Newspaper of Evening Star, October 8, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 8, 1860 Page 1
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^fcl? ?? ?? '** >* - ? '*v r ,-< ?> , . ill'/ ? ;- > .?? "" ' *^??wrfw * J1?T * i'# *17* | >tmi< l?l? I . .j-|,U ..> .,,, I "UTti - . -*l T ' !? : i: . H j ' ^ H . i-l , _ | ' ' A i'MyH'l ^ _ . _ '''^t' _ r-> M ,i B' WW v x ; ' M H H . j '^B 1 -^H ^Hy' H H 1/ Hi' H H H ^B> . H,.. VD H ^r H H H M \^H -. H '' ?- . _ ^^mW ^B- M H H ^ T v J^Kk> Em .. it).?.**-> k f ' * - V? XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. OCTOBER 8. I860. N*. 2.388 ? _ ?fc%hether thii it the b?*i-bug poison or the croup MRil?, they are ao much alike." ?iif*terhaP* h* hMB>t ??* th? eroup," Mid I,, V3kiabop?d over the bed; and there lay the aSmiMNfriiow, wide awake, threehiiig, the air '" llfr lwo ti?J 8"ta an<1 Bakieg up alt aorta the shadow* upon the wall. I aaw JM^BMt tfcat we had deceived ouraeleee, parents will, and twatag awa;, I wttti^w said ;.. me the modiolus; I think he's going Kuu^hter, " I immediately added, and unMtfr*<i a box on the ear for my reward I , mj wife solemnly, for I felt seriosu . 'tfTllSltere we Hre been collecting together this amount of trash for year*, for any and now, whob the emergency "itiA) Wt*t is it good for ? I'll toll jou wl^t, ne4 it to Mri am cms wit ft tbe confident air eAone who had aehieved an immense exploit, -JaalMding it oat to ber with " There expres^stae of iut sati?faction < That. Mid mj wife, "that's not it; that's M>| chalk mixture bought for Bub two eum^mA brokeiown at tfeis, and with a voiee trem-.Jlfei with eold, thofigh mr wife alwaja wrongfaty said it was anxer, I aaked her whj, in tkm ??ma of MM deity or othar, (he dula't JgtpfP ?Q|^ " herself1 She immediate! j to the oeeasioa, Hke a speaker at a th of Jalj dinner, and sublimely strode towards the eloeet, returning a moaeal thereaftar w4th two bottiea that had eaoaped my notice, whieh she held up before ma with the simple but oomprehoasire remark : " Stupid T' I felt that I was stupid, and was readj to .ies4ah aha fact, when I was struck br the pas??Hla4 look thai appeared upon my wife's faoe ij? " Let me aee r said the. .?r I made a motion to tarn up the gaa, so that aha might see, but found that she required a * clearer vision regarding some mental problem .? > that she waa soluag; so I let her see aa she -Mbaat might. " I declare." taid hit wife. * I don't know ?' I took the bottle from the place you told Be," Mid I. almost fiercely. You couldn't hare dona *. Mr. Blifkins,'' replied my wife; " I mw it on the right hand, jast inside tha door, bo longer ago than Ta?sday week, when Mrs. MeGonagle cleaned tha pauf." a " Right hand VI repeated, after her, "you said the left just now." I heard har sigh oat something about "era pity" and "unfeelingness." as I went to make another plunge among tha bottles. U 'This must bait then," said I, salting a jbwfour oaneer. nearly full of dark fluid, by tha r?i?ek. and bringing it oat to my wife. I t~~ ? Oracious goodness!" exclaimed sha, "are yon determined to kill the ehild ? That's arnica, for the rheumatism. Mr. Blifkins, are m awake*" pitheet replying this time, I made a diva fbr tha closet, taking down vial after vial, and voaiing the smeared inscriptions as well as I Mai ] W hat an ocean of lotions and mixtures aa4 vermifuges and preparation* and washes ! At length I got hold of one that I felt sure Must be it, beoanae I could not by any ingenuity decipher the label. I aooordingly oar ocTii 10 our rwiu. iov mujnur 01 wvtCQ WM rfcTealtd by the dim light of the iu Thar* were long rows of vials on the shelves, backed by bottles of hair dye and boxes of undefinable article* in the domestic dispensary. I saw what I supposed was tha needed bottle; bat in extricating it from ita position, I threw down some half a dozen of the intervening viala, that rallied and clattered upon the floor in a manner that sounded fearfully?some of them breaking, and the glaaa aeattering around, to t'i* dismay of my bar* feet. ' I)o break everything to pi*c*s aaid my *?wife, in a ton* not v*ry awe*t, oonsidaring her amiability of temper; but I im pa ted it to her ?nxi?ty. I brought the bottle; and placed it in her hands. Good heavana, Mr. Blifkins"' aaid my **Hrir*. "would you kill th* child? This is volatile liniment. Th* d?i it is!" cried I, with unwarrant</^M* heat. "C 'My wif* sobb*d out: ATjSuh, Mr Blifkins, suppose we had given ee33^k*toe of this by mistake!?you n*r?r would k*r* fcrgiven yours*U." I tfcou^tit the ehang* of person in her re ark a little invidious and somewhat unkind, .tMjfc Vfii* of th* fact that sh* had command of tk* medicine chest. my." replied; " perhaps he's going to have the eroop?maybe he'll have a fit?be'? Tory res ties*.' I ftarted up and looked in the face of that little innosent They always ?aid he looked just like me, and certainly that midnight inspection gaYe little encouragement to selfvanity, for a more disagreeable-looking little . cub I thought I had never seen. He was evidently in trouble; for his features worked, his tiny fists were cleaohed hard, his eyes were partly unclosed, and his skin seemed hot and dry. I immediately took my wife'* alarm. ? What's to be done*"' "Mr. BHfkins," said she, "we mast gire him something '' Exactly.' I responded, "bat what shall it be? You, who are saeh an excellent nurse, shall decide." I aroee, and, "accoutred as I was," stood ready to execute ber command. I signified this to her by saying: "Now, my dear, say the word." " Let me see," said sb?, " if it Is the eronp, the modioine in the bottle on the left hand aide of the eloeet is the one. It waa bought for mn&*TJ lw0 wtnler* *g? " I immediately proceeded to the cloget adja tnandes irom uovers powrter* readily. Burkina hnd long k*e? doubtful about this, thotogh; which doubts recently brought aboat an fcn(tr* r*t?luiic>b lb hit household pharmaay But Mr. IlifkiBi tolls his own story boat, acd we fMTe Its recital to htm : * , "M* Btifkiosl" mjt my wife, suddenly starting up ia the bed and looking wildly into the face of little Tommy, "I behere this child i-? going to h*Te the croup or the soarlet farts, or