Newspaper of Evening Star, October 11, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 11, 1860 Page 4
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1 ' ~ THE EVENING STAR. Cactios Agatt**? Vtol**t physical Exit now.? L)r Char n Kidd. in a letter mc Tbe melancholy death of Oapt l,eiee?ter Vernon brings to my recollection a itntement made very frequently by oiirehief l.ondnn Iwturer am medi nne, wciiw practice lin very mDCQ au?o?tf?? iu*> ni j*r c aaaea and the poorest -f the poor at on? of the Lo?pitai?. to wbl b be U chief phvali ian. The statement la thin: That &ltin<at all ar.atocratic roun|[ men who have been at Oiford or Cam* brtdyr and especially Uiotr who have meddled much In pulling at host racca have returned from their University affected with d!ieti?ed blood ve?els, and vary many with diaeaard or dilated hearts. brought on bv tne undue excitement of the clrrolat!on, Induced by pulling at theae boating toatchea Thla statement ia very remarkable, a* this phy aielan has had ample o^p.?rtj nl ties af:?jr thirty or thirty-live jr? a/s of practice In the borough hos pitals, of csrefirt'jr comparing the relative pr?cll vlty in ibik isiKDiii uiuun^st the poor an J aiuon^ the upper rla**?*s; in firt. the matter It now wHl recognized at the insurance ti&c?s,*ud in the ad mlnlttr .tlon of chlr.n farm, where a deceased heart h*s to be fua-d -d against. It w.viid tteia the delicate fltmsof the hearts of lads, sent to Oxford especially, who have )>cen nursed in lux nryat honi-, at once give way or yield before this pressure of reinora" of the circulation of tbe blood, whlcli state nevtr leavs tiieni in afUr life. Tbe only other analogous ifl'-otion th'.s phvs.clin ubs inei iioiw ainon^M tte poor. b?iir-st?rveu insn Isborrrs iu the street. who work at pounding down big pavin/-stones with a ursvv Iron pounder; but the conditions in both Instances as to rernora are identical The Pkiil of Italy ?The real Issue between Count favour and Garibaldi, we can see, is rapidl, narrowing down to just this: Shall Italy, emanci pated from the Bcurbon yoke, be governed by th? constitutional monarchy of Victor Rmmanuel, or hall it be left a prey to anarchy, and without any government at all' We say anarchy?for the ex periment of a Republic which <>anbaldi apptars resolved to make with the Mazztni elements thit nr? g?inrrink mxiiu uim, can only I.) in the end All Sicily, even now, it full of disorder and confusion; Palermo appears to be bereft of law and order, and it would not be surprising If thing* go ou as tti?y are now going, if Naples lts-lf stiouid fall a prey to a Reign of Terror Nevertheless, right in tbe t?*eth of this leathering storm. Garibaldi cries?"On, on to Rotne'" "On to Veuitia'" *'On to Hungary'" l.ook not be hind. but forward, march ! It is not difficult to forsee wbers this wild and now ill-directed en thusiasm is goini? to end And we f?*ar that after 11. the brave and chivalrous, but now seemingly rash, if not mad in;in?imtparf i.f untn" fl.twn p. ateritv od the historic page aide bv tide with SVaahinjjton?will have to take p'aee alonjf with Pylla anii Marin* and other heroes of that school? wbMe inrnioriM may live in clarst*- atorv. but not In the heart* of their countrymen."?A'etr Vor* S*pr**t. W hat t*HALL wa do to a CorritK It appears from statistics recently f tibli&bed that tue coii inmpt on of c:>ffe? ia increasing much more rapid ly than the prod'K'tion. List vear the total cou aumption of Kurope and th?- United Stat?*a alone was 330 l*A) torn, whilst tin- prod action of all countries wait but 312.UK) ton*. The probable consumption of the prevnt y^ar it estimated at 337 ,tM) tons, nnd the probable production At 274, WA): and of !>?xt year the form- r at 314 CM) ton*, the later at 3ii WX> i\> hiM>e wi>h all our b?art* that It will bwonif *o coatly that none b'.it tbo*** who can afford without inconvenience to p*v lar^e doctor*' bill* can ad ord to use it.?X V Pott. IJ^Under the head of "Cruelty to * Distin guished Man," the New York Journal of Ccm merce mentions the taking Senator reward to tb?? political slaughter bouse in Chicago? the wig wam AHRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL ?J C LeGrand, Md; H Percey. Kaa; C VV Tyler, J A Linton, DC; J A Raymond, NY; >1 MCrawford, Ga; Barton Dlck aon, Mis* M Dickson. Mi* 3 Harto:i, Mi*s K Bar ton. Ala; J W Wright, S T Hacon, Ml-*; H De* Voeux. Eng; S P Dorsey. NY; G A Montgomery Cai; H M Bowman and lady. D P Graham, Mr* Fox. Mis M Graham. Miss B Gnhim, Va; 9 B Low is and lady, La; G B Simpson. P W Eugs, NY; C C Manruder, Mta* Howie. J Smaller,Md*, \V M Worton and lady G E Baon, R T Comp tan and lady, O F Burn* snd lady. Mi** Wood. NY; C A Spon*t.r, Md; W Hayward. O; Dr S G Compton and lady. La; M as Brock^nbrough.Va; t H Aldlid**. Pa: C E I*her?ro?d. USN; J C B J one*. Mr* E L Marr*. I'enn; L Pangbotn. Mass. J Newton, Pa; J Arnold and moth, W{?; H Ren met. NY BROWN'S HOTEL.?E Hollingsworth and fkm, Mr* Thacbe. Del; Mia* Solomon. B Cooley, Md; G H Mar*b. Mass; P M Burke. E Tlcknor and ly, NY; J D Rutland. Va; J Blake ond ly, NC; P A Blackwell and ly, Ky; J Rrod. a O Ba ker. W f Rhodes. L Knot, T HirKsm ?r?H l? Va. R K Cook and *2 ladies. Kv: O Mclntoab arid ly, O'': T W B<iacoe. Va; ,\lri I^wit and cliild. Pa; V\ K LeveacU aud son. La; J A Vlnrent and fun, O; L>r t \V Joans USA. K IKK WOOD HOUSE?G A Mo; P M Kutfit*, DC; K Moore, IV*; J Manning, O; J Rog?r*. NY; H M Rubles, ?; J Picket, Wai!, LHJ; L>r W K McC?>rm1<*k. NV S ArmisfeNid. Va; Hon J O Ureeu, Mo; M Kriediuau, I'-i; R Swann, MH OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Feou tib Ukit^b Stat is Sttantrt. L??<. For. Days. aluo. New Y'irk. Mo* .3 G.U(o* New York... Liverpool.... Mot 13 fvxoni*?. New tu (...iSjulhampt. n.Oot 'J Boaton Liverpool-...*>ot 17 N~w York.. . Maw York...Mratoea Oct27 Boruau* N?* York. .South&mptou.Nuv 1 Fki M Kurop* New Vork South'pton.. .New York.. .Oot. 3 ttorusaia. boutVpton. .New York Oct 4 Ureal Ksateia .. Villi'fl Haven.Near > ork Met 17 faitt-iM. ?. . South'pton.. .New York Met 17 Hanimouia. .!*o?jtr>'pu<n. ..New York....Mot lb LI.. . > -* ? AUV Iia*(i(in Iiiai: ?w?il!Cri iCNITO I^IOW VOTl OE Ute ?d. JiUi. ?