Newspaper of Evening Star, October 12, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 12, 1860 Page 2
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'JH K EVENING STAR. Washington CITF: FRII?AY Orttkff It. *?M. ITT" That valrnMe and popular ttmiiy journal, the Wiuli Stab, full as usual of Metropolitan r.evrs arti :.-ns*lp, and choir# Hterary reading. It cow or. our counter rt-adjr for drllrrry to the public. Kmbraccd In Its eutertamlng contents are tie following article*: The Beauties ?t Nature?an original poena, My Wife and 1 -? very Interesting domestic stori * Charge* bts Doctor?a very ainutln? sketch! Tabic M:mn?r?; Rev. Jobn Herse\; We have been Friends Together?a poetic ew Pai-t'ire an.f Kxecutlon "of Gen Walk^r-Lfnli partlecUra bv an eve witness and others; Sent to State Prison for Life for Committing Rape; Tbe Pike* Peak Gold Digger*; Tbe Wlnans Steamer, Horrible Condition of tbe Michigan Jaila and H capitals; Freak* of a Maniac?be rs^apra front a lunatic aavlura, marriea a rlcU widow, and buva a Olock of buildiu^a; Napoleon III. at tbe ftirtbplar* of tbe Bonaparte Family; Tea Braids and tbelr Meaning; Lot?'? Deruy?a porrn; New York e'asbions; Tbe Sooid Cored; Dow's Alphabetical Advice; A Sermon, T'u?r way History i* Written; SoftenIDK of tlir Braio; Ten Year* imnrlaotiuient for Araon; Th- Grot Eaatern; 1 Le Baltimore Msntetpal F.leetion; Movement* of tus Pr>i>?:ecf Walea? bi* arrival and reception In Richmond, l?ia arrival and departure from Baltimore, hU reception in Philadelphia, Jt n ; Austria and tbe Late King of Political Beggars; A Repubicfn Stump Speaker Robbed of over I^.UiU on tbe Cars; Narrow Escape of the American Vice CobsmI at Damas* iss; A Strian Call fur Relief; The late irrest Wide-Awake Demonstration in N?-w York; Mr Bncbanan as a W liter for tbe l.*dg?r; Kvitenunt in the Billiard VtorlJ; Tbe Irmurrei tiunary Plot in Virginia?pev? ral nrr^aia cr.ade?iuiputtiet develop* aunts; FataJ /.cf!d'nl to a Child on a Street Kailvsay in Tali I wore. Our Kio (iraude Corrtspobde.icc, Tbe Ahtl-Lincol:! Fuaioti in New i on; u?rib?ldi in Miierica; Tbe Pittsburg Holler Kxph?!o ; Distingr shed F refiners i? America; A Political Lecture by a Ph-us Wife?a very amusing i;r a'::i le? tur-; The Orangemen and tbtfir His;ory; Au ther of the World'* Hero?s; A Political Jeu DYsprit; Arkmais Atlairseiecrt'o,iof h; r*e thieves; A Railroad Novelty: t a a _ r?i v __ near:ng in l.nrzr vnarcnn; TV Prince ct Wain In Washington?full particular* of k?ia ?<>journ Ut-rc. Li* irip to Mount Vernon, d?*pai?i're for HU-bti'Ond. Ac . Ac ; Mtfft npa of i.'.e Ja.kio.i (Breckinridge) Democratic Aaaorifction; iJiw Knll Mate bf?; Klaminatlon on a Charge of Bigamj; Meeting of tL? Tea' her*' Am. ciatlob; Tb* Klect1i>u-R*U;nia Kx.-iteojent on Tunsd y Nigbt?trdrtat the dill-rent club riwirs; A Sbr rt Honeymoon; Broken Head* and Bloody >? ??: The V?gro Kxciteinent In Virginia? qiliet restored; The l.ate !*t te llleclioM; A Police Divorced fro in Politic^ Signillcaijt; The AlW--d Cbi fnni \1 int. I Department Kilikvi.ili; Washington Newi and Gossip; l.ocal Intelligence,Ac ; Late newt, foreign and docorstic, by mall ami telegraph; Interesting Pfr?onal A ud a fcreat variety of thai re literary article, ootb prose and poetry, too numerous to mention This li jiut the paper a^ove ail others for persons sojourning In the National Metropolis to end to their friends at a riiit?nre Prl/>? nnlv three ceati p-r copy, or SI M5 per annum; postage prepaid by Hantp* when so arranged spirit ?f tu? n?mli| Pr?M. The Cjmiticunon under the head of "Willful Misrepresentation," say*: " In a report of a spe*cb recently made by Mr Douglas, at Indianapolis, we find the following statement: ' 1 tell you that to-day tae whole power of Mr Buchanan'* Administration is being wielded for JLlnc jIb la every free !*a'e of this I't.lon. Orders hava gone from Waablncton to lud'.ana and Ohio, tba um? as w -nt to Maine, to have the Federal otflce-Uflders vote the republican ticket at the approaching St.te elect!ooaj and the reason they do a<H run a se^arafc* State ticket at the tame tlir.e ?^...? m * - n..?; _i *i_ i *i u ? i_ - mmrry tun ? |r-ia.r rrciiuniilfll llCK^t IS IU*l lfl? y Intend to Tot* directly for the Lincoln candidates for SUt>* oill ers ' " We take it lor g~ant> d that the report Is correct, and that Mr liouglaa really used the aheve language. To say tint the a-sertion la a gross misrepresentation. entirely destitute of a shadow of foundation, la the mildest language that can b-m ployed lu regard to it. Weiaoir. and tan, therefore, speak positively, that no instructions were given by the Administration, either directly or indirectly, secretly or openly, to any Federal o<B"er, In Maine or ai.ywherw else. as to how he ahould vote; and we als.i learn, from reliable authority, that the Federal officer* in Maine bo'h vote i and used their intluence for Mr. Smart, the defeated candidate for Governor. We know that aurh w^a the opinion of Mr Smart hiri.a<-lf. and that he so slab-d In a puolic speech subsequent to bis def?at We, therefore, authoritatively and unequivocally pronounce the above statement of Mr Douglas to be untrue, and made with a full knowledge of Ita untruth " The InitliifntiT holds the democratic party responsible for the present political antagouiam between the North and the South. ID" A Wide-A wake association is about to be formed .n Baltimore. 1E7~ A very large meeting was held at the Cooper Institute, New York, Wednesday evening, wklA -JJ ? ? - ? -... > ?u Mimram uy non w m. U Yancey, of AUbuua He apoke for over two h >ura, and vraa lirtened to vt-ry uttenti vely. CD- The Pr?*t>yteriaii r?yuod of Virginia aa embled in Lynchburg on Wednesday. TLe Introductory aer it on waa preached by the Rev Mr M^ore, cf Richmond city. Upon the roll being c.ilied, it wia found that there waa a full ttradaMi-f for the tirat ulght. R . L Dabney waa dec ted Moderator. N*w Mtaic?We have received from Metzerott, next door, two aon??, entitled, ' Merrily, M^rr'!. SkliM ?? " ? " _ _ . ?j ? tuwiu, iform uy i\pv. v\ Emu mime by Alice Foster; and 441 I.ove to Sing. 'word* by J K.Carpenter, nnisic by LI '/ Heine; published by Ditson, and very pretty inel" odles Also, from the same, ' The I'et Walls," capital piece for the piano forte, by l)r. F. Ueute* krnck. IJT* The New York World thinks that the te'dy consummation of the lon^-pending coalition Jn that State will hardly break ttie effect of the republican victory In Pennsylvania. * Still," adds thit journal, "discouraging as the Pennsylvan la news is f?r the fusiouists, they will make a vigorous reslstinre, like a beleaguered garrison that hts be-u driven to Its last < itadel In the Soutben Matrs one hundred aud twenty vote* ar* certain ajjiinst Mr Lincoln, and if the ihirty* In foM of New York . aa be add'-d to these Le Is d<*f^ut*d 'I bit la tbe last hope of Lis opponents and they a*e likely to cling to it with the oerpy of u drowning clutching at the las' fragment of a wreck All the interest of tbe campaign now concentrates in New York." Tm Ststh Klsctioju ? From additional returns r?c? i'eJ fro is* tbe t lrctions in PennsylvaniaOhio and lnd!ana, tbere appears to be no doub* that the K? piiMba us bnve a majority lu each of tbe three t*t*tes They claim al)sat*t.l40iMjarity In tkch of the Shtes t.