Newspaper of Evening Star, October 13, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 13, 1860 Page 1
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VSk. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. OCTOBER 13. 1860. N?. 2.889. THE EVENING STAR * * a PtrBUMlED E VER T AFTERNOON, fSTNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT TUB STAR Bl ILDIMflll, C-jrmsr of Piwm ma wwim mmd IliA A. ?Y W. D. W4LL4CU ra??r* (erred tt t>y earner* at ? a 'Hi, or 3a Mat* mt month. To maU Mbaorlbars tM prtaa i* #340 a year. ?t Uwum, ?* for six month*; 41 for three Matte) aarf for tee? than three month* at the rata of tt oent* a week. 8irie fH". wrapper*, rwocuiri. UyADraruiiiriN *r?oBld I* tent to the oAoa Mara 13 o'aiaok m ; otherwise they mar not appear auUJ tba next day. fWRITTIK roa the stab. lUlUMlOX FRO 11 W&SHIN6TOX, D. C. Ooiwa o* Board. We went oc board tba brig Rodney Cur, lying at tfca wharf at ttaorgatown, Jaly *, at 2 pro, a boat aa boar before the had her emblement of coal. Tlx* arrangements for loading coal at thia place are very perfect, aod the chalftet of the Potomar having been deepened to IS feet, Quito large resaela are now employed in the CarnberUnd ooal trade, and thia city of about 14,090 inhabitants, ia be ginning to have a commercial importance. At no distant day it will become an important war* of the crity of Washington. Search ron "Khmrrs." We laft thia city at 3 o'clock, bound fur New Bedford. Maw., ia company with two sohoon era. and were tagged to AlAandria, aeven mflea, by one of the Coal Company's ateam tuga. On passing thia place we were boarded by a State official, vita authority "to aearoh for niggers.'1 Ha waa a gentlemanly appear ing man. inquired the name of the brig, the captain, her owners, cargo, and whore bound. }le then commenced the search, and being asked if it was not a formal matter, replied not. as far as he was onoerned; ao I aocom j> wiiea aim. n ascertain vdk ktn<l of a searob was to be made. It occupied about 10 min utes, and if there hid been forty negroes on board, he would not have found one of them. The search being concluded, he presented a certificate to the captain demanding two dol lar*: but on acooMtof aome Joking in regard to his bn*iness. would take no fee. The prac tical working of this law is, I am told. In raror of the escape of th? alave; for after the ship is once searched ?be ean take on as many negroes u she ploases. and is not liable to a second " ircb. Th? only benefit derived from the law is. the fear of being detected prevents slaves from secreting themselves on board. It however supports several officials. Moi st Vsrso*. TTith a fair wind, we paseed Fort Washing ton on the left bank, aad Mount Vernon a liule below on the right, in the light of a most beautiful sunset. Mount Vernou is beginning to throw off iu dilapidated appearance, and under the hands of tae daughters of Amerioa is undergoing an adornment, reviving and ex hibiting to the present generation its virgin beauties, which under the charge of Washing tAfi mA an.) sla/lJana^ ? ? ?w?- 0 wv * -vm ? UV4 XI* Si* J gUCTQk VI lOO " Father of his Country." Moant Vernon is beautifully and pleasantlv situated it a bend of the Potomac. and is about 2tK> feet above the water. The mansion of Washington, sur rounded bj a half dozen servant house*, rrowns the kumnit, and oommands a flue view i-f the rh?er, both above and below. Alto gether it is a moat desirable residence It is surrounded by a dense forest, which has en croached on it* grounds even to the gardens. This is now being cat away from tbe imme diate vicinity of the grounds of the house. The Potomac. We anchored off Aauia Creek sometinm in the night. arwi. in the early morn, when the first b.ush of the Kut was soen, were enjoyiDir 11 the poetic beauties of the Potomao. so well describe by Moore while partaking of the hospitalities of Mr. Van Ness, a former owner of a part of Washington oity. We feel there is no better way to be freed from the scorch ing san, Minding dust, and snff seating air of a summer oitj, than bj a trip at sea. One day on board our brijr is worth weeks at Saratoga, White Sulphur, Cape May, or Newport. Cars, heat, dust, porters, baggage, hotels, and rooms 7 by y in the fourth story, may give health, oomfort, and happiness to some, but give me the deck of a noble brig, with half a dozen seieot companions, and the pure air, clear blue sky, and green sea, for enjoyment None of your market poultry and pastry had we for oreakfaal; but fresh fi<h, c-iu^ht with our own lines and nets. The ladies, for we are not a bachelor x>arty, fished crabs to the surfree, and ' hna?OP?a nntil m. tnnra tntiao could net them W*9T?01t*LAJH). Westmoreland, the birthplace of Washing ton, ia on the southwest aide of the Potomao, abjut .*0 miles from its month. From the rirer the land ia undulating, rather low, and ap pears quite barren, although covered with smtll treaa. The country around seems to no atriking features The precise place of bis birch cannot be seen from the brig, bat the hills and Tallies, woods and lawns, over L which the youthful hero roamed, were scanned with eagerness. Sabbath morning found ua at swhor in a calm ofF Piney Point. The wind mM the waves seemed to obey the quiet influ ^ ce* of this holy Subbath morn, iuat cu~h an aae as might have inspired Coleridge when be |fdeaeribed the "silence of the sea. Bat we were not long "As Idle as a painted ship Upon a painted sea." For a cold northeast wind came over land and a?a, making no small stir. At 3 p. m., our brig plunged into the waves of the Chesa< peak*, mountain high, and nearly all bowing our heads, respectfully paid tribute to Ol3 Neptune. As the thick clouds darkened a moonless night, and the light-houses one by one g>T? evidence 01 ma Yigtlanca of their keapra, the bay became a of liquid fire, foaming and urging like a gigantic cauldron. Nothing eta excel in benaty. sublimity