Newspaper of Evening Star, October 16, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 16, 1860 Page 2
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< '?'* f ;i ete THE EVENING STAR. .? .?? i_. W 'u^fKOTUK c;iTT TCtS'UT Oct*fc?r 16, 1M?. ftpirtt el uc **r??? The Ctmtitutton trra'fl upon '-Mr ^ ?BP?y lo Fsaroll Hal'J? and, In another articlo. compares tUc articles of ton* of the Douglas organ* on the )?U Ptate elertioaa 'o Nor? addling wblle Rum wa? horning. {,? TW htUthgmtff notes "the attempt made by a few democratic pr?-M i to arouse "Masonic" prejudice* aftlcX Mr. Krerett because ha wm sa Antl-Ma*>n" t*rentjr-fl?e or thirty years ago,"'.-, and suggests that aonte of the loading democrats engaged in the present campaign are la tba samo rsw^ory. ^ ^ Fillxobi o!f tii Stump ? tli-Presldant Fill more Is to speak at Memphis, Tenn , th>? month. irr At Rothrilie. Connfrtirnt. amm nii/ht laat week, the Wide Awskfi paraded in M>liqno lines, bearing oue of UmIx members In procession on a nil. T?* Usnrnsirv ot Viaotvra ? Up to Taeaday evening laat, 600 student* bad obtained from the ebalrman of the faculty perm laat on to matriculate. Thia is a larger number than at a corresponding period of last aeasion Tn?9rivivoa? of tb* Rkvolbtiosabt Amy. A lata letter frois the L' S Conanolaaloner of Pen sions aay? there are now bat eighty-nine lurvlvora of the Army uf the Revolution whose names were plaerd upon the rolls for penaiona. IEr l>r K. A. MunseU, formerly of Uartford, Connecticut, wai treated last week to a coat of tar and featuera and a ride on a Republican ateed at Roekf ille, Connecticut, for the alleged abuae of female patients while under the influence of chloroform The tarring and featnering waa per petrated i n open daylight. VZT" At the Saturday aeasion of the Virginia Old School Preabyteriaa Synod, at Lynchburg, the Board of Publication ren->rt/?ri that In ?H? lHUf of Hymn Book* thera was a saving to Ute Cborcb of firtO.UflO annually, and that ?he Col porteurs were employed actively. No Law to Prxi?H Mibdeb ?The New Yoik Court of Appeals, the court of final resort in that ?tate, has pronounced a declaion declaring there la no law in the State for punishing murder in ikt Jlrtt dtgre* at all. The law of last winter having abolished the only statute which defint d the mode of punishment, no court or other tribunal bus any right to prescribe that tucde. Persaaal Hon. O K Somes, of Maine, Is at the Na tional. Hon. \V. G. White ley, of Delaware, is at Klrkwood'a. The New York Tribune Intimates that Mort. n McMlcbael. editor of the Philadelphia North American, will probably be elected I*. S Hem lor in place of Mr B ijiler. Got Johii Letcher, of Va . and staff, Col 9 H Parker. MaJ J S Calvert, tien O (j Clay, and R J. Owen, arrived in this city yester day, en route for borne, after a tour of inspectloa over the Baltimore andObio Railroad, and left in the Aquia Creek line, at 8 30 p m. They stopped at Brown's while here. Mr L. B Valliant, of Mississippi, on yes terday resigned hia pusiton in the General Land Oftce. sad will return to bis native State and re rjme the practice of his profession. His many friends ana acquaintances will deeply regret his departure, and their beat wishes for his success -will accompany blin to his distant Ujme in the sunny south - The N. Y Post says that Fanny White, whose name haa been widely known in police and Klitical ct'Cles for above tweaty years, was found ad In her bed on Friday last. She had in&de a fortune as procure#* and keeper of Louses of bad repute, and rumor say* tb?t more than one politi cal man wti stated in life under her auspices. There is a report thst ahe came to b~r death by poison, bvit of this nothing has been ascertained ?he resided at No. M West Thirty-fourth street, lived la styls, and Is said to have left a fortune of S50.U00 ? The Duke of Newcastle, who attends the Prine* of Wales, in his early manhood, when Earl of Lincoln, married Lady fusaa Harriet, sister of the Cuke of Hamilton and Brandon. But tb? Inconstant one took it into her head one day to elope with a handsome officer of the Guards, leaving children, husband, and the prospective rank of a Duchess in her infatuation Lord Lin coln obtained a divorce, and plunged more ac tively than ever Into political life, and has ever since remained single, dividing bis affectlou be tween his country and hia children. Msstcaw Niw* ?By the late Mexican news It seems that the commander of the Liberal forces in the vicinity of the capital?Ortega?instead of attacking Mlraxnon directly, has resolvtd to make a movement against Guadalajara, occupied by Castillo with only four or tlve thousand men To iuvtc ma aiui y, cvmivwu^ Ul SOOUI QlPQ, required more money tuan the Liberal coflVrs could aiTrd, and to provider the mvani (Jen. De golLado seized a conduct* with #1,0 O.lAAl In a manifesto expUiuin*; his motires for the aeizu e. DegoLUdo alleges that Lie baa been In licenced olely bv a desire to bring to an Immediate end the struggle which baa ao long been ainUting the country It is proposed to overcome all oppositioa at Guadalajara by an overwhelming f. rce, and tbeu, all opposition outaide being put at feat, to prosecute the attempt on the capital with vigor Tbe foreign Ministers were very ouay with offers ot mediation. TIE Pittsbchg Boxd Casks ? I he Citv Coun cil of Pittsburg Lave at laat concluded that fur ther rtaiatam-e U> the detreea of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania was useless. Yesterday mornii g lixed hy the Supreme Court, at Pittsburg, for the bearing of the motions for the attachment in tLe nandainus cases against a part of Counriia. and next Monday was appointed for aeotenc'ng ttoae members of the Council who were ain-adv 1n contempt. The Councils, hew ever, concluded it not altogether safe to trifle with the Court auy longer, and ac^ordinirlv both branches pa?s~d the ordinance on last Thursday night, levying a tax of four and a quarter mills on the dollar, to the Interest due on their sub scription to the Ctartiers Valley Railroad There attendance and much Interest was manifested The vote in Common Council was Sixteen ayes to seven noes. Natal ?A letter written on hoard the United States sloop-of war Paw nee at Warrington, Navy Yard, Florida, oo the 6th of October, give* a dis mal account of the characteristics of this new vrs >1 Notwithstanding changes made In the dis Ejsition of her armament by Commander Harts ne, she still rolls so greatly as to be neither safe nar agreeaMe s* a bost, whilst she Is so deficient In ventllstion below that even on the short trip from Philadelphia to Florida the firemen and coal engrrs were so exhausted that had the voyage prolonged It would have become necessary to stop the use of one of the bollers The ther mometer in the fire room ranged from lib! to 130 degrees, and was nearly np to that In the engine room Our correspondent thinks that It would be found necessary to continue the trip to Vera Crux with on? boiler. At the dste of the letter, Minister McUne had not arrived at Peuaacoia. BaLIimobkto Pcsmish Visgisia with Aimi The Rlcfctnond hnquire asys that Msj Sparkt-s, r.t U...I11 - K?.1 '* . u.muarm* rectory, In Bal timore. <* ? before tbe Virginia Commissioners for tbe Htate, negotiating a contract to apply Merrill's breech-loading attachment to ten thousand of the beat muakeU In tbe Richmond armory. He screed to do tbe work for 10 a piece Tbe Major exhibited a L'nlt?