Newspaper of Evening Star, October 12, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 12, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS Though Thk Stab la printed on the Meet Knni j.rM? ! > n?.? a*>uth *f RMtitnore, lit edition to ao large to raire 11 to tx> put to prr?? at an Tic hour; AdtnliU'mrnta thwrfm* ? ? ! * ?> -J f ? ?J ? v w?v? Vf auvuita wv sent in before 12 o'clock m ; otberwiae they may not appear until the next day. Mtmm of m RtrciLicAX AaaociaTios uit Nioiit.?7V< ??o*j at?'i ?The meeting of the Republican Aaaoclaiion in tbla city last night, at their Wigwam, corner of Second afreet and Indiana avenue, was decidedly the largest v and most enthusiastic meeting of toe kind tbat been held In thla city The recent repub- | , Alcan victories In Pennsylvania. Ohio, and Ina>nT*"* to have Imparted additional energy to the old membera, and bad the effect of t^niing aandden and large influx of thoae who have heretofore been shy as to the policy of uniting with ?och an organization The rapactona hall waa " jammed " Eapnta'a band waa present, and, among other spirited aira, performed a new % mafc&.cumpoar-d and*et to music by Prof F.aputa, aUtied " Lincoln's March " The number or applications for membsrahip on this occaalon waa on* Atindrtd and firt! Mr Hall submitted the following; which wis read by the Secretary : Whereas a report baa been put in circulation,? which bea gained additional credence from tbe fact of ita publication by a city p*per,?that the Republican Association had closed its bocks, and would receive no more application* for member blp, because the ?' genuine original Jacobs ' feared to locresse their Mat of members, in view of ttie certain election of thetr candiitates, lest there woufa not be o?ces en<nigb for the appii^piita. tba i?i<i Association d^ems it due to I s members and to the lar^e number of persons who > wish to enrol under their b inner, to formally declare? ^ That the books are still open, and members arW , wanted; and all s ymprUbiz- r? are cordially invited to send in their names without delay,' and be numbered with the --original Jacobs " Mr Good!o? thought tbe uasaage of such a preamble and declaration would be giving too much ?ouseqnence to tb it which hud been said merely in a joke, *nd further would effect n-thlng The ediWr of the SUr(tn which jouraal tbe statement r. frred to appeared) and tbe readers of thai vl>eet would very soon discover that such was not tbe case, from the fact of such a large number of applications bein;; received this evening. Such an interesting f.?ct wonld soon become generally known; which, in his opinion, would be a sufficient confutation 11 any such idle minor. Mr. Hall said hethjugbt some ?uch formal declaration wu necessary. Scarcely a day parsed sarlthAiil K 4 )toi ?< it n. K? ???. ??i?iivu* viv "vi lift u? ' v?*ru uj ai'iiir a< iai 11 kinira in the street, and the inquiry made, '-How'? tbat about the republican association closing thetr book; 1? !t w.**? He thought a formal declaration on tliia sjbjwt would l>e highly proper; and not only proper, but it was uecwiry Mr Coombs, the chairman, concurred with Mr. Goodloe tn regard to this resolution lie did not thiuk a declaration framed in tbe manner of the tme just i awt-u wouia ^omport with the dignity of the lation. It wu worded in too i'tose and jetting a manner, which might subject them to unpleasant critirlam. As had a!r**ady been remarked, tb?- public would very soon ascertain the /act from the proceedings of that meeting that the books were not closed, hut they Were willing and desirous to haveall sympathisers unite with them The position of this association and their partial sympathisers might l>e Illustrated by tb? anecdote of Noah and the drowning man at the door of the Ark The waters whlci were to deluge the wtu>le land had been foiling a few hours, when a man pusrd near the door of the ark, knee deep in water Noah noticing this man, invited him within to take shelter from toe severe s:orm In the ark "Thank you,'' said the man. "but it is hardly worth while to cooie in, as I don't tLir.k it will be tunch of a storm " it was here, there were a number still lingering on the outside, ins sting that It was not to be much of a storm. The proposition was finally withdrawn Ai tbe suggestion or tbe cbair, the executive committee of >fce republican and wlile-awake associations retired to an adjoining room, wit'u a view of arranging a programme of tbe torch-light procession to take place to-night Dr Bretd being called upon for a speech, occnCed the attention of the association for aoiue tlfen or twenty minutes in a spirited manner After tbe expiration of half an hour thecommitW returned, and through their chairman. Mr L. C*lepbane, presented a programme, which was read bv the secretary, as follows : PROGHAMXI OK PROCESSION TO-XIGHT The association will meet at the 41 W igwam" at A . . I i_ r* L 1 _ ? * a a Lives l tie procession win ne iormetl at 9 o'clock, and proceed from lb* "Wi^vrnn'' al^ng Indiana avenue to Third street; down Third to Penns\lvania avenue, and thence to Seventeenth street, up 3eve?*eenth street to H; along H to Thirteenth street; down Thirteenth to G; and along G to Twelfth; down Twelfth to K; along E, poss:ug the rooti.s of the Congressional Republican Committee. U? 9izth street; down tHxtb str.-et to Penn avenue, and froin thence to Capitol Hill, If time will permit No intoxicated persons will be allowed In the ranks (' Good. good."J V , ,1. > ?.. - I 1...? .. ? 1 1 H.J iiw\umiu| auvnci, CACCpi UCII COHtU U JXJH by the marshal A Voice.? Don't like that ruurh " No biasing or insulting remark* tn any of their political opponents allowed under any clrcuin?tailed [ Good;" and applause ] No transpaiences n-dectiug upon those who differ with ua in politics allowed iu the line. [ 'Good, good "J a. The committee enjoin upon all the importance of observing the strictest propriety In all things, that their opponents might perceive that the republican party was a law abiding party, claiming ouly iu political and other rights, and nothing more [Loud and prolonged cheering.J Torches will be distributed along the line All persons who politically sympathize with the priu?ilpi>s of the republican party art: invited to uuite fa the procession. /\Xbe Georgetown republicans are expected to I qjfifcr tn (be procession ^*ie Wide-Awakes were invited to act as an aid accepted the luvitation V fcuota* band has been engaged for the occaTtie fol^>w:ng gentlemen have been selected as Jtnarsbals for the Republican Association : Chief Marshal?George U Wilson Assistant Marshals? J, First Ward; F Keeside, Second Ward; A Duvall, Tliird Ward; Jot Gerhardt, Fourth Ward; Jas Lynch, Fifth Ward; W E. Hutchinfcon, Sixth Ward; Geo. W. Garrett, Seventh Ward. r>i>t H W Knlcrht will ll'U. Awaku ?u i>d by LleuU. K. K Elliott and Rlchird M. Dowbw A large turn out it expected. cm. goddabd's idea or a torch-light raocimioh. The Chief of Police being waited upon by one or two officers of the Republican Association, and formally notified of the contemplated torch-light Crocraaion this evening, in order that he might e In readiness with h'.a j>?sst eonmatus tu S'jeli any disturbinre that might arise, be dr. red to know ' why In the d?1 they coul<in?t have this procession In the daytime, and thru there would be no fesr of a disturbance." that salctb. We hear that it waa the intention cf the republicans to hive tired a salute at uoou to-day. from the Armory grounds, if permission could be obtaiukil from tb? proper authorities, but It seems the project fell through, owing to a failure to obtala guns in season. ?