( Pennsylvania and Ohio, and 5 o. o to lo.iUJ iu lediaua. The Demc**rats bave i^obably gained four members of Congress la Obio, and one or two In Pennsylvania tk. ladlana d- Icy at I on appear* to ('and at before. Tbe Kc^iiUk'4.1 majority la P?nnayltanla a year go was 1? 390 on one candidate, and 18,313 -on Uulkrr In Oblu the K~ publican majority for Governor a vear ?Kc wm l.'l ,33ft. la Indiana two year* agotberr wa?a Democratic majority of 1,5^1 Tb? Efw l.-T-'Ifclitu* of Pennsylvania la over wbciailngl) Rtpubict-h. Tbe Senate appear* to ataod vM t.> V, iLe Hcuw about d6 to 35, or perJ?p? 70 to ?' Cut."? it appt?ra that a new town %a be rall?d ?'Vlr*1r.ia citr." baa been laid out D<*r Pcrtanio?l?b. Va . by an orxaiilo-d company, *ltb the vlrwof-atabUallnj? cotton milla, woolen ftrtorlM and iron worka Tbe Norfolk Argua m,vi virK aia city/'" l*io out, lias inside of ilc wt>f a reo< wvrtt caroor 01 ^lurioiK, in the VKat>-? of Virginia, adjoining the United StaUi flaxy Y?-d audtbetitr of Portamouth. and eitenditiK f> r tt.;e?- trilea aloong tbe main harbor, betw.*ri tbr StuUid and R. R. R aod the Norfolk ardP U R and the DUuial Swaupaod AlIk-m .flc and CUeapeake eaoaia, with the l*it kubur on it-#- Atlantic Ocean." Cox D?c*i?itath> ?The unfortunate Mr Cox, yrbo to d ?t n*u1sh?d hiir.arif aa puraer of th? Ormt F.3*Urn, wulie oa the excarafoa to Cape Mar. ta now cona'gnrd to a'.other apherr of dtif>. A London eirr?rpo?.dMit of the Beaton Po?t aajra ' hi> Lst bfiHi Mut ?-ff, and it la to be toped tlt-*y Ith?* i r?- t ifclpfutnfjrn) will bi? more fortju >t? u mix fatuie acitxtiuu of a j>u:nr. * " _ .apas; .>-41 - <u. i *NAJ _?? ' n??? waihinotqw mtr? awp gossip. A Pcmgkst PoRTftaiT.?Below will be found an extract from a late letter from the Hod John Sltdell, of l<ool*tana, addressed to hi* eonstttiieats. | whtrtin K? A r*. 1+ nJ ' " pviuaii nr. ito^iu auu that gentleman'a tail-political, the fldellty of which can hardly fall to be recognized at a glance by all in the Federal Metropolis who kaow hi* and their htatorv?and vrho her* does aot T We republish It as embracing. Uki It all in all. In very short compass, the happiest and most truthful picture of the authors of all the mischief that has befallen the cause of democratic principles of la*e. The Democratic party are now paying, bitterly enough, the penalty of having nurtured auch a man, with such followers, in its besom. Had the policy with reference to Mr Douglas and his sr hemes for his personal advancement which the Star pursued two years ago been pursued at that tlase by the party at targe, and had It followed it a naMla(artlY? o tVa Cf/ie Kaa <lo?o k* n>n., 1A mm ^vi*t?*vu ? j ?mv " ?? mm uuiic, uc WVUiU long since hay# been thorn of his capacity to lnjur? the cause of deir.ocatlc principle*, aa he and hla peraonal follower* have Injured It in the recent Pennsylvania election: Having thua dtipc?cd of tbequestion of the relative strength of the candidate*, let ua examine their Antecedent*, tbeir qualities of mlud. their peraonal character. and comparative fltnens for the exalted station to which they aspire. Iu speaking of Mr. Douglas, 1 shall be brief, for two reasonsone, that if 1 were to say all 1 think of him, without reserve, many of these who bsve not had the same opportunities to observe him as I have, would tblnk my picture overcharged, and aome m'ut.t suspect that political and personal hostility n.ade me a biased and perhaps unsafe witness; the othvr is, that he is not the opponent with whom we are seriously to contend. I rheerfullv admit the marked ability, the vigor and energy, mental and physical, of Douglas, and the eminent service* rendered by kiiui in times past to the democratic party?times iu which I w<ii proud to recogntz^ in him our stoutest champion, and one of our ablmt chiefs; but these qualities are marred by an insatiable ambition, an overweening vanity, a temper linpatleut of all counsel or control, and an intense seittshness, which rendeis him Incapable of viewing political questions in any other light than that reflected by his own personal Interests of the day. He Is a cunning, but not a sagacious man, utterly unscrupulous as to the means of obtaining thuone great object betas hid in view since bis debut In public life He Ins been an avowed aspirant auct active intriguer for the Presidency for the last sixteen yeais, and, had 1 l_. - I A . 1 I 1 ? ' * - ur iiivwa uuw tu uioi1 [. - l Hit*, and Deeil Itil demonstrative in bis < it'orts would proltabiy bave seeured by this time the object of bis ambit on. Haying failed in tbla attempt, end forfeited tbe confidence of hia former political friends, bla sole ol.j-ct now Is to ruin the p-irty which be baa not been permitted to rule. " A'otcitur a Jori?*" ls a safe precept, and its truth has never been more atrikingly verified tban in Stephen A Dau^iai Who arc his.c >nttdentiai friends and im>st acAt ? * *' * * "* " * ii?? ?upyoru*rv uuappoiiiiea politician*?men who bave f*iltd to- t>e appreciated according to their own estimate of tbeir merit* by Ignorant constituencies, would-be ministers plenipotentiary and cabinet minister*, M>loria of phantom 1 republics, rej-cted office seeker*. lobby agents for fraudulent or exaggerated rlaiir.s, needy letter writera, all the Robert Mac&iies of the pres*, projector* of railroad*, of wbicb all the j:roflt i* to enure to them and all the coat to the Government, all wbo hope, under a Ux and profligate administration. to obtain fat contracts, are to l>e found enlisted under bis banner. Add to these a number of pretended democrats, who And lu bis squattersovereignty doctrines a convenient baif-way loagment o road to the abolition cainp. and you have the aum total of tbe Don. las array?an army composed of officers and trumpeters, without rank or fll>, miking up in tb? loudness of tbe r boastings and in tiie violence of tb> Ir denunciation*. for tbe sptrsentw of their numliers and ttie absence of all those elements of lntegrjiy, Intelligence and social standing wblcb enter into tbe composition of a great national party It 's not rlkking much to predict that when this election shall have passed Mr Douglas will soou prove himself to be tbe moat vindictive and dangerous e.'