's lyin' off there on the battle-field, and his mother waa not there to smooth away the hair , from his forehead, or give him one kiss when iaavah ntv *""a *! -r uvi iw? mi iuo mi uoe : The old man ut still, overwhelmed by thii mighty burst of a mother's agouy. He closed his ayes for the tears that filmed them, and fait that for her he had neither help nor consolation. ' The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord." The low, solemn tones of the preacher, scarcely above a whisper, fell into the hearts of the hearers and stilled tbem, as man's never could, aa only tlod'a oan. Blessed Bible words, which we read over in the morning lesson and eveniag service, and never know the fallbees and riafcnese, the depths of meaning there Are in them till some awful sorrow of our own tooabw the springs, and then we go in, and 1*! theee old familiar passages are like stately roomsr^stikg on maseive pillars, and garnished and adorned with all fhir and beevtiiel things, or they rise before us like gardens filled with trees, whose branches are ovdened with gold and purple fruits, whose winds are full or the breath of iweet flowers, and whosa silence is stirred by the voice of soft-falling waters, aaid which tfeo soul may walk and be refreshed. Oh, reader, for yva, too, sooner or Uter, must eome this time when all earthly help shall tail VOIl whan Tin knmin , -- ?V><H MU> W V* ??? or healing u> jou. and in tkoH rilaat and awful orrowi ?hn ool j the voioe of God can speak to the heart, you, too, may And what it is to have the windows of the preraise* opened, and your soul shall ait down nndar their biassed shadow* and be healed Days parsed away. A yo?ng man walked along the country road slowly and wearily, leaning upon a stoat oak staff; his face was ghastly white, and he wore the bine uniform of the "Continentals.'1 He had a terrible wound in his right shoulder, and had been left on the battle-Held for dead. He opened the back gate softly, and gated all about him?at tfce wood-pile im oae oorner of tha gtaal jajd, i near the sub-tlowar stalks, ud thfl tfnall qoiace-treos which grow on one sidaol tha old brown homestead of Daaoon Palmer. i Suddenly the kitehen door opened, and He btoca Pahner came out of the door with a Ua basin in bar hand, and the man'a i?j m h* hoard her ?ay, In her quick nwj : "rf! "N ever sei?d?prioklifc' theas clothe*,mother, .1 I'll attend to it as ?oon as hanted up a few o' tb? winter pears to stew fbr sapper," and he saw the light. rapid figure hasten roaad the corner of the house to the "Id pear tree jnst in the edge of the pasture, which he remeni bored cfiabiag to many tiiaes in hi* boyhood, aad uKid Whoee braoche* he had gathered,?ie faded birda' nests every fall. He followed the qeiek Agure eUaltkiiy, and stood trill mo- 1 dropped down on the yellotr graas, and wu searching amid it for the frait which the wiad had shaken off. " Becky, Becky, I gay!" She tamed quickly, and aa her eyw fall upon hia face, a ghastly pallor crept over hen. Sha oorered it with her handa, and uttered a shriek not load, for it seemed to lie for very terror is her throat. " Why, Becky, do look ap here! Now haven't you got a better welcome than this for your brother when he's oome back from the dead, like?" But she cowered oloser down In the grass, and moaned and shivered lire the leaves in the old park pear tree. " Bee here now, what on earth ails 70a ? If ?oa lake me for a spirit, jest look up and I'll e able to convince 70a I'm honest flesh and blood yet." Ue lifted her up with one arm, for ahe was too weak betwixt fright and wonder to resist; bat the old, familiar, hearty tones half assured her Sha lifted her face from her hands and looked at her brother's a moment with a strained,wild glance; then the glad troth broke into her heart, for the haiel ejos had their old roguish ?:lacce. though