Newspaper of Evening Star, October 11, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 11, 1860 Page 2
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TIIK EVENINJG STAR. . '* w ASJHNQTON OfTY TI?LRa;iAY 'OcUfc?r II, >ptr?? ( the rr?? The Com.*ii "atinn aaya on the subject of the Pcnn ?) iv:tnia eie hob : " A (lni;l? battle ru?lr tUcldn the fate of em pires And the preliminary struggle Just over In Pennsylvania ongbt not to b* regarded aa determ Inl 1/ ti e vote of that i*tate a uionth hence, atitl 1?m hs determining the general rtsuit of the Pres idential contest In the North or West We would not roncral the regret ox de*?y tb? appreherslons occasiont-d by the defeat of Foster; but we are not on that ground to treat the trluinpb of Lincoln aa a foregone conrJtrslon The vote of Tnewlay re vealasom* far a the reverse of discouraging; whilst tha general rtfect of Curtin's success will be con s'derahlv mitigated wherever the frauds. the falsehoods. the corruption employed In his behalf ball be u well understood as they already are by the democrats of Philadelphia aiid Its neigh borhood.*' The Ctnrtitvtion thinks that there Is yei time by a nniWd effort of the anti-republicans to re verse the Indications from Pennsylvania. The InteUigtBetr notes that the people of New Mexico In "General Convention assembled" have claimed as i erritorlallsts the bei.eflt of the prin ciples of both wings of the democratic party, that 4. kntk ?.l?kt ?- -1- .. ik -1? * In wtu u? i i^ut w uu m kucy picvsc auvui trod action of slavery, and Federal protection of the Institution In case of ita Introduction. principal streets In New York City are to be thoroughly cleaned, among the prepara tions for the reception of the Prince of Wales. IL7" The U. steamer Harriet Lane made b?r trip from this city to New York la forty-three hours. fT7"The official censns returns of Louisville, Ky , show a population of 70,172, Including 5,401 colored persons. UZT'Advices from Texas state that tbe Indian depredations In that State continue, and that Gen. Houston baa ordered a company of ality mounted r:fleinen to the frontier. (ET We thank Taylor it Maury for a cample lot of a new atyle of letter and note envelope, which, though sold at lea prices than the descriptions now generally in use, seem to us to be more secure, aa they certainly are more bandy. The Governor and Council of New Hamp shire have appointed Thursday, November '29th. to be observed as a day of public thanksgiving and praise in that State. The Governor of New York ku designated the tame day. E^On Tuesday. la New York, the Protestaat Episcopal Evangelical Knowledge Ssciety held held their Thirteenth Anniversary, with the ven erable Blahop Mead*. of Virginia, in the chair The receipts of the rear amounted to the handaome sum of 935,000. The annual aermon was preached by the ReT. Dr. Butler, of tbls city. Thb Panama 1 xouaaacTiox.?The tenor of the dispatches from Com. Porter, concerning the Insurrection of negroes at Panama, ta that they are some S <0 ia number, well armed, and that thev teem bent upon plunder only. Both tb? authorities and American cltizeos there dt sired the interposition of the British and United State* nival force*. Theae, together, number aome400 It ia alao stated that great terror exiata at Aapin wall, and that indeed but little security ia felt In the absence of arm?d American or British vessels. fdMial. H on. J. S?. Green, Mo., ia at Kirkwoods'. Pattt la aa!d to rerelve ftl.sui a mcnth for her services In the Strakusch and Lllman opera troupe. Hon. Lafayette S. Foster, U. 9 Senator from Connecticut, was married on the 4th inaiant by Rev Dr Mason, of Boaton, to Miaa Martha F. Lyman, of Boaton. At a meeting of the repnblicana collected at the New York Tribune olBce yesterday (Wed nesday) morning, to hear the election returns. Horare Greeley was unanimously nominated for Postmaster General under Lincoln. uiuuci ?? ^ ?#??.! < rj*^ , auu w lie, muTUCU from Europe on Saturday. after a pleasant bridal tour in England and France. It la stated that Mr \\ ebster has decided to aettle In New York city. He la the law partner of the Hon. Caleb Cutting. The Cincinnati Gazette say* that " Miss Denln and (.aura Le Clare were among the Prince of Wales' partners at the hall at Pike's Op-ra House. Cincinnati " These ladles are well known members of tbe theatrical profession. and both good dancers. The Ualttnaere Hasicipal Itlectien. This election, yesterday, resulted In the entire access of the Reform party Tbe American, peaking of the manner In which It passed off and the result, say*:?The order, quiet, and per fect protect!ou to voters of all parties which characterised the municipal election yesterday is a legitimate sulaect of congratulation fur everv jjcxxi citizen, and one In whl^h all abouid unite no matter what wtr? their expectations or wishes In regard to the result The dlvialon of tbe wards into precincts, by which the accumulation of lar^e crowds In the vicinity of tbe polls was avoided, and the closing of the taverns, thereby removing a powerful Incentive to disorder, had much t> do with this improved condition of mtfairs. t nt the result must in justice be mainly attributed to tbe etttc'.ent arrangements of the police and tbe'r excellent exncutloo t*o far as our own observation exteuded or we have been Informed by otuers,aiuple protection was extended to both parties without interference with tbe proper rights uf either. No serious disorder was attempted, but there was full assurance in the determined character and completeness of tbe preparations made at once to suppress any such purpose If it bad been manifested In pasKing through the ward* tbe contraat between tbe present and tbs past wjs tLe general subject of inorovlnir remark, and tue hope wu entertained that tbe aeparatiun of tbe police from all party Influence may be thoroughly pr*aerv-d In ail future time. The experience of veaterday baa done much to re move any fear* tuat were entertained on tkia core. and we congratulate the Board, aa well aa tbe Mirebal and i tttcera of Police, on the com mendable manner In which they have encoun tered thia flrat great teat The triumph of tbe reform party la ao thorough and complete >u to Lave eiceeded what tbe moat ? anguine could have anticipated Tbey elect tbe *k.a\or by an imawuae majority, carry all tbe warda and nearly evrry precinct of each ward Both bran<heaef the City Council areauaitfor reform, and the party will take, with the reapou albilitie* of office, full control ovar municipal affaira Tbe following la a llat of tbe Mayor and Councilinen elect: Mayor?George William Brown. Cuy Council. Ward* Flrat Branch. Second Branch. I"'""" """ '.SSJA.liSS'8' ? juuii Doigiano, to John J Suyior. of U. y J B:own, 10 John Spear Nicholas, 11 E \V > att Blanc bard, 1*.' Charles V Pbrlps. i:> John C Blackburn, 14 Henry W Drakeley. 