.emy of tbe Soutb His course in obstinately refusing all tertr.s of compromise and arrangement with the Breckinridge democracy, in every Northern State, can only be accounted for on the hypothesis of hi* determination to elect Limoln. with tbe hope <f placing bliiiSfkf at tbe bead of tbe black republi( sn nartu in InAI W?it ( ru??i*i I -j ... . wm? mmm-*- iv i ?I ?V 1UCI1W of this purpose, coming from so many quarters that be dare nut attempt to refute it. It oiay -nit Mr Dou<;l.ia to advance the fils charge against Mr Buchanan, of threatening to male war on bim and bis friei>d* if he opposed tbe admission Kansas with a constitution recognizing slavery?a ehirge refuted by a simple examination of dates, and refe ence to the relation* existing between them; and when be la met by an indignant denial only to reply that, as tuere was no witness to tbe alleged conversation, be cannot enter into a coutrovrrsy about It; but when a charge Is made by bis colleague. Mr. Trumbull, confirmed by aas* rtions from Kellogg, Ltlair, Colfax, Uurlingame. and others, of bis atu inpt to form an alliance with tbe black republicans, the man who Bf-ruples not to make a question of veracity with our venerable Chief Magistrate respecting a conversation which, iroin its very nature, If it to< k place at all. in st have been confidential, stands mute under tbe damning accusations of hi* peer in tbe Deuate Slid bis familiar associate in tbe House dkpart>iknt news. Impostajit Isstrcctios* Rilativk to CLA.imasts to Mim? in Nbvv .Mexico ?l'be Commissioner of the General Laud Office (Hon. Joseph S W* } i .1 n \ ? ... ?..VU; MU? ?ia^i?vuvu IIIII/JI (Out tllSKUCllUIiB to tlm U. S. Survivor General at Santa Ke, New .Mexico, respecting mine*. Fartiea had presented to the Surveyor Gene'al papers claiming mining r'ghts in virtue of " denouncement." The Commissioner refers to the mining system of old Spain as transferring to Mexico aft-r her separation from the parent county. In which rights w^re admitted by tne Mexican Republic to work the mines upon "discovery" or denouncement. He shows that that system is not recognized by the laws of the L'ulted States, and orders the Surveyor General to observe the policy which obtains lu California as not extending subdivisional lines of survey over eitber the mineral lands or lands unfit for cultivation He Instruct! the Purveyor General that bis duty iu regard to clainis j, restricted to the reception of such only as are lawfully received f tun Spain and Mexico prior to the acquisition of the country by the I'r.lted States, and the reception of donation claims under the laws of the U nited Statea _ I.i?ts of Swamp and Overflowed Lands ? The Commissioner of the General Land Office has submitted to the Secretary of the Interior for approval, list (No 6) of swamp and overflowed Ltiids in the New Orleans district, Louisiana, under act of Congress. Sept 23, l-.SO. He bas also transmitted to the Governor of M'.aslsiippi a copy of approved list (No. 7) of swainp and overflowed lands in the Jackson district, Mississippi, under the same act. ? m ? m ? Thi Wiathkx -1The following report of tb? vr&atbtT for the morning la made from the Amer laaa Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smlthaonlin Institution. The time of observation ! about 7 o'clockOctobis H, 1660 Borlington, Vt clear, 35?. >cw % i>rk, N. Y olenr, pleasant Philadelphia, Fa clear. Baltimore. Md ....clear, cool. Waahington. D. C clear, wind N\V Richmond, Va. cloudy, 52?. Petersburg, Va raining, 5t?'. Nnrfnlk V. -1 J~ ? -w vi sviaj ? ?#! #l"iUIIU y J W" . Raleigh, N. C cloudy, fli? Wilmington, N. C clear, pleasant. Charleston. S. C... clear, 71?. Augusta, tia. clear, cool. Savannah, Ga. cloudy, 70?. Macon, tia. clear, cool. Columbus, Ua clear, cool. Jackson, Ala clear, cool. Mobil*, Ala clear, 64*. r rum tub vtxst Frederick, Md clear, pleasant. Cumberland, Md clear, pleasant. Gnfton, Va clear, cool. Wheeling, Va. clear, 34*. Parkersburg, Va clear, cold. * Cincinnati. O clear, cold. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m . (corrected for temperature.) 30.018: at noon, an in* Thermometer at 7 a m., 47*; at noon, S3-*. Maximum during 31 boars ending II a. m. to4ay,06)f'; minimum 45X*. Domestic Cabixit Mxndh.?Itla on* of the m&rvel* of the age that ?uch vast turns are expended In getting up apparently trilling articles; and another marvel tuat tbme are of so mncb utllltv I<arge fortunes have been made out of matches. which are sold at tbe rate of one or two hundred for a penny- Somewhat similar, we are told, Is to be the success of a recent invention for repair!ng all kinds of furniture,?-'dpaldlng'a Prepared Glue." It Is prepared chemically, will Keep in all climate?, may be applied on tbe Inrtant, and If all that la aaid of it la true, must becmiir highly uarful In repairing broken furniture, di.apldated book*, and indeed In caaea were glue la usually applied ?Nt%e York Ol?t*rr*r. PorrnT os ot Richmowd.?Tbe reaulta of the 1 tbora of the cenaua-takera abow that the population of Richmond aggregate* 37.968 white and black, bond and free Thle la an increaae of only 10 398 alnre lt*50, when the population of the ?lty w::a /T.570 TLe annual percentage of lncreaae baa Ueu u fraction of 37 per cent. Tni Noifol* Plavk Eicitimixt.?Tbe jaila of Norfolk, Portamoutb, and Priuceea Anne are fli>1 wl'h arretted (Uvea, tuppoaed tobave keen I c iff"* t n* a" 1: aurrectloa More areata are dall>? made, but the whole affilr aeema to be a Uua;b.ig I PrfHf*U?M tar the Rrceptlaa af tke Prtir* mi W?l* ib >f* York Th?JN?w_Tork Po?t of yeaterday afternoon ] says : me principal pta^es of business wereclosed at 11 o'clock thii forenoon Ijonj; before tUat hour Um people began to congregate about tbe Ffcrk and at virioas points fn fl oadway bv thousands, ud it wai rrtdent that the reception of iitwn Renfrew would be witnessed bv ss many people m cattie out to tee the repres-ntatives ef tbe Tvooeo. A multltade of alraagers 1a in town froa all parta ef tbe country, particularly the East, and thousands ef tbeuj have came on purpose to wltnese the drmonstration to-day Tbe military ere In tbelr glory. The Seventh Regiment turned oat wrf strong, and was followed down Broadway by in immense throng of people. Broadway la decorated with flags, from tbe Battery to Twenty-third atreet. The cross of 9t. George la displayed in as conaplcuoua a manner and at asmanv point* as waa the Japanese flag on tbe day tbat Boole led the Ambassadors through our streets The city fstbers, by the way, feel as though they bad b?en snubbed in tbe matter of this reception. , They feel that after having received the representatives of a Power which data* ha?V tVi? limit* of history, thev ou^ht to play * respectable part in receiving H. r H It