Newspaper of Evening Star, October 11, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 11, 1860 Page 3
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CAL NEWS. ? - . - . , d. hi.'.tVi ta * qj* a 0 la nrftifjmi iin t)tii a uv "V"<S" . ?-r ?? ? Ifc, .... pM la oar truth a/ Baltimore. Ita edition H *o Urge aa to require It to b* pat to pre* at m *ar!y hour; Advertisement*, therefore, should be trnt In before tt o'clock m .j otherwise they may not appear via til the next day. Notic* ? DWrlct of Columbia Advertlaetnenta to be Inserted In the Ealtimoiik Sum are received /at anil forwarded from Thi Stab Offlce. Baoct* H KAD-i asd Bloodt Noku were amon/ tK? Ar?t rAntPnn?rirM of th? rMiilt of th*? election on <*aT before yesterday In Pennsyl vania Thus. last ?-veolujj th'ee chunk* of lights duly ram* off between Breckinridge men and Dou^aa:tea. upon the renowned fl^btlng corners of the Federal Metropolis, near the intersection of ftoansylvania avenue and Sixth street, where ex cited men do most congregate when election ku iwvi Is expected The alleged treachery of the Jtevglasitfs In Pennsylvania to tbelr own guber afttortal candidate waa at the bottom of ail tbreo ot th* ir.tiM**; one of which waa between onr asuallv amiable fallow-eltlzen. Mr John Henry Clay Modd. ao noted of late for hta nart'zanship In favor of Douglis, and Mr. Joseph Robinson, of .North Csrolina. now of the Navy Department, inat haw tha ntKiiftiactir rhalr. ?an of the North Carolina Breckinridge Club Tfce precise < anse of tbeir misunderstanding we know not. but hot wordi between them over th? course of tne Douxlasites In the Pennsylvania [election led to a blow from Murid. which ?pon isls very much (mailer antagonist round. like a M Bystanders interfered instantly, however, m Justice Donn promptly held the belligerent ksflHttcr-soverelgnty man to appear nt noon to day I tpawer to a charge of assault and battery. F light No -J was between Mr Cook, of Miw . ' 0i Alderman Wm. H Ward It i? said to bave |(tsn out of floht No 1 Mr. Cook, an ardent frr klnridge m .z^ was denouncing the Doujjl^s isaiof.Mr Mudd. and the Douglasite Alderman, is ?ndravor;ne to oadfv him. nttcrd something I. mUinterpreipd Hit? retorting hi* (C * ) remarks a^aiist Mr. Aiurid upon himulf. \\ here upon be whacked away In dead wriest with his walking aticji, upon the magisterial caput, knock* lug that functionary's hat into the middle of unt ?rek. as It were?for it came out of the melee cut all to pieces, while the bead under it is said to I ivt been much the worse for having been caught thrre Shortly after thev were separated, Mr. Cook made the discoY<rry that it was all a mis take?that Lis walking stick bad actually gone off half rocked, the so proverbially quiet Hlderman having given him ?<> earthly cause for tbeaasault. Tb<- conw^uence was at It Should have be< n. He Instantly endeavored to make all amend* in bit power for bia unfortunate mistake. The alder man. we presume, aa promptly accepted his re grets and apology; which, however, tan hardly operate u a salve for bis battered bead, or as a re storer of its utterly demolished covering. Fight No. 3 wm a sort of round-robin affair, in which Mr Robert Alleu. of (ia , now of tne Gen eral I.and Office?Breckinridge man?bad for an tagonists Mr J%ntes Henry, matter of horse In tha mail arrangements of the iaat Postmaster of the House of Representatives?a Douglaslte up to the bub; also Mr Aleck Dubant and ? Magee, young men about town, and equally ardent supporters i.f the son of the hunted dame of Clifton $prinu? This Is said to have been a good substantial solid fl*ht?we know not how itroinmenred?in which Mr Hfnry got severely gashed about the head by Mr AU**a, and Mr Allen well nigh as severely lutirrt-d and bru.aed in the same region by one or all three of tis antagonist* Were they not likely to prove words?pearls? utterly thrown away Jn timet like the pre?ent, we would urge '-The Harmonious'' to remember the good advice of the nursery psalm, which tells them that their ''little hand* were never made to rr-it-h each other's eye* " They can hardly im agine how the Lincoln;tea surrounding them are roaring over th.- style of brotherly love which !hi? I horkinir Pennsylvania election has rai:?-ii them ?late meml>ers of the *ame brotherhood or family political? to manifest, a* above described P 9 ?Fight No 4 duly came off this morning It is said to have been the result of the fights of last night The parties engaged were >Ie?sra. Cook (clerk in the !?.xth Auditor's office.) Henry, and young Ward, son of Alderman W ard It appears from what the reporter could gather from persona about Squire Doun'i office, where the partie* were having a bearing, that Messrs. Cook and Henry were engaged in exciting conversation on the corner of Sixth street 'id Fa avenue, surrounded by an equally excib-d crowd, wueo young Mr. Ward stepped up, and it is alleged attempted to separate the contestants. I ... t?*A - 1 . V ..a. ? ? - LI ... r* 1? v/uc t/f iwu wurut paaccu unwrrii .urMra v<uu& sad Ward. whereupon blow* were exchanged Tbe IteliigerenU were then aepara led. and carried off to i*qu:re Donn a office The Pkx*bytbrt or the Distkict of Colum bia met on th? WUiinat , in Rev. Dr Sunder land'* Church, aud waa opened with a aermon by th? Moderator. Rev J. i. Bartlett Rev \\ . B. Evana, of Baltimore, Md , wa? elected Moderator The call extended to Rev. John C. Smith,D D in June lut. to be co-poator of the Aaaembly'a CLu cb. wa* placed bv Preabytery in hit haiida and. behitf accepted, tbe Rev Dra Sunderlind, McLatn. Dunning, and Kev Mr Carotber* were appointed a committee to inatall Rev Dr 8., wii? nrvc-r he n.ay appoint. Tbe Kev Muon Noble, chairman of M^nion ry Board, reported tbe progrew of the churcbea rM*a? viii'r si . 1 xnH nftA r i/patifvln r ru /./ proaperty. the report was adopted The Southern Aid Stjcletjr donated fl.UJU the last year to the Pn sbvterv The resignation of Rev A G Carotbers aa a member of the Missionary Board being accepted. Mr W. J Rrdatrake was elected to flU tte va caaey Liabon, Howard county. Md . wn sele< t?*d aa tb? iteit ptai-c of meeting, and tLe tirat Tuesday in April. l-?!. at U a, in ,'tbe tlaneof holding the next stated meeting of Presbyter* After pr&ver and the benediction, tbe Presby *ry Ldjo umed Ta? 9tolm Goon ?Yesterday, after we went to praas, tar further bearing of the rase against Curtiktwas concluded before Justice I-ioiin It appeared that she was employed for six satin la at family of Mr lsa*r Hacket, as a servMt. aa? aboat ton days before her aires' she ww Hfrrra iter uuaonna was present. ana a? tlirrt If 1* should be satisfied that sb* waa . be would have nothing to do in her behalf; be believed ber innocent. be would protect hrr u fir u be WU able After Messrs (Jacket and J W Oameron Identified their property, be withdrew from taeir company, biddlug Mr H. a cordial farewell, and expressing thankfulness tbat the affair bad been brought out She had lived with leveral wealthy families before abe waa mar ried and her maiden name was Mary Mr. ilacket identified a whip. pillow-cases, towels, children a clothing. white china cups and aaucera. white china candlestick, lemonade glasses, chil dren s fl.insel unierclothes. ribbons. cup and aacer; Mr. Cameron?cushion toilet bottle, table clotu tr:ramln^ for dr?