something. Mr. Btifkins I had got to th? stage of sleep when one Is conscious of sleeping and waking at the same time; the senses steeping in the somnolent poppies, but not quite narcotised into forgetful ne#? " Mr. Blifkins !" repeated my wife, giving me this time an unmistakable pinch. "What in the name of tribulation Is the mitterI cried in soae.hing like a pet, "is the house on fire V' " No but something is the matter with Tom taare was about his house a formidable ifgwgate of half-used prescriptions. remainders of several moderate fortunes thai had been thrown to the dogs in the form of physio,about the use and affaot of which tha memory of Blifkins ceamd to b? eogniiant. Mrs. BHf? kins, however, insisted upon keeping than, from an economical desire that nothing should bo wasted; for ah* ia great aeono:nut, and there ia not nun in bar ntiijhhorhfcflA thai 1eels her. Her boaaa ia a ourioaitj shop of relies of paat economies that have serviced all earthly mm and Ue mouldering in a hundred Books around the house, and bottles and boxea ira numerous nough fa a oteaat handy to set np a druggist of not inordinate desires. She pretended, and actaally thought, probably, that she knew the difference between a oongh mixture and a wash for weak eyaa; ooald discriminate berw*et rheaaaauo and djspepsia pills, and itaew ca? ; ?dlMI THE EVENING &TAR M PUBLISHED EVERTAPTBR1WOJ1, SUNDAYS EXCKPTKD,) AT turn BTAM >VILMMI|, C?rn*r 0/ Pennsylvania avenus mnd llAb " w. P. W1LUW. Pater* aami Hi pwtifN by wrtM Milt year, er r MU par monU. T? bmA nbMritiM' tfce mm ia #3J0 a ym*, m *???; ?t for ?ix mom** 01 far three month*; ae* for laaa thM three mootha at the rata of * aanta a vaak. Siafte oopim, o5i ctxriia wra*?er?, iwa eum. C7ADrntTT?nBKT?aa0aM baantlnitaaiaa Mora 12 o'a.oaic oUarviaa they av not appear antil the negtday. 1 | CHA*fBK? HIS'DOCTOR. Mr Blifkina, ia kia domeatio economy, ftr many Tea re has rataiaed tka allopathic ayatem of uaiioiaa, tad by kia liberal eacoarage wt af apotbeoariea baa eetabliahed qaUe a aatatioa with that alaaa. A?, ia tka aTant of tnaaa, each application required new bottlaa and naw ptil-boxee, it Biar be auppoeed that daring the twenty yeere of kU experlenee cU>#ed. The lady thanked ber very cordially and hastened home to await the arrival of her hash and aad try the vatar At length the hasbaod, with feat aad dread, enter* the horn**, aad i* astonished to find bis w??, wbo?? mouth vh (all of charmed mr, torrent of reproaehea. He, half (tanned with the clamor, and ?tupofled with tke win* in hia bend, after acme effort at re tor in* in hiaown atyle.woold aneak off to bod. Finally the eril iocreeeed to aach a degree that they aaw each other little, for tbe drnnken hnaband alept bj himaelf, and eometiaaee did not cone homo at nil, bat aUpt in ?h? torero. Tbe wife, in despair, wont to "**iftadlady," and naked advloe of her. Wtom thio dealer ia forbidden haowledgo the obtained a phial of rorj limpid water, which aha said had boon bronfht from beyond tho aoaa by n pilgrim of the giwataat virtue and holiaoM, witk tho inatrnotion. thnt when ber hnaband came homo *he moat im media toly ftll her month frith it, Inking great care neither to wallow err anit it oat. bat keen her mornth **-f|rj W t?uvu? uttt UH1VI, BUU wntWjUBUU/ they toon btoune man tad wife Bat it la alwaya the caee with both men and women, that daring ooartahip thej keep concealed many Sttle traita and qualitiee which, after marare, aoon diecorer themaelrea, and the defeota of the partiea are both mutually made known. The huebend aoon learna that hie wife, with all her beauty, poaaaaaaa alao aa aril, a aoorohing I tongue, which the aiighteet eaaaa teta in motion She loved her huabaad with all heraoul, | and of thia he waa aenaible; bat he waa of a i eholerio diapoaition, and aometimee replied to bia wife'i apbraidinga la a manner that he waa afterwarda aorry for To free himaelf frem home, and while wandering hither and thither in company with frienda, he beeame addicted to the bottle. Oa hia return at eraning, after havtag decided upon the quantity of varioua winea, with awollen eyee and atammering tongue, one may imagine the reception ahe gave him. Aa aoon aa ahe heard the key turn in the door, ahe would nation heraelf at the top ef the etaira and orurwhelm him with i 3U111KI If we here indicated in this hasty sketch of the well-dressed woman a desire to keep ap with the fashion* our daty is done, ana the grave task of minutely detailing all the intric&oies of the toilette may be left to professional modistes. We will say, however, that Bayadere stripes hare gone out altogether, and will now see no more opening days; that the bodies of drawee are made round; that email flounces are mostly employed for evening dresses; that the favorite material for children's clothea is plain Iri*h poplin; that vails are still worn round; that pocket-handkerchiafs are stylish only when embroidered in the smalleet and most minute borders; and that the fashion of this world paaseth away, which is a good matter for a fall opening.?iY. Y Tribune. The Sceld Cared. There were, not long since, two youths, mala and female, who were so affectionately attached that it appeared to them they could not lhre ~--L _?I J died, bj pa*sing~ the fastening through the eoveriug of the spring*. making it impossible for them to slip or break awaj." The bell shape is the most popular, but there ia no political preference in this fashion, however much corrupt factions ma y endeavor to fasten it upon the ladies. 