they were set in a pale, wasted ace. "Ob, Rouben, Reuben. I thought it was a ghost!" and she fell upon his neck with a wild sob of joy. It was long before he could get her to talk rationally. She would throw her arms around his neck. and. hutrein? him tiirhtlv. murmur such tender words over him, betwixt sobs and laughter, as Reuben Palmer had not heard since be lay, a babe, in his mother's crib. " You precious, darlin' fellow, have you really come back to us alive? Bless your heart, how white and changed you arc! Oh, Reuben, darlin', is it really juu, or am I dreamin'?" And at last she grew calmer, and was able to tell ber brother of that terrible night when the awful tidings came of his death, and how they hadn't one of them smiled sinoe; and how, though his mother tried to "bear up," every one who looked in her face could see that her heart was broken. And both the young man and the maiden sat down on the grass and wept as though they were little children. At last Rebecca rose up. ' Oh, what will mother say? You must come right into the house. Reuben; only p'raps I'd better break it to bar Blow like, for she's weakly now, and the ?uddcu jjy might kill her. Oh, thore's lather"' And they saw the old deacon come slowly into the yard and alight from his horse just before tba barn door, and remove the heavy bags of flour from the animal's back; for the old man had just returned from the mill. " We'll go and tell him first. You just keep around the corner of the barn, and I'll break the news," cried Rebecca. She came panting up to her father just as he was leading the horce into the barn. "Oh, say, father, I want to tell you?some* it.: f- u- j tn tiling B iiippoueu . The old man turned mnd lonke-l into the eager face of hi? daughter, and his son, standing a little way off, could see the change which the last two weeks bad wrought in his face. " Well, what is it, my child ?" " You'll be so glad, father, and yet?I can't tell it. Oh, Reuben, do come here !" And he came out. "Father!" The vague superstitions which almost all country people held at that period of ghosts who haunted their old homes, and visits made by the dead to the living, at once suggested even to tbe well-balanced mind of the deacon the possibility of hia sou's spirit returning to him. j lis turned white as his child had done, but he did not speak, and Rebecca cried out, " Don't be afeard, father. It isn't a ghost, but Reuben's own self, and he wasn't dead, aa wa all thought." One long, steady glance, and the father knew his child. "Oh Ueuben, my son Reuben, the Lord be praised And tho father and son fell upon each other's neck, like Jacub and Joseph of old, and wept. " We mutt break it to mother easy, children, or it'll aartiu kill her for joy," said the old man, vigorously wiping his faoe with hit pocket-handkerchief. So it wat arranged that Deacon Palmor should go in and break the joyful tidings to his wife according to hit best judgment. The trio went to the house ; l>eacon Palmer entered the kitchen, and his children stood iust outside the door. wh?r? fhov onnl.! very word. Mr*. Palmer was slicing aoine apples into a wooden bowl. She did not look up aa her huuband entered; all these weeks she had gone on with her household dutiee, carefully find assiduously as ever, but with a faoo which grew more patient and pale every day? more like the faces over which the grasses grow and the winds walk. " Wall, Becky," she said, " I couldn't make out what had kept you. You've been k hoap of time huntin1 taern pears." All the life had gone out of her voice; it was .. f,.n '?t -- i i? ' luu vi ^iici ?uu paLlvil^O * UCI I (ice. " It'u me, Mother, not Becky. I've just got home from the mill, and I'vs keer'd good news." " What kind o' news, father?" with toaroely a faint atir of intereat. " Ahem?wall, thia ia from ihe army." Tha old woman