-o.i xim ?i 4Mi) month, and Cbai.Mtofi uu toe ?u aua 19tii. Tbe California ro?il?'?r"'>?^r? !??* New York on ? ho Mh nr.j ?hu of month. pRcPOSALS FOR NATIONS POK t*GI. QrAKTBRMA?TrB'? o?nc?. U. 8. M.Comp?,l Wiimserus, ab'h fcMpt., S 5kalkd PtopomLi will b? t?wi ' vi at t?>i? oi&oa gmii the U.aday ol Noreint?*r ii?xi, ttSu'o ock fcm.. for furui?uin; Raiiou* to tlio U iut?*J Slate* tusH, at thejoir<Jwiug tatiom, during the ioa< lanl.viz: i.?rlo?town, M&atachuietU. Prtrumoid New Hampshire. Srooa.jn'. Long Island, NvW Yerk. ktilaUifiitfc, f'.ia o?port, near Norfolk, Virginia. Warrington, aid Washington, Dt?'.riot of Colombia. fcaoh ration to aoutml oi one pound and a quar ter of'r?*ii Beef, of taiv* qu?rl r? of a pound of m*u P >ik; eighteen. ?uur4i ol lir?ail made of extra uperfcn* flour, or extra ?o j>?> li^ur at the op Hon of the UovHrnui^i t; aod at tba rati of ten ouno* of good Coffee. fift?*u poun<1? nf t>Mt New Onean< -ugar, euht quart* oi beat Write Ueaui, 1 >?r ^ua'U of Vinegar, two quart* of 3*lt, four > u uiuwu Willi, W1U (iu| Mill a ka.i aounda of good hard dipped Taiiow Candiea to on* uiiiidred ratn'na, The Bee* repaired Sail b* delivered on the order of the office' of each ata'ioo, either in bulk or b* the ti r.gie r&lioL. ma *L*il ouu m < f the beat and moat choioe pieo>>* of the c>rra?a; t'e f?rk to tie No. 1 prim* me?* pork; arid tlieO.oceriea to U> of tae beat q uatitr of kuuia i^aioed. All auhjeo* Ut inn paction All bida i&uet be ao? mpauied by the following fUrtQtM. Farm if <runrr%*ft. The underaigned , of in the Sta'a of Ai-d .of , in the*tale i f , hereby gaaracty that in caae the foregoing bid of - for Kationa.aa above ao AADtAai. b a or r nAr WI 1 aa???Wi ? * ?- J * , m _F m?mrg - >it| wnniu wu usth siwr me r?o?ip' of tfcs oomract at tr.e Po?t Oftee n*me<i. xennte tfce oontr<et for the with *ood and uftui -t uretiee; aid isctie the laid rka . f>i to four lato ujntr??t as afor?**td. we ^aa.awt) tj make food the'^rei.c-* between the o ?r "f U* M.d ainl tba*. whioli may b? miitd A H, Hu?r?nti>r. Witneee: 0 D, Warrantor. | EF 1 hereby eerrt^r that the abort earned are known to me ae men of property, and able to make (o?d their caara: tee. t? H. (To be tuned by the United State* DutriM Joilif. L iut d Stato Lh?triot au hbu.wU iroUr ? .No pruposa will beooaeidered ualeu acooin?a um v; uiisiKIV*|l? UU?. tnhuriiM) to nbliall tb? ?U>ti Will ??*"a UM Ktrr eanlainiM in* far4t >M#rtion to tni? ui6o* lor ?-x?nain?ti./u.) . _ _ .. Fruit'>?*Ia W* Mul<>rMd "Propo??l? for RaUoM fur m?4 kiir*as0d to the ut*ler*icnM. _ W 1J. SLACK, mS lt*4? M?;or ind^ttusrtermaster.^ npHK UNION WIL' ?T\N1>. NOMATTEE 1 .? IIO'S PR KftJDtNT! , . t!on?*ia?H*l) I *U*:: remtia in \V*?fcipttoc isd m? iiA/?itMtinn nf UI k!!1?* e[(? V ab(1 IL^i ? u rn?i*ii L iB mil lU iKMrto. Old UJMiBg ?ro?pti7?i Un<l*i to. PunUitf n>a Or????iiti?g Cutt*?? ZXZttxJS&Mp* TO f. Voawin |!mm mind yo?r ?U>?? and stop at M. ? 7 la iu. t. H aigM Ht up It? *f oharje, M uttl. o * ?? Nfl* OVERSTKUflO Grand dervd, at th.? Mn?io? Itaao* iof"7?nt. lAm" ~TI" Fink ruNoi fob. hent ui At r ^Hftn Vf < i J U. ! spssugttb k*nU for (Ill II MISCELLANEOUS. P OFFICIAL. KOPOSAL? For LOAN OF TEN MIL- ' LION DOLLARS. i - J Triaaitit 0lriITHI.1T, Sept. a. I860. i Sealiu Pjt>ronL? Wii! b* recenreri *t tlm l>?. ( partmeot until 1. o'eiock, Boon, of Monday, tits { OA dar of Oetoli*r next. for ten milium* of dollars of stock of the United Htatea, to be iuumI under 1 the aot of Congiesa of tha 39d d?r of June last, authorizing a loan ani providing for the redemp tion of Treasury notes, at which time the propoaala w 11 u? opened and deo;ded on. Th? atock will be reimbursable in ten yoars from the firat day of Jan i uay naxt, and will bear interest, at five par can- ] turn per annum, pniab? serai annually on the first days of Jauuary and Jay of each year. No offer will be accepted bJow par, and none 1 f'>r any fac'too of un? thousand do lars; nor will , any oiler be considered unless one p*r centum of j th? arr.ocat thereof ig deposited with a depositary of the Urited States, sub act to trie order of the Secretary of tne Treasury The oeiti&oate of such deposit must aooounpany the poposa s. In all cases the offer u:uat be unconditional, without r? ference to other offj.-s. and mast state taa rate of t premium offered. j The proposals chou!d be endorsed on the outside, "Proposals for Loan of I860," and to he addressed i To the Seoretary of the Treasury, Wanlun^ton, P. C." I The '-est bidders under the frrecoin; conditions for the aggregate sum of ten millions of dollars will be immediately informed by mail oft{ieao ceptanoe of their offers, and the? mu*t deposit the Amount *o aocopted, with the premium thereon, with the Treasurer ol the United States, or the AsJi?iii.t Treasurer at Boston, New York, Phila e'pfcia, Charleston New Organs, or wt. Lonis, on or b.Tore the 22J day of November next. Sfcou d sucOMsful bidders desire to deposit at other poinra thtir withes wi 1 be duly considered on being stated to this l)*p&;tine:.t. Ortifioat^a of inscriood stock wiil be i?*ued in su:ns not I ?? than one thousand dollars each to the luco^ssftil b'ddera, or their assigns, for the prinoip*! so dsp ?site<1, eafyin* interest at the rate of fi e per Ocntum from t*.o date of suoh deposit. Snoh st >ck veil: be trau&f<*rrab!e on tho books of tiio Tr<asnry, axroeably to the regulations of the Department. Should any of the successful bidd-'rs require cer tifieates of sUoV. with oou^<u? of se mi-annual in tersLt jafable thereon fr??m the first day of January next. aaa:i certificates wil! t>e issued, with such coupons attached, in sums of one thou Mind do'lars Has; and such coupon stock. irstead of being trau?forrab> on the hooks of the Treasury, may be emicr.ed and transferred by the delivery <rf the oeitihoatri Tl?o interest of the last-named Jtock, from the date of tae depo. it to tho first f'ay i.f Jan uary next, will be paid to thi sucst-nsftil bidder or his attorney, by the depositary with whout the principal was deposited. The preliminary deposit of one per oontum. re quired upon al' proposals under this iiotic*. will Ims included in the Jp[*> its of principal and prem II m mvlr* bv hi.Uflm ?.11 K? ' ? diatfly directed t*j ba reiurntd to the unsuccessful biddara. HOWELL COBB se lO-Jawt 1 Feoreta.