Newspaper of Evening Star, October 10, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 10, 1860 Page 3
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LOC A1 NEWS. J ID^Tboxigb Th? 8tu to prtolfd OB Ik* (utat Man ] nss tn n* south *f Baltimore. Its edition la no Wmtjt as to require II to be put to prrm at an euif hour; Advertisements, therefore, shoaM too amt In bffwf 12 o'clock m 4 otherwise tfcey may ?ot tpfw so til tbe nett day Tit* ELtCTi??*Rltmxi Excit***kt I.ut Nunr-Jcuiin tlniiDirriiHT CLtsRoolw. ??mit wns the eicffement last night la view of the antfeipab-4 returns from the Pen nsylTani* election ahoWlag how the Presidential coniWl 1? likely to -e*4. Boor.e interest was felt lb tbe reaott la Indian and Ohio, but fnly incidentally, Pennsylvania being rons'derttl the settler of the question "Who filolv nt Wfco not to be In November. As - - ? v "" Tnmt, howaoe'er our (on tuay fuse, ^ e'W * * their whole confusion. , We've fought together, he. There *11 considerable speech-makia* la the ntcrrmii of receiving diapauses , Mr Ab<m Hunt gave a very earnest and empfcat.i expression of the blth that wan In him Df. Borrow* being called out. stated that he did Mt enter the political arena with the expectation or Am deal re for any of the crtunba. He had made aritttcs s study?It wan no new thine with hlin. Cwouid that la Abraham Lincoln he saw a ndbrrr approach ta the whigs of 1S4C than In flMher of the other candidates He favored the aBction of Lla'Oin becaoar he regarded htm at Me representative of free white labor of the comiz;XJ moor, lit ma uoMnca wiiti rryrt tknti com aratlvely small combination of planters ?th brief ialereala, controlled the affairs of the fljfaarai agates* the interests of free while Mr tor the ueet tweaty years, and believing that Liwoln was la favor of securing room for freemmla the great Went to develope their taerglra ?? ? " mifiruuipw, uy > j. toomM, fcaq., Lite editor of the Republic, tickled the fancy ?r the crowd amazingly, and was tremendously qppjauded Itrulhu: Tn Kititoii Stat* Alt? Wkt 'U be Kt?f but Charlit ? ^TVre'i tld'.njjs from the Kevatone State, Good new* frocn Pennsylvania; **%he People'a friend* are all elate, v Ffom Berks to Allegany. We'ye fought together ln stormy weather Wheo all waa dark before ua, Bit now tbe efooda are breaking 'way, And aklea are brightening o'er ua The Reyatone Stale haa learned of late What Democrats have coat her; Bat newabe leaves them to their fate, And gi?ee thetr eanae no Fotttr. We've fought together, Ac. The ?Wim now la ftlrlv raised, To ua the scene's delightful; But Democrats are aore amazed, And think It looka moat frightful. We've fought together, Ac. Then hall, all hall, the glorloua news; Wi'w rum* Ia Ikli _ w W> V* KllV^iUCI III the mob of tbeae eleventh-hour laborers. It wu amusing to bear the ejaculation* of surprise as different parties met in the room?as "\\ ho the d - 1 w?h Id have thought of seeing yon here " "lleilo I thought I aaw you behind that bell at Rockvllle." ' when did vou leave the Breckin rid^e crowd "I thought you was for Douglas.'' rounder" you a republican. Times have changed voce you was in the mob that was going to Lear down the F.ra oAce!"?and so on Tbe " W igwam" was brilliantly lit up, and on tbe walla of tbe room were to be seen various suites of the much-talked of " Wide-A wake'' uniform, apporeniiy brushed op in apple pie order fer use, and sundry large-wicked Umpa hinted suspiciously of a torch-light procesalon In the future fcoine coi.ifortisg dispatches k?d been received, and tbe thing was consider d set'led They l.adu't heard from Lancaster city, singularly t iKMigh, bat by the oddeit choice h&d heard from Alleghany county Instead, with 3,000 gain for Curtis. Tbe B rpublican Glee Club,1' Mesars. Hodgson, Clack, and ethers, gave song after song, in compliance with tbe demands of tbe audience, accompanied by Henry Knight on the violin, tbe nrae tolls, by tbe wav, with which be solaced tbe draary hour* of hia fellow jurors upon tbe 8icklea trial. ^ .1. iic? u? uujic uiit uuui are "w Ut con tiitued ' Uef rafter. The dispatch announced that news bad been received from several counties, boroughs, and towns, nearly all of which had given majorities for Curlin, and republican gains. John linker's dispatch instantaneously went down to zero, and ?i: excited southeru-rlgnts man in the rear of the ?i wss heard to exclaim tbat the republicans I 1 inaugurated the Irrepressible conflict, and t be was ready to meet the Issue face to face, jk|d ended by clamoring for the d?d Yankee $<*- to show their faces the republican - Wigwam" (Era Buildings) OW^^s a large gathering, composed partly of thtftflftahlloan aaa jciatioa and sympathizer*, but Sdr of those who had gone therethrough cuximo see who were training In that crowd, and I sort of news they were setting there ublicauksm has apparently Been getting Wrminglv popular as the prospects of Lincoln's fleeti?a have brightened, and we hear that the accessions to the republican ranks have been so overwhelming lately that the "original Jacobs" have insisted that the books should be closed, lsst their claims ahonlrf h* Im> nt ?1>_ the room, and the president, after a careful scrutiny of tbe mysterious paper, row from his seat and announced tbat the di?patch wsi from Philadelph.a; that returna had been made from eleven wards. givln* Foster a majority of 12,000 and aom? odd hundred* Three tremendous cheers simultaneously burst from the excited throne at this intelligence. Tbe President aatd that ctislMtch waaao good he would read it again. which lie did: and three more cheers and a tiger followed tbe second reading The Chair said the dapatch -was from John Barker, and somebody said John barker was a irood eg*: whereat three mora cheers were given for Johu Barker, who had aent the hopeful d is natch. The wildest excitement now pervaded the crowd, and Mr. W. H Hope got up, excitedly, Mid sa d th*t if the list newa should prove to be true. Philadelphia city waa good for *J0, UO mainrity for Foater, and the State would be carried Yr at i-ast :IU,UU0. [Cbeere ] Mr. Hope mounted the roatrum and read funny Newspaper stories uncomplimentary to Lincoln and Douglas He proceeded to tell an anecdote propoa ef tbe Bell and Everett party, about one Mr. Cropper and hla dog Snap, who bid a bad habit of biting Cropper7* quests. whereat Cropper cropped Snap's cirs ana cur-tailed hit tail A freait dispatch came in at this moment, and Mr Hope's tale and Snap's were cut off at Ilia same in.)>n?n? I ?.