Newspaper of Evening Star, October 8, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 8, 1860 Page 2
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J THE WASHINGTON CITY: MONDAY ........ October "N ISM. - . " ?' ' i 11 '* Spirit ( the Ntrilii frtt*. Tka CmutKtmiivn sbowa Uut the r^pabltcana * tit Pan iluoni* Imi tka *1/1 A# i M> u> iur unnocim oy a atcitiTR vote, r lectin* U?iu the Corrrnor, CongrMimu ad ieglatature. The Papi* H*ll?osmt.?Coppia, the modern Ic.iri.* mUf hi* '.MfU tlirinpl to Uk? flight skyv im in a poprr \\ edneaday, > New Ywk. 4M uccfi-drd in rncbli| an altitude of sixty M, when lh?- balloon bn aino t-nUityled'in ?l"', *?bieh mn injured it th:tthe hot air escaped, i ^d it i dsit down o? Ih* run Luckily, Coppia, tsea, ?d UL a whole ski<i. A chaicoaJ f/0 was used to product the Inflation wii Bit ex Hmj corner of Sands a,.<l Fulton ?? by pa*lnt; itcur, and w badly hnrt is to b? compelled to go borne. He drat ra'urht tbe ruffian and b'at blm with his flag pole. Xtr Iv.ttalton* appwrrd on parade and presented a #a? ?pp?r*ncr, J.ut ttr outrageous treatment which tlif ? < dampened tbeir ardor." Tf* Flu>.iiu t.LkXTiuN ?We bare i few additional returna from Ibla SUU- The democrabc uiajtMttv to L? on county ia 1UI, a gain of tt4 ?in< e toe last tio\ernor'arleetion. when thedemocratic majority in tbe SUU- was only 400. In Jeffe so* ceiiuty the democratic majority to '?>3, a taincf^. 1" Msdiaou Xouuty, as far M beard from tbe democrats hsve a majority of 172 Thla county at tbe last el#r?ioB, na?a tbe oppoaitloa a m-i'orty of Itt In Kraa county the Union ~7ty bW a majority of l?. ? gsin of 21) votes A' ferwaud'.B* the vote ^nds ior lL< 173, and for the opposition .. The SUU has ervla?,i~ .? ?V-? , ? ( ? ?} 196 OH, elaimrd to b? balance due for board and lodging furnlsLed to Mr*. Ada I . M Heenan, as itir wifr of the defendant, at bis aod k?*r Instance and request. between the month* of December, WMJ.aod July, lr-60. J. C. deotes that he owe* thr n.oney and that Ada Is his wife. Attack 05 Bbookltb Widb Awais is N*w Voai ? t he New York Port of Friday aaya' "The S juth Brooklyn Republican* came orer on WedM-eday Bight, to join in tbe Wide-Awake parade, when they were aaaaulted upon disembarking at tbe font of Sixteenth st . by a gang of Irishmen, with stunts, mud, Ac. Their banner, which bad Wn got up on a large scale, and set up by their workmen at the place cf landing, was torn and aetWd ?> that it could not be used on the parade Tbrir iin-ses were frightened by the assailants, aid run away, injuring the vehicle to which they went atucbta. v -oUiu Booth, of the Brooklyn Vralri* H ? * * - " I3in OI August. At Loando the Japanese w?nt ajliore. but were donated with the ne^roe*, scd did net repeat the visit. Pcrwul. Hon. R. M. T. Hunter, and Hon. L. T. Wlgfall and family, are at Brown*'. Mr. Reward reached BufTilo, on hia return from bis five-weeks' Western tour, on Friday afternoon, ar.d wa* received by a large crowd. He beld a levee at the house of Hon t. O. Sptnlding, and made a brief speech In the evening be w*s serenaded by a large body of bia political ds. He arrived at home in Auburn on gaturday. ' Howard," In bis dispatch to tbe New York Tirrus. says ?Tbe female institute at which tbe Pr.oce pi?v<d tenpins yesterday, baa been besieged to-day by all sorta and conditions of peopie. Mrs ?*mith is already a lioneM of tbe first water. I called there to-day, and found four reporters xctiiag items, and Frank Leslie's artist .aktsx ? sketch of tbe alley. John C. Heenen bas been sued by a trustee of tbe Weetctester House in n? v...w i ...... ?. im was inrnira msiae, wben (!>?. ale wu minased quietly. The crowd of person* present wa?su:U ;ient to take all the remaining seat*. From tub Japanese Embassy?The New York Time* lias later news from the homeward, bound Japenese Embassy, furnished by it* c< rreepondenta on board the steam-frigate Niagara which left Cape Verde on the l?th of July, and reached th? harbor of St. Paul de Loan do, on the coast of Africa, on the 7th of August, short of coal mad water. All on board were In good health, snd the only Inconvenience experienced was from the prevalence of adverse winds and the conse quent lack in the stipply of coal and water. The Japanese w*re progressing in their English studies There were a large number of American and English ships of war on the African coast hunting up slavers, of which four or live had been captured.* The Niagara, after coaling and takieg In wat?r, was to leave S?t Paul dc Loando on tbe swilchraan, and was required to attend to two depots and farulsh water to the engine. Ifj* The American Board of Commissioner* for Poreign Mission*, which was in sesston for several diys last week In Boston, adjourned tint dt? os Friday, after fixing upon Cleveland, Ohio, as the next place of meeting. The Board concurred in the Importance of raising $100,000 next year, for the purpose of clearing off the debt of t!?e concern. The Cherokee ciissioa was discontiansd, on the ground that the Cherokee* are now a Chrlstisn nation. H^Sucb is the Interest to attend the reception of the Prince of Wales at the Academy of M usic in Philadelphia on Wednesday, that on Saturday morning at 5 o'clock a crowd had gathered ia front of the doors, although they were not to be opened forthesale of tickets until lOo'clotk. An immense Use waa formed, but when the doors were opened a grand rush occurred, snd hundreds gained an entranco to the vestibule The doors were a^ain ^ - ?? ' * ten years old, attempted to run away from Lis teacher. The latter followed him to Um corner of William and Duane streets, wbrn the lad tumbled and tha teacher fell upon him, breaklag one of the delinquent's lei?. \U~ We hare received from the publishers, through Franck Taylor, of this city, {who has the book for sale.) the North American Review for October, with a very attractive table of c< ntenia, such as "Bom* and his Heroines,1' "Climatology, '-History of New England,*' tfnnranilne and Hygiene," '-The Orlgfn of ?pe?les," Ac., Ac. JTT* A locomotive on the Harlem railroad enme In collision with a wagon, a few days ago, and killed a man In the wagoa. The flag-man was abeeht from the crossing at which the accident happened, and It tnrns oat, on Investigation, that he was not only flig-mau, but also postmaster, ticket ageut, freight aeent. ex mesa a<r*nt >>' . ??? ><wa<r|TU. A VIWUCUW il Kiat D^tweon.botcdcrs <u-d toansioatguosta, hotel-kecpep btve Mltn ? the baggtge ofthe former, though they tare on that of the latter. J 'ilfcr \V? ue indebted to Sklllingtoa, Odeoji I Haildtog, foe i copy of the London fttnstrated News, of Bept. 