-f of tii?> Treasury. QUARTERMASTER'S OFFICE, U. S M CdRI'S, WasH(.noto!?, October 4. 13f0 Sk*lk:i J'RoposaLs ?wl be received at thia oflioe until 3 n'olook p. m., of Wednesday, tha 21?t day ol November cast for furmahiu* Dy contract to the lulled ^latai Maiiun Corps, during tho year latil. the f.?'low.i.g M-'pp ie<, d Iive-a le at tiie cfEoo of the Assistant Quarternuiat^r L'. f? M. C., Phila delphia, in such quantities as may Iroin t:ir.e to Urn* be r quired, viz : DCAauif -r.n oapi with platas coirp'bte l.oU'rej worsted pompons, bali tuape.5 inches in circumference 1 t>*> paira ?eltow metal cr*4'i?nta ar-d ica'e strapa 2>?? *?ta erauietto bullion for bp; *eanta ana o^rpo rata *t seta epaulette bullion for privates So red worst30 ?aahe? 3 (*x> yariia white linen for pants,8^ inol.o* wide, to wauh 13 ox yard jr.iR> jirj?uarn-o u'- zer*ey.aii w<?>!,fre? rr<>in ha;r, M inohe* wi ie, to weigh Zioz. to the yard, (in digo wool dyed > 5 000 ya-da sky b ue ker?ey,all wool, free from hair, 54 inche? wide, to weuh 22 oz per yard,(in digo woo) eyed) S (100 >a u* white lin*r for ahirt?, RO inch** wide, to weigh II oz. per yard <5 wo pair* arm* oo->t?, infantry pattern H00 <j ay m?nna blanket*, an w o', to weigh foT ponna? each, with letters -,U. s* M " m blajk. four inche* the crutre, to be 7 feet and 5 feet wide, fren fnrn grease 2,<im pair* wMtg ?<>ok>,"? nze*. prop'rly made of good II (<h;? wool, with d 'uble ant twisted, to weigh 3 pounds per dozon pair*, free from greave tJUO fatigue cap*, with oeve's, to be rnado of blue cloth.(induo wool dyed) 3.0**0 yard* dark blue tiaci.ei forat irta.all wool,(in diao Woo died,) 27 Ilc:ioi wide, to weuh oz. p?r yard l&*' yarda dark blue flannel for ov^raacki, all wool, (indigo wool tiyed.)54 luoue* wide, to weigh 13oz per vanl 100 yar ?carl-t ob th. tocohint-a! dye,>54 lnche* .. ? .V| jo ??*. y*~>t > ai'i IjjflU till (1%'k biuf? i wil et) i loin fir umfiirin oo\t?, (indigo wool dyed,) 54 luohee wuid, to weigh 22 i'? per t*'d jiflOjunls Canton IKntel for drawer*, 27 inches wtu , to weigh 7 os. per j r.rd g 0 o&ftri ue boxes UUO p reunion o?p souchfo ?? 6*yonet <oabbards, wit:. bra*? mounting* 5ii sergeants' swords 2S mnMcia-.s' nwoida 25 teaor d'uins " .%> box-wood H Lies, (yellow) 50drum o..riU 50 ?Us drum snares 100 dru n h<aJ?, i '..alter) 75 do do u.are) 80 sword frog s ?*' musket sli ga ol black leather 215 cross of ooat bullous, (eagle; 65 do do jaoket do do 66 do do vest do do For rnakint and trimming watch coats; ser (*uits, corpora*. inotioians, anl priva'u*' uci r>rm emta; i?ti?rue coat* for the ?ame; ser<< ants, curpo.a , mu .loians, ana pnvite*' woolen p?'l?; linen pa':t*; drawers; flann shi'ts; Hinuel over sacks; ; neii shuts; and r-d and b.ue jackets lor l? JfH. All theabcve motioned article* must corform in all to tiie ?a!ed standard pattern* in the Office ot (inirieonaater Marina C'^rps, \\ Shiimston; Asiialant ?.{ ufcrtermaHler's Office, l'JJO ?.p uci Htreet, Fin a.Mphi*; and at Marine station* Brooklyn, M V., aiH Hoaton, Ma?r? where they can be examined. They wi-l he ruidiy inspected ?r<t co<?pt> ed with these simples by trie A?eia'ant (J ii?rtMrir.a?te-, or auoh nth r p<rtoni a* ma* he properly app-iinte.). fuch as mar '-e unequal tAereto will b< rejected; in which (aio the oonirootor wil. be hound >i> loc nh o'.hera of ill- required kind or quality within flft^n dayj; i t, if that he not d me. thai will be purchased at iu? nxpenae. Kaoii proposal must be aouompanitd by the following guarantee; Form of Guarantee The ar.deraigneJ, , of in the ? ate of , and , in the State of . hereby guarantee that in oaa? the foregoing bid of fjr aupp iea, as above de.oribed, be aoe'pteu, he or tuey wit), within ten days after the receipt of the co..tiact at the post office named, ei wu'a the oontraot fir the iim* wnh good and atfi-sient aecurme*; and in case the aaid shall 1*1 to enter iut-> contract, as aforesaid, we guaran-ee to make good the ditierenoe between the oder of the aaid and that whioti may be accepted. A u ? ?? ?-? f VBBI ttltllTl C D, guarantor. E F, Witneaa. . lr6>. , I hereby oertify that the above named are iogvc to int) ui0:i of property, and able to make good ttieir cuaraatee G. H. To Ih? uned Ij ttio United Statea Diathot Judge, L1.1tod Statu* Diatnct Attorney, or Collector. proposal wi'! b<s o:naidt?red unleaa nieJ b? the above guarantee .Nxwanpera authorized to pub!ia!i ths above will bend the p?psr o<>ntuniur the fi'at luaert.ou to tbia for ex ami cation. , The biddor'a p : caof baainena.or maoufaoturiag { ttablKtiment, must be specifically atated in the < pr>po>al. | ?'r p >aa'a t > be endorsed: "Propo??!a for Sup plica. 4o., forlMI," aud addreaaod to tho under age aed. i out acta will be awarded to the loweat reapon- | a:' ; bidder furnishing ihe rcauir^d aocnrih*. ' W. B.SLACK, mi 5-law4w Qunxtermastf. M C. PHONEER STEAM MARBLE AND BROWN STONE WORKS. Ths aubecriber bega leave to infonn the eitixeva of Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria that he naa aJu??l to hit ion* established business the auxiliary of iumliq power for sawing and manufao tunnc Marble and Brown Stone Work in tbeir va rious branohea, Marble Mantela, Table and W'aah stand Tof?( Tile, MonainenU. Tomb and Head Stones. Staia, Window Lmteta, Sills, Steps and platforms. Having purchased a large stock ofltalian Marble in bipck,(r?ra first hand*,at the loweat rat>a, he f*els oonftdent of being able to furnish Marbi* Work as low as it naji bo purch*sod m New York. Philadelphia, or Bait more. The trade supplied with Itauaa Marble in block or s abs at the same rate as fumi?hed in New York, and on aooomrao d&ung txrma. Also, on hand, a large supply of PumiceSU ue, Water of Ayr Hor.e and Polishing Putt; at .New York prices. Enooursge the enter prise, it will be an acquisition to the oitj. ALhX Kl/rH'iRFORD. Fiomer St?mm Nan,It and Brown Slim* IF&rlu, Pa. av., oor. Thirt-enth at, au 21 3rn Washiugtoc, P. C._ WFALL DRY OOUD8 E Are now reeeivmg a beautiful assortment of Faaot an I HUdIa <*r>oda nf ? _ vuw CIU* braoiBC *?l iho liu?t mifoitoHoM 5 ??o{? M~ h Pob ib?, V?u>ar OtU>ni?na in variety, MommoIim*. Fiiuml and Plain Satin Bniahad Ma rino*. ClotliRi Ctotiiii Arab ClokktlD tj, rucT f lka f ora onnta to Mi?" pwow Cij* io-> i,Ir<? 