# ? W. *K-s +1- * m ice many national virtue* ol ibis organization: allnded to its past history, present rendition, and lnture prospects; and then branched out In some remark*, biographical and eulogiatlc, upon the career of the late Andrew Jackson, of Imnortal memory. Mr ?delin (Cooper) asserted emphatically that "hit blood curdled in bla vein*" when he thought of Andrew Jackaon. and aa tbia struck nme of the listener* in Ute light of a calamity, they advised Mr C. by all means to direct hi* thoughts to another channel A messenger at this moment entered the room with a dispatch, which announced that Lancaster city had given a majority of '27# for Foster The news created aulte a sensation, snd gave a derided lift to the copes of the crowd. Brief and spirited addresses were made by Messrs Jamieson and King, of this city; by J B Kobinsou of N . C , Mr. Russell of (ia., Mr. Williams of N O . and by Dr. Davidson, th? wellfcaown and talented author of ? The Woodthrusb," wbo told a story of a dog and a wolf; and while the audience was endeavoring to catch ibe i*>lnt thereof, a great sensation near the door proclaimed the arrival of a fresh dispatch; and room was made for a messenger to rush up to the stand, bearing ia bis hand a missive for President Boyle Breathless silence In an instant oervaded *r" - * dcii sua bverfii rooms im 1 the Douglas room* tbc ?n>mbii^n were mailer than at the more central Breckinridge headquarters nm the avenge, and which beln~ near the telegraph were a general resort through the wvninir an(| njgW B* < H o'clock p. m the members bad begun to "fctniect in considerable numbera, and as the evening advanced the rooms became densely crowded wttb politicians, all of whom evinced the nervous?"?J of manner peculiar to such occasions. In rrfArd to the returns The c ha aces of the party In the various uncertain Stales were variously disci" *ed, and with greater or leaa general entlms a*m v.n the part of the listeners," according as the apeakers waxed hopeful or detpondlng. A hopef'il dispatch from Hanisburg.stating that "Faater w e running well, and that there was a fnll vote ?nt," srnt the political barometer up to a respect sMe decree, and something of a reaaation was created in the hall The spectators now began to call for Cooper. Robinson, and other favorite lacal orators Alternate cries for Kdelin and C?oper ?radnally growing loudest, had the effect to bring upon the stand a speaker who answers to both tbc above names, Mr. C C Edelln, ("l.nm Cooper,") vrho entertained the crowd for a brief space in characteristic manner. He styled himself one of t he war-hors*>s of the great democratic party; spoke any * n ecKSck p ra the hotel ball* and parlors We*? alive wllh an xnx'.ous. restl?ss crowd perpetually on tbe n?ove and buttonholing every fn?\ nrriVnl for n?ri There wm a gathering. NO, !n front of tbe telegraph office; and the book tore* were visited also by crowds anxious to gather some additional Uteat hint. Inkling or portent of bow tbe I'ennsylvaoia cat was jumping ?r likely to jump J*ome vile puns were got ofl ^rbtle waiting for tbe cara and the papera No 1 thought tbe indications were that the democratic >uu had gone down behind a Cmrti*. No. J r.gjestrd that in that case Curtin'a name be prenouucad with the "C" soft No 3 thought It improper to Fottrr snrh Ideas south of Mason's and XMion's!? ?*, Acc .4c. The various political club tooim were of course the centres of tbe partlaaas I adhering to then, and were alno visllett In turn by the floating population who sought to gather . from the despondent or radicnt faces of the hab^ ttants some Idea of the complrtlon of their polltiral hanoa a 1 *W_ n-? - ^ ? naa recetvea wages antu a abort Una# previous to bit a/rest;?U>? u a lawful resistance aot&lng more tban areqtuat by defendant W delay tbe execution of preea? an til the could render the usual attention! to her boarders st dlnnex; the bludraace arising from ao other motive than a wish to tad the servant. and to give him such aid before tbe court its tbe necessity of tbe man might require, and the law permit. , In abort, the criminality of the defendant exIlsted only in the malicious mladt of these who instlgntad tbe rill? p?*??llags; for never did tcsUiBoay spaa a criminal examination more amply or honorably acquit a defendant f n?tBume Miae Thompson made oath that the Kd Stafford ww a fugitive, and a process waa areordingly issued for his seiiure. lie waa demanded of mra. Beverldge aboat 4 p m. August 18th, while aha waa busied ia her carving-room. She aaaarcd the constables that aha had not aeen the servant atace morning. and did not know if ha were la the houae; hat only aaked tl me to finish earring before looking for him. In reply tbey held up to b?r the peaaitles of fine and lmprlaonmeat tot ruiKMu. She cited tbe petition for fteedem, and not knowing the precedence of the fugitive slave law, aakra leave to aend for the man'a lawyer. Thla being refuaed, ahe at last sot leave to consult two of her hoarder*; tbey informed her ef tbe requisitions of tbe law in qneation. when ahe sent to her bouaekeeper to look fer Stafford; the oftolala went with her mesaengsr, and the man came when called. Soma tea day* after Mra. Beverldge was arretted, a* the oath of Ceaetable Ofttinga, for 'improper interference" wltn .the exwntion of tbe fugitive alave law, and tbe trial ruled for September 6. Tbe e**mi nation waa carefully conducted by Juattce Dona. and the evidence reeulted in acquitting tbe defendant of any illegal or Improper motive whatever. The reported fugitive alave waa proven to have I been a hired aervant employed by defendant, and for wbuee services hla mlatreaa, Mlaa Thompson. I some live yean, with slight Interval*, and bis wages paid to her ageut. Tn the night of July VS5, two constablra went to the room hired by his wife, a free; but aa he waa in darkntaa and the oficlals cava neither name nor authority, the man evaded them Learning next morning that he waa, or woo Id be aold, hia wife, without the advice or knowledge of any white paraon, went to a lawyer, who filed a petition of freedom, according to tb? lawa of Maryland, and procured the usual certificate to protect the party pending hia trial He returned to hia daily labor; waa thua aeen bv the agent, who did not even suggest to Mrs. Beveridge that sb? should no longer employ him. He was, therefore, constructively In the possession of the claimant, awaiting the decision of a court of justice on a petition authorised by the laws of tbe State to which the claimant hna voluntarily sent htm. Tkk first OliMD OOTILLO.N pabtv of the East Washington Quadrille Assembly, at Odd Fellows' Hall. Navy Yard, last night. is said to have been largely attended, and to nave been a very pleasant affair. Fob Richmond ?This morning, two officers of the State of Virginia, having m custody two convicts on their way to the Stat? prison st K ic bmond, pawed through this city, stopping only for the afternoon conveyance. 