and rndeur, a phosphorescent sea in a storm, the evening the wind ehanged to th? souh, and became more violent, which soon brought on a sharp crow tea. I did not suppose old Chaaapeake eoaid make such a commotion. W1GHT1COMICO &HOAI.M. Monday morning, at 4 o'clock, on a very high tide, we were driren on to the shoals, on the west aide of Chaaapeake. about rnidwnj between the Potomac and Kappabannook rir ... -x? ?? * ? * * - wi, ibu iwui n* uium irum una. ID? brig ?u making about 13 mile* per boar, and waa drWeu on a eloping hard aand bottom. It *u evident that she would soon go to pieces if the wind increased, at even continued; bat u we had a ataanch boat, neither the passengers or crew exhibited the least fear The wind lolled, but the wave* combed fearful! j over the decks. Between 9 aad 10 o'clock, a. m., some fisher? me* informed as that we might obtain Ughtera . from the shore, and the "signal of distraea'' Heing hoisted, several Ughteraeaaaealongside. The.** lighters are ownedand manned by hardj Virginia fishermen. Thej are a noble tet of fellows, aad did all theft cuald bi done under . tke iiinaiaitJiM** A ??r?n / ewnly discharged on dangerous shoal si* utile* from land. The work of discharging? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, wai frequently interrupted by high mi Mak ing it too dtngerona; bat on Thursday, at high tide. p. u?., the brig lifted fron her bed, and w4ih oar ridge and lower anchors we waned her about 70 yard', when we were obligea to let her remain, as a high eaat wind set in, a_? a a. e 1 /v mowiug u mrecuy on saere. uar anobors held nobly, although they dragged about 25 feet At 3 o clock. a. m., Friday, the wiod blew off shore, and we were soon clear of the ritoal The prooess of reloading commenced with a lighter on each wde, and at 3 p. m. we wue under full sail down the Bay. Dbsbrtk*. On Monday night oaeof the crew, not liking th? position of things in general, and especial ly aa he bad been shipped by a Georgetown * Boarding Master" aa oook, bad not received of bis advanoo pay, and found himself ' before tbe mart, with a pretty severe captain to serve under, toneladed to take sundry ar ticles from bis shipmates, and, with a eanoa be fmns oae of the lighters, make for the shore He left daring bis watch, about 1 o'clock, and made tbe nearest land, about Tw miles. Bat tbe poor fellow made a sad mlMphe, and landed on aa island, from wbiob b? bad to swim a lone distanoe to reach tbe chore' lie lett part of his booty on tbe islet^. I Moao?4*Hn ewimtaiog tbe ehaauel, oad tt>a* fftee4 h-.?se?f bey?a? swoeessfa* The ' captain made aa attempt to eateh tbt Mori, but only reoapbared the oanoe Virginia IIusfitalitiks. Thii accident gave a* an opportunity to visit the (bore, whjtoh wm Leproved by all our party We called at the plantation of Mr. John Hard ing. who own about 90 nrranti. On oar ar . rival we were asked the first thing to take dinner, notwithstanding onr party oonsisted of the Captain, bis two daughters, Mis# M ft. II., Miss A. E. Pv Dr. 8 L. L , At. Mid. J.T.C, and Act. Mid. J. J B., U. S. N. Our refusal, however, did not prevent a bountiful kuddIt of refreshment*, fruits, cakes. lemonade, &o. We spent nreral hour? most agreeably at tbia Virginia mansion. Under tho direction of the gardener we ????ited the (lower gardens, ar ranged with great care and taste. Qrapes, apples, pears, and many other frtiits were seen, m well as many rare and exotic plants. On one side was a large pond for 150 docks, on another one for decoy wild geese. These geete when taken, bare one wing amputated at the first joint, which forever so disables them thai (bay oancot fly. They secure great numbers of geese by meant of these decoys. The ohicken yard it equally well itoeked, and none of the produce of these geese, duuks, and hens is sold; all it consumed on tha planta tion. This plantation of 1.800 acres alto affords rare sport for the huntsman. The red and tfP* TT fnr AAP * i?*<4 f*A /*natl a*a A-vwl bounds, a fox hunt; or with utters, on the moor or marsh, a bird hunt; sport to the visit ors of thia plantation equal to English hunting grounds. The soil is good, and the wheat crop which had just been gathered, is the great crop; two or three hundred acres of corn were planted for home use. Mr:. Hardiug, a fine, capablo looking ma tron. constantly carried, as all Southern ma trons do, a large basket of keys on her arm. Allusion being made to the fact that Northern woatac never kept anything under lock and key as a general thing, she remarked that if Northern women had a year's provision on hand to take care of, they would be likely to k*?p it under lock and key. She said that they put up 300 hoga, and other articles in proportion, all of whieh was under her charge. Nearly all the cloth used was of their own manufacture, for the reason it was much more serviceable than that bought She, with her nffn himli AiiAP^ tK* ? ! ? ! a** A ? ?.???J ?- '? .W J u) ?T *?* |fVl* IV) ?Ul? after the sloth wm dressod attended to tho cutting of all the garments worn by a family of over 100 persons She also made all the soap ased on the plantation. From this simple statement we so? that she can not be an idle woman. As the time of our departure drew near, Mrs. Harding inquired if we wished any fresh butter, milk, ve^aiablM, <*c., Ac. Milk we considerod a rarity, as we had taken our tea nnd ooffce several days without it. But our ideas of Virginia hospitality were very much modified as we came to our boat. We there fwuad a large group of servant*, all bearing something for our comfort. One with a large box of ioe. another with a jog of milk, another with a bag of apples, Ac , Ac.; so that on oar arrival At Lfte brig we bad a stock of potatoes, beets, cabbages, apples, ioe, milk, huckleber ries, peart, onions. Ac.; and besides all this, tbey promised to come to the brig and visit us if we were compelled to remain much longer, rkla-visit amply repaid us for our detention of fl*?d*ys on the Wightioomioo Shoals. The Atlantic?Gti> Strka*. We had a fine sail down the Bay. and passed out by Cap* Henry, a barren, sandy, desolate place, with only a lighthouse to relieve the scene, at 4 a. in., in oompany, some smaller and some larger than our craft. The light N.E. wind soon olassifted the fleet?the timid soon taeked about and followed the coast, while the bold and experienced kept an easterly course for the Gulf Stream. Our brig, oommanded by a captain who has navigated almost every part of the world for the past thirty years, faced pirates in his early voyages, and knows by experience whnt it is | to remain on a wrook forty-two days, a shrewd, I keen, far-sighted, bold and feaileM Yankee, ?ka i D-?