wm asid at the City j Hall. l<i fact, that tbeir indignation bad waxed hot over the manner In which tbe Mayor b?s treated them In thia business. thht they would utterly refuae to go to Castle Garden, or have anything to do in tbe matter But aa they were aeen about the City Hall in kid irlovea, (whether the same which were furnished by the ctty last June is not known.) it was presumed they would 1 Bowling Green is gaily dressed In American and British flags, and oefore twelve o'clock the pace outaide tbe ring was densely packed with spectators. The military display on the Battery will be one of the finest ever made by our militia, and the police arrangements appear to be complete. The windows In all the Broadway stores are crowded and the tops of the buildings are covered with people Carmen have stationed their carta at the corners of the streets, arid for twenty five cents one may stmd 011 one of these vebt< l<-s while the procession piss?s \\ iudowsin Broadway rent at exorbitant prices The omnibuses and cars fur hours were loaded to excess with people coming down to net as near Castle Garden an possible. The emigrant*at that institution evidently mean to improve the opportunity to witness the display, and have potted themselves in various conspicuous pla.-es This will, of conrse, be the most interesting part of the pageant, but can be witnessed by comparatively few. The whole detective police force will be in attendance at the ball given in honor of Karon Renfrew. at the Academy of Music, to-morrow night The large crowd which is anticipated in the vicinity during the evenli g will afford an excellent opportunity for pickpockets to operate ; and it is fnred, notwithstanding the select character of the company at the bail, that some unworthy persons will be present; and hence the committee of arrangements have requested the attendance of four detectives (Oth'-ers Sampson, IWder, Lievoe, and hictuoan,) In full costume, to watch for pickpockets The following members of the Renfrew ball committee left for Amluy this morning on board the Harriet Lane: General Scott. Luther Bradlsh, John J CIs o, Cyrus \V. Field, M B Fit-id, lll.i. r ? ' >? ? _ ? . ? tiaiiiiiiuu riiu, judu jay, lortici KOOffl H. Miaturo, PeletUh P?-rit, Auguatus Scbell. U. D Silllman. George T Strong. Th* Purse*'* Landing ix N*\v Vo*i asd Cos tome The Prince at h'a reception In New York yesterday waa announced to appear on the line In bis uniform aa a Colonel of the British Army, wearing the blue ribbon of the Garter. The P.ince waa to do, not in hla quality of Prince, for he come* here aa a private visitor, but In bia quality of a aoldier, honored by our own aoldlery with an invitation to pans them in review. Hit landing in New York waa to be effectrd in civil costume, for be greeta the city as a simple stranger. But iu reviewing the troop* ou the Battery, in receiving their marching salute from the ate pa of the City llall, and In riding through Broadway and Lnior. Place to bia hotel, the Prince waa to diaappear In the Colonel?civil dreas being the moat uncivil of inclvllitiea to a military boidy. The Duke of Newcaatle as a Lord-Lieutenaut. was to also appear In un form, aa well aa General Brace . t -?_? ' " ' " * * a?u mnjur euaaie, to me lnunlte delectation of all the fair women and brave men who awaited ''the hour and the man" with feeling* which may be conceived, but cannot be described Rkc?ptio!? at Nkw YOBK. Niw Yok, Oct. 11.?The steamer Harriet Lane i rrived at Castle Garden at 2 30 P. M . the Prince enjoying the trip over ihe Bay very much. One of the amusing incident! of the tripwaia race with the yacht Maria, which completely out tripped the steam cutter. The Prince during a good part of thf way was on the deck of the cutter tind bud a good view of the harbor. He landed at Castle Garden and wa* formally received by the Mayor and City Council. His Lor* -s were in readiness here and at about 3 o'clock he came oat and reviewed the troops on the Battery, aft^r which the proceulon was formed and marched up Broadway, through crowds of enthusiastic spectators to the City Hall and subsequently to the Fifth Avenue Hotel. The turn out of th?. i?nhi? was the greatest ever witnessed tu New York. Yy? WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY.? .J. 3 The cominia?ioiie<l and uon-commiaMoned olficera of the Battaliou * I meet THIS* EVENI o'olock. at thw Armory, on the Avenue The members of tho three Coinpauiea are invited t j l>e present. By order of It* Major JA9. Y. DAVIS, Ylr*M ASS MEETING AT M *RLBOROUG H. J_3 I he Jackion Democratic Aai?ociati >n will ciortt THIS(Fii^ay) EVENING, at 7 o'clock, lor the purpose of coni/letinz ariancem nts to att- ud the Bai I acue at Marllioroncti. CORNEOUS BOYLE, l'rea. Wm. J. Do*ohoo. Sec. It -y^W^MASS MEETING ANDBARBACUE UPPER MARLBORO', MD , SATURDAY, Oct. IS. The Jackson Democ atic Club will leave their Room', 393 Pa. avenue, at 7 o'clock, Saturday morning, in coaches, with a baud of inusio. Fare for the round trip 81. It ryTHK MEMBERS OF THE REPUBLI" t? can Association aro reunpst^d to m?>?tat th? Wirwan TIH8(Fri.iay) EVENING, at7H o' lk, to unite in a proo avion in honor of recent political victories. All persons favorable to the election of i incoln and llamliii are cordially invited to join in the procession. it* L CLEPHANE, S#o. NATIONAL MEDICAL COLLEGEl_y The Introductory Lecture to the eourse in t no National Medical Collage ? illho delivered by Prof Robert Kms Ptonb in the l.eoture Room, (Washington Infirmary,) on MONDAY EVE I NING, Octol>er 15th, at ha f past seven o'o'ock The profession and the publio are respectfully invited to attend. oc I2-3t* J NO. C. RI LEY, M. D., Dean. DKDICATION SERVICE.?The public are < invited to atuuil tin dedication of the New Vork Avenue Presbyter an Church. on 8AH-! BATH,the Mth instant. at 11 o'clock a. m. The d-^dica'inn sermon will l>e preached by the Rev H. A BotKDXAii, 1). D . of Philadelph a. The Rev, Or. Scjiuski.abd, or till* city, will pr'ach In the a ternoon, ats1; o'o'ook, and tpc Rev. D. X. Jcskim, D. i> .of Philade 7}? o'clock. A collection will h*? taken up at each of these servioes on beha'f of the buildint fun 1. oo 13-2t* ! Ylp-'-ONTRIBUTION* for SYRIA Will K? bo rooeived at Hutchinson A Muuio's.and ai Lane's f uruisbing Store, ou Pa. avenue, until Saturday morning, the 13th instant. By ordar, to. oc 1l-2t* fTO^THE BIBLE LECTURES by Rkv. Da. L9 SaMhon will t>e r-Humed next SATURDAY fcVENINti, October 13th, at 75* o'clock, at the j Rooms of the Youn? Men's Christian Association 1 The public (ladias included) are cordially invited to attend oc 11-.'it TO THE MKMBERS OF THE WASHJJ5 INGTON HL'II DING ASSOCIATION An account of all the affairs of said Association is made out to 1st of November, 196" Th"?e interest' d in the nam* will call at my Office, 490 H st , between 8th and 9th sts ,l>a^k o! Patent Office from 7 to??o'clock any nirht, when they will be ma le acqu-inted with all the matters pertaining thereto oo ll:2t JAMES T'iwLF.9, Trustee. ,Y"5=? UEMPSEY A O'TOOI.K, 1_3 VfED DING AND VISITING CARD ENGRAVERS. importer* oi tine WEDDING bTATlONERY, \\ KDDINO ENVELOPES, the inoet beautiful *tylea. 