Newspaper of Evening Star, October 5, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 5, 1860 Page 3
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w??? LOCAL NEWS. ' , .... |?7*" Tbonjjb Tun ST** to printed ?n the flnteat W:u prrea In asp acuta ?f Baltimore, tti edition la to Ivgt aa to require It to b? put to pieea at ? Mrly boor; Adrevtiaeareoto* therefore, abould be nt la before 13 o'clock mother win tbey nay not appear aatll the Wxt day. ? .o>?. . NnTir.B ^ n-1 *- - - ? rr^proewton _____ .Mi*ute> Cali*i> ?Th? E?t. F. M. WbltU# ^^rfLLouitville Ky , been called by th# vettrvChurch to take charge of FUrfa* rMbKSVS r.'t" ' * "" vm Amioofia vu literally cot*red with flags f % >4 rtnMMn A handsome collation h*? bora prepwr*dl, and will be set far the party on board the steamer. The cutter will return to the Araenal at 3J* o'clock, when the Prince will prooeed to tue^ residence of Lord Lyons to dinner, and afterwnr4a to tbe Executive Manaloo, from whence he wlU depart to-morrow morning for Richmond, k. OCBTt or LOIt M0H. U Baron Renfrew, the Free!dent, the Duke of NewcHtle, the Karl of 8t. Oennalna. Major General Brnce. will, together with others of th? party, become the gursts of Lord Lyons, on thefr return fron: Mount Vernon DSPASTUBS SSTPIDAY M0ES1.X8. ? I The Harriet Lane has bora directed to be la m roadlneas at Mj o'clock on Saturday morning to a* couttt the Prince nod hia party to Aqain Creek,, _ fretn wtotfch place a apeelsl train of can wlH bene, ihem to Richmond. T^OcoPellows Fbsssal ?Yesterday aftnraooa, Ortmul Lvdge, Mo 19, lOO F , assembled at OH Fellows Hall, and marched in proceaaiao, Mb full regatta and carrying with them fee li|mk?wlis of the Or4er, to atSend the funeral |PL M. Christian, Ute a Member at the Lodge. TifeJ~"dge ? composed principally of German JHi. aad they turned oat largely to pay the edBKlhuSa of respect to their countryman and svtaMjber Tbe corpee was buried In the CongreeS^Pal Cemetery Withers band accompanied 4 muw iu11un poum loru a Dooalag aaiete of i^%*aty-oae guu 1b honor of the royai vlaltor, i MM m the ftrrikgn nearrd the wharf a double JJpBete vu fired firm the cutter'sgaaa la welcome to the Pr!no? and the President Major Ramsay u and Lieut Saunders, of the aUtion, and the dia,i tmguiahed gentlemen before meationed received d the party at the wharf aad escorted them oa board **^h? cuttrr, which Immediately atarled down the river A coaaiderable crowd had ss?embled In ^rexpeeUtioa of the arrival at the Arsensl to take a peep at toe fatare Kkag of Eaf land, aad many a Sharp glance waa direr ted towards the Presidents ^irriage aa It Beared the wharf. The beat of girder waa maintained, however, and the apertaj^tra pT.noed great aatia/actloa at the chance tli-y ri Sad enjoyed of aeeiajf a lire Priace. Aa the ~~?itter paasrd down the river bv Alexandria It Smprd numerous river craft, wlih the color* of two nations gaily floating In the pleaaant [ ^Hanaal breeae, aad the little forest of anlppln/ ? ? ? " - ^lUUIiV* v* tue President's Houk. eager to catch ? momentary glim pee of the illustrious visitor?among ttj*m nuaf ladi >; and aa soon aa the preparations for the trip had been completed, the Prince came forth la company with the President, followed by lx>rd Lyons and Mlas Lane, and entered the open barouche of the Ptea!d?nt, which immediately drove off. Ths remainder of the party followed, in the carriaf ea of Lord Lyon-, Secretary Flojd. and of Mr. AIcGraw, of Baltimore At the Arsenal toe Harriet Lane waa lying at I the so jto wharf, ! the Raatern Branch, and with Werytbing In re*d)neaa for the embarkation MKrelries Caas. Cobb and Thompson, with eevladies, were in waiting, and as the dlatingvtahed parly entered the Arsenal gates, the guns ajuin ui iur HHTUIUlli;? Drlllg "/jkroufbt out Id brilliant relief by the glare of the i.", iifk :U Tbo riarkneac of tbe night ad Jed to the M&fect of the d;?i>lay, vthu h, notwithaWadUg the mo Mury done k> the vafiou* piece* by tbe afternoon extremely good Kicelient o<der pre. HArl In tbe pnui throughout tbe evemni;, at tbe i looe of tbe cxlubition tbe crowd , .J/Jletljr dispersed. Tuk TKir TO MOUNT VIlJfOM. in Tbf* morn lot; at lit o'clock, tbe Baron nod saite i loft tbe Kiecutire Mansion, accompanied by tbe " President of tbe I'nlted State*, H!m Lane, Lord Lyons, Secretary FloTd and lady, Mr* EUia of N. C , and tbe Misae* SUdell, in carriage*, and proceeded to tbe Araoaal, where they em barked on bowd tbe atearoer Harriet Lane for Mount Vernon A considerable number of persona had collected about the various MtraiwM U lh? ?? oy some m?r uievously disposed Individual. which idea would generally be highly unfavorable to the wuhfi of tb? multitude, and yet had only to be v.ttered to obtain Instantaneous credence on all binds At length the Marine Band, which was stationed In the East Room, struck up a lively air, and changed the current of inquiry in the direction of tbe brilliantly lighted windows of th? Executive Mansion, and speculation at once was m bnsv as to tbe particular window at which the Prince was likely to appear, and the diversity of opinion was equally as great as It bad previously b?-en with resj>ett to the pyrotechnic display Tbe strains of "God save the Queen,'? by the bead, in their best style, were next beard swt lli:.g through tbe open windows, and at tbe same * moment a bomb from the direction of the Mall announced that the affair was really coming o!l" The windows of the south balcony were tLrown op?n. and Presideot Buchanan apjieared es< ortiHtr Miss l^ine. and was almost immediately followed by Lord Renfrew and suite His lordship ad vanred to tbe front of tne balcony, took a f>osiUon on the east side of one of the large columns, where he remained, in conversation with the President's r.iece and her lady guests, until tbe exhibition which followed was toucluded. Tbe ? balcony in a few momenta bee a no? crowded with *' distinguished personages, guests of tbe Executive ?MlT tk. ? ? L1 ?v ? < vi iuv i iiulc. i uii WM lnipnofd II A memorial of bis visit to Mount Vernon. TNI FIIIWOIKI. At early as seven o'clock p m , notwithstanding the verynnfav r?l)le asi>cct of the weather, crowds of people began to gainer in the grounds south of tike Executive Mansion. and to occupy all available points of observation contiguous thereto. On they flocked froir. all points, not alone citlaeas cf Washington, bat f oui Georgetown, Alexandria. f and the adjacent counties of Maryland and Virginia, a full moiety of the crowd b??ing of the fair sex, who tramped through the wet grass as though In tb* curiosity to witness the display of fireworks?or the Prince?tbey bad become ind liferent to the terrors of wet feet and consequent doctors' bills By aine o'clock p. m. the crowd that hid thus gathered must have numbered five or ^ix thousand persons, who, during the time that tbey were waiting for the '-show to begin," employed tneraaelves la discussing the proliabi titles of there' being anv display at all, and various and enrlous were the opinions and speculations thus promalgated; and curious was It to witness the effect of an occasional new and startling idea thrown out noon, from trip over the Baltimore and Oh in Rsiiroad from Belle Aire. The tourist was jolnrd ttbe Relay Ho ate hv John W Garrett, president ef 'be Balurao.e ana Obio Railroad. Tbe .Marqaia reached this city last evening, wbere be joined the Prince's royal party. Pr#rious to parting with Messrs Garrett and Smith, the Marqnis expressed himself in strong terms concerning tbe perfection of tbe Baltimore aad Ohio Railroad, i PBSSUTT* TO THK PKIXCX. U is H ighaeaa was yesterday presented by Messrs. Fbilp & Solomon with a large and magnificent photograph, taken by special permission from * Roesiurc Mlgnet's paiating or uTbe Home of Washington." tastefully framed. Also a copy of < Lasting's Illustrated Mount Vernon," bouna in tayal blue, with elaborate gilding, containing a heawtjfdlhr emboaaed presentation leaf, hearing 1K> > r... ?V>- ?