Newspaper of Evening Star, October 9, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 9, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING ST AH. y 5*rraw EKlf? ( the AMerlraa Vlce-tet*al at UiuiMi [From tbe Tim?*'Corre^ondent J Among the narrative* T have collected 1 select on* which wilt throw light upon the conduct of Tarkiata police oiB"?r reeentlr executed Oa the morning of the !n*tirrection (Monday, July 9), the city of D^maacus Wii perfectly quiet, and the fcmir Adl-ei-Kador set out for a neighboring village. Ellachrafl-h, where he hi* aome property. At abont h?if-p:<?t two In tbe afternoon the nsiag t >ok plac*, In consequence of the authorities bav\ng arretted the Individuals who had grossly insulted Christian* At that time Dr Michael Meehakefr Amefl?*f? Vice Consul.} was In a houne alone, having ?4it Ms cavsw and servant* to tbe Perai on bus!cess. Phortly after the cavaaa arrived, j3*t a* the reb-lr were approaching the bouae. and bim the doctor sen?, not being able to go out alone, to Abd ei-Kadcr. to beg of him to . aend *ome of hi* Ugerlne follower! to proteet him. When tbe cavaas rot there he found the Vmv, h?a x-flffiaafffews.s; uf'..".gsr _? ?. _ p*. ?V? oor. *i'tiirt*AnUi I. _ WMhrnirton, 1>. C. fClPfp mamob KO* MENT OK ^LE, " M 1'LJ! . tnr^hh St[ ^^... b&8*. m m" UWIVim* ctai: loim latn Nrw York on t lt? tth ?n<i acth of mi* month. PlUMfe*-* SIEaM MAEliLE AND BROWN sionk wotfka. Th* ratwcribw to inform th? oiti??n? of ???orfwtowu and Alexandria that b? DM to kit ton* ?mbltifcil baainesa the of*t?*ra ?ov?r tor m*>m and inanafao tariuc MvU? ?n<i Uruva !Hon* A ork i? tb?f va nouttutttWi Ma*bU .VUfitola, TabU u4Wk?il?t*arf To?"7li'?? MoaamfnU, Tomb uil Head BtonM, ? ? . Window Lulola. tftoM aad . aw, w u au'>io*i, ill; 1 Bur as, DC KIRKWOOD HOUSE.?8 Friedman. Pa: W H U R Hairla, Md; S B Hoxln. Pa; C W Fuller, N V; O C L?e, Pa; J Trjren, Sebactiaa ar.d ly. P ilaalon and bro, NY. OCtiAN8TEAMERS' SAILING DA YS From tbb Uxitka Statm. Xtumr-s. Leave. For. Da*s. Peraia.~??. New York. ^.Liverpool (Jet 10 Aim*, New York Hat re? (kit 13 u*??DW?York-. l.iverpool (.Vtt IS Saxuma- New t ork._.noutiiampu a.Oct 13 Arabia...^. .... .Boetou Liverpool. (let 17 New York. Naw York...Bremen Oct/7 y Her*Mia... - Naw Yer*. Southampton. Nov 1 if bom Hcmorm C.of Baltimore. Liverpool ...New York . M?pt 26 Nora Scolian Liverpool ?.Uii?6.'o Sept .7 Naw York Sooth pton...New York...Oat. 3 Boraeeia .Bontu'pton.. New York....Out 4 Ureal Kaatern .M IH'? Haven.New Yor* Out 17 phaa. rv>ath,^on...N?w York Oct 17 Htmiaoiua.......8outa'pt?B ...New Y'ork....< >otl$ fue Havana mail aceamera leave New York on tfee Al, lAh, i7tti, and />ta of aith month, and l^* itb Ul1 m vacr, # *-r rnwaw, V 3J ,*1 H h U War* and tarn, T \\ ray and If, Oa; G Oliver and ly, Mui; J W Ki?*rn, G Cautoit, NY; G Lynn, Aid; Hon A G Jenkins and ly, W H Locker, Va; H E LeUad and fans, Miss; Vv >1 Thompson,Md; R H boaitU and It, Mia* H-rndou. Ala; R Barnes. Mo, W Cooper, P?; Hon W L Yancey, A'a; J W Pops and fain, J J Pope. 8C; B Patton, H Bankins and fam, Mrs H selden ar.d child, Va; Mrs C G Rlc&a dsou a&d ha. Tens; C Talzam, La; J Warring, Qui 1> O'Coaner, Va; B Mordecai and fam, L Simpson, SC. NATIONAL HOTEL?W F Leach, Pa; G H Herbert aod lady, Md; C V Woodruff, A M Pet[ tit W Ebbett, / A Perry, NV; G B Chase, Md, ' G i)a:lsy ajd lady, Ala; F La Fontaine,-Md; C \V Itoscb and lady, Ky, Mr Beale, Md; Mra J C Brent. Ky; Mrs Kent, A H Kent, La; E C Anderson. Ga; J J Evans, SC; J N Roberto, Cal; O H Petti u, NV; L Shallcroaa, Pa; W C YeUugg, N Y; I< B Blake, B D Carpenter,NJ; W \ Gaaqje and ftin, La; B D Whituey and daughter, B K Hiwkim ud f?? Mi- " A~' r-.?? ?u<- ^curi i/fl ij of the jjlrer. There are hundreds of persons wbo 1 ivt by iicb contribution* while banging on to ibe skirts of party, generally that which naa the m-at mo >?y to be'rtow As the iafluence of these persona la always for evil,* public good would t-? bv stoppiug their demands, which would force them to s/o to aome boneater employment ? Pktlaitifkia Ltdgtr. IC^Miihtrd P Fillmore, son of Ex-Prestdent Fillmore, is the presiding officer of the Bell-Everett Club at Buffalo \\ i~ Wearing tight finger rings, sometimes pr duces lock-jaw. AtililVALS AT THE HOTELS. BROWNS' IIO I'KL ?J B Hnntor, Va; A M Pheldea and fam. A 1> Solomon. M Harris. Oa; T H Tr*f<=rd, Va; J D Howard aud fam. Md; H A Clni/Mtt M \l Bl-v? *? " -- ? - from a distance of ab u*. three yard*. But subsequently he was wounded by a hatcUet on the head, by a club over tte eye. by a saber on the rlirht ride, and on his right arm. In consequence of which be la still prevented from holding a pen. I'poo the left hand he was struck by a club and was beaten all oyer the body When the English Consul requested a guard to protect the houae. he waa told it had been dona, when no guard had been Bent. AllAMtXHTS FOB TBI RtCBPTtO* OF TUB Pbibcb at tub Acabkxt or Mrste, Phila?klt hi a , ob WntinstDAT iNi?