Newspaper of Evening Star, October 15, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 15, 1860 Page 4
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:rtts;svfiiwg,ss*y. TWR fWI TRAST. T- u 'ookt^tbfr/ulnr* < m, a'ers, i ""if louk to Lua put; You ?* ?* ftr?*:Tinr T'.nri'at rt'?wn of tor?, AC 1 I Ur bt lut. > ' 1 Ton wMnV O r M to t re?i Wrtb too.* un a *oin?>* trne*; ? 1 hM' nt tA? oho*', dull d i&d, Of fMt tt)?t come not back. Yon are pm ing np the flowery ?.V^>e 1 felt to lone M"l Yoar miilwvt ahia* through the drop* of boae, And mill through tie drop* of wo*. Ni|ht glide* in ita vUtoae i*Mt away, An.i at mora joti nv? main o ?r; From my dr?aiu? b? nuiit act by day, I ?ak<-d to dream no more. You art> reachin* forth with a apirit *lad. To the h"ps* that ara ?till untried, am bury in* u? Uopea I had, have *lipp^l f ora tuy a-ira and died. And I pray tnat U? bl??aod?at thin*a thers ba Oa tuy future may descend; But. alas, for mine 1 it ware well for me. If! a.a>]e a peaceful end A* Africa* Rack Fkek or Disease.?An African traveler jays: Tba Dokos multiply very rapidly, but Lave no regular marriages, the intercourse of the sexes lending to no set tled home, each in perfect independence. going whither fancy leads. The mother nurses her child only for a short time, accustoming it aj soon as possible to the eating of ants and eer Cts; and, as ?on as the child can help itself, mother lets it depart whither it pleases. Although these people live iu thick woods, and conccitl themselves among the trees, yet they beeome the prey of the slave-hunter of Suss, Kaffa, l)umU*ro, and Kulla; for whole regions of their woods are enciroied by the hunters. s>> that the Dokos cannot easily a*oape. When the riBTO'uuuicis 'jumu iu 3ikui ui iuu p??ur cremures they hold op clothe* of bright color?, jinri'g and daMing, upon which the Dokos allow themselves to l>? captured without raistmee, knowing frcra experience that tuoh reaidiance is truitlesd. and o?n only lead to their deriiruu tinD. in thU way tbouaand* can be captured by a small ban i of hunters; and onoe captured ttoey bwoue docile. In slavery the l>ok<* ru t-in their predilection for feeling on uiico. terpen ta and ant*, although often on that ac count pen? b d by their masters, who, in othor rejpecU. are attached to them, an they are docile ani obedient, having few want*, and en joy good health. fur which reasons they are never toll u tlave* beyond Kuaroa A a dix eiwi are unknown among thorn, they die only of old age, or thr*>ugk the aadauWi! of their MOUM. Gokthb'b Lova or Aht a>d Hatrkd or Mabbiaok-?It was Goethe's theory that, for the glory of German literature and hi* own. he ought to hold himself free from the re straints and encumbrances of marriage; but that for the tame all-sufficient rca-s >n he was prWilegod to win heart* and cast them awuy. lor the sake of the knowledge he might acouiro in the process. Weconf<<M that, with all our admiration for bis genius, we are cot iuuoh moved to pity by the just retribution that be fell this cold-blooded ooxmnb, when in middle life he became linked for years to no moro eongenial a companion than a female sot. If Goethe had married Frederika Drion. the par or'a daorhter of Sesheim, the story of whose abased affections is one of the most painful epi sodes in his career, he would probably have been do worse a poet, and would oertainlr bar* Ween more worthy of booor &? a man. Thia. however, ia by no means the opinion of hi* German idolaters, one of whom declares it to be anything bat crident to him **that infi delity to hia genius would not hare been a greater erime in Goethe than infidelity to his mietreer'^ T*ifWTBO^'a Tailoe ? J. T. Fields, while .abroad. Tinted Tennyson at the Isle of Wight, aad brought home some photngrapbe of this poet. Willis writes to the Home Journal: "The pho tograph llkeaee?ee that he brings bave no manner f resemblance to the idealized porralta of the laureate They look rougher and manlier? like Shelly and more like Burns. These pbo tograpbs, by tne way. are dreadful chroniclers of Ill-cut coata. After seeing thoae two veracious ooplea of the outer man. there Is do getting away from the fart that th?- moat aerially graceful of poets employs a shocking back tilior' As a pos thumous pearl, however, I trust he will b? bstier set?not remembered in his oyster shell. ARRIVALS AT THE UOTELsT NATIONAL HOTEL ?J R Hogg. R T Pratt. RY; i> J Turaer, Va; J N Dickson. Pa; P L Ca ble, I1U U W PraU. W Morris. NU; E Slade and ladv. ? ?, J H Bar re and lady, NV; H K Joriee J F IMmbrrLUe, Va. R M Waltera.Md; R JoUn s >u, 0 kV vVeilB, B U Kisaer, R II Gardner. NV; Mrs J E Wall*. SC; Mrs R E Kitareaa~. Fia. O A C Waller, E Waller. C G Waller, C D Walier, SC; N B Cnircb, (ia; E F Thayer aad lady, Mas; Dr Henry and lady, Mlsa McKennie, Ky; tlrs L) T l)av!t Mr* I r? u Oiu? " - _ ..... W . o.?vv. von ivuy . u ? auuoi - work n. C Moore. NY; L A Whlteiey, Md; A B LTMh, B D Crawford. W D Miller. G U L>avl?, W B Dounan. Va; J W Seyonore. W Mitrtaell.M Allen. J W Caldwell. Pa; F Buckingham, DC; J Seaborn, J Lyoiia, SO; E Dyer and fam. O; JE Thonns. Wla; F M Hail,Md; Capt Davidson and (ua, USA. BROWN'S IIOTEL.-A TLoma*. La; I! A Jfuklua, Ci#, A J Caajp, Cal; J Schroeder, Md; J M ltobertaoa. Miaa; JM Fail. Alt: H Gifford, NY; D B Eashv, Va; R Naison, La; T Thornton, fa; H Haadley and ly. Col F Sa>ith. Va; B M ond. W M \ ouug. La; 4 Mm well, NY; Q N Leftyett. .Vilas, Airield. Va. J BluuieutLial. NY; Mis* 3 Hend-rson, Miaa L Henderson, Mim S II Cuaae, Mi?; \V H Drmne and faiu, T A Heuder aon, A Kenworth and ly. NY; J Jones; La; T J B^ttaius (ia. G Altpetar, Md; J F Drake. SC: T Brace J P Ballard. Va; J Strange, Tenn; W D Miliar. Va; J Davidson. L*; A Davie, PG; G W Johnson, Md; D F Rarnsiur. NC; NV Coomelier, Pa; F C??i?v, M D. J T Mr.Culiock, Mo, J Nor ton and fini. Ala; J Doawell. R M Burton, H L Thomas. L Stern, C Schley, Va; G Davia, Ga. KIRK WOOD HOUSE.?H A Boardman and ladle* Pa; A Hurli, J Little. NJ; W D Helds, v- ^ i, moasj a Lovrit*, .> tiuut.NC; "W Forden, AWM; J N Dlokaon, Pi; S Morgan. NV; A 3'uitn, V?; A 3 JohiiaUm, J \V Todd, US A. 9 W Mk^aad ladlea. La; P Kld*r. Md; J O McCoy. T??x; M ttlanlugton, NO; K Ppanldlnv, Mm D II Gaka. O Flr.