Newspaper of Evening Star, 11 Ekim 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 11 Ekim 1860 Page 1
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1? N". 2.386. PUBLiaH&D H V S KY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT TMI STAR BUILDINGS, Corner /Ptnnxylvanm avtnu* and lit* #*., IT W. D. WALLACH. r%w ??rr?d in ptAk&fts by ocrrlsri tt ? ? (Mr, or St Milts por month. To Mil sobcortbors tU? pnoo l? 933) ? y9%r, m advantt; 93 for six BoaUi*; 91 for throe Booths; and for loos thoa taree month ? at thermti* of W oeats ft WMk. Btatfle aupies, o*k txT wrappers, twocknts. IC7" ADVKBTISIIII^T* SOOIlId be sent to tlM oAoe fcsft>re 12 o'oiook m.. other*: j? they My not MHf Preparations at BmUb far the Rtctytin #f Barea Krnfrtw. Tbc most brilliant demonstration that will ba made ia Beaton will b? at tbe ball at the Boaton Theatre ' We hare reaaon to betlevo," cava the Atlaa. " that thia will b? altogether the fin eat Wpalcborean affair ever witnessed in our city. Uia intended tbat such shall be tbe case at all ercn'a. In no other way can so elegant, pleasant id significant an honor be paid tbe Prince, and one tbat would probably ?) > him so much <rat M< ation He la young, Is fond of gaiety, and a gloriea in just sari an occasion as will be given | Among the invited guests are the President of MI'nited States. Ml*a Lane, Sec retary Caas, m crnors of the British Provinces, foreign Min at Washington, Karl of Mulgrave and Coun tmt- of AltilgraTe, Marquis and I?adv Chancoa. Sir rnry H Hand, thr Mirora of Frrdrrirtun, Hali hi Montreal. Quebec and Hamilton. Oen Trol lops, and also Sir Fenwrick Williams, tbe hero of Kars. wbo Is novr <*ornm.mder-ia>chief of tbe arnijr In I'aHda, and In military rank is second only to tbe Duke of Cambridge The invitations (adds tbe Atlas) bave been necessarily limited, and in this vicinity only the Governor and Mra Banks, and tbe British Consul at tbis port, have been 1 n ?1 tea Tti* Committee on Decorations, after examina tion <>f the various plan* produced, bare adopted the elegant deai^n submitted by Mr Shiitz and Mr Roetb** Tnese ^eatlemen are well known to Cm sse*t tute and originality, and as they will svr a wide latitude for its display, it is probable that they will surpass anything ever before wit neaed in Boston It is understood that there is to be no u*e made of l>uutin< or flags?bnntng bas b*d its day for an elegant ball-room?but velvet,' silk, satin and flowers, employed by an artist, will impart a rovel and rich appearance to the audi to ri nm The ' red walls" are to give plare to a Kreach gray, which will ab?orb less light and Hive ? n-itch more cheerful reflection. The great i>oint will be to mike It as li|(bt as possible, a dlf Iculty which, though very formidable at this house, will be accomplished In the prevent i .?ce The floral decorations will be of the uhw majrmareni siyie iue corroanrs ma M loons will ?l*o be improved in appearance, and a larye entrance wade U> tbe floor from the parquet, In front of tbe main entrance from Washington street Tbe music as has been before mentioned, has been e'tgagMl, and Carl Zerrhn is to b* the thef d'ertktntn, with the Germania Band ln cr Msed to sixty pieces. On Saturdays, says the Boston Oait^te, an offer was iii.ide of Siv3(i0 for IUU tickets, for the purpoee cfspe.illation, and of course tbe offer was refused. Tbr subscription plan prevt-nta this abuse iNTSKSSTiXo Lktteb moK Josiah Opikct Tbe venerable Joaiab Quiney. aenior. now In bia -"Jth vtntr uta written tne following letter to tue Buaton Executive Committee of tae bell to Baron Renfrew: T.? Jatnr j R' Paige, Esq sa*.i o'k't mttitbrrs of ikt ErtemW' Citmmttte* oj tk* ball it bt g ' Ike Prince of Walt* iaUii citf; tientlemen. I ana honored by your proposal to ^ pU' r my name on tbe General Committee of Man agement, for which tou aak my permiaaion It ta now nearly, if not quite 70 yeara aince I li.iu tue aonor 01 joining, ai uonrrrx Mali, in tlot tun. a country dar.s with the Duke of Kent, the Prince's grandfather I should esteem It a like honor to unite on a like occasion with bis grand son Hnt nature prohibits, and I submit It will be lmpoMsible for me to be present at tfcr proposed ball, or to participate in any of the services its management may require. But highly approving I tie tribute of respect proposed to bo Ci.d to tbe son of a sovereign, not more elevated y her rank than by her virtues snd exemplary lnfljence. I readflT place my name at the disposal of the committee, (n the connection they propose, (awarding it as an honor and privilege. \Vitb <reat respect, 1 am, gentlemen, your (Herd and servant, Boston, Oct 1,1960 Josiah Qcisct. PsapTAte Attempt at Msrdfr-A fctsry sf KshiIj Trsnble A*oiit-J>< o'clock last night a 'ierman nsmed A'lTt I.sudor made a desperate attempt to mur der his wife, la the bouse or a man named Hugh McNeil, tu iludson avenue. The circumstances of the affair sre as follows: About three years Inrrf m flu> an a*n tial a *v# ?K?.?* i IIVT , ?t *. 1 ?4I UVlfUHIIIMMK O V* awvut WCTZM they were married Landor soon afterward opened a grocery store la Front street For about n months they Heed together verr comfortably, wtien one morning the young wife was atuuned by the Intelligence that her husband Lad been ar rested for the perpetr itton of a robbery in the aatghborhood of their residence Strongly be lieving to his Innocence, the raised all the money ail* could command, and sold out the effects of her Store for tbe purpose of engaging counsel to defsaJ him When the trial came on, however, totu convicted and sentenced to tlx mouths' vhei his wife, wiio had been present during the trial, became convinced of Lis gnllt, resolved never to live with him again,and removed to her slstsrt resldeuce in Hudson avenue. On being liberated, I-andor sought ber, and bad an inter view, When she apprised bimof ber determina tes. fttim that time be has continually pe aecu a-d War, Slowing her everywhere, but she stead Uy p?rsistcd 1 u her refusal to live with blui. itost A months since. Landor came to the haaiaa mt kit wife's sister, went to bis wife's room sad meWHl hi* entreaties She again refuS'd. wbsa fcraragjged her down stairs,with the design ft<lr 4 her to go When he reached tbe aide Ilk tvu men who were pat?.u? were attracted of Ik* woman's ac reams, and freed her from hit aratp an-i bni him severely. Since that time be Las a ted la a manner which Induced hit friend* I ?