*d flates musket, altered la tbe manner In which br proposes to alter the muskets la the araory. and It was un hesitatingly pronounced a no est effective and reli able weapon. Col. Smith, one of the Commla 1 oners, will visit Baltimore on Tuesday. when la all probability a contract will be closed with tba Messrs Merrill. RKPOBTBD IS1CBT TO TBI QBBAT F.ASTBB5 ? The Carxqartbm Weekly Reporter says: "We regret to state that the inapector of the Board of Trade has be-?o obliged to suspend the certificate of the Great Eastern. and she will not be allowed to proceed on ber confe-m plated voyage to America or elsewhere It Is reported that the main aile of kgf screw baa sunk; and there are other serloii* oerrcia. WDicn win reoutre a couldoable outlay of money to make good, and there U ever? proba fclUty of lb* greatahip wintering on the gridiron " l>orK[.Ai Comae S*ocr? ?The following pro. gramme of >lr llouglaa' future uiovuntnu i? p?b lkabed on authority: .VI em ph la, Teiui , Wednes day, ?4th; Tiuntavllle, Ala , Thoradey, 25tb: .Nashville, Teua . Friday, JCth, ChatUncoga. t*itnrday. 27tb ; Kingston. Ga . Monday, -HAL, Atlanta. Tuesday. 3U(b; Macoa, Wednt-sdaijr, 91*; Columbus. Thursday, November let; Montgom ery, Ala .Friday.lid, Saturday, 3d; MoT) lie. Monday, Mb. I'uruaiTV or tbi feoCTB? Lmyimg of tkt Cjrmrr |iM< ?The coiner atone of the I'nl veraity of the S?uth w.s laid at I'aiveraity Piece, on the Caraberiaod Mountain (Tenn .) ea Wednesday, the lUth In the eceseacoof ft.OUO person* Bishops fporn Bine Hoetfaern gutee were la attendance, with aumher of theCtergr from adtateace. The oratlea, hy Ced John 8 rreston, of South Caroli na, wnooeof the wast lospreesnre ever delivered ASHING TON KIWI AND OOMIP. j 'j A la Usrii!c?!"-Ofr win his Hbad!? So Mitch roe Bcckiiuhih'?It aeemt that the " ?fflerlnga" of the worthy patriot vbo oompoee the Democratic Jackson Aaaociation again "fa In tolerable, " and that, to get relief for the time being, lnat night they retorted to their old expe dient of voting the editor of the Star out of their ratks. which, experience haa long ftnee taught them, la the aurest eacape-vaO* for t^C over teed | of apleen and very bad whisky too many of them | carry upon their stomachs in time* at exciting as i the present. As ere the division of the society, whee-Asgruetied with the Sier'i truthful reports ?f tbelr own comical antics cut up In Coomtie's Hall, they have again essayed to punish the Star for being a newspaper, Instead of a tin pan tied to their awn toll, by passing a resolution valiantly expunging Its editor's name from the roll! An Individual generally known as Lam Cooper, ttof gassiest fellow In all the town, whilom the wiry lamp-lighter employed to make dark ness invisible in Washington o' moonless nights, was the patriot who on this, as on a former occa sion, volunteered to raise the cry of 44 A la Lantorne:" On the former occasion the grievance was really on account of onr declension to make the Star an advocate of Cerret's election to the Mayoralty. On this occasion the grievance Is because the Star steadily adheres to ita speciality of being a news paper, and provokingly publisher as fuli, grapbie and truthful reports of the doings of the Bell, Dfcuglas. and Lincoln parties here, s of the Breck inridge party; and. beside*, persistently adheres to its custom of publishing all the advertisements of all the parties at its usual iidvetising rate* As there are some persons of character as well as reputation for poetesalng a fair share of common sense now members of the Democratic Jack<on Association, we regret that It Is controlled by in. diyiduals of the stau>p and caliber of Lum Cooper. To be of any service whatever, to the good cause It is designed to aid, others thin ut terly ignorant men who exist only upon the meanest offices obtainable by persistently mid dling in a small way with politics, should be tti?e whose counsels it follows This same Individual (called Lum Cooper) is now a small officeholder under the Corporation, Mid when the members of the convention to nom inate a Democratic candidate for Mayor of Wash ington were last eler ted, he was said to have d.s ncissed from the Corporation employment under Ulii; *we sevenU-en duy laborer!, far the sin of hiving voted in the prlutnry election for Demo crats to represent the Sixth Ward, in favor of nom inating a candidate other than the person from whom he held his own place We mention the fact that ail Democrats may comprehend the man ner of Democratic politicians into whose hands the Democratic Jackson Association seem to have placed the direction i f their efl'.tlrs; proving th-it as foolishly as they notoriously managed matters cit IUC uiai upuuu Ui iiir Uliyuiai AHUt'ldliUQ, liltfy bare since been going from bad to worse. Doiao it cr Brown.?Mr. Douglas baa duly bunted through Maine, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Ohio, in search of his venerable mother, canvassing those States thoroughly by the way, In his quite as eager search for the Pres idency. His journals and orators have "dinged" in o the Southern popular ear the alleged feet of his intense popularity throughout those and all the rest of the uoo-slaveholding States, until thousands of honest Southern democrat* came to believe their stories in that connection. That those stories were but a bundle cf false pre tences. as iirpi dent as bis (Mr. D.'s) own pre tensions of popular strength, Is rrade so manifest by the result of the fall elections, as that none but natural born fools can be taken in longer by such misrepresentations of the truth. ?? Col I,a*drr?This distinguished gentleman, so we 1 known through his efficient services as chief of one of the Government wagon road ex peditions. is upon the stump for Breckinridge 1 t I ? ? ? - ? - mi Lane in ^aniornia, doing valuable service to thtlr cause Indeed. We learn from California pap-rs tLat he delivered one of the ablest speeches of tUe ranvaxs not long since at Sacramento, to an immense audience, attracted by his fame. .? litmus?Hon Howell Cobb, Secretary of the Treasury, has returned from a recent visit to Georgia, and resumed the duties of his official position. The Wkatuis.?Ttie following report of the weather for the morning Is made from the Amer ?aa Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smlth ir.nlan Institution. The time of observation !s about 7 o'clock. October 16. 