Newspaper of Evening Star, October 1, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 1, 1860 Page 3
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?8WMKMfTail ~ LOC A 1/ NE Wig>/ | Ify- Tiwuiah Thi !?ta* U prlntM on the fwt?t et?am |-fr? in n* aonth'?f Saitimort, <ta edition 1* ?o Litge " to reqti^e it to be pat to prtu at an A^.Vf rftfceeaehii, fcertftfkel at-, on Id V arnt in V?re 11 o'clock m.; they not 'pe,r 110111 ae3rt ?>?>?i " ?*> **- fV*?*Hh\aAd*?r?a?>***nU to be i na^ried in tbe BtL rwon Sua ar? received at and forwarded from Thk S*ta? 0?ce. *tl# Wi ?YxttfKbr moratug. ttocigh the ?ilt w?t quit* cold, making the uae of an overcoat *gK?able to many, the cong?g?Uon? at the varl Vjs churches wweqwlte lat^e", fcnd smnne them wr not ced many of the numerous visitor* In Washington firm dtfTsrent sections of theccuntry. The aOraoon and evening services wer? not as largely attended, the weather growing colder and the rtovKta tbfeatenihg rain. Fewrf* Prftbytertan Ckurrk?In the morning the R?t Dr. ?mith (pastor) discoarvd from St. Jebn. 21M3?-And they safd unto her. womnr, why wet-pest thcru? She said unto them, because \bty hav* taken a\?av my Lord, and I know not where tbev bave laid fc'.m '* Tftere wasnothing, aid the reverend genllei*?ati. more common than tears, which were, however, easily dried up. and a kiird weed calmed the troubled breast. AN omen were moie ^iven to tears than men. because the ariuUttve natur* of woman expressed itaelf more frequently thus; but often the most stalwart man w?? msdrtowpep The text brought beforethem a itfnf of t?irs. one where woman wu and where an^ii were. And while the bursting heart from th? snxteua Mind of woman expressed itaeif in t>-ars, this w*s the heavenly inquiry. Why vreepest thou *" Th* answer was readily giver, in the words of the text This interview and these few words were among the most interesting and tender thing* oaid and done in this most solemn and awful transaction?the crucifixion and deith of the Son of tiod The Divine purpose and love wa-> In Strang? and tearful contrast with the Suilt and the madness of man. to whom God sent is son, with mersages of gnce and salvation. iw? 11 am?r &au ncen aten t>y wlckrd b?n<ls, crt ;itird and slain; but the love of w^tiian faltered not, and the zrar* of God sustained the bonest, faithful, ana the true. This love and tdei.ty were always to b* commended and imitated; and they were ever to know that duties the rnodt solemn, sacred, and acceptable, might He rendered when the heart w*? most overwhelmed The q?ie?*1o? ^tfoponnded to Mary at the sepolcbfe. wmsiW to bring rsllef and comfort. When God proposed, it was that he ini^bt <bless; when 6<?d inqaired, it was that he might answer according to the necessities of the case. 4n ordinary eases, so greater distress could well -von*. apoa survivors than to learn ibat the body ?f tbetr departed relative or friend. bad been Teatoved by per sous unknown, to be d iposed <1 ;? their rudencaa and vice, under tbe name of profewioual purposes The whole community, la such a case, would be roused, and measure# nf punishment speedily adopted L'pon these prin< ipl?s of man icwnmon nature, with which his Leirer< were very familiar in all the relation* of l'fe, tbey could ea*ily account for the grief of Mary Pot there was something higher and deeper In that heart piety and love; and to a le?aor. r.f power an<* grace wai taught them The remitna of the d-?id were al wars'to be respected, aadtbe pl?r?of their Interment kept from tb? common ua^a of men Grave-yard*, cemetrrics, and other Lutlal placcs ahould be carefully guarded a-j that the hand, of love might riant, and tfce hea't 4J aticUon water with tears Thear. indeed, w'.t pf no avail to the departed, whoae monlderi v>udy i? under the green sward, but it doeth jj-xhI to ttwlUlnjj, when we, in the right spirit, ??? the ground where we mnat shortly fie. Soma p rtnna u^d a dupes.tiou to stroll through grave* yards. *nd he wa* informed that it was a common etiolliDg place for many who had no special interest in the service* of the sanctuary of God. He deslrtd V.s hearers to understand that when tbev were found in tbwe placet, thev were to commune with the departed over these monu> men's. #ver the#e gravta Tb?y were to commune, above Ml, with the departed in spirit They were to be at the sepulchre of the son of God, and with ~? ? .-i ?>-?? iniquities, tnd lint, and that be suffered and endured and <i "d for their Mrs Over the aepulcbre was the exhibition of the tenderness of Mary. Th??v sustained a greater loss by far \*hen the Holy Spirit was none; and if they were sensible of that al*tuc?? if they waimsible of that grief, thej wreuhd have 1n*? the spirit of Mary. He exhorui them to U'.dprstand that the power was in the tender"^ 0f platy, and In that condition of heart wh'.i'h made tb**m faithful, and to mourn the \?ae&ce of the grieved spirit. Protestant ChwrrK, Xinth srre't ? Th- pastor, K.ev. P. I.ight Wilson, preachsd la V??" irwnlnif from Luke H*41 H, -'And Jesus an w?T?d?!id said unto her, Martha, Martha, thou *rt careful and tronWed about many things; But <>iif thing is needful; and Mary hath chosen th\t ??"d part wt irli shall not be taken away from " At night, after a brief but powerful discourse ?ipon the neceastty of immediate use at the pr*sent time, and the danger of resisting the IropnUts of the Uoly !?plrlt, tbe services at the Bitar wrr reerrm?it nnd the remaining hours were spent in e*hcrtatlon. singing, and prayer, i** veral penito nta presented themselves at the altar and two conversions were reported. St il?|mtt ? I ds congregation at high mass (II a ml was lartfe ina attentive. The holy otfi>'ea were celebrated by Father Wlckett in an Jmrrn?ivf ninurr ~ v-? ? f , ? <? u. tr, vm 3C uy r aillCf Clark wai replete with religious instruction. |t >)?-kw^ it*: ftignte?ath Sunday after lVnVfost, the ft Wert trf the sermon was from the Oth chapter of i*V Matthew's gospel. A full choir, under l'ro| ? M. CauitWd. (who, we ace happy to state, baa jwetponed hie departure to Albany for a few months.) sarnr with excellent effect the third grand mass by Haydn. the principal soprano h>1m beles admirably suatained by .Mrs Martin Young, of California" H' slty Cknptl ?The morning service was conducted 0y Rev. S S. Kosseil, who delivered an ahle discourse upon tbe text of Kotoans, IV. It; i\ot slothful ia Wuunese; fervent la spirit; serving the Lord." The reputation of this esteemed minister as a pulpit orator always attracts numerous hearers, he is expected to preach to-night at this station. At night, the Kev. Mr. Davidson pHtiehed from l.uke.fM. 47. -A ad that repentance au<l remission of a! ns skueid be preached in His name aii.oeg ail nations. be*:taiug at Jerusalem " St. Pa/rtdi's?The services were peculiarly ialctt?l}.au A powerful discourse was preached by Rev Father Boyle from the subject of the day. rae miracle of "enrlrg the sick of the palsy troitr ?*?v|?r The eh"?lr sang Weber's grand nui-t in G, Mrs Curlev. of Baltimore, taklnir the .4*4i;u?t ?oj?a to i>ari, which w<t?-*-\ecuted with ?>iuau-*l ncttileuce throughout. Mr. Walter, of ??lUu:ore, at/oinpaaied on the organ most acceptably M-ik&hit Episcopal Church South ?The serin of merlins^f wLtch have be?