<> bellrrc h? was crazy; and about three months atnee hi* wife fonud It neceaeiry to have htm v rrsted. as sbe f??art>d violence at his hands: He rotured bail for bis tfood behaviour, and waa liberated. Laat evening be came to the house of her sister, wk?re Uia wife is living, and asked to see her; b? ?u Informed ahe waa not at home; be then in quired where ahe was, and was told that she was at fee boose of an acquaintance named Hngh Mc KVM be then left and went to McNlal's. and Wa* shown into the room in which Mrs Lander aad some friends were engaged la conversation ov wrai up to on wti? ana siiMi n^r 10 go notne with bim; ?he rrplied that the bad repeatedly told lira ate never wyuid live with blrn, and ahe waa atiil d?tevmined ahe never would. Witboi^an thrr worJ, he dr*w a carving knife about a foot ]?n? from under Lla coat, and graaplni; bla wife by (le hair, threw her on the floor,and attempted to cut her tt-roat. Fortunately, he uaed the back ?4 the knif-*,which only tor* her neck The other Mftlea mi the room sprang upon him; and after a tri struggle, 1m which a voun^ man named patter> ?. bad hia hand nearly eevered?they auc AeU >a getting the knife away from him. An ?Ae*-r was K*nt lor, and waa ?treu Into cuatodf.? M y PMt,?tk ow A i.ADT riI?tl?|D W KB4T B '* RtPLT To Ha i >t ?The Taunton (Maaaachuaetta) Gazette Incoev '-fe the following interesting remlnl ictar' in a notice of the article on "The National lateii';,en<-er ?a?l Its Kditora," In the last Atlantic Mo? thlv: 'it will he seen from this Interesting narrative 1 tklt tbar' vraia time when Joaeph Oalea Mood * alooa aajonj Oongr^nional reporter*; and to still farthw C u? ?u* bis lion in that line we call to Blsd wbst wa once heard an tntt mate frlaod of Mr W?bs>r tav we owed to him and his wife with fx*r<l to the celebrated reply to .Mr Hoytie MeH'ug the Massachusetts senator as he waa C:n j to the Capitol on that morning, Mr. Galea 4u:red of him how long be Intended to speak A oout half an hevr. waa the reply. The editor'* duties at that time were pressiu*. hut ho venture* to lak? so much tiiM from them Mr. Wclstrr, bo* ever, directly after mrt Judue Story, wuo >ld that be thought the time bad cotM to give U the country hi* views oa the constitution. To Mi pro. 'wltton he assented. Mr Gales took op kit p*-oc;l, unaware of this aew arrangeo^ent,and like uc?m:I?m of the la pa*- of time under tue oncbautinent of the orator, and consequeatly he wrote on aatil the cl ?ae of the spell. Some days pas* n* ?w*? and tbe 'proor of the speech not appearing. Mr \> ebater called on the reporter and uiadr luxury I have tbe Dote* said Mr. | M?l*> and they are at your aervlce, u 1 shall never i laU time to write them out. This led to soir* I D?NSi;'tn''i> lad gersuaston, but the over-ta?ted | 1 ShHH nrni. i r.eo >tra liiiMcime to rra rwabf ?*yin? that the thought tberould d--clpher fcw?*>?-id > lUort Laud. uitte Uad fi>ri?ely occ? lewBily dine so. Mr (iilN4?ahi?d.<?iDK that tt waa Ifl4?n ymri slue# the bad +'*4 it Bat Hw had k*i*i tba ipaerh, a ad artha reatatl?M ?mmv at it* srjunmt and th* g?cf??ua aad raaa rial Biaffo'flenee of tta Imager war? yet rlrid - *-5*fc"ft2r, y >Bal?d Um rtsfe>&aah? ef It aad MMMm r? Ue UU laat , (or ?l juuu,uufl. Operations mt Ik* PaUat Otflce. The following la a lift of patenta Imtd from the U. 3 PatentOffice for the woek endlng October 9, loiU??arh bearing that date: J D. Alvord, of Bridgeport, Conn.?For Im provement ta making emery wheal*. John Andrews, of Elmlra,N. Y ? For Improve ment in grinding circular aawa Horatio O. Armstrong, of Philadelphia, Pa ? rui iiuprvTeiMmi in paoemKig maCQlDM Hunuct \V. Birr. of Mansfield, O.?Foe Im provement in velocipede vehicle. Henry Behn, of New York, N. Y.?For alarm doort % William B. BlUluga, of New- York, N. Y.?For Improvement in v<por lamps I F Hlondin. of Nia/ara Fall*. N. Y.. assignor to himself; Frank Douglass, of Norwich, Conn ; N H Spoffbrd of Boatnn. Mass , and J. B Her uitaoof, of Soekonk, Maaa ? For Improvement In katea E. I. Bodrio, of St. Louis, Mo ?For impreve ment in machine for drying grain Charles K Bradford, of Lynn, Mm ? For 1m prov me lit In gaiter ImmIs Jehu Br ainerd, of Cleveland, O?For improve ment in rotary barrows W. C Bridge* and D P. Dleterich, of Phila delphia, Pa ?For bose protector. Rhodoui M Brooks, of Sreenvllle, Ga ? For improved cotton press. Ferdinand Philip Kdward Carre, of Paris, France ?For improvement In apparatus for freei ins? liquids Samuel R Bryant, of Waterford, Pa ?For im provement In bee ii< Jaine* Brown and Lyman Bridge*, of Chicago, 111.?For Improved furnace and cooking range. Cv'us Chamb?ra, Jr , of Philadelphia, Fa ?For copying prea* Franci* J. Collier, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For laoel bolder J a* P. Collin*, of Troy, N. V.?For improved hanger for shafting Jotin Couimins. of Charleston, S. C.?For Im provement in saddle*. Jame* Cooper Cooke, of Middletown, Conn ? Par iaiproved m *chin?* far sharpen ng tool*. J D. Cutter,of Norriatown, Pa.?Por improved mvr grinding machine. Jean de Lihatcheif, of Yavoalawl, Rnasia.?For improved machine for planing atavea. D. B. boraey and ? Mathers, of Fairmount, V? ?Por improvement in aetting type J B. Duane, of Schenectady, N. Y.?Por im provement lu aeeding machine* Jnaepn T. Eichberg, of New York, N. Y.?For Improved parasol and fan. I?raei For man. of Grafton, Va?For improved culinary apparatua. Thoa N. Foator.of Witertown, N. Y.?For Im provement in harvesters. A. J Fullam, of Springfield, Vt?For stencil pri nting machine. Jamee P 6ay, of Cincinnati, (> , aaalgnor to himself and David C. King, of aald Cincinnati.? For composition for rooflnir nurnna.