8ib ahnovncuhxt of new attractions at Odd Fellows' Hall, to-night, in the way of Percival'i Pagoda. [commv51cat&d. The Fcgitiv* Slav* Cask.?While tblscaae of the United States vs. Mrs Beveridge, of the Washington Hons* was undecided, an account of it might ttave seemed liku a desire on her part to forestall public opinioa; but as the charge Is d smiased, a brief summary may properly be giveu Stafford Paine, owned In Alexandria by a Miss Thompson, bad been employed by Mrs Beveridire I / Jaines Monroe, white, and James Murphy, colored, two Uds who were enjoyi ng a tight In the street for the amuwnicnt of bystanders They were taken before Justice Donn, who administered a lecture to them upon the impropriety of pugilistic exhibitions in tbe streets, and ended by ordering each to pay Si 'Ji, tine and costs. Tho?e ladies who were on tbe committee for collecting goods and clothing for the Syrian sufferers, and all others who sympathise with this object, we understand, will meet at tbe English Lutheran Church on Tbursda*' moaning, the ilth inst , at 10 o'clock, for tbe purpose of transacting impoitant business before snipping the goods collected, on the following day. Aeeived, at Carter's wbarf, foot of Thirteenthand-a-half St., schooners Ann S. Brown, Krown, from Philadelphia, with 214 tons coal for Messrs Cbapin k Bro , and 150 tons for Mr. Geo Bogus; Amelia. Rockhill, from same port, with 211 tous coal for Mr. T S. (iattrell. ? . mww ?? aiu w >#C tUCUWUCU. TniriiA5cx Db*on?tbation is Alixandrii The members of the Tent of Rechabifs in Alexandria propose a public demonstration in favor of the Total Abstinence cause, on to-morrow night The exercises will consist of a procession in the afternoon, and a public meeting at night at the Methodist Protestant Church Mr. Theophilos Pisk. of Washlngtan, will address the meeting. Ckxtbal Gtabdbocsb Casks ?Patrick Whalen. drunk and disorderly; fine and costs. 15; workhouse 90 days. Dsvid Curtis, colored, dead drunk; workhouse 90 days. Thos C. Gilkeson. drunk and dteorderly; do. 00 days. James Boyle, arrested npno a ball piece obtained by his security, delivered to the custody of the Marshal at the rounty jail, to be retained for trial at the Criminal Court for larceny. flghtise ?Yesterday nflli-m Iflmr wMWV ... piv^iriw ai tome oi me jneiDoaui i Churches. At the Methodist Church South there was a very pleasant meeting laatnight. Rev Mr. Proctor delivered an appropriate dlacoarae, alter which the remainder of the evening was apent In singing and prayer at the aitar, where two penttenta presented Uiema lvea for prayer and inatruction. At the Ninth street Methodiat Protectant there waa a very lively and intereating meeting An able diacourae waa delivered by Rev. II. C. VT eat wood, pastor of the Union Chapel, upon the nature and neceasity of penitence Alter which the service at the altar waa reaun ed under the di recti on of Rev P Light Wilaon. who waaaaeiated by a large force of tbe members of McKendree Chapel, who h^ve been very active in assisting at those interesting meetings. One conversion waa reported. Wuoai la it ?? Jim Digges, colored, an old offender, was arrested at a early hour laat Sunday morning, making off with a nearly new waah tub. Officer l)aw considering the fact that Jim never was accused of waablng, and suspecting the tub was designed for some one else's use, and that Jim, for procuring it, was to rewarded in cash or whisky, arrested Jim and Justice Drury aent him to jail for a farther hearing, and kept the tub at his Dittos In th? Kir.t U- .rA K- ?.?? .1 ? " uvu tut WliilCiKV *11011 be summoned. The clothing Is all of the finest qualities, and the appearance of a female In such apparel, would soon banish the idea of a servant's position at eight dollars per month A large qnantlty of goods remain Id Montgomery county. Mary seemed very much grieved because her husband said b? would have nothing more ta do with her. Later.?'The goods brought by Detective Officer Allen from Moutgomery county last evening, undsrweutan examination before Justice Doun about noon to-day, and a large quantity was identified bv varlons persons. Quite a large heap?some marked and others unmarked?remain to be recognized The witnesses not having been obtained, the further hearing had not been completed as we go to press Thi Revivals ?The revival meetings conlinno in -? - cesses or reverse* to a philosophical spirit. The various club-rooms were kept open till half past one this morning, by which time the returns bad demonstrated rather palpably that Pennsyl ania had gone republican, and mostfolks thought they might ss well get to bed and read the full returns ia the newspapers. A short Hoxktmoon ?Yesterday detective officer Allen proceeded to Montgomery county. Md., to the farm of a man named Curtin, about three miles above Rorkytlle, In search of a large quantity of goods, lsdtes and children's apparel, china, Ac . Ac., stolen from various persons In this city. He succeeded In discovering a very Urge amount of the stolen property, much of which he brought to the city last night with Mrs. Mary Cirtin, who Is charged with the larcenies Mrs. Curtin had been an employee in one of the families who had been victimized, and was married to her present husband ten days ago She was committed to jail by Justice Donn for * further l?A?lF!nrr wVan ...J -1?t* nd Contribute to the growth and onward pwpi W the coon try, h? ga*r him his hearty support. Me contrasted the past and peeaent condition of Kentucky and OMo, and Virginia and Pennsylvania. remarking that the greatrauae of difference a, that in one caae ilave labor predominated, gave tone to affairs, wblla in the other free Wbite labor was the controlling element. He eoald not bat consider slaves as a corse to (Ms part of the country. Uis father at one time was the possessor of a number of negro siares, but k* UIM IL..V/..1 iv.? t. -? ? ? <wu>iui iuii ii was in m power 10 ht that night that the old gentleman emancipated thaaiafl. For himself, en no consideration would be accept of a neero slave, even If leit as a precious legacy by some dear relative. He was connected with no political organization, and woald unite with none. Before concluding, he would simply remark that no sane man, or even Insane man, cotild entertain the belief for a moment that Mr Lincoln or his party intended to In any manner aggress upon or disregard a single right or interest of the southern section of our country. He concluded by thanking the Association for their courtesy In listening to the very desultory remarks which be bad submitted, ana resumed his seat amid lead cries of "Goon," and great | applause. At the Douglas rooms (Klmmell House) we found s company of gentlemen, with John F Knnis, n the cbsir, In rather a tranquil frame of mind, as if disposed to take whatever the gods might send them In the way of election sue PERSONAL. . I, I HEREBY Notifythe public not to tru?t my i wife, ANN L. BOPr ; I will phj ne debti of her ( contracting. oo? St" JAMES H. BOPP. 'I1 QTHE CURIOUS OR ANXlOUS.-Madam 1 i f . D ? know* m the must mccesiful c*flainar of the Faat, Present and Fntnre in | WMhiutoa. continues to be consulted weekly by haadreds mxious to know Of things at ereeent hidden frt-m them. U?r consultation fee, Co beth rentleraea aadladiea, ta extreme!