Newspaper of Evening Star, October 1, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 1, 1860 Page 2
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' ' ' THE EVENING STAR. WASJUXGTOK CITT: moiiiav.? gggj? *?*** spirit ( ibe IU?ril?| 1'reM. The n IrMt* upon what It call* "The SMleat Candidate and the icy (?l?pp?ry) Platform" ?f the Bell and Everett rwty, and upon other po litical subjects. The lmtti:%g**c'*r arjjues tfc*t the late Annual Convention of tba Kptscopal Cbujcb for Ihe dlorrtr of PftairYork, <>'4 in laying ou tbe table Mr Jay's nsolutions deprecating the Afrlran slave Inde, and nut taking special action on tfcet perticu lar crime aay more than any other. U7* A letter Wuk Yanuoujh, N. S., slates that tbe bull of ship VHxflVrHshlre, loot several years since on tbe parage from Liverpool to Bps ten. bas secroUy l>een found off Sag Harbor, in ten fathoms water. ^ II7" The Ctrcraw (South Carolina) Gazette gi?es cnrrew-y ?o a painful rumor that a wedding party of forty-eight persona were poisoned near loktabury, In tbat State, a few days since, of whom forty are dead. Tbe tiazett? expresses Its belief la tbe truth of tbe report. IXjTA destructive storiu of wind passed over the town of Ava, N. Y., on Tuesday last, sweeping down trees and fenres in its path. The bouse of Nicholas Reed was crushed by a tree falling a< ruM it. and three ?f his children were imtantiy killed. lT7"The Inflation of Prof. Lowe'a balloon waa commenced at Philadelphia on Friday night, and at five o'clock Saturday morning everything waa prepared for ascension, the excursionists were in the basket and the rope waa about to be cut when the balloon bumted nwr the top, putting atermL nation to the undertaking. It is now ascertained that the schooner St. M*ry?s foundered in Lake Michigan on the night of the Lady Elgin disaster. One of her small l-oats drifted ashore on Sunday laat, a short distance north of Chicago. One body, supposed to have beeu lost on the Lady Elgin, haa been iden. tiftod as one of the schooner's crew. There were eleven persons, Including the crew, on board the vewei. _______ y~r" The Natl .al Democratic Committee of General Superintendence fot the City of Philadelphia hare add ressed several interrogatories to the democratic candidates in Philadelphia, wish, ing to know If inch candidate* will support the Heading electoral ticket, and also if thev will exert their Influence to destroy the bogus electcral ticket of the Forneyites. A failure to answer tht-ae questions affirmatively will be considered sufficient to place the delinouent mitaida of th? , j ?" ?? Mn?C #wcpV IHC WQOie country wot U> the Pacific. WJth tbe failure o^ Hhvery th?-re, however, the campaign had virtually ended, and the Territories would be free. He cl 'std with a ii'gh compliment to the people of K ia?as for their flrmiKS* in their itraggle, aad aa;d that the lovert ?f Freedom would hereafter come up to Kaii?as a* they go up to Jeraaaiein PeriMal> Hon K Mailory, Ky ; Hon A R Boteler, Ya; iluii J. M. Kankel, Md., are at Browm'. larrikin and l*dy, Kv ; Mr Htanley, M P . Luvr ; Mr. Arthur, Hag % J- H. Brodhead. - ? - 1 I'a , are at thf National .... Wf *** the rUtement going the round* that Mm Adah Isaacs Menken a'fas Mra. Adah Isaac* Menken H-inn.hy commenced n suit for di? v*>rce a^ait;?t JoU:i C. Hecnau. Ueeuaa declares th *t he* never married to Adah or any othe* woman. Sciljm m Maltimokb?YeBterday morning, s vs th* Arabi an of this morning. between 5 ana rt o'clock, u ruaa named August Stange. aged SG yam, committed suicide while la a deranged state of nulud, at the dvvelliug of John Reiss, No, UT Harrison street, near the bend He occupied one of tfee garret rootrs of the house, which ia two stories in bight. aa a sleeping apartment. At th? [ erw?d named he arose from hli conch, and, taking a razor, cut hiiuaelf on the left arm above th? wrist, aud then cut his throat. He then got out ui U?e back window to the roof and threw him. elf to the pavement of the yard, the right aide of his forehead striking violently against the bricks, bv which the mknTT ?"> *-v?1 - --J " democratic pnrty. irT- A Urge portion of the Friday morning session of the late Protectant Episcopal Convention la New York, was occupied in acting upon proposed amendment* to various canon* of tbe Church- l>r Potter. the Provisional Bishop, deli vend Lis auuual adilrtss, euibacing a history of th'.* transaction s of tbe Church dur:ng the year Toe Bishop also alluded in very flattering terms to the v sit of the Pri*re of Wales and Its probable Wiioiict'Ut influence upon tbe welfare of Great BriLiin and U.e \'nited states. Another attempt was'- to br'ng the Convention to some action on the everlasting iegro question, but the subject j was unanimously laid on the table, and ihe Convent. on adjourned sine die. IfT* S 11 at or Seward delivered an address in Lafe&x^uworth, Kansas, on Thursday last to an audience liumbe/iiur live to six thousand. He expressed hi* tcrfUhcati?u at being able to address |te ritizeas of Kansas oa their own soll,aud then proceeded to a discission of the Issue in.' volvad in the flr?t stru^jjle In the Territory between the advocates of PKvery and Freedom, asserting his bei*cfthet h*d the cause of Freedom foiled I In Kinn> Slarpru wnnU V.--- 1 * * " __ ? ? - va u*uvu in ana acuity canted luslaiitly. Hr.ud Mrs Retail bearing the mtiae of the LJ1 to tUe ground, hastily deaceoded and round hiai lifeles*.. Information being ctm? u>n mealed by the police othrers, Coroner Hall bfcld an it quest; the jury, from tbe evidence before them, rendering a verdlet of premeditated luk'dc On hit |xya?n wu found the tuna ai 51-27 5v?. of wbtch gifci 50 was la cold, So in silver. and the balance in bank notes, and which hat been retalnsd by the coronsr. 