-* PorterA. Gladwin, of North Providence, R.I. For Improved su?u fastener Israel rtrufiu?, of Alexandria, Pa ?For portable fire eat ape Robert Harper, of Trumbull, Ohio.?For Im provement in tannine. John Holme*. of ?t. Clair, P.?For Improve ment In pumpa 8. J. Homan. of Walden, N. Y.?For Improve ment la hay rakea. C. B Hurxtbal and John Lee, of Bolivar, O.? For Improvement In Wm Humphrey*, Jr , of Cold Spring, N. Y.? For improvement In rotary engines Joseph Harvey and Edwin Ford, of Philadel phia, ra ?For improvement in haudlea for cauea. Jobnion jTctuinp H JI tni In rick Joe loruMWeraeDt lit I of Phil -For' :ric iphla, and J. Doyle, " roveineiit In angar id. Ark ?For Ina e^onMO Grove, 111.?For l^iranrru dW?For improve ork, W Y ?For lm eUl barmonicon WaAtngton. Ind ? ng a?fk.r*tut of bar Joci F Keeler meut a freight John Koppe, ol provement in the Silei* T Laail For improvement ll vesting machines. Heury H Lnber, of Brooklyn, N. Y.? For im provement in diaper pint. DeWItt C. l.ockwood, of Derby, Conn.?For improvement In martingale ring* Charles B Long, of Worcester, Mm ? For Improvement in planing valve *<saU of (team engine*. Frederick H Manny, of Rorkford, III.?For Improvement in harvester Nathaniel Htury Mclean, L' S. A.?Fur Im proved window curtain fliture l??vl J MuiU-rton, of Newtoif^iaai.?For aalf David M. Mefford, of Jaffsraniufed ? Ftor Im provement in machines for atemnnBr corn iiuiki Charka R Olia. of Yonkera, Mr Y ?Far Im provement In oa<-illatlng eutflnea ti K O. Otia, of Yonkera, N. V .?For liqproveireut iu oaclllatinr engine*. Auguate Pellet, of Parla, France.?For proceaa 01 oruiuiieniing leaiDer cloth. V Mailbr K Prlletrau, of New York, N. Y ?For Improvement to bookbinder* standing pr?ss Win Phelps and Clark Wright of Hycawore, 111.?For Improved washing machine. K. A Prescott, of Worcester, Mia ? For im pruvameat In revotvtau firearm. Isaac M Potter, of Providence, R. I ?For Im provement in tl*? manufacture of sheet-metal lin ger rings, Ac George P Heed, of Roxbnry, Mass?For im provement in watches Theodore M Richardson, of Stockton, Me.? For Improved device for shearing plane bits. Charles Robinson, of Cambrldgsport, Mass ? For lnip.-eved clothes dryer George San ford, of Pievldtu*, R. 1.?For Im provement la the manufacture of bracelets Wm. Sc arlett, of Aurora, 111.?For improve ment In biers. George W. Peollay, of St. Louts, Mo.?For im provement in glass coffins John P Scudder, of Hlgbtstovrn, N.J.?Por Improvement In potato diggers S* B. Sexton, of Baltimore, Md ? For improve ment In rookinit stoves and range*; antedated September 17, 1800 rt? ... It I2k.?r? n ? " m cuiati, 01 oucyrui, unio?h'or 1 m proveinetit In b? bVvea James8 Silva, of Savannah, Ga.?For improve meut in Ice-cream freezer* , Sam eel Slocomb, of Cambridge, Maaa.?For Inkstand. Eraatus W. Smith and John H Mara, of New i York, N- Y.?For improved steam boiler. Samuel W. Soule, of Clncinnatl/Obio?For 1 apparatus for printing addresses on newspapers. Augnst Siguier, of Philadelphia, Pa.?tor im provement 1 (l revolving ilre-arma Charles F Spencer, of Kocbecter, N. Y.?For Intproved boae coupling. George A. Stephenson. of Paw Paw, Mich.? For improvement In reapr-ra and mowers. John A. Stewart, of Philadelphia, Mian.?For Improvement In plowa. 'l honj? T *??' ' ?- " _ m, w., , v* juurwnTiut, ri-*?ror iniprovementln adding machiat*. Darwin Talbot, of Ironton, Mo.?For improve ment It tawi. \V Ubani H. Tow?r?. of New York, N. Y.?For Inkataad Pbtltp Uljner, of Charieatown, Mft* ?For Im proved bed bottom Pierre D Van Hooaen, of New York, N. Y.? For Improvement lit w*zon wreach. Henry Y Wlldey, of Philadelphia, P?.-F<* Improvement In animal trap* Jonathan Warren, of Brooklyn, N. Y ?F? P*? cleaner Maurice Tergnea, of New York, Y.?For improved electro-magnetic helix Maurice Vergnee, of Nc* Vork, N. Y ? For improvement in rler???-?nagnetlc ensrlnea. Jut.ii A ol 3an Frauclaco. Cal ?For iM?wtra ^old separator fittn J Watoon. of Buffalo, N. Y.?For im proved water wUe*! Henry Wilklna, of Browoavinc, Ta ?For Im provement In furaacen for Meaui boilers McCSintock Young, Jr , of Frederick, Md ?For Improvement lj reaping and mowlnu machine Win T. An?h**?n, of Brooklyn. N v M rigu#r to klnualf and II. 8 Archer, of'aald Brooklyn.?For Improvement la binding. ?B. rravinva. A-r Edward H Of*ham, of Manebeater, N B , *? tigaor to BernJ. M Whlteomb, of Bennlker, N. V ?For ImprMcmtnt la skate* Frwlerick Matbuabok.of How York, N. Y., aa ignor to bltuavlf and WeUlagtoa Wells, of aald Now tock?For improvement la piano forte* PCOTMtentte barrow* a i c J bliad klagea. ,u '?> > /. ,n; |?W? ?A?eu*tu* C. Van Drka, of Green 1i k7?Fot liopruv?aMat la boating or?a. Edward Under, of New York, N. Y.?For Im provement in brooch-loading fire-arms Samuel J. Seely, of New York. N Y., assignor to Charles W. Durout, of same place.?For im provement in railroad cars. Dtsignt?Henry Berger, of New York, N. Y. For dasign for centre pieces Kllta A. Murdoch, of Boston, Mass.?For dt slgu for a lady's hat. Alonzo Hebbard. of New York, N V., assignor to W. Gale, jr., and J. R. Willis, of same place. For deaigna for spoons El?lner J. Ney. of Lowell, Masa , assignor to ice trowel! Manufacturing Company, of same place?Por design for carpet* G. Smith and U. Hrown. of Philadelphia, Pa , Assignor to North, Chas* 4 North, of same placr. For deatgn for stoves, and for design for tbe plate* of a cook's stove. Henry G. Thompson, of New York, N Y , as signor to Hartford Carpet Company, of Hartford, Conn ?Por designs for carpoUni;, Ac. N- 8. Vedder, of Troy, N. Y . assignor to John ft. and Merrett Peck ham, of Ulica, N.Y.?For aeaign iora etove remitter. AdJttlonal Improvimcnt ? D. F. Aimer, of Haydenville, Max ?Fur watch-key and guard bar. Wm. H. Joknaou, of Richmond, Ark.?For Improvement iu ploughs J B. McF.nally. of Clentield, Pa.?For paper and letter tile. Geo Y. Parkburat, of Baltimore, Md ? For fcnprovemeniit In lamps Anns, winslow, N Experien ed Norae and Female Physic!**, praaenta to the attention of mothera. her 8 H 0 T U I N G S V HUP, Fer Children Ttetklai, Wbl?b frailly JacLiim* iha priiiu af tiathli.f, by eafua leg tha ? ' ?! faaacuf *11 tuflaniinatiaa?will allay ALL PAIN an?T ipaamedi* aauec.and i? SURE TO KEUVLATE THE BOWELS ? ?? ad npn. It, aa-.bara, it will fi*? r?