'ti, containing, amongst oth^r at table a ad InW.-rtlng matter, a capital map of Italy and Switzerland, enabling the render to get an taulllgent idea of the position of the contend1ml parties tn the prrsent Italian war. fCT In New York, on Thursday afternoon, a school-boy of one of the departments In the Fourth Ward school, named Jeremiah H?nn?J>< Ides ft quantity of Bgi, lemon*, Ac. Bftrton?a colored man, bsa recoT??rd two hundred dollar* d&magaa for baring been er pellod from Huntington Hall, Lowell, after be toad bought a Uckot admittlag blaa to tbe ball to attend one of the Thnlberg's eoncerta. ll>~Tha pic on ion train returning from New York o4ty to N?? Hawi after tbe \V!de? Awake demonstration oo Wednesday evening contained oeveateon car loads of Wlde-Awakee, although a large number remained In tbe city orer night. ITT" In aur telegraphic eolamn will be foand mn interesting affeoijnt of the trip of Ixird RenfMW from tbia city to Richmond, and bla reception *t tbe latter place He Is expected to pom through this city agala, thia afternoon, and tt> take the 3 'M tnia for Baltimore. ITT An Important decision haa bean made In tbe friperlo* court'In New York Mnehln; the Hahta n. K>?kl A Jl.ti-.u " ? T t? ?u j 1 <Mii? wy un? ?? Vl * Vl U"J & Co., and. In another srtlele, deplores the diamgeniuwisneaa not only Tn pretesting the lames, 1* tua present auvwt, butalaoln the representation^ of pablte sentlmtnta in both teetiona of the Republic. , V . The l*t'Utg**ctr dear tufa upon what tha Federal r,0Yernment baa done for thehapptneaa of tha people and the prosperity of the nation. IP" The regular charge of the Metropolitan Hotel, New York, per week for meals, la eight ID"The Irat cargo of new Malaga frolt baa juat arrived at Bit'.cn. It coca'.ated of 9,000 boxea, MM ball bnaa, 9,000 quarter boxes ralsina, be ??, wai voiea oa *11 alOei to be a spleuded the Dumber present rrtchlog a thouMid. H. O. 8. Key, Eaqpmlded, Jm C. Mllburnand Geo. W. Mort^nn. Vice Fre?tdents, aodJ.T. King, secretary Ju Franklin. Esq , elector for tbe district, and Major Jo kin T. rtteddart, of Cbarlea county, totrrwl eloquent addresses The Jockey Club racti over tbe l.eonardtown coutsr commences Tuesday, lath of November. H^VVhen Florence Nightingale arrived at Boulogne, a few weeks aince, her baggage was Iran*ported, without fee or reward, to iht- hot 1 by the Jemale porters who throng the wharvee of that place They ware glad to honor the "ornament of their se*." -? j ??? -? ? ???ci ?ucno f?i mnrcQ. This from me will be a tribute, not only to justice, but to gratitude. Yours, very respectfully, JAMKS HuCHASA!*. Keferrlng to tills letter, the New York Tribune aayi: " It sbows not only an intelligent appreciation of tbe newspaper literature of tbe day rare anionn old-school politic tana, but alio manifests a real and lively Interest in tbe instruction of tbe public. It Is also most honorable to Mr. Huchauan tbat. In retiring from tbe higbeat station, be proposes to himself not a life of indolence, but of labor ibat ia at once appropriate, dignified and useful " Th* Election is Duiw*ii,-W? have, further returns of th- election in Delaware for assessors and inspectors on Tuesday. Tbe Breckinridge men have carried the State by about nine hundred majority over Bell, Douglas, and People's, or Lincoln tickets. The msjortty in Ntwraatle county la K4G, In Suaaex about '250, and in Kent44u. They have also carried seven out of ten hundreds in Newcastle county, ive out of seven in Kent, and aeven out of ten hundreds in Sussex county. AffAims iw 8t Ma*t'a Cocstt .?On Saturday. '29th Sept , a Bell and KvereU meeting waa held at l^onardtowp. It waa very largely attended. J. Dixon Roman, A. B. Hagner and Colonel Blackstooe made speeches. The Breckinridge and Lane barbecue on Tues- I iiivciivru against horse-thieves, a* of late their offence* have been bold and numerous, and the operation of tbe )? jt ia known to be alow and uncertain." M*. Buchanan as a* Acthob?President Buchanan baa b*en engaged by Mr. Bonner, editor of the New York Ledger, as a contributor to that journal. Here 1* a letter he haa written on the subject: Washington, Saturday, Pept 8, leftO. Afy D*ar Sir: I hare received your favor of the 3d instant, and shall most cheerfully comply with your request, and furnish you a sketch of the life of William Lowndes as soon as possible. He was one of the greatest, wisest and purest statesmen that have ever adorned our country, and yet his memory haa been sadly neglected. The truth Is that my public duties occupy my whole time at preaent. 1 had hoped I might enjoy some leisure after the adjournment of Congress, but In this I have been disappointed If not before, I hope to furnish VOU the /win ?* ? ?? * J j?..J ? WX'W v-vaj^CU iUII night, and to facilitate bn flight, stole another borso. He wai retaken this morning at Van Daren, and returned to this place, when summary punishment was sg*ln determined on. He was led to a tree with the fatal noose around his neck. Seeing no chsnce for escape. Le confessed bis guilt, manifested contrition for bis past deeds, sought forgiven* ss at the Throne of Mercy in a feeling prayer, and earnestly called upon those present to be admonished by the example before them. He was then swung up and the tragedy was apparently concluded. Scarcely had these proceedings ended when another prisoner was Drought In town, charged with tbe same offence. He was examined In tne street, and confessed to the crime of which he was accused. He was then hurried to tbe fatal spot, and soon swung by the side of his brother in crime. Tbe sccond victim was a Choctaw half breed, named Shoat. Tbe bodies will not be taken down until to morrow. The citizens have h*nm? !"