^ til pbockssionTUe republicans expect to muster one thousand gtron^f In thur proces?ion to-nieht Additional lore lies (I imp*) fiave beea sent for to other cities, for the >i?e of the escort of wideawa es. which b?dv will du-ikU-M tarn out In eoaaideraMe force. Sauje apprehension is felt altout town of disturbaueca In consequence of tha p-oc*aalon, and the police force will. It It supposed, be concentrated aloag the line of march. ' aiklHtL wist" du.mi Mia position At tba republican wigwam oa the night before liit there was a ll?ely?tlme, after the following -eoct That well-known Origiual-Jacoha"' re Vublican, .Mr James wise, of tha meal depot, ? Serenth street, and adelega? to tha Chicago Cow vention. took occaaion to refresh tha memories of tbe new-comers and eleventh-hour wringers-ln of the wuvrim upon tha tu t that ha had been both Wtae and wide awake In lha ' earliest itagea*' of im laierniiaj; po"? cawMi^u wujen now tetfui to oHef u> tettip'.lnjj and luxarioaa di*p?ay of fat i?cm * ia the perspective.' Sir Win w/erred W? tfic fact, mle#?n{Jdlljr, thai the aforeaaid 41 tnu^ bertha'* were u sublet to the conatltotion'' U ibuae r?uublle*n?, and tboae only.wbo bad tbe _ luaidr track at ChiCigo, and who, like the speaker. ouid produce irrefragable teatimonv of toe feet ir W proewt-ded to read (tu spite of ruucb peral?n?nt and sup?rbnadint apptauw from tbe ?levrotb-Uour sofa, who didn't appreciate bis poaitloaj it* orijlraj" speech at L'h1c*f?, and wu abwi Ut *dd rtpiauatory otumenta tbe eou.wben be was called to briar, ua tbe grooad of monopoly t<f tjm? at the expense of tfce political praapeiU of tb* Mr W , L<>u-gv*r. regal i.ed tLe floor ? !. t-r moved > additions* pnnk to the i?(?Uiuu ^itUuria. locking to lb* abolition of el* very lb thla District Her* the authu?.?*lU 1 wratur *n again relied to order. <m tb? ground Itut tb* abtp ?ia a?t? vlllioitt any new planki, ad tti?t I: would be a ua?l?-aa If net & dangeroua aliwy aglUtloo." Mr Wlae, bkvleg redefined, V*l'er.?Urd, arid riruoieled in mora ultra form to* ii'.gb ground" he took at Chicago. and having iba iai.rd (to u?e hla niodrat atylet h'a feeble ?fjr'i,r retook hla aeat. and aubalded lntoaa exl?iu#*u-d ?ub- oi equanimity. doubtleaa With tn. ??* MMisLalship ui the baUict of Columbia loom.uJ up U( la lite fuUur before till food viaioa Nl^ All r?aso>? desirous of getting good rati a? And drinking are respectfully invltad to call al Aniir i Restaurant. corner of Thirteenth ?t ai.d sveaa*. where thee will always l?d a great o< rdJbUa, ?efv#d up b? p-oj*f atvie Hi, ft* Work uf li { Mrs ands.-ga/* are pr.>;j..1:1,0*4 as good as. if nit superior to, a^y ta Washington. Call ?ad try for yourselves. ??????pi Tai Pajuk f airt C a?? Cosclcd?d?The cue of the United State* eft. Jtmea Clov *nd O. K. Dalle, which vru postponed from tte evening previous, at the reqovit of tbe proeeciitlon. wu rnumed and concluded before luetic* llnnn \m lerday afternoon There l?elng no e*ldenre to impliraf Dr Daiiy In auv war In the sffalr. he wu tmmed.atrlv at:d wva sworn at a wltnraa for the defence Me ?Uted that be wu half owner of the patent with Sle^lt On the day In question Clow* railed on him tn know If he waa willln? %o take bim (Cloae) ass partner, and said that Slegle waa waiting for him WHneaa protnlaed to go down to a magistrate and draw up a paper. He net them and waft to Murphy's. He adriavd os to go to a patent agent Mr AtLee drr* the paper, which waa algned, and then they went to Mr. Brown and made the affidavit They went from there and drank aomethlng together. 91agla appeared rational The paper was explained to htm From there they wrni 10 Mimn uvfrn ana arani kymii nmn. Then witness saw Slezle no more for a week. Previous to signing. Slegle raid that Close said be was to give him an amount equal to Haw Close pav 915, and a due bill for ?10 at taat time. Heard CIcse ?ay Le held a note of bl? (Sievle'i ) Don't know an\tbing more, but beard Close say he would make It good ts 8200 if it (the patent) turned out as stated bv him Don't remember that Mr. Close ever before spoke of buying the right. Believe that on next dav (Sunday) stw Sie^le in Alexandria. Slesle never consulted witness on the seue. The paint got by Prentiss was mixed according to tfce patent H W Jfifim sworn.?Haw Mr. Slegle on the evening in question at my boiifce. with Close and Dally Slegle a pp?-artd perfectly sober about A o'clock p m. Knew be drank eight or ten times before the arrest of Slegle by Mr. King. Saw Slegle Sunday evening ft the cars. He said be was Koine to Philadelphia. He came in a back, and bad a cirpet bag Ru/us Prtntiss sworu.?Talked with Slegle about purr basing the patent-right; exttmsned it, and carried it to a painter, \vh > prouounced it worthless Tue painter's name was Carr. It was also tried in New York; also, Mr. Kiell tri?d it, and said it was not good Dr. Daily offered me bis interest for ?500 Dr. Daily re called.?Said be never knew Mr. Close to carry liquor about him Did not see Close that day before he called to get him to sign the nat'-nt. Mr Atlee rf-en!l?d.?On tbe Saturday evening Slejjle walked down the street, and appeared able to walk and take rare of bims- If After return, Sl-gle told me be was to get 8250. Dr Dally M*o told me tbat Clone was to pay S200 or ?2fj<i On last Saturday Sleule got on Clone's colt and rode him about the street Mr. Piggo't sworn ?Knows G. W. Slegle. S-rved a warrant on H D Hatton for Lim H? appeared to be Intelligent and able to attend to business. R IV. FtniPiek sworn ?Mr Dalley, Close, and Slegl* rame to bis place, and he referred them to his clerc. Slegle said lie was selling bis patent Did not notice anything unusuil Justice Donn hawing beard the testimony, remarked that be rould discover nothing In the Ustimonv to iimtifv him tn lumrHno th? />?t. t/\ / ?..?? and that lilt opinion w;is that the prostcuthig witness made the oath of the drugging under a hallucination of mind. The rair wai dismissed accordingly. ChLI. axd EVXKKTT MIKTIXO LAS?T N'UHT ? There was quite a large and enthusiastic meeting of the Central Bell and Everett Club last night. After the transuciion of the usual routine btisine**. and a number of gentlemen bad enrolled t.ielr names on the list as members, the president, Mr. Kennedy, made a few b>ppy remarks, reviewing the Pennsylvania election, and saying that they had met the enemy, and. for the present, they (tbe Hell men) were theirs (the republicans), but in a few weeks they would again meet face to face, when It was hoped the tables would be turned. He also poured ''hot shot" into those traitors who were rushing to the republican wigwam and joining tbe Wide Awakes, because they now thought Lincoln would be elected, and there would be x me chance of getting an office Mr Tayloe, of this city, and late president of tbe association, making his appearance lu the room, was loudly calltd for, when that gentleman mount*d the rostrum aid delivered a lengthv spt-ecb. alluding to the defeat of the fusion ticket In Pennsylvania and siying that New York was yet to decide whether Mr Lincoln* would be elected, and from information received from that St<te, he believed It would ca?t its vote for the Union He alluded to the fact that It was claimed for Mr. Lincoln that he was a Clay whig, proving conclusively that such was not the cas? He also poked fun at the office holders, lying thata trunk manufacturer had arrived in the city, who exp?