*t ta ftimlTH, tad RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS W fcaTi pat tp and ?,'<) thla rtiol fer erar tan yaara, and 04H HT, in CiiuFPli. I no TlUTMi'l it, what WI ha?a at ?l any OTNIB Mai it pailbd,if* TAiica to Mr whan tifr.aly aaad. an InaUnca af dia ana wha aaad it. Oo dalifhiad with iu paiik m terma at MKS. WINSLOW'tl SOOTiilKO SYRJf | oa*ar baan abia ta Maileina? sairaa A IIKtLI IN raci a cue i, Navardid wa knew atiafacuan by any the eantrary, all ara raaATieni, and bifhaat eeimntrdvian af ila lai tcal (facta and raadical etrtaaa. Wa apa*k in :hi? mittar ? what *l do isow," aflar tar jaara' upariansa, t?l) PLIOOIOU* * IH'TA TIOW POH TNI Ft LFII.M SNT OF WMAT VI Mill t) clar a. In almeat every inata&Ce where tl>e infant la anfei lof Irani pain and aahaaatiau, relief will befoand In Iftaaa ar iwanty mlnatee af'.ar tba ayrap la auimniatarad. T n it va:a*bia pr?(.?r*'ioo n mi prueriptwii ml *o? *< Ult Bir aw i B*i BIi ?nd lIILKUL Id Naw Erif lud, udln kon aaad with ft ?r is-r a IL lt?# IVCCBM "a THOUSANDS Ot CASES. It auly iiHkh tljt child fram pain, kst Ir.TiyarttM tk< atamnch tod ?? ?!?, orracta acidit/.md fi?aa iao* and uii(; ta tht whala i;W?n. Il will ilmNt Innioll; rilnri 0KIPIN0 1H tbi bowili AND WlND COLIC, i tad avareama ear.?Biai?na, wbleta, If ial traadUr raraadud and in daaiii. War katiara It til* >??T ' A*DIUBBIT HBM-} FUR M'T in tbi WORLD lu all etna af dvi-1 CHII.DHKM ??tbbt ?...1 diii W IW can.- tKCTHIHH |raaw. wbaihai it ariaaa fr?m taaibtag 11* from ?iit ?kll etui. Wt wool 10 irtrr mix fur w>? hat a child a?f ftrwf (urn in j ef ibt Urtg-ti-g ucinpUri'a ?DO HOT LIT fOUl fRKJUDICII, ilua TNI PIBJUDirll or OTHERS ai?i>d bai?aan y?ur anfarlrif chil J tad toa raliaf that will k? C*l?ym, tltoiurSLT jWhi?to lb. in of ib ajieina, if tnraij oaa<!. fall diraetler a cruiiijwill* iuDuiT aach boiu*. N?>i <ai asm anlaia iba fat aimila QURTlfe t HKAKlNS.Nav lark, I?m lha aiwilt vnpf? laid by DragnaLa K.tejjheai tha wail<i. trtccipal Omsa. Na. II Cadftr Bloat, N. T. fittiaal? U Uaau par Bataa. ? II -dtvl tjg ?T* ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. X RK Naxt Drawing of t;,o Rojii Havana Lot tery! ooaduoted by the *jp&ni?h Government, under the ueerrmon of the Captain General of Cab*, will take place at Havana on SATURDAY. Octoim *). SORTKO XUMERO 644 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE #100,000. I uu . . - . >>. W^MJI OfJW 1 du 10,0001 IN ALL U8b PRIZES. Whole TioksU. 4^0?H&. vm, fltt? Ouartors, $9. Prize* 0A*hed at Bight at 6 por cent. uiaoount. Bills on all sol vent Hankn taken at par. A drawing will Im forwarded u aoou u the reealt bvoomna known. Ail order* fur eohemea or tiokets to be addreaaed to DON RODRIGUEZ, oc S-tr Care of Tit* Poat. Char ?*tou. H, fi. IOOK TO YOUR INTEREST, PUR? HAS ^ KR8 OF CABlNhTTLrtNlfl RE. We liare now in atore and diaiiy re oeiving thd largest, handsomeat, and the i.|ieap*at lot of Cabinet Furniture ever otTrr<*i to the oitizxr.a of Washington. U>M>rilH(ci?rrj anil Alexandria, which w oordial j invite all who dean" furuiPhiiiK to oal! and Bxaimae f>>r tb.'iii?rtlv?i. tiuriiixik emh aoea every ootioeivahlo artiole neopaxary to furniaha parlor, ha l, dioin* riK-rii, ohamiror, and kito'ien. Oar ex tenaivA btook W too nuwaroua to pa:ticu arize. We onlj name a few of the leading article*, auoh Hi Vift - Rosewood, Walnat and Mahogany Parlor Suits, upholstered id a superior manner in Brooatelle, hi k f lush, Listing and Hair Cloth, Gilt irame Mai tel. Pier an<? oth*r li lasses, Silt Baae, Gilt Brackets and Marble Slab*, Gothio and other handsome Reception Chairs, in Brooateil*. Plush. Rush aud Cane Seats, fcteierss, with Marble-top* and Mirror Hacks, Do. Parlor i)o?ks and Whatnots, Rosewood, WaJnutand Mahogany Bureaus. Washstands, B*d steads and Wardrobes, very handsome and ohea?, Cottars Chamber Furuiti<-e, in Oak, Imitation Oak. Maple and Painted, vith or witkont Mar bls Tops, Marb-o-top U&traoks, in 0?k and Walnut, Iron Hatraoks, Haft Stands, S -orataries. Hook oases. Shaving Stands, St..MIA r. KI K(UI IflU V/VIIVOI a 0?LH ?!?| Bur and "hues Mattresses, Feath?r Bolstors and Pillows, B'ankets. Comfort*, Quilta, Towels, to. In addition to our Moult of Puraitura our first fl'?or ooitains a large and veil selected atook of China, Gtaaa and Crockery, Plated tiood?, Japan ese Ware, TaLla Cattery, Britannia War*, B'ook tin Goods, Baskets, Brushes, Jca., altogether form in< a oomi>leta variety of every tbirg Decenary to furnish a house id all ita apartments C W. B?>TEI.ER 4 St^B, Iron Ball, N<v "18 P. nn. avenua, a 17-MtThtf b?fwe*n_9th and 10th ?ta. NOTICE! I wish al: gentlemen to baar in ioluil that tha plan whioh I loptH<t, six ye*rs a;o, of selling A l"rt and BOOTH at greatly re uoed prioas for cash is in suooassful operation. Just reo? ived a full -upply of the late?t New York styles of DK ESS Ha IS. Tho vary Uut U?l - C..I ? >- I- - - - - Mwvn. t??r? u uie? i a wo n?i i}0 ftUil VBT y (ood.faihio ablo Hat #2 50. All of the lat**t ?tjr|??? of aeh HATS and CAlrS,at the vary loweat piioe*. I am oon*tantly supp:i?d with a very large stock of those fine DRKSS BOOTS at ta75-which 1 have be-ii wiling for many yrars? a* well as the very be*tqu&l t? of Pat nt l.eather GAlTKRs at ?3Sm. Fine Preneh Calfskin Gaiter* froin 92 to $2 50. Term* cash; no extra ohar<e in order to offset baddelta ANTIlONY, Agent for the Manufac turer*, Seventh atroet, seoor.<l bat stor? from the oorner, opposite Avenue Houae, No. 640. ee 14 Sib DO NOT PAIL TO CALL AT HARVEY 8, 361 C St., bitwun 10<* ami 1 itk. He will to-day open hia long established and well known NORFOLK OY?TER^ SHUCKING DKPOT for the season (Pjh /.,) He ka* mat" arrangement* ti rroeive^^j.^Bp' regular nipplias of the beat NOR FOLK ?YS rKRS on ?