Newspaper of Evening Star, September 29, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 29, 1860 Page 4
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~ ?THE EVENING STAR. AUTUMN. ( Where are the eont* of euminer .'?With tho tan, J 1 ?p?o nt the nni?t7 r<? ?f tn? eoiith. Till aiMMcle ana ii;euce waxen up a* ,, And morru?* >iu<s wiM % watm, odoroue mouth. W here are tne merry b?ro? ?? A? ay, i On BMtinc wiux? through the inclement taiee, J.-'st owl? sbonlil prey Vndatoled at nooa-fWW, Anl t^ar trith noray Sean their luetroui area. < - - - . .> a e _ _# 9 _1? ?eaaA av here ?re c;oom? 01 ?*??? B^uSSiS their !a?t to the lMt eitaey hours. \V i ?ni Oh* mild h? hjr aod?k?o night le Prea*> Like tearful rroeerpifte *?atc:?ed from her flovm, ffo ft i?o? ?lo?ray hreftet. \V B?r? ? the of wuniuar?t he greea Th*? m??>T. mftur ltav?? *U twinkling ?-Thero, Oa the iru??e^ elm, there on the naked lime, T'ewbliugr-?nd una upon the old oak tree! Where is tne Drrai'eimniortaiit* ?? Gone in Ike mournful oypreae and dftrk jew. Or wearing the k>->g.?ioomj winter through In the eaootii houj't greon eternity. [jKomat Hood. Ta? PiiNdof Wami ia hi Arriiim to Aitixci Wa?d.?Artemut Want, the weetem ahewmau, the una of many experience* and unlimited Lumor. hat aeen the Prince. The inter view between these distinguished persons is thus related, by Ward himself, la a Detroit paper: H? Lauded me a segar & we sot down on the PLprroand cooummI smokln rite cheerful. ' Wall," sez 1, " Albert Eda.d. how's ths old folk.;" " Her Majesty k the Prince are well," he s?d. ' Dux the wia man take his lager reglar?" I inquired. Tto Prince larfed *. lotermatld that the old man didu't let many k?-?js of that btvridge spile in the aellar in the course of a yere We sot and tawked there sum time about matters and things, 4 bimebr I nxrd him how he likrd bein Prince ?a fuf as need got. "To sreek plain, Mr Ward," he ted, "I don*t roach like it. I'm sick of all this bowln' k a;rapln ft crawlin k hurrain orer a boy like me. 1 wood rather go threw the country quietly and enjoy myself in mv own way, with the other bora, k not be made a show of to W garped at by every b dv\wDut vou know. Mister Ward 1 can't help bc;n a Prince, k 1 must do all 1 kta to fit myself fee tie persisLun 1 must sometime ockepy." M That s troo " eez 1. ''sickness and the docters will carry the Queen orf one of these daae,sure s yer born." Tbo time hev'.n arove far me to toko my departer, 1 roee up and aed, "Albert Edard, 1 mutt go, but previa to doiu ao, 1 will observe that you soot me V lire a good feller, Albert Edard, ft tho I me agia Priocea as a gineral thing. I must say 1 like th'cut of yure Gib When you get to be King try to be as good a man aa your muther baa bin Mo Jest k. be Jeaerua, eaprshully to showmen, who bev alters bin aboozed tins the daae of Noah, who waa the fuat man to go into the Menagery b.zneoa, A ef the dally patera of his time aTr to be bleeved Noah a eollccaahun of llvln wild beeaie beet ennythlag ever seen t na. tbo I mike bold to dowt ef his snaiks waa ahead of mine. Albert h.djrd, adoo !" I ttik hla baud, which he I shook wariniv, A givin him a perpetooal frea pira to my show, 4. also panes to take home for ike <4ueeu A Old Albert, 1 put on my bat A walkt away " Mr* Ward,'' 1 solllerqulzed.asl wnlkt along, "Mra Ward, ef you cood aee your huaband now. Jest as be pruwdly emergia from the presents ot the future King of Ingland, youd be aorry you kalied him a Bees* jest becawa he cum home tired 1 nite and wantl d to go to bed without takin orf hla boo it Youd be aorry for tryln to deprive Sure huabaud of the prictiias Boon of liberty, ?tay Jane!" f]~7** Duke Erneat, of Wurtemberg, thecouain of the King of Wnrtemberg, was married In Hamburg on the lath of August, to an a<"treat known on t&e stage as Fnesinl. On the following Sunday, the Duke departed with hla bride for bis villa at Coburg. The lJuehess will now twve an opjx?ftunity to perform in a new theatre, a part vrhlrh *h* doubtless often rehearsed without ?nv Idea that the aham would ever be converted Into a reality. Instead of a mock coronet, she will wrar a real one; instead of laying aside her dignities after the play, she Is now to nave a pTinanmi Fngn^pmrni aw leasing nay. WD6I1 m tresnes marry at all ont of their own aphere, it is very often with persons of tbc hWhe?t consideration. SeYeral living members of the HngllsU nobility have taken their wive* off the stage. Miss (VNetl, the once (tmoui tragedienne, la now Ijidy Beecber; and Mtaa Balfe, whose suceet>?ful debut In opera waa chronicled quite recently, la the wif* of the Baronet Cramnton, ao long British Mm later at Washington, but now stationed at St Petersburg, where the quandara p?ioiic singer baa precedence of aoaie of tke greatest Udica iq Europe, and preseuts to the female majesty of Rmtsiau all English women of what. ?v?r rank woo find access to that Court. All the world's a stage, and ail the men and women uiettly players p* Manchester, England, Is the greatest mtnuUcturlne city In tbc world. The steam force eu.plo>t<r In its various mills and factories amounts to l.SO.OOO horse-power. To produce th!? er.ormoua motive 2n,0U0 tuna of coal are consi. mtd every 21 hours, or 9,300,000 taus In the 313 working days of the year. !H7"The Grind Jury of Philadelphia, on Saturday, inclnded in the 1:st of nuisances in their t rraentment the squirrels In the public squarea. The Duiasneeconaiaia tn cft?finin?tiA? ki^? and the coi.aequent ruin of the trees by catterpillars The squirrels <1?stroy the birds' nesU &i>d thus drive away the bird*. IHT The estimated population of Iowa ia In the nauTbbcrho< d of750.UW?, which, nnder the new apportionment, will entitle that State to six members of Congress. Th!a will be the greatest proportionate incre?M of representation of any Mate In the Union. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL.?T H Moore, ?; J E ln*raiA,Va. C I) Thompson and Udy,R Kdwards NY; T Robinson, La; F W Smith, E W Taylor Tex; J E Tiliaway. Mass; J F Soabury, D Evana M Brrwiter, J B /udklns, Mis* UoU, NY; A H IInil.SO; <t Dor;naa,Pa; W Ualsev. J L Condict, NV; G K Cu*kr H C Cooiu, tJ (i Whit-iield, O, K M Drlalutr. .\ld; (' Kelley and lady, Maa*; Mrs li Lewis, T F Bowie, Md; Miss B JontS, I Wells ?; F I) Conrad and fam, B R Chlsm and fain, L?; L Aibro and lady, N8; A Pudigan, SC; J C H?saeU and lady, Pa: J Rogers aud Udy, NY; W Keliogg, 111; W T NoeU, NC; Dr Maddox, V*: Vra Gamble. Mrs Havwa/d. I. An<?n?n G'la wold and (km, N'Y; Rf? SmlUi7"9 simlthTsC; J Carn and If, Eng; E Frith, NY; R Macbeth k f-im, Mlaa Rarnaey. Mr* and Mist Deael, B M Deael, a b I amb and lady, SC; H fl Berry .w Haml.ion, Dr Pre. Md, J Caraaaai, hib; E Manhal), F Hayw, Pa. BRd'VNS' HOTEL ?F M Eoby, F Baldwin. M a* W R liuuler, Tenn; J Burtwell, Ala; J Vv B )ud r?al. Va; J i Bailey, W J Heard. Md; W UaoipbefT, \ Y: J H Pendleton, R Thornton, Va; t S ttecd, Ky; C Bariu*, NY; C Hill, Hon J Hill, Ba; K ? yna, Va; M Young and ly, J Jut ana ly. Ta; W Wyman, Md; J A Sanderaon, NH; A Hunt a*l atater, Min Janet, Md; FM Waldcar, Va; <) A Howard. Tenn; J Biaterton, Md: 9 It \\ illlair.a, NC; Hon G Stltb and fam, Mlaa If Mocaell, La: F Brace and ly, Md; \V Brown, V?; r; * r>nll V 1. r ? "?>? v 4* *i| S~s O A flyjUTi 4 CUD. KTRKV.T)OD HOUSE.?W C Templet?* .NC; I> K For* r, Md. E B Townund, NC; C A Eeetm ir, Pal; R >1 Hudson and ly, Li; C Baker, P?: \V li Jarrett, Md; L VV O'Bwiiion, CSA; W P ? Scn!:h. Md, W B PMUlpe, DC; J B Lougbeyiad ly.Oa OCEANS TEA MERS' SAI LI NO DAYS r*OJt THB UxiTBB STAtMi. L*av*. For. Da vs. tJr>?uo New York... Havre.. Oct 8 Uinbtiff ...New York... Liverpool.... .Oot 6 first* New York.-Liverpool . ...Oetl'J A " <<? -.}i?w York tJavre Oct i3 G ?i<' York...Liverpool.... Out 13 kuuMfc T>-U*m Voia ..rtoutu?i?ptwiuO u ii ' A r* t?r?... .SoeUia Uterpool Oct 17 ,\'w \?rlt Nwr Yurt.,.Ir?*?ia OoW7 I BorOMte........Nev York... Southamptonof I 1 /BOH Eubofb Prinoe Albert....U*!way._^.New York..5*^.18 ^ . .iiiici jaa/u .. .v^aenec... Xrn.? ...... Liverpool....Boston *>epfcfci Uao^au^lil UtlwtT Now Vork ..SepCJ vnnftrUilt^ 8onth'pton.. .New York C.uf M* imoro..Liverpool ? New York...!?ept J6 Su?t *-:.itiaL^ Liverpool....Uuebto_.? Sept?* N?w Wl stouwi ? ...New York...Oot. I B'xvsss. S?uth'pton. New York....Oct 4 Uittt tU>Ura .MiU'UH^vso.New York... (Jot 17 Kulto*. *outh>ton.. .New Y?"* Oet17 Muauma. South >to? . ..New York.. .tN>t II T&e H?v%m mail steamers Imy* New York en Uie 4.U, !.Ui, 17tn. and 27th of eaoh uontn. Mti CL?fi??U)n op ui??tn ud mh. T*? On!:W>rni? INTI N*W York * the 9th ww *>th of ea*t month. Wti AM FIXTURES. K ?!* ? store, and ere daijr reoeiTint. BAB PI XI 1' K SS of entirety New Patterns end Designs natt Tirish. superior in style to aayUung heretofore ofl>re-J t?i this m*i*et. W? innteettisens consrai it to oa*i euuru?ne our stook *( (i&s and Water Fi*tnre?, feelrof eyn&dent tktw* knee the beat M,ectsd stock i? Washington. 4;, W ork ui the above Mae intrusted to oar Mr* mlt b. UUuift Skn * H.8BJIN. * Mt-tf IMMiK Jj^ W. HAMILTON p^INTEE, md DEALER IN PAINTS, N*. MS 7tv truwvr ? ndA ' 3 itt-tf PUTTvli DOWN. *i?^/V22"o " Dj: "<H ?*. ufbMbM p*ek8I3&. |,K ,, .?. H Rj|?k?w Pw. feHliwf? |,*i.NK FlAllCS FOR RENT OR SALE. r?Mirwi tr t- votkfr, at ** HlLIS'di . aS.-^?^ 0? ????? "frjk MISCELLANEOUS. P [ No. 670.] UoMMlSfiON EH'a NoTiCE OF THE 8A LE D33?^.HA,D 7 * AJ^9 IN MINNESOTA, 5 L)N THE L>1N KS OF THE KAHROADS, ? KMBKAoing^NEW LANDS HKKKTUI-orl! 1 Notioi la hereby given thnt paMio a.\lea will He held,oa tfc? ?iav* mmI at tne plaoea hereinafter ipt ci&ed, in th? State of Mi!f*K?oTA,of the vacant IraeU of cirhlie land withheld by iMotioe No. 6*i, ??ted September 3, tt 9 from tie aalea ordered bj fc* roe tarnation No. ?J, dated Jaiy 9, M?. vu: At ike baad OJicaat St. Clovd, oa Maaoay, tha 28tri daj of November next, for the diapoaal of the traita within the undermentioned toiraahipa withheld, anraoant to t he ahove-mentioned notice,from the taka hell on the 7th November, 18?, under tbe aid proclamation, tis: North of th* bast I in* *nd weft a/ tkt fourth primeapal meridian. Township 94, of range 38 Township 36. of range Townships 41 and 44, of raa<? S Township 41, of range 32 North of th* Last lin* and u>?st <J tht fifthprincipal ' meridian Towrships 131 and Yij, of range 25 Townships 131 and In, of range 98 > ?. Townships 132 and Ij3, ?f rang* 17 Townsnips 133 134,12.S, and 12b, of ranges Township a 15(4 1.&, 120,127. ami U8, of range 33 Towushi p 128, of rauge 30. At the Lan4 Office at FeassT Citt.oq WeJnetday. the 28:n daj ol November nut, for the disposal of the tracU, withm the andernaentioned townsnips, witiiLald, pursuant to the above mentioned aotioe, frona the sales h: Id on th'Slst October, 1M!>, ander the aaid proclamation, yis : {forth of iht ban line and yet <t of the fifth jnmripal meridian. Townships lit, 119, and 13b, of range 31 Township lis. 119 and 12", of range u Townsnips 116 117,118, il9,l2->, and 1H, of range 41 Townships 116,117,113,119 and 121, of ranged Townships 117,113, and 119, of rauge 35 ToWbanips 113,119. and 1 if>, of rango 28 Townships 11*, 113,119, aiid 12", of range 37 Townsnips lit. 119, and 12-, < f range 2a Tik?n?hi?fe llii 1 l'l ami rAl nf rai:??