Newspaper of Evening Star, October 6, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 6, 1860 Page 2
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T H E "EVENINO STAR. | I au>, my dear air, foots, very trnly, Nmiim Hia Honor the Mayor of Boston Colobed "W'iD?-Awi??."-The republicans of Chello. Mom . bad a proceaaion on \\ edneada y algkt, and among lbe cluba is 11m waa the 44 Attack* Wide-A wake*," composed entirely of 1>lack men Hun. J. A. Andrew, the republican candidate for Governor. honored tbem by takfa* b)? place in the liae, Joat In their rear, the anyor of tbe ritv and otber "white foika" flat lowing. Tbeae facta we take from the Boston AUaa. ie ?*? > *> -TT?r - r ?? ?? met** 1* UU1 mr 1 LllM fVPIIl j La* l>?-?-ti so often prt iuatureiy iunounred at the end of ue;triy everv engagement fur the Ia?ttive | yrar* that It* reiteration at the present tiute doe* | Lot t.vl lr- tnucta Doti*e Jt 1* believed, however, that i?ey have finally r*ally retired. They will j reside within a short dUUiice of Paris. The Patacas ArritiiiTiun or Hi* Amkbic*m Racarrioa ?The Huston papers publish a letter from tb* Duke of Newcastle, accepting the Invitation to a ball In that city oa the evening of the Ifrtk instant, which concludes as follows: I cannot sav with what kindness the Prince has ' feeeu received in tho*e cities which lie has yet ! visited lit the UuiL-d states If each Individual fesd been la*'rurtrd w Lai to do, the whole people j 1 could not i?*v<-*tmwu -reaur delicacy of feeling and consideration fur the position he occupies iu l-'.ngla* d, though without the slightest surrender 1 of their own claim* cf Independence of action 1 TUey Lave aU lot-kfd mton Mm as a guest, and r?-*oiv?d to treat biui m sucti. but without over- 1 doing the character of h<^*. In return, of course, every effort has been made, and stall continue to 1 !>* made clirvUr*, t* gratify the amiable curt. 1 catty of our good cou*iu* lu see the son of ttu> 1 c^ueea wboni tbtf iov? aid respect almost as mncb ? we do Tti* Marquis of Cmnd.*, who ! now in coui|>J!?? wrtth tt?e i*rtuc?utid bit suite in this city. ist~es<ni of the Duke of Buckingham, wtw great w-aJtb wu expended in gathering the uitilnx flue art treasure*, fee-, lb tuc l'alace of < Stowe.bu;. unlike his father, be is a most excel- i lent prutiril man of bu*iues*. and bas devoted t bis eiier^io U> the general welfare. In CMiitaclion nb the ralUuad and otter national interests, of tbe rouutrf I It is announced that the departure of the two pai.t-ui.inUt*, Gabriel and Francois Havel, 1 from this country on Saturday, is the renult of #K*i w Hnil #ut i - 'nv 4 ~ 4 Mayor Wood, It U aid. baa l?een aelected for that purpoee by Ui*> committee of four linn<1 red. fi~^The opening cerr luonlra of Drnld Hill Park. Baltimore, ou Monday next, ia expected to attract au lmmeuae concourse of visitors. The Park will be thrown open at sunrise in the morning Citiiena. with their families, aa well aa visitors In thla city, are cordially lnvtted to attend. Seats will l>e provided for ladiea near the Stand Carriage* will be admitted, and the present drive*, which are quite extensive and have been cleared up, will be opened to their uae. The Public school children will be conveyed to and from the Park by the City Passenger Railway free of charge. Hands of music will be ia atten. dance during the retire day. Perseaal ' Judge Douglas arrived in Chicago yesterday Hon R M T. Hunter was exj-ected to peek at Richmond. Va , last evening. .... Two aoui of ilanuibal Hamlin were !n the firw York Wide-A wake procession Wednesday night Col J F. il. Claiborne,of .Miss , author of " Life of Col Sam Dale," etc , and who was put on tbe l>.?m?lia ?1? toral ticket in .Mississippi, but declined. i* now s"journinsr in New Vork. Hie rtiiwuw (III.; <J zeue, a ilea January '?, 1S56 Wbetbrr the Ourlte Uu been nrarly two *eir? tn coming from P<-n*acola. or whetiier it baa laid in tbe Po*t office daring that period, we are unable to r*v?Biltim?n American, 5tk. We received through the mail yesterday morn 3 ?i a copy of the Montgomery (Aia ) Daily Mail, I dated February It, 1?5S, with the margins apparently rit or muu<e eaten. What hat broke lnese down that way? |n* It ia decided that the procession to receive Baron Keafrew in New York sbali bean exclusively military one. The civic societies, which usually constitute a prominent feature of a New York jclMllcation. are to be Ignored, in regard to the all important ball at the Academy on Friday, it is stated on the very best authority, tha* there is no truth in the statement of some of the newspaper gossips that the lady of Gov. Morgan is to have the honor of leading off in the dance with the Illustrious visitor. The daughter of Vl*s D1x, tbe Philanthropist. Is in Michigan She recently visited trie poor-Louie In Wayne county, In company with a number of citizens "We retire* to learn that Miss Dix was shocked at tbe geatfral condition of tbe astablishmeat, and particularly with the treatment of tbe iusaue, the latter evidently being considered by the county authorities as beings beyond the pale of sympathy or kindness. It Is thought that the visit of this estimable lady will be productive of good results. ITT We have dates from Port Cabello, Venezuela. to the 19th ultimo. Gen Paez has been appointed Venezuelan Minister Plenipotentiary at Washington. Tbe Spanish Minister had demanded and received his passports and sailed for Bt. Thomas It is affirmed that Spain, under the pretext of seeking satisfaction for injuries to certain of ber subjects, xeeks the reconquest of Venezuela, snd that the withdrawal of her Minister is but the prelude to an attempt to recover her nctent American possessions. A Littl* Bihisd the Tin**.?We received through the maUs yesterday morning a copv of ai. ? P 1 - /Pi - % r? **- * ? ? *? mac muMHwiKt iM unuru vn r riuay ioi?. CIIUW fell !n considerable quantities on that day on the line of the Grand Trunk Railway, between Island Pond, Vermont, nnd Acton, Canada?place* more than a hundred miles distant from each other. fT~y The Louisville (Ky.) Courier learna that a convention of Douglasites ai d Bell men la to be lield at Islington rr Fmnkfort shortly, for the purpose of arranging an electoral ticket that will be mutually acceptable to both winu'f of the opposition to the democracy In that 5*tate. IT7"A meeting of parties ownAg and controlling the Western telegraphic linea is to be held at Rochester, N. V., some day next week, to orgai.