??"" I..?...J - ? torted In term's still stronger, and then the two distinguished gentlemen clinched The frlerds of the parties Interfered and prevented bloodshed. Arkansas Affairs?Kxkcctio* or HonttThikv s? ?Adispatch from Fort Smith, Arkansas, October 4th, says : "This afternoon, about three o'clock, a man' named Martin U. Gillllm, aiias \V ill. Owen, formerly of J ohnsiowu, Uates county, Mo , w s hiinv at this place for horse-stealing, In the presence of a large concourse of citizeus He was arrested some weeks since, and an effort was made to hang him, during which he broke away from the rope, and was shot down while in the act of escaping. His wonnds were serious, and medical treatment was a Horded him. As soon as his injuries would admit of his removal he was taken to the countv iall wh?nf? v.- *- A 1 ?* w.v- m omv*? *\uuiub aiiu uaa n. i rain for Congress. respectively in tbe second and eighth districts. Jama T. Brady, according to a letter in to-day's Albany Argus, used the following language in his speech at Hndinn on Thursday evening : "So help ine Heaven. I bad ratlier vote for Lincoln tonight than for Stephen a Douglas." A question having been raised in the Kentucky press with regard to the political preferences of tbe Hon. James Outhrle, of that State, Mr. G. has pabliahed a letter in which be stat?i that, soon ajter the nomination* of Mr. Douglas and Mr. Breckinridge by the divided democracy, he declined to pledge himself to the support of either, a* be did not consider either of them the regular nominees of the party. A very lively time, growing out of a trlanguar political discussion in Norfolk, Is reported in the Virginia |mpers The combatants were Mr Chandler, Bell man; Mr. Lamb, Breckinridge man, and Gen Blow. Douglas roan All are Presidential electors Th**y met to compare notes, and Messrs. Chand'er end Lamb fell into a violent quarrel The attack was begun by Lamb, who charged Chandler with living been a freesoiler In Massachusetts in 1-13. Chandler said this assertion was a " lis," emphasizing his contradiction with an expletive net pleasant to ears noliu- i.*mK 1 ,.,WW?UJ. Montgomery, Ala. cloudy, hot. Jackson. Ala. cloudy. Mobile, Ala cloudy, H0?. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m., (corrected for temperature,) V9,518; at noon, 29,153. Thermometer at 7 a m., el"; at noon, <U'. Maximum during 48 hours ending 9 a. m. today. G5J; minimum 4(1*. Amount of rain last night and this morning, one inch and two-bundre<itbs Pail Ileal Item a. The New London (Conn ) Star sava a man has been found in that town who reallv believes that Douglaa can possibly be elected President It ia stated that Col. Joel Yancey, the*"wheelhorae of democracy" of Hraxton county, Va , who haa heretofore been for Douglaa, has come out for Breckinridge. In Massachusetts, the republicans hare nomlnatflH r.hjtflfl* Wnnrtla A - ?* /11 ** "* * i?ui vvihvuimmou inHf IS|JB LiiUfl W UM SOUUI on fan Institution. The time of obiemtloa la bout? o'clock octobik 8, 1m. NeW York, N. Y rainy, warm Philadelphia, Pa..........raining,, wiud SW Waaulngton. D. C........raining. wind 8 Richmond, Va.... clear. 6t?Ha. Peteraburg, Va. eloody, B9*, wlndSW Norfolk, v a cloudy, pleasant. Raleigh, N. C overcaat, 00?. Wilmington, N.C... cloudy. Columbia, S. C ....clear, mild. Charleston, S. C clear, 70?. Anguata. 6a clear, plenaant. Savannah, 6a clear. 70*. Macon. Ga................cloody. Coliimmit ( ? "Ia""*" i*trllior!trr from commissions! qrrkmwoon's Party.?A telegraphic dispatch, dated Kansas City, Oct. 5,1SGO, has been received at the Indian bureau from A. R. Potts, Esq., announcing the safe arrival of Commissioner Greenwood s party at Council Grove on tbe above day. Tbe Commissioner, however, did not accompany them In their journey thither, but i? expected to arrivt on the 8th. The party are reported to be all well. Army Intillmrxci.--'Tbe camp at the Pawnee reservation will be broken up on the 1st day of November next. Capt. Sully has been ordered to return with tbe command to Fort Kearney, i Tbe pr*s: at Los Lnnas baa been ordered to be broken trp, and tbe garrison removed without delay to Albnquerqne Til Wrath an.?The following report of tbe weather for the morning Is made from tbe Amer Ue? .-t. ft A. IV _ ?-R??" II . u 1. DEPARTMENT NEWS. I ( Naval ?On the passage of the U. 8. sloop-of J wmr Marlon, which we announced on Saturday | m having just arrived at Portsmouth. N H., from th* African stition, one hundred and debt of the Africans, on b >ard dl*d On tbeniav of the departure of the Marion from Monrovia. Septwnbet l?t, the ?hlp South Shore arnw4 tfcere from Hoy Wrat. New* bad also been received at Moarovla of the arrival at Cape Mount of tt* Csstlliaa, with liberated African* from the Unitaft State*. James Campbell, an invalid aeaman from the Constellation. died on the 12th September on boud tho Marion. -? ? * Died on board the U.?8 shipSt Louta. Jobn Weaver, captain of forecastle. August a, 1SOU, of pneumonia, a^e 49 years, and William Sheridan lost overboard July M, ISiX), age '29 years. Dkath or orm Cojsbt OTjmtai. at Coxstahtisiipli ?The State Department received intelligence on Saturdaytnorning from Consul General Mollett, at Florence, that Henry D. Johnson, formerly of the State Department, and recently appointed Consul General to Constantinople, died on the 15th nit. Mr. J. was much indisposed when he left for bts post, and It was believed that a sea voyage would prove beneficial. Mr. Johnson was on his way to hla destined residence. His wife, daughter of Col. Abert, of this city, and his family, were with him, and he wa* surrounded by American friends Attendance on Mr. Jobnaen during his sickness accounts for the non-errlval oat of the new American Consul fur Jerusalem, Mr. Page, of Va. !D~A man In stopping hli paper wiote" I think