1860. Durllngton, Vt clear. 35?, wind SE New lurk, ft Y clear, pleasant. Baltimore. Md clear, cold Washington. D. C clear, wind W Richmond, Va. oil?. ? Petersburg, Va clear, SI1. Norfolk, Va clear, 54Z3. Raleigh, N. C clear, 59?. Wilmington, N. C clear, cold. Charleston. 9. C clear, 52J, wind NE Aagcsta. Ga clear, very cold Savannah, Ga clear, 58\ wind NE Macon. Ga clear, cold. Columoui. Ga... #.Wr rnM Montgomery, Ala. Jackson, Ala Mobile, Ala clear, cold. cold clear, cold. FKOM TUX wibt Cleveland, O clear, 41*. Barometer at tho Smithsonian at 7 a.m., (cor rt' ted for temperature,) 30.222; at noon, 3<i,163. Tbermometrr at 7 a. to., 38*; at noon, 55?. Maximum during 24 hoiira ending 9 a. m. to i.% '.l., , minimum 35^* A MEETING OF THE JACKSON DEM ocr&tio - ssociation wi I be on TO MORKOW (Wednesday) EVENING, October 17th, at 7 o'clock. The members are reauestc*! to be pu ctual in attendance, as business of import ance wi 1 l?e traut acted. By order Yj^IIALLOF UNION ENGINE COMPANY, No. 'J.?Whereas the alarm bull of the com pany from long usage or other causes unknown has b"uome oracked and thereby rendered unlit for ser vice, and a> the company find it impossible at an alarm of hre to raisn a miffioient number of members to ?oik the apparatus, therefore be it K*yivr4, '1 hat a committee of two be appointed to wait on the citizens and solicit contributions lor the purpose of having the bell re-cast. Which was unarimooJy adopted. Mt-sirs G. W. Hi.4k* and Jon* D. Babtlitt were app.jtnte-J said coiumitt e. f itxsuk ii u Ail w uiiVi r?0| the most beautiful style*. 336 Pa. A v., between 9tn and loth sts , au Sf7-6m w ? I H ?iA.>TT.Seo. C. BOYLE. Pres. oc J6-2t ?? UUIIWIVIIl SCHOOL FOR SMALL BOYS. No. U77 1 ?ts<bst. First Wud. Mim ANN IK E. PECK. Teacher. Number of pupil* limited to twenty oc 16 eo2in NEW BUCKWHEAT.?A prime article of new Buckwheat juit roc si red. JOS. W. DAVIS. It* Corner Ninth and K >t'. JUST RECEIVED. _ This day. at HaRvEY'SZ^^ Oy?ter, Fish, and Game Dr WR P / C street, a supply w ^^of tine WHITE FIH'4, * frem the I^ak^a. Also, a supply of Fresh COD FI*H, SALMON, HALIBUT, FLOUNDERS, LOBSTERS. Ac., Ae . oc l&-3t MRS. J HIOBIE, ARTIST IN HAIR JEWELRY', Such as Bracelets, Ear-rin(i, Fob Chains. Fin at?? * .irciiKti, Mreaatpin*. Guard Chain*, Heart*, Ao , niad ? t order, at NV 3:14 P?. Avrm'i, iitw. <?th anb 10th 8t?., (Over Cla^ett fc Mar' Store.) co 14 9t* Waskimt*om, D. O. (^LOAKS?CLOAK8! j SHAWLB?SHAWLS! , A !a'?o lot opened thu day in our Clotk and glia-- 1 Depai tinent, comprising the neweet novel tina, and at lens than u?o*l prioea, We invite to* pecial attention oi tln? I adiea J. W. C01.LF.Y * CO., oe ifi St 323 8evr uth at., above Pa. av. bakuaiMJ IN DRESS .GOODS! Nor rooetvinc from th? large auction aalea in N ?w Yoi k much the largeet and noo?t vari'd and rvlisli Miortinei.t that we tare t fferad to onr friend* and purcha?*M? generally, to which we in oo M 6t Ma Seraath at, above Pa. IT. 00 W <t ErrawQi at. above Pa. *r feAOl.KSTOVE HOCSeI g|g 1 hive iba laraaat ?ndl?aodaonve?i aaaortn??iit of CiK>KlM? and HEATING 8T0VKS (n?w Pf ~ t roe) that bu ovar haw iwd jn thia mark't, fo' Wood or Coal. Theaan.rtment being t o large tn anuinerate I ieeeeoftt'1; invite all thoeein want of tk. iw^t Stovea to o*11 i and e*a > mem< assortment " W' C WOOD" * KD, 319 Pa avenue. oo 16 eo6( between 10th and 11th ala Tkt Prix* 'T.M Y?rk City | wmw wm rim The New York Poet of Monday evening siys : The Pxtace of Wales and Ida suite have lift our city IVr departed bag M<1 baggage in tha rrven.>e cutter Harriet Laa?. at half-past tea o'clock this forenoon, from the wbarf nt the foot of West Tenth street, North River. There was not, ci* trip* rati vety awaking, a very large rrowd at the f-lJth Avenne Hotel thla morning. A aeore or so <?f jarriagee a.da few hundred* of people bad g*;Vred In Twenty-thfrd atreet, and the loWbv of tlf r<itet waa a ltHfe tner* thronged than uflikl. Atr. -Tiarter paat ten tke Prince and hla pfctv. arrlvr'l at the Amos street Wbarf, and the c<m* mir<? vraa given on the Harriet Lane to "man tbe y?riA The crew, thirty or forty in number, clltaf 'd np tha halliards and ranged tberoaelvos alof.f t ie yards, caps In hand, while the carriages drove <jp to tha eud of the pier, and the young nuir'lf.n In eoabryo hastily alighted Augustus SefcflV Hollector of the Port; ex-Judge Roosevelt, Ur.lV* -Hates District Attorney: and PoliceSnwr lnte?"Vit Kennedy. were on the wharf and re cri*')rt 'ie little Prinee, accompanying him to the gafig'f^-y. Here he shook hands with the Mayor a'-?l tW'or officials. and bade them farewell, at the * ne expressing his thank* for the courtesy and ' > idness he had received, and then stepped on otJ,'d the cntbsr, where he wss greeted with th""* rolU of the drum and the cheers of the nil*'. Hia suite ?l*o shook hands with the oHha >'*, and followed, and then two wagon-loads of b >t;g*g* were pasted on board by the sailor*, tb*? ?i ?r*er* were east off, and the steamer left the doer Not until ahe had rounded off into the iifxtn, and turned her h. ad up the North Kiver, u^hr. my enthusiasm manifested among the spec tators Then three cheer* for the P lnce were prtprsed and given in a very respectable nunner, n ii such of the ladies as were In a position to be ?*-n waved their handkerchiefs. Three steamer* -Jt.he Thomas B Way, the Flushing, aud the liswalc?which bad been lying in the stream erowded with passengers, now blew their whistles *>y way of salute, and coming up alongside the Harriet Lane, all steamed gaily up the river to gether into the shadow of th* grim palisades The Prince came upon deck and bowed in response 'o ti!ie parting cheer; and so his Royal Highness ;pa*?ed from among us. I'll FPAB ATIONS FOR THE PrIMCS AT W KST PoIMT A correspondent of the Post, writing from West Point .Monday morning, says :?' Tn? morning l-as dawned m<>st brilliantly afier a night of f?