8HOK9. There are aaveral brilliant novelties in tbU delightful department of the toilette. There is a shoe with lappets that mav be turned down from the delicate ancle for the house, or may ; closely encase it for the street. There is a quilted carriage shoe of all colors, bound with velvet. Balmoral boots, that laoe, maintain their hold upon the affection, and are universally worn. Of toilette-slippers there is an infinite variety. One Broadway establishment diffuses five hundred doiens of pairs of tbom every year. Bridal slippers of kid and satin, [With rosettes that alone are worth $1-2*, are largely sold at $10 the pair. ouffj, and hu two collars. BAWLS. i One boose in New York bu a stock of camel's hair shawls valued at $150,009. Tbeir separate values range from $20 to $1,500, and their ?attains are sumptuous bejond description.' he extreme agon/ is a heavy gold embroider^, and the axpensa of such luxury we dare not disclose. SKIRTS. Let the tirade against crinoline ceaae. Let not man take that name in vain. Crinoline is a myth; they don't woar it. The spring skirt is alone immortal. As many as sixty springs are sometimes worn, and by an ingenious contrivance, the '-great annoyance of tapes slipping on the springs has been effectually reme vav^Ku*, *uu iud uuob ui 01 ft oauE vanes iruoi $50 to $150. Velvet maintain* ita proud supremacy. A cloak of this rich material lined with purple lilk, and embroidered at the edges with a machine stiteh in vivid colors, may, we think, be eailed a "stunner." For the opera silks of the moat gorgeeua atripedness hare been imported in bewildering profusion. A novel and pleaaing invention ia a Turkish cloak, orer whieh, froaa the left ahouMer, depends a graceful scarf, while the right ahouldar h perfectly plain. For missoa there is a cunning cloak, denominated Zara, quite Araboequ* in design. It ia fitted to the shouldera in a sack form, with Bishop sleeves and Japanese of tha homely bat beautiful pheasant?are to fall in soft showers oyer many a lovely head. There is also an entirely new and very clever idea?a chain of medallions to encircle the bonnet. Priees ware never better. CLOAKS ABU) MANTILLAS. II ia generally conceded that the loose sack will be most commonly worn. There are numerous designs adapted to all aces, and apparently, to both sexes. A new idea is the Zouave jacket, which fits neatly to the waist, and is acoompanied by a oloak. so that th^re is accommodation* for all oonditiona of the atmosphere. The fringe* and embroideries are very .I.~- - > ..4 >V. . -Ill- L. 1? r tnlte trimmed with Magenta, fend the insidp ' with white flowers and nlk. The Unanimousverdict i? that the frost shall bo ofose to thfc I face. There is a charming bridal bonnet of1 ?lain white corded silk, with dpuble cape. J oand the crown is a pointed leaf, and tb* trimming ia white illosion and lace. The deoo r*uo iu on the oataide are white rosea, green leeres, and beads, and inside orange blossoms, i Of ornaments there is no end of delicate and divine ideas. Gilt flgurea largely in all, bat Madnme Demorset clearly asserts that tinsel id ' in bad taste and will be too common to be elegaot or diifiiigue." The dainty feathers of tne Paris bird?can this be a corruption of the bird of Paradise^ of the Russian dock, and wife, thie m the end of soch dodnom. Will you be ao kind as to open thit window?" She did 00, nd in three minutes every vial and ft* contents were in the street. People opened their windows to asoertaia the meaning of the crash of glass, and were astonished the aait morning to learn the eause of it, but more ao to hear me saj that I would have nothing more to do with doctor'* stuff unless it was in the form of small pellets, so harmless that nightshade could be taken as well as oatnip for the same diseases with impunity. IffcW YORK FASHION*. WWII. Akippj median hu been found for bonnets. While there i# leea of them than ever before, the front ii more projecting, end is not throw* i up to (he prepoaterooa wej which hM incurred each jtut oeniare. One ') duck" mej be minutely deeoribed. Fancy a crown of black and white lace, the front trimmed with white on either aide of a band of green relret, a white marabout feather tipped with greet drooping deficiently, and the inside trimmed 1 with white and green gold, llageuta it a color very moah in repute?a brilliant red?and hart' is a bonnet of Magedta velvet, trimmed at (he Cron> with, lilac, th? and crown of .white 1 gmiid in"* Tr 1t*oIs?e Family"'ffrooaTy"to3^F??d 12T000 8^?4i ismey. #s SSESis MM on NMoubU Una in order to Mki room l?r 011 effiacMUMk. t * We. IT Aram at.. ff?orr?vn. IWTEZSi : 1 .c.mWoi. At tk* Louutt Priest A kfc# ^ Y-N *' ? 496 Strata Sr.. ? , ^ m 6-lm Above Odd Wllowe* Hall. ?o l-?0? MAXWELL'S, 399 Pa. >t. P * A N C I 8^ ?5Aof F E R, FAMILY QR<?CERY?A1?DVEED STORE, Cenur jJNtw York avmu* mud Tmtk Hrttt. ReapecUulIy aolicuU the patronage of those w ??? w in want of any article in the above line. His endeavors atoll be to pieaee. and by a strict attention to tha wants of the publio, ha hopes to merit a hare of their patronace. Ui. Af ? -11- k. WW ?**> vwi WW v? ?HV W1?J MWV VI W y?l BC. sel<CTm t7A. harvky. NOW RECEIVING FROM NKW TORK, N AT MAXWELL'S POPULAR FANCY STORBRioh French Embroideries, Ruohes and Quillings, Paris Ribbon*?new styles, Clouds and NuHas, Elegant Real Laoe Goods. Hair Nets, Ladiee' Dress Trimmings, Black Lace Veils, Rich Velvet Ribbons, Croohet Fringes, Blaok and Colored Feathers, Guipure Fringes, Eugenia Headdresses, Bertha Capes, Gold and Chenille Headdresses, Pelerines Capes in Victoria Head Ornaments, Blaok and White, Krtty style Headdresses, Real Laoes, Real Laee Bets and Collars, Dress Bottons, to , Ac., 4 c And ererv description of Goods usually found in a well oonducted Fancy JJtore. _ _ _ "irer*. Seventh stroet, *eeo> d hat stor? lrom the corner, opposite Avenue House, No. MO. e 14-3m DO NOT FAIL TO CALL AT HARVEY'S, 261 C Sr., httwtm 10(A and 11(4. He will to-day of en hit long established and well known NORFOLK OYsTER ?. SHUCKING DEPOT for the season He ha? made arrangements t"> re oei ve^w \ LHO regular supplies of the best NOR- xSffifir FOLK OYSTER* on every Tuesday, Thursday, and baturdav. H? will also keep oon stantly on hand a large and varied assortment of FISH, including every sort known to Washington tables. He returns his sinoere thanks to those who patronised his Establishment daring the ivt, ea*on, and it confident that his increased facilities for keeping o?nstai>tly on h&nd freelt suppuas of OYS TKRS, FIrtH, GAME, Ac . Ac., will anply reward aoonunuauoe of their patronage and oustoin. Sold at th? lowest market prieee, and delivered A # ait Mfta rtf Alts f??? -? WU?IW. XliOV. CkCOIII KlUf IUVO, )TU| M?UIU r?IIU nuvtll 111 ary; high or low pressure; mw and grist intl'ti; hydrostatic, or other pressea ; boiler* for hoanng buildiuga, wrought iron water tanks; haftiny kearing, to., for flouring or other mills, and forging of all kind*. we 13 2aw3m W.M M ELI. 13 ft KRO. tgrfiBj NOTICE! 