*n in progresa at tbis < Lurch continue to toe verv interrctiug Ttoe ??r. ftot at tUe aUai last nk*hi wai att?nd?l by the nicmhers of the church and participated in toy ?* who were present A number of peuitenta pri-?rnt>-<i themMMvea for the prayert and 1 r>#iruc" t?ona of th- rhnrrh A iar^e congregation remained during tbe acrvicc Ti< iu'wUfi Church ?The Rev. Mr. Schtfte IH riipled Ui.: riU jiU. t^e moxiiuig?text, Aeta Hi > At'tlTfa'H)* (^rMncit 4 tlr Lord'iSup?wr w?s admintstored, the Rev Mcnra. Cuothftf tiudSmith officiating. l- iaa ?At an aasiy katr vesU-rdsv moruini: lire -vas seen fssuing ftota tbe small frame baiidiags on fUb, near the corner of C street, occupied by Mr Moore aa a paint abop and Mr Pchulties as a tailor a abop. In a very abort time it spread to ?Lr ad joiiiiuz frame atiopa on Oth and C atresia and alt weredestroyed. Tbe iremen Were on the ? ground aaapeedilp as possible aud labored Uard, . thereby saving tbe valuabl* property around, which was several timet in great <Ung?r Pum"* phrry's arable*, within a fe?t of the btmrtng mass, ? to*>k Are. but was savrf bv tbe firemen Tbe windows and blinds of tbe National Hotel on 0 street were considerably. hlisterrod by the heat. Tbe buildings deetrewwi wefto not very valuable, )>ut tbe loaa to tbe occuptnts. wbo are bard working mechanics, doing business upon a limited scale. Is very heavy. .Mr. Schultica, Tailor, lsat 8* hntwa andarstand Jains??*d fas *?5<> Mr >fnore. Painter. loaa total Pn(fr?, Whealwnght, loaa total. His case excited much sympa. thy Hr hafan hsatness with nothing bat his tools and skill; butbv persevering Industry erected ttte shop, and began to saocaed la naakl ng a bustuess He saved but little of his effects D A , * fstetfl?|d, savad Us taois. Nailar and Long, Rlarksuiitbs, saved most of their stock and tocis. florulieck, Shoemaker, lost all- The old build-# in^s b?!or??rd to Jno M Young, atid ar* a total | low The Are was supposed to be the work of ml intend arv There are many amusing remiMfT acucrs connerted with these old shantlts. thai recital of wfctab would excite the laughter of a 1 few of tbOSe Who mmv~1 iV? ?1 '"u? ?^iw.ntai jxjmrm ui tbuty y?a:a a^o, which were ao frequently orlgiF* paUrd at that corner Moat of the Jolly crew that ' 'Ki'mkM nlghtlr there hrve departed, a few oil*> to witnraa the deatruction of -the hoodie'' bf the torcp of the incendiary. ? - - <*i Da<1 w.iid ?On Saturday afternoon, a am a 11 boy Biped Ohati?? ?Valter,aaoo?f Mr.Walter a pilot of a? of the ateamera, waa landing on the ifaagrd af lb* atraiuvr Mount Vernon, at her ft. when an Alexandria ateamer, peaaiap, :<*i tlx Mi'un! Veriwn, aud tl* gangway board ped from Ita pUc*. precipitating the unfortu! child Ipto th? river, and aa he fell, the heavy fc?<rd * truck irpM M? brad He disappeared tLe water, and tbe body waa not recovered "ail > jt??? ltrrwt Tbe U-dV Waa cMtvayed to th*?iome of bia diaueaaed pareuta. in the Seventh Wax J | JfY?v W45T oy?U>r* o( Ui? i*i?t lAkjaliti fri*d, iVmd, tiiu< kid, or in tbe aheiT. ttaa. rheidifcrUsamaai of J. P Mclototb, M? Fifth Meet, aud Dim give him a call. bridge. tfce course of a few days tbe connections wfll be made. and Um Potomac water will abouad ta ail tbe pipes moat plentifully. !n jroTica, la another column, of an openlftg of Fail millinery, to-morrow, by Mr* Allan ' V> uk* pleamte to a>maMWlia( hrr to tfct patnx.Me of the publi'' as. not only an artist of rare taale and kill in t>er line of business, but an accomplished ladjr in all reap*.)*. cate perfect quiet in the central beats, but it Is to be fearad that tLls indication U deceptive, for certainly there was disorderly conduct, to say nothing o( drunkenness, la that range A com. plaint was made this morning by a citizen living within two squares of the ration, that a person fired through his windows and so alarmed his family that cue of them?a female?fainted aad was ??riousiy ill during the night. The assanlt upon this house has been repeated. J*r*!?sts CvaioeiTifs. ? Among the many beautiful article* of Japanese manufacture, fouad at McLauHlUa't, thfre is a rosewood cabinet of , rare workmanship with silver mountings A workstand, which Is a gem, Is of work, Inlaid with rtltitr sBd finished with silk trimming. I He has a nun her of articles covered with bamboo, uch as cops and saucers, bowls and waiters. Carved picture-frames, Ivory chessmen carted by . Uaud, bnck-gammoii, solid ivory, an4 tops. Violin casea. Inlaid with shell and pearls, fsns, colas, and a variety of curious shells. Crowds are dally calling to examine th?ae novel and handsome artlcSss. aad they are well worth a visit Remember that they are at McLaughlin's, No. 30b l'eniisylvapla avenue. % t?L\ea Justie* Clerk ?Collin PVasicr was. icenwd of ambling, aad on oxai$lna|lon Wioflnrd SjO andcosu J arms Pool was charged with pet mi Whig a anisance to exist, aad tiwod ' Job# Levy. Iter running a wagon without a license, wao ttued #5.71 James A. Wto-vwmahargsdwUh occupying stands In the market Without a lleob**; two cases: floedtll 08. Al??d u?,f? e neon raging an anUwfol horse tn ugh. was fined *1 Sh Cstharine Halev. for salting Hqnor without a license. was fined S3 71 Jameo Maker, for selling liquor without a license, was ftaed ?) *> Samuel Oppen helmet. for throwing stouoa, was tlnod SI 94. Lewis Oppenhelmer, acaaasfi of swearing, was tned ? W Tax Labok mairs.?Workmen are engaged In laying the large water mains la the west end and la New Jersey and llaasaohuaotts avenue, and altmc K Strom, to cooaeet with Rock t:??k 7 M. .HV f ?VUI VI ilillic rate ?top valves. by wbieh the water can be miut ofl any one section of pipe, In cue of disorder, without (interfering with the usefulness of the pluK, and the placlug of the whole in one pit and under one cover. The experiments were under the immediate supervision of Mr. Thomas Evans, the Water Purveyor, and exhibited the beauty and utility of the invention to great advantage Many and loud were the expressions of admiration at the successful working of the plug; and indeed it would be Impossible with one of these at each intersection of our squares for any very destructive Are ever to occur In our city. It is rouceded by all to be the best Invention of the kind ever ex. hibited her* We understand there wfll be an. other trial made in a few days, with hose attached, of which die notice will be given. CKrnuL Gcasd*ovs*.? But a single Individ, uat was raged for trial on Saturday nlgbt, and that one Was a colored slave boy who was drunk and disorderly; he wa? fined S3 1$. Last night there wero oe cases. This would swm ? in<ii. inciii vi ncrriiT, as me purny or bis intentions and the unshrinking UrmncM of hi* purpose* attested In a speech of more thin an hour, he clearly evinced that Judge Douglas was an arch southern traitor?that Bell's disloyalty to the home of his childhood ought and would damn him. _ J VV. D. I/iw?t's Foue-way Ftof-cock ahd Fieb Plco According to previous announcement In the !