&*gan,Mlaa K (Jrwnwooa, NJ; 8 Hviuan, V?; O W Darker; NY; B Anon, Ala; R J Dobbins, Pa; Dr P E Douthlt, A Doathit, W A Dixon, NO; Dr \V B La*ry, Va. OCH A X S TEA MERS' SAILING DAYS F?OH TIB UlITXB St ATM. BtiMmer$? Lmm. ?m. Days. Armco. Naw York ....Ha via.. Oot IS SiAagow? Naw Yonc... Liverpool Oat IS haxoni&_ ...v'...N(V 1 ork. ..SoutkAnpU n.Oct IS abiA. B<<?U>a -.Liverpool... .Oct 17 K<w York.? . Naw York...Hraman Oct27 iK?raaa*a... .? ...Naw York._8outiUUi1pt0A.N0T I From Kcrops M?w York .SoBih'pton...Naw York...Oct. 3 BorusatA. 8o,".tk'ptoa...New \ork Oct 4 GrMl Kmuvh...Mill\3Havec.NeW York Oot 17 Pallor South'aton...New York Oot 17 MiunmouiA.. ...?8?uth/pton ...Naw York....OctII Tke HsvaoA m*i! avaaiora Ioavb Naw York on ?: M. uta, ITtu. And 37t& of a*on month, anl hArie?U.? on ina ?ti> ud 19th. Tio C*alorma uoai i *ia*??*ra Icava Naw York ou )? Ua ao4 ?tk moctn. li'Avur. juurs wUKKi, _ JCj Cub mm Oaio Av. *n? Tuiktuxtb St. KRICSSON'S CALORIC ENGINES. The ?i?d?rait nad Lave lfmd appointed sole agent* MtkiiMt; fif the manufacture and tale of the above Bn.i ?. and are prepared K> kuppiy all orders with rvtnp'B-tsa and di spate a. Tne?a engines have Vm>m aaw?fact->r^lj introduoed, and are now practi cally ?aipio?<?d is kaksne*; by bookbinders; for boxwood euttiug: Ul caUuet makers; for drawing tan blowers to reatilate building*; for pumping; for puiposes; elevating graia; glas* outtiug; cotto .j grinding auartz; grinding paiuta; (rinding *u*ar cane on plantation* in Cuba; for k^tsuai; lor kbittiug machines; bi manufacturer* a 4K1 w?re: oi printer* material, ol silver ware, inealfiBi implements; of laatohea: of hooped _.U; Cor pumping at raiiruad -tat.ona and on board ipe; for sowing maebine*; (or job printing and latinf daily newspapers; for variou* plantation ?ai fir sawing ami planing lumber; for pickirg mir; for poiishint aombe; for shoemakers' uses; for Mas sifting; turning; tob*oco outline andyulver ining; is taanorie*aud w re maVian ??ujji?Iii"?..i.' for i?4t wMar uMnufMlurc; for boa* crushing; nbt u??biof. tuwui; friadiac outlery, Ao. f ii?y ra iae*p lo?lv?; economic*!; they roauirano njinei"*; ua* no ?ttrr; acd conauuia v?r? littlo ftial. A?> pa ?joilaairoua of n*ia? th?<ao KitMiaaa, mui by application to t*? uorlxraigneo l>o bown ft lftr<a niinU of UaUinoniala froti peraona who h?r* Uiani to dftily *8?, agpraaaing their ntu? mliaUcttf i" th*?r cporfttu<* fto<J paa Pr*aea otftUft fcftgioaafta aatabw?b??i by tb? PH It i*. ?>?*r ta^i" 'M^a cjiindar, |? 2.*? Wa u? M ftlao prapftr*d tofuraiah, ftt abort bo WVft75JSrSrc?ung a, from ?. ATraiahZd. u ohoap M c?n b?.obt*i?*l alao SbAlS's&S??7tftUr ^.tfttig yy; tiiKb or kw ?raaaur*. ?? -wawwwv, ?| V W VI y vvwn i iwucii It" II? _ w SUilioca, wnpuht troa *?Ur Unta:ah*ftuu,(Mr 'i*nd" ^autin* ** niiiia, aod forjim of ? ttifcwto WM M ELLIS t BRO, V O O D Ay^pj?p COAL ?M Pi. A?- SJTJ. njj t? m sw. SW "TSzXtSKi^ i PKOPOSAL 5 pvtmetir Mil 12 o'?lu?ki noi>n, .mi ii*t oi iFcioMr next, for tor million* of dollars of itock of ttie United Htales, to be issued under the act of Congress of th* 22J day of June last, authorising a loan and providing for the redemp tion of Traasary cutae. at which time the proposals vUv< qhmiI and deatded on- Tke stock will bo ret?buisabto in tea year* froa the ftmday ofJaa a'y next, and will bear latere it, at fire per oen tnifl per annum, payable semiannually on the ir?t days of January and July of each year. 1 No offer will be aooepted below par, and none for any fraotion of one thousand do'laru; nor will any offer be considered unless one porcentum of the amount thereof is deposited with a lepoeitary of the United States, subieet to the order of the Secretary of the Treaeury. The -ertificAte of such deposit must aooompany the proposals. In all oases the offer roust be uaoorditional, Without reference to other offer*, and innst state the rate of premium offered. The proposals should be r>cdorsed on the outside, "Proposals for Lean of ani to be addressed ' To tiio Secretary ot the Treasury, Washington* D. C." The bestbid'!<?rs ur.-der tho foregoing oonditions for the ag?TB<atj sum of teu millions of dollars will be im'oeiliately informed by mail oftheao oeptano* of their offers, and they must deposit the amount so accepted, with the premium thereon. with the Treasurer ot the United States, or the Awutaiit T-easur*r at Boston, New York, Fhila o.pbii, Charleston Ner Or.oans, or Ht. Louis, on or b. fore the 22J day of November neat. Shou d suo?es?ful bidders desire to deposit at other points tneir wishes wi 1 be duly considered on being stated to this Depai t.nent. OrtihoatflK of inscribed stock will lie issued in hums rot Irsi tlian one tl.onrand dollars eaoh to tho *nccirs?ful bdJera, or their aligns, for the j-nneip"*! ao ?l.?p.?nit -d. carrying interval at t!>e rato uffi-epar ocntuui from the data of auoh doptwiit. .Sach atook wtl- b? transferable on tho hooka ol tli4 Treasury, agru<?a. ly to tba recuiatioaa of iUe DipvtML Shoal J any of ths saaoaitftil bidders require cer tificate of ?t-oV, with coupon* of mi-annual in t?r??t payable tkereou Orvm thefirat day of January n*xt, auoh cArtifioiMs will be issued, with uuoti o.upoai aita:b*>d. in anma of one thousand do'laru fion; and auoh coupon a took. lcatead of being tranjfcrrabia on the t>o-?k? of toe Ti ua?ury, may be !?e?iKH?^< a .id traoa/erred L>y the delivery of th? 04 'tifioataa. The ir.toreat of the laat-uained stock, from ta? date of tae depo it *o the firat (*ay of Jau niry uext, will b? paid to tho auocosafu! b.dder 01 h:a attorney, by the depoaitary with whoai the I?i inv: j***i wsa uopvmou* The preliminary decoait of one p<v aenfum, re quired upon &l! proposals ti'.der this uotic*, will oe liiolnded lu the tioyo.ila of principal ar.J pre.