6J? to U.Si o?iiU, Fa4tMd W tn?or ?*aw la in great vmn.ijr, taonaatlinM wd Plaid Iroin It to 9' o.uta. Va>?n tia BaclUh Mokaim ?nd Bwa t*-laa Hooped flkirta, Howwy, Glovea,Otg!. *1 Sivawl Bordering. Family Blank^ta, ttlna* bad and rvvn i*h?oticj?, Towelinca, Tab.? Linena, Ac. Oar itook ?a now v*rj oomp'.eM, Bud w? oflV?r it on tfca Boat ao.?mmoduli jjcrro;. .. m|B TAYLOK A hutohibon. PIANO^-Obo rr ium ffc mUvi P.ano lor AS. Aiao.oaa v. i litU- n-Hl. ft* !?. At y lataatora of Vfc. G. MKt/ER?TT *?! wwr m mUd V\ ? i i i i . . . TWTTNTTS ROOTS AwnennM I * JM V iAAl A/ UliVUJ* C^KNTS' FINK CALF SKIN SEWED BOOTS, W $3.75 Genta* J>oubIe-iioteand Donbie >f?r UooU. ?5. GeaU' line Freuoi) C? fBIJ kin Gaiter*, H?x>ti and Shoea, e^iuilrf 1 iiv. Boja'and Yuutha* Loiif BooU.Con-* ireaaand u?cd Ko >U of ?>y?rj deaoriptioa. LaJitV kid, Morocco ami Goat Skin Huttoned B ota. I a#t>n< I aowl, buttoned, Congreaa and Malakoff Hootj. Alto, every other atyie of Ladiee, Mieeaa' hud Chiluren'a Boot* and Shoea, at J. ROSEN T HA 1/8, oo 2 eotr Pa. av., between 8th and 9th ?ta. |?OOTS AND TO SUIT TMK W**I? no? mannfactnrinr'all kinda of BOOTS ud SHObSi and oopatanUr reosivmr aaAt apply of eaatern made work of every de icriptior, ma<ie expressly to orvler, and wili^ Ml be *o!d at a much iower prioe than has been * heretofore charged in this city for maoh inferior irUoie*. Fersoni in want of Boots and Shoei of eastern or ait/ mads work. will always find a rood aacor'.iuen in store and at the loweat prioes. Give as a call. tiRlFFlN * BRO., ay t-r >14 Pennsylvania avenue. FMVK UUNDHKD TRAVKLJNO TRUNKS arrived tnis day, embracing a - fCTTTg ties and sixes of note Leather, La^ieg'MHWW Dres* ar.d Packing Trunks. Our trunk^****4 ^es room exhibits at this time the greatest variety traveling re^nisitcs at moderate price*, to be loonu mia siqe 01 r*ew l orK. Aiaa, even desons boTof LADIES' HAT BOXE^, VAL1CES, CA8PKT BAGS, SATCHELS, fco. J Trunks repaired or tak6n la exoiUUtft for no*' one#, WAL^ STEPHENS & CO? Trunk Sales Room, mar 31 -if aaa Pa. avenua. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, 5? 490 Tth Stbmt, ^ ftrpotiti Odd Ftiltrwt' Hall, Washington, D. C. Travelers will study their interest* h. numi Uij TRUNKS, VALfCKS ko , before pur MM ohAciiiK elwwere As I us* none but tlirHNfl beat matenai tne market atforda and employ^"*"*" the best workmen, i oar. confidently recommend my work to be superior in Strennk and Durability to Ti unka that are made in other oitiea and sold here. I keep constantly on hand, and make to order (on ona week'* notioe) every description of SOLE LEATHER, IRON FR 4MB FRENCH DRESS and WOOD BOX TRUNKS; ASHLAND and othtr VALICES; TRAVELING BAGS; HAR NESS; SADDLES; WHIPS, te., fc. Trunin, Ac., Repaired and Covered, in a vork maoiike manner, at abort notioe. Trunku delivered in any part of the oity, George town, or Alexandria for Howe'i celebrated FAMILY SEWINtf MACHINES. de 16-1 r JAMK8 S. TOPHAM. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. IVAILY LINK OF NEW FOUR-HORSE U COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO', {'arryimf thi V. S. Mail. The unde:ai(rnrd are now runninc Dailr.(exeeot 5*umlay.) Four horse Coaches ho t-.veoii "NVa.-hington and Upper Marl boro', as follow* : L?nv* the Steain'aoat Hotel, corner of Movent nt'f-et and Pa. at7 o'clock a. ni. Returning Wave I'ppi r MarlUno'at 11 o'clook a m.,aiid arrive in Washington at 3o'cIoek, in time to connect with the 3 20 n. hi. t ain for Baltiinoie. The Coach'-* aro now ami ooiiiiikhIiour, the team* first da** in the hands of careful and accommodat ing driver#. Fare to Upper Marlboro So cents. To I,one Old Fields. 25 " ToCent;>rvil!e .38 ** Freight and pacjkaa^n in proportion. au IS tl OSBOKN k. CO . Proprietors. B AL.TIMORK AND OHIO RAILROAD. WASHINGTON BRANCH. Chanokov Hdph ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 13th, ISt)", train* will run asfullowi: Laava Washington at 6 2<J and 7.40 a. in. i ,eave Washinzfon at 3.20 and 53) p. hi. On Si'n-Jay at 3 2? p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4 and 8 4fl a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 auu 4.3i) p. m. ?In Sunday at 4 35 a. m. Paasenger* for the Fa?t will take train* at &30 and 7.4" a. m and 3 2" p m. For tho We*t at 7 4 a. in. and 3.2ft p. m. For Annapolia at7.4<i a m- and 3.20 p. m. Kor Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday evening the3.20 p. m. train goea to Philadelphia only. je 13-1 T H. PARSONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS WITH TBI CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange or,A Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia arui Ten?ies$ee. East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee arid. Georgia, Nashville and Ckattanoog*, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEM PhTsT ROUTE: Memphia by Kaii.tLenoe by First al^aa Packeta to New Or [eat*. MONTGOMERY aSTd MOBILE ROUTE: Mout*omnry by Rail, thenoo to Mobile by Kirat oiaa* Packets. Mobile to New Or leant by Lake Staaruera TWO D\ILY TRAINS?Sundays Included, Leave Waihin|Un at C a. . aad p. m. Tbe Steamer GKuKtiK PAGE learM her whart foot of Seventh ?tr?<< t at 6M a. m. and f. in. and oonneou at Atoxandna with the Orange and Alex andria Trains for the Sonthwext. Offioe? Pennsylvania avenue, onrner of Sixth >t. AOOAOl CHICKBD THROUOH TO NW OBLBAKI. I ijj uuuuui ( ^>*'9 ' "*' H'; 15 ? Knoxville ?_2?uo Chattanooga ^4 oo L'Vtuij. .... a4t? H UfltBVlllO ? .7100 tjrand Jii!iotioii..?,SM*i Naatmlla 25 10 .Tiemania 931 no Atlanta 28 00 Mkood ?... 28 00 i/Oiumbua 31 SO MocUomer* 3D uo 7 viaMeru?hia.42 60 N.O.S via6. Jimo. 42 50 > vi* Mobile...46 *10 THIS ROUTK 18 KNTIRELY BY RAIL and la tfOO MIL KB SIIORTKK, and ii4 HOURS LK88 IN TIME than acy other the Ly no lib tire Kxtocaion baiuj new ooin?l?t?*l. an also the Miaaiaaipn Oeutral, makine it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It piuvmou Willi rirst OIB.JU BieepiUf LWC ( To New Orleans.??.?.?..73 Hour ti m i'Mtfnipbii..... ..