Newspaper of Evening Star, October 13, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 13, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. The Rt?bte?atn*1?ii of G?tbMi ud the rriurp u?ai. [The nuthor of 'The DI?:noiwl r9~ lirvee b?? p?-nt np feeling* In a humorooa porni, >?her??of tV* flrst two parts appear In Itn Wftk ? Vanity Pair. The following are ?*tra':to J Then fr#m their sofa* uprose ten V ery weaitfty ar>d rtjhte.?o? titen, Wlih consciences inrtlf UotNM : **TbcyV dacoe if they must," but if they Uttid 1 csll The thiat a Reception, mstead of a Bill." The) 'd "a** their subsoripUoas doob.ed. Four w?h? Presbyterians blue; HiihChur.'b Epise^pa'tans two ; L..w Cnarch KpiscepaJians one ; B'oadch'ir.v rmtar:an none; Tiiree w. ro Ha* tis'a. opeti a'-.d close ; Ail pillars in ft in positK?n. fit two, tte Ball ** tuo much of adoee > i But eight r-so.veJ, wi^h <iftr atcoM, That, as Llarid dan?W nefor* tlH Lord, Tuey d foot it <?nee, for the r<?tal nonce, t!io rink of perditior ; Y<t. the better to wash the sin away, Kaoh secretly vowwl to ahortlv pay Very mir? more than ever before * To the Afghanistan mission. n-.ereu^-n the Committee voted, all, 'My i.?rd s.m:iUiavean AcaTcmy Ball, And las nyi1*.- "*aj ;?fc.led without more a 10 ; Then, a^ cwl r,< "jjrorsb^ean to creep thrcun^ J n? mi ? jourssis, cr m v?ow, V t?r> srtat im-n the Con.tri*t??graw In everyone's sUui?:ion > l ittle by little the ccva transpire... T.wat itie |rui Academy had boea hired At a f Imlous compu at;on ; ThiU?U?r this, Aladdin hininelf Might .ay op his rn ty old Lamp on the shelf. For th* splendors fa-niliar to Geniun or Kit, Would pale by the sbl* of those supplied For Lord Renlrow's delectation. To thi> k how the four hundred members were ha raised SIt thousands of friendly request* for a card ! tarried and siufls aiik- were emltarrassed, tSome say th?y erjoyed it, but tha:'s a c-jiard!) W rether eat i n c or lalkin*, riding or walking. Almost while dressing themselves and undressing, Wi'h pretty lips pouting and white arms caressing. And sweet vmees wishing a maidenly blessing, A sreciac to dance wrtn. kiss, love, even wed, Ttoae bv whom the itar cirls to the t>a 1 shoal 1 be Isd! Thb PjHsce, Richmond and ynn Rkpoktkks The Richmond Dispatch Indignantly denies the f.*p*tts la the New York papers, setting forth bal ffce Frh?<*e "A'as inrolted aJ the capital ofVlrjrlnla. sevs The?!le<;Htfon* with rr-^rd to the dirty pillow >?e?ry1d the manner in which tbe Pr'.nce was hantfT?? >'v the crc^vd, we are authorized to saw arfc uttcr!v<^i?1tiite of the stljjlit est semblance or truth. NijrnTHr<of persons, he f.>re the arrival orthe Prior <cou.^r. ua?i visne? the rooits, but not on? hand fcad hy *nf 3f them npon the pillow cssea. The f>?*rter pt* t gu^rd ypoa the room?, and wirely If the ftliow cs;er hfcit foiled, v oold have bad Ibe?" r^tiise? Sjnjr? (ic* arrival of. 'he Prince. II It prob^Jle eis>igj, frrtjlnly, that he "recti."'*? up in alounce. ' sftet'he had reached hi* o*n apartment. But how *anthls writer knaw whether be did or not? The rtatear^ntthfetnit-c tnifrec-itloB rrne when the Prince w?lke<* no th^ai*e i?;:tter ly f ilar, *s every member of thi cMigre?fliton S?t. Paul's can testify. We belieVe lftsv b? vil /ul'y falaa. The allegation that It ntflan guage of any kind?that specified or any ariber? waa used towards the Prince ia. we have <r?efy reaaon to believe, a wilful and raalicloca calumny At least a geutieman who stood at the Prince'i elbow heard nothing whatever oiit The crowd In their intense curiosity to see hlai, P'?aaed to< cloaely up<>n him?more cloaely pe'ru^P* *kar pol tenesa allowed?but they did so fr 01^ noil will tow.irds him. Tha part assigned to tb* rt* porters and young Davis, the artist, we believe to nave bee a purely imaginary. It is utterly fals that the Priuce or his suite felt ic suited hy the mob. .No expression implying any sush fueling fell from them, either then, or at any other time during their stay. On the contrary they expressed thenuelvea highly grati ed at the attention paid 'hem to many pers?ns whocouv-rsed with th-m If the pressure of the people upon the Prince wLen he went in public was annoying, they had the senae to see that it was well meant, ar.a the) took it in the proper spirit 117* A letter from Lima says a tailor, who sak In />nn?t tKnt Via Kz-kiiV>a ^<vmM ?L . ? <UI*? uv .uv.i xut U? t wmu IC7C U?; UIIU IUI the aaaaasin of Gen. C^atro, was wsvWd In tb< atreet at ntghtby four moo, who told hlrn,44 W? w;U not kill voj, but we ahall mace you harm leu," they than rubbed his eyea w;th vltriul which completely blinded him. The nnhipp; man haa received a penalon from the Preald-nt. ![ /* A civil auit Las juat bwn concluded li Chittenden county, Vt., which occupied tw< wsrks ?n the trial. The char^a of the judge con atmied half a day, and the jurv brougnt in a verdic for tha plalntlfl'of 912 50. Justice is very alow ii Vermont. IT* Louis Napoleon's agent waa at the Spring field (Mass.) hcrve ahow, and bought a horae fo hit Imperial employer The price paid waa J1.2H0 \i~7~ It ia proposed la New Orla&ua to erect i I,. IVm "'-li... arrivals at the hotels. NATIONAL HOTEL ?C D Hall and ly, Va W T Cuat's, J B Walker, II Ju?t, Man; C Rip l<?y. R F M?son, NY; C S