*ctrd shortly tu make large sales of these convenience*. There were a great many gentlemen now residing here who would go traveling after the 4tb of March He spoke of tbe antagonism existing between the Ltouglas and Breckinridge men, and urged tbem to rally under the banner of Hell and Kverett. as the only hope of defeating Lincoln. The speaker was frequently and loudly applauded throughout his address The club tliwii ail tAiiriiu/1 tstllK *? *L ? * " ? .. n?u iuicc urarijr i'urfli lor Ueil and Everett. At It Aoais.? Fight Xo 5 ?Kven after the last arrest mentioned in the Star y? sterday, ih belligerent spirit was nut extinguished la tue locality of the "old stamping ground," Sixth street and th# Avenue, where tbe Pity authorities in the.r leal for tbe preservation of the public, peace btve ordered a detachment of policemen to b stationed. The last affair was between H A. Cook. P M Dubant and fieorge Dubant. Tbe parties were arrested and taken before Justice Donn. who held all concerned to bail for a further hearing on Monday next, at 5 o'clock p m. Cons durable ex itement was caused by the complaints of various persons that a police officer refused to do his duty when called upon to make arrt-sts. Dr. C Boyle, President of Ihe Jackson D?-m(vrati< Association. went with the partita to the magistrate's office, and there accused Policeman James Irwin of refusjl to arrest ail individual whom he had pointed out as requiring to be arrested After the parties were held tob.tll, Dr. Hoyle proceeded to the Mayors and reported officer Irwin for refusal t-i do duty. The "stamping ground" begins to recover its former notoriety, and last night quite a number of "the boys" werehbout, to have a sight of any "scleuce" that might be displayed Kveu the residents of the suburb* were arriving at the ground and miking inquiry reldtive to the time set for the next tight A gen. tit-man inquired at the Natiousl with the most perfect simplicity, "Can you tell me, sir, wkat time the next round comes off?" The (>erson aiked replied that he did not know the exact time; but presumed that by inquiring of the uniformed police at the corner he could ascertain. The charges to b* considered next Monday by Justice bonn include assault and battery, pro/ ? * muity, mm carrying conceaiea weapons The arrests were made by county officers Pi^Kott, B ;?ber, and 13 A Harrover, except the last arrest of Mr. Cook, which was made by policeman Irwin. Tempxranck diimo^sraatio.* in Alexandria The Gazette of this morning says: "The Recha1)1 tea of Virginia Tent, of thla city, made a denionstation in favor of total abstinence from all intoxicating beverages, In thla city, yeaterday afternoon and evening The Tent, accompanied by a junior tent of small lads, Ml into ltneat their hall, about three o clock, under tbe Marslia.'sbip ofMeosrs Jefferson Tarry and George l.yles The Tent was prereeded by an officer, carrying a crook, and In th? Hue, the r barter of tbe aasooi tion. a bands >me copy oftbe Holy Scriptures, arid other emblems were displayed. The Kecbabltea, senior, and junior, wore white and colored sashes, the regalia cf the order The Senior Tent car ned the superb banner presented u? the association, some time since, and the junior branch, tbe time honored banner which once belonged to tbatold temperance organlxatlon, Ha-mony Dlvlj'on, No 2, Sons of Temperance The line was beaded by a flue band of music, which, during the progress through tbe city, discoursed various beautiful airs. The line of march was extensive, comprising all portions of the city, and tbe association attracted much attention wherever they Tu. A -*?*< ' - * * A ,iivt<U * uc unnuiiiHiiiuu wai ' OII. IUU-a at oti(bt. bv a meeting at the Methodist Prot? tinnt Cburch The cburch wa? well tilled, the larger portion of tbe audience being ladle* After praye^ and excellent sinning, Theo Fiake of Waaulng ton delivered an eubrtaln. ug and forc ible addreaa upon tbe evila of intemperance Theeierclaes were concluded by tbe Benediction PKftciVAL'a PAaoDA ?We entered Odd Fellows1 Hall laat nigfct quite In tbe fog as to tbe nature of tb? performance, bavin/ a vague notion, acquired from i&Ustooary books or aome lourr*, tbat a pagoda wm a tort of Fast Indian temple for l<tnl ?? - ?-? ? ?-?-? J ? " f? c wen iui??uturt?|t'o rflgoaa mean* fan. Pagoda mems capital singers, krat rale delineator* of Ethiopian character, and the prettlert dantrute we have aet*n lately Undoubtedly the flr?t-b**t darkev agoing ia that eccentric genius iiilly Pierce, ride hia 4 *ewlng-er maah-en" ung, and other aidesplitting comicalities Mitt Fanny Forreat made a great hit last night, and waa called out yrsiji and again by her enthusiastic admirer* TLst politico-lackadaisical gentleman, Col Billy Barlow, had alao to bow more than *uce to tjje audience", who were Immensely taken with hi? suave manners In fact all th-performers were coinplimenU-d with encore*, >>o excellent were tfceir renditions Our mind is made up Others inay vul* for Breckinridge, or Bell, or Daughu, or Lincoln, we go for the Pagoda. Long may it wave' A great Dill U> nl^Ut. Thk Washijwtok Monument ?The Ladies' Washington Monument Society appeal In (arunt term# to the Judges and inspectors of elections of the towns, wards, precincts, and election districts la the United States, as well as the whole people, to aid In carrying out the plan whkh will enable them to complete the monument of George WashIngton In the capital which he founded The ladies ask that contribution boxes be placed at ??fy poll in the county, and that every voU-r contribute something, however small. On the day after the presidential election. It Is desired that tbe amouute bo contributed he sent by draft or postage stamps to Mrs Anna M Cosby, secretary stlthe soviet/, Washingtou, D. C. T** Rktital ?Tb? rvrlral which hif been progrtsaing in avrpnil of oar churches tppesrs to be rail Increasing in interest, ?nd in nme of the cburches arrangements are making for its contin _ ? 