> -XI Towmhipi 1 in 111, and 121,ol.auaeoU Towudi-tk 1 l<t, Hi, and Uj, of range SI To wnsiiips 119 aud 12;, of raa*e Si Towanhips lU)And 12>, of range 33 Towcst.ipi 118, ll'.t, aud 12), of range fownships 118. 113,ami 12 .of fangs 36. At the Land Ofhce at Hxmdikso*, on Monday, the 31 day of December next, lor the disposal of the ir&ota within the und*rin-ntioned townships, withheld, pursuant to th? above mentioned notioe, from the sales heid on tho 7ih Moveiuoer, l?o8, under the said proclamation, vis : iVortk <tf Iht f>ast tin* mm/ west cf the fifth principal meridian. 7ownahip 112. of rarce 18 owuships 111,112,113,1U, and 115, of ran*# 19 Townahips ill, li2, tl3,114, and 11$, of range *> Townships 111, Li4,anu li5, of range2l Townships 114 ami US, oi rangeti fowosbiDS 113. 114. ana 1 l.v ?{ r,r>< Townfiupa IIJ, J13,1M, aud ll&,o7>angeM Townahipa HI, !U, 113. and 1U, of raugo 25 Townahipa 111, 112. Ill,aud lit ol range* Townahipa HI and <12, of range TT. At the Land Offioe at Cbatfiblb, on Monday. the36th day of November next, Jor the di*poa.M of the tracts within the undermentioned townahipa, withheld, pnrausn:to the above mentioned nntie*, from the m m hel l on the Mth November. IW, ander the aaid procianiati >n, ?i<! North of the bis* line a nil writ of th'fifth prineira' meridian. Townahipa 1?3 and 1m, ol ange 8 Townahips 1"2 aud 108, ol rauno 9 Townsbipa <<U. luS. anu 1P4. of range 10 Township* UttanJ IM of range 11 Townahipa 1(3 an i lb4, ftran^e 12 Townahipa 101, 102, and 1 3, of range 17 Townahipa l?l l'?, lid. .tod 101. of ranee 18 Townahipa J01,102, no, aud lot, of -ai ge id. At the i .am! Offioeat ?csbi-i City.on Wedota day, the 28th day of November nr-xt. for ?h* aiapoaal of the tract* wituin the uutieriuentionml to w n anipa, withheld, pursuant to the abov<vmentioned notice, Irom the aa:ee held at Cambridge on tiio Stat October, 1650, unuer the aaid proo.aii.a;i<en, vis: Xorth of the bati line and ire ft of the fourth princimil /v i//1n ti Township 52. of range 23 Townahipa 33, ol rang*24 Townaiu p 33 of range 2> Towaahip 34, of range 27. At the Land Offioe at, on Mondar, the 3bth ?lajr of November next, lor the Uiapoaal ol th? traota within the uodrrmeutioned townahifa, withheld, pursuant to thaaoove-iaentioned notice, fr^m the aaiea held on the 31?t October, iWO, nndar tho aa.d proo.amaUuu, viz: iVorlA of the base lint and xctst of tMt fourth principal meridian, Townthipa 5B, of range i? 'fownahip range II Townahipa 51 and 52, of range 12 Townahipa and 51, ol raiue IS Towships 4? arid 5ft, ol rau;e 14 Townahipa 43. 49, acid of range 15 TownMupf 47 and 48, of ranee 16. Landa appropriated by law for the me of Indiana or other pu-posoa will be exoiaded from the ealea. The tracts within fix iri.iea on each aide of the railroads will be ufftneU, subject, as ; eq u. rtxl by law, to & minimnm ul tiro dollars and Attn och.1* par asre, and the pvticu.rir uaoU cut by the routes wilt t?# ?!<! s-ibject to the D|litoiwa* for said railroads, and a* oostaistn* the qualities respectively soown on the official plat without 4e* daotioas. The offering will be coamenoed on the dateappointed, and will proceed in the order in which they are advertised, until the whole shall have been off-red, and the sales closed; bat no sale shall be open lon*w than two weeks, and n-j private entry of any of the lanua will beadmitUd uutil alter the exp.r&tnn of tne two weeks. r.? or j inrauu enuuM to ma right or pre-emption to any ofthe tracts ?ni! riwtf by (hi* notioaia required to establish the aame to the MtimatWB of the register and receiver of the proper land office, and maka payment tor theirnl&iuif ouor before the dar appointed t??r the commencement of the pnbiio itafs or the lands emlirac eg tract et&inr.ed; otuerwi?e, aauh claim will !)-> f?>rf?itod. O ven under ray hand attheoity of W&ahingtoa, thi' 19th day cf September 1*6). JOS. 8. WII.SON, Co:rmi?doner of the Geneva! Land Uffioe. Note.?Under the regulations of the Department, aa heretofore and n^w existing. no payment can be made tor advertu;ug proclamations except U> au?ii puMuaor* as are tft iatly authorized tojuibluh by the Cemmiaaioaer ui the General Land Oftoo. a wlw? 'P ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. JL HE Neit Drawing of t?? Royal Havana Lottery, coodnctad by the gMtaiah Government, andar the auarrviaioa of the Captaia Geeeral of Caba, will take plaoe at Havana on TUES>DAY, October s. 1mq. Munijtu nUMMKO 643 ORD1NAR1Q, CAPITAL. PRIZE 9100.000. 1 pn*a of f iw.uoo 50 print* o? ?],nM 6?a ? 2C ,2 2? ? I ao SMoo 133 ao MO { 32 *;2S **?ro*r . IN ALL as# PRrZBS. wwr** Vi>*?niPII?lIt| UO|U|0 furniture in tb?ha?v?tfU I uio, call attsntioo to tli* Painting of Koofa tod Brick Walla. Ail of ths at.ov* I w :i do as oheap as ths ehaapMt. I therefore solicit tne p*trona<* of my friends ami fellow oitisens of ths District. Puncis?ity strictly obturved, and work dona IB ths bsat manner. You will please mtod yonr stoat and atop at M. J' PAkKhR'S P&iiiUiig Ksisbliabuut, Na. 03* 3 !! 53 !!! Lcitisiaoa av., uorUi Si4s, betwMu uth a&d 7th its. P. 8 s?nns put ap firos ef eharre, as nasal. an? 3m , RKGULAR st^A^T'PACKKT LINK BETWEEN BALTmORK AND JP*k WASHINGTO N.