Smith, Miss; J Adam C B Smith. Md; 51 A OUro aud fani, NMj J I Hlackwocd, I'SN; S W T'lrner. Va; C L Hrbt a. d fain. MiU Whistler, K-.; C McLaran and fan Miss Giles, J H Caswell. Mo; \ McCorkle,Md; I 11 r> uart, S Teaman and ly, Va; M Pluromfr, ( B Wllliamt, A L Klmbprlv. Md; P J Trmqualr La; J Rojjjf^n and Udjr. N'Y: R De Lenu.uwut, i C; 9 L. (iouv#rBeur, N*C; T II Eldridge, ?; .Mr a E Eldrldge, i*>jnua; Chas Ripley,NV; J Hed^ es, Del. BROWN'S HOTEL?W Heron. Pa; O Jones DC; L Hoffman, NY; J S Hughson. f?C; J .Miller M m; A Wolcott, NY; E C Moore, va; R June* Pa; l. Delate and faoi. Oa: E Blgelow, E Petb erWdge and lyt Man: J B Jatmo, La; P H Con? O t. II, Va. It Croskr-y aud "i ladies, Pa F llurwcll and ly. Va; J M McSliner and ly, Ca! J F Bitthls. J H Browne, Va; VV M A > llrir.i. 1' Chapman, J Franklin, Md; J Tallof. .' i I ii i i\ ;ino?. rta; J waiting, Ala; W Chester I'a; in K liennettand faai, NY; W an< lv.^N J; C C Siater, Oa; L) Austin, SC; Mr* A A Kice, Mih KIRKWOOD HOUSE.?C Marnlllian, I<a; V T Hook. DC; W Stnflatr, Va; L Townaend. NY 5 E Kaani. SC, S A Knox and lv. A B Dudley an< It, Maar, B H Fortor, Mo; J Merlditb, Va; Lt. tt Whitmrre, V!*A. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYl From ram Lsitbb 6tatbb. Steamert. L#tc*. For. Dam. A rago? !Saw Vork....Havre _.Oot 1 Gium ..New Tork^.LinrfooI.... Oot I feaxonUh- N--S- ? ork._8ouiit&iupU a.Oct 1 Arabia. Boitou .Liverp<M>I....Oot 1 Y<?rk.?_ N?w York ... Freicen Oct 2 UoraMta.........Nrw York...Soatharnptou.Nov Fnoii Kuaors New York South'pton.. .New York..-Oot. Boruaaia SontU'pton .New York Oct iraat Eastern. ...MillM Haven.New \ ork Oct 1 Ku toil.. .South'oton.. .Now York... .Oot 1 Hiunmoaia Souin pton ...N?w York....Oot 1 1'he Havana mail lUcmiri I oar* New York o ua m, Ut:i, 17tii. auU ^Ttij of ?aoh month, am Ci.&rleatou on toe 4th and 19th. ITi" California raai! ?te*nrt*ra Icava New York oi h-? 5th aci *)th of earth month. PIONEER STEAM MARHLE AND BROW! STONE VVOKKS. The mi'aorfber Sena laave to inform the eitinr. oi \\ )n, Cio'irjetotrn and Alexandria tha he in-. to hi* tone estaMiehad bnain?*a ih Mi n iAfT of kUAin p<nrar tor *%wia? a>i 1 in&rrufac Ut:iui MaiLiear.d Bruwa Moie V\ork in ib'ir va riou bra .ciirs, M&role Mi.n.i, TaMe and Wash l-.n-l Top*. Pile. Moaum-n*.!, Tumb and Hea< -a. <:a""a, Window Linte.*, Si! a, Htepe au< i* itforir?. Having purchtaed a larceetoekofItalia: M arena in Wo<jfc Jroin fcret bands,at Um iowhi rata* hr oout*i?iit oJ batng ab;a to furuiah Marb Work aa low aa it can be purenvsad ic New York 1' or iia.i.Biufa. i'ha trade anppliw w tu [u ao Marble ia blook or a:aba at the asm rata* fa'aiabad in New York, and on aoooramo 4?:id< trial. Aieo, nu ftaLa, a iar(? eupplv o t mi< -r'U/na, \\ atcr of Ayr llote and Pwiiaaini I'-Uj at York price*. Euooura&a tha enter U wiil ba an acoaifition to the a;tj. ALhX. RUTHKRFORD. fionttr Steam Marble anil Br mm St on* Worki Pa. ar.. cor. Till rt ar I K .< _au 21 3n Washington. L>. C. rI^HK l.MON WIL' - ?TAND. NO MATTti 1 toUOti PRESIDENT! Coneoquen'iy 1 siiaii remain in Wellington am ?k* to puiMio wi coourati'-n "f iiOl'aft SIGN and ORNAMEN TAL PAINTING. Gild ili ia aU tta branches. Old Glaxin* promptly at teaded to. PaiEtit>( and Ornamenting Cottar t ari?:ture in the best style 1 also, oal' altentioi to the Painting of Roofs and Uriek Walla. Ail of th? above I will do as oheap aa theebeap eat J therefore eoUott tbe patronage of mj tne/idi and fellow citizens of tiie inatriot.] a: 'iot y obnerre-l, and work done in the beet man ner. ? ub witl ? ?%?? mini yo??-atn?? aod atop at M T FaKUKK'S fainUrg Kaiabltah.ment, No. S3 13 i J .'!! Uawivan . u.?rla aide, betweoa ?ti and 7m ?ta. P. H Mgna put up free ef charge, aa nasal. an >' 3?n _ WmST FALL DRY GOODS E Art now reoeiving abeautifa' aeeortment o F^'.cy aul Maple Urx?la of tbe latest ety es, ea bracing a 1 Ihe .atoat impu-tatioae ; such aa? PoeiuB, Vei??er iMWHnaos in variety, Frenol Jug,, C oaliru <7loU.?. Arab Cloaks in great *an ia rreat Variety, Moueerliuaa aa4 Piaid from 11 u Lineka, <jr?r * ?o? rety ooumw, and w offer t 5^L<fBe*tiUTCHI80N. \ ff^OU0H9, COLDf*. HOARSENESS, fto. TYLkHS CUMPOUlfD 5YH UP OF GUM ARAB. T?4^MU( Ud C.U(U ?oloc? k uowo ?ud axtraatvel/ nMd, th*t ftr* c? h??? b*oom? fmmi iar with iu ritrtor it It oan ba had at all th? or inc. pa! droj awrwM?a<idMMi.toabo?i?. w9 4Mtio<a^ MISCELLANEOUS. C OM MI SSI ON E KN,3 \mTH3 K OFTHK1 'ALB OF DKf ACHei) TRACTS IN MlNN^K ONTHE LINKS OK i fa t K ULKO. tJNOKPKRKUNliW LANL,SHERE^OFt 'Rh Notioi it o?r*br given that p*Mio nlaa will *> h?id,on. tUa {lay ard at tt>? alaoM h#i??aaj p.oified, in the State of Mih*? \ota.o( m tracts of pnbho land wtUkaid Notioa No j ?> dated Sffperm t>er 3,18^9 from the ?!? oni"r?C ?>T r?Pf>?",??,on No.MS,dated July ?. v_l*^ At the Lend Ofto^at&r. Clovs, ?*."Jt ? **h day of N?r*.nMr next tor tin * dieweeet I 'M i:an? Within u.e uiuUriaautioned ti htid. pura lautto :h*arwre-tneauoa TT.~r.\i;. the a the aal-a hei t on th* 7tU Novecabar, Mr *\i4 proclamation, vis: yorth uftkt b*s* line and ??< tftkt * jutl rr.rrtdtmm. Towcahip 34, of range w Townmip Si. of range 29 To*n?nip* 41 ?ttl 41, "TrugaS Tuwuanip 41, of ranse 33 ....... \of (A lJu baM luu and tcesttf tk*Aftk. W* mtridian Tow^thtpi 121 and !