*ar ful weather, which threatened to interfere sadly with the anticipated gaieties at the Academy Tne scenery here was never more magnificent, and we are all anxious to show it The peaks of our mountains are all covered with snow, while be inwr they ate in their autumnal costume, of world wide celebrity Col Delafield his instructions from the War Departmentto receive Baron Renfrew and suite with the highest honors known to the service, and preparations have been made to give him 9 grand salute at the wharf on his nrrival, and an escort to headquarters; after which, be will have an opportunity of seeing whatever will most gratify h'.s curiosity. General Scott has been re quested by the sHecretary of War toattend the Baron iu the Harriet Lane to West Point and Dresent him and hi* suite to Col Delafleld t?en. Scott, it is reported, gives the Prince and his guest* at lunch on bo.rd the Harriet Lane. Programmk fo* thk Rkckptios or thh Pei>ck ix Boston. A Button correspondent of the New York Post, writing on the 1'^tb instant, says " Though the visit of the Prince does not apparently engage attention, more la really done than meets the eye The landlord of the Revere House Is very busy with his preparations. The tailors and modistes are working like mad; the decorations of the Academy of !Mus!c and the establishment of a communication with the Melodeon next door, which Melodeon is to constitute the supper room, employs scores of people from anxious upholster ers' establishments. The sale of tickets at fifteen dollars apiece, each admitting a lady and gentle man, proceed very briskly. It is computed that the ball on Thursday will cost ?I8,000, which the mle of three or four thousand tickets will cover 51.<>00 is to be paid for the use of the theatre, and #5UI for the Melodeon. The decorations will consume $1 WHJ. The supper #*,0UU The print ers will yet ?1.000. The music Is to cost $3'-l>. The sundries?those charming unconsidered trifles which went to swell the New York Japanese swindle bill?are set down at SI .700. The gas and alterations in the two buildings will absorb the remaining; 91.UUJ 8o that, altogether, Boston is doing the thing creditably, yet frugally. There will be as much of a military demonstration as can be managed with the small force available here, but as yet the day is not named. The Mayor is t>one with other committee men to New York to see Lord Lyons, and concert the programme of the Prince's operations with him." Housekeeping and SERVANTS' GOODS. We have now on hand a wall sel?oted stock cf 'he above ro k>s, suou as Sheetings. xah:e Linens, Nspkius, Toweling*. Liniem, Fail Cloths, kets?frc m onmmon t> very fine? Osr.ahargs, B ? JL> >nt?k!ics. GinghamPiiiow Cake cottons and linens, Dunhar A L?iokinson>, Barklies, Char>v & Co , an<1 Richardson's Irish Linens in ail quali ties, all of which we will dispose of on the host terms. oc 16 TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. Nt- W MliSIC.?A largeet oo l?ot:oa of the atcat just re>ceiv<Hl. JOHN K. ELLIQ, 30A tv? b- twe.'ii 9t!i &:id loth ata I.ARGE LOT OP VIOlIN-4, FLUTES, AC COK??tONs, BANJOS, 4o., joat rperied at JOHN r. ELLIS'S, 306 Pa avenue, b?twee:i9th and i'"n ata PIANOS fjr rent or aa'e ch??j>er than at any ottu r place JOHN F. KLL1S, 306 Fa.av , between 9th and lot'i at*. CHICK F.KING A SONS' PIANOS, the o deat factory it th* world, p. ioea reaai.nable, and to b? had on y of JOHN F' ELLIS, 306 Fa. av., be tween 9ih and lotii eta. oo 16 tj^AKR A DAY'S LKCTUKE9 N THE VA noja Foroea of M?tt-r and their rH*'i?n to each other, ediyfl by William Crooka, F. C. S.. *i h uuinaroua lllnatrationa; I volume; price 50 4 m ta. The Lake Region of Central Afrioa, a Pioturo of Fxplanatior.a, by Rionard F. teuton, Captain H. M. 1. Army; 1 voiume vub l'luatraUona; prioe $3. W neat an J Taea; prioe 75 oenta. Odd PeopU, b ing ajaopu ardsaoriptionof aincu larraceai f men, by Captain Mayue Reid,author ol Deaeri Home, to., k >.; jpiiooM) oenta BLlNCfiARD* MOHUN, no 16 eorner Eleventh at and Pa. av<>i.ue Dissolution OFCOPARTNERSHIP.-Th* copartnership exuding betw en the aubaeribera uni'e' th' name and hrm of N. U. Cofcifiti-* A con. ia tiiia day diaaolved by mutual eonaent, A. W. Corning having aold aud diapoaed of all hia int*re?t in the aaid firm to N <i. Corning, who la author ized to afttle up the buaineaa of >aid firm, and who will continue the Saih, Door and Blind Huatr.raa at the old atand, No 362 Seventh street, opposite trte Conter Market, where he aolinit* il,? uauuO of put favori. N. G. CORNING, A. COKNlNui Washington. Octol>er 15th, 1860. N. B.?I take this opportunity of informing my f ierda ami customers generally that I have entered tho employ m.ut of N. G. Corning ai talesman, and hail lie happy to see them at his place of business, where I shall be in constant attendance to serve them as heretofore. j>clfl A, W. CORNING. AY E K'S *GUE CURB, For tk? Speedy Curt of Intermittent Fever, or Fever and Ag?e, Rernittej t Fever, Dumb Ague, Periodical Haadaobe, or Bilious Headache, and Bilious Fevers, indeed fur the whole Class of Diseases Originating in Ui inry Derangement, Caused ry the Malaria of M iasmatio Countries. No on? remedy is lojder called for by the nco3? sit."- of the American people than a sure and safe cure for F.'ver and Ague, Suoh we are now en&bl?d to offer, with a perfeot certainty that it will eradi cat# the disease, and with assurance, founded on proof, that no harm can arise from its use in any quantity. That whinh protect* from or p'events this dis order inust be of immense service in the communi ties where it prevails. Prevention is better than cur*, for the patient escapes the risk whiofc ha must run in violei t att&oks of this baleful dis'era per. This "Cb*i" expels the miasmic poison of Fkvb&and Ague from the system, and prevuts the development of disease, it taken on tha first approach ot Its premonitory symptoms It is not only the best remedy rver yet discovered for thia ^lass of complaints, but also the oheaprst. The srg? quantity we supply for a dollar brings it with in the rnach of everybody; and ia bilious districts, where Fivan and *oca prevails, everybody should have it and nso it freely both for oure and irevm mm. a in?i auperioruy orthia remedy onru; other ever dieeovered tor the apeedr and certoiu care of Interimttenia i*, that it eouUiu ue Quinine or mineral, oonrequentiy it prodeoee bo qatniera or other injurious efleou whatever upon the oon?1itation. Thoaeoured bjr itareleAaa healthy at if they had sever had the diaeaie. Fever and Ague la not alone the oonaeaoence of the muuttUnpoia>n. A great variety of duordera an e from ita irritation, among which are Neurat *ia. Kheumatua. Gout. Hcadaohe, ttlindoeaa. oo'.bache. Karaoke, CaUrrh, Asthma. Pulpit* t on, Pamlul Affection ol the Bpleen, Hraterioa, Paiu in the Bowela, Colio, Paralyaia, and Derange moot of the Stomaob. all of whieh, when origin* ting in thia caw, put on the intermittent type, or t>ccome periodical. Thia "Co**" ex pel a the poiaon from the blood, and oonae?nentlf curea them *11 fcllPrefered by DR J. C. AYER A CO , Lowell, *nd?