-fi?M? Com- ^ mores at. wha'f, Baltimore, as ?Ths 8t Nicioia ntn WEDNESDAY, tt(|. b. Colvmia, every SATURl)AY, at 6 s. m. bsavD Riley'* Wharf, at tha loot or tlui street Washington, as follows: _ Columbia, every WEDNESDAY MORNING, atfi. Ht. n < h..i '? ?? i iia??TW ? w nolo 'jnoftau, fJO- H&.re?, 910?Ujitrtflra, $9. oaahad at sicl.t at b per oent. djaooant. Bllla on all solreuBack* taken at par. A drawing will We forwarded aa soon aa the remit becomes known. Ta or*.,. for ?t??VoN0io!)lflSVizr,J m 14-tr Car* of City Pott. Chart?ton, ft. C. KKNEER STEAM MARBLE AN1> BROWN 8TONK WOttKS. The subscriber begeieavo to inform the oitiiens of \V&*hingten, Georgetown ana Alexandria that he has add*d to hie long established business the auxiliary of steam power for e&wing anJ manufao taring MarMe ana Brown Stone W ork in their va rioss branches. Marble Mantels, Table and Washstand Tops, Ti>, Monuments, Tomb and Head tHoaes, Sla >a. Window Lintels, 8il;s, Steps an<l I'iatfonn*. Having purchased a large stook of Italian MarMe la Wlook.from first h&ud*.aj tn* ?? ne feels txiiifid8Dt of being ab'eto furnish .Marble Work &i low as itewi be pnroitased in New York. Ptuiadelsbia. or Baltimore. riis trade supplied with Italian Marble ia blook or slaba at the ume rau? aa famished in New York, an<l on accommodating term*. A:so, on band, a large supply of RumioeStone.Waterof Ayr Hoc* and Polishing tty at New York prices. Enoonrege the eater prise; it will be an aooaisitioB to the oity. ALKX. RL'TUKKFURO. Fionwr Steam Marti* and Brown Stent Works, 1'a. av., oor. Thirteenth st., au 21 Sm W?king ton. D. C. The union wili. stand, no matter WHO'S PRESIDENT: Consequently 1 shall remain in Washington and continue to tarsae my uoonp&ti<>n of HOlISK, SliiN and ORNAMENTAL Pa1NT1N6. Gilding in ail lUbranohee. Old (slaaing promptly atLanded to pRintinr ao-t ? - J - - - :?;wj 4A1 U?VA * !?"? K. For freight, *0., apply to THO?. W. RILEV, AfMt, . Riloy's Wharf, at j,he foot of _nwJ8-T*T*m nth St.. Washington P R A N C I 8 H A RF E R. FAMILY GROCEfiVA^KBED STORE, Ceraw <yf \iw York avmui and Tmtk ftrmt. Respectfully solicits th# oaironaRe of those w wa* be is tint of say article in the more line. Hi* Maeavors shall be to pleas*, and bra strict stteom* to the wants of the puUio, he hopes to aorit a share of their patroaac mT\ His took oonsists of OTerr article n?na!!r to be fuaad m S hrst o.ass Psmilr Groxn F-i pw - from Mw>7w3i wf Hoaow 4? Biliu, trwMlfctod ZJlt " G ALTS' " ff o o J> A^gHji coal hui*2 wtorf The Eugenie Pari* Gtrc. ? reastitatlen. " Banthe* n Queen. f* Fairy. ." Pariiiu Trail, ' Zephyr. Remodelled from the lateet Paneian dealsaa. Manufactured solely by u from Thornton's Patent Improved Oerr seated fmoc* and Inimitable Wadje 811^. Every Skirt stamped with our aair.e nd trade mar*, the Cratro. For aa'e everywhere. The Beat ia Ike Cheapest. I_ w? * *C. . THOMSON* CO., ss6 bwadw4t| n?w yoix, aa<-M&TMUttta?AlawUa "GET THE BEST." THOMSONSCELEBiATKD SKIRTS. NOVELTIES FOR AUTUMN, I860 iicKeu oon m obtained at the south \\ eitorr Office, oomnr of Sixth etreet and Peooeylvania *Tenue, to the following poiate: Lynohburg, BrUtol, Kaomli?, Atlanta, Oh&ltanocra. HuittimUe, Grand Joretioe, Maooa, Naehvillo, Dal ton, Coiumbue, Montgomery, Mobile, Momphu, aud NEW ORLEANS. irr through tTckktb to thb various virginia sf kings. [C^Omuibiuee and Hagrage Wmom leave the oltoe at e a. m. and 6 p. m. JAMBS A. EVANS, Ticket Arent, wan If Coraer sixth et.and Pa. qt. THE STEAMER J AS. buy WU1 r rowe her tripe eu TnTpSpAY, Slst of JP*k February, IMC. Will leave WASH KmEm lN?TOIj every TUESDAY and**^ FRIDAY, at 6 o'olock a. in..and ALEXANDRIA it r.vl pasts o'clock, fnr CURRIOMAN aad the ibtari.ieiliate On hsr retnrn tripe, ihe :^1?iTuSba9!v.%ii?L'iflDNl5,i,AY LL'UIAN fe. PA6E, Proprietor. NATIi'L BOUSH. At U Alexandria. fe? f\I EW Y o RR i NOW A 8 H1N6XUN Tb? H^f'vMKON will Imi u'elook p. ir... and New York for WMk-**?" laauin every Saturday. atlo'oJook p. m. Paeiengers can join the ehip at Alexandria ataay tun* before the hoar of the jteainer'e departure. N. In the event ef fie (team*re Inability to eron the bar in ooneeeieneeorlow water,ul coodi will be promptly^ed to and from tit* by the nnaereigoe*. For freicht or paee?e aoolv fa ""H'lnuiIiUliB .?? . >51 W Baltou...^. ?? 24 or! Mcntxomear S3 00 untfvills .27 nr. 1 via Memyhu.42 f> fir and J a notion 90 on IN. 0.> vifcfl. Judo. .42 9< Naahvilla *a to I i Via Mobii*. _46 AO THI8 ROUTE 18 ENTIRELY BY RAIL and ia 00 MILES 8HORTKK. and 94 HOURS LE88 IN TIME than any othsr Ma??the L.jnohfwirf Krt#n*ion boint bott crnnpleiod, aa also tk? Miaaiaaipyi Central, niakinj it tho QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It U frovided with Firat oiaaa S1m?ib< Care! ITo Nrw Oylaaa*. ~T3 Honra. M^Bl|>al>i i ........#4 do. MontxooisrT S3 do. Naahmla...... .48 do, fO-Th? U.S. MAlLaTd ADAMS' EXPRESS ara taken ovarthia Now Luis. lVashville and Chattanooga, M$mphis and. Charleston, Mississippi Central, N#u> Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPIHS~ROL'TE: Memphis by Rail, thenoe by Firet olasa PaokeU to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBTLR ROUTE: Montgomery by Rul. thnnoe to Mobile by Firatolaes PaokeU. Mobile to New Orleaaa by Lake Steamer TWO DAILY TRAINS?SAWDATS Iwclfdm, Leave Wuhioittn at 6 a. a. and 6 p. m. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her wharf Toot of Seventh street at 6)tf a. m. and GAf p. m. and oonneets at Alexandria with the Orauje and Al?xan.lria Trains for the Sonthweat. Oltoe?Pennsylvania avecne, corner of Sixth it. UHM1 C2ICKID THBODSH TO *IW OSUUXf. Lynchbarg __..?7 8(>|Menipli!S >31 00 Bristol 15 <*>) Atlanta no Knoxnlie 20&- Maoon ....38 00 1 -- Lea/e Baltimore at C25 uid 8 40 a. m. Leave ttaltimore at 3.15 and 4.20 p. m. On bandar at 4 25 a. m. Paaaengerc Tor the Ea?t will take trains at 6J0 and 7.4" a. m and 3 an p. m. For the Went at 7.4ft a. m. and 3.5? p. m. For A cnapoli* at 7.40 a. m- and 3.20 a. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On ijatnrday eveuinf the 3JO p. m. train go?a to Philadelphia only. i? TS-rt T H. PARSONS. Atent. NEW ORLEANS WITH TBI CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR?: Virginia and Fmnessee. East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia^ Daily line of new four-horse COACHKS TO UPPER MARLBORO'* Carrying tki U. 3. MaU. The undesigned are now running Daily, (txoept Sur.dav.) Four horse Coaches t>?- . twe?n Washington and Upper Marl JjpMET'PtS'P boro', as follow* : W <r*y* Leave the Steamboat Hotel, corneror Seventh street and l*a. at 7 o'clock a. m. Returning leave I'pp r Marlboro' at II o'clook a m., and arrif* in \\ ashington at 3o'clock, in time to oonueot with the 3.4* p. m. train fur Baltimore. The Coaches are now and oomtnodions, the team* irst-olass in the hands of oareful and accommodsttng drivers. Fare to Upper Marlboro JO oents. To Long old Fields. .35 " ToCanterville 38 " Freight ami packages in proportion. . au 15-tf OSBORN k CO . Propn?tor?._ BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. WASHINGTON BRANCH. SaaSHH Cbakoi or Horns. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY. Juno Uth, 1880, train* will run aefollows: Leave Washington at 6 an and 7.V? a. m. Leave Washington at 3.20 and 5.30 p. >. On Sunday at 3 30 p. in. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, 9 499 7th stkkbt, Orrottte Odd Pulotct' Hail, Waikingtam, D. C. Travelers will study their intoreets dj examintn my TRUNK9, VALlCES* fto., before pur nm* aliasing elsewere. At I lit* nose but tnaBanM beet material the market affords and employ^?*" the h*8t -workmen, 1 can oonhdentij reoxromend my work to be superior in Strenttk and Durability to Trunks that are made in other clues and sold here. I keep constantly on band, and make to order <m one week's notice) every description of SOLE LEATHER, IllOjf FRAME FRENCH DRESS md WOOD BOX TRUNKS; ASHLAND aid utktr VALICES; TRATELINQ BAGS; HARNESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, #e., *c. Trunks, Ao., Repaired and Covered, in a work manlike manner, at short notice. Trunks delivered in any part or the eity, OeerfWtown. or Alexandria. Also? Agent for Howe's celebrated FAMILY 8EWINff MACHINES. de lfi-lv JAMES 3. TOPHAM. TRAY DIRECTORY. rersons iu *?m 01 noots anu otioea of eastern or oitr made work, will alwaysfisuTa good assorting i in store and at the lowest price*. Give us a call. GKIFF1N & BROi, ay t-r 314 Pennsylvania avenue. LMVE HUNDRED TRAVEUNS TRUNKS r arrived this daj, embracing all saa]i^ini? ties and sixes of Sole Leather, Ladies'HIiH Dress and Packing Trunks. Onr tnHik^?*"* #ai?s room exhibits at this time the rrmtact variety of traveling re^uiait***. at moderate pnces. to be found this ude of New York. Also, evenr description of LADIES' HAT BOXES, VALICES, CARPETBAGS, SATCHELS, fto. It/"Old Trnuki repaired or taken ia exchange for new oues. WALL, STEPHENS * CO* ? Trunk Saies Room, mar M-tf >attPa. aveaaa. rKUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. . I HAVE RBMOVBD TO No. 19 MARKET. ' Space, Penn. avenue, between 1th an J >th atreeU. where I will bn happy to wwiSHl on all wiio will favor me with a ca!'wit!?w?? i fine etoek of BOOTS and ttHoKS f(?r w^^ J Ladiea ,Gents',Bey?\Mlase*' and Childr?c*a v?{. an 2-eotr J. ROSKMTHAL I A Mil aunL'a T/i 'PUtf mw v/v a a au* u un vi?o a vr ouaa a mm ? I> TIMB8. __ We ua now nuurafacui^BC all kind* of BOOTS ltd SHOES. Md eoaabuitv aupplj of eastern made work of rce/j ^'|B| nornptioo, tii.vJe expre??!j to ord?r, acawlllv W| be avid at a much lower prie?thM?taae t?*?? Mb heretofore ouarted in this oity for autek lalatior Utiolec. i MBDmmgs. [> ' "BSa.on. UMHL HMRPITAL, SiM Dii*99trs4 tk* ?wm ftruw, Mi Ejf*ctn*l Rtmtiiy m tJU World, POR ALL DISEASES OP IMPRUDENCE. l$T no false delicacy pretext. APPLY IMMED ATKLY. A CURE WARRANTED* OR NO CHARGE, in from ONE TO TWO DAY8. Wm/ini af Ua hrt.imnn A f aulas* afUa IMiiyi ia4 ?ladd?r, lattlwtt; OuUu|ii, bajanaej, acral DlktHty, Nihoimii, Drt??MjNl*cvMTal*v*VinU,C?aruiM af Idtu, Klpiutm er?f Puaaaaa af tiffci ?r Jlds^klM, Iflaaaaa af Ik* Haad, Tfcraat, Mm ? Ikm.AfKuMIPlti k?n,linMk? ikM< Tarrihla Diaardan anataf f? ? blitu; Hikiti 4 Y*aU>?tkaa* Dtaadfat ud Ontrittiri FmMh wMek raadar Htrrkft lmpaaaikla, ud dmrt; kata S*df ud Mad TOin MED apaaiii!* ?ka k*rt k??*fn? th? ncimi af atmry Till, tkct drttafal and lnlrt;u?i kakil which anaaaitv avaapa u u taliuial; yt?T?xkea?*ad* a(Ta?a| Man ?f ib? aui aiud taJant* a ad kriltaal intallact, vka oufkt atkarwia* k?*( aairantad Jlaunuir laoataa vllk ika ikanoan af alnaain a* mmtmd tm. iuu>i l>i Una* Irr*. at# aaii vttk fall laat mm fiMom.if TMM Mt^twusriutai >W H>l , k<mf >tui?