* axxlertte. Caft at > aen-lm li in* w l LjIjI A *>1 IIUWK3I, 8auily Sprinf. Moat- I gomory county, Md , through the Post Office. oo 10 St* _ J FOUND?A BR ACELET, on the evening of the I firework*. The owner can get it hy pay in* for 1 thin advertisement and calling at H SF.MKKN'S, < Jeweler, 330 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th sts. oc ?-tf ??????? l BOARDING. i DOOMS AND BOARD.?Board, with a fine i II Front Room, or other Rooms, may be had at < No. ASH Twelfth st., between O and H?a most de- ' sirable I oca ity. or H>-eo3t* ' BOARD?A gentleman and lady, or two single gentlemen, desiring a home in a private fweily, can be aooominod&ted at No. 444 1 street, between 9th and 10th, with Board and a fine Front Room. The location is most pleasant. oc 9 3t* j CH>R RENT?With or without Board, to a sinr gle gentleman, a eomfortable and very oonve nient baek PARLOR RoOM.on Eleventh utreet, not far from Peon, avenue. The f&iuily are quiet and there are no small ohtldren in the house. Terms will be made very moderate aod every attention paid to the renter's oomfort. For address apply at < the Star Omoe. oc 6-lw > \ CQ NINTH STREET.?Persons returning to Tti'J the city from their summer resort* will find vaoant several desirable rooms, having the conveniences of gas, water, and 1>athin* closets, at 423 Ninth st., one door south of F; suitable either for j families or single geatlemen. Table boarders aooominodated on moderate terms. ?eS 4* | j I I ?* n i/.?'ai r?mmy *'.y*11 *j*1> t3>U ber on the " th insiant, two HOGSw^^K&B (boars.) spotted black and white. rhe~*J^^ above reward will l?e given if returned totajMuaMH DENNIS BARRET, on Organ alley, betwe -n 6th and Tth and M and N stree's. oo >?-2t^_ A1A REWARD.?Strayed away on Monday last qpH' a stout grey MARE, from the cor- /rv ( ner of Fourth street and New York av.T.Zn Tho above reward will be giv?n to the find i er, by returnine tho came to JOH N SHAN A HAN, , cor ner Fourth ?t an<l N ew York av. oo 10-St* fl>?>C REWARD.?Lost, strayed, or stolea, on ?t*3 Wednesday evening, from the Cen- ?v__ ter Market. TWO HORSES, with gears on: one ll*ok, with white hind foot; the<~^^ v other sorrel, with white spot on the forehead Tho above reward willj>e civen to the finder, by address- i oo 2-tf ' ^ll/ANTED?A PLUMBER. Inquire at MY* ? ERS A MoGHAN'S. Nooe but a hrit-claaa workman need ftppi y oc 1 \*7ANTKD?To hare everybody kuow thatthev " oan find a fine and well nel^otwl "took of FALL acd WINTER CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODS, HATS and CArd at the Peop:??? Clothing Store, No. 460 Seventh at ,oppo?ite Post Offioe. m38 Im WANTED?A CI.EKK. who is acquainted with the city trade, for a Jew?lry S^tore. Beit ol ref?renoe? required. Address T. H? No. 5, frtar Office. U WANTED? By a steady and indnatrious man. a SITUATION a? oollec'or. Host of recommendations given. Address M. C., Star Office. Jy 12-tf ' LOST AND FOUND. LOST?On Saturday afternoon, on the road from Georgetown to the Little Fall*, a bla"k leather oovered MEMORANDUM BOOK The fioder wifl b* suitably rewarded on leaving it at No. 114 Bridge gt. Georgetown. oc 1" 2t n i. u' i d n f?? >w. ..k WANTED IMMEDIATELY?Fron 35 to ftlO^Hjn worth of 8ECOND-HAND FlTRNI TURK of all kinds, for which i will guaranty to par the kiclient prices, and, aa u?ual at tne ahorteat notice. R. BTCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, 8tove?, Ao , oc 9 40ft 7th ?t.. bet, (i and H. <?a*t ?id?. IT|7ANTED-A MARRIED MAN and WIFE " accustomed to all the da<i?s on a farm. A comfortable cottaze will be fnrniahed. Addrf a* Mr. ELLET, on the Heighta of Georgetown oc 8-3t 1 1*7ANTED?All kmda of 8F.COND-HAND ** FURN!Tl*RE,for which I will paj the cash, at 3*9 Seventh street, between I a"d K. oc 6-tf HENRY BONTZ. WANTED?A HOUSE of medium ail*, with modern convenience*, aituat'd b?'ween 13th ard anth and F and I atreeta; for which a liberal rent will be given. Addreaa A and B.. Star vinculum tu ,uci,riiii s r-ireii?Irierung torui&l ana Blood Purifier, in another column. tf Rbadfr. have yon teen Prof. Wood's advertise* inent in our paper. Read it; it will interest you. au 2n-eoly WANTS, BOARD WANTED? Bt a lady who desire* the quetand comfort of a home?with a widow ladv preferred. Aniweri must rive the terms end particilar*. Address D. K. Po?t Office. oc 10-21 WANTED-Three sober. honest, and FARM HAXDS. Apply at f.ocuit IIill Farm, 7th street road, near the } irst Toll-iate. oc 10-3t* WANTED IMMEDIATEI.Y?2 ?ood COAT HAND?. Also, two firnt-'ate Men's Hands on pantaloons. \VM. TUCKER, Merchant Tailor, 4'26 Pa. av., off l^-3t between and 6th sts. M7ANTKD-A (ilRLtodo general housework. " she must ond?rs'and plain cooking. washing and ironing. American or German preferred. 4*1 Massachusetts av., between 4th and 6th sts. _qa 9 2t* use have mad" for a reputation unsurpassed by anjr specific of the kind. For the oureof Fever ar.d Ague. Dr. Hftrttt'i celebrated Stomach Bitters must anil should claim a superiority over any other preparation extant. For *a'e by druggist* and dealers generally everywhere. oc8eo3t Hollow?t's Pills. Atrophy ?Discarding the effete theory adopted by the modern physician in the treatment of gradual df?ca> or waiting of the human body, Uolloway's medicines s*mx? on the direct cause of the disease? the blood. They purify and enrich it?thev stimulate and invigorate the exhausted system by giving life to each tis?u<>, strength to the musele, energy to the invalid, elasticity to the spirits, and the blooin of health to the pallid cheek. Sold by all Druggists, at 25o., 62c., and ?1 per box. selO-lw To the ArrLicTBD !? Be sure to read the adver* ? ?? H I Oi. ?? ? " 1" * ? it of great ?ervioe in lelieving tliein of aovere coughs and shortness of brsathiog, with whioh they had bean afllioted." iNone genuiue unlets sir nod I. Butts on the wrapper. Prepared by 8. W. Fowle A. Co? Boston, and for salo by Z. D. tinman, 8. C. Ford, jr., S. B. Wait?, G. Stott, John Sohwarie, Nairn 4t Palmer. Wash ington; and by dealer* everywhere. oo 1<?- lw*r Oxiof thkmoii prxvaleht, and at the same time most troublesome and painful disrates that attend the human flesh, is ?he Fever and Ague. For a long time the medioal world have been oontinrally bringing forth numerous speoifics for its permanent cure, but all without effect. Dr. J. Hostettor, an experienced and celebrated physician, has succeeded in furnishing the public with a valuable preparation for the euro of Fever and Agui. I he steady and increasing demand lately made lor the Bitters, and the universal success attending its latrtt stylet, at Mra. R. G ' Etchison's emporium of foahton, No. 12 Pennsylvania avenue. 