-iii nut uiad? by anoueeaful hi.lilern, an-1 vill be iuinie d.ately directed to be returned to the unaucooaaXul bidJera. HOWELL COBU e 10-Jawt 1 Secretary ! ths Treaaury. I No. cerj ROCLAVATluN. The PRESIDENT or THE UNITED STATES, For tks Set I* of Valuable Laml* m the late New York Indian Reserve, Kamaa. Ir. purempoe of law, 1, Jamw Bcchahax, ^reai de Qt of the United Mfatea of Ainerioa do uer- b* de clare a'>4 i. ak? knowii thit puolio aaiea will be held at th? uiidona<?ntion?d Land ?in the T-r ritory ol K-tuaaa, at liie peri jda hermi.alter deaif cated, to wit: At the I and Oflio* at Fmr Srorr. iyinm?nnin? P. on M<>L.d?T. the 9.1 da; of l)?cirnt*r next, tor ths Uiapo?ai or u U:>f the publio land a uot onver-d by in nviduai Indiau location* aa aro aituatod within the follown* tnwnahip* and parta of t.-wnshipa in the late reaerve above-mentioned tor tha Nev York Indiana, tii: South of the bast lime and east nf the iixth principal meridian, and in the totrmHips and parts of town ships.falling ttithtn said reserve. The uaota or pauala in the parta of tovnahipa 33. 24, SS, and 28. of nffje 25 I he tracta or p%rc*W in the part of township 23. in townihipa M and i5, and in the part of Ui, ol range 24. The tract* or par^la in the pa^t of townah'p 23 in towaabipa 34 and 26, ana in the part of 2b, ul ran<? 23. '1 Le trasta or pa'oala in the part of town?hio 23. in townah:pa 24 and 25, and iu the pait ol X, ol range 22. Th* tracta or paroela to th* part of towaohip 2& in U*wnihi?e m aud *5. and in tba part of ?, ol ra&*e <>. t na tract* or parjela iu the part of townahia 2S. id townshipi 24 Mid 25, atd iu U.? part of 2&, oi rtneean. The tractaor parcels in the j?art of towrahip 23. io townships 84 and 26, and in the part of 26, oi ranee 19. The iraoti or paroeia in the part of township V n towi.ships 5:4 and 25, aud in tne part of J&, oi r&nsd 18. The t' acts or paroels id the part of towoahip 2ft, in towr*Lipe 24 and 25, aud in the part of 46, o] range 17. At the Office at Fo*t Scott, oornmonoing on Monriav, the 17th da; of DeotffntM>r n?*xt, for tee disposal ornunh of the publio lauds not covered by lull vidua1 Indian locations as are situated within the following townsnipa anu parts of townai ipa in the late reserve above-mentioned for N?w V?rW Indians, vis: Sautk of the i>a.?e Iim and east of th* sixth prmripal meridian, and in the tpttnskips and partt </" toirn ships failing within said reserve. The traote or parcela in the Burt of township 23 in to* uaMpa 24 au<l 25. and in the part of 26, of raji??? 16 The traota or parcels in the part of townnh p 83, in townahipa 24 and 25, auil in tto part of 2?, of ranee ?? The traote or parcel* in the part of township U. in townabip* ?4 and 26, and in the pirt of 26, ?>i ra ge 14 The facta or pa-oela in the part of township IS, in t-vuhUipa 24 and 25, ai>d la the part of 2b, oi rarxe 13. The tracts or parcels in the pait of township 13, in townahipa 24 and 25, and in the part of 26, of >aa?e 12. Tna tract* or parcela in the part of townahip 23. in towuahip* 24 aud <5, and in the part of <6, cf natn 11. Tne irac'a or parcela in the part of 'owuship 23. in townahips 24 and 2), and in the part of U>, of raa*e 10. The traota or parcel* in the p '.rt of townahip 23. in townanipa 24 aud iU, and in the part oi 'jn, oi ranee 9. The tracts or parse a in the parta of townships 23,24,25, and 26, of ranga I l.ands appropriated by law for the cae of aohoola, military Indian, and other purpose*, will l>? ?* oluned from tne sales, together with tbo tracts cov ered by individual Indian locations, descriptive lists or which have been furnished the local ofi Ml The offering of the above lands will be commenced on the days appointed, and will proceed in theordfi in whioh ther are advertised, until the whole shall have been offered, and the sales thus closed : but lie ale shall be kept open looter than two weeks, and uo private entry of any of the lands will be peraat ted until after tae expiration of the two weeks. Given under u.r hand, at the oity of Washington, this Slst day of August, anno Doiuiai one thousand eirht hundred ami sixty. JAMES UUCUANAN. Uy the President: Jos. S. Wiuos, Commissioner of the Gensnl Land O?oe, NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS Every Derson entitled to the right of pre-emption to any or the lands within the towuships or parts of town?hipsaboveenumeratedi* required to establish the same to the satisfaction of the register ai.d receiver of the Laud Office, and mak* paytncxi tknTtfor' as soon as praetimilt utter stint tktsno litt, and before the dav appointed for the commence ment of the public sale of the lauds embracing the I t rtla I ' * wxMiiiu.udixviH iugq oiaini win t>? forfeited. J08. S. WILSON, Comuuuionor of the General Land Office. Not*.?Under the regulations of the department, as heretofore and now existing, uo payment ean be made for advertising proclamations exoept to auoh rublishers u are specially antkorittd 10 publuh by lie Commissioner of the General Land Office. au ? lawisw Look to your interest, puki has ERs OF CABINhT PUKNlfURE. We hare now in store and daily re ceiving the larf eet.handsomest, and the cheapest ;ot or Cabinet Furniture ever flfcred to the oitizena of Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria, which we cordial y invite all who desire furnishing toeali aid examine far thsmselvee. Our stock emb arose vary ooueeivoble article neoessary to furnish a parlor* ha), dining room, ohamber, and kitoben. Our ex Uasjra a took is too numerous to partiou arii) rs only name a few of the leading aiUolea, aucA Ro?#wood, Walnut and Mahogany Parlor Suits, upholstered In a superior manner in Brooatelje m:k nosh. Luting and Hair Clou, Gilt frame Mantel, Pier and other Glasses, tilt Baee Tables, Gilt Braokeis and Marble Slabf, othic and other handsome K?o*ptiuu Chairs, in Brooateile, Piusu. Rush and Cane SttU, Eteceree, with Marble-tops and Mirror Backa, Do. Parlor Desks and Whatnots, Bat?vmvi. Wa1i?h? ?su4 M-?.?-? u .. ? WM MM1UUUT o u r?mu B. Wuliituiit B*?etead? and Wardrokee, verr hit liome and oheae, Cotta?e Chamber Furnitn'e, id Oak, lmiUU<n pak. Ma?le aud Painted, with or withoal Mar earbV'toVtaatraeks, ia Oak and Wa'.aat, on HatraoksTHallStauds, Secretaries, Btokowi*. Bhavmc Steads. tarbie top Center Tablet, air and fbuok Mattresses. tather Bolsters and Pillows, ankete. Comforts, Quilts, Towels, 4co. In addition to oar ?took of Furniture oar lint floor eontoi&e a tare* and well ??leoied stock of China, Glass and Cr^okeri, Plated Good*, Japan ese Ware. TableOatiery, Britannia War*. Block tin Goods, Baskets. Brasaee, &o? altogether form uu % oomflete variety of every thinr nsawi*" tn mum nufM 10 *11 IU _ C. W. BiTYKl.BR * SONS, i HtU, No. *18 F*nn. ?n Iron H?il, No. *18 Pmn. retin?. ? 