_-? ? ' - us ?uv uou. m uiunu immp, siooa ior me ualt Stream. He says that on do aocount would bo ran along the o?wt; be preferred a plenty of se*-room. By night all our company of brigs and sahooners had left us. and we wore alone on the broad, blae Atlantic, standing for the Gulf Stream. In tho morning the temper ature and color of the water had changed, showing that we were in the (Julf Stream. The temperature of the Stream was about b degree* warmer than the Chesapeake or tho AtTantio. We pasted nearlj to the eastern edge before we made northerly course. Visitors?Mother Cabkt's Chickens, Ac. \ Oar first visitors wer? Mother Carfey'sehisk ens, those little petrels so much thought of by every sailor. As the wind sighed its last breath, they came in flocks to the vessol's side, made our acquaintance, and fed on the ? rvmhs wo threw overboard. I do not wonder that theso birds are the universal peU of sailors; they acoompany ships on all seas, and bring forcibly to mind the chicken* at home, they are so tame. I very much wished to have soreral of them as pets. Tk. -f II.. J -1-- - a uv uivuotioio vi iu<3 uvcp HiSO 8661110(1 UD* usually neighborly. Oar first visitors were a large school of black fish, blowing and puffing the water on all rides. These were Boon fol lowed by one of fin back whalis?these were !uite numerous, and were easily reoognised y the dorcal fin. Terr Largo and hooked. We were informed that these whales are not hunt ed when any other kindean be found, for they re so quick, and run so fast and long, that it is very difficult to capture them. Daring the same day, while sailing before a fresh breeze, a very large school of porpoises came around the brig. They seemed particularly pleased with the prow, and played around it rer a long time. Tney are a very smart fiih, about 3 J or 4 feet long. It was very amusing to watch them, ana served to relieve the ?nnui that had began to everoome some of eur company. We were also visited by some half doaen sperm whales. They did aot oome as near as oar ether visitors, but were easily reoognised by their low ?ashy spout. They played and spout ed at a respectful distance till evening, when they came near, and on all sides of the brig. The next morning the whole sea was enlivened wi'h thousands of porpoises, sporting and jumping oiu 01 iu water id every direotio-i. 01 our neighbors of smaller site, I cannot speak, for unfortuuately, we had no micro uoopa od board. Doubtless every buokst of oeean water is full of organisms, eaeh baring its own habitat, as variable in climate ana locality m those of tkm land. The pearl oys. ter on the lower Mexioan and Central Amer ican and Pacific ooast has over one hundred distinct species of animals living on and in his shell. There is no field of inquiry now epea to the naturalist so inviting, interesting, and promising as the study of oeeanio organisms, both animal and vegetable. A scientific knowl edge Is not even neoessary; it only requires a good observer and an ability to give accurate delineations Theee organisms cannot be pre served; they must be delineated when first seen under ths glass. Many attempts to pres ervation have been made, but hundreds of bottles seat to Lieut. Maury exhibit only signs of animated existence in a faint degTee; prov ing the impracticability if not the impossibil ity of its success. Almost every one is ramiliaj with the results derived from an examination akl ler.broka k? T.i?n t M ? ? ?ft -# ?? ?/ BO UUf thing baa Wo of eo fiat advantago to *001-1 uicree and tha worlaT Now. if such re**ltf" have km obtained from thee* imperfect and limited obaer?*tiuni, what maj we eipeet from a ajstematio ooorse of extended obearre tion, aided by ttao mieroeoope. Wa bar* right to bettere that rejrulw of tl porUao* to mm>ki?d ?HU I now. with Cot* Bmrttf charta. pnbliabed M.BacUi MBfl IT" * f 0bi?eTTiD_ i up by the lead from the bottom the hlgheat Ire reaabea. Even Remarkable Phk5o*em. At 13.40 a. m., July 17lh, a remarkable show er pa??ed orer u?, coming from the northwest V<i going to the aoutbeast. The aloud wtu ijuito narrow till it reached the zenith, when it ipread orer tha whole eastern sky. It was accompanied with little wind or rain, but with a great number of disohargeg of beat light ning. There were but two oiapa of thunder. ono over ficnt. and one to the southwest, hat both very feeble. A most remarkable phe nomena however, aoccmpanied it. Aa the oloud passed the senith there were wares or flashes of hot air, a few minutes apart, for aearly an hour. They were very not, and produced a sensation similar to that felt when taming over the register of a hot-air furnace, heso waves of hot air had also a very pecu liar odor, something like sulphur, or more like ozone. The wind had been blowing freah S.W. til day, but now had changed to N.W., and oon died out, being followed by a calm of tix hours. The barometer at 10 o'clock, was .10.51; at 12, midnight, 30 20; at 2 a. m., 30 22; at 1 a. m , 30 26, at 6 a. m , 30.31; and 8 a. m., 30.35. Thermometer (in water) Fahrenheit, 68, at 10 j>. m ; 66, from lip in. to 8 a. m. Temper "?ture ?r t&? air at 10 p. in., 08; at 2 a. in., 70; at 4, 72; at 8. 