2tf Bear in mind the laat pic'nic of the aeaaon, this afternoon, at Analostan Island, for the purpose of raising funds for the erection of a monument to the late Wm. D. Kerr. Whtie'i Balsam or Wild Cherry, Cures Bronchial AferHons and all Diteatts of the Lamfi. From the Boston Evening Traveler, January 6. "It is perhaps nut a sinip> act of juntice to the proprietors oflV't.'ifar'ji Bil-nm <\f Wild flurry for us to gay, that our perfrmi' '.rprrt'nrt in the uso of tbis?>ticl?. has impressed us favorably. One of the proprietors of the Traveler was entirely on reil of a severe cough nl four months' continuance. liy thn use of thin Balaam .and several of our frlends and ae(inninL\tiAAc vhn iutv* Nim4 JKo rfUU r?A untaken (ball have been secured. It Is a prize worth winning, and as acceptable a gift to a lady as could well be devised. 1 Bitting on Elections ?Small beta?from fire to a hundred dollars?were frequently offered on the Baltimore election this morning The offers were generally in favor of Brown, running for mayor against Hindes, several of which were taken. Considerable excitement prevailed among Baltiinoreans on the Avenue. Ladibs. don't foreet that you can get new magic nifties, Victoria ruffles, tape trimming, wide and narrow Swiss and cambric edges and insertings, together with everv variety of fancv poods. of the _ _/ _ _ . _ ? Sii ADvimrisBMiNT of Mmrt Sheriff A DaWton in another column, and read what cheerful tiding* they bring from the far-off coal district! of Pennsylvania and the pine and hickory forests along the iho M of the Potomac. Coal and wood of tbebrst quality, and in quantities to suit the requirements of purchaser*, abound in their wellstocked depots. In addition to their well known place of business at tbe corner of Four-and-a-half and Canal atreeta. they have recently established a large branch office and conl-yerd on the south side of Pennsylvania avenue, between Third and Pour-snd-s-balf atreeta, where they are now pre-' nit rod to receive order* f mm that ?'niim?rnti? nl?. tomers Give them t call, and know what agreeable gentlemen they are to deal with. McLacohli*. fancy good* deal <r, on Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and ruth itrffli, baa a magnificent aasortment of Jspantbi curiosities, both ornamental and useful, inviting, airanged in hta show windows. Amongst the latter class may be placed the elaborately wrought ladies1 work table, which he proposes to raffle off in a few davs. whrn tll?> f?ur Mltmlninor A linc< WWUIICE v ?. D. HANSON. A HK Sub?ont?er? bef leave to inform citizen* uid atraag era that thay are in reoeipt of a a^ leleot aaeortmeat of FALL and WINTER ARTICLES JJ ^ GENTLEMAN'S WE\R, , Hnhraoinc some of the ehoio*?t novelties and latest "wa" *fah 'TffifessvfsSETailara, 406 Petn. avenae, eoST-Srw < Stat?.) bet. and 6th atrfett. a .a wLf?s>ssja8sfi??. h. ., j?r. [ord'a Olive Tar and Iron and fcaiphnr Powder*, Paul'a Oriental Saki or Jap\neee To^ic, Hollo r&v'a Worm ? oufeo'iora. t^aMinr'a Olu ,*e.,at MOORE'S Weat Kad Drat Store, 113 Pa av. ?GT Order* far Ijaaokiat and Cupping revived led promptly attended. oo8?w I M EVERY BODY'* lNTKkKf'T. ___ Just Received oar FaLL and WINTER CLOTHING, to whieh yoar a-teaUon it aa"?d.M I am confident that 1 o%aa?H rood CLO THING, FURNISHING GOODS, HATS and CAPS nt lower priaea thaa aar other b^aae In the <ntj, ae 23-Ira SMITH. No. 460 Seventh at. WASHINGTON 25 cent* to the owner ofearh du? the libenix- for which has not been obtained on or previous to the time stated, and if not paid, together witn the additional charge, when demanded by the police, they are directed by law immediately to kill and dispose of th* animal, and ? re made subject themselves to a fine for neglecting to do so. WM. LAIRD, Clerk. September 24. 1860 se 25 eotOctIO HN. A. 8CHLOSS AS Received his Supply ol FALL AND WINTER DRY GOODS. Fnroha?ers will find the quality and price as reasonable as ever. FOR RF.NT?A very desirable STORE, to salt most any sen'eel business. A prompt and sucoes ful oash trade in the d'j good* and inuiinery business ha boen don-* at this place and oan bo continued. Apply to N. A. SCHLOSS, No. 105 B<idge street, Georgetown, D C oo 9-5-* OQ LARGE STOCK ! Qo If CI BEST COODf!! if O L O W K 8 T PRIG E *!!! fc'PiLMAN A. HUNT, 9S Budge etreet, between Washington and Cvnziess, ar*< now nr?par?i to how their well (elect*<! stook of DRE~S G??or>S. DOMK8TIOB, Ac. Their More i the old statd of H. K. Berry ) havini bw n remodelled and fitted up in the most thorough manner, th*y possess facilities uneqoaled in the District lor the p'oe^cutr n of a general Drr Goods Business. They respectfully invit* a oall from the oiUzent oi Geor;? ?>wu an'! vicinil). ooS-un and they were only extricated after considerable labor, and one of them badly cot. But for the presence of mind of a bystander, who cut the traces, the damage would probably have been much greater. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS Fbr other Georfettnm arivtrtutrntnts m Jirtt i>aqt rT5=?THK LA DIES OF THE SUN D A Y Lk_3 School connected with the Protestant F.pi* opal Mission Chapel of ?ieorirotown wnl hold a FAIR at the Union Hotel, on WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS of this week, for the benefit of the School. oc W 4t* fV-S? N O T I C E.?LICENSES -All persons 'k? whose licenses from the Corporation of Georgetown expire on theSUih instant aro hereby notified promptly to take out the same under the new license law. approved July 7th, I860; otherwise they will subject themselves to a fine, and the law is compulsory upon the proper othcers of the Corporation to enforce said hue against all delinquents, WM. LAIRD. Clerk. September 24th, Iflfift. se 25-eotOctlO [Vy- NOT1CE.-DOG LICESSES-AU do* 'Js3 licenses in Gc-orcetown are due on the 1 ?t uav of Oatober uext, and, if not paid at the Clerk's Office on or l>efore the inth of said month, the authority will then be exclusively given to the police to colleotthera, with au additional cost, by law. of FOR RENT?In Georgetown, two first-cla** HOUSES, situated on West street, one containing IB moms, and the other 9, with caa and bathroom* complete Apply to H. L. OFFUTT. No. 49 High >t , Georgetown. oc 5-1 m I/OR NEW YORK ?The packet schooner Hamr iltnn. Captain Ogden, has arnved and -at will tail as above with dispatch. For freight ^ apply to MeCOBB * DoDGE, oo 4 63 Water street. 1VK WISH EVERY ONE TO KNOW That " DRY GOODS can be bought cheap at BROWN ft WHITE'S, No. 140(Noktii Sidr) Bhidob Strut, Georgetown, D C. 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AYLOR * HUTCHISON. 