^4 do. ? MontrouiSrr 3S do. J J Montjomarr ? ? j ?w. I Naanviila 46 do. CT-Tho U.8. MAIl.TiTd ADAMS' EXPRESS nJt&kor. over this Now Line. SickoU can be obtained at the South Western oe, corner of Sixth street and PennaylTania av enue, to the following point*: Lyuohburr, Bristol, Knoxvi'Je, Atlanta, Chattanoora. HnnUville, Grand Janotion, Macon, Naehville, Dal ton, Colombia, Mimtfomerr^ ^Molule,^^ ^?mphi?, ana itr through ttckets to thm va rious r i ruin ia springs. iriTOrnnibucea and Baccate Wacom leave the at ? a ?? ?*" ** ? ?? u m. UK anu v p. Ill* JAMES A. EVANS, Tioket Arent, ma 24- ir Corner Sixth ?t. and Pa. ar. T^HE STEAMER JAS. GUY Will rtna? k? trips on TUESDAY, jpet of February. 1CC0. Wjii leave WASH^^^Q|HgP [NOTON every TUESDAY an<^ "^" KKI DA", at 6 o'olocic a. m., and ALEXANDRIA it ha!f-paat6 o'olook. for CURRfOMAN and the intermediate Ijindiara. On her return tripa, the will leave CUURIOMAN every WEDNESDAY inU SATU RDA V , at ? o'olook a. m. LUCIAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. At't. Alexandria. fe ? D NOTICE! tVKGll.AR STEAM PACKET LINE BE rWEtJN BALTIMORE AND JIT?^ W ASII1 N G TO N.-Leave Com meroe at. wharf, Baltimore, aa ova: _ The St NicHOLta eveiv WEDNESDAY, at6 a. n. Columbia, every SATU RDA Y, at 8ja. m. Leave Kiley's Wharf, at the foot of 11th street, VVaalunrton, aa followa: Columbia, every WEDNESDAY MORNING, it6. St Nichola.8, every SATURDAY,at6a, m. For freight, *o., apply to roar ! TATtira llth at., Waahington WGAS FIXTURES. IC Have in store, and are ilai.y r?o?ivinc, OAS PIXTURESo f entirely New Patterns and Desirns ind Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore >fl>ri*d in this market. We invite citizens seneral v to oall and examine our stook of Gas and Water fixtures, feeling confident that we haw the bast lelegted stock in Washington. All Work in the above Tine intrusted to our oar* "" "* ""ivEkS * MoGHAN. mar 5-tf ST* D street i2,o()o && ifhsmmar. ass he attention of the public to our lafcaand wail se ectod stook of Champagne aud Crao Apple Chler, rbioh we guarantee to be sure iuioe, and wift be old ou reasonable terms in order to mak* room hr ..?r .... - ?- ' w<M *fi 1H| ?WWll Union unf u? No. IT erm at.. Iliac Deaot, SMrftiitVB, ?. H. ?***. i. k imi. 1.1. e. ma. L,"" UOL f rviiue in th< Jncsson,' ntCcHru 4f the' iapi, will ?1 kMI?nn<l ?W? iuok?i|i*U4 throojth nn.anOi **L ? P'NG k BUR H ? gora?r UUt (. m4 yWom eriuo&t %v?uw. MISCELLANEOUS. THE 0*1 Y PREPARATION WOBTHT OF UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE A PATRON AGE FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLEKGYMEy. LADIES, onJ GENTLKMEff m ill ptrU of th'vorld tHtifi U U* rSaMt of PROP. 0 J WOOD'8 HAIH RESTORATIVE, and gentlemen of the Pre** are unammou* in iu pratse. A few testimonials only oan be here give* ie? ctouiar for more. ud it wul be impossible for you to doubt. 47 Wall Niw Yoke. D*c.?o ia;a . (rtntUm n Your note of the 13th instant hu been reoeived, aaymg that you had heard that I had been benefited by the uaeof Wood'a Hair Re storative, an-* requesting my oertificate of thetaot if I had no objection to kiv? it. I award it to yoa cheerfully, beoauae I think it due. My ate is about So yeara ; the o^-lnr of my hair auburn, and inclined to curl. Some five or iz years sinoe it began to turn (ray. and the aoatp on tnecown of my nead to loae its sensibi ity and dandruff to form upon it. Kaeh of these diaagree abiUtiee increased with time, and about 4 month* since a fourth waa added t<? them, by hair falling off the top of my head and tureatening to make me ln'thisunpl'asaat predicament I was induoed to try Wooil'i Hair Restorative, mainly to arrest the sailing off of my hair, for I had really no expecta tion that gray hairoould ever be restored to ita original oolor ezcnpt from dyes. I was, however, greatly surprised to find, after the use of two hot ties only, 'hat not only was tne failing off arrested. out iae o"ior w&s esiorfa to th*- gray hairs and sensibility to the ?aelp and dandruff abased to form od uiy head, vary muoh to the graufioation of iny wife, at vhoM solicitation 1 was inductd to try it. For this, among the niary obligation* i owe to bar sex, 1 strongly rccoinmend all nusbands who va ue the admiration of their wives to profit by my example, and uw it if growing gray orgettim bald. Very respectfully, Bkx. A. Latk^dik. To O. J. Wood A Co.. 444 Broadway. N. V. My family aro absent from the city, and I am no longer at No. 11 Carrol Piaoe. Siamastox. Ala.. July SPth, lft!9. io nor. U j. wood: Dtar Str: Your "Hair restorative" lias done iiiv l.air no much good tince oomrDHuoed the us * of it. that I wish to make Known to the f ublio of it* ctT-xJts on the hair, which are gr*At. a uian or woman ma* he nearly deprived of hair. and by a resort to your "Hair Restorative" the hair will return more beaatitm than ever ; at leist this is icy eiponecce. Believe i? all Yours truly, W*. II. Kexidt. P. S.?You can publish the above if you like By publishing in < ur Southern papers yon will Ret m >re patror.ago South. f see soveral of *our cer tificates in the Mobile Meroury, a strong S< utht-rn paper. \V. U.Kimdt. WOOD'S HAIR RKSTORATIVK. Pro*. O J. \V?nn: Drar Sir: Having had the misfortune to lose the best poiUon of my hair, from the etfeotg ofthe yeliow fever, in f^ew Or Mns in 1 >61, t was uiduoed to inake a trial of your prepara tion. and found it to answer as the very tMng needed. My hair is now thiols and glossy, and no words oan express my obligation* to you in giving to the atflioted suoh a treasure Fixlky JohhsoN. ix : large, medium aud ama'l: th* suia!l hold half % pint, and ret/til* lor one dollar per bottle; the me dium ho.dti At least 20 per caut inure in proportion than the email, retail* for two dollar* perbittiw; the large hold* a quart,?o per cent inoro in profor tion, and retail* for 93 O. J. W<?OD & CO , Froprietom, 444 Broad way, New York, and 114 Market atreet,i*t. Louie, XJ. O. T. A.. HrSMEWELI/S UNIVERSAL COUGH BEMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Cough.s to Actual Consumption. HIJNNEWELL'S JUSTLY CELEBRATED The Natural and Sure Remetly for all iV?r From Neuralgia through all ca*ea where Opium was ever need to that of Delirium Tremena, acd the oummoi chief qauae of Oiseaae The Tolu Anodyne, though containing not a par tiole of Opium, produce* all the requirement* of, and may be uaea in all caaea wherever Opium waa naed without producing anything but Cure*, and leaving the patient in aperteotly natural auite. The Univeraal Cough Rfmedy, (freed from all the common obieotion of < <ongh Kmnediea. whioh produce nauaea or proatratiou,) may l>e oonaiderea vous Complaints, tn* common enemy to ail Turoatand l.ung Com plaints. and used with perfect inapuuity. Asking ail to court trom proprietor* or friends the raoit severe investigation ofhoth Remedi yt.arid readme of onr pamphlets to be lontid with all dealer*, and more particularly to purchase only of those who can be depended opon, we wait iu confidence the decision* of Patient* and Ph?sioian*. "Puces within reach of all.