>ld bv all Druggiata. everywhere, oo 16 eolm FHOR SALE?A dark bay HORSE ; long to I; 15 handa bigh; 6 yeara old; warranted /?y aound, and kind iaaingleor duubl* harnesa. leo,aahifting-top NVataon BUGGY, near-'2C^. new, and a eat of ainrla HABN vm ?-* IIMK1-1 l(J Laoat k. fhi lpa. Inquire at the U. 8. Arsenal. oefctf WNEW CLOAKS. E Have thia day frop New Vprk ft bo?uU!u aaaortment of now to'* rail ltd winter CLOaKS, au?h u the Arab. Zouave and other atyea. in B!a*k and Kreoch Clotha. \lao Plus and Striped Cloth?, *11 o' whioh w? < ifs low. t>e 16 tAYI.OR A HUTCHISON. NOTHING 11KB LEATHER. HE Baltimore Leath r Stor<*. formerly loot ted at No. 88ftH Pa avenue, haa been removed to No. D atreet, between ?*h a d 9th at*., where I wil be happy 'o tee a)' my old caatom*ra and the public Ktnerally. Quick aalea and email rrojiu. 00 15 St * Agent for'Tilat Lowell. r imreHBEtfr iJlBSON Haaoeened on Seventh a?re#t, t and Northern Libertioa Marfce ?335. oc > Ct C*KT~"VOUR CLOTHIBjie, FURNISHING 1 SIIOM, HaTte and CAPd at SMITH S. No. 460 Seventh at aa? iaj Political lion. Th? N?w York World. In commenting on th? probability that Mr. Lincoln will ?? tw? next President of the United States, alludes to Um "novel piadlcaa>ent" la which be will be placed when called to "offlear" his AdmlnMratloa. It J ji:-uMr. Lincoln will flad hlsss'lf la the j novel predicament of a party President who Is , asm pellad either not la make any appoint meats t la nearly one-half of the country, or to select his appointees from other parties than the one that abated him. Tills Is, la itshtf, nothlai; very for midably if ihwere the wWe?tent of the diffi culty it conld easily be got over. It would mere It place the President, with reference to a part of the country, In the enviable position of being able to ask no other questions, with reference to 4 a proposed appointee, than the celebrated mm la Mr. Jeffarson's first inaugural?'Is he honest! Is < be capable? Is he faithful to the Constitution V The reak difficulty arises oat of sa apprehension J that there may be portions of the Southern States where tbe sentiment of hostility to the republican j r\? w i a Iaa ?/* ??? .11-.? * * * ?w Nvn^ w auuvr any cillZfQ XO Hold ollce under a republican President. If. for ex ample, no person In the Cotton or Gulf States would accept the offlre of District Attorney or Marakal, how could c>ff-nees against the Govern ment be prosecuted. and the offenders be brought to j'isMce* The Government at the South would be virtually dissolved, If no agents for carrying It on would. In that aectlon, hold office under It We are far from supposing that Ihia contingency will arise; and vet it muat not be disguised that the atate of public feeling at the South la auch aa to make It the mas! Imperative duty of the repub lican party now. and of Mr. Lincoln when elect ed. to give all suitable assurances of friendly and fraternal stntimenta toward* that aectlon of the country." PKinMYLVA*lA C0N0aV.*8I05AL DtLIGATIO* The corrected llat of Congressmen eltcted In Pennsylvania la aa foliowa: Democrat* In italics. Di>ts. 1. John M. Butler. 2. E. J. Morna. 3 J P. Verr^e. 4 WD Kell.y. 5 W. M. Davis. 0. Jrbn Hickman 7. Thos if ( on per. Ditts. U. G A Grow. 15. J T. Hale. 16. Jamns Utility 17. E McPheraou. IS 8. 8. Blair 10. John Covude. '.Hi A lid Stewart 8. S E. Ate 'tta 81. J. k Morehead V Ih d Stevena 42. KoUt. McKnigLt. lu. J \T Killlnker. j 23 Wm Stewart 11 J. H. Campbell I *4. ; Patten. 14. G W Scrantnn. i 25 Elijah Babbitt. 13. Pkxlip Johnson | It la proper to add that Mr I.ebman, who standi defeated in the foregoing table, has couimenc?-d pr > cedinga lu the courts agatnat the officers of election, alleging that be has been defrauded in the count. 386 B A I, TJMOR E rONPRf!TI'iVt B \ V^\ ? V/ >100 REWARD. ICS-: CRKAM and WATKR ICES (first quali ty SI cents per qi art, at JO;*. HCHAfF-ELOS Confectionery, tilth street, between G an<l H ets Partiwedding*, ??c , mipplied with CAKES, jellies. okSaments,Icecreams, etou, oil the mo t reasonable term*. ??c l.S 1 w LMRK! FIRE!! FIRE!' T ?100 I will (jive the above r. ward fur the arrest and conviction of the person or pe *ons who bred the carpenter's "hop of Heers k Brother 04 the ii*ht of the 12th instant. Their all wa* destroyed. The grne'ous and sympathizing public will he oalled on tor a small amount to enable them to rosumo their former business, oo 15 ISAAC BEERS. PDANCI* G ACAD^MV, ROF. R. J. POVVEi L Woud resp*etfrllv anuouno to th? oii-aens of Washincton that he will open a dancing CLASS in Fr?rk liri Ha 1 on Satnrdav afternoon next, the 30th ins a .t. at 31, o'clock, for Ladies, Minxes andmmbb Masters, and on Monday ni*ht.the2.d instant, at 8 o'clock, for Gent en en, in which all the latest ard ino?t fanhio'iablddances will l>e taught. Reg ular hours of tuition will be: for lad**, mu?e*, and masters on Sa:urday and Wednesday at 3K p. in.; and for gentlemen on Monday and Fridav m*ht*, at 8 o'clock Prof. POWELL cau be found at Krauklin HaU at aiy tnne from 11 to 13 o'clock a. in., or atK? 453 Ninth st. oo 15-5t* ctfu1Iy A MXEE ' H. LOOM IS, M. D., the inventor and patentee oithe MINERAL PIRATE TEETH, at ? tends at hia offio* in this cit* Many peraonn can veir these teeth who**^ raunot wear othere, and no person oan wear others who cannot wear these. Persons oailitift *t my ofEoe oan be aonomraodatad with any style and prioa of Teeth they may desire; but to those who are particular and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, and most perfect dentare that ait can proJuae, tha MINERAL f LATE will be more fuiiy warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 3SS Pa a venae, between ltd and 10th sts. Also, 907 Arch street, Philariel phia. oa 16-tf I A DIES', MISSES, The most e! Of ant and lar H?