-sa. glass bottle, ladies' deriirrss, flannel, flut.iel petticoat, napkin. s?-v erst pairs of socks, towel, worked pincushion cmr-r. pincushion. de laiite dress There are an iiiert>na tu.rr arncirs maricu, wlii-o luigm oe eaa ly ldentlted After at thorough an ?*x;tm!ua t!oa a* tL>? i'latire romin i'.rd bar to jail Car court, aud lu tu? meantime tb?* remaining propf'tyr n.av b? idmtlilcd Mr. Gtberson ap piared for the drfruae Tm? Revival ?The meeting* at tbe chirchea la wb" b protracted meetinga havr bee.i In pro |TM4 for ?-rfnl weeki pact, irr atill rtrv irilar ettlnf At tbe M. K Church South, Rev. J. A fiart't, ptrtcW from the teit of Deuteronomy ?. tO ?"O, Lh~it tufv were wiae; that they uu Aenuxxl tbia. tbmt tbef wo>ild cooaldrr toeir lat ter end "* Tbe intereat aop**r? lolie iacrraatng; m?a penitent* prreentr-d thftuaalvea laai nitjbt t thr M'tbodiat Prviea'ant Cburtb, Ninth aU??t. Rev P Light Wilaou delivered an eff"*tlrc dta. caartr i?>n tbe nature and uecaaaity of rogener . atlaa T..r d?' ;rv waa full of kiatrart'on. I aatd W44 lUteued to with much attention by lha 'ji aagrtitl nil aftrr ? b b the at-r vice at tbe altar Mliiifj, dou several penitents pr>senteJ UiiwmUh for prayer ?ad instruction. One con fMlCMru reported TU* roa^refitlon wai dismissed at the usual boor, Lot toaqy remained with ibe penitents, singing ?nj prayii?g, until % niKk later hour. Wk havi bus ??*c*stii> by many persons to Invite the attention of the public to something Novel in the wsy of street pavement, a spec:men f which isawjitiog popular admiration In Tenth stre t west. Tlie material of this new pavement Is composed principally of brickbats and pieces mt the fouudattea stones of S bouse lately Urn t?w:i in the v-.ciaity, and the space paved extends tr?m near 1. street north to G street north Those who are compelled to drive.along this street ser rat times daily in their carriages have hitherto fai.'-d to appo-cute the Invention, and dtaire to ka 'vr hy what right several hundred cart loads of ruhoish of the description above named have tans liei-i dumped into and spread over the carriage iy u.--rv Pevb?x Heattso ?On Tut-*4*v county oflWr Stifwd Bv't ? at an naiotd J. H Wynn on hath tr?at, with Ilia bead and fi?? borr.Wy brufMd ??d cat, aad aakrd hiin wlo did it. \VvauU4d ttm that Mr Varolii dd it St (lord e*rti?d ffnaMtbtolorof iuattce GtWra.a, aid got a wfikt, n> i Vr.G U Virudl Gee MCurity for a f irths bearing Tb* bmii I we wif<i !uf r.ii-J ibat Mr. Wynn la ia a vw* iirt>r couuM-a He vraa aa employ** mi M. r-,-?H ana ted Worked f >r him ?*?. ! Stmtova Cbak?i ?La?t night, JamwCloMt&d O. A. Daily appeared before Joatlce Dona, to an ewer to a charge of 0 W Slejl.* of Jwvlejj fraud ulently obtained from him an sw*r^ment of an Intermt In a pa'ent, ef whi<-h h* waa the inr^ntor, about two wwki aeo 1 be patent 1a for mixing oil* and paint*, and. It aeema. wm owned jointly by Slegle and Dally The charge ! b-at ?xpUlaed ) by the testimony of tbe prosecuting wltneaa. aa t fellows G. W. Sltgle, sworn ?Met with Mr. Cloa? on the dw In aneetlon I dr*nk with him, and re marked nothing afterwad* I knew nothing for aeveral daya after. When I drank I thought there waa aomething tip; be took a tlisk out of hia poc ket Cloae pretended or did drink. I knew nothing for two days; - when I ramt to myaelf, I waa told 1 had algtied my interest in my patent to Mr Close,which was on record. I bad a promis sory note, signed by Mr. Close, for !?. and Ire turned it tn Mr Close Close told me I bad sold out ray patent. Hs told m* it waa for S25. I have been offered fti.000 for the wbole Interest In the District of Colombia Know nothing of Mr. Dally except that the transfer waa mads to Close and Da IK' of all mr Interest, about two weeks since? av last Saturday week I am tbe Inventor of tbs " patent. Dally owned one-half, I the other. Tbink that CIom went to Marshall'* with him. Don't , rtmeintvr getting a due bill from Close. nor tbe i money 1 r*ceived from him. Went to Alexandria ? and worked for Close about a day. Mr. C. kept , mm drank tbe whole time I was there?a couple ofdavs He paid me some money. A young man < on the boat told me that Mr. Allen bad a dne bill t of mtne; he gave it to me. and I gave it to ft: r. ? Ck>se. My object inbiuging this action was to ( get my patent back. Mr. C treated me well in Alexandria; i drank at his house l)r Dally told me be was with me on aald day?that he was Mr Close ? E F. Brown sworn ?Testified that Siegle, ' Ckse, and D-illy came to his ntflce. He drew up \ a paper which was signed and sworn to by Slegie and Dally, transferlng to Close and Dally his In- ( tert-st in tbe patent 1 noticed nothing at the time, but that they were all sober and knew what tbey were about F J Murrhy sworn ?Messrs Siegle, Dailey. j and Close called on me to draw up a paper of as- | si^nment. I adv's-d tbat they had better get a patent agent to draw it up. They appeared as if nothing was the matter J F King sworn.?Saw Siegle the day be was with Close. He was very drunk Oeorjfe Atlee. A ti Siegle. and Klizibeth Slegie testitW to the condition of Slegle on that day and , Iter ward*. There beins other evidence not convenient, the hearing was postponed until 3 o'clock to-day, In ord-r to pt>eiire it. Mr Maury appeared for the prosecution, and Mr. Lloyd for the defence. Oca lady beaders will be clad to learn, by advertisement in another column, that Mrs. Lowe proposes to re-open her ladies' trimming store, sooth side Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets, 011 {Saturday next. This estab lishment has been closed for several weeks, un dergoing a thorough refitting, inside and out, and we should judge, froin present appearances, when it la re-opened it will be hard to beat in the beauty of its external adornment, as it always has been in the taste of its interior ar rangements Of course the counters will be pre sided at with th? l>m? trrar# anri Htirnitu thut have ever characterized the establishment. ' "Card to the Pcblic."