*bt.?The parquctte. parquette circles. and the first and second tiers rf balconies and boxes will, on tbia occasion, be united. and will commnnicite with eaeb other, and the wutraace will be on Broad street. TLe auly place where ticketsaud reaerved aea'a can be obtained will be at the cfiice of the Aeademr, where all the seats, with the exception of tboa* specially reserved by toe committee of arrangements, will be disposed of to the public without preference or distinction. The price* of admisa ?n haa been fixed at three dollara. The proscfslum boxes, with the exception of Not 3 and 4, which have been reserved for Baron Renfrew and iilte. will be sold at fifty dollara each. The sale of t cke'a will commence at the box office of the Aeadeiny on FrUlay, Oct 5, at 10 a. m prec:sely, and will continue until ail the aeata are disposed of, opening daily at 10 a. m. audtloaing at 1 p m. tbem would receive b!m, and ha set out for the shod* of the Emir. On hla way thither he wa? met by a parly of the rebels, who ilred upon him, to whom be threw hsnrtafnl of money to divert their attention from his person, while he turned aside Into the strtet leading to the Bab Tumi, at the eitrcmlty of which was a guard of regular olrtlen There *l*o he wai met by another party of rebel*, wb? fired upon him, and to whom, as before, be threw money, and took a third road. While proceeding on hi* way, he suddenly ?ame upon a party of Moslrms among whom were rveral of his acquaintance Since then their name* have been giTen to the Government, and six of them arrested Some of them Ilred upon the doctor and hla party, other* attacked them with swords, axes and clubs. The doctor's two children were behind him, and they cried amid their ten's to the assailants, "Slay us, but 1st our ftther rental a all Te. for without bim we camut live." Upon which one of the monsters lifted up b s sword and cut the little girl in two. Thedoctor resorted to his former stratagem and threw . down money, by which means be then escaped without Injury, altko-igb he was twice tired at only ju?t retarned, to find n<> more than *l< of lr? followers at home, of whom he immediately dispatched four, who were however, unarmed From thla clrcumatance. the Algerian* were unable to make their way to Or Mechaker'a real dance, h.s cavan alone having the courage to eo thither. On hla arrival the doora were instantly closed, when tome armed Damascus Moslems eame cp and brgan to break open the deors with a*ee. scarcely knowing what to do the doctor put a little money In hia po.ket juit aa the door waa broken open. A number of men, cli.'flv Bashl Hazouks. rushed Into the courtyard, and flred several ahota, while the doctor managed to escape with hla two young children and cavaf s by another private door. The rebels began fortl with to plunder the houae. The doctor thought to conceal hi mad f In tl hmia* of aom* of hla neighbors hnt not una I.. la consequence of me large nnmorr of apflicatiocs for tickets, as also to preclude speculation, tee comailne* nave deemed it neceasary to determine that no more than six tickets shall be disposed of to any one applicant, which rule will be C* tlvely adhered to. An ample numbe cf in11:gent and polite ushers have been specially engaged to escort vis. tors to their seats, who will be distinguished by white roeettes As it lscanfldently expected that tbe customary etiquette of full evening dress will be observed by all tbe visitors, tbe eioak room of the Academy will be thrown open, and placed in charge of responsible and fully qualified attendants Carriages couveyiag parties to the As^detny will set down heading south and take up heading north Tha doors wiil be epcurd on this occasion lit bail-past six o'clock (hait an hour earlier than usual), and the performance will commence at 8 o'el^ck wecisely. Tue public are requested to enry th?ir scats fifteen minutes before the ootnof the performance PoLTTirAL Kbgoais ?One of the New york jimrnais speaks of the tribes of political beggars 'who go around from one place of business to ano hT asking for monev to hold political meetings asd f rorr>u;?ta. for displaying flags and every otner device thought necessary to influence vote* Toe journal to which we refer thinks the police onuht tr?arr- st tbes? persons as they wou!d common beggars The better wjv to put an end to such exactions would be f >r business men to refuse to contribute ?.ne rent to such purposes So lout as they give to such beggars they will have tbera calling npon them, and lik?? common begi^ng, tb* fvil bvcomeamnlttnli?rl ihmiuK ?K- ? ltTT ? ivttuvini lorin, M> D? 06# by aietriet ftttorn**: ? ... - We hereb* jointly And OrftH* fWTMtNi thftt the ftbove bidder, I or bidiwa J ifft oontrftct anill keftwu-.J^l to him lor th?m] ftooordinfto h'elur tfcftir | bi<l or ?ro?oeftl, will -**cBte ft oontrftet M ortiiutly.UMi five the requisite a?eu.ttr for u?e parfortuftace thereof, u>bed tft theftdvrtieement for '< yo?ftU tor inJtftu aooda, d*ted October tat. IWD;ftad, in the event of hia [or tbeir] Iftil are eo to do, wo hereby ft* ree ftnrf bind parewlvet, eir heira ezeonfora, ftnd aatigna, to forfeit*/d p?y t?? Umteu htfttea. fta dftiuft?ea ft urn notieaa Kaoftltoy H> ?*?l* o* tto amount of Mid kid or I fSSndVwiH bo required la tte ftnovat of tfcobidl -? -WM liio IWt 1 that bidden are such m&nufarturer* or dealers 1 mutt be e videnctnl by the eerti6cate of the Colleo1 tor of the Fort where they reside, or w&ere it is proponed to deliver the artioloe. The propom'e muit embrace the artic'so, with the quantises thereof, as they are arrangsd in the schedule, with tho pricea annexed to eaoh io do'.lars andoenU at whioh they are to be lurnuhed, and the amounts muet be carried out ai d footed up . for each o!a?s. Said prices and amounts muat be I so liver, without any raodifioition or proposed modification, or variation whatever. They ahou d b?? ?u omitted with the following heading : " 1 lor we) Hereby pr.poee to furnish for tbeaerrioeofthe mriiaa Department, and according to the terms r>t its advertiaeraent therefore, dated October l at, 1M0, fie following artielea at the prioea therrto affixed, [here insert the liat according to the class or oiaae?