*st stock over -flared, all n??w and just opened to day. Parenti will find it to their nte est to call and examine <ny tock, a* I * hail sf 11 at smail proLts. oc 15 2w AND CHILDREN'S HATS. HOPKINS, oornor of Sixth it. and Pa. av. EMPORARY REMOVAL. nt.i aur After this day, (Saturday, the 13th instant,) dur ir? the time oonupied in renovating my, xtorer< orn?. I can be found, with my la-go] and select stock of BOOTS AND SHOES, (suitable for the season,) at the Storeroom on the w.uth side of Pa avenue, between 4X ard 6th sts (bruiorlj occupied by J F. Bi:kel, and which is und-r t.,e roo-.ns of the Jackson Democratic Asso ciation. oc 13 St (Intel) HARMON BURNS. J^ATKKT INVENTION! LADD. WEBSTER * CO '8 Tlght-Stltch Sewing Machine! At JANNKV8 BOOT AND SHOE STORK, 31* Pa. Aruci. T! e> are the mo taimple. They are the atronneat. They are the aureat in their operation. They use a atraicht neetlle, (Curved onen are of no aeeocnt.) They have a feed wheel. They are capable of doin< an* kiud of vork known?they make the mag is ruffie without any lt:acbm<*nta. Call and examine? At JANNEYV, oc 15 Ire ' >48 Pennaylvania avenua TUIS INSURANCE COMPANY ov the STATE OF VIRGINIA, or RICHMOND. Capital - ~ $300,000. Direct orr. VS'm H. MacFarland, Pree't Firmer* Bank A. Warwick, firm of Warwick A Bark ad a'e Win G Crenshaw, firm ofCmi?haw ? Co m Wellington Goddin, firm of Goddin St A pperaon T. W. Mo<'auos. firm of Dutl<>p. fc'oncure ft Co G. A. Barkedale, firm of Warwiok ft Barkadale Jam** H.Grant, Tobacco Manufacturer L D. Or*n?haw, firm of Haxall, Crenshaw ft Co John L Bacon, firm of Bacon ft baakervill It. B. Haxill, firm of Haiall.Creuahaw ft Co John Cnrrio, Jr , Ship Owner VVm. B Warwiok. firm Warwiok ft Barkedale Jaa A'fred Jones, Attorney at Law O. C. Ellftt, Builder P. G Kuffiu, Asrioulturist and Manufaotu-er K. W MoGrudor, firm of 8. MoGrnder ft Son* W. W. Crump, Attorney at Law Ju. Duolop. firm of Dnnlop.Mo?>oare ft Co. Polling w. Maxall, praax O. P. BRK.SKE, beo'f. UEftf H * KNOWLP.9. AfenU, Offioa?over Bank Waahicjtoa, Room lf>. oo 15 lyir c LOAKS! CLOAKSa CLOAKS!!: A MIGNIFJCKIfT DISPLAY. Our regular fa I and winter G and Opening of all Benew?tjre? of CLOAKS, such a* the Araba, exicana, Albanaa, Caineliaa. ftc., ? o? will lake ^ace on Monday and Taeaday, October 15th and We can aiiure our frif nda. and the publio in gen eral, that on this oocaaion our atoak or LADIES' WRAPPINGS embraoes a more extensive assortment of novelties than any former season, and ladies visitini onr CI akai.d Shawl Room* will find more va-iety of style, eleganee of finish, and at iower pnoae than S'it other house ia Washiugton. Remeaber?the place is the eld and (fcvorita Cloak and Store of the MAXWELLS, 389 Pa.*v. N. B.-Cloak Rooms in 3d story. oo 13 eo? JOUVIN'S BEST QUALITY KID GLOVES. We have lust received oar Fall Importation of KlD GLOVES, for ladies mid rer.tlemen, in white, biaok, and all the deeirab'e shades ia colors This Glove we have sold for several season*. and can safely recommend them to oar frie ds and ihe public cenerally as the verv beet artiole nf Gloves ?rer sold in this market Please oa I and examue them. J. W. COLLEY fc CO., oe 1?-U>t No. ?83 Seventh st. above Pa. av. NO. 894 PKNNA. AVRNUE. MRS M A. BILLS Will open MILLINERY F>tK THE FALL THURSDAY, oe l? 3t 9rn;n. OIL. cn. 20 B er"^loi; tinsel arples-4pp^?f>.p ^ j""1 u"'3"'U^moWHSn i*'cJ' 004 BALLS, PARTIES. *e| T1 HE MEMBRRtt OP THE FRANKLIM A C TIVK ASSOCIATION r?p^ully ron*tr^' ' - ink C >a rnu Fianklin _ JL airaz*d. "1 ick*t? jnaaat*. a4?it in* a i?ntla iad iadiaa. Br ardar Comnitiae. It CIXTB GRAND COTILLON PaRTV 3 _ or twb at LAF%YKTTV. CI.UB M thor%o"vmh^.? ' Ticket* fifty wnu, admitting a gaatlamai and la ii9? For patieultra futara Mvartlaaotant. By optWf ?f Coiiwittf. U* THIRD GRAND COTIL' OM PARTY of tka ISLA ND SOCIAL CM* B will takapiaaa J* ntH W onnuj ? ? > - " .T. .<rv .? m-m.'M ?? a U*nl. """ ;ween 4Vi and 6th ?t?, MONDAY EvE-, NING.OotobeZU. Tha Comtm fM|?l [hem?el*et that neither pema no- ip*? m* wil "** pared to make it tht Party of til* *ea?on Mr. young, he proprietor of the r om*, Km rafittM th* roini in the ieo?t niorfern "t?le, w*"eh will ton tn^tte largel* to the festivities of the eveaiag. F.?pnta'? Band hu been encaged Ticket* Fifty CenU, admitting t (MUhmi aad diw. Comm}tttt (J Arranttmmts. T Re It. J Flemmiug, f? MoNarhaar. \Vm FlemtniEf.W. H Bright, T. R Bishop, C. 8. Draper, Q. Donohoe, ]. ItiMf, J. A. Crook. N. B. Positively, no hat* or oaps allowed to be worn id the room. ae 16-St* T LOOK OUT! HE FIRST GRAND HAL' of the ATHW ART HOLLAND CU B will takepiaoeH Stott's Hall, October i?'h. Coi , ii npie arrangements have been ma>1 th Ball equal to any heretofo-e thia Club. Patronare of its friers and respectfu^y *oheit?*d Holy Hill Band hae bean mcaced for the occasion. Ticket* fl, admitting a gentleman and ladiea. Committft q/ Arrant T.'C. Edward*. P. Raed, George Hirer, I. Tanner. W. L. Grover, oc XT' LD H1BERN1A IN THE FIELD AGAIN 0^??? The TWR1 PTH GRAND ASSEMBLY of the IIIBKRNIA CLUB will be given at " Tho*jTs Hall, 7th street, between D and K st*.,or FRIDAV K V K NI NO, Oetobe' 18 h, '86<"> Ticket* SO cent*, a.lm ttii.g a genlUmaa nod ladies. ?c 3 .it*o* or the A Sk flMRST GRAND COTI' LON PARTY cf th* 1 IHI.ANn FBIKMIMniP ? T!ON will Tno*\'~8SZ: Tth struct. between D an! K, OotoUsr 18th. 1K0 T'ckeU 50 cent*. tunc a tentioiuan *n<l ladiftx. By orJor of the Committee. oo ll-6t A AMU SE M ENT ft. ^yASHINGTON tTea" T F.hT" For a. Lt*!T*D Sv?n o? Nmht?. C?i> mencine MONDA Y b VESrXQ. t et. 15?A. By ilesire of a -uml-er of i fiuoi ti&l cit zens of Washington the Princss of the Profession, HI'DWOK t H> I.ate and only Original w O O D '8 M I N S T H E L 3, Will give a limited t.nmber of their ethiopian 80IK Withthe whole strenrth of their Company. Ertrmord-natf ^21 new Ballads, new Mt sic. NEW 8 'NG*. new farces. NEW JOKES. With an entire change erer* night. Admission, 25 cents; orcliester c Hai rs, V) oeats ; private boxes fS l>>ors opeu ai 7 o'c lock, commencing at?. oc 16 2t 117 ASHING TON THEATER If ? Sola Lessee and Manager 8. W. Glbxn. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will op n for the regular Fill and Winter Sea son on tb? night of ThCRSUAY, Novkxtu lsr. JOSEPH JEFFERSON. The Comedian of the Age.wib o?n:inenoe aa en gagement of Tw? t? Nights on MON DAY, November 5th, ai d will be follow -d bythe moat B R I LL I \ N T STARS 11. the Theatrical Firmaicert. [TT Commuiiieations if addressed to 8 W. Glsjviv, 'Old Bower* Theater," New York, will meet with prompt attention. aa U-tf LOST AND FOUND. DOG LOST.