sighed. " Then the Lord's given us another victory over our enemy." "Wall, not that exactly. It'* aomethin' that oonaarna us more nearly?aomethin' that'll give you great joy, mother." Poor old uian ! Ha was internally congratulating himself on the tact and discretion with whioh he had approached hia subject; but he could not keep a tone of triumphant gladness out of his voioa, and he was not astute enough for a woman'a quick intuitions. "John," she said, turning round and looking him full in the f*o??a look that fairly staggered him?" have you heard anything about Reuben?" " Wall, yes, it did conaarn him?." He broke iown here. " Reuben, come in and let your mother h*ar for h*m?!f " " Mother !" She ff*re one long, greedj look as his shadow fell over the threshold. She comprehended it all in that glanee, and stretched out her ami as ha rushed forward, bat they on!/ clutched at the air, for before she could gather him to her heart she had fallen to the floor. Har son that was dead waa alire again, bat the methvfa joy was more than her heart could bear. But the color soon oame to the faded eheeks, and at erea-tida oa that happy day was heard in good Deaoon Palmer's booaa the roioe of praise aad thanksgiving to Him who in His wisdom " taketh away," but in inerey 44 restoreth again." N O T I c E! I wish all rentlemen V. t<> brar in inind that U>? plan whiob I ^ ^Ur8iWiF?w n?[?JJZ',pt duoW fnoM for ca*h u in oownfui operation. Ja?t rwi??rt a ftUl ?nppijr of U? latest V#w York ntylew of DKE39 HATS Thj v<*y iBMt Uwt ?3S0; ft fratrftte Hat ?8: aid vary good, fkshio-able Hat_?S*). Alloftlin lat-fltst; ! ? of aoh HATBaad CAPS, at th* rerj to #?*t ???! ? . I ftm constantly uppiied wi'h a very Iar*? eforfcof those finn DRESS BOOTS ? #176-wkieh h bw bora selling for many JggjJM tf^rwrr ^lM,Fr?wli'JC?i?Li'G5S?r?^om ssu. ?3yt* E>OK pur of COACH HOBSBS, " young uul U*t,i?U for no W.nJL HMAN4TO rowr. Mlvmtfriw?. h?tw?n ai ? ?* ?u. M ? ii P"?C? "j? ?BN1'?8W HAT* T.n0WSMBIkBU 1 A MRS. WIULOW, N Exporien ed N arte acd Female Pi<y?lclAB, to tlx attention of mothara. her SOOTHING SYRUP, f?r Children Toatlilac, Wkl?k fftttly ftcliltitu lb* frcctn ?f locking, k<y m(Im ?? ifmrfUl ?I??WU1 Bjlay ALL r*m ui ipuaidlt tetiw.ud U S ffME TO RBti VLATM THE BOWELSD?p?od apat It, BHtirt, it will (in rM M ;nmltii,u4 RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOOK INFANTS W? kifi fit ipiaiiiiii ihiairueli hrmtui y*ar*,tcd CAW VATi Iff COIiriDIKCI AND TRUTH af It, wbbl V* ha*a Ttr baan able la *ay af aoj OTH?? Madltma?MKS Mac IT r?iLin,lit A * >? LI II' ITiUCI TO ?? riCT A evil, WIHSLiUW'B ?t.a tiroaiy uti Marar did wt kuaw nnviuita ah inataac* af die aauafac'jen by any rr,a wba md it. Ou Ike aartrary.allara 8If 11'J P, dalirfelad with iu URATioitk, ud [" ? to tirni af hifb*?t eacnraanditian *f il* ni? -ital eta a?d aadical nnaaa. We apeak la ;bt* mailer what wI do no?," ifttrtu y**ra' *ip*ri*nc?, and PLIDfil OCI RirCTATIOX Pt? THI ri'LriLMBRT Of WHAT Wl RMI I>?CLARB. In almaat *?*r j mataace whar* IB a infant I* Hillkey fraai paia and eahaaeiian, raliat will b* feand intfieaa br iwea;? ninataa after the eyrap la aumiaiaiered. Tbia ralaaMe preparauao ia in* preeeripuaa af ana af ika aaat IIPMIIKCIP and IIIirrL Kl'llll in New Enalud, aadbaa baan aaad with *lTll-rtlim? aOCCIM U THOUSANDS Ot CASES. It Mt ealy relle?ee tba child fratn pain, bat InrigwratM tka alamaab aad bawala, carract* acidity, and ji?ea taraaad aaarf y ta lb* wbalt ayatem. It will tlmeat ioetaally ralttre Gtirim ill thx Bowiu and Wind Colic, aad*T*rcoma canvalaiaoa, which, if .iM aj-eaJW? remedied aad in death. War--???????ikaliev* (ttk* bb?t AlllDlblTRIM- FOR Rt?T in the WORLD ia all Caeea of DVk- CHILDRK!! i?TUT and dia* iica IP* chil- XKCTIIIKQ ''* >* whaiher it ana** from teklhinf 1 * from an* other Iimi. W? ?Nl luy > a.ary moth.r who baa a cfiild fannf from ao? of tb. longing complaint.? do nor lit t?ui riUi'Dicu.Nak thi rnuvDicii or othmj lUnd batwatu ;?ir .c faring child ud th. r.liaf that will b? ir*i?y*. *??olutslt ii'ii-ti follow tia sat of tb madieraa, if tltraly aaad. Full dir.ctior.' rr u?in j will a an.pany aaeh bottlt. (iKfll rtowlna aolaa. Iba hc-t:iull CURTIS * PKRKlNS.Naw York, M on :h? aat.ld. wrafpt c.d hy r>;?