1 _ i . . . > ma ** * i iianrr rvrriii wm? longer Al IDf Mf'Doam Church South, )a*t nl*bt, a very intei estlng ?x.e<?tlng was b?ld. Rev. NU Prortor delivered a brief exhortation; after wb'ch the service at the ittar w-?s beyi-n,aiid several penitents prtsented thrillselves and one professed conversion. Hev Dr. Sunderland wa? announced to preach to night At the M P Church. Ninth at . Rev Mr Westwood. of Union Chapel, deli vert d a very able d scouiss upon the text, ? These ahall go away Into wlasting puniabmeat, but tbe righteous into life eternal Tbe remainder of tbe evening was ?nt in slaving and prayer with the penitents at altar. Rev J. T. Ward, of Alexandria, was announced to preach to-night, and the meetings will be continued through the ensuing week. TITC PhTTMKI nw Pinxcra W? aanra/4 mr\A Indeed know tbe fact of our own knowledge, that Mr T. Allan, of Ga , who became Involved In one of the political fights of tbe night before laat, duly ebr*nicl*d In the Star, la a quiet, dignified gentleman, by no means given to asaociatlona likely to lead nim Into any tuch difficulties; and we are further assured that he became so involved only by an effort on his pert to prevent a tight between others, which was met Instantly by an unexpected ass. nit on bimaelf. We are further assured that no person named McGee was involved in either of the lights In question?in No 1?No. 2?No 3?No. 4?or No. 5. Some one else having been mistaken In tbe mtlee for a Mr. McGee. Wopd'i Minstrkls ?We wor.ld call the attention of our readers to the announcement in our advertising columns, of the return of tbis talented troupe. On Monday evening neit they commence a limited numiwr of their Ethiopian Soirenat tbe Washington TbeaW. We understand that since their recent visit, several new artists of acknowledged talent have been added to this fine Land of musicians, and we are promised a series of new ballads, farrea, and jokes, in furt vo*r tf?nnrr 1*5 11 M/v /IahW* w>. -1 ? ?vi j u.| V/Hf; ?!?? U UWUU? VUI ment loving citizens will take advantage of this opportunity. Another Robbfky and Arrest?Yesterday Mr Hoover, wholesale and retail dealer In boots and shoes, called tipon detective otlWr A. R. Allen and informed LIiti that n large amount of his stock had been stolen, and he suspected a colored boy named John Tenney By searching in various localities a considerable amount of the good* was recovered, and Tenney was arretted and tnkeu before Justice Donn, who held him to ball to appear at the next term of the Criminal Court. Cexteal Gcard hoc?e Casks ? Wni Smith, vagrant; workhouse IK) davs. Thomas Herren, sleeping in the market; do. 91) days John Jones, do ; do. IN) days. John Welsh, drunk and sleeping in the street; do 9U days Abrivkd *t Carter's wharf (foot of Thirteenth and a-balf street) schooner Mary Klizabeth, Madary, from Philadelphia. with 147 tuns of coal for & - i > ? ulCMii. v osut man a uiu. Mattisk* at Odd Fkllow** Halt. To-morrow altarnoou. Hear go PercivaPa com pa y off l&Fsic, Pathetic, anil Comic Artixtes, give a .M'a rriNcK or day performance for the convjt 1 enoe of ladie?, families and children, at 2 o'clock A select progranim-i of entertainment will be pro duced. wtiiuh wil include ail tue Artiste* The admission tomorrow afternoon will b* Twinty Ftvs Children and Servants Tkn Uknis. It* HolLOWit'l PiLL8. and Languor ?To remove the cau?p and pr- vent the etfacts is the true theory on which the treatment puiaued by t one medicines is found d. Languor ? ns-s from d>'l>i!itv ami deb iit> fr?in to I'lpuve ishment of tli?* blood or doraugemont of the di estivo organs If from the latt'r, the Pi Is a-e ?he best tonic ini*dioiiios in u*e, a .1) far th> ir pun f\ ii* and sana'ivo properties they Ftand uneqimled. For sick headache, nervous disorders, enervation, indigestion, and depression of spirits, they pre the only remedy. Sold by all Druggists at 85c , n?. and St\ nnr h*?x 19_ 1 WlsTAIl'* Ba' sam OF WlLD CHKEKV, Curti Bronchial Affietwnf and all Oi'tase.t of tht Lungs. From the Boston Evening Traveler, January 6. "It I* perhapi but a simple act of justice to the proprietors of Wistar'i Ba'sam of H ill Cherry for us o say, that cur personal tj-peritnct in the use of thisarticl) iits impre?sou us favorably. One f he proprietors i-l" the Tiavsler wa* e tuely cured of a severe cough ol four months' continuance, by th ase of this Balsam,and several of our f> lends an<l acquaintances, who !iav? tried the article, have found i: ol" great i>ervioe in relieving them of severe coughs and xhortness of breathing, with which they had !>ee? afflicted." Mono genuine unless signed I. Butts on the wrapper. Prepared by S. W. Fowle A Co., Boston, and for sala by /.. I). Oilman, 8. C. Ford, jr., Sr. B. Waite, ti. Jitott, Joint Schwarze, Nairn A Fanner, Wash ington; and by dealers every where. oc lo-lw,r Homiopathic Br**t)ii!3 Ail of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'s specific Ho. ineopattnc Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and V) cents each. Also, in oases, containing vials, from S4 to eaoh, with book of full directions. For sale by rr n n. *...#*.? ? * r>? ?i.?i ?' fit wnniau. ? #?/ a. avriinr, wiHMrBBl'J (Mill retail a^t-nt: W. A. Fitzgerald, 333 north F street; also by F. J?. Winter, corner of Massachusetts ave nue aod Sixth street. Als?>, Pond't Extract of tViuk Hazel, for internal ami external inflammations of all kinds. Sold an alxjve. mad ly To tub Applictid !?He sure to read the advertueine t of .McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another column. tf Mm. experienced nun#andlemai# phyaician. has a Soothing Syrup for Ckildm Ttttktng, which greatly facilitates theprooesc of teething t>7 softening the ruins, reducing all inflammation? will allay all pain, and ie sure to regulate thy bowels. Depend nprtn it, mothers, it will give rest to yourselves, and relief and health to yuiir infante. Perfectly wife in ai! casee. H*e ad verticenient in ?no'r>*p n* t*.W DIKO, Trusting in J'sus.and lu the hope of a blessed eternity, on Wednesday evening, the l?'h instant, of consumption. Mrs. LUCY CaMPBELL, in the 37th year of her age. The fronds and acqnaintar?va ofthefiroijy are invited to a tend t"<e funera', from the residence of h*r husband, W. W. Cimpbe I. No. 374 13th at., i.ear I st., on Sunday, the 14th inetant, at 3 o'clock p. m V INCOLN AND IIA .\1 LIN M KDALS, at GIB 1 3' )N'>, on Seventh st.. li% cfiity. oc 9-6t BE' L AND EVERETT MKDH.8, at GIBSON'S. on Seveuth street, for 12H cent* oc ?-bt IJRECKINRIDGE AND LANK MEDALS, at I* GIBSON'i.on Seventh St., 12>? cent*, oc 9-6t PARAFFINR CANDLES! " I PAUAFFINK CANDLES! A bcautifnl article, cquaUyi ai>p>aranm to patent "perm, (being clear and p<> i*h?>u,) and at much less eoKt KING A BIRCH K I.L, oc 10 Corner Vermont ?v. and 5th 8ts. OYSTERS! OYSTERS!! OYSTERS!!! Freih everv day, . (J^jv j Served in styles, at %J,Lm SCHAFFI KID'S \kMjT BaLTIM B K C0Nr*Cri05ERT, Sixth street, between G and H. ramines supplied. oc 10-St* I HAVK in store and for 8a i.e A new 1 7 octftvo Kui- wood I'l A O, ?lth iron frame carv*d f et of very full aii<!^-jr^Wl iWtwt loot1, tnd warrant the initrume t' ? * f ' tiro yp*r tor durability t" ev<?iy rr?p^ct, and that it will stand up to ooncert pi'on always ai.d the tripplx will not lall below the other part of the intruinent, which n.? othur piano in eimteuof has evwr note before. Plf?aso call and ex\name at No. 5? Louisiana avenue. Respectfully, . oo 10 St' 0. M WIGHT. Dry goods-dry goods; DRY GOODS-DRY GOODS! We have now in store a vmy l^rge and well a? sorted stock "f Dry Goods, of every kind and auali:y We cordially iuviteall persons in want or Dry Goods to call and examine our stock before making i fir pnroiia^ea elsewhere. Kvery aiticle will be sold at the lowest market price. \VM. R. RILEY ft BRO., No. 36 Central Mores, Between 7th and 8th streets, oc 3 eolin Opposite Center Market. NOTICE TO JOI'KNKYMKN TAILORS. , AT HOMK AND ABROAD. The following is a correct list of the* employers who pay the bill pncea ot, and are racoemzeu by. the Socioty, to wit: W. H. Stanord, Matlock A Griffith, ' tuaJ A Bro. Matlock ft Herbert, VVm. Tucker, James 1 ackcv. U VV. Hinton ft Co., J. T. Mcintosh, Loudon ft Co., 'I bos. K. Gray, M. Drew Va .doran. se27 ? tni SSis * \UN1QN R K^TAU R ANT. ^ jCSitmJ By JACOB RIJPPLI. f?J VUlf Corner of l*h and H sU? ?