76; and at 8, 7ft. Our position, by good obsorvation, was 70 miles south of Montaak Point, L. I., and 100 east of Barne gat, N. J. Depth, fathoms. Th? Ecliprr or Jdlt 18th. We happened to hare a good though small telesoope on board, and with a calm, clear ?ky, made quite satisfactory observation*. This eclipse it a very important one, as it serves to oorrect astronomical errors now existing, and as if to make the present observations abso lutely correct, there were three very largo clusters of spots, besides several smaller ones, each giving a double observation. No. 1, very large, was on the tipper limb, a little to the right of the sud's vertical diameter. No 2, about half the sire of No 1, was on the lower limb, a little to the left of the sun's vertical diameter. No. 3 was still smaller, but quite large No. 1 was the largest spot seen on the sun for many years, and most have been not less than 14,000 miles in diameter. We were inablffrl hmiidM nntin? ftinfnlt* fnlln?i?? ? ?? ?? ?w ?? ? J ?UV ?"? *? " tu^ observations, to obtain quite accurate draw ing? of the spots and different phases as they presented themselves. Observations. Altitude of the sun's lower limb at the begin ning 27 30 Corrt cted for dip and refraction 27 41 Lon^itudo by observation .....72 32 Lntltnde by observation........ 40 38 Longitude by D R 72 27 Latitude by D R 40 37 Apparent time of beginning 7h. 16m. 24s Moon's contact with spot No 1 7h. 38m 44s. No 1 covered 7h. 37m. 64s. Time of covering No. 1 lm. 10a. No. 1 emerges, So. 2 covered .^h. 11m 51s. No.2 'merges Oh. 2in. Ms End of the eclipse 5?h 22m 2ts. E*d or the Voyage. The ladies of our company kept the dead reckoning, and worked up each day's work, and as the laat day's work was finished and the position marked on tho chart, a man was sent aloft to sea land bearing N.X.W. before getting to maat head theory of "land ho!" w? heard?the dead reckoning differing but ooe mile from tho observation. We are in sigtU of Long and Black Islands, and shall make oar port to-night or in the morning. As if to bid as farewell, several large man-eater enarts made tbeir appearance around our ship, and amaMd themselves as well as u*. for sev eral board. Soon after their disappearance a large school, numbering nearly a hundred spouted on all sides. With these we bade adieu to the monsters of the deep. Onr jour ney forward will be by the car*, but wo can not ti >p? to be more interested iu anything wo may see. V. Laurextz. AR1KS. WIN9LOW, N ErpfrKwi-ed None and Female Phrt'elan, presents to the attention of mother*, her SOUTHING S VRCJP, Far Children Teething, Wkt*k gmllj raeVltaue U* yi?*im ef Methlrf, bj m(|m in{ ;be feme, rertai'i f *li inf< umiaii**?will allay ALL FilS e.-.i ? r Ii?n. -.11 d to 3 ORE TO F SU DLATS THE BOWELS. n#pt-<5 ap?i. .V, oeUiera, It will j:ra rial ta yetreeieee, lit RELIEF AMD HEALTH TO YPDR ISFANTS TTi bita pet *p and mo u.n article for eier no juri. rr,4 cas cat, ik co.inoancB aat TSCTtao.'ilt?bat? tare ever been able te Medicine? ni?f? a (in# Li m IttRS. if el auy OlHSft MA* IT rAILBO.m ITAKC1 TO ir. r 1CT A oU*?, WI5?1jUH'5 Wh,u tiatJy tul Her ar did ti kntw UHlTiUiNO i?> lnat?naa of d>? atiafac'iaa by an? ana wtie aaad it. On tht ewuu;,tUu? SVRjP, dtlifhtai with iti OflHTmni, an'i l'j"? la urai ( kigliMt eainraaidattan af ita ra? ical altcu tad midget! airtaaa. w? apaak in hit m%:wr " WHAT VI DO mot," af.arttn /tart' aiptrianca, APT? fL?t?l OUI a Irt'TA TIO* rO? THE rVLrtLMMST or WHAT Wl Hill 01. CLaNB. In almat; ttarf inttaaea whart in a infant it anfar* !if fram pain and aaitaaalion, raUal will ba faand litfim r twtaly ?inatea aftar tha tyrap ia aomlmataraC Thia ?t!??Ni frapara'ien ia **)a prfteriptiio af ant af tht a it I II r AS I l!t C10 and IIILfVL HUIIII In Naw Car laad.afdhaa baan aaad with l?BTII-PAlLl!ta icccm Fa THO VSANVS O* CASES. It a at aaly ralva?aa tha child 'ram pain, bit laTiyarilta tht itaratcb btwa.a, earitcfa acidity, aad fivaa tact and anarfj ta lit arha'.a ajattru it will :Imaai inatauUy rtlitrt Smrine :x thk Bowili and Whid Colic, and artr'ama canvalatana, wtuah, if tat iraadUt ratnadiad and in dtatb. Wtr??????? belitti it lit lln A-tDIUIKTIIM- FOK H T in tht WORLD la all catai af on- I'HILDRER i?TllT?iid mu A lit chjl- TEETHING PHI*, wbathtr It ariata trara itathlnf 1 w Irtrn an* athtr aaata. fa waaldaay ia a?tr y inotfttr who haa a ebild aaf ftrinf fran ant of Ola f?raf?ina caaaplaiata ? DO HOT LIT toci riui'Dicij, no* tni raiJT'Dicn or otmiiu ataad batwata yaar anttrinf cuild and tha raliaf tbat will bt IOII?yta, anoi.t riLY nil?ta fallow tna laa af tb aadlelaa, if lin-tlj aaad. Tall dtMC'.tara' ar aatrg will a atiapu? aach bottia. Nona ranalra anlaat lha f?t aimila CURT 11 * PKRKIK4, Naw r ark, ia an tht aalaiUa wrappa cid by Drarriata tbrauahoat tha watld. Principal Offiet, Ma. 13 Ctdar Strati, H. T. Pnaa aclt If Canta par Battit. m IIhIAwIt T?? EOYAJL HAVANA LOTTKRY. HE N?xt Ur^winc of the lvojfc' Hjvv&nft Lot Iatv AAnfluMtM h w tkdh R niali fl wa rn m m r\ ?" J 1 WHUUVWU WJ MiV IJWW1VN VV1WI UU*VUM the saper vision of the Captain Oenera! of Cuba, will w< place at Havana on SATURDAY. Octobk* *>, 1SW. SORT SO NVMSRO GU ORV1SARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 100,000. of 100fO pnae? of 41^0 WHO to do fin# *1,000 UB no ?no ?n,oop aoapprox. 8JP0 WfiM IN ALL PRIZES. Whale Ttakets, dO-Ha. vas, 810-C/ narUrt,?a. Prises oasbed at sight at t per oert. <uscoaut. Bills on ail so! vent 3ankn taken at par, A drawing, will fceforwamed a* aooa aa the re??U beoome* kMwn. All ordars for schemes or tiekets to be addreaaed to DON RODRI'HJKZ, oo S-tv flare nf Oitv Pnat. Charleston. ?. C. TICK! I wish all gentlemen to bear in mind that the plan whioh I Uuoed pfioes for oaah in in successful operation. Just revived a full supplyot the latest New York styles of DRE8S HA'PS. The very finest Hat fSJO; a first rate Hat JJS; and verj *<>od, fashionable Hat *3 SO. All of ttte latest style* of soft HAT? and the vary lowest prioes. 