-s aropo*ed for.) deliverable in the city ?*11 Boston, !te? York, Phi adeiphia, Baltimore, New Orleaaa, St. Louis, Memphis, or Ciaoirm&ti. as th* oa*e may by the first day of April next, or at aueh time or umesdsring the j car l?i a*may be ordered by the Commiqatoaer t-r Indian Affnra;and [I or we] will also furniah, at the same prioea. suoh additional quantiUee ol the same krod* and qualities ol goods as may be required for tbeservioe of the Indian Department dunnc the year 1881, deliverable as above stated; and. ir tma proposal be aoceptad, [hare inseit the worda, 'in whole or in part/ if more than one oiass be prop teed for,] 1 (or we] will, within twenty days thereafter, execute a oootraot accv.rdiu*]f, and live security, setiafketory to the Commiaaioeer of Indian Affairs, lor the ikithful performanos of the MM* ^ fcach^ proposal jaui? be aoaorapenied with.a purpose. Mich as may be nnequalrii thereto in any particular wi'.l he rebooted; la vhioh oasn the I oontraotor will be bou-.d to fnrniah others of the j r'qair?d kind or qua it; withia three f?a?s: or, if that ba cot dune, tne* will be purohased at nia expense. faym^n.s wi I he n.a*l? for the goods re oeived or invoices thereof, oertified by the agent or a<en'a ap? minted t > inuppot them. It is to be understood tn&t the right w 11 be reaervad to require a greater or less quantity cf any rf the articles named than that sbeo fied in the above sohfdnl*; and alt bids for furnishing said a-tio es ma/ be r.^ieotsd at tha option of the Department; and that none from persons who hava i iai:ei to oomp y with the requirements ol a pre! nous oontraot with the United States, or who are not manufacturers or wholesale dealers in the reqairod articles, will be oon?iiler??l- ?~i '?? ?<? Ii<JU MkVlO ?PWM an " me*, to weigh to 6H pounds Ui " haif ai<m. to weigh s pounds, (with handles) ISO " aino mirrors 100 " fieateei* 3 0 pound* bra's wire *00 ' best Chinese vermilion. Class No 4. Gum. I,f00 northwest guns, flint lock loo " " percussion look I'D dozen powder horns Proposals will be received for the delivery of said at Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Uaitunore, New Orlaaus, St. Louis, Memphis. ?r Cinoiuaa'.i; t ut the o at of the transportntiou of the Mur.i t ? th?ir plaaeaof d-atio&tion wilt be ooi.aulerrd in deciding upon the proposals in oa*?a where the same article* snail be proposed to be deli eied at different p'aoes. Uuodsof Amerioan manufacture of the required styles au<i quality vrili t?e prelerred; bat as the tainplea of b.ankets and ciotha are foreign fabrics, it will be uec.*taary, in propoaiug a domeatic art! olecf either of t.iose kind*, that a sample tuereof shail aa?"mpaDy the In i. Sample guos and powder horns rr>ust a'so be furnished, from whiob tbe Dopartmpnt will make a selection; and. in oaee of more than oue sample b- ir.g furnish***! by the aame bidder, th* prion for eaoh must be distinctly imii oated in the bid. The Commissioner reserves the right to decline taking any gaua and powder horns, or rroie or less than are advertised f tr, aa he may id >em proper. The articles to be furn shed must in all respects oonform to and be equal with the Government sa-nplea, which n ay be seen at thia Offise. They wil l>? rigidly inspected ana compared with those ; I a* in plea t>jr an a<eut or areata ummM *" >--? sw " 8-Hua't 40J " tin cups S11O " bstoher knives " knive* 70,(*W icun flints 100 groan sun worms ISO " KQmw avis 70 41 fishhooks 2"> dosen fish lines 1 nw cross needles, assorted 2W) dusen coarse-troth ooinba UU fine-tooth coombs 5U " scissors 200 * shears 25 " grubbing hoes 5) ** weeding hoes 175 drawing-knives, 10 inches 6 h?ud saws 1?> dosen hand-saw files,4X inoli 5 " shovels id) " spades 1/hv> short-handle Cry pan 2i t asiing spounn 2.000 " flannel# assort*! 1,000 pounds o tt >n thread l,no " nrown gillinj twine. No. 31 m*i * cotton maitre lt5n> flannel shirts J,u*)oalico shirts *10 dozen nictrory shirts 100 " Madras handkerohiefs. Class No.2. Ready-mult Clothing. 800 frook coats, indigo-blne broadolotta ?>o pantaloons, " " &> ir.digo-b!ue Mackinac blanket oapotes f? blue satinet ooats !*o0 44 pantaloons l<o oadet mixed satinett ooats 100 44 - pantaloons jfl s:st satinet ooats,(sack; 900 " pantaloons 44 vests. Class No S. Hardware Agricultural Impltm'ntt, fc. 6,(>00 pouLds hrass kettle* fOOtii! kettles. (5 sises) lv? ne?ts Japanese kettle#, ( in a nestl ??} camp kettles, (3sis?s.) * > dozen i quart tin paua 175 ** 8 quart ^4 'banket"to measure 36 i>j 50 inchra, and weigh 4 V pounds Ul fairs i-pomt (tntinillt-Mn* Mtokimo blankets. to m?Murc 32 by 46 lsc&ea, aid weigh 3'i pounds 4,ono jft ds fanoy-'.ist blue oloth 900 * * green oloth 3 000 '* gray-list blue oloth 4,nnn ? saved-list blue oloth 3,ooo * ' scarlet oh th I.poo " " green oloth 10 pounds worsted yam, <3 fold) 100 dozen ootton flag handkerohufa 10) * laaoy ootton *4 .vi " black silk *' loo 8 4 cotton shawls ion " 6 4 " ' ?l " 4 4 - M loo " 8 4 woolen " flflO pounds lin^n thread gross worsted gartering 40.000 jardB calico ?.uoj '' Mernmac calic-? 