\U|f few doors soutfc of Pa. av., Fan?r'i old stand. First Ward, Washington. His Har is oonstantly supp ied with the choicest Liquors and Cijars. The best Fried Oysters in Wa?hiiut>n ran be obtained at his place. V? unites supplied with Oysfrs in every st> le, and at roasonabl* prices. se 38 eo m ONLY i CENTS TO RIDE FROM NAVY Yard t > GIBsO.VS, Seventh st.. ?h?r? dollars re?y be oo?-6t p REMEMBER! 1 TI RUilM .? ?a1 lintT limn atrAr An hi? O* - 1 1 1 m m* w . * aw U?"?^ c v VI % 1 u | ? v? ' p><n?o? are v? r> On 8<jveuth at.. 332. oo 9 61 - /2IHB8' WIG, HRMD AND CURL MANl' FACTOR Y, V4'2 renn. avenue, r?r th? oor neT of 'f h'.rtMnth *tr?et.?A very complete a<aortin at of Hraida, Cuda, KrixettM, i>?nd*aui, Ao., now oa h?Di); tltu. wide to order at the ahorteat notice il&ir Work reps; red or taken in axohanf a. <>e 3 3m __ BATCHKLOR d INIMTTABLKHAIR DYE. *nd al> firat-c aaa Toilet ArtiaUa. for aaio at UIOOS S Wig, Br Aid. and Curl Manufaotor*. 244 Pa *?wi?, near 18th ?t <x? 3 ?m WOOD! WOOD!! WOODS! STOVE a id KINDLING WOOD, aUlw lovraa fotaiMe ?nee. T. * W M. OALT, Pi. a v., batvMfi llui and 13th aU. Btt* 17-a Mrtkai4 ? WANTS. m WANTEDIMMBDIATKLY-Afrat r?te 1 Maker To % atMriv hand crvnl newif i ' T? ' rir*-. ApplrtoKICHAKDFCl.LALOVK.fi8 1 | n i lg? . Oforgftown _oo >i-V P W*VrED-B?a?ennK ni*a ?SITUATION ? n H'il#r i? |pnn or itrt *.io?le *t.w?. or w'WW Ike* i-ovshtnaifi p'tM. N?,o).j*oiiOti to the c.oun- I trr. iia? good teatirooniaU. A B<?* 4. ?*?ar ' J I'fSo*. <>c 12-2T _ n WANTEl>?Two ?oortCIOAR MAKKRS. Ap- ? p't to WM. 9. HORTON, 490 Pa. avenue. ft ?x? ll ? ___ *1 WfVNTKD? Bi a ' ?p,c,*bl? vomu,i NTl'A- 1 TIijN ai hou?ckeppf". or lady'a maid,or t> J make uerself generally useful in a family. **he baa a th? be*t referenoe. Aodreai M. C., at tnu ottc ?. ? oo 11 8t? | fi \j|7 ANTED?At the refreshment loomi rf the !p " W%?hingtr>n H^neh Railroad,a wftled MA N ? or WOMAN to cook. Mu?i un<1era:and the bin- . inan mm ?U* 1.-U* ? ?? '-* " , tiiiuuuiiiaK mem >nu mi Tftgu arena- . i eral oo 11 V \\ THE SUBSCRIBER HAS OPEN ED ON THE \ corner of Ninth And F. stieets. an 1NTFL1J- ?] GENCE OFFICE, for servants, where he will attend also to ettmg of booses and the co!l>?cU"n of t, ren-s, 4c. Persons wishin* his services will please c&li oo USt A. S. 9CHOOrJCEAFT._ 5 WANTED-For a Win of rear*, a hriek ? l>\VEl.LING HOUSE. situated betwe-u 13th J and Krth street* west a d G and I street* north,and ? o ntainins not less than 4 chambers, parlor, dining- -i roum and kitchen. Person* havinc sueh a h??:s9 e can te ire an ei tirelv satisfactory te>ant for tho ni period of 4 ?ear*. * pp!y to J AS C. McGUI R E A _ CO., Anctioti and Commission Merchants. * oc 11 8" ' WAN I ED-Three sober, honest, and iudnstri " ous.good FARM HANDS. Apcty at t.ocu?t ? Hill Farm, 7:h strert road, near the First Toll &.*v<e. ? oo ltV-3t* * WANTKD l.MMKDIATELY-2 food COAT ? HANDS. Also, two first- at* M*n's H.nnds on pantaloons. \VM. TUCKER, Merchant lai'or, 4*>6 Pa. av , oe 10-3t between 41? and 6th sts. ( WANTKD IMMRDIATF.LV-From $5 to 910.000 worth of SECOND- HAND Fl KN'I 1 TUR K ofall kinds, for which 1 will suaraiitj to prr _ jriiii.Mi.Ma't > > si -irtHst :t.' I tioe. R. BI'CHLY. J Dealer in Furniture, S^ove?. A c . oc 9 4 0*?7th .t.. I?*t. (? a-:d H. cnst ?id-r j vv ANTED-AII kinds <.| ShCOND HAND h KUKNITl'R E, for which I will pay l>te cash, at 3^9 Seventh stroet, betwt'?>n I and K " .cC-tf HENRV HONTZ. | VVANI'KD-a PI.UMBKR. Inquire at MV- ' ERS A McGHAN'S. None hut a first class nrmi ?^piy OC 1 u ?? - (i WANTEIX?To have everyh->d? know tlixt the* Ii can find a fine and well *e'ected ?'< ck <.f v KALL ?f.d * INTER <"l O THING. FURNISH. ING GO??DS, HATS and CAhS at the Peon **' Clothing Store, No. 460 Seventh st ,opp-?-i:e Pent I Otfioe. ?e .H In " WANTED? A CLEkK. who is acquainted with ii tiiecity trade. for a Jew lry Store. Dent of I. references require)!. Address T. II., No. 5, star a Office. t>e 14 ??????? i a FOR SALE AND KENT. "" [For otktr ''For Salt and advtriia.-r.tnt> i stt Jin: pngt ] e Ij^OR SALK OR RENT?The v*ry dasirab-can I S commodious DWELLING containing el yet. room*. No .194 Twelfth street, directly ea t oj i< Fr&kilnRow. F?r terms inquire of THOMAS H. H GRIFFIN. 5"2 M >t. oc 12 3t_ * A RESIDENCE NEAR WASHINGTON IX. CITY FOR RENT OR SALE <HKAP-A J )*'* Dwelling house,2H tnilea fiom George ?>wi., " D. C . with exte'sive ca d *n and o^char U. and 4 much more land a < may he<|.-sir-'d. It wiM he rent d * either wi'h or without the furniture, a- d, to a to d teiunt, very cheap. H. LOUGH KOROUGH, 1' oc U 3t* Gran I And D. C. i I^OR SALE?One two-story IJRICtv HOI'SE, v Jl with two xtory i?ack hull iinit. prate t'lick fron , ? on Eleventh st , betwe.-n O and P sts north. IVrtr.s, i< >3 'I cash; hal vnce i>i 6, 12 and 18 itiouths. I'gtme ii ofJOH.N VV R KE I), on the pren:i?es. ocls 3t* j FOR SAI.E.?Designing improving the ctore i occupied by mr, I olTer f >r *?Ie the two arie ' HOW ? I NDoWj, with a!! the DRA VV KRSaml . U1TLM IF! VP ? --? ? - ounu t i.ivf guTiuTiciis uuw inuii itura AID ? , to HARV8QN BI RV*. 40- l'a . a v. oc 11-41 * The ownkr of a house near the t'npitol c'esirp* t<> rent one or two ROOMS, with the U8? of the ki'ehen if reatiired. Iein?iiu- j usually ninderale, as the ol> ect for renting i* to se- " our? protection for th? prop rty while absent from J| the city Inquire at thia office. <>o ll-3t* ^ FM>H RENT?A HOUSE on Fiftaenth ?t. *p?t, a between Land M street* nor'h; has 8 ro in* a and a six foot pas. a<e, in rood o <!er. A pump of C 5ood w.ver in th i r-#r of the lot; and t ie rent (12.50 per month Possession tiven on the |5th. . Inu uire at No. 35 j on L street, of A. BOR 1>A N D. I oo 11 3 * FOR REN r-Two ROOMS on Eleventh between C and Pa a. enue, opposite the Theater. Apply on the premises oc 10 3t* FOR RENT?A new and d-sirah!* BRICK DWELLING HOUSE in a p'eara<it locali No. 39*i 1. strret, near Fourteenth. Inquire of C. n UAMMACK, 318 K it. oc 10 fi ARARK CIIANCE.-A Itrna8tor? to Let fine! ^ five large Halla, on Pa av mm, between 1??tii S| a dllthst* Also, a Sto e and L>?rel'in?; vituated on Tenth ktreet. Apply to C. WOODWAR D. No. t 31** Pa. a veoue. oc Hi 3t ; ROOMS AND BOARD.?Board, with a fine Front Room, or otlior Rooms, may be had at No. 4 5* Twelfth ?t., between G and H?a moat desirable oca ity. oc Kt-e<>3t* ^ |?OR RFNT-Furni?hcd-a comfortable BRICK tl I DWELLING HOUfKjOf m Jium sue, in a 1' Sleatiant ami healthy locality, within convenient ti istancc of the Public Office# and H?*nn avrnun ?> Runt moderate. Apply to J. B. MUNKO.