*tar, the fireplug iuventedand p-itented by Mr. Joseph L Lowry, a mechanic, of Pittsburg, I'a., had ah experimental txUl on Saturday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, at the corner of Ninth and D streets J There was quite a large assemblage of citizens and members of the Corporation, including the Mayor, the Presidents of the Boards of Aldermen and Cimaoon Council The invention of Mr. liowry consists la bis placing his plug at the Intersection of two or more water mains, thereby securing a constant circulation, (which will prevent the plug from freezing,) and an immense 1 volume of water; also, a detachable cap 01 hose branch, having eight distinct attachments for hose, permitting, when neceamay, eight different engines to attach to one plug, and let on or off toelr water without Interfering with each other; alio, romblnlno with lhp r\l?? p- ? ?? ? ?...? *UV Uiatujati y U1 l)o?|{luand Johnson He reviewed tbe political course of B?rll. showing that he proved recreant to the Interest of hi* native South, aside fiom tbe interests of his immediate constituency, and that he wu obliged to obtain letter* fron J udgs Berrien, of Georgia, and others, to gull hi* constituents and tbe South generally Into the belief that lie bad not proved traitor to their interests, and his record was read from the Congreaalonal Globe, and consequently there was no squirming out of it. He administered a castigation to Bell and Douglas that can never be effaced from the minds of tbelr adherents As an evidence of th.s fict many were fully convinced of tbe error of their way, came to the anxious bench, and afU-r crying "Lord, what shall we do to be saved," were forgiven their sins, admitted Into the genuine democratic fold, and were told by President Boyle, "go thy way and sin no more." Mr. Beckwith West was new enthusiastically called for. He arose amid the deafening cheersof tbe entire audience. A word of comment here, I Mr. hditor, 1 sincerely hope, is not dttrop Mr. West Is a yonng gentleman of superior intellectual 1 endowments, and. from whst I Lave learned, this was among the first political speeches he has made. Suffice it to say, foremost among theehlvalro'.is champions of the South, standing like a colossal monument of patriotism reared to perpetuate tbe memory of tbe Constitution, and devott-d to the interests of his native South, is Beckwith WVst, Who should be one of North Carolina's favorite sous.. A? a politictan and an expouod>-r of the interests of his native South, be is tans fur rl fans Ttjnotht. His fidelity to his country cannot be questioned; and by all who heard him on this occasion he was denominated tbe embod* .v.?, >uu >imi ik >na* <r uiu h) uave oeen an eloquent and intellectual effort It was one of the beat argument* 1 have listened to in any campaign, and it told v. iih scathing effect upon the few Dou^latites who had tbe temerity to be present. He reviewed Judge Douglas' political course, showing hltn to be a traitor lo the South and disloyal to true democracy, proved him to be, If not tbe author. the godfather of the odious Kansas-Nebraska bill, and conclusively proved that he was not the nominee of the democratic convention at Baltimore I might review his speech, but time and fear of encroaching Upon spice in your paper, deter me from entering more fully into the argu meat Adduced In that speech Mr. C was followed by Mr Sproule, whose speech was listened to with breathless attention Applause followed rapturous applause as the eloquent speaker proceeded in hts argument to prove the fealty of Bret kinridf f anrt I Jin# unH ^uu.i.11.. -? Mr Editor:-la company with many other* 1 found myself wending my way to the depot of Ute Baltimore and Washington Railroad, to embark for Br'ur'.lle to attend a Breckinridge and l^ane meeting It required but a ahort time to arriveatour place of destination, it being but 15 ml lea distant We formed In a procession, led by a brass band, and marched to a beautiful grove some four or Ave hundred yard* from the depot or platform at Beltevllle. There were but comparatively few Individual* presents, owing to an unexplained cause Nevertheless, those who were present were manifestly not wanting In enthusiastic teal for the cause of true democracy and Its regularly nominated candidates for the presidency and vise presidency?Breckinridge ana Lane. After regaling ourselves with a sumptuous repaat of the snbstantlals of life, we were called to the stand to listen to the eloquent and patriotic expounder of true democratic principles, Mr. Crawanil ?? 1 *- * * riaqe ana i,ane. in a speech of great length. He was followed by Mr. B W'eat, of N. C , on the same aide This waa decidldly tbe moat eloquent speech delivered on the occaaion. Mr. T W. Berry, a member of the Washington bar, followed in a neat und lntereating apeech He was followed on the same aide by Meaara. Valiant of Miaa., Dawaon of Ga , Horrallee of 8. C . Allen of Ga., Dr. L. M. Taylor of Michigan, F.delin of D. C., Worthington 0f Miaa., and Ruaaell of Ga ; all of them eloquent speeches. While the association waa waiting for the cart. Mr Hope entertained them in a brief apeech; after which Dr Boyle, president of the association, announced that the car* bad arrived.when the whole company left in high spirits for Washington. , Mr Allen, of Ga., acted as marshal of the day. Tkk U**rEi5*iboi A*n LAMB D?Moii*TiAT"K)H 4t bat.t?vill? ?Od Saturday last, tbe Jackaon Democratic Aaaoriatioo of tbta city proceeded. a> per anmwmremeat. to BelUvllle. to atlend a joint lscuMion Mwern th? Bell and Everett and IicuglM and Jobriton elector* at that plaee. L'poa the arrival on tfcogrounda of tbe J v k<on Demoirratt* AMociation, not an elector of either of tbe Contending parti et was to be found Tbe Detfior ratle Aaaociation marched to tbe platform, headed by Eaputa'i Call braaa band, playing lively aira. Tbe ttand vr?s beautifully decorated with the American aoIam T)a i>r?n tn? in rv???? r?? at the voice of the speaker* could reach, was crowded?sav about one thousand persons?with the friends of tbe cause, who listened attentively to tbe distinguished persons addressing them, giving vent from time to time to their admiration of sound conservative sentiments, by shouts ef applause. At one o'clock, upon motion of Mr. Uubbard, Pr. 8 J. Cook, of Beltaville, was unanimously elected president, to preside over the meeting. J)r O returned bis thanks to the assemblage f>rf9?nt, and iuvlted them to partake of some rereshments, after which the speaking would comirience The following are the names of the speakers. Mr. Hubbard, of Beltsville^ Mr Crawford, of Pa , (Mr. Carter, a Mend of Douglas, undertook to reply to Mr. Crawford's speech, and some (harp cross-firing passed between the speaker and Mr Bach, of La.;) Mr. Sprowle, of Ind , next iddressrd the meeUag. in behalf of Breckln* x mm** , n, ^ ^ 0SW f14 r r\ pj i > % ??????????? Thi Ravis Clcb.?lF?? 0/ tAe jIm**.?Prof. Donald McLrod'treaVd en this subject at the last meeting of the Club, and threw around it the attractions of a enltl?ate?f Intellect, possessed of no mean power of critical Analysis, which he ptnploTea <-fri?otiTelv fa dls< ussinK tfce pruuuirrui inium we greattennises who adorned an era to memorable In the history of British litJrature The peculiar merits of "Dryd^n, Swift, 'ope, Addiaon, Sleek-. Coogreve, and Young frere pawed in review by the iugenious critic, and their respective claims to distinction in the world of letter* awarded with discrimination and fidelity. To Addiaon wu given tbe praise