( *kpiwl *wkiiBltftuli doUtty, da/au&uiia, *c , iMtJ"; tirtd. trka tnceti biwitfulir tka mm af Dr. 1. ??y iHIt e?ota* In kla fca?ar u a (iilliau ud aaaddaatly *akj ifto kit (kill u * pk^U-ji omcic Ha. t ?uara raaoaaicaaraxET, laffi kaad aide f*<-t M liiuiuia nnu, i It* dnn frta tk? earner, ftil mi MrtMrti um u( lukli. UttM til kl ptM ud ?aataia a IUJM. dr. joaarroa, Mamkara af Ua lapl C?U?ga aflufuu, kaadaa, mtMH franaaaaf tka laaet enineal Callafai ia U? VoHta Vutaa, aad tka rraafar aartafwkaaa life htt keea >??d: in th? kaa.? i A hi ml..1. j.l-k:. -j _1 l i _ a mail ii bnui) run, rBui?viNH hu nii?iiritHiir licit* mil ( tba niaai tnrainni cart* 0>?t vara are* kn?wa;aui7 inabJad with ringing In Ul* haad uid iiH thin ailuu; frill Birtnii fH, trnif alamdd al kUm Hindi, baatiMaaaa with fraqaaol bloihinf, attaadad Mil ? ?? witk dataaf aiaaat if mint, war* earad ia*adial?lt. Till FAfcTlCUkAfc MOTICKt TW3( Mao and atbara ?ba haaa tujarid tbioaalvaa by a ruin praatiea iodalf ad in wbaa alana?? habit friqaaally laarntd (r*n a?il cmpulMi, ar it aaboai, tba aftcta al arhlcb art nifbily (alt a*aa whan aalaip, and if act carad. rmdara mirnafa tnpoaaibla. aad daitrayi bath Biad tad hair, ihaaid apply imiaadUiaiT. Tno?? ara taint of lb* ltd ana ailinebalj affaeti pradaaad ky aar y habiu af TaiU fw: Waakoaaa aftba Back aad iiisbi, Fatal in tba if aad, Qmaaai af BifhtJUa? af Maicalai Pavar, Palpitatiau af tht Raarl.TWipapay, ttarvaai Irritability, Damn (amantaf tba Digaatif k aocuaoa, Saoiral Dibiiity, aymp'oiia of Cai:iamp tiau, 4c. MENTALLY.?Tba fiarfai afaataaa lk? mtod ara miab la fca draidad--Laaa of ftliiaary, Caufauao afldaei, Darraaaiaa ifSnirid. Kvil P?^tn#i.ATaraiftn Itlf-Dii!rlil U'??r iojinda, Timidity, ?U.,u* Mai ( th? lla pi?daead. HUTOR RUlUTT -TkHMiii Ml M<|iip vkti U Ik* UUi ftbair datliaiof haaltb, iMtnf tbair ?Ijfor, k?M>a( *<il, p*Ja, a*ir*M ud amaaiaud, D*?inf a aiofalai ifptuUHl Ih* ayaa, ( (h at apmpcaaaa af cmiibpita* D1S&A3SS or IMPRUDCIfCK. WkM tha rni?f*irt?d rod tmpradtm ratarp af fllum h? hu irnbfaad tka aaada afthia painffcl diaaaaa, it laa tftn kappaua lb*; an lil-tiinad aanaa ef tharaa ar dtaftd af ducaiarj itltii km fri>m appiring la'-baaa vb?,ff6ti> nitert<an and raapacubilitp, ean afoot bafriaod him. Ma fall* let* tbt handa of ifn >rani aid daaijuing prattedara, vha, mctfaki* f einnf. Bleb bit paeaniary aa\a*anea, taap bin trilioj month afiar ran^wu lanruthi amallaat faa can ka oblamad, and in dtapair Iaa?a nt.-n with rainad fcaallh to aijrk o?ar hia falling di??ppa:ntroaali or hf Ua aaa ?( UMi dailii poiaon, Mixcarj, btatan tra eouatUatlrtial tyir-ptatna af tbu lirnhlt I'liiiaia. iDC.h ? A far.MMia /%f th m H m rt. rrh+mm t Mmmm km.Ac.. prorraaaia* witb frifhiAU rapidity, til. datih pau Ciriad ta Kit draadfai aafarmfa by aacdinf fcialaihitaa acararad caantrj fram ?ho?( bnrM trmralar ratarai. DR. jOIMIOMfUnBOT FOR ORO AMIC WIAIRSM AMU 1MPOTEMCT. 7 Ihta (rut lad impartial rimidj *nkiiuifiki irtu ui apaadi:j carad aod fail >ipf rulmd. Tbaaaaada a?iba Ml aaraaaaand datilmud, vb? kU laal aii bapa, aara baas tmroad..ia.f raliaaad. All lrapaJitr.anra ta Mamtp Pfcya'aal at Maaul Dlaabaltlaai ora. baaa af rmiaaU'l Pvwar, Haraaaa Irriuatlll* TumbliPf *nd Waakoaaa** tikiutian af Ua aMtfaafW k!ad apaaadllj car ad. BNnOUIMWT or ? PRBML TIE MANY TIOHIANUI earad attbia inatittttaa vUAla Iba laat aaaastaaa aaara, and :ha camaraaa iroparuni larsl vau vym'jvni ptntrmCQ it Lrr. jafliWD, viuiami mj .m r?p*n?r> ?f ih# piptri and ir>*ny r.Mr pmni, >i<u?i 4 vbnb t??? tppitrttf utn *r. J tftia hfiii lh? tiblic, * llai kit lund nf at a giBtltBUir ?f tbinMHH MOMri llilj, U i *?fl?Unt (ititMH U U? Ka V-ly K. J. UOVEK lfOD'8 IMPERIAL WISt BITTXXS, t Are now^iwr.fjMwl from MuMtotke jBrmt 8ft't ijbho, ku his dbitcmsi 01 ail who use them eiit.?r ? a mtdirm* or aa a trrtrart, la that they are u:ieurpa*ed in the world. !>r. Dods used them ancceMfuliT in hia praotioe for 25 year* before we purafcp^erf ofnint the sole right to manafe"tare and preeoEt them for sale to CM rorthe cure of la/-.jiett Cerauiuytior., iudigeeticn, Drapepaia, Pi'ea, Nerroaa fnaeasea, Female Com plaints, and at' oaaee raiaainng a tonic, tkey are beyond dnjirt an-oat invaiaaMe remedy. Asidefrom their m<*3ieiral j.r?i?ertiea they are a pare, wholesome and dengntwi Beverage, producing all the pleasant exhueiating effeota of Brandy or Wina without their usurious result*. I set ail (Wads ol no inanity aud alladrueatee of temperance asMat us in subst:tuing thcae T&iuab\e Vegetable Bitten fur the mineral poison: and adttiterated Liquort with which the oountry ia flooded, and thereby effec'ua.y aid in banishing Lueeaae and Drnnkeceaa fiora the laud* CHARLKS W1DDIFIBLD & CO., Proprietors, 7* William street, New York. I a/i irnr a o rrn * a. # frnn <6r?. ACii'*, Wariiincton, D. C. DR. J. BOVEB DOD8' IMPERIAL OIN BITTERS. For D1*ea?es of tt.e Kidney a, Bladder ai.a Urinary Organ*. and e?p#oiailj for Ferna'a Oi?truotn?n?, never fail to our?. and are warranted to (ire aatialaotion. CHARLES WIMMFJKLD & CO.. Proprietors, Wuliamit, New \ ork. J. *CHWARZB, J?7-1y,r Armrti Wuhis{t?n. D. O. JOY FOR THKHIOK AMI) SHJFFBKINO. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED RKAD! APPLY THE REMEDY REJOTCE Y/f HFALTH. Friend, do yon sulfur? Are *ou the victim of any of those uamorons ailments which arise trom impurity oftho blood? What are they, do yon uk! K\ther a^k, chat are they not/ The blood is the souroe oi uie and health. an>1 it m the first element of our being to respond to auy oaure which ?f>ots the system, as the piiM infallibly attests The ever prevailing Neuralgia, the irritating, the subtle S;?ro'uia,the agonizing Rheumatism, Nervous Debility. Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint with its torpor and dejeotiou, ana the numberless ills that flesh a- heir to, deriv 'heir hideous origin from the blood. Deal kiiidi) tliea and gentiy with the biood. Use the vitai;iiii^ xesuUfoes of nature (or its aid. aud suffer us to ouinwejul to your oonfideuoe and use tliat truly yaiaabJe medicament mown aa Mjis. m. cars r*T Tk Was* t? tO* n?? ? ?? ? v* r\ * JiVlSiAft ? 