* lie a plan for carrying out tbe details of the contract recentlr awarded by the Secretary of the Treaaory to Hiram Sibley, f??r the Western Union Company, for the construction of a telegraph from the Missouri river to the Pacific ocean. ? ? ? ?j ut tirauil UI pe *?v w York. Norfolk and Richmond, and that a large nun la mdv to be embarked in the enterprise. ID* The ? spartan Band," an organization originally formed la New York by the late Mike Walah. hut been revived. Its object ia to unite In lta name m*n of whatever party aiUnities opposed to the republican party. |?y" The ateamboat Bayou City, Capt Forrest, one of the regular packets which ply between Galveston and nonstoo, exploded her boilers on the evening of MepW?mber '2<tb, when near Lynchburg. causing a great )oas of life, thongh how great was not known. H7"Tbe trrt at fair recently held in Pt Louis yleldfd to the Aaaociation a profit of $l?,0(ib Above DS.OflO were expended In premiums. If reports are correct, and other t'lpeusesare estimated *t f (A>rd Renfrew was among tlie chief attractions ?L/~The 11 rat snow s'orm of the season at the \V Ulk. J l A u W AHH1NHTON OfTY r *\TIKI?AY October 6, 1S?0. %piri< ( the M?ra)n| Preaa. The Conntilutiom considers the dc./eatof Lincoln now certain. ai.d glvee u to* tw? m?ln cause* operating to that end. the corn* of Reward in tht North and tLat of Douglas In the South. The Mate p?p-r treats upon the New York fuei<wi. The [italic<nrer ars^nee that It It the duty of all good cltiz?n? who have become disgusted by the arta of riemacojiim, and hive withdrawn from the staiye of political activity, to come fcrth nd ras? their votea on the aide of the Constitution and the Union IXThe friends of Breckinridge and Lane Will give a grand Mass Meeting on Monday next - at ElUcott'i Ml Hi, Md. Mr. B. West, of North Carolina, upon invitation, has consented to apeak. lL/~Tbe Richmond Examiner ia Informed that It la In contemplation to put a line of very superior Snf) Km Vt* ilratinhf at^amaV.I K^tltraAn V<tU' _ 1 B ..<1 .u? IIHC Ul the road on tour of Inspection. They report the work *11 long the line in a state of rapid and ootl ve and energetic progress. Tbr chief anginner, Mr. Goldsborough, pU-dged his word, which "Is aa good n* bis bond," that the onra tell rnn tn Harrlaonbnrg In one ahort year from to-dty The Company ?? now fully able tn redeem the promises the "chief," and the road wMlbe finished at lUc tluie prenisvd ? Hvcktfknm Rtgitttr uiwaiuiaecioM wwns we won lest year, we Lave gained a large number of democratic strongbolda In aplte of tbe perfect union of all the branches or the opi>oeltion, and where we bare not entirely succeeded we bave reduced tbe democratic majorities to a merely nominal figure." ITT-1* muat lopg ago bare been evident, even to tbe moat superficial cbaerver, that the great danger wbtcb threaten! the country la not tbe ilavery question, but the uae of it which la made by acUeming politicians for their own aelfiah purpose* Tbe verv diversity of Institutions and Interests In the United States constitutes a real identity, and If permitted to work out lta natural results, would harmonise tbe people of all sections and strengthen the common Unlou. But the real evfl of the land 1s tbs demagogues, who ride every bobby that presents Itself,la order that tbey may ride into power, perfectly reckless of the results to the country. Tbe Intense selfishness and corruption of the political aspirants of our country are the prolific fountain of all onr woes, and are among the most ominous signs of tbe future. Mamas** Gse Railsoad ?We bad the pleasare, l*at week, of exchanging greetings aad coagratalatioae with the President. Engineers, and Directors of tbe Jfanaasa Gap Ksllroad who were In Harrisonburg. htvina mma A??e #v?? ii?? mil- im iurv *?au a "lovers quarrel," aad parted on unfriendly term*. The lover, it la thought, supposed the brother to be rival. He has Seen charged with the offense, but stoutly denied It. Tow* Elections in Coxxkcticvt ?'The republicans of Connecticut are quite jubilant at tbe results of the town elections which took place In that State on Monday laat. Of 110 towns which voted on that day, returns have been received from ttt, showing that of these the republicans have carried 91, and the opposition Wl. The republicans have gained 14, and the opposition has gained 1, (Haddam ) It la noticeable, aaya the New Haven Journal; that "while we have r? candidate fur assessor. was elected, recivln/ .VrfJ votes to 433 for John Flinn (People's candidate), 4<T7 for Oeortre D Armition^ (Bell and Kverett), and 219 for Ell Todd (Douglas candidate) The Breckinridge men also electcd the Inspectors in Pencader. Sit. George's, and White Clay Creek Hundred!, and the People's party carried Brandywine. Christian, and Mill Creek Hundreds. In Wilmington, two Breckinridge, two People's and one Bell inspector were elected According to the Smyrna Times, the Democrats have carried Kent county by from 400 to .VU, and Newcastle county by 207 majority. Sussex, the remaining county, Is usually, we believe, Democratic. U7"A young lsdy living In Wythe avenue, New York, had a narrow escape from being shot on Tuesday evening lsst ss she was sitting on the sofs In her father's house. Her young brother wu sitting beside her. with bis arm thrown over her sbonlder, and no other person was in the room. A pistol wss fired just outside the house, and a bad (awe crashing through the window and whistling but a few inches over the young lady's head. The brother ran to the window, at which there was a thin lace curtain, but looking out he could not parcelve any person. It Is supposed that the shot was Urea at the young lady or her brother by a lover of the lady. On Sunday eve i ???? - ' --- - rne Kev FrenchH Evans, of Baltimore addre?ed * republican meeting at Oermantown, Pa , on Thursday. According to a sketch of his remarks in the Philadelphia Press he announced Limst-lf as the son of a Virginia slaveholder, anda political friend of Lincoln. He la reported to have further remarked: "The South was too weak, too poor, to estst apart from the North. Kindred association coupled Maryland and Pennsylvania?Baltimore and Philadelphia?hallowed battle-ground. John M. Botts was referred to by tbe speaker as threefourths a republican. In a few years every Southern State would be swarming with open republicans." Wm. Plnckney Ewlng and Montgomery Blair, of Maryland, also spoke at tbe same meeting. Elbctios 15 Ouawabi. ? On Tuesday the people of Uelaware voted for aas< ssors and inspectors In Wilmington, Mr. Smith, Brecklnrid?