15 SoioinM Allen. 14 Hannibal H Cha?e, IT John A F. Dixon, is Jnw Hay. 1? John H I e^myer, SO Hrirkitfa Crout. Thev?t#for Mayor ftoodM follows ?Brown, 17.771; Hlndes. tJ75, Brown's majority S,19C Tbe total vote coat. It will be am, wu <7,346, tbo largest vote ever polled In tbe clt bv tbe recent centos, tbe aattra vole \ John W. Wilson ( Francis W. Alricks. Decatur H Millar. | Charles J Baker. ' Joseph Robb. \Vm Swindell Asa Higglns. estimated to be fully ao.uou Mr Brown being railed out at bis residence, In tbe erenlny . br an i mmenae ronrourae of citizens, made an appropriate apeerb. Tli Miw Yon Thkm 01 thi Rhitlt l!? PvsmTLTAjiia ?'" Boi?, tee'r* tot *?n' Ptnm y/trama km* dont it' They may fuse and coo fun to their heart's content, withdrawing iU their ipaTined clad Ida tas and running Fualoa Cor President wltL Dry <i?*?d? f?r Vice, but tbe deed 1* don* As the colored genUemag remarked about tbe ip<nax ssadruped, 'There's no ute 1n deiug anything aoout that hoss HU eyes is (17 TL? Portland Argus learns that tbe royal squadron to receive II. K. H., Uw Prince ?f Wsles, will arrive In Portland on Timdav. the 1Mb in stmt The sq osdron ronststs of tbe Hero, SU |ttins. Com Seymour: Ariadne, guns. Capt Ptrlo* Flab, ? bum. Comuundw followed by Admiral 811 Alexudw hU lUg-aMp Nile. 91 giu, mm U>? Vanaitttrt^ Fljrlojf Flak, C Milne, with Wyx, of g?r.> Biioji Rum# -Ai llUtt are ed^rd la oar republican R without oSence,r i Renf rw nu?y b# /rWjul i visit< ? 4 ?* * & X- 1 **' 4i- V Divokckd fro*. Politic*.?The re tbe police of Baltimore from in Ih# "?!? preservation of order that characterized the Balti more municipal election of yetterdiy. With a partisan police in authority, it wos, not loagiiMti Wrtb a peaceable cltlienilif-*. almost, to attempt to exercise the right of suffrage there With a poller lit authority, pl<>dged to abstain from directly ?r indirectly Interfering vr tb tbe election as political partisans, and to n >11 tli? rlirkta of citizen seeking to yoW. Baltimore has audAgfcly fctCMM the moat peaceable and quiet city in tbe Union upon election day! What a ies-on doea thU change teach ua of the Federal Metropoiia, 1 wherein, at election time#, life and tbe rij(hta of the citizen are aa unsafe aa at any time in Balti more We do not doabt that oar present police force, if realizing that their tenure of ofllce de pended (aa all policemen'* tbonld) npon their guuu ucibtiiit, man uh on mnr servic?a as political strikers before and on election day*, would huld Wsshington on such an occasion as free from the rule of the "Rama," tt al , as the police of Baltimore yesterday held that city en tirely free from the rnle of "Plugs/' Its lords and masters under their late police regime. ?. Significant ?Foster, though proclaiming tlin self a Dou^Lasite, did worst, clearly, in what are known as the Douglas strongholds of Pennsylva nia, ou the day befor* yesterday. That is, in Allegany, Lancaster and Schuylkill, where what w?? a year or two ago the Democratic party, have almost entirely gone over to Douglas In them, the Republican?Curtln's-gain was the greatest The fact proves on* of two things Either that, a* Henry A.Wli* ?o pithily expressed It, " Doug laslsm It but a abort cut to abolitionism," or that wherever Mr. Douglas was able to exert a per sonal influence over his followers, he succeded in inducing them to play into the hands of the Re publican party in this election. His well-known purpoae was to defeat the success of the attempted fusion; and wherever his cause was in the ascen dancy In the party in Pennsylvania, there the Re publican gains have been largest. It can hardly require aucb another election result, we fancy, to satisfy all at the South that he it laboring as earn estly to *cur? Lincoln's election by the people, as Horace Greeley himself. Thk Alliokd CatRH{Ui Cual Mink.?It may be recollected that a great effort was made during the last session of Congress to induce the Govern ment to purchase an alleged coal region that had been found near Chlriqul, Central America, and to have an appropriation made of several hundred thousand dollars for this object. We have been informed by a competent geologist that there is at trace of coal measures In that region; that no ear ? 1#. * * - * * ?- - uuuuerous iuhiu amre even ueeu louoa mere, ana that the suppoaed coal mine la a tertiary depot it of lignite, of leaa value for fuel than many of the peat depoalta in the New England States. The Chiriqul lignite la doubtleaa about auch a depoait aa thoae in Southern Texas, out of which apecu. latora came near making Immense s-.sma before doe scientific investigation demonstrated their utter lack of any commercial value whatever. DEPART HE3 T NEWS. I Extension-?The following was tbe result of tbe bids for inclosing the south wing of Treasury ex tension. with iron fence, gates, kc .opened yes terday at the office of construction of Treasury Department, viz: Janes Klrtland 4 Co., of New York... $7,107 Wood Jc Perot, of Philadelphia 3.785 Wm. M. Kills 4 Hro . Washington... 3.07*2 Hayward, Uartlett & Co., Baltimore .. 2.G-SJ W T. Duval. Georgetown 2,613 We suppose tbe work will therefore be awarded to Mr. Duval. It will be seen by the bids that our own Dis trict artiians are able to compete succeafully in price as well as quality of workmanship with those of great manufacturing centers like New York and Philadelphia PaoMOTioss aid Appointxksts?The fol lowing promotions and appointments have been made In the General Poat Ofllee : Louis Watkina. Cromoted to a third claw elerkabi p, at a apiary of 1.6(i0. in place of Jaa Orr. resigned. Wm II. Tyainger promoted to a a^ond-claaa (f 1,400) clerkahtp, in place of Loots Watkina Joaeph D. Greene (temporary) now appointed to a regular clerkablp, at a salaryof 91,200 per annum in place of Mr. Tyainger, promoted A K Jacobs (tem porary) clerk, at 9 1.200. to fill the place vacated by the appointment of Mr. Greene. Pbomotioss of Assistant Svkgkixs is th* Ak*t ? Tbe Army Medical Board.which recently aaft^mhled in Baltimore, examined the following aaslaUnt surgeons. who w?re found qualified for promotion, viz: Dr P. G 8 Ten Broeck, Dr Lyman H. Stoue. Dr Kdw'd W. Johns. and alao the following ' candidate*" for ad miss on into tbe medical staff, who were "approved/' and will uuit tuiuiiiiMiuani as vacancies occur, viz : Dr. J. Campbell Shorb, Pa ; Dr A Francis Me rhfin, Md ; Dr. Clinton Warner, Md ; Dr. David F. Ramseur, N. C.; Dr Wm. F. Cornlck,Va. National Salute* to Lokd R It Is ?ip- iU-d that the revmu?