17-MtThtf barweeo 9th atxl 10th U?. 65 cheI^s^^ndard BLAC^TKA AtC* o?nW ff poaod. ry BUHCHELU M 29 Cora* l*h aU *o4 Vermont ? . ? rvrtuwo* of frw F THE UNITED I Buoli/Uu.*, 4?ri? H WWI ? w ' ? ?? * mi I'VI.B maji ??? - Hont -1j ?tW H (?* ?-?J A?fH>fiMu4e i?*r?by mm** kMMrtt U?t ptiMto a*}** wilt b? tMtld s.t ih? undnr >nari Ij>ad iiAmi ?tha a of low*. t< Um forioas hn U> ?it: At Ue Lfcud Ofitoo it Fo&t Dumi, oommoneiBg on Mottdtii the 19ch da; of November ?*xt, lor tho dia?osAi > t tha publio '.?r.d?, heretofore ?n,fier?i, itaitei within tho followinj townihiM ?nu part* of township*, vii: Sortk^ Iktbstthmtmnd wtVl** Aftk I geoUooo Wft. 5,7. 9,11, It. lft. If, % *1, 23,?, tit 9, 31. W, ?nd 35, of townafctftJB: Nttloni 1, 3,4, 7. 9 11, 13.15,17, i?, Sl.3.25,%, fe, 3J.?,?*d?, of 1 .?. ad. a^ttiAM. i 4 ft ?? o 11 1% u It it 91 35, oi uiwnimii 7i) wwi, a. 0, ?, ?, n? io* ?ii, **? 19. 21, ^25, *7, *9, 31, 33, and 36, of tovncbip 58, oi r?nie*7. SAOtiOba l.S 5, 7, 9,11, IS. 15, 17. 19,21, *3. 25,27, 2>, 3'. 33 ami 36, of to wnahl > 93; ssotions 1,3,5,7,9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23. *5, 27, 29. 31, 33, ai d 3!. of township 94; sections 1.3,5, 7,9,11,13, 15 17. H, 2>? 23 26. 27. ?. 31, 33 aid SA of township 95; sPott..ns I.3,5.7. 9,11, li, ?5 17,19,21,23 s5 il. 89, 31. SV and S5, o! t->w .ship 96; sao tons 1. 3. 5. 7, 9 il. 13 15,17, 19, 21, 23, *5,87, *9, 31, 33, an 1 36, of township 97; Mo tions 1,3.5,7, 9,11, 13. 15, 17. 19, *1.23. vS.b, ?,S1, 33, and *5, ^townsr-ip**: scot.o^s 1,3,5 7,9,11, i3, IS 17,19, 21, 23,25.27,29, 31, 33, and 35, of township M, of range 23. S -ctions 1.3,5,7.9, 11.13. 15,17.19, 2!,23. 25, 57, 2i 31. 33, anG 35, ol'township 93; s'otious 1,3, 5,7, 9, II, 13,17, 19, 2i, *3, 25. 27. 29, 31, 33, a.d 35. of luf sblP 94; seotious 1, 3,5,7, 9. li, 13. 15,17,19,21, 2s. 25, 27, S3,31,33, and 35, ol t vn'.hip io; sections 1.3, 5. 7,9, II, 13,15,17,19,21, 23. 25, 27,24 *1 S3, and 35. of township 96; seot'ous 1,3. 5.7, 9, II, 13.15,17,19. 21, *3, 25, ?7, 29, 3', 33 and 35, of *.owi>sh'p 97; s?<? i"BS I,3,5,7,9, ilv13. 15,17, J9, 21 23. 25,27.29,31,33,and 4a, of <ownnijip 98; h-o tons 1, S, b, 7, 9, '1, 18. 15 17, 19, 21,2i, 25,27. 29,5J. 33, and 35, of lownshlf 99, of range 29. notions 1. 3, 5,7,9,11.13,15,17,19 21.23,25,57.19, 31, 33, and 35, of township fti; sections 1,3.0,7, 9, II,13,15,17, !9.21.23,25,27,29, 31. 33. an J 35. of l(?w. hip 94; ?(H) to :S 1,3 5 7,9, 11,13, 15, 17,19,21, 23, 25, 27, a9. 31. 33. and 35, of township 96; sections 3,5 7.9.11. 13,15. t7, *9,21,2i 25,27 29 31. 33. and 35, of t. .wim.1ip 96; seotioiu 1, 3, 5, 7. 9, 11, 13. 15, 17,19,81, 4i, it, at. art, hum m, 01 u?wn?nip *7; r "clioim I, 3,5,7,9,11,13. 15, 17. 19, ;<1,23. 25. 27, 29, 31,33. an 35, o towu?hip !M; ?' c'.ioatt 1, 3, 5,7, 9. 11,13,15,17, 19,21. ?a, 45, 21,&, 31,33, and 35, of town* ip?h Mf>n* I, 3 5, 7, 9. II, 13 15, 17, 19. 21, 23, 25. SfT, 29, 31, 33. and 35 of t->wn?bip 10)), ul raaee S<vuiou? 1, H, 5,7, 9,11, 1.i. 15, 17.19, 21,23 25,21, 29, 31, 33, auu 33, of towautup ?J; oti ns 1. & 5, 7. 9,11. 13, >5. 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, &, 31 33, mtl of township !M; aecHoisr 1. 3. 5. 7, 9, 11,13. >5. 17, 23. 25, 27, 29, 31. 33, and 35, of township 95; ?<K 'iouh 1.3,5,7,9,11.13. 15. i7. H,21, 23. 25, 27,? 31,33 aid S5, of t-iwimlup 9G; K'ctio u 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. 11,1.1, 15,17, 19, 21 23. 25,27. 29,31,33, an J 35, ol VjW u*hi p 91; mo tions 1,3,5,7,9 11,13, '5, 17, 19, 21. JS. 25,27. 31, 33, and 3->, of 'owu?lnp Ki; sections 1,3,5, 7,9,11,13. Ii?, 17,19, 21,23, 25. 27. *9, .1 , 33, tod 35, of .ownuMp 89; as. tioTin 1. 3,5,7,9,11, 15, 17,19 31, S3,25, ft, 29, 3i,3i, aud 35, of iowu*i>i p t'*>. of ran*<* 3i. 8eot.oa? 1, S. 5, 7, (?, 11, 13, 15. 17, 19, il, 23.*5, 77, 3" 33,aii?lS3, Ol v JW lbilip 'JJ; IM!t:OU 1, 3, 5,7, 9.11,13, 15, 17, 13. 21,23, 23, 27. 29, 3\ 33, and 35, of i townallip sections 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 13,15,17,19,21, 2*. 25, i7, 39. 31,3*, ?nd d5, ol t >wnahip 95; Motion* 1,3, 5,7,9, li. 13,15, 17, >9,21, 23. 25,27,29,31,33, and ,5, < 1 to <ru?hip!^; secti u* 1,3,5,7,#, 11,13,14, '7. I is*, 21, 3, 2.">, 27, >'9,31, 3!, artl 35, of iOv?rn?liip 97; D.^utioiiS 1,3,5.7.9,11,13, 15, 17, 19,21, 23, 25, 27, i9, 31,33, and 3r>, of to mahip 9m; serious 1,3,5, 7,9,11, IS, 15 , 7 19,21,23.25 27,29. 3!, a> <! <5, of town [ Baip 99; s?<Mi >ns I. 5 7,9, 11,13, 15.17, 19, XI, 23, 25,27. *9, 31, SJ, and 35 of toirnshio P?>, of rain# 3^, 8oo.ti.Kii 1.3, 5,7,9, 11,13,15. 17,19,21,23 25, 27, 29, 31.33, *nd33. "f <>wn?hip94- town?hip?3; so lum. 1,3. 5. 7, 9,11 21,23,2., 27, 2\ 31.33. and 35, of , tiiwnni.p i)6; J eli-.t* 1, 3, 5,7,9,11, Li. 15,17.19. 21, 23.25, 27.5), 31,3?, *nd 33 ol to* nalup 97; ?ecllO"? I; 3,5,7. 9. 11, 13, 1\ 17, 19. 21, i3, 2), 27, 29,31, 33, ? % <iv? 'i - ww uoiiip '"i ffouiuius 11 <i, o? f | Jf lit i?Jf I3| 17, IS, 21. 23 25, 27, Tt, 31 33. Mi l 35. of townahip 99; l.S, 5.7, 9. 11, IS. 15, P. 19,21,33, 21,27,29, 31, $5, and 35. of townanip ion, ol range 33. At the Land Offioeat Siodx Cut, commencing on Monday, the 28th day of November next, for e<liyp<>?al of tlte publie lands, heretofore unof rad, aituatel witlna the following townahipa and part* of towsahipa, via : North of the bast hue and west nf the fifth pri*c*t*l meridian. ???tiona 1,3 5,7,9,11, IS, 15, 17, 19,21.23 , 25 , 27, 29. 31, 33, a>:d Si, of township 95; aeo ion* 1,3. 5,7, ?. 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23. 25, 27. 2>, 31, 33, ar.d 35, of towui ip 96: e?o?looa 1, 3, 5,7, 9, U. 13, li, 17,11, 21, 23.25,27,29, 31,33, acd 3?, i f townaluo 97; mwniMp 98; aeetioua 1, 3,5,7,9,11.13, 15.17,19,21.23.25. if, 29,31, 33, and Sri. of towmitup 99; aeotioi a 1. 3,5,7,9, 11, 13, 15. 17. 19.21, 23, 25, 27 . 