1'revlous to committing the deed he wrote a note, nut directed or tinned, in whieb he states that he bad s sickness that uc body could cure, evidently alluding to hi* belo'4 deranged in mind, la which situation he hat been fir several years He wan a cabinet varnither by occupztion. but bad not worked thereat for - - * .. *,, nr u1? no reiativrs In tbls rountry He wan a native of Melhausea, In rrnisia, wfcere bis father live*. He l>oa*d?d at tue uouae uf II. Hannibal, a few <Wors hriow, having eaUro bit aupper tb? evening tiefore and paid bis board. Being naturally of a nitlanrurlv dispoaltlon he would not pertlrlpite la any of the after eitjm menta of the table. He wzs a member of the German Working Men's Uuion, of Arbelter Hall, who have taken charge ?f and will bury him. jvy PRESIDENT 8 MOUNTED GUARD IL *t At a regular meeting ot the corps, a quorum 1 eing pre?ei.t, tke aim el F Lakenieyer and Ciawloni wer# stricken from the roll aad are no iouger members of the coir J?any. It B^CHAMBERjj. Jr.. Reo. Sec. iry ORDER No. 13.-HEADQrARTP.RS WASHINGTON LIGHT IN PAN TRY BATTALION.?Tne ruKular rnonthlv meeting of the fl&ttahon takes place THIS EVENING, at Headquarter ,n; u'cool, A full attendance of each Company is requested. Bv order of If JAS V. DAVIS, Major. pT=r-ATTENTION, NATIONAL DEM?C ' \L3 R AC Y.?The regular weekly meeting ?>f the Jacktoii Democratic Association will be held THIS i Monday) EV F.N1NG, at 8 o'clock, at their r??onis. No. & Fa. avenue. Alt Democrats are inv t*H t? st'M'l 'r -- ? . -.... nMucimiou will be addresteil liy aev- | era! eminent pcak-r, fr(m, the State* CORNELIUS BOYLE,Pre?. TYLER POWELL, See. It nf?p? MEDICAL ASSOCIATION.?The erii- 1 \l 1 annual meetifti of the Medical Aaaociatiun ??rthe District nf Uutumliia. will he held At the Wiflimrtoft Infirmary, on TUESDAY, October i 2d. at 12 t. cloek tn i ? a 3t* J. W. H. LOVHJOY.M. D.Sea. rr*"OEMP?EY A O'TOOLE," ~ r~ iJJj WEDDIHU AXV Y IS IT t NO CARD Xii9HAVBML I irime'i? Biffin "TiT,ON KR'the most tieautiful atyles. 336 Pa. Av., between *tu and loth ?t? , aa 77-6m Wxauiaaros. All Aocounti on our book* are made off up to the 1st Oetolter. and will be reudered in a day or two, Oer eaatomera will areatl* oblige na if they wiii comelorwacd ami aettlewilejiawithoutdelay. CLAGETT a MAY. , Pfio 3tM^bet. 9th and eta. p v'. CA1TUVD S'Kwpoetruify" itiyag of?-ft *4*1 <i ftrrrt?. where )? will ^.VMcniinx . SSMSft? rl.' MKKV, 4c Ac : ud Imp. M .S. mL t..m ly ruiMH, t'i oLtHu a U:r ?!;?r?. w* pufclic * Strict per?onfr aiff ntiou ?> ?en k'' V ictor in Head On mau, ? .1 , _ , Black aad White, & Every ?tyie Heakireeeea, a Rest L*ee?. F Real Laaa Peti aart Oejli\r?, Orattt HatUm, As, k.c., A o. I a AihI ever/ description of liood? usually loumi m I ? ' Z'IZSf*"*F*MAXWELL'S, 38? 1'a, a*. I 8 *?t,59'; rialnaaTttjfV *" 6 ? MRS A. 8PK1R ~ ^ 11,1. Introdnce her now s'vios of PAI.L anil WINTKK Mll.l.lNRRYon Thurs.tay. Ofc-^fc . 4th. to which Kh* invites the aU?ationGKtf " uf the ladies of Washington and its vioinitj.^^T ' ?cj_3t ]So. 'Hi Penna. avenue. r Oy K T K R 8! O Y 8 T B R 8!! *, AT HUSINBSS AGAIN. J jyB p. MclN ro8*i would respeotfully inform 5 his old friends and cuntoiuem that h? ts^^. /?> ; sgsinathis old ntand. No. 3#ft Fiithf^A #_J ' itreet, between O and H, where h? iiwAU# J prepared to fnrnish the very best anali- x&Sw l? of FKK8H OY?TER?, stewed, fri?-d, or Raw,) at the shortest aotioe. Orders so- i jieited oo l-7t | \OW RECEIVING FROM NEW YORK, AT MAXWKLL'9 POPULAR fANCY STORERich Fiench Embroideries, Roches and Quillings, Paris Ribbons?new styles, _ . Clouds and Nubias. Elegant Real l.ace (joods, , .. _ Hair Neta, Ladies' Dress Trimmings, ? Black Lace Veils, n Ricn Velvet Ribbons, t? B14ck .nd ColofMI F?*lb.r., Cre?h" J U.i?.r. Fr.n,.., . j *>< ??v hibi viaos Wil OllfQj we learn, tome time sluce. Thb Wsatkbr?The following report of the ] weather for the morning It made from the Amet t lua Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation U ] about 7 o'clock. ?CTOM* 1, 19?K). ( New York. N. Y raining, wind NE I Philadelphia, Pa raining, wind NE 0 Washington, D. C raining. Petersburg, Ya. cloudy, damp. Norfolk, Va cloudy, (io?, wind E /. Wilmington, N. C clear, pleasant. " Columbia. S. C clear, cool. Charleston, 8. C .....clear. 0$?. Augusta. Ga ......cloudy, cool. ^ Savannah, Ga cloudy, 75", wind NE n Macon, Ga................cloudy, cool. Ii Columbus, Ga clear, 50?. a Montgomery, Ala. cloudy, warm. r Jackson, Ala cloudy. , Mobile, Ala cloudy, cool. New Orleans, La raining, wind 8E It Barometer at the 8m 1 thsonlsn at 7 s. m., (cor- f1 reeled for temperature,) 30,290; at noon, 3o,'.155. i' Thermometer at 7 a. m., 51'; at noon, 553. ^ Maximum during is h?nr? ?n<n?? " - ? * 4 ^ -?? v<mvh? f UJ 1% tJ (3B been bo long delayed. The President's Private Secrrtartsbip.? James Buchanan, Jr., having resigned the position of private secretary to the President, (which post he filled with so mneh ability,) for the purpose of returning to Philadelphia and resuming , the practice of law, A. J . Glosbrenner, Esq., late ' Serjeant-at-Arms of the Uoiwe of Representatives as we stated would probably be the case, has been appointed In bis place, and to-day entered upon ' the discharge of his duties. Promotions in the Pkxsiox Office ?James i li. Stewait, fromS1.0U0 to81,900, viceT. 1). Jenks, 1 deceased. WW. Sperry, from 81,400 to SI,GOO,vice Stew- | art. promoted. * John Work, from ?1,200 to 91,400, vice Sperry, promoted as above. ( Th* nuiir* In IK. >? <1? *" ily, we do live In an age of progress. The Rbtkocbssiox or thb Bat Islaxus to HoHDrBAS.? Mr. Molina, recently accredited to our Government as Minister from Honduras, had a Ion*; interview on Saturday with Secretary Cass, In reference to matters connected with that Government. Honduras, It Is said, after she learned of the expedition of Walker, urged upon the British authorities to keep possession of Kuatan Now that Walker has been captured, and her fears have been quieted, she Is ready to take possession, and Grent Britain, In accordance with the treaty, will surrender it up to Honduras. This Is the explanation of th?