* cutter Harriet l.aue will pass up tbe harbor from Sooth Ainbov sometime to-day, with Lord Renfrew on board At the cotter approaches Forts Hamilton, Wood, and Columbua, respectively, a salute of twenty-one guns will be tired from each, In honor of that Illustrious stranger. Naval Iktklligkxce?The officers of the U S sloop-of-war Marion, just arrived at Ports mouth, N. H , from the coast of Africa, have been detached and granted three mouths leave of absea-e. The U. S. storeship Relief, from the coast of Africa, arrived at Fayal on the '25th of August Tu .?The following r?>rv?rt r\1 I*1? weather for the morning Is made from the Amer l?an Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith sonian Institution. The time of observation Is about 7 o'clock October 11,18<0 Burlington, Vt overcast, wind NK Mew York, N. Y clear, pleasant. Philadelphia, Pa clear. Baltimore. Md cloudy, in'ld Washington. D C cloudy, wind 8 Richmond, Va. clear. 60*. Petersburg, Va clear, pleasant. Norfolk, va clear, 60?. Raleigh, N. C clear. 59" Wilmington. N C clear, mild. Columbia, ?*. U clear, mild Charleston, 9. C 7(1?, wind NK Augusta. Gc_ ....clear, cool. Savannah, tia clear, pleasant. Macon. Ga clear, pleasant Columbus, Ga clear. Montgomery, Ala clear, pleasant. Jacksoa, AU clear. Mobile, All clear, 6('. rao* tub wiit. Frederick, Md raining, warm. Hagerslowrn. Md cloudy, cool. Cumberland, Md cloudy, damp. ttrafWn. Va cloudy. Wbeellug, Va cloudy, 48*, wind 8\V Parkorabur^, Va cloudy, pleasant. Cleveland, O raining. Barometer at tbe Smithaonlnn at 7a.m. (cor rected for temperature,; 29.712; at noon, M.,32 Thermometer at 7 a. m., 57'; at noon, 65'. Maximum during 24 hours ending 9 a. m. to day, 07'; minimum 54 ? *. Taa NoaroLK axd Pbimcsss Airb8taxpkdb. Tbe Norfolk Herald aaya: We have beard many idle reports on tbe subject of tbe alleged servile insurrection In Norfolk and Prince* Annecounttes, many of whlcb were evi dently manufactured out of wbole cloth by tboae I who wiabed to play npon tbe fears and aaxUtlea nt Ih* U. -? " '" ? V V**UiVU?. UVI1IC VI tunc 1UIC ram or* have been caught up and published in the Norfolk Dav Book after the manner of the New Yt>rk sensatlsn papers?but aa a general thing they are without the remotest foundation In truth. We yesterday had a conversation with a highly latelligeot asd reliable gentleman from Princess A nne county, who told us that the matter was not seriously thought of there. He attended the exam tnatios of the two men canttned there, and states that their examination elicited nothing whatever which bad the least tendency to create an alarm la fai t the negroes stem to be more alarmed at the consequences which may befall themselves, than the wbite population are of a uegro insurrection This is In all probability the actual state of affairs, but the Day Book persistently contradicts it and says: Our neighbor is mlsi uformed, or Is not Informed st all, for we learn that theresre fifteen negroes In the Princess Anne jail, and the most intense ex citement throughout the lower part of the county, itrowioc out of tH? ,* (. ..... ? WISM,Tcrf ui ctrum miers that were round on the peraona of one the neijroee; and. which our tnfor ma uttktnks, will beau tBclent to awing htm high uHiimi But the moat of of the partiea implicated have been arreated and all ffcar haa rnerved Into Indignation, aad we will wait the developmrnta, proinlalng to give our 11111% n all the t nforami:on poaatble on the Mt-ject teleaeoi* With k a??MK*tng p<W twrntf thouMO* la in cvufw of erection n . tail a UUtTvatory. ... j * fe! - ??> |1?.l W | [ J 1 - " WO~*H ? ? Tfc? Prtiw of WifM fa NUritlpfcU. | The Evening Journal of Wednesday sava:| ''Baron Renfrew and wile reached the cltr yea- I tmr A a fU>rnnAn at ilmnt I Outside the deftot quite a ieeprermwd bad u? in bled Inside i? person wog admitted but a few zentleiuen, who bud special lnvMhtlons Her Britannic * Consul. Chariot E K Kort I rVibt. Esq pr?oenWd Major Henrf to the Baron, tbe Puke of and Lord Lyons Mr HMr e#rorU-d.W? goests to the carriages, wblch w?o hnadsomoopen birouchea. with well paired hones aiid fdlL 4resord rfvers. Ilia Lordship, Mayor lleiry, the Duke of Noouuatle and l.ord Lynns occupied the first carriage. whUe Mr. Kort r^ht. Kwl'Sf GermMtt. Mejor fjeneral the iloncra&le William Brure, Majiy Teeartale, Cap tain C. Grey. Lord Hlnchhrook, the Honorable Mr Elliott. Dr. Arkland. Mr Euglebert and two attaches of the British Legation Immediately followed As tbe Prince was driven from tbe gateway into Brond street, be was greeted with several cheers, although it was evident that what ever enthusiasm existed ltwas subdued out of re spect to tbe character and wishes of tbe guest. The windows s( the d?pot, and the roofs of dm or two adjoining structures were crowded with ladies, principally tfe wives or frleads of the uiuucr* vi o%wttur? ui iur rfliirnsa The torltge took Its way up Broad (treet to Wal nut, and ilnwn Walnut to Ninth. Along the route to the hotel there wtre many In the streets who made si^nsof recognition, and everything waa conducted wi'.h becoming dignity until the arrival at Ninth and Cheatnut street* The carriage drove up to the Ninth street entrance, and a large crowd soon collected around. On the pavement of the Girard House there was a large number of persons waiting anxiously to see the faoe of roy alty, and believing that H. R. H would enter the hotel at the Chestnut street entrance They were doomed to disappointment, and It was evident that ther<j were hundreds in t e crowd who. long after the Priuce had arrived, were still unac quainted with the fact. The party arrived at the Continental about 5 o'clock, and the Baron retired immediately to bis apartments. Thete are located on the main floor, fronting on Chestnut street, and are the s^me occupied by Siuiiue Boo<en. A funny circumstance is said to have happened on the arrival of the Prince at the hotel He is ll.rkl kl. ?