?It is due to Prof Groox to state that during bit residence ill this city his conduct baa been aucb that no blemish could be attached to his character. It was therefore painful for 'is to aee in the Star of the Oth inst. the report of the one-sided exam ination of a shameful accusation wilfully brought against him by bis own perverted son The object of this card is to auk from an impar tial public to suspend tbeir opinion of the case till thetrial isovfr, S3 that it will not be prejudicial to the position Prof. Groux holds amongst us * Maiy or h:s Feirxds. Vesim** -Haniirack'i larder 1> already graced with a fine display of venison from the celebrated glades of Virginia. His cooks are famoua for serving It up moat exquisitely, and in every variety of popular style. It forms a capi'al addition to hi* remarkably fine stock of the various delicacies of the season P S ? Haminack has just cruelly slaughtered a fat turtle weighing between three and four hun dred pounds. Washisutos Prices Cuerkxt ?White wheat *1 35al 5?>; red do. Cl.'iOal 35, corn 70s ; oats :10a 35c ; rye 65a67c ; potatoes 50a80a. p?-r bushel; hay TOa-15'r ; straw 6 ab5e ; chickens $2a3 5H per dor ; dii'-ks ?.3 p-r doi ; 12 50a3; veal calves *4 a6 each, Welsh's family Hour $9 75; super extra flour 97; superfine ft>.'25; fine 85 50. AmmviD at Carter'* wharf (foot of Thirteen and a half street) acbooner* Colorado. Sh^pard, from Philadelphia, with 153 tons of Toal for Mr. H . Fowler; 9 F Solliday Seaman, from tbe aame rrt. with 341 ton* of coal for Mesar*. Caatleman Bro ; ?*? Elliot, Weaver, from the hum port, with SliU ton* of coal for Mr. T. Drurf. Laoit*. don't forget that yon can get new magic ruffle*. Victoria ruffle*, tape trimming, wide and narrow **wiu aud cambric edge* and inserting*, *1 ItL ? * # ? ? * " Uflfruirr wim rvery variety CI taucy good*. 01 IDe Uu-s ttyli-a. at Mr? R. G bison's emporium of fashion. Mo. 12 Pennsylvaniaavenue 2tf Pimonstation or th? Rcfcblica*? andWidk Awakb*?We understand that on Friday (to morrow) night the Republican and rt ide-Aw.ike Associations of tbia city intend celebrntl ng the recent republican victories In Pennsylvania and elsewhere by a grand joint torchlight procession. Ckstbal fir**D-Hoc? Casks.?John Glaaco was arrested for abualng bis wife ; the complain ant failing to appear, the rase was dismissed for want of evidence Chas Madden was picked up drunk In tbe street, and was senttotbe workhouse for djya. Three lodgers w> re accommodated Pekc: val's "Paooda," as will be seen by ad vertisement in another column, Is now open every night at Odd Fellowa' Hall. Wutas's Bacsah or Wild Chirbv, Cmrt.? B'Otckmi Attctxoni and all lhttaxt* of tit* iaui From the Kxtou Evening Traveler, January 6. "Jt in p?ri:np-? hut a simple act ofJustiett to the proprietors ol Wittar't Baham a/ Wild Cherry for us to Mr, that our penomtl urpttientr in the uk-1 of mm auci*. nns uripre-koa us ittvoralily. una t th? proprietors ? ! the Traveler was entirely ou red of a hver* cough "| four months' contain vice, by tut us-of thi* r.&i?aiii,aiid several of our f. lend* and ae quatntmicrtn, who iiav.?tried tliearticie, have found ic of great service in elieving tlirm of m>v?r? cough* and shortness of breitluag, with which thoy had b?m?u afflicted." None ge:iuiue unless mined 1. uitti on lh? wrapper. prepared by S. W. Fowle a Co., Boston, and for ?ala b? /.. i). Giiman.s. C. Ford, jr.,s. B. Waite, 0. Stott, John sohwarie, Nairn a Palmer, Wash imton; and by dealers everywhere. oc 10-lw,r Hollow P;lls. Atrophy ? diwarilmt the etf?-te theory adopted by the m'mlern piiyxician in the treatm?nt of gra.iuv <!*j*y or wasting of the human body, Holloway's inmhciit's i"ii? on the direct cause of thediseaso? th? w'>.?d. They purify anil enrich it?ther ?timn ia?e and inr go at.- the exuai.s ed system by givitg lif* to each ti*-o". strength to the muscle, energy to the invalid, ela ticity to the spirits, and the bbjoui ofhealth tothe pa .lid cheek. Sold by all Dru{ gisU, at i5c.,t??o., and ,?1 per box. se 29 lw homeopathic kiikksigs Alt of Dr. humphreys & Co.'s speoific Ho meopithio K?m?d;^s put np expressly for family u??>, in Iwxe*, at 25 and 5n cents each. Also, la oa*e*. containing an vials, from 94 to $i each, with hook of full direction*. For sale by 7. 1). Gilman. Pa. avsno*. wltolesale and retail accat: \V. A. Fitzgerald, 3 ?3 north F *treet; ai?o by V. B. Winter, oorner o| Massachusetts ave ue aiid Hixth strait. Ala", Poitrf'j F.Timet of Witch H it'J, for internal andaxterual inflammation* of all kmdto. Sold aa above. ma*My Uftor thi X'itT P1EV4LKNT, and at the same time most tronbiesorne and ptinful ditea>es that attes t the tiuin?a li?ah, is ?m> Fever and Ague. For a Ion* time the ineJijal world have beon oon tiuuaily bringing forth numerous spesifios for it* permanent cure, but *1! without effect. Dr. J. Ho? tetier, an experienced and celebrated physician, hat succeeded in furnishing the publio with a vai uau:e prepivrvion lor cure o| Fever and Agu J. i he Kteauy a&d increasing demand lately made for the Hitter*, aod the universal success attending it* ns? have mad* for i' a reputation unsurpassed by a iy ?i> <rifij of the kind. For the eure of Fever and A rue, Dr. Ha'ittitr'i celebrated Stomatk Bitter i must an t should claim a superiority over any other preparation etUht. For >a e by druggists and dealers generally ev erywhere. oc8-ecSt Mm. Wimlow, an experienced nurse and iemal* physician. h*s a trooikine Syrup fir Child** Tteik im, which greatly faoiUtates the prooets of teething r,y koftening the gams, reducing all inflammation? wii! allay all pain, and is aura to regal^ta the buwe's. Depend upon it, mothers, it will give rest to ycurse*T*t. and relie! and health to your infanta. Pe-'ectly safe in ail ??. tiee advertisement ta vil**' am 11.1v DIfcD, On Wednesday, the )<Hti instant, after * long ill tea ol typhoid lover, whieh he bore with christian faith. RoHKKT 1>K-ANKY, fa the 37th year V his a?e None knew him but to love him; none Batted h' m bo *. to praise. Th, frie ds a ? a<?<|uaintaac?s of the family a-e r?sp?ctfullr i?vi'od to at'end the tuneral. from his mother'" rcsidenoe, No. 3*?1 1 street, between mta and l?h sU. At the residence of Maior Gaorce Peter, in Mont unt*. M d.. on 80 nday. October 7,1. HEN RSON PKTER. tnird son or the late Jo.ia k ! C Pv'Ur, in th<? Sith year of hU ?? >J A? ?m r#turnii k fn*?i Ltorntwtrnrn on day votunr hi? horM ttartod auddenlr. throvinc hiui againstatroo withfroat vloleno*. H? was im j t- kdu t? tho rMi<t?no? of his unoto, vhtrt rr rr s-rvico vn rendered whtih medical .kill g?4N devtM and ?t?-j atentton paid Mm which ki idiiM^ooald jrira. B jt it was plain hommn tirij1 H? < >?ytna'ly without h*iH. on il undajr %T i t.