Newspaper of Evening Star, October 16, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 16, 1860 Page 4
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" ' ' ' - ' Amt> or Stuti -Tttrt la tbe greatest cow ard about snakes upin Calboua that lives In Amer ica. He rim from tb- Kaat lust spring. and bought a farm, ar.d for the first six months in the county he hardly slept two hour* a night. He had a fine patrh of oataoa bis f?x?i but he wai afraid to cradle It One day be concluded bed take a look to ?e? If there were many snak?"? In the patch; ao he got hU old bor??, and after leading Ulm through tke gtp, and laying iy> the fence to koeitb* L?o*t out, bf took an old icylh? initht In bia band to fl^bt with In rase or an attack, mounted the bone, and struck oat into the oats, holding up both lege as h!gb as poMible. He hadn't gone far when be saw a whaling big snake slipping along tbe oats after blm Away he went, round and round the patch, and away went the snake, right along with blm; sometimes on one aide and sometimes on the other, sometimes be hind acd sometimes before. He couldn't get out of the lot bucaa e the fence was up, an a as the snske kept constant]y with him. there was no ehance but to leave tbe old horse, and try to keep oat of its war. He went it that way till every stalk of bis oats was tramped down, and until tbe horse wns Just about de^d, when he discovered that he'd been running from tbe ikadow of his ?eytkt tnatk*! Tm Miraclb or Jamaica'* Blood Is likely to be subjected to a sclentikc tret A Londcu eorrespondent of tbe Presbyterian remarks: ' Poach has this week au anjosiug caricature representing Garibaldi In bis wt-ll-kuown dress ? the red blouse?with a -miserable priest, loaded with tbe monkish teals of bis superstitious tlr?d<*, crouching in terror and trying to esrape from his pretence. St Januarlua's blood and a picture of a winking virgin are coi-apicuoua among hi? treasures It U said that Garibaldi Las already d< - manded a performance of tbe miracle ?f blend melting in attestation of tbe approval bv the Saint of hia entry in o Niples, and tbe priests will be obliged to comply, aa they were once before, when Xapoleen I jjave the iime order. At all *vento, It i* seriously contemplated to send a dep utation from E.ijfland?and parties are already nan.ed for th!s purpose?wbme mission shall be to wait on the Dictator and request thit he will briug the alleged miracle to tbe teat of chemistry In the face of the Neapolitan world Vou are Crhaps aware that Lord Fielding ventured put ;ly a few yeara ago to affirm tbe genuineuesa of the muae!" In a controversy wltu Sir Culling Kardley; and the proposal will be made that hi* lordship will form one of the deputiea *' . A Sharp CaiDiTom ?A Haverhill man who tradea In Hour, graio. k.c.. Uu<i?u a Hibernuu neighbor with iwo barre a of Hour suld for cash Tbe account ran along for six month*, and as the flour waa by that time consumed, the debtor aeemed to have lost bis interest in tbe matter, But the creditor a'-ill thought of it, and th*-n hatched up a novel expedient to get his pay. Tbe derelict bad so more property than whit the law would protect blui in holding. He lud one heg ouly. bat that was a very Hue <>ne, weighing about 500 lbs The creditor bougbt a store pig out of a drove for f'i. and got a friend U> sell it to the debtor at hia own price The bargain was too good for bim U> luruw away, tint ue nit a. the Erk bait Flour, drain Jo To then aitt< hel th* ge bog, took him away and aold it. and realized enough to rover his demand and the cuaU, and to return a "V" to the debtor. O* Till Wim ?One John VViisou baa had in unfortunate streak of luck For a very heinou* offense two negroes were a sbort time ago hung In Philadelphia county. Ark. A brief but compre hensive statement of the aff.iir his already been published in the Enqnirer. The hanging of the negroes, how over, did not p'ea?e Mr NVilson, and be wroteaco nmunlcation to the Vicksbtirjj Wlilif In reference to the matter, in which the partici pant* in the hanging were severely reflected upon. The result was, tbat Wilson wai driven out of Helena by those whom be bsd offended H- n?*t turned upatOiford, Miss., where b* remained undiacov red until Thursday noon, when a panrr was received (riving . Is description The College boys gave him a formal trial, and bnnished blm Immediately from that locality At last accounts be was moving South ?Memphis Enqmrtr. IPT Tbe Richmond Whig of the 11th Instant aaya: " Tbe report that M1 . Mlliier. ihe prima donna of tbe Cooper Opera Troupe at tbe Theatre, sung In the choir at St. Paul's, on Sunday, I* erro neous. A letter from Mr. Cooper, requesting tbe presence of tbe Prince at th~ Theatre last Saturday night, did not reach his royal highness until Man day morning He thru expressed his regrst at not receiving tbe letter on bis arrival, as It reminded him tbst Mr Cooper wms formerly one of bis tu tors, and, for their mutual gratification, be would have attended the performances. One of tbe Url tanlc flags used in decorating tbe Theatre Satur day night was used for a similar purpose In Eng land. at ths coronation of ljueen Victoria." A W ell Plbaskd Mam ?If tbe reporters are to be credited, tbe Prl-ice of Wales must be the best pUssed young gentleman on this continent Each successive 1ncld?nt of bh tfip In the United States affords bim "the highest pleasure," snd the last place visited Is always according to these lo *1 authorities, th it In which be has been best received Undoubtedly, however, tbe Prince s progress through tbe Republic has bee! 1 marked W;th extreme cordiality on both sides, and Its ffffH't mult ta or#??l Xf Urs-nn- #K~ #??*?? >U<.lC?MC ?UC ICCIIUJJ stating between tbe two conntries On our p*it we have doue the proper thing, and the British public will bsartliy appreciate tbe kind feellug that has been shown towards the voung Prince |]T Among tbe public improvements In prog rees aad In contemplation In Houston. Texas, are a cotton and wool factory, a sugar reflnerv, a&d a cotton compress for compressing bale* of cotton Into a suitable site for shipment. 1^7" Potato rot is doing serious injury In tbe neighborhood of Buffalo, New York. Som<* farmers have lost almost their whole crop In Worceat?r conuty, Mass , there are considerable loss re from tbe same cause. d7" Tbe Key of the Gulf says that the spoitye business during the last year has yielded a revenue to Key West amounting to $L2.UU> Itisal-oau extensive business along the & ast of Cuba. IJT Wm. J Hold en, a retu ut-d Californian. abot bintself in Boston Thursday, because he had no money and nothing to do. a AKK1VALS AT THE HOTBLS. BROWN'S HOTEL-CC Howard, Gs; J T Coltnn. G C Gates, C Thompson, Md; J A Flret, MY; W H Gaines, Ark Dr J U Mccarty, L Cass, Va; T Hyatt, NY; J H Bartclle, SC; Dr Millard, J M Miiiard, I s; Col W Madary, la; A Lenox, NY; T Hoeae, III; J Scott and lv, C Cummings and 1*. NY; J K Thompson, C M Cole, Md; G?