f a itvle at once pure and elegant, and of a ; genius of rare vivacity, amenity, and benevolence; but, aa a dramatic writer?and his tragedy of } Cato was well analyzed?it was insisted that > be fell far below the ?re?t k??i nt *?nn I The characteristics of his ?tyle, he said. were I vigor and beauty rather than power. During bi? time French manners and French opinion* wrre j popular at the English Court, and gave it a certain tone bv which the genius of Addison was , hampered, while f*wift extricated himself from It by keen and telling satire, of which the purpose was not at first obvious, but which exerted a powerful effect upon tbe character of tbe aga. Addison was not great, but he was influential. He excelled as a delineator or cmtnnn ?nil Inali- I tutions, and be reformed tbe age rather by gentle btnU than by bold and clamorous admonition* The age of Anne wa* not adventurotia, but refined and cultivated it would not compare in independence. originality, or execution, with the Elizabethan era It had been questioned whether Pope wai a poet, almply because be was a trans- ' lator; but, aetting aside his version of Homer, his ; fame aa a poet of rare genius might be suffered to rest solely on his other productions, such aa hla Kmay on Nlan, hla Essay on Criticism, the Rape of the Lock, &c. Thk Coi?t*act for enclosing Judiciary Square With the iron railing from the Capitol, has been awarded to Mr. J. W. Martin, of this city. The work embraces about 2.01)0 runninv feet, and hla proposal la S2 93 per running foot. W? under- ; stand that the Mayor intend* this work to be done immediately. For the Improvement of atone wing walls on Tiber creek, square 677. construction of a sewer, Ac., Mr. Martin Kenneliy is the successful bidder. Tho*k Persons desiring good and fresh drugs and medicines should not forget to call on Fraiur S. tiaither, who has just taken the drug store on the corner of Sixth and <> street*, and furnished it with everything in his line of busineas. See his advertisement In another column. ?- a r. ..vim mil siuxitH oiTTKs ? i ue inonsanas who dm this great medicine for th<? cure of Dyspepsia And Liver Complaint and the diseases complicated witn or arising from them, are requested to take notioe that tue eounierf$tli of this cele hrated invigorant have b*ea issued in the South and West, and may eventually find their way into manv pari* of i he Union. We liupe, therefore, that ail purchasors of the preparation will examine the label on the bottle, where a fac simile of the proprietors' signatme should appear, and also the Lot us tiseu, wmen should have the words ' Dr. J. Hosteller's Stomach Bitters" blown in the iIm?. and st?mpH on ihe ca; covering the cork. We also will, after Januarv 1st. ISflh. put an additional steel ongiaving with nor note of hand attached, which to counterfeit is a felony. ocl-eo3t Ho?titt?k A. Smtth. Hollowat's Pills. A tmph* ?Discarding the effete theory adopted by the modern physician in the treatment of gradual d?cay or waiting of the human body, Holloway's medicines seize on the dire.ct cause of thedis- , the blood. They purify and enrich it?the* stimulate and invigorate the exhaus'ed system by giving , life to each tia-ue, strensth to the muscle, energy , to the invalid, elasticity to the spirits, and the i bloom ofhealth to the pallid cheek. Suldby all Dm .gisU, at 25c.,62c., and SI per box. i?fl l* To tux Atflictxd !? He sure to read the adverii.ii ? * ki - ? ? a.% - ' * ' iiiDiirom ui mcufan h f?iroiitiiiKiiiiiK uoruiai ?ni Blood Purifier, in another oolumn. tf Rkader, have you seen Prof. Wood's advertise ' inent in our paper. Read it; it will interest you. au 2U-eoly Ms?. wii?blow, an experienced nurse and lema'e fhreician, has a Svotkmii Syrup for Child** Tfttk- 1 Mf, which greatly facilitates the prooess of teething by softening the gums, reducing all inflammationwill ailay all pain, and is sure to regulate the bowels. Depend upon it, mothers, it will give rest to yonrselres, and relief and health to your infants. 1 Perfectly *?fe in all caaea. See adTertisement in ' another oolomn. oe 11-iy Chills and Fr u! Chills ahd Fivk*!!-Od? of the greatest remedies that has ever been laid before tlie public, for Fever and Ague,and which have received the highest encomiuma fr> m the press and the people, is lfr. J. Hotutter** C*lebrattri Bitters. J v.. V.A ? 1-I >-- - - - ? " 1 ? i?" wvuiu cnuuro mw torture arising irom UilA ' WnMe dtftea?e, wh^n it can he eo My cured ? , Who would endure ule^picsn nights, burning fevers and icy chill* alternately. when a remedy can bo obtained for a mere trifle.' And yet how many ' families linger out a painful existence under this 1 deadiv blight.aml do nothing but gulp down quinine, until it becomes a* common a* their daily m^als, and ?et they ar? not relieved. None but the foolish and weak would hesitate to procure these valuable Hitter*, and save themselves intense ai:on\. ' Sold by druggists and dealers generally every- ^ whoro. ?e 25 eoSt i Homkopathic Kkmkdiks i All of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'s speciCo Homeupatltio Remedios put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and 5" cents each. Also, in oases, containing 2U vials, from $4 to SS each, with book of full directions. For sale By Z. D. Oilman, 350 Fa. avenue, wholesale and retail agent* W. A. Fitzgerald, 353 north F street; 1 also by F. B. Winter, corner ol Massachusetts avenue and Sixth street. Also, Pond'* Extract of Wttcfc I Hazel, for internal and external lniiammatlon* of all kinda. Sold as above, mad ly I Wi'tar's Balsam of Wild Cherry, t cures uronckial Affectum* and all Diseases of the Lunts. ? From the Boston Evening Traveler, January 6. "It in parh,-ip* but ft simple Hot of justice to t no proprietors of llrt if ir'j Sum of H ild Ch'rry f<?r U 10 MUj that our personal exp*r\ene' in the awe of thiafcrticU. has impreatert us favorably. One? f lUf) proprietors of the Traveler wa* ectirely cured of a i evere cough oi four mouths' continuance, by the us?of this Balsam,and several of our f> lendsnnd acquaintances, who have tried the?rtic'e,h?ve found 1 it of great service in teliovlng tliein Af sovere t coughs ami shortness of breathing, with whioh thoy i ha.I been ntSictcd." j None Kouuino unless signed 1. Brrrs on tlie | wrapper. j Prepared by S. W. Fowle 8c. Co., Boston, and for ?a|o bv Z. 1). Giiiuan, 8. C. Ford, jr., S. B. Waite, G. Stott, John Schwar?e, Nairn A. Palmer, Wash iton; and by dealers ever) where. se26-lw,r 7 DIED, f On Monday morning, in Georgetown, after a painful illness of two weeks, which he endured with fort.tude and resignation, KDWARD WILMKR COLLIN?, second son of tlie Rev. Joseph S. in th? .Mat r#?s*.r /if hit ft/fl The relative* and friends of the family are reapectfully invited to attend his faneral, irom the Methodist Protestant Church, Congress street, Georgetown, tv-morrow afternoon, at 3 o'clock. * The funeral service*of the !?te Mrs. MARY E. BAH NEY will take place at the residence of her couetn. J. VV. DeKrsnt, No. 431 Eleventh street, to-morrow morning, 2<! ms ant, at W o'clock. Her friends and thoM of tho family are renpeotfully id- I vited to attend. ?