fofce* doant ort spent th&re umnny on paper? my father never did aid e*ry txxldy aed he woa amarteet man in the kountree, and got the intellvKcutUt fameiy of b?ay that erpr dug titers." ... ? > - *J?U 1 HV HO; I a* uvv*, nuii/H pcused over the front part of the skull. The bind wheel also pissed over him. lie wu taken up by a policeman and conveyed to bla parent*' borne, where tbe Inquest waa Leld The top part of the kull was nearly cut otf, the brains being all exposed. On tbe left aide of tbe bead tbe scalp waa cut to tbe bone On tbe left leg below tbe knee waa alao a cut to tbe bone, fieaE being cut out tbe size of an egg. Tbe driver, George Ballev, ?ave himself up, ana was conducted to tbe M iddla district Police (Station, wbere be waa confined until the rendering of tbe verdict of the jury, when be was disc harged. Tbe witnesses stated that lila attention waa attracted by the halloing of l>oys on tbe other aide of the tract, and he waa not aware of the vicinity of the child until tbe wheel was passing over bis bead. lie Is regarded as one of the most careful drivers, and sustains a good character. A suggestion was made a short time sine* in the American, that there should be placed in front of tbe wheels a catcher or fender, so that If person* should fall before the wheels, they would be pushed out of the way. If there baa been such a contrivance attached to this car,there is no doubt that the child would havi escaped death. i ooiei uaroo wettersteit, Auibaasador of Norway and Sweden to the United S*taUa, reached here on Saturday morning, accompanied by hlssulte, and has a suite of room* at the Gilnior House. Fatal Accident to a Child on a Strut Railwat in Baltimokk ?The Anierlcan of tbia morning says: On Saturday afternoon, about 3>? o'clock, a aon (aged three years and nine mouth*) of*George ImUoff, residing at No. 480 Gav street, bttweeu Caroline and Hond atreeta, waa instantly killed by being run over by the wheels of car No. 5(1. of the City Passenger Railway, in front of bis father's bouso Coronor Hall being notified, bald an Inquest over the body, when the evidence of a number of witnesses to the occurrence wa? received, and a verdict rendered by the jury (be tnuse of his death was accidental. The child bad but a few moments previous left his mother's bous?wltk a piece of oread, and had seated himself on a pile of stones within two feet of the railway track, when the car came down the atreet at a moderate speed. The front part of the car struck &od threw him under the front i w4-1-w vvwpnii* iU| nil cximuuc 1 DC wnoie | party have been invited by Mfun. l!llman and Strakwch to aUei>d the opera at the Front Street Theatre. They will probably leava her* about noon to-morrow for Philadelphia Tbe Marquis and Marchioness of Chandos, accompanied by Miu Earle and Mr. and Mra. Edwaru Tootall, of England, arrived In this city on Saturday evening from Washington. aad have a ?u[>erb suite of roorra at tbe Eutaw Home. Lord Cbandoe Is understood to be quite pleased with bla vlalt to the states, and proposes to take a look at Baltimore to-day, and proceed to Philadelphia to-morrow, where he ana bla companions will again join Baron Renfrew's party in tbe entertainment to be offered In thai city and in New York. A pleasing Incident occurred upon their reception at tbe Eutaw Hou'e It Is well known that whilst passing a pleasant season at Niagara they stopped at tbe International House, uuder the proprietorship of Col. Coleman A. Son, where, on leaving, the whole party expressed great pleasure with the conduct of the house and the gentle- 1 manly attentions of tbe senior boat. To use their own language, they enjoyed all the comforts of home They were thereferesurprised and equally gratified at their reception at tbe Eutaw, when the gallant proprietor at Niagara appeared and welcomed thrin to the inviting halls of his other - ? ? - ? - ? ? *? MV Will pVWC hit mite have been so frequently changed that it la rather difficult to understand th^in In the first place, however, we may state that the contemplated visit of the party to Norfolk and to Old Point Comfort, where the naval works and Kortre?s Monroe could have been seen, has been abandoned, as It was not deemed advisable to travel upon the water at night, however safe It really Is. lie will therefore return from Rich- I ntond to Baltimore by railroad On Saturday the courier of the party arrived here for the making of nece*?ary arrangements. He proceeded to the Ollmor House and selected a number of the mist elegantly furnished apartments in that tine hotel. The Prince will occupy the suite of rooms which have accummcdated many distinguished persona, including the Japanese Ambatstdors and Hon. Judge Douglas. Yesterday a dlspatrh was received from lieu Robert Bruce, daU-d Richmond, staling that the party would reach Baltimore at six o'clock Monday evening. If so, it Is likely that they will pass over the Washington Branca Railroad in the regular train, as up to last even- J ing no arrangement had been made with tbe vailfAiH /?A?niva?o ~ m 1 * * lar hurry, you know; but then they are of rather long standing. We iuow tint your party lias no nttuiey; hut if you can come 10 an understanding with the other fattian, w? shall try and understand each other afterward; otherwise policy?do not misunderstand ua, ?lr?policy will compel ua to take severe measures Although, if. without coming to an understanding with the otner*, you could mannge to settle these accounts, reduce your already low tariff, and luanre for us the qmsl monopoly of your trade, policy, sir, the policy of nations?settlor aside the natural feeling of philanthropy?would, hem ! wc regret to say, dictate to us to put an indifferent face on the matter of your quarrels, and let you war on until? until you war yourselves out of existence." Yours, ever, Fko.itikksmah. , Thk Peihc* to Rims fhom RICHMOND to Raltimoke I'kr Railroad, via this Citt.? The Baltimore Amtrl. an of this morning says: The programme of movements of Baron Renfrew and toe diatinunithM o*?ntU??i?n succumb. Whatever .wrants may say abroad to the contrary, to tbe Liberal party of Mexico, it is but a question of time. Tbe proffered mediation of Fr&ne? and England to fettle tbe intestine difflculiies of the conntry, pp, -us to have excited but little general inter* at Tbe cauae la easily divined They doubt the sincerity of the motive* which have sucgested aacb a coarse to either of tho*e powers. Whatever i.ord John Rnwfllor tbe French agent may say in their usual diplomatic style, the people of Mexico will Interpret tbua into plain language: "Mr. Juarez, nothing Is more painful? nem! did we say painful? hern .' yes. painful, sir, is the word?to s."