1 AtiUJJ U61 UL I lUJt. With regard to this almost infallible ipeoifio sentiment has spoken in decided ierins, and the ovidauoos of tins <reat fifteaoy are sustained by constant avowals of eurativ* rtffucU and lh? happiest remit* from iU una ar- after all other remedies and the best medical skill have failed. l#et as 4*1, in cosfiuM'Mi, ta?t cures are not soujht from the ?lnt?rxte and superficial. bat tiiey are volant e?r*d frees the most rp sou roes and justify the highest terms in which it is poaaibla to contend so valuable a speoifia to approval. We may add also that the ou rati ve properties of the medioine are eq nailed only by its restorative eOeots, the srsUm reooverinifroin disease with renewed constitutional visor. For sale by aii respeotabla Dru?isu in city, &nd by trie proprietor, MRS. M. COX, T Btone tannine uoleen her i,ame it b;own un the bottU aiia her seal on the oork [IT Prioo $ 1 par bottle, slx hottlaa for MS. wkolnal* jutnt. R. T. C1S8KL, Drugrist. Qeorretuwn,T> O., Wholesale Agent for the ?>tai triot, and will supply the trade at-my prioes. sttf-te 07Q * potentini, o/m; ml I 17 IMfOlTH or ?VU Pa. A vs., FOREIGN FRUITS. Pa.Atv, ?.iO#lliAm. CO^ECTIONS.r Be?s leave to ea!l the attention of his friends and the public jonarally to his New Store, under wllIsN's Hotel, just opened, in connexion witH hit ?U eetat>!isu;, where ha wui be happy to neei w acy ordors for superior Confections of his ?wm Lniport&tioQe iGso,ail orders fo{ Dinuers, Hoppers, B*llp, and Private Parties, which will be nerved up In his mlautatlile *tjle, with the same promptness Mki d|s ?W?i wii?f ?? 111 giuii"i? ?nn?g ??l A WM. T. DOVK * CO. x\RK Nov p roared to ox?oate any ordara vfch whico they mat b? f?Tor?d in the PLUA1BIN8. AM "TT1N? JIT* 3lor? on 9th ?tre?t, ftfe v door* north of 1*1, ?Tr>nu?, wLsre mu be found a oomalete Miortnivil jaw feErfe """cT?- "vast* Pm UKK OLD RYE WHISKY.-On hand M*?ra brand* of Pur Old ft;* Wklfkr.C^mDMtilled, mad* by tii? mo?t rniiabt* duullarftia reato Tiruift, Maryland and Virfinia, varranUd pur?, &l?o, imported KrarniM, H?uom>t, Qtard, Dopuy * Co., idea Bobi?af&o% ilw. Poaehand Af.le Brandy, pur* Holland Gin, old Jamaica and ft. Croix Rom, and W:n?? of orory variety, all to! branrfa. A ?h?ia* lutof Hmr. iiul iv> haooo. YOUN8 ft KKPHA RYrif e?t? ? ? 14-tT Pa %*.. h?tw.BH> anoifltli ?U. Flour, meal, mill feed, *a. J uit rM?ir?tl on c<iniifnmcut? OOhhla rupsrior braud <?f freah around Family. t'.xtrn ?im1 Superfine Flour, 9> bbla. No. 1 Rye do., Fresh irrooml Corn M<*land Mill Ptad of all kind a oonatantl? on hand. for ?*! low in lots to idL *u 2S-6m I). L. MORRISON ft CO; A L E ! Jx XX ALE AND XXX ALE!! Jte ER y. Thi Ale la made from mut and hope only and eaaaot mil to ctva entire satisfaction to oob umwa. CCOL1 NBA U , Proprietor ofthe *? <-! W??k?? f) ?*?* -w I tlMlfMli eta, 275 ALkSN 275 jackson* PLA9TKRUA?%, . pxwsa. aviw1, Bafrrowa 10t? and 11th atr?t*. >a ll ' r?i-priMT-* niTNtnwnvB w t v i m w v v ai v ,?? A/unf .*-l?fy ^P^M^brMfair Mmr<vSrl??!<^nrfl K*?rw C?inM.nT? W*?hinrtn>. P. tikA&iv iLJOOD UOHT! ms Ateata fortowUk wiLcmx * I IM-ttAIN 8TKRKT, || RICHMOND, VIRGINIA#*) I MAAKCM OTFJCM. J No. 9? BANK OF COMM&RCfc ?. W NEW YORK OITT. I I- ^ I I Id BOLD BY ALL DBUNIfTI ARB MBXH- I CINE DBALMtB IN AMBBICA. I PRICE ONE DOLLAR, | REMEMBER, J*,. I Mi!?mcT7Kiiir ??? I AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT r> ' OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. wm.hjjaiy, sole; proprietor issoonwiliiamsrievm tOR SALE IN WASHINGTON BY f T-ly BARBOUR ft I1MME& I ,~U? 110 ? I TRY IT, FMOTM It\ KW9W If. I asrr r ^tv^a - *! mMNHt <4 | xi a vc ?ir ps.crv/i r I rUHblMSUB SHOULD Bt CAKttUb IN TORCHASINC THE VAUET WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS noimii'ln WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON TH LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE . k- ?. . boar, wkjl# mmiiiii ia ik* mn of tlM Port | WtrM u< ommio fttilnai lio ?M iffHMt I !y dying with Cfciil*. | Elloa K. Bimm. of Lookyott, Ifo* York, tM oaod liUr aoroo juri' Mftriif. A P?M Mrs. Tboinud of <Kk* mm MrW ory aoitk, ud met ? ata*lo mplital of um oAoioooy of tho KIPlCTllli i . / ? - * i*tf! _ *_ . *Ui h>' tkt r?'.V? W"*". ?!( r ^ j jiiu?o^tfi?fii /WfV mm./*. It .<iv.y 3 ' e?mt^dti k*<k* fr* nMi?t tBTV t ^5 P jlj ( r Itlt MM 11 l?M JlMHOMi m |f ^ caution" WONDERFUL EFFECTS. Loaiaol Boaaall. of Pitubtii.fw tv* j in 1?M to lUIMMlf ud BOOIOtT?a ? it?i CktBa Mi F*rw-??r*d ia Im Una tkraa vacka, aa4 tafrovad ia #uht konrc. Mary K. Baikaan,tfcaiaak). Qiao. a/Wr atawt losing kar r?*on m Mil m itfMftt kv UMrauttaat Ftnr.viik CMlh. i?Km* MkHltk ia tvnti koars. d J. ft. Til to a. ot Bolara**, Malaa, broagtl from I doatk'a door, tartac ?^rad for fear raars, aaia I vail ia ire mil, aad iai?roaai tm two k?n. I Adol|k< *oo*r?, of rraaaa, relieve* ia oao | Aaun** c^.ihi u. DraLinnv # uu., Box No. >,? ?, New York. Fit up for Peaiora ia Cum oontaining Four, Kiit, &i.d 'I weir# l>o?on? a beautiral Lithograpb kcw-Caid fcooompanyiDf each packac*. R- A aipale bottle of SPAIVINU'S FUMED OLuE wfil save tes times lU eost annually to every hon?>hold--rH Sold by all frorafawnt t*tationerw DrmccitU. Hardware aad Kunuturs Dealers, Groaara, aad l-"at:cj Stores. Country rcerohanta should make a Bote of 8PALDIM'S PRE FARED OLUE, when makiar ap thetr list. It will gtnnd any oltirata. fa la-ly < >C*>A.RX> M A.IJC iii&Mmi t)l ' '? I' 4i?<? i m*t:# if"?!" f?*-y W (lt? <U?f fhshUrr ! ?' tr V1 wTCO . >? * ?A *r?.rtrf *?X THE WISE APPLY WHILE TIE POOL IS niiiL BETTER PREVENT THAN STRIVE, TO CURE. DELAYS ARE DANHKROUS. 