^.bt your clothing, furnishing VJT GOODS, HATS and CAPS at SMITH S, N?. 460 Seventh st. se 28 1m Look to your interest; LOOK TO YOUR INTEREST! look for the corner of seventh AND E STREETS! se?7-6t Look for the corner of seventh * AND E STREETS! LOOK FOR THE CORNER OF SEVENTH AND E STREKTS! look for the corner of seventh A Kt A k t" kJT n Ml' 'fla u rj amr.Ma: M Z7 hl TFALl, AND WINTER GOODS. . HE Bubaorifcera box leave to inforni citizens and fttr&ngera that they are in receipt of a aeleot aaaortnimt of FALL and W INTER ARTICLES Wk GENTLEMEN'S WEAR, I embracing aoine of the ohoiooat noveltioa and latest importation to which we invite tout attention. HINTON A TEEL. Tailors, 406 I'ei.n. avenue. ao ;/7 2w (Etatea.) l^t. 4S and 6th atrceta. q q q q q i rniOM FIRE-WOOD MILL, CaiMr if leveatk at. and Caaal. w 6~o D of all kind, manufactured to order, any length or ? aixe, ready for uao. COAL?COAL. We Hava aow oh hand a beautiful lot of COAL, 1 ixhu iiea ami vv nil* A ah, different use Ify We are now, and will be receiving Cos1 for ! the next teii da* a, whioh we aeil, delivered from J the veaael, at a reduction of oeute per ton. Send your order* earl*. McKNENV k MARLQW. , Proprietora. ' ? 37-tf Corner Seventh at. and Canal. t JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIONEER 81V SILL AID FIREW04* FACTORY, i (bias or thb Blvk Flao Staff.) |?a(k af tke Caaal, Bear Tth street Bridge, , Will furniah, at tha ahortaet notice, < FIREWOOD, OF THE BEST QUALITY. Or Airr Kmc, Cut attd Split t? ??* Dimcnuont. I CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST1 With fall ineMurernenttauutitd, , Remember, T?* Blvu Flag Starr*, ]we?t or {seventh t'-eet. south ot the C? ?1. ?n?J opfouU the Center Market. GEORGE PAGE, Agent. HICKORY AND OAK PLAFCRor TIM- j hortert notiae ? _ _ .... i U7* S?*U Jobe of BLACK9MITHINO promptiy execatwl.M ahoy* ??27 It 30 S&T.SiS?08' , k H 306, bmrm fth and rnh iti. MjO ffc ?V., LHT lXh Bt* l( ^ liihw mates tor me superiority of mew Pimm o?r a i other makers. Their Pianos are s MUer, their prices m low, their term* of paying u (' asy, tn?r disoounta for oash greater than any oth- a MTI. Call and see for yourself ? _ JOHN F. El.LIB, ? 2< 306 Pa. av., bet 9th and 10th sta. " WK HAVE JUBT REGK1VED A MEW AS I sortmentof Steinway A Sone' o?e? ?-*p^. i tntag semi grand s<aare PIANOS, |d|B * iifferent sty es, which are naw undoubted III 11 * ly the best instruments manufactured. We are jonfiaeut that oeerybody will admit this ikot after ' t oarefal examination. <)er fiends end the oeUio * ia general are respectfully requested to aaltand ttiiTZBiloTT.1 **" * *?reroomB ?f W^G. j] FALLaND WINTER UNDERSHIRTS and * l/RAWER>, for geutlemen. youtns and boe s, W Silk, Flannel, Lam lis woo I. Merino, Cantou 1 hiaunul, Nat, a?d Tsrilled Cotton. A large and J complete stock jnst reoeiredat LAMB'S1 ? Gentlemen's Furnishing fctore, t a??-ao*t . 484 Pe areeus,? ar st. , Ttrodoort scut k af Northern Liberties iirritt. Unrivaled i? Variety, Qcamty, akd Prick! LADIEP' SHOES,of almost Every tirade; 1 MISSES' and CHILDREN'S SHOES I Ol Every Ki'id ; MEN'S BOYS', and YOPTHS' BOOTS AND SHOES. With the Finest and Cheapest Assortment of HATS, CAPS and UMBRELLAS h To be Found in the City. {j As we propose to establish ourselves permaneat r ly in business and secure the confidence of the pub- ' lie, we are determined to soil at the very email f*t J possible profit and deal in candor and fairness with ? ill who may be disposed to paironiz" us. ' C F. CUMMINS it CO.. . e ? 3t&2?w?w No. 34T Seventh i?t. DAE k. BRO.'S NEW CLOTHING ESTABD LISHMENT is at the corner of Seventh and L _ itreets ? Corner of Seventh and E streets is the place to jet good CLOTHES for little m >n?r. Corner Seventh and E streets is the place to get jj he best Rea<tv-inade SHIRTS at a trifling o??t. <s Hear in mind if you need a well dressed person that 0 rou can look just so well if you buy your outfit* of u BAR Jt BRO., oorner of Seventh and E streets, j, Washington. ae 37-61 p f iU,a STOCK IS ALWAYS COMPLETE OF o l " the oe ebrated Cniekering Jt Sons' an-^w^ l< 'qualed PIANO W)fTb-, embracingflBSBBi iverj size, and finish, at puce?,?? *? ' o sait the tines. Old Piaoos taken mptrt payment or utw. The Chiokenmcs'have b^eu awarded 40 f foi l and silver medals at the different exhibitions X ?> ?WA IT A.J 0? - ? * - 1 ? m oth?r Chairs ? H&ndaomt Gilt and Mahogany Looking G u?ei ' Mahogauy and Walnut Ccttag* and other bed steada * Cabinets, Etagerea, Whatnot* and Desks 0 Brussos, 3 ply, Ingrain and other Carpets; Oiloloiha Marble top, Walnut, Mahogany and.other Wa?h- K ta- ds and Sinks Uatr, Shuck, and Miuck and Cotton Mattraasea : With a ceat variety of other goods not Lor* men 1 tioned, which will be sold verr low. WALL k. IIABNARP, 1 Auctioneers, south side of A vetu<*, r six tolm MOMr Ha. av.and ath street. WILL BE OPENED ON SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER HtfD. MEW ESTABLISDMEHT ! CASH PRINCIPLE TRIUMPHANT! * Ay JMMMN8S STOCK BOOTS? *SHOE8. HATS, CAPS, AND UMBRELLAS. J No. 347 SEVENTH STREET. ^iiihi av., Uim Iiunr ?in!in ni r J RIIKHIne ?lTHPT lOf tl ainilies or aintele gentlemen. Table boarders ac- I sominod/vted on moderate terms. ?e 5 4w n "personal. s . I 1m> Tin: cfriofs or a\xious.-.mvtsra 1) , no well known as the most successful ex>)ainer of the Past, Present Mid Future ever in I Washington, continues to be consulted weekly by 1 mndreds anxious to know of things lit present hid- J ten froin them. Her const'ltalion fee, to both ren- J lem?n and ladies, is extreme!* moderate. Call at 5 ier house on tli? south mil? of IVKssaohunett* av., < tetween 17tii and nth sts.?the oulv house there. ^ e 17-1 iu Furniture Warerooms. f WALL JTBARNARD W. are now receiving, on consignment, |flt "'^Hfe.sat their Warrr utmi, corner of C I T I I *^^and Ninth streets, (in the rear of their I Luction rooms,) a v?ry large and penera! a**ortneutof FORMTURK, CARl'ETS, and HOlSE CKKPING GOODS generally, which they invite J?e attention of persons furnishing to examine be?ore purchasing?among wluoh way be fouud: Parlor Suits, in lirooateile, Reps and Hair Cloth. Manog&i.y and Wainut Sofas, Tete-a-tetes, and Parlor Easy Chairs C Mahogany and Walnut Ma blo-to* and cthtr Tables, in treat tanetv Marb e-top Oak painter1 Cottaee Sets ; Walnut and Mahogany Marble top plain and | other Bureaus 1 Cane and Wo> <1 seat Rooker. Dininr. Offin* and P - , -| ? ? 3 ? ??v . A/l. UUHUI | OUU 1 next door to the residence of the a<l vertiser. ' J. M. CARLISLE. 1 N. B.?It will not be let for & boarding hou?e. se 18-tf ! A RARE OPPORTUNITY-A m?wi<ieeiit i FARM f<>r sale or exchange for city property, yjutaiouig iMaores, half mi ? from Fairfax station, Orange and Alexandria Railroad. It is uudf-r t Inch btate of eultlvation, wrll watered, good iiui dirus and timix>r; it can be bought low. Call inG. VV. URAY A CO., at their Jewelry Store, 51 fi Seventh atrnet. seS-lm* BOARDING. 1 . ? ? 4 ?0 NINTH J*TR EKT.? Person* returning to cl t?J'J the citv f'oir their summer rexortu will find ( racant scverai desirable roomsv having the convn- i lienees of ras, water, and oathine closets, at 4.'?3 i ll.n?u ? -I? **- -< ?