?: such a promising nation as yours in n continual brawl. Our commerce, you knowthat is, hem: in & reciprocal sense?would be much greater. If it were not for that; and, hem! your aehts, you know, would be the sooner canceled. That, however, is neither here nor there. | We j>roBer you our mediation from (bem') entirely disinterested motives; although, to be frank, there is no telling what would be tbe conaequ?ace of a refusal oa your part to accept our friendly interference." The next communication Juarez receives through -'Capt Oldham, of the Navy of II. B.M. oa thr waters of Vera Cruz," tbe people still persist in giv lng. In substance, as follows: " Mr Juarez, you profess to be the legal representative of this nation, do you not? Very well, < sir. If you please, we should like to settle our monev accounts with von. V\> in nitn?ti?n. loyal Mate t# crush the draton-headed reaction. I Kven now, blood?tbe Mood of partisan* for tbe j ame Rood eaase?continues to darken the sunny laud of the ever-faithful, Um new unhappy Nuevo Leon, but for tUe whlu of a luau who, like Nero of old, aits at the window of his palace and coollv couteinplatea around him misery, destruction, and decay?tbe work of his own hand?yet half conscious that his own kueli has sounded, though drowned in the din of riot It has tilled to reach his ear. We east a glfttee towards <he Interior of the Republic, ana we readily find that the Liberal party la far from being dead. Tbe late victory of their arms near Ouaoeuiat* over tbe force* which were commanded by Aliraiuoa?in war tbe Mexican Leonidas?himself, has placed at their haadk new resources, given them new glory, and Inspired them with fresh hope*. That event alone, while it will cause a thorough depletion in the poorlv filled poe.kets cf tbecler|nr, makes It Indubitable that the Reactionists will be obliged to uvivm^u hi * w me v/ounru 01 Vera Crux, expounded ft truth/which, If left unsa'd, would have saved the country a deal of trouble. Said he: . * The present Government it not h government at it ought to be; It It a govern* irent of representation and not of action.'' Selx? lug. ibeo, 11 pou the ipst dtxii oi to high an authority, ana misinterpreting the motive* of the Minitter, Vldaurri has declared hit State one tov> j eretgn In ittelf, owing no allegiance whatever to | the supreme power, and himself the abeolute ruler thereof. On this arbitrary mode of reasoning he has based his present rebellion. Since he made the first practical demonstration of this ruinous and unconstitutional doctrine in October last, he 1 hat been guilty net only of mismanagement in the ?Hairs of government, but alto of petty tyrannic* and enactions such u one would only expect at the hands of the Emperor of Morocco or the Pasha of Asiatic Turkey; besides an obstinate j opposition to the party be pretends to defend, which not enly It n liable to cope with twoenemlet ! at home, bcH which needs the support of everv I Oar Bta 6ru4* C?rreapea4eace. Bkow.iuvill*, Sept. 12,1?60 Dff Star: At jreaent there It nothing going on htfe worth aiMrtWrttv. and tn the abaence of any buaineaa ta Writ? ab<?%t, allow me to entertain yoar reader* with a ayodpala of Mexican aflklra The Immediate frontier ia In a atate of pwfsct tranquillity. While It* people no lofcgdF^if forc^n tnvaaton, and are not apprehenafifta of ft JJUWJf ?? ! IM1U U1U14 C ilCIU ICT I'l IDC Ui)C r 19V } tber are fut recruiting their lagging flMrglM. Aarkultai* U being attended to; improwacnerts of et-iom torts hfcve been set on foot &r>4\?thin sr? V'd i* eajuart vMMaiplatlon In onward, Ike t!i*gb?>ortif W?t? of IVnaulipas, th<Mgb>?oMstantly aiding Ber brother* of the interior in the struggle for coastltuttaoot rights, can be mM to be the only Slate in the Mexican unionwlier# strife is unknown upon its own territory. Tb* contrary. howeTer, is just taking place in NuevaT.eon. It appears that Generalvidanrr!, 1U present Governor, has become, in the territory *rr wUich he holds sway, greater tyrant than was Santa Anna himself ovet the Whole country. About a year ago, General DoftolUdo, Minister of War for the Constitutional Government, and a liAfnii<rK ? "*""** *~ 41? ? " * CJTKIN WAV A SONS' OVER8TEUNG Grand O Shm&t* PIANOS ?ra m* oootidarad-^^^ Siora Two 7 oot?va Seoontl hand Pianoa for mlo Hi 130 ?oh. Piaooa for rut. ' oo4 G'p?cToi^. HWU&JRLieS: ner of T hi rteanth ?tr?at? A rary oomplata aaaortmmt of Br*ida,Curla, Fmsttaa, Btadaana, Ae., ; K2ts#& T&& &%&? 1 909-9m ) . , <>f ail mx-n and pries, and a very large stock of KMBROIDERIES, 4? , Ac. oo 4 No *4 Market Space, bet. 7th itd 8th ata. H MUSICAL NOTICE. AVING Been induced to acoept the position of organist at St. Aloysius Churoh in tfciaaity, Mfj I have determined to remain curing the enaa-UHt ing winter, and iliali lx> happy to rinder myHf* Grofesaional services to those who inaj require em. , , T., N. CAULF1ELD, Professor of the Organ, Piano Forte, For particulars as to terms, As .inquire at the Music Depot of JOHN F. ELLIS, Pennsylvania avenuo. oo 3-lm* Renfrew hats. IN NRW COLORS, Just OrmxD, fkom N. Yokk. ID" Our assortment of HATS and CAPS for Osnts, Young Men,. Youths, Boys, Misses and Children,%^B^^B# never wan so varied a* at present. A n early call is >iioitwd. No trouble to show goods. B. H. STINEMETZ, 336 Pa a oc2 Near oorner_13tj? st._ OYSTERS! O Y S T E R BM AT B0SINE88 AGAIN. . JOB P. 