1 wish all gentlemen \ Wm| to bear in mind that HTU/M the plan which I ^^K^^^^adopted, six ye-?ra aco, of selling H A'1'8 and HOOTS at gr?atly re ducad prices for caah ia in successful operation. Juat received a full rupply o( the lataM New York styles of DltESd Ha IS. The very finest Hat 33A?; a first rate Hat 93; and very Kood,faahio< able Hat 82 60. All ofthe latest styles of soft HATS and CAPS, at the vnry lowest prices. I am constantly supplied with a very large stock of thoae fine DRF.SS BOOTS at #3.7fr-whieh 1 hare heen selling for many years? as well as the vary bestqual ty of Pat?nt Leather GAITERS at $3 fin. Fine French Calfskiu Gaiters from $2to $i&\ Terma oash ; no extra charge in order to offset Kaddebts ANTHONY, Agent for the Manufac ships; for wii.i! inashines: for job printing and printing daily newspapers. for various plantation uses; (or sawing and planing lumber; for picking hair: for polishing combs; for shoemakers' use?; for sand sifting; turniun; tob'ooo outtniK and pulverizing; in tanneries*and w re making establishments; for soda water manufacture; for tione crushing; ma t mashing; towing; grinding ontlery. &o. They are inejplosive; economical; easily managed; they require no engineers use no water; and consume rmry little fuol. Any person desirous of using these Ki.gines, can by application to tne undersigned bo shown a large number of testimonials from persons who have them in daily use, expressing their cutiro satisfaction iu their operation and use Prices of the Engines as established by the Patentee: 12 in. cyl'r 9S50 18 inches cylinder, 4-W Double 24 " 1,4"0 32 *' " 1.350 " S2 " 2,??>" *> " " 23 0 " 4>l " 4 JjlKI 43 " " 3,5M> " 48 " " 5,?(? 14 60 * 9,500124 " " 750 We are are also prepared to furnish, at short notice, Architectural Ca'tiugs, f-om any designs that uia\ l?e furnished, as cheap as can bo obtained else11... Si.a. L'--.'"*- 1 .. . . A , TUe undersigned have been appointed sole agents in this 01 ty for the manufacture and tale oftho above Entices, ami are prepared to supply all orders with promp ik-ss and dispatch. Tneso engines have be-n satisfactorily introduced, and are now practioalljr emploved in bakeries; by bookbinders; for boxwood cutting; by cabinet makers; for drawing fan blowers to ventil&to buildings; for pumping; lor domestio purposes; elevating grain; g|as.< cutting; ginning cotto..; grinding auartz; grinding paints; grinding sugar cane on plantations in Cuba; for hoisting; for knitting machine*; 1?t manufacturers of pla:ed ware: of printers' material, of silver ware, or agricultural implements; of matchos; of hooped skirts; for pumping at railroad ?tat'uiis and on board iiiiimiin mi- i niiiUiVKii iKTuiioa out *4 in chil- tkktHINO r*Bn. wbatbar It inm fmmmhiaf * ? Itiun mi othar mm. W woalrt ?*y i* itir; mount who haa > child aafftnug frara any or tit foragoinf complajnii ? do hot lit voct rnucuicBi, noi thi fkbji'dicbs or ornni itanJ b?'*??n yoar inl?rii (t child tod tin raliaf that will ba ICK ?y aa? illOLUT BLT (UBB?ta follow (ha Baa of th adtcina, if titraiy aaad. Tail diracuaca *r aain( will tampaor aaeh botti' Nona ranmlri# anlaaa tha faa-airaila CCRTii ft PKRKirfS, N? w York, la on tha aalalda wrappa oi?t by Drargiai* throarhoat tha world. Wneipal Oflea, Na. IS Cadar luatt, H. T. Friaa onl? M Canta par Batna. N U-dtwl>V Eagle iron works, Cobskb Ohio a v. and Th-btibsth St. ERICSSON'S CALORIC ENGINES. so 6th tnts v rttf , fir Childrta THtlilai, Wklak gltuij fadUtall* tht IrKlH af ttttkiof, k? nDm lav tb? roflasiof *H Irt?ia?at1aa?will tiny ALL fAIW aa? opaaraodta uiiM.ud U SURE TO RR& VLATK fjRH BOWRL8Dtytnd vpn It, Mtbtn, K wili fir* rattta riimftn, ui RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR JNPANTB Wt k?*? pat ap and tald thii artlelt for itirin ytirt, tud caw iat, ik cowpidbwcb and tictn of it.what wahara h'll till afcla ?| "i?7 * *"7 othbb IMitint-PITIl Mkl has It r*H,BDtm A neiLl wiaaijivia ku,ei * *9' FBCT A cctlf WinSLOWB whan timaly attd. Ki?n4ij ?i km* UlfltlitKfl >a matanct of dit tUfkctiM by ?dj ana who aaad N- On lb* contrary, til art SYH'JF, dtllfkud witk lU ruiTioKi, tad I .jtpaat in tarma af klfhatt coairaiedition af ila mi -tea] afteta and nodical matt. Wa tpoak in hit rc&ttar what wb do Bl?OW,n tf.trton yaart* atpantaea,awd FLIotl oc? airvT*tion rn thi FULriLMBRT op what vi kbbb obclabl. Ia alnaat a?ary uiataiiea vktro tna infant it aafarlag fram paw and tthaatiieo. raiitt will bt foaod iolftata ar twtaty mioatat afttr tbt tyrap it aumloltttrtd. ~ Th't va'aablt preparation ia the protanption of ant af tka moat BIPBBIBItOBD and tBILPUL IfOBSBS ia Hew Er,?laad, tadkaa ktan aatd with WBtbb-FailiWS tBCCBtt la THOUSANDS Ot CASES. ll mi aaly rtlit ?tt tka ahlld fram pain, km ioTtfaaattt tka ttaoMck and kawala, carrtcu tciduy,tu<l giaoe taot and antrgy ta tht wbata aytttm. It will elraoai intuolly rthert 6&IP1N8 III TUB BOWSLS AMD WlKD COLIC, tad overcome ?oo?altioat, whlck, If tat tpaadUy rtmaditd aad ia daatk. War ; baiitva it tkt BBtT asd*ubbitbbm-| rUK. |icrm tbt world Eerfeetly quiet He addressed a few words to er, but she Mid nothing. The husband becoming pleasant ; she says to herself, behold the effect of the charmed water, and is delighted Her husband asks her what has happened : and she acts courteous!y, looka pleasant, and makes no reply. Peace is soon made between them. The water lasted many dayi, daring which time they lived as harmoniously as donres. The husband went not abroad, but found happiness at home. But at last the wa* ter of the oottle was exhausted, and soon they were again in the field of strife. The wife again repaired to the " gifted lady," but this tine she said : " Alas! tho rase in which I kert the water is broken !" 4,What is to be done?" asked the other. 