*' OIKKAX AOKXTS. J. W. Hcihiwill &. Co., 7 &ud 9. Commercial Wharf, Hoston, Gs??.ilirmiBWELL, 14ft Water st., New York, BUnder tho special supervision of JOH|X L. HCN EW ELL, Chemist and Pharmaeeutist, Boston, ass., whose signature covers the oo ks of the genuine only, and to whom address all communi cations. Sold by all respectable dealers everywhere, and all the DrnggiaU in Washington and Georgetown, mar 36-eo.r T PROCLAMATION! n friD VI SI D CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, Ac. Whir MS, At the present season o the year CHOLERA MORBUS. DIARRHEAbHouc DYSENTERY, . l>fcBILITY, Ac., Ao? prevail to an alarming extent: And tekertas, It muit he of the FIRST CONSEQUENCE at iino* Soft, Spe'dy, and E&tarmf, UK. ffllini AKUK, 01 PA&Iri, offers Ilia MIKACULOL'9 PAIN KILLER m the most CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to aaticfy THE PUBLIC that co imposition ia intended in theaale ofthia Great Medtoine. THE MONEY WILL BR REFUNDED in all ca*tM whan the metiioiue faiU to cive entire satiafaotio Auk, then at any Drue Store for DR MONTARDE'g MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER. take &4 directed, and if aot porfeotiy aatitfied Returu to our Aront. D. B. CLARK, ESQ . 4X Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, who will refund your money. Prire?25 and SO Centa per Bottle. For aaie at all Drug Storea everywhere. JAS. MoDONNELL, General A cent, lyll-eotr BUWmore._ NINo 668.] OTICE OF THE DISCuNTINU\NCE OF THE 'NORTHWESTERN LAND DIS TRICT," IN THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. Notice fa hereby citen that, in purauar.oe of law, and in view of the fact that the u mold land in the "Northwestern Diatrict." (Okkmada.) in the State of Mimixsipp:, ia reduced bel?w one hundred thou Bind area. ttio Secretary of the Interior has direct ed the disoontuiuauoe of aaid diatrict, the ffioe fur whioh is looated at Urenaiia. and that the vaoaut land a therein be made ?uMrflt to sale and* at Jackson. in aaid State, from and afttr tkt Itt day of Dttember next. Lands remaining unaold and unappropriated by 1 iw. a-jd aubieot to aaia aid eutrv ktR>i*in> ?>n o to l.e nbi?et to entry at that oftoe after thu receipt of notioe to that effect by the register and re otiver thereof, exoepliug only to consummate ex utini pre-emption*, an J the land oifioars at Jack on will five publio nouoe of the day on whieti they will be preparod to reoeive applications for en'ries of any suoh lands at their offic*, which will, i1 praoucablp, ba on the first day of December next All pe'tona entitled to paUnfa at the Orei.ada Land Office will oall for the earn* before the lat daj of November n?xN a* after that date they will bo renamed to thia office for delivery Gtv. n nnder my haud, at tne oity of Washington, tl 1* 18th day of September, anno Domini one thou sand eight hundred and sixty. JOS. S. WILSON. Commissioner of tka General Land OAoe. ee 14-w*?r IX] I No. 671.1 llOTICK "F THIS RKMOVAL OF THE kAND OFFICK FROM FAVETI'EVILLK TO UNTSVlLLE, IN THE STATE ?<F ARKAN SAS* in aoeordanoe with the provisions of the act of Congress entitled "An act authonaing changes in the location ot Land Offioes." approved Marok S, 1858, it is hereby deolared and made known that the offioe for thasale of publia lands at Fatittkvillx. in the Stato or Arkaoaaa. will he removed to Hv?ts villi, in said State, leitkovt delay. The puo*ic aa!e dtreoted by the Executive proc lamation No ?8B, of townahip 19, rang* So, and township 17, of ranee21, to take flaoe at the f.and Uflne at Fayxttkvillx on mth l)ee?mbcr next, it is hereby declared will be held at Htxtbvills, in uid Stat*, on the date designated Further notice as to the time of olosine the oCo?at t-'ayettevlle, preparatory to removal, tnd its op*n<ng for business at Huatavilla, will be nvRn h* tk* u --- r? * ??4 [)l?tno? Given und?*r my band at the city of Waahinrton, [)U? 24th of September, A. D. 1M0 By order of the Preiideot: JOS. 8. WILSON, Con mi mi oner of the flMinl Land OAot. m 88 w?w P I A N C I 8 H A^P E ?, FAMILY GR<5cErVa*nBVkKD 8TORK, Cwmtf ?/ N?w York mvmmi mmd Tmtk j|r*rt. Aetpeotfully aoUoiU the patronage of thoae w mmw MgDicnns. |yi. ItUITUN. LOCI WWITAii H+t DittmmU tJu ?uk Ctrfm, Sw?df, mmd aai? Rfttn+l MUmm4? %m tU Wmki, FOR ALL DISEASES OP IMPRUDKNCK. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRE TENT. APPLY 1MMKD ATKLY. A CURE WARRANTED, OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. ViUiM (ttl lul.linituu ifun?. ~/.k. HJ u4 lltMir, DiKltriN, Lbew*d<7, SeeeZ Dtkilitf Him?m,Oman.Lu<w U? kuila C? fbiMj afldaaa. "-'p? *?J"t '" IV Dimaaaa at %ffct ar (i<ldiiiN, Dumm T>m^ Km* ar Bfcta, KivjtuW ika Latifa, h?ud m Maw Hp? Ikui Tamkl Dn*rd?n iru?( Km Mittrj bit* af Ttn1!?