* I wdo uaa painiea a portrait of Washington from life, and up to the last month be baa been reproducing copies of hit famous and Invaluable work He retained bis faculties to tbe last, and bis enjoyment of art never diminished Tbe last time we met him was before Chorcb'? "Niagara," and his appreciation was as keen and vivid and bis praise as generous as If be were still a youth Hts decease will be mourned by a lar^e circle of friends. He was in the ?3d yemr of bis age On Tuesday evening last Mr F had symptoms of Indisposition, which continued during the next dav No alarm was felt by his friends, however, until late Wednesday night, when it t>ecaii>e evident that his end was near He (jrew worse, and on Thursdiy morning died at haif-pastG o'clock, retaining bis sen&ra to the last, and looking forward to tbe tinal event with composure and resignation. Ills disease was dropsy of the heart.? Ph ladtlpkia pajttr. _Martla*dkb? at a Rniiblicam Meeting.? Norfolk, Va clear, 6-->?. Raleigh, N. C clear, 6.V. Wilmington, N.C clear, pleasant. Charleston, S. C.... clear, tV?, wind NF, Augusta, 6a clear, pleasant. Bnvannah, Oft clear, 73 . wind N'F. Macon. Ga. clear, pieisant. Columbus. Ga ........clear. Montgomery, Ala cloudy. Jackaon, Ala cloudy. Mobile, Ala cloudy, 793. from tbi wist Cleveland, O clear, 51?, wind E Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. rn., (corrected for temperature,) 30.038; at noon, 30.GG3 Thermometer at 7 a m., 54s; at noon, <J2U. Maximum during 48 houra ending 9 a. m. to*?r, 75^; minimum 52*. Thi Pkath or Rkmbrandt Peals.? Our readers will rend with regret the announcement of the death of the venerable artist, Rembrandt Peale He was almost the last connecting link between our own and Revolutionary times fMnce the death of Gilbert Stuart be was the only artist been accepted. Thi \V*ath?a?The following report of the weather for tbe morning la made from tbe Amer lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the ttoiltkaonlan Institution. The time of observation la about 7 o'clock. Octobxr G ISflO. Burlington, Vt cloudy, 33% wind N VV >cw York. N. V clear, pleasant. Philadelphia, Ha clear, pleasant. Baltimore. Md .....clear, pleasant. Washington, D. C clear, wind N Richmond, Va. clear, 63?. Petersburg, Va. clear. 67*. young Prince left Washington city this morning on Li* way to Richmond. During hia abort aojonrn in thia city he baa been in tine spirits and kia apparently enjoyed himself heartily. He expresaea much gratification with all appertaining t j hia visit to the aeat of government and there cannot be a doubt that the liappleat effect* upon the future relations of the two countriea will follow this pleasant acquaintanceship. Naval Ordrrs.?AaaiatantSurgeon O. J Inglehart. to temporary duty at Naval Academy. Lt. A. K. Ilugbea and Midshipman K. T Mr-Coot, detached from prize ship Storm King and wait orders Carpenter Wn W [.augliton and Sailmaker David Bruce to the Cumberland, at Portsmouth, N. H. Mtlttaky.?Second Lieutenant G.D. Hayard, 1st cavalry. Is detailed for duty at the Military Academy, in the tactical department, vice Lieut Hood, 2d cavalry. reliev?-d, and will report In person to the Superintendent with as little delay as possible. Order Revoked?The order to Third Assistant Kngineer William Pollard lor duty on board the Richmond, has been revoked. ? Resignation of a Mid?hipmaw ?The resignation of Nlcoll Lulow. actiiu' iiiiil?liliniisi. ! :?? i unu abb ram rngiimnjsniri nuniru, 01 me Mystic, and George W. Lennant, of the Niagara f*be also baa on board, to be delivered to lb? U. 8. Marshal, four teamen from tbe American sloop Erie, recently captured by the Mohican, and om seaman charged with mutinous conduct from the American bark Cochltnate. The U.S. steamer Richmond drifted down <o the naval anchorage, Norfolk, on the 3d Instant, preparatory to her departure for the Mediterranean. Thi Dkpaitckk of Bakok Renfrew.?The WABMJK3TO!! MiWI AMD OOMIP. ' > Naval Iktkllisexcx?The U. 9 tloop-of-war Marion, Commander T. W. Brent, arrived at Portsmouth, N. H , on the 5th of October, from African Station, having been absent from the United State* thirty monttta, within a few day* She left St Paul's de I.oando August 13. touching at Monrovia on the way home. SkebringatwentYseven invalids from the squadraa and the US. ahipNiagara?among them Lieut II.M. Garland, of the Myatic; Passed Midshtpnaa F. II. Blake, of tbe Mohican; and Sallmaker D.^f. D. Black' ford, of tbe Constellation; and as passengers, tul.j a - * * * r> 1 ? * ni *?** 14 ** tohmjl* V{4 fiptmr paahlomji* YAf.L *H4 wl.vfhh |i(ips?12V2 sSSSai; f?? fco. J4 M?ri?ta#feH, U?f,7lli %wl sth pta, imZA<L F M. MThANT I pi a*ure in *>?urie* the <' i ?publi i that h* i? at all time* prepare*! toaw>inm<><lat? them with the (neit OAMK, KIHH, OVftftitp, MKA18. and ?>th?r odil>lM; and with WINK* t.iOL'OK*. anq CI u ?? purilr at,.l (|avor li> any that nfoney wilfitur In an/eitr In lb* l;nit?<l Htatoa. flm Re?tauraut oontinuua to <le?ervn iu frith reptitatieu for j the inar.uor in wh?en a I la eetved thftt any jnMt ' may nail tor. On Hurul** neithi* H'tini Ktwipa < will baopco, ami cmIi,auoo^tinK Huuday until . farther notioa (In Mumltta the entianee to hia Katina Kwmi will W? on Hi*Hi atraot, ihe fourth door from I'a. av?i*M?. tiitv I n|u NOTIO KMI 0 T I C KT &%a \ $SB 1 oe6-Sl* WM. F.'BKNTtiR, Proprietor. T~"HK ODK8 OF HORACK, TRAN8LATKD into Kncliah rtrM by Theodore Martin; 1 vol ; 74 oenta. The G'aoi^ra of the Alpa, *o , 4.O., by John Lyndall, F R t4; 1 vol ; prioe f Put IX Tom brown at Oxford; trio* 12 oeata. Bl.ANCHARD k MOUUN. o?S Corner K.leventh at. and Pa ? . REMOVAL?RKMOVAU! F.N J AM IN CUDMPP, having removo4 hie Steam Dyeing Eatabliahment from I) Mraet to No, in% Ninth atre*t, lx>two?n Pa. avenuo and O et., atill continues the above bnsineas in all ita branch"*.. Pertoni having left articlea at the old atand can c?t ; th-in by oalliru at No. A02 Ninth street, Iwtween Pa. avenue ana D at., third dour from Porry'a oorner oc M(' ^ u AJtArAJr-8 rx - UIB UIDHU#, ftUU the pabha in general, that he is at all tiinos prepared to ineet aoti accommodate them, in everr facility in hi* tin? of busmen, with the finest flavored GAME, FIHH, MEATS, and othereatablesand delicacies, that the seacon can afford; with the choioeat and best OYSTERS the market can or dare produce Hie WINKS, LIQUOR*, anil CIGARS are of the