396 Pa. Av., between 9tii and loth ?ts , au 27-6m Wajbinoton. IRON SAFE, AND COPYING PRESS. We have for sa)? at a cr>-at bargain? One Second-hand Iron Safe, made by Herring, of New York, AUo, one superior iron larre-*iae Copying Free*, with Stand. C. W. BOTELER i SONS. oo 12 3t Iron Hall. FO R GENTLEMEN'S FRENCH HATS, BLACK SILK _ DRESS HATS, MEN'S and BOYS' HATS and CAPS.^^B^^ Caul at o OLADMON'S, 3S6 Pa. avenu*. n ar 11th ?t.. n? 19 1? ? WKP??H8 star Ottux. ? H EAPEBT STORE! SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEV, AND GO AND PURCHASE YOUR DRY GOODS AT THE CHEAPEST STORE. 34S SEVENTH STREET, (East Sid*,) between I an I K. oc 18 1m MATTHEWS A GO HE JOUVIWS BEST QUALITY biiiek, and all the deeirab e .h Jls. in color. ' Thia Glove w hare ?old fur 7>rai *%aon>, a d oai safely rtoommwd them to oar fr e d< and the pa hi is generally a? the ve'? beat article 'T Glorev ever so.d in thu market Pleaee oa I ami nranii. e lhem- ~ COLLEY A CO oa Li-lot No. *33 fleveaUx ?tM Above l*a. av. a 4 Omr Itlttatrt | Baltimo**, Oct. 10,1800. ' Editor Star: Autumn is with us. ind If, by reason of ber gentle sway, we fhil to feel her pressure, jet may we still n-ad It in tba withers* waves that strew our trea-bordocd asaanss Prompted partly by our toveofautiuBnalsrenery, and partly by a desire to see " ths d?Ua?d-to-Wworld-aated park," we yesterday visited " Druid Hill " A ride af about two miles, la a north; wsaterly d i recti o? from the city, by way of Mad! , ?j\m m lam principal envanca. at present a rough frame-work arcb, hastily built in anticipation of tbe inauguration, appointed for Monday last, but by reaaou of the weather indelniU-ly postponed Thia property waa tbe estate of Lloyd Rogers, Esq , by whose family it ia reported to have been held for about 4U0 years As a farm its proximity to tbe city was lta moat undesirable feature. Avenues bad already been extended and building commenced In the neighborhood, eo that ere many years Its sale or division must bave taken place for self-defense. Under these circumstance* tbe wisest step waa lta recent dlaposltlon to the citr for tbe outdom* of a public park. It will now probably always remain undivided, while we learn one of tbe stipulations of aa!e was that It aball always be called ' Druid Hill." It cont Ins 523* ecres of wellswarded lard, uleasantly diversified wltb bills and valleys, and with its many natural advantages in the bands of an ekperlenced landscape gardener may be made very beautiful Its distance from the city may be an objection, but time will soon bring It nearer and it Is at all time* accessible by mea's of the City Pssienger II tilway. The royal party left here for Philadelphia yesterday, at 1 o'clock, in a special trai 11. Much disappointment was expressed that tLey remained so abort a time. However, their stay was a pleasant one, and we l^arn they have ext>r>*ssed much gratification at the arrangements made for their entertainment Not arriving till near 9 o'clock, the visit to the opera was omitted by Lord Renfrew, who retired shortly after dliiiug Tbe Duke of Newcastle, Kail St. Geruialns, Marquis ai.d Marchioness of Cbandos, and some two or three others entered their box at about 11 o'clock, and witnessed the last act of Traviata At. '* Violetta," Colsou won much praise Bariti was also good, but of the rest little need be said. There w;>s a large and select attendance, and all passed off well Yesterday, previously to bis departure, Lord Renfrew drove through the city vvtilh Mayor i ?wann, visited tbe taouuineMt, l'rnnkiin Square, and high ground near the Hospital, from eacb of which places he viewrd tbe city with mich satis i iovwuii. Ilia quarters at the (iilmor Hons? were unsurpassed. and everything urai done to fhake pleisint l >-b possible his brief stay The Rritish Ambastjdors at Wasli1n?>ton, Lords Napier and l.y->ns, the Ji|ian*s<' Kinl?as-sv. and more recently Judge I Douglas, have each In turn occupied the ssme 1 apartments to which is now attached quite a history. The presence of so distinguished guests spe.-.ks well for the (iilmor House, which, in flnishlng, furnishing, location, and general management, may rank among any In the country. As regards politic* there is at present but little worthy of note. The several ' luw are organized, and have their headquarters, with tbe exreptlon of the Wide Awakes They have yet to "hang their banner on the outward wall.' Will they do It? We shall see The elation to day has pasted eff very quietly. Tbe returns are not all In at the time of this writfiii/- but Win ft nr?? u?Aiwn i1-" !.? 0 , i/iwnll, KjWJ , IUO II r* form candidate I* elected beyond a doubt by a large majority." Bonfires are atirt^dln all parts of tbe city, but there la no aign of disorder. Adieu Clarimce. P?lttical Iteaa. The election of members of the Le glslstnre cf 9outh Carolina and for memb*ra of Congress took | place on Monday and Tuesday last The conteat, judging from tbe papers, la purely one of personal merit, all tbe candidates having Tied with each other in pledging their adhesion to a single absorbing Issue?that of "secession" from tbe Union in case of Mr Lincoln's election In the city of Charleston the contest must have been quite animated. That city is entitled to twenty members in the lower hous* at th? tare, and we observe Id the "Courier" do Uu than twenty-two distinct ticket* for those place* The Philadelphia Evening Journal, a Bell and Ev?r>-tt paper, Invito the attention of southern readers to the fact that the political sentiment which has just predominated in Pennsylvania is not the "Republicanism" which prevails In New England and In the Northwest Economical questions growing out the ''tariff"' rather than the ' slavery" question controlled the result. The same paper expresses the opinion that Mr Bell, from his known views upon the farmer of these questions, rould carry the State against .Mr Lincoln if the friends of both Mr Breckinridge and Mr. Douglas would withdraw their electoral tickets. r HATS AND CAPS. I have now on hand a oomplete assort ment of good* in the above line, to which I invite the attention of mj patrons and the oitisens of the District generally. Great care having been taken in th? reliction. I can present to mjr customer* the greatest vari -ty to b-) found in the city. The stock oompnscs every l MtvlA nnw in wiv?iia * ? "'AT?JrMi?eVVnVohr^7en?'FANCY HATS of ottreij new shapes. lilies' hiding hats. . . Children'* C al'.h of ever* description. Gentlemen's hats and caps. a'si, a fin*1 as ortnient of umbrki .l as. w alkin w CAN es, Ac.,Ae. J AS. V. DAVIS. HatU-r, oc 12-2w (Ict>Con) lato T< dJ A Co. No t i c e! TO THE LADIES! MRS LOWE take* ploafure lu announcing to the Ladies that her Store will lie reopoued on ^at urdar, the 13th ins ant. with a new a- <1 w-Il se'eou d assortment of LADIES' HRESS TRIMMING*, oc 11 lw 'J9T P? avenu''. south aide. groceries: groceries :: i* groceries!!, Wishing to dispose of my stock of Groceries, ao an to enab _t?? jjun with as little sock on nana a* pOMM. I will commence this day to sell anything in my line at coat for cash only. M y stock la large, aud, a 1 being Crush and pure goods, 1 his ia a chance >>eiii<>ni ruet with to lay in your winter atock at greatly reduced aricea. HENRY C PURDV, oc 11 2w No. ? pp. mffnm New trimmings-new trimmings: now ofkmihg at M r w . LOWE'S. New style Paris Gimps and Button*, plain and gilt im*od : Black and Fa cy Colored Velvt-t But toui aod Velvet Riblwna; Hlan and Fancy Colored Graduating Buttons, something n?w for ladies' walking suits ; Gi t Cords and Tassels, Silk Cords, Tasaeli and Buttons: Zouave Cloak Tassels, ia all oolora, on ba id and made to order. MRS. LOWF.. oc lMw 9>T Pa. avenue, south aide PER1QUE SMOKING TOBACCO, Ao. I have received,direct from New Orleane, a aupP'y PF.RIQUE SMOKING TOBACCO, whiohjiaa long been esteemed in the South aa the I onv:c<> in Hi t won 1 for the pipe A1 o on hand. tJio l-est qua ity of LYNCH BURG anJ ot^er Smoking Tobacco ; with ti assortment of genuine MEERSCHAUM PIPfcSJSMORlNG lUBKjf Ac. Together with our u*u&] large and select as ortinent of FINE HAVANA CIGARS ?GEo- ^vCOCHRANE. _oc 11 -3t _ 39?^P*. avM l>etw. Hi and <th sis. Sporting Goods. % Douye and Single Gone, from $8 to ?25; Game Ba<?. Powder Flasks, Shot Pouches. Shot Belt*, single and double, Gen Nipples, Nipple Wrenches. Cap Primers, Gun Cleaner*. Gun Wad*, Rani Ilou*, Ram Rod Sorews, W ad Cutters, ? . , ALSO colt's aria Aiun's Kevo'vers, Smith k. Wesson'* Sevuu Shooter, Sharp's Breach Loading Pistol, Pocket Pistols, play's Caps, Hick*' Musket ami Hat Caps, Prussian and U D" Caps. Smith k Wessons Cartridges, Parlor Pistol CartriiUes. Dram Flasks, Powder and Shot. Pistol Bails. See. All the above just received from the manu'anurers, and for s*la on accommodating terms, at the Hardware Store, No. 339 Pennsylvania Avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel. J. E SHIELDS, 00 to St , Hardware Importer. TVTOTICE.?Bv reason of the death of George B. 1" Lentnan.of the firm of t Btomim. it has become neoessary to close and settle the business of the l%te firm All persons are therefore requested to present to the undersigned all tneir olaims against said firm, and all person* Indebted to the ftr m are requested to oome forward and settlj tbesame without delay. JNO.T. LENMAN, oc?-lw (Intel) Surviving partner. STOVES! STOVES!! STOVES!!! 1 have on hand a large atsortaient of Cooking end other ^oves, which I will ?ell cheaper than any other hoese in tho District, as it i? mj 5a intention to close them out. Call and see,?^m[ and then judge for yonrso.ves. ^ g^YDFR^ Q 1W?w# W nn e fA #1. a ? ? ? ?v ? w pvi umct, 290 take notice. . 290 Thompaon'e celebrated Medioint*?LIFE PRESERVER and CORDIAL-foraale, wh-lSa e*od retail, by 8. C FORI). Jr'., DruHi.t oc 8-6t Coruer Eleventh at and Pa fcr B. HALL Whel^aaleand RetailIkai er ?*h?'fine FAMILY GROCK UIK8. ffeAS, W INKS. and choice LIkindi, A fresh stock just oosn&d *No L'iP 4tiUs?ruu at M? Im AMUSEMENTS. OD0 FELUOvVV HALL! w OODMTLLOWH'HALL. ODD FKLLOW8' HAL1~ lmtiMiM unmi mmI magnifioent reo?(U3a c . P 8^*? K*CI V A L'? COMPANY OF STAR ACT ARTISTES. Th? Beut) id< FMk^of th? Fodcrf Vrtrop out prM?>nt ?udla eo.Uoiet of?t jor n*al iliHflKh ?8Sifc REKHSLUKA(!TiPI]l. VHPi i Uli i^ivik U ? ? . .. ?TM * - - v- It U wi li'M'l c. JT* TB?PMOHl?HKAN FANTASfE*. TKRP;MCHORKAN PANT\SIES. TERPSICSOREAN FANTASIES. TERPSIClloREAN FANTASIES. TF.RPSlCbOREAN FANTASIES. ETHIOPIAN ETHIOPIAN ETHIOPIAN RrfePI^T.? . KCcMiPI!#1U ECOENTltlCITIES ECCENTRICITIES SO TEDIOUS MON- TONV. O TEDIOUS MONOTONV. O T^tilOUS MONOTONY. NO TEDIOUS MONOToNY. LIGHTS AND SHADK*. LIGHT* AND SHADES. LIGHTS AND feHADKS. LIGHT** AND SHADES. The But Compact or AiTiarc* i? the Woiie To five a atiil feater Uerrae cT ecUl to Ut? vtii d,oliK t<i.Rnd plo&iint Fntertiunmeiit whiob La has the hon< r to preaei t to the Amui*mrnt Lovu.f ? uMlo <>f thl* oitr, the ?'ondnotor hi! the pleaau* 11 announce th*t, with no inconaiderabla exertion, no t.a* acoured the aiu?tic a?M >o*? < f Mr. J. A. HERMAN. Mr. J. A. {' ER M AN, Mr. J. A. HKRWAN, nr. J. A. HEM MAN, r I. A. HERMAN. The moat popular Hallai Singer of tfc* <lar. to whoa* aw*at tonea and ta.sU'fi I atjrle la owing the entire xubic-al rcpl'tat ox f th? far-fam*4 rHRIsTV MINSTKELS, With vhioh CdiiitlDT k? hu r?pV?il uth? n , ?f muaiaal favoMt- fir je&'? Ha is di-trttly, by lut ovcrin'i train tr??m the pre rut highly pipuiar H<? & < akpbki.l MnuRtM, no* performing,and t-?r ail NmiVa, New Yoik ottr. He cnmei her* to fulfill the preset t engagement oIhIt from *r??trr induoemanta < fTeran by trie Conductor, and in opposition to two oo"fliotmg t? earaphis offer* received the same hoar wim that of tne diapatch wtuoh brought him here. 'I ha Conductor haa it 11 fu-ther to aanoaaaa that MISS F.?NNY FOR KRST Ml89 FANNY FORKKST MISS FANNY FORK K ?T MIS9 FANNY FORREST MISS FANNY FORREST S' Ca reoororvd from har i^riiepositioo aa to ha at>la t<> taha her part la tn? Repertoi-e of laat e?erim?to day entiraly-a d wbil* thia la writing, ah* la engaged in viewing th* magnificent object a of iitereat in thia Palatial City , and will ba propared to night to rendar her alway* popo'ar m?lodt*a in a aty leof aimpla pleaaing pathoa all her ova. Th* other Aiti*t?a of Star Sin* a Act ranova : M taa A uguata Waiby, I a Patit* Louiao, \Vm Fierce, H?urj Wood, Ole Bu I M?era, Luoien EacaU, Folto-i My-ra. Mgnor Gtvidi, with the aft <i?nt oroh?ate- under thacharg* of Mr. Wrhera. will add eskch a a tor a tothamt?>t*ia?*i>t for the ??6lllDC. Toe Conductor woiid lure remark?aa enoh a number of traveling oorapauiea aee tUi the aa pliancea of advertiae'ntnt and n*me to aroare the attention of t??e pnn!ic-th?t th? p'?-??nt I* No Tbivbliso Compast: bat ta brought to'? the'?on tk* Pmrtirnlmr Star of tome tttablitKtd rl*e* of am*s*mr?t tm S'ttc Y<rl or Philadelphia -for a Orief pu ^uif, at ( eat exp*n*e, ?o'e.? fur Baltimore* <1 tM? oit? The ?aiary list of ibe p-e*-t; o m^anv cje-eda that of an? Hail performance is the mitre country, and that of any oomvan* who ever viaited Waatiincton, with t exertion of a few inataaoea of Ita iaa <?p?ra In pri of of the aaaar ion mad ab >ve. the Coadnot r be** to refer f 'h * adve-t.