7.Sft.t " Turke*-red oanoo ao.W) blue drilling 10,'mw " osnaburgs 10,1*10 " brown drillings 5 0;*) " Georgia stripes . >,nro * bluedsmms 51**) '* oottonade 15,' 0> " bed ticking 5 0 O " Kentucky jeans 2,0-*) " satinetts 12JM " plaid linsevs t.5*) ' Dltaehed shirting 15.01*) " domestic shirt>ag, unblearhed 10.1 oo " ' sheeting. " " bleach d " 10.K0 M brown ootton duok in onn 11 afrinA* anH a)ai.4a fviuiua 1 CO pairs ^ mint irMD Ma-rAinao blanket*, to measure 66 by 84 inches, an d weigh 10 pounds 50? pair* 3-point green Maeb n&j blanket*, to measure 80 by 73inuh*s, an <1 wei4 h 8 pounca 500 pair*2>i p??nt *re?n Mackinac blankets, to ni?aau'? 54 by 66 inches, ant 1 wei^h 6 pounds SCO pairs 3.'? point indigo-hlv* blat sts. to measure 66 by 84 iaohes, and weigh 10 pound* 350 pairs 3-point indigo-blue Mackinao blankets, to measure en by 73 niche ?, and weigh 8 pounds 2*) pairs k.*? point mdiro-blue Mackinac blankets, to measure 54 by M liaohes, and weigh 6 pounds 100 pairs point cenbr.ella-.blae Maokinao blanket*, to measure 64 by 84 inohes, and weigh 10 pounds 900 pairs3-potn'. geatinalla-blo? Maokinao blanket*, to measure 60 by 73 uachos, and weigh 8 pounds 400 pairs 2>; point gentlnella-blue Maokmso blanket*, to measure 54 by 66 inohes, and weigh 6 p'>ur.ds 250 pairs 3 point gentin?lla-b!?e Maokinao blankets, to measure 43 by 46 inohes, aad weign 5j% pound* Qftft aaivs lU anint ?anfin?' Ift.hl 11A M rai> miscellaneous. PROPOSALS FUH INDIAN GOODS. D*PA*-T OF THK IXTKRIOF, I t>A* Indian Ajf+trt, Oct. ?, it?0.f 5ialid Psopoci l?, endorsed " Proposal* for f?*i?B tioods," (Ql.&at 1,2, 3, or 4. * lb* o+ie ma J b* f Will b? rtoJiv*ed at U>r Offioe of Indjhn Aflairs a Mil 10 o'oiook B. B .. on WikXMMY. th* txr?ntT. foerth day of OoU-ber next, for furnishing the following-named artwlet: Class No. 1. Mmiimme BlnJtett, Cloiks, and Dry Goods. 3,000 fMri S point while Mackinao baaketa, to riysaeure 60 by 72 inches, and weigh 8 pound* 3 SCO pairs'. ^-p<mk white Maokinao olaukets, to measure 54 by 86 inohe*. and vetch 6 pounds 1,000 pairs ? point white Maokinao blankets, to nseaauT* 42 by 56 inohss, and weigh 5* pounds 800 pairs IK-yoiut White Maokinao blankets, to measure V by 50 inohea, and weigh 4% pounds SOU pairs t-point white Mackinao blankets, to measure X? by 46 inohea, and weigh Sl? pounds. 500 pairs 3-point eearlet Maokinao blankets, to measure60 by 72 iachee, arid weigh t pounds i ftOO pairs 2Vpoint eoamt .Ha okinac Blankets. to measure 54 by 66 inches, -and weigh 6 pounds 3S>) pairs 2-point scarlet Mac kinao blankets, to measure 42 by 5? lnohiis, and weigh 6A? pOMdS tiO psirs 1-point eearlet Mao'nnao blankets, to measure 32 by 44 moh*s, and weigh 3S, _ ....... . "? KiiMieu rinetaality trioUy obterred, ud work domm in the teat nut*Mr* Tv? nilPgVSA^^t^hVJt A3 ! A3 'J! Loaiai?oft north tide, between Mil and 7th (U. - > P. 8 ?i?n? rat n? free et obnt, a* anal. au ? Sin W.R ANCI8 HARPEg, FAMILY GROCERY0 AN 5? FKED STORK, Corner o/Nne York avenue and Tmtik Utut. R**P*ctfnily nolioiU the patronaf* of iho??w mar U? tu want of any article in the abore line. Hit endearora (Kail be top;e*??,*nd by a atriot atteution to the wanta of the public, he hope* to merit a hare of their patronage. *?S I * ? 1 * a, ohii, <wemw e>nxu*b Mohairs and Brocages Hooted Skirts, Hosiery. Glor?,G*?ntl?U. Shawl Bordering, l-amily Blankets, Hlea'hed and Brown sheetings, ToweliDgs, Tab.* Linen*, fro. Oar stock is now vary complete, and we offer it .. ,h. ?? thk ra,m??"itti" Consequently 1 shall remain in Washington and in* in all its hranaiiM. Old Glasing promptly atteuded to. Pontine and Ornamenting Cottage Pnrmture in thebeit sty to. I also oall attention to the Painting of Roofs and Hriok Walls. Au of tke above 1 will do as ekeap as the eheapt?i ?X?r frienSs for Locomotive, Steamboat*. and all kind* of machinery, alway* on hand, and for *al? at prioea l> K. " JEWKI.L, rrofriiS'.' " tml" VV.-. fall pry goods Mou8t*hn??. Figarod acd Plain Satin SnHh!L5 m. "n"ft Cloth*, Arab Cloak* in treat van ?t?, tuiar Silk* r?on* Bo cents to #3,900 ?mo? C? looea,from6>? to 12? ooot(fellandV^ntar^Sfc**'* I1? ???* vV,'ot* and Pla.d from iT^ j v/c. O. *Vlii9U?l| rommmioaer of the General Land Office. ?? 26 w6w NATIONAL 1>1 SOAP AND CANDLE WORKS, Gum Strut, Bridge and Water strutt, Georgetown, D. C. A large atook of CANDLES, Brown. Family, Castila and F&nojr SOAPS, AUii TALLOW mrf o?R*w vuw W1UU* and euht hundred and aixty. JOS. 8. WILSON, Cwnmiaaiouer of the Ueaer&l Land Offioa. ae M-w??r Nl No. 071.) OTICB OF IriK REMOVAL OF THE LAND 0"PICB FROM KAYKTlEVILLE TO HUNTSV1LLE, IN THE STATE uF ARKANSAS. , . , in aooordanoe with the prortaione of the aot of Cun*rnan entit ed''An ant aathorizing ohangea in the location of l.and Olfioea," approved March 3, IRS), it is hereby declared and m*rt? known that the (ithoo tor tue vain of publia ianda at FatbttiviLLK, id th??ttteof Arkauaae. will herainored to Hu.iti riLi E lu aaid State, i&itkaut delay. The pm>ue aale direoteu by th< Kxeeutire proc laioation No. MB, of townahip 19. rang* ?