-<10 Pa fi avenue, between 9th and loth ?ta. oc 10-eotf a F'OR REN r?A BRICK STABLE <n Twenty. I first street, near F, with room enough for mi horses and two carriat?s; would am* a hack man. Inquire of W. H. DOUGAL, Georgetown, D. C. r< oa 3-oo6t* 4 F^OR RKNT.-Two new three-story BRICK I HOUSES with back building*, each horn- \ eo> twining 8 room*, witn pa*. pleasantly sit<ia*e I on Hth street i o.-th, between VI and N street*: rer.t moderate. App!*tn R. LA Z WN B V. opposite or to JOHN T. LEN.MAN, Ohio avenue, betweeii 12th and 13th a'reets. oc ?tf s> hMiH kiv> i ??n :?a' r.?a couple of new brick p F H? >LSKS, (six rooms each,) situated on Trnth street, lietwe?i O anil P ata. Apply to D- T. CISSKL. No .^04 L street, between iMh Bad 10th ats. k oc 5 -61* J FM)R HKNT-A riea'ly furn:ali?vl IJOU^K in;he Fir? Ward, on H. l>et w on i7tu a.n l 18:'i *ts., '* No i'JT, ot iitlining a double par.or, * or fc chain- JJ bora. diniu<-room, lytohan. end pa.itry ; with gas. v o dd orh> t wat -r. hath-roo.n, dcc.. Ac. Apply to Q1 CHAS. C. P. UARNARD, aextdoor ' 00 4 2w *' FAKM FOR SAI.K ?A h:zhiy improved Fa m, tl containing 115 acres, with two-story frame w dwelling ard a.! convenient out houses; fineorch m ard, excell n' spring, Ac.e'.tuat>*1 on the Little river turnpike. I aulix county, Va , 7 milea fioin ? A'exandria Terms: St.Oft); one fourth ea?h: tne balance in 1, 2 and 3 yeara. Apply to LOUISA SOM KR9. on the pretnuea. oc I 3w* 1 F7oR KKNT-R()OM> Noi. 9. 3,4, &7*, H, ' 1 14,15,1W, 17 1**, 21 aad 23, in the new five- " atO'y brown atone bui!dinjr corner 7th street ?est and Pa aver.ue, k nown as "Washington Build ing." They are well adapted for Oifices, havinr H gas. water. &c. F"r terms noul* at our 9*im. Nn. 40* Pa avenue, or to John fl". Scmmes Jfc C'o No. ai 423 9th street wast, corner Louisiana sv e 13 tawlm MURRAY * SEMMP.r FOR 8AI.E-A new two-story-and-l>a*ein"nl BR1<K HOUSE, containing 5 ro-ins and cot ?*r lar.stuated on lltn >.t north,between Land M ?ts , ?n No, 37*?within 5 minutes'walk of?h' Northern I.liberties Market. Terms unusually liberal. App!y ?.nthe promue?, or to McKKNNEY &. L\NSDAl.E, corner of Pa. avenue and 7th *t. . ?e24 lm* /J liH>R R ENT?Possession on the 1st of October f',' r The DWELL.1NO HOUSE No. 43* L> street, P< at present occupied by the Rev. Or. Butler, aud * next door to the residence of tho advertis r. J. M CARLISLE. N. B.?It will not be let for a boarding house. ac uely tf ? BOARDING. ~ pi pi FOR RENT?With or without Board , to a tin- i? Kle gentlmnan,? oomf.irtabl* and very oonvs- i ni*at I ark PARLOR ROOM, on Klevonth street, ? not far from Peon, avenue. The family are quiet J and th?re are no (mall children in the house. T rms will be made very moderate and evary attention paid to the renter's comfort. For addrees apply at the Star Office. ocG Iw _< 4 fTO NINTH STREET.? Persons foturnnr to f t?''3 the city Toir their summer reeort* will find ^ vacant sevural desirable rooms, having the eonre minces of gaa, water, and bathing oloeeU. at 4 33 < Ninth st,, one door south of F; suitable either for Gr families or tingle gentlemen. Tabid l>oardera ao- tl, oommod&ted on moderate terms. se 5 4* PERSONAL. 3 T< I NOTICE. oo UERFBV Give i.otice that 1 will pay no debt ati contracted on mv account by any person other than d? rayaelf. and hereby forewarn all persons not to trust ph any one seeking credit on u>* aec jiini. ha EDWARD WaSON, Itkat. cast. Wa>hin&tou, Uo ober 10,1360. oc It St* (\1 ADaMR FRLIX, Fortune Tfllor from Paris. 1*1 U>?a leave to inform her farmer friends, and i the puMic generally, that she has removed to *230 ? N nth i?r. at iiA*?kaao? aa n*r nf V ?hAra !.* ?i 11 I 1 K. .... ?* ?<V' kllVMJk V?-? ' "? f ? '1WI u "IIU w III nappy to aee All who may d*aire to ItAre th?? pa?t, Bj pr??ent anJ future ia?i*faotonljr explained. M oo ll lin* ' O THE CURIOUS O* ANXIOUH.-Madatn " D , *o well known at the ra^at auoeesafal ex- CV pl&iuer of the Fast, Fre?<?nt And Future ever in *J Waahinnton, contiuu?e to be consulted weekly l?y M hundreds Anxious to know Of :hu.e? at present hid- ~ den from them. Her oousultAUon fee, to both sen- ? Uem n And lAdiea, ia extreme.* moderate Call At \ her houae.on tbo aouth aide of Maa-Aohuaetts av , * between ltth And 19th aU.?the onlr houae there. ?17-lm 65 CBFlWriS^ Jifi^J^TFA At S? J oenL per pound Try it. KlVii & HUH CHE* I , 0 [ M24 Cerou UUi au Aba Yeiuwut av, i % - ?mm LOST AND FOUND. # l/OL'Np?On my prenrtM. 01 tti? 7th of October. A whit* btiff*fo CO\v7 with r*d Th? ownor will eomf lorwird.f urf mtf* roiwt*. t?t '-k? r^?. ??d take her iwii OH ? P. O R IM . it tn? Itiird bow *hor^V>5 r?t ?r T?St **. ooH<i' GSTKAYS T**??nup*>fth? Mlioo oi <?*ortai t wr, D. C . <-n? Iw* UOR?K. l.ltck c\ ? I _ ? i?n \ i?i. ?iid HtlJI' ?rid c liar fba i- - 1 -,f* n him. Om ? r?wh?rr? roan b"r?*; three <-LJ V rhite and Max d The owner* will ooom >rward, provH Awnir>My, p*r ektriN and take m>. A ppiy at r.e fard-ho???. oeliat DSTRAYS -ClUM lorn* dajre fcco to B? 1-Air. 0. la C.,ti,? rPKidcnce ol tk* uiidar'isna-f n old, hom?d red COW, with, a lit'JeVaa^ rkita alone thft tallT, extending irto iheAnlb ank* and the lower part of th?? tail She rire* ? ttle milk Al?o.a two-**ar-old li?ht lay MARK IOI.T, with no whit<? or other imrkt upo - it Tha _ 1 r *i . _ * - wvim ur owners oi ms SOOV0 * HI plfM6 om? forward, pro*# property. p*r charges an i **fct leniaway.or they will bo di?po?ed t>T aaco-diaf > law. (oc 12-3t* > JL HRuOK !*._ > * RF. WAR I).?Lo*t. on Monday, the l*t ir?t, pro'-?h1jr <>n H ?t , between 17th and 13th *U . r on G, between 1VH ard ' rh.or on F^rhtn ?t.. I>e?wii the Patent Offcee l.nt dtnc and N ?t . fJO. oinpriaed in throe lank l,il ?. Tiiefcnder ?hai. reBive th* above reward on lea in* the money a' tea tar Office ?>o M ?? 2 1 O RKW ARO.-Str.ted *w%t on Mrnday aat a ?toiir jrey MARK, from the cor- i7\. er of Fourth utree' *nd s< w York ar.*LLtl "h* above rywarl will >>e civ?n to th? fcrd r. by r.-?*urnin? tbe JOHN >HAN A H AN, orner Fourth it and New Y??rk av. oc l0-3t* {QC, or itolen, on Wedne-ta% ovem-ic, fr??ni the Oen gr\ ?r Market. TWO' Hl?R~KJ?. with n : < ne I 1 ?clc. with white hind foot: lh"r sorrel, with white -pi t on tH-> for*>i' ad The b ?ve reward wri|i be tireti to the tinder, hj addre**ik WII.I.UM noWF.X. J*?nd? Moatiinery county. Md . through tha Pr?*f < oo 1? 3t? GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS "ir other (jtorgtlcrnartrerttfemtnts **i firit pax ff?TiR umn or tbbVunday L Sv;>'?ol c -nriecte.! with the Prot^tant Kpu; pa! Mi?m n Oltape. ?>f Georgetown will hold a "a1k at the Uniwe Hotel.on W KDN'F.SDaS' and 'HTRShAY EVE -?lNG?*of tlin week, ior the n fit of the School. The above Fair will l?e continued TO xl^ht, Friday.) oc I? It CIRCULATING I. I II R A K Y. The undersigned l??<s !.?av?> !o informbit nsmeru* friends that he ha* linnltr lielded to their reu **ts, and will op-n hi* t*(RC''I.ATIN0 I.I ERARY on SAT I K DAY. Octoh-r 13. with Sw aluim-. (1 CRANDKLL. oc Ii 3t No. I'2* Hndite *t . (irortetown BLOCKS! CLOCKS:! ^ CLOCKS!'! A new, !ar??, and e!egaut supplv of CLOCKS i?t reoe veil dirt?ct fr<. in 'he inakois,. uuu> pnn utter ma<l ?, * una :tc<l to keep oornot tiiii '.DjJ ml t'ie striking par' properly adjuattd CbI Old C!?