*?ry Toe-day, rhnr?day,ai)d Saturdav. He will also k?e? eno itAP^y on hand a l?in and varied assortment at F{JpH,tnoluainceveif?ort known to Washington S*1- . lintr ** ,r-iurni nn HiMii fftMn to thoaa who pat Iwum liii K?t*ti;UtefMiit i?im< thwaft*t Mwon, Mid ] ooofidant,n4Hu?'l fooilitisa for ie??iaK o?t.?Uu?t!y ??1um4 irm* of O VS rKK8. K1*H, OA.MR, As . A?., will fta?plr r? rwd ft oontintt&aM ? f thw pitroania U1 custom. Sold ftt th?t i)wnt?urk?t prioea, and delivered ^ ?f ?lhr^ HARVEY. NATl?*3?? AND CANDLE WORKS, Gftiss Stieit, Btlw*** Brutt* and Water itrutt, Gtorftttwn, D. C. A lftrff* a took of CANDLES. Brown. Family, Cutile and Fanoy SOAPS. Also, TALLOW and ORKASK for Loooinotivm, Steamboat*, and all kind* of niaaijiuorjr, on baud, and for aal? at pnooa . . ^ to rait the trad* C. B. JEWELL, Proprietor. <y?>-ootf SSB-? EDUCATIONAL? ACADEMY OF MODERN LANGAUAGE3, A <Wa?HI0OTO!I BriLPINB,) Fa Avtnvr, Corner Sevtntk Street. P*1TAT* l!WT*C?TION* TH F R O H AXn DAY AND KVKNINO i LAS8KS THA \SLA TIONS. A M. De MONTH l*R 1ft. ^ , Professor of Modern Language* and Li'erature, has the honor to an nounce that he will resume hi* Classes ant) Private Lesson* on Wednesday next, the 19th of ^eptem ber, in the above Acadeinr. He i* prepared aj?> to give, in schools and private families, a Coarse of Lecture upon the French literature, from the t?ar lient Formation ?f the Language to the {'resent Ti me. For terms and further particular* Inquire at the Academy, where Prof. De Monthurry will be in at tendance daily from d to 11 a. in and from 5 to 8 p. hi. ee 18 1m Tfkmalk education. ITOSF Parent- who wish their daughters to re ceive a thorough and srsteinatio education, where their physical training wi I reoeive da-ilv and .no^iai attention, under the most approved system of 6:yIi* thenio* Mid (1 y mnaittic*, are respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Aoadeiuy, corner Four teenth st. and N->w York av MR. & MRS. Z. RICHARDS, au Sft-tf _ Principals. tfEMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, r Al.EXA.\0HI4. VA. Mr*. 8. J. MoCORMICK. Principal. The thirteenth annua! *ex?ion of this Institution will continence on Tuesday. September 18th, in the house recently occupied by Sylvester Scott, K?<4., No. ISO Kiu| street. The courie o! study pursued will comprise all the branches requisito to a thorough English Edu cation, and Mutio, F.enoli, Latin and Drawing, il desired. ' n addition to day scholar*. Mrs. MeCormiok i* Crepared to receive a limited imrul>erof pupils as oardern. who. < o:>stitu?ui? a part of her own fam i'y, will tio under her uumediato oaro aud supervi sion. She will endeavor, as la- as posribjo, to sur round thoin with the oomforta and kindly iuttuuiioes of Home. KeftT'nr?*.?Rev.Jieo H. Norton, Rev. D-. Eiias narrison. Kfv. u b". !*prug, William H Fowl*. Esq., Edicar Snowden. fcsq., Edmund F Witiner, Esq., Henry Marbury, K?q , L?*wis MeK*us e. Esq , Robert H. Hunt<?n, Esq . W D W?!l?oti, E Utor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, E?q.,Jas. Eutwisle, Jr., Esq ,Col. John \V*. Mine, l.oadoun. Men* . HI&cklocK It Marshall, Messra Corse Brothera. Thhi. Board, with Tuition in all the Kssliah B'anehea, Si?ifor the annual session?payable aemi annually, in advance. Mnsio and Languages at Profesaora' prtcea IFF" No extra charcea. au 2H-tf PRKSCOTT high school, 1 37u Eighth St., Bktvmcn K and I. Sn. Stuihcs will l>e resumed in thia institution on MO - DAY, Septembt-r 3d. Cirenlaraat bookstores, au 16 tf A. C. rich AK f)g>. Principal. Metropolitan collegiate INSTI TUTE for young LA DIE*, 464 E St., IIktwbk* 6th ahi>7th Sts. The fourth annual session of the Institute will soinmeuce on the brut monday iu September. Application'' should t>? made earlT,a* the numlicr of pupils ia limited. For partioul&rs aeo circulars ur apply totlie prinoipals, Mr. and Mra. T. H. ha vender, at tiic Institute. an 9-tf MRS. M. E. KING8KORD S SEMINARY, 4 Id E St.. WAMUNaioa, U. C. The next session will commence October 1st. lttn. Terms, to., for w aided on application. au 16 tl PLAINF1ELD ACADEMY, (Ntil Cmmg, P4.) Twenty ninth session <20 weeks )c?m" e?e?-s No veml>er 5th. A family school for Twentj-five tooj hoys, for whose comfort and improvement Ll?e time and energy of the Principal is de voted Entire expense ?75. Oroular* at Star Office. To fill a few vaeanoies call at Kirkwoods' from 3 ?o 5 p. m.. < ictober 18 and 19 : or addr ss R. It. HI K S*. Princpai and Proprietor, P.ainfield, Uumberland countj, Pa. se 26-eolta ^KORGaiTOWN FEMALE SEMI M iKoivmi.T Mm I. s* K?oi i?u'? A BO AUDI NO AND DAY SCHOOL. The ilotiea of this Institution wi'l be resumed oa the Bret Monday in September next. Tha course of instruction eulbraoea ail that la '.aught. from the rudimeuta to the uioat highly iu isued education. The corps of teachers, ten in number, are enn riently qualified aud experienced 111 their sereral lepanmenti Lectures Friday ovenin*ion the Natural Scieuooi Without ciiai go to the pupil*. Circulars may he obtained by addresiupg the Prin aipal. Mim M. J HAKKOVhK,Georgetown, L>. C. an 2i <*<>din WOOD AND COAL. ^MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PTONBER JAW 1II.L AMD FIREWOOD FACTORY, cMos or th? Bin Staff,* keeib of the Canal, nrc.r 7th itrert Brldgr, \\ ill furnish, at the shortest notice, FIREWOOD, OK THE BEST QUALITY, Of Asy Kind, Cut and Split to any Dim**<ion*. CHEAPER THAS THE CHEAPEST' Wilt) full measurement* a ran tied. ip-Rom?nber. TH? Brut Fla.o Staff, west ude of beretth st-eet. south of the Canal, and op oeite the Center Market. GEORGE PAGE, Agent. ItT" HICKORY ANlToAK PLANK or TIM 2rii / - _.?~ a. : j ? wn flu ?n it "i an; ?iid vi uiii?out;uu9 r?n ?> Cj if* I If >r JOISTS KIPPED, or LOOS SAWED. at tfee ihortejt notion ILT fmall juhx of Bli/ CKFMITHINO prompt y > ?hquU'aI, &h above aeftfTt q q q q q rmoi FIRE WOOD MILL, I'ttur ef Htmlh at ami Caul. WOOD fail kiud,manufactured to order, any length or aiae, ready for use. COAl.?COAT*. We iiave now on l.and a beautiful lot of COAL, >*th K<?l and White Ash. different size ICT We are now, and will l>e r<M>eiviug Coa! for he next ten days, which we aeil, delivered from he vessel, at a reduction of 25 eenta per ton. Send \our orders **arly. MoKNEW A MARLQW, Proprietors, ae 77-tf Horner Seventh st. and Cana'. uu o o u AND COAL Delivered to all parte of tne otty, at the lowaat oaaible ratea. T J. A W. M. GALT, Office 3S8 Pa. av., bet-ween 11th and 12th tti , ma 17- tf north aide. fOAL! COAL!! L> WOOD! WOOD!! I am daily reoeivinr lar^e ?upj>l e* of COAL from ho very b?'