>, and tiwuabip 17, of ranee21, to take plane at tha l aud U?m at Katbttkvill* on 2"th Ueoember n<?xt, it ia hereby declared will b? held at Utxtivillk, in aid Stat*, on the date HeelnnatM Farther notio* aa to the pree ae time of oloaing th? office at fcayettenlle, preparatory to removal, and iu op?n ct for hnaineaa at Huntcville, will ba liven by the Kegiaer and Receiver tor the Uand uiatrict. Given under ray hand at the oitj of Waahington, I this Hth of September, A. D. 1860 By ordar of the f roeident: I AO a ttri* r_.. oo z-zawtd [No. 608.] OTICE OF THE DISCONTINUANCE OF THE "NORTHWESTERN LAN!) DISTRICT," IN THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. Notice ia hereby *i?en that, in pursuance of law, ar.d in view of the fact that the unsold land in the "Nortliwenforn District," < Grbmaua.) in the Stat? of Miasioaipp., ib reduced belew one hundred thou a\n i acres. trie Secretary of the Interior ha* directed the dieoontinnanoe or eatd diatriot, the ffioe for whieh is looated at (imADi, and that the vaoant larnle therein be made auhieot to sale and entry at J ncinos. in aaid State, from and after the Itt day of Jj*rember nex'. Land* romaming unaold and unappropriated bv li*, aiid suoieot to sal* aod entty at Hainan*, will 0 a-e to be anbiect to entry at that ofioe after the receipt of notioe to that effect by the regiater and receiver thereof. eio-ptins oaiy to oonaummate e\itu ic pre-emptions, and the land oAeara at Jac* ?<>y will jive public notice of the day on whioh they will be prepared to reoeiv* app icauona fur entriea of anj ?uch landa at their offio\ which will, i! prsoricab'e, be on the firatday of December next. All pe<-aona rn'itled to patenta at the Grenada Land Offioe will call for the tame before the lat day 01 November next, as after that data they will be returned to thia office for deliver/ Qiv n under my hand, at the oity of Waahlncton, tv 1? 12ili 'lay of ^ Dtsrah?r.aniin I aiiuu UUS'IUHPB IIIO punuo servioe may require. Knon class vill be considered separately, And be : subject to ft separate oontraof; bat biaders may offer for one or more of the classes in the Mine proposal. %o proposals will beeonaidered unless aeoomparied by tue guarantee that the bidder or bidders, if hiaoi their p-oposal shall be acoepted. will enter into an obligation, with *ood and auAoient sureties, to furnish the artiol?sfropo*<?d Blank forme for proposals will he famished at thia offioe, and none win be taken into consideration nnleaa substantially aer-*einr therewith. All the paper in the several oiaeaea most be delivered a* anoh pi'.ce or plaoea aa may be designated m Waahin<ton citv, in aood order, free of all and every extra charge or expense, and subject to the inaaoct'on. count, welt lit. and measurement of the Superintendent, and be in a 1 respeots satisfactory. hamelesof all the paper required may be aeen at this effhe, hut bidders are required to famish.with their proposals, samples of not leaa than one quire of eaoh of the kinds bid for.and upon which tr.air proposals may he has<*d. The successful bidders wi I be required rigidly to oonform to their sample. Proposals will be addressed to "Joh.i Hsakt, Sup? rintendeutof the Puhlio Printing, Washiogton." and endorsed "Proposals for Soppl?ing PaI " 2. 1,000 do e?p do 13 by 161-3 do S 100 do demy do 18 by 30 14 do 4. 1,000 do folio-pa* do 17 b_v 23 do 5. 100 do medium * do 18 by 23 da ft. 50 do roy*l di 19 by 84 do 7. 50 do euper-roynl do SO by 28 do 9. 50 do imperial do I21-9by3t do ? 100 do double-cap do 18 by 2ft do 10 100 do eolored medium, (??orted color*.) Clam 7. I. 6,0"0 ream* writing paper, 16 by 26 inches, to weigh twen'y-tiuee pounds p?r r?\m I. l,?on ream* writing piper, 19 br 26 inches, to weigh twenty eight pound* per ream 5 8,100 rtv.mi writing paper. It by 28 modes, to weigh twenty-six pound* 4 100 ream* writing paper, 13 by 22 inohes, to weigh twenty- (oar pound* p. r ream I S. SO naini writiag paper. 18 by '8 inches, to weigh twentr-iwo pound" per ream 6 it) reams writing paper, 12 by 18 inohes, to weigh twelve poind* per r?n. All the paper* designated in c'asses 6 and 7 must nnntain 4*0 perfect aheet* to the ream, and no "outbid* ' quire*. 1'hey are to be made of the be*t ma terinlM, freo from adulteration, finished in the best manner, cat to a tree edg-. iaict flat, and securely and substantially enreioped. The papers id ola*s 6 are to he white or bine, and of snoh weights as may bo required by this office. Those in clan7 are to be white, ana of the sizes and weights specified in the schedule. The right is reserved of ordering a greater or lens quantity of eaoh and every kii>d contracted for in a i the classes, to be furnished at suoh times acd in pouras to ui a ream oi 450 sheets. Class s 300 reams superfine printing paper, hard-sized and auper calendered, to measure 24 by 38 inches, and to weigh forty-eight pounds to the rcatn of 480 shwte. 2 0(0 reams tu per fins printinT paper, sued and super-calendered, to measure 2\ by Si inches, and to weigh fifty pounds to the ream of 480 sheets. Glass 4 I 000 reams superfine map paper, sited and calendered, of suoh sizes as may be required, corresponding in weight with papsr measuring 19 by 24 inahes, and weighing twenty pounds per ream of 430 sheets. .# Class 5. ?Y> reams superfine plate paper, (calendered or unoaendered. as may be required.) 19 by 24 inches, and of suoh weight per ream ?s may be requi'ed. The fibre ot the paper of each of the above n)&*sts to b? of linen and cotton, free from all adolterat'on with mineral and other nubstauoes, and ol a fair whiteness, aid pnt up in quires of twenty-four sheets each, and in bundles of two reams eaca; each ream to oontaia 480 perfest sheet*. Uniformity in oolor, thickness, and weight will be required; and no burdle (exclusive of wrappers) varying over or under Ave per oent. from the standard weight will be received, and the'gross weight will is all c%ses be required. Mixing of variouithickne'rey in the same bundle to malt* up t e wtijbt will be oonsidered a violation of the oontraoL Class 6. I. 1,500 reams atiario-DoBi lrmnf nmi* in ?