* (Ida ihroufh?l* tba wail J. Pt<neip.l OlBca. H?. II C? lar W. T. Fnaa an 1 r XA Casta par Battia. M lldftwl T Household I# Pa<es. Household Journal. 50 Cslauu. Journal. Three Ceats Weekly. Fitly Ctlumni. Pronounced the Cheapest and Best Periodteal of the Day. TI1K BEST WRITERS WHICH MONEY CAN COMMAND. THE BEST AND MOST ELEGANT LITERA TUKK. THK BKST MUSIC, BY THK BEST COMPOPOS KR9 THK BEST"'WIT AND nUMOR. THE BEST PUZZLES AND CHESS PROBLEMS. THE BEST GARDENING AND HORTICULTURE. THE BEST RECIPES FOR THE HOUSE AND WORKSHOP. THE BEST LESSONS IN GERMAN AND FRENCH. THE BEST BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES. THK BEST HISTORY AND TRAVEL. THE BEST SCIENTIFIC AND ARTISTIC NOTE*. THK REST POETRY. THE BEST TALES OF FACT AND FICTION. THE BEST ANSWERS TO CORRESPONDENTS. THE B FST MUSICAL AND DRAMATIC CRITICISMS. BBSlDIB THE FINE ARTS. NEW INVENTIONS, LEADERS ON CURRENT TOPICS. *c , 4r . Ac., Ac. EVERY WEEK-ALL FOR THREE CENTS. (I7"Tb? Trad* supplied by Rota k. Tomey, and Dexter tt Company, or any of the wholesale Neva Ajenta in New York. Publiahera. A. HARTHILL fc CO., 20 North William street, near Chatham, New York Order the firat number from your Newa Agent, cr end a Three Cent Stamp to the publishers for it. sunacripuoD pnoe 91.? a year, paid id advaaoe. m tVeoSt Proposals for matkriaiTfor thk APPROACHES OP TllE SOUTH WINO OF THE TREASURY EXTENSION. TRKAdCH l)?rARTMKNT. / BCRXXU 0* CoS3THCCTIO!t, *ept. 22, 1N^( PaoroS'LS will be reoeiv?d at this Department until 12 o'olock ia.. on tti" iJ day of October, I860, lor the delivery of ?he following artiolee, vii: Prepared 8tone* for Helgiau pavement aufficient to 'ai down 5Jfl> superficial f<*?t ot pavement. Bidders must state thur price for tha atone, dn liverod,**r superficial foot, meaaored after it ia laxl, and a ?tparate prioe for laymj, if they desire to lay tho name. Five hundred and sixty (56 > lineal feet of Curb Sioqo* fur sidewalks, *0., in lencth not Us* than Koven (7) feet, and Sinchea thiok by n inches d< ep : the top eige hammered straight arid true, 8 incline wide, bn returned down Sinoh*eoa one aid*,6 inches on the other, and hare tiielr enoa properly joint *4. Aleo, 6 quarter eirole oorner piece in a aintl* piece of a radina of 2 feet outaule, a?d of the aanie thickness and deptb and same returns down the aides as th* straight one?; and also another Quarter circle in pieces of not leas than 5 feat in length, of a radius or 3 feet outside, of the same depth aud return down the sidoa aa above, and6 iuohea thick on top. IV pieoes of blue North river Flagging,4 feet by 6 feet S inobea. 110 piec?a of blue North river Flafginf, 4 feet by6 feet > inchee. _ 42 piece# of blue North river Flacunj, 41 wt by 6 bit 56 pieoea of bine North river Flagging, 4 feet by 3 fe*t 5 incbei and lata. Bidden muat itate the pricaa for dmttd Jiat *{ each of the above aisea or the beat quality per ? perfioial foot, and it muat be prepared in a perfectly proper manner to be Laid down, ard be 4 mot>?a thiok. with the adcea Jointed aqiare down at le*at two (2) inohee fro* the faon. All the artiolee to be delivered at the Treaaary Kxt?oainn, where the* will be aaed aa ma; be direoted by the proper authority. S&mpiea of the quality of b'ne fl&citinf atone and (he atyle of dre??inj reetiired oan be en on application at thia ofKna. ana all the atone deliverMwtll be required to be of the ena'ity and atyle o: draaa in? ahown In theee aamplea. Bide will not be considered unleaa they