* John l.etch?r and staff. V'a; A A Greens and W, K I George and ly, Wis; A M Noiand and fam. Miss ! FAS tiitb. Pa; J D Atkins. Fla; W Young. Ga; J C Kdw-rd? and lv. Mo; J Broads'reet and lv, N Y; S Holges and ly, Va; Mrs E Watkln*, Md; I C T Harvey, NY; J Btepham, W H Sowers, Pa; ! P Ha Tilit n and ly, Ala; Ur O Finnav, Va; W A j Foil* r and ly, Ps; O Richardson, Va.' NATIONAL HOTEL ?A H Doty, F S Hyde. NY; E W Taylor and fam, Texas; A J Smith, D MeCloskey, A R Potts, ?; Joseph Lang, T A Mellon, Miss; J P Brown, Cons; C A Craft, Md; ] J Manning and feiu, N J; ii W Soutbwortb, Pi; j Hon D E Sotiirs, Me; C L McN?der, G M oujer and lady, C P McDowell, A J Russ*l], Pa; Mrs I U - O- .1 J ??' t? - - ? .... r m, wau, ? i uruer, Mia*; A J K'*aide. Pa; J Taylor, 8 Montflboaery, NO; Er Frrkin* it lady, V 1> Linton and iadv, La; D Horlbeck, r*C; Mr* Allau. Va; J Claiburu and lady, Ga; C Hull tad lady, NY; A .Mitchell,L A Warren,D Ded*<e and fain. Pa. KIRK WOOD HOUSE,?J B Guthrie. Pa; J ; Watkiuaon, MY; A Dalev, Va; 11- n W Whltrly, Del; O A Siuena, Mich; S Clean, Dr Cohen, Md: j A J liia' k*. Kan; J Guild, E K Doughead. u; W I Hunt, NY; V VV PitHeid, La. Of EAN 3TEAMEIW SAILING DA YS From tie Uhitci* Stats*. Si miHM i. L**V . bar Day* AtfcUa Boaton Liverpool.. .. .Oot 17 ?w York..?.. New York... Br*n>?D Oot ;fT iiymaaia........ Nav Yor*.. .Boathatnptou.No* 1 Faun ivtLorm N#? York SoatVptou ..Naw York...Oot. s B>raaau Soutk'iton. New York Oot 4 orn*t ?*?i?ra..JtfiU,aH*ven..New > ork Oot 17 Puiton. ?ontlTutoa.. .Now York Oat 17 anwaaia. Soutirpton. ..New York....Oot ia Tka ??v%a* uiaiI ateomera leave New York og lK# Sal - 4 - * * .. ?. ?I .!>?. un >IU Ul HCB month, ud ck?ri?at'U ub tfl-J 4ta iilu 19th. Th? Lftiiior&iftinftiJvtftA"*^ loftve N?v York on h? sea ae<i * tb of ? *; month. IV MKRf'H^ST TAII ORIXO. I>EW FALL sfVLEs or CLOTHS, CA98X MfiRS. ?NU VK8T1N08. WALL. SrtPIICNS It CO., 3*3 I'auatjlTft mm. Ar*uu?, h?v? ju?t rsoeivwl ft iftrte vftrmtr of nnw Fftii Wiiich ti.ey invito Uia ftiUitiua of lA*ir ffi?n?!????J fintiinntrt. %u 3D-1/ ALTlKUKK I BUTTER HOI SK. IMilx r*o?iniiji freak ftad iwaat, la Uoakan pftek |r *f ??'???. WntUmow> ua. iu? ? *rum rmrj c ?a? u?ton Pitno lor M M 'di. Al?>. oo* v? j lUtl- UMtl. for f m. At td? MM l-UK# ?( W.? MET2?ERUTT78oi? A(*fct of HUutwtj k. Sua'a tad Rtrta, B*oun h fA*? PUIW) i? 10 | IVKKCOA i FALL SUIT*, FURNISHING 9 ' (iOO!>i. H AW, anj CAPft ftt mi uacAi low W*. ?l SMITH'S*. ?<a Nn. 460 S?voth it Y>V CAN DL'V ALL KINDS OK OBNTS' INl)r Ko a K .X KN rs At th? P'OflM* Cloth I'lji'i-'t. "??'. 4<W (M??utA ?U royt^Of 80 7*?. 2i.N0? ?- 27 in*. >?* ???? Md tWtb Hp, 6NtvV .Vi; i.WUljUNS .Now in ?ror? John p ELLIS, pm P 3Cd, b*tW*M.?U> *ud luU ?U. pfcorO?Ad.? eOlL lMXAM BOOM j nr Okjummi or tbs Ixtmuob. I O&tt Indian Afnirt, Off. 1, >960. % ??*x?u PaerpsfU, en4<u*ed ' Propoea s for ladian Go^s.'* (Class Ul.3, oc 4. as the o?m> may he | wil be received at the ?#?oe of ttdian Affcirs una! lOo'oioek a. m., on wikkkdat. the twmty foarth day of Ootohor naxt, for furnishing the fol lowing named artioles: CLASS No. 1. Mmtkimac Blanketi. Clotht, mnd Dm Ooodx. 3,000 pairs 3 point while Maoktnao bankets, to omiivM by* Inohee, ana w?tgh * pound* 1,3C0 pair* xfc-piibt vkiti Maokinao biauaeti. to measure M by 86 inahes, and weigh 6 pounds 1.0JS pairs 2 pvint white Maokinao blanket*, 11 measure 42 by M inohee, and vti|h 5Jtf pounds loo pairs IXpoint while Maokinao Kankets, to measure 38 by SO inches, and weigh 4* poaade tau pairs 1-point white Maokinao blankets, to mtasnre 52 by 46 inches, acd wsigh SJtf poor, da. 500 pairs3-point toarle* Maokinao blankets, to measure 60 by 13 inches, and weigh pounds 00 pairs 2)h-point *oariet Maokinao Blankets, to measure M by 66 inches, and weigh 6 pounds tB pairs 2-point scarlet Maokinao b ankets, to