44 Hold yonr mouth," replied the sybil, 41 exactly us if too had the water in it. and your success will be the Every person similarly advised to try the experiment. Every sort of water is believed to be equally good ; and even without water, ik is thought the same end may be obtained. A sum. VTUSLOW, N Kxperies cd Nuae and Female Phtaletar, BrMAnfl tr? thi&ttiintinn r%t mn?h?ra Kav . Jy W tf Inspector and Sealer of ri as Meters. nDR MOCK IS ALWAYS COMPLETE OP t.hqoajehraUd Chiefceriag 4 Son*' ub coaled PIANO PORTE*, nbraoiciftdBMi ever* mo. *ty1e, soale and finiah, at prio??,TT\Ti U rait tke time*. Old Piano* taken inptrt earment for aew. The Chiokennf*' have (Men * warded 40 fold and ?iiver medal* at the different exhibition* in tk* United Stat** lor the *up*rioritj of their Piano* over a 1 other maker*. Their Piano* are better, their prioe* a* low, their term* of pay tag a* ea*y, toeir discnant* for oashjcreater than any others. Call and tee for yourself __ JOHN P. F.I-LIB, *e? >Q6 Pa.av.. bet 9th and loth :*. W MAGNOLIA HAMS! , , E Ar* again iu receipt of a further supply of these Ham*. They have been fctufies in the smpkeheeao tfcrouffa the seasoa^aad are in oapiial or*w. i KINtf A feURCHKLL.i seS Corner Wth st, aad Vermont?venue. o Pr"T,?J?Q? or the oidinauoe ol the uorMay ,S 196fl] the nnrfereigned i. ,Er??*rad?. wl>?never required in writiuf, and payment of the fen ot&flj oenta, to inapcot. J* ' ?a' toat, arove, and ascertain the aoouracy of tv?l?r?LW ?M meter in a?e in tm? city." mJJ I taS}nr' *f found inoorreot, will be ooniemncd, ,eal?2 *** ?n?rfced M trae, will I* yL'P--* If r^oved to he aoevrate in ita m^iinrement of Caa, it will beaealed aoeordiiifly, 0*1 n,. " "WjUlStSWihlMlUii/iH. the intention of persons fiiTifthing to examine before purchasing?among winch mar b* f>>und s Parlor Suit*, iu Brooatelle, Heps and Uair Cloth. Mahogany and Walnut Sofas, Tete-a teles, and Parlor Easy Chair* Mahogany and Walnut Ma bla top and other Tables, in great \anety Marb e-top Oak-painted Cottage Eeta Walnut aud Mehogany Marb.* top plain and other Bureaus Cane and Wood soat Rooier, Dining, OAoe and other Chairs Handsome (Jilt and Mahogany Looking G'assrs Mahogauy and Walnut Cottage aud other BedMW Cabinets, Ktageres. Whatnots and Desks Biusee's, 3 ply, log rain and other Carpets; Oiloloths Marble top, Walnut, Mahogany and.othsr Wash?ta"ds and Sinks Hair, Shook, and t?huok and Cotton Mattrasses W ith a treat variety of other goods not hare men tioned, winch will be sold Terr low. WALL 4 BARNARD. Auctioneers, south side of A?enae, se 38 eolm oorner Pa. av. and 9th street. f \FF1CE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER VJ OF OAS METERS. . , .. * W AHH15QTO*. July IS, 1880. NOTICE IS HEREBY QirErf.,re? Hair and ?hnot Mattres?e?, Feather Boiateraand Pillows, B auket*. Comfort*. QuilU, T?wal?, An. In addition to ??r 'took of Furniture oar fir*t fl'.or contains a large aud well a*?lpoied atnak of China, Gla?a and Crockery, Plated iiood*. J \r*ueae Ware, Talle Cutlery, Britannia War", B ??cktin Goods, Basket*, Bra*ti?a, ko., altoc?th*r formin* a aoinrlete variety of every thing necetbary to furnish a nous* in all iu acartmenta C. W. 8'iTKI.ER * 8ON8, Iron Hall, No. *18 P<*un. avenue, ae 17-MA.Thtl between 9th ai.d intb ?ta. Furniture Wareroonis. Z WALL 4. BARNARD vL are now receiving,on oonsignment, Ml at their Warcmoina, corner of C I ^ I and Ninth streets, (in the rear of their auotion rooioa.ia v?ry largo and general a*Rortinunt of F1 RNITURE, CA K PETS, and Ht >U?E KKKPlNli GOOD8 ren?"allv. wkiob the* mrita ueorc-town ana Alexandria. -which oordial y iaviteall who doom faruiebini; t?i oali and exaininefor thsmaelveg. Ourstoo* einh ace* every oonoei vat.le artiole neorsnary tofuruiaha parlor, ha<l, dining room, chamber,and kitchen. Our ?*xtenaive atook ia too numerous to particuarixe. Wo only nauea few of the leading articles, at;ch aa, Tiz: Rosewood, Walnut and Mahogany Parlor ?u>t?, uphoiatoretl in a superior rorwirsr in Urooateile, hi k Lasting and Hair Cloth, Gilt train* Mantel, Tier aad other Glasses, Gilt Baas Tab ea, Gilt Brack#ts and Marble ?'aba, Gothic and other handsome Reception Chaira, in Urooateile, Plush. Ruah and Cane Seat*, Etcgeros, with Marble-tops aa l Mirror Baoka, IK*. Parlor Deska and Whatnots, Rosewood, Walnut and Mahogany Bureaua. Washatan.i*, Brdato&ds and WarUrobea, very handsome and oheav, Cottace Chamber Fnrnlt?re, in Oak. lmit\tlrn Oak. Maple and Painted, with or without Marble Tops, Marb'e-top ?fctraoks, in Oak and Walnut, Iron H&tracks, Hall Stand*, W 'cretarie*, Bookoasfa, Shaving Standi, Maroie top Center Tables, siors.""'* Di rkau or CoNfiTECCTios,! TSKASPKT I'irABTMlM, ^?pt. 14. I?6", J Skai.kd peoposa.LS wiii be reoeived at t*i? oflioe until (lie K>th day of Ootober, A. D, >88fl, at 12 o'oiook. noon, lor furnishing and potting up oon D.Pt" ail tne iron work of the Gates, F* e??, An., for the app-oach*s to the a' uth viae of the Treasury Extnntion Building. I'notogrs phed plans and np'oifir-ationa c-tn be had upon application at thia offic" on and after the instant. Tfce proposals should b" patnly endorsed na the envlope lPr totals far Iron Fence anil (fates for tKe Trtasuiy Extension," and the? will he opened at ona e clock on the day last named for receiving the same. U'da will only be reoeivci per lineal foot for length of Feuee, for ?fcoh kind ofFeuoa. The measurement for lengtn to be exo'usive of t..e Granite l'o?U and the Iron Gatea. MAn will not fw considered if made b? the pound, or if made in gross for the whisle. The bids must alio atate a apeoifio price 'orcach double Gate of the different sizes. K. M CLAFK, Acting Eugineer in oh^rga, Treasury Depart inent. ?? 17 2awtoo1fl Look to your interest, purchas ERS OF CABINET FUh.NI t URE. We h.aro cow in ?U>re an J daily re- /11 oeiving tho largest, liar.dsomes', ? "< cheapest lot of Cabinet Furniture ever offered to the citisens of Warhinpton,? the Treaaury, agreeably to the regulations of the Department. Should any of the successful bidders require certificates of stook, with coupons of semi-annual interest payable thereon from the first day of J aouary next, snch certificates will be issued, with such ooupons attached, in sums of one thousand do'lars eaca; and auch coupon atcok, instead of being transferable ou the books of the Tieasury, may be aamgned and tranaferrod by the delivery of the certificates. The interest of the last-named ?ock, from the date of the deposit to the firat day of January next, will be paid to the successful bidder or his attorney, by the depositary with whom tLe principal was deposited. The preliminary depoaitofone per centum, required upon all proposals under thia notice, will be iucluded in the deposita of principal and premium made by auooeaaful biddera, and will be immediately directed to be returned to the unaucoesaful biddera. HOWELL COliB aein-2awtd Beoretary of the Treaaury. OROPOSAL.8 FOR IRON KKNCK AND rnitlu i?