4 THE IimCTIRK, ' - I W ? PERSIAN FEVER CI11M, Ru e?r?d Uoi?i4i of toth nxm mi the mrat drwdflil Kirtra. Rm4 aal rilNl At aetidMi* ?MU harm, ??m ? wtll-rttwUUd fmmilut, it ia rttf desirable t* Uava come oheap i and convenient w?y for r?pftlriac F artitare, Toy#, Crockery, Ac. UPAIDINO'I PREPARED ?LCB meet* all aneh emergencies.and no household no afford to be withoat it. It ia alwaya ready w ?f to tty atjokin* point. There ia ao lou?er a neoeaaity lor limping ehftiri, apwctered *'*neera, dofla, and broken oraJlea. It ia jut the article for onne, ahell, and other ornamental work, ao pop alar with ladiea of refinement and u-.te. Thia admirable preparation ia aaed eold, heinf ohe.niaally held in aolntion, and poseeaaing all tM valuable qualities of the beet cabinet makera' else. It may be need in the pla** of ordinary maoilftfe, being vastly more adhesive. " USEFVL jy ETBKY HOUSE." Frit*. U oeota N. B.?A Brmah aocoropaniea each bottle. Wk?U> lt L*p*i, No. 48 Cedar atreet, N?w Yot*. worn 01 Ml eaerir, mm rNMU| aim h w ip? ooadiUoaof EXTREME MELPLESSNEtS Why vtUUTMt auRor Um horror* of ft 4oUi > iloMn* lntarmittMt Fever. vkM by U? mmm of tkm INVALUABLE 1NPECTINB, PERSIAN PL'YER ClAtM. t^? MUBMlt Md Md m ? Ml ittM of vktek arc iMttJitly kbaorbti, I I ALL TRACES OP DISKABKMAY BE ANNIHILATED IN A FEW HOUR*. ELF-CARE IS BETTKR THAN PHYSIC. NATURE IS WIBBft THAN AMT. i EVERY DISEASE MAS A DIVINE REMEDY. * SH1KTS* mace u? to order, 1 be anbecnb?r la ?r?t%red to make HH1RT8, DlAWKKS, *e.,at tha norteet notice. Ail deeoriftioM of Sewin* dou, SHiKT BOSOMS, COLLARS, Mtf WKltY BANDS nMtly vtiteM. w u-a* . n wnTirt f?l R E, F IR E. _ 1 POTOMAC WATER. 1 am atill engaged la the PLUMBING and GAS FITTING B1SIN Ks>f? at mj old etaod in Philharmonic Hall. Th* advantage of having a plentiful aupaly of water wat readily ohaerred at the fere of ?e?terda.y.aa i am veil ?att?ied I ahouid have been bnrned out but lor the l.oni.tifu' aupply upor n; premises and that of my neighbora All order* for the introduction of Water and Ga? will lie prompt!; attended to. Terma aa reaaonable aa any plumber in the oity. Jy 3 C. SNYDER. / ^ , V A DISPATCH! ^ ^ A6l'B buM. 7 UOMM.K par I oia tkreiflKXt ? h* world mry raar. aa4 kaa imr till *o? kMi Mk,.M atdiaa \ MEDICINAL DI^BASBS, vbiakafbat tfcalaaga, tba tba llrar, tba heart, mt ritm porta of tba luain orjant aw. Tb* 1NPECT1NB m Um utiral uttii aiat of all h rora, aad vkw II Wi ia mtiil wltb U? afcia. ia abanrbad by tba taWior arfaaa. ?kiak raaiai m? van vbiab proatraia tba iubI a no boCt witV j farar. 1 No plaoa it axempt from tba aa?aa vMtk to?n? tba enrtiaai of tba diaaaaa. That bat af oaaa aaat ad ia tba avataa, isdaaaa <?>" ? ? of aptrrta, laa aitada, laagaor. yaiai, akiila. IWrar. aad loan train of diaacraaabla aaaaatioaa, daprmat tba pa LJjU. HILLS, aftera sractica: test of t%. I feel* tti*t M 04R With OOCfiU^BM rMWB-A^S I mend the Cbeo?!a*t.c Process for lneerticrBnt^* artificial teeth. It has the advantages r***" | strength, beectr.eJsauaueas. end ca^^iw. Fal ueer eats inserted (or IV. Partial ia >rs>wt>H. CHBoe 101 Pfctmnl. ?T ~ MiaoutLAifwoa. HUWK'9 IMPROVED WEIGHING9CALK8 These Scales are offered to the ssblie m the most simple.dnrable, end reMaMe soafesever Nt ia ate. First class premiums barohoea awardeetnea by the United States Fair and Virt icia Ac icaltara. Society; Virginia Stale Acrieaitaral Fair: Fraaua Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; New York State Fair} Vermont State Fair, 2to., Ac. In every case whert exhibited they nave received first oiass premiasu Per s* e at $f Louisiana avems, Depot of Siller's Chi' ed Iron Safes. de ls-ly B* a PATTISON. ifwt U/ASKINOTUN SKWlNfc ROOMS. Tt KM nA ft., t?ss dnort North of ra. in Now is the time to set SPRING and 9UMMU CURBS INBl'RBD IN A DAY. NATURBt GRAND RRTTORATIV*. lKfECTlNK, lSPaCTlNM. INftCTlNE, UttMCTMM. lSrXCTIIfM, ItfPKCTISK. Tht urritk W* kunit llK FKVRR AND . All UPilUMHWlMUl ?*? KW DENTISTRY. D DENTAL caeb. K. hu retimW Md nwM k? Kwaion. tiffie* and kviw mt 463 E door 0Mt of Sixth. 1b idditioa u vory trtkw approved t)le, l>r. M. liM mi*1 troUi oo vuloomte Bw? lor tktlM nif??mn, bcu, from xi.Tienc#, know* it ?xaota all others, ?nd ia ob? tbli.d l?li frio* th?? fold.. Hia oM Citrona of WmS. "?ton, A taxation*. ?ttd goor??>wn are rexpcctfnHy a?>lioltad t i call. m3S-ooly Dr. forth# M?ton, anT will b* ahaent, u uaw*1' *1""*, ?"/ mar mouths ; will r^iome praetu''* ^9"* 2?^ Ootobrr. of whick further m.tio* >"ul ?* C'**11* JiJtS rfc DENTISTRY. 1 ??????? ?* ?HMIB. I N RE C T fYi E ; * ' U b Wt * *|gf y # ,? ? * * ?* " ? " ? ? W V B A A SB * * V /fl '^1|i ?,il ' # j * .? >f > : * fit . JETER AMD AV VB M1TMAM1MATMB I _ I II 1/ ?U| .? I^lw HM.m THE HUMAN CON1T1TUTIOH &A VKD FROM WRKI. 4 ' to i 1 ^ K d ? H THE FRETENTtTE AND REMEDY ! %'* * ?J* $ ? ? * | .r m. ? MiU INTERMITTENT AND MILIOBH Firm ""^ARRlAOE FACTORIES. WMMMVHI CARJMA?B FACTORY. 1 D StrM?, jiHiin ftk mmd J ?JMt fcia?.'ted ? BuaUagr #1 tut ctftM CkRKiAQF>. ?uon u L??4( Park P*t?xcnw, Jii<nt/ir him, ?<< Burnet, which W? will ?41ftft? * * ? I ft *?r* ima!l ?rn4t. JMof prftctiofti n^kuici la different | oi ta? iwwai, -WW UHIT OVrn?i*M lt>41 W* ?DOW tb? atyleaard W work tkat will (in aatif fftoUoa, +JtubUum* hghtaMa, ooaiiort im dmrabiil TUMirlai prcMfVj and oarofaftr attoadorf to Uie acorteat n( tio* ud moat rwuiikli nto nja WALTER. KARMANN A BOJ^PT Cantmhri, moomori to Wa. T. Book. a?n-<jiy The -??. - u irsus? ; ?? sr prAgifli xaanataotur iei CA K H1 AS K A L1?H WAttON? of ail kifida caanot bo aurpaaaod. aad from lua loog axforionoo is tta* beeinoes, he hope ttim c?oeral satiafaotion. All kiDda cf Carrlacoa <uU U(kl WavawkaplM kaiM.

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