-! * * - i??wn?T, ?f Diplomatic Corps and the officers of the Army and Navy w*tt among the guests. J.*st evening.tbe Executive Mansion wm throned with *pertatora. a thousand cardi of Invitation having previously been issued Every portion ef the building was brilliantly illuminated, and front without presented a magnificent appearance. At dinner the Prince occupied a position to th* eight of Miss Lane, aa her guest. . ROLL* TRUFISS WITH MISS lai** Daring the afternoon of yesterday, the Prince engaged in aeveral gamea of ten pi us with Mia l.ane. displaying great akiII, and making not a few "ten-strikes'? and "spares." arrival of thk mabqcis ok chasdos. The distinguished tourist, the Marquis of Chandra, president of the Great Western Railway, Eig'.aad. accompanied by the Marchioness ot Chandra, and WtlUam Preacott Smith, master of Wanar^rtaUon of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. arrived at the Relay House yesterday after jtutely as the United time wouid admit all tt?e principal object* of interest. He exprfewd ifreit drillration of the architecture and beauty of IlIs dlflce. From tb*a building the party repaired to the V?unjf (,adte?> institute of Mrs. Smith, on G street, whither they were accompanied trr M*sa l-ane and Secretary Thompson The Prince Indulged. la aeveral game* at ten-pioa wl'.h the ladies, tud made excellent rolliajj, tri dross?fositio* or twb fbups. The dinner party on Wednesday evening consisted only of the President's family, the Prlace'l auite, the British Legation, and the CabiMt. ivi u? '. wumDll AATCIttUBMIVti to be ia*rvxl In the Rutmoii i*c*ar? recclrcd _at^nd fbrwarded from The Sta* 0?ce. Til PlIICI T1BITS TIB PATBMT OlflCIMll. ?*ith'S Sril5lIT-positios at DlimWK ?Rclls Tssrtsa with Miaa La5*?Abbival ?> r the MiBqru o? Chaxdos?Pbbabntatioji to tbb Pbibcc?Tub Diixbi I.abt KrB*i??T?? PlIlVOIK-T*1P to Moosr V bbxob. Yeitrrdij afternoon, Bt half past two, Baron Renfrew. In company with the Duke of Newcastle and Lord I.yooa, were escorted by Secretary Tktmpaoo to tb? Department of the Interior, which bad been closed la the early part mi the day to prevent the Ingress of others tcan the royal party He was conducted through all tbe principal apartments of tha kuliiiaa ?uwu? to-morrow ~M" ~ ? Law?, th?j|fcMp?t, ??*?. best, and Urgent assortment ai lWM, Uee aets, Lsoo collars, embroideries flbfeMM, silks, lute, boeneU, flower*, feathers, trimmlogs, ruffle*, and worsted goods, of all kinda, la tbla city, are to be fouad at Mrs. R.G. F.tchtson's, No W Pennsylvania avenue, between Eighth and Ninth streets. J TaioiosirtL 8siiT5a.1T ?We learn from the Southern Churchman that Bohlen Hall, at the CpiKs^sl Theological Seminary, near Alexandria, is completed, and la now occupied bv students Meade Hall is being bnilt as rapidly aa possible The whole number ofstndaafe at the Smtnary thM ye? Will b? * IfiUt Mwaty-flVe. UrMia detective olttier Alien returned to this city from Richmond, Va., where be had been to recow an abacaodlag yontb, who had carried away with him a Urge amount of bit father'* money. The boy and money were both returned. It la an aflietioa Indeed for a parent who baa tried to bviM op hi* children to b? useful *nd creditable cttiaena, to diacowr, j*|it as his son is preparing to enter upon his manhood, that he has been educated different'.)- by other preceptors. Yonns inen who live fast, should bear in mind that their class hardly ever escspe the necessity /or crime to enable them to persist la their career '' TnC*l7mms!f Association of T?a< ai?? ? f would call the special aUeatlon of teachers aad of the friends of education in this city to the regular meetings of this sssoclstloa, oa the first ft*i?srday in each month, from lua. m. to IS, at the 8?ttUoonkd lostttatfon Arrangements will be made to morrpw far resuming the very valuable litotes <f Prti. Utary AU who with to obtain ItfytlliftftlfW should attead tha mettle* - r ? - -? j ? ? - - ?? ? ?? ? ? ?? ) vi i u uiH ll for his accommodation. On yesterday, John 8. Barbour. Esq , President of the Oraaee and Alex* andrLa Railroad Company, addressed a letter to Hon. James O. JJerret, Mayor of Washington, la his own nam* and that of Col. Fountalaa, Preside at of the Central Kailroad Company, placing at the dlapeaal sf the Priaee aad his suite a apeelal train, cm the twe ratlroads, to Richmond. As the University of Virginia is an otneot el pride to the Commonwealth, and well worthy the visit of the distinguished stranger, a visit to Charlottesville is suggested as a portion ef the programme of his visit to Virginia, and a special train placed at his disposal for that purpoas." \ A Warns to Fast Yowths.?Veatardav af and bit wife, and George Butler,'were arrested by oAr-er Kimball for a riot and light in the county nf \Vaahtngton. They were taken before Justice Dona, when It appeared that they are relatives, all colored. The grandmother ta very old and feeble, drawing near to the cloae of life, and the h?s a little property, which will be for diapoaitlon after her death. The Savoys have the old woman In care, and thia excited the fear of Butler that an improper influence would be exerted over her mind in the disposition of the property. Bad feeling was manif'Sted by harsh language, and Butler, in a moment of anger, undertook to tliraah Savoy's wife, during his absence Savay returned while Butler had his wife by the throat choking h?r. Seizing a pole about eight feet long and about six incnea in circumference, he approachr-d Bntler from the rear, aud with a blow of the pole ended the conflict by laying Butler out temporarily. The affair caused some excitement in the neighborhood, people fearing a dangerous effect of the blow, and the officer was sent for. The justice heard the statements, and made the parties give security for the peace. Virginia Hoshtalitt to Barox Rinthkw? Visit to til* 1'*iv**SITY PaorosKD.?The Alexandria Gaxette of tbis morning says: "The railreed companies of this vicinity have not keen behind similar Institutions elsewhere, In tokens ef resMrt to the toiinv Prlnrn nf w i?? ? i? -- lur |jciici;i