48 Market Spaoe, ure nowreoeivinc their stock of FALL GOoDS, imbracing all the new and desirable atyl a of the >ea*cn, to whioh they oordially invite tke attention U buyera generally. ae84 286 A NE\^S^YLESJL^T OUT. 286 AT GLADMON'S ?. f'W HAT STORK, No 986 Pa A v.. Nbak Comma 11th St , oc 6 St Opposite Star Office. TV FALL AND WINTKR (JOODS. withdrawn (the work being done). The business for which the meeting was called, namely the consideration of the claim of the estate of Philip Gormly, deceased, against the Corporation, was not taken up because of the absence of the chairman of tbe committee having the matter in charge and for want of tbe resolution (which passed tbe Board of Alderven) and other necessary papers, in consequence of which there was an adjournment of tbe board until to-morrow evening, ?t 7)? o'clock Why is it that the trenches now being excavated on Bridge street for the large mains of tbe Washington Aqueduct are not properly guarded and lighted at night? The carelessness of tbose whose business it is to attend to tbe matter was the cause of an accident last evening, which might have been a serious one. About 8 o'clock a farmer while on his way to market in your citv, with a two-horse wagon in which was his daughter, drove his horses Into the excavation. 10 nucaaei Kennedy, an old and worthy man residing in Washington, of the sum of 92, the amount of a fine levied on him for driving a cart without a license These communications were appropriately referred. Air Hill, from the special committee to which was referred the petition of Mr Henry Kin*, reported a resolution reimbursing to him S17 40, being the amount of six months taxes on bis property which was Injured by fire; read ouce and laid over under the ruies. Mr. King, from streets committee, reported a resolution appropriating for repairs of the wharf at the foot of High street; which was passed Also, an ordinance providing for the repiir of part of the footways on West street, the third reading of wh ch was objected to by Mr. Stake, and It lays over. Mr Pearson, from grievances committee, reported a resolution for remitting the line imposed upon Michael Kennedy; passed. The resolution in favor of W. D Wallach, which was under consideration nt the last meeting of the boards, was passed. TMtnlntinn nnthnrWina r?rnlpf nf atraotc ment and the resolution was signed A resolution In relation to the lower end of High street, and a resolution to refund a line imposed on Michael Kennedy (both from the other board) were considered and passed. Reciprocal messages In writing passed between the boards, agreeing to adjonrn until to-morrow (this) evening at 1% o'clock, to which time this board adjourned. In the Board of Common Council, there were present Messrs Pickrell, (president,) English. Pearson, Hill, King. Stake and Tenney. A communication from Henry Major in relation to taxes on a lot he purchased was referred to the grievance committee. A communication from B. 3. Bohrer in relation to a part of old High street was referred to the Recorder; and the account of Police Magistrate White, for fees, was nferred to claims committee. Communications were received from the Mayor ?one enclosing a letter from Morgan A Rhinehart. agents of the Steamship Company, in relation to the wharf at the foot of Hl^h street: one from Mr. Geo. Rhinehart asking payment of the balance (?fi60 70) due him for dredging the channel; and oue recommending the reimbursement $ 9 GEORGETOWN. . Corrttpondenre of The Star. Biomiiowr, Ortob^r 10.18?? %At a called meeting of our City Councils lut ???! n*, there were pmt>?t in tb* Board of Aldertnen Mmr? Brrrv RmI r.m >nri r>rr#ntrr Several messages, la writing, were rectivid from the Major, which are noticed below. A resolution In relation to the clerk's contingent fund and a resolution in relation to the Mayor's contingent fuatl were cons dertd and passed The resolution In relation to the burvlng Kind of Trinity Church was, on motion of Mr 11, emended Dy striking out that portion ex- i euipting the property from a front foot tax for the improvement of High street, sad the resolution a* thus trended was passed 1 he Board of Common Council having declined to concur In the amendment of this board, striking out the word* "or a majority of them" ?n the resolution anthorixing the Clerk of the Corporation to pay or accept orders of the commissioners of streets, this board receded from thotr amend v- U.uu/UK*, m* a iiimiag DTLa U-OtT. OfCION " tupport lU* Union electoral tiefcvt, the B.e?kUrla^c PrraideaiUl electors baring r?H!?t<i, *??? to continue Mart* Mate orgauinuaa. i liliBf MhMh> lirctlMi Baltimoec, Oct. 10??:15 r. uThe electlo? proceeding quietly. Urge vote Uantlcijaxl. due at partner i'oint, wltn cjueenstown datri of the 'J9th. Tbe iteamen Bavaria, City of Manchester, and America arrived out on tbe *29th and 30th. The steamship Palestine, belonging to tbe owners of tbe Galway Line, took fire at her dock, but was extinguished with but slight damage. Sappesed Marder Kut Hirer. New York, Oct. 9.?Tbe coroner of Jersey City is holding an inquest on tbe body of Cajt. Richard C Kelly, of the schooner Catherine Margaret, of Westchester county. Tbe vessel was discovered September 3lHh, in a sinking condition. near Hoboken. Tbe captain Is suppossd to have been murdered by Wm Hooper, on* of hia arrw Tbe body was found on Sunday, bearing evidence of foul play. Re-arrest af S. W Baath. MiffwAPKBS, Oct. 9.?Deputy U 8. Marshal Taylor last night arrested, at Berlin, Wis ,8. H Booth, who escaped from the custom-house In August last, where he was eonlasd for violation of the fugitive alave law. Be wan brought to this city this morning, where be remains la custody of the marshal. laccm af Wlaaa's Steaaser. Noefoli, Vs., Oct. 9 ?The fast Bay Liae steamer Adelaide was badly beaten yesterdav la atrial af speed with Wiuan's steamer. Tbe latter rsa by and around tbe Adelaide with the greatest ease. Her rapidity astonished all witnesses of tbe trial. Tfce Tasiaa Havemeat La Hew Yerk. New You, Oct 9 ?Tbe Breckinridge guts ago, and ran otf eighty head of cattle belonging to D E Connolly. The Tolnuteert (or the war against the Navajoea have marched for the place of rendetvoua. The election for membera of the Houae of Repreaentativea phased olt' quietly. J. A. HubbeJl wai elected to All the vacancy of J udge occaaionrd by the resignation of Judge Baird. No news from the Plains. But few ludiaua were teen, and they were friendly. Nta>arriTal of tbe Ntrtk Brltaa Qcbbbc, Oct. 10.?There have been no tiding! received t?ere yet of the North Bri on. bow fully H A.EBMBIBG, Oct M ?Curtin's majority ^noo. Philadelphia. Oct. 10 ?Curtln over 25.000. Legislature largely* republican. Certainly twenty Congressmen and perhaps twenty-two. The Slate safe far Lincoln by *0,000 majority?[ Uoah.?Kd ] Fusion gone up the spout. INDIANA. Special Ditpatbh from a reliable *omrcr.. Lane's majority will be over 10,000 Seven Congr? ssmcn certain, and Legislature probably a majority of 10 on joint ballot. OHIO. Cleveland, Oct 9 ?This city and Cuyahoga county give a republican gain of 1,300. Summit county (12 towns) a republican rain of 450 Loratne county a gain of 300. Columbus city a gain of 350. Scattering returns from tbe northern part of the State sbow republican gains and indicate tbe success of tbe republican !?tate ticket 8. 