- - * ? " - No. 37"*?within 6 minutes' walk of tin Northern , Liberties Market. Terms unnsnall; literal. App t on the premises. or to MeKENNEY & LANS . DALK. corner of Fa. avenue and 7th at. ?e 24 2w? . j I^OK SAl.E OK RKNT?The two-story BRICK ? a HOIJSL No 70, on Market street, b.tfween ad and 4th sts , Georgetown. D C. The home is com , inodious an<l in complete repair, as to afford every comfort, with fas and water: sufficient grounds to 1 oultivate vege aides and tfowsrs. The lot runs ' hack to a joint allav with a stable. Apply to JAS A. SIMPSON. No. ft9 Congress street, near th" Post Offioe. Possession can be given on or about the 1st of October next. so 28 eo3t* F~'t?R RENT-ROOMt? No?. u, 3,4. 6. l7, " 14,15, I#i, |7 1%. 21 airl 23. in the new fivcitory brown stone buitctiog corner 7th street west nid'Pa. avecuo, kuowu a? " \\ a?Jiiii;;tun Building." Tliey are well adapted for Offices, having ? ias, water, 4c. Kur Mrai* ajMiijr at our Store. No. < 07 Pa. avenue, or to John H. Semmes 9l Co , No. d 5*23 9th street west, corner Louisiana ar. <" se 13-Jawlm MURRAY A. SEMMES. t FOR RENT?Possession on the 1st of Octol>er. The DWELLING HOUSE No. 43- I) street. ; It oresAiit OflfMiniftH l?w B1 i^'UK rknt? A modern-built three story Brick ; 1 HOUSE. with back-buildint, containing ten 1 rooms; good dry cellars; marble mantles in parlors; ] dumb waiter, and other conveniences; situated on , N street north, between 12th and 13th -treets west. Rent moderate. For terms inquire ncxtdoor west. 1 se 27-Th.fA-.M * IP OR RENT?Three new BRICK HOUSES, j containing 8 rooms each, in the handsome row ; of brick buildings recently erectod on Ninth street, * between M and N sts. Also, one for rale on very ' reasonable terms. Apply toE. \V. FARUEY, 483 ' Tenth street, or Air IRVIN 8. BAKKF.R, the I builder, or at the shoe sto e opposite. se26 1w* i I/OR RENT.?A cottage built BRICK HOUSE ' on Mas*, av.. No. 35T, between l'tii and 11th 1 sts.. with side lot, flower garden and fruit treoU. The house onutanis Dine rooms, lieside l>ath-rr>ona. closets and cellar A pump of excetlent water in , the kitchen, and water asd gas throughout. App y an the pjwntsee. ?e 24-7t* ( IV'OR SALE?A now tw?-story and-lasem<,nt r BRICK HOUSE, containing 5 rooms and eel Isr. situated on I Ith it mirth bMviKn I uH M ??< w? . ?iiiwr m"? ?cd Bower*, ana a pump of ex? | reliant water. To a good tenant rent moderate. For further information inquire next door. M 38 -St * 1 FOR RENT.?A neat COTTAGE containing 5 rooms, with 5 acres of land, near the railroad 1 to Baltimore, and within 4)0 yard* of a station ] where the fare to regular passengers scarcely exceed# that of a i omnibus. For partioular* apply to C. S.COMTEK.Km .near Centre's Station, or , to J. D. McPHERSON, Es*., at the Court ol , Claims. ?o jfl-3t* . FOR RENT?The thrre-story-and-t>a?ement i Brick DWELLING-HOUSE. No 592 ?ev i enth street, between D and E st'.. Island. It con tains dining-foom, kitchen, 2 parlors, 6 chamber*, and wide passage; has a garden attached, with erapns and fruit trpes. Possession given on the 1st diT of October. To a good and punotual tenant the price will l>e nKderate. Appiv to GEO J. SEUF FF.RLE, at Jaokson, Brother & Co.'s, 333 Pern &. avenue. ?e Z7-tf w > v<M xt npfij Ul IA/C ion SOM KR9. on the premises. oc 1 Sw*_ I70R R KNT.-ThVneiTut we- story HO USE on r New York avmie, No. 164, near the intersection of New Jemej avenue, containing laree i aloon, parlor, dining and sitting room*. pautrv, < bed-room*, kitchen with pomp of wel1 water in it, and altonvUier one of the most convenient houses built For particulars inquire next door U> the premise*,or at POWKlil.'SGrooerjr Store, corncr of N. Y. avenue and 0th street, *e2*-3t - i FOR RKNT-A neat BRICK HOUSE. *3f> Thirteenth street, between H and C, Island. \ containing 4 large rooms, pawace, basement, kitch- , en and collar, all in the t?est order; beautiful vard, .,kn. I- J " 4 Tl HI. t . AnMVH FOR PALE AND REST. [ Fm eu?r ' >or 8mU mmd Kemt" rt?r?rtmw??f, . ?tfirtt r?et ) ,, I. -OR RKNT-fx m-ti rvi v*i-< t. .1.. __ -- - - ?? iiiin nu i*rtnriL,|P ,J,C' V Fn-mera'Hotel, No. 1<J6 HIthM*t>eL%r??ora? towi;, D 0. It hu fver? oonwuin^se of * inojWa !><>? j- ias, ?Mif, and ample Ktab.u* AIM* ? li<-*na* to kaep public house. Appfy^a tho pr?nu?os. oc 1 3t L'AKM FOR SALE ?A hiehl* improved Farm, I ooutaininr 11? aores, with two-atory frama dwelling and all convenient, out houses; fineo-ehnri. excellent ?print, Ac.. situated on the l.ittie rtvw turnpike. Fairfax county. Vs., 7 miles Iroin A'oxandria. Terms! $4,??i: one-fourth oaeh: the balance in I. 9 ?? ' ' * ?- * ?? ' *? 111 - mmrv . * ... - -? ? ? GEORGETOWN. < Correspondsce of The Star ttnountwi. m-tober t. 1W? To Mr. Sot*#. Uk- my obliging and ge*tl?mulv oifUootor nt \ue Ch- tapulu- and OhioCaual Compauy, we are indebted fur th- following statemeot of the amount of tolls received at the office here during the inontb of September Ascending. #i 3P1 *?; dew-ending.*** 25i 40; total,fcM ,#ST *7. This exhibit will b? gratifying to the friends of the ranal, and la an evidence of what that important work Blight and mar be made to accomplish The building of Mr. Philip T Berry, on Bridge street, north s:de, between Congress aud Washington streets, occupied by Mcem Spilman and Hunt as a dry-goods store, has been greatly el."** ?? ?- * *' -* ? * ?** *" iiac mru kviuuvai i urrrifiii a ifw wtpi? since. It has been rai*ed eight ffcet higher, adding eonilderably to Its appearance, ard giving the advantage cf Increased ptorage room The Mpper portion of the front bat been painted a delicate drab color, and tn the lower portion there are two elegant sbow-windovrsof plate-glaaa?one on each tide of the entrance?and the panela. piera. and cornice are being painted la imitation of marble, the whole having a very fine effect The principal Bales-room (on the tirst lloyr) ia 24 feet wide by about 50 feet in depth, and the ceiling has been railed two feet higher than It wm Ll^ht enters In the rear from windows in a ralaed alcove, ibowing the neatly finished interior to tine adTh# MU*.r?v<\m fes.m *????? p - -v ??? w i4\?? < ?( pcv?, at ., ion mr ?econd floor,) it approached br an inclose* stairway. and above ia a room for storage. Mr. rtioa. Ciaael la tbe contractor for the whole work. Yesterday waa a very cold, damp, aud disagreelble day; but our churches were well attended at aiorning and evening service, notwithstanding, rhe revival at Dumbarton-street M. E Churcn itlll contlnuea, and Rev Mr Conrad preached there laat night to a lar^e and Interested auditory. If the coming winter ahould be a long and severe one our citizens will probably sutler from a icarclty of fuel. The quantity of wood received 1 p to t&ls time is much leas than in former seasons, iod although large quantities of coal have beeu ordered, our dealers are receiving very little in consequence of the difficulty of engaging vessels it Philadelphia to bring it here This ought not M be the case, as everv vessel bringing anthracite here is certain of a rirttirn cargo of Cumberland -oal. vessels being wanted here for shipping that irticle. Henry Boarman. the colored man who had to My about sixty dollars to release his children >om the conservators of the law at Bladensburg i short time since, as stated in the Star, met with mother loss one day last week, two hundred and ihirty-tive dollars "Wing stolen from him. He tiad It stowed away in what be considered to be ? safe hiding placa under his stable floor, but lomebody discovered bis secret, with th? result ttated q#v4? mA 4 i- ? - ? nu?cn?ciiieiii in anoiorr cniamu OI t &nu> era' Hotel for rent. QEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS for other Gtorgctou ?advirtutmi*tt it*, fir it pag* TS? BEIX A N D EVFF FTT ASSOCIATION GEORGETOWN?There will hi a meet ng of the Bell and Everett C ubatthe hall, corner high and Gay streets.on TUESDAY EVENING, Ooto^er 2-1 at 8 o'clock Severs! nddre?s*s may be sspected The public are invited to attend, oc 1 21 W.H.I EN N fcV, Sec. GEORGETOWN TAXFS.