>- i? for the faithful perforiaaao* of the contract. Witk I two or nor* mretiee, whoce tufficiecoT inuct be certified t?y a (United States judge or aiitri9> attorney. No proposal will be reoetred that doe* not ttriot lj oonform, in all pirtioulare, to tk^ terms and direction* of this adverti lament. CHARLES E. *IX. oe t JawtOet24 Aoting Commiiiiooer. PROPOSALS FOR FURNISHING THE P/i PER FOR THE PUMLIO fRINTING. . Orrici Scpi*i?T*JfD*^T or Prauc PamTiitcJ ! WRihi n#J?n (WnItaflA I win wvh) vvn/uvi 1 j In pnrtnnnoa ol the provision* of tiie "not to pro Id* for exeoating the public pristinefco., ap ' proved Auguat 26,18V2, *.od of the 10th aeotioo of tbe Mt entitled "An not Baking appropriation* for the legislative. exeoutiv%aa<i jndioial exp?na*a of Qovernment for the year ending June S?, 1866,"approved March 3. I85B. aealtd propoaa a will he received at thia offi?e,in tne Cavi'o , until the lr?t Monday <34 day) of December next, at li o'eloc*, ??>., fur furnishing the paper that may be required fur the public printing tor the year ending on the let day of Deoombor, IMi. The subjoined lint apecifiea. na nearly aa ean be ascertained. the quantity, quality, and deaoription of raoh kind of paper that will be reqnlrod i Cun 1. l'\CC0 reams fine printing paver, n^ measure 24 by 3< inohea.atid to w*uh forty fire pcunda to the ream of 480 aheeta. Clui 2. 6 COO reams fine printing pap*r, calendered, to meaturo 24 by 38 inohe?, and to weigh fiftv six wbiob W9 (WMriHtOM NN lUWinl WJITN W>. It Bfwm t.. IkwTiiKiw. >.?. UlUL e. a. kott. Muinlnir LAMA*'M0TT * * "?%UCJI rs-jr-Ai * wypn^tiM ArWDAMAGKD BOOKS. E Hw* ? k>t of Parker 4k Wateoa** Readers an* Spelkre that war* damaged a little by water in the ?taa*er from New Y*fk, wkiok will M aold A?r ta jufluUBtt.A|T.AI?lM4rt>. fo? n NOTICE! IVKGULAR STEAM PACKET LINE BETWEKN BALTIMORE AND_ W ASH I NGTON.-Ur#Com-^4^^ meroe at. wharf, Baltimore, aa owe : _ _ T1i?9i Nichol*a e*?f7 WEDNESDAY, itU Waahingtoa, M follows: Columbia, iwj WEDNESDAY MOKN1NG, att>. St. Nicholas, every SATURDAY,at6a. m. l,-TtT6** u7 oas fixtures; i aud Fib nil. superior in *tvle to fuything heretofore offered in this market. We invito pi tixeaecegeral It to oall and examine our atock of Gas aaa Watet Fixturee, feeling oonfidont that we have the beet elected atoqk to Washington. All Work w the above Une intnated to o?r 0V? "~u' ""VY&B * MgZ lonno CHA&MON* AND Macon. NMhviie, Dai to a. Columbui, tontcomagfew^.,E^m,hi.. a*d U7? THROUGH TICK PITS TO THM VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. jn^OmnlbnaM and Wacom laa?# Uta offiofl at 6 a. m. and 6 p.m. JAMES . EVANS, Tick ?t A rent, ma JS-tr Corner Sixth at. and Pa. w. *in^r^TKAWUBR~TAiC^ljY"wiu-roaumo~iiiIr tripe on Tuesday, tiet of Pabruarr. lifiO. WiK leave W ASJr INBTON awr TUESDAY and*?" " t-i/iiliN 3. I'A6?, I'roKi?. TlilB ROUTE IB ENTIRELY BY RAIL Ud IB #00 MILES SHORTER, and 94 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other Line?the Lynohburr Extension Ming now completed, u also the Miuiasippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTB FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ! It is provided with First class Sleeping Cart! (To New Orleans.. TS Honrs. ~:.?1 JJ: Nashvills 46 do. ITT" The U. 8. )(AIL and ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. Ttokets oan be obtained at the South Western Office, oorner of Sixth atreet and Fennsylrama avenue, to the following points; Lynch berg, Bnitot, KnoxnUe, Atlanta, Chattanooga. Huntsville. Grand Jnnetion. ?v liYnUHHUKS: Vxrgxnxa and TenneaM*. Bast Tennessee and Virginia, Bast Teiinestee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Menpftu and Charleston, Mississippi Central, JYeio Orleans and JaeJtson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPB7i~ROUTEi Memphis by Rail, thenoe br Firet tlw Paokets to New Orloans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thence to Mobile by clasa Packets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamer* TWO DAILY TRAINS?Sundays Irclvmd, Leave Washingtea at 6 a. a. aad 0 j. as. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leaves her wharf foot of Seventh itreel at CM a. m. and 6X p. m. and connect! at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the Sonthwent. Offioe? Pennsylvania avenne, corner of Sixth St. UMAM CUOUD TKBOUM TO VIW OBLIAII. Lrnohlturj ?#7 so Memphis RSI 00 Snstol .15 0# Atlanta 56 00 noxnlle loop Mvson Si 00 hattanooga 24 00 Golnmbua ?? -SI 50 alton,.... ? 84 00 Montgomery JS oo antsville 27 00 J viaMeraphia.42 50 Grand Jnnotion ?30 00 N.O.S via 8. Juno. .42 50 Nashville 26 ?> S via Mobile. ?4i 00 Ueftve Baltimore at 4.25 and 8.40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4.30 p. m. On bandar at 4 25 a. m. Passenger* for the Ea*t will take trams at MO and 7.4ft a. m and 3 an p. m. For the Weil at 7.4" a. m. and p. m. For A nnapolis at 7.40 a m and 3J0 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday evening tneSJfi p. m. train goes to Philadelphia only. je 13-d T H. PARHON8, Atont. NEW ORLEANS IX TSCZHZIB DAYS wit* TUM CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. IK9S^9KaC3R9Cm ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orangt and Alexandria Railroad Qatryinf ihe U. S. Mail. The undersigned are now rnnning Daily, (exoept Sunday.) Four home Coaches b?