purest brand, and unsurpassed by any in this city or the United States for their e*o*l1 noe in quality. All other order* are equal in proportion. , Hi* Reastaurant heart the highest reputation amongst hi* many friends for its promptitude and the genteel deportment and bearing of his servants, which has been teen and known to all hisgaests that mat or have called for any food to satisfy their appetites His Eating Rooms are a ways open on Sundays, to those who desire to honor him with a call,from 8 a. in. until II a.n. EAGLE STOVE HOUSE. g|g I have just received a new improved . Jtua-t's Cooking Stove, called the Fuel Saver. The in-. Provuineiit on the old Stuart Ftove is that they are double the woi*ht.and will last twice long, and take much lees fuel to keep there in first-rate baking and roaetmr oondltion. If yon will favor me with a call 700 will see at once the great improv-ment in th? Stove; the roasting and baking being complete. The Stoves are patented and man u facto red by Messrs. North, Chase ic North, of Philadelphia. New I'arlor Radiators, called the Violet, with porcelain lined urns; Franklin Radiators and Meteor Radiators, with porcelain urns. Also, (treat variety of Cooking and Heating Stoves, at C. WOODWARD'S, 31S Pa. avenue, 00 6 at between loth and lltli sta. k. RENTER'S /^N RESTAURANT, (mJ WM. F. BENTER, thai kful for past patronage, takes a treat i..- e??? , w . w w *% ?* a uu A UVCTJ I " want or first-class PIANOS. n?d ? the public in itereral, that we have justw^p*^W received from New York a magnificent * * 7-octave Grand Pat nt Har>'s Piano. Also, an I'priglit Cottage Parlor Grand Piano of superior qua'itjr, whioh we will sell below iiianufactii erg' prices. Pleaso call and *xatnmo. Respectfully, DEMP8KY A O'TOOI.E, oo 6 3t* _ No. 39* Pa. avenue. ^OR KEY WEST AND HAVANA. THE STEAMSHIP ISABEL, William Rollins, Comn.ander, Will leave CHARLESTON on the 15th October with mails and passenger* for Koy West aid Havana. The Isabel is rated A 1 by the under writers of both Europe and America, and, from recently introduced improvements, is by tar the safest and most agreeable conveyance to the stove ports. [L/~ For pissageapplv to T. BARN * RD, No. 1 Toild's Building, Washington; or to MORDfcCAl A CO., 1IO East Bay, Charleston. no ?,9 .All (Intel.) __ .. ? nsvavlllif) m nuvili C with top, cheap for cash. Apply oorn?rK and 7th atreeta, at tne black?mith ahop. oo 6 2t* ABROrHE SHAWL BORDERING*. BEAUTIFUL Assortment ? f Hroche Shawl iiorderinga in various widths, jnst received at MAXWELL'S, oo_8_eo3t 32S I'fnna. avenue. 286 A NEWVSTYLEJUOT'OUT, 286 AT GLADMON'S NEW H4T STORK, No 386 Ha A v.. Nk?r C^rsir 11th St , oc 6 3t Opposite Star Office. A SWEDISH LEECHES. SUPPLY Ju at received. A No on hand, Stafford'* Oiive Tar and Iron and Sulphur Powdera, Paul'a Oriental Salri or Japanee* Tone, Holloway's Worm Oonfecuons, Spalding's Olu . Ac., at MOORE'S West Knd Dm* Store. 113 Pa av. 1"f Orders for I^eeching and Cupping received and promptlr attended. oc6 2w tiff WISH T(l IVPHDU it I TIWIDI- IW ,| a v i>? ifvui /in i>l I Oril/ ,* .? 1 NO ' I 9 (I'irm&n Church on Four-and a half *t'ft*t, Inland. hM t*?en entcaneJ for Kpiaoopal worahip, and Oivi e Service nay lie expected every SUN DAY AFTKRNOON at 4 o'clock, conduct^ ?>r Rev. Dr. Bcti.k?, of Trinity Church. oo 4-3t* fY^?DEMP8EY ft O'TOOI.E. LL3 WEDUIKU AND VISlTlffCr CARD FNGRAVERS. Importers of fine WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the most heati'ifnl it} lea. 32fi Pa. At., between 9t'u and 10th ?t? , au27- in Washinoton. IT*OR MIX.A tritolu or t nnw (Mm i i"us n*n,7in?re?t,on MONDAY KVK \IN<i, tiio bill instant, at Tt o'clock no ft Jt JNO. T Graul 8 p. LAS AND J1) UN SON ASSOC IA'l 5f TIt?N.?A r?Kuiar tneeiiug of tha Doubles and Johnson Also-la ion will tnke plac** at the KimimM Iloiis^.C street. no*t MONDAY KV'EOctober 8'h, at 7>? o'cloclf. All person* friendly to the oause are iuvitad to attarid. By order. lt_; SAMUEL T. DRURY, Sao. iyy^ CENTRAL BELL AND EVERETT ' CLUB-?An adjourned mectin* of the Uell and Evo.ett rlnb wil? be held at Thorft'a Hall on MONDAY-EVENING, October ?, at half-pa*t 7 o clock, for the purposo of uiakirr the necessary arrangement* to attend the Barhacne at Falls Church, Va., on the KWh of October inst. oc6-2t* CH AS. 1. CANFIELP,Peo. |H THE MONTHLY MEETING OF THE V Younc Catholic*' Friend 'ooietr will l<e held at St. Peter s Ohnroh on SUNDAY AF f ERNOON next,at 5o'clock. oo S-2t P.J McHENRY, Reo. Sep. vsaim tVI) voiarnuii mtooi/i*' >ni_. J ? ?J f?I ?- 1 then I would unheaitnliuglv give my vote to Mr. Douglaii, and I should do this thinking that thereby I performed my duty as a true Union man, nnd rendered both to my country and to M^fsr* Bell and Everett, the candidate* of my choice, the b?it service that circumstance! permitted ine." y=j=?THE REGULAR MONTHLY MEETL5 i'U of im CoiuiuUii T* po^r&phical Society wTu ho ht;M THIS EVENING, at o'clock, if H. S. BOW EN,R.a?d C.Seo. Y1P?I. O F.-GRAND LOIKJE.-Tho re^uL 3 lar ijuattfrJy communication of tlm Gran>l MM of I it" Di<tr?ot of Columbia at - ? - . g a?>a *uv f-'> > II" piv? U1 UiC iiauuuai democratic party. Should he be elected by hit sectional party, and on his sectional platform, we mutt content ourselves with the tbonght that four yeart will quickly pan, a'id at the expiration of that time the people will rite in their might and place a man in the Presidential chair who will stand by and to the principles of the Constitution, as now expounded by the Supreme Court and held by the Urecklnriageparty." fl^oud cheers ] Lkttkr prom Hon. Mn. CfciTTK.inic*?The I/Out*ville Bulletin publishes a letter from Mr. Crittenden addressed to his friends at New Albany, Indiana, in reply to a request for a speech defining their duty as Indiantans in the present crisis. Mr Cilttenden declines speaking, but writes as follows: "If I were a voter In the State of Indiana and believed that tl'ere was no probability that Mr. Bell conld enrrv the State liv nomilar vine comet enraged when any one cries out tmeniry other candidate. A Douglas speaker at Syracuse was risked to define Mr Douglas's position upon tbe slavery question. Said be: "Mr. Douglas believes tbat tf slavery alnt a mind to go where she is a mind to, sbe may stay where she is. if she doesn't want to. subject to the decision of tbe Supreme Court, and of the people of the Territories when they is agreed on tbatpMnt." It was taken as satisfec* tory by bis audience. Gen. Lane, the candidate for Vice