* noo*. wheo h? raimlr a? n?? ?r? n to WANT8. |*7 ANTED-Two rood CW A R MfkXffKS, W plr to WM. S. HORNTON, 490 Il-it* Ap a venue. ANTED?Bt a re?pee'ftl)!i? woman a SITUA TION at oo?k or chaii.bermaitt ia a small oo w rftmtly. Apply No. 31 Twenty fourta street, i - ween L an-1 M. It* j WANTED?By a respectable womti, who can 1 con? well recommended. a 8'TU 1TION ft* ' mr*e or ehamberniftid, Aildrcne Box No. 1, S*ar Office. It* i WANTPD-By a mnidie-?ged woman, who can I coin" well recommended. ft SITUATION ? I took in ft large family or boftrding-houte. Address, I 'or 2 day*. Box 3, at thie ogee. It* J WA NTED?To adopt a ohikl?a little girl twelve worths old?to any ore that has no chi dren. tpply to W B. B. CROSS, I street, between 14th incf H:h. It* WANTED?Bt a 'expectable woman, a MTU A TH'N a* housekeeper, or lad*'* maul, or t? lake herself generally useful in a family. Sm<j has he best reference. Address M.C.,atthis effie*. oell 2t* WANTED?At the refreshment rooms of the Washington Branch Railroad,a settled MAN >r WOMAN tocook. Must understand the b<n ness, as the duties ara light and the wages are lib >r?l ooll-St* rHK SUBSCRIBER II AS OPENED ON THE comer of Ninth and E streets. an INTKLLI K.\CK OFFICE, for aerv?nts where he will at end also t? * .in? of * and the eo'l'Hjtiin wt en 8, Ac. iVuoui v his sorvioes will please jail oc 11-3t A. S SCHOOLCRAFT. WANTED?For a t rm of ye*rs. a brick i WELLING FOT'SE. situii'ed between 18th in J roth street < west a i! G and I str?ei.? north, and ; ntaiiiinir uot las* than 4 chambers, p&rlor, di iung room and Kitchen. Persons having sucii a house can ?? u'pan entirely satisfactory tenant for the period of 4 roars. ? pply to J AS. C. Mc?i UIRE 4 DO., Auction and Commission .Merchants. oc 11 3; B^ARD WANTED?By a lady who desire- the qn et and comiort of a home?with a widow adv preferred. Ans-me'e mnst^ivethe terms arid paiticulars. Address D. E Po?t Ofliie. oc lft-2t* WANi ED?TJir;,e sober, hoi^tt, and iidurtri ous. (j??xl FARM HANDS. Apply at I.ocu^t Hill Farm, 7th str<* t road, near the First Toll-gate, oc 10-31* WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?2 ro.k! COAT llANUf, A!?o, two firot-'ate Men's Hand* on pantalooni. WM. TUCKER, Merchant Tailor, 4t26 Pa. av , oo 10-3t between 4'? andfith sib. WANTKD l.MMEDIATKI.Y?From $5 to worth of SKCOND-HAND Ft KM TURK of all kinds, for which 1 will guaranty to pa* t e highest prices, and, as u.?ual at the shortest no tioc. K. HCCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stove?, Ac . oo 9 408 7th vt., hot. G and H. "ast side. WANTED?All kinds of SKCOND-HAND FURNITURE,fir which [ wil! pay the cash, at 3f 9 Feventu street, between I *"<1 K oc 6-tf HENRY BOXTZ. SALESMEN wanted?One or two first rata Salesmen, who ca;i b? relied on in every par'ic ular. are wanted a', the Uouae-Furn tore Dry Goods Ptore, No 4 Market Space, near 9 Ii .?t. As time wil' be valuable to the subscriber, it i? *>opf>d none will app j but such as are competent to fill the P aoe. _ oc 9 eolt J. B. DODSON. WANTED-?5 n?n worth of SKCOND-HAND PI!RNITrH K. (or v)?ir*h tt-A hirhftut ph-H prices will ho pail Address, or inquire for, O. T. GRIFFITH, at Cleary A Green's Auction Room, Ninth str-et, one door from Pa avenue, ( c 6-0061 H.rANTBf>-A PT.VWBER. Inquire at MY ? ERS A McGHAN'S. None but a first class workman noed apply oo 1 WANTED?To have everybod* know that the* can find a fins and *v*e)l ?e!*ot?<l "took of KALI, and * INTER CI.OTHING. FURNISH ING GOODS, HATS and CAt'S at th? Peop'e*' ClotMnj Store, No. 460 Seventh kt, oppo<>i?e Post Off,"**. ?2S 1m WANTED?A CLEKK, who is acquainted with the city trade, for a Jewelry Store. Best of references required. Address T. H.t No. 5, htar Offioe. ne 14 VV ANT ED?By a steady anil indnstriou* man, a T? SITUATION as collector. B*st of reoom mendationa ziven. Address M. C., Star Offioe. Jr 12 tf LOST AND FOUND. ?> jr RKWARD.-I.oit.on Monday, the 1st inst., probably on II st , between 17th and 13th sts , or on G, between 11th and 9th. or on Eighth st., be t ween the Patent Olfioe bnildin/ acd N nt , comprised in three bank bil . The finder shall re ceive the above reward on lea ins the money at the Star Office oo ll-3t* rOST?On Saturday afternoon, on the road from Jk Georgetown tothe l.ittla Falls, a bla- k leather covered MEMORANDUM BOOK. The finder will b? suitably rewarded on leaving it at No. 114 Bridge tt., Georgetown. oo 10 2t ?RKWARD -Strayed away from the 'ih?nrj ber on the th instant, two HOGS !> ars,> spotted b ack a id white. The* above ewa'-d will be given if returned to? DKNNI8 BARRRT, on Organ alley, betwe-n 6th and 7th and M and N streets. oo 10-2t* ?10 RE WAR D.?Strayed away on Monday last a stout grey M A R K. from thocor-/E\ ner of Fourth street and Vw York a v. *WW The above rewarl wiil bo giv"? to thi find ^"* * er, by r*?urmnc the same to JOHN SHAN A HAN', corner Fourth ?t and New York av. oc 10-St* CjQ " R EWARD.? Lost, strayed, or stolen, on Wednesdav eveni *, from the Con- /?v tor Market. TWO HORDES. with Ke?-?~L^ on : one !.lick. with white hind foot; the^?^ * oth?r sorrel, with white spot on the forehrad The above reward will he given to the tiiuler, hy address ing WILLIAM BOWES, Sandy fp'intf. Slont goinery county, Md , through the Post Office oc 10 3t* Lincoln and hamlin MEnALS,at GIB SON'*, on S*?enth st.. cents. oc i?-6t BE' I. AND EVERETT med M.S. at GIB fON'S, on Seventh street, for 12)i cents oc iHit Breckinridge A\l> l-AN E MEDALS, at Gl BsUN'&, on Seventh st., 12l? cents, oc 9h6| PARAPFINE candles I i PARAFFINE CANDLE*! A beautiful article, equal in appearance to patent sperm, (l>eiu^ ckar and po ish?<i,l and at much less colit KlNO A Hl'RCHEI.L, oe 10 Corner Vermont av. and 5th st*. Y STERS! OYSTERS!! OYSTERS!!! Fresh everv day, Served in a'I stvlos, at SC H A FFI htb'p halt ?t._ t:o:.TirT'M'K?T, O ui BTBHB::: Sixth direct, Wtween l? and H. oc I HA VE IN STORE * ND FOR SA !.E A NEW 7 octave Rosewood PI A -O, with In iron frainu car\nd IVet <?f very fuil andy* inWI sweet tone, and warrant the instrun.e-1' ' ? " * five jrear-for durability i-> ev*ry respect, and that it will stand up to concert pitch always ar.d the trippleaii! not fa 1 below the other part of the m trument, winch no other piano in existence has ever (ioun before. Please call ami examine at No. 37 Louisiana avemi*. K AKneetfn 11 v ?.o 10 st 5. M WIGHT. Sporting UoodM. Doable And Single Gun*, from $8 to $25; Game Hag*. Powder Flasks, Shot Pouches, Shot Belt*, sm?|e and double, Gun Nipple*, Nipple VTranuhe*. Cap Primer*, Gun Cleaner*. Gun Wad*, Kara Rod*, Ram Rod Screw*, Wad Cutters. itKO. Colt'* and Alhn's Revo vers. Smith & We**on'* Seven Shooter, Sharo'* Breech-Loading Pistol, Pocket Pistol*, Eley*s Caps, Hick?