> ? ??... ? ? ton. *. P*OrO*ed extzxsion of tub Ov**la^D Ma<5nktic Tklkgrath to Russia?We l(un that measures are b?iug promptly taken by the company that recently obtained the contract to cob truct for tbi? Government iu proposed magnetic telegraph line to the Pacific, to obtain the cooperation of the Ruaaian Government to a plan for the extension of tbeir line via RussU's American possessions, to connect with the present linea from St Petersburg extending through Russia very near to tbo?? possessions From information already in the possession of the company little doubt is entertained that tbe Russian Government will zealously and promptly lend Its countenancc and pecuniary assistance to th? cheme; which, after all, may within a year, of at most two, bring to New York advices from London not more than twenty-four hours after being dispatched from tbe British r.antta! v?? , , ... .av v??j, uuuiy cugBgea 1U preparing for this occasion. It will surpass. it la aid, any similar exhibition at any time given In the United States. Rxlibf rom thi Sufferers in Syria?We learn that the Secretary of the Navy has, at the humane request of some of our citizeus, and with a promptitude highly creditable to him, ordered that the U. S. storeship Release, now in commission at Boston, be detained until the 15th lust for the purpose of receiving and conveying to Syria such boxes of clothing or other goods as a sympathizing public may be disposed to contribute towards relieving the thousands of distressed people who are now suffering in consequence of the recent terrible massacres in that distant land All kinds of new and cast-off clothing, and all kinds of fabrics which can be converted into wearing apparel or bedding, which may be contributed and placed on board the above-mentioned ship, will be conveyed to the "Anglo-American Relief Committee'' at Boyrout. All boxes or goods must be dire ted to James M. Gordon, Esq., Secretary of the American Board of Forelen Missions Hr.? the depot and escorting him to the Executive Mansion. All must readily perceive that auch action on the part of the President of the United $tates would be unbecoming, and tend greatly to lower the dignity of that high official position. Baron Renfrew and suite will arrive here on Wednesday, about 4 o'clock, in a special train and in all probability will be met at the depot by the President's nephew, Mr. Jas Buchanan, formerly his efficient private secretary. In the eve Ding there will be a repast, suitable to the occa. ion, at the White House; and also one on Thursday. Lord Renfrew will dine with Lord Lyons on Friday; and an invitation will be extended to the diplomatic corps to dine with him, before his departure. No public reception will be given by the Prince in the East Rooui, as stated in a northern paper. He will be conveyed to Mount Vernon on the steamer Harriet I.ane, but we have not yet been able to learn on what day this visit will be made. From the best information we can obtain, we feel safe in saying that the grand pyrotechnic display, which is to be given in his honor, will not take place ou Wednesday evening, as currently reported The announcement, we suppose, will be made in due time. This exhibition will be had In the reservation south of the President's Mansion. Mr. Edge, pyrotechnist from Jersey City, with several assistanU fro sat In *Ki? <* ?? k??n? ? ? * * fKEPAKATIORS FOE THI PlISCB.?The Wash inf ton correspondents of the Nem^fork ud otUat ^ seisation journal*, In their eapeYriess to pander \ to-the public appetite, often publish statements j which not only hare no foundation in point of ? fact. but are actually absurd. Such already ] been the case with reference to the arrival and I*- ^ caption of Baron Renfrew la this city. The date, i tents of the press outalde of thiaclty, in this i rtitter especially, are not always to be deemed 1 reliable. It will be the desire and determination of the Star to keep the citizens informed of everything of consequence that transpires with regard to the movements of his lordship during his sojourn In tbts city. As aa taatsnce of tbe afcaardUy of uitny at the statements of correspondents, spoken of above, wt will refer to the one relative to the President and the Msyor receiving the Prince at ? WiftHineTOll NKWS 4FID GOSSIP. ? I Naval AcadIm# A*5a!"olis.?The eiatnl- I < latlon / one Limited aiid .eleven candidates for ? idmlMldb to th? Pfaval AOfcdrmv at AnnaDolii 1 rat on S*htur<Uirt*?tng. About fight* i Vtrr admitted, and tfclrty rderud on ireotfat of J kflrieacy In tfeeir prlmSrf education. We ?*e ^ jreeent at the mnuBitloB on Friday and t>abarlav. a ad were much pleaned with the falrneMWtd ^ Impartiality with which it was conducted 9o?e if the boya faded on the lint trial through timidity, but all were gfvea ft aerond examination and em- , ibled to prove their eUciency, if they really poa* i>Mod it. They wete eta mined In long division . find multiplication, and in reading and apelltafff 1 inoet of thoee who failed being deflcient In tnfc , latter branch of education One lad, eighteen ' yeari of age. In wriUag twelve llu?