29 , 31,33, and 36, of towuahip 100, ot range Si. Townahipa 98,90, and 10?, of range 35. Townahip 9), of range 36. Townahipa W. 99, and )(*>, of range 37. Townahipa 9a, 99, and l?to, of range SH. To?naiiipa 9b. 9?, and 100, of range 39. Townahipa 9*, 99. and 1<?, of range if. Townahipa W and inn, of range 41. Townahip* 99 and 10(i. of range 42. Townahipa99 *nd ino, of range43. Township* 99 and Itn, of range 44. TownaMpa 99 and ?P0, of range 45. r Townahipa 99 abd l<*i, of range ?6. Townahl pa 99 an 1100, of range 47. Townahipa "? and 10" of range 48. . Townahipa 99 and 100, ot range 49. {.and appropriated by law for the nee of aohoola, military, and other purpoaea, togethe- with the "twami and overflowed landa," will b* excluded fvmvi ?l.o - !? The offering of the ?bove lands will be oommenoed on the (lay* appointed, and will proce**! id tlie order in whioh the* are advertised, until the whole shall have t>e*n offered and the sales thus olosed ; but no sale shall tie kept open tenter than two wt'ks, and no private entry of any of the lands will be admitted until alter 'he expiration of the two we?ks. O i veil under hit hand, at the oity of Washington, this fourteenth Jay of Auiu?t, Anno l>oiuiiii one thousand eight hundred ana sixty. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Jos. 8. Wilso*. Commissioner of the General Land Offioe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the lands within the townships and parts of townships above mentioned, is roauired to es tablish the same to the satisfaction ?r the register and receiver of the proper laud offioe. and make pay inent thtrefor as soon a? practicable alter seeing ii.i* notice, and before the day appointed for the ooinmenoement of the publio sale* of tlM lands uoi , bracing tne tract claimed; otherwise sueh olaitu will be forfeited. JOS S. WILSON. Commissioner of the General Laod Ofboe. > Nor* ? Under the regulations of the department, as heretofore and now existing, no payment oan he maao for advertising proclamations exoept to such Gublishers as are ?p*t\aUv authorized to publish by le Commissioner of the General Laud Ofioe. au 20-M.wisw PIONEER STEAM MARBLE AND BROWN STONE WORKS. 1 be subscriber her* Um ?* ? ? 0 _ >VW. V IU1UI III kUC UIkl?9UI of Washington, Georgetown ana Alexandria that he hu add-<1 to hia long eatabliahed buaineaa tha r auxiliary of ataam power for aawing and uianufao turing Marble and Brown Stone Vv ork iu their va rionabranohaa, MarMe Mantela, Table an J Wi?h stand Tope, Tile. Monument*, Tomb and Head Stoma, siaia, Window Lintela, Silia, St*ee and p Platform*. Having pu-o.haaed a iargeatock ofltalian Marble in blook/rom the loweei ratoa, he feela confident of being able to fprniah Marble i Work aa low aa it oan t* purchased in New York. Philadelphia. or Baltimore. The trade an p plied with Itanan Marble m block ot a:aba at the aame I rate aa furniihed in New York, and on uoommo dating Wmi. Alao, on hand, a large supply of Pumice Stone, Water of Ayr Holo and Pollening > Poitj at New York prioea. Encourage tu? enter I priae; it will be an aoqaiaition to tlia oitj. ALEX. RUTHERFORD. Fionmr Sitam Marble and Brown Si on* Works, , Pa. a*., oor. Thirteenth at., au 21 Stn Waahinntoii, Q. C. T^HE UNION WILt. BTANi>. NO MATTER 1 \% UO'S PRESIDENT! Consequently I ahall remain in Waahiccton and oontinua to eareue rr.y occupation "f HOUSE, SIGN and ORNAMENTAL PAINTING. Gild ins in all ita branohaa. Old Glagiug promptly ai touded to. Painting and Ornamenting Cottage i Furniture in the beat atjle 1 alao, call attention to the Painting of Roofa and Driok Walla All of the above I will do aa cheap aa the ch?*n eei. i mereiora ?o!ioit the patronage of my frif?\3? ai<d fellow citizens of tha l>;*triot. Punotua.ity ' notly abeervad, and work done in the tent nian ner. 5 ou witl plenee mind your ?topj and atop at M. I PA RKLK'3 PaiutiD* Establishment, No, 33* 3 !! 53 !!! Louuiaua av , north side, between 6th and 7th st*. ... P. t>. bicus put up free af charga, u osoal. au 3: 8in WFALL DRY GOODS R Are now reoet vine a beautifn! assortment of E'ar.oy an1 staple Good* of the lateat styles, em racing a:! tho lataat importations ; each a*? Popiiue, Valour Ottomans in variety, French MonanlinM- tHmmwA U1 ' " . ?<? i uuu mud nniineu rinoi, Cloaking Clotha. Arab Cloak# in great van et> . Factor Bilk* from fio oouU to $'i, 2uu picoee Cal iooea,7roine.\f to 12X conu.Pallaud WintarSkawla in treat variety, Mouaaehnea and Plaid from 13 to ?> oast*. Valectia Engliah Mohaira and Broca SHlllea. Hooped Skirta, flouery, Glovea, Gam tlcta, iiawl bwra-'riuf. Family BiAnk?ta, bleached and rown theetinga, Toweling*, Tab.e Licona, 4#. Oar atcck is now vary complete, and otfer it on the moat aooommodnti g term*. TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. pftANCIS HARPER, FAMILY G K(5?t4V'aW^eo STORE, Cer+fr nf Hew Yerk am*ut and Tenth strut. R??peitfully aolioiu the patronage jf thoae w mar U? lu want of any artiole in Ui*a<<ovt> lint. Hia ndeavora shall be to plea**, and by i. aWiot atten tion to the wauta of the public, he hupaa to want a ahare of their patronage. I mi 1001 oonuiu uf every artioK usual It to be hfouaJ in a fiiet-olaee Faaiily Gnoery ana Feed S^e. mailt/ WE HAVE JUST \ NEW AS ortia^nt of iitemway A Sov?' over ? atmnf eerei (rand ?qnare PI s4 OH, offnBU different ?t* m, whioh are now o~> 'oubted ?I11I" different ?ty *, whioh are now qi doubted 1* the beet iMtmmenU man?> jtnred. ... eonfrJont that everybody will ir^it thta feet after a careful examination. Our ft.;- d? and the gabliq In general are reetectfeily t&.' *?Uk1 to call ai.d >odf<? 'or tbetniekvee at the wrerooma of \V. G. MKT7,KK"TT. 5 MM ?U>UOHS, COLIWJyHOA^T EN EM, Ae. COMFO USD 8YH VP jP O UM ARA BIC Tlui fleaeant and *>? ? Cvugn K?m?dy ttaa bern to long known and ?:vely u?w), th\t ?wo?t Mrrni Lav* beeom* fair-J| wit* it* exiiaordit.a ry iliavi. It o%a b? haM^ll the yrino pal dru* mm a amAMin* ix &,sgfe'gjgsjag* SrjvSj.4 rJsjffiA*" v." ; ? IKdkLKB&JNSBWBS'MlOl*. I jfersi?r?*- sfi : 1 uWUHl Bo>'Uof>rwi L>diy , Moroae* fcnd Omt 8kh? Hotut?