* Musket and Hat Cap*. Prussian and 'rG D" Cap*, Smith & VV essons Cartridges, Parlor Pistol Cartridge*. Drain Plasks, Powder and Shot. Pistol Ball*, Ao. Ail ttie above ju*t received from the manufafetu rer*. and for sale on accommodating term*, at the Hardware Store, No. 3.19 Pennsylvania Avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel. J. E SHIELDS, Ha I oc io at NSTRUCTION lardware Importer. A. F. _ has returned i IN MUSIC. LITTLE, PROFESSOR OF MUSIC, ned to the city^nd^ resumed the du .?frf u?? ui nm j?ruie??iuu rroi 1,1 i f Lh, hav 4jME ing charge of Musical Department at Alnwick73* and I'leasaut View Seminaries, and being engaged four dav? in eaoh week at these Institutions, hat o 'Uaeqaantly but two day a in each week t.i devote to private instruction of pupila, or to a similar en gagement in another institution. Thoae desiring hm amffaainnal service* will pleaae inake applica tion >t Dr. flunt'a, 310 Fa. avenue. oo 4 lraeo* style* >?f Material for llusiness J*?ita, together with a va-iety of GENTLEMKNM PtlKNIAHINO GOODS <>f the beat quality, to which they respeet fully ionte the attention or their Irienda and cua t jinera and the ?"Mte generally. Cii U ?? r?*w r*Vii. Military Naval ami Citiaiams' Mtrckmat Tailort. o?4-e?iin No. 218 Pa ar. M RA. r-Rrn.i v FOB SALE AND RKNT. [For otkm uMr SaU K-?u" UwWto?ll, r<igi J For sale-o?? two-story brick h<?uj*k, with twoatocy back hoiloinc. pie'* briok froa-. *k F.l?v??th < i botMM O *nd P ata north. Terms, S3flca*h; bal%nee In 6,12 And 18 nonth*. I. quire 01 JU 4 ^VV^REEDj^on the poni * ?. oc FOR SALE.?Daaigmnj improvinc the >tora o tupiH by me. 1 offer f ?r ?-!e th? two larje HOW * INDOWp, wiih all the DRa VVKKSand SHELVING complete \* cow m the aiore. Arp'r to UAH vtON 8L RNS, 40* Pa. ay. oc 11 4t TFTK OWNER OF A HOUSE NEAR THE ? apitol deairea to rent one or two ROOMS, wit?> tlie us? of the kifcheu if required, le-miuo oanalir moderate, as the ob.ect for renting iatoae> euro protection for th*jroprt* while absent from the eity. Inquire at thia oaoe. oc 11-St* F'OC RENT?A HOUSE on Fifteenth at. wtrt, between L and M streets nor h; hi* 8 ro >m* ami a ait foot paata*e, in 2-xxl n-der. A pump cf good water in th? r?ar of the lot; and the rent ? 12.50 per month. Posfengion riven on the 1Mb. Inquire at No. 343 on L street, of A. BORLAND. ooU-l.' F'OR RENT-The two story BRICK HOUSE No. 70 on Market ttre*-t, between 5d and 4th street*. Georit?*own, D C The house is commo diou? as t> afford every coinforr, -tricli <a* and water; sufficient ground* to cultivate ve^etat>ies and flowers, Tho lot runs back to % joint alley wi h _ Li. a _ _ 1. r i .j ? n t ?t rfo - ? a inuie. i.o jas a. siwrsui*. i>o )? Congres* street. ne&r the Post Office Possession can be given on or about the 1st of May next, oc 11 In ?Jw* V7oR REN r-Two ROOMS on Eiavsnth at-eef, I. between C and Pa a true, opposite the Thea t?r. Apply on the premises oc in 3t* FOR RENT-A ne*- and d?sirabla BRICK 1? WELLING HO|tj?E m a pleasant loca'i'v. No. 396 I. street. near Fourteenth. Inquire of C. CAM MACK. aia F st. PC in 4 RARK CHANCE.?A large Store to Let and ii\e large Hall*, on Pa. av nne, l>etwe?n loth & id lltii nt< Also, a SUve and Dwelling Mtuitotl oi Tenth ?^reet. Apply to C. WOODWARD, No. 31** Pa. a ?^ue. oc !? 3t fj>OR RKNT-One mall BR CK HOUSE on K stro-t, h tween 11th and 12th st e^to. It ia in food o:der snd th* rent moderate to a irood ter.ant. nqui e<ffiKO. W. Si'EWART, at the corner of * 1 J 1.-1.1 .4. A ii a\u pis. uc^ .ft F[H)R RENT.?Two n?vr three-story BRICK HOUSES with hack buildings, each hous-> containing 8 rooms, witfi i;a?. pleasantly ntuaird on 8th street north, between M and N street*: rent moderate. Appl? to K. LAZKNBY. opp.isife.or to JOH VT. LF.NMA-N, Ohio avenue, between 12th and 13th s'reetv oc ">tf FOR RENT?In f'eFirst Ward,a DWELLING and F RMSHKD APARTMENTS. That desirsb'e two sto-y Brick Dw>-1 ing, No, SCO, on II, t-etween 18 h and 19 h streets,^ seven rooms and kitchen. Also, for rent, furnished < r unfurnish: d, a part#?r th-< wliolb of the 1)# lling No 110, o<>rner of Pa avenu-and 20th st, nortn side. Apply at No. 110, corner Pa avenue &>>d 2 th s'ro.t M 9 eoit* DAVID HtNEH FOR RENT OR SAI E-A ooupleof n?w brick H(?l SES.^ix rooms each.) situated on Tenth street, between 4) and P sts. AppiytoD. T. 13 SEL. No 504 L street, botween 9th and 10th sts. oo 5- t* FOR RENT-A n?atly furnished HOUMK in the Firtt Ward, on H. het*?en 17th and 18th sts.. No 227, c<>nt\iuing a doubl.) parlor, 5 or 6 cham bers, dim:iit-room, kitchen and pantry ; with sas. o dd or hot srat r. bath-room, &c., Ac. Apply to CIl VS. C. P. BAR N ARL), next door east, oc 4 2w l^OR RENT-I will ent my SC^UAUE OF I OROi! N 1>, with two * rame House* ou r. Hit uattxl south of the railroad, near the depot, f >r -?nn or u if < ro \ej?rs For fu t|??r infoMu ?tiou call on ALEX. H. YOUNG, City Po?t Office HKMK Y COS P. oc 4-?t* Jefferson. Maryland r^AKM FOR SALE-A hiehly improved Farm, containing 115 acres, with two-story faiiie dwelling aiu! ail convenient out house*; fineorch ard, exoolbn* spun*, Ac., stnated on the I.ittie river turnpike, Fairfix county, Va., 7 miles from Alexandria Term*: one-fourth cash: the balance in 1, 2 and 3 years. Apply to LOLISA SO ?1 HIlS. on the premise*. cc 1 3w* F'OR SALE?A now tw-story-and-basement HRICK HOUSE, containing 5 rojms and cel lar, situated on lltn ?t north,between L and M Kts , No. 37 ^?within 5 minutes' walk of fh* Northern Liberties Market. Terms unusually liberal. App'y r>n the premues, or to McKENNEY A LaNb D ALE. comer of Pa. avenue and 7th ?t. ?6J4 lm* FOR RENT?Pos?es?ion on th? 1st of Ootobor The DWELLING HOUSE No 43* D street, at present occupied hy the Rev. Dr. Butler, and nextdoor to the residence of the advertis-r. J. M CARLISLE. N. R.?It will not be let for a hoarding houne. se 18 tf BOARDING. BOARD ? \ gentleman and lady, or two single gentlemen, desiring a home n a private f nr.ily, can he *ccomino.Kted at No 445 I street between 9th ard loth, with Board and a fine Front Boorn The location is mo?t pleasant. oo 9 8t* C'OR RKNT?With or without Board to a mn P gle gentleman, a oomf>rtaM? and very conve nient fa^k PARLOR ROOM, on Flevmth street, not far from Penn. avenue. The family are quiet and th?reare no sma'l children in th*> house. T-rms will he made very moderate and every attertion paid to the renter's comfort. For address apply at the Star Offije. nc6 1w 4rO NINTH STR KF.T.?Pnrsons returnin? t J'9 the oil* f om tlr-ir summer r'eort* will find vacant tevera! desirable rooms,having the conve nienr>es of gas, water, and bathing closet?, at 453 Ninth st., one door south of F; snitable ei'her for families or single gentleman. Table boa-ders ac commodated on moderat" te ins. v 6 4w PERSONAL. \f ADAMK FFLIX. F.'rtune Teller f.oin Pan?. i"I be* s leave to inform her firmer frior.ds, *na the piji lio generally, that she has removed ;o 2AO Ninth rreet, northeait co-ner of N, where ?he will b!? happv to ?oe a!l wh t ' ay d?.?iro t<? have the past. pp-nfM an 1 future Fa'isfaotoriij explained. o* Him* 1 NOTICE. HEREBY Notify the public rot to tru't m* wife". ANN L. BOPF ; 1 ill pay nwdeota of her co- treating. oc* at- J AMES R. BOPP T O THE CURIOUS OR ANXIOUS.