irrwitiiu wruicu leerac'Q lu l>e tnjnyea by them Notwithstanding there was a detail of the city police to do det^clire duty, a want of knowledge of the itrv re or a lick of willingness to attend to It, seemed to obstruct them Certainly there are mauy lawless characters in Washington, watching for opportunities to operate upon the unwary, and tbev do not appear anxious to escape notice, but ratber court observation A gang of Baltimore shoulder hitters poised up and down the A venue, using the most profane and indecent language, in the hearing of ladies, perfectly regardless of th* law sum unchecked by officials. At night tbey were driving about in conches, singing aud yelling,nnd '-making night hideous;" but they w?re undisturbed. This mornIng a gang of "knocks" were going up and down the streets, and took no care to hide their weapons. At an early hour they took their breakfasts under the porch of the Bank of Washington building, from whence thev were followed by a detective officer not in the city employ A number of Urhtt came oti during the early part of last night, and no arrests were made. Faxilt Quakksl ? Yesterday, James Payor Sweet potatoes.. 25 Cabbage, V head. 2^8 Corn, ear,Vbbl#4jg4 50 Beets, bunch 3 Corn, shelled .. 0O?9O Carrot* 2 Beans. Vbutb.. tr.?5 Rock, bunch 25 Rye,y*busb, ... 55o;70iPerch, do 25 Oats 35'irH) Salt water Taylors 25 Menl 80glX> Large Rock 50@H Shorts 20 Ortolon. bb 75 Shtpstuffs 25gG0 Reed bird 62 Butter beans, qt. 12 Widgeon 60 Tni Fsiimm or thk city?Upon great occasions tbe "freedom of the city'' is sometimes extended to distinguished visitors by municipal authorities Whether this course has been adopted by our city officials toward nil tbe hawks that followed tbe royal party to Washington, we do not know, but one thing was apparent yesterdxv.last night, and this rooming, and that was *1.1 . # * * a ? ?- * ' ' * a ucu ?uc uiuucri, ac., be iouows: W W. Corcoran, Esq , president; Prof James Ferguson. vice president; A. Thos Smith, F,sq_, corresponding secretary; J. Goldsborough Bruff, recording secretary; Dr L. D Gale, librarian; A. F. Cunningham, treasurer The Council consist of Horatio Stone, J.M. Stanley, Seth Eastman, John Cranch, W. D Washington, Dr. T- Autlsell, and Dr. Daniel Breed Muut Peices.?The following is the corrected llat of prices in the Center market it will be noticed that a number of articles have disappeared from the list, these are now out of season, and others have been inserted which are just beginning to appear in the market. The prices seldom change much during this season. Beef, fresh, V ft b,gl2 1 ucks. V pr 50^75 Salt do mlO Snap beans, pk... SO Pork 10? 12 Egg plants,each.. 2@10 Mutton 10?12 Okra, pk 75 Lamb, qr 1' ?12 Tomatoes, pk.... 25 Veal 8^15 Green Corn,doz.. 12 Sauaage, V ft- 12) Cucumbers, doz.. 12 Lard 14 Celery, bh 0 a& Beef tongues... 50<g75 Applea, pk '25-aJA) Bacon hams.... 14^,16 Sweet peppers.... 50 Sides 14 Roll butter *>&U> Shoulders 11@12X Phil'a print. 37 Jowls IsAlO Cheese 14?1? Dried beef 14 Eggs, V" doz 16<?19 Chickens. V pr. <J2aSl Oyster plants,bh. 4 Irish potatow. Dk;i7 Onions ? a code of by-laws On motion tbe Cbair read tbe report. Dr. Anttaell and Mayor Berrett expressed their sentimenta on tbe report. On motion of the latter gentleman the by-lawa were unsnimously adopted The Board of Trustee* were next elected, aa follows: John Cnuich, J. M. Stanley, J. G. Bruff, HoratioStone. Robert Boyle, W. \V. Corcoran, A. F. Cunningham, Alexander Provrat.T. G. Clemaon, Jaa G Berret, F. A. Stanton, P. Thoa. Smith, R G Fant, Chat. Fames. B. Ogle Tayloe, Geo. W. Rlggs, Major Seth Fast man, Samuel F. Vinton, L. D Gale, Prof Jam's Ferguson, T. Antiaell. M. D., Daniel Breed,M D., Prof. Samuel E. Oeoes, Joseph C. W11 lard. Col Wm.G.Freeman. Tl.?? .Al - - ? PrT*iA*r n, J?#r*nso!fThe arcnd match frsnrtp of tlfrfte two clubs rime off on Tuesday ** , oa las ground* ot the former, which resulted la favor ef the J< fferson by seventeen ram; 1 though the day w;a clear, there were but few er?m present. Great praise la due to Meters James, Callsn, and Jonee, of the Pythian, and Mden, Reed. Dodson, of the Jefferson, in the elegant style in which they acquitted themselves | at the bata. Both aides played handsomely Mr. Kennedy's playing was admired by all, he belag one of the best catchers in the city?this rosklng the Jefferson's victory complete. Last Thursday, the game not being finished on account of rain. It was renewed on Saturday, which alio resulted In favor of the Jefferson by four runs and an Inning. Below we give the summary of the game on Tuesday, the 2d Instant: Jf?*r$0n. Pythian. Outs. Runa. I Outs. Runs Podaon, p.... a 6 Fisher, p 1 3 Kennedy, e... 9 6 Whiting, c... 4 3 Sflden. I b... 2 7 Jamea. lb 1 .1 t, Towera,2b. 3 4 Noyea, 2 b 3 2 KNd,3b 1 7 Jones, 3 b *2 4 J. Towers, s.. 4 3 Kills, 7 0 Dow, 1. t 3 S Moore, 1 f... 3 3 Davidson,r f. 6 I Callan, r. f.... 2 5 Coburn, c.f.. 4 S Teat, e.f 3 4 27 44 27 27 Runs In each Inning. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. ?7 7, 8. 9. Pythian . .3 04315050 Jefferson .1 075912127 Scorers?For the Pythian. Mr. Ogden; tor the Jefferson, Mr. Gurley, jr. Umpire?Mr. Hlbba, of the National. I HI NATIONAL i A LI. KR T ASD BCUOl OF A IT obartered at the last session of Congress, held their first annual meeting on Tuesday evening, the'2d of October. The members present were Dr Horatio Stone, Prof. Daniel Breed, J. M. Stanley, Col. James G Berrvt, John Cranch. Dr Gale, Professors Anttsell and Ferguson, M?jor Kastman, Hon.'Samnel F. Vlntnn, A.F.Cunningham. Prof S E. Cones, and J. G. Hruff. Prof Ferguson was elected to the chair. The minutes of tbe organization meeting were read and approved, and the act of Congress chartering the Institution was also read. Dr. Stooe, lu behalf of tbe committee charged with that dutr. reDorted tbe result of their lalwira their thanks to their friend* and the^^^^^ f>uhiio for their past patronage,and so- 1 * *ioit a continuance of the same. oc8-at* MAtR k. FISHER. TO SMOKERS OF ., , . , . MANILLA CIGAR*. The advertiser has a few thousand of No. 1 MANILLA CiG \R8 that he will sell at (28 per thou- , sand, ard about ten thousand of No. 1 that le will i *11 at fit per thou?aad. The above Cigars are first quality Manillas. W. A. BROWN * BRO. oo 2-At* ooraer of F and Thirteenth sts. ?pHK UNDERSIGNED WILL SELL AT HIS * koiua ? in, ?-ootave ROSE WOOD?j-. P1AN" of excellent tune, at a treat l?r MHfl (Mn, for ?a*h. as the owner shall leave ttiafTVlr *>*** MARCUS R?BUT?. . W. -WS.-V m ? (BTUMUV, unk IVH1 mm llill nil, f\l t w DREH8 GOODS. Large assort-neat jnst received, and at the lowest price*. J. W. C<!