*4 ii>8? Boouof pvcjj 4tt#oripU<Hi. kid, Hoot* ^ ,Alm*r*Vr ??W tyu and Cfcilaran BmU ud Show, at 0 J. EOSIiNTHAI.'S, Pa.WtwmlS aofl ?th it*. Mtiotr M? TO 8U1T IJOOm AMD BHO^ ton made i lptioc, tr to old at a maoh ib*rar priea ttaks'kaa baan heretofore obarged in this oity forawoh ilium. P<tm/u in nit of Boota ud stioee of tuurs or pity mails work, will alvayannda aood aaaortmen in store and at the lovMt priom, (me ns tea!'. griffin a BRO., m*-f >14 peaneylvaoia avenae. Five hundrhd traveling trunks arrived thia da/, enibraoinc all ?nali-* (? tie* and aixea of Sole Leather, laaiee'htl'il l>rcn aad Paokinc Trunk*. Oar trunk^ ** ^ea room e* hi bit* at thia time the g reateat variety traveling re^uiaitee at moderate ppeee. to be found Uu a aide of Nev V ork. Aieo.even deeorip fiuCKi {j^old Trunka repaired or taken in exchange for nev ones. WALL, btejphkn8 a CO. _ rank Stelee Room, mar m-tf >9'i Pa. aveaaa. southern TRUNK manufactory. 0 49V Tth Snnt, Upporitt Odd Folate* Hail, D. C. traveiera will atudjr their lntercata by exaaunin my TRUNKS. VALICES Ao , before pur. oiiaalna elaewere As I ua* none but the material than me arumim ? ??* ?1 ? ? ?UU UIOI ??% WIV1 UB BXiU viopiuy - the beet w#rkm?n, I can oonfidentiy rooominend my work to be superior in Strtn$tk and Durability to Trunk* that arc made in other citie* and auld tiere. i kMp constantly on band, an J make to order ton one wook's uoUoe) every daecriptieu of SOLE LEATHER. IKON FRAME FRENCH DRESS **A WOOl> BOX TRUNKS: ASHLAND ami otk? rALlCBS; TRATRLING BAGS; HAR NESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, ? ?., ft. Trunks, Ac., Repaired and Covered, in a work manlike manner, at short colics Trunki. delivered in any part of tue oity, George town, or Alexandria. \ls<>? Agent for Howa'a oele!>rated FAMILY HKWIN6 MACHINES, de 14-1* JAMKH 8. TOPHAM. TEATElihits' IHUECTORY. |\A1I,Y LINK OF NEW FOUR-HORSE U COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO'. Carrvnif tkt u. S. Matt. The nndersign-d are now running Daily, (except Sundav.) Four horee Coachee be-, tweon Washington and Upper Marl boro', as follow*: Leave the Steamboat Hotel, corner of Seveutt street and Pa. at7o'ol?ok a. m. Returning 1 Upper Marlboro'at 11 o'clock a m.,ar.<1 arrive in Washington at 3o'eloek, in tune to connect with tlie SJn p. in. t am for Baltimore. The Coaches are new and ootnmodiou*, the teams first-class iu the hands of careful and accommodat ing driver*. Fare to Upper Marlboro... jn cent*. To Long Old Fieid*. 25 " ToUente.-Tille. .38 M Freight and package* in proportion. au u II OS BORN * CO . Proprietor*. B ALTIMORE AND OHIO RAM,FOAI>. WASHINGTON BKAXCH. Cuimio* Hock*. ON AND AFTKR WEDNESDAY, J ana 13th, 18??, traiiif will rnn as follow*: Leave Washington at 6 SO and 7.4n a. m. Leave Washmrtoa at 3-30 aad 6jn p. an. On Hmtdar at S ? p. m. L^ave Haltimor* at 4.25 and S.40 a. m. Ij<?av9 Baltimore at 3.15 and 4J0 p, in. On hundar at 4 25 a. iu. Paaeengera for the Kaat will take trains at 6J0 and7.40a. m and Stop. m. For the Weet at 7.40a. in. and 3.1ft p. m. F<ir Anaapolia at 7.40 a m and 3J0 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday evenini theSJO p. m. tram com to Philadelphia only. ie 13-d T H. PARDONS, Agent. NEW ORLEANS WITH TBI CJIOICB OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orang* and Al*x*ndria Railroad TO LYNCHBUK0: Virgrma and Tentlessee. Bast TVmwwM ai\A Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashvtlle and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mvssisstjnri Central, New Orleans and Jaekeon, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPhTjTrOUTE: Maaphia br Ra.l, thenoe by ri:et olui Paoketa to Nr? Ortetu. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montfuaaery bj itni. tliosoe to Mobile by Firat ol&a* Paoketa, MoLi.e to New Orieana by Lake Ste&nier* TWO DAILY TRAINS?Scrdatb Ikcludis, Leave Waahtnften at 6 a. m aad 6 p. at. T he Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her wharf foot of Seventh street at 6J< a. ni. and 6j< p. m. and oonneoU at Alexandria with the Orauge and Alex andria Traiaa for the Sonthweat Offioe?Pennay lvauia avenue, oorner of 8ixth at. liMMi cnoni rnaouoH to ?w oiuai*. Lynoh'jurt #7 3<> jinatoL.? 15 Of Kuoxeille . .8000 CLaUaaooca Stoo Daiton... 34 00 Hnntaville .27 uo Grand JuuOtion *' 00 Naauville 25 to Memphis Atlanta _ Maooc Coluniboe Moatcumerr 38 <0 J viaMeutvhia^ 50 N.O.J vi* G. Ji^no .ii 50 S via Mobile.. *6 uO THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and ia 800 MILES SUORTEHyknd 'J4 HOURS LE88 than any otiier l/ime?the I,yn"hbnnt E*t*n*|vfc being now oomaleted, aa alao the Miaaiaaippi Centra), makinr it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE si/i w> gimirp p m ?io iwht ? ? ?? ? wTl/li 01/W4/IAAXV i Ail ' ALJl /tO It is provided with Fuktolaaa tSleepinx Car*! !To New Orlaana >..79 Hours. lafe^EEH fc rn-TUfl r. 8. MAIL ami ADAMS' GXPRK88 are l&ken orar this Kaw Liaa. Tiokata can baobt&insd at the South We?t*rn Office, corner \J Sixth ctreet and Pennsylvania av ?i. uo, to the following poiutc. Lt no knur j, Brtntol, Knoxr'-'Je, Atlanta, ChattAD*oka. llunUTille, Grand Junction, Maoon, Naahytlle, Dal ton. Colnrobns, *a*aVk^$$pKAiiS"9*1*%a,i Try THROUGH TICKETS TO THW VA RIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. ny Oir,nibuaee and Uxccace VVato&a leave the offioo at 6 a. in. uid 8 i>. in. JAMBA A. EVANS, Tiokat Acect, ma 23 tr Corner Sixth at. and Pa. a*. NATH'L B LUCIAN 8. PA6E, Proprietor. OUSH. Ag't, Alexandria. feJu ICS! <MTI timore, u fol ? PACKET LINE BE Eeave^onP. The St Nichol*? *VW7 WEDNESDAY, at6 p. . Columbia, every SATURDAY, at 6 p. na W.eave Kiler'a WharEatUie foot of 11th street ashing ton, as follows: Coldkbja, every WEDNESDAY MORNING, at& Si. Nicholas.every SaTLRl>AY,attia. m. Af.ot, Riley's Wharf, at the foot at mar 16-TATflm 11th it, Washington WO A S FIXTURES, E Have m store, and are dai.y reoemng, 9AS FIXTURES of entirely New Patterns and Designs ana Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore otfered in this market. We invite oitixens general If to oall and examine our stock or Gas and Water Fixtures, feeling oonfident that we have the best seleoted stock in Washington. All Work in the above Tine intrusted to oar etrf will be promptly attended to, MYERS h MoGHAN. 