(kMi UrMdfil ird Uaairaeuaa Ptuucm *kiU nv 4ar Huni|i ispaaaikta, <ki <mn) k>u B*4y ud MM TOINMU k^kklkJiT WW iiri kMHH ika aicuaa af Bah May Tkaa, Ike; 4raadfal ud daatratuaa kakil wktak aaaaaJlr awaapa M u uuwIt jriM ikimadt at Tammg Maa at ika Mat al alia* lalaoia lad krillaai lautlatt, *ka aifto aU?i aia? bar* aatraocad likUiik(lk?M viIk lk?tkkadtlt atilaaaaktl ai *>t?4 M kaaiMy ika U*??f Irva, My aaii vi*k mil Ma? (MH. Mtaai.fp ' HlUllt flUOM,ar Ttu(Mi^taktkarliUkr Ma* rUf a, kawf ??iraa( khreikal vaakaaaa, Nftall daWta? lanrmitikk^lt., faadil^ tvai _ _ mm wo. ?vn uwu sowar 111 MT? ( IK 1. mij fallal Ml? ami J a to hia ft* & gaatlaaaa aad aaat^aklly IM) apau hi* skill m m phyaiaiaa. urricc k? t aorra rtiDUiciirun, laft band side rwnf fraa Sal tl Bar* itrau, ilit ?Mn fraa Ul? Mdil. All M ta (kMif* iiai aad natal. hauan Ml N paid U< MUll HUB). de.. tommwrom, kMirfltl l*rtl C?Ui|t afairf aoai, Mh>, ttUMM fiM hi af tha Ml ibIbhi OU*(N 1b Ua felt* J tuiu, tad Ua graa'.ar pan if ?k?i lifa ku baas ipam ta Ua k? aitala of Laadao, Pan*, Philadelphia aad tlMVlui, ku if Factad hbi af tha ami umo:*m( cara* that vara aval koava; n.?ny uaaklad wiU ruifiaf la Ua kaad aad aai* vkan ! ??, rraat oarvaaaaaaa, katag aiaraad at aaddaa aaanda, b??hfaTr*** with fraqaaat klaaaiag, auaadad aaa* ttaaa wttk darang aaaut ( miad, vara carad iisiaadiaiatv. TAEC PAETiCfLAR HOTICE. Taa if Maa acd aUara ?ka ka?a ic)ar*d ikaaaalrat ky aataaa praeuct indalgad 10 vban alaaa?a baktt fraqaaaiiy laaraad fraia aril aaaayaaiaaa, ar at ackaal, Ua *f*cta al which ar* nightly fait a?*n vban aaiaap, aad it nat carad. randan aarriaga impoaatkia. aad da* tray a k*U alad aad hady, ahaald apply iaaadiatalv. Tnaa* ara aama of tha aad and aalar>ekaly aficu aradaaad ky early habiu a/ raaU ??? : Waiknaaa a/ tha Itil aad limka, Pinna in Ua Mead, Diuinaaa of ?(h:,Uu af Maacaiai Power, Palpitation of the aart.Dyipapir. Narraai IrnufctH ty, Derangement af tha Dig eeuTe fauclitu, Sonera! Uakihty, aymptams of Coi.eaiapuan, Ac. MENTALLY.?Tba faarfal at aaie aa Ue alad ara bm> u k* dre*d*d ?Loea ofMeiaary, Canfaetoti af Mats, Derreeaiaa af Spirit*, Eril farbadu.fa, Aoraiar. afSaciety, Eelf P > raet, Lara af aaluada, Timidity, iu.,ui aaa* af Ua aril* p?a daaaJ. MKIITOII DCBlktTT -TkaMidaaaa aaajtlfi vku ie the caaee a/Ueir dacluilng haalU, teeing than ''gar, ha aamiaf weak. pala, nerroa* aad emaciated, baring a eiagviaj tppcarante ebaat Ua ayaa, eaagh ar ayaptaaa af aaaaaaptlaa DlttAIEI OP 1MPRVDKMCZ. Wkaa Ua miegaided and impradant fiury af pleaeaoe tad> ha ha* irrpibed Ua aaada af Uia paiafal dlaaaaa, it taa aftaa kappaiii that aa ill-uiaeJ aanaa af ahauie ar draad af die?a<en datara bun fr?oi applying ta thoee vha. fraib adacatiaa at d raapacubility, ean aIo?e befriend bur. Ra falla tata Ua band* of icrarant ai d daairr'ti# '* L1 f cariuf, lieb bit pacmiiry wbatnat, kaap bin inliaf matv.h >r?r matrji, lw( aa l&a amallaai faa eu ba ab Umad, and 10 daapair l?a?a tatru With raiiad baalib la tick a?ar bia railing diaappaioimaiil; ar b? lb* Bat af that due!* paiaati, marrary. baatan tbt eanatitatiatMl i^nnmWUli limblt diiHii, neb u IIicumi of lb* II tart. Threat, Maaa, kin.Re., prarraaam* witr frif btfal rapidity, ull da?ta pan 5 triad ta bit araadfal aftr.nfily atndu.f bia la tbn aa iacavarad caciirj frant arbaaa haart* oa urn* alar num. ML JOBMOWt REMEDY KOR UKUIKIO WKAIIM AliO IMPOTEMCT. By Ula (raat tad laiaartaci raaidr wtakntaa af Ik a amtl Ifl apaadfly carad ud fail >ifai raa.arad. TkaaaauJr ?f iba aaaat narraaaand dabilnalad, wha bad laat all Itfi, UN baao in nadlattlj (alltrad All Iinpadnaaata la a. Pbyaiaal a/ Maaui D'aeiaH luuani, Laaa af Praeraauaa Paarar, Kir?iu IrrliiWIMJ Yrtroblu f and Waakiaaaa* Ruaaatiaa of lha Mai btrfl LI.J .....IH J IMtU vpVVVtAJkJ ??VV?. UUOUEMtXT ur tie r*.CM. THE MANY TUOUBANna t?r?<J titbU imu;>'jm Ik* last ??#!.U?n yaira, and tha oarcaraaa lmp?r*.?rl lirn WltptrtUMi ptturiaad ty l?r. Jahi.aan, ?i*. mid ?y ua HMniri af ik? p?p?r? ? 4 tUll Mrtw^iiicdt vhrcta km ippurid ifin uid i|iin u? ? Mm Uiituiiiif ui |?Uimii ( tktiuuniiO ium^ Hilly, la a iifiliat (unaui la Ui iltuU. K> W-ty Dr. j. bovek dod'9 IMPERIAL WiyK BITTKKS, Are now being need from Maine to the Ureal Salt Ltke, anl Uie nnire'sal verdict of all who use tlem either as a mtd in* or ax a btrtmtt. is that the; are unsnrpaaed in the world. Dr. Dods used Jhoin sncoessfuHy in hie eraotioe lor SS year* before we- purchased of him the eo!e n? lit to mar.ufkoture and preseut them for sale to the pubno. For the onre of Incipieut Consumption, IncLigeation, Dya pepaia, Pilee, Nervosa Diaea*ea. Female Com plainte. and all eieea resninng atonic, they are be yond doobt i meat invaluable ren edy. Aaide from their inediciaal properties they are a pure, whole some and delightai Beverage, producing all tLe pleasant exhilarating effbcts of Bracdy or Wi?s without their injurious results. let all friends of humanity and all advocates of temperance aaaiat as in substituing these va.uaale Veceuble Bitters for the poittmj and aduiterafd Lifuori \ with which the oountry la flooded, and thereby ef- : S^ua-ly aid in ban sLir. j Disease ai.d Drunkeneea m the land. CHARLES WIDBIFIKLD * CO., PropriaU>ra^7|^ WUluin^etreet, New York. W asking ton. DR. J. BOVEE DOD8' IMPERIAL OIN BITTMRSj For Diaeasea of the Kidneys, Bladder ana Urinary Organs, and especially for Female Obstructions, never fail to cure, and are warranted to (ire satis itotiou# CHARLK8 WIDDIFIELD * CO., Proprietors, TS William et., New York. J. SCHWaRZE, js7-lyj Agent. Washington. D. C. JOY FOR THE SICK AND SUFFERING. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED R KAD' APPLY TI?E REMEDY AMD unJUICE IN HEALTH. Friend, do ?ou suder? Are you the victim ofaay of thoae cumrroua ai ajenta which anae irons ita pe rlty of the blood' Whtiirt tney, do yon uk' Rather a?k. what are they not.' The blood n tb? ouioo of lit* and linath. and it ia Ui? fcrat eewect of our betns to respond to any oanee which ?lf?eu th* ay diem, a? th? pulae infa.lihlr atteata The ever pieTailin* Neuraima. the irritAUof Krya pe.aa, Uie aubtle Scrofula, thu acoiiixinr Kheumatiem, Nor voua Drbihty, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint with ita torpor and d.-jecuoii, ami the nnmboileee ilia that fleab ia heir to, derive -heir hideous origin from the blood. D?al kindly thea and geutJy with the blood. Ua? the vitaJninf rea.uiona of nature (or ita aid. am! auffer ua to ontnmoed to your oonideneeaM uae that truly valuable medicament known aa MRS If COX'S JIWIAN VEGETABLE ItECftfTION. With regard to to;a almost infallible apeoific popular aenti.