President on tLe Breckinridge ticket, whilst making a speech recently In Indiana, was asked by some oueln theaudlence, "Whatlf Abe Lincoln should be elected *" and he replied nu follows:?" Well, I say tbat If be should be elected we will keep rifiht on hat!liner tf\r K*? rulnAlnl" i _ _ r political I teat. On the occaaton of the reception of Mr. Seward at Chicago, nearly j,000 WJde Awake* turned out. Lady FrankUa and her niece were preaent. Gov l.etabet, it Is in Id. write# that unleai lome plan of fusloa la agreed upon at Richmond by the ffrectlnridgetad Deaglas State Committee*, the ftate of Vliwtata will go for Mr. Bell. Tbe a*-, lierentf of the latter espresa the belief tW !lr. Bell will tbe n?t Prudent. A woederfal pe -rot la noticed by the DetraM papers The intelligent creature s polities! ceaverdon la reputed to he one of hla teaiigeet freaks. Karly ta tbe campaign he" hurimhed for Dcugiaa only, till suddenly he changed fcts ttxne, and now not only huxralts for Lincoln.. hat he w; *-a.-*tk zztrM iSi.7i.HTrn ^4)SaUf%artrfAlt;iVta.EIB|ISS m n no VTHBKS.?'To let, I to 15 horaa Sww, and partial uao or Cir^utsr Ml Upright ,ws, Sash and Moulding Maohine, ho. Apply at ount Vernon Factory. ooi-iw Til O ttMOKEfclB OP MANILLA CIGARS, Tha ad vartiaer has a few thousand of No. 1 MANILLA CIOARS that ha will aall at #38 ,?er thouiaita, aad about ten thousand of No. 3 that ha will T" " ool-?t^ oonior^f^'aSdThirtowKak UNDERSIGNED WILL SFLL AT HIS I house a tin* 7-octM K()SF:wf)(>D_ ? . SI * fal 1 nf ..?M.-i -? mouiuiuc juii reoeived, Alto, a large upplr of fresh MEDI CINES, TOILET ARTICLES, Ac. t MOOR M S m 19 2w Weet End Drug Store. 113 Pa. ar. (BIBBS' WIG, BRAID AND CURL MANUV FACTORY, 843 Put. avenue, near the oor ner of Thirteenth street?A vary oompleu asenrtui. nt of Rraids, Curia. Frixette?, Bandoaas. now on band; also, made to order at the ahartest notice Hair Work repaired or taken in exohange. oo 3 aw A PPLES-APPLES, 24" " New Richmond Family and Extra Flour, Keooivod this day, and for sate in lots to suit .by _oo_4 D. L. MORRISON A CO. CLOAKS! CLOAKS!! Kj foEW AND STYLISH , 100 Ladies1 and Misses' Stylish Cloaks opened this inorninx in our new Cloak and Shawl Rooms, nil at the lowest prioea, and to which we ask the special attention or the Ladies J \V. COLLEY A CO., oo 4 St Seventh st., above Pa. a?. 932S _LET.?TO CARPKPf ? ? nLiiiuvAU INVITATION.?I hereby notifr my cuatoroera and thf puhlio in general that 1 have removed to No 349 fc*evonth atreet. (three* from Maaa. avenue.) where I ahall keep* on liaml a large assortment of FORMGN ami DOMESTIC DRY GOOD*, HOSIERY, FANCY ARTICLES, MILLINERY,*0. New Good* received weekly, which will be aold at aatonithing low prices ae 28-lm* 8. FISH MAN. Tfall and winter goods. HK Subacrikera beg leave to inform oititena and atrangera that thejr are in receipt of i a. aeleet assortment of FALL and WINTER ARTICLES gentlemen's wear. -"* embracing some of the choieeat novelties and latest importation to whioh we invite your attention hinton a teel, Tailora, 404 Per.n. avenue, se27-8w (Statea.) h?t. 4H and 6th streets. JNPECTIN E, OR^KR 81 AN A A aunnlv of lki? u J? *?? ? Military Naval amd Citizens' Merekmmt Tailors, oo 4-eolm No. ill4 Pft av. j^ceTnoticbF notice i?!Th< opening of FRENCH GOODS, for the Pall Tra le, will bo next Mond.iv, September 24th. The ladies are respectfully invited to inspect the novelties just arrive<) fron Paris. N. WILLI AN, e 22-2 w | Iutei. 4 States! 3ii Market Space. I~N ST RUCTION"* IN MUSIC. A. F. LITTLE, PROPESSOR OF MUSIC, ha? returned to the eity and rosuined the duties of his profession Prof LITTLK, hav-UHE ing charts of Musical Department at Alnwick lit* and Pleasant View Seminaries, and being engaged four days in each week at these Institutions, has o mseqiiftntly but two days in each week to devote to private instruction of pupils, or to a rimilsr engagement in another institution. Those desiring his professional services will please make application at Dr. Hunt's, 310 Pa. avenue, oo 4 lmeo* Notice. ntsaa rvtr a ? ?eri uneai. GENTS' CLOTHING, In Variety. Winter Panta from #1 25 to ?6. Coat* f.-orn $150 up Vesta from (1 up. A rioe Dresa Coat for #G: beat for $ 1?. COATS, PANTS,1rati and omCOiTI, varioua stylos. SHIRT-*, DRAWERS, NECKTIES, COLLARS,at SPENDERS, HOSIERY, GLOMES, Ac. 10 Paper Collars for 26 eent?. A fine steel-lraine Gingham Umbrella, of large size, for -91 50. Try a fit For e? erything call at GEO. C. HENNING'S, 7th at., oc 4-eoS w N ?ar Mai) land a v., 1 a .and. Tmore new goods. HE Undersigned hava just completed their atock of Good* for the Fall and Winter enmpn-ing a full and well selected assortment of CI.DTIIS, CASS1M EKES and VEfcTINGS, with the latest atylea of Material for Business Suita, together with a va-icty of GENTLEMKN'S Fl'RNISHING GOODS of the |>est <|>iality, to whioh they rospectfuiiy invite tho attention of their lnenda and customers and the public generally. P.. uutm * 4nv . - ?? i mini, uavn Mfi, Mil f Prict, H L Youur, Ctpi 1 O Elliott, W H Proctor A Bowaa Zippeliocier, Carl EiuimnaACo Meun P.?rker A Brennar ZiuimaraiaD, Alfred Elmer, Richd Quirk. Edvd Zen.ermau, M M1HCELL ANE0C8 ?Oriental Lodge, No. 19, t. O. O. f\ R. C. AA. Y.;A.G. D. C7"L*tt*?? host m all cuu n Pair aid. OotS WM. JONES. p. M. Bell and everktt. breckinridge and lane, douglas and johnson, And Ail their reapeotive frienda, Are invited to oaii at MENNING'S, HI SxvBTtTH Stkxkt. (Itlard.) W Ml and examine hia large and varied stock,* and iudj;e if he doea not eel I aa low and keep aa to(xf artielea as an? one. len'a Shoea at ftl, . Men'a Oaitera at $1.25, Mon'a Boota at f 1.75, I Hoys' Bo .U at 91.25, Youths' Boota at it 1, 1 Boy a* Shoea at 75 ots.. Youths' Snoea at & cta..