measure 42 by 56 inches, and weigh fi\ nnn nri a to p'aira l-point aoarlet Maokinae blankets, to neasura ? by 46 laohes, ud weigh afc ponodi 100 pair*SVt point (tmb Ma-kinac blanket*, to measure 6C by <4 inoha*. and weigh 10 pounds SOt pair* 3-point *r?en Maokinae Blanket*, to m?un'?U by 72inchee, and wei; h > pounas 600 pairs 2S point ?r???n Maokinae braaketa. to ai?aiu'? &4 ojr 66 luohaa, and vtickl pouuda SuO pair* a>* point indigo-hln? Maokiaao Mar ket* lo meaaure 66 by (4 incites, and wei^B 10 pound* 330 pur* S-point mdigo-b'?e Maokinao blanket* to measure 80 by 72 inohea, add weigh povnds ' 851 pairs point iadiro-blue Maokiaao blan ket*, t?> measures* by 06 inohee, aud weuh 6 poui.ds loo pair* 3S point gentinella blue Maokinao blanket*. to measure 64 by 84 inohea, and wetgh in pounds 00 pairs3-point geatm-ilta-blae Maokiaao blan ket#, to measure 60 by 72 inohea, and woigh 8 pounds * 400 pair* 2H point gentinella blue Mackinac d anket >, to meaaure 54 by 66 inohea, and vei*h 6 pout, da 250 pairs 2 point gentinella bine Maokinae b'an ke:s, to meaaure 42 by ?6 inohea, and weign f>v pound? pairs l>? poibt gcntine'la-bltie Maekinao b!?nlt?t*, u> m*a?ure 3b by so mohes, and weijti 4*4 poquds 150 pair* i point gentinella blue Maokmao blan kets. to measure 32 by 46 inches, ai d vw(h 3>< pounds 4,0^0 ya ds fancy-list bins oloth Vtt " ' green oloth 31K10 " gray-list blue cloth 4,<vi0 " saved-Ust blue oloiti 3,??? ** " soarlet ok-th 1, 00 " " |re?u oiuth lio pounds worsted yarn, (3 io.d) 1M0 dosen cotton flig handkerchiefs 10? * tanoy cotton 44 51 44 Mack nil 44 100 " 8 4 lotto* shawls too 44 8 4 4* 44 60 4- 4 4 44 M 1??> 44 ? 4 woolen "4 S?i pounds lin?n thread Si grots worsted gartering 4-1,000 j arils call so 44 Merrimac oalioa 710' 44 Turks* - red oauco ai.iOt) 44 blue drilling 44 osnaburg* lii.iioii 4* brown drillings 5 (?? 44 Georgia stripe* .1,010 44 blue denims KlKUl ?? ? ? ? -4-. guivjnauv '5,'0? " bed tiokin* J#n " Kentucky jf an* 2.i?o ratinetu U,wo '* plaid liQien 1A4 ' bie*ehed ehirtinf l5,niio ** domestic ah:rt>n(, unbleached lO.Hin ' eheetinc, ** 3 mm * bleach d " 10 i1A " brown ootton duok W.nn ** ohecka. *tnpe? and plaids 2,fK? " flaauels assorted I i**t ponnda o tton turead l,t?i0 " nruwn filling twine. No. ? mo ** ootton niaitre 1,5?#> flannel shirta *,<??'ca iov>?hut? V*> doxea tiioKur; ?hirt# iw * Madras han<ikerohiefa. Cliii No.t. m Ready-mailt Cloth int. ami frock ooaU, indigo- blue broadcloth ?o pantaloons, " " .%> indifo-Hiue Mackinac blanket oapoUe >4 bluv aatiaet ooaU SMI " pantaloon* lit) cadet mixed satiuett ooati iw " ' pautaloonj ? ? gr?j uUo?t ooftta, (aao k) son pantalooua SO " vests. Class No S. Hardware, Agricultural fr. 3,(XM> poind* hra?s kettles fOO uo kettles, (5 >iim) 1?? iiMti Japan?s< settles, (8 in lUitl ?? Minf kettles, <Ssizea.> 3? dozen i vaart tin pans 174 " S quart 20 " S-quart ** 400 u tin oupa 500 " butoher knives 20 " soa pir.g knives 70,000 cud flints too gross cun worms ISO " mjuawa?ls 70 * fishhooks Suo dozen fish line* 1 (?0 gross needles, a*sorted 200 dozen coarse- Uoth oumbi loo fine-tooth ooouibs 9> " scissors 2uu '* sht-ars & " gruobhig hoes 90 " Weeding hoes 175 irawiag-koivM, lo inches 5" baud u*a I5ii dozen hand aaw files,iX molt 5 " ahovela So " spades 1,1**1 short-handle fry rans 21 doXAU LAitinr ?B<uint " irou ta'jis c^na 30 " axes, to weigh 4)6 to dK round* 136 " haif ax??. to weigh * pounds, (wiati handles) 15*) " zinc nurrora 100 " D'?at??lt 3 u pound* Ore -a wire M) " beat Chinese veruuluoe. , Clah No 4. Northwut (Juns. 1,000 northwest (una, flint look 100 " " percussion