are made in aooordance with thia advertieement, vis: at a price per lineal foat Jar tie curbing, and per tMprrJietal foot for all tk< other material*, a?r wilT aay bid be oonaidered unlesa it la aocoraoaniod with tie rua anty of one or more reaponaible partiea that the bidd*r will execute a contract with aatiafa' tory guaranty ff hie bid ta aooepted. The propoaala mnat be aent under oover to the Paoreta-y of the Tranaary, endoraed " Proposal* for Material fir tk* Trtaiwri ano will be opaaed at 1 o'clock a. m. of the lut da* namei for receiving the mh?, in the pretenoe of the biUdwa if any ohoos* to attord, U. M. CLARK, Aotinc Engineer a M-1w u charge Tr?a?ury D?partm?iit DO NOT FAIL TO CALL AT HARVEY 8, 9 961 C St., 10U and IU*. 0 wiil to-day op?n hu lone e?tAl>u*hed and 1 known NORFOLK OVsTKR ^ --k SHUCKING DKPOT ft? the nuo. (Tt) He ha* i?*de arrangement# t> n^wwwl\Mt Thnr?dayf *ud S*tnrdar. He will aUo ke???nn 'aot'T on haod ft large ftad varied tMttUMnt of FI8H, inoludinf every aort known to Wellington He r*tnraji kit eicoere thanks to thoee who pat ronlsed hi? EatablUhment daring the H?t .rw?, and la eon Went that hie iaoraaa?d ftciUtiaa fr>r kt?ping rnstantly on haud free# applies of <?yp TETjB, PISH, GAME. Ao , Ao., wilt anply reward ft corunoftaoe of their patronage aid enstom. Hold at the lowest Market prioaa, ami delivered ftt ftll part* of tike oiti free of oniric. eoKMm T. A. HARVEY. RATIONAL, f SOAP AND C AND LB 1 ? WORKS, Glim SriilT, ? , ', Bitieum Brulf and fVattr ifrwd, Qtorf (town, D. C. A IV|? stock^f CANDI.K8, RWi Family, CmU1? ?ad F?wr SOAPS. TA**v . " ' . I . TALLOVT *?1 ORRASF for Looomotivaa, tjuawWoatj, tod a!l kinds of -i?_ . Ibeefaioery, al??y? on hand, . and for u)? at pno?a n Flour Emission B7'cUk^?K^ta^;w<r^ ?*1 GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhd*. prime Porto Rioo SUOARP, ISO bb.?. t.M Rve W Hlf K V, On bbl?. HLRftlXU ?ud ALEWIVES. !T W).?.?"msned *nd Ri>fin?l -UGARs. 90ba?t Riouxl J?r?COFFEb. 10 hhds.<iow pricedj MOLASSES. For *%l? [?r JOHN J. BOG IE. ? K> CRANi,Bl.L. fg^gjjU wooMtatUj 09 jiaad m ^MorunMt of r iouci: naox-sigaiea, reriacopiq, i~lf*> r> ored. andaT. other BpECTAf^LKS, oi"*-*the beat *ua.ity. !n cold. ailver. ateel.aad tisrmu silver fruiu. N. B. Old K'amaa Repaired and new (.inn Mt in them to ordar. no U-U \IASSJEY.COLI.IN8 A, CO.'S PiilLADELL'l PHflA DRAUGHT ALE.-We are oon-taat;j reoaiviog frtth aopp iea of the above delightful baverage, and invite all peraona who vaat a pure unadulterated Ale, to give it a trial. AK.N Y * 9HINN. Agenta, fat (T flrMin at.. fi?nrirtn?|, To?. V. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER J Cor. Bruit* mmd Jati., OmrKMfa. Having given ibt peraona! attention to thia branch of my bn?ineaa, 1 am prepared to . attend to ail call a with prumatneaa Per?on? from a distance cat r>?nipplied at a Vw minutea' notioe. aa I have a large assortment of CuKFl.NS a.wata on hand Particular attention paid t<i the removal of tht drad from the old to the new burial gronada. Hearaoa and Horaea for hire. ap 10-6n LIST of UNCLAi.MF.D PACKAGE** at the Office of the Adama F.xpreaa Company, Wat/i lunton. O C.. to ha aoid for freight at.d eoargea, if loI immediate.) eal ed for. REORGE H. BURNS, Agett. September 1st, I860. An bio, N K irehcer. M Adamton. A Knemuar., M A den, J K J Kouai, Mrs K Anderson, J H Krcc&n, W J a -A /? - ? noair, ij Lin<1ley, Prof Abbey, W m L'ureuce, A B A'WiWS ? ? .mrgstoa. H B A nohrook, II R ^tnch,A Bar her, Kev S i,atr.-ot?. H B Ba ia.iid, H Leonard, Kev C Branch,J W .nw.on Ferft W Brown, A H Loomia. M griaaer, SI D Laiu^j, U N Barclay. A P >on?, 8 B Butte, Win B Lai?< ert, C G su f InLL "rr;;rr * ? 'I U M i a J Mrt M lAharre, F B-wie, K J i^?iiher, ti H ?a dwin, B H Mott, Co' (TH Baird. i>r M?ert, Col Btrii?, Mary MoPherton,J A Burns, P MaoKey.JT Biackmore, B C MSP Browne, M McAMe. E B'.fcn. ? 