* from dictation, apelled thirteen Words wrong, and Insitted upon putting an i in democracy, an i naval, and aa i In academy The brightest boy ot the wholf riass was a uuie ieuow irom Texas about flfteert l ntn of ig*, who bad been three year* setting type In a newspaper office, and bad studied J mathematics and arithmetic with a dip-candle in tbe garret of a log cabin at night He vrw poorly claawhen be reached Annapolis, and on being asked bow be obtained tbe means to reach Annapolis, replied that be worked for it, and that bis money falling abort on tbe route, he. bad not some small Jobs at typo-setting in New Orleans and other points of bis jonrney. If he should not be admitted, he expected to work hi* way home a^ain. We saw blm on Saturday on board the Constitution in Lis naval uniform, with bis gilt buttons and anchors, looking as bright and bope* fill as if be anticipated becoming a commodore. Tbe practice-ship Plymouth was still cruising in the bay with two hundred of tbe students on board. They were to be allowed to land yeater* day, preparatory to the resumption of studies today. They have been three months at sea. and I A- *t? ni % .ikm iodiii w uic vurupt'iie nave passed daily in sight of the Academy, but have not been allowed to land, either boys or officers, the families of the latter being most anxious spectator* of her dnlly flitting along the roads ?Btltimor* American. ID" Before General Walker was surrendered to the authorities of Honduras by the commander of the British vessel to whom Walker had capitulated, he made th? following protest: " I hereby protest, l>efore the civilized world, that when I surrendered to the captain of her Majesty's steamer Icarus, that officer expressly received my sword and pistol, as well as the arms rtf Cnl KtulUf ?*! ? 1 __ ?.. } uuu mn Burrnmrr wai exprmiy and In so many words to him. ns the represents tive of her Britannic Majesty. "WM Wiliir. " On board the steamer Icarus, Sept. 5, I860 " i i ?Jh?? WANTS. WANTKD?A PLUMBER. Inquire at MYKRS A MoGHAN'S. None l?ut a first-class workman need apply oc 1 U/AXTED-Bt a respectable woman, a SIT I* ATr TlON a* wet nu-se. Good reftrenc?s given. Applv at No. 7 11 II street, corner of Firft st. east. oo l-2t* ANTED?Two (tood MILLINERS. None but the best need apply. S. HELLh.R. 34 Market Spac\ oe 1 Between 1th and ftth its. _ U/ANTED-A good journeyman BARBKR. Good wage* and st adjr employment. Apply at O. R.?'HR1SMON D'S, No. 000 Garrison ?t . Navy Yard oc 1 2t* WANTED? Bv a young girl speaking French, Italian HT.H KmC-h ">? ....v. a iUh nail, r? oi M. U A 1 lUil CMlfH bermaid. She can do plain sewins and dress ladies' hair. Please address Kox 14, Star Office. <>c 1 Jt WANTED-A SITUATION by ? respectable iniddle-aged lady as housekeeper, ohamt>*rmaul or plain seamitress. in the faniifv of a cetitiernan where she could make herself generally useful, having been accustomed to (he i uti?s for several years in a large hoarding house in Virginia. Persons req "trine such assistance will please address Mrs. T H.,Star Office, for three days, which will he promptly attended to. oc 1 2t* WANTED.?I would like to purchase the liaif <>f the stock of a well ee'ahlished Grocery am! liquor Store situated near the Avontie. If I oonld not agree upon terms I might enter into an agreement of a per eentAge an the gross amount of tales, I have had eight years' experience in the business in this city and am well acquainted with the tra-t". Address, through the city Post Office,"Merchant.'* no 1 St WAXTfiD-By a young gentleman, BOARD in a pri-ate fsmil> iwh?r? si ___ j viivic 910 imi utupt M<ardors preferred ) Address "Herbert," i-tar Office. we 29 21* BOARD.?Wanted, a oornfortab'y furnished Rooui. with full Hoard, '?> a young man. Terms not to exced V8 per month Address ''Addison," Star Office. se 29 3t* WAN TEW?A TENANT for a two story frame lioone, containing 7 rooms and passage. l'o?session given the 1st October. Inquire at 595 M street, lx>tween 6th and 7th sts., next door. se a ?' WANTED TO RENT.?The subscriber wishes to rent a FARM containing from 15 to64)aeres of good land not over 5 miles from Washington. The house must be in good repair and contain about 6 rooms. For such a place as would suit, a fair rent would be paid; and if satisfactory to all parti?s, I might buy before the end of the rear. Please addiess by letter, " I. V D " Box '233, Richmond, Va., stating - >/ - ?r rent, size of__farm, number o< rnnm? it* J ' u^wmuoM given. Address M.C., Stac Otto*. ~ ? ir ?3-tf | j l?OR SALE?A PUNGY lOATTaliert the Rej- , 1 l& l&Tinx tn the Eastern Mranoa.^fc \ Vpply to JAMES SMITH, on I street, f ween art and 91 streets. 4 a ai* h r O W RENTS. ? Li LOW PRICBS! j The place to hoy all kind* of FURNITURE, fc ^ARPKTS a art HOUSE FURNISHING#* *, ?OOl)S cheap, ia where rent! are low andvA. lx peases small. That place ia |Vl r BROWN'S, IT* -j ?e 29^3t _______ ^60 Seventh st. t UN ION R F.ST AU R ANT, c B? JACOHBlwi ^ ' * y-Curlier of 19th and II tU., f?w doors south of I'l. av., T ? 1'avier's old stand, First ? i Vard. Washington. His Bar is constantly sup!i*d with thechoioest Liquors and Cigars. The a ?st Friod Oy*t?rs in Wn.?htngt?>n can beoh'ained > this place. Families supplied with Oysters in a y st} fe, and at reasonable prices. se 28-ro6m li WCARD. > R CHA9. HEPBURN Most respectfully ba*i * Bave to return thauks to his friends and the public urine his time in btisineti. lie now has on hand a uge assortment oi Gibson's XXX Whisky. Also, f he agency for good Aie, which can he fu'nislted V t the shortest notice ; and a large stock of Cigars ml Groceries. At No. 81 Louisiana av? between N th and Kith sts. se M ? ' HOUGHS, COLDS.HOAR8ENFS9, fco. Lf TYLER'S COMVOUSli SY&UP OF GUM AH ABIC 1 This pleM?nt and popular Cough Remedy has ?en so long known and extensively used, that wost ? arsons have become fkmitiar with its extraordina ?' yeffioacy. It oan bs had at all the priuo'pal drug ?' tores at 2S and 3fl oents a bottle, sea d2n>Aeo4m^_ P' | EVERYBODY'S INTEREST. _ PUST Received ?ur FALL aud WINTRR r\ XOTHINO. to whiob yonr attention is 1 am confident that I oan s-ll s.nxi cNOTHING, F f URNIBH1NG t*OODS, HATS a-* CAFB at fl -v/r* ""n"bmith.".rvA'fcj;*.. ?> o^rgin ny?" [.JRAND OPENING! ? UT NO DECEPTION ! T The Best Place now in this city si To Purchase 29 Is the Wore jo?t opened by ^ ? BAR It B K Om ( 391 SlTIHTH SnilT, BITVIU H AMD I, Next Door 10 This on'*. T And why ? Because there you will fcnd an lmlentely larfe ?took of all.kinds of Gocds apper- ? unmr to this hoe of bu*tnes?, too numerous to A taaKsSaaas- *"<?