ioolc l'jvduzsn powder hoi ua Proposals will be reoeired for the delivery of aaut at Boston, New York, Philadelphia, tin!timore. New Orleans, St. Louis, Memphia. or Cibeiimati; but the o at of .be trenaportatiou of the seme to th?ir places of deatinetion will be aou ai<ier?d m aeoidicg upon the proposals in owi when' the name article* shall be propua?d to be do ll -ered at Uifl'ereni places. ijuoda of Ainericaa manufacture of the roquirt-d and aualitjr will bo preferred; bat as the rAniplea of blankets end oloths ere foreign febrios, It will be ueo-tsery, in proposing a domoatio erti oli of eitfcer of thote kinds, that a aainpl* thereof mwmiymuj iuii uii. rtimpie guua and powder n?rna ir.u?t mo be furnialied.Troin wluoh ihe De partm^r.t vill p ake a selection; and. in oai? of more Utan oue sample b-ing lumith*d by the same 01' Jer, ih?prioefor each muit lt? distinitlr mui cated in the bid. The (!omnninon?r reserves the right to decline taking aay gunaand powder Lorn*, or moi or lnca than &ro advertised fir, aa he may d^Ain proper. Theartioiea to be furn a hod muat in all reapncta ouaiorm to and be equai with the (iovernruf nt sanples, whioh may He mcd at thia Office. 'rhey wil ins rijidly inkpet'Usl ana oompar*u with tnose ?>*i i>y an ag<?ut or ageuts appointed for that purpoae. ? uoh tk* may bo aii?qi.a.*d thereto in any particular will be reiented; lr whiou oaao tha contractor wil be buu"d to furnish otbera of the r'qmr?d kiud or 411a ity witbis three tiata: or, if that be not done, tne* will be jurohaaed at fiis ex peuse. i'aymeucS wi l Ihs 11 ade forthe goods re oeived oriuvoio'e thereof, oortified by the agent or agents app >itit?d to inspect them. It la to b- understood that the rirht w 11 b* re served to require a greater or less quantity of any f ihe artio'e* named tliao that spec find in the above sovdut*; atd ail bida for Airmailing said v tie oa may be rxected et the option of the De partment; and that none from person* who have :aue< to o?mp y ?iui the requirements ol a pre vious oontraot with the United Htatei, or who ar? not manufacturers or wh - lesale dealers in the i? qiir??t articles, will be oon?idered; and the faot that biddera are auob manufacturers er dealers mg?t be evidenced by the oertifioaU oi toe Colleo tor o( the foil w here they reside, or where it is proposed to deliver the articles. The propora s must embra?? the artio'es, with the q uantiues thereof, aa ther are arranged in the J - .i>a ? F<>v? >uDiua u> ?aon lu <*o! l?rt ud s?nti at whioh they are to be tarnished, and the amount* must be carried out ai d footed ay for eaeh a.ata. Mud pruss and imouti tnuat b** o cirer, without any modification or proposed nodt&cation, or variation whatsver. They thou d b* nbraitted with the following heading: "I (or ?e] hereby propose to farniah for the eer vioeofth* Indian Department, and aoeording to the term* ot iu advertisement therefore, Cited October let, 1M0, t ne following article# at the prices thereto affixed, (her* maert the net aoaordiug to Uiecui or ola?s*s proposed for,] deliverable in the city ?f (Boston, New York, Fht ade pbia, Bal timore, New Orleane, St. Louis, (Memphis, or Cin cinnati. as the ? ? may be] by the first day of Apri! next, or at sue* time or timeednring the year Idol a< may be ordered by the Commissioner of In dian Affairs; and (I or we] will also furnish, at tfce same prioes such additional quantities oi the same krud* and qualities ol goods ae may be required for tbes?rvioe of tn* Indian Department durtnf the yearlKl, aa above stated; and, if Una propusvi be eooepte-f, (here ineert