*ih< ooumne of the New vork H'ia d iltrint the mo thaofAuiuat and the firatof 8?pttm!>or, wti?-e th? name* offered above will be foanU to oonat tate each oae Th? S?Txa ol different place* <>f ?m? efrio*-* ia that city. Tha ad..,1**100 is 1WENTV FIVE lENIS. No extra charre for aecured real* Mattin*a perform*co3 to morrow at S o'eloek f r Lad ea and Ch'ldren. U* yy A8HINGTO NTHBATkF" For a. Limitid N'vxin ov Nights, Co*' mencinc MONDA Y h VEXING, tel. 151*. Bydeatreof a number of i finer tial ett-.sena of Washington the Prince* of the Pro(e*cioa, BI'D\VOR?H*S? I .ate and oal* Original W O O O '8 MIN8TRE I. 8. Will give a linn ed iu ruber of their ETHIOPIAN SOI**!-;". With the whole *tren*th of thei r Company. (T^ Attraction* Extraord.**ry -/ II NEW jBALLAIW. NEW Ml'SIC, NEW S'?NOJ?, NEW FA#rr? "nEW'jokeb. With an entire change err night. Adtni<ai<rn, 25 cent*; ore Hester ohairs.50 cents; pnv&t? t>ox*s #3 Door* oeeu a. 7 o'clock, comment i-.g at t. oo 12 3t T NOTICE. HE ISLAND ?OCIAL CI.UB Pars eonoludad to give their COTILLON PARTY at the at ASSEMBLY ROOMS, on fit MONDAY, October 3d. Particulars in future advertisement HA oo 12 2t COMMITTEE | First grand coti< lon party ?r tha ISLAND FRIENDSHIP ASSOCIA- flft TION will takepiaje at Thorn'* H?u.. 7th tr? t. Mvm'u D and E. October 18th, law Tickets 5o cent*, adm tting a gentleman andWI ladies. By order of the Committee. oo 11-Ot* WHAT IS THIS WE SEE? The THIRD GRAN') COTIM OW of tha american EAGLE c I B vil b* siren ?% at THOKN'S HAi.i., oa TUESDAY, tha M 16th day of <>ct?ber. I860 Tickets 50 cents, admitting a geutirmanWfl^ and laJies. LET US GO. o? 11 yyashing T~0 NT HE A T ekT Bole Lessee auJ Manager S. W. Clmm. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will op n for the regular Kal! and Winter S?-aaoL on tii? night of THURSDAY. Novkxbs* Ui. JOSEPH JEPFERSON, The Cotnediin of the Age, will oonimtiM M Mgageutriit of Tweve Night* on MONDAY, November 5th, a.U will b? follow d bj the moat BRI L 1.1 \ NT STARS lu the Theatrical Firma:nei t. [D* Cominunioationa if adiireaaeri to S W. Glkh*. "Old Mowery Theater," New York, will meet with prompt attention. m 18-tf jy O W READY! LATHES* M and "TKHEl crildrevs jniflr FANCY FURS, In a 1 their varieties, STINEMETZS, 236 Pa. ?tmm, co 9 Near oorner Thirt?ft at. DOI'GLAS AND JOHNSON MEDALS. at GIBSON'S, on Seventh ?treot, at 12K oenta. oe 9 6t nAL NOTICE! NOTICE!! ^ WCi Mr*. HELLER l?n itei th? lartiea of^Br WaehlBffton and vicinit* to her Grand <) pen in* of Faahionah o FALL and WINTER BONNhTS. on Friday ami Saturday, ith and Gth iaataat, when aha wi'l ?> happy to ha we ladiea com and examine , her atook oi Good*, a* ahe lm? a vary handaom? atock of FEATHERS, FLOWERS, DRK?S TRIMMINe*. HE\i? DRESSES. CLOAK?*, SHAWLS, EXTENSION SKIRTS. CORSETS of ail M?ea and prioee, afid a very large atook of EMBROIDERIES, *c . Ac. oo 4 No 34 Market Spaoe, bet.7th and >th eta. JpiREMF.N'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 9*00,000. QJ^rt tfrmer C strtti m*4 Lomuimnm at., et*r Bmmk of Wiuktnston INSURE HOUSES AND OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. DiiKtota Geo Shoemaker, Samuel R*dfe a, Samuel Cropley, William Wi eon, Richard. Jon*a, Jofeo D B*'elay, JRAOK nuiann A n/4.*? k>-?' ? ' x*"rr" ??'"' ? r vinvvii. Titos. Parker, Rut i*rd fferry, D. B. Fr3ncK No char** for Policies JAMF? ADAM?, Pretidei.'. Abkl Q. Davis, Secrcta-y. oe lu -eoftm HH KRMAN RI.M\ HOLSTKRE R, Nt 264 O ttrett, mar Trtunnp Dtyartmmt, in Kr?t*futiy aefcnowledf ing the liberal cauonace which ka<< heretofore be?n baa'oved ?? hisefo la tj please hit pstrona, l>?g? loave to mTj'sn tM ci ?sena of Washington and Geogetnwn that hi is iww prepared to exeootevfth neatnestsnddisritck I ord-va is his line f business; anek a* the Bowing, Kitting and latiu Down of new CarxU, and tii* a) ing l.owa of old f?rp?te; th* Baugiag of CarUtna; tin Covering ?f Loupe** Sofa*, Ac ; ^ Manufacture or Renovation ofMattrea***,PuiO ws. Cushion*. ta . . Mr. Bl4V woald aleo call epeoia' attention to kit Pateated Carpft Stretcher. whi?h enibtea Ltm t>l nut fitiwr? "itk aaaMMllMtM naa* and rapidity. * M *oln?* ^ P. 8. GAITHKR ^VRfttpoot/nll? inform* the oitiseaa I V Wa hin^ton th?t b* h*a taken u?pru rTl and PrMcrtptioa Stora at tha coraaroffc*t?A|A and 0 itrwu, whera ha will k *P a wall 1 acted and aaaorted ?toc* "Cj'urBJ4ED'PI^JK?. PUMKnY.fto.Aat aodkoMVW aaryful attention to l>u?ia?>*at to obtain fair awra of Um pabJio pa'ronngp. N B. strict fe.aoual attention given to praaorip> Uoaa. oo i-jv ?*-.. - r - ' 3 AUCTION 3ALES i Br J. C. MoODIRK * CO.. AMtior^r, ' LH'RNITIEK AND KFTF.CTS OK A FA??r it ?taimiw itrauikrwif *rrr,(n-(;B Tt'BSU* V MoKNlNu. O* Oi*r W:a at 1 o'?k. M No. *49 T nit atro^t. brIVM L tad M W ?ha I **!l tkt FiTMtor* KC<?U ol ? g?i t jm%D dr?;tbic? h k< apitc. (vn.aitUr.i of? K>a*w(<o4 Chiokwiac htaeo F? tt awff M. <4. it c/<Jn?a<? P u?h *or r<4 fa'lor Kuro.tar*. oi|rN'i| larfe ?*<>f*, Aria Cfcatt at.4 ui Car ^ floMttad Mvblt toy Caput TaUt, SSmrpssKi-- v-.. WiiiCua CirtUMUD Shaaao, Corn?*. Gilt frta* Mirror. Cloak*. Qtriiwl K??*t TiUai CtM-a*tt Ctain, Wool Cmnu, Oil* wU, Dr?j??i_, art. Sin.l# arxTD >able MHIM, Uaraaoo, Uoiu; Cri'a. VS a^h-Uwia, T?>i.M mu. Ihninr TtklM, Ufctaa. U kti *td croafcarj War*. "ap*iio;C<H>kiac. KaJntor ud od.M JUni. Tofathar tnth the aaaal u?ortai?U of Aitoban R (^llfitDI. T'rma: #V ?rd anOar c\ai. : o??r that ?am a o~*ltt ul t?i *ni fci d?r?. tor aauafati. r ij *s4utm4 a tai !?"? id< irt*rp?? . P 8.?Tha houta ii (w iaat. It^atra of tt* aetioaMta. wJH J. C MoGUIRB A CO.. AaoU By 4. C. MoutlUK k CO. AuoiioaMn. ~ VA'.UAB1 K I'MMCKOVFI) KHOPKKTV il thi Fuai H 4*d 4t Arrrioi -Oa M( Kb M KM DA Y a K i'KK No< ?.>, ??eu> -t l?tk. at tar A (,'j'wk. on lk< ar*oiiMta, w- aha. a*'I Lot No Ivfll id 9anir? !%.. ?? ? ?? ?- * ' '* , w > Ma % ! IktkBl on oiBft**Rt)i *t int.batwa-n t anJ r ata. oortu^B t Iiniinf '*?? IV MlftiiOll _ X r?a-: One third omI. ; the rililH in ? ano HI n -n h , al .li iiU r (. nrrirM t ft d?*o . I tin-l tia ir?a.M??. pfif -el H co i2 J J. C. Moiii'lRt 4 < U . Aic:? Hr Wa Li A BARNAKi), Aubnatwi STO<*K AND FIXTi;m? OF A FA NOV B?'?'* >M> fTO*R AT ArCTIOH.?On THi. KbOAY MORMXi. lsth w fill a? I ftt the iturtdkr Hm win 4<Uirtt? lfi? 1 p'ftc??! oi. Uc Mat ? 0? (if hiaLtli atreat, mv D. tha Suxk and Fixcuraa. oomauaiBf? Straw and Hiokorj Hroom*. \\ hiapaaod MftU, H|'<J K"f?i. Knife Trftja fti.d Fk'OT ?a?kaia. Pa'cuala. K ?lera, BwokaU and TWM, H*ir UtUab*** Dual*tod Pair. T ?? and ? \ ft leti wf Woodaa W ft. e. fork,&?>i< Wood aeat Cmi'i, Waah'na M achinra Machine for aiaking Brooma, Viaa tad of. or In ferns CMk oolSd WALL k, BARNARD, Aaota. 'Mia Atl'ER ir~1?