/to t u l* t u l* i mm tr c v ti n at V. C." it The boat bidders uader the ft>r*?o?nf ooiiditionc for the aggregate him of ten millions of dollar* win toe lmmedrately informed by mail oftheaooeptanee of their offers, and they must deposit the amount eo aocepted, with the premium thereon, with the Treasurer ol the United Etat?s, or the Assistant Treaaurer at Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Chaneeton. New Or,e*aa, or tU. Louis, oa or before the 23d day of November next. t*heu d (Dooeaaful bidders deaire to deposit at other pointa tueir wishes wi'l be duly oonsidered on being stated to this Department Certificates of inscribed stock will be issued in sums not lrss than one thousand dollars eaoh to the sncoessfnl bidders, or their assigns, for the principal so deposited, carrying interest at tbe rate of five per eentum from the date of sooh deposit. Such stook will be trausferrable on the books of MISCELLANEOUS. Proposal? forwl6aln of ten million dollars. Tiiiicit d*ta|it**wt, sejt.8,1w>. SiaMd P*ofo*ah wilt b? received at thi? 1>? parcment until 12 o'olock, noon, of Monday, the 33d dar of October next, for ten in J! ions of do]'* of ttook of the United State*, to be issued under the aot of Cenctaaa of the 224 dar of June last, authorizing a loan and providing for the redemption of Treasury notes, at wkioh time the proposals will he opened aad decided 0%. The stock wtf 1 be reimbursable tn ten yoara from the first day of Jan vary next, and will b*ar interest, at fire per oentum per annum, payable semi annually on the first days of January anfl Ju!y of eaoh year. !<o offer will be aoosptad below par, and none for aay fraction of oae thousand do iars; nor will aay offer be ooaaiderad unless or a per aentann of tti* amount thereof is 4eposited with a depositary of the United states, subieet to ttie order of the Secretary of the Treaaory. The oerti fioate of sank deposit must aeeompany the >^np?M>ala. In all eases the off*r must be unconditional, without irferenoe to oth*r offers. and muat atate the rateuf ! premium offered. The proposals aheu!d be endorsed on the outside. "Proposala for Loan of IW?," and to l>e addressed "To the Secretary a? the Treasury. Waskiaiton, ?- gu^*|i*KD *~MolfyTr.~ " Kt 14 onrr??T F.lov^nth at and r* >t. Wood a^S8' coal OFFICE, 998 Fa. Av., Brrw, liyi amp Hth Btim Tfatn ml* loager with tk* mtty worthlcw Liuiircn:* otntd to you. Obtain a aifpli of Da. McLEANIS CLLtBOATED LINIMENT. It wifl cur* ?oo J. H. McLEAN, 8oU Proprietor, Comer Third and Pin* ?t?., Si. Loci*, M?. CHARLES STOTT, ftS P*. ??., tcl* f?ut in W?.l,n4tuii; R. 8. T. CIIMIEL) U*orf?Mwu. iiM MWIj W ATCH REMA?'vi'rAC?opiVVEI1 WaFe I have one of the best estaliluhnent*, and furniehed with * complete set of Uk?1b for repairing ever* dcsoripuon of fiue Watchea, and particular attention rive to the tame, by *mim thorough competent wirkmau.artd a. work Kiiarantied Al o, every descrip ion of ataodanl 81LV F.R WARE, piamand ornamental, mamifactu ed ur.der Sy own euperviaion. wtiich my cu?t"inera will find r cuperior in fualit) and finuh to northern ware old by dealers in general and represented an their own manufacture. H. O HOOD, M ft 139 Pa. avenue. i?m 9th at. f\j MERCHANT TAH ORiy?. 1^1 EW FALL STYLES or CLOTHS. CAS81* Fl> VK*TI NfiS. WALL. STKPHENS * CO., 3*2 Pennsylvania Avenue, have Juat reoeived a larse varietv of B"w Fall Gooda,to winch Uey invite the attention of their fnendaano niinUiwft. U jatf Tbalzac*? new novel. HEGreateeeaaad Deehneof Ceaaar Birolteard. sroia the French of Honor* de Balsae. translated I.* lJr. W W trlit and F. H. aoadn^TTC? r-lp'.v, WtiiiKiiof rhe Moaclra, Chronic or lultixm^iw; R*)*utn<ttaci, Hnhcii of the Jomia, Ootraeted Mnclri or Ltf amenta, Kirnclic orTrodttclil, Brnieee, Iprnul, f'reab Cad. Woouda, I'lcera, Fnn Sj(ti, Ctkid Dtem, lor* Nipplca, Burna, ScaIJa, Sort Throat, or aay inSamaattoa or paw, no difference how infr? or long the ilutui may have tiitcd, Mi LEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ie a certain rtmrtf. Tb<*??jade of hanan ttiofi hate been eared a lilt of diec re pilule and mieery by tha uae of il ia iaitluMt rauiedy. Mr LEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will relieve paiu alaoat inetanf oeoaely, and it will clean, purify and heal the fouleit lorca in an incredible abort niae. FOR HORSES AND OTHEK ANIMALS. McLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia tha oolr aafe and reliable remedy fur the enre of Spa tin, lUafMiie, Windgal'e, Kp'iata.Vnnaiaral Lnrepa, Nojee or fiwtllinra It never failed to care Big Head, HoUa*il, Fietala, Old Rauuiuf Korea, or brttn;. if property applied. for Spraiua, Braiaee, Herat', hea, Cracked Heela, Caafea, Saddle or Collar Galle, Cnta, Boree, orWoonda, ii ie an infallible remedy. Apply h aa directed and a care ie certain in every iaetanee. ? arrimel ti (in Muif icuoa FOR CHILDREN. If roui children arc aicfcly, pan* or aBiet'd, Sli LEAD'S CORDIAL *ill ntkc thirn henlui, fat, ud rit>ui Delay not a moment; trr it, and yon arill be convinced U la tfeUcioaa to take. CA DTlOIf. Be vare of drofjrnia or daalere who may try ' pala> ti?*n yon eoine bittar or eiraapanll* trteh, which they eaa boy cheap, br >>tio( it ii (net a* rood Avoid each teen Aak for McLFAS'8 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL, and take uoihtn* elae It ia the only remedy that will parity the Bl?