>LLEY * CO. 100 Biaok-middla STELLA SHAWLS, just opened, and v?ry cheap? ranging in prices from t2 3nto#jn. The ladies a~a requested to oa'l. J. W. COLLEY A CO., oc *-<t >'23 Seventh ?t.. ahovo Pa. ay. nA, NOTICE! NOTICEI! yflwl Mrs. HELLER Invitee th? latliee oM^ Washington and vioinitf to her Grand Open in* of Paehionab.e PALL and WINTER BONNETS, on Friday and Saturday,5th and 6th instant, when she wi'l be happy t?? have ladies ?om? and examine trar stock of Goods, as she baa a very handsome took of FEATHERS, FLOWERS, DRESS TRIMMINGS. HEAII DRE8SEB, CLOAKS, SHAWLS, EXTENSION SKIRTS, CORSETS of all sis** aud prions, and a very large stock of EMBROIDERIES, Ac , Ao. oo 4 No 34 Market Space, bet. 7th aod >th sU. DATCHBLOR'8 INIMITABLE HAIR DYE. D and a!' first-o ass Toilet Artioles. lor sate at GIBBS'S Wig, Braid, and Carl Manufactory, 944 Pa aveae*. near 13th st. <>o g CTEAM POWER TO LET -TO CAKPEN? TERS AND OTHERS.?To let, to IS b?rse Swer, and partial nee of Circular anl Up'ight ,vs. Sash And Moulding Machine, Ac. Apply at ount Vernon Factory. oc^lw THE BILLIARD HALL, ComsiR 11th St. axd Pa. At , Will reopen this afternoon?having been closed the past two weeks for the purpose of . >, refittinc. *a. The Proprietors tnnH?f*ennAM CL0AK8: cloaks;! B 100 Ladies' and Misses' Sty!i*h Cloaks opened thia morning in our new C'oak and Shaw] Ro m?, aii at the lowest prices, and to which we ask the special attention of tho Ladies J W. COLLKY k. CO., oe 4-5t 52.1 Seventh at., al>ove Pa. av. I NOTICE H ER EBY Respectfully call the attention of try customer* and the pnhlio in general, that I have received a larr? *n-1 well selected stock of Fall and Wir.ter CLOTHING, and GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, which 1 offer to Mil at astonishingly low pries. Call and exaniino before parohasinz ?laewhere. K. STRAUS. Fashionable Clothier, fV> iJlt A f A Da itAn >a Kof 1 k - .1 ii?l. ington; and by dealers everywhere. oc s-iw>~ Hollowav'* Pill#. Atrophy ? Discarding the edt'te theory adopted by the modern physician in the treatment or gradual d*cay or waiting of the human l*>dy, Holloway's medicine* ?"iz-? on the direct cause of tlia diseai?e? the blood. Thay purify and onrich it?thev stiwtilate and inv'gorato the exhans'ed system by givit.g lif* to each tis'iie, strength to tne fttuscle, enerey to tho invaiid, elasticity to the apirits, and the | bloom ofti^alth tryth?pa!!idcheek. Soldbvall Dru^gista, at25o.,&c.,and 31 per box. ?e 2) lw To THK Afflict*!'!?Be sure to read the advartisemei t of Mclean's strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another column. if M*s. exparienead nnrsear.dfamaie physioiau, has a Soothing Syrup Tor Ckiirltn T**thI Mtr, which gr?atly facilitates theprocoss of reethirii by softening the [cm?, reducing all inflammalioa? will allay all pain, and la sure to regulate the bowels. Depend upon it, moUiers, it will five rest to yourselves, and relief and health to yoar in fonts. Perfectly cafe mail oaaea. baa advertisement is another oo'amn. oell-ly Ho*KOKATHIC Rl?>fl5T>1*9 All of Dr. Humphreys & Co.'* spaaifie Homaopathio Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and 50 cents each. Also, in oases, containing an vials, from 44 to f.s each, with book of full directions. For sale by Z. I?. Gilman. 830 Pa. avenne wholesale and retail?gont: \V. A. Fitzgerald, 353 north F street; also by F. B. Winter, corner of MaK?achusetts avenue and Sixth street. Also, PontT* Extract of Witch linztl, for internal and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold as above. iu9-ly ~ DI KI>, / On tha 2d instant, GEORGE DOYLE, in the 47th year of his age. * ? xivnii am iw . us paicuiago u[ luc maimer 01 iU death. Wiitai'i Balsam op Wild chtmnr. The following letter from Rov. Himkt Wood, of Conoord.N. II., Editor oftheCongregational Journal, spears volume* in favor ol Wtstar't Bnlsam:? Concord, N. H., March 2. Mxss&s. Situ W. Fowl* A Co.?(rentumm: Two years ago, a suddon and violent attack upon my I,ii?k8 confined me to my bed for several weeks, ami when I recovered, I wat so much oppressed by difficulty in breathing, that I was often unable to sleep or rest upon a bed \ij night. The suffering was extreme, and judging from tlie ir.effioacy of the remedies used, I supposed the disease incurable. Being persuaded to try a rtottle of Wistar't Btlsam if Wild. Cherry, without" confidence in its efficacy, I found the difficulty aitnort entirely removed before one bottle was nsed op. Sympathy with my fellow sufferers induces m-s to mule* this publio statement, and recommend the article to others imilarly afflicted. With respect, yours truly, H*xkt Wood. None genuine unless signed I. Butts on th? wrapper. Piepar-Hl by S. W. Fowle Sc. Co., Boston, and for sale by Z. P. Oilman,S. C. Ford, jr.,!#. B. Waite, 0. Stott. John Schwarze. .Nairn &. I'ehner. W*?li ?? unu hi ivutvrid *?ui uiiu n^rnauj 10 wcir advantage to place their buaineaa in hU hands. The Police on the Arrival or the Baron Renfrew.?We regret to hear of insulting remarks made to respectable and quiet persons, ladles as well as gentlrmen, who saw fit to atteDd at the railway depot here on the arrival of the Baron Renfrew, not only by members of the police force, but especially by its chief, who has a habit of being unnecessarily rude and instilling at tim<? In the discharge ol bis duties on such occasions, and.we learn,was particularly so on that occasion. Cx.itral Giard-hocse Cases.?Albert llebner was arrested for insulting female* on the street, but was docketed as crazy; be was sent to the workhouse for 64) days. George Frederick, drunk and disorderly; tine and costs, 81.15. Six lodgera were accommodated. The Dead Body of a white male child was found in Oregon alley this morning, laying against the side of an unoccupied house Nothing ailcnnru ob usuai. itpv. d a. r^dermer, or Baltimore. preached a very able sermon, which wu listened to with much attention and apparent interest. after which the service at the altar waa reaumea, and several nenltenta presented themselves Rev. Wm T. \Vright waa announced to preach this evening. By th* Casd elsewhere, headed "To Inventors," It will be se?n that Robert "\V. Penwlck. Esq., haa disconnected himself from the patent agency In. this city of the Scientific American offlce of Mimn k Co., with a view of devoting himself to the Interests of inventors on hla own account. Mr. Fenwick Is widely known as a most energetic and successful patent agent and i /! vnrsta and lntf*n#am ?s?411 ** ' * **?' ? xwuncui. nitu ius uaiu. "uuuy coal spoken of above, however, this treatment will not avail; It cannot be made to burn again. Examine the coal you buy.?Alexandria Smtmtl. Chatel Dedication ?The new chapel jnst completed in the Ftr*t Ward on Twentieth street, near Hopkln's brick yard, will be dedicated to the service of Almighty God on next Sunday afternoon, at 3 o'clock. The dedicatory sermon will be preached by Rev. K Yeatcs Reese, D D , of Baltimore. It i> expected that Rev. David Wilson, of Baltimore, J. T Ward, of Alexandria, and W. T. Dumm and P. Light Wilson, of this city, will be preaentand participate. The chapel is under the control of the Methodist Protestant denomination, and is quite an Improvement to that section of the city. Thi Revival ?The meetings at the Southern Methodist Church were suspended last night, to be resumed to-night. At the Methodist Protestant , Church, Ninth st., the meeting was not as largely "clinker." or