Newspaper of Evening Star, October 9, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 9, 1860 Page 1
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I , . ? , FT~ / ?!?-??": i ' ' iH fl.i/ j ' I ': > ? *!.. . i , j '< knitig ?tar, . '__J ,?J, 1?? ?' '_ '' * V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. OCTOBER 9. 1860. NS. 2.881 ?mmmmmmmmmmmmi^? ?, - ? ? ? _ ? : " - ^?Mtloo. nl you ? boon trying to sake a SS^kriet pl?Tg? Wall, yon ernn't fool anrtodju Jfcjfibeve iVnow Mxnothing about politico n>y> I know that you an drank. Ihnt'a 1 a are. Mm? fo to aloop, moat yon 1 al?'t yon think of that bofoiV I've bad to-night, aad yoa n?r?r one* thought You ra an old braU, and juat ?ueh a oufht to toU for an old r?il aplittar - Breckinridge if Ilet yoa alone' Mr ride* don't want aoeh voUa. lla trill ? ? floated withoat yonr to* But now that r ? (V^how aigna of returning reason. 111 letyou to shoot, or hang, or drown yourself It ^6uld hare been the best thing I ever did in 1117 life. What is it smells n? Nothing. Don't telt me nothing ; it naaar smelled au in lit* world Had to carry a torch1 That's sweet business for a man wno pretend* to bo the father of a l?rr? family Ne*t thing I shall expoot to hear of 70a is. that yoa're be?? splitting rail* for general circalation. I know nothing shout polities Uwo't, eh?>I don't wMt to kaow nothing aboat politic*, iff I hare to negleot my family and carry linking torches for the benefit of a laiy man in Illinois who is trying to he President. Want to sleep ? 1 thought 70a were a Wide Awake. Sappoea yon're Kept awake to-night 00 whuky. hav'nt you? Where have yoa been all this time, the town clock has just struck .K throe- Booa to Totawanda to rais* a liberty sole That'a a sweet note Why didn't the *%tir-Awakw of Tonawanda raise thair ?wn m f4? I *p?ct republican* are acaroe in tbnt Ik Mere 1 re been lying awake for tb? last Are * hours, waiting for you to come. 2?ow I wtat ti know where vou have been all thu time ? 4 ki Wuh I wouldii t bother you?tell m* ia the ? morning* I want to know now; it's sear h" - aooagh morning U> know where one * husband bu been all ni/ni., and particularly if he coinee perfumed clear through aj you are. Vou ^"jimsn't good wife mo. That won't answer. .?tu6wppo#? > <*? war* a woman, and your hatband ? ' should go off ererr night in tha week, and h rome home as you do, and?I wish you'd get -lrj-*"T a Ml let mat fresh air iato tha rooms, ar I < efcball eartaialj suffocate?what would you say? I'^JTon't you imagine there would be a row in the -i JUmily? Been with the Wida Awakes' I ed> vtboal 1 think as mueh. You're a wide awake 2?JM?1, that's what you ara. I alwsys thought -sehrjou had about sense enough to parade the .jfCreets with tboae nigger-lorers. Why did I ' 'Uterry you7 That's a pretty question. Didn't [HJp swear that yoo'd shoot yourself if X didn't pity on you 7 I'm sorry I did'nt allow . . - - p? tton, ono ao well calculated to bring disgrace M <"*1^" religion and fostar ill blood in Canada, .**:rWlLV''t will hare produced a most beneficial tie UMMt for the important colonies he will one 'W7?W*,TernMji ? A POLITICAL LKCTIRB BY A PIOUS ? ?**-? wire. y ittw The following we find in the Bnfalo Republic, and we think it should prove a warning ' * and be taken *& good advice by all thoae who let polities lead them from their families and use them to neglect their wives. At any rate it is a sound blow at pole raising, and if brought j into general praotiee, will serve to keep open *? the eyes of the voters until after the election. |So?n*?In bed. f*ce to the wall?Strong mell of coal oil?Time, three iu the morning J A pretty time indeed for joa to come home, ' rir' Where have tou been all night? You ^ rutell a? if had been in search of Byrnes' *! liole thr /ugn a tar barrel. Talk of ulphur jJ etted hydrogen, or superannuated eggs! Iley "J, ain't anywhere. Say, where have yea been ? -- ? ? ? atuvn^ IU? force* of William were the defenders of Derby, now kuwi as Orangemen. The Irish retrieved a name sadly tarnished at the Boyne in de fending Lunerick. A capitulation was effected ; the Irish army had a choice of goiiig to Fnnoa and entering the service of Louis XIV. or of joining tne army of William. ? Tney for the most part e&ose the farmer alterTi native; and they left Ireland prostrate at the f?e? *f England The conoueet and exhaustloa were complete. A whole century ef mi*|.n rale eoaid not again arouse the people to resistance. The Orangemen who performed so Important a part in tne defence of the English in Ireland wielded the power and patronage of the Government; they yearly paraded the streets of the towns and the cities, playing the 44 Boyne Water," "Cropple Lie Dowr," a ad I other party tones, and flinging into the faeeof the down-trodden race the evidence of tjieir defeat. The policy of Englaod has changed. Bit the Oranjpvmen hold on with t?naeity to the system whiah placed in their hand* power and influence, and left at their feet tke anbjeet race; every eoaceerion to the mass of the peopla has been resisted by them. Prom being- the Viol of the Government they have become its j, cntef obstacle in oarrying oat the ee-calleq reforms in the administration of Irish aff*ir? If the conduct of the Prince of Wales tends to - ??w- uod >Dular so mischievous an nmitiu riiiM. isi uovornor 01 i?oocK>naerry ww ia f*?or of giving up the city, bat though the inhabitants and the garrison were reduced to almost unheard-of atraitA, they ttrenuoasly resisted the wishee of the Governor and the assault* of the army of James. The Governor was sent to the royal camp, and the town! was defended by the people, under the lead pf a, clergyman named Walker, with a reseltjtion never surpaa?ed. Propoait'oa after p'opcattiou of James was received by the people, famishing with hanger,with criee of " no surrender." The people were literally starring: the flesh of horses, dogs, cats, and of rata eren, waa a luxury purehaeable-aoareely by money. The only hope for the devoted town waa in the arrival of saeoor from England. Aeroea the river was placed a boom by James's army; the river was alao commanded by cannon. The ships at last appeared ia eight of the town; one of them sac ;eeied in