| Ladies' Boota at 75c A SI A fine lot nf Ladiea' Heal Gaiters and No-heel Boot* At 81 25 Gents' K>ne Oaitera at ft2 50. hats and caps, * tr-? ?p " ? wmwmwmum, 4ft D? ? BCIIatQl, A Cnit.Mua V JeSeraon, Jos liaitii, irnliiw E Collins, Or ltol.1?S Hnowles, Win Tucker, Silas Collins, RictwrJ l> Kennedy, Wm W TharUoo, Mr tisur, Psitr King, V? ui B Taylor, Moms CalrertAM .cruder K<;s, N Taium, Jno L? 2 I Chris*. M J ft Kesne, Jos R. Trtidwsy.J Clark, J W?I Keating, Geo W Thompson, J R Cruinp, Joseph T Kendall, A L?i Taouipson, G W Cub<irr,J Ljrnoh, Joo Thorn <s, C H 1 Carpenter. J N?i Long, Juo H Tenley, Chae Clary, J is Lynch, J as Thompson, B Carter, Lt J II Lynch, GG L'phaii', Henry Crockett, Henry Laws, Edwd H?t Wi.liams, I>r W A Cross, Ebeneisr P Lnndy, E K Whsslsr, Win ClnncuU, ? O Mmmx, Wid H?t W?terhalter, Win Cechran, E H Martiu.Win Wilson, Thos Chambers, D A Minister, Moses Warusr, Tlios 0 Crogan, Dr Moore, J H West, Kobe Cook, Danl M Miles, JisH Wells, J H Cridler, A M Mockabes, Jos Westerfleld ft Co Crawford, A J Muller, Jean W MIsoo.Jno Dentil, W E Mowry, Ll J 8 Walker, Juo Dulir.g, Thos Mar uu, J bo W illiams, Joo Davis, S|, Morgan, Geo Wheeler, Henry DtKislol, Mr Muraford, Geo E Wea'ir, H Dunnuigion, L Myers, Daul Williams. G*o Draper, 8C?3 McColtnm, W J Wilson, Geo Donnelly, Jas Q'Driscsll, Dan Wsltsr, (ff* Delany, Jno W Olbreuse, Alfred B Wass, lhfnMiek?8 n???r, H Payne, Jno L Willlaius, D K Daeia. H..irr?3 P-?. I - " ~ * Bronki, ? Hubbard, 8 H Huiliim, J?a Buoktt.D A Scn*>tn?i<il?rlll ' liurr. ll.iunagr, Ji.o H Sou, Hanry Bow m,C T Hubbard, Gcorga A Shaw, Geo Drown, Chaa Iluma. Prancia Snitk.KN Breaufll, Uin llarrall,UN Iktwud.E Bcall, D D HoJiuiaii, Chaa Sura, ? KrrttiVmar, A P Johraoti,Thud Smitk. I)r Ckaa Brttntr, A I' Jickara * Co, R H Bchall, Ckaa Vakar, A ii Johnauti, R W KniJir B F Bowman, Ala* Jmekaou,J8 Mimth. Bedford Carrot I, W H Jotinaou, Hrnry M 8wayar, Atr M u- ? i * ? " * " - Kox, Mm Aim Mntgr?e?, AufnU Walker, Mrt C H Fnnor. M'l O Moluua, Imthaut Wimin, Eliubtlli Green, Mm (2alt Mclnlirt, Glume WmefrtJ, Mti Green, Sophia B MeCnlloch, Mn M Wilton, Eliiab?(h Goptou. Mr* Mirgl Niu, Mm Kiuil; Wluton, Mn Jo K 3 II..?k, Mim Can Norria.MiaaNelUtS Wilua.Mitt M ? He jt, Mn Marllu GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Andertou, J*t M K lje, Uiac Reeuoldt, 8 A im, Uuii till*. Kollnud, Lee Ad>nit,Wiii K>lkiwr, W W K .?b?ii.oCU A msricin, Jot Kreeuxn, Ww C Rifdim, E Aiextntler, J W Fitxunmont, PO Ricturdt.C N Antony, Ur J G I'uifenlJ, Jaiuii RulUml, A Andrew*, Garuttl (iuMU, Wiu l" Hicwart. Walter B.i.ka, (Jaw Wui J (iineu,8 Siolt, Win Biickn*r,TT (imilrae, Frelro Miiupaou, W P Barutlt.Thoa M?3 Gilliam, L Stunr, Tbo* | Birron,T II?S Oorjn, Tupt P N*jrer,8T Bennett, R J Gibaon, Jimrt 8iunl>tu(h, 8 C | Brown, Jat H bribi t Harm Smith, K P Brown, Ja?T Gray, Geo T Sunt, SI .nh? w Ball, J at U Gibbt, Diiil J hmytli, Jim Bell, Juo llammell. Win Smith, Dr J S tinwicj, J Purler H<;, Wot Mlmt.J U Bibwntli, Itiac A Henry, W A Shoemaker, J L Burnet, H 8 Hardy, Tboa Shilling, Jno Becker, Geu I. Holland;, S Selby, J W Brown, f'raacit Hmdi.^11 1m _ ?mm m ? mm ucnufil, iT] lll.TlftlU I Cftgtwrll, Mn L D Laadin.Mr* Cattl'a Stiydtr, Mr* Mtrii Dorm, Mrt A lie* Loouey, Mr* Turner! MnHnrr Dcianj, Bridjret Lyon*, Jin M?rri Turuir.Mr* klu'l* IXirbj, Miu Rib't Uvtot, MiuMll Ti;lor, Mirpnl Doriur, Mr* Laitt, Mr* OR Taylor, Mia* H'n JN Eiln.Mr* C M Mmti, Mra Ttlaar, MraEI k.Uia, Mr* Caih'i May, MuiAfiiuW Tolaoo, Mra Jan* E EdviMi, Edit t My?r?, inuH V?n T|?tt, Mn J C h'rauch, M<* S*h A Monti, Mn M E Well*, Mr* Mary Ford, Mr* Mir; k' Moctbu, Mr* M E Wumliuli, Hanaah Franc*. Mr* M I) Milbaru. Miaa M W.n - w??/t at* v*i vuiuocr &t IWW? [Ordered to be iaaerted ia the Erzmxe St*.e. it being the newepaper having the largeet circulation of any daily paper published tn Waahington.) It^AU fareoai applying Car letttra in the follow, ingliet, will pleaaamy the? are mnruA LADIES' LIST. Al?aah. Miaa B*r* Baya, Miaa Jnlia O Dij, Miaa Bridget Brave, MiaeMar'n fcrrn. Mr* Luc r Purdoi., Mr* M B Buraa. Maa Batua Hm, Miaa >ui Parkma, NnMM B<?to, Sireh A Barmou, Mm| Has Pr.'nken, Mri C Ba%re*ly, *? EJ'a earlay, iBkt Parkat, Mary E B4M, HWtiit BeiJli, KWU'i Pratar, Mary B>rr?l, Mim Rata* Hoclitock,Eiualia PraMa, Sarah A Barker, Lucratia HaitUo, Margarat Putuam, Mra Edwil Boyca.MraWM Hear;, Mra A L Palmar, Mra Ana Biylay, Mra E J Harpa, Mra H A Paga, Mra Sophia E Broanahaa, Mra Hamlio, Laaiaia Ra.Molph, H*unah Cr?(|| Mra Elit'lh Harriaan, Miaa M'n Robbtaa, Baaaa T Cartar, Mra E M Jonaa, Miaa Emily Rat ion, Mra E Crump, Mra Calb'a Jofar, Mra Darmda Radiar, Miaa Virg'a Oaap, Mra Rachal Jokaaua, Maaa lad'a Riuahlay.MraCH*r'? Clark. Mra Jao W 8 Kalp, Mra Jua Raaaall. Miaa Rhoda Coomba, Mra Mar; King, Mra Muti* Rycr, Miaa Emma J ' Mra L IUrM|, MraMarUia, Miaa Marwa ColUua, M" W P Long. Miaa Emma Stapaaaa, Mra E P Criuiu, Mn M Laa, Miaa Margt Blapntr, MiaaEmily Cooaar, Miaa Mary Laa, Mra loo Singiatoai, Mra I P Cartar, Miaa Amo Laaaax, Mra K W Svllina, Mra M E Crockar. MraWC L.?r.?.. " " / ReMAINuIs^ Ui*0*0*, WMklngtoo isi uoww, and w u be rendered laadar or two. Our customer! will f reatir oblige u it they will ooiM forward and soitla wi<i u! without delay. ool-? 334 Pa.?|>S. tth atd MU o%a flNEW Roughs, COLTO. HOAMBNBM, **. COMPOUND SYKufor GUM ARABIC . Tfcu plaaaant and poralo* C? n?fc ke??df haa boon m lone k no wn aad uUHiv& uad, feat<?mI p?r?' u! have become familiar with iU rxiraordinar j efioMi. It oaa D4 naflat all the ?riae ?al drajr tor?at 1> aad so reati a bottle, lew d?aJt?o?o* J t SX&W.TC2EE25%r.T? )rvf?r Kn.iAi fhtn tn? r.?h?r h fth* Att*. PH1LP * SOLOMONS, Aftntt for Lmwrmut't ctUbr+ttd Lintm Paper t, * MtiropolitoM Mills? ft , #r. aa84 1y 838 Hi > .. b*t.?f and l?gh at?. WFALL DRY OOODS ~ E Are n?w receiving a beaatifa! aaaortmeat of Fauey and Staple Good* of tha latMt sty i*?, embracing all the lataat importation*; auck aa? PopliM, Valour Ottoman in variety, Freaak Moaaaolinaa, Figured and Plain Satin fimakad Me riaoa. Cloaking Cloth*. Aiab Cloak* ia great ran in great, variety, Mou*?e!in?* and Pbud troin 1* to 6) oenta, valantia Kaxlnh Mohair* and Br oca tollaa. Hooaod Pkirta, fioaiery, Olovea.GaanUate, Shawl Bordering. Family Hi an k eta, blea< hed and Brown Hbaetiaga, Toweling*, Tab.e Line-*, to. Our atook ia *ov vary complete, and we offer it on the moat aooommodaticg term*. aatt TAYLOR ft HUTCHISON. A.LL Aooonnt* on onrUuk* are made off ap la | ?j -.v..-..-. ,<sita ? i-aiiner, uilm. S*U>U, U M. Smith, J Sthw&rxa and Kulwftll * Lau r?noe. ? Ut'olm* FOB STAMPING f jlrv a packet of paper. ^ AND ENVELOPES I N 0 TO MATCH, CHARGEI METROPOLITAN bookstore, A n early call is 'Miciied! No trouble to ?how goods. ? B H. 8TINEMKTZ. 23<i Pa ar.t oc 2 NMr comer 13th it._ OY 8 T E R 8! OY 8 t E R 8!! JT FOSWESS AGAIN. . JOB P. MoINTOStt woulil respectfully lafbraa hn old frauds and cuntomers that /-^ again fit hit old ktand, No. 3t9 FiBh(BW f . J street. I>etw<*en G and H, where he ia^^^^SP prepart d to furciah the very brut qualiI it of FRF.8H OY8TER8, (Stewed, Fried, or Haw,) at the shortest notice. Orders aoloittd oo 1-Tt Rowe's'oriental balsam, A CCRK FOB BALDNK88 AND HEADACHE, This new discovery has produced astouishint results iu curing ha1d:.