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HELLER ln*it*a th? ladiea of^Hc Washington and vicinity to her Grand Opening of Paahionab e FALI. and WINTER BONNhTS, on Friday and Saturday, 5*h am) 6th instant, whan ahe wi'l be happy to have ladiea oorne and examine her atook of Good*, aa ahe ha* a very handaome atock of FEATHERS, FLOWER#, DRESS TRIMMINGS. HEAU DRESSES, CLOAKS, SHAWLS, EXTENSION SKIRTS. COR9ETO |\1ISS WILLIAMS WILL OIVE|INSTRUCL"1 tions iu Alu*ic on the Piano to pupil*, at their owu home*, or at Mri. Weit'*, No. 3:J5 IJ atr?et, between 6th and 7tli. oc 8,11* 9c)0 take notice. 290 Thornpunn'* celebrated Medtciee*?LIFE PRESf RVER and CORDIA1/? foreale, wholesaieaad retail, hjr S. C FORD, Jr., Drurcitt. oc 8 ftt Corner Eleventh *t Mid Pa av Rdr. foreman ETL'RN'S hi* grateful thank* to the Union aad Western Ho?e Companies and the Polioe, for their exertions at the fire on Sixteenth street ia*t ni<ht, and especially to the t:<!ntle<nen of the uei(hl>or hood for th*air prompt and kindly assistance. by which all material damage to hi* premise* waa avoided. It* b. hall WITH ISRAEL DKMING, Wh?!esai?and Re'ail Dealer* in fina family OROCEKIKS. TEAS, WINES< and ohoioe liQUORSof all kind*. Afresh *tork ja*t opened Good iMuar 7 cent* per pound. Ca'iatNo 334 7th street, between D and Louisiana av. eo 8-tf PIANOS "PIANO !! PIANO!!! SOMETHING NEW. For a few days there will be on exaib.tion, at the Store of Messrs Demp ey A O'TooJf, Pa. av . a Grand Harp Piano. The piibliolHMI are re psotfuuy invited to call and ex*mina??? *? ? it. DiK I'HV preeon, A* l?uaineas ol importance wil! be Orought before the CoinpMT Ut order of Captain He*der*on. If K. PIGOOTT. Sec. YS"I- ? F-GRAND LODGE.?The re?r?1.9 lar quarterly communication of the Gran I LoTes of the District of Columbia will be held at Od<l Fellowi* Hail,7th tre?t,on MONDAY EVENING. the 8th ?}? o'clock oc 6-2t J NO. T. BAN US, Grand 8*c. >-y CENTRA!. BELI. AND EVERETT I f CI,UB?An adjourned ninetm* of the Bell annEve.-ett Club wil> he held at Thorn's Hall on MONDAY EVENING. October 8, at half pa.t 7 o clock, for the purpose of making the neccissry arrangement* to attend the Harbacne at Fall* Church, Va.f on the loth of October innt. 0c6-2t* CHAS I CANFIELD.Scc. rTg=?UEMPSEY k. O'TOOLE. ijj? \YRULING AND VISITING cahd FN a HAVERS. Importers of fine WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the m<>at beautiful styles. 3*i6 Pa. At., between 9tii and loth its , an 27-8m \V ashinotoh. have been made, and the rartlea will be held far further hearing, which will be had ai aoou aa the neccatary witneaaea can be got together In the mean time, armrd men are aeourlng the wooda aud swamps of the two countlea named, and the negro Dick Ryan will be captured; but it la feared be will be ahot down before anything like information can be obtained from him The excitement agalnat him la very great, aa be la regarded aa one of the ringleadera in the movement. ,Yt? Washington light infantry 'Li BATTALION.?Oonn-nnien A. B, and C wil meat TO-MORROW KY KMM?. October ?. at 8 o'clock. The luembera are requested to be prompt in thoir attendance. Br order. If P. J. ENNlft*. Pwo. Y3=?THK REGULAR MONTHLY MEETl__3 ing of the H*nilernon Guard* will bo hMd at their Armory. Slott'a Hall, To-NIGHT, ai ha fpaat 7 o'clock Every memiter la expected to he urusmHip of i? umay aiscoaaery. it tfq^utie Insular that these operations aboaid have comiupnp.ed 1n the county in which Gov, Wiee resides, ?nd It la auppcped that the mad fanatic* Who had the direction of this movement had tome design onbija aad'family for the firm aad decided atand he took la the capture and execution of Jeha | lirowa. Everything la wrapped In mvstery as yet, but will be fully developed before It It aftne with. A free negro itemed John Wbttebarat, who was committed to jail thisasornlng by Justice Glkesn. informed tbat gentleman that a plan of operations bad been maturing evqr alnce last spring, and that a free negro named Dick R van bad written to tbe North and engaged the services of parties there who were to arrive at Old Point or Norfolk thla evening In a veaael, with arma and men, who were to aaslst in the liberation of our slaves to morrow (Sunday) night. Upon the reception of tbla information four aa respectable gentleman as can be found in Norfolk county addressed a letter to Mayor Lamb, who will take tbe neceasary ateps towards tbe development of theacbeme, and tbe arrest of the vessel should It arrive on our coaat Three negroea?two free and one alave?who had been examined by the juatices of the county, were committed to Portsmouth jail this morning by Joatice Gibson. The developments in their caae go far towarda proving their complicity in the MMM THil? faf llftian as Har*n?? by ttie pstrul for a March When the patrol apprancbed the teat and halted, Flynn cane oat and almod his gun at Mr Warner, one of the party; but before he could fire, be waa shot dead by another of the party At the same mo meat negro darted from the tent and eacaped Into the wood* A free negro, named Dick Smith, has been ahot also; he, however, Is not dead We understand that he was ahot while running from some gentlemen who were endeavoring to arrest him for some incendtous expression that he had u?ed. Ten negroes are said to be la custody In Princess Anno and two in Norfolk The Norfolk Day Book, of Saturday eveuing, has the following; We continue to receive Information from the surrounding country of tile moat Intense excite* meat among the people. Tbey are thoroughly roused and generally incensed, and the leading gentlemen of tb? two counties have taken hold of I tho inaUor with n dsitraioaliM to probe it to the bottom. Almost all with whom we have con- i versed are fullv impressed with the conviction | that another raid wm on foot, or at leant that an extensive underground railroad scheme haa been f The lanrrtetloarr PUt la Vlrciala?Several ArreiU Made? lasportaat Itanltp* rate Ther* ?fm5 to V ?omc foundation for the rurno' mentioned or Saturday, that an Insurrectionary p'ot has been fomenting among some of the negroes in Frine*? Anne