breaking the bwin and encasing the cannonade. The Iriah army raised the siege, and the Protestant stronghold waa fared. The 'prentice boya of Derry.who took a prominent part in the defenee, took the name of Orange boys. The next year William landed ia Iretaad. and defeated the army of James at tha baltla of th? Ri?n? P pntninanf *V* name of William lit. After tbe deatl of Charlee ri., of England. his brother. Janes II. t. asreoda l the throne. Charles lived a Prote<? tant but at heart he alternated between Deism and Catholicity; when well he wu a Deiar. when siek he iuolined to be a Catholio. Ofl his death bed he refuaed tbe ministrations ?f the minister* of (be Church of England; a priest of the Catholic Church was surreptitiously conveyed into bis ohamber, and tbe diteolule Charles died in that faith. His brother James openly professed that religion, and before he had been a year on the throne be turned the whole influence of the Government to the reestablishment of Catholicity. The whig? and toriea united in inviting over 'William, Prince of Orange, who bad married Mary, daughter of James lie landed with IG.OtH) men. James fled from his kingdom without a struggle in iu defense, and William, conjointly with his wife, filled the vacant throne. Ireland and Scotland, with a devotion worthy of a bettar cauae, adhered to tbe fortune* of Jamea, and ia l<Wy be landed in Ireland with a small French army, and. a.-?isted,by the native Irish, he all bnt regained posaeaaion of that portion of his dominions. The Protestants of Ireland?or per hap# more strictly speaking, the Presbyte- I rians of Ireland?took refuge within the walla *>f Enniakillen and Londonderry Tbe forces of Jaaaat were concentrated on the two devoted r THE EVENING ST Aft 1 >H /.'-Ari ?; TO 131 'W'Tj FlTBLIfSHBD EVERY AFTEMfOOtfJ (SUNDAYS BXCBPTBD,) AT THK STAR BU1LBIIIU, Corner of Fw/wjlvania mvanue and 1U4 H.t T W. a WALLACH. > . , . r*H? Mrr?4 ia ptotaiM by aarrlara ?t < I r **r. or 9T oanta par month. To amil rabaorltara .. tha prioa ia #X5) a r*ar, m a&*nnu; #2 /or six month* $1 for tferaa month*; aod tot laoa th*c thrao aoBtka at tka rata of B ooita a voak. ftiatia ? opioo, ?m cunr; ia wrappora, two cama. \\J~iDVUTUUUTI uoild b* MDt t* Um oC{M betore 12 o'e.ook 1114 other viae they Mr *ot appear ?attl the wt day. ' THE ORANGEMEN AND THEIR HISTORY. The following sketch df the origtn of thq order which U bow creating *uch a diiturbance in the arrangements made for the reeeptioB of the Prince or Wale* is taken from the Brooklyn Eagle, and will convey a hiatorioal idea of the organisation, which may not be familiar ta the 1 public: The Orangemen of Ireland date their exiatenc fri>a? the year 1686. and name themselves after William. Prince of Orange. Stadtholder of Holland, and Kin e of Encland nnder tbe . , - ? * * J ; Axoiiu F i uscstis Raid ?Gen. Hennlngsan, the filibuster, la oat is a long letter, aulegixiog (be late lien Walker, magnifying tbe "ml?iou" on wbieb be went to Honduras, and denouncing tn vigorous English the "influaooa conductor Capt. salmon." Gen Hoaaiagseo aleoexpreurs tbe conviction that the "good cause" In which Walker died "still Uvea " So far from fiiibti?t-rlim betnf dead, be saysitmay be safely predicted that from every drop al blood abed, amidst tbe ehoers f^he^aatlvee, will eprtag up another JETTba Woraaoos mart be peculiarly happy la the poaseasioa of cefUin privlUgse wblch tbeir "Frophet" freolr accords tbara; for Instance, the following which we And laid down la a tecent discourse by Brother Brigham: "Tbe woman that asys, ?| wilt follow my bus band to boll,' Will have the privilege. Tbe man that saya, I will follow a woman To bell bo* wbat 1 will nave her,' will have tbe prlvUaa* mi following her there. It dlsgsooe to aaaTat to lave anything thai ha would not drop or forsake for bis religion." n;aer loan oeiore toe outbreak The same is true of the Moslem* who hav# taken part in the war, while the Jewa have nowhere been either plundered or moleeted, except the very am all community of Deir-el Kamar. Of the seven thonssnd wLio now receive dally aid frooa year charity, t very Urge majority arp Msronltes, the next most numerous class are Greek Catholics; a considerable number are of the Qreek Church, while only about one hundred are Protestants, Should tbe changing fortunes of war reduce Droaea,.Moslems. Jews, or any ether class of our population to the same destitution, we should be rendy to extend to tfceas the same kind of aid that we now give to the Christians. We would earnestly guard our patrons against the impression that (he neceiaUy for the** charitable contributions will soon cease by the res tors ti on of peace and the re-establishment of government!b Ulscountry On the eon trary, the number of the destitute are dally moltlf-lying on our hands, aud the suffering la becolong more and more stringent." ipeci&c categorical answers to the tame, "what are you going to do about it?" Are you in faror of making aaoh simpleton* of yourselves as to anawsr all questions which may be propoanded to yon through the papers? " If the last question is answereain the affirm atiT*. we repeat, with emphasis, the omiDOca question, "what art you going to do abont it?" A 8iau.ii Call sou ? The AngloAmerican Relief Committee, formed in Beyrout for the asslstanoe of the sufferers by the recent outrages In Syria, have issued a moving appeal for aid. The foliowlag la an extract: "The basis of our organization Is wholly unsactarian, and bread enough in its spirit and design to embrace all etaiMs at sufferer* from this war. Christians only are mentioned In our circular, and that simply because ther are the only applicants for aid. Not a Druse, Mohammedan or Jew ha* applied for assistance. The Druses remain masters of their half of the mountains, snd from the eaormoos plunder of tbe Christians are noi ro-openea, win you tavor an appropriation bj the Legislature for the importation of monkeys to pick out eotton? Will jou rote for a law to prevent the Aurora Borealis from making its appearance south of Maso* and Dixon's liae? Will jou vote for an appropriation te aid in defraying the expenaea of the visit of the Prince of W\aU* to the United States? In the event of jour election, will