1' Mason. Hon C Brown**. H F Montague, K L Kom*, Win MoCreery.F A Brown, A V Muldoon, M Barnard. 0 0 Manii> penuy, Col Bu ler, J G Morgan, B B Maker, Wright A Co Motitgomert, J B.autoa, B H Martin, D B Brown, h H MeKeever, A i Ph,i??. K 1> HtLean. W T Bennett. C W >ic\.>*ckeo, J Byrnet, DrJ Mitcheil.AS Camrr, A L Mrader, J Clark, B H Coleman, C W Morton, J_H I Cochrane. J A MarkW. T Carter, 0 H 4s l'earo?, Canao/i, J M T ? ? I Cntti, H L MeMwrra-, C H Connolly, FO Ma*n'i*.CaU?in?, Ch<ntrau, CP MitclielS H Coleman. Mrt M B Me'nil, H ConiiolW, J MiUa, WC K Co'.by, P r McKenny,0 Chapman, Wm Mitonell. A 8 CrM?r. L Muziy, F Chamberlain, J MoPi.ertot .CU Cocker, J L Mitehell.\VF I i ? amp bell, J 11 Mnrielofl. M i uoper, John Newbrou?l?, J U \ Campbell, T A N'ailor, b I Clarke. M as J Ni?ho??i? ?W? , Crutohett, J Oulda, J O Coli'uru, J O Patent, Com of < Campbell, Arehy Ik> do Conraed,C M Pa.raor, E Conrad, C M Porter, W D Cnri nine ham, C W Parker, OAT , Cook, A P Pat-nt, Com of PouKbertr, J E Do do l)obyn?. Col Ti Do do l)u?in. Faux Do do Dickeya, Mr Do do Duhois, CcPr Do do Do Mcna Do do eaiij. b C Polioek, E A >vir?, R J A Penaion*. Com of Delano?, B Patent, C"m of Dou|laa,MoO i'ate:.tOAoe Dan a:n,Ws Perry, T VV Dennia, J f Randolph, Col J 4 Davis, K JV R<HUfri, 1 Dur.hvn, E W R ualmg, J itowd, K (or Doana) Roheaon. Caat J , E<1wr.-dit S Riah, G W D? J 8 Ridgeway, W Fatrfn, W kobuiaor.. Mra A i Eftloti, J Kwd, l?*a<j Ealing, Dr Riohardsoa.F, J 1. Stwpperd W m Farmer, M G Ptuart. Rev D C French, h B fcu.iivan.J i Ford, M Stone, N B Field, M Beward, J L I'urM J Mmiiiiii fir ? mmaW " I Foster, J Soloin n, H Ferrosor, 8 W Schmidt. F Farley, Mrs J Soiisei, Wm rrw?,Fr?l Smith, Lam* F? ler 6 C Seleoman, J H < Far nil, j ?Mit wmi.M 1 t octet, J W Stone, H Griffin, F C Ssibert, 8 * GiftoiUasUaa, 0 bsinrer, A P Givaucer, 8 fp .oer, liosk Gr?Mon, W Stuart. A Gillis, H \V Sa**. F Gcaeott. Mrs Sor&nton, J H G&sette Otfise Stevens, tr R Green. Pro' G W Sullivan. N 8 Grimes, J \V Smith, W Gadner. A VV button, C Gitet.MrsN Shnerr.sker, B Getty I, F be? muur, J Gibson, W Toney. ? Gaspair, G Do, Uamun, H Hon Trier, C N Hyain. H D Thompson A Bash, Hummel], John Tiler, R C Hall, A T A Co Thomas, R Huulsnt, J J Thomas, B M Hatch, E U Thon.paon, W A Thn?4w R Hock? SB Tuokar, Wa Henry, N 9 Thompson, Elijah H&akneoht, G L Tttlor, Ju Hammer. M Turge. Mr H<-aJd, J T T,u PrC A Harrington, W H Todd.LtJw H&wkea. Col J A T 1 Hywn, B D Vu Vlat, B F Higgica, A J Vough.H Harv#y, H Wright. W Hughtt. N H WfcU, Mr. M H&rm&c, S Wiiiicher, J B Jonaa.S Wilnftua. J Jordan, 6 Wemnui*. J J \V p Wooaier, 3 R Jmm, P Ij DO. iMkaon, T B Wn, w H Jor.ea, A . WykolT W 0 lvor?on, Hon 8 Wfcre.ET J ???*, P WoodVrf. J B Jobnaton. MraSP Whitalej.A D lag/-"0* spta/a'-r, N R ' Wi>tt, Mim A W Kondfi!, E I> Woodley, D Kaehier. O WaUoe.A Kau???n?trmch, O Zeig'ier. Beo Nl-la o*""0* war "uuf* Wasmiwrmf. Jaly It. 1MB. -NOTICm IB ?trKM, Ttm.mfr* Ably to the provisions of the otrtmance of the Cofporatiec *?rror?i Mar it. W?, the uad*rstco?l is now prepared, "wa"Mr?rre?nIred in writing.aad on pre pti meat of I at* fee of ftfty oenU, to inspeea, eun.iBi, teat, ?rove, and aeeertaia the aeearacy hi registration ef an) kbs meter is ape 1a Uis o?ty. Every meter, if ion ud noerreot, will be ni i?aiijl, and another, eea.wd a ad markru ae trae, will fee eat ib He place. If proved to fee aoearate in t* measurement of *aa? it wUi be sealed aooordui(ty. cuiu ?|(un #?uw iu PVII'IVM Jvi uie. OAe* No. 610 Sfveuii itraet, (a?*r Odd F?l iTU-tf Ini|M?>rMd M?rof (iu M?t*n. ^ATCHBEP^?A?D?rfVB? WAKE I have on? of tha beat MUMitkmcnl*. and fjr niahfd with a compete >?t ?if tooia ior repair- Jv uu ?vrj d?8or<p?ioa of fca* Wateba*. and #Ki artioular actuation civ* to tiw no*, by fiorooth 'rorfc ?ua/??tied A1 o, ev?ry detcrip ion oi standard Htt.VRR | WAK fc. plain and ornMwnfi. man?h?