-October 1st beint the usual time for the settlement of axe* due this Corp"ra'n>n. th'-attention of all oonjorned is earnestly called to the ?ame. CHARLES 1>. WELCH, s* 19-tOctl Collector. AGIFTSI-GIFTS! ?- ?v-? (kii v in i vr< i ? * ?u*"vrvi / /\ r\ Fi ' IIA^D AND RECEIVE A PRESENT. The subscriber being desirous ol closing out her nainess. now oti^r* one of the moat choics s'ock? >t BOOKS. STATION KB V and FANCY GOODS n the District, for a short time on *. Aa an mlucement, any un? purchasing goods at the amount if cue dollar (gl> wi!l reaeive a present worth rom U cents to four dollars (94,) ?t MISS THOMAS'S. oc l-eo3t High street. near Fi'at. ?K B<>HTON.?We are now loading the packet ting Isaac Carver, and she will sail on rUKSDAV, October 2d. For freisht appix /&K> ? HARTLEY A BROTHER. *e 29 2t 1*0 ami 1Q1 Wateril. LMfE WISH EVERY ONE TO KNOW That TV DR\ OOODS i ao he l?ought cheap at BROWN A WHITES. No. 110 < North Side) Bkidge Stbket, Georgetown, D C. And to oonvince yourselves of Uie fact, call and tee those Black Silk*. Printed and Plain Delaines. Poil De Jhevr**. Merino Plaids. French Merino*, Valeci:ias, Black B"nil<azines, A'paccas, Ac., Ao. Oioaks; Tyrian. Electro and other S.iawls; Bian;e!s: Men's ai?d Boys' \\ ear, a gootl assortment; den * and hoys' Meriro ?hirt? and l>rawer?; I a lies' and Misacn' Merino Vests; Baj>>ia'? Kid rlores; Hooped Skirts: Corsets; P.ain, Bordered. lumsMtohcd. and Embroider*! Linen Cambric iamikerchiefs; Embroideries, very uheap, aiid no miiihug; Hosiery and Gloves; White Goods; Yan,ee Notions, a fu.l line; Lins-y, Os aiurg Caino?. .nd Servants' Wear in aliuuoan-e ; and many other hings, which we will tell you of warn you ca'l at he Brown A White Post Store. All of which we rill sell as cheap as the oheapoct, 'or any other nan." Come early, and don't forget the place, ae 29 2w ni)r krw viibv ?TJ.* --1??? ^ . . . M. IIW P' IU'VUd " Statesman, ("apt. Mott, hat arrived ami ^Tk. rill ni^t with dispatch f<>r the abort n<irt->^. 'or freight appiy to McCOBB & DOLGK,^ * >3 Water st. ?e 28 "A A P PLUS?A PPI.KS ! )U BBLS. Prime BALDWIN APPLES, T5 do do. FALL do. 25 do. do. GREENING do. l)ai!i expeted per schooner .Marietta Bnrr, and or safe on or l>efore arrival. Applrtit HARTLEY & BRO., e2S lw 99 and 101 Water atr?et. 19 H ! FISH!! P FISH!!! Kfl bhls. No. 1 Hnvton M l-'W BIVC [MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. B. R. DURKKE tk CO.'S 0BZi?OT 8FIOE0. ttuarantood not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, >ut ground from freeh Spices, selected and cleaned it u? exp-r&.?!y for the pnrpose without refereuo* > coet. They are beautiffally paoked in tinfoil, licet! with paper,) to preveet injury by keep: a*, ad ar? full weisht, while the ordinary rr? laa pioes are almost ip variably shore We war^airt hem, in point of strength and richnees of flavor. BEYOND ALL COMPAKlbON, * a a nEte trial will abaadautly prove. r.r mwxk, EAGLE 8TOVE HOUSE. g|g I would respectfully cail the attention of the stilt 10 to mj new PaRLOR VIOLET GASCONlUMlNG R %D1 ATORb. superior to any that has ffered for sale heretofore. Ther have Mipawde* he old four-column Radiators, as they ar? much andsnnier for parlors, beniK fiuished off with tine orceiaui-litt-d urns for evaporation, consumes moli less ooal, and thiows out m-tra boat than any ther Radiator iu the market Plead" call anTsaUs r yourselves, at tJ. WOODWARD S, N?. 31* Peiuisv vama avenue, se 17 eoSt Between 19th and ljth ats. HEW 81YLLS FALL >1 AND WINTER CLOAKS We ahull rro*i\*e au>! open for i us pecUon our h' M upplyofF?ll md Winter Cloaki o-i to morrow Tnuraday I morning, tmonpt winch will l>? found a?26-eoM 3il? Penn. fcvepw. IOfi NOVELTY MILLS FLOUR. ID" BBLo. Ofthtaauperior t>r?nd of FamiW and !xtr? Floor NMivai thia d?r. For Mi* la |?t? to nit by D. L. MORRISON Jl CO. ae corner of TwaUUi mU b iu. LTflTir.UI NnTIPK** W/iTlPL' III ^ 1?V?1VU tN The openm* of FRENCH UOOD9. fo* the F*U rraOe. willboaext M<Mid?v,S?|>UiatMf *tk. The ?die* are reftpoct.'uU) mvited to in?p*ct th* norellea )nt arrived fro? Parte. N. WILLI AN. ?? Xt tw StaUel >8 Mariret Bpaoe. ECB?.N^.!fF^T?0^ H lorner Thirteenth eUeet. Philadelphia intouiko are Bo -t? <3.75. ee VE^sssmm^ Uent Of Bteiavv 4 toa's Md R?tm, Baooa * >,' Y iMO?. ? 12S haU"-l Ms .to tin. 7SM>U. St John AI.EWIVFS 2S 14>la. No. 3 large MACKEREL. 25 hbla. No. S medium do. 25 l?hls. No. S email do. Now landing from brig# N<'w World ?r?d Isaao 'arver, and ior sale in lorn to tout. HARTLEY* BRO., sa 2*1-3^ 99 awl 101 Water street. [? 1 C. C. AT/8 iVHUPWCTFL" LLY Iirarmi hu friends and the ufihc tfneraily that he ha* remuT?l to No. &Z High treat, adjoininc Masonic Halt. He is prepared to the ahortest notice. Dinner and Evoaing 'artipa, and feels assured that lie will give entire attraction to those who may favor him with a all. All kinda of CONFECTIONERY and CAKE at he lowest prices. Beat ICE CREAM at $1 ? per allon. C. C. A'l ZS, 60 4 lm 55 High street, Georgetown. ^EW AND ATTRACTIVE STOCK. W? are now in reoeipt of i>ur Fall stock of 'APKRHANUING8. \\ INDOW SHADES, SHADE HOLLANDS, PICTURE AND SHADE CORDS AND TAS>ELS, GILT CORNICE, CURTAIN BANDS, PIWH, %e. Embracing all Qualities and Price*; 111 of whioh h?v? been purchased direct frooi man ufactures, and with unusual care. We feel, therefore, that, with our large and varied toek. we shall Iteabie t? present superior iiulncenents to purchasers A oa'l is solicited whether on purchase or not. All work in our line exeeMt*d >y superior workmen in city or country, and waranted in everv partiouiar. Ca'l at FRANKLIN A ROTH ROCK'S, se 2j~4taw2w Af>3. comer 9'h ai>d D sis. The tnn'e oaa M iiMM mm th? mm *HMg M 3S ^ u. ? yft ft ^ ^NrECTr?iB, ?Ja^*bian A*u^ WVfMlnMju. Mooiim tC 13 ?v Wert Enu Prut Mprt, ii4 liH, I ?% . ?? M The Cut af TbtapMi, the MiHrrer. Phladilpbia, bept M.?The rut of Robert Thompson. sentenced to bo bung for tbo murder of John Cm pie, will be carried to the ftapreme Court. MuwthiMtta Politico. Boaron. t^ept ? ?The republicans of tbe ?*. enih district bare nominated Daniel W Gonrh for re# lection to Congress. Aleaaudria Market* AmtiiDiit. October 1 ?Floor?Family M P7a 97 H7; rxtra ?6 QOsA *0: ail per *5 ?a? 7?. Wb?l -white, fair to rood. ?1 JUsfl 40, rod *1 25a *1 3(i Corn?white ?5e** ; fallow tt5s?7r, mi*ed ?Aca?7. Rye?te77 Oats 90. Cora Meat 7Ua7?e per bushel Heeda?1 lmothy K Maff3 25, Clorrr fl6 75a ?* itS; Flaxseed ?1 40s* I 43 Provisions ? Hatter, roll. 10aIn: i Bacon li^alte , Fork 97.01* ?7 50 Lard ttaJic. Whisky 24a9Dr aituaorf narkati. Bunaon, OA. I.? Floor dull bat steady, aad without sales. Wheat steady; red |lite *133, while 91 3Ua9l CO Cora Iruaur; fallow fl*d7?r ProTtoloHsdull. Coffee flrsaat 14*ali*c. W tuU) steady at Sic. > I Haw Tart mwktts _ N?w Yon, Oct 1 ?pieSrSaaay; Ma sao^cftrto 96tta5 7S; 8ootharaff#w?? Wheat lower; ?prla<r western red f 1 *7 Cora higher? ?lx?i Pork dnll-prlmt ?I3 H Lard dull. Whlakydall ?t tSfrc. c4g^,^'SXi uL4 '?Si :^?