-* ?<? * <>?* ar; ((OBiJiVon Uie moat fcvoraMe term* nd will be ?old at the raalleitadvaooa i1j .v?Va.?' Ikieh Wi.l h?idirVMM Of at leaittan ??$?& 7, i coiriparieon to price* ehar?ed in other liCZataioi fi t* H*ni? lowtf. 'n * ' All gooJ? warranted aa totheir qiialty. and no e< dvantage will be tokeo in* Io mt dmm2 n*cuuainted lathe different. M*it? J an Iiraim? and Low Price ia oar motto. A slancc at our ai?l our *a> of.) . nt hiri #5 ?^ *Vo'u'a 5 Cr TakenoUoeof the number- 3?l-tho onl? ?l tore of the kind ta that a^aare. se ?7 ? of ....... uuuiv, i. m lance irorrt Washington. ftr,. Jfcc. se 29-41* ; WANTED-A middle-aged WOMANTIn"tnkt care <>f a small child. An American and Prote?t*nt preferred. Apply at No. 329 F St..southwest oorner F and inth it#. Recommendations required. se 2H 4t* WANTKD-A FURNISHED HOUSE. eligibly located i? the First Ward, containing 2 parlors, a good-six-*! dining room, 3 or 6 chambers, and servants' lodgings. A line addressed to A., Star Office, will receivc attention. se 28-3t* WANTKD?To have everybody know that they oan find a fine and well selected stock of 1 F-ALI.and 1NTKR CLOTHING, FURNISH- i INO GOODS, HATS and CAPS at the Peoples' Clothing Store, No. 460 Seventh st., opposite Prut I Offioe. seaim WANTKD?A SITUATION, by a young man, 1 a? porter in a grooery store, or acy other bn?i- i ness where ho oan mak* himself generally useful. I Apply R"X 4 , at this office. ?e 27-fit* < WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A good OV8- . TKR SHUCKEK. Apply at RODIKR'S ! "White Home,"on High street, near the Cantl, , r>eorget?>wn. ?e 27 3t WAN PED-A WET NURSE, in good health, of good habits, and well recommended. AdIres* to Dr. OARNETT, Nicth street, between E . in (I F. re 27 6t } llMVrpn_u. . ? w ^ ? - r.. <? uuiiur ann fiwy young map, I " a SITUATION an coachman, or porter ia a rrocerjr R'ore. Beat of recimm<*n<la',iona j?iv?n. 1 Pl*a?f address G. II.. Star Office. ?c t5 1 w* WANTED?A CLErtK, who is acquaints! with the oity tr^de, for a Jowlry Store. Bent of eOrencea required. Address T. H? No. 6, Star Drtice. ae H WANTKI>? By a steady and induatrioua man, a f ^SITUATION as oollaoior. Beat of reanm. ? ?*w ?w. it <> viii oe ai?on?rnin* on if pa day, ueaday, and Wednesday next. 2 cargo** of Coal, "the Tarr he*t quality. Baltimore Ct^ipany White h and Free Burning R*d Aah Coal of all ti*e*. iao, one ear go NKW TOltK CKMENT. All oi hieh will be aoM on the most aooommadaang rnjj lo oaah ar prompt ourtowera.^ wgykOKae?No 348 12th and C ?tr?U* ' M>-8t e f*TANDA*D BI.4CK TRA. O OHKftTS STANDARD BLACK TBA At ID inta Hr pound. Try it. r KINO A BUBCHBIiL, wi) Corner ifttty at. an* VwmotHt. Rrtgfe D ?D R b^E8 a., to which ah* invito* tha attention of tha ladiea I WMhmitOD, Georgetown ami vicinity. ae9 91 LARK'S PATENT PORTABLEFBNCS. To "y ct'v? Fho would OtSTUl th? OODDtaM It f*|r? V*ht* of thi" nlMbll uK* nsnlSSSIlf^ in^neemtnU. Ad dr.., R. [AVKIno, utorfMovn, D. C. PHK LADIES MUST NOT FORGET THAT I they will fiocl the b?*t fttiortmADt nf ?alt 1 nkSPZSi.. iftsa *LX0i iKN,SHa6ris!&cfl IT: ???. *W"&.#?&.cbmb,,t f ? / v**wWvr?*SWS nd the public in geneiiil that i hare removed to [o 349 !*?venth ?treet, (three doors from Mats, venue.) where I ahall keep constantly on hand a k'ce assortment of FORhIGN and DOMESTIC SV GOODS, HOSIERY, FANCY ARTICLES, LLINERY,*o. New Uoods received weekly, rhien will bo sold at astonishing low Brines seatt-lm' F. F18HMAN, I FELT HATS-FELT HATS, AND CAPS, IP For Gents, Youths, and Boys, in grant va-^^ ety. of all colors, now opening at LANE'S Fashionable Hat and Cap fetor*, e 2B 3t 484 Fa. av.. near st. ?OR SALE.?Patent riflits for oonntiea in the States of Maryland anH 3 v a ov r AIJLBTP08 Ber? leave to inform hiaooatomera nd the mililie roneially that h? hai removed hi? VINE STORK and LAUER BEF.R DEPOT torn 431 E Ht'eet to 447 Seventh ktreet, eeooad oor dliorc the Patent Offioe, where he wM be appy to aupply thorn with every variety of Liquor*, togara. A e. ar ?-3t JK.T OF CHAMBER FURNITURE $18<5 Also, PARLOR SETS in iirocatrlle / na n ! Hair. Beautiful aanortmentof TKADS, Marble top BUREAUS. TA tl.ES a?i WAf*HSTANDS, SOFAS, 'ETE-A-TKTE8, CHAIRS. RocK-"**i iRH.ko..*c. Expense* ons dollar to othera' ten; au therefore afford to aell cheaper than othera, at BROWN'S, 3*0 Seventh at., ae 39-St near Northern Market. WOTICB. 7I REMOVAL, INVITATION.?I herehr not 1 fw m? THIS ESTABLISHMENT IVfll oo?? for the regular Fall and Winter Season on the niph* of THURSDAY, Norxmsm JOSEPH JEFFERSON, Ph? Comedian of the Ace, will eominenoe an enof Twe ve Nighta on MONDAY, Novoiuher 5th, and wiil ba followii bjrthe most BR I L LI \ NT STARS In the Tho&trioal Firmament. H~r Communication* if addrenfted to S. \V. Ilijc*. "Old Bowery Theater," New York, will neet with prompt attention. an 18-tf [1 REMdVAI. *uv ? \n i?> n me i?nrp /iATDIT, tho ino&rnati'-nof eau?*tnan !?ea?U and nitdlic-nee. The l>eautTur Twin Ponie^ Cupid and Diamond A superb atud of Ring And Trick Huraeavin wplcit? did condition. freab and \i^oroua, as jailroading lavoa it the fatigue of traveling. AdiniaiionSft cents; children under 10 jcara o ice and eervniiU 2> oenta S??t? are oowed, and of a width to make them perfectly comfortable. Obera tc atten'tance. The Company will exhibit u^on the ground ?<>r [>er of 12th atreet and Ohio avenue, near 12th street Vidte. on MONDAY and TUESDAY, 8th and 9tji [>e*ober. Mf>. Doors open at 2 an 17 ; performance to commence 2't ami ),'i p m. se?