*<, of ranee ? Tuwnahips 121 sr.d 1*2, of ranee 98 To*nah pi 122 *nd 1/3, of rtt?i 87 Towna.ip* 123 124, Its, and 126. of ranaatt . Tewuahipa U4 1.0 MB, 127, ami 138, of range 89* Townamp UK, uf rabgeSA. At the Lan^ OfEee at Faint Citt. oa Wita ' * d*?, tlio Wfti day oi November neat, for the diap > . aal of the facta, within thi undermentioned towi auipe, w-t:ib<:U, purauaut to the aDove mentioa* 1 iiOt >0*, from tho aa.-.<a h-id on th? at October, *81 under the aa.'d proolamation, vis: A'arU of tht bast hut and weft of lk?J*fth prirnntm ' , niruiaa, Townabipa lit, 119.a*?i 13H, of rargaSl To wuani p 118.119 and 12?, oi range it \ 'I'owuaaipa 116 117, ltd. i 19, I'M, a.ud lil, of range 3 1 Jfpwiishipa llrt, 117,118, Us a^d 121, of range 24 B Tt-Wokiupa 117,113, and 119, of range 2S 1 ToVr.ampa 118, 111, and 120, of range SB fr Tovmitipa 11 Mia, lit, and IZ), oi range21 Townw'Mva 118, lit, a.'id 12< i range 28 \ own*rrf^e 11*, 1 la, and I2J, of range ?} Tl wnshlfi tia, lit, and 12\ oi raniesi To wuiuipa 118, 119, and 1<W, of rw<o m l'u? nam pa I^and 12 , of rant's 32 Tow.ialupa 11!) asd lit, of rauteSB * '? HO 1TO a?.( icii A?* ?t I I U W u 11"} i 11/| . viiu i i/| i vu^v v*? Town* tup* 118. U!>, &bJ lSJ.of 'Mite 36. At ilK1 Land Ofcot at Hkni^kksom, on Monday, t ie 31 <l*r "f December next, lor the disposal of ittoiriot* within tl*? undermentioned townships, wiihb'.n, puraoani to the aboT?-mentioned noiioe, Irtsm ill* sales he'd on tho7th November, 1859, mil der the Raid prooiamatioa, vis: cj tk* fcoae imc ami iptst of thrfifth principal metidum. "Towaaiiip 112, of nun 18 Town.hipa 111, i!2,11&, 114, and 115, of rang* 19 Townships ill, 112, M3. lu, and 115, of iaag*M rownsaip* ill, iu,a:?u US, vl ranee21 Townsnipe 114 anri 115, oi range 22 Townships I'd, 114, ar.;i 115, of range 2S TiwnahtpH n*, 113.114, ana 115, ofranKe8< TownsMps t! 1, 1!.-, 1 !3 and 114, of rauge2> i ownslups 111, 112. Il l, aid 114. o< rang* 2d Towosiiips 111 and 112, of range 27. At the Land Offioe at Chatfixld, on Monday, tk?2Sui day oi Nuv&roixtr next, M?r tne dispoaai of llin Lrttita Wllh.n tliM nndnrn.ntLiniiivl b.lrnkhiai wiChtakti. pursuant to the ?r>o*o mentioned aotioe, from tH9 ?a:?i !kM on tue UU? iNovtmt>er, na iler the rt <il prooi?n?\tu?n, \i*: fiorlh nf tkt t>eu?!i*r and wr.?t of tkt fifth principal mtr id inn. Township* IPS and 1?*. of ran** S Township* i t and lf*J, of r^ute 9 T??wn?u?pe 132.1(3, and !>4 orrsn?? 18 Townships l"3an?l 104 ol iOjige 11^p* J?y?n1 L'H.i t :ar.<? it Tvvuiu)ti? JOl, 1C2, and 1 3. o? rarjK?17 TVwiifchip-UOl ! ?, 104, and 104. of rant? 1ft Township* >01, mu, i<\3. and fH, of raoge )9. At tho i add Ofio* at ^unhiss Cuv. on Wednes day. ?ae2*Uiday of November next, for tho di*po t%'. of tfco tract? witnm ihi iiad?rin*ntion*d town s:upe, withheld, pursuaui to tho above-mentioned notiof, trom th* mu. s held at Cambridze on U10 V*t October, 1430, under the Mud proulamatien, w %v!L, '' v.f ba:* Urn* mnd wrst af t/u/aurth print? " p<xl rrttrtdia*. .Pq_.,l. i3-o{ r?^*e u loVJiimpi*. towneMpS3?? Towi.aiu>> 31. uf r- ' At tho i^d office iti 2.,th car ofi\oiann*r - n^.onVdSi?n Jhni. tracUwi-hiaUe andfrm._ uoiu, puriuiDi 10 mn " j.ei'~~j'""ri"" the aaea tieid on tiie Mtt Ou 1Sj9' UBdar tke Mid proclamation, v:s: I Xortk of the bust h*r and teest of, fomth prtnc* ? pal mfruttmn, . Townships 58, of range 10 Tuvcalu? Si,of r?ujr r-11 T 'Wpsaip?.r<l acd 52, of range 12 Towiuhtp* 5" and 51, ol rarue 1J , Tow?nipj 4-t *ml b?, ol rauK? 1* y Township* 43. 49. end 5f, of ranee 15 Towu-my* 47 and 48, of range 18. i Lad* appropriate hi taw for the ca? of Indiana cr <.tnsr p jipoif* Wi.l t><5 txoladad from the kale*. ' The tracts witnin ?ix mn>*a on aaoh aide of the railroa-ls will be ofTeied, u.'xect, a* repaired by t law, u> a minimum of tica dollar$ and Afty i f/its per aore, au<l the partiotuar iraota out by tlie roufea w;H be >o!<t sjbjrct U the rghtof vit lor ta.d rai^aJs. and ic ooi.taiulng th* qualities - r vpeoti veijr enowu on the oltoiai plat wiloout de r duouoi.B. The otferinx will be oo . uienoad on tha day a ap pointed, and wiii proceed in U?e order lovhicn they , 1 art alvartiied, until the who a tnall have been i tfarad, aau aala* cloacrt; but no aaie tha i be kept open longer than two wwki, and no prirat* ?ai-j <>i any 01 in J iinai will IM UllllIM UllUi t;r-r tlm expiration of the two weeki. Every P?r?rn futited to th? rift he of pre-emption t > an? of thtr? jt? embr?oe<l by (hi* notion is re quir.d t<i eAtAbiiih the fame to the *ati?fa<;ti<'n ot in" rrjfi?tor and reo?.ver of the proper land ? (Boa, and rrn.k* paim*nt lor their olaim* o ior b?fo>-e the (J iv p.;p.>!tit**(1 for thm oinmenoeineut of the pnblio aai?of tha latds emlirafl.rg traot c.*; otner wi-?, snuh olai'fi wi'l be forfntad. U ve.n un<l?r my hand at tneeity of Waakinfton. thw 19U day of Saptembar 1*60. Jus. B. WILSON, Commnsloaer of the General Land Otto#. Not*.?Under the r?*u'ationsofthe Department, M l<<*rt*tofo.-? and now ex'stio*. no pajinent oau he triad* f->r advertisi&c proolamatioaa exoept to such sub'isher* as are spt tajy apihorixtd to pub lish by tao c'ommiaeioaer ot the Qen-ral Land O it.*. 9 aeifi-wlowa INo ?C9.1 V THE PRE81I>KNT 6f THE UNITED HT A TL'tt In pnraaanos of law. I. Ja>isa Bcchakaw, Praa ui- n" ui tue United !