5-tf 37* D street. LET MO WALSM DMLMCT PRKTWMT. APPLY IMMEP ATBLY. A OURM WARRANTED. OR MO CMAAME, 11r FROM OMR TO TWO DAY*. fcH H efciB, AtHuwM#*# Umi. I?IU m Iwm UkMi Ttmklt DwtHin umi( Km IdHu; likui ?d Tn^-ikm DrwOU u?d DiauMuta PrutttM vkitk ra? in Marmf i uapM^kW, *' Mcnt tan l*d; ut Hh( Tone mki epeeltlit vto kt't ki??? i>> mtfi rf ?Hory Vim, ikti Imml ?nd <hvmu>i k?kit vbUfc tuttlh iMtpi a* 40 uumlr |n*a Uaa?a?.4 da ?(Taiu( Mm *f IU mm ?? 4ltad ttlama cod knlUat iiuliatCvk* aai.f4i aUirtua k??a strut*d Uaiaturlmui nkBailaMaN af titfwtu ia *>ka4 u laaui; tkt drta* lfr?, aa? mU Vttfc NJaa^ mmii rutOH Ttu(M>^?iia^a>( r!t?a, kaitf twtra tf Mftiwl ?M>aM, a<(ul< <akUk|. tawtviittaa, ft*., apaadnr tarad a *M tU(M kiaaaaalf iaiai tka Mr* ti Da. 1. m> riHft id; attUa aa kta katai u 4 (iMjaau ud mUaaUf M) tfM haa afcall u 4 fh;U4i&4. orrwit * . t *o?t? rafcOK&Jctrr&sKT, lafl kaaid 4lda rainf fram (irat-L, 4 I* v i4aH (Ma tka wrjar ful uat wakaartt 44144 ud taakai. kauaa mat ka fild (jad Mkltli 4 tump. DL JUMEfTJE, Mtaktn aft* a Eayal CaUaf* afl*rf*aa<, Laa.Ua, (HiM IM ana *f Ik* bm( inuitl UailifM la ?k* Su.lad IkM, aud Ik* (mill part W wkaa* 111* l>u ha* a apaai ta |H k? iiuli t! Laud an. Pan*, PfeUadalBfcia u< iliittin,kaa if r*ct*<l two* af tea Bast utaciakiaf car** thai v*i* I'U knavn; auf traaklad vilk ii?(ni u< id* kaad tad ILN vb*a tai**p; (rut aimmia, k*Ur alarm** *t iiitM mm da, wMm wMfc fraoaaat HaaVnf, au*od*d nai Haw vttk d**anf aiaaai af wad. war* aarad iiaaudtel*!*. TAU PAEYtCSkAB. HOTICB. Tni( Man and ath*r* ?ba ha** utjara* ia*iaa*ii?a ?f anuu pracuca .odmlfad in w**o alaa* ?a kaku traqaiatly l**rn*d fraan **tl caiapaaiaaa, a* at *<haat, lb* afaaia a4 vklch *r* alffctly f*tt **ao wkaa aalaap, and tf nat *ar*d. r*od*r* iBtrrutf? lmpaaaikl*. tad d**L*ay* katk and IM bad*, *^aaiu apply imuadiataf*. TbM* *r* *aui* oftb* tad aad Bi'.uMkalj *l*eu ? raja* ad kj *arlr baklta ut Ta?-ii *i?: Vi.l;an afika >** aad lliate, rain* in tha Maad, ptuwaaa aI f U. Laaa W Maaaalai Pawar, Ptlpnida* af tk* **ri,Urap*pav. NlrtM* Irntakil i;,l)*r>a|Hi.ut*lth* l>ijaau?* Jraacuaaa, Saatral Uahtltiy, yuiptem* of f^auaaai^tiati, 4c. MkNTALLY.?Tt>* f**xf?l Iftiuao tk* Bladtn aaitl* k* dr*4d*d?L*m <f M*a?7, Utafidi* (H*>*, D?pr**aia afSpinu, K*il, A**r?*aaftaciair, alfDiatra*, La** af Salted*, Timidity, *i*.,a(i aaaa* af ?ka a?Ua fm NKKTOM DIHIJTT.-TktMuii tu aavjadf* ?tet la tk* aaaa* af :kait d*trtainf haatU, iaaiar tfcur *ifat, l* amuif vaak, pat*. L*r*aaa and aaaata'.td,Vaaiaf a ala fatal ipp?ajam? akaat iti ay**, aaafti ari;ap?M**f Maaiafda* DUIAIU Of IM PRC DEUCE. fiat tk* taiaf aid*d aad iicpradcat ratary af ptaaaw* la A* ka ha* imMkad it* ***da af tkia painfal diaaaaa, 1: taa aflaa ltr"? tka^aa lU-tlaad **n*? af *kan* ar draad of diacaaary ?.var? nun una * u> l?o?? *M, IrM ada'atiaa and raapacukulny, e*? ium bafrlati Mm. H< fell* tat* U* baoda af ifnorut aud >?Ua4tn, wbt. ItttftMi af cinnj. Ilch hi? paeamary ?V?iajica. kaap bin inftaa anth *ft?r aaamh, aria lanf aitht FucukoC tauiad, ?nd ia duptit lull btai will raaid baalm ia iM a?ar bit jwlUiif ar by lb* aaa wtfbat daij!? pataan, Marcary, baaiaa it* aaoauiaaiaeal ifUHMi mi Ikte tarritla diaaaaa, aacb u Affactiam ?t U>? Mori. Tfcraat, Waaa, kin.Ac., praaraaatec aritb friffctfcl rapMtty, till daub paiat Sriad ia bia draadfal wlirmn b? biai ta tkti aa iM'irid caaouy fram wbaaa ihrm aa trarala* niaiw. atica**rad caaciry frata i ML JOinOVIIIUIIDY rORORGASHCWEAUIUl AMD IMrvTKJHJT. ; U!i (IIU u< laptclut raiaady viUaaaa ( ui MrtM in ?pa?d y earad md WI ?i jar raatarad Tbaaaaada rfUa aait atrvaeaaad dabiiitatad, vba bad iaat all bapa, btn kaati ImraaAiaialy raliaaad. All liapadimaaia ta Kunifl. PtyMul a* Mtafcl IHtiiib l?atiati?, Un af Pracraallra Pawar, IwrMi ImuMlkt i at IiUateai aftki bmi him Traaabhnftnd Waafcuaaai klad apaaadfly earad. nnoutMurr op rat pkem. TIB MANY THOUSAND* eartd attbta .a.utatlaa ?1UU U? laat aarinuu run, aad tha aanaraaa lafMUal (up al apara liana parfarmad by Of. Jahaaaa, vrtaaaaad by tka rayarun af tb* papara ud masy auai aaraaat, aa-.iaaa ad vhieb bara immad ifilr mid afaia banra Ua pallia, ba atdaa biiKudBf aa a faaOatur af Uarwur aaa laniid ?UUy, la a aalataai (tuaaiaa *a tba aJUataS. Ha m-\j Dr. j. bovee dod'b IMPERIAL WINS BITTBUS, A re now bei&g ?td iron to tba frreat gait Lake, ani the universal verdict of all who in ttiem either as a wtttiai or M A l?e?r?r?, ia UiAt fcfcev are unMMd is the world. Dr. Dod? t?ed them ?uoo*sifsi]y ia hie eraetiee for K years before we puroiased olcim the sole rif ht to manobotcre and preeeut tLe:a for eale to tae mi bit*. For the oare of Incipient Co&iiufi>Uoa, Indiceauoa. l>yt pepsia, Piles, Nervoua Dia*?ues. FuruA.e Com plaints, aad aJl oa*es resumnt a toaio, Uey are ba Su ond <Joobt a most Invaluable remecy. Aaide froa ieir uediciE^l prc^ertie* they are a pure, whole - ? prwiuciBf an ue pia&s&ut exhilorauui edeota ol grand? or Win* without their lunriona resuiu. I el nil friend* of humaMty and all aJvooa'.et oa In aul,atitnin* for the with vkitk tto aid <a t*Ui*ampf Dieeaeeand Drocfc* ^C^A^LES WiDDIKJKLD * CO IMpS K J j?<Oj5't ffrFzHX, For Dteetaee of tae Kidbeja, Bladder and Unotn Organa, and eapeciaily fur Female ObetrwoGofs, never fail to oure, nod arc warranted to (in eaUa *$f&kLn WIDDIFIELD * CO.. Fropnetora, T& Willi am JaT ly.T Afect. Waahingti.c. D. C. j?y APPLY REMEDY REJOICE Yn HEALTH, Hlftnd, do joa ?utf?r? Are 10a the rtettn of uty LO?e nnmerou* ai.menia vl.ou ariee iron ijb aurity of the blood? What are t her, do job aak? Rather aa^. what are they not t The blood la the eouroe of lile aud health, ud it te tee firat element of our being to rvkpo .a to an/ oaue* wkioh afeote th? gyntoin, aa tae poiee tnmaiblr atteaU The ever airmailing Neuralgia, lite irritating Kryetpeiae, the aubtle Scrofula, the agonizing Khetm.aUaB, ISer roii DeUli'j. Drapers* Liver Complaint with ita Kraor and dejection, ai.d the ntunberleaa ill* tkLt so ia heir to, derive iheir kldeoae origin from the blood. Deal kiudiv tUaa ana Mntlw wtrt. Una Ik* vitalizing rN.uoM of aatare for it* aid. asd iuff? uk to oouiinoud to