- jgt twwn "Washington and Upper Marl bom', &>* follows: Leave the Steamboat Hotel, corner of Seventh street and Pa. at7 o'clock a. in. Returning leave Upper Marlboro* at 11 o'olock a m.,aud arrive in Washington at So'clock, in time to oonneot with the 3.20p. m. tain for Baltimore. Tiie Coaches are new and commodious, the Uami first class in the handa of careful and accommodating driver*. Fare to Upper Marlboro JD oenta. To Long Old Fieida ..........2$ " To Centerville 38 " Freight and packages in proportion. an 15-tf OSBQKN t CO ._ Proprietors. Baltimore and ohio railroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. ilHiSH' Cuahsk or Hor*a. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, Jane 13th, I860, trains will run as follows: Leave Washington a* 6 20 and 7.4? a. m. Leave Washington at SJu and ft .90 p. ?. On Sunday at 3 30 p. in. ww -WWW rin otkiiTi Orwiitt Odd FMvws' Hall, IfaMMitM, D. C. Travetera will atndv their intereeta Dt aiuuiii my TRUNKS, VARICES Ac-, before pur-snw oh&nni elaewere At I nee none but theflnfll beat material the market anorda and employ^"1*the Met workmen, 1 can confidently recommend my work to be anterior in Strengik and Durability to Truaka that are made in otiier oitiea and sold here. 1 keep coustaatljr on hand, aad make to order (oi one week'a notioe) every deaorntien of SOLE LEATHER, IKOS FRAME FKESCH DRESS and WOOD BOX TR UNKS: ASHLAND am.d Otkrr T ALICES; TRAVELING BAGS; HARNESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, fe., *t. Trunks, Ao., Repaired and Covered, in a workmanlike manner, at ahort notioe. Trunka delivered in any part of the city, 6eorjatown, or Alexandria. Alao?Acent for Howe'a celebrated FAMILY SKWIN0 MACHINES. do It-lT JAMBS S. TOPflAM. TKAVifiLiflKS' DIRECTORY. IVAILY LINE OF NEW FOUR-HORSE IJ fAimifeaTn ITDPTD maDI unon? 0 TRUNKS, BOOTS AND 8H0BS. f^BNT* FINK CALFSKIN SEWF.D BOOTS. vJ |sj| Utnti' iKnkit-witind Doakit' neper tfoote, f?. Gents' fine K retch Oi fMI t?k?n t??Jl?r?, tfoota ud Shoea, ?*aa,lyf HJ low. Boje' and Youths' Loot Boot*. Con-* (mi and ut?M Bo JU of mn description. La nee Kid. Morocoo and Goat S^kin Battoned II oti. Casting Laoed, Battened, Congress and Malakof Boot*. Also* very other style of Ladirs, Misass* and Chiiaren'e Boota and Shoes, at ? 4 J. RoSENTHAf .'S. 00 i-so?r Pa. ay.t between 8U? and *h sis. JJOOTS AND SHOEST TO SUIT THK Wsafeaow MaiWunu ail kiads of BOOTS and SHOES,^ andoorstaiitTV rsoemn^ kg^f iiff'j vi nwwia nutuo wori Qi ???rj Ot-MII son ption, made expressly to order, ana villf ] ha sold at a niuoh lover jmee than haa bmn ' heretofore oharged in this otty for muoh inferior artxoles. Persona in want of Boots and 8noes of eastern or oity made work, will always find a rood assortutea in store and at the lowest prioes. Gi*eusaca.l. 8RIPTIN ft BRO., ayl-r 814 Pennsylvania avenue. |7>1V3 HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS r arrived this dar, embracing all ?u& i^nm ties and sixes of sole Leather, LadiesvlgV Dress and Packing Trunks. Our trunk^?"? sales room exhibits at this time the greatest variety of traveling requisites at moderate prices, to be fonnd this side of New York. Also, eveVj deeorip8 ID*Old Trunks repaired or taken in exchange for new ones. WALL, STEPHENS * COTrunk Bales Room, marfl-tf saa Pa. aveaae. SOUTHERN jTRUNK ^ANUPACTORY. VtlVuVH IHfL I Avfll JibllULI H tfV^^B^.IATTl 1M If ui Twf J jnA Ijs. 52 g?&ffi%9^3? 1 toro^aed hTghlf improved br ez^weeo Jdeettr OLD FAMILY RYt WMIBXMT, J **of Pln>?>ii BfcilllM i in wfw'HW^pSlt ants?jsf AEt&c **a?r # WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL AU. OTHLfcS: ARE AN IMITATION AMO A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.ILDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR is anmt wiiiuui st Men n?L tOM BALM 1H WASHINGTON BY J T-ly B???Qp?4t ??If > ' fBEEMAH | SIMPSON > CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS juiniwe J ^4 f f ^ iktt if tui<v ? KUHaOow Cx ' gt O^JI ?> < //? ai l< (U< ft'iul <r w\Z vt>r/p w '** rmiit*?f tit jr<Mwu<'0/K* ji 9f CO . , 'fit?"* ?nyy^ *r J ^5l"T aitlwW W >t? P**lk tmim. h it rr-Jr * r< VwewrwM / ? ft< /??< /W?wm i?\y #(f? Mr tit (VXKM * Mt*icm?l Jtf P| I Boi^j AdJreee EENRY C. SPALDINO * CO., Box Mo. 3,600, Now York. Pat ny for Deal era in Oaeee ooataiclsc Poar, Eight, and Twelve boxen?a beautiful Lithocrapkio Show-card aooompanymr eaoh paokac*. inr A ancle bottle of SPALDllfW8 PREPARED GLUE will aave ton time* tta (Ml aaaualir to every taoaMhokl.?CII Sold by ail (roir.inent tttationer% Dragfista, Hardware aod Farnituxe DeaWm, Grooera, a*d Fancy Stnree. j rioroharU ho aid n-.ak? a note of SPALDltfpS PREPARED &LVb, when makln* uf thairTiet. It willetand any eliaata. fle l?-1y / JgSfiSSaffl&l / Ann v* ATT ra^l a* VIM WlffWI, IVM VK WIU-flfltMtfMi fmmilits, it fa Terr deeirabla (0 hare nim chaa# and oonronioat way for retailing F arm tare, Tors, Crookery, Jto. SPALDING'S PREPiRKD OLUI meets *11 snoh emerc*Q0J0e. and no household MB afford to be wilhoatlt. It is al nri ready and ay to the stjekiag point. There ia do longer a neoeeaity for limping chaire,aplinter-d ?