<. ks can I'ully c er.ned an! iep\ire>' |EJ a ? <?rto n* * ebai. . Wanted. a Y?um _\la:i t i 1 am t'io Imm ." re 12 3t* J. A. WaTat S EW STORE ! N EW GOODS ! MRS. M. SIMEON lnfo'tiiS hr*r !.uin*roii? frio d* an.I the public geurn:i* t: Ht the is i . * established a. her itor- , No. 1 I 1 lfruGe *treet. Georgetown,CE* wo a'tove trie oM sut'id, wh-re m-j t?? III: <1 at I,,a a lar?? ?i o'tui 'lit of ,\| ILL! .\ K:v nav goods, hosiery.ami embroid ; R IE?, at the very lowest market prices. oc!2-'-m j> i?ii! f i s mr r F I S H.'!! *> barreis No. 1 Pickled Ca tport HERRING, it do ilu Gipped bo-ton do >1 i*o do Round <lo do <i do St. John's ALFW IVES. ? ?' do prime No a modium MACKKR Kl,, Daily nxp^cNtl p 'r Khuni ers Anion. J. W. Sen- I er,and \\ m. D. Ca-gi J. and for sale on or before rrival in lots to A so in store? r> lA'rcls ji imc Pickled H ERRING. Hi do \o. I \ EE WIVES. H do St. John's do in hr?ll barrel., x<> 1 HERRING, E5 l?ar e ? No. 3 iar?e MACKKR EE. Aid a I w e tra Roe ami Cut HKRHIN'G. in arrel.-, a<.d naif barrel*, for Kal? on pi<-a in? term*, pp y to HAR GEY A BROTHER. 99 aud 101 Wa er street, oc 12 lw Georgetown, D C. TOR RENT?The t roTtory BRICK HOl sT'. L No. 70 on .Market >trC"t. Vt ?een 3d a d 4th treet?, Georgetown, D C The house is conitooious as t ? afford every comfort, with gas ant) ater; sufficient (round* to cultivate ve?t-ta >les nd dowers. The lot runs back to %Join? alie* wi i. sttble Appl> to JAS A. SIMPSON, No. .?9 !ongre-?? street, near the Pout Offiae. oc 11 la j Jw* N. A. SOHLO88 lAAS R osivec his Sum ? of FALL AND WINTER DRY GOODS. Purchasers will bod the quality and price as rea[iniM? as evo . FOR RENT?A vor* STORE, to ?uit a y enteel I>u?iues8. A prompt a id <uco<-s il ca>h trau?? in the d-) goods and milliner) bull?f>M lib - don at til* p!%c? an i can Ih> contTu/l A r>n'v tt\ XT A wi ' U ; 4 ?? % f\ 1 * ' ? w wrftj 'V .1.1. ^ Iihv.v, nu. IU'1 U |ii|(e treet, Georgetown, DC uc 9 5t* kO LAH GK STOCK ! (}Q 'O U ii S T b II II U !!! UO r. O W K 8 T PRICK *!!! fPILMAN A HINT, 9* B idg* e'reet, b?twjm Va^V sijstun and C r.iress. ar now crei>a <*?i U> how th?ir well stock ofDHE^ IOMF9TI' S, Ac Their store < th*' <li Ktitd o< I. SC. B -rry ) havnir Ke* n remoleied ard fittad up i th* moeMhoroufh manner, th?y ?? saeaa eg uae<|uaied in the District lor the p oa cuti t; f a'fnerai DrT Good* Burines'. They resp^etil.y invito a oall I'oni the oitixou'- ol Geore-<-w?tj u ' vicinity. oc6- m ?OR RENT?In Georgetown, two first class HOtJShtf, situate*! on West Ktrcet, one con iiniu< 16 !,au4 i he t!i?r 9, with tan an ' bathwuij oompifto Apply to H. L. OFFL'TT. No 9 Iliih *t , Georgetown. oc 5-lin VK WI?H I VFRY ONE TO KNOW THAT It DK\ GOODS can foe l?oitght cheap at BROWN A WillTK S. No. 140(NokTHSlDR> BbII-OK STRKKT, Georgetown, D And to convince *oursoive? of tlie fact, caii af d -e those Buck SilVa, Printed and Plain D< Ia nes, P--iI De liovf' ?, Merino Plaids, French Morinos, Valen as. Black Bombazines. A paeoa*,Ar , A a. C.oaks. Tyrian Electro and other Siiawls: B'aneu; Mt ti'sat>d Bus' Wear, a fc<w>?i assortment; len's and fr-'oy*' M-rii o *hirts a?id Drawe s; La i-a' and Misses' Merino Vests; Kaj'U'* Kid loves; Him. pad Skirta: < oraets; P am, Bordered, enis'itohed. and F.mtvotdered Linen Cambric I 11. 1 f- f ? - - J ? - - * uiiar-icnisiii r?ni'.ir>iiuiiri?^, Trrr on?ai?, no uni'-ii*; Hoainry a d <}!o/e?; White t>ood?; YanNotion*. & fu 1 line; Lin* j, < ??r atmrpr Calico*, nd Servant*' VV< ar in abundance ; and man? other iing*. which vii will U-li ?ua of when y.11 ca I at i* ftr.>?? >. A White Post J^tore. All of which we ill *e 1 a* ciieap &? the c!i*apest, "'Or any other im." Come early, and don't forget the placs. ieS2w r\L\V ai:pi>i lira 1 AYLOK ** HLTCH.SOX. 42 Market space, re now receiviu : their stock of FALL GOoDS, nbracinK ail th* new and Healrable alyl a of tbe 'a n, to which tney cordially invite the attention r iraTers Kenvral^v. P FALL AND WINTER GOODS. L HE SuUscnMjra Wg leave to inform oitneni id (tranters that *he> are ia reoeipt of ft..** ilect a?*orti;i Rt <>f FALL and WINTER ARTICLES GENTLEMEN'S WEAK, "J* nhracn g HuiBt* of tlie ohoienst novelties and latest ipo.tation to which we invite iobt attention. HI.mTON ft TEEL. ' Tailors, 4Oft Per.n. a vet; us. Be 27 2w (States. >_ >Kt. 4S and 6th streets. I SWEDISH LEECHES. J L SUPPLY Just received. Alio on hand. Staf rd's O'ive Tar and Iron and Sulphur Powder*, im's Oriental S&ki or Japanese Tomc, HolioS%'s Worm < ior ?. Siniilinir'? filu^ at i OORE'SiVeat i-.nd Drug Store, 113 Pa tr. , "r Uid?? fur Teaching aud Cupping received 4] prompt] f Mtendcd. o?6 STw EVERYBODY'*INTEREST UST Received our F.\LL and WIMTFR 1 LOTH!no. to ahich your a te-Lon is oa! ed.aa I irn o.>nfi lent that 1 cana*!l (pod CLOTH ISO, ? L'RMsHING UOOUP, HATS a-df CAPS at 1 ?rer price* than m.t other h uae it the oity, > ?o 83-1 hi SMITH. No. 460 Seventh et. BRO^HE SHAWL BORDER1NOS. ' L BEAl'TlFl'L Aeaorttnent of Hroche Shawl >rdei inca in varioua width*, ju<t received at 1 MAXWELi.S, >c 6 ergt 3*6 Prnna. avenue. |LD RICH, MKL.LOW AM) PIKE t B I K iM S I U E 1 S MONONOAHELA RYE WHISKEY. Conajientiouely diatglleid by Mr Jaiuei Burr.nde, t Allegany Countr, Penua., in the oid-f??hioi-ed t neei va?, froti theebuio^et and n.oet oarefnlly t teoted Rye. and in r.o oa/e ever offered lor u,e ( lUi adapted to wholeeoiue uee by ace It u at ioe tue mo.t palatable, a* it ia ei?p> aticaUr one * the partial beverage* in the reach of the pu'uio. t j the Invalid, aa well aa to thone in he* th, it mineud* ileal/ for ita unrivalled ?ua'itie* m a rauiant of the eafeat, a reel, and moat hen-fioe-1 eoription. and many of the mott diat.ngiM he* yaiciana are aaiu* it iu their praoltoe with the .pp.o t results _ r* ,1. Cu tr UT/U^t? f\ a 1 n ** : -? 1 Li'T.ll I a nuAl.r? rr?:?n*U>rB. 328 Walnut ?tn**t. Kkiiatlf Iphia. I WM. C. CONOVKfc, ? Agent for th? Prop ietor*. iitf 4 Pa. av.. ! ?e 2<-6m oppoiita Willard*' HutH. t AI.TIMURK LIFE 1>CDKANCK CO.-Ja cokpokatkd l?> ?John 1. Donaldson, Wm : . CofLTUt Soc'f. I Shivr5fs,'Ate?#8.Ii1;'8 uuYe l)Meri?tiw? p*mpb|?u ma, bo oMamoJ at thr n AfMA* fnr th* fit?/ >?.1 ? lTI .?.?-4 ?J ? *" VI VWIIUW* ion of Lewi* Jolineon A Co., llu fcort. 10th etreet , d Penn. eane, J. W? MAQILL. A*ci-t J n.V. Htww. VI. n i-,y ' v ? ? 0 AXi^ .0 ? A L W4 Pi. At.,Birw.nrjiuDUrn Sn? SiW Wto" ! NEW J.BL0WSO1W IjJJl. {-^g, i W2J 3C?,MVMlUHd WUeU, THE LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPH 10. thk <t*tk Ri crnon. fKNNRYLVAXU PaaiMi>HU <Vt II ?The Rutin's < Ul<v?? majority tot Curtla ( ?.< *?. ??<i Cl*?a tt* con. pinion at the l^gttUtnro M follow* -ii Republican* to 6 IVcnorrata; Hou?-?: Republl v*? w M IMIICT| ! iitcv ed to f iinii i? from the ilitmlk Alrtrlct la tb? place of Mr, Juakln, Republic?* Mr Stewart. Republican, It pr babiy elected No the twentieth Coagreasluoal district Instead of UW, Democrat PaiLADrt rutA Oct It ?The oSH?l rooat of the vote la the Brat Cr n* reaa'.ooal district show* the election of J. M Butler, rep orer Lehmat, dem , by 195 majority. OHIO. Coirxavs. Oat II ?Tbe Republican majority In the Juu ticket la ?eer twenty thousand The Con?'e?slf?T?al d*l*cates will proSabljr s*ard 11 Republican to 8 Democrat* IrlotbU. Kepublt c m. baa " ea elected In tb? Troth District, and Nugent, Democrat, In the Fifteenth District rtrvn**D.Oft I* ?1- urtbrr returns have been p tb. shed, which rontlrni the loas of republican Con^resstnen ta toe yto. 1Mb ard 17th Ols^rick, and a gala of Congressman la the 11th district INDIANA * I?Dt*!t*eoLia. Oct li ? Ke?uri.a from Vc?uctl.