-\v,r.?i.wA* yy ASH 1NGTON THEATK R. Sole Leasee and Manager S. W. Glim.i. Uh it* Southern Tour by Railroad. THE COMPANY. M'lte ELLA ZOYARRA, The renowuod Sen?atmn Lad* Equestrienne. The91X HANLON BROTHERS, The Might/ Acrobats? TIIOMA^. AT.FRED. GEORGK. EUWARD. W11. I.I AM, and FREDERICK. Sig. SEP AS I IAN, The Dashing Italian Eqnestrian. Mons DUVERNEV, The Man of a Thousand Forms. Herr CHARLTON The Comic Aerial Stilt Performer and Dancer. Mono. DE BACH, The Equestrian Revolving Orbit Performer. Mr GEORGE ROSS, The Daung and Graceful Principal Rider aud Bridge Lcaper. Mr. JAMES WARD, The great Rope SuspenMonist, a la Bloadin. and Professor of the Ait Mactqne. Mr. WILLIAM KINCAIDE, The I?e?t Gonerel Performer in the WorM. Master FRANK STARK, Tho Renowned Double Somersault Thrower. Master WILLIE. The Juvenile Petite Equestrian, in hia Double Aetof Ob*tao!e Leapiuc vb his Twin Ponies. Mr. I* SAMPSON, The Herculean Acrobatic Artist. The Tronpe will ho accompanied by the Brass Baud, led b* Herr Kopp. saaw>.vi ?nvj win givfj nioir r Jrsi ffjk Cotillon Party atHall, on TOE#- SB DAY KVKNING. Oct. 2. They pledge themnelves to rp*re neither pains nur expense tnUpi in&ko thin ikt Party ? / thr. %'aton. Fhey need i.o r?c?mendati >n. Withers'c?lelirat?d band kuhwn engaged fur the occasion Ticket* AO cents, admitting a gentleman and lading. Cemrnittft. K. PigRott, J. 8. Rider, M. Brady, J. Murry. _se * j^IXON'S ROYAL AMPHITHEATRE, ffihlo'i Garden, New York, Attley's, Ij>w don, (iK/i tlit Phitadefvktamui Button Academies of Music, SO 1 R K K , Fob thc B?n*tit or g% A WIDOW LADY, jf At VK1DT S ROOM, cor lot* and Ktts.fiH. On MONDAY EVENING, Oct. 1. Hi Ticketg for gale at the door. se 29 2'.* |^OOK OUT FOI TflE HICKORY BOYS! FOURTH GRAND ASSEMBLY ol the Hickory Club Will take place MONDAY KVENING, October let. jit THORN'S HALL.ltk *t., bet D and E. The nr-inbers pledge tliem?e' ves to spare no pains to make this the most agreeable and peasant aA party of the seasov Strict order will be preserved. Esputa's Citizen*' Band ha* encased lor the ocomiod. Tickets, admittingMB a nentleman and ladiea, 50 ceota. By order of the Committee of Arrangements. se 28 3.* ^yE WILL HOLD BACK NO LONGER! FIRSTCOTTTLON PARTY of THE HERNDON CLUB. The member* take p ea ure in informing their VT1 AnV frian^a th*> ^ ??>?vt WUI VVUVWIICS Patent Prksid!" AMUSEMENTS. rjMlK GREAT PART V OF THE SEASON ! REMEMBER LAST NOVEMBER! SECOND GRAND COTILLON PARTY of the Metropolitan Club, So. 1. The members of this l-lub take pleasure in informing their many friends thatther will give their M second grand Cotillon Party at Thorn's Hall, on WEDNESDAY KV KNING. October 3l./^l They pledge themselves neither painsUM nor expense will be spared to make this the very iiest party of the season. Sehroeder'? ce ehraterl cotilion music has been encaged for the occasion. Tickets 50 oents, admitting a gentleman and ladies. Committtt of Arranr'tntnt*. Chaa. Leach, <?eo. Miller, Wm. A. Chaoncey, Benj. Leach. ool-3t* Brought from where the bright J amen River like (train of music ran I Where the healthy mm of Nature, unpolluted noble yet, By their breexy groves and fountains smoked the balmy Calumet. . /. 4. How bis manly coont'nance lighted, though his form was doomed to bleed, When he thought of all the pleasure in the mild, extatic " Weed!" Yet hta heart would still have beaten all ikm Couder In his breast, Pile had but nnw nnr un~???i ttemorv of the wreath* that Genlu* twined around his brilliant name, find a glorloul emltatlon for the fnhitr of hit fame! ii 11/ ') 41 ir i )T*i/JH>l i Sot fbrgot by him the stothrr that mi effort to man? ? 9 H VLentbe great Sir Walter Raleigh languished In a tyrant'a tower. lanynjpclou*, lastee* of iuM*iine^?n tb? wing U be day <ill ne?r?r Vf *tb' n?V. tob> *batj!j^?ri&?f* fr^Sl utter dnId* hit to*. *.. h f-'i . LL gallant life >imm amid pnrantt of Lettcn, or in HonorV wnriini ?trttm I TfEiarararii Mnii Sku * ufc credit %m tk* t? anHjmtkg Mr *4 ind by r*(*tr+d It jewsfiA'tg-JSiss he * UMpoid, lH ' fi ~ j j ? i lnwhUfUo*. X?* - . i - Treaaur? ?f th? I'nitad W*?h?n*V>n. D. C Aa*i?t?nt TrMMiirer. Boston. M&??ftctm?rtts ? r? v? *-~i- * nooi-wiit I .irw KKK.ilPT T r>ra Assistant Treasurer, Philadelphia. P*nn?*7v?nH? Assistant Tmmxrrr, OhtrMnn. *n?th CarnUar'... Assistant Treasurer, N?*w Organs, Tunisian* Assistant Treasurer, St. Louis. Missouri Aaaistant Treasurer. San Franctooo, California..... l*|?oMtary at Buffalo, New ^ riTT?.. TWositary at Baltimore, Maryland TVoDiitArt a# V .. , ,x., a i n ? ?ii m cm is ? * 'siuvi j st \ViUnin?k>n,.Ni?ftk Carolina Depositary atStrannin.... .... Depositary at ............. topoutary at Nasfeville, T*niMM?a..... pepoeitasy S* Ci ncinnsti, Ohio.. ? Depositary st PittslxifC. Penu?yl?uu?. ..... tepositsry at Louiavule. K?utuc*j ? )epo?itsry at Galveston. Texas.'........'........... )epositarr at \orfolk (ftawrer* ? ~ )epo?itary at Cincinnati ( Mcl,?an) - - l>piiilbin st l.ittle Riick. Arknnsas Depositary nt Chicscn, Illinois. ..-. Depositary lU Detroit, Michigan ...... Depositary st Omshs City, Nebrssks. Jiepository st ,"s!l? nfs?t. roix. Wisconsin Depositary at OlympiaCity. Washington Territory. T>s*ositary at I sllshaaeee, FWi4s . ItenoiitArv At JV*- ,na * _ _ ? . . . ? I, ? w niviira Vv HJ 1 UIIHUITW a Akm) office of the I'm ted States. New York ? Mint of the lulled Stato*. Philadelphia, Pa Branch mint ofthe United States. Charlotte, N. C.. Branch mint ofthe United State*, Dahloneca. Ga... Branch mint of the United Staten, New Orleans, I.a Branch mint ofthe United !+u?te?,San Kranciaoo, Ca i Deduct overdrafts - Add difference in tranafera Net amoant nulyect to drafts. Tranafera ordered to Treaaary of the I'm ted Sla Tranatera ordered to Aaautant Treaaurer, SL L< Tranafera ordered to A ssiatant Treaaurer. San F Tranafera ordered to Depoaitary at Norfolk. Va.. Tnuwfera ordered from A??mt*nt Tmwr?r, N? Tnwaftra ordered from Mint of ttoo United DM* Oct 1-It AUCTION SALES! By THOS. DOWLINO ; Georgetown. _ _ ? _ ? _ - v ? m-m V ? ? ? i ? -W WW* *? ??w J V VAJ ~ lober, at |o o'oloek, at the corner of Firat and Potomac streets. I shall set) the Furniture and Effects of a gentleman deolininfc housekeeping, oonatsUag Mahogany Sideboard. Tables. Chairs. Carets, Crocker* and G as* Wa-e, Mirrors, Clock. Feather Beds. , Bedsteads, Burean. Mattresses, Bedding, Ae. Kitchen Fsrnitnre. Stoves,Ac Terms of sale: All iimi of aa4 under #35 oash j over ?25 a eredit of aad 60 Mars, for approved endorsed uotes, bearing interest se? 3t THOS. DOWLING. Aaot. CTTHF. ABOVKSALE 19 UNAVOIDABLY so-tsoned onaccountof therarx>?antil WEDNEtsDAV, the M inst., same hour, or 1 L_ TttOg^DOWLlNG, Aaot. Bt a. GREEN, A?0ti?aeer. VALUABLE CORNER LOT T \ ARD EAST AT AlTTIOJ.