&3?Rfts3iWB8S Mo. >%???. and Everett nen are bottling a larg* and enthusiastic gathering to-night at Court House Square. Tbe - Minute Men" attended la proctas.on, . making quite a l*rge torn out Serioaa IU1I??t Accident. Nashville, Sept 30 ?Tbe train from ('batttnoga going out yesterday wu thrown off tbe track by an obstruction placed there by aoine fiend One man wsa killed, one mortally wounded, and ttrenl others badly injured. Assaalt on aVritiU Offioer. New Oftutam, Sept. 29?The captain of tbe British war strainer Gladiator which arrived here to-day from Honduras with tbe remaant of Walker's party, was assaoited and knocked down In tbe bar-room of tbe St. Charles Motel. laiiiuiy ayipiiw:uI(l^ franii with merchandise have left here this week to the numlwr of ftftv wagoue. and more are preparing. Kailroad 4ccideal-Fallti| ( Bridge. SotTH Biawica Jcirnow. Sept M ?The ra!'rcad bridge over the Salmon Folia river, on the Great Falls and Conway road, fell this morning while a train waa pawing ov?r it The engine with four platform cars fell with the bridge The hrakemitn pulled the pin ronnerttne the freight cars from tbe pnarn^r* cars, just t* ume V> save the latter from Wing preHp'teted Into the river. The engineer saved his life hy jnmpiag from his engine to the abutment of the bridge Nobody was hurt. Marine A lsaster Accrsra. Oct I.?Tbe Savannah Republican of this morning announces tbe arrival ef tbe British bark jara at Tvbee, with fifteen of the rtrw of the American ehip Evelyn which foundered at sen on tbe Jffth of July They bad been out eight day* In boats, when tbey were picked up by the barque Lady Mr.Nutt, and landed in Rant* Cruz. Tbey were forwarded home by tbe Anerican Consul at Teaeriffe Political Gatherings Fkvdkiick. Md . Sept *).?Mr Vanrev spoke for two hour* this afternoon at Court Hoiias Square, to between fou' and Ave hundred people A meeting of the Breckinridge meu waa in pro . rem to-niirht at their headnuartera and the Hell I M?wa? vi ?wc*l uaiiUlUSVT. Fr?m rUtht Ptmk. i*T V9 ?Tbe Plke'i Pnk npic arrived l&?t night with a Mm 11 treaaure ahipment of >1.570 Tti<- Company hereafter will M?? a mFtM>n)(rr in the coanLea triwrrklf. Many of the owuera of ouirti mlnea who had bftoBtf wholly diacouraeed two months ago. and considered that tbey had iont all thev b*?igut, are now aangulne of success and are making 9MU or more per week. At the last accounts about twenty team* had left Denver for the Ptatea Many of tbeae emiKraata Intend to return In the spring to locate at farmers or develope their gold and ailver lend* with the proper ennlpmenla Tne weather at l>enver city la very cold, with occasional falls of anow?the miner* not being able to commence operations bafore 9 o'clock a. m , on account of the ice. The winter ia ? M iui u utiiinu;i ii w?fN tfrmi, charging Lim and all those who iuiu ned bliu a* abandoning tbe principles of Democracy. and forsaking Uie muc plank In tbe Cincinnati PUt form upon which he and Breckinridge stood boulder to shoulder In la36 UtntviLLt, Sept if? ?Tb? booming of cannon shortly after noon to-day announced tbe arrival of Mr. Douglas. He was received at tbe lent by s j 1 rpe multitude and escorted to tbe l???4o*.lle Hotel. He addressed some thirty thousand poo pie at Preston s Woods, and was frequently interrupt ed with enthusiastic applause Bonfires are burning before the Court House and in s?eersl streets this evening Tbe Knqulrer oAce Is br1>llantly iltumina ed and decorated with tags. and the Douglas m?n are lu high spirits at the achieveniAtit a# t tration of the man frooi an open carriage drawn by four white horses The mm! linpoalng feature of the proceaalon waa the young ladle*' car, la which stood a young Udv attired aa the Goddeaa of Liberty This at traction elicited praiaee and appiauac fro? erarv body. A deslr* to aee Mr. Douglas waa manifeated bv men of ail partiea Hia apeech was of the aame tenor that has characterized all hieapeetibta during the preaent He apoke about an hoar and a quarter He refuaed to answer Um- questions propounded to him by the Indiana Journal, saving tUfcvshc jld send the same to their own candidate for an auswer, before offering such to him. 14* 11.^4^1 - " -?-i?^?~ - ! ? -.av? ... ??<v .aw n i ? wi i ur uvur, wu few i^noci were at the 4epot when the Uili arrived. I,f>rd Renfrew and party took evrlafet and proceeded to the Burnet Houae. where tbey occupy apartmenta on the aec?d ioor of ttoo aouthwraurn wing The Prince left the Burnet Houae at eleven tbla morning, and, eaoortrd by the mayor and other member* of the committee, made an exruraion of thecltv and through Mount Anbarn and Clifton. Thla afternoon there waa a graad display of tbt fire department in Fifth at Ciscinhati. Sept 30 ?Baron Renfrew attended the grand ball In hta honor at Pike'a Opera Hoaae laat night, and waaenthualaatteaUy remo ved The ball waa opened with Mm Pike and fottr other ladies The Baron left at half-paat eleven clock. The acene waa brilliant, tbougn the bmid'ng waa not crowded To-day, accompanied by kla autto. he atterded St John'* church, the aerioon being prc&ctied by Biahop Mcllvaine His Roval Highueaa leave* to-morrow via the Ha mil too and Dayton railroad Nareaeati ( teaatar Doatglna. 1 >ninaroLii, Sept 20 ? The LK-u^laa State maaa meeting held yeaterday. waa the lariat aaaembly of tne Democracy held aince 1*^58 The proceaaicm, couponed ofwagona, footmoa bearing banners, Ac , was about an hour in paantng a given point Mr Douvlna wtf'.wi *.? J"? r put tbree daya Tba vNtVt bad bean unf-ivorable, and brradatufl* ?m allgbtly higher la con Murarr. tbe market cloaing arm. Prortaioua ruled quiet. Couaois cloacd at XI \ a? \ Barea Rtafrrw la Ciaclaaatt. CmciH*ATI. Sept ? Haroa Renfrew and amU arrived at oue o'clot k tbia morula# In ronarquenre of a freight train having ran ot tbe track, :&ev were detained three hours Tbev were accompanied bv Mayor Blahop. Judge Storer. W . Sibley. Praaldent of the Chamber of Commerce; John ' Torveaee, Preaidect of tbe City Council, Rufaa Kin*. Preaident of tbe ^bool Board; aod K B Bowler, who met the train at Cor bran and tendered tbe bospttalittea of tbe city to tbe (DM In rnniKinMiM rf *'?* - ? ?* '1? 1 w_? iw-icfw, mt 1 ' * j m Lamortctere made * brave defenae and great low . _ , It W reported that Lot>ta N.p?!eo? wa? ?rnl apon bv an inmae man. >1 Toulon, but toe a.n. oi the weapon vru averted by a llfalaadet The ?teamera Vanderbltt, City of Baltimore, and Nova ScotUn bad arnrrd oat The latter bad been aground In thr river M^raey Tbe Ure^t Ea*>rn bad "been placed np?H) tb? Gridiron Dock at Milford Have?. iQaanpMHLivupool.Tburaday ?Th; cotton market waa generally uacbaitgtd. witb averave *> " 1'^ TELEGRAPHIC. "" THREE DAY* LATER FROM El ROPE Ihf 6IM|?W ? tiff Kto St Joax'a On. I.?The awmahtp <*twmmw from Liverpool on the 1Mb. towbed at Qn?i. own on the -J(?th and piard Cape llfeM*1 May The Sardinians had attacked and dffwt^d Om I W- n ?

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