-M(IKKOW V Itr A. liKhF.N Aucunter. I Bl II.DINu LOT?lN THKCiTV AND TIVO H?r?w tun I ot? m I ?iuoimw<i *t Acctkib. On FRIDtl , the lZth intUi.t I at.ft 1 aatt at bit K?*??ue, e '?er < >(> rmith tid 1> st'eeta, ftt 4 o o ' ?, tlia to l >wi * < amrj arnaaity, nt I.?' No i, la t*?ifta fit ?1 H??r# No. 07 , I ot No 1. tnS^tfftra c.6:0. The firat named t 1 outa M feet P)% inehee i n | nnr k <' . t>"twe n frtli v.J 21 ?t a -Mi area', and 1 ? ? fa t aer. Thenther i t f' i fVet o< ?Dtk V, at the eo< n*r of S oon?! et.rl, [ A'ao. twu two at >r? Briok Hu?a4, ettmated n I l'< i-at taD. t ppoi'ta tb? Na*v > ard aud Um oca I oa v to* thai etaad. brui l"'- a.? ? ? ? Il.l o n r on Waaiun?ioa itmt, i.aar M?ar?a J "-at.oa * i cvt%?ai r<.td Ta*iaa: Cm ihi d o??h; ?t'ftT.c* ib . t and IB k months, f<>r toUi Iw* nr murest f'oi da* ?t ?:?. A d**H (iTNU^idMi ol treat UkM. 1 itla in di a* tab a. _ oo?-fl A GREKN. irL By J C. MeGUIRE A CO.. Aaotio ?*. TWO L* R9E GILT FRAME FRENCH t'LiTi Bib Hmu Hoiu. Minmi ?r Arc tin ?Oa S \TU K ;?A V M UK NI NO. Oau bar 11 h, At iOo'oixoa. in l oot o tna Aaotio* kv m., ? ?na i a<?. , t h? h<? u<*at tu 'der if jtni l>. . f a na Mirror*,6 l?atlj It faat, Baitab.a lor hot . o: b?' rj^m m'?<>??-?. , T?rit? t A ed.t of 3fl ?a<1 a1 d*j? for aat.ifioto tii anclora-d nct-?, t tariff atarmt. ' oo I tt J ? XaOl-iRK A CO ?act* Br WAL' A BARN\K l?. Aaotiuaaara f C met Nimtk it. and loutk >id Pa ax"FFFFCTHor ACONFECHONKRY BTORB, | JCj Hovsihoid Fvkmtch, Ac. ?c., at ArcTiOi.?4>a SATURDAY MOKMNO, at 10 o'aiook. we wi.) a?: . in front of the * Miioa Kooma. a (?n?ral aaaoitaiont ol Uoaaako'd Pnrnt tore a ii tha F.fT??t? of a > o'ffou?.nar? Bto.a? Candies and Glaaa Jara ai.4 t aa?>. Nuts. Tobacco, Hauoea, C.aret. to., Ao. Bidaboarti, f u raus, ^ an rot ?a Canaar.ii wood-aaat '"h*ira, B<dstaads and Mai trera?a. *toTas. Ao., Ae. Tarma oaah .-oli d WALL A BARNARD, A?U _ Br A. GRKRN. Aaottoaaar. | 1?XCKI.I KMT HOUSEHOLD AND IITCH I h e* FuBniTrai AT ArcT!"> ?On ??ATt R l?A Y 1 MOoNiMi next, th U.u luacant. I aha. ** m V front of ari atora. at 10 o'oiook, an axawiaat *? ~ ?. ?| r fnwri, ? I Hmm l^| 11. I. Q*f- \ &ad, U. 8 Narr. ?con>tiii in # Ra.iogany *nd Wanut UrMiiEf udnbn BirwM ( Do Marble top fab!?*. . I Do I'int"(, Card and Rout Tablet, I l>o 9. hi. Ptrlortnd Ru?liii( Cbalri, I Do Oitumaaa, Wa.att. can*, tad otfc?r I Chain, f ?! 'Ck, Girandolaa, fid* Coltace and Chamber Bete, ft hrae-aly, scotch, Ingrain an J Jjtair Carpeta, Oil f clothe, B?<r aod Hheek Matir^m and Pillowa, hina. O an aad Cr<>ckeiy War*, Cooking and other Htoree, * % With a cood l.?t of Kitchen Requintea. And a targe lot of other a luoh wetata 'ca*?a'? to earn marele. i Termi oaan. oell-d A. GRFEN. A at* Bi T. M. MoCOR MICK. Alexaadrta. COMMISSION Kk S SALE OF A VALVAblk Te act or Lard is thbcocstt or AuixjDmi*. V* , os THI A., L. A H. H. R ?By of a daorca ol the Cirosu Court of Alennaia county, is the mit of Hooe, Uearuian r*. Harla | ud otk'rt, tb? uadaraua?d wi I, ? TI'F.BDai, | tke *d of Ooiober, liftu, ai U o'clock, ie froat of Kha J Mayor'* office, in the e ty of Alexandria, etl^at rablio auction, a ralaable traot coataMat AMBt [ K? a?rfi of land In the a^unty of A lexanOTa, at I which Laarut >b H Hardin, Keq .died aatseC TWa 1 aroaarty liee ahoat 7 auiae from Alexaud>m aad ft f from Waahingioa an" Georgetown. ? tbl raad laa<1ta( froai >aFalls Charch" to beor?eaMM. aad % on the Alezaadrta, Loadoiaai d ubwf4m#il- i road, a water etauon Wug aaar the hi The 1 imjrovetnenta oonua* of a good two fcaaaa u w >in wiiii o'? t)ui.i iri n^riVtMiit I bar a and all n*jMi?rjoiithou?*. Tht^WHtTM I U.l? farln to tka tkra* m*rk*-ta ol AiKwr*. I W a> hlngU.B and >aorcst/>w s, tbs * a mUm tk* I 'and ud Uie iietlthftt DMI of ths tOCftQOS, iMfet It 1 a da*irabla *e*ide> ?. R^ Thet rm? preac tbad by th? daersaara: Oca taMfc 4 of tM porehaae niuMf in oa?fc; asd ths aaidua in ' ( f?ar txtaat iwU'M'H at 4. 13 Hand M moniks ' from tk* day of sa:s, iha dafeirad payment* t. b* \ aaoa ad \>i tna bouda -f tk* parshaaar. iKanan 1btara t from tka day of aals.atd a raUatioa ?f Ota f t tla inti pa:d If deairrd It) purcha?sra tbapr p- j artt wottlii ba divide! in'o two or Mora paroaa, I and a flat tkaroof wilt ba rxhibitad M tha aadw I aim el. 1. L-Oi 18 KlN'/fcK. I au? 3tawtd Coaaiiaaiouar. 1 IE7-THE ABOVE BALE HA8 BEEN POST- I MMd anti SATURDAY, taa 13tk day of Oalohar, J as ma hour and p'.ac j. oo 4 Sawtd A Br CLEARY A GREEN. Aastioaaar*. Auction sale of stock or cet boo Da. Ac ?On HA.IRDaY MORNlNd, Ootobor 6tk. aoauaaiMM at o'cock. wa wil aa.l, at saklis auoliou, tka eaura atook of l>'f Goods, ic., of F. T. Maddux, Ha* . at No SOl oath sids Pann?y!vania a enuj, Mwaai ttk and 10: k atraats, o?"mpri*i->*? Fiaa Draaa Silks. RoImm, Brill ante. Lawn*. Ckalli*a, Ca*kn?rra. Popltus, Kar?f oa G.atfcaina asd C*iia?ea. labia I inasa, Brown aaa v\ kits fckssuage, Druls, CamLrios. Woolsa, Stella and othar Shawls, Lmaaya, Jean* and Domottios. Silk. Cambria sad C?it"a HandkarokieJa, Flanaaia of ail kiad* a d daaarip loas. Uoaiary. soo Riband*, l.aoaa. Under hiru at.d Draos, Collars. Wools- Cto&k*. Hoodsaad t* arf** Tioking, C?HU>n* and Sksotinr ? Mas ia iCUiDi, M oott? 'vg,ko A i?'C a** rtir-^at of Miniaarjr Wood*. Plu* Wools n Hlaaketa, iaraada. As. I rsaak aad Lag.iah Ck?.Aa, Oas-iaieras aad YssfTofaSrr'vritk S jsaerai %s* -rtmertf of aaok Oaada M a^na"? k*Pt la a rat^a! 1) r Uuud* Stora Tka *a> wh to o<>nt)! n?) ftaa dai t cs? aflfcl A U?aatjr^at,ahl8di??os^u? ^ J FUTVHF DA YS ? C Br CLKAR\ ? QKKEN W TWO DEftlftAULfc Km*' CuAK* KtSI- I | Hjcnua in ' < it* H?n *t > cfcLK a i I Ttox.-V* M^NDaV.Ujo 14 b ?o?U t. we afetl I pi tr li&rWfiSi' oi: <4 o* ?vt*f U>U t&aatf U. ia *1 front- I tat 9>* r*ah oa l'ti'4 Miwt vwl a^d i?niui?c I bMk HO f*H?t Sin uoh* bMw*-- aU. wort*. I Tn* ??** ?**a ff tad ia tto b?*t mbbm. I yoNMUDf Ua moat a^dirj St uh ni ?t>1a_a/- \ r%nt?4 witfc all oonwtapeaa Tt?r? ooiinr. aaafc * mm food roMi, a !?'* ii'm parlor, mar- 1 M* Mmt, ?aur ?M) fW iatri>4r?*4 tnrotikubt t ?e praipiea*. %mi la omUtte ?? ?*a:i?r and d wirakta Htiow of Me oil.. Tern* i (?n? fouru eaak; Un: ct ia t, 12. It *?4 M Miontha f rmtee beari-.? intmet.aad e~c*reA be a 4?ad o( tm?t on the ??. bim? oil-4 <-LKafcy A etKEW.AacU. p ftjigiollS1biIem VhS !&? Tuya* KHaaw akaU M?ta lota > nit, a ekaiaa M oT Gra? H om> rlaata. aaaapeiaiaf? . 1j?U;0 a* Canaiiia j? pai.,oa* wf i. eat If lue antaM o.r tke beet kuo?t, Tornkar ?itk eotne r aw aaa rara vah#M af jlwmg otker fat Ptanta, at 4 ' 4. 0. MeGUlAK * CO?AMta. IZ7THK ABOVB&ALK 14 CNAV0Ip4?? T ta!7|ioBM BBt4iMt'Nl>AY AFrfc.aMOOl.Mh at^iya "r j?Vy^nJiKK 4 OO, A?H' I BALTt>tOKK BUTTEK HOl^BE. JL . kk ZOUAVK ?ll? > A L HUKN, Pnc? ( ) ? rvwivid tt UWMHM>Mn?r I w.c.mmnn. I

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