jou. in accordance with the strict rules of political ecouomj, vote for appropriating the superfluous gas so freely generated bj that body in aid of Prof. Lowe'a inteaded balloon excursion to Kurope? If elected, which hotel will jou atop at in Columbia? Which of the candidates for the Legislature do jou think will be elected? In view of the grave importance of the foregoing solemn queations, and the neoeMitv of he had rather died thus than to^ave lived in the exercise of more selfish motives than those which marked his character through the whole of this trying ordeal. Political jrap d'ksprit.?The eastern (prevalent in some part* of our country) of subjecting candidates for anj office to every variety of inquiry with regard to their course upon all possible and impossible questions, is thus satirised by a correspondent of a South Carolina journal, the Spartansburg Express: To the Candidates for the Lrgiilalnre of South Carolina : If elected will yon vote for a sufficient appropriation, by the Legislature, to have the Artesian well in Charleston bored through to the Celestial Empire, so that South Carolina may dray through in the event of Lincoln's election? In the event that the African slave trade is tbe multitude melted away by couples and solitary individuals, until but a tithe of the whole namber remained. The awell tumbled the light rafts about like feather weights, and a weary struggle the helpless survivors had during the long drift of ten miles intervening to the shore. Bellman was ten hours on his raft, and says that he was capsized and thrown into the sea with his two companions every third minute. When they reached the shore they were dashed about helplessly in the surf, and, more fortunate tfcan their companions, were lifted upon the beaoh by the breakers, and dragged ashore by the strong hands which awaited thorn It was here that, having surmounted the perils of that terrible voyage, the commander succumbed and gave way to the irresistible foroe which had worn out his strength ?nH ?i<rr*r P?rk>na child, which be found in the arms of an exhausted and submerged woman, to an elevated portion of the raft, and left it in charge of a woman, when it was soon lost. He constantly exherted the crowd to keep silent, and not only to make no noise, but to refrain from moving, in order that the frail framework aright laet the longer. Bellman says that during the time which elapsed while the raft kept together there wa? scarcely a sound from man, woman or child. They clung to their pUce? in silent terror, and neither groans nor prayers were audible; no voice, save that of the captain, raised aloud in encouragement and good cheer being heard amid the roar of the wind and the ceaseless splash of the coming waves. Finally the constant action of the water broke up the raft, and large parties floated off on detached pieces, and gradually driven overboard, and the freight and luggaze immediately followed. Passengers were wditened frem their slumbers by sturdy blows of the axe, which daahed in their state-rooia doors and oalled them to a sense of their danger. All ware finally collected on deck, and when the steamer went down, the hurricane deck, which constituted the roof of the upper cabin, floated clear of the hull and sustained the orowd. Mr. Bellman says that on this extempore raft net less than 300 persons were collected, the majority of whom clung to their places until near daylight The raft was mostly under water from tha weight of its living burden, and very few who clung to it but were above the waist in the turbulent sea. The eaptain was constantly on his feet enoonraging the crowd, and seams to have been the only man who dared to stir from tha recumbent position which was necessary to keep a secure hold on the Dreearionn r?rit ? ANOTHER OF THE WORLD'S HEROES. The Detroit Free Press of the 11th nit, oommentiog on the Lady Elgin disaster, says : From a conversation with one of the survivors of the wreck, we hare gathered aome facta sot specially enlarged upon in the newspaper accounts A Lake Superior miner, Jas. Bellman, an Englishman bj birth, arrived in the city yesterday morning to take the first boat from this city for the haven which ,the Lady Elgin failed to reach. lie was on board the boat at the time of the diinUr anil !?? confused account of the occurrence. When trie vessel struck the steamer be was It log down between decks, and wu thrown from hit position several feet by the concussion. Unraveling the bewildered and disconnected tale which he gives we have glimpses of a terrible panfc among the passengers, in the midst of which everywhere was the self-possessed commander, giving orders and overseeing such measures as were most oondocive to the general safety. The ealtle were ? -?? - - - ?'Y"?u *^4 Pk. wir) TI vor, fcad ne*r Piney Point, ami that it it not n'oestary to take Virginia Pilot* from their boat?, when iM veaael i* bound to Georgetown or Wa hmgton oity. f Maryland Pilot* eu be foand of at lea?t equal kill aad reliability. an H-eod*ni* THE ODK8 OK HORACE. TRANSLATED ^A into ?ng liah vara* by Theodore Martin; 1 tol; eSB lm No. 440 Seventh at. onu\>anin 1 ior me uuoii fm A He ha* mads arrangements t-< recive'^^jWUl# regular anpjpliea of the beat NOR x2#QT FOLK OY8TEEH on Terr Tuesday, Thuredar, and Saturday. He will alio keep oon atantly on hand a large and varied assortment of F^SH\ inoluding evory sort known to Washington He r*turna hia ainoere tbanka to those who patronised hia K?tabll?hrnent durinit the ?a?t loaaon, and la ooafideat that hia inoreased fac.ilitiea for keefing oouataLtly on hand freah aupplte* of OY8 TEKb, FISH, GAME. 4.0 . Ao., will aa.ply reward a oontinoanoe of their patronage and custom. Sold at th* lowest market prio^a, and delivered at all parts of the oity free of okarge. ae lo-lm T. M. HARVEY. JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. R. R. DURKEE k. CO/S XlXiZIOT BFZOBB. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, bat ground from freah Spioaa, selected and eleaned by na exproealy for the purpoae without reference to cost. They are beaut:fany paoked in Unfoilt (lined with paper,! to prevent injury by keeping, and are rail weight, while the ordinary ground Spioea are almost invariably abort. We warrant M aainale trial will abundantly prove. TJI LOTS' NOTICE.