8. Cox (Douglasite) is re elected to Congrea from tbe 12th district by about 700 majorlty FLORIDA Savas>xh, Oct 9 ?The result of the Florida election indicates that the democratic candidates for Governor and Congressmen have been elected by about 1,500 majority. The New .Mexican Mails. Independence, Mo , Oct. 8 ?The New Mexican mail, with dates to the sUth ult., arrived thla evening. The preparation for a campsign against tbe Indians has not intimidated them A party of tbem went into Fnrt Fauntleroy a short time iiiuuvia, rcjjuuiiwin, IS riCClfU 5HIIC 5fQSIOr over Handell. democrat. Tbe member* of Die lower house of tbe Legislature stand?People1* candidates'; democrats 6, with four districts to bear from. Indiana county?Curtin's majority I,MOO, a democratic loss of 706. John Covode is reflected to Congress in the nineteenth district, by a gain of '?*) over bis last vote Blair county?Curtin's majority S32, a democratic gain of 319. Blair, republican,for Congress, in the eighteenth district, is elected by 500 to 000 majority. Philadelphia, Oct. 10.?In tbe seventh district Cooper, democrat, Is elected to Congress, aud in tbe thirteenth, Johnson, democrat In the seventeenth, (Fulion and Adams counties,) Scbell 75 majority Franklin, Bedford, and Juniata counties to bear from It is reported that Alleghany county has given a majority of 7.000, and Lancaster county 6,000 majority for Curtin. SPECIAL DISPATCHES. Cckti*'? Majobitt Peobablt 25.000 The following dispatches were received at a late hour thla morning by G. Harrington, Esq , Secretary Congressional Republican Executive vrr county. tfil. hrie county, 1.094; Chester r-t' districts),'578; Bik ki county (10 townships), 8*2 Tbe following counties show democratic gains: Cambria, 325; Blair, 251, York, 1,(*0. 1'hilanilrkia Oct. 10?1*2:30 a m.?In Alleghany county districts, Including tbe entire cities of Pittsburg. Alleghany, and aU the adjoining l>orougb?. give Cartln a majority of 4 b06. a republican gain on last year's vote for auditor general of 3,710. Tbere are '29 districts yet to bear from. Philadelphia. Oct. 10 ?Foster's majority in tbe city <>f Philadelphia is 2,043. a democratic gain or '2.965 over Nfayor Henry's vote in the spring The full "People's'" city ticket is elected. The highest majority is 1,79b, and the lowest 326 The Bell and Kverett Congressional tickets received a united vote of nearly 6,5()U. - i t. wn * - ^ - *? majority will range'from three to four thousand. Lehman, Douglas democrat. 1* elected to Congress la Ui? tint congressional district. Morris, republican, re-elerteain tbe second. Kelley, republican, la elected in tbe fourth district, and Verree, republican, is probably elected in the third district Bucks county?Four districts give returns showing a democratic loMof 103. The following reported majorities have come to hand : Cheater coontv?Twenty districts Indicate a ma-ority for Curtin of l,fl00 Blair county gives 900 majority for Curtin. Alleghany county gives A,bU0 majority for Curtin; it gave 3.214 republican majority last year. Mifflin county gives *27 majority for Curtin; It gave 67 democratic majority last year. York county gives Foster 1,300 majority, a democratic gain of 1.080. Cambria county gives Foster 600 majority, a democratic gain of &5. Lancaster county (reported) gives Cortln 4,500 majority, a gain of 331 for the republicans brie county gives Cartin 5,3?0 majority, a republican gain of 1,094. Philadelphia Oct 10?1*2:15 a. m ?The losses of the democrats, as indicated by the returns from the following counties, are as follows. Tbey are compared with last year's election, when the republicans carried the State by 17.UUU majority: Alleghany county, 3,.^; Mifflin. 3o4; Lancas jority, a large democratic gain. Lancaster city rItpi a democratic gain of 600. In four other townahipa there ia a democratic loaa of 341. Cambria county?Jobnatown give* Curtln 112 majority. Dauphin county? Harriaburg city, Foater 169 majority. The county will give from 1,000 to 1,900 republican majority It gave last yew 1,114 majority for the republican*. Blair county gives about 750 majority, a democratic gain of 400. Huntingdon county gives Curtia 700 majority, a democratic loaa of 220. Susquehanna county?Five towna give Curtln 446 majority. The republican majority last year was 716. York county?York borough gives Foater lUft majority, a democratic gain of 406 1'HiLADKLrMiA. October 1), Midnight.?The re| turns from the city come in slowly Foster a ? ? st k. - ^ - - " * _ t THE LATEST NEWS j TELEGRAPHIC. THE ?TAII ELICfigm. rr.i^r?oi L. V A.> I \ , rHU.At)tt.rRiA. Oct. 9 ? Tb?* general ?l?ctio?i for Governor aud mcmbm of tbe Legislature in this ?t*te took place to-day Tbe weather hat Wen pleasant. and from the great Interest man:, fnlfd and spirit with wbch the contMt baa been conducted, no donbt a larjjc vote baa been polled Tbe following scattering returns are all that have come to band up to 9 o'clock. Blair county, Tyrone borough sod Snydertown give Curtin. tbe republican candidate for Uover nor, 7S(i majority, a democratic gain compared with tbe vote for Auditor last rear. wb?n tbtre was an opposition majority in the State of Northampton county?Nazareth borough gives Curtin a majority, a democratic gain of 11 Bath borougb gives Foster, democrat, 10 majority, a toss of 5 Freemnnsbnry?Faster b majority. a democratic gain of 8 Littlo Hanover? rosier 48 majority, a democratic gain of 4 Bucks county?Doyirstown gives FosUr 23 majority. a democratic loss of 3 Durham township gives Foster 12 majority, a democratic lfss of 14 Perry county?DuouM borough, Curtin 113 majority. I nlon county, it is reported, will give Curtin majority, democratic loss of 200. Bedford borough and to wash i p?Foster IV? ma isir tiwr.iM thail t? to raator For fartieotoM ? to terran, ?e . iMoire'IitiM Muxic & pot of JOAN V. ftLLIIf, P?N?)iftut >r?nue. _ . ?c >-lm* Sti@^terES?K22^fi: duv on J?no ? so. mad* to orte at tfe* ifcortwt nolio* Rtir Work rt|?ir?dorMw nuokwir, 1 oe3*? w?4> OVBHOhTg; SiS Sorortfc ?t 6 NSW MKLODKON8 Noviinor* john ? ft iff ??' ??.**?? * MfBgik iuklflK pi *?ttrf in a-nunn* th? MbUi tiuU in i* it tU ^&SSmfmS^S ni?*!*** 111 Mr,l? *??1 ti?vor U. mmy will bur in mt citT lu th? Lilted AtMM. Hn |WfMt oo*lttiti?w to dorr* iU high for th? mkr.nnr in wkiafc ft I i? ?*rr?d thftl Mffldit m*y ?*:l for. O* ttondtT Mlt M* ttooM wili bttopoa, udoiMc .iioewiiw Seedey iM f.irUi*r to.ion Ob SftftdftYO Mm MtiMM to kl? Eating K ik>hm will bo 01 SixU MMt, IM fomrth door from Pft. ?v?rw. ? 1 tw (J Ml'HICAl. NOTiCE. ITaVINO B??? i??<?ooJ toooo^fttb^ poM>ioa of orc*ni.t *t Sl a l<.y?ia? Church ib Uiiait), ML ?- - in i Mil I'anu Ik. FS h* IWEIIUN^UL^^No"^ 8t?t5t. at present occupied hy the Ror. l)r. Batlor, ud next door to the residence of tha ad vortM**. ? _ J M CARLISLE. N. n.?It vill Hut lie let for ft hoftrdiag km*. m 18 If _______ ^ R KM KM PER! 