-Madain * D , to veil known a?the m^at successful ex plainer of the Past, Present and Fftu e eve' in Washington, continue* to be oonaulted weekly V>y hundreds anxious to know of thing* at preset.t hid den from them. Hor consultation fee. to both ireii tlem n artl latliea, la extrenieij moderate. Call at her house, on the south g?Je of *ias-achns^tts av , between 17th and 18th ate.?the only h^u^o there, se 17-1 in RBMKMBBR! vlf| RSON Hasop?n?d on Seventh met, l?otwe?u I and Northern Libertiee Marke?3<">5. oc 9 6t IF YOU WISH TO PURCHASE CORSETS less than the usual prices, call at oc D 6t OJ BSUN 'S. 353 Sewnth at NEW MELODEONS Now in store JoMn p. KL.LIS, 8 27 30C, between *?tn and l?th sta. D U H A N T ' S ,*1^ ir RESTAURANT (mJ FJ,# i> \i nruiN.T \!k ILr# 6 pi axure in &-suring thn ^SHr publio that he is at aii ? times prepared toa<-'.onim'. late them with the finest GAMK, FiSH, OVSTKKS, MKA I S. an1 oth^r edib:?s; and with WINKS LIWUOR??, and CI GARS equal in purity a:;d flavor to any tl;?i money will buy iu ?ii) city iu tiio Uujtdd tiu H?? tftU'Mit contjnin-H to its high repuiation for the manner in which a I is Tired that anv gu- st may call lor. On Sunday next in* Kiting Kikjith will Uh upon, and on t>aoh succm- tlui* Sunday until furtli- r uouce. On SunUys the eutiasee to his Kating Rooms will be on Sixth street, tue fourth door from Pa. averne. oc 5 2w H MUSICAL NOTICE. AVING Boon in.luoeW to acovpt the posi'ion of organist at 8t. Aloysius Church in this city, Vflfo I hare determined to remain <iuring the ot.KU-l^K ing winter, and shall be happy to render Brnfussional services to those who ruav require lein. 7. n. caulfik;,d, Ptufessor of tile Organ, Piano Forto, and Singing For particulars as to terms, ka , inquire at the II..;. IV.. *. - i/kiivf n is ? t t j n, ? nuaic vcpui ui jun.i r. CiiiLi?f ft>nn?yivania venue. oc 3-lm* DOWE'B ORIENTAL BALSAM, IX A Curb fob BALDNLbs AM) HfcAIUCUK, Thu ce^f diaoovery haa produced aatoniahinc r? DlU in ourinr naidti*es and atnppicc the hair from falling off It remove* dandruff and all eruptl^na of the akin; a certain ou;e for oeadach*, and a de Iifhtfu' waah and perfume. Price 5J oecta. Poraae by Meaar*. Nairn A Fanner, Chaa. Stott, L. M. Smith, J Sohtrarse and Kidwell A Lauranoe. ae l! eolm* Notice. REMOVAL. IN VITATION.?1 hereb* notify iny euatomere and th? public in genmaj that l^iave removed to No 349 Sevecth itreet, (three* from Miu. avenue.) where I ahall keep conatantlt on hand a la^ce assortment of FOREIGN and DOMESTIC l?RY GOODS.HOSIERY, FANCY ARTICLES, MIIJ.inkbv ? vi wot vfvua i w * which will t'? sol?l it astoimhing tow pm^?i Sim* (OWP'I'M 8. rtBtlMAN. IMPORTANT TO floyUERKEPERS. H. R. DURREE * CO.'S GBsraatMd not only - ?Y AND PERFECTLY PURE? ABSOLUTELY AND PEL. __ ___ _ _ , tat urouail from fre?h Spic*?, tooted acd oiaui r uh exp'Mily for the purpm tj sewn* (Un*d and ? IPltjPMI v _ jUMtf v?r, jsaBKfcaJl turod onl ??w. VrJGKHjt<fc fcji |f,P4W,tr ""HY Ftf it.. Ntw Yoft, ft AID AND CIRL MAN'U " rAOTOlY? 243 P?an. arenas i,mi Imwc l Mr?JThirt^nth sUmL?A * -? o M?ort tor Jlrawlt Ca.urrr?**U-9 . Bmdi*n?.A*~ *9X k*f f*""LftVlimd"U? rrjt. * *M<* Wort tvfftuod o. ukMtikU8<?K?. GEORGETOWN. of Ths Star. 0BOMBTOW*. October II. At *be ir?ettar of our City Council* last even ing Ibwr ?>rc prumt In the Board of Aidennen Mewn Berrv , Be-all, Cox and Riley Inth tb enc# of the Recorder, Dr Riley waa called to tbe chair. A meiaage was received from Um Mayor, en cloa u* aevoral bills: read and referred Th" following resolutions, passed by Um Board of Common Council. were received: A resolution irovldlcc for the final payment for dredging the channel of tbe river: a resolution In favor of tbe estate of Philip Gormley; a resolution In fiTor of W D Wallnch; ? resolution to pnv Robert White?-which were passed and signed After which tbe board edjourned ?t?* rfn In tbe Board of Cowman Council all of tbe meml*rs were present except Me?ars D-d^r. Dun lop and McCobb. Tbe petition of Andrew Smith. **king to have a fine of *20 and c:>st* (Imposed upon him by Jus tice White) remitted, waa referred to the commit tee on grievances The petition of propertv holders, and others, on a- ' j ? ? ? * n>i*r .-pun in iiri?ni?oriiooa complain ing of tbe closed an?l use <-m b'idge acro-s tb? canal there. tnd asking to haw tt rebuilt, wm read, and, together with a resolution offered by Mr. William* appropriating 95(10 f<r that pur pose. Hid on the table temporarily Mr. English read a letter from Kobt P. Do>t?*. , chirman of the committee to which bad been rei-rred tbe communication of Mr George Rbinebart. the contractor for drrdging the west channel of the Potomac river. Mr Oodge states that the account as it stands on tbe Clerk's b>ok? credits Mr Rhinehart with St.W. b ing one-balf of S9.7W. the contract price for dredging; with ?e3 Hj for repairs of dredging machine*, and w.tb fWUU for engineering. n>ak ng So.173 SO. and is charged witliS4,6 *> paid, baviugdue him *573 SO. The letter was accompanied by a resolution di recting an issue of stork in order to pay the bal ance; which was cor side red and passed Mr. Tenner, from the committee on claims, re ported a resolution which came from the Hoard of Aldermen, and was referro-d to said committee, i authorizing payment to be made to the l?*rnl rep- < reseutati v?s of tbe late Philip (jormley, of *.,Tj G.J, ] the amount which, iu the opinion of the Recorder, , (Mr Capert'ijj.) is due u:?der tbecontract with the i said Philip fiormley In answer to a question of Mr Hill's. as to whether tbe matter nad not been deferred to arbi tration. explanations were made at some length by Mess s Stake and Tenney, of the romui'ttoe: aft-r which the resolution was considered and passed without opposition. Resolution in favor of Rob't White was paused Resolutions from the Hoard of Aldenn?-n in re lation to tbe contingent fuuds of tbe Mayor and Cl*rk v.'ere severally passed. Mr. Stake oil" red a resolution, appointing a committee to examine tbe horizontal and lateral lines of Aqueduct street, and tiud whether it is good policy to Improve said strert by straighten ing; said committee to r<-port at the first meeting of tbe second session The resolution was opposed by Mr Hill, and defended by Mr Stake; and the third reading being objected to by Mr iiill, it lays over under the rules A resolution ordering tbe drainage of lots on the west Sid.