-On THIKIDAl, 0?t< ber 4th. 1 sha'l sell, in front ,?f tfc.' prawisaa. at 5 o'o ook p. m.. I,?t l*o 12. in Hquare 9*j. J1**1"!* 1 f'ont on north I> stieel .V7 feat U inches, *}? ? Eleventh street east Z> feet Tha sale w? * worthy of any on-t wishing to purchase property that seotio . of the cicy.a* it will be sold without reserve. Title good. Terms cash. oc l-d A OKKBN. Aaet. Bf WALL A BARNARD. AuoUonears. a MM?u i tiKKK STORY AND ATTiC ilj/jH VI Bot'tl OH SlX IK, ISTWEB2I Ji AMt> N OM. 5t>RTH, >t Arrrios.?Ob MONDAY AFTERNOON. I t October, at 5 o'elrek, we will Mil. ia Iront of Hi* prowiaea. Lot No. 3. m Mnare 4>1? fronting u fMt 9 inoh*a on Sixtii etreet. and runninc back * feet Ofc inabee. betwMn M and N ?U., and hr.proved bj a Rood three atncj and attic bricfc dveiling, citnatrd lp a rood neighborhood and tM m"?t lmprovin* p\n oft He eity. Terna: One third oaah: the rMNia in 6, If U4 IX moatha, beann? mtereet, and Moared by a deed ol tru*t on the pre mi tea. _ ee 29-d WALLA BARNARD. Aiota. inr IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE RAIN, i th? above nm. r i? nnmtmnmmA " **r * r V .PV/II> u i" TT t.i/.l?lt3UA I AF i KRNOON, 31 ina? .aaiae hear. oc I WALL ABARNARD, Aaata. Br A. GREEN. Aaotlonaar. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HORSES CARktallb.?By virtue of a a?aa at tra?t ^o? Jamea Henry to me, the undemgned, r corded ia Liber J. A. P., No. 13H, at folio* V%, ko , I ?Mil, on TUESDAY, the 3d of October, at l?o?olook A. hi. Mt up for aale, before A. Grern'i Aiottoi Room*, eorner of Seventh and D itiMti 2 Horaee arid 3 Carryall*. Term*; One-third in ca<h, and the raaidaa ia the pnrrhaaer'a note*, satisfactorily eadoraed, at S* and 60 daya. with intereat. The Trnatea reewrea the right of reaala, upon ore day'a notiee, at the nak and ooat of the pareliaaer in defaait, if tat t.W?l?nf ?1? ? * " ? a MtuWVIMlUUIIia ifU Viin Alllll dtf of iai?. W. A. MAURY, TraatM. r* 28 d A. GREET, Aaot. Bj BARNARD A BL'CKEY. Auctioaoera. U'.OTHtcten. D. C. _ i T>OSITIVK SALK OF VALUABt EBUILDX im? Lot i* G*'>*?nnw!?. D. C.?On WED i NK^DAY AFTERNOON, 3d October. ?t h*;f rut 4 o'clock. v? will a?H, in front of the prniniwa, **rtof Lot SI, f'oDtinx S foot oo the north tide \V*ter atreet, find ruui in* Mkck M foot. b?tv?*n JtflVraon and Wuhington aWe?U. Tltlo f?rfaot, and aa'.e without reaerve. T?rm?: One-third oa?H: th? rmmtAmm i? a ? --j . ?_ . ? m wj i? ?au IB montki, I)mmm inter??t, aaovred by A dee* ?f trait on tbe premier*. <1 UARNAKD * BUCKKY, Auota LOST AND FOUND. QZL RKWARP-1 oat.on Saturday, September ^3 2*1. a pair ol Cold 8PECTA-^w^^ ?np?na*d to I a e dropped tb?m?v. rin c >inr fWurCH an'l 16th to P and 9tn streets, or from tee re to the railroad depot. The above reward will b? given the finder by leaving the at at 3b 1 K Htreot, l>-twee? ?th a ltd loth eta If TAKEN UP ASTRAY?A WHITF. HOP, ?u? poaed to be Inst by some drovera. The ^iKk. owt?r la requested to eonte for ward, prove property, pav charfe*, and take herMJhhLM I away. JOHN ROCHE- Midcest.. Between M and \ Btreeta north. i It* aad between 4th and 5U? atreeU weeU LOST?S?omewhere between the Northern l.ibartie* and Columbia College, on Fourteenth at , a | MOROCCO POCK I4T HOOK containing pe??rs of value to no one but the oarner. A eward of f 5 ?, l lui -i. J- it - ??i? /l ? m ? i nit?u lite HH'1'T II 1611 SI ICC Uflice. St th? residerc* of I?r. li ARSE!"!", Ninth str??*, between E an'l F streets. ?e tb-M FOR STAMPING ^ k PACKET OP PAPER, ; ^ ^ f AND KNVKLOPES | NO I TO MATCH. ; niARGFI """ MlAlWU METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHILP ft. SOLOMONS, Ageutt ft* L*mrmufi Limam Pmptrr, I ? 34 iy """sSa'pS! w" bU.K-filMh.tai QU> UC, ?WflW^PUII | MONONOAHELA RYE WHrSKET, ConMieoUoHely dutjlled by Mr. Jibim Bnrneide. of AUefany County, Penna., in th? old-faehioned < k?aMlv?T,fr(Mi tbaohoieeat wd moet c*r*rvlly i aeieoted Rye, and ia bo om* aw offered lor eaie 1 ntil Adapted to wkolaeome in by *? ltiiu ono? the most palatable, a* it i? emphatically oca , of the paraat beveracee in the reach of the pahbo. To the invalid.a* veil aa to thoee in eoommdi iteelr frr ite lanrivalled qua hues m a J *^T?y V/Thl' ] hjaioiana are aamg it in their praatto* mttM 1 I Agent for the l*ro?rl(?nm, 2U ra.Vnr., J ee a>-6i ofpomitm WiHaeda' B#W. < ' W FALL DRY OOOM j. r J? *r? a^r reowTifty abeaatiNl a?ortint/if &V/S& ags^a^Ssi: iS0/^0,^,10 2* rw^Tw.ESTAMiB If ^?|-L\*?2-1 ,'illH0-S*?Pi*Ki from II ko J Ul letit"NgdSkuU^c'f > "fcf"* % %3u" j ???&&&??>*? w^T?5al.lxs.'t.rrK;i5iLLif;/.i ' Mr. wnif .JP. B?it, *a Ut? @?vmla (trMt road. AMrw, if l?jr CotUf* foilQit*, Moo^oMn toutitlu. _ , A. (KEEN.AWL Bj A. GREEN. AnottoMr. I SuS^tv W? lit BokLCkiinial lMkr>, | Do Dtm IM OtlMr Bnrtigi, M?rbl*-tpp uid oth?r Tablaa Md Btiuda, * 4 Tt.rr* Paioutf Cottsre Ctaatwr &t?, um Mu?' i lop, BWmmoi, WardrobM, WmMh4i iW Qua E0s!3|?-??g3 Si |mwl??MBMnr Cvnh, fe^ajswesciE-^-. k Ttrmi: All lanMo' Mkd bmot * ?*fc:rr*r f B?, a ei^tof eo ?*l *1 $78.6re#?rorW*iemd ?oU?. tM?na< iatara*. ? ? d A. BKCTM, Ami. By A. M8KN. * ? . ra?s^^&0,ftssjgs 7 B&tt&wn* P&ri iLkSS ; oioaota, r?m?lid M*V ? UlatiaB, fatrnw, fen* W dry aallar, aot ?ad aairt nt?r in bad rooaa, aoa- A a<rv*tory,aad la fact evary thwi* ra*aiaita for aa I alrjant ojuntrr raaidenoa. The fcoaaa, with lU I rarroundin(a. eoat about 91*.<m I . Farm FVo.t haa aboatSft'aeraa birhlr iifotm! l Iu4?