>4 tooronghlr and at iba aama time MraafUaa the aye< era. Una teupoonfu! uken avary uornii.f (eating ia a certain preventive for Cholera, Chilia and Kaver, Yellow Fever, or any prevalent rfiaeaee It ia pat ap la lerje tvorlee t-nca only SI per bottle, or 6 bote If a for $5 J. H McLEAN, Sole proprietor of ibii Cordial; alao, McLean'a Volcanic Oil Liniment Principal Depot on the toe-nor 01 Third aud Tine ttrteta, St. Lome, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BK?T LINIMENT IN THlt WORLD ) The outj %/? \nd certua curt for Ctuciri, IMti, Ti mora. Rvalluiri nud Rruachtle or Coitrc. P.utivi.i. Vcu ui t-r>?? ?u'UK >oa ( i>ir uj A(>t (ur Ciulu a?U Kifir.J OVER A MILLION BOTTLES have been told daring the last six month*, and in no i?iudci h<i it (ultH iu (itib( entire labefaction * ho, than, will euBer tr?n Weaku?e> or Dehiiitv when McLEANH STRENGTHENING CURDlAL will care yuu 1 No can cor.rey *n adc.jaate idea of the imrerdl*t? and almost tniracL.jus change prodaeed by taking thia Cordial in the dieaaaed, 4?kilit*ied,aiid battered rer? >as ;mib, whether broken down by eiceea, weak b; lamrt, or lD.p-iired Ly sickness. the rallied atd knauung orgxailauou l> restored u> ita pristine health r.ld rigor. MARRIED PERSOXS, or others, conscious of inability from ? hate er tinaa, will find MCLEAN'S bTRENGTHENINU CORDIAL a tborjngh regenerator of the eyetem; and all wha mar have in }ored lhrn,selvcs by improper indulgences will And la tkia Cardial a certain ud apeady remedy. TO THE LADIES MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL ie a ?n(rfixn anil apeedy cure for incipient Coaaauipnoa, W r.i;ee. Obstructed or Dl*cuit Mens'rtistirm, of Crire or Involuntary Diaeharge thereof, Tailing of the Wnitb, Giddiness, Painting, ana all diieaaea incident to Femalea. THERE IS SO MISTAKE A BO FT IT Buffer so longer. Take it according to direeuona. It will eiimalate, etrengtben, and inrigor.tta yoa and caaaa the h I AArii rtl kaaliti in mr.r n < ? rkaak aaiia Pwar. L ' - ? /W1JK7 eater* into it* com- ] *Tlfcr-yL^P r?o.?>ii?l pnntlplt fefijM. J '" a." StWji^1 of etch iaf radiem i? Before taking,e r taking. diatillinr, producioj deneioaa, etbilaratiaf spirit, tad U>? git infallible raraady for raaaeaiinf the diaeaaefl aretea, lid roiorinfr iht tick, auffennf, uid debilitaisd uietlid la health uid atrf rfth. McLEAX'S STRENGTHEX1XQ CORDIAL Will effectually care Liver Coo.[l*u,i, Dyspepei*, J???fiire, Chronic or Ner?.'u* Debility, I>tee?a,e'</ the Kidbtye, nd *11 d'aeaees arietnf from disordered I i?ar or Bromach, Dyepepaia, Heartburn, Inward Pil'a, Aridity or Sickness of ti>* Stocixh, Piiiluua of Blood lo lb* Held, Doll Pmn ar Swirun.iitf iu lbs Hexd, Palf>it*tica at the Heart. Fallaes* or Weight in ths Stomach, 8oar Eractatione, Choking or 8i.(fo<: utio J Kselinf when layinr down, Dryuess or TelfoW ueu of th? Skin aud Kees. Nijrht Sweats, Inward Feeen, Ptin in tin Sumll of the Sack. Cheat, or Side, Stddau I'luhci of Heat, Deprsaaiou of Spiriia, Krif hUnl f>reaiua, Laufaor, Daspo? or ta; nervous diessae, Soraa ar '* 'uitilj ?ti* ?'* (1 \V nlitc and *?!' * bl? Go?p??u<l, Pro- uET Ukk.j cared hy?h? dUrilU* Off )9 Uon tf rooUi^ifUi BUck R^oo\S?r??p?- ^E9| jCTm B irk, *od Uaudrlion F-"ok RESIT -a. Uire?-?tor> brick holsk on H utreet, between 4?h and Sth. Also. a two story 8KICK COTTAGE, w>th earden, corner of Tenne??ee avenae and north F street, enrroandad bv a larcn ooramin pasture, and would be a deatrab!" location for a dair>uuui. Iutjuua of C. BIRGE, 446 12:h St. Jy 19-eowu* fi>OR KENT?Three BKICK HOl'SES?oaeon Twelfth street, between C and It; on? on th* corner of Twelfth and II sts.; and one on H, between L3th and 13th sts. Inquire of JAMES W BARKER, on II street, between 11 th and IStli. No. 4397 ma jft-tf I70R RENT?Tke HtCsf M,U??k ol Uia Duuu I in* immediately opposite the a est wing of Lur City Hal., reoentiy occupied by Ct:aa. 8. Vfaliaofc as an office. A;eo the front room in the aeccnfl story and the third floor of the came l>u;l<J:ng. Km terms arply to RICflARD WALLACH.No. t Loaieiana & venae. ja 19 tf Dn J. H. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AMD HLOOD fl'RIFiKK THE GREATEST REMEDY i? t>u WORLD, and the most DtLiciors a\d wii a ? 1?1 UI W Ariwn ?t. JU 08. F. BIRCH. UNDERTAKER, Ctn. hiruit- ?%4 Jnft/tm ?(*.. gwnrtm* H&viiic line n:T peraonal attention K> thM biaock of my Su"inc??, 1 Km pto, u ^ attend to al! caila wim MpmftMaa Persons from adietair* cm wiu> flimt at a 'vm irmutn' mHiaa. aa I havealaiff aaaortmeut of CoFplNS a.wai* on h*n<l. Partiou'ar attention paid to tbe removal of th* d?ad flrom th* old t<? txe ??w liuria! groorxJ#. U?araoa an I Horae* fur hi re. a* t> * FOE 8Al7K~AND RENT.^ I7,ORS*LE?A HARM containing Wwm, ?i|1/ u*W 8 inilea f.-otn Ueop(?to?n, in Mn*lMM rc oonnty. M'l. Kiflr acrea are ?*i a hiili atate of onttiwatooa; twenty-feve aorta in *o >d. Tat rata a amaU log houae, aLablinic ?lieda, cora honae ar it. App'e orchard and aoinf peaches: cpruic an a w>li of water at the door; hem* perfectly ijealthv, Vl?a? inquire of BA KNARD A BUCKF.Y. Aretioneera, No. 114 Hrtdfo itr?ti, G?or(?to9a, or WALL A UARNAKD, \Va?hirnton. aeli-ecilin GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS JUST RECEIVKD19 hhd?. prime Porto Rico SUGARS, Id Rye AVHlfK Y, MObMa HKRftT>? an.i Al.F.WIVKS. SO bbia. Craahadaod RefanM ?UGARs, ?) baca R io and Java COFPKK. 10 hitUa.<tov aru-ail i IttOLA^vitS. For aala by JOHN J. BOG UK. ?10 I^RANUhLU OPTICIAN, V ** -BrUf Oiorrt?m, _ Ha* oooataotiT wu Kami a larja aaaortaant of Fie:.oh Nrar-inliWi, Periacojno. CoI-^^4^^^ ored, acd aL other SpKCtA'TLES, oi^-* the 6eri ^ua.ity. in told. ilr?r. ateel.and Garmaa fj'ver frainer. N. H. O'.a P"im#a Repaired aid new c.Maea set in thenn toordar. ?o?-b rftdeinnr fre?h an pa'tea of the aho\K> delirhtfn! N?t?rM??aa"' jnvit? a!'. ?ornooa wlio wa.Lt a ?ureucadv iterated AJa, to etve it a trial. ..UHIklV A. UUI1UKI ? - - QBAELE8 A. ?HAr??ViTCB MAKKi(, 346 Prn?. Amrnm. tmr Srr*mk &*>-* Eotir* titration H?*? to the r ?H C-m? noin<?t?i?, Dup *x tad L^??f fc?i? K *JShsisvus: ?2 Cwd? ** "' > * gALTiMORKBUTTBR ?OU8R Daily r?ccinn* freak and ivtpt. ii (,o?s^r *?cfrif* ? PlKlUMt* Pku?. NtlHlMtMk, FSW^fiik.W tra. tev* f.BM a*n sussy. srfes&s ylv?ma>y?m?. 3d %#>?! 4W ?t? ? y? f 30 ffiKSBT^ fSrM IM.MvmM aailwuiU. Youth,i' asurf Boy*' Clothing for 8eA#W 2)rM? HW P?rfnU and caardiao* wekiBf Is faroiekthoir ohiMren &itd arar*? win, Hci.00, ai d Coll'** Oet*u for the coming atuut, ar* invited 10 iuhm oar fr?MBt itrte and eiUunvn aaaortiaent B )>>' CLoTHINfc. wnere they oaa bloat tWj okiXdre* of all aizee m a few anontenu with arm daaoni tion of K?