la other words the cinder* do not ran together and ebeke tbe draught, and by ticking to tbebrieki so*n render tbeoi worthWas. , For open grate* tbs red Isbe*t. as It kindle*easier ! and makes a more cheerful blnze, and in addition Islessdustv. But coal la n<4 always coal Of two loads of anthracite, standing side bv *ide. one will give double tbe hent that the other will; and yet nl?e persons out of ten who are not professional dealers will not b* able to tell which Is the beat, or in point of quality decide between the two Almost all coal ha* "bone" in it. That Is, it baa hard lumps that cannot be burned, keep , them in tbe stove a* long as you may; and In bad coal tbe proportion of ,7bone" I* sometime* very large. Here 1* a great waste that somebody has to bear the eipense of How shall consunrers avoid it? Attention to the following rule* will In a great meaaure insure a good article of coal, and tbe beet is always the che&pcut: In proportion as coal baa broad flat pieces of a dull or coalduat look, it la "bony" and worthless. If tbe lamp* are smooth and of a shiny black color and of a shape approaching a square, that coal 1* the sort to buy, even !f it doe* co*t a little more. We will add, la addition, that If In burning a good article of coal the flreahould happen to go out If the lump* are taken out and washed free from tbe aahea, they will burn much more readily than withmif ?hf. M)H>. ! - 1 J " Coal?W? Botfre that oar dtixeru air beginning the work of getting In their Ml and winter supply of coal. It may therefore not he amia to m?ntinn ft f#W nf th#? rhanm nf rrru-^A rnnl and pat those who are not good judge* In a way to tell for tbemaelvea the good from tie Jvtd or in- i different. The two klnda of bard coal In com- t moo uae are the red and the white ash The white * it beat for furnacra and ransrs. ai It doea not ! IN Y11 A now?| herebv nufifr my eusfo-sers Mdtha public in jKiieial that 1 have remove! to rlo 849 Seventh ?treet, (thre* dour* from >hsi. av#mie.) where I (hall keep oonstantl* on han<l a MILLINERY, *o- New G<K><ts received weakly, which will > ? sold at aatonithing lf?w_pr?fc?? se a-Im" ?. FISHMA.N. TZ FALL AND WINTER tiOODA. HK ?ub?onfcers beg leave to inform aitiMM and strangers that Uw* are in receipt of a elect assortment of FALL and WINTER ARTICLES WK oentlem'kn's WRAR, embracinj some of the choicest novelties and latest importation to whleh we invito *oor attention. BIN TON * TEEb, . Tailors, 406 Per.n. Avenue, se77 2w (States.) bet. 4* and 6th strrOts. Rich Velvet Ribbon*, Crochet Fringes, BlMk and Colored Feathers, ? Guipure Fringes, E?,.?,.HMd<l,...... Gold ud Chenille HeaddrMaea, ^ Pelerine* Capes in ViotoriaHead Ornaments, Black and White, Every style Headdresses, _ Real Laoea, Real Lace Seta and Collars, Dress Buttons, A c ,lc., 4o And evory description of Goods usually found ia a well conducted Fan?y Store. ? _ ocleeSt MAX WELI/9. 323 Ta. av. NO T I C 15. REMOVAL. v-oriiri ui wm nuu n bib., a f?w iloors souts of I'a. av., ? Favier'* old stand, First ? Ward. Washington. Ilia Har is constantly stopplied with tin* choioe*t Liquors and Cigars. The be*t Fried Oyster* in Washington can beobtaised at til* pi&oe. 1'ami lias supplied with Oy*t?r* in "very *t?fe, and at reaaonabl* price*. *o 28 eo6?i NOW RECEIVING FROM NEW YORK, AT MAXWKI.L'8 popular fancy storeRich French Embroideries, Ruches and Qnliiinc*, Pari* Ribbons?new style*, Clouds and Nutia*. Elegant Real Lao* Goods. Hair Nsta, Ladies' Dreee Trimmings, Muk I.m \ . . S Washington that he ha* taken th"Drn* i V 1 Prescription Store at the corner of SixthfjBLi and G streets, where he will k??>p a well leotert and assorted stock of pure MED1CJNE*. ad CHEMfCAI.S. SI'ANuARD FAMILY' MK DIC IN EH. TOILET ARTICLKS, PKRFUMEK V, ko , Ac : and hope*, by careful attention to business, tj obtain a fair share of the puklie r^B^triet personal attention given to prescriptiops. oct-2w /BUNION RESTAURANT,^. ------- *VWA'}> f?J a *i tin i* u i i vicw?i u an wcr^ . :ib iruni nuruonnc or truating uiy wife, Mary Virginia Sherza-, for I am determined to pay no debt* ah* may contract,aa ahe left my bed and board without canoe. JOHN SHKR/.fcR, oo5-3t Loudoun eounty, Va. T:0 TLSK CURIOUS OR ANXIOUs?.-Ma<Um D , ao wel! known a* the mrmt aneeesnfiil explainer of the Past. Preaent and Future ever in Waahinjton. continues to l>? consulted weekly by hundred* anxlonc to know of thinp* at preaent liidden from them. Her oonauitati>>a fee. to both aentlem^n and ladiea, la extremely moderate. Cail at her bouae.on the south side of UaaiaahuaettK av., between 17th and 18th ata.?the only houae there, ae 17-lm P. 8. G Air HER. . R?>nontfn]Ir 11. fnrma fKa ??fI horn*, end roack hack, with mull brown JEbbJ^m dots on the neck Inanire on Seventh st.. between II and I xt eets No. 4U3. oc 3-3t* A. rt.KMMlXO. CAME TO THE PREMISES OF THE SUB senber. between the Eastern Toll Gate M<T nH and Bennmg's Bridge, and adjoining theVU^ fp.rm of John Douglas, on the 3d i infant, a drove of 24 COWS and 4 young CATTLETTie owner.or owners. is requested to come forward, prov-e property, piy charges, end take them awav. oc 3-3t* A. ALDRICH. BOARDING^ 4 CO NINTH 8TR c',E'J'.?Per*m* returning to Tt#0 ttic oily from llinir sm.imer r*surt? will find vacant several desirable rooms, having the cunvo niencjs of fas, water, and bathing elosets, at 4 R.I Ninth ?t., one door south of F; su.table either for families or single gentleman. T&tle boarder* %coommodated on mo<>erate terms. se 5 4w personal; T NOTICE. I ums pnv w -ii ?? ? ' ? - " ? ... ?vn<?> ws if<? vtmitOU'Wll, 1/HTJ HUNDRED AND FORTY DOLLARS1. *11 in ten-dollar notes of the Peoplt'? Rank, Halt'more. The find-r will receive the above reward by ret limine it U> the ?nl>*oriSer, throe do* m east of Farmer* and Mechanics' Rank, Georgetown,or his?ta!l at CeLter Market. _ oc4 it* J. M. CRUIT. NOTICE.-.*.'. KKWARD -Strated or stolen from the Bubscrihcr on the ?Hh of S*ee- m r~nj| teinbcr. a lar/e WHITE Ci)\V witn*?.c^w VVjTU LOST?On Tuesday evening, October ?l, a black thread lno* VEIL* in going troin 31 and K sts. to 6th and fc. The finder will receive a reward by leaving it at the Kev. Mr. KENNARDS, No. ?74 4th street, near E. oc 4-2t* C; 1 REWARD.?Lost, on tbo 2J instant, in an V 1 omnibus, or in getting oat of it at the corner of ,Ninot?enth *t. and Pa. avenue, a purple sik PI'Rt?K.witn steel clasp, with about 44 in money in it The finder will receive the above reward t>j leaving it at the Star Office. oc 4-3t* FOST.?Strayed or stolen, on Wedn??day eveJ nine. from the Center Market. TffOrv HOUSES, with gears on?one black, with w? ite hind foot; the other sorre], with^^2-*white spot on the foreh-ad. A libera! reward will b? giv^n to > he finder, by leaving them at P. W. DOR^EY'S, oornerj and 7th sts. oc 4-2t*_ w') REWARD.?Strayed away from the sub serif er. on Tuesday morning, a dark red milch cOW,with the foilowirc marks: Sir' a white star in the fivehead ; with wlnteJEoJhw mark over the loins and romp: with a split in tlw right ear. The above reward will be paid by delivering her to tb? subscriber, in Willow Tree Alley, between 3d aud 4*? sts.. Island nc4-2c? MRS. O A L LI VAN. A.1A RKWARD?I#ost,on theSi October,either in the Center Market or between there ami pAjrtnfkr* ?.r A UAnhanins' Uat^lr ? ^ x* ^ 616 Pa. avenue will receive the above rew%ri and thank* of the owner. oc 5 3t* LOST?Strayed away, on Sunday laa\ TWO COWS-one small size bnndle eow the other red. with red and white faceg and wh te back. $5 reward will be nyen^T^-P to the finder. b? brt njun* tnem to UAV(I> j HARRINGTON, on G street, between North Capitol and 1st sts. oo 5 3t* O C RE WARD ?Strayed or stolen from the *ubV1' sciber, on th* Z>th ultimo, a red and white COW, with long horns, snd a b?llxr*^f^ on: with brass knob on the right horn. Tb?