*tstea iif America. no herebr .rciareand make known that public taiea will be . held at the ud .er-ment:oueu land cffioee, in tba 1 State of Aiumai, at the period* hereiaattardea I ignatcd, to w.l: At the land office a* Littlx Rock, oommeooiog j or. Monday. the 17th day of ueoernher next, for the (fispoiiai < f tin ou blio lanri heretofore unoffertd, : eiluited within the following township*, viz: . SoMik of i%e bast Itm and west of tkefiftk principal ' meridian. Towaahips II and 19, ot rai.g" 4. ; Township* 18 and 19, of range 5. j At tbo land offioe at Fatxttxvillx, oommenelng on Thurad&y. the 3Uh dar t-f Peoeinber next, for the diapoav ??t tb-? puOlie lacda heretofore unof fer?d ait uued within the following towuahipe, vis : | Xortk of thi bast line and irest of the Aft k principal . tneridim. 1 Townahip 19, of rang* 20. 7 Toarnahip 17, of rarge 21. 1 At the 'an 1 niSae *t Clakkisvili.x. commenotng on fttondav, the 17m day of i>eoember next, for the di*p'>aa< of the puhlio l&nda heretofore unoffered 4 I tiiualcd within me foi. owing tow nab I pa, vis: 7 ! V-r,A ~r ,k. J? .... rn ?n i wctt ty ?/lt /V * rriwv?4 vurtditi* Fractional towoihips l aud 2, of range S3. At the Land Office at WAtHi.NOTO!*,commencing on Wedoeeda; 19th day of Ure?mb?i next, for m?dup'i>a! of the punlta land* heretofore anofferM aituattd within the following townahipa, tib : South af iht bate U*' wi west nf the fifth primcipml meridian. The fractions ccuth of ih- old boundary line, of towatkip iW, of raDge* 21,24,23,34,26, and 20. At the OffioA at CHAMraGxoLx, commen oiue on Mon av,tbr 17th da; ot iseoeiuber next, for the dM.-o>a! ot tha puNic 'an > heretofore unnfferea iitnatdl within the following tewnthipe and part* of t jwnanipa. via: Sen'* of iht ban line am.I wtl of ik* fifth principal meridian. Township 19. of range 8. Townthip Is, of range 7. i ownsnip itf,o! range If. TnwDshiP 19, of range 1. ?..wnship '/>>, of r*if? 18. h- parts south of the old boundary 11m, of town ?hip i>, of ranges 1U ao<t 30. Lands appropriated by lav for the um of aehoola, i'iiat&ry Mid otner purposes, together with tfce "<*ampai.d vtrll-jwrd," will be exelnaed froia Tua . tfVrin* of the al>ove lind? will oommtao* on tie days appointed, ar*t will proceed in the or der in w&icb luey are advertised until the whole ahail have been ollWed acd th? tales e.osad; bat uo s&es ahall be kept open longer Uan two weeks, and <> private entry of aoy oftbeianda will be admitted until afier tiia expiration ofthe two waeka la iven tinier my naod, at tha city of Washington, tbia l td da* of September. ancu Dorniui una tV>u aand wiat haodreo and sixtv JAMES BUCHANAN. Br 'be Preaident: J OS. 8. WILSON. Oommualoiiaar or tbe General Land OJBoa. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to tha right of pre einp+lon tnany w'thelauda with m tha town*h?psand parta of townabips above aenUoated is required to estab lish the earn** tn the aat sficUon of the register awl receiver of the proper Land Office, and t ake pay raent the'efor as soon as praouoah:e after seeing tt-i? aotioe, and before the day appointed for tha oommeiioement of the publio sale or the lande em braeiac the traot L viJ ba~forl?it*d. 'iOi 8. WILSON, CoomiuH>Mr of tho UoooroJ Load Ofto*. Nor*.?Under the ra< ulati?na of tha department, a* heretofore anil now existing, do payment can be in ad* for advertiainx proclamation# exaept to n?k Kiblisher* aa ara $p*ei*tlv authorized topabluh ky e Commitaionar of tho General Land UftN. L' R A N C I 8 H A K Y E K, a. HiTijtaumiDt _ FAMILY GROCERY AND FKED8TOBK, l+r+er nf At* V#rk whim mn4 TmUk it**41. Eaap^stfaUjr sulioita the patronage of those w mar bo m wa?t of any article ia Uie aoova Una. Hii endaavora aknll bo u> pMum, and bj a etriat atten tion to the wanta of the p.ulto. fee hopee to merit a hare of tnpir patronage. ' Qia |A4*b + n& - ?* * - . rfssurajsji Nl'BCTINE; o*, ' . ,' - . I*. ; ; '* I ? _ *?' PM ft IIAN FBTBR OHARM. , yt.V *?e ? *iVJ rf 'i i I " " FWTMR AND AO UK EXTERMINATED. THB HUMAN CONSTITUTION BATED FROM WBBCR. THE PREVENTIVE AND REMEDY I ros m INTERMITTENT AND BILIOUS FEVERS CUBES.INSURED IN A DAY. I . * ? NATURE'S GRAND RESTORATIVE. 1NPECT?NE, INPECT1NE. INPECT1NE, INPECTINE INPECTINE, INPECTINE T.' e terrible malady known as the FEVER AND A6l'E hu smitten hundreds of thonsaads of per sona throughout the world every year, ud hu sever till now been m*t by sneoeesfal medio* treatment that has not produoad severe MEDICINAL DISEASES, whivh effect the lungs, the spleen, the liver, the he* 1, or otker parts of the hnmam organism. The INP^ECTINE is the natsral Antagonist of all fe ver*4*nd when it oomee in oontact with the skin, is a Mnrtad by the interior organs, which resist rasi'r miaima and ail tendencies towards those malaiies which prostrate the mind and body with fever. FeMf tod A>nt rMnlt frn" ? ? ?? ??" No ptfco* ia exempt from the ommi whioh promote the exiatenoe of the diaeaee. That being Oooe eeat ed in the avatem, mduooe dapreaaion of apirite, laa itwte, languor, paina, ehill*. fever, and a long train of dlaagreeable aenaations, depriving the pa tient of all energy, aad rednotag him or her to a eondiUon of BXTRBMB HELPLESSNESS. Whf will any one raffer the horrora of a debil itating Intermittent Fever, when by the nae of the INVALUABLE INPECT1NE, OB PBR8LAN FEVER CHARM. the eminent medioal and magioal tualittoa of whioh are inatanUj abeorbed, ALL TRACES OF DISEASE MAY BE ANNI HILATED IN A FEW HOURS. SELF-CARE IS BETTER THAN PHYSIC. NATURE IS WISER THAN ART. ETERY DISEASE HA8 A DIVINE REMEDY. THE WISE AFPLY WHILE THE FOOLISH DREAM. BETTER PREVENT THAN STRIVE TO CURE. DBLAYS ARB DANGEROUS. THE IIPECTWE, am PER8tANPBVBRCHARM, Hu oind thoaeaada of both min of the Trt dreadful Fevara. Read and refleot. WONDERFUL EFFECTS, t , Loom*) Bonaa!l, of Pittabarg, for two yttn nae leee to himself tad eooiety?