* > ? ? " - ??-?y n^uv u|>vu mi im, alio springing irom IDr carriage, he ran into the ball. Here be waa met by the superintendent of the hotel, who seized him and informed him that no i>er3on wa* to be admitted there. The Prince paid no attention to the injunction, when the superintendent again told him that he could not enter. At this mo ment Mayor Henry came to the relief cf H R H and Introduced him to the superintendent. The litter bowed very meekly, begged pardon, and said that the difficulty would have been avoided had the I'rince spoken out. The young gentle man replied that that would have spoiled the joke. A short time after the Prince and his suite had reached their rooms, the City Solicitor, Mr. Lex, called, and was introduced by trie Mayor, *nd Mr. Cu>l-*r, President of Select Council, and Mr. Trego, President of Common Council, shortly after wived, and were Introduced by the Mayor. The Prince entered Into conversation about his journey, and stated that he was much gratitl-d by tbe ouiet manner In which he had been received in Philadelphia. The city otllclals were formilly presented to the Duke of Newcastle, Earl of St. (firmans. 1 l.vnm A fit** Kai.4 half an hour, tbe Mayorand the other cfty oiHclais withdrew, the Prince and unite each takng leave of the aeverai city officials above mentioned Tbe Prince, accompanied by Mr. Kortwrl^ht, visited the Philadelphia club room* la?t evening. The magnificent establishment of Warner, *1 lt key A Merrill, on Chestnut st eet. wa? brilliantly lllnminated. snd a transparency iits ribtd * Wel come Victoria'# Son" was displayed. Th a Uiornlng Mayor Henrv, In an open ba rouche proceeded to the Continental Hotel, and then stiricd with the Prince and some of bis suite on a visit to Girard College and the Eastern Peni tentiary. Hon Wm. B Reed also accompanied the party. Quite a crowd was gathered around tne hotel up to tue time of the departure. The Prince hadatiiif view of tbe Wide-Awake rejoicing at two o'clock In th? afternoon, a long procession of them passim; the Continental Hotel! l'ht-y recognized tbe Prince, and greeted him with warm and euthuaiastlc salutes, which be acknowledged. The grand operatic performance at the Academy of M usic at night in honor of the Prince of Wales was a splendid affair. The house was filled to overflowing with the fashion and beauty of the <-ltv ?>?. -i-..i--- -? ?> - w.j. ?uc ui tue iiau'iii4i uniucm of 4*Uod l ive the If ueen*' the atidi^ncft iro?e en mas*e. The Prince bowed frequently. The opera of La Traviata waa well performed, and the artlstet received frequent testimonials of applause from the Prince and the audience. Mri Bennett occupied the proscenium box Immediately be neath that of the Prince. Arrahszxknts foe thk Rkckptui.i or tri Paimce is Naw Yobs.?The New Vork Express of yesterday says:?On Thursday, the dav of the reception of Baron Renfrew, carriage* will beat the City Hall at 12 o'clock to take the Mayor and member* of the Common Council to Castle Oar den, where, on the arrival of the Baron?which will likely oe between one and two o'clock?the Mayor will welcome him to New York The distinguished visitor will review the military on horseback, and then will ride in a splendid new carriage to ttie Cttv Hall, where be will receive a marching salute from the military. Tbe arrangement for carriages for tbe proces sion la very complete. They will all be furnished by Mr. hdw^rd Van liuiist, tbe well known It very keeper of Canal street Tbe new carriage for tbe Ba>on?a beautiful barouche?be ordered from tbe factory of J. R Laurence, at a cost of $1,00U It Is lined witb rich purple silk, and Is otherwise elegantly trimmed ;tna mounted It will be drawn by six beautiful black bora s, driven by J. N Hewett Mr Van Katist has made b:s arrangements for the carriages in ac cordance with tbe desire of the Mayor, who lias promised to foot the bill, as well as that for tbe torrhligbt profession, If tbe Common Council will not pay the expenses. After the review In the Park, the Mayor and members of the Common Council will accom pany tbe Liaron to tbe Fifth Avenue Hotel Tk?. Bull Tickets.?Tbe committee directing the great ball of Frldiy has commenced to distribute cards of admis?ion. They are very simple, and distinguished only by the elegance of tbe engra ving They read as follows: "Admit to the ball in honor of the Prince of Wales, at the Academy of Music. Friday. October 12." It is singular that tbe gentlemen who superintend the printing of tbe cards should commit thr lilnn<l?r nf ?h?? fn?. mallv recognizing tbe princely title of their uueat, when it bu been openly stated that be comes to America as Lord Renfrew, not as Prince of Walea. 7-5p?C0NTRlBUT10N? FOR SYRIA Will he received at Hutchinaon & Munro's,and at Lane's FnrniahiiiK Store, on Pa. avenue, until Sa'urdsy morning, the 13th instant. By order. &.c. oc 11-2t* fYy*NATIONAL RIFLES.-You are hereby I Ljj notified to meet at the Armory THIS(Tliur? daTi EVENINO, yctabar llth.at7)t u'cock, lor the tranaaction of imp >itan< limine** It* FRANK B. SCH*EFFER. Capt. nry?THE BIBLK LECTURES by Hav. It*. Jo? Sajmox will lie resumed next fATUKDAY EvENIINti, Ooloi>er 13th, at 7's o'clock, at the Room* of tbu Voun< Meu'a (.hri>ti\n Association. The public (ladi?s included) are cordially invited to attend oc il-3t II T<> THK MF.MB K ? S OF THE WASH LU5 lN?iTON HI II.DIM? ASSOCIATION An acconiitol all tlieallairN >>f ?aid Association ia made out to 1st of November, lain. Th so inter ested in the nam* will rail at my wtfice, 49(1 H at., between 8th and 9th ?ts , baok oi Patent Office from 7 to a o'clock any night, when they will b? ina Je acquainted with all th? matters pertaining thereto, oo ll-2t JAiMES ToWLES, Truate?. flf*DOCTOR THOMAS'S LECTURES ON iLJ Unfuihlled Propneoy, showing the Signs of the Times?The coining Struggle now iiiiDiiuant iu klnvnKA fln/l tx- *" - 1 "* uuu tiio uosi i" b wcm uespoiism and ue moora<p?Their Mutual Annihilation in the Tem pest or ^'ar?Omnipotence Triumphant on their RuLn*-?The Era at Deliverance to the People from their l<mg mix rule and oppre* ion ioud to l>e cd'octud br t; e per-o. a! e?miUK glorious Miilenial Ruin ol the Lord Jo?u? Christ on Ea th?on the Throne of his father D-ivid.over the restored tribe of Israel in Jerusalem, which will then beoouie "the Citr of the Great King"?the metropolis a d theiov of the whole earth. These gn-at themes, constituting. in their ai{g-e ?al-, "the Gospel of the Kingdom or God,' will be discoursed upon in aeeries of lectnree, cummeno ing in the Unitarian Church on Louioana avenue, wnioh has been kindljr granted for that purpose, on WKUNESDAY EVENING, the loth inst, at7 o'clock, and continued through tke week. Seats f ee aiid all are invited to hear. oo^-li.