* of Fayette st . north of Eighth st , and an providing for a paved gutter on the west side of Coiiurttt, between Road and West sts., were s?ver*lly rons dered and passed After which the board adjourned mm* di* We und-rs'and tbe attendance at th? plc-ulc on Analostan Island yesterday was good, tbe manage ment, as usual, excellent, and that all enjoyed themselves very much Do cot forget the fair, by the ladies of the Prot estant Episcopal Mission School, at the 1'nlon ( . *.i *- ; * nuiri urop jn ura evening, ana our word for It you wllf not regret tt. GEORG ETO WX A D VERT'M For otktr (??6f aJrti ttscmmif .?? jirtt pa?? fV*yTHE LA Dir. S OF T H E SI'N D A V Scnool couaected with the Prot-stant Kpis e< pa! Mmm -ii Chare of tieorgeiuwn vri i koid a FaIR at the Union Hotel,on WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY KVEMNb^ofUii v?ock, for the b"n?-tit of theSchoo!. ooM4t* 17?OR SALE,ON THE MO<T REASONABLE t-'rrni. at BOUCHER'S Yard, a i eautifui lot of v?ry tupori >r Cuml?er and Lump COAL from Geo e- ' Creek. Also, a &ice lot of R^d A*h and White A*h <"OA!., ana a superior lot of Hickory, Oak and Pine WOOD OiTicet?At Dan Brown's, on Holy Bill, ard at the yard, on tfc? canal, adjoining Ra/s coal dook. WW V-CVU HARRIS' IMPROVED UOUBLn, THREAD Boudoir Hewing Machine. This .Machine, An mprovemer.t on *ro"er * Ba ker'*. ia uinc tii than theirs, and for iU reliability ?0 i du^t'iity ia not 'tiipa?a*d. A <-hi d twelve v-ai? o!d aan ror it with ean?*; yet it wil' ??v from the o >ara^at oloth ?o 'he f-ne?t Swim*. There ia no trouble of rewinding the thread a* it ia taken from the epoola. It has no b. It* to nv?> trouble, %->d will run t.ack wnrds ax Wfll am forwards, and *?iil >?wi eqa'ly pTfrct and without danger of breaking n -ediec. ir rum !iy friction,ar d in o!'?? !?< t:.e tx>x over it. it ,s t?rown out of Tn fact we have no hesitation in recommendin* 1' an th < B**t Family Setting Mmrkm* in v*r Arenoy at 101 Bnd?e?t.,?*-or?. town.wnere may be ( ?im d I.AOIt-S' 1K'K?S rHIMMINti". BKR I.IH ZK. in R WORSTEDS. and FANCY VA RiKl'lf liltoD# of every d??criptio i. 0#r ? - eortmeatia a? complete and nriM a? any in the Dl?t.:ct. i.edka oonneot?*il berevoi&nt or other aocietie* wi'l find, ii lo iheir ad vartare to oail bef >rc uurchaa.ns?.?*where. ooa eotf Mra. 8. E JARVI*. 'pHK UNDERSIGNED CARPENTER AND 1 BUi l.UER oil ?r? hie ?o the pqblio of Georgetown, Washington, and vicinit*, * ??! w; I oontrau; for or huperi' te?id ti.e const-neMon of poblio and private hui di->z<?. I'm.* a> <\ ovr>ris wi'l bs furniahtd at ?hort ?> and hr>p <>n C'>nnret? -it 'ieorjet >vii, immediate ly n t th of tfi* Pout Office in9r1.iv, UOVBV HIVfllTP HN. a. SC1L09B A? Reeeive. Ins Supply of FALL AND WINTER DRY GOODS. Purchasers viil Lnii the quality &ud price as rea son iblo as evo.. FOR RENT?A ver* de?ir*ble STORE, to ???t n.ost a y ePiit? 'i bnsina**. A prompt %rvl 4<joo?a - fill cash trad* in the d y an I isli;iror> bn?i iiJi . !>? en don - ai naw L'.'U-e uu.l cau be c?>ut' r uimJ Apply to N. A. siCHLOHS, No. 105 H idge street, Gcorge|owu, DC oo 9-5i* QQ UtlGESTOCK! OU < "O BEST ? O ? D J?!! Jo I. O W EST l? R I O E *!!! M'lLMAN A HUNT, 9b b idg# atrect, bei* en VV t' Mti?tOll and Ci.n?re'M, *r I <.V --<1 U< ' bow 1 h-"ir w??l! fc?let t d ?:>>ck t-f DR E^S1 i DOMl-'STL'S, 4.O. Their t-laro ?th* < |,1 sKnd of i H. E. B rry ) havin* Ua-? r*n?odei ?d and hUcJ up igl Ul? ?>o?t tfeotomh fimMT,ft?y <*. uen fooiir line in u,e IIIKiriCl lor we p 0? cuti n of a f?*ne"U Dry Gooag Butiueg-1. Th^> r?tpMl fully ?nv:t< a oall froin the citiseu* ot Georg-v?#?n an vioinity. 006-1111 FOR KENT?In Georgetown, two firxt q]?s* HOl'SKS, situated on West street, oa? con taining 16 rooms,and theother 9, WitK gas and bath rooms oompl- te Apply to II, L* OFFL'TT, No 49 High et , Georgetown- oc 5-lm WE WISH EVERY ONE TO KNOW Thai DR\ GOODS can be *w<ui{!it cheap at BROWN 4 WHITES, No. 140 (No.?th Sidk) Bpiikik Street, Georgemwn, It C. A?d to convince > ourselv es of the fact, rail a> ?1 gee tlioge lliaelc Silks. Priiitt-d and Piair. Di-la>nes, Poll De Chevreg. Meiino plaids, Krench Merino*, Valen cias, U'a *k Bombazines, A paecas, 4cc., fee. Coaks, Tynan Electro and other Sua wig; Blan kets: Men's and B^ts' Wear, a goiKt merit; Men'g and Hoys' M-tii o ^hirts arm Drawe-g; 1 .a dij?* and Misses* Merino Vi-ats; B^k>u*s Kid Glove*; Hi>op#i', ?girt?: ro-*ets; P.ain, Bordered, Hem*utohei|. and Embroidered Cambric Handgerchiefk: Embroideries. vrr> chfan. a. A nn huiu^ug; Hosiery a^d Glor*i;'Whito Goo)*; Vao ke# N ot<ons.a fu 1 line; Lute j, On almrg Calico?, and Servants' VV'tr in abundance; ai.d nt&:.y a'tif f thinics. which wo will t<*l! jou of whe& t. at th* IJrowu A White Po?>t jiur*. Am of which wo will ee!l aa cheap ^a tua auea^kt, "or an) other man." Com** ocrij, *nd don't torget the place, ae 39 2w TNEW SUPPLIES! AY LOR A HITCH.SON. *t Market Space, are now receivin* their stock of F*Ll. GO??DS, embracing all the new and desirable atyl a of the tea<cn, to which they cordially invite the attention of buyer* generally. a?H TFALL AND WINTER *OODS. HK Subaorihera heg leave to inform oitiaena and atrangera ?t;*t toey are in receipt of aeleet ua^rtnefet of PALL and WINTER ARTICLES For GENTLEMEN'S WEAR, embracing eome of the choicest uorelUoe and latest importation to which we invite vour attention. HINTON A TEKL, Tailor*. 406 l'er. a. aver ue, eeyj-tw (States. > bet. <S and tth streets. A SWEDISH LEECHES. tjrppi v r,1i-.? ?i ciuzene 1 - ? uv i ? u ? ? wyv??*ui ?iiu wu ?UiU, JIW ford's Olive Tar *r*u Iron and Sulphur Powders, four* Oriental Sahi or Japincee Toric, Hulio vti'a W or in 'oiifeotione, Si alding's Glu*,*e.,at MOORE'S Went hnd Drug Store, 113 Pa Mr. (QT Order* for Laaohing ud Capping roocirwl prompt!f attended. tol tv JEVERYBODY'A INTEREST UST Rooeived -?r FaLL mad Wl^TRR CLOTHING, to vhiah yoar vtauti>n la ealed.a* I am o<>nfid*nt 'hat I can Mm good CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOOl?,HA18 udOAhJ at lover prioe* than any other k'aaa in tfca eity. eaB-lra SMITH. No. 4? 8o??wtt at. ... THE LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. THE STATE KLKCTIOU. PENNSYLVANIA. PaiUMLriU. Ort 10?It low ippNn that tbe mull In tb? flrat Conrmaa<oaal d tat r let la |a iaubt Mr Irtxmtm, tbe Donjrlns enndldaie, "lalms about majority. Tbe repnbllenaa await lb* official count In tbe llftb dlatrict, Darta. republican. bMtrar 100 majority, with Pottatown to k?V from. Tbera I* little doubt of his cation Tlie Bulletin (republican) clctma a a*)arlt)r for riirttn in tbe Suu of from twenty to tweotr flvo Ibouamd. elghte. n ?w twenty out ?f tbn twnnly H<re Oon^rrnalonal dutriria and botA brnacbna at tn? Legialatura Fhii*ratmia,t>rt lo?Evening -TUfaUtv Inc additional retnrna have been repaired fuscuebanna county?Curtin 4 K majority: om of316 * * Columbia county?Foater 600 ma orltr a 1cm >trrt " Wiynecounty?Fott*rtf * majority; iidtoof 140 Plk* rouiitT?Foft^f 400 ir^Jorlty; a LoaaoMM Lnierne county, (reported)? Fotter tJOO ma |?