* indicate a majority for l.aoe of l.VtKK* The l^iilaliirr ?l[l stand ^rrt~-w 4cBj cr?t?, #y rvpublVans; House ? democreti, * re publican* ?"raven Is elected to Oonftreae la (be 9err>ed The Congressional delegatioa attnda ' repvbii ranr, 4 d<-morr jU lmp?ru*i >f?i Arraa|p?r*l. N??r Vote, Oct. I* -The Associated Preta baring acconip!l?h?xl the leaae of the Newfonnd !axd and Prlnc? F.dward Island ^1'graph I in *#, over wLlcb a lar|[r pr?j?ortion of tb? Knrrpmi liitfiligem f *i!l afut (h<> I at of Newnilm, fttv n?w organ ting a tu f< t ( hh'nlnj ?? ai fr-m ?t?iintra a?d aullin^ *ees?l? off Vlor.unk Point and F Ire Island on*- rtav tu advance of (bur arrival at Mm- Vork. To accomplish this ttoev hsvc rcni|i|rt?d arrangement with the U?> Island tfl^rnph, < mplov ed awl ft y.iclita, and will a^alii h injr Into nae carrier pigeons I h-ve fkc'lHies will ena'Ae the aasocl ttoo to shorten thi* time b?twefii the L'nl'ed S??t-? and Fiirjf* wvrril hour* and hope to br sustained W the press of the country. IMiMrrsisAstssiti k| a (ssrlrt Dostum, Oct II ?John Fitzgerald, a convict In the Char'.estown Sate Prison, this afternoon suibli.d George J Riggs, Charlt-e Uelmont and John White, his fellow pr aonera, Injuring the?n seriously. a:>d aliiMitlv wound-d wnnl before tie wji secured ' There la no known cau?? for I he act. Kt-brnaka Territory. BaoWsaviLLK, NT, Oct 9 'The election for d-legalra to C^n^reaa ia uro^reaa quietly Tbe Mayor of the city iaaued a pro< l.aoUlon cloaing the' driuking aho^o, and order prevailed Tbe w. atber ia flue, and the vote of the Territory will be Urge Kfioru of Captured Alriitai to Africa. Hot to*. Oct 11.?Theablp South Shore, with a cargo of Africans from Key W?at. arrived at M or.rovia on the :tjtb Auguat One hundred and eight of the ite^roe* died on tbc paaaatfe from d1? la contracted before or during their atay at Key Wert. I SII ^ r?M*rls. bo? toy. Oct II ?An arrival here re porta teat tfce ship r*outb Shore, with a cargo of Afloat.a from Key est arrivtdat Monrovia on the 3>th of August. Oi.e hundred and eight neuron died on <Ue pai?-ne from dise??' contracted before and during their stay at Key West. tenditiea of the Okie Ktver. PAtiunria. Va . Oct II.?Tbe Ohio nv?r at tbis point, the terannus of the Baltimore aud Ohio Railroad, la ten f?et deep and rising Boatmer. ousider navigation resumed for the aeaaou. :* teamen are up for all river landing below. The Effect of tbe Receat EUctlau ta the teath. Atom*. Oil II.? I be electioa news from Pennsylvania. Ohio and Indiana baa created a p "found sensation among all parties tn tbla Mute. Carolinians are muuutluir cockade* la their hata kubbi*| la k Priurattirf liontos.Oct 14 ? John Kitxjjerald . a conw.-t in t be C harleatown State pr iaon. tb;a afternoon ate bbed three of hia fellow priaunera aeriooalv. a?d arveral . tbera were allghtlr wounded CaaK of the act unknown. Baliuatra narkH*. Hai timokb. f>ct 12 ?Flour firm; Howard ?t. and Obto ?5 75 W L ett firm; red 91 *?a*1 4*?, wliite 91 40*91 Corn ateady; mlaed ?>G~c , vellow 70?7?c Pr?-y1s1??tia at -idjr; meaa pork *li<'i5i prime $14 50 I.arl 13c. Coffee ateadv at 14 k a15 ^ c WUakv dull at ***?* York >lar?u Saw Vore. Oct. 14 - Flour iron; suu fJ 3Sa #5 45; Ohio $5 75 Wheat ffrm Corn higher, 7IJKa72c Pork dull: imaa f 18 50afl8 75; print* ?n-IV-tU-JO. I.ard d.ill WhUky Heady at ?*c. 486 INTERtuR ADOBXMEXT. r + PERHANOlyOS aZt WJXD )Xf SHADES. New Fall stock of Paporhanr itigs from ti??'ioH Mil orul? tn th? mo?: rlititc urn uncle pait.'us. nppr priate for p&rlors balls. >1 Hint rooms, chain lv?rs au^! hban?*? Als <, * choice stork t irrulrd Gold Hand \\ indow >> alts. luu'st o? Unl > and coum n Sha-k??, Buff. <i"e?n and Hi-ie Sha * llm I?"ds Picture Cord and Ta wl>,CriuMn S*ca ler, Itli.e md (irrt-n eoior*. f om pho-o* a.h t i port ait ?i?.? Just msiral at No ?^t? mh >i ord is fo Pap r an*i ks or Wi.dosr W.iil'* iai'hlul ) execu'wi incu) or cout.t * t*?ti?fWc'lon v'u? antfd or no p i? r*qui ?J. Pl?%. e <i?e roe a call, boat lnr<?( iht* climb >r. J. M \BKKITKR . \ ? a w/' > t . a .? ? ?? cwvrmn tl o u *>rt I* TF oc .S ^olm* O'M K??ll w>' H-ll. g i Kll.M K Vi HKK ' VIl BSON Haa< peu?<; on Swrsdl ?*> n I and NoiDidid l.lbertiea Mark* ? 3*3. oe ? U If you wish to rrit haje corsfra l?Kj than the ukuai p> :c??. <*aM at oc M 6r GI B?' ?S S 3>S Seventh ?i k D IIIA N K KsT At R A NT (m. J 4&TJjLl P M.W i.AM utM^aiky pi a?nw in a tuna* ! ? pubii that hf k at all timea ?r?p?r?d toa<v?>->?roda?etheni wit*1 thet,n?-t QAMK. FiSH, OYPTkRft. M^A<!>.ui othf ?di !?! * : and with WINK"* I.lOI OK ati.i OlO^KSequiltii punt; a ?; lltrur t? an) th-1 ?t?<?ne? wi i t.u- in an> cit? in til UuAted *tal?a Hit Ke?*a j aut conili uea to itei?e' ?- ita lw(U iepu>a>iou !?r th* m&rn?r in which a) la ? rvtd t'-at aa> ?n-?r may rail fo*. On Sundav next hi* K t ne Room* will bo <v#n, and oa each ?uco?'i<1iih Snnday antil fni;h r no.lew On hundtte the entra >oe to b.a Katm? Kuoina will *>e on 9ixik elreet, tbe Jourtu Uuor i.oa Pi. trrrua a 6 Sfw H musical A VI NO Ucren induced tnarcfpt th* pot I ion ot araamat *t M. ?lo**ia? Ohufolt in U.l? eity. I nave iltuc.n.ud lorrma.n. urine the ? an u?v i.H wiaier, ai J ahaiJ lie napp\ to reeJer ni\ Pii3 l?''-f?*a*ii>iial aecrioea t" t^one wh<> ?q u;rj here. T. N. CAl LF1KLD, Profeaaor of the Orpin. Piuu Fort*, and Stag int. For rarticclara aa to term*, Ac .inquire at the Stuaic Depot of JOHN F. LLL19, Pemat lvania iveaue. oe Aim* V O T I C F.. LI REMOVAL. l.SVITATION.?? u.fifV m; eu?tojr<*r? ln<i this public lu |Hi? : that I h?v? removal to Ki? S4S t*evojtlt >tr??l. I'hrM iU.iri True* V*s?. irenu*.) *R<rre I i hall keep ronaiantl' on k?ii.: ? a aui.mneni 01 t-'t?H hIG n \?j lK>WF.>Tlt* RVUOOlfcMlUftlKRY. FANCY ARTICi.Ks MILi.InKR V, o. Nr? ijwvli rfMirad *or[' > t rtiioh will le noid at a?toim Inn* Itif fiifi ?aim' - risHMAN. [MFORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. K. R. PURREE R COZS e?arv.tMMl not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, at croud ft on tr**k Spto*a, NtMMd tad gii u i I n 111 for the purio?? wtthoMX nttMi J oo?i. T???J ?f* t?*uuf?i .T packed la Uufoi,, liaoo VIU l? pr*r?ni lujury by kooftaft. ,od *r? iu.. ?; ua uif oniiMn *ro?aJ IpiOM fcra liuioat luvftiiaUy hcrt. WinrnM r,MB- tftfimntr"jm '"fer1' ^rvv* fc,ft KaamsBh. FALL AN D.WIN TER UNDERSHIRTS ud I UKAWtH^,lur*!!!*, ?*'? J'O*? 4 talk, Ki?un?i( IA . Hmw.Htt, Ufttm O* r^o., "Inunel. T?iIMI Cotton. A ?i p l-Mtt <?? P? IJU2SBMK ttnBBUW. street, Pa.?TM*? sad K ?t oc ? WBljc' ^pplE^-appue*. Fl o,,R 4# rUK-UNi'KKMWNICO O *K fK > rkl A >. U Ml !LUK* uff .r? U'? rt.o *? ? tk? pofciio of ,io |?tat?, VV%tUiW?4. uj viouitT 4 ? i 1 ?iit i4< lor ?r tttfia'i true U* tout ?w4r>a u[ >?h:ta ud ?riv?M i>*i <ii (?. Pi*** ??4 ?>?c k ?iun? jr?.i Oj iu ni.a-4?( ?Ki?r? n^-K m ? ir.d hop ?Ou|(rMi*( fw ??*?Wf,MI ww*a?. * -* ' .? * *

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