1 am oonstantiy supplied with a vary Urc# stock of those fine DR&88 fiOOTS at ?3.7?-which 1 have been selliaz for onanv >?r.?a. nlluih<?.. tT W^'PAITKRS M 93id. fine French Calfakin Outer* from 92 to #2 ?). , T?H? ??H? h*rg? in order to olfiet bidibja ANTHONY, A tent for the Manufac turer*, ilevmth atrMt, aaeond bat (tore from the MWlMpfWtl Arwia Horn, No. *40. ^bBVUU Ail A/ WJLHiMIB UU l'f i AO. KwAi1 and Cteking f?r Stkoot ^^"jxtsar^^troSft%:!K for tk?oomiai; inioo, tre invited to rNtjrt ?nd xt#n?ir* CfATTafi/e, vb?rc tlMj oti mafow roommti yv iMds OtrM n? oar ?nt th??r iiidr^u with ?w d#?*nr a, of nMluUkl tiil jo, M 3DU _?aa P?nn. OTUNW^ 4 SONS' OVEK8TEUN0 6r*nd * EDUCATIONAL. Academy of modern langauages, (WuRiroTox Hnuixii,) F* Avtnut, Corntr Suventk St*Ut. Peitat* I\*T?0rnoSf jy Fkk.nch on?pa?i?H. DAY and KVP.ning CI.a8se8 TKAX2JJI TIOXS. A M. D* month LTlRY, ProfoMor of Modern LamuMM ?ih1 Liwaiure, hu thu itosor to an nounce thai tw will rnauuie hi* Clkuat an.. Private Lettoon tin Wedtieftdx.) next, the 19th of Septeta her, in the above Academy. He i? prepared alto to ore, in nohool* and private fkmiliet, a Cmrse of Lecture upon the Freneh l,it#ratnr?, from the Kar l^'-st Formation ?f the JLaofnag* to th? Pr?*ent A liar. For term* and further particular inquire at the Academy, whore Prof. De Monthurry will be in at tendance daily from 9 to 11 a. m and from 5 to t p. ra. *e 18 1 in Tfemalk education. IIOBE Parent> who winh their daughter* to re aeive a thorough and ayntematio education. where their phyaioa! training wi.l reoeivedaiJv and ppecia! attention, under theinoet approved of Calia t he . ion and ij rmnaaties, are reapeotnilly invited to viait the Union Female Aoademy, corner Four teenth at. and N?w York av ME. A MRS. Z. RICHARDS, au y-tf ___ Principala._ BOARlJlNO AND DAY SCHOOL, ALEXANDRIA, VA. Mrs. 8. J. MoCORMICK, PaisciraU The thirteenth annual *e?Moii of thi* Institution will oomnitince on Tut?*day. Sr pteinl>or 18th, in the home reoently cooupied by Sylvester Scott, E?q., No. 1*0 Kiac etreet. The ooarae of etudy pur*ned will oompri?eall the branohea raquiaite to a thorough Kngliah fcdu cation, and Musio, F.ench, Latin and Drawing, it deaired. In addition to day acholara. Mra. MeCcrmiok ia prepared to receive a limited number of pupil* a* hoarder*, who. conetitutin* a part of hor own fam ily, will be under her immediate eare and supervi sion. She wrtl endeavor, aa tar aa poaaible, to *ur roond them with the oomforta and kindly influenoea of Home. Hifereneet.-Rtv. Geo H. Norton, Rov. Dr. Eliaa lllrrlinn R ??* n C C Will 11 . l ?? I111SIU 11 r "Wip, Esq., Edgar Snowden, ui., P.dmund F Wit:rr*r. Esq., Honr* Marbury, Esq , E'Wis M?Knt t, Esq , Robisrt H. H union, Esq. tV. D Wallach, Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Wnttri, Esq.,Ja?. Entwisle, Jr., Esa , Col. John W. Minor, Loudoun, Moisrs. Biacklook k. Marshall, Messrs Corse Brothers. Trove. Botrd, with Tuition in all the English B-anches, 330 for the annual session?payable semi-annuall), in advance. Musio and Langaagea at Professors' prises. jC7" No extra charges. au 28 tl jyjETROrOLITAN^^LLEGIATE INSTI POR YOUNO LADIES. 464 E Sr., Bitwise 8tb aitsTth Sts. . The fourth annual session of the Institute will commence oa the first MONDAY in September. Applications should he in&do *arly, as the number of pupils it limited. For particular see eiren!ars or apply to the prinoipals. Mr. and Mrs. T. H. H A V fc,VNER, at the Institute. an 9 if Mrs. m.e.kingsfordsseminary, 413 E St.. WASHi!?eroj*, D. C. The next session will commence October 1st. laen. Terms. 4 o., forwarded on appheatiou. an 15 tf PLAIN FIE LDA C A DEMY, (N*ar C**i nt*. Fa.) Twenty session (2P weeks) coiti" ?fic'i No reinber 5th. A family sehool for Twenty-live ^ood boys, for who?? oomfort and imp-ovemont ma <ime ana energy or the Principal is <lo voted Entire expense ?7ft. C'roul&r* at Star pflLoo. To fill a few vaoaucie* oaJl at KTrk woods' from 3 to 5 p. tr.. < Ictuber IS and 19; or addr. us R. K BIJR *8, Principal and Proprietor, Piainfiem, Ciinil>er'and comity. Pa. ? eolm f^KORG&TOWN FKMAl^EMiSXRV. W (Pun mult Mi** L. r4. A BOARDiyO AND DAY SCHOOL. Tt>? dutie* of this institution will b? returned oc the first Monday ia Soptombar next. Tiieoour*? or instruction erabrao** all that is tan*ht. from the rudimtwits to the inoat highly fin i*ned ednoation. Tlie corps of teaoher*, t?n in number, are emi peudy qualified aud exporieuoed in their several department*. Lootum* Friday eveai cgs on the Natural Scienoo* without charge to the pupils. I Circular* ?l3t heobtained br addressing the Prin cipal, Miss $l7j. HARROVER,Georgetown, D C. au 22 ??o3m WOUD AND COAL. JMPORTAIVT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIONEER BiW HILL l!f D FIREWOOD FACTORY, (Siatf or ths Blck Flag Sta rr,) Kaath ( th ? teaal, near lib street Hrldgr, Will firninh, at the atiorteet nctioo, FIRF.WOOD, THE BK3T '4UALTTV, Or Ant Kinp, Out an^ Split to any Ihmmiint, CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST! With lull measurement guarantied. RimewUr.THE Blue Flag STArr, went rti- of Seventh street, stiuth of th? C.v.&i, and op posite the Center Market. GEOKQE PAGE, Agent. ET- HICKORY ANlToAK PI.AVK or TIM BFR (ofay *iz?or dimenrion* i^aWKD. POSTS or JOISTr* RIPPED, Or LOOS SAWED, at the ho r tent notice fry rtxtie'i ultf uf IJLACKSMITIIING prompt ly execrQMl, m anove m2) i "Ti Ti i v i DHIO) FIRE-WOOD HILL, lamer ( Serectb at and ( anal, w o"o D of kind, manufactured to ordor, j length or aizo, ready for aio. COAL?COAL. We have now on ha>id a beautiful lot of coal, b?th Hod ami Whit* Ann, different aite U7" Wa ir? now,and will be receiving Coal (or the next tan daya, which we aeil, delivered frvai the vessel,at a reduction af 25 oent? par ton. yonr ordera early. moknkw & M\RLQW, Proprietor*, a* 37-tf Corner Seventh sL and Car,a!. YY O O D AND C O A L of tha clt; Delivered to ail parta of tha oity, at the lowaat poaaible rate*. T. J. 4 W. M. GALT, Offioe 582 Fa. a v., between 11th and liuf *U. ma 17-tf north >iJe. pOAL! coal:: wcruu: woou:: I am daily reoeiviuc large suppl m of COAL from the very bast Pennsylvania mines, wmeh 1 will ell at reasonable pice* Al?o, the beat qualitr of Oak, Pine and Hickory WOOD, outanri plit.all length*. Call and leave your order*, ft. \V. HA r Rs, Wood and Coal Dealer. 