-To all Captaina and a ownera ofveaeela, bound to the Diatriot j^ss of Columbia. noUoe la hereby given, that^gfr Piiota may be found at all iimea at St n?w>r*a'> l.lan-1 ???.? J* ? ^ 1 nn**i nw ?3 9u; a nrm rat* "at 93; and very good. {X?hio able Hat 93 5ft. All of the latest cty lea of *ort HATS and C AI'S, at the v?ry lowest price*. 1 ain eonstaatl* *tip?neri with a very large stock of those fineDR ftSS BOOTS at #3.74?which 1 have boon selling for many year*?as well as the very best qual tv of Pat-ot Leather GAITBR8 at .93 50. FtoeFrenoh Calfskin Gaitersfrom 92to 925?. Term* oaslij n?? extra charge in order to offset bad debts ANTHONY, Agent for the Manufacturer*, Seveuth street, second hat store from the corner, opposite Aveiiue House, No. 340. se 14-Sin DO NOT FAIL TO CALL AT HARVEY B, 861 C St., between lor* and lif.t. J > 4 avarearna can which, If nt ir>??<ti4? ramaditd od In daatfc. W I kNiata ft Iba 1ST tsDiuiiiTiix- FOR fcrriti tha toku la all ciiii af an- CH1LORSH h>tiitidi1 oia * ?* lit chil- TKKTHIKO whathar It artiaa ftara taatbmf 1 or fraai idt aihti aaaaa. Wa wo?H ny la a?a?y maihar who baa a cki!d ?affana* frani aay of tit foraffainf caroplalnta ? I?o not lit TOCt PR BJUOICBS, NOB TMI PBejlTOICH or OTHRRI ataad kawaaii rNiKlatin( child and tb< taliaf that will ka acaa?yaa, aaaoLCTILT ??; ?ta faliaw tha wa af th aaadleuia, if turaly *aa<1. Fall diraetlor.a ?r aaing will a Mrofoat aacb bottle, Nona ranataa anlaaa tha foa-aimtia CBRTii * PlkH.KlN3.Nav fart, iaao Ua aataida wrayya Said by DrafrUu tbraarbaat tha <raf Id. Principal OlCca. Na. It Cadar fusel, V. T. Pilaa anl?lS Canu ? ? Sottia. MlNtth| \t VOCAL INSTITUTE. lTlRS. CECILIA. YOUNG Ha< th* honor to annonno? the removal of her Vocal Inautule to No. 42? Eleventh street, between tl and I eta. M 12-eolm tnna n o t_i c e: WH I wiah all gentlemen l^m \ Bffljpa to bear in mind taat QH the plan which I aix jeera a?o, of aelling WWUA'I'? ona HOOTS at ureatly re duoed prtcee for oaah ia in euoccaafol operation, Juat reo-ived & fall auanly ot tha lateat naw York afrkea of dkes3 HaIS The very J1 inn Dapand ifni it, iMitn, H will girt rut t* pinilm, u4 RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa h??a (K ap Mid 1*14 thia a rue la fer a?artan /Mrs, and CAKiAT,incon>ioBi?ciAivnTauTH of u.wbatwa h??? aaaar b?ta tfcla u ??y ' uty 0TW1K Madicina? SUM MRS. ha* it failed,iff A I I .1 L I IW?TA!?CB to *rrmcr A CUII, WIS?LUW'g whtn tjmaiy Na*ardid ws knaw KIIITMI >n tn ioitoct of die *usf*ctlM fcy ?uj -K,. *im oi?d it. On Ma cantr*rr,allara SYRUP, dalifhtad with in OPIRATIO.H, and - J?r?.k tn tarma ? hifiiatt catr.mtnda in af ila on-ical alaeia tad madiea! nrtaaa. *i tpaak in Jii> matttr what VI oo mow," iftir tan ;iiii' nwnnei.AKO rLloelou* aiPCTATioarooTNi roiriLim or what vb mm dbclap i. In nlmaat a?ar? mainnna wharath* w aaSarInf fram pain ?nd ainaaauoo, r?It I will b? frand In Iftaaa artwaitij mtuataa afiar lb* a/rap la aurainiatarad. Thw T?:??bn praparatiaa is ma f mcripun ?t ant af lha HI BiriltlKCBn and ?RlLrCL IfraiBi in Nl? CnfInad, tidlu baan aaad with itlTBR-FAlLins ICOClll la THOUSANDS Ot CASES. h Bat anty ralta?a? tha child ftoia pain, bat tnviforatt* tti ataaieb aud hawaia, earraeia acidity, and fitaa tan and T.atf j ta tfaa wbala ajatam. It will almaat instantly raiiara 6B1F1.1* IK THI ROWBLS AMD Wl5D COLIC. CU"8ixty yeara ago, a naval officer wishing to crow from Staten lilaud to Bergen. could find no person willing to undertake tbe job save a barefooted boy, who df spite the rougbmss of tbe sea, bravely rowed blin to the place of destination. Tbe officer was ao pleased with his pluck that be got him a situation on a steamer; that bov was Cornelius Vanberbilt, who is now worth 913,000.000. IC/" Some curious Individual bas estimated that the sum of >15.000 is expended every day for oysters in New York city alone. AMUKS. WI.1SLOW, N Kxporlen ed Nurse and Femaie Pbysielar, presents to the attnstioc of mothers, her SOOTUlNti SYRUP, For Childroa Testtilnf, WklSfc (Iitu; iHllitMIl U>? ?? ?? ?f k* ftM inf ifci fan*, r?a?e icf all [*>S*iBim?u?n?wUi tin; ALL rain ?n Jtpwnmdlc *ei ta crry r mr\ orcnr wrrw ? >u?. nuniii iTurvri mr uuer was aciuauy made, for It Is announced that the Austrian steamers In the Neapolitan waters have born ordered to return to Trieste, on the ground that Francis Joseph can no longer off >r hospitality to the deposed Bourbon. JO" A young woman, named Lizzy Donaldson, essayed to wall across one of the streets of Cincinnati on a wire, laat week, and had nearly accomplished the feat, when the holder of one of the guy ropes, In his admiration for the spangled petticoat above him, looked upward, forgot his bustntM, and threw the fair performer from her foo*hold, to the terror and dismay of the witnesses. Fortunately, she had already passed the middle of the street, where a fall might have been fatal, and dropped elegantly some ten feet, upon the oiustory store beneath. vcjuiiu i^cwari, anu UiPii IDP 8ir8n|{6ri were not to be fonnd upon the cars. The Judge returned to Jersey City, whfn officer* were pu Upon the Watch, and every effort will be made to ecure the arrest of the thieves. Afrtkia and thi Latk King or Naples ? We tlnd In our file* of the Canada, a strange piece of news?a rupture between Austria and the king of Naples Tbe perfidy of tbe latter towards Austria appears to be established. If the statement made is correct. Before tbe flight of tbe King from the capital, he had offered, it was said, tbe aid of bis fleet to Garibaldi to assist blm In the reductloa of Venetla, on condition tbat he should be allowed to retain his throne. Puch an act of treachery and meanness was considered qutte characteristic of Francis II., and It is now clear A U-11 * A Rbpublica* Spzakkk Robhd or Ova* ?2,000 on the (Jabs ?Tha New York Lx press of Saturday afternoon say a:?J udve Jeaaup, of Peon ylvanla, who la engaged speakliur through the country in the republican cause, bad bis pocket picked In the cars tbia (Saturday) morning, of ?2,000 in bank bills. Judge Jeaaup remained in Jeraey City laat night, and this morning proceeded to the Jeraey City Depot for th?