* martyr to Obiila and Fever?oared in 1ms than three VMki, aad im proved Ld eight hoars. Mary K. Belknap, Sandnaky, Ohio, alter slmoat her r?Mon as well sa atrength by Inter nittcii Favor, with Chilla, rectorod to health in twenty hove. 1. R. Tilton, of Btlindt, Mala*, broach* from death's door, having coffered for foar year a. made veil in in vmIu, ud unproved in two hoars. Adolf he Moafcro of Frnnoe, relieved in one hoar, while travelling in the ears of the Fort Wayne and Chienco Railroad. He tw mtnot ly dying with Chills. Ellen R. Beoeon, of Look port, Nov York, reo oaed after aeven years' satoing. A peilhot eve. Thoas&nd of other oasep prevented and eared everr month, and not n single ooanploint oI ths eAoisoey of the I1IPBCTIIVE, o n PSRBIAN JFBVER CHARM. TRY IT, FMOTS IT, KNOW IT And ra&ka known ite wondorfal tower* and m tuM, that those who aaffar, or who an thrirtnw with nff*rinct k* lad to ?M a tiro pi a, in nnxion* preparation, tarnished by th? field of Natare for MAN'S BLESSINGt ZNPBOTINS 18 SOLD BY ALL DRUG GISTS AND MEDI CINE DHALBRB IN AMHRMA PRICE ONE DOLLAR, e?at br ?ail to IBJ fWt of th* United BtaUa, REMEMBER, U > Dot lakm inwardly, bat U a??li*d aut??r<ii> Meortiac dirMtiou, whleh ieoeaeHW MANUFACTURED BY IOBR WILCOX k CO., 186 MAIN BTRBBT, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA . BRANCH OFF PCS, Ho. 88 BANK OF COMMERCE BVlLDJN?, .o y ? NBW YORE CITY. ... . . . , Ma-41?4?vlla TRUNKS, BOOTS AND 8HOB8. fJBNW FIN KCAL.* SKIN SEW KD BOOTS, " *1* Uuu3?- metiuDoibie alb) f Mr Boots, to. G?a:?'one Fronoli 0* f?fl| fckin li alter*. Boou and 8ho??, low. Hoj? ?n i Vouthu'Lonii Hootn.Ccn IT**" mj:d >^a?ed Boou of rrerj daacripuon. Lai??' KM. Morocco and Goat tttln Buttoii?d 8 ?t% Laahaf L?o?d. Battpi.?d. (V nirM and Matakof B*ot?, Ai?o. rj other ?tjl? of L*4K?, Mimn1 and Okikrea'a Boot* aod Sk . *?, at *. *.ur*.ni nai.'B. poteotr Pa. > -, between Kth ami >th ?i*. JJOOlb AND SHOKaa TO SUIT TUK We are now maaufaotc: ini all kinds of BOOTV ?nd SHOES, and oorttantTV reoonriug supply of eastern made work of ever* it-MI Bnpuo?, made express'? to order, and wt:lr H| old at a much tower prioe than has baaa* heretofore charged in Chit oitj for meofa inferior arUoios. Persona in want of Bnots and Shoe* of eaatern ot eity made work, vili always find a good aaaortmea ; in store and at the lowest pnoes. Give u? a call. GRIFFIN * ?RO., 1 Pennsylvania aveaa*. aft-f 814 Pennstlvania f?iVE HUNDRKD TRAVELING I arrived this dar, embracing all *sa ties and sizes of Sole Lea titer, Ladu , Drees and Paoking Trwnkft. Our trunk OARP-Bf-BAGM. IE/ Old Trnnka repaired or taken in exehaac* for new onea. WALL, STEPHENS ft CO., Trunk Balea Room, ' -tf GOUTEEKN TRUNR MANUFACTORY, O 49* Tth StkSBT, OpTcriU Odd fUlmi' Hall, Washington, D. C. XmveiMi wiil atndT their inter eata bj umuui mj TRUNKS, VALlCbS Ao, before pur ohaains elaewere. At 1 uw sunt but tin . beat material the market affords and employ the heat workmen, 1 can oonfidently reoommend mt work to be aaperior in Stringik and Durability to Trunk a that are made in other eitiea and aold here. 1 keep oonatantiy on band, and make to order ion , and make to order con dceonatien of SOLS [E FKESCH DRESS fSlJSHQlip_tmd tiOBAUS: Wi R HJBSS: SADDLES; WHIPS, *., tc. Trunks, An., Repaired and Covered, in a work manlike manner, at short notion Trunks delivered in any part of the oity. George town, or Alexandria, FAB,LT 4al5-lT james ?. TOPHAM. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. Daily link of new four-horse COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO', Carrying th? U. S. Mail. The undersign <1 ere bow rnnning Daily, (exoept Snnd*y.> Four horse Coaches bo tween Washington and Upper Marl boro', at follow*: Leave the Steamboat Hotel, corner of ^vent_ etr?-et and Pa. at7 o'clock a. in. Returning leava Upp?r Marlbo-o at 11 o'clock a. m., and arrive in Washington at So'clock, in time to connect with the 3.20 p. m. tuin for Baltimore. Tne Coaches are new and oommodions, the team* first-class in the hands of careful and accommodat ing driver*. Fare to Upper Marlboro JO oents. To Long Old Fields. _ 25 4 ToUenterville 91 * Freight and paokage* in proportion. au 15 tf OSBORN t CO.. Proprietors. Baltimore and ouio railroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHinei or Hocks. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 13th, 1W, trains will ran aa follows: Leave Washington at 6 30 and 7.?? a. re. Eeavo Washington at 3J0 aid tJO p. m. On Snaday at 3 30 p. m. e Baltimore at 4J25 acd 1.40 a. m. e Baltimore at 3.IS aad UO p. in. On bandar at 4 36 a. m. Passengers for the East will take trains at Mo and 7.4" a. m and 3 20 p. in. For the West at 7.4?a. m. and 3J0 p. m. For Annapolis at 7.40 a m and 3.8R p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. ra. On Saturday evening theUO p. m. tnun goee to Philadelphia only, je U-d T H. PAR9QN8. Agent. MPW fiDi e ski WIT* TU CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTS, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR8: Virginia and Tennai.'ea. Ecst and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, Net* Or Items and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS" ROUTE: Memphis by K?U, thenoe by First o.ui Paoketa to Naw Orieana. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thenoe to Mobile by Klrst olaas Packet*. to Near Orean* by Lake Steautara TWO DAILY TRAINS?Swniutb Inclcd*i>. Lntc Waahin-ton at 6 a a. and 6 p. m. Thei*tean)*r (JKORGK PAGE leav** her whar! foot of Saventh atreet at a. m. anu 6!< p. m. and oonceota at Alexandria wi:h the Orange and Alex andria Traina for the Sonth wa-tt. Oflkoa? Pennay ivania avenue, oorner of Sixth at. MMMI emeus THBOCOH TO >bw orlbaiu . Lynohbnr^- ?7 ? Uriotol- lfige R i. ox viae SOI*' Chattanooga 34 00 Dalton. . 24 no Hnutaville .3100 lirand Juuotion..?** oo Naah villa V to Mrmyhia ?..#31 co Atlanta * 00 Maoon -- ... .88 oo Coiumbaa ....^1 ?0 Montgomery ....... -SB 00 I via Merry hiM2 50 N.O.J via*;. Juno. <3 60 I S via Mobile...46 M THIS ROUTE 13 ENTIRELY BY RAIL S00 1I1LE8 SHOFTLR^nd 24 HOURS LEES than any other l.iae?the Ly neb bare Extaoeioa being nov completed, aa alao the Mtaaiaaiyyi tVntral, matin* it the QUICKEST AND MOST pi BiSi vt nnrrT-m FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It is froridad with Firat oiasa Bleeping Can! !To New Orleam 79 Hoar* Memphia?. ,fi4 do. Mout*om?r *3 do. Naghfille .46 do. krt K7*The U. B. MAH'ind ADAMS' EXPRESS o t&keu otot this New Lid?. Tickoti ran be obtained at the Bonth Weston Offioe, oorner at Bljth itreet and Pennsylvania av enue, to the foliowinf point*: Lynoibnrf, Bristol, KnornUe, Atlanta, Chattanooga. Huutavilie. Grand Jucouou, Maoon, TSashvilio, Daltoo. Columbia, IJ7- THROUGH TICKETS TO THB VA RIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. fC^Omnibnaea and Bacc&te Wacona leare tba offioe at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. J AM KB A- E\^fclB, Tioket A rent, ma 23-tr Corner Sixth at. and Pa. aT. SU V Will reanme her TI1E STEAMER JAB, ?UY Wi tripe on TUfc^DAY,Jtlat of Februari. 126J. WUlTeave WASH fi IN6TON everr TUESDAY and* FRIDAY, at6 o olook a. in an4 Al.E at tiAlr-Mat S o'oiook, for CUR MOM AN and ttia intermediate Larxiinta. On he wi ! I laaita ftl!D D IA11 A M Sl?fcir0?ri?'fe NATH'L .. AOUI.iu f U H.-1MV* ton meroe at. wharf, Baltimore, u ?'7heST Nichoi.?a ?W7 WEDNESDAY, at a. a. OonraaiA.rrery SATURDAY, attp. n. LeavaRiley'a Wharf, at the foot of IItil itrwt Waahinifton, aa follows: Columbia,every WEDNESDAY MORNING, at 6. Si. Nicholas,every SATURDAY,at6a. ra. F-iw"'"iS?W. Riysv. AK?Dt, Riley'? WhanCat the root of nar lS-TJtTBni 11th ?L, Washinttoa W|_ ? 0 AS^PIXTUEEB. ~ E Him in store, and are dai.jr reoemnf, OAS FIXTURES of entirely New Patter on and 0<-aifns and Fiiriab, aup?ri?r ia style to anythinit heretofore oflWed in this market. We iiuritaaitiwM aenerai It to oall ami asamiae our atook of Gm ana Water Fixtores, feelinf ennfidaat that we have us Mat elected atoek in Waahinctoo. All Work ia the sJ?ove Tin* *?? ??? 12,000 qfiB AKHLK Ol tii? attention of the ptUlo to o?f l?o tan a took of On&mp?<ii? ?ud which we guarantee to be jure Mid on reasonable terra in ai tor o?r pnsf rtook, Girenj* are inioe, i * ^JMPifSaa, MKIHCWBM. i>* ?MITON. Ht IHstmmtd tkt mitt Ctrtmm, 9fdf, amd mJ| EfunuU Rrmtdf vm tki World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMFKUBBTCCH, LET NO FALME DELICACY PRBTEJft. APFLY IMMED ATBLT. A CURB WARRANTED, OR NO OHAMOM, IN MOM ONE Tb TWO DAYt. WtokatM tl Ik* hll.tlMtUH tliiulrflU KlfciMi U4 imtti, Dmkttpt, latr.tM), ? ! kilt',*, Hir'Kuw, Dr?7???j,U*! ?? >, viriU.CM MM ?f Uttt, P?!pBJLti<? ?f lh??tirt,T-m,4,t. \ DmMrfRfbiw it tn*u, Dimim tlita Nim H. a!i..ui?!ji Lun.ImuiIm B?v?r? UtN TwnMi Dmw4*n r>ainf fttm Mnu; Ittau tt Tawh?ib?M ? ? Oanntuil fniWM vkick m In Mxrruf i ul tilut; Mu lt<; u4 Ki4 TOWS MEM fcyutltly *?t k??? kttmi til ticUtm *t ?IW?ry TU4, Ike* u4 dH'.'HU'i takat nM uihIIt m aa nuiMlT pt'i tiw?4? W Yiu( Mm ?fito Mm ?J > . : K I1..I wto mif bl HUrrm km Miraaeto luMautf Iiuim wiU tk? Ikaadira WitaMM? *UHm itMijtii llTtrnf lfr?, B*j toil ttU nUtoaA tail. riui, tiidj ivtratf >k;uul vhkitat, mftim 4ikm|| dafarmuaa, u., itiidih cmi. a *? plaeaa kiirxl'iclii the itm af dr i. m} ra ufl mri; iwlit ia kaa ikmi u i fuumu u< mmwjy in| ifw hn aa a pfeyatataa. orricjc ?. t Bowrm r* ?? imw, litkaad ilinitf (mq itiiinwi (inti, ilev daaaa kw iki url i. riilm mitnni mmitinain. ktiur u( k< paid tad aaaaala ntaf. dk. jollttoi, ( ban af vka eayai ctilifi fwrfiwi, bkjm, (n(wi fnn aaa af lha ataaoaal (xu|m la iki Canal luua. as d iba graatar part af whaaa lift kaa kaaa apaatia tka kaa malaw laodaa, faru, Pluiadaipki* ao4 al>ttbw?, kaa af fai'.kd aama af tka taaal aata:itahiag caraa uat vara artk knava; o?ny iraab'.ad vhk ringing in taa kill ui am wsae ulaar, nail larraaanaaa, kairr alanaa< at niili aaaada, ktakfalbaaa *>t!i fra jaaat klaakiag, attaadad turn* (Uaaa tltt daraaf araaot af awd. vara aarad l??dtaialp. tau r aancikaa none*. tatif Haa aakmtan akakata m|krat ikaaaklraa kf a aartam practica iidalgad in wkau alaaa?4 kaklt fraqaaetly i as. rued fraa t?ii cau.;uuiai>a, ar at ackaal, tka afacu ? vhtck ara ifkiiy faK aaao vkan aa'aap, aad if oat aarad. randan manufa impaaaik'a, aad lailrafa kada wad aa kadr, ahaald apply immadiatalw. Tkaaa ara aama af '.ha aad and aaalaaakaip afaaia aradaaad ky aarlr b>m(i af ia?ik *u i Waaknaaa af iha Back aad liiava, p?ma in tka Head, diianaaa af k|kt,Laaa af maacaiaj Paver, patpitaua.