* rY^^ijEMPHK YiTorroo L K, LLS WKDUINQ AS D VISITING CARD KNURAVBRS, Importer* of fine WEDDING STATIONERY, \VfcDDING ENVELOPES, the moat beautiful atylea. 3'J 6 Pa. A v., between 9tu awl loth aU , mi 27-6ui W AauisaToa. NOTICE! TO THE LADIK8! MRS LOWR tnlcoi pleasure in announoiac to the l,a?iiie? that Uer Store will be reopened on Pat urda?, tho 13'h ins ant, with a new and well ae'eot. d aaaortmentof LADIES 1>RKS9 TRIMMING-. _oo 11 lw 39T Pa avenno, aouth aide. GRO0i-RiKs:BOCEglE8ft?ocK?IE8!! Wiahinf to diapoae of my atock of Grooeriea. ao Ai to nnjiit a mft tn ramnv* wi*K ? * ha*id m possible I will commence this d*v to sell anything in my Hr.e at cost (or cuh tinly. My stock in lar<e. and. a 1 being freah and pure soods, lhie ia a chance seldom mat with to lay ia your wistar atook at greatly reduced vrioaa. HENRY C PUHDri o 11 2w No.l?< Pa avenue. TVTBW TRIMMING?-NEYVTRIMMINGsT~ NOW OPI51NQ AT M R fT. L O W K' 8. New style Parte Gimp* and Buttons, plain and Kilt mixed ; Black aadTa ?f Calerwi Velvet But Suae aad Vektnt Kihbooa: Plain and PanoT Colored Graduating Buttons, somethiaf new tor ladies' waUi.iK suits : Gi t OoHs*od Ta??al?,?i? Cords, TftneN and ButWn : Zouave Cloak Taeifls. ta all colors, nn Wid made to ortfar. ( ? ) ( .J r ... ^ was, i.ou k. -,< i PC II-IV MT P?. tvoaue, aauU auU, * * " I 1 * Mi . ?< r * U?* i*. n? j mhn) ^ss^vii . UtttpMw H Ml* ilwUw M* w la N'ew Yerk City. \V? (rather the following from th? New York l'oat: "There vr?ia prevailing belief, last ere? iuk, ujc ic?uti wi me pieviavnuai fiecilon Md been virtually decided by Pennsylvania, and, of i course, the moat intense anxiety pervaded all par ties to hear the nwi Tbls w? particularly kue 1 of the ItepubUoMB Although ronftdeat of hc rem. the Hiiitir of the Ibstnniala, and tt? recollec tioa of tke damaglpf effect of the 4*feat four vean inadalbei?#xtrem?ly impatient. Tbe headquarters of Ue various club* were c rowded 1 witt mea wheat earikest faros indicated uanls Ukably the abaorhiqg interest they fett in tte ex- . pMted returns ^Tbe headquarters of the fusionists were less , rrMPiod It is probable that the leaders had lit tle oV no hope of consoling news, and preferred to stay at home The boys, however, for they are mostly boys, who bare charge of the Bell and F.verett headquarters, 654 Broadway, less vise than tbeir leaders, gathered in considerable force, and made sundry noisy demonstrations. The returns came in very slowly Tbe first gleam of Ugfctwas a dispatch received at tbe Astor House, announcing a republican majority of 7.000 in old Alleghany county The repnbilcana who thronged the itreeta about the hotel and printing office*, greeted this news with deafening ahonta The rooma of the Young Men'a Republican Unloa, at Stnyveaant Inatitute. were filled to overflowing Mr. Hansom waa speaking when thia news arrived He communicated it, and Immediately the wildest eathnaiasm seized tbe audience, and the people outclde joined the chorua. A tout thia time a Bell and Everett man entered their beadqaartera. with a gleam of jov upon hla countenance, and all gathered around him to hear tbe n?wa. ? "Gentlemen," aaid be, "I have good newa from Pennsylvania! [Three cheera ] Ttie conservative element haa spoken! The Keystone State has gone fur Foater! Philadelphia giYea '23.(<00 majority for fuaion!" Thia announcement waa received with deafen, uvmvs. uc ocu-civcrcurri approrru w ur aim( st t>eslde themselves with exultation They pushed downstairs and into tbe street, and on the idew.ilk set up loud cries of victory. "Hurrah for Pennsylvania ! Twenty-five thouaand major ity In Philadelphia !" Their ard>r. however, was qul'e outdone by that of the members of the Young Men's Republican Union, directly oppo site. Tbe Repub leans came out in swarms, out numbering the fusiontsU ten to one, and made the welkin ring with shouts for Pennsylvania '-Curtio's elected sure! Old Alle^bauy seven thousand majority!" The Bell men bravely tried to keep up their courage; but it was of no a/all. Returns now bewail to com? ia thick and fast Philadelphia, instecd of'JS.OOO, had only given 3,IA)U The re publicans bad expected 5,000 against them there, and the shouting was now on the other side. A company of YVide-Awakcs marched down Broid way and around the Park, waking up tbe sleepers with their jubilant "One! two! three! four! live! hip! hip! Wide-Awake!" and tbe scene about tbe Astor House and tbe printing offices was of the liveliest description. Mr Uorsheiuier waa at the As or House, aud briefly addre??d the peo ple He predicted that the rt-aultin Pennsylvania will give an impetus to tbe Republican cause in New York, which Insure* a majority of 1VU,0UU for Lincoln iu tats State. < The roomsof the Republican Central Campaign Club,724 Broadwav.weredensely packed through out the evening Henry S. Smith made a telling speech, and when the news of victory came the , jov was unbounded. A few men gathered at tbe Breckinridge bead* i quarters, and dlscusi^d squatter sovereignty. The returns did uot appear to please then Farther tr?m Europe. St. John's, Oct. 9 ?The trainer Africa, from Liverpool on tbe v!0th ult fur New York, wa? In- , tercepted by the ntwi boat of the Associated Press off Cape Race 011 Monday morning. The steamer Palestine took fl e at her dock, but tbe flames were extinguished with but slight damage. 