&^ha finder will receive the above reward br rruirniiif her ?o No. 21S Sixth street, between >1 and N. t 1 * * i uave una eig?i jears' experience in the t>a?ine?s 10 this city and am well acquainted with the trade. Address, through the city Post Office,"Merohant." oc 1 6t WANTED-To have every bod* know that they " can find a fine and well se!eoted ?tock of FALL and * INTER CLOTHING, FURNISH. ING GOODS, HATS and CAfS at the Peopi#?' Clothing Store, No. 400 Seventh at., opposite Poat Offioe. ?e28 lm IXTANTED?A CLEKK, who la acquainted with " the city trado. for a Jew'lrv Store. Best ol references required. Addreaa T. H? No. 4, Star Office. se 14 WANTED? By a steady and industrious man, a SITUATION a* collector. H?at of reoora mentations given. Addreaa M. C., Star Offioe. jy n-tf LOST AND FOUND. W OST?Last night,(supposed to have dropped in L a hack,) a POCKET BOOK containing about 45. Tne finder wi'l bo liberally rewarded on returning it to this office. oc5 3t A C REWARD.?Lost or mislaid. <ui the night of Oetotior the ?th, b*tweon 2d and 6th streets, Fifth Ward,a donb e-harrel BIRD Gl'N. in aid on the barrel, representing a man shooting ad-er; Manton milker. An* Derson returning the s*mfl to 1T|7ANTED-A PI.l'MBER. Inquire at MYKRS A MoGHAN'S. None but a first-class workman need apply oc X WANTKD.?I would like to puroh<?? the haif of the stock of a well established Grocery and Liquor Store situated near tho Avenu*. If I could not agree upon terms I might enter into an agrea* inent of a jper centage on the gross amount of tales. Fa avenue. ? oc3 3t* WANTKD-At No 4?4 B street, ?>etween 5th and 6th sts , a WOMAN, to do the eookinc, washiag,ironing, aad at eeceral housework of a family of three persons. (iin??i or oolured preferred. Kec xnmeiiiletions required?none need apply without them. oc 3-tf 117ANTED?By a youth. }8 r?ars of age, who "" writes a good hand and it quick at figure*, a SITUATION aa clerk either in a stor* or in any active business Is willing to make himsflf gen. erally useful, and can funit?h the best of reference. Address R. H., City Post Office. oc 3 3t* %T|7 ANTED? A HOUSE of medium size. with modern conveniences, situa^d between 13th and auth and F and I street* ; for which a liberal rent will ba given. Address A and B., Star Office. oc2tf / WANTS." VVANTRp?By ? re?fect?Me winnsi, a fUTUm" ATION a* ooolr i* rrotaurant or boarding kni!4A A ?l?i roa - Dn? t ? -? - ? -* " v. x - ^ gjyjjL i m vi:n?imoP. tv WAX rED?Two fir.t rat* DRESSMAKER?. Inquire at 344 D ?treet, between Sth and 10th. Q3 5 It* _ WANTED?A *ood CONFECTIONER?? who understands making rand* and baking eake?. Apply at thii ofcc* fn>? 3 to 5 o'clock today It* WANTED?A Nl'RSE, who can oorao weil , recommended. Applj immediately at No 99 Firat >t . Georgetown. oc 3 3t* WANTED?A first-rate COOK. App'y at Mr*. FITZGERALD'S Hoarding Houa*. Nn.4l6 Un bay &t tfc* Nort*. mtidc U?e freight. jSe-Im H.O PftRnV.AaPny. Til sp&r, * (Formerly tntk Richard DmvU,) PIANO TUNER AND REPAIRER. Orders loft at U. H. RideaoaPa, i Goafaouoner,) >04 Pi. *r. will nMt wiih prompt attention. <x>a?o3f 65 aOXSWSKSS'JS,.. ... oenU H' poud. Try it . > .? coJuZEV?^'. J ? VI IUO UMU.'li ?II? |1 .71 I Ifc .. zxwy J on the premues, or to McKRXNEY ft LaNSDALR. cornor of Pa. avenua and 7th at. ?e 24 lm* FOR RENT-Po??esmnn on the l*t of October. The DWKLI.I\'<J HOl'MK No. 4.T? D street, at proaent occupied tiy the Rev. Dr. Hotter, auu next door to the residenoa oftno advertia-r. J. m cakLISLE. N. B.?It will not be let far a boarding houae. w??-tf rvLD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE U r BU KNSIDE'S MONONGAHELA RYE WHISKEY. Conaoientionaly diaHlI'd b| Mr . Rumride, . r 4 - ^? n - ? ' ? ? ' ni n urfiMij voaniy, rfnm., in ine 0:0 i\*niiiiec honf?' way, froi: the choicest and moit oarefilly ejected itye, and in uo ca*e ev?r offered J??r uif until adapted to wholesome nee *>y 1? i? at one* the mo-t p\la?able.a* it i? emp'atioaily one >f the potent bev*rai;ea ia the reach of the puMie To the Invalid n? well as to those ia oommerds it??ir for its unrivalled qua itie* a* a tirrm'.ant of the aafeat. avreat, and mo?t N?i??-ioer t description, aud many of the moit diat ng Bi*h??< phtaioiaus are using it in their praetioe with tha nappie t results CLERY * STOCKDAI.E, Protrietora, 32? Walnut street. Phila'telvbia. \VM. C. COMtVKK, Agent for the Prop-ietora. 'JQA Pa. a*., ae M 6m oppoafte Willarda' How;. ]\IEW AND ATTRACTIVE STOCK. i. We ar?> now in receipt of our Fall stnck of PA PER HANGINGS. WINDOW SHADES. SUA UK HOLLANDS. PICTURK AND SHADE CORDS AND TASSELS, GILT CORNICE. CURTAIN BANDS, _ PINH.%e. Embracing all Qualities and Prttes; All of which have been purctased direct from man ul&ctutes, and with unusual care. We fe*l, Iherefore, that, with our larje and varied stock. we (hall be able to present superior inducements to purchasers A c&il is solicited whether tou purchase or not. Al' work in our lioe executed y superior workman in city or oountrjr, and warranted in ever; partiou'ar. Call at FRANKLIN A ROTHROCK'8, ee 23-4taw2w 505, corner 9th aid D sts. / VVKRCpATS. FALL SUITS, FURNISHING * 9 GOODS, HATS, and CAPS at rar usual low prices, at ? SMITH'!*, Sa 29 In No. 480 8?v?nth stWOOD! WOOD!! WOOD!!! STOVE and KINDLING WOOD, at the lowae possible pnoe. ' T. J. k. W. M. GALT, 2*4 Pa. av., between 11th Md Bth sto., ma ft-**1 wortti m?i COAL OIL. UST Reoeircd from ihe Virginia OU Company to barrels prime PARAFINB COAL OIL, whioh is warranted equal to the New York or Boston oil. The trade eta m supplied on the sane terms as ? - ?? ?? ? ? - ? w * EpAKM FX)K SALE ?A hifrhly improrod Fa'in, containing 115 acres, with two-ator? frarae dwelling and all convenient ont honwn; hneoreh arJ. exc^Il^n*. spring. Ac., situated on the Little rivor turnpike. Fairfax county, Va., 7 mih* from Alexandria Term*: $4,000; one fourth canto; the balance in 1, 2 and 3 vears. Apply to LOL1SA SOMKR8, on the premises. oc 1 3w* LMiR RENT.?A?ottare tailt BRICK HOISE 1 ou Mass. sv.. N?. 357, between lMh and 11th *ts., with side lot, fljwer garden and frn t tracts. The house contains nine rooms, beside beth-room, closets arid cellar. A pump of excellent water in the kitchen, and water ar.d thronghout. Apitt on the premises. se24 lit* LM)R RENT?A ftRlCK STABI.K on Twenty! I first street, nt'ar F, with room enough for six horo?s and two carriages: would nit a aaekman. Inquire of W. H. DOUtr A^L, Georgetown. D. C. oc 3-eo6t* R F.NT?Furnished? a comfortable HKICK DWELLING HOUSE, of medium Mse, in a pleasant and healthy locality, within convenient distance of the Public Offices and P- a??ylrania ?v. Rent modera'e. Apply t> J B MUXRO, 310 Pa. avenue, betwesn 9'.h and lfth sU._ oc 3 e 3t FOR R K NT?Four of the ?