*t Pennsylvania mines, which I will Ml 1 rHicnah e p ice* Al*o, the b*?t quality of Oak, 'ine aad Hickory -WOOD, cut an ?plit,alllength*. :aJl and leave your order*. K. W. BA TES, Wood and Coal Dealer, e 17 (State*) Cor. C and 14th *t*., near Canal. 3U FF1CE OP INSPECTOR and SEALER OF OAS METERS. Washinotox. July It, I860. NOTICE IS HEREBY OlfSS. That,a<r?* bly to the provision* of the oidinanoe of the C??r oration approved May 12.1M0. the underpinned i* o* prepared, "whenever required in writing, anu n prw payment of the fee of fifty oenu, to iespsct, xamia -, te*t, prove, and ascertain the aeosraay of sgistratiM orany <ii meter in use in tma city. I very meter, iffoand ineorreot, will beeoudemned, nd another, aealed and marke? as true, will be et la its piaoe. If proved to be aoourate in i?s will be aealed aooordingly, nd a?ain put in position for u*e. _ ,, ? , OQ.e No ilO Seventh street, (near Odd Fel ?w? Mail ) "pen from 8 a. m.. to 5p m. JHAKlES W. CUNNINGHAM. JyU-tf Inspector and Sealer of tia? Meters. CHARLES A. SHAFKR, -/ "watch maker, 346 Pen*. A*tnme, near Seventh Street Entire attention (i ven to Uie Repairing of Cnro ^meters, Duplex and Lever Watohrs. tineas looks, Ao. Alio, to the Engraunc of In-ff7ll itation, Wedding, Vuitiac and Professions MiM ?rcl?_ ?* "'-If PHE 0DF8OF HORACE. TRANSLATED I into Eniltsh T*rie by Theodore Martm; I vol; . e&uta. .... Tha G'aoiara of th? Alpa, Ao , Ao., by John Ly* all, F R * ; 1 to) ; jnw ?1JW. Part IX To* tfrowi at Oxford; frig*J* MjU. BLANCRARD k MOHUN, mS CornerKlewwtkevawiPa av. | W. HAMILTON FAINTER. "4 IN FAINTS, Mo. ?** fn Ihuii, Mr <W Mwi' JfeU. HTTTV w POU^N. | t IWia & SftSL [ivnuAfcvww.W^a^Wi^nU. ?u? u , I GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS JUST reokivpt> 10 hhd*. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, 15(1 bbi?. % Id Rt? WHISKY, asohbls HERRING Rii.l ALEW1VRB, 40 bb s. (Jruahad ?nu Kr?>H -I <iAK^t SU lAfl Rli) &iiii f?v?t Pi ll'Ti.' L' 10 hiicll.tlow priced) MOl/AHsii8. Forsale b* JOH"M J. BOG UK. m> 10 CKAIMUbLL.. OPTICIAN, N?. 1 'J* Kridr* tt. SMrnWN, Ha? oonct&iitlT uu a targ* MaoruuHct of FrerohNe&r icntM. Periscqsie. i~s c <**Ti ored, and al. otner HPFC T Arfl.P.}*. op* ~ ttie host qua.ity. id ?iivnr. ami iivhr tnvnifc*. N. D. Old K'mt.js Htp&i'-e.l mjJ ev c.mmi set in th?m toor<l*r. no 1t-lT \1 ASHKY. COLLINS 4. CO.'S PHILADEL 1*1 PH1A DR AUGHT ALE.-W? am eoastaetty rmdriiif lrn*h imnihu 1? era**, *?<1 inviti aJ persona who want a pnrau adullarated Ale. U> civ? it * trial. ARMY & 9HINN, AitcU, f?< ft? ?t.. Wmtiitiiwc. JO?. F. BIRCH, UXDERTAKEli, C-or. BruJgr nn/1 .T'ftivn its., Oforrttown. Having i!ven mi personal a'twritiou lo this ? anoh of mr luttOM*, 1 arn pr*pai?d attend to a. os.:U with promptness Persons from a distance ca* t?ensp ptied at *. 'i* in.note*' notice a* 1 hare a large ?< ?..runout <>f COFFINS t ?tn on hand. attrition pud t? the romot*! of the d> ad front the old to ti? n?-w banal groanus. II^arsM aiid Horses for hire. ap 10-6m FOK 8ALE AND RENT. FOR 8 * LK?A Fa K M c< ntaining 1"fl aorff, sit ?iat-?d 6 nu'.Fi from Georgetown, in Mo- tgou.e rg nountr. M'l. Fifty acres are m a hit h stale of cultivation; twenty five acr?-s in wo k1. Ttxreisa small lo* house, stalling, sheds, oorn houie "nit. A l ol I* 11 rr> h? r 1 s n/* -- - ? 11 , r - ? i-'*. sp'in n.11 IWCH of w\t?r at th" Un'ir; Ihmii* perfectly ii-althjr. l'ru??e i^qu'm of B A RNa K I) A. BUCK K V, Auofioneeri, N'>? t 1* Bridie* streer, 6?ur|ftuvn, or WAl 1. & BARNAHI). \V? hin*tor. i? U-'olin I^OR RF.VT-A thrift ntory BRICK HOU9K on ti ftc'ft, b-t? <-on 4tii and 5th Also, a two story BKICK CO I TA(JE, K&rdeii. corner of Ter.r:e?KOe avenu* and north F ptrwT, surrounded hv a lane* common pasture, and wonld t?e a desira ble looati?n for a dairyman. Inquire of C. HI RG E, 44? I2 h st. jt 19-eo8ni* |36r RKNT-Tbree BRICK HOIi?E&-one on F Twelfth trft, between C and D; one on the oorrtdr of Twelfth and H sts.; and one on H. he twevn 12*n and 13tii sts. Inquire of JAMKS \V BARKER, on H t'-et-t. between 11th and 12th, No. 42#. ma 3?-tf Ij'OK RENT-TIm FIK!*T FMM>R of tfce t.eiid r inr limin^iMo.y i>pjo?;t* tlie we?l wingof Ui< Citr H&L, oocBj icd !>j CU*m. H. ATsJEcb u &n otfioe. Also the froi.t room in the aeoond lory and the thir-1 floor of tho ixmt btiMiRf. For terms Rppiy to RICHARD WALL.ACH, ;Vo. ti Louisiana avenue. j? IS ti Dr. J. II MeLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD FlftlFlKK. tut /:t' r iTrcr oni/mv -? ?- < ? - and the moat Dklicious ash DELIOHTFUL COKDIAL KVEK TAKES. It u atn -tljr mi runic ud V t^lU bll CiaifMail, pro cured by tit dutilla tioti of r o;?t herb*, and berki Yellow Deck, Blood Root, BUck Hoot, Sara*pa nlla, * iia Cb?rry B-rk. and Daodctioo enter* tut* ia con sjrii 'Tir..,*, A * 1%. -'fv JT remedial principle of each rrrediem i* Brfore taking. luulliu(i prodati '.f 4#iicioi?, ttiii.iniUf tpirit, tail th? mutt it ftilib;* reiof'f for eenoeauug til* 4ihuM *y*i*m, >ud rtatoriuf the *t-k, ?tlf u?{, auJ dablilUUd loialid U? lioallh and *tr?tifth. MrLllAS S STKENUTITEXIXO CORDIAL Will ?fl?ttu*lly curt L,i??r Complaint, Dyeprpai t, Jaoti Jtee, Cbroutc or Ner?ou* Debility,Iiiaeaae* of tb? Kiiutii, \i,d >11 J>MtuiinuD( (ram a diturdereri Liver or Ifcoiaach, l);ipc|>ih, Heartburn, Inward Hiln, A'i.Iut h KickutM of the Sumach, Fuilneaa of Blood to tbe Head, Dull Pain or iwimiiitng m the H**d, f-ilpiUUur. of the Heart, failure* >r Weiflt In the B-.ornaih. H.?or KrotrtUiom, < hokinr or SafoCMia( Keelinr when leTtajr down, Uryuee* or Y etioW tea* of the Still and L>e?, K>(tti 8* e?ta, lavard Ffim, I'alo in tti* Hill ,11 of th? Back, Cheat, or 8id?, MuJUeii ( 'Irahe* of H**t. IVpreuioti uf Spin.*, Trirblful Dreamt, Lin?aor, I)e?j> ?"l*iic? r hi nertoui dtaeae, (lore* or R'.it-hr. at. tB? 8km, *ud Keter an J Afi* (or Chill* and rifir) OVER A MILLIOX BOTTLES l.ive tun auid dunuj the iul m imx.lha, and lu so w mnee h? II faiiad III gi'ir p ei.