-?S RKWARD-I^.t. ten day* ago. a Pointer Pup. six months old with jrel ow fars ; IkmIj mo?t!y white with tmall yellow spooks. Had on a col lar with owner's nan.e. The above reward w'l fce paid on hi* being returned to the ownar. Apply at this office. oc "E*nTRAv.?Taken up > * the snb*oril>er. trespa&s Hd in* on his premise*, a sorrel HORSE, fey 16 hands high ; four white fe*t and a bias <4 j -^P forehead; shod ail round. The owner u re quested to <-onie firward, prove ownership, pay charges, and take him a war. CHAS. FR ZZELL, oe 15 St No. 149 High st, Ga irgetiwa. OC REWARD.?S'rated away, on the 9.h inst.. V'' a yellow MILCH COW, with horns^?^fl| topped off*, and is inclined to poke. Tha above reward will be given on her return _ to JAS STUAKT, 15th aud N street* we.t, oc 13-St* PERSONAL. I NOTICE. HKRFB^ Warn the public against harboring nr flmnln*in;y ft pnlnrorl ? rL- w?: _ v ...p . wv.viv^t wvj Iimiiru 1 nuniM niDG, as he is tin indentured apprentioe to the undamgned; and any person so doing will be liable to eivil pro* on I ion oo 15-St* A LFRF.D LEK THE WIPE OP JAMES UOPP.adre tieedin the Star the other day,la not the wife of Dm. R>pp,oonnected with the ooack faotory uo D itrert t?een 8h and loth its. oc U &' MADAME FELIX, P< rtun*Teller from Pane, beca leave to inform her former frtenda, and the puMio generally .that ?he baa removed to 'Jin N With street, northeast co ner of N, where aha wtU b* happy to aee all who i?>ay d?aire to hare the poet, present and future satisfactorily explained. oc !l-lm* TOTDE CURIOUS OR ANXIOUS.'-Madam * D , bo well known a? the ni' ?t s>icoea?fal ex plainer of the Pant, Present and Futu-eeve in Washington, continues to be consulted weekly by hundreds anxious to know of things at preeent hid den from tkem. Her consultation fee, to both gen tlemen and ladies, ia extremely moderate. Call at Ser house, on the south aide of Maa-aohiiaetta av , etween 11th and lath ??K? ?ni? i..,?? 17-lm QHEAPE8T STORE! SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY, AND GO AND PURCHASE YOUR DRY GOODS AT THE CHEAPEST STORE, 339 SEVENTH STREET, (Km( Side,) between I and K oc 12-1 m MATTHEWS A CORK. r* HATS AND CAPS I have now on hand a complete assort ment ofnoodd in the above line, to whioh I invite the attention of my patrons and the eitisens of Uie Distriot generally. Great care having been taken la th? rel.euon, I iMtii ficriu 10 mj customers ine greatest varirty to be found 111 the city. The atoefc coibpriaea every style now in vogue in New York. Alao, Musea' And Chi.(iron's FANCY HAT* of entirely new shapes. Lad tea' RI DING HATS. Children'* CAP.* of every description. Gentlemwr'a HATS and C PS. A?>,l fine n lortment of UMBREI.L AS, W ALK1N<? CANES, kc.,Ac. J AS. Y. DAVIS, Hatter, oc 11-2w (let * Con ) late Todd 4 Co. fGROCERIES ! GROCERIES!?" KM GROCERIES!! Wiahini to diapoae of my *tock of Groeeriea. ao La to enab e me to remove with a* lirtle a'ock on band aa possible I will oommene* thia day to sell in y thing in nay line at cost lor cash only. ?l) stock a large, and. a,l lieinc freah aad pure goods. Ibis is l chance seldom met with to lay in jomr winter itoek at greatly reuuoed prioes. HENRY C PURDY. oc 11 gw No. Pa avenne |\IEW TRIMMINGS?NEW TRIMMINGS! xoworixiwiT 8M R ? . LOWE'S. ew atria Paris Qiiape aad Buttons, plain and mixed ; Black and Fiiey Colled Velvet But one and Velvet Ribbons; Plain and Faecy Colored Graduating Buttons, something new lor lad tea' ralking suits; Gi t cord* and Taaeela, Silk Cords, raasejt and Buttona: Zouave Cloak Taeeoia. in J1 oolora, on naod and made to order. ? . MRS. LOWE, oo ll-lw 197 Pa. arenne. soqth aide NOTICE! NOTICE!! ? HW MRL.UEK MtiUt th? ladiea orPV Valhington and neinitf to her Grand Oynit of 'aahioBab.e PALL Im WINTER BONNETS, n Friday and Saturday, Vh and 6th instant, vImi he vi'l m happy t?? have ladies oom? and examine er ilock of Good*, aa sh" haa a rarj kandsoate took Of FEATHERS, Fl.OWERg, DRE?8 ("RIMMING*. Hi:A?? DRESSES. fcLOAlks. IHaWLS, EXTENSION SKIRTS. CORSETS fall sim? and priori, and a vary lares stock af EMBROIDERIES. Ac .Ae. oo? No S4 Market Spaoa, feet. 7tk Aad KA eU. 1 \ A to I ? r? W O T 1 C E. INVITATION.^Eh!i2^Aaitify my enetamere nd tha pabho la (aaaral (hat 1 4ars isms red la (o 349 Savasth >tra?< < tAraedaerefrom AUsa. Ns?r 5o&s p**tredwisfif! riic?r?. -* " M,-Bn5 SwaA* el tc U 6 ot r. u 1T8T RaoS^ S^aS^f^A^tiBORDEK NO -sort- wtd&s am. ^attage ? ort 12 61 MT 7tA at. ao4 Ml Pa. at. ( c m ^ATCJH RLOR'S! fJI^TTA iMJ? K r TiOTWVT. ft. AUCTION 8ALK8. Wt TIOP. DOWUKO ; 6?o<|?lm. rvo PRAMS Acotioh ?Om #tkin.t*nt, ?t 4* < I 1 a*M L t >?. im h?? o'oIoa*. lafraat of U? yr?liw. , Ik M?? ' IWlMk ImltiM a ki b ileum on U* Mist ?id* of Wubmr'nii >j ijp ic dsrth .with two *w iruu tmnti, irj*f r-nt. at #? ??r wtfc. T?rmt : On V' OMb ; t?UM In ?. It m4 M 3Us, for asproTsd nntss, bmrtnc lrt*r?at fit r THOi DOWUNO.Ant. Br rmon *?wuno ; o fManv ? WWII v ?oomo? n ?n>Missi. VftawnfMlui Htck ILMMM luttSL,M p&js rawfe Sayffas KirU urt, Ims. M?m. AO.. totrdsa tHsff T*rtnv: (?m l?:f?bt; btiMM il I ul Q aoiU*, nth uurnt lnBM)i?*?!r iftfr sN<n, I sl*!l s?1l ir fro-* of ths p Lot No MS. froauar tt fr*t us Kith itrret, with two do-f rr?as Roim, o?fouU Um i*? A'lw.Vn ftra : Um htlfoAsh: bal&M* isturf UaoattM* put. irtiiMt. oc is ?> THQg. DOWLlNQ.A?t. By J C MotflilKK * CO.. At nr biihteri ?*.?. ?? ?? ItTT O* SlVIMl Ft ?V' >A$A^ rKKNOON, Oeto' ^f 4th, at i?? o'Aovt, ?r. its > tOBiaBB, I aWli ao' . b? \ II to* of a ?+ed ft trtw, da!j rMordtti uniLi tu? at d records uf M'uHim km ooanty, O. C. parta cf L< ta n??.1 ar.Q a. la B?\r? No. 4S4. 'rontitu 21 tee* oo Parrt t*i ?t *ri , twa*a O and H ?t?. tacrtU. r?oBtB? h?ek 10J frmt. W.'k tf iBfro*?m??U,cimiiii?j of * two at. r* fcnok dwel ir.g h \i f 'I hie progeny is tBatc-d n?4 lj op^ont* lb* Pit iit* I'fto*. ard is U | d*?i-Bfle a Kbubbm io Mt OB. . Terra: Obb third ruk. < #10" of wkick irBat h* r*i4b?fo'o?vi >K U? ? oatKi;) tha residaa ?n tad 13 mo?tha for n :?-a tet or d t>* a deed ot traat, tod h- I'm ii Ureal. If lb? whole i?'in? <*| at * Bra n->t e< i&plied wit* rithin fire da a i i?r aft!*. 11.a Trtiai*? reaervwa th* rirht to reae I, at the it*k aid *?p?rae of tfca ht?t autahaawr. N O^M.AN. Tret** aa ? J. C Mcti t IK E A CO . A Bui lT^THF: %BOVf VT|.F IH POt?TPO.NR0 until TUESDAY, ib? ISth of October 1 hi N i A' i.a.N, Tra ua co 4 J C. McStiR^. A Ou., Ane a. irrTHK ABOViTIaLK I* FlITHK* iMtpoo*) bbuI FWIUW A1 TtkNUON, Ua [ *& ll.?.'M?t, atll.e hour M. OALLAN. TraatM * c !?