# af tka aait.prapaaay ,Nar?a?e lrri'aki-1 \j. Daranftaiantaf tea Digaauraf kbamba, aaaaai deaitoly, aymptaraa af cat.aaautaaai, 4c. mitstilly.-tm faulil fa*uan tka (aladkra ntaaku ka dra^dad? loaa of memery, caati'saiaai af ijeta, Dtrraaelaa af pinta. Sail Parbadmga, A*aratanaf baeiaia, alf-piairwi. baaaaf ftaMiada, Tummy. aia~,are aaaaa w tka aatla fia (iitoii dellklty.?tkaaaaada aaa aaw)?dffa wkaa la the caaea af their declining kaatik, laair.a tkalr ttjfar, ka aaaarag week, fata, oanaaa and eic?tutad, be?iog a aaigaiai appaaraaaa a a oat the ayaa, aaayk a?ey ptaeae af aaawahira disk am or imprudence. Wkaa tka avrntod aa<l*apradaat ?a?ery a< pi aaaara lada ka >u ua?afce<l tka eaada w taaa wmfal daaeeee, it laa aflaa .u.. .. ? < ? ? * * - - - --- rr i _ us-iuwu >i idicii n ??g n auci'in d?:?r? tim fr?-m tpphricg t? tkM? *M,frMm tdictuar and rwte'utility, cu ?foo? kiFncad him. f?ll? im? tk? 1 WbJ* W l|g?ir.t Mid dMlfnlfef pr?t#?d?f?, ?h?. tatiptt t ( f tcriM, I!3b hM pcauMry mmudc?. titp kin tntiaf Mcib tfi%r raouUi, cr t* Laaf > tht liullMl ft* cu ' ? l>, erld in dtiptir iti'i ?lti *".ti runii bttllh :? # /rt rm'.'.Hif ptir.'jnint; * lr ttl Hi ( tint da*?n? yn?, M*ft?ry. huwi ?k? eMi*iitBt>???l i^ijhw arf ll? dMua, (B?h u AftctMM <Ik* U?*rt. TtaMat, Ma**, 1 tkiu.Ac., crorrMtiof vitk frifbtftl rapidity, uii d??t* p?u I tried t? hit <r?idf&j itfirn.ri ky Modinf bin M tfeu m- I iiacrrand ewntry fr?rn vbKt knnx r* tn?altr rnmi. | ML JOUIOiniEMIDY rOR(lKSiHCVtllV(N **d iMrorncr. By (kti rr??t aad bararunt rvraidf w?*k??n # U? *tf?at { in iut4 u4 faii ti|m muni Ttmu<? m tkt mi DiiTMiial d*kUH?Md, ?k? kid Iwt all k*y , kt?* ka?n Imniduul; iiliirid. All iraptdtmat* t? Mirrii|i. Pky?:n! ? Mn?l Dtereal* Imiiwi, Um tl PrawiM^i Fmii, larW? UvtlaMllig TrmkUuf ud WtthNiH Brt?tm > tk? Mtlwn klad ?f?i?drlj cuii. knuousMurrorTU TIB MAW Y THOUSANDS cuid atllu intmrtea vHkk tH Utt HfKtiH ???n. aad th? oinirMi Inptnut In* Ml tfintiMi pvrfWwad hy Dt. Mom, ttuiiiMi ky tH n^ ( ihi ptf?ri iid mr7 ?tt? Hum, mim tt vuch uti iMunii i|ii( a&d i(?iD k?wt ik* nMk, ka aidaa hU iu.nau>f a* a lUiuttiui r???? ?> >Ulty, ti a laSaiaai (iiiu'it) M ik* ilMUl }*a*-ly R. J. BOVEE DOD^ IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, Are now bf'at used from Mune to the Great Salt Lake, ul Ui? salveraa! eixUet of all who aee them eitbor as a wudicims or u 1 Mirui. ta that they ace unaurfaeed in the world. Dr. Doda aped them saoooss/olli iu hia prvotioe for S year* before t purchased ofhlm the aole ruht to maosifcotare hi prevent thera for sals to the pablie. For the oure rt Ireipieu*. Cc- rururtion, Indlr-ftten, Dya pepaia, P.iee, Nerroea Dteeaaes, Female Com plaints, and all ?um repairing a tome, they are be yond douiu a ooat icTalnsble remedy. Aside baa (heir nindiojae* gr^ertjee they are a pare, w^o^e pteaeant without humanity and all adrooatea of temperaaee assist .. .U turn rt.o?IO vef?l?OMiiltttn for the minnSl paireaj ai.d 4wiitr*uA L\**tni with which the ooautrf la fleoJeo, ud thereby af a:d la bfriuahinc Diaoa*e ud Drank en mm from the lani. CHARLES WIDDIFIRLD t CO., Ptcffimon, T? William atroot, lf?v 1 wt J. SCH WAtZL. Ami, WiikiBftoa. iTc. FR. J. BOVEE POPS' ERIAL OJN BITTERS. For Diaeaaea of the K;dce?a,B ladder and Urinary Organe, and ^?y<?c:ally fur Female Obetmo'.nn*. never fail to earo, and an warranted to civ* eatie ^CHARLES W1 DDI FIELD * CO n. jy?jxfciL Je7 1y,r Agent. Washington. D. C. JB OY FOR THE SICK AND SUFFERING. LET ALL WHOxARE AFFLICTED APPLY THE REMEDY REJOICE Yy HEALTH. M Friend, do yoa iutr-r? Are job the victim of aiy of thoae numrroii ailmenta which ana* trow lm Jarity of the blood.' What are that, do yo? aek t Lather a?k, what ara ?hey not f The blood ta tha aoorae of iiia and h?>e-U and it >? tha ftrat e. anient of our beinj to reaponn to\:.j oaaee whiofc affecia th? eyetem, aa the pnlee iufa'Iihly attota The eroi prerailinj Nenralgia, the irritating Rrya' anbtie Scrofula, the aconizinjE RkcamaUirn. Nar voaa Debility. L>y?pepaia, Li var Complaint with ita iiraor acd dejection, ai:<i toe anmtwriefa iiia thai eni) ia heir to, derive *brir hideout <.ri*u> from tha lood, D?a! kindly then and canty wjuithe l.<>cx?. the vitalising rea^nroaa of natar* for ita aid. and offer aa to oemmend to yowr oocfideneeaad 4k.?. * * ? ' * - - " uvo tut uui; \ a.u?r>:e menio&rneni mown aa iidc ag r>r\ fi c INDIAN rtOETABLE DECOCTION. With regard t<> this tiniest iniawihle apac:fi? popular s<!'