1 There Is nothing new of Importance la tbe po- 1 sltiun of the Italian question. The sardluians cou lnued the sie^e of Aucona and had taken another fort. A ministerial crisis at Naples is reported. The Cabinet had resigned. Ancona capitulated on the '29th to the Sardin ians, and Gen. Lamoriciere had been made a prisoner of war with his whole garrisoa. Victor Emmanuel would leave for Floreuce and Bologna on the '29th. A majority of the Cardinalsare reported to hare recommended the Pope to leave Ro.ue. Additional French troops have been ordered to Rome, and the French outpoeta have been placed two miles beyond Rome. . < The repulse of the Garlbaldiana a Capua is i coiiurniea woe account says four hundred were killed wounded and three hundred taken prisoners Their position* were nevertheless maintained and tbe attack renewed in force. The King's troop* are reported aa numbering 50,OGU men, and he i? evidently determined to show fight. Signor Cenfeuti ia about to form a new ministry at Naples, profcaaing extreme opinions. Tbe text of Lord John Russell's warning to Sardinia not to attack Venetia is published The India and China mailsforthe United States are on board tbe Africa. PKRIQUK SMOKING TOBACCO, ke. ( havo received, direct from New Orleans, a ?up ?ly Ul PKRIQUK SMOKING TOBACCO. which has long been esteemed in the ?outh aa the fine?t Tobacco in the worl J for the pip-J. a1 o on hand, toe l>eat qua ity of l.YNCH Hi'KG an J other Smoking Toliacco ; with a ; aaaortin-nt of genuine MKKKSCHAL'M MPKSJSMOKING 'Jl'BfcS. Ac. Together with our usual large and select as sortment of FINE HAVANA CIGARS GEO. W. COCHRANE, cc 11-31: 398 Pa. av., l*e:w. 4H and 6th at*. IIIWI.U .junn r. m FEB 1.W1I BKVIKlIXiK. CHARLES S. FOWLER * CO., IMPORTERS, Wholesale ami Retail Dealers in CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE, Fine Cutlery. Plated Ware, Roll Metal Goods, Block Tin Goods, Tin Cha-nlter Set* J -.paned Waiters, Ethereal and Solar Lamps, oal Oil I.aniu*, Lanterns. See . 4 c. ?04 (Old Pillows' Hall) SEVENTH ST., oc 11 e<*Sw Washington City. ^^OTICE.?B? reason of the detth of Oeorge II. Is Lenman,of the firm of I,knxa.n t Bioiuii. it has become necessary to close and settle the business of the late firm All persons are therefore reqii?st*d to present to the undersigned all th*ir claims against said firm, and all persons indebted to th? fi'in arrt requested to come forward and settld the same without delay. JNO.T. I.KNMAN, oc 9-1w (Intel) Sarvivir.g partnsr. STOVES! STOVES'! STOVES!!! I have on hand a large assortment of Cooking and other -toves, which I will ?ell cheaper than any Kilier hoiise in the District, as it is my intention to close ihem out Call and and then judge for yourse ves. C. SNYDF.E, og D Neat door to tbe St?r Ottce. TWOOD AND COAL. HE Undersigned have this day opened their new office on the south side of Penn. aveuue, Ims tween 31 a"d 4.'a rtreets, where they are prepared to *?sll alt kinds of WOOD and COAL on very reason able terms. Wood J'awed to any sixe and Sp it, and delivered in any part of the city. oo d-St SHERIFF k. DAWSON. 290 290 Thompson's celehrated Medicines?LIFE PHE Sf- RVER and CORDIAL-forsale, wholesa'e and retail, by S. C FORD, Jr., Druggist, oc 8-6t Corner Eleventh at aud Pa av ing and 1 m B. HALL WITH ISRAEI. DEMING, Wh*lesale and Rotail Dealers in fine FAMILY GROrKHJKS. T^AS,. WINES, and choioe LI wli'ksoi All Kinds. A Ireali stock just opened. (J'.od r'uicKr 7 cents per pound. Cs'l st No 334 7th street, IkIwmr D and Louisiana av. oo 8-tf F. S. GAII HER 7~~ Respectfully inform* the citisens of Wa-hin^ton that he has taken th? Drus X 1 A ana Prescription Store at the corner of SixtnrjlO and O streets, where he will k?ep a well s??- ** lecttxl and assorted (took ofpureMEDICINE*, ad CHEMICALS, STANDARD FAMILY' MEDICINES, TOILET ARTICLES. PER FUMER V, *o,*o : and hopes, by carefal atten tion to busuiMB, to obtain a fair shaio of the pafche Vtr??l pereoaal attention firen to prescrip tions. oc l -2w Olu ,,CM> k'SWZ VP lv" MONONGAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Conaoientionalydiaullrdby Mr. Jamee Harnside, of Allegany County, Penna., in the old-fashioned honest wu< fro"? the choicest and moat earefully eleotad Rye, and ia no oaae er?r offered jar saU 1 m < i4 #n * 11 US* W (K'lWVIUU UBV BJ I1 l? ? onoe the mott palatable, a* it i" einpfcatta?llr OM of the pureet beveragea in lb* r>wh of tk< paMie. To the Invalid, aa vail m to thou in commend* itaelf for ita unrivalled ^ua'itiea aa a atimulait of the aafevt. aareat, and moat benelohr t itoaoription. and man? of the moat diatinfaiihe* ptiyaioiaua are aainf it in their praotioe with the happie-t r?aulta. OLEEY * STOCKDALE, Proarietora. 39? Walnut atreet. Philadelphia. WM. C. OONOVKkt, Agent for the Prop ietora. 33A Pa. av.t te ft 6m oppoaite Willarda' Hotal. |\J K W IX DRRH8 OOOD8. Large aaaort neut juat received .and at the ioveat prioea. J. W. GALLEY k. CO. 100 Rack-middle STELLA SHAWLS, iuat opened, and very cheap?rant in* in prioea from ftUO to ftd). TbM ladiea ?' ra<ju?tert to oall. amusements. First grand coti?lon party ?ftb? ISLAND FRIENDSHIP ASSOCIA- J* TION will uk?p ? Teoij'i Hall. 7th MM tr?> t, Mr*ii J udl, IKtobW 18th. I?f0 T.cketi 30 MnU, tdm ttiac > ??Ati xndW ltdie*. Bj orMr of th? CaWttM, oo yy H AT is THIS~ W~t~SEE ? TfJ?.IL.GRANP COTIM4)N ??f tlw 4MrRICiN UGLK o? UB wil lie tir?r M %t THORN'SHAui., on TUESDAY, the M <:*> of < tnlje 18A< AA ;k*ts sd c?4u. adrn:tttnr a rkii-?. let dm go. oc ii"* qdd_fello >vsr H \Lt" percital^i PAGODA! a themendoushit la?T night, By tbi Emtiki compant ! A'iA Iv T'>-?rOHT' AGA1> TO \f~HT' AhAl\ TO SIGHT mi3s fannv for rfc ST In !>- bfaamfw! bt lftda! billy PlfcRCF. and the mv*rs'9 to several Fanny nftro ao't! HtwgjiatiH thk young ? amp: t?* originalold dutch gentleman THE original billy BARLOW! AumissiOis- OXLY 23 cry. It* QLD HIBEKN1A IN THE FIELD AGAIN ! TkfTWELFTH GRAN D A^SLM BLV of ? . HI BERN! A CLUB will l>* aiven ?t " Thoiu's H *ll, 7th ?treot. between D am) E ata , on FRIDAY EVK.N ING. Octo?*r l?th, IM> Tickets 53 cents, admitting a gentleman ktid ladies. Oct St* 4 B NOTICE. Y A Request of a great rnanr of oor Ivlt friends, the FOURTH GRAND COTll.- M LON of the FRIENDSHIP CI IB will take it piace at Stott hall, oornfr Pa avinoa dial 5 'tli at , on WEDNESDAY EVENING.uflfc October 34th, I860 Particulars n future ad*e-tiM nient^ _?7_ order of the Committee. oc 9-*t#_ A9H1NGTON THEATER. W Sole Leasee and Manager 9 W. Glk*n. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will op a for the reealar Fall and Winter S<?a?on on the night of THURSDAY . NoviMBBk lsr. JOSEPH JEFFERSON. The Cornedun of the A^e, will comiuenoe an en l?(?m<ntof Twe tp Nirhti on MON DAY, November 5th, a;.d will be fo'low d hvthe moat X BRILLUNT STARS In the Theatrical Firman.eit. rrr Cominuniea'.ioDa if addreaved to S. W. Gi.knx. "Old Howerjr Theater," New \^>rk, will met t with prompt attention. ftu ll-tf PREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES VI of Carpcttig, Oil CUth, (artali Material asid all UTHIl KIMi* or FURNITU RE DRY GOODS. In view ofth? 1st" event wMch diaaolved th? late firm of Claiceit & Dodson, the txisinesa of which now devolve* on the ?urvi vi ng partner, it ha ?