17 (State*) Cor. C a?<i 14th *t?., near Canal. FOR STAMPING A PACKET OP PAPER AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH, CHARGE) METROPOLITAN ^?>>y-"^ BOOKSTORE, PHI LP k BOLOMON8, Atmts /er nee'i c*W>r%t*d Linen Paper >, "Metropolitan Milt*," te., # ?. ? ?4 ly aaa Pa. av.. bet. 9ti and l"th rts. QFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND PEALBR V OF GABMETKKH, Wiiii?Tns. Joly i*. ia6<*. J/OTICS IS HEREBY UlfES. Thatat'ee at>Iy to the provision of the oidiuno? of the Cor poration approved Maj 12.18?\ the underaigBed if o^r prepared, "whonever reenired in writinf. ana on pre pa7meat of Ua fe? of fifty eeste, to Uapect. examine, test, prove, an-1 mooi i*in the a^ouraoy of riff lltrfth An Itfan? ?aa I t T is n MA in Ihia Al#? *f prorBQ V . - ?y~ ?Vb "414 Savenih itrest, (ntmi Odd F?1 If li tf lnaytetor aad Bealer of gat Sfrtere. HW. ^HAMILTON V PAINTER, DEAI.KR IN PAINT*, No. tff ttb Stvxct, ntmr OM FtU.n??' /Tali. m 2 >f PI?TT-Y~7b SHiXV N. 8MIT.. v, ?38lm No. 490 Seventh ?t. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS Jl*?*T REOEIVKIV W hhd?. prim* Porto Rieo Ifrlbbla.* id Kre WHU-KY, 85o l.M. HERRING and ALKWIVF.9. 3D hhi?. ?'ru?h?"l and R^hnM ' COARw, an b&ga Rio and Java COFFEE. 10 hhJ*.< l.-w priced > MOL \S3h8. For %xh- h* J oh N J FOOl'K. Mln /^KANUKLL, OPTICIAS, V' Ne. 199 UridTt II., 9?r|??M, Haa OOIltUntll i.r FrenohSeiir nit*?", Feriaeopiq, ored.anda1 other SpriCTAtTLES, the teat ^ua.ity. in (oM. silver, ?t*el._and Ottuu r>var frame*. N. ft. Old F*?m?e Rep v. red and mew c ??m set in tbern to ortler. bo 1?-Vt AS8EV.COLMN8 4 CO.'S PHILADEL^ PHIA DRAUGHT ALR-Wsaw ?ton?Untfy receiving irenh ??? ?* of the above dcUjbUut bev eracd, and invite ai: peraona vho want a pute un adulterated Ale, to rive it a trmi. Alt NY A SRINN. Areata, fa* ST flnwtn at., fieorfetnwx. JOB. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Brvltt and Jtfcrson ??*.. O-("fttown. Having riven mj per?on*! attentnn to thia branch of nr hu*inea*. Imi prepared to, attend to all c* t with pr. itiptiejts person* from *di?t*nne eaa Veanp p'io?J at a *ew mino>?a' m>Uca. an 1 have a large aesort^ent of CuFFlN'8 a'wave <>u band. PsrTiou'ar attention paid to the rem?v?U of the d?ad from the oid to the new burial ground*. Hfvjej aad * far Lire. ap 10-6m FOR SALE AND RENT. fr'OR RENT?\ three story RRICK HOl'SK 1 on tl (rtr??t, between 4th and Mh. Also, a two story BRICK COTTAGE, cardeo, corner ol Tenue*fiee avenu* and north F M>cet, mr-rounded bj a lar*t? common past*ir?, an 1 wonM be % d*nr* 1 ble location lor a dairyman. Inquire of C. B1RGK, 446 12 It at. Jy 19-eo3ni* tpOR RENT-Three KR IcIThOJL ^KS-owTon I T*-elft,i ?tre?*t. betw een C an?l D . one on the corner "fTwiflh *r.d H *t?.; aal o??? on H. be tween l*h an^l 134h rl*. inquire o( JAMK8 W i BARKER. "u II street, bet vet n IIUj and 12th, No. 425. ma?Wf_ j 1r?0R RENT-T>.e FIRST FLOOR of the build 1 nilfaMi**':; . ih? ?crt win* of the City hai,, reoeoUy occupied by Chae. (*. wali^ou a* ao crti^e. Aiao fie hont r^?m in the aeoonc , tory ar.d the third floor ?( the aame Mr.ldinr. For tarm* apply to RICHARD WALLACH, No. 9 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AM) BLOOD FLRIFiEK THE GREATEST REMEDY in t\e WORLD, Loninai>a arena;. Ja 1.1 ti Dr. J H McLEAK'S and the most Psticinr* 1^9 DELIGHTFUL E*ER TAKEN It it urictl* ? cl and a bli Ci<ipii4, pr# eui?<! by ih? dittiila ticn <sf rwii, h*rbt, ?t,d b?rk?. Yellow Deck. Blood Roc*. Black Ro*?, 8?r?*p? rills Wild Ctwrrj B?tk. ?nd n?n4?!i?i tin into iu con poulioa Tu tiiir? rtir.tdial principle - ? of *ach iB|r?di(Btu . ? . , taking. diMillur, srnducut* * dtiicioua, iplrit, ?ad lh? inoit iMallfaU r?in?'ly 1?T ren?*?tli.f ih# ad rtwerinf the Mtk, u9en?f, aod dtltiuaud invalid t? htallh mti utafth. ITrt V i V'S s;TK FVCTHCVIVU nno nr it Will effectually cure Lirer Complaint, Dye?ep?l?, Jim dft, Chronic or D?bil>:y, Oieeaeee of the Kidneye, and til d?" \r>nu( frn:a a tendered Lixr or Bouach, ( Oyapepota, He?rt?wn, InTiri Hlei, A-'dtty n Sictniu of tbe Otowiach, Fallaeee of blood to tba Head, Doll Pun or Swimming >o th? Heid, Palp uaiiott of the Heart, Falli.eaa nr H eighi 4n the St.Mnacb, Sour Eractatiooi, Choking or Salfoca lug Fealmg k*u taring Dryueae of Yil.oV- 1 u;?i of ih? Bkin aud Eyei, NightSweata, Inward Pfttri, I Pain la tbe Binall of the Baek. Ckoo-. or Bid#, Roddea t'iuekce of Heal, Oepreeatan a< Bpirita, Krifhu'ui Draaaa, l.Mieuor. Dear >r, or ?l> urr?ona dieeiae. Boree or 1 Rlof.bee *m the Hkin, aod Fe?'?r aad Agra (or Cbilla aad I FlfMj I OVER A MTLLlOy BOTTLES have be?n wrii daring the laat ail mo^tha, and in ao io ttance ha# it failed in (ri<?r entire latiahcuai Wh?. ib>a, I will anff'.r frou We'kueee or Drl 1 i>ry wh?n MCLEAN'S ] STREhKfTHKNiNO CORDIAL will euro yoo 1 No la; gaage can coneey aa ail?i|uaM Mta of tka imiaodi- | at* ?u l linnet niracoloui cbii.ft produced by taking tfcte | Ordi*| -a i*>* diaaaaad, debilitated, and akauerad r er'aat | yetem, whether Urokea down by exceaa, weak by nature, < or impi -ed ly aickneee, the relaxed and cnetraag orgnni- , latino ie -aatore<! to He prieiiae health and vigor. MARRIED PKRSOSS, < or olkar , onnecioM if waUiily froan whaMtei cau?, will fi.d Mr;,KAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a tbo roarb regenerator of tbe eyeterr: aad all wbo roar halt la jared thcaeeleee by Improper indulgence* aiil tui la Uaa 1 Cnrdi il ? certain and epeedy remedy. tothkl ao tps , i*ii or. ftn w iti i n bn tnu u >iu 'ui l n ft u*rr- | *igu and ap*edj etirc fur lncipitct C?n>c?