a ad Norfolk counties, W- Tho BtorNiJt |%pera o< Sotorday bring u? T?rloot anting oorounu la regard to thaaAir. Tha Areas of thaftdityuft; 9rreral aegroeafepve bwa artMted In Mno?? Ana*, aai their oiafeasioaaithoaah In som* case* extMted) have doMioned thf ^3? tnru Mil 1*4 1 to IVthjr ftrrastc The ewMmi *10w H>at * rlliair Vfap con**ptated ?t RtfVbry rtiwnod. in Norfolk county, to-morrow (Sunday) night, and that the matter was instigated by free persons, some of them free negroes Two arrests have been made in Norfolk city, and the trail is fully I stritek. The citizens of the two counties have resorted to vigilant measures to suppress this vile conspiracy, and to detect all offeaders of all colors. Active patrols have been organized?and gone to work. We advise all suspected white persoas to quit the parts "between two days" On Thursday night a white ibid named Klynn was shot dead by a patret party in Norfolk county, on the line of the canal, about l? miles from Portsmouth. There were several men engaged In ditching; and tbey were camping out In that neighborhood. The blare was snsoeirted- ?n?i th?i? &.? I icrun UJ t??Tui? I^w, mwf Hi?r qHob oc?-ifcwli? DIaNOk -Om wj vmJK P?bv lor i ?. Ai*o,ow.wy iiiAt tk? ltvaio (Mora of W. B. M KTJKlOTT, BoU ^w>of^8Mi?n?4 ? aai Kmif i>iy | W-?^TODc1K.LJ{SL thi* moroiK in oar now Cloak ud Sfenwi Imu, nil nt the lowMt >rio??, nnd to whi*h w uk Um special attention of tte? I ndina. CTF.AM PQWKR TQ LET-rO CARFMIf? TEKS AND OTHERS?T* l.t.ito 15 torn* T^.*HK28S5 KSHr<9fefc?jj! {its ^gri'tsi f?w doom ? * nr P*. nr*?M. wMt' Ma ECUS K1MWK. a jriAii A AC<| TAAIO. 2? dozen Pari* Make JOUVIN'S KID GLOVES, Imfobtid t.i or* Oa?ta. In April last we aa ordor t to Joanii'i eole acent for the Ueited Stale*) for aoo dosen of that very popntar and renowned make ofKidGloraa, for onr fall and winter ea!e*. Tnev have ia*t arrived, and our oaatomera oan mow be *ui> plied with all KMaoolora, hadee, and white or blaak, in ladie*' ana cent*' ?i?e?. At oc6-eo3t MAXWELLS', ?>6 Pa.av. T,. tZYtkttifit.'iSSVL- uv S^-^O^^^hssrtKa j BORTIO NUMERO 644 ORDINAJLIO, CAPITAL PftlZK 91?,?. ;'% "?"ass | s i do S?? ?a*pro&. tSm 1 ? Ilf ALlfsBQ FBIMMB. _ Who** TiahMa. IM-laTM, fit <J ? . A drawiok will ?e forwarded aa aooa a* tk* rwlt A?i?4?La*.r to 150 barrel* Applet, ia prime order, nmAKIi! CI.OAKS" uvuf uvia r?. vtrgp, VC d 1W Nfor the ladies. f.w styles zephyr woiitid opera HOODS. CLOUD!*, NUBIAS, MaMIPOS\S, SCARF?. ZOl'AVfc.8. Ac , Ac., in Solferiao, Merenta, and otixer new ?Ior??aJeu. black and whit*. At MAXWELLS', o* ft oo3t 38* Penna Iflnuo. Fall and winter undershirts l>RAWER*,fof jertlemen. *outMuil bora, of Silk, FIauba], 1 ait hi wool. Merino, Cm ion Flannel, Net, a.d Twilled Cotton. A Ift'ie and complete atook ju?t reoeived at lane's tfentlemm'a Furniahinc Store, ee 2R-eoflt 434 Pa avenue,a?ar 4h at. rvr. lieberman has removed his 11 office and residence to No 439 Thirteenth ft, b?tween t'a. avenue and F at. oe I eol2t* f^ANT* JOUV1N f1ls brkvetes. ? bouT i rv IDT ifnVTM ? OTBU D knjamVn 'ci; dupp^ harioT"jiawai tua Steam Djunt Eetablishrnent from I) street to No. 30*2 Nirth rt-e?t. between Pa. avenue and i) at, atil! eontmuea the above bueines* in all ta bran ha*. Persona havini left articlea at the eld ataad ran gat th*m by calling at No. 302 Ninth at eat, between Pa. avenue and D at., third door froin Perry "a oorner oc Mt* 0L DUBANT'S RKSTAl'R ANT P. M. 1)UBANT Ukea\llflf pi asure in a-anriag the publu that he is at ali time* prepared loaoccnmodatr them with the Cant (JAMfc, FISH, OVSThRS, MKA'rs, and oth*r ediblea ; and with WIN KM. LIQUOR*, and CIGAKSe<|ual in purity and flavor U* aay that money will but in any oity in the Uaited States. Hia Reetan-ant continues to deserve its high reputatioa for the manner in vhioh a I ia served that any guest inn* call for. On Sunday next bis Battac Rooms win be open, aad on each sueotWing Sunday until f>trth?r On Sundays the entraace to hia Rating Rooms will he on Sixth atreet, the fourth XVI. THE STEPMOTHER; ??. W no t to Wi*: Bt J. F. SMITH. XVIL WIT AND WISDOM : Br G*o. D. Pinnci XVUI. THE HANDSOME MAN-Illvitaatu: Br W*. H. Mux Kit. XIX. ANSWERS TO CORRESPONDENTS. EDITORIALS, ko . to. U STANDARD Bt.ACK TKA OD CHESTS STANDARD BLACK TEA AtM centi per ponnd. Try it. KINO * BURCBE'.L, ?e 29 Comer 15th ?t. ao<1 Vermont ? . BATCHELOR'S INIMITABLE I1AIRDYE. and al< firtt c'a** Toilet ArtietM. for me at GIBBS'S Wij, B re id. and Curl Manufactory 444 Pa avena*. rear 13th ?t. oe 3 Sm II HKMOV4I BVItriVil I MKNT: By Mr*. L. H. Sigpcbhbt. X. A TRIP TO THE NORTH LAKES: Bt Faust Fib*. XI. IDLE HANDS-A STORY: Br T. S. Abtbtb. XII. A ROMANCE OF LIFE: Bt Ebbbur Bbb kbtt. XIII. FADED?A Pobm : Bt Alicb Cabt. XIV. THE MYSTERIOUS MARRIAGE?A Notbl Bt ELIZA A. DUPUY, Actmob or "THE LOST DEEDS." XV. PAUL MORTON?A Tub op tbb Obbat Pabic U. P MtMll TOM uk'vwaa t&teamen alre*djr numl?>r?d imcni tbe roatriba- I tort to the Likii U?? wm of j?>u Brcltim, the illnstrK>u? Preiidrot of the Uaited trtfttee, it J 3 T*4fir' 7 ' r J now added. j Read the folkrwiat table of ffMtMte, M4 )iwwi? J>?r i4a< the Lsxr.x* will be riady m Jfw4?>. Oct. I B, iU 12 o'tltk prmistl* : TABLE OF COXTEHTt-Ut 0R10IHAL < LETTER FROM PRESIDENT BUCHANAN TO M*. BONNER.^ WAR: BiHO*. EDWARD EVERETT. ITALY?A Pot*: Br WILLIAM Cl'LLKS? BRYANT. ,v? 1 CHRIST"? BLESSING FOR MOTHERS-A ScfcifTrmi Pobm : Br N. P. W ILLIS. V. ODE TO THE PRINCE OF WALES : Br Joan 0. Saxk. Vt. THE DRI'NK ARD'S STORY : Bt I?*. Tsohm Pes* EkSM!H. VII. THE CRITICASTERS: Br G?? G?. P. Mot KM. vin. ? THE PUMPKIN FAMILY-ITS RELATIVES AND RIVALS: Br Hbxit W*?d Biitiik. IX. OUEEN VICTORIA CONVOKING PAR l.l A J?XCKL3IOR. "3oJ<tiers," mi<1 Napoieo*. afiar mm ?f IIm a?U brilliant of hie rictonea, "Nothinf yet i? dona? muckrtmxin$ tid*" Aouoc upoa tin* hut, liie Proprietor of the MEW YORK L.K MCll-whatever the achfovrment of the pait may liar* beaa-* regard* rwtfeuif a* doae w loag aa much remains to Jo. He Itaa the pleaenrc la inform kii inuimara Me raattora that to the lo&r Iwt of Mholara ao4 j mmmmmmmammammB Th? Frlta^i W Man. TIs ad to barf tboM who* ejm Hiw made our world twn PindlUj\To WAf dc>nat band prow cold, And gtWt IVup tad act and mould And vr*f? 4U| they fftc? l From hnartlftA t?r8|rrlora bam log traeo. K Batfekita th^ .v,^ f.11 5 ? rml kftyea.i th<|f own recall.? Who yet hot licet mm tax loo* prayer, B ad hmfch tad lif? known proper care' This U tkf nideitad tbe wont i (Of >11 th? wror*g*#?