* purpose of returning home. While is the Depot, and previous to going up to the ticket office, Mr. J took out hia wallet and selected a bill from the package and replaced the wallet in his left pantaloons pocket. This movement waa undoubtedly observed by two New York plckpocketa,who were recogniBed aa having been present, just previous to tbe starting of tbe Central train at 8 a. m , upon which ilt? r *?vi- * " ? ? mi. # . iriv, l?uiMuijr louowea ov me thieves While the cars (topped at Newark, Mr. Jeasup tapped out and assisted In a lady friend, and, when endeavoring to regain bis seat, a man crowded between him and the lady, wbll? another pressed against him behind, preventing him for some seconds, from moving either way. The Judge expostulated with the men for their rndeness, but did not suspect their design until be discovered his loss after having gone about two mil.? ? ?1 - W MAGNOLIA HAMS! B Are again in reoeipt of a further inpplr of th^ee Hama. They have been hai>gi'C In the mokehpuaa througn th? ewon.and a'jin eapi'al ?id*r. KING * BL KCH Kt.L.. ? ? Corner 15th at. an* V?rni?nt avw.wa. OOR BALK ?A pair of COACH HORSES, ? young and fatt.aold for no fault: the fix. OTfnfrluvinc no um for thein. Applj at 80 2, ES??"' e ST 306, between 9th and loth ata. ftFFiCB OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER yJ OF OAS METERS. . , . Wasminoton, July W. W". NOTICE IS ffERBBY OlfES, That. ably to the provisions of the mdin&nee of the Corporation approved Mot IS, 18V, the undersigned i? now prepared, "Whenever required in WTltiof. and on pre pay m?nt of the fee of fifty cents, to inspect, examin-, test, prove, and aeoertain the aoonraoy of regiatraDon of any gas meter in oee in tfeia city. Evory meter, if found inoorroct, will booondemned, and another, sealed aud marx^d ae true, Will be aet in ita piace. If proved to bo aoourate in t*? aanwiMt of gas, it will t?e coaled aoooidingly, andatain pot in position for nee. ? , Office No 610 Seventh street,(near Odd Fallows' Hall ) Open from S it. m-. U> $ CHAKuES VV. CUNNINGHAM. Jy IB- tf I nspeotor and Seal Of w OCR STOCK IS ALWAYS COMPLETE OF the eolebrated Chickenng * Sons' un .jg. equaled PIANO FORTE*, ombraemgK^Ka over? siae,?tyle,soale and finish, at pnees'11 *? ' to aoit the timet. Old Pionoe taken mptrt rayment for bow. The Chickennge'have been awarded 40 goM and silver medals at the different exhibitions nth* United Slate* for the superiority of their Pianos over a I other makors. Their 1'iaoosare bettor, their prioee as low, their term* ?f paying as eo?y,t atr disconnta for oaah creator than any othp ~ '"'""/bliN P. B. LI8. se V> BAM P> ?w . K,? Mil ?rwl inth Bend your orders early. MoKNEW * HARLOW. Proprietors, ? TT-tf Corner Heventh st. and Canal. WOOD ? AND Delivered to all part* of the wtjfat the lowest possible rates. ' T J. k, W. M. OALTf Offlce 292 Pa. aT.f between 11th and 18th *U , ma 17-if north side. f^OAL! COAL!! Vv WOOD! WOOD!! I am daily reo#mi?c larse snppl es of COAL from the very best Pennsylvania miues, which 1 will s*ll at reasoaaS'e p*ices Al*o, the best quality of Oak, Pine and Hickory WOOD, cut and split, all lengths. Call and leave your orders. R. W. BATES, Wood and Coal Dealer, se 17 (States) Cor. C and 14th sts., near Canal. poiiio uiv v^oaMr GEORGE PAGE, Agent. C7- HICKORY AND~OAK PLANK or TIMBER (ofany m*? or dimension* ) SA WED. POSTS or JOISTS RIPPtD, or LOGS SAWED, at the ahorte?t notice irr Small joha of BLACKSMITHINQ promptly exotuWd. aa above ?f<27 t q q q q q CHIOH FIRE-WOOD MILL, Ciiur ?f Seventh at. mud Canal. W 0~0 D of all kind, manufactured to order, any length or size, ready for use. COAL?COAL. We have now on hand a beautiful lot of COAL, both Red and White A eh, different eix* I.TWe are now, and will be r?oeivin* Coal for the next ten daye. whiohwe Mil, delivered from the vessel. at a reduction of 26 oent* nur ton. taught, from the rudiments to the moit highly finI ished education. Tho corps of teacher*, t?n in number, are eminently qualified aud experienced in their several departments. Lectures F riday evening on the Natural Scioroes without charge to the pupiii. irculars may be obtained by addressing the Principal, Miss Si. J. HARROVER,(Georgetown, D. C. au 23-eoSm WOOD AND COAL. JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIONEER SAW HILL AS? FIREWOOD FACTORY, or thb Blu* Flao Staff,* nth *f the Canal, near 7th street Bridge, Will furnish, at the ehortest notice, FIREWOOD, OF THE BEST QUA MTV, Of Ant Kihd, Cut and Split t? any Ditnutioni. CHEAPER THAN THB CHEAPEST! With full measurement guarantied. fE7" Remember, Thi Blue Fla<j Staff, west side of Seventh st^wet, eouta of til* Ca. al, ana op The next session will commence October 1st. 1380. Terms, *o., forwarded on application^ PLAINFIELD ACADEMY, (Nxax Csuiskx.Pa.) Twenty ninth session (20 weeks) comoene^* November 5th. A family achool for Twe:.t>-five good boys, for whose comfort and improvement the time and energy of the Principal is devoted Entire expense S7&. Croular* at Star Office. To fill a few vacancies call at Kirk woods' from 3 to 5 p. m., October 1R and 19; or addr. ss K. K BLrR ?H, Principal and Proprietor, Piainfield, Cumberland county. Pa. se 26 eolm GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, ( Fokxxkly Miss L. S. English's.) A BOARDING AND DAT SCHOOL. The duties of this Institutien will l>? resumed on the first Monday in September next. The OOtirse Of Instruction ?mlim.n?B ?.ll r,Rq , HoDtrt H. Hunion, . W D Wallach, Editor Evening f*tar, Benjamin Waters, Esq.,J*s. Entwisle, Jr., Esq .Col. John W.Minor, Louiloun, Messrs. Biacklock &. Marshall, Messrs Corse Brothers. Tkxms. Board, with Tuition in all the English Rranoh?s, f am for the annual session?payable semi-annually, in advance. Music aad Languages at Professors' prices VZT" No extra charges. au 28-t( T'UE PRESCOTT HIGH SCHOOL. 1 370 Kiohth St., BiTwrix K and L Sra. Studies will be resumed in this urfcti'ution on MO N DAY, September 3d. Circulars at bookstoros. au 16-tf A. C. RICHARDS, Principal. j^jETROPOLITAN ^ COLLEGIATE 1N8TIFOR YOUNG LADIES. 