-nent hiva ap< ken iu droided tec ma, anS the evidences of thia treat efteacy are aua tamed by oonatant avowala of eurative effeota aad th* happiest result* from ita uae are *f?er all other remrdiea and the beat m-viioal Ikiii have failed. ua aay, in ooiicluaion, th?t certificatee cure* are not eouf ht from the illiterate and aieer ficial, but they ara volunteered from the ni -at re apt*<table aouroen an! jn?tify the hip heat tema is which it ia poasible to oooimeiiri ao va uih* m. uper.tfia to put) :e approval. We may add alao that Uie curative pro purlieu of the int-Jioiue are equalled only by it* reatorativa eff*ota. the nil?m reoover inr from diuaie ?ith reurwed oor.ititut'onal vicor. For aa!? b? ail roapectabla Druggists in tki city. aiul by the proprietor, MRS. M COX. TVone rer.nine unleec her name la biown oa the bott'e and her tea! on the aork C7" Prioe fl per battle, a;x bottlea for *>. WhoUfalt 41 rnt. K. t*. T. C18B?L. Drncciat, Georgetown, D C? Wholakale Agent for tka Dia trict, acd will aupply the trade at in? pnoaa. au 18 tr 279 T\^ZT]?'- 206 Pa. Avi., FOREIGN FRUITS, Pa. Av*^ KlOfUUali. OONFKOTION8. Wilimrft k?ul m?KEa' Bega leavatoaall theattentiaa of his friend* aod tne Bublio generally to hit New Store, under Wli l&rd s Hotel, juat opai.a.3, in coaamion with hit old eftabliahmant, whore ie vul ba aapbj to ra e any ordara for aa#ancrCc election* cf Uiaowi DlUOpB. aire in. importation. 41ao,all ordara for Dinuara, ftuppera, Balla, and nnw Partiaa, wiiioa will be aeivad up is hia in table atria, witb the una eromptnaaa and 41a ah whion b? ha? hitherto ahnwi. naS A WM. T. DOVE & CO. /iKK Now prepared to execute any ordara witk DUKE OLD RYE WHISKY.-On ba?< IT brand' of Pure Old Rye Wht? ky, Co# and aarar* aar Die uuea. mm? (>7 tne most reiiab diaUIleraTn Pann sy 1 vaaia. Mwilamt sad Virginia, warranted nrr, Alto, Import*! Rrandiee, Hem.Mjy, Otard. Dupuy A Co., Jolea Robina, 4o. Alao, P?ch and Apple Brandy, pure Holland Gin, old Jamaica and Si. Croi* Ram, and win* of every variety, ah of atandard bran'" A choice lot of Qixara and To bacco. YOKN9 A KEPHaRT, Acenta, a* M-lT p* hetw ?th and tack bV*. F DIRECT IMPORTATION. RENCd LETTER AND NOTE PAPER - Jnit imported from France a large and complete aenortmeat of fine Letter and Not* Papere, Iron; the celebrated Mil's of Larocbe. Joubert. Da meraue, Lacrotx A Co.,at Anionleroe. BLANCHARD * MOHUN, ae 34 Corner llth at. and Pa. av. A L E! A XX ALE AND XXX AL*!! A '.'CIS ERY. Tm| Ala is made from malt aad kopeonly and aaaaot fail to five entire sauafaoiion to eoa -r ,Proprietor of Ue Imi-lw WuI'k RMnrarf MtrearlaMfnlx** 275 A Lfc E N 275 JACKSON, P LASTS KXM.9, Pinna.. Avuvi, Retweaa lath aad iltfc etieato. ?? HAUNT'S GUNPOWDER. , SoU Attn** ftrlKilHitrui ?/ fe^ftsg.riaist&KtrA, ,. G??W?^FIU,? CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. D Strmt, Mtwm UA mnd WU firt PkMNai, Rmi'i fWt faKKp n?m, mJ ?miiu, vkiak ve will wl.tuM-" M a tw ?I. r<-6t. bill praotioa m?ch*nioa in bnu>?k?w of U* bUMIfM. V* ft?tt*r oli'a?.Tr? UMM W? kM>? eatrtM tod of work iW will >iv? aoif MM. oom tuning tifktnMs, oomfort u4 dtrkbtU T? . BMiaJMtvuy C^RR1A6L A LI?HT WaSoSb at STkind a owwl M iiryM?*4. a?4 from kia -out axjartaaoa la Ua bnuwi, ka kopaa from aia .ol? exjmeecf ib i ? JtlTt (tMTl. aatiatact.ol.. k A} kind* TOwrterw mU U*kt ?mni ka* aa i AIE8 prWft aBRlaaS^^V^^ DENTISTRY-. D DENTAL CAED. K. MUNSON Mm ratarnod and raaamod k.a froiMiion. OBoa and hoaaa at 463 K at. Iiird door aaat of t<ixtu. In addition t rary o'har a^prorod atyla. l*r. M baa Nt"" taath ob rnloanit* Baa* lor thr laat tkiaa yaara, and. from axparieoca, knowa it axoala all otbarr and la oaa third laaa la price than jold. Mia o 4 patron* of Wuhmrtor. Alexandria. and *}aora town are reapoctfuUy aoiieited to call. atVaoly DENTAL NOTICE. Ur. LOOMi^ Haiolo**<l buoftco forth* im on, and will be abeent, aa uaual, daring tha aum mar months ; will r*anme practice about th? I at of October, of wfciok farther uotioa will tia given. ir lo-tf r| DENTISTRY. I/K. H1LL8. ftfker ft arftoticft trat of tvo Ml thftt M OftB With OOUftdABOe reooll) Mod the Chftoptftatic Proorae for inaertiucHflMV ftrtifioifti teeth It hM the ftd>tt.lW*> , !" " tr?0(Ui, b?Mt7.oIftftnlliiMft, ftMl okaft^uM*. Pel raer seta inserted fur **. Partial la proportion. OftM > # Pft. ftTCMft. eel MlSCfcLLANhOUil OUR STOCK 18 ALWAYS COMPLETE OF the celebratedChirkeri m k. Sons' ?*aftled PIANO PORTli*. embrftrincfflffei ererr size, style, asa.e ftnd finish.ftt 1'' to rait the UiftM. Old Piaooa taken i apart s*Tin?>rt for new. The Chiekerinca' hftve been awftrded 40 fold ftad ailver medals ftt the different exhibitions d the United Stfttea for the superiority of their Plftnoa over ft'l other maker*. Their Pianoe are better, their prioea fta m?, their terras of p*ytn( ra eaay, t*eir diaoonnta for eaah areftter thfta nay oth ra. Call ftad ra* lor yomraelf. JOHN F. El LIB, m tS S06 Pft. ? .. bet 9th and l?Hh eta. At m?ti4mts wiU kmppim, trtn 4m wll fmmilmt, It ia wy daairable to hara ud oonraoiaot vu for repairing Kanutara, To fa, irALDINS'l PREPARED GLUE Mall noh em*r(wuMN.uil no honaahold oaa to ba vitbout it. it ia aiwaya ready and ay to tha abekinf point. There ia do longar a nramm a for Jianpiuf ohaira, Ephntarec "*ri?tr?. keadlaaa a, a^ti broken orad >e?. itia juat the artioie Lit on, ahell. and other orcamenUki work, ao vuh ladi*? of retirement and taata. Thia admirable preparation la uaad ?old. bair.g chemically held to aoiution. and all tha valaabla qaalittaa of tha baat oabmat maker*' % laa. It aaay ba naad ia taa ptaoa of ordinary avMiiia baiag raatl; mora adhaaira. " USEFUL in EVERT HOUSE. WkaUamU DtpM, No. 40 Cadar atraat, Nnr Yort. AMm HENRY (^SPALDING ft CO.. Pit ay for DaaJora in Eiilit,tDd Tw?!t? Doaen io flnov-Card aooompacyi Box No. New York. Cwn oonUUDinc Foar, folT.ithofrw* rbeaatif aooompanyinc each OTl ain*le bottle of SFALD1WS PRE PARED BLVE will aare ten tune* tta eoet an sally to every hoieehoid.^Cl by all aromineut gtatiouera, Dmggiata. lvar* Farnitare Dec:era, Orooera, Mil *y Btoraa. Coat try erohanU ?hoa]d make a note of SPAL BIffB'S PREPARE Ji QL CE, when Baku* mp their 1 let It wi>l utaiid an* o'imat*. feiei* CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEC THAT IT IS WITH THE SIG^TUREOF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HDALY, SOLE. PROPRIETOR 19 SOOTH HUMS: NEirtRL tOR SALE IN WASHINGTON BY yl ir BA1BOI I k gKMMK** fREEMAN k SIBSOUJ | OLD | mm kwmsKEl OLD EAGNOLI LWHIS1

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