<n?adundf my owueupenniioB.wkich my euiU meniwiUJie* f*' wiparior i* ?ua:.t > &n i tiah to aorthwa wiff I old by dpal?r? m genera! and rnreMcUhl u pSit THE WEEKLY STAR Tkii ueeBeat Fuuly Km Jo?r1 mimrt ? irrmtf; v?ri?tj of idUtmum Uise oti bi found In Ml #tMr-u p*t>:Uh?4 am Baturday aoruaf. T*a*??-Cmik, memr**Hr to liiMii. tnrl# ov>py, fm uiim. ^ yctj*a%ian *** : 8t iiWnhini in nlnb? miaa* n*on? n*if hbart without tb? wttrTwUn* ol a Mil Mjnt. win Si ptraML *tfU IFiiHi gtor will b> NtWi*' th* Z^ir^e^fvYr?e??# Stor"3rBB.Bto o imri j thror(kont Um ?o?ntry. li/"Pinrl?oor?e? (ta wT%pp*n) tu bo r**T U tM*.'aiUr. iihin- 'itiw; /It Uto ? * HkMf. Pr.o??TURkKCL.NTb inr Po?tn?Mt*r? who le( M ifUtl *U< bB lowed ftoonuaiMiitn ofSOoeala. EDUCATIONAL. Academy OF MOLTEN I.ANUAI AUK*. I WASHJ. otob BIUJHUJ f? (wwf if Sf^n P?1TAT? lOTTBBCTlOJU IB FbB*( AVD fcf AB1SB. PAY AM) fcVKM 1KQifUNU AMP* of Modern LsomMT' Ud Ll'oretore, k*a Ui? kMor M *uounoUist be will rnnrni tu* C.BMOa MJ Pnntt l.euom ob Wedre?d%j B?xt.n>? Iftt or floeteni hor. in theBbove A<*4?m?. H? i? pBfBMi doo to fivo, IB Mb?li Bid ?nrato g-'1??A c?!Lr* ? ,#ctu' upon the French I itersturB. from the E?r!;><?t Formation of th? LbbcuM* to * " PlB??Bt TFortorw?? bihI further ?Brt>o*ilBr? *f ** AcBdomy, wh*? ProT V* Monthur wTT. bt la attendance daily from 9to It B. m Bod Iron 5 to J. ? t*-li TFF.MAl.K EDt'CATION. Host Parent- who Wish their daachten to rBoeire B tnorouch an<l a*atemat>e education. wbw* their phiaica t ainiac wi 1 rooeivodailv Bod eiwoW attention, Mtl*f tke moat app rovod niUig ofCaue* hAn l A . B?i 1 * " ~ ? ?t Tvwpwwviiy Hnp* ? visit the UniO'i Female Academy. r*rMi Four teeoth *t Hd N?w York ?? MR. * M&S. L. UCRiRDS. ao ?>-tr Pnnoip?l*. P^MALE BOARD^NG^ND^DAY SCHOOL. Mn. 8. J. Mr COR MICK, Piiiwmi. The ttll'teaeth anni ftl session Of till* Inetltetioa will oomnirnM on Tnexlay. 8*pr>?l?er lath, to (M house rue-ntlf o.-oupioJ bjr Sylvester t*ooir. No. 150 Kii.c *lreeL The course of study pam*d will oomprt?eall the braiiche* requisite to* tno?au*h Leg..stt Ed a nation, and Mono, French, Latin ano Dfatn?f, If desired. In addition to day *cho.?>- Mrs. MeCormiok w prepared to receive a limited natnber or pupil* a* board ?r*. who. eoiietitutin* a par* of her own lam liy.will be ur<Uf ber immediate oaf* sad eepem ion. She ?ill endeavor, as lar as possible, to *ui round then with the oomfbrt* and kind> inlncaaM of Home. ht/Trntff.-Her. Geo H. No-ton. Rer. D*. K;ia? Hft-nson, Rev. L> F. Spring, \Vi? %m H Fowle, Km-. F.d*ar Snowlen, . Rdinnad F WiUBec. B., Honey Marlturv. fcs*.. L*wis MeKena*. . Robert H. Hunt"*. fiU. W D Wa..aok. ?o- Kreoin^^ra-ABeni*niti^_\V*ter*. Esq..-'** r-mwur. Ji? rjPQ ,UOl. J?B1 W . MLlBOr, L^UiOtB, M-??rs. B;ack?ouk 4. tUrthkl, Mruri Gor?e Brothers. Board, witn Tuition ia a!1*tiie English BniilWi. $5> for i he annual eeeeion?payable mbu annually, in *<i vanoe B>i< ud Lan*uac*e at Profeeeore' pn???. ' No *itn chtrin. anBa-tf THE PRESCOTT HIGH SCHOOL. 1 STM F'gmth St.. Birvitii K amv L St*. Studies will be returned la tbn iireb'ntioo on MO^TAY, t?epU)Hitmr \l. Cwouiartat book al> < re*. _au 18-tf A. C. KICBARi>>. Priaci^i. j^JETROPOLI TAN CJJLLBOLATE LNSTIFOR YOt'NO LADIES, 464 E Sr., Bit wbin In ai 7th St*. Thefc'?rtl? annual eeaetoa of the Inatitnte will eoiauMMoeoa the tret MONDAY is SrpUmln. Arpl'^iioir should be mad* rarly, as torn amber r>T|.ti^iieia d. For p?rti(jiari see ci'?u!*r* or apply to t:ie ptiaci?