-ire uMiiicUui. W ho, th?o, ill suffer fr Wen?ii?? or Debility when MfLRAN*8 JTRENGTHKKlNtJ f'URDI A L will e?r? to? 1 No U'lfuafe can CMHJ ait adequate idea of ih* imiuedi ue and almiMt niracuUxu ckanfe produced l?? taking u.u ~oHial in the JitcutJ, debilitated, xud itiutrid uer?oi?? >y?t?m, whether I.roken d.wn k? >tCNtf vnk fcy natere, ir impaired by aiekneoa, thr rfinfd arid MKiU{ orfam .a Li oi> reeu-red to He prittiot health and tig or. MARRIED PERSOSS, >r othtn, eouteieu* of in.ibilitr fr< oi vbtiitcr cattt, will ind Mc LiiN't) STRKNGTHllNIM. CORDIAL a tSo oufh regenerator of th? ?y?:eni; ai.d all who may ha?t in ured ihfO.?rl??i by improper ltd t'lf eucei will Bud ia ihie ,'ordlal a certain and ipeedy remedy TO THE I. A DIES MMHHH iiTiirmiTni'HiMni naiini t- - - .... ? ? . ? . . ~ ? ivm 'in |. i m Krf r* lieu and epeedy curt for lu:iptrot < uMBKpiiN, Wbnti, luirarttJ or Ihffcalt Menetrujtion. Iii'ontmeiir e of L'rtue ir laaulauiiry Duclittfi tlni'of, of me WmI, iiddin-ee, Kai:Hiiic, auo all d>ee. ?? incident to Keoialea THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Infer u? longer Take it according to direction*. It will UBlUlt, lreufl"toit and u>*tf >rat? yua and cim Lh? >laon of health u u.oui t jour cheik tfaiu. E?t; botut la warranted to five entiefnction FOR CHILDREN. If your children are aickiy. pmr ?r aiHictcd, MoLKANU X'RDIaL will maka them keaithy, fat, w>d rctuei Delay >'>( a mcuifuLj irjr it, utd juu will he coueiuced. It u de le ion* to take. CA UTIOX. Beware of drog?teu or dealer* who ?n?y try to palm ?por ou tome hitter or MriapinlU lr<th, which they can bay heap, br a?yiof it la )uat u rood Avoid ench mea. Aek or McLKANf) BTKfcNtiTHENlNti CORDIAL, .ad uke athiDf alee It le the only remedy that will parify the Hoi I tnarnaf hie and at the eame time atrenftfceu the eyetem Oill tiftiniMiaful t:tk?D ef?ri marain* ?? - trevenlivr for Cholera, Chill* *nd Pe?er, Yallow fmr, or or preealeul diee?ae. Itupuep lu larjr botilea. ul; )1 pc> boUl<t or( btulti (o: |a. J. H McLEiN, lole proprietor of (hie Cordial; aleo, McLeao'e Tuicmic Oil Liniment Principal Depot en the corner of Third tud Pine atreeta, St. Lottie, Mo. McLein's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE W ORLD ) The only life aud certain core for Cucera, Piire, Ty ore, Sarel'ii.ige aud BronchiU or Court, Pjraltba, Nan Ifia, Weakurai of <be Moaclea, Chronic or Ui4jaim*torjr Lheui..*tti>'n. Sti8i:eae of the J -itit*,Contracted Mueclei or .igamenu, E?rich? or Toothache, Bratare, Bpr?n,?, Preeh oil, Wounde, L'lcera, Ke?ei More*. Caked Braaat, Soro fipplei, Borue, Seaiil*, Sore Throat, or aity io? -mnatiou or am, do difference h?* eeeere or lotir the dieeaee mar are eiieted, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT i. ctrtaio remedy. of human betn^e have been aaved a life of die repitade > J nsuery by the nee of Ifcta uivalaabie remit;. ?f,ri'i?ieir/iiruii/'nir irurum.* ^lll relieve pain ibnotl luttul. MKiil;, and It ?iii tltu, nnfjr and he*) the fealcti roree ia un iacrenibie ihert luae. FOR HORSE* AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT it the oalr uli nd rtlhblt remedy far the curt of R ur'.ooi, i'i?df?II?, Spline. Cnoaiarel Lump*. Node* or Svellinre neeer (ailed n cm Ii| Hied, Pellted, Fiaalt, Old Dnumf Bore*, or 8?eeny, if property applied. For praio*, Braieaa, Serai-bra, 'Cracked Heela, CLafea, Saddle r Collar Ualle, Cut*, Sor*a, or Wvoudi, ii ia an iifat'lbl* imedy. Apply it u dirteted and a car* it certain lu ovary etance Than trtle ao loarer with (he eeaey vonhlree Liainimie feted to toa. Obtain a *upf!? of Da. McLEAN'S CELK RATED LINIMENT I-Vfl care joa. 1 H MCLEAN, Sole Propnr'or, Career Third aad Plat ate.. St. Loela. Ma CHARLES STOTT. 37? Pa. er , aale a(eai la W.ekw.. n; R. T. C1SSEL, Ueorgrtuwu. eeMDSWlj ^?TCHRt^,R,N.^W-l,.VERWAKK I hav? ?n? of the best establishments, aad fnr iabed with ?o?mpl*l* ?M of tool* for repair Jtv i< everjr d<*M>ipUoa of hue Witekci, and fcrtica ar attention jiv? to Um same, by *mim lorourb oompaUut workman And a work ju*ra u ed At o,evary daacnp ion of al?i>dard silver ITaRE. pla<narid ornani^ntal, man a lac tu ed under ly own supervision, which my customers will find ir superior in ?ualitv and finish to northern ?ld by deaJers la |M?ni and represented as tfeeir iru manufacture. H. O HOOD. M 6 *38 Pa. ftvanua. near 9th aC MERCHAST TAIl UHINO *KW pall STYLES or cloths, UVBri .Mil UL'UTlMnu CASSI ?v? />? vr * ? 1 ^ ? ? nr* . * VT P? wall. stkf IIBN8 * CO., 3tf* Pmuvytvft k av?nu?, have ju?t receivcsl ft tars* rarttrfv of w Fall Goods, to which Uaj invito uta ft>u*att<.ft r thxir friandaftnri onutowiara.,, %u 3d-tf n balzacs nbw milvki.. i hlf 6r?ftU>*MftDd d*cUft?ofc>ftaftr Uiroltaft*]. a? u *..r??r f'wrrith ?t. ?*.t vn a?r; V o o v coal at., 4mb itni 8?~ j i north mil / * un |d,';ftn,l wwfcrt.^1 " THE WEEKLY STAR Tkia amdmt lad Nw '-ir?1 ttiUBf ft grmm rmrxty ot nUrHbM ftlM Um oh be fotad ia uj ?U?r? u Mbllafcad oa Ralardaj ornirg. Tnat-Huk, <?i < !>>, ta ginf l? oepy, par mb?b. <1 M Tpc oopiM an Tvaety euH*^~ U ? Bt ItftMrihiM in Ml ?J I ??Ll witfcoat tha inSrrnntinn oT a wj Nt poroaivtd *> p*r Mat. of TV* W?ak? #? ?' wtilb* ??*i. It iBYariafcij oontaina tha **W?a hiaatoa Nawa" that t.aa mad* TV ttwm Sw oiromM# o f enara.!? throve boat tha ooautry. (Lr&uij.eaoaiaaua *r?rr?r?) ** * ! * jSr ^wwawwte M ""?ru" IT7" Poit?i?Mfi who aet m ifttu will h* *1 lowed aootamtaaioa of *> oanta. MEDICINES. ayer s sarsafakilla laaoonoootratad extraotaf Para 8ar?ap?ril a. to oomhiKfxl with other anhetanoaa of rit traatar kite a iWt> power a* to as ?Mian ? atiaa autuoM lor th? di~ a?ra Sar?ap*riUa i?> ra*ata4 toon/a. *4??h a rt>m? j ia nar*lj wantad h? Uoae who aaf fir from Strnmoua oomplainU. and that on* which will aaaoasaliah thair onr- ?? proTj;of ?a.m?aaa a?r<ricr. to tfcia lar?? eiaaa of oar nffliatad f?l*ow oi'ii-n*. How roay'W thin whim will 4o it ui t-a*n (pr< van i>j m pana* at oa many u4 tk? vo.*t ruot t? W? iobuU in the foliow D( ooa> L>lfc' nti * Scroln'a and Pcrofn ona Oowi>?aia??. Kmatiana and Ernftif* i iaaa?