464 E Sr., Bbtwixn 6in and 7th Pis. The fourth annual session of the Institute -will commence on the tirst MONDAY in Septensb-r. Application* should be made early, as the nnanber of pupils is limited. For particulars see oi'cnlvs or apply to the principals, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. HAVENNF.R. at the lnntitutn. mi 9 tf Mrs. m. kTkingsford s seminary, 4 i a k st . w a??i<matan i i c EDUCATIONAL. A CADEMY OF MODERN LANG AU AGES, X*. ( \\'A?Ui.N?TOM Bl'll.DISO,) Pa Avettui, Comtr if Seventh Strut. P*ITAT? I JtsTECCTWN"* t!* FftKNCH A*DSpAl*l*H. DAY AND EVENING? US6K9 TNANSLAT1QSS. A. M. Di MONTHURRY. Profeaaor of Modern Language* and Literature, ha? the honor to announce that he will resume hia C)a?*eaanJ Private Leaaona ?n Wedneaday next. the 19th of Septem l>er, in the above Academv. He in prepared alao to give, in aohoola and private familiea, a Courae of i<eoture upon the Krenoh l.iterature, from the Earliest Formation of the Language to th* Preeent Time. For terma and farther partioalara Inquire at the Academy, where Prof. De Monthnriy will be in attendance daily from a to 11a. m and from 5 to 8 p. m. ae 18 1m T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* who wiah their daughter* to receive a thorough anfl aystematie education, where l : - ? uNirpnuioai training will reoeive daily and special attention, under tlie most approved system o fCMistheme and Gymnastic*, are respectfully lavitad to visit the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth st. and N*w York av MR. Sl MRS. Z. RICHARD*, au 30 tf Principals^ Female boardinq and day school, ALEXINDRli, VA. Mtr. S. J. MoCORMICK, PaixctrAL. The thirteenth annual session of this Institution will oomtnenoe on Tuesday, September 18th, in the house recently occupied by Sylvester Scott, Esq., No. ISO King street. The course of study pnrsnad will comprise all the branohea requisite to a thorough English Edu cation, and Musio, Fiflooh, Latin and Drawing, it desired. In addition to day scholars. Mrs. McCormiok is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils a? boarders, who. constituting a part of her own family, will be under Iter immediate care and supervision. She will endeavor, as lar as possible, to surround them with the oomfortaand kindly innuoncea of Home. Hfjfttnees.?^ev. Gw>. H. Norton, Rev. D-. Eliaa Harrison, Rev. D F. Sprigg, William H Fowie, Eaq., Edgar Snowden, fcso . Edninnd F Witmsr, Esq., Henry Marbury, Esq., L*w?s MeKepz e. n ? ? D 'offi, c ? A L B,RS; an4" Mi'ug b* ' h w. HAM.LTON < and ] DEALER IN FAINTS. No. ? Tth 8tm**t, umr Odd JhiUmt' * mt-tf puttyTs down, i W*TCHREPA.R.JOA^OWLVER WARE , 1 have on* of tha beat eetabliahmenta, and fur lahad with aoomptete *et of toola for repair- jKt ing every description ?f fiaa NVatcfcaa. and , particular attention (iv? to tha tame, by 1 tr orourh oompetent worknienxul a. work it arnu- ( tied Al-o. etary deacnp ion of atandard Sfl-VKR WAR K. p. an and ornamental, man nffcctui ad qraler my own aupervinon, which n<\ cuat-xnara will tnd far auparior la quality aud fcat?h to northera w?ra avid by dealera ui general aud reprraenteu aa their oa u manufacture. II. O HOOD. < ae6 33" Pa. avenue. n?ar9th at. < N MERCHANT TA.ll OM.INU. ~~~ I ew PallHrYLKS orjclotus,cauki- , MKRS, *NL) VKSTING& WALL.STKragNS * CO^ 3?a reiint>Kaaia A valine, hara jaat received a larr* m-i?ty of 1 new Fail G?v?Uvt4? wUtoh tnay in vim the attcntt^a of thair friapdaaiMi cuaUmiera. aa ?B-tf TBALZ AC'8 N KW NWgL HK G reatneaaand Decline of ceaaar Bimlieard, mm 14 nnrwer KW*ventti at. anW mr. v j 11 a i tu? ~ FOR HORDES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT li lb* oily .?N and reiiaM* remedy for th* curt of Ipifu, Ulnrh?, Windfall*, Bp'i*l*. L"oa?f*r*J Lamp*. Nodee ?r 8?eliu.r* It ocTcr failed it tin Big HiU, Poiit?il, runta, Old Rnnnin{ Soree, or Sweeuv, if projMrir pjntd IV praiae, Brattet, Berattlie*. Cracked Refit. < Btddle or Collar Oalla, Gall, Sort*, arWnnndt. Ii u aa iafalhbl* rtmrtj. Apply it aa dirtcwd aad a oar* la cartaJu iu tiiry mtiauce. Thtn iriile ao lorrer vltb tht maay worth! e*e Liainieaii of'rH le to? 0<n*in a tappjr of I>?. M< LEAN1# CELEBRATED LI VI Mt NT It vtfl care to* J, H. McLEAN, Sol* Proprietor, Corner Third aad Pin* ??., ll. Lou*, Mi. CHARLES STOTT, 31S Pa. ?-, aol* ajeat ia Waehiuftoe; &, S. T. CIMEL, Oaoef etewb *eK W?|y yoa *oir* b*tt*r or *ar*iparilla trash, which they can bwy chaap, kr uriu n ii Imufood Ardd racti Mt Ask for McLKAN-SSTRKNUTtlEKING CORDIAL, aa<l ukt nothing *1?*. It U the only r*irad J that will partfy the Blood tnoroa(hlT sad at th* *arr* tlm* strengthen the Oa? t* ? a poorniI taken e?*r? mom if J fading i* a certain pre* entire for Cholera, Chill*'aud P*?er. Yellow Fkh, or any ar?Talani diNiH It ia pat op la large bottles hric* oa<7 #1 par hutil*, or (bottle* for $i. J. H MtLEAN Sol* proprietor of thi* Cordial; alac, McLua'* Vnlcaai* Oil Liaimaot Principal Depot oa the corner of Third and Pine street*, St. Loai*, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD ) Tti? only *\fe and certain car* for Caacira, Pil?a, Taator*, Swellings and Bronchile or Coitr*, Paraly*i?, N*arMgia, W**kr*** of the Mitel**, C hronic or Ir Aamiraiorj Bhtiuiiauni, Htifnea* of the Joint*, Contracted Maaclaa or Ligament*, Ear^ch* or Toothacha, Braue*, Sprnu.*, Vr?*h Cat*. Wouud*, ITlctra, F*?*i Sore*, Caked Brcaat, Bar* Nipple*, Born*, Scald*, Sot* Throat, or any toflamaauoa or tun, oo difference how *e?er* or l??r the di*r-*e may If* * I late 4, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT >* a certain remedy. Thousands of bnsaa batug* h*?* keen aaaad a life of diacrepitad* and nastiy by the a** of tl.ta mealaabl* rtoaedy. McLEAJTS VOLCANIC OIL LIXIMEST Will rilitT* pain almoat inatauU ntoaily, and U will cltaa, pvrify and h*al the foaled sort* ia an inertdibl* *h< rt urn*. &auoxt is renoreu 10 m pn?tme neaim and tijot. MARRIED PERSONS, or ojiin, conactose of inabilitT frrm whatever uiit, wilt l?d MCLEAN'S 8TAENGTHEN1ICQ CORDIAL a thorough regenerator of the tyetem- tod >11 who ittv her* injured iheu.eeWei by improper tndslf taeee will Bud ia ihu Corlial a certain and tpeedy remedy TO THE LADIES McLEANT? a M'treifn and epeedy cure for Incipient UtuaMnpuot,, Detracted at D.IT-ull Me<.a'ru*tian. Incouttneu-e of Uriae or Involuntary Diacbarge thereof, Falling of tbe Woiab, (Jiddinett, Fainting, ana all ftittaaet incidtnl to Piatlti. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Safer no iT.ger Take It according to dirtciiont. It arill atimalate, atrrnftban, and invigorate yoa and eataa (be bloom of health to noanl yonr cbaoi again. Every bottle ia warranted to give eatiafaetion. FOR CHILDREN. Ifroar children are aickly, pany or aMieted, McLEAfS Cu&DIaL will make tkeet health?, fat, and robaet. Delay not a moment^ uj it, and jua~wul be couTiaced. It i* delieiont touke. CA UTION. Beware of drtrrtiti or dealers ?hn ma* tr* to Mlm >vmi. ^ mc ! K i iiucuiu prmbipie of tack mjrtdi??i Before taJdiift^7{thL';^.1fifter taking. distilling, prodncing a dsncioes, eabiiirating (pint, and the oio?t infallible remsdy for renoeatiug tbe diumo system, ud restoring ihs sick, ?feru(, and dabilitatad invalid M health and strength. McLEAiYS S TR EKG THE MSG CORDIAL Will tfltuall; core Li'?r Complaint, D;il>?piit, Jaundice, Chronic or Ner?on? Debility, Dieeaeee ofihe Kidasya, and all diaaaaea arisinr 1 r??n a disordered Lirer or S'.oiaach, Dyep'pua, Heartonrn, inward Filas. Aridity or Siekneet of (ha StumstJi, Fnliusae of Blood is ilia H?io, Doll Pain or Swimming 11, the Head. Palpitation oI the Heart, Fnllueea or Weight in the Stomach, Soar Eractalione, Choking or Suffocating Feeli"g when laying down, Dryness or YflluW uaaa of ths Skin and Eyss, Nigtu Swssu, Inward Fevera, Pain i the S'aall of the Back, Cheat, or Side, Sodden Klaahaa of Heu, Dspresnon of Spirits, Frightful Dreams, I.mguor, Dsspondeucy or say nervous dueaae, Korea or BUtehee on the Skin, and Ferer tad Ague (or Chilli and Fa ear.) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES hare bean sold during iha last ail mouths, aud in instancs haa it failed ia giving entire miefac tlcn. W ho. than, will aoffsr froer We.tkaeaa or liability whan McLCiNU STRENGTHENING CORDIAL, will care ran 1 No language can coueej aa adeqaae idea of tka immediate and almoel miracalotu change prodoced he ulruig tiua Cordial 10 the disened, debilitated, and shattered nsrecaa iritsm, whether brekea dawn by axaeae, weak by aatara, or impaired by eickneea, the related and nnstraag argam m iul iiuuiOuiAUuj uppuiiw trie WON wing or Utf City Hal.,reoer.tly oocupied by Ch&a. S. vfal'vjn u an ofloa. Also the front room in the aeeond tory md the thir<1 of the Mine bai'din*. For terra* appiy to KICHARD WALLACH, No. U Louisiana avecae. ja 13 tf De. J H. McLEAN'6 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AKO BLOOD FUftlFIEK THE GREATEST REMEDY in the WORLD, ?T\ au J the mmt /TV Dei.icior* and M /' Wj i? ?trir?lr? ?-it' I UT tnli*' and VacataOkT\ bla Coaiponod, procnrad by tb? diri.Utio?i of r*otl, b<rl'?, JB <CKSB|A and t-arka Yfllew WjP" "V I>ock, Blond Rout, VE "'1 WRP Black &o?i. (Uraapa- TC Jl nWK rtlU, Hill Charry JWJV B*rk, aftd Dandelion IWlr ?ul?ra it* com^?ba ae'i?* ? auons to iui calls wttii promDtu?sa Persona from a distance oaa be sapplied at a *V?w minutes' cotioe. aa I hare a large aaaortment of CoFFl>iS aiwata on hand. Particular attention paid to tbf removal of tbe dr&d from the old to the new banal grounds. Hearaea and Horeea for hire. ap l0-6m FOR SALE AND RENT. FORSALE?A small FARM of30acrea,situated at tbe Little Falla, having a oomfortabledwolling-bouae, oorn house, at&bfea, Ac; we.i-feoood and watered ; wiUwn foui miles of Waahington; 15 aoree in cnltivation. the h?;anoein hacdaome woodland. It is penn iarly desirable a* a onar.try ret' denoo, being perfect.r healthy an?l moat romanabally situated iexoelient fishing and huntina. lLaune of Mr. MARRIOTT, brKlga keeper, Chain B'tace, Little FalTa. (i?7-2?wtr I^QR RENT-Three BRICK HOI'SEfc-one on r Twelfth atroet, between C and I); ono on the corner of Twelfth nn.l H ata.; and oua on H. He twcen J2th and 13th ate. Inquire of JAMF.SXV BARKER, on 11 street, between 11th and lAh^ No. |^OK RjKNT-The F1R8T KLWK ot l*a uji.u GEORGETOWN ADVEBT'MTS JUST RROFIVRD? 10 hhda. prim* Porto Rico SUGARS, 15? bbia. ?.Id Rye WHISKY, ?bbl*. HERRING mdALEWIVE*. ?0 bb:?. Ouahed and Retm m) ^UGARb, 9< ba*a Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhda.tlow priced* MOLASSES. For aaie I>t JOHN J BUOUK. M 10 r*RANl)ELL, OPTICIAN. V/ JV*. US Bridtt it., W?rtHi??. Hu constantly on hanJ a Arte aMortiaeat ol French Near-tifbted, Pentcojio. Colore*, and ?u. otiter SPECTACLES, ofA-F the beat qna.itj. in cold, ailrer, ai?ftl. and Gerinar. ilrer frame*. N. B. Old Fntme* Repaired and uew (MM m u warn to order. do li-lr receiving liash aappliaa of the aboredelif htfa! be*erare, and invito an peraona who want a aura unad altera tad Ala, to kit* it a trial. ABNY ft. PHINN, Af?nU, '* ? rt? |0?. F. BIKOH, UNDERTAKER, far. Brvdtt and J'ftrson tit., Gtorftlmm. Havin* mveu myperaonaJ attention to thia bianoii of my bnaineM, lam prep?rr?i to. a WVft Ail V wwir-iVit mill n*d, jmnpu^ft., #*.. CvrMf of Uttft ?ad B * '?*?, *>*?*? ftftuu ? ??. IDT C?h pmtdlntmU kimdmoi ft??? ? ? ?Uw C~ IALHA.MUPML JH " 1? WATCH MAKES, 346 Pern*. Arm*. (Mr Btvmtk Ktrmt Kntir* a^iuo* ?!? ? to tfc? K^%j, b* ciro D??I?X Md IJ?.?r W mfcn, u?* jy Cloofc*. * o. Alto, to th Krjrrv ? ? j .K nlMiDii.W?d4tnc, Vim.HKM4 t &M, ?*g>- .--T^ |? ALTiMORK r?o? \n?*?*IA. lm i^ h. 7. iy 11 -aotr BaiUmor e ^CHOOL AND OOLLMb ULTFITR. Youlki' and Boyj Clctkin^ for &ck?l mud Z)r$Jt ITiflf. ParnUud naardiaae w?afcia? to ftnuk tkoir phi><1 ran atid ward* wit* Boho* ard Call it Oatf u for the oomiuc imon, ir? lorifcMl to txtaiH c?' rnect l?rt* and MUnilw mwtUmvI HOV1 * CL? iTH I. vL*r? the* oaa ITnat thair ehihlre* of all n*?m n a few monriti witli rv#r? dMont kN of Ready made OanaacU. of K..4 iluraln# qaaijty. at vary ?r<oe? WALu ?TKPHK.NB 4k 00? a??-U XxSpMa. avaaa*. B HAVB JUfTf RtCBIVKD A NEW aTaortamt of (ttMawa; A boaf nu. rtniac ??mt *ran<1 r*u?re PmNO!?, fila iiflfareut whtoaare aawaadoaMad m111 !) Use hMt loatrNNimU sa^uiA 't?r?4 We %r? jonfiden that every body will adaiit th>? t??tafw I oarefal examination. Oar ''jeniij and tt>? tot |?Mral are ratpeetfa1'? re??a*t*4 to a*l a?4 SttrilS8??*~ " * ? -Z/P, D. ^ojuyecs ~ In order to eatiafr _ THE TUBLIC . . ^ that bo imeoaitioa ie intended is tbe aale of thia Great Mr<3 ioim. ~ THE MONEY WIL.I. RE REFUNBpD m f? in when the medioiM iaUe to tiro entire Hifti>?o Aak, then Mut Droit Store for DR. MONTARDKni MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER, take u diroct*<i, and if sot perleotlr aatieted to our Ai*nt. D. B. CLARK, ESQ., 4* Street *od Penney!