*?neere, headless dolls, and broken oradlea. It M Just tha article for c?ne, shell, and other ornamental work, ao popular with ladies of refinement and taste. This admirable preparation is need oold, being ohemioally held in solution, and possessing ail tha valuable qualities of the best cabinet makers' flae. It ma; be nead in the ptaoe of ordinary muoilage, being ras'^T mora adhesive. USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." Pries, IS cer.ts. N. 11.?A Brash aocorapanlaa aaoh bottle WkaUimJt Ctmml. Nn. Ik rw?. .? ? "-* Institute It Ponnajlvania; New York MBIS Vermont State Fair, Jke., Ac. In er?rr oam vhart xhibited they oata received flrat olaaa praniiai Sor aa e at >6 Loniaiana avenae, Depot of Biuerf hi! ed Iron Bale*. da U-lr E* O. PATT1SON, A|?i WASHINGTON SEWING ROOMS, MM >rt >IH M*f dimt Jfortk iff*. 1m> aft 8H1R 1~ made np tt< order, rMnjiorioWBir*pv? to make PH IRT^> DRAWERS, A?-? M tki SSRS W?>??$1?&f?rWM m*r M-8r 7 i. n auiTM IP I R E, P 1 R E. ' POTOMAC WATER. I am atill rafaaed in tha PLUMBING and GAS FITTING BU?INK?& at my old ataad ia Pbifcarmonio Hall. The advantage of kaviM a plent, fu Csupply of water vat reftxiliT ohaer ved at the fire of aterday.aa I am veil aaUffied I ahonld hare bean rned oat hnt for the bountiful supply upor ay premi and tli*t of my neighbor* All order* for tun Uj trod action of Watar and Gaa will be promptly attondad to. Tar ma a* reaaonablnmanj piomW lnUieoity. Jj 3 0. SNVPER. /tr?r c f^/moaMT' v*\ f,C0y<7 0I9PATCHI ? \I/TSaTe lhe_Pieeei! k.. kil.l.9, alter a traotica teat of t*? r?Ofa (Mia tii&t La ou with fconfedenoe msod ihe CbeopasUo Prooaaa I or iDMraB(Sfl|M artiLoiai teeth. It has the adrantaxaa trength, beautj, o:eaaliD**a, and ohaapiieaa. pal DNr seta inserted for #3*. Partial la MK^ioa Ojftee 306 Pa. arena*. Ml MloOJElliliAM MJUa. HOWE'S IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES Ml Tbeee Soialee are offered to the labile aa the moet eintple. durable, and reliable aoalee eror eat IB aea. Kiratolaaa pr^miuma bare been awarded than tthe United dt?ue Fair and Vircmia Aftealteral siety; Y*r*inia State Acnealtural K*?r: Pr*>Mia CARRIAGE FACTORIES. W TOie&SA&'jyOV^ _W? tor* fauthcri ? aantwr of 1ft oU? %?<!]*?& ? jj. ttrz?.<jmg< riMits, amd But ??*, vkia* we wiila?L?A? " *? ? ?r* malTjroSt. Bnrif irtAfiiMl 1 - I. ? v -w? mwHNuofl ?u uiBri"Bi yrwvHM ef the huiinrM, v* latter eareeleee that we k?o? the stylee and quality of ?wt that *fl kit* fb* fhotion. ouia bluing UcktaMM, oomfort ui daraki.i kejairin* promptly and earefally attended to M W-4ly | _ j Thk smbwribm^m* Iddltltuu hi j 1 ? nr. making it Mt one ofthe p I>irt;ict, vkat hie fae?litfee Frt^gR man?taotanuf CAKR1A6K * WAGONS of all k?ndaouaot W Iirfund,u< from iiia long eapenecoe in tW laaintaa ha hapaa |g%S3tig?Sn& LUkt Wtc.M k?y* M j AliKKPAlRSneattydeae. QlifUrtyr?X ' DENTISTRY. D DENTAL CARD. IB! Ml'NSOX Hu returned and retained hla Srofeaatoa. Ottce and hoaae at 41) K ??. .,^-jpK^ kird door e&at^f tMxth In additiea t Mav 1 every other approved atjle, Or. M. bM ? ' " teeth on vulcanite But iur the laat three yeare, and, from experienoe, know* it exeeta ail other*, aod ia one-third lees in prioe than fold. Uia otd patnne of Waahmcton. Alexandria, and Georgetown are reepectfuliy eoliolted t > on11. an to-eoly DIM DENTAL NOTICE. . R. LOOMIS Haa oloeed Lit > fhoe for the Beaton, and will be absent, aa a sua), during tha ain mer month* ; will r*eome practice about the lat of October, of which farther aetioe wiH be given. II 10-tf n_ .DENTISTRY. J-s?-WBasjC w*~I UMftiwn ul ?n* ***" ? n?a r*uu> riywi, iro? Ibr o?j?K ?U? Mii'? ?f lAruch*. JmW, !? STboncN. ? ?4 Cor?r HUi rt. ?rd IV >t. BEY. ffiill?iiMdiw?ii?ii< koMoaif 275 *Lk*" *75 JACKSON. ,M . ' ^ *-*T M MM I I.. not*, Amur*, . t ^ l.. HHr? imii u< lltfc *~?t? rfcLP^NT^ Bi'NKJWDM, T-J eASOR riTTlSW cr <? * * *, door, Mrtk of r% J JURE OLD RYK WHIBIY.-OtkHtCl . br&Ddi ofPurm OM Mr* Whl?tr, CoMcnT Had. rnadf by U?? moot r?,uK 4iatifl?r?IsfHnr* tIwmi*, Mbj-j i?ed tU VinriM, mwiV 1 |SF,S?| Cml* ft rre, ?ud wlw? of ertrr variety. pit of rOLndyrd A ch<*? (jn^ToFRENcS'CirSl^H NVnoW^APFR Jnl i?fipor?*rf Jnnji PrsMo ?_im, *? %m4 -jm? *> frnvMfw* jf ? rw?. n I. VirCTib. 6w>rs?tn*nt J? n.. WMaasia Aiwi for tfc* Di? and nil uppty Um trada u ?? >r>na. fM-f 279 'vKKKT1' 206" B?cal?fv* to CA.1 bxkttMtiK ?r tua frlf foMi MNiMc geoaraily to kia N*w Store, tM? wE yiva iuij fdTa for rKyanorOutifoaBoaa ofUiNt ?lao,?]i cr4#r? for D*.&9*ra, Sepyeie, * Privata PtrUM, wt>i?k will k* Mr*?d ap tnkia K Imjtfckia aty .a, with tla aan yrcmytaaaa |ad <SB^TTwHyoVK* W Mtfctwtn afco~ WM. T. DOVK * OO. H RE Nov araaa-raH to tiMoti u> < KAS. m. CO2*5 _ INDIA W TXGETABLM DFCOCttQM. With regard to t*U ilmntl mfa.lii '"OiflBiMrito miUumI i m *p<>ken ia dtn-iMui, and the idftooM of thia great aaaUUb?m] bj oorvf tar.l ?v?w* la of tf?oUM ta? reaBlU from it# ?ae are af??r all amm rMn?<ii*a uui the heat mwhoal skill hare foiled. bet u< m,i? onmiiion, tb?t o?rtifco?te? i eurea arc net wobi ht from th? liltUrate ud aWW mUI, bat tiiej ar? >olunH?f?d f-om tfe* bmI re ape^tible aoaroea an i justify the L>|kNtUmii ia whion ii la po*aibl? to ooiorr>ei?<r e? nlitk.* a ifc fir to poo ic appr W stay add aieo tt tie earative fmperttwiof the medicine ar?sal. ad only fcy ita reatnr%t'*e ff^eU. the ateUan reeorer in* from di?ea?e* Ith r?ww<J oonatitut'onal rliof. For eate by ali ree**otahie I>ru**?eta it thia ei^f, a&d bj lb* proprietor, MRU. M. COX. >ai?e (OCGiae in.ou her iaa?U b.o*i oa IM hctt'e and her seal on the oork r?n?e ft per bottle^ at * hott'ea for J"' Lit iLiwxo ISt aWjSK."' ?Kin< 4FJI1T THE^KBMEDY RKJOICK *iff HKALTH. 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