*?, Ll??ra H?a?alan. MoUMr. Tu?:ior?, Ht Khcuiu, fond H<-aH, t*?phili? ard >>uhi.itio Aff nti.?. Maronnal IHmm. jMr?pn*. Neura i aor Tw lH?uW,urean. DafeiUy. I>?apa* ma and :ndi(e?lioc, > rjupalaa, Ka?# or m. Aa thonv'i K.r?, a-id, lod^a*. ih' wh-d* data of o?>m pian-ta anaitic fioiw Impurity o! the Mlood. I hia e<>n?p"Hi.d a i ?-1? an a ?r?at nro.i^ur of h*? ih, wl ec take lu lh? print, t?> *x? the ft>ul humeri wh-oh fe-te- in th?> I* "<>d at ttia m??j? < ! the *ear. B? th tuw'j erpttMon of ttiMn n?rr r* kimi are Tfp* t 11 t?tM Maiu tuiiea oan. ( jr the ai i ?-f tria min.djr, fare them atl*?i from th? enduri.oewf f. ?? era pt to; a And *t *ernu? aor-?. thn.uth winch the a>-t"?^ wi'l ilnv* t ? rid it** f of c irrui>tiOi?a. if ta?t au'i'tsl loduUM throi.jh ti e atutu: oh?"i J< ol the l*?! btenfc' t? rativ# ticdloi'r, o?'t the %lt.ate<1 Mood ?beb?vor ?o? fin.i ita iminntiw lur?un? tfcroafh the cam i> Biuip ea. ?rtp'ii>n?, or aoies c tana- it I ? lien in h. <1 it i# obatrxcuw a'-d a'orilah lr th? t ins: It wh m? -itiaf<>u atid TMr (ai MtlViilli n u ? hta k?<? ?M<* *< parttvviar i? ft t ?mi. 1a i^i*aj k._A tw ? ?' ? ? m ? m ' m f"" ?? ? * ? ?WI H ' ?? til I T P onier, Jor c in?l?f th h ood Ka?p tW? blo>?1 and a'l t* wrt!; bat with lo t pabaum of if? dl*Otd?l*Of tfcei* (M bfe HO ta?U:<? l?altb. S?K>n?r <?r later ?u:ii-tiiliir muat ?o wrung. and tn.? itMl ii M^lT'eij ,i<i?'.rd?r??lurimi,th'OW, I'uru.f l?ta t ?r> t pa' im hare (> <: u.uitd by '&-(<> bolt <-* pr tju ii ? to (IT* a q.iart of Rxtraot )l M' u^ri. t (iir nnr J >U'. Melt nl fkrt* b?r? txHi'.i (mud* r p<>n th* ??ck f" not <>I?W contain !ittl*.'fan? S*r-npan la. ito oli*? aoou'ativ* pr..p artiaa wha over. Hence. bitter *'nl |?m>Iu ?I?*p puiiit'uert has Wowod thr # ? of th* unni- * tt?huf rumpM I* wbK-li tl m d the irark h. m.tti th? name itaeif i? ;bs'.\ uroufl, au<i haa l*cvm* ajmotijitioim of imp -nl'ioi Msd cheat. WiM We r%H tfii oon??<unii Han* par ilia, a d mt-ari to tope:? such a rrmadj aa aha.I 'mum* IM bub* f>oa (M load of ot.ioqu* which raat? upon iL Aiwwf think <1 for l.<>!t* irr il h>a*-Tin?>? which ?r# irreei??ib!a by th* ordinary raa of tk* <nmn ii u intended to our* 1'repat*. b? U.J. C. AVF.R * CO , Low*' I Ma*? i'noe fl per bottle; *ik bottle* tr one raok att> 95. M IS frtim Helmbold'i Genuine Preparation. "HIGHLY CONCENTRATED** ?'0M?*0!'Nr? Fl.Ulfi KXTRACT BUCHU A Positive Mitl Specific Remt4i For of tit* BuAHUER, KICNEYS, GR\\ Kl..*cl 1?K ' 'PS1CA L DWRLLI Tui? Mwij?IL? iDCm urn tae ?y*M C>I I).?-? ?' B , ?n<l excit- f th<* ADM)H BhNTh into he* thy ?o tioa.b* irhion the WATERY OR CALCKROl 9 dAfiiitiuu, tad tii I'N N A rV R A i- EN LAKGL KNTS ?fTl u PAIN and 1N LAM V A f'* ?N, r? *1 for ? 1 fir MEX. WuUEy. Kr CHILDREN. HBLMBOLiVB ^T*A^|M^cm!. Arialnc from Emimm, U&biu at UmffcM Ktriy Tailiacretioc or Ab*M. AttmuUd %?itk Br<npt? lnJupoaition to ?xOTtlon? Uom ^o?a of Memory, Diftoilty of J Horror of PlfiMI, piasw of VnioBa in 1 PnivM-Mi Lwltad* o Uie Mutiiifr t??ftfM, Hut Hudi, Flublnc of the B-cy, Br,*~ ?i.??r.fB, sasssc f "* Theee m?, i( Gloved to fo on. whMfc tfclt In Ow* b? Which tni PatudTt lUTVirrii"" Who ?n IM tb*?th?7 not fr^uwrit'J (o!.OV?d by thow"DlRKFUL lMSKAt?K?." "INSANITY a.ND OOKbUMPTIOM. Mu; are mt? or tn? imih of tt.eir ?uff?r inc. BUTXQXE WILL C0NFX3S. TUX RKC0Rl>50FTHMN!*ANfc A?YI l ift A*1 tk' MrImrkttln 0*a:kt > ? r'MMtnHi** Oa*r ami1' vitmwa to tK? trvtli of t*r iMKt ot. E M? ws&a fiif Ra^iirra the &id of modioin* t<> rtrrnrtitra And knf>i?t? *moir. Which Hklmbold'* EXT* ACrff BUCHU umH d04$t A TRIAL will CONV ft* A 1UB MOtT 9KVPTICA.I . FKM A LKS?FEMALES?FEMALES, OLD OR YitVNO, SJSGLK, MAKHJKD, ON CVXTEMPLATi\0 MAHRIAOS. IN MANY AFFKCTIONB PECULIAR TO FEJf ALbB, tb* extraot Buchn It aBB^uatl.d by any other ren.Mii.M tn Ohl >niui ot k t.rtjfin Irrega v-ity, Paiuit. fcfaa. or 8up>rr.**ii>ii ofCua ternary K valuations, I'Wrated or bo;rrh?>u> Rtata of th* Uusrui, I^aaoorrhoa or WhiU?, , and for a > owrplainta iDoniwt to the a?x w bother ariaing from Iwlieerotioa, UaliiU wt DiaeipaUoa. ?r 10 DECLINE OR CHAN9E OF Lin. ill (TMPtomi Abovk. NO FAMH.Y SHOl'ul) BK WITROCT IT T*k> no fnor* Biham. Mercury, or MIIMIMI Mtdi -xnt for w?u??l nnd Dnmmeromt Uiimmi, U ELM BOL.IV8 KXTRACT BUCHU In all th*irt*tA?rta. At htti? expense; Little or no oha&(*lti D'H; No laoocrMuaMa; And no ITiyiiw> it causae a freauect desire am jives strength to Iiinato, thereoy KoraoTtn* lMetrnc:ions, Preventing; and ourinf ftnetares of tit* Vratbra. Alla>im Win ami ialaat?lion. so fraqeeat in the o'Ui of dis?a<>?e. and nH isc nU fo%tomom lhio>? 'rf. *nd toorn oni M+*tor. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS WHO HA VB BKKH THI VICTIMS Of CCACIf. and who taav- paid Kemrv '?*. to be cur*} is a ikort tiaie. have found ttiT were d*o*ir*d, and that the ' POISON" lias, Ij the mm of'wwuni u tbinoints," been dried up in the syatem. to I rsak l/U * tu Ml MffF > i'TTIl. ?nc PERHAPS AFTER MAMR1A&E. Tie Hklkbol?'* Extinct Bvcarfor a. " """ttmitv organs. wh-k.,?.nj.iUOR pBMAL1? """ "^tvtcsismwfflsr " ^ f?r And U ( rtaio V* *>? ? the dwirtd efVt u ? Pla itmi FOR * HIGH IT 18 ft KCOM M M)KD. ifrtdfnt? of (4* tnti ruuibit mad rttfMitMi U?r> Mr will KWirniMM ? th# nvwUci'1*# CERTIFICATES of cures. Acr. 8 ? ? H?ri ilW?u, "" "^rsstisdmub. Prtof SI OO k*ttJ?, *r six tor S* M. Detirerod to *uy AddrMa, Moarti; p*ok?m fro >b*erv?tion. OsaCBlBX ^TMPTOV* IH A.LX OnaWTHiriTIONI mr*? OnrutoW! Ad vie* Urattoll affidavit. P?T?n?i%!ly appe&red mo. ti AldarntM JieoiUofPn: ~&<triphi&,H T Pblvbold.vJm Inly a worn, doth nr. hu ?r*T?r*7tt*B *? *o F. hirrkrd.^H Ninth ?tr*?t, abon A44r~,"n,',?"Er4'iS?,i AND UNPRINCIPLED OKA] Vhn ?d?ftvor to dtap>a? * or rra* iltllt" 41TICLM OB TUB BirtTiHOI ?Ttl Miatwld'a Genuine J ,OM Wui SoW Vy ft. B. Waiib,4>*? atr<MUu4 I^Poan, jb., Boraar resa. btbbbb a*4 Kls*i j>* vooTfTfi fTMBYwnm a Sd r^Rn M*PO?ffT\?il"kM&J&Q 9IMM l?4?olf ^CHOOL ANiTCOLLE&WO U T F1T*. ro%Uks' and Boyi Cloth*** ft Sik?l mmd 2)r?M Br?ar fyaU *p4 pyilMii wi*ki?? f? 6>r?i?* _

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