*as and at'ppicc the hair from falling off It removes dandruff ai'd all eruationa of the akin; a ?ertain ?*? e for fceadaeh*, and ?dalightfu! waah and pertain?. PrioeSuwta. Por^a.e h" ? ? ? *> ? ' ?m hi&d pittcc nav^ni OD SATURDAY. Octobe* SO, 1M0. BORTKO NUMBKO 644 ORDINABUO. CAPITAL PRIZJS 104.000. I pnu of #160,0001 H pnsaa ot |1/M 1 flu fO/K* ? do sot 1 do 90,000 US do 40C 1 do *>,<?? | an ipprvx. IJM 1 do it?,ao? IN ALL *8* PHIZES. Whole Ttokou, $-J0? Hltm, f 10-CJvartora. $i. Prize* oaabcxl at ijut it tor oral rfiooouat. B; i la on til solvent Mnki taken M par. A Jrawiu* Will toe(MV?M*d as soon u Ul milt baooaios known. A'l orders for aehemes or tiakets U b* eJdreeeod to PUN RODKlttl/KZ. op 3-* Osraof CitT Post. Char *?tow. <*. C. OENFREW HATS. It IN NEW COLORS, Wt^B Jvst Opkmkd, from N. Yoke. in" Our assortment of H ATS and CAPS for <* nt?, Younc .\l?n, - _ Youths, Bojrs, Mimm a 1 t i .AAn V nerer was *<> variod aa at prosed. yy m o a i 41 v i v Hi 1 H fi A r K H. Sola Leaaee and Manager S. \V. Olswm. THIS EST ARLIHH Jtf KNT Will o??n for the rrjtu:ar Fail and Winter Sea eon on tne mght of THURSDAY, Novbmb** lar. joskph jIcfff.rson, Tha Comedian of the Ace, wiL cummtno* aa angageinentof Night* on MONDAY. November 5th, aiid will be followed bvthe moat BRILLUNT STARS 11. the Theatrioal Firmamci.t H i~ CommunicaUuni if addreaaed to S. W. Glbhif, "Old Bowery Theater," New York, will meet with prompt attention. au U-lf H"musicaTWtice. . AVING Been induced to the poaition of orcaniat at St. Aloyaiua Church in thia city,AWU I have determined to remain ituriag the eneu-4Mg tag winter, and thall be happy to reader mjV professional servioea to those who may require theia. t. n. caulflel.iv Profeaaor of the Organ, Piano Porte, and Singing. For particulara aa to terma, Ao , inquire at the Muaic Depot of JOHN F. ELLl!?, Peuna* lvar la avenue. -ocS-lm* T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTKKY. ITE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana l^tWy, conducted by the Spaniah bovernnent, voter the aupenriaion of the Captain Several of Cuba, The best Onneral Performer in th* World. Mut?r PRANK 8TARK, i'he BenownaU UuuU? Somersault Throw?c. Master WILLIE. The Juvenile Petite Kquestrian, in kia Double Act of Olwtacle |,*a?ia( ub iiia Twin Poun. Mr. L. SAMPSON, The Herculean Acrobatic Artiat. The Troupe will be accompanied by the Brass Band, led bv Herr Kopp. The woMd'e favorite, the Mare Zaidxx, the iaoarn\tinti of ?qu?strian b- auty and ialfllic*noe. The l>Mut f'uI Twin Ponie*,Cu?id and Diamond. A superb stud of R nc *nd Trick Horses, id splendid condition, fresh and \i{oroua, as lailrua^mg saves it the fatigue of traveliug. Admission 50 cents ; children aadar 10 years o af e and a*rvanta 2> cents Seats are covered, and of a width to make tfcsm perfectly comfortable. lTsh*rs in attenHaice The Company will exhibit upon the (round aor ner of 12th street and Ohio avens?, rear uth street bridge, on MONDAY and Tl'R*UAY,8th and 9th October. 1W5. Doors open at 3 and 7; performance to toirniwiM at 2)6 an J )? p m. sj? w,r.M,w&a UEORQE. EDNVARD. WlLl I AM, and FREDERICK. 8i?. SEBASTIAN. The DtMliinc lUt.ian Equestrian. Mont Dl'VErN E V, The Man of a Thousand Forma. Herr CHARLTON. TUe ('oimc Aerial Stilt Performer and Daaotr. Mono. DF HACH, T!ie Koueiit'itn Revolving Orbit Perform*. Mr UEORGE KOM. The Daring and Graceful Principal Rider and Bridge Leapar. Mr. JAMES WARD. Tke great. Rope Suapenaiomst, a la Bloodia. Mid PrufeKeor of the Art Manila*. Mr Wll.r.tiV lftvr?i IB Hunter. Jtmea Mathi*eon, Semuel Hovel), Ni~hol?? McNelly, -Frank Thoinpaoa, John l.&ngley, Joieph H. Pegg, Jtinot lt?nto?. oe&-4f Hiawatha boys IN THF. FIELDAGAIN! The HIAWATHA CLt'B would reipectfullr announce that they intend iirni th*ir OA FOI RTH ANNI AI. HAM- at !sTT>TT*M HAI.LonTHI RSDAN . Nfvrmler tit For full particular! kce future suivirti?e MM ment oo4-3t* j^IXON'S KUYAL AMPHITHEATRE, Ntb/o\* Garden, New Yori, AttltH3*, London, and thr PhtijdtipJua and Boston Acad'mtf* oj Muste, On its South* Tour bf Railroad. THE CftMPANY. M'lle ELLA ZOYARRA, The renowned ften*ation L*dr F.q oeitnenoe. The 91X H AN LON BROTHERS^ The Mifbty AorobaU? ? THOMASl AT.WMC1V The Proprietor* have cene. oua'y off*'ed to oonvey pas.?enger? to and from the Island free o/cla'*e Bj_order of the Committee. i*M? T GRAND COTILLON PARTY! HR FiratSfMi Cotillon Party of the EAST WASHINGTON QUADRILLE ANSKJtf- ft* BLY will take ?lao*atODP Fklxo* *' Hall. JH Navy Yard.onTUESDAY EVENING, Oe-^E toher? h. Dpi The Committee have aaade aonewU p*eparstion? for tl?? enjo? meat of thoae who may be prepeat. Coach#? w?;i po?iU*>., leave tue ooiuer of Tth and L fctreet* to convej a!l who de?ire to attird the Barty, aad will tw> in attemlaroe at tM eloee of the arty to ronrey the gueata to their horaaa. OonrueUer'e celebrate ootii.on maaio uas Saei curated Tor the occasion. TtoceU FIFTY CENTS,adirittinf a fentlcmaa IB<| ladiee. Commxttu of I AMUSEMENTS. I yM ?***??* Ubii.iu yyTll.bON paRT^ Tobffiw!by th? COM'MKI A APTIVK A?!*OCIA- JA TION. I^I.MCUIAMBIA HALU Cui-M toi Hill, oil \VKi>VKWlJAV. October loth.! lWfc Tickets 5l??i?U.?dmitUi,c a featleman'B^^ oc *^ piC NIC ON AN A LOST AN ISLAND. Tie friocsdt of the lata William D. Ktm* will g iva a Gland PiaN 10 pa Ar>aio?t*n ?1 ^ Ialaad, on w KPNF.^DAY. the 10thJ^?^*? instant, if Mr ; if not, the &rtt fair^^^^^^"day aAer i the proceafc to be uMd toward* wn nif a TiMnvinent to iiia atamory. They reapectfully request the attendance of all who knew the many amiable qualities ef the deceased This ?iti be the l??t Pis Nio of the season, and a food time waj be axpeetad Tick<?a 25 cants rach. Good music has ba>n eaiur*d. UA(.TIM0?E LIFE IASU*I D ooinurp ' ? -)?? I. DwrSBH^i I Ommr^AirMr'u tM l?ttrMt^HS? I ?jH utrii ?uu All nwp*iw J VII invpn?iimtV?H w this Era to U? ww aarhata W A um<wi . J WMhtu?ton ?n?l Gawrgatown. tha oha Mtwlf tk* *A land and tii? lie&Uh/u cm of the location, inaka it I / I Owihlito 'MiiiW ' ' Jftotwf ywMiihod by lh? *aam aw: On W* of t&a parohaas bimi m *uti' and iha raurn* ui four tiul iu?U rnoi t? at (, IS. II arxt S* m ath* mtoi tfcaAay of dam rod ^bmU ItjH NM'td kf t*a hoada of tha parahaaai. UmiwVt#ra*lfroa lha oat oi ?ala.aad a r*tofc!~?; iltfco titta uuU: acid ird?kir<^ !>i yaraha??r* ihlar- aartr voelcfba divided lato twr> ?*r mora i>#?4a. and a alat tharaof wilt ha rxhiUlad h* ' ha Jadtt aiaaad. L LOviHKi^fU, au?SUwtd CouiiMgMt. irTTHB ABOVE iTiTY 1 n n IIMMIillWl poaad aaUi BATlKDiV, lha iUk CaSjMf, acvJoUvn. U? ewrusMd ml.aa TUHKlT. m tbesu ofChMotwr.lMA.Mtto'alMk.iahCSClto Mtyor'ioSetiii U? tf of AMi??ari?