*wly-bui!t BRICK HOUSES on Ninth street, betweeu M and N. Each contains 8 room?; jas and fixture complete. Rent very moderate. Apply to I. 8. BARKER. Ca-penter, a t?v doors ionlh of tb? houses, aT?n, for rent or safe, a two-story Briok Hous", with 7 large rooms and parage; situated on N street, between 4th aud 6th; will be *< Id cheap and on very reasonable terms. oc 3-eo3 * ." OR SALE?A new two-story -and-basement r BRlCK HOUSE, coBiaiiiing 5 rooms and cellar, situated on 11th *t north, between L and M >U., No. 37t??withiu 5 minutes' walk of ?h? Northern l.ihArtlAM MftrlrAt T??mo nn>.-..?ll. 11 IvAm I A * HKNVY COST. oc 4-71* Jefferson. Martland IrrK NITl'RF. FORSAI.K AND HO!>E FnR RENT.?The Furniture in house No. 1?1 G treet, lietween lith and 2"th, First Ward, is f?r sale M a price cin-iJerably below cash value, though the larger portion is not soiled or worn in the least A good piano is included. Th" Hon e is a desirable three-story briek and was built only two years ago. oc 3-St* SEVENTH STREET PROPERTY FOR t*A LE ?The subscriber offers for pale at a bar sain. House and T.ot No Seventh st., between I. and M s-s. The huuse is a three-story frame dwelling, with two story back build ug. containing oik lit rooms, al> well finished with k&s throughout. A wide paved allev in the rear and a pump of excellent water at the door. oo3 St J A?. C. MoGL'IRE * CO. FOR REN'F?Three-story FRAME HOtJ*E, on Twenty-second street betwoen Pa. avenae and 1 st .(near the Circle.) Apply 336 Pa. avenue, or ournflr If ftiiH 91th ^ Q rj g?iore. corner ^1 aaq l> ?ta.. mauu. oe 4 3.* FOR RKNT OR SAI E?A couple of n?w brick H? ' SE9, <*ix rooms each,) situated on Tenth sti*ef, between O and P st?. ApplrtoD. T. CI8S'KL, No 504 L street, between 9th and 10th its. ?>c 5-6t* ri^OR RKNT?A neaUy furniehed HOI in the Fir?t Ward, on H. b*t??en 17th and 18t:i ?t?.. No 2'27, omtunine a double parlor, 5 or 6 chambers. dining-room, kitchen, and pantry ; with eas, c?ld or h? t wat?r. hath-room, &< ., Ac Apply to OH A S. C. 1*. liARNARl), next door east. oc 4 2w IVOR RKNT?I will ent my 8QUARK OF 1 UKOl'ND, wit i two Kram? Hoiieei on it. ait uated couth ?f the railroad, near UterieiM>t. f?r ?ne or ni"re Tears. For lti'ih?r information eall on ai.f.x ii vnrvr, r.?v street, adjoining Sla?onic iiaii He u prepa'rM t . furnieh, at the annrtert notio*. Dinner ami Evening Parties, and feels assured that he will give er.tire satisfaction to thoao who may faror him with a call. All kinda of CONFECTION FRY and CAKE at th? lowest prioec. Best ICE CREAM at 91 Sfl per gallon. I'. C. A1 Z^, ae 4-lm 33 High street, Georgetown. FOR SALE AND RENT. [For otktr " f or Sal* and Kent'' s^cxrltjiaitsli, let Jirtt par* ] OR RENT-Three neat BRICK HOUSES, with large dry yards, & ley* t>ack and front, Ac., on Second St., between D and Viki iaar.. I?iand. Ront low. Inquire at H. McCAFFREY'p Gr-cc o'?? cms, rrimen ann 1'iain 1? .unci, foil L>e Chevres, Merino Plaid*. Frenoh Merino*, Valencia*. Black B<>ml>axirie?, A paccas.fco., ho. C.oaks; T) nan. Kiectro and other Shawls; B'anket*; Men'* and Wear, a good assortment; Men'* and Hoys' Merit.o *hirt* and Drawee; l a dies' and M * ?*' Merino Vest*; Baj^n'* Kt<1 Glove*: Hooped Skirt*- Corsets;, Bordered, Heni*'itched. and Embroidered Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs; Katiroidcnes. very cheap, ar>d no humbug; Hosiery a-"d (i lores; White Good*; N ankee Notions, a fu 1 line: Lin**y, Osi alxirg CaHeo?, and Servants' Wear in abundance ; and many other things, which we will tell yon of when run ca'l at the Brown &. White Post Store. All oi which we will sell as cheap a? the cheapest, "or any other m*n." Ceme early, and don't forget the plaee. se 29 2w T|m~aB UNORR.8IGNED CARPEN T~ER AN 0 BUILDER oflVs his servioes to the pablic of Geo*getown, Washington, and vioinitv, anH wi I oontract for or snperp tend the construction of pubiio and private buildings. Plans at.d ?p rtfioations will be furnished at short notioi > fliae and shop on Congress st. Georgetown, immediate iy north of the Post Office. au 27 3meo HENRY WINGATK. RC. C. ATZS ESPECTFT'LLY Inform* hie friends and the Dublic eeneraJ!* that he ha* r?rru-iw?l tn ii h;?k or i>ne dollar (fn will receive * present worth Irom 1J cents to tour dollar* t $*,>M , _ MIS> THOMAS'S, oc 1-pcSt Hirh utrct. near First. WK WISH KVKRY ONE TO KNOW That DR\ GOODS cm be bought ohatp at _. . BROWN A WHITli'S, No. 140 (Noam Sidi) Hainax Stkiit, . Georgetown. D C. And tooonvince yourselves of tUe fact, call ard see those u1..1. 4^: 11 r* '? i _ i %. mm. . _ . _ CEORGETSVy ADYERT'MTg fW 1km liMrfdnrx cuivrrtitrmen:i it* first f+g* FOR RKNT?In 6rorf?tovg, two litt-riM* M Wf?l itrMt, OB* ?OIItainm* 16 tooma.autl 'ti?otfc<r9. with im tmtl:rooms compete Ajp'.jr to H. L. OFFL'TT. .No JO ki?K ?? - ? - ? ? . ? > oo 5-lm li^OR NEWYORK ?The packet chonmr Hamr lit n. Captain Ord?n, ha? amrM aol Will mil M above With ?1i?patch. For freicht^^?npl? to MoCOttB ? D??IWK, oV? 63 Water .treeL A GIFTS*!?OIIT*! A RARE CH * NCR T< > MAKE A PURCHASE AM) RECEIVE A FRI'^KNT. The *nb?crib#r l>*inc de?irooe of eioainK out her Itnjine**, row off'rt ?"-e of lhem>*t ol?oir? ?* > k of ftOOKS-STATIONKRYwd fancy goods in trie District, for avhort time on'*. Am an icdijcement, any one purchaainK *o<?d? at the amount ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ BoC ABSOLUTELY A WD rBAFKCT^ Y/UKB, bai tmunrt from freei 6yi*#e?ee,ee*~ fcD6 br ? exp^Mly for **? P*rBf? w,iC5t-' -1 fH* tu oast. Thry vt b??tAiTy la UiJoO. (uMi wiui Mpw.i I? w.ywt l*l?H W WML l""-i-ys !;< >".ttttttifiVW? mi;aaf*Utai will ?#EBd?ntly fiw. *U??>otnr?l oaix br lfe %VA8ilNeTOM~~ ^"^U-AKT. ever, ire rety limited and uncertain Reported Leath af the 0*mitr ' IMItM. Cixcixhati, Oct 3 ?A prlmkn dispatch from t*t Paul (Mia ) nil that Got. WlUard, of ladlaaa, died tost night, of ooanampCioa Baltmoa?T OctFloor to dull aad henry; Howard street and Ohio Wheat Arm; white Cora Arm; follow flknTHc. Pmvitloua ?trad r; meespork tie JOalt 7?, prima 14 75. Coffee Arm. Whtofcy rtaady at t*a?