>pt<cn, Whit**, ' OE?tract?d or Oi^cntt Met.>?r?ii.lio?>.!pror:inti.c* of Triof I or IoT?<nntar)r DiKhufi thereof, of lh? Mw>, I Uiddiueaa, Fw'Uag, and all diaeaaea mcidant to Feouic*. THERE IS NO MISTAKE A COLT IT 1 Suffer no loafer. Take tl according to diraetineia. It wffl HtDiolatt, urtQf.ben, and b.*ig' rue yim ai.d carae the f tltMMO of heiitu to nour.t your cheek ajfam. Efery Ljt;la u warranted to (><ri aitiafnCtioa. FUR CHILDREN. If rour children ara aic-kly, pet. y ?r McLEiNf COKPIaL wiil maka th etn healthy, fat. and rubui'.. Del*y I uot a moment; tr* it, and you will be cootmctd. H la de ll* IMM tottka. CA UTION. < Be wtre at druffiata or deiltri who R".y try M> p i" m gn>a job aoine bitter or inraapauila Utah, which they en b?? . cha p, be urwr it < M u fMd. A?o. 1 .uth men A-k I for McLEaS'8 BTHENGTHt NlNii CORDIAL, ai d ukr nothing tlaa. It ia the ?.i!y remedy that will purify ti>* Blood thorough]* ?nd \t the lima TtB?e Krmjft^en the aya'eic. On* tcaapnooful taken ei'tj mornii.g i??unjr ia a terrain pr*T?ntiT? for Cholera, Chill* a?d Ptnr.Teiloa Keeer, *r ear praealent draaaee Itiepatap la larre bottlee. fri j iki!; |l per kott!?, ir ( kculei for |S J. II McLEAN, . hit proprietor of tki? Cordial; >U?, UcUm'i Volcaaic Oil Liaifaaal Prtncipil Perot an ike corner of Thud and Pic* ilrctU, St. Losit, Me. McLean's Volcanio Oil Liniment, < (THE BEST LINIMENT !N THE WORLD.) Tka ooljr a*f? and eartaia curt for Cai>eera, P.lee, Ta. more, Swelling* and Broochi'e or Cfldire, Pantrate, Neu ralgia, WtikiiMitf 'be Moaelea, Cfcraaie or In* . *na>'tarj I Rbeun.atiarji, 8 ifnee* of the Jointa, Contracted Mnaclta or Ligament*, Kar*eh* or Toothache, Bra:?ea, Spraiaa, Fre*b Cau. Woniida, ricer*, F*?*i Brta, Cakrd Rreaet. B?rf Nipplea, Buroa, 8? .Ida. 8or? Throat. or auy iui imatiwa or ah, no difirm(? hoar eeTcre nr Imf the 4iatta< aa> ba?e eiietad, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT la a eartaia remedy. Tisntnta af human beiur* ka>a keen a lift of Hta ^ crepuode and Kiuiy by tba oaa of tbi* iotaiukli r^edy. , Mr L KAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LIN IMF. NT i Will relieve (am almoet luetax.t- ceosaly, and it will eleaa, piri/jr and h?*l tke fonleat aoraa in an laereOiMe abort tienr. FOR HOKSkS AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEAN-SCKLEBRATKD LINIMENT Ktkaoalf aafa I and reliable r?ro?d? fur the acre af Bpntn, R n;t-oiie, Wiad{>|it, Hp'iaie, Vouataral I.amp*. Kadee or MweLujr* It never failed to cure Big Head, Polleeil, Field*, Old Runinf 8>ree, or Sweeny, if properly ipflied For Spruce, Braise*, Scrafhe*, Cracked Heele, Caafee, Middle or Collar Galle, Cat*, Svrae, or Woonde, it I* an lafalltfcle rttnetff Apply it at dirseisd tod t corc is ctnalai in trj instant*. Thso tnflf uo lAn^r vrth <ht many vsrtkltn offtr?d is tw. Otasin a supply r4 Dli >1< L?AN'8CLLE BRATE0" LINIMENT ll will cwr. *? . 4. It M< LEAK, loll Profmwr, Corner Third ?t<d Pun ??*, Bt. Lu?w. M?. CHARLES STOTT, 8:t P?. ??., soit a<r?ui i? Waiknif toa; R. a T- C1S8EL, U?or(*tevti. H M D4W1 j ATCH REPAIRING AN I)SILVER WARE M * Nl'K ACTOR Y. I have on# of the ln?st erWil>iislimeiits. and fur nished with a complete set of toots for repair- Jhy ing every d?so< iplien of fine Watches. and #7%| rkrtieuLar attention *ire to the Mime, hjr >4mE orou* h eomprtent workman awJ a. work hum ?i tied Al o.ev?n descrip ion of standard SI LYKK WAKE, pla.n and orranientai. iniirnifaotu e?l under St own supervision. w hich ro? eust 'liter* will find r superior in quality and finish to northern ware moid hjr dealers in general aud represented as their own manufacture. H. O HOOP. se 6 33ft Pa. artune aesr BUt at. FLOUR ^AND1 A K reft MISSION MERCHANTS, A lo wliolnsaia d?ai* rs in MILL FEED, COM* MEAL. jr.. *c~ Corner of Uth and B streets. Yvashm^Uiue.ty. ITT- Cash paid for all kinds of linua *?i 2* tin ^ . \i c Kt ll i vt *r a 11 /? /, /\ t: i^EW CASfl. WALL. STEPHENS A .CO., 3** a'*nnajlvo m& Avenue, hare jn?t rooetrfd a larre vsrintt of n >w Fa.J U?wU.H> witch U?j mvua the otttatiot of thwr rriaad?>pfl rmatom?r?. aa ?' tl TM_ BAL8AC* NEW NOVfcl.. HERT?*to#>?and Deeliaonf C?*a*r Btr-Mtaanl, Iron: thp Krenoh of Honor* da Haitao, truiakot*! bj in.W Wlfhtao^ t B.?"odri?*h; I *? . prif* #L ^ Bl-ANCJIaKI) * MOHIN. l? 14 m>rnT F i^vont fc mt. ?.w*1 l?a n OH UALE.-A pur of COtCU HORSES, young Mil U?C;auid for so lauil. Ui?- r\ qwwm h\y%ag do una for thorn. aff'f at W. H. C r' 1'F.R M AN'5s U(oa%r, f t?atiM>o>voBw*. Mwwoll a W**? * KINM THE WEEKLY STAR Tfcia wiilwl Fftarfly ?g Nm firii?I >nr (AiiUf gii Ht mWr mt imtantum rMitim Uftn cjLb twfttud la ftnj otftar? u nMwjii cm Sftiur>i?? 1 {HIM. Tbuv-OwV ta Wnau. gle oopj. p? uu& 9t t? pcpiw ?? . S m ooi i** ,. . . m atj oopiM. ? ? li ^HSs5^v5TkE?^.H! ssfr b*Kiaa.??^ iS'aaa o iBMiVTy throvrkoat ? oo??try. ~ 5WT7 K pftpff. Prioe-THELt CBAT9 , fI7'P'>*tniftaUr? wfto Mt M ft??ota vtll fc* fti U ??4 onuBimw* ( t mm MISCELLANEOUS. THE OBTLY PREPAJLATIO* wmiii or nrrwma a t ' ? tfliT DRiSAK wa r 1UE> t'B A PATRON AO FOR fiTATBINKIt, JVDf*K8. CLEKU YMEX. LADIES. UCATLrVE.V la rl parte ai theworW taatify to the fAomt of PROP O.J WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE, * ,d rar.tlemen ?tf ta? Preaa are auniM?i ie ila praiaa. A f?w ieitimoBi?li ouJr ?u b? k*r* iirmw ?* ci ou ?r for a?n,ud it wi.l it* lainmtil* for you to doubt. 