.timeat haa ?p?Ean In decided la,ma, ana tho evidenoea of this treat effioacy are toiiiM hy mMUM ofobrmlir* effects ud tta* h&ppieet rrtnlU from iu ?? ara after all other remedies and the beet radical akri: i have failed. Let aa oonelaaioa. th*t c?rt.fcoa>? curea are not aocght from the illiterate aad aifper fieial, out they are volunteered tk* boh r? apeotable aoaroea and juatify the hifthaat term la whioh it ia poeeiMe to contend ao vaiaab.'a a apecifio to pan ia approval. We may add aleo tiiat the curative propartieeof tit*medioine are eqaalled only by iu ream rati ve effect*, tfie aratew r*o?var ict from dia'aec with /ebewee &>natitat>onal vi* or. For aa!e by all reapootab'.a lJrueriata in this City, and by the proprietor, MRS. M COX, Nona cennine ucleaa her nana ia blown on tha battle and har aaal on the oork rrr Hnoe #1 par bottle, aix bott'aa lor ?&. Agent. R. *. T. C186KL. Drafsiat, Georgetown, 0 C., Who.eeale A (tact for tha Iha triot, tnd will supply tha trade at my prvoaa. an II y 279 206 Pa. Arm., FOREIGN FRl'ITH, Pa.Atb^ ? 10 * U" ?VWKlSlBhr JF5-*' M Beta leave to the atle?tian hia frteadai aad tne ?nMic iraeratly to hia New Store, voder Wil ier di Hotel, just oeoLed, la co&nenon Witt hit old ettabinhnieat, where he wi.l be heper to re eeive any ordore tor aapanor Cenitotooaa ef hie owi lmiUbie style, wrththe not trcmytseen ud dle eetr.h whiet Ih> baa hitherto sEowa. ee A WM. T. 1K> VK * CO. ASE Nov preaaral to exeeato aw ( F xnr Store on tth street, aww doers i venae, where mm be funad a eo?a)eto *??isEDFftW^? wdere wltt 1TTUVS north of Pa, ' a?01 tiasul TKAMaS iatMy DU1R OLD KYR WHIMY.-Oa hand MTrera IT brend? of Pare Old Rye WMt Iry, C?*eer Di* tilled, made by tile aaoat rtWWt dietillere to Pean syivaaia, AiaryiaiM ao?j v lrjinia, warr tSfiisv^sfts: yarn^. Brandy, sure Hol.aod 8 In. old Jam eaten eara, ?s ae'u-tr ~?ffc~Pa a*. fctw.eth aiilSCak FwcSWZtfT&tZWrw.* Ju*t import?d fro?p Fimm ? Iwi?u4(mHII tr assisAW?/ teTsr ? 31 Conwr Ht> ?t_ mmi P>. iv. A L B^XX JLLK AIID XX l?Ttt okSbJTashTn KKY.Thtf ill 11H1 ffiB > a?r*ar r l CARRIAGE FACTORIES. nbiii Um wifiiM m mm wm V?%toE?^ ^ DENTISTRY. Ddkntal card. |L MVXSO > MM rrtarnao and i arofeaa.uii < 1 ?. . n.<un>ki (MBit, bird door ?&at of J'lxth In additioti t erery o'her mpforn\ ?tyle. I?r. M ba? ae?^ oa raloaime Rtw for the .aet Uee mkJ, fro* aaaerir iveo, kiovi it u?*ii ail t*A??c?, mnI la aaf-third m* is prioe tha* gaiil. Huo4 paUoaa <tf V aahngtos, Ai<ikiwr>s, ?ad tows are re-Be^tfullj aolioited t? oa . aaV-?oTf; dental NOTICE! R. loom iS? HH cla?*i hta oiti for tha mmate m, aa<i will tx> aheent, m mimI, ilinii tha mm IBM monUH ; will rxim praotioe a!?out the Ut of OoWtor. ot m hioh further noli a* will M |irw. It l?-tf n DiNTimr. SettsSSssUir* meed the Cbeop.aetie Prooea* for mwb trtitoial teeth. Tt Ut tha Mo^tura ol ??^ itrflBSth, beaaty, ciatn'.meM. aa<4 ob?e?teee F?J ??j?r aita loeerted for 99$. lVtul la prafofttrt. 506 Phtmi*. MISCELLAJ^JOOU^. OUR STOCK IS ALWAYC COMPLhTK OP tha w.i>i>r?tM Oickeriac A mm pqnaied PIANO F(iKTK?, err aver* aixe. etyle, ?oale and 6u?h. at pnora to auit thetimee." Old Pi*r.(>t taken inptrt ra? mrr 1 for new. The Ch'ekerinca' bav* kMG awarded ?r 10H Mi ?! <* niedaie at the efferent niibiboat la the United M?(m lor the Mp'rioritj of thru 1'ianoa otm a 1 other aoaiera. Their Pianoe arc better, their pr.eea aa *ow, tMir t?:m? of paf'of ae Raar t air deooanta for oaah creator thaa aay ou tre. Oal! aiid ee?> for ycBret'fT JOHN P. El lis. hV >Q Pa. aa.. b-t w>. aJ lata ?t?. UOWKTUMPROVEPWEIGHINefCAU^ IT Tbeee Sca.pi are offered tn tha wWm u 7L? WAtMHMGTON BiiWIN? BOUMB. TT H rli two iMrf 5?r(* 4/ Ft. 4W. tjm the time to jet APR!Tift ?d4 SUXWM /' NS> *im0 sooHoirri DISPATCH 2 * <5, /V D!8r ATOM I ?\ ^ >v8aTe tit it imiiwii wuJ JUrw. rrr* ?? fmmiiif, it ii Tflrr deainti* *> l?v? ud mmiitt way for rtfirtag Fan Crockery * . SPUDIRfl*! FREPARKD flLt l re?*t? ?M aneh and ri? boae?b*M mm iSord to be without it. It ia &.T?ri rt+Aj ?n4 ap to the eyi.lirif Th?re m m* .<>nB*c * 0?fM ?m lor Ra^ini ch*ui. Mustered "^neer*, he?d m? 4oU?. Md broken or4<! f. It;? ^oal tkf arfiela for ^elJ. ftcd other o'aajnertA 1 M ft I This admirable ^rrpt'tQon le JOM.lbf . ud <>ther o'aamerU work, to With Vdi-e Of r??fiii*?n*t t *!i<t twu. irAtli (or O HNW :yo* A ib eotatioa. ud ^ .. ?t-. L ?-* ' [t mar b*\?od in lie"p iw o7 <;'rcTi:*.rjV?c.tM?. MiBf rv.tlj irorc adaetlra. /jv jrrjRjir ijovsm. N^B*?A Brash accompaeiea aaeh bcttla . No. 48~Oadar atraat, Now Vat. EKNRV oTiPALlMNO * CO., * Dos No. 3.MO, Nav Voit Put uf for IHalfr* m Ca Kitbt, atyi Tva!v* IVc*?n?a 1 a ftao-a Can aooonpaorinc < art. DC Row. C7" A bcxv vt BPALUIPHTS FKM rAHXD GLVK will aava Aims its aoat aa iu!It to ararr koinkoM.^]} SoM N all trominaiil htat oava Drawtato. Karri vara aud Varuitara Doaiara, firooara, av r aacjr Htoraa. iri?lr H?t. It wi'l ?ta-"1 %ry le Wff If; t. ARO^JAT lie---. *mfse(urr? <?ih* ^l.L. \ / *T0*' Si?*? m ill **? tkn * ? Ut fm. n ?! ?*? . m * a?h??awi. A? ? '?. >?..?, * ncommr%M'4 I il< f wi J k * tm' p]i ! i jg@iaLJ I CAUTION. PURCIASERS SH0BU) BE CAREFUL W PURCHASING THE VAliET WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS MBHOKWIlHWHBIEr WITH THE ON THE LABEL ALL OTHLRS A4T AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. tt w n.iiniiTT SOLE PROPRIETOR I KMRIWHUAIS: HEW TOOL 'OR balm in washington my ? I f Tig BAJfOUK ? WIIMBt. 2 fRttMAK i( S1MPS0HJ J V Vj Maaao kaif-b&/r?i* A? it la o/ offend wn?rt>vf>?j ur rsaStrfscrr.

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