>een determined to run off I be entire atoek of the h m at oo*t for the oaah Hav(n? ju??rep'en'shed t'ie ttock with a lace Md fresii Hupp'y oil the mint favo a l'term* p issi tie, i' in confidently Relieved that housekeepeia and utlie.a in want of Carpet no in nil their va-irtiea, from the lowest prieod up t i th? fin??t for par era and drawinr roomx ran be autplled. CURTAIN MATKKI \LS in plondid variet? and <>f distinguished styiea and quaiiliaa, with ail fhejr beloncinicft, Ol I.CI-OTH*, DRl'G KTw,jn borders a^d without, RUGS, MAfs MATTINGS, TABlE a d TOILET GOOD*. In a word. all euch DRV GOODS as are required for the comfort end u?eof n >u?^ keeper* and lodzere will n<-w l>e aold at the wholesale price f >r the rash. Hut one price wiil be n-k> d; no more an 1 no leaa. Person* wanting Carpeting rrOilo'otks will ulea provide themselves with their measurr a, either in diairams or <<therwisc, which will aave much time and trouble. * There inajr l>e found ii the stook? El-cant Valet Ca petiuga at $1 &<. worth Do do do at 9125, do Do Tape?t-ytE gli'h i at {*> worth ftl 25. Three plv at and S5 eta., worth ?1.12S and#lJ6, [nzraiu at 75 cents, worth 95 cents, Jlo at 80 do do 87 do i/u ftu wmii, winn nceni*. J. H. DODSON, Surviviac Partnar of the Ia e Grin cf Clazett k Dodson, oo 5>-eo6t No. 4 Market Spaoe. J^OR key WEST AND HAVANA. THE STEAMSHIP ISABEL. William IIullim*. Cow it auder. Will le*ve r H AR leston oa the 15th October with mails and pasaongera for Key Wtit and Havana. The Isabel it rated A 1 by the writers of both Europe and A sently introduced i:n?>rov*n e Mid most agrtwahle conveya ST For p^ssaje apply to <t'a Huild-.n*. NN a-bi.i?r* St CO., 110 Kaat Bay, Cha j>c 6,9,A 11 Onto Bell and everl HK EC K (N RI LKJ DOUG And all their reapacti sail at HENNING'8. Skvbxtb ^ _ Mid examine hit larfi wl judge if he d-.ea l Knoj a'ticle* a* an? one. lon'a Snoea at ft. Man's Oaiieri at f t .25, Mt-n'a Boot* at $1.15, Bo;*'Bo t-atfi.25. Youth*' Roots at ft, ; liny a' Shoe* at 75 eta., Youths' S io?>s at eta.,I Ladies' BooU at 750 A SI A fine lot c f Ladies' Hed Gaitera and No-heel nder ca, and, from re i by far the safest the i AR\an^i Boots at .?1 25 i' Pi hats Gents' n<* Gaiters at *2 5fl. ^ AND CAPS, GENTS' CLOTHING, Very Cheap. In Variety. Winter Pants from 91 25 to S6. Coat* l orn |1! 50 up Vast* fro ill ! lip. A ice Dr-?? Coat for COaTj*, P ANTS, V various *t\ lea. IR IKS. POLLAlS.d S LOVES, 10 Pane- Collars beat for $ it. _ anJ OVKRCQ DR.vWERh, Nl ENDEKS. I109I1 IT?. ScK ?ry. .A iin* steel-Tram* J^igham Umtinlli, of larg* nze. tor 81 6V Try a fit. I*>r e-frjthin* call at OfcO.TC. HENNING 8,7th at, oc i-ett2w Near Mar>land av.. leiaad ^ O W READ la"dTk8' ani children"?* FANCV furs, In a i their varieties. STINEMF.TZ'S, 936 Fa. avenue, pc 9 Near enrnt' Thirteenth et. DOl'GLAS AND johnson medals at Ol bson'S, oa Seventh ?treet, at 12X oents. oc 9 fit NOTICE! notice!! Mr?. HKLLFR Invite* th* ladiea of! Washington and vioiniti to her Grand Opening of Fashionah.e FALL and WINTER BOWNkTS, >n Fri 'a> and Saturdar.5th and 6th instant, when the wi'l he happy t > have ladies onm? and examine ?er stock of Good". a* sh* h*? a very handsome tock of FEATH KK S, FLOWERS, DR ESS rRIMMINGS, HEAD DRESSES. CLOAKS, SHAWLS, EXTENSION SKIRTS, CORSETS >1 ail niz^x and pnci, and a very large clock of EMBROIDERIES. 4c , Ac. oc 4 No *4 Market Spao?), l?et. 7th and Sth ata. PORTO RICO SUGARS AND RIO COFFEE D hbds. Porto Rico turf Cuba Su>.ar?, part strictl prme, Ahhds Porto Rico and English Inland Molasses, White and Green Rio Coffee. Just received and for aale by ae 24 eo6t MIDDLKTON * BKALL. 17ALL AND WINTER UNDERSHIRTS and r DRAWER?*, for certlemen, youtns and boys, >f Silk, Flannel, Lambs wool, Merino, Canton lannsl, Net, a id Twilled Cotton. A large and :oiuplete itock ju?t roceived at LANE'S Gentlemen'* Furnishing Store, s? 2H-eo6t 4)14 Pa. avanua, n*ar 4X at. r\R. LIE HERMAN HAS REMOVED HIS Y9 office and residence to No 439 Thirteenth st., etween Pa. avenue and K at. oc I sola* V11SS WILUAMS WILL GlVEi INSTRUC .vA tions in Music on the Piano to papils, at tfcair iwn homes, or at Mra. Waat'a, No. H street. Mtwe?n n ana 7th. oo 1,11 * A~PPl7E8-Al'PA>CS, " r\ FLOL R, 4*. SO b*rr?U Appi?*?, in prime ord ;r, ? > ' New Riohmond Family and Extra Flour, sr"j?" if Fasiiii&if ? &? ^U.TlMUKK BUTTKg HOU^E Dm! j r*o?ivin? froah and itmI, in Goakan Mok ~ ? "sews&?t ? ? 1? KinliMf* Plao*. W?IBwnMi MS ?5 nay b? aavfd. wMt G- REMEMBLni 1BS0N ia aelliiu cheaper than ?v?. M hiaaz ?oiei are vrry light, On Seventh et.v 399. oc?-tt Zk STANDARD BLACK TKA fY^l /ID DQTa Uf? * wi\? O IV Iki . r?f * ? ? 4 ? AUCTION 8ALB8. Br J C IU4UIRK* CO. AMtw***. TWO LAR6E GILT FRAMki FRKNCB Plat* Bit Room ok Hutu Miumi at Acction ?Oi 81TI R'UV ModOttotar II k. tt 10 *ei<>ok. in fioat o lb* Ammtiom U^m?, we aL* I two )?rr? Otlt MM Mirrors, l?*t bw U fMt. aaiuUM* I?rk?t4 or bar ro ?? T?ra.* : A o *dit of SB an<* m d*?? for jit #ndi>r?Ml n> I ?, I tift i wl?t J W^V'NK A <*Q B? WA I* BARN?RO.AietiflM>n C *nrr Ximtk ?t. ? ?<t *<wit ?<? f* mr FTPrXttoi ACONFKCllONKBY tfOKC. j Hocchold Kumtcii. |c . ic-, at A*C t on.?4tm SATt'R UA Y HORMNO, 'Stfc fn#l , at lOo'utook. wo oi I ? l. is front ?i tM ??rtioa KiK>m?. a |<pti?rA, tMottawtol HnMtM4 Pirn turti lit*.* <anoiet aaa Ulaa* Jam and Cmc, Nata. Tohaco<\ tatsM, Claret. ft e., A a. 8.deboar<j. UurMtii. W CiM and W 00.4.Mta ChMrs, hid*taad* BiU Mat trtltM, StOTM, *0.. A ?. Term* oaah. WIN WAI.L* BARNARD, Aa*a Br A. GREKN. AuUomm. T7XCEM KNT BOi:9EHOU) AND KiTCH JCj ? ? Fr?mrriB at Avctior.?0? saTIROA Y Vo? NING next, th ISth iM'irt. I ?ha!l 'Lib front of mj etore at In a'elook, 11 esa?i)Mt aa aortmcnt of Farcitare, b I >a* itg to I t. R R. Gar land, t. ft Navy. aoa?i?tiag >a (.ait of? Mahogany and Wa oatDreeaicg and ?th?r Bareaai Do Mar Me top Tal. ?. l>o l?iai"f, Card and Roat Table*, 1 o ft faa. Parlor and Rooking Chaira, Do Ottuiaaaa, Wkiutt Can*, aad otAar Chaw, CI ek, Girandolea, ine Cottaca aad Chaw bar Bat*. Threeelj, ftootch, ingrain aad ft lair Car pate, Oil eAotka. H \ir ai d fthuck Mattreeaaa and Pillova, mwa. 0 ard! Cr?>okery War*, Cooking and other fttovaa. With a good Ivt of Kitabea Raqamtaa. I And a large lot < f o'h?r a' wbiefc wadaaaa U- 1 a * a-r to Mamarata. T?ru oatu. mIN A.fl*PR\.