^iL? J CHUM ???tlori.? trn.1 ..... J[&-T M ?*r?? of it ml to th* ooaotr or A lezmnifl^ U | whlei L*er??t ?i b.Bw^in, Km ,*ed m?* I iroNrt; Um about 1 nui?? from Al?xawiria ul $ I on ti?AlMMWl?i L??4mii m4 tiMafai.iro Mm!- I ronJ, a v?Ur ataUo* being mr Um iui Ait I iurtTMMli^:ml ot a tovfl Itu-itot) fr*a* dweina| boM^jrilfc b?3k bwildlH^e^nwr eer*^ | -t >n>a, txniMTgl CITT -Hi *U tae of a deed ftraii from Jum^ii Carulie^aMd Mar la, iaS4, an j reeurdod in Liber J. A fjkTt. (oho* HJkc., of tbe land record* of Wmmm count), D C , I ?ha'.l, M U? K<?t>t of IklMMr XkI holder ol tbe nutt therein Moirt?,onJUIUAY. the ICth day of Oototter nrxL, at ? m., on the premium, rell, at pobiic Metio^ftA:Ste "2,5.^,7,8, li. 14. 14, 16. It, 17. li, la S?^p H?. T?ma: Om third eaah; and the reaidaa kll aad II mortal with isweet. Deed urM|i? deed of tract taken to aeeare the deferred HTMIk Ail eonTayaoaee at the mrcb>'? ooet. V%t tarma of eaio are not ooa)j>li?d with mtli n> J>aa the trnatee reeerrae the ruht te raaaU, at m|Ae?n ttawAda A GRK.KM.fcaC B) T. M. MeCORMICK; Alojutff 1 COMMISSIONER'S SALK OF A TAJBA Vv blb Taac* or La*? is tit* toewn oftw- f ^ AVDllAt V A.? Til' A?? La. fc fti* R* of * decree of Ua^Cireait .Court of Al^Hm ^r.i i;o Nir?MitiiA Koct9*no!i. f ( DOT UmI, CntUfH W4 other B?4*Ut4M? | I '6?ih?r Bru?, Pii ow? aaa H?i|tan. ? I Hair, HuU ud Cotton toi (Ittl NiM, d 1 Kamaak Curtain *ihJ Window I "hr?e ply, lacram and other Cm?*u, Ml I 7cu*fcft4_Ml?akeU. Bbeeu aeiCaew, ? I uaaaaiTTaMa Cletha, Napliaa and Tuwals_ I china, OlaM and Crockery Wars, T A Cook, Air-tirht and other Storea, Lot of Kitoben Reeptsitaa, J** ad mat) other aruoiee too ue??u to Lwuoa, Term* dan. Hy o'ier of ttrt Adaiinietrator. * 1 neVd A OBKEN.Aael d Br THUS. DOW LING ; ?oorfetow*. / rpRCTSTEE'f GALE OP HORSE AND CABT. 1 Oa WEDNESDAY, tM 1Kb ol OMoU.k front of the Atiouon Kmm. I ekal sail, vuhoat I One'toe" Cart Mara "Fanny," 17 hands hifh. oaft ( good Cart. I Terns oash. _ k Br order of the Trastaa. . f oc i d THQg. DQWL1NW, A??k ^ By A. UK KEN, Auctioneer. k npRUCTKE'S HALE OP VALUABLC fa#?- I 1 uin IITW1IJ liTIl iSB llTE ?TI. UfT, 1 i w*NV| m'? <B?ra ?* ?*R MOVQI, | Taliuw, Sp# it ?<.* AdajuarUno Cacdlaa. Casti.e Vari*iatad miu ?,thar So?#?. | Otard Brandy "Kye whisk*. HUlBBd Gi?, I Croak*, Port,Madeira and Skerry Wipm, Perfect L"t* Cotiiaia utd Wkkfcr, Bott ed Liquors of ditTorei.t kinds, ) i*ix Tea Caddiaa ?o<xi at new, Scales and We chts, Hcove and C<wt.Ur Pixtaroa, With mu; other ?ruo:ci wwii kept id a reutl Grooerj ftlur*, too numerous to euuiberaie. I Term*: All noma of and un *er out: ??? | 925 credit of * and 9ft daya, for approved e ado read iiotar, bearinc istareU. to4-4i A. GKKKX. AMt My A ttRfcKI. AMtioMw. A DMINISTRATOR BALK. BY OHDKI 0T A. in OirHtRi1 ? octr. o? HocanuLD a> Kitoh** Fcasnra* at Auctiosi ?On iCM? DAY, UMtn instant. I ?hail >? o'elo k Ait.. tM pe reonal ?ff?U r4 the lata Frauo?e *M>. deo eased, on E veutk at<? t, t>. tvaaa I a. av?W? and b atreet, ?<ve- t'ie Gas O tie, Tic: Mahofany Sofaa. Cliaira. Rootera, Maro.e top Center Tables ? Can*. WwJ aod oilier i tain. ? M*h< i as J Bedstead* Wardrobe aid WmH^ Ouna, Ulaw Crootary ^ara, Hat t:a?, 8ttur Carpet, Matting, ftilrar piated Saoont auC Fork*. CuUary. Cooking aad other Stnraa, Tn ftafa, He. Torni: t*1 and antler owk: orar that wait orfdit ofMud ? dara, lor MAitAMtanlf a?dura*o ^WlRE * co. A-f Br A. ttteen. Amoomt. Sim ALE or FKKM STOCK OF GROCE Eiaa I?THfNoftTBKBBLl?BKTIMAT AVCTIOII. | Ob mom 1)AY. tka 8th instaut, at lOo'aloek a. m.. i 1 htltoil at tha ?tora oornar ol Niatn a?d| . ata. * Bortk,! of OroMriM, via j {Sugar*. Cufaaa, 1 mper ,a . Yoaag ny awa Md IMaat 1 Fraah*Sardtaaa, Pioklaa, Bant Oil, aatard. Starch, Paapar, Yaaat and tkmp Powdara, I Cigar?,ToWao,M?af and Plpaa. I , Natmaga, CIotm, Mac* aid laduo Biua, I B**ku'ko9^ 1 ^bu rwnwmire ie eewsadiegoei w*r. ^ TH"K DOWLlTtG. A?t By J. C. MoiiUiKE A CO.. aimtioimra. FURNlTtKfc AND KFFfcCTtf OF A KAMI lt btcLiHiRo Hor*m?riJ?? at Pmic Am Tios ?Oa MONDAY MORNING, 0?l"b?r Rta at 1? o'o.ook, athoaaft N?>. S14 Kit hl**aUi at. WW, batwaao I and K iU. bortk, vaaitaii a*. Ik* l-araitura and EflaoU of * ihooai daouiuaf feviM M. ?~U. u< F?nor Cfcaira, Mahucaiij Cantar and Card Tabiaa. 1 Marble top Bofa Tabic, Ma.hoft.iiy Wrioag Ta I Mm, M **?"??Tgwutary u4 Bookoaaa, Wiid<>vCvUiM,ua<]Mabd Ooru<<?, i hnf ravines. ?'aaaa, Clock, OrnamerU, Can* ai?d Wood aaatChaira, Lx-vnce. Matopcy Dreaaicf Bareaas, Waekataada, I Badataada, Beds, Mattreaaaa, Bolster* a*?i Pillova. Blanket*. rjwifnrt" *? ?< ? ?? BAKNAttp* BtiriCfcY.A? . Br THOS. DOW LING ; Uwrgetewa. Cjr\nT?fi'lsii/*vRNll1' AT AUCTION..l?no? ol D?ti<3 W. &? ?orn?^f Crocker J and UImi W*r?, CoMt Mattinr, Hw,,t*fcili sciri M&Urinii ^m CliBtoa Cookstora, Kitchen Furniture, fc'c. . I??*diUjlr a"W tte at*T? m e. at u? ratiKSrft^aS^^ L;m'ki'''.^Ae*4"* *n$*oth?rMom, J at the reaideiio* of rf W. TV. ley, * H-. trMt.oiUMlMktior&iuiaiM*, I? Call ku < tieahant HotieeVxid Kurr.iUro Mil *mbJdabo'any Spring and f*ir aeat Parlor *#t,aoaiiittRi of SvM< W?. Roekac, tad tutor CUirt. ^ Braasnia, In* rain axd Strip Carpet*. Mirror, Martrie-Utp Ta!-lea, ? ortaiua, Coritiee, Shadee and Fixtare*. Mahogany l>iaia? ard other Tanke*. Uo a?d C*(ta?e ijeda e*> i, Do l)rm Bureauj and "Va'drobaa, Exe*IM Frather IMi and 0?rW Hair and ftkaek PHluva, ttoiatera aad BmIJ dc. Waahstand* an 1 Toilet W<x?j and Ca?e mmCImji ard Rail Oilcloth, Refrigerator Co< k ;r.g and other Hu>ree. With a good aeeortment of Kitchen Kami tare. Term*: t? oaah; orer that amotn.t aoredUot OR and V? daye, for approved endoread netee. baftr iat i?t?rML * Mat in Curt*in?. V?. *c. Tof th'ir with a ??nU M*ortm*nt of Mtk P??4? ?a*lly k?ft in ? r?Uil Dt? tiuod* 8tor*. Ttt* &! wr be O' DtitiuK froa dmy to for ail. tk* Ni> r? itMt ii dtiyaiid oC Ttrwi okih. _oo?-U CLKAKT* GRKF.N, AueU. FUTURE DATS. Br BABNAKP * BUCKEY^ AmDomm. E^fLtL.52?.B.,{uS?4,si-SiVJ5ia? i kiidnimi. urk. .? -? " ??- ? AOCTIOM 8ALB8. THIS AFTERNOON ? TO-MORROW Br OLKART A CRKBN. AhUnhr Kg SjS?i%SfipicSM ? BOBUi kid* pMUTlfMM ?mu, bitw?I ttfc M4 1 hwu.Bnnri w4 WMtoBkMblfl. .Cembnee, . a, Stail* ud oth?r gktvw, Ljbmjb, Jeui ud bomaMaoB, ?i!k, CMibrio ud Cottoa Hutttrakiifa. FlMooia of * 4 kiotfs ? d fciinftoM. Ho?i?rr. and RiMMtf*. Lm*B. wse Rsi Tiakisc. Ottoaa ud SWetiM*.

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