'ilR5*0\ HuoMD*4on siren tk *tr?ot. MtM 1 und NorthTB Lthrtin Mtfln-m oe ?tt F~ * YOU WISH TO PURCHASE CORSETS loam tn&n ths rmiiaJ risaa. e&!l at F o r.iaminr 116 acrea. with two-etorr frama dwelling AM All convenient oat hoaaae: IM oreh an), exee!l?n* unni, Ae., eitnatod ob the Little river turnpike, Fairfix eount*, Va., T miiea from Alexandria Termor 94,M?; one fourth cash; the balance in 1, 2 and 3 veara. Apply to LOL ISA SOMERS. on the premiees^ oc 1 3w* PUR SALE?A n?w two-etory-aad-baaawent r BRICK HOUSE, coalaiaing 9 rooae aad eeilar,?>tuated on 11th n aortl?,betwean L aad M eta., Co. 378?wiuiin 6 minutee' Mk of t?e Northern itwitiaa Market. Term* ui)ti?"ail? libera* Apply 1 <> the preauaea. or to McKKNNlSY A LxSSD\LE, corner of Pa. avenue aad 7th at. ?o 24 1m* P)R RKNT-A RRICK 8TABLF. oaTwaatybrat street, near P. with room enough for ni Itnraea and two carri^ee. would ani* a aeekmai. Inquire of W. H. DOUb AL, Georgetown, D. C. oc 3-eo6t* * er> Apply at tM Book and Fancy Store oppoeii*. 036 3t FOR RENT or 8AI-E-A ooupl* of new Snok H<M 5>ES, (six room* each, > eitunte<l on Teatfc trw, Utw O and P ite. Apply to D. T. CIS 8EL. No 204 L between 9U> aad 10th ?ta. ooS-3t? POR K KMT-A neatly farauhM HOUSE iatfca r First Ward, on H. between 17th aad ltth ?U.. No 2at. oonttininc a doubt* parlor, 5 or 4 ohanbers. diuia^-ruom. kitihen. aaa paatrj , with ia< . oold or hot wat*r. bath-vooai. Ac.. 4?. Apply to CH AS. C. t. BARNARD, next door ea?t. oc 4 2w FI>R RKNT-1 witt lent my square OF GROUND, with two Frame uated south of the railroad, near the depot, for on* or m"re yeara For fu'"Ui?w information oall on ALEX. H. YOUNG, City Po.t Ofioe HENRY COST. oc 4-Tt* J ejfereon. Marj .tnt ro XI mdcr ar><. th? rent moderate to a rood tmit. nquire rf GKO. W. STEWART, at the wrnr of ii *"d 12th ata. >eMt FOR RENT.-Ttc new tiiree-atory BRICK HOUftES with back banding a. eeeh iocm oort lining > room*, with km. pleasantly aita*ted oa 8tii at .wet north, between M end S atreeta , rent moderate. App!* to E. LAZ'.NBY. opeeeite, or tn JOHN T. LENMAN. Otio avenue, between 15fth and 13th atreeta oo jjf R ENT-Two frame COTTAGE HOI SES, r aitu&ted on Mna?. avenne, betwr^n Uth ana 14th rta . containing 6 rotate e*oh. A fine pomp of good water ia tUe ?*.rd. For ptrttonlara mo aire a' the brick honae ou the premiaee. Rent 916 eer month. oo? 3t_ l/OK RENT-Two BTQRE ROOM8 for rent r ou High atrcet, neer Firat, Georgetown. On* of tbe atorea hae been fitted ar for aCoofeotion [For otktt Ft* sau nnd jimt" mtm/ntamM??, WtJlg gp ] F'OR RKN r?Two RuOMX on Elmnth *(' ?(, between C and Pa arenae, opposite tfce Theater. Appl; oa the promues oc 10 ? I?OR RKNT-A new and desirable BRICK r DWKl.MNU HOUSE in a pleaeant locality. No. 3M6 I. arret, near Fourteenth. Inquire of C. CAMMACK.8Ii F ?t. oe 1C A RARE CHANCE.?A larga Store to Lot and five large Hall*, on Pa. ar-noe. between loth aidllthst* Also, a Store anH Dw?: 1*1 situated on Tenth street. Apply to C. WOODWARD. No, 31** Pa. a/epiie. oc 10 at l^OR R ENT?Furnished?a 00mfort*We BRICK r DWELLING HOL'J*K. of m-dmin sue. in a pleassnt and health* locality, wi'bin convenient distance of the Public Offices and Penn. arenoe Kent moderate. Apply to J. B. MUNRO.MQ Pa arena*, between 9<n and loth sts. oc lfr-eotf UOK RENT?One small BRICK HOI/8K oa K r t-tr??t, h tween 11th and 12th streets. It is 1a #5 isrOhio is Vuisio; Southern ?5 75?6 Wh?l lc. higher western r?d $1.35 white SI 40a*l i* Com firm; mixed 70aTic. Pork doll; mm *1* 74 ??!!>; prime (11 2Sa?14 5t? Lard dull. Wfciaky dull at 23^c. Nxw Yokk, Oct. 10.?-Stocks arcbetW; Chtoago and Rock laland 72, Illinois Central afcarm 83, Michigan Soutn?rn 47New York Central SB, Rending ??*; Hudson*!#, Va.6>s?*; Mo 78. FOR SALE AND RENT. SI 35. Corn?whit? 70a71c ; yellow Turtle; nurd 68a70c. Rye 70*71. Oat a 32 Corn M?el 7S?7V per bualicl tfeeda?1 imothv S* MieSS AS; Clow SI T5aS? 2Si FUxwod SI MAS I 43 ProT.aiooa? Butter, roll, lOal^c.; Bacon ll*al*r , Pork S7 UOe S7 50. Lard 13<il 4c Whisky ?4aJ0c. ettuaara IVaraau (Ultimo*!,Oct 10 ?Flour quiet, Howard at and Ohio S5 75. Wheat Srm, red SlJOel 35; white SI 4<?a1 65 Corn steady; mixed 66aA7c. PttTtaloua active ar.d unchanged; bacon aidca II\c. nx-aa pork SIO 2519 75; printr S14 75. Coffee Arm at 14 *al5 %c Whlaky dull at 2*;. 5l?w Vork market*. Maw Va?> lint in Pl?n. U-4- at ^ Fokt Smitb. Ark-,Oct 8.?Capt John Kipn, an old and esteemed cltliea. and one of the original proprietor* of this city, died iaat night, ml pa ralyala. The Lut of t*o loaui|kl Bosrnx, Oct 10.?The schooner Lamartioa tali in with the wreck of the Con naught on fundav evrntnp. and lay by her till & 30 Monday morning, when the sank Altitadrla vtnrketa. Ai.txAXDKiA. Oct 10 ?Floor?Family 96 ?7? 7 67; extra *6 UUa6 30; <> per 94 VmS 75. W brat ?white, fair la rood, allhil Mt and SI Ha ii >iai i,hit|wi on uk ?hii uw VMmilowu on the 30th. passed Cape Race vstrrdar Th? dtr of Ancona bad capitulated to the Sat. dlntana, and Gen l.amonclere. with the entire garrison. were prisoners of war. The Liverpool breadstuff's market of Saturday wa* firm. The weather had been favorable for the cropa. Wheat had slightly advanced Provisions were quiet but ateady Conaola fttaW ^. Jlewark Charter Klertlra Niwm N. J., Oct. 10.?At the charter election yesterday the republicans elected the cite ticket, catting 4 500 votes against 3 500 of the Bell and Hrecklnndge fusion, and 2,900 Douglas v?tea The deincrata carried the councils Savaaash Msalclpal Klectiea. savannah. Oct. v?ChailesC. Jomi.theDooglaa fusion caudldate. is elected Mavor.over Thorn as fiolcoonbe, straight Breckinridge, bv two hundred majority. The election pass ad off quietly. Death ef u Old Settler* Th< Connaught w?a ealuad at ?190.000, wd *? fully tohiued in knglaad, bbe waa cam Itru;lf4 oi im witk Ivr w ater tight rocnpari menu. maaaured over 4 .?**) trot bardaa. w4 wm l?n?fbfd ?t NeviMtie I pon Tync on the Id nf April Ust Koctos, Oct 9 ?The brig M'.une Hcbltfer nr rived at ber wharf at on* o'clork *be la abont three hundred tons burthen, and the ataadiac room on her la completely covered by tbr rtacnad patarngera of th^ Connaught Later frost Kara pa *?t Jobs'*. Oct 9 ?The ateamahip Africa _ ? ? ?1 ? Additional Itrm^Mmalif tk? Lm of tk* Bo*tom, Oct 9.?Tb? Cwiit^M bad mm bmmr4 ten thousand pounds s*whaf In gaU wwwmmt monrr Men In charge at tM JobaV TWa vu lost with tb* rtwatf I brw bundrrd of the pmmengrn ww forwirdad to New York by way of PaU Rlrar Tba rm UMIUBD UI ?! ? 1 iMtf frleoda Tbf pinrngin MMf tn which thrv iteoi Capt Lcitcn and Mr Cox.a pwnr* la?d?? ?t 9cltuit? tbla morning, aDd irrlwitenit II, > in. It *uuppoaed that the An bad km mmtmktm tag a long time. ft*a tba rapid pmgraaa mad* Hf th* flames after it ?u d'eoevKed Tbf captain la unable to account frr the Uak which Ailed the veaael ao rapidly ia aplte of all tiie tfl jru midr *t iu

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