*w?. Ut CLEARY A GREEN A actio-. *%. TWO DEftlRABLE F"IR*T-CUt*ft RE8I DBRCK* NBAS 1H* ClTT H * LI AT Praiu Ave *10*.?fa MONDAY, th? lVh iaatant. wa akall aatl. in front of tha pram ieo?, at 4* '? 00k p. m., two n?-arl* new firat c aas bnrk retiilwa. 00a t h1 or. p\rt of Lota la and 14. in ??<i*ra 862. frort ti< f1, f?et *%eh on Third atraot waat.arxi raaalug b okKJ feet SS inch**. b#twe-w< D aad t. aU. north. Tlie houaea hare been erected in tha beet maaaar, poeaaaain* the moat modern fcnab aud *t;ie, ar ranged vilh all oonreuarcea Ti.ej 00ntain each aaven H'Od room*, ai.d a larjj* aaooa par.or. Btai* Ma mantel*, water a ><4 ?a? introduced 1id ?r?inirM. and 'n< at 4 m onecftha moat baa.thy Btd d;?irable tec icna of the ntr. Tcmi: <*ne fourtu caah; balacoamft, 12,11 aad ?4 iTiOQth*. for notoe b?*riug inUraat, aad Marad br a dead of trait on the p" n ax 00 li d I LEA1V A GREEN, AboU^ Br J. C. Mo?it IKE A CO.. A aotioaaara Choice lot op green holbe rujm at Abctio*.???n TMi NPDAV APl ER N*XjN, Ootobar lith. at 4 o'oloek, at tba Auction K wmi, v* ahaJI aali in Iota 10 ?uit. a ohoioa lot of Gra? . Boom P anU, onmfneirf jneio oe Camat ia J?p.mieM of caarly 1? ranatiaa of tha boat kind* ki.owt, Together with eorae 1 ew ana rare raneuaa of Roaea and otkar Pot Plaata, i erms null. ?s*4 J. C. MeGUIRE A CO.,luU. ETTHK ABOVE BALE l*UNAVOtDA?' T postponed until MONDAY APTfe.MNOON.iack last., M*ie hoar ar.d p.?o? oo 11 ?d J.C. M16UIRK A CO., AaoU. WIS AFTBUNOON b TO MORROW Br I- C. MoGLIRb A CO. Aiat TR STKEft' * ALE OF VfeHV VALUABLE I K kal K.?t*tb ? I iicfr &od by ?irt??oiaoe? tair deej f tru-t, liMrini oate on the SOtb dar of April. A. I) 1 ?,?rc6i')rr'cnfd'd in Liber J A. S . No. 1?. f??lio? m. N, >P5.1? a d H7, on* of Um lu.d record* for Waabinrton oonnty, O. C., tbe aa (1 r? jri m1 will mIi, at puH>c auction, on MOM DAY- the 8th day o October, at half fast 4 o'oioak bm., in iront of the premiere, Lo'e Noi *?. Jl.fS. , S?. SS and 36, ID t^jua-e No 167, la tba city of Waahinttun ThM? nU ar? rerj va'oab e, lyia* Mut ?if the Capitoi. in a rap.dly Impror!n< part of the city. Terms: On* third oa*h; and tba remainder la three equa! p?y went* at 6,12 and II foatba. vitA iowr"?i, kou wnr aaeo of treat. 1 h? Urn* to b? oompli d with in fiv? c&ya from the day of ?a a : otherwise the tmateea reserve tte rif ht to raaoll at the riak and ooat of the hr?t parthaeer. All Teiutcmi at pareha?or'e oo?t WM.H WARn.i JA8 V. DAVIS \ T1U flT-THF abotejalf. 19 postponed ai!m THURSDAY APTKK NOON. Oot. 11, mm hoar and plaoa, on aeooant of tha weathar.H KV - - -- IM. H. WARD, J A?. Y DAY IB. . o? 10 d J. C. MoGUIRK A co.. By TROS. DOW LING ; Georgetown. >0FHIES AT AUCTION.?Or FRIDAY _ORNING, lttii ina:aU,at 1* n'olock, at tha \oCPliohola A Wilaor, No. 93 Ht(h atract, atock of Orooenaa. conatitini of? Viaxr.Ccf^TMa, , Staroh, Bueketa. B oomi. king. Segare, Tohaoco, SrafT. shaa. Cotton Twine, Spiooa, Vith a variety of Shelf liooda. Sale withoat raaarre. Torma oaah. oo M-lt THUS. DOWL1NC.A?t. By cLKARY A GKERN. A action?ra. Auction sale or stocr of dev Good-. Ac-On SA l URDaY MOInTn-9. October 6th. ooauaeneic* at i* o'olook. we will te.l, at pablio anetion. tlie enure etook of 1)<7 Goooa. Ae~of F. T. Maddox. Km , at No. SOl Miuth aide Penneylvania a?enua, botvaoa Kh a ad loth itreeu, (wmpriciir? Fine Dreaa Silka., Bnlliatta, Uwni, Challiea, Caehmwrea. P.ipima, ' eregea. Ginghama and Oaliooee, able linen*. Browu and ? I Drui?. Camhfioe, , . Woolen, Stella and oth*r Shawla, Linaeya. Jhdi And Domeauca, Bilk. Cambric and Cotton Handkerchief*. Flanneia of all kind* a- d deacnatioaa. Hosier*. Giovaaand Ribands, Lun, L ucer*tirt? and ltrawa, Collar*. Woo ea C.i?k?. Hooueand ncarfa, Tiok.iig, CotU/OM aiiJ Shorting*. Mui lu Curtain*, Brocam!??. Ao 4 la-ge assortment of Mi inerr Goods, flue Wool an Blankeu, Spreads, A a. ranch and Engiuh Cloths. Caanmerea and V Together with a .general assortment of sunk Godil u>aa!i? kept in a reUil Drj o<H*i? Store .. Tiie nale wii t be continued froai da; to day pH lk? entire ?t< ok ia diipoaed oL Tufftll AAtk o?3 tf FUTURE DAYS. By A. ORKKN Auctioneer. Building lots in the citv and two H?uea* aits Lor* m Uxiortovr at Acctiow. Dn FRIDAY, the 12th initaut 1 aba 1 aaJl, at I Auction Rooinr,o rurrofSmnU and D it 4 o'olcok, the fo.lowin* t?*.m??J ?? No '" " No i&ui&i.'&xia a . .l ?*?' TlwoUier loifWruu f?t ou towtk V. it th# eoi Mr of S?o< d<1 iirMt Nat, AI*o, t*o two ?tary Hrick Houm, aitaatad ia Uni' Dtown, i'ppo?it? th? Na*y Vard a..d the ott ' wfciafc tno* stand. bstnf part lo'? No*. 6P w aid *** Waahincton utr**t, nmr Monro* urea*. Ot Vi.caUwaT road. T*7"*i Ona-Uiir* c??h; balaaeo ia *, I2 and It P oU? kr*r,Dl ut*n?[ ftow da> o| *a.A. r? unu KITCI. ICQ ft U??vl OI ITttl UUlL Tltl* 10 luputab a. oc t-d A61EEN, AaoL Br" A. UKLKN, Aaetionaar. Trustkk s sals or valuable Paor SBTT IIIWIII llTM AND 12m STB. BAST. I i*R PBN.1. AVBKtK, WaaHIKGTOS C1TT ?Bjf TU ua of ft de*d of truat from Jovph Cuvuliar. dated H?i IS, 1854, du i r*eord?d in Libor J. A 8 . No. 77, olio* l7,Ac? vl ttie Iftod raooraa of Wftahngton N (omrtf. 1) C , I ahall, at tka r^aeat of tha ovi*r ? tod hof< ar o( tka oot* th'tno ircuitc, oa Tl'E> JAY, tha lbth day of Ootooar D*zt, ftt 4 o'clock a. M, n.,on the prrmiaaa, aeli. ftt public Miction, tha io> owing vftlftftbia propoiti.ur <> mack ftod aaek ?ar?a tharaof fta mfty m nac?a*%rv, TIB : Lota Noa. ^.5 (, 7, t, li, IS. 14, IS. 16, IT,1?, IB 0?un No. ^ Tar ma: On* third owk; Bad tha raaidaa in C. U * .nd U moatha with iB<?r?;t. Doad circa aad a . ia?d of truat taken to a?oure tha deferred payaaanta. , 111 oonrajfti oe* ftt tka aarohaa?r'a e.?at. If the erma ef aale ara not oompli?d with within i da>ft, b* truatee rea*rvea tk - right to reeeil at aarahaa- * ir*? ooat aart nak, after I week'a puhlio nouoa. Wk. A. WOODWARD. Traataa. M: laa? a*SI SUwJtda A (ilKBN.Aaat. |>.aal4 yrj POM STAMPING *B * A packet OF PAPBB. | NO lgjARG? PH1LP * SOLOMONS, At mt /rLmmrmp't c*j*br+tU Lmm Pmptrt, "MUr&olumm Mtlit," # ?., ft. t*H ly 3a3 P*. ?v.. h< ? %m4 WU *. w O O ? = AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH, at Um METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. 4 if ft ><4 n n n w Tote tad KINDLING WOOD, at ? mm,. ^ J. * W. *L ?1LT, XJIGBS. ('O-. I>^.po ? KBgyt eBft. OVM AKAmiC Lore* fct ? fcnd y ont?? bot,, NtMMMM* ?ALTI*Oll|iJUFS CO^J

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