your confidence ud lit that truly valuable inedioatnaut kuown m jtf/is. ir cox's IXDUN TEG STABLE DECOCTION. With regard to tail Rim--it infallible scecifte popular sentiment bas spoken in decided ttmu, and the tvidHwi of this great eficauy arc tu Sidm by oouktaiit avowals oleu rati ve feels aad happiest result* from it* om ar* aft?r a!i v?U*r ramMiM and the bant mauioal skill bav* failed. L*t cs say. in oounlusion, tb*t oari;?o*ia? en rat arc not sought from tha ilHt?rats ac<1 stfaar fceial, but they ara vol*nUered from tb* to' at ra spertabl* sources an4 justify tha highest Um la which it i* poesible to eom?n*nd ae vaJ sable a speoifie to puolio appreval. We may aad also that the ourative proparlieaofthe uirdioia* areola ailed only by it* restorative effect*. die st?t??n reoover inr from disease with renewed Jbmtttut'nnal vigor. For sale by all respectable Druggist* la this city, and by tb* proprietor, MKK. M COX, >on* genuine uiiIms her name ia b.owa oa Ilk* bolt's and her seal on tlie oork fl~y ?*rioe A1 per bottle, six bottlee for MS. Wholesale Agent. R. *. T. CI8SKL. Brrjfria*, Georcetown, 0 C., Wholmla A*er.t for the 1Mb knot, and will aupply the trade at ray prieea. Ml?V 279 t'SSSSmu 206 Pa. A vs., FOREIGN FRUIT*. P^Ara, klUUUKi. CONFECTIONS, wiumvftkM*L Sec leare to ca.the attrition of ua frlocds u* e cubuc teoerallr to hu New htore, under Wll lariT* Hotel, juat opened, ta ooa/iexion with hi* old Mtabliaament, where ae wui be kappy to re ceive ar.r ordera for aaporior CatJiBouaca ofkiaowa Urportabon. Ale?, all ordera for Dtnwra, Bappera, Dai's, im Erival* Fat nee. whieh wil! be aarred np la his id utfbie at^ln, yiUi the uaajroiiylnwa and die- I iMsn *i?dh m dm muwvi ihnvii. net T W*. T. DOVE A OO. ARE Nov pri>?* M to oxeeata any order* *ltk F1TT.N. ET 8tor? on 9th atr*et, a far doora north of Pa. p?&?iftsnggwfea ajy?Kj tilled, mad# by Uta moat raliab'a <haUller? io Paon jlvaaia. Mar? l*nd and Virginia, nrttaM hn> Alao, Imports! Rrandiea, Hinnam, Otard, Dupay Croii Rim, ar.d Winoa off>v?rr Tariaty, aliol a?14-1 y ?*? Pa aT? tehar.Wb aj?d tin* aU. F DIRECT IMPORTATION. RENC4 LETTER AND NOTil PAPER.? Juat imported from Franca a la'ce and ooas plate aaaortmeut of fine Letter ud Note Puara, trora the celebiated Mi la of Ltroahe, J oobert, D? marque, Laoroix ft Co.,at Anpouleme. BLANCIIARD ? MOHl'N, a?W Corner 11U at. aud Pa. a? 4L K! XX ALE AND XXX ALE!.' ? K'4?.^?-ffi^5is8K^Aaw ERY. TM| Ala la mad a from malt and bo?? ooii and cannot nail te rive nCrt aaQcfkotlaa Yo mot camera. C. COLIN EAU .Proprietor of Ue Wi-lt Waafchi wnurlaiJlwt ata ewe i 1.1. b u ilip jt ~ ZiD jackson, plasterers, Pntii. artni, iitlm4hu?c;nu. h> u iupont'8 OVNPOWI .ASavsras,t!ne?p,^ss,.7'jsw; LiM. oij.n o? ?)? b. r>l "ii uowh1t. wmimloll. i?. u. ti000 "10htchk*p uohti PA?aff?? ?^^*bl""t ! eunpowdbk, u?.wtil tAKU, VJ d. MVN&OiS KM rvtar?r*l ood bit tiolMivi. Ufiioe MmI ft. 4oS E et. Unrd aoor rut of Sixth Ir, addition t ' twji u'ktr ippivrwl !;!(, l)t. M _ tooth on T?loaait? Bim for tW? laet lb m reors, Mil, from oxjM>rier?oe, ko?*? it UMli oH ntMri. ard ie on* fbird i?m ib prtoe than goto. 1Mb ed eatrone >( WMbiuhw, Ainmm. ?>4 low * r?' r?otf?ll> BOUOlt?j 11 ca.1. ktS Wlf D DENTAL NOTICK. " R. LOOM it> HmoImW hi* oftoe forth# bob, im will bo fcbeeiit, a* atuai, daring the iu? mor aiootkf ; wi.j rNime practice abnat th.- Ut ?f Ootol>er. of vtiiok faith or notice will be giva*. Jy ^ DliNTIHTEY. <LS, after a trteUut toot of tvo yoaro itf cocSoonoe roooiu ifor liisortli J toocV It ku n* klniiiWM ur**1"' I. bMMtf , BM eOea+ueea. Pu ! KB inserted for $H~ VbtUaHb proportU u. It rt. btbdbb. Mi 1il1Wi.11M.Mhi AVt STOCK IS ALWAYS COMPLETE OF " " tbe eoehrated Ctiekertttf A Soce' bh ?_ foil! u1 silver m<wio.a Bt th# aifTert ot IB ths United SfB>B for the npviorltj of tbrtr Piai.oa over b I other makero. Tnoir PlUfs are bettor, their fi ioob bb low. their term* of poyiof bb eojy, t eir diaoounU for oaah greater thaa oaf od ors. 0*11 aod Bee for yourself JOHN P. El LIB, BB ? 30fi Fa. By., h-t ?<>. Bad lfttb BtB. (J OWE*S 1MPKO V KU W IkMiHINti SCALJ?9 El Those Soa ea are oderoJ to Ue puUtc as UtO moet up pie* dcrabie, and reliaUe eoaisssvsr ?*: <b bob. First olasa sronwnina bore oooo aw*ruoJ t ? Cj&i: ^ "EL? b.ij-b?J Vjru^^j Ac-^poitf:m * ? !run FTNilin (natittit* Fi6,r?BU?Tinm?;N?ir Y?it MfctaTkii; Vermont But* ftir, Jto., to. Ii nan mm tkort ohibitW tk?r an rooa.vod feral olaaa ^ViESJc?**"* 'T*cu^IWo10- ^ < !*-! ? O PATTIPOI. Ar*ri UfAIMttN?TON BtWi.Ni JiOOMt*. IT ID* ilk 11., mm tMTI N0ttk /> . 4m. ttOttBMtOfOt 8PI SaVl ?fe4K.*ggaeaK MMtT MUkM. )Ri' tloi aaarl $1 MMK.K ib*f ia *r* i M t) i TOT OTtf lue llie_Fleces! it metUmti will Mrpw, ma < ? waiirarWafarf / vuMat, it ia vary <i?wir%t!e to ter? aoiet aheap ted oonvajumit iu for ra^ainc* Furniture, Tuya, Crockary, fco. IPlLDIItfit PREPARED GLf* ??I1 auott oaiarf anciaa. tod uo houaehold eon to b* withoat it. It ia ftiv&ra r?ady i?fl ap to the aUcktn< ^oitit. Tiirra i? no ionfor a?o?a lty for inaptac ohojra,ap.inter*4 mora. baa*'*** mTj, mci4 Wok an orMlM. It ia i?at tta ar&oia for ooaa, ilw . tbd ctitor oruarot>r.t*< work, ao with lMi??a of rafcnaroant aa<! t&ata. It MOf M MM IB Ut M dmbi natlf sora odhaaiva. M U8MPVL IN MTERY HOUSE." Pat M tot Wktlt?ii Dtrtt, No. 48 Cadar troot, Ne* Twi IENET c7t?PALO'\Q * CO., Bos No. 3,fc40, Nov York. la Otm ooctaiBing For. _ ??aitooiitiivl l.itiiucmr'j I aoooatpacyinz *&ch >aclac?. ETA alula bottla of SPALIilSGS MW PARED OLUE will aa*a t?c l.TuM iu ???t aa aaaJir W ovary hoa?hold n 9oM bf all troBiiRest 0taCoo?ix Drnnitta. Hardwnre aad rarnltara I)?*l?r?, Srooara, MM thmr IlfL It wih itaad any climtu. f? lu-Jf bit im wi *%o*t m m m CAUTION. PUROMSERJ SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO 6EE THAT IT IS jwcmwih WITH THE SIGNATURE Of : i ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE; AN IMITATION AM A CQUNTERFCir OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJJALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 18 SWH V1L1UM SI NEW YDRL ton SALS IN WASHINGTON BY .?i. m AW uni'? M. ? '? rvn tr. [REEMAN Jj SIMP^HS

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