-? 1 C ?*. <; H> t ro . Aaota B? \VA|.'-A B\KN\KI). Aitet i Etari C jnur St Mi ?f. and toutK Pa ?? fyUTCH FliOMM HOOTS JU?T |F ' ' CBiVBD FROM HitkLlM. HoUUI. A.MV Fob SaL* AT fTIL c Acciiov?On FRIDAY A* l i KNoO.N, uth mat., at 4 o'el-ek, w* will a?il b? eaU.i?|B*. a (ood %aa< rtin?nt of ?l?i?eb Flo we* " <H-ta, frOifi theoeter r*tel uaraa ? oi M i Flaria*. (la?rl*m, in evarj ran i t ?i Ail -it uf in-bU* a*d ir.*l? Tii iaa. ^i?r I i<M ia II rvc?- i- IU| im ? ?vi j < Sin l? ilrt inth? IV>gM? and sifc ?i>bb?. In*. Do?Ma aid ?iat> Au mwiara, Ea? o. oal a, Cr cm. ^howdrua*, A e , A a., A?. I * car Root* Bra \a<T tine IB ' bar* jaat ba.a frnn it toie- anl wil' be ao'd for ?Bab. oo ? WALI. A BARNARD. ABBta. rif r? a pn ?' i iiil1 /ir iniviTl/i//Y ~ITJ-IWUKKOW H? J. C. MoGUlRK k CO.. AletioB'**. I?XrKN 1VK S**LK OF STOCK t* ?On ?L# aKTKRNuON, Oatcb.-r > 4 o'clock At the A notion R ikmth. w ?h*l! 41? | virfir ia #ix frr CnL Coi^oi Rondi. &2J*Oy Mia** **i do do # ,!>? Corforauon of AJextadrla Btx p*r Coat. JVock, $SJU? (ii-rfontimi ol W??hi?ctoa S4i par Com. The Oorporatma S'ooka Will be said on teraM o Tbe 8a?t? Stock are in boad* offl^OO < Termi ouk ib onrreut funde oolSd J C. MoOl'IRK * CO., At Bf A. GREEN. Ag-tiocMr. THEUSTKftf SALE of VALLAHLK Pbo* 1 BKTT IIIWII!) l TH AKD UTH BTi. UIJ, 4*9 H/XX PlNN. IVIKll, A*HI>JTO* CITT ? H? Tlr tue ot a d**d oftraat f.nir Cnrwltor. t'aie4 Ma' 13.18S4,en y rtoordr-d in Liber J. a ? , No. 71. loUos ll.A.0., of toe land rrcordi of Waak.actus oooi tr, D C , I chi'l, at the requ?at of the ott-r K,d nof? o< of th? eote th-rein eeomrec.on Tl'K_? A Y, the 1Mb dij of October n?xt, at 4 o'ctoek . Terma: Ore third cuh ; aid the reridae In t R asd N vnontha wi'h lutereit. Deed iivm and a 4m? of truat taken to aeo?-e the deferred w*MU. All oonvfjuoM at tie rurehaaer'a e >et. 1/ iM term of ?aie are not oowipU?d wiU> witlun S da , th? traetee reaervee th - nrht h> tvaw'.l at poronaa er'a ooat anl riak, after 1 w?fk i puMie noue*. WM. R WOODWa RU, Tra-tee. a-r St^wAda A GRHPN.Aact Bf J. C. MoSL'IRfc A CO , iieUunaMiJ Furniture and ?oi;?kh"' n trtm at Pcblic Arcno*rO? W?DN 81 At' MORNIxh, October l'rt, at 10 No. 391 I vnbuli a rtat. katviaa H tai I ata. t.oru. vi ah* 1 Mil a portion of the Furnitar- a d Eff eta if a geatieKaadreiuing kuiirkN|ini, eo?prie iul? Itut of Rotewood Cumeon t-afan Damaak Covered Far:or Fi'niU". oon-a'iemg two t*ofea, two Arm and a x Parlor Chaira, RoaeW' f d Marbte top Cei t-r * d Soft Tabled, Walnut Whato.t, Cane and Ruah .eat Chaiia, Gaa Chaadeiiere and Uaa Fixtaiea. Window Oartaica ant ^h&d-e, 9it of aolld Oak Oifioe Furniture, comprising Sec retary, Cloth oov*r?d Center Tablf, aix Arm and one Re*olv:nc Chair, e'hocanr Hair eeat Solas and Chaira. pholatered Kaar C air, Fire Serena. Clo t get of Kaamedcd Cotta?e Fnruitare, with Ward robe. Walnut and Paint ?l Wardrobes, Marble top Waahatanda, Toilet Seta, Bureau?, booking G'.aaeee. B^dateadr, Ma(tr?eaea, Holnteraand Pillows, Oak Extension Dicing Ta'We, Kane Refrigeta'or, Oa? t*iaU- Stand, Oak Freaoa Dining Chaira, loe Pitehera, FraaUm a- d other Stovea, Together with a geni-ra. aaarrUaect of Kit K?*u:eit*s Terms: #90 and snd'r uaah ; ever that redit ?>< 00 aad 9a day a, f. r ast.afactorily aotee. be mag i&tereat. oa 13-d J. C. MoGUIRE A CO , IgrU. FUTURE DAYS aj j. mouuiKL * CO.. AarbOMfi. V A MJAB' K UNIX PRUVKD PROPERTY NKMuaV AecTioa ?On we iv nV^li / yTKK^QOM, OotoUer ink, at tonr P_^y*A-?* f? W?? akal< m.I ixH No U, la 8t?**a .No lis, frouunc ?n fen Mid a kalf ibok DB isr* tioUfc ^t. wwl.bAw?rtMU f .uTo^ra nyjunuWk JS* f.?* ! i^eh-e. * T. ?j?s: Op? Uinl ?u^ ; iho roMduc la ? u4 If Mulltke, ?l l lUUrt-?t, ?-cur?m b * aood of Ua?t u*. the f-otni?*?. Tit> ?9rf-o( OQ ?? J J. c. WoOriRK ACQ. AacU Br WALI. 4 DABNaRO. AuoUooMra. C2TOCK AND FIXTIRV8 OF A FANCY ^7 bloo* A5D Bt?IIT ^TOII AT APCTIOK ?Oa TUll WMIIA V UAU kill!' ._l aClTICJ.-UB _ w- w???? inil.,M Ho'ilfl6t? are will ae i at llie store < lb' flat will Cciuuam ihm al*oe>o- tn? aids of Li< tUMt, mat Li, IM ftbKjk ?iid Future. o.?uuMaini? SlrawanJ Hjaliory B<-w.m- Whiapaud M?i, Hi'd i'mh Ko**a, E?*fe Tr?yaa*<i 9-ivM. P?'?ty ?*?*?*? b* cL?l?. K - tera, B?o4?*a u4 f?*?. H*ir BtVi>ft??. Durte.a ftaJ P?rr. ^ S?>irM. Tray a and a vk/itty M W?o4?a Wara, WooS'a^at Chfti'B, Wuk ii< Mncblnfe. llaobiM for ai?kib| iiiouaa, \ ioe tod ot arln ociTj**** wall k Bernard. Fy A 'iRLF.N, A*atinMar. 1^*1 SiTEE'S ??lLK OF VALUABLE Bcll 1 inaLoTa .i tiiu*tiii rarvi nil ?it* irAccri *.-?? t-'n| .AY,U>->6ilicay of Oafa Mf. IHM aiail Mil. la frr?t ?.f Ort> prMbtaM, U mUUo a .otioB, by \ irria* . f a d<ed of tmat to lb* iad r- e?r-,fcd >f it c date th* 7"i t ay of April,*r J. 4. ? * *M - - ft ? *ruuu" ?0f 38 43i *od ?*, OM o Uo lond ??co da .f W MfctBg ob ooub'7, ui tko Dtotricl. ftu rnnbia, the foilow rooiition?*d ?pe tj Ijin* BBd LtUi.g Ui tl-? M'r ifWMki ?tun Oi?tT'et afor*-rud Tub saia Will ?i?mm at IX '?lock , on Ik* CnR mum* pro) ny, vii: L >ti uiic.bntJ alxtot&aoti aov*at??a. (14 ted 17? ??u* e nowihcna *o? hrndr^d and *1(111; m, l.w.1 l.ot ift?*B, (14.) ib * >?r*d ton btedrad ana i>i-?ty fcr*. <1 ??*,; l?*b umborod too ao>i f(i and 4 ' iu >or?d too huii^rod ?ni lit ?ty M?vru, 1 (<tr i 1 ot?> ??bwod a.s aod ?or? ,<? ai d 7,M? *ooaro tao ?rod a1*tm baud od aud Binotoan.l I?1 t,!tMluc a? 97 JS, hum t"? t, tt??o or Iom. owk. All oonrejBooicr ?t lk? ?Mt of tbo If Ut t?r?? ?r? b t com plied witliukn4i)? M trB?t*o r*Mrv?a Is* t t nt to rooon ik? prop*- ty . a. .u oc15d?da A. GHKKn. Aoot. JKinKW JUJJ s JtirOruikfioB N. von t^vtse^Jiffsa ftfl Ab aorlv ool) i< aolicitaU w iroibit to aboar (oorts. ? ~ H 8TINEMRTZ. ? a >M Pa. a*-, ?>oar oor-ar 13U> ?i. JOTICt-Bt 'M'on of the da?th of lioorr* i. ~ Umu.? theirm or I .urn** 4 Bao nbb. . ku bNOM WOtMK) to OlOM ftud BOUla Uo JIB ?iwir> to OlOM *u4 BOttl# loo MMMBBOI tka Uu ftraa Ail porauo* are Lb?r?f <Mo ^ur.tod to a?o#? at to tha onrt >rii?b#J all tH<*( aim*lagataal aaid Inn. and ail k^oi ia.-U>t?ol i th < fl n ara rrqaoatal to mim forward and aattiA ?aa?*?ttboot delay JNO.T. LKNMAN, ? ? %-\w (Utah aocriai^f??r 1 I hftvo oo load a 'arfa a aortomrt of Cookiaf +m* ' wr-lovao, waioli I em all ah?ayr Mm ' it otiior hoaae lalha ihstriat, aa it 1a mi JtOM . t bUob to eloaa ibom aL Call aad aoaJart ~ *d Uoa Jn4ta for joaraa raa. .? C. I^IYD* I. Ml Xoat door to Uo Hor Ofcp. )Nvk5 4. MBK, IIBSON ta wtiSlwJ *m a?or. aa km m- . ibbm an rtri li(fcl. uawmik at., >M,

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