>uut A ? ?*, who will refund your monej. Prioa? * u4 AO Ceata par Bet tie. For Ml* at all Drug Storoe wmwlmfc JAB. MCDONNELL, flmnl AmL lum dj an gooa urutciau ua futi Uchxi? Dealers. an TT-??i XT. O. R. ffc T. . HTMREWELK/S UHYKR8AL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Coughs to Actual Connmptwv . HUNNEWELL'8 JUSTLY C1LIBRAT1P Ths Natural and Sur$ Ktmtiy for all Nervous Complaints, Prom Nearalgia throvih it! mih whore Ofiia vu *v?r h*mJ to that of l)?un?m Tranaas, and the oommua chief oau?? of u^t-aae LOM OP 8LEKP. The Toln Anodyne. though onr.talota* not a par tio oof Opium, prcxl uo*? ail tho reqiuromanU of. and may be ?om in all oaeee wherever Oeium van ased without pro'nciiiH anything bet Oaree. and ieiviu* toe patient in a p?rtf<ot y natural MU. Th* Lai venal Cough Rnnecy. <freed Iron all the eommug obiection of Cough R^mrdlee. wh ob Croduoe nausea or pruetraOon.) may he aoa??ered leoommon enemy to ail Throat and LbaiCoam 1 *-i *t tm a nH naa^ aritk iMaaait* lakiM ivu|o? m% ivu. 11 vBrroir KK*. " PuMitTOii Ala., Jaiy JKlulW. To Pb^T. Q J.Wood: Demt fc?r Y otr *Httr Re* to rati v*" liu dooe mr Lair so luuch good emoe I commenced the w of it, that I a tan to mnk* anown to the public of it* < ff?oU on I he hur. wkioh are *r<*t. A mu or vnmu an*' h-neatly d*r v' i of na.iT. an<l by a resort to you "Hair K.e?u>ran ve" the hair wi'l return more beanuu tkao ever. at least thie ia my experience. Betieve Ttall Yours truir, W*. H. Kmiot. P. S.?Yol oan pabllah the aSove if yoa (Tie Br publishing ia oar Southern papers yoa will gat m >re patro&ag* Soat.1. I eee several of your ee tifioatea in the Ncbiie Meroury, a atroagbr?th?rn paper. w. U Kmn. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE. Paov. O J. Wood. JJe*r Stf flavins had the miafortnne to inee th?* beet po*tioa of my hair, from the ttf*"ta oftiie y?l o? fever, >n Saw Or m> a in 1861, i vaa iBtiuoed to make a tttai of yoar ;r?pani tion. and found it to anawer aa the very t<ing needed. My hair ia now thiotr aad gloeay. aad ao word* oan express my obligations to yoa ia giving to the afflioted each a t reaaare PiirLtT Jo**sow. . The Restorative ia pat apiaboUioe of thraeaisea. vis: large, mediant aud amaU. the aaa . hold half a pint, aad retail* for one dollar par bottle; the medium holda at leaat 30 per oeat more ta proportion than tne amall, retaila for two dollar* pat bottle ; the large ho'da a quart.?? per oent more in proper tion. aad retails for #8 O. J. WOOD A Ct> , Propnetora, 444 Broadway, New York, aod 114 Marketstreet, 8L Loeis. > ... .. . ? .. - ? ? ?uv W??? ?vv? AMIIIK all to oourt from proprietors or friMKlt u.* m nwre investigation or both KrTi?dlee,ar.d reac.n* of oar pamphlet* to he found with all* and more parucularly to purchase only of tboee tfn oan be depenled upon. we w?it in oanftJoooe the decision* of Patient* and Pbyaioiao*. "Priooa within reaoh of Jl'** WWLAX AtlHTf. . W. Hr;*5Ewill * Co., 7 ud 6. "riMii mil harf,Boaton. 6to. Hcxmiwill, 148 Water st.. New York, Under the ep*3ia! *ap?msion of JOB V L. HLTfNEWELL., Chemist and Pnarmaoeut.i*t, Boston, Mass., vhose nrnature oorars the oo-Irs of the genuine only, and to whom address all somnnio*t_iont. bold by *11 respectable dealers ever*where, and ail the Druccists in Waskinctoii asc Georgetown. av X-M.r PROCLAMATION I O THE CITIZENS OP WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, A*. CHOLEr^^^'1"-0"0 U#W DIARRHEA^ DYSENTERY, DYSPEPSIA., DEBILITY. A<U A*|rrr?il to u alaraucg extent: AM uKrrta.*, FIRST CC'NSE^LENC* to ?r?ry family to tsov of A REMEDY M onoe Sa,U, Spt*dp, mmd KJUmtimu, DR. MONTARDR, or PAMI*, offen hip MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER REMEDY FoV ^ AT A O S P LAI tTS on my head, re.y much to th? gra<ifio*tioG of my w<f*. nt vhoM solicitation I tu i Mao rid to try it. For tills* tnont Uie mw t odaiWoM I owe tn bar eex, I trocciy rf?ommnd *1: r n?t<?o<4? who a ue th? ad mi rati - of tbair wire* to >rofl by mr example, and ueeit i( jruwmi ?ra? or*?ttin< ba d. Very reewctfull*, B*w A. Liriron Too. J. Wood 4 Co.-444 B road we tN . T." My family are atwaot from the eitj.aod I am bo v? b?aab wa r ATRONAQK FDR 9TATK*MEtr, JVDGLS. CLEHO YMEN. LADIES. mn* 9ESTLEMEW iaaii pvu of the world testify to ot PRO*O.J WOOD S HAIE RESTORATIVE. and of tbe Fr?M ?r? tWIIIMMI IB IU praias. A few testimonial oaly oan he h*re iiv-mw aee ei wuftr for mora, and U viti tM impeeeitis for yon to doubt. <7 Wall N?w Yoax, IV*. * ira Gmllrm n: Your not* ol the 1Mb mlut kM been r?o*ieed. paying that tou hart b?%rd that I had beeo beuofcted by the nee of Wood's Hair Re to ran re, an ? requesting ay oertiioate of Ue laot if I had no objection to (ire it. 1 award it to yoa ohee< fully, booauee I think it doe. My ace is about an years ; tbe aokir of ay ba r ?ubura, and ine'ioed to eurl. ^>me Ire or ix year* etaee it b?aan la tarn gray. aa<i the eoa p on in* e-own of mv bead to Ionm aaaaibi tty and dandruff to (orat uf>>n it. Kaob of thee* disa*r** abilities increased with time, and about * months *iirea fourth was adaed t > tbvm. by hair fa <na off tbe top of my bead and threatoaia* to naki ma bald. in this unpleasant p red K-a meat I waa ladaeeri to try *Voik1'? Uait KMtorabvt, mtiuy to arraat the 'a line off" of rnr hair, for 1 had really no expeotatioa that fray hair oeutd erer be reetore*4 to ita orural oul"r except Irund'N. 1 was. howerer, c-eatly surprised to fcnd, after tbe use or two bnt tl*a only, Hat aot only waa *ae fei 1 In* off arrested, but tbe o?lor waa aatorrd to th* (ray hairs and aenvibiiti to the ?mi ?????^ ??*' ? mm m -<m*m\ > ?> ? -A THE WEEKLY STAR Thla tsoollKt PMUly u4 N#w J^rafcJ tiuntac rr*??r witty of utmUn rvMlac thM ?aa b* folk in u* ?Ui?r?m oa SMMnte; ?or*i*. Bio* < off. P* > .. . ! ? fvp e pi<* ? ? ? ?? ? J " sSaaSS^^SSSflSSB EA-HEtaSL3** m3?r ~ 'u" ID" PotlnMCri who Mt M lf?tl Will b* ^ loved & OOlUffltCMOB of SO MQtft. MISCELLANEOUS. THE OKLY !PREPARATION woktit or ryy\' rt> C k T nAvnmv*?^- - ? '

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