(o<4 iaria koiM.ntv wntnkMd rra??". I good harn and stab, is* for it boraaa. Bundutca I ra.aad aoo<>'Utnc to >M?wn<n aarvar at a>ut / $5, 00, the whole undar foodfoauafe. plentyJfTc*- i oei.ant water in ev*y firecUoa- XTar, aomcieat i wool land and fine meadnwi. TM km ?W ba V aoM tojathar or irparata, art f rat paraiia?r*a o?- V tio*. ' Tana* of aaie s Oaa third oaat). haiaaoa to aait tha purohaaa*. aaaatad br a Aaad ?ftniBt oa tha property. All the paraonaJ aroperty will ha aold on a Tedit ofS month* lor all atmi arrr $10 and aa to %V>; a'l otar that ?vpi a oradst of6 moatha will ba (im for aotaa aattafaatarttyao4afaad.wani 11 fcraat from tha da* of aaie: a.! atma under 410 oMti. Tha wtaata propaity. raaj aad aaraaaal. wtV b?aold w/thoat raaerve oa Uia fcraf Taaaday ia Octobar. aad Uiaatle will baccntirued dai y antri the whoiaofthaprpparty tadiepoaed of. Tha pmp arty oan ba riewpd aad erary daairaMa laifenaa nine noriMiiw oat w i, One pair of Wwrljnj hteera, Tweiity four head of Cattle, or?niBri?in| ? Miieh Cow?, yonoc Hteera. Ac . *o. About thirty u?(t and MioaU, lot of ShMfS Pair of Im Oairiaae Hnrtfi, Light Carritw*. >r? Doukwe Harnwi. F t Nate, Buffalo Holme. B<aakeU. 4.O., Ac. A'?o Faint.7 Carr ace and Doable Harneea, HnsIs Htrt'U, \*>i.e?' apd GenU* &ada.ea, Bndlv*. Hiwrh Beta. Ae.An. On* Fnirkorn Wat on. HatnMi. Carta. Carryall. Com aad Cob On air. aood aa now. And tuaaj uiher aaafal artielM too bmmtoaa to mntm barrr lot of Clover r.nd Timothy Bay, Wheat. It * and oat t*tr?w. Cora ana CcaFoMer J The f?rm? will l-e aold at oaa o'e ock, wttfcaat rea'rre. No. 1, containing abott 9B0 aeree. tido perfect and fro* from all encumbranoe, baa an ele- W rant modem hoaat, replete wiU all J of a ftrat e*a*a eity r*e<deiMa, aaafc aa halfca. water M ? ? ? cwwbh-sx t vvvai II wu<< ?*n V i: in?? f & Genti1 L'ndftrahirt* and Uttvin, 1 Flower*. Rochoa. I?'.ik Frmm. B<M?c? Grrnadiaea. Lun. real ud And all ?Usr uIioim uiuii kept la a rta? It w.Il he u> the internet of ladiee and all other* to attend, aa the rood* murt heeoM tooloes.aaid bargaina ma* be exp?ct*a. Term*: All nm asdsr ? cash; orer a creait of ? aatf M toil J NO. H. MoTUTC HEN - Traetee. e 24 d WALL ft. HAlXilP.AMta FUTURE DAYS. Br A. GKEfcN. Aaetioneer. INTERESTING SALE AT PUBLIC AVC. m. Tina or Rbal E.<TATg aar Piuoju Pmoruu- \ i **-Os the firat Tl ?8DA Y < the 2d dajtof Oct?- I per, at 10 o'clock. two highly csltivatec Far ma. ad I Joining. containing about 3 ? acre* each, attested I mi>? irom Wa?hiatttn city, V. C., oa the ?e?- I enth street road, in Montcoaaarreousty, Mo Also, I i Hoaashold Purnitareaadavery deaoripuoa ofFfcui I Stock, eoaaiauop la part of? | MM aw m" inrep HMTIU Of AI?IUlrll, Washington tod Georgetown, the character of th? >*n4 anil the heaiUifal neea of tne loMtiuii wkM 1I deetrable rNid?DO?. T'wetrriBe presenile* hrthftikefwsr*- Ob*-tent 1 orthe purchase noae? in auk; Md the reexlee in (oar ee nil instalment! at 6. 11, 11 ao<l S4 months from the day < f x?ie, the deferred payments to be secured by the boadt of the pnretaMer, hearing i?. -;re?t from the dej of ?le.iMl? retention of Ue au 30 2UW X>wiertoSr By WALL > iAINAID. A scti spoors. A ITCTION *AL.V V^.ro^r'jToVr A. FiiwrflooM *t ,T#** *r ** &?<> Pn*. a veirck ,ntT - ? menemg at 10 o o "ok ?ndo.n ?ncooedin< m/i nabl a'l is deposed of. I wflTse 1 a *? ak of Umbrellas. Kibhons. Hosiery, Extraets, VelVeU, OoreetB, I Bonnets, Canine*. Bonaet Silks, [ I AUCTION SALES. THUS AFTER NOON fr TOMORROW . By T. M. MaCORMICK; AltXHlfta. I VIUPIONKICS 8ALF OF A VALI'A V ii.i Ti*rr o? THirorun or *111 auiii, Va., on tub A.UtH.I, M..-H' rirl* of a <;ecree of the Circuit Coart ?I A.eianciia oounty. in the eait of Hooa. Guardian, na Har<Uf and other a, the cnueraijned will, on llfeSDAT. f?a Sd of Octobe*, 1W*. at W o'clock, in front of Ut* Mar or'a o#m, in Um city of Ale&ar.drta. mM at \ pub ic aaauoa, a valuable tract c<>oiainiac aboa? MO acre# of kaad in Um oountr of Alexandria, of which Launatnn B. Hardin ktq .died aaued. Thi? property liaa about7 aula* from Alexaa4iia and s from Wa?hio?toi and Georgetown. <>u tha road laadiat fVoai'FaHe Charch'r to Georgetown, aad on ttaa Alexandria, Loadoan and Hampshire Rail road, a water a tat ma h*ing near the aad. Tl?e improrwMato roaaiat of a ?'?od tw> -etory ftaaaa Dwelling Houae.with '.ack taiidiaajapnag aoaae. a bara aad all nacaaeary oat hoaaaa. The aroxiBity of i .u.. t-? ?- - -?? - - - " a -S?W 7M !, ? t ? * fc* m ...**Hto Washington, D. C....., jnr.c *? WI?. Mo 43V?I * * raneisoo, Cal ... jfmjro " ? ? ? i 99.CIQ9 ? ^ l?|WW W York, Nnw Ynrk y*S.<m <*? I, PkllfcdBlpfclk, P*. IMHH i tmjK?n 1 2jj?iu ?| J?aJ 'J*4 ?i ai .1 *? *;! * .? 1'P* 1 Li. 1/j* l?| H****! Wt? . - i.SWb M ** - -I { ..* llJOBtl 1.4V*. ? ? M t.?w ? Mi M I *? i? . _ una m?? V7.???A ?.? > ? *.?rr*i w?m *j?? S, 8HJM** 7,341 M? rtjJT ^ U,??* 13 , IJI IS I ]' i ?, 10J* w 5 or W 4/ J n.wal li * * ] 11?1?, 1 * 7t i ? (M7i 14*? ? i.44) n mi7 UV?M? 4,<*tt ?.? * 432413 M> 4SJU*< 2Jn.lA?l? - 43n.l.s?|? S.n?>? * *7.fW ' T? > ?* 3W^ ) ? ? 3N? 2R7 Hi 1 ??. l>* 4 3ii.<?9 Ml -361 1.4 t5JBS3? W | 01JUM* 0* 1 * .""W**-? ..! Mn.jnft is ' * ITHLY STATEMENT, JkJtttAmm Tram.tmrtrj mmd /Usirm+fd b mm*+9. NM Ktw*' mbrr. IM. Mmmmi ' ' ? M*w? k* fmnumt tk-n trmmmnt .<?*.<-? x ?<>?-,?, < trdtrtd >? ti* 5-"fi?r? (Ac 7 * '?'? _ I foft 4rmwmJ j j-g-y j 1 f ?> ? ! t*?ni as |n.f? m. 141.1*14 Ck .?$? -C* ~~E iii asi ?a? - ?S8, ::::::::::r :r.-r ,/.TS5! -!BS uuii?. feCS. ??' - jrvvrj? nr. kvkwkvb wisest, i U1 oonj?yloo*?"*f I nni of ?*l??r? ??t oo?p5i?4 wit* MiMiMi I fc? tmtNMwvH til* ri?M?o ra?il. ?**? ?- I ZT^^^SkoL I TtZI Lmw<&>,z?.h> I ...Wii &?%& I 09 uu8tof.No. 400 HwiHt at, awiAjy^ ^ %r^no^iWiF^L^OOOS^ sr^sB&jfr ^ly "*? <gasr i (\J JV8T 1KCKIVKD ArSSL Ami hauuni ?>1m of WALKING neb ami piAMir.c variety, at a KAN K'SpGj'JthaMM^Fnrju.hiBf 8tor*. m?a ?.mV5Pk 4

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