-ady-madr Garmenta, of enbetaatiil aiad 4arabla aaaJity. at very ?od?*rat? prior* ?.?^I WACL-FfttafiS>rO<V WK HAVE JUBT RKCUVRD 4 NEW At " aortmrat of Stamway * !*oa?' o?ar _^^_ atruDf Mmi paad rqnar* PIANOS, nHB different ity.ea, whio'i are idw a ad 00b tad VTTTT1 ly Ue beat iaatramtaU mat* facta red Wa are oonfideitt that everybody *1:1 Mait Una feat after a carefal exaaupaiioa. Oar friaatfe and Um a?Uie In ?en?ral are reapaotfkity to aal a?S iSKTZKIlOTT ^ wararooa-a of W.J?. F LOUR L~Ct>fcj4i?<ION m... . And wholeeale deaLrt ia MILL PSKD, CO A A MEAL, fa., #e^ Comer of 12th aad R atr?*u, Waahinf toa aHy. ITT- fAik BRiH for rII kir/ia of (arRin AM 9 An 11/ ?? n bio uu?, n uu wiii uv i cyriTi uj ni the next tan dava, whieh we M.I. delirered from the ve*pel,ata reduction ofSswiti per to*. bend jour orders early. EW A MAiLQW. Propief>r?. eTTtf Corner Seventh at. ud Ca-a'. O O D """" NO ? Q 9 It Delivered to all parte of U? tbe low eel possible rate*. T- J. fc W. M 61LT. OAoe 9S* Pa. between Utk and l*h eta . ma 17-tf T>orth eirte. COAL! COAL" WOOD* woopr! 1 am daily reoeiviag larjre snppl ee of COAL frtw the very beet Pennsylvania mieee, whioh 1 will *H1 at reaaorab'e pice* Also, the beat quality of Oak. Pine and Hickory WOOD,cutan<< pluralllenftne. Call and leave yenr . B A TjflT* ee 17 lState#) Cor. C and 14th eta., near Caoal. SCHOOL AND COLLEOB OUTFIT*. CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPHtT' With full meaanremant fuaractied. Remember, Tut Blte Fla.* Staff, v?it of Seventh itfmt, south of tM Ca>.al. mm) mpoaite the Center Market. GEORGE PAGE, i(?it lET- HICKORY ANlToAI PLANK or TIN B KR (of any sib* or dimensions) 8 A WEI), POSTS or JOISTS RIPPED, or LOGSSAWfcf). at the KhortMt notice IET hn.all joba of BLACK8M1TH1NG promptly executed, aa above. e?CI7-t 3 13 Q Q q rmon FIRE-WOOD HILL, Ceraer e( Srveath at. a>4 Caaal. W 0~~0 D of all kind, manufactured to order, any >i?tl or aiae, ready for nee. COAL?COAL. We have now on baad a beautiful lot of OOAL, Iwtli Rrd and White A?h, different aiae n ? < - - r T? WESTERN ACADEMY, n K Exergiwc of this school. uuder the nktrt* of l)r.S,L Loom^Md tfa? Pnnwrr D*r*rim*nt under Mm Asms E Pbci.wiU be rwaatc ? * j teinber 3d. Ciroultrs cm be obtained at the book tore*. (Int.) au 17 -eoJm WOOD AND COAL. plPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIONEER SAW MILL All FIREWOOD PACTIKT, (Sign or tbk Blcj Flao Sr*r?.) Idth *1 the Cuil, Bear Ttk street Bri4|r, Will furnish, at the shortest notaoe, FIREWOOD, OP THE BEST QUALITY, Or Ahy Kiwd, Cut and 8?lti tm ? /)isisii?i. 1T1 FOR YOUNG LADIES. 464 E St., Bktwk* 6th are ?t? Mrs. Tit* fourth annual eesuon of Um lnatitate will commence on the first MONDAY in &ept*fnb~r. Applio&bon* (houM b? made early, a? th* number ofpufilinlimitHl. For particular* Me oucnlari or apply <0 the principal*, Mr. and Mr*. T.I. HAVKVVKR. it the limt'tote ut-tf M"The next ee?*ion wil. ooaiiue*oeOc'ot>er ia.UB. Term*, to., forwarded on applioatioo. atUtf MRS. A. E. BELL'S SEMINARY^ Cvnur 9f L mnd Tmuk Mi., IT* c*tr. Tie next session yf this school will oommeace Servniber 3d. I860. The TOarc laches of the Inetitenon are particular!* requested to ha auno'aal ia actandauo* at th* opening of sohool, ana all other* who with to beootne member* of the same to make earl* application, a* the number of pupils will be lumte-f. Term*. *o., given on app.>u*Uou. au 88-d3 AeotOot 15* In aridiUaa today ? holer*.Mn. MfCorrtlt is ?repar?4 Ui receive* limited ummtft i<( jupu* u frianW*, who. eonetitatlnf a part or het mltn IJ jr. will be o' <1er l?*f lt?me0iaie oare M iup#rr iou. KM will ?no?* VorvaeJar % poeettirMnt roand them with the comfort* and kiadhr hJmbim or Hoine. htJrrmcti.?Mi. 6m. H. NwtM, Rer. IK Liiw Harriett). Rev. D F.Sfriff. Williawi Fvwia. Keq.. KHsar Snowden, IM., Edinecd F Witmar. Keq.. H?nr? Marburr. KK . MlNik fceq . Robert H. Haatoi. Ba* . ?V D Waliaah. fcditor L veiun* Star, Bwtui. aW Mar*. fee* ..Jaa. hnt*ri*l*. Jr.,Fee.,Cvl.Joluiw.Minor,Loidou, Mocri. BiackiJck k Marshall, Measre Com Brother*. Tnm. Board, with Taition m all the Eafliah P-aaehot, ?3?>(or the aunual eeeeion?parage mku-aaeuall) , in advanoe. M uuo and uage* at rrofeeeora' pn*M v~j~ Mo extra ohartee. an JM1 HE PRKSCOTT HIGH SCHOOL, 3t0 f.iohth St.. P it w>.m k awv L Stt. tttudie* will he r?*um?<] tn this iifeti'utinn on MO * DAY, bepUsmbsr aid. Oiro?,ar?at huulftK in*. au 16 tf A. C RICHARDS. Pnnmpai. lilETROPQLirAN coi.i.itoiafit insti. TFKMAI.K EDt'CATION. HOSE P*rent? wAo vwk Mr dMiiiUri to o#ire a thorouch ?n<i itatera&tio education, vh^r* ttM>?r wvl rKMirfdMl* m<1 f?Ul Mtnutive. eefcf Uiei???i approved aval*(n*f Call* Iheiuo* *nd G jBttift.ot. *r? rvap^oifaUr tan tod to vimt Uh> lTni?n Pmw* Aa^tonrr. em mm rmu tMuth it-Uil N*w York _ MM. A MILS. Z. RICHARD#, fcu 3P tf PrtMtfMa. pwu?E ^U^ANjyUY Sbaouu Wr?. J. McCORMTCtt. PAWCTfAL. TYm tnml wihw dT lM/Tmlll<tiwi viUrvmnMrton Tnwdsr, 8ee*eeher3aei, ir u houa* ' c? CfouuM bj Sjlva*tor SouU> ?af>* No. 1*0 Kids ?tr?i The coirrw of ttndy paiauwl wtM oomjrij* kil thx t r?nebe? reunite to*tWoift uisfcKdn Aiu?ic. i'.eacA, Latin *a4 i( d Ml ran. I iow.?? ?f ft immu. ~~ " kekjcationalT ACADEMY OF MODKRN l.ANOAUA??*. < wauiimtoh hcilmmj . P? 4rmuf, Cemtr qf StT*nik St*mt. A M Dl MO N T^"" ^ ?f KMWI l.lneuu" *nrt I.( r*tnr?. Mi th? honor to afcnoauMllitl M willNMMkM CliMNttd Pn*?to l.wiom <? W?4m?1*i Mit, tbf Mtt of frnf ltml*r, in th? *bov? Ao*t*rfiy. H? l? ?a?o t? lire, inaakool* Hid bailiM, ? of J.tgVbt? uf*??i ttwrr*neh i.itorstur*. from trw Utli*?t F?timUoo of U? Lu|U|? to Dm Pi n?< Aoari*i?T. wta?r? Prt*. D? Mm+mry wtM to is ?WndMioe d?ilj froai# to Ilk* m4u?b*U>??.?. Ml lm 4 Tito WEEKLY 8T A* Tk? raMllwt PMiity thM Ml h? fowMl IB Mr M F?blUhei Ml TriMi-Hwi, *ifi tolly,ta n. mn, pm iebdw 9\ U tir* *opice ... 4 m ^^TP>.-n" ": ,;2 Bt *?Wribi f in ??*ba mini MMH Mtckbor* stoaswssa/tt irttas ?> ??a r*..y Uiu?(k?il Um kmiUj. , ITT" Po?trrMt?rt wk? m m ? < ?.n ?i

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