47 Wall Stiut, NiwTom. D*o. 9. la*. G*n:l<m'n : Yoar arte of tb? 16th UtftMt Ui be*q rro*i . ravine that tab had heard Utt I hm/1 b^en benefited br lit* um ef W#o4'i Rair |fo r?queetiaf my eertifceaUof U?hot if I bad no objection to give ll 1 awarU U u? joa ohoeifulif, kMHM I think it due. Mj &?e u about 40 jcar* ; the oH>r of ay fcn r "uHuru, and memed to earl. & me Ira or x ??n ?ir,M it be tan to turn (t*a?. and fh? toa p 9i thec-own of in* bead to loaa ita aooeit* ity and Ivnu-utf to (nra ut-n iu Kaon af thee?diaa*rea tbiiiUee iaor aaod wita tin*, aad a boat 4 ?vnihe a fourth waa added t > them. |>y hair fiaJliac off the tup of my head ard threatening to taake ma ball. In thie arp'?aean: pracirmnant I t*? ladaoed *?? try oikI'i Hair kbaatorati?e. mainiy to arraat Um a.iiei off ot nij ha.r.for I had refill no ^ipcota tuibtiiitiraj hair a u.d ever b? reetored to lu priktaal c "W cxceft fro? dyee. I waa. however, I'^Ky nr?nH ?o find, after the fee or two but ( a on'y, *fia? ix.t an y ? aa ?ae f?.re? off arraatoa. hut the ?v?u?r waa eatored to tfc* ?ray baira aafl let,*, in lit to tne eaa.p an:! <la? e*aeed to form ( n my bead, va.y tauob to the (ratification of mu kr.fe, at vhoae "dictation I waa tu-lamd to try it. For thii. amoaf the mtn obiigatinna I wwa tf? b*r aex, I atronflr ?aorttrmand a!1 rtaehanrfa wh*? ra'ae the vim trail a of their wivaa to profit b? ?t txainple. an-1 a*e it if gmwni r 'ar or *?tUa na d. Very reaper tfuiiy. Bth A. U-UBB 50 O.J. Wood & Co. 114 Broad arar. N.jr. jr family are abinet from the city, and 1 an a? on*er at No. II Carrol p.'aoa. PiiMAim- A a.. July rth. 1ft? To Prof. Q J. ? nti: D*irr A>?? Vo^r "fli" reet?r*tire" hit don# mr hair eo rnnen f< wmmot.i^d tli? nee of it, that 1 ?leh to Mkr known to the of iu rf rota cm I ha hau' which Se lt*l a ncan or wi>niu mi' t>?- rwar ? hair and by * reeoit to tout ' Bui Kfatonu ** the l.air wi'l retarn raon beautllu thao ever. at leaat ihir'? n-y experience. Believe if aft * _ YcoretmlT, W*. U. Kikbvt T. B ?You ear pahMafc the above if yon like B* pabliahtnc in oar Hoathera per era jnii will gen m ?re patronage ooata. I eee ervtra of ronr a*' Uhoatee u. the Mobile Meionry, a auona? other* paper. V. JT1Cuuv. WOOD'S HAIR RERTORATIVt. Paot.O J. W?ob. De** St* Hariri fha mf arorrcne to loee the beet portion ei my iiair. from tha rffeota of the yeliow fer*?, in f?ew Ori"* i in L*51,1 wu induoed to make a trial of roar prepara don. and foaud it to ai>aw?t ae the eary trine needed. My hair le now thiok aad g.oeay, and no aorda oaa eiprete rr j obligation* to yon in clnns to the afflicted eaoh a treasure Jcexacr. The Reetoratlre tapat api* bott'ee ef three ernee. rtx : larce. medium and email; the aaiaii bold half i piat, and retail* for oae dollar par bolM? tha ae Hum holda at i?a?l J" per oaiit. a-or?-iu proportion aan tae email, retaiia for two <loPare per b >tt> ; he large W>de a euart,?c per e?nt more !a proper -Ion. and retail a for 93 O. J. WOOD A. CO, Proprietor a, 4 14 Braa*. ray, New York, and 114 Marketetreet tft. Lo?i?. 4p. ad eoM by all food DrapiiaU aad Facer Oyoda D??Jtll. ?? n.anltA w XT. O. R. ?*? T. . HVBI!VEWELL>8 D HI VERBAL COUGH EEM1DY. For a/l T%**at rmd L*tng Cnmp/a*mt* /W?w? Common (Soughs to Aetna/ Consumption HUNNEWELL'8 Jl'ITLY CELIBRiTED Tko Natural and Sum Ktmodf fm mil Nor vouj Complaints, From N en ral 11? throuth all mm ^rhara Own ru ever u?ad to that of O^'inaa frwiu, aao Uta x>nmon ohief oun Dimu( Loats OF BLERF. The T"l? Anodyne, thuach antitaimq* Dot * pe ioleol Opium, pr "donee all the rej uirameote ot, lad m*? Ue need m ail oaaee whwmw 0?lin wm md without tr<vtn?'n? arrthin* Hit CurM,aM the patient ta a perfectly aataral rw*. The L'nirereaJ Con* Eh* euinnon obiMbm < ^,n!uoe ttautna or ill! le we lnveettf%ti(?E it ta a rarfect ' u?.mral rot*. Con^h Urmett j, (frro4 uua att ?U*n of ' onii RawdkM. vbtk - pn<?uaUoE,J mar l*e oouetdetea f - ?uauoa,j may t>e ouuu4mn PB y to ail Throat aud Lane Cum uli r.U. and u?ed with ^orient imacnity Antlu Lit to curt fn-m prorrtetnre or frioMe tfce aow lerere Inreetirauon nfhoth Rented i?e, and readme tioar pamphieta to be foand wut> au dea rre. ore partiooiariy to pnrohaaa aaly of tboae laa be depended apon. we wait U> ouahdeaci lacieioaa of PatlenU aod Pfel?' " **Frioe? wttMn reach nf all'* ?Hnu ? J. W. tlCWTTTWaLL & 0? W harf, Baetna. ttao. HtrntswcLL. 14* W 1 Coder Uie iwmi4. ?Mpcrn c.\V KM.. tyhemiK and ue-. whose re reanm? only, and to whom addrM* all oorrmmru Mom. rv?td by all rMp*et?N? <1?a)?r? mrwjwbmr*. m4 Ul the Dm#risu in Wutuitoi. ajui b*oti?(?*i. * r_ _ PROCLAMATION! O TUB CITIZENS OP WASHINGTON, 6E019BT0WN, to. 1Whtnmt, At th? p'M*it huoi ? Ui? mi CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA. CHCLIC, JYSENTERY. DYSPEPSIA, DEIllLITY.Ae.AB.. irorai' to an Carmine extrat: And vkertaf. It matt b? ofth* F>R*T CONSEQUENCE o ?T*r; family u kuoir A REMEDY at o*o? s*n, Sr*+d?, in.J l#t?< i?w, DR. MONTARDB. or fiaii, fieri hi* . MIRACULOUS PA11 KILLER * E M ED T I'oV T H^A^TlTSn il P L A lo order to gati aft THE rr*BLK* tha< no imposition n int?u?1H in tfc* ?a>'? of tk>e THE MOWE^^IhT^'ftirkEKrHDISri INT* to alt (???< then tha madieiM tail* to five ??ttr? Ltk, then at hit Dm? ?trtr?> f r ...JJBJttmLu. udir^M. ?od if But ptrltotl) aatiw IrtMul PuDifl?Mtt Akim, t*k? _ l?tvn to our 4* wko win mM *?ar MM. pim-M ud M OcbU ft Bottt*. For Mt? at ftit Dr?| Stor?? *T'r??hn? jas. McDONNI ? t, jyll *^tr \]ATIONAL " pOAP and candl k worn, Gum emir. B4iwt?n B'Uh nm4 W*ui ?*?? (#, Qf*r$4t0wn, D. C. a Uuf stook of CAM?li>. Aim, TALLOW Md ?REA?P for LoooboUtm. fH-runho*t?. to4 taadf "f ,Iw??? d hand. 4 for M e at ;r?*e? C. b. temHUUrraJ&X***** *uU LV K BAVk JIM H " OKI V f ? * t" \ " BOrtintflt <?l M*mway * N>r.i ? - - % - trjinj fmi fiM ??u*r* P|*K(l?- ? ijftriat ?t< o>. ? Bioh ? ? b.^w ??-!? .4?d iTTlTl T m? h?M iM(rii?IAk <nHHtitir?<l * * <t"? iun&o*i;t t'?t *?rvi?4> U<-> f*?t after . e*r?fu: tiuuui.oa Oar aod >? ? .H:o ft.rrn^r?l M? r*?p?-WN?* reacted la t?. ? 4 B#r? 'or tkeiwlvee at ?< n??*. I ?l ^ ?i. Iictzmiott: w riLt ookb or mxv*, if t> 1 into Kmnik ??- " Th'T^rrB y?rMr I * . '?.=?er? of tha Air*.*' t * e . h? J oh* * WlTV R? ;)w: ?hn?* f I v. *? ? *- V?ScS?v rcr .'i? no & C? ??rKl?mt> ?'. ? N ?v ir*lN8~riAMOB POM 1KNT OB nit K r " " " Mt * > Hfie. xteftl/S Mrtl OUi*T lwatruflM',U few rrut.m m4 * pBMi 'o.'? flMOft, ? *)

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