* . Mr. aad Mr*. T. H. HiVKo .N l-.R, M tfac 1 lal.tut". au > U \I KS. M. E. El NOSFURD * KLMI N ARX. l"l 4la E si.. WifimuToM). C. The next mw^d will oorwiwwee Oetobar let. Ml. Terms, xc., for wanted oa application. aa 16 tf VOCAL iNsmronoN r~ > MRS. FRANRUN. T b a o i! a r or Music, 44 2 HJwtweea ?h and nh etreata. eel-<wloi C^EORGiiTOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, I i FuKJtMXT Mite L. b. ?iwwiB't.i A ttUAK.JJA.SU A. W If A y SCHOOL. The duties or thi* Institution vtil be returned on Mond^j in He pt? mber ?eit. t*u*ht. from the rudinseoU to the most 104klj fin lafceri edneatioa. The oorpa of teaohera, ten in number.are eon nently qnahed a:.d experienced in their several IMIMMU Lecture* Fnday evening* on Lbe MatcvBtmoei without cnar*e to the pupil*. Circular* m*j beot'ainM b? addreeainc the Prin npal. Mia* M.J. HARROVKl,6aor|?WvB,l) C. HI g e<*m FOR 8ALE AND REST. FU OR 41ENT?Three new BRICK HOUSES, on Penn. avenue, a few drora eaat of th? Casual rrounda Apply to d. A. W aTERSTON . No. ?*? M at. ?a?t, or 5*0 Seventh at weat^ ae tS eo3t* COR RENT?The HOUSE No. ??l F etreef. r between l*h and UtH atreeta. now oocupied *7 Dr. Eieberncan. It oontaiaa 9 rooiua beaide* kitohrn, hath room and pantry The whole > ooae 1a h?-ated by a furnaoe and anpp ie<l with pmi and wat r hxtarea. A rood briek alahle a a'tachad to the premiee*. To a good tenant the rent will be mod ?rate and pttaaeaaion may be had about the l*t of Ootober App y on the premieea between Uie hour* a( 4 and < o'clock g. n?. ae)>-aoM* COR RENT?A. OOin?o?iable throe-etor* BRICK r DWELLING unrSK.on ?trr-?t. oolite Urw Church, on the Island Rent rery J??w. Inquire of G. CAMERON. uext door, whe re the key can be found; or ot CHA3. 9. \VALLACH, No. 7 InJiMWtr. ?*T o-Ow FOR H*Lfc?A FaRM ooataminx l?o wn, ?lluai'-d fl mi.f om 6e"rfetown. in Mu< Uotne rf e*?onty. KM. Fifty aorea are in a hub atate of tuitivatioa; tweatp-b *e Mr>? id woKl. I'm r* ) a luall log hoaae, aiab:iu(. abeds, aora bauM it. AM>e orchard and ?om? peacbre. eprin, ae 'a wall at the door, being perfect.? h?%Jlh?. PI?m* ir.qu-.r- of BARNARD A BFCKF.V. Auu^ri, Nu. 1U BruU* itrMi, U*u(|?lovi, or W ALL A BARN ARUTwaahington. ? U-eoHa P)R RKNT-A tbr*?e-etory BRICK HoL'SK oaU itrMLb?t*eM 4th and Mh. Aleo.atwoitory BKICK COTTAGE, cardan, cornet of Tenne?see avenue and north F itrML enrroaadea b? a iar*e ooatmon pasture, bad -wornid be a deeimhje location for a dairyman. iBqmreof C. MiF OK. 446 h st. Jy II i id* C*OR RENT.?A new and hand seme FRAVK r HOCsE will be for rapt ia a few day*. It is beautiiuily aituated on Thirteenth street, between Gaorgia avenue and K at., Navy Yard : ha* a large garden lot attached, a pamp of good watnr a , m nA Ann frj na A rnnma k i t?li*i. aij w. <?>> < \it be rented low, witfcor witno .t tne iot, to ft ? >?*! t*aant. For ?le oboftf, ft cood.atroM WORK HoK.SE: wo-ki welt m MgrUuu Imkire of T. E. C1,AriK, N?ry V trt; or oHOHS PATCH, MP H ?t . Nttween *th and Mh jy |l FOR R?NT-Tkrw MICK HOJL 8KK?on? ?n Twelfth street. t^tweea C ftnd D; oae on the eorner of Twelfth an?j H eta. ; ami one oe H, bo rtrif'n lath and Utk ate. Inquire of JAMr.n W BARKER, on H etreet. between UU Mid UU. No. 48*. ma P)R RENT-Tbe FIRHT KbOOR of ue Omiiduu immediately optoeitetfee weet wieaol u.e City Hal., recent]? 'ooupied by Ctaae. S. Wkieoh aa m uAee. A.*o Ike front room in the eeoond I?ai?ian? avaaae. ja U ti ???? WOOD AND GOAL. In II I WOOD AND Delivered to parts <5 the Htyfat tks iowsst pouibis rates. _ T J. * W. WL OALT. OAoe 89# Fft. ? ., between lltk sad !!tWU^ r>OAL! COAL!! v> wood! woonn I mi dsil* reaeivtnc Isrre auppi r? of COAL Hie very best penimTracts r-ines, wliisfc I w?\ ?. IT at rttio'th e s'tces A l?e, tiw S??t ?u?...n of Oak. Pins sad Htokor* WOOD, ont aif*?pjyTfcllleuftii*. Call aad leave your Qfdsrs.^R^W^ B A rE^ sal? (States) Cer.Caad 14th su..ssar Cana ? IMPROVED SEWING MACHINES, SM PimtLUIIA ATKNCX, (1'iwn National BOTH. ) ? A GOOD ASSoiTUXNT OF ImMIdm, ThrcUi, iMdlMt H Tfhl, ' lttPTOW BAWP. ici-ia fw. M. Ag?t gCSOOl AND OOfcUCB* OUTFIT*. ToutJU' and A* Sdks*i and -sastfuatfjs 4?r tb??omMMT ? * &?. *r? I anted to tMBui our Ik* *w. aistefc: esrdT? _??: ! ?<?!* " ""

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