# lore baee cureed! Row m* they lijHbelr dcetlned time, r \Vbo Mffon IIvh do a crime ' ? Who ue?ftt foul unhealthy tblnga. Daring tbe doom the peril bring** Who would (tipply tbe Indlaa Weed In any form bnt pure Indeed? And yet, besides our Ooodwui, who Can rail It i-urt In language true T Hl? Patbut Piuiiii Tobacco glee* A zest that la the memory llw,Dtfrauds no pocket of lta wealth, W b t uee tbe others, toon lie low; Who uae tbe Patbst, baaltby grow j And neatb lta lafluence oa tbe aralo Th^ fri#D(ll rnrm mAiua w41I ? * POSTFOtrMME.VT tsripis zJsS ?5>?ki? MftlKYanr TkWM. gap* W lixUor rhaif. iNktn, M fcTip ?rsnv4a franMfl,iit?lT ?t?T tt? ahoT* mto. * Ik* rat*fc^S&*SIZl? IIIIUMM, aoiloUfgUf. -25* liQfcCTutW.AMt Vt 1. C. RoOVllE t CO. AMbMNR. mimTCRI AND BFTBCT* 9f A RAMIPl?PISgi?? temwkl KlUcU of t iwu#tMB jjjtirt? UNM s^VP??sjbs ??r. jwgaa.?WSSr WwhrteSde fetjM'j(fJ?.?r*> l>"* * ! artViIl?Wi pEt?rsr?^?.~. Jg&SgSB^X. Br^U^eo^>5^fJ^or<i^ik5!Tai ?*?"? * OIVB, mum law pc o?H i. C. INetJIKE ft OO.Ak^ .ftjss NOftNiNe.ldfc iMt.Mm?Mar. wM J.C M?1?UIRK R C<V^ A?>? Br BAfcNARDJk JIDCIFS^ A*H illli. 17XCKL|LKMT BOURfcttOlI) FURMTU ft t; raff n*iwwwt?f w. wivfi v w*i v<nip^w trao*. o* IB* Biohta-of Oo<>rceM?a, ft C-all fcla exaoilont H<>r*eli<>:4Farc!Uu? aad Effaom. ?m f8^?? &. TLKfirws; <u rtam*. Oorr p?. BMdaa ulfirtaw, Makoaany llitM Md ?UN T?4ioa, IK) Mir ? aud Olta?a H-crwdi, Do l)r*M Birwai ud Wt'J'dM, ZxMljMrtPMtkti Itoda Md ChM Bau Md Hatk Fillow*, Bolster* and Bedding, WMhfttodi an I Toilet 8?ta, Wool Md CMe Mat Chair* aad Ball OiMetk, Pefngeiaior. Cooling and oU?r *k>vo*. Wit* a gcod aaeortioantof K .token Parnitar*. _ Term*: 9? o*?h: o er that amount a credit of 00 aad d* oar*, for approved adoreed noioa, braim m !?* *? "Sc'lT "* BARNARD k BUCKET. Aaota. I ICTTBB ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED I ? aofoant of ** run. n I WEDNESDAY MORNING, l"tli mat., Mm* hoar. j?? HABftARD a RICKEY, a?ka. Br A. OREEN Aaolioaaar. Building lots in the citv and two rnrtn akd L?r? m Usiojttowk at Arrnon. I t>n FRI Da V. th? m?t iiMtut 1 aha 1 Mil, at ?ij 1 Aacttin Ko?m*. e?rn*r of SevMtfe Md D itrMU. V at 4 o'c'ook. the io.lowiL* BMitd aropartr. via : Lot No t, ia Sfoare Mat of tf^nr* No. fT; Lot ? No 1# in j Tfce fcrat uud lot fronts U feat inobaa oa I north O, batwaaa ?*haod Uat atraota vaat. and J?i? I fe t doer. The other lot front* 44 faat oa aoatk V. I t the aornar of Second atreet Mt, Alao, two two atorr Briak Hoaaaa, ?itMt*d in I L'rtoBtowa, oppoaile me N??j \ ard and the Iota oa arhioh thej atand. being part lo?a Noa.?, ? ud 71, Iroiitinc on Waahmgtoa at root, Mar Moaroo atraot. oa riaeataway road. Taraaa: On* third aaab; ba.auoa ta i, IS and ! month*, for notaa bearing intereat from dar of aala. A daod jtiveii and a deed ot traat takaa. Titla iadispatM . oat-d A GREEN, Aid By C. W. BOTELER A SONS. AaaUoaaara. SALE OF HOLBBHOLD FURNITURB AT i Accrioa.?On THURSDAY MORNING. Oa f tober Il'b, oomarocioi at lOe'olook, wa ahall aall * at No. 41? h xth atreot, ootwaaa F aad G, i*a af . feouof a family dao:iaiag boaaakaaptac.aaaaisUnf J mnrtol.Tii: 1 Mahogaay Chaira, Manogany Sofa, Mahogany Am 4 Chair, f Iroa Table with Marble top, < I Loange, Fraaah Mat-tie praaaaaata. I Waicut Kt^aie, Wainat Marb<?-?of Table, I Bra ate i and Three air <. arreting, I W>a Bat Rack. Hall Oileloth, I a.niit Stdaboard, Oak IHaing Ckaira, | Walnut Kxuiaiun Table, | ubudi i I?T, i\nrife'?r?iu i I ?> Cioek, jtaboxacT Tables, ' d Castor, Table Caller*. \ trench China, Crook*rt actf (jiaas Wa^e, ' ahocany Drrssiuf Bur?au with Marble toy, C?a? leairhnra. MkhoctiiT MuhitMti, I Cwttai* and other Miwftla, WkfAroU, ToiUttSeta. Hnir and Umk MaltreoM. Superior Feather Bed<, Hoi it* ? aod Pillowe, Co?if<>r:s. B aoketa, Hn**ta. *0 iron B?4?tfaJ, Parlor and Chamber Stores, CW>iB| Btovee. Ki'ehen Farr.iiare, Cooking Uteasila.fto. Ternt each ?ell o W BOTKLER A SON?, A?e%^ THia AFTERNOON k TO-MORROW By A URfcKN, Aeotipueer. 9^ A DMINISTRATOJt BALE. BY ORDER OF /a. 1Mb Orphan*' ? orsr, or Hoc?eE<>Ugj??? KITCHEN FcEimras AT AccTios^Oa |W UAV, Ue Mil iu?"vcl. 1 ?M4l 10 m.. the peracua! effeot* < f the lata Frai.c deosaaed, on E eveath attest, txtaeoa MlDpi and b atreet, over tie Oaa Oflfcce. via: * > *? f Mahufany tMaa. Chairs, Roocera, ^ t i ftMe?, w * I Cana. W?mk] and o-her Chain. 1 mm I gg?f liadateMa. Wardmbaaad WuUftM. I l*o Bur?ui tnd FoM^ooU, I Jeoni Luid, Cotuge e*4 oUer B?drteede, * * L rifttMf Btdi, Pi I ?* and itniatara, ? Hair, Huk ana Cotton-lop Mattrtnii, N a. 1 jy?ii?i> Cartaia and Witxjow MUM, j Oamaak TaMa Cloth*. Napkiaa and ToaraU, / China, Ga?a and Crookary Wan, I Cook. Ai'-lifnt an'l <>th*r Stovaa, f Ix* ofKitoh?a R*qauitaa. f And ma ay atnar artialaa too ntwrou to Bantioa. I T?rma oaah. | By ordar of the Administrator. __ I ??>? d A OKEKM.Aa*. I Br CL&A&Y A GREEN. Aaetionaara. " ' A\cZT^?A?n?rvlE??**8lHM I Ootobor Cta. o<mm?Doiof at it o'elook, m M J ais? ess rn.x>r:'s.irsi1g a | oath aid* PeoLBylvama avanaa, betvaaa Mi Ml I lfhatroeu, *nmprf>ir>?? I Berrgaa. Gingham* and Caiiooea, I Tabla I iwnae. Brova and W hit* I 2f FIMMU (>11 haii yj 4mwiytii. %m 1 Ho?i^.Gu>tMMd RiM?, Lmw. *17 I t I T?r?y?k. CLEAmY k GKEEW.^fc. , i FUTURB DATE. Jff ^ By THUS DOWUNT7-?^5C j ?V-rU'Wa* T?S5?. DOWLIW, 1M I Br A. GREEN, AmOww, I TiroTirs sale or talcamj Par- V A btt htwin ur* ui tin In. um^am | jgSfa^sa^smssiSaE ?y JXteS &a** ofO?Miritzt, at 4 o'iiaV. TCS.TW.?.?. ?, 15. mi.V, anvilC; yp'rwsar/n^sL TlHwfcd. I ROUGHS. COLM. agAygfiMjy I COMPOUND SYHvfoF OUMjSmm A . Tfcii pi?Mat U< poMiftr Ceui K^H|h bMDao lOMlEMVllftMitttMCinlr V rasinE:cB'irjS jSME j* mrnimmmt

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