*<tr; a fain of 1,is33 Clear! eld county?Fonter about Suu majority, a c*a of 181. Huntlnedon county?Cortla tTerWtt majority, i nln of Ji>i. Fmnklln county?Curtis ?5 majority gain cx ?2.5 in the seventeenth district, Mcl'beraon. r.'pab iran has about 150 majority In thr irtl />nBirf?M'?ii?i K? {I*m L*hman. d'mornt 14? majority Scrmton. republican, 1? M"" 1 to Congr ? In ,be twelfth district \ij Tiift mij;r!t;, ! <o i?f *n 'rom bis vote of 18.V. The Buil?*t'n (jives the Miowtng Hat of mem tten ofConcreaselected ?Ionian, democrat; Slor i?, Verre . Kelly. DaYis and Hickman, repubH :uii, Cooper and Anronv democrats. 9trm>, Kellinjjer, Tampitell and Sranton, republicans, lobnaon, d< rnocrat, Grow, Hale and J unkin, re rjblicana. (tt>e latter uncertain;) MePheraan, Blair and Cor-de. republican*; t.acar. democrat, uncertain;) Moorehesd McKnlght. Mtew?rt, Pat ion (uncertain.) and Rsbltt. republicans, and Mi Krntv, democrat. who la elected to the short term from the eighth District OHIO. Clevklaxd. October lo ?The re pub. teas fMtte lielifi !? eW* ted In tbta i*t?te by nearly vd.uuo ma | ?rit?r D-inorratic Congressmen are rlwlrtl from tiie flr*t. tblrd and twelfth districts. and probably frou. tbe nmtb?a deu.ocratic ft*In of our P.TT*?cRd, Oct 10, p m ? The following re turn! froiu Ohio have been received: Clinton ? republic** majority fcf 1,000? a tain ' f about 345. In Kairflcld county. Mi.rUa,dem , far Congress, baa about 1,300 majority?democratic gala 100. Hamilton and Preblrcountli* glv? Cral|(l?i, repabHa-.u, for Congrtss ftii majority Montgom ery county givta bitti 179 majority. Butler county gives Vallandigbam, dem., 1,216 majority. ValUadtgham's majority ta tbe third district It 141 In the ft rat district, Pendleton, demo- rat laa 1,400 majority. I n the aorond district, Ourley, republican, has 500 majority In Athena county. Ho'ton. republicin, for Cno pres*. baa 1.400 m jority; a republican gain of 600. Mel^s countv tlv.a him 1,400 majority a repub lican gain of 800. Washington county gives Cnlver. republican, for CoilLTMLR I'll". I?: Ixrlhi "'-Lt to bear from In the sixth district, Allen, democrat, la re elected to Conjjresa by I 0 majority In tte aeveMeeuth district. .Morr ?. democrat, ta probably ele<t?-d to Contr?*s by 500 majority Green' county frlv?* t.ioo majority for Brisker botT. republican candidate for Supreme Jud^e CoLiKin O't 11.?The repuoltcan majority on tbe State ticket la over 20,0U?. Tbe mvmbe:i of Congress pr b?blv and thir teen t*publicans and eight detr rata Trlaibie. republican, a elected la the tenth dfa tr:ct, and Nugent, democrat, In the fifteenth Ala trlct. INDIANA. Tsci\>AroLta, Oct. 10 ? Returns froon ion# twenty counties In this !*ta> sbow large rapubls can yaltta The rt,t?l'lican State ticket la do douou dly elated by fr^m kv? to t^n thf.iaaa nd majority. ElKht republican r< nfltiasim ii va elected, and the Legislators la alao probably re publican . SPECIAL DISPATCHES A private dlapatcb from Col am bus, Oblo, reports the eirrtinn of tbe following democrats to the srit Congress: rot in the twelfth district?973 majority Yallandigbam In the third?PJU malorttv Pendlrioii in the tint?reelected Alien In tbe fourth?reelected Noble In the ninth?gain. Morris in the ??venth?gala Jew-tt in tbe sixteenth?gain. Nugent In the ttftoanlfc?fala. These result* ladure the belief that the demo crat* have carried the sixth and teatk dlst*V? also; bat dispatches indicate the defeat of Marti in the eleventh district, and tbe election of V. B. tlorton. repub.ican, who probably received tba Bell vote of the district Frem t allfermla. St Josephs, Oct lu?Tbe Pony Lipree ar rived to night, with California dates to ibe K?lb September At Bau Francisco Coffee and raw Burara advanctntr A strong trade demand for R.w Coffre ia reported, with aalee at 15Jfal6^ ceats Mutter was drooping rapidly, and qu.?t*bi? at lot '28 rFiiti I.irtMA? ?.in - ? iiivjuutv u?u villi an npwiri tendency There wh Imdrlnir la Wheat, bo vcaa-U being agitable for ablpoit-Bta Price# arc UMbUgcd On tue 27 th the oii Musical Hall building, MonWamerv and Bush street*. Sau Frajn Men, w as d-'stroyed by fire Lom *50,Wu. The ltr?t ton of lilvrr ore from the New Olxo tr in*?> a rived ft <*311 Franetaco on tbetTih It la of the b>aheat decree of tichneaa Tee kblp George La? baa been char tared far Hor.g Koug, taking a c*rgo of floor and vrhaat. Kirlatiaa o( n Propatlor. Oitboit. (tct v.?Tha Wealera Transportation Uomp ny i profiler Mount Vernon, with a cargo of 2u.*MJ b.iahela corn and 6uu barrels Sour, ex plod^ ber boiler near Point au Pelee thla morn ing. tiiHantlv killing the second engineer. ao iore Km* ard a fireman named Jaruea Coollm. ud slight!? Injuring several others Tbr wbkI tunk immediately, and. with her c?r*o, la a total lost KtiUrttkn ! Trarrl. New UiLiiM, Oct 10 ?The accident to tt? lackaon railroad by tic recent storm baa b*ea Fell!y rerotrrd, and tmna ar? making their usutl trip* Srrioua aa the injury to the road waa flrtt iuppo?rd to be. onlv onetcrongL train from Wash ington waa oriii t'fd in consequent*. Xatieaal Kepablleaa Addreaa New Yore. Oct. 11.?The Republican Fmn ttvf Corn id i (Ice bavr- aaue.1 an addros to ibe re imWicana of the 1'nton, claiming tb&t the m W-at tiH< txen d**<1<el t.y t e r e t!o-u in Pea* iv vuiia. OLio, and li d ana mid urt Id i i CMMad -B >ria to at-( urr a Co >i r*?* favorab'** to Llaeola. NtTeaarala at Umrmu Krufjrew* PHtLansLPHiA, Oct II.?The rojnl i arty left icre tti.a inoriiintr at v for N<-# Yo a. in * ipeeial train. The Raron expreweahlirB i b<ii My (ralifl?-d with ttjc pleasure* afiorded Uim In Pti. d*lphta,?*pec ally at tbe operatic cote tain meat, tl.a dr p-ttiure *m c< nduo ed quiet v. Pt??Tln>la F*)ltktt. Philadklpbia, Oct. 10.?Mr Welsh, Chairman >f ihr- L>?uit? r&tic >tate Kxecutl ve Committee, kM sailed a uie*-tiag at Heading, on Friday, toe UKk uataut. to < onsider bnaineaa of great Importance. Baltimokb Oct 11?Flour la firm, City Mill* tf jOa.j m Howard at and Oblo *5 75 Wbrat ip hither; red S1.33a?l Jb, white SI Ua* I 66 -orn atafcdy; mixed toati?, white 06a79o Pia 'uu-iu* steady; me* pork S1V.W; prime !? Tft. offer ileady Wkiak? dull at fete. New fart Markets. Niw You Oct. 11 ?Fkmr Urn at aa adeaae* i 5c Wheat la allgblr kicker. Cera lmaiaal. l#c. Pork dull; nwa ?ltr ?8\a?t8 7?; prim* 113 25a$14 50 l-ard dull Whtakvdoll at fejjc. Nbw York, Oct. II.?Stocks duU. Mkr wad. ctive Tbw l? no aecoad board Md to day :blcago and Rock lalaad 7t\; llllnoU Cilial. ban* Mk; do. bonds flg; M SoatMn uaraitteed 43 ki N?w Yark 0?M 88J|| P? !oal Co 81V Keadiag 47 Hudao. M; 0#: Va Mo.raWfc Tbe o>m*J et {? aatfar. Tm teaks art offartaf fraaly at da7 ITNBi 186 1!V'rKR10lt APOKMMKHT. 'aPERHASUINGS Mi ITin DOW SHAIifg

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