^e. How Torh HarkMi. Niw YUl. Oct. 5?Floor to Sc. lower; Mate t5 AU$30; Ohio ?S 70nS 7$; Southern # 7Se? W heat In quiet; wlntnr red, a nhade Arannr; other kinds nre dull Cora to Le. higher; mixed 70a71c. Pork dall. Lard quiet W hinky Ann at ttj|e. IMPORTANT TO HOUSKhBBPB*sT~ ^ KJ. PPRKESA OO-1*, KHMtf. Kho4e liluM PtUUci. Piorirawi, R 1., Oct. 4.? Tb* Democratic Eire tore 1 Convention have nominated Alexander Duncan and Amsn f prague electors at tar (a and Theodore P. Bogert and Samuel Rodman district elector* Florida Ucfiita Arcisra, Ga, Oct 4 ?The Col umbos Times has a dispatch, dated Marianna. Florida, oa tho 2d. earing "Florida sends greeting Thedoner racy have swept the State." The rotor as, hew. avoid a slmuar evil Many distinguished clerrymen and larmen spoke, him fnvociag a prudent going forward at new demsnds for labor anse, and others urging a strict limiting of the expenditarec of the receipts The Prudential Committee ei pressed their determination not to eic<fd the probable receipt*. The President, Re? Dr. Hopkins. preached a memorial sermon at night la toe Tremont Temple, sketching the rise ef the Board to its present position, and the principles which have shaped its action. Captnre mi n Mnrderer. Fatittivillb, Ark ,Oe.t. 3.?The murderer of the two persons whose bodies were found on the mountain road between this place and Vau Bnren, ?n the 23d. was brought here last light. This morning a large crowd collected, and Insisted upon hinging him at once, but by the repeated efforts of our most Influential citizens, the crowd was Anally prevsiled upon to allow his captor* to take htm'beck to the connty is which toe deed w*? committed. It Is thought that he will be bang to-dnv or to-morrow His wife is in custody as itiuwiiuc party, ana i [jfiifre bomw in<1p?vorf-d to secure bannaou>ua ictioi between th- l>*wv-r*tVc Central Committee aai BrecklarU'i^e bad Lane Democratic Hts e Convention, and regretted tbe failure t< dt oo I cbiUtnii* any man preoent to mv that i uttered any remark la tbe Brerk aridge Convention tbat Indfeatrd 1 t?d < bengedordeaigned aupportlng Bror klnrtdge and Lane." Major Ja kaon tben te*ve ma reaaoua for aupporting LMmglaa, Hying:-< To prevent all misapprebenaion 1 n< w aav that I an far Douglaa, and tbat 1 think tt it my dutv to aup^ovt bin aa the nominee of tbe party If I live until November 1 will vote for Douglaa.aad 1 have never laid that I intended anything olae. [Appiauae ] The Aaerkaa Board of Miaalaaa. Boston, Oct 3 ?Tbe American Board of M atona to-day baa been cbletv engaged la diacuaa to the pan. ' UltiMiri Politic*. St Loctb. Oct 3 ?The Republicans publiah'a a apeech delivered vratertHy by Major Jack?>~n {Governor elect) who recently apoke in the Breckinridgr State ConTention. and who baa since been claimed aa a Breckinridge man Tbe Douglas men drairtuf toascertain h'.saentlmAota appointed a committee to inqaire whether he intruded to aupport IHiuflns or Breckinridge la reply to tbe interrogatoriea propounded to him. be said that be was never more anxious to be understood than now, and therefore desired tbe aerioua atlentioa of every one present. He con Inued ?"I staud emphatically lefore the recent election that 1 believed that Mr Dou^laa was tbe bomine* of tbe to elect Baker and Neamith, wbeher a quorum rin be pot In the Senate or net. Aa the Senate organized and elected iUSergeaat-at-Arma without a quorum, it ia doubtful If that oftoer baa power to arrest absent Senator*. by tbe arrival of tte British steamer Terms gaut. we Lave received Victoria da tea of Um eth instant. Tbe recent auroral phenomena was distinctly visible In British Columbia. Tbe Council baa adopted a reaolntton prohibiting persons taking contracts under tbe city for tbe employment of Indian labor. Since tbe ?th of Auguet tbere have arrived aad cleared from Victoria tbe following veasels, none of them leas than 70 to us burtbeu :?B (earners. 33; ships. 50; harks. 5; barktntinea, 4; brigs, 2; and - hooners. 1JL betides over tOu achoonrrs carrying IS tona and leas Pnaznn Rjvb*. The Wilson G. Hunt brought aome ?15.000 In dust. The miners who hare got to work on Rock creek are making good wagea-from S10 to per day. There are a good many Idle men there \Vagons are now running between Port Douglas andLllloek Lake. Smith k. Co. eeat of two, carrying 50,000 pounds, last week. " Tbe pony express arrived at Port Hope on the 2d. A party of miners came in and reported ha vlng struck bank diggings, twelve ml lea from Rock creek, that nrnaiMrti^ ??r? ?iJ dm a^ridfd to noral Bate a fall municipal ticket irrespective of politic* Tlierf U nothing later concerning tLe Oregon Senatorial election It U sa'.d to be the )nt?ntin? official contradiction, that tbe Emperor NmqIw had sought an invitation to attend tbe royal meet iDK at \\ UMW. Breadstnfl's were advancing la France. Th* Parla Bourse closed firm at 80c. A ie?fr? storm bad occurred m tb? Bwttwa and Eastern coasts of England, and several abtpwrecks were reported The weather In England was broken bat ins and promising when tbe City of Baltimore sailed Two failures In tbe grain trade are reported Messrs Archer k Sons. 1/ondon liabilities ?46.001) sterling. and Thomas N k kes. liabilities ?8U,00? Rio letters announce tbe fsllure of the (isst bouse of Mello A Lodes, bide and cattle dealers, with liabilities amounting to ?500.OuC sterling Later frens ( altfernln Sr. Jossrns, Oct 4 ?Tbs California Pony Eipreai baa arrived, bringing advices to tbe 0d nit. The steamer Uncle Sam bad sailed with S1,MS,II90 In treasure for New York Tbe British steim frigate Termngent and ship oMhe-bae Ganges had arrived from Victoria Tbe Mate Agricultural Fair opened at Sacra- 4 men to on tbe JUth, under very favorable auspices, and tbe Isrgest receipts on a sing Is day exceeded 4,0*0. The Uest features of the Fsir is said to be tbe display of blooded stock, requiring 460 stables for their accommodation Tbe people's reform eociety of San Francisco aim ana " ' The SardlRtiM Lad alto occupied Um tortrwi of CMillion The o?rUl Romu Journal contains Antonelll *s note claiming the aaaiatance of Um Catholic Pawera The Garibaldlana had met some reverses near Capura, 1- aloe about 20l> men Garibaldi, la a freah proclamation. ' illnln that he will join the Sardinian troopa at Roatr, and begin hit march agatnat Venice The anUgontam between Garibaldi and the Sardinian Government continued. The King of Naples baa publisbod a decree at Gaels, ordering aaUle ef siege la all hia provinces where the revolutionary struggle eilata. and cash ierlng all the ottrera of hw navy aa guilty of treaaon, except tbuee on the reaael which went to Gaeta The Republicans were gaining g-prod in Nnplea. and attaining Influences over (iaribaldt. Cardinal Sporx* had been expelled from Naples by the dictator's Government. Feasts. It la poaltlvelv aaaerted. notwithstanding ~ THE LATEST NEWS I' TELEGRAPHIC. 8t J <>hm. Oct. 4?The iWinr Citr of Raltt morf. from Liverpool on the iJClb and ^urriutovn on the 'J7th alt.. baa been intercepted off Capo Rao* by the new* boat of the AmcIiM Pmb, and thence the following intri lipoma ha* bwt reretTed, which ia two dan later Italian affaira remain unchanged Garibaldi had concentrated hia artnr on the bijjhte of Volturno. and waa preparing to attack the Neapolitan*, who ware defending Capua lT4tT. At the last ad v'.cea the canonadiag of A neon* continued from land and aea, but at In terra!* The Sardinian. coatlauad to advuet la the Papal State* The forUeaa of Santo Leo had win? dated after ome hour*' firing, and waa occuoid b? the ftor

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