the worde,'in whole or in aart if more than one olaaa be aro p >sed for,] 1 (or we] will, within twenty days thereafter, execute a ooi.traot ao?or?iingIy, and Jive aeou'itv, satisfactory to the Commissioner of ndisn^Affaira, for the faithful p*rforiaaao* of th* Kach proposal mast he aototnpanied With a guarantee la the foilowiag for*, to be sicned by two or more reepoaaibls persona. whoeesuCoionoy must be eei tiled to by a Caited States judge or uistriet attorney : .. - D?ret>T jointly ud (UftrftntM thftt tk*abort biduar, for bid) [<,) ii?OOBtr??{ ihtll tw? ?w%r\i?d to kin 1 or tkem] aooordiug to hta|or tb??ir ] bid or aropoaftl, will MMUti ft aontrftot aa Ovriliuffly.ftRd |ir?tu ra^vlaita aaoantr lor tha ptrU>riuftu<>a tbaraof, fta pr?*eribad in thaaavrrtlaa or* to to do, v? fearabr Mrtt ud btad p?rtilw?, uar hair* xooalors, ftoa imIiu, to forfait ft: d ?ft7 UoitM StfttM, fta il>??? ft tain not laaa hftn iftooa ft Mt. oa U> amount of Mid bid or .roaoaU." BouJa will b? r?qttlr?d la lb* ftooaat of^Ua bid proposal will b? r*oeiv?f that doc# not elriot 1/ aoaforui, ia all r*rtioaiar?, to thj torm* and directions of thi* advpr ti??nient. CHARLES E. MIX. o? 2 3awtOet24 Aoticg Commiuiouer. T)RO- osai.S F??R FURNISH i NO ThIT pV~ tr PKK FOR the purlic PRINTING. OmClStPIIiKTMUMT OV PCBLIC P&INTT7VG I Washington, October Z,*18eo. { ! puriut 'O* ot the proTii.on" to pro id* for txtoitiu the public pnuUn*," he., ap r roved August ?, IMS, and oi the 10th Matios of ne ut entitled "A n wt making appropriations for tJie legislative. executive, and judicial expanses of government for the *ear ending June 33,18o0,nap proved Maroh 3,1840, sealed proposals wul k* re eeirel at this offlae. in tho Capito\ until ti>a ftrst Monday (3J day) of Dacember next, at 12 o'oloak, for tarnishing the paper that nay be required for the public printing tor tha year ending on the lit day of Daoember, 186t. The subjoined l:tt speoiftes. aa nearly aa ean be asoertaiaad, tha quantity, quality, and desoription of aaoh kind of paper that will be required: Class 1. 1?,?W reams fine printing paper, stealer messore 34 by * Inches, and to weigh forty-BT* pounds to the ream of 480 sheets. Class 2. 6.000 reafns fine printing papi>r, calendered, to measure 24 by 38 inches, and to weigh filly six pounds to the ream of 480 sheeta. Class 3 300 reams superfine printing paper, hard-aisad and super oalendered, to measured by 32 inches, m.nii tn w?im b ? ' _ ? .. ? ? f"??*?? w mio ream ui w h?ti. 2 out reams soperfine printing paper, sized and super-' almdered, to measures* by X) inches, and to weigh &ity pounds to the ream of 4X0 sheets. Class 4. 1 000 roams superfine rnnp paper, sued andoal ei>4?reU, of suoh sizes a* may bo required, corres ponding in weight with paper ineaturicg 13 by 24 inohes, and weighing twenty pounds per rUm of 490 sheets. Class 5. 2*> reams superfine plate paper, (oalandered or unca!endere?l. as may be required, >19 by 34 inohes, and of suoh weight per -earn as may be reqnied. The ftbre ol the paper of each of the abov* ela?sr? to b? of linen and uotton, free from all adulterator, with miiiaral and other substanoes. ard ol a fa.r whi'onesa . a d put np in quires of twenty-four sheets each, auii in t uudies of two roams eaei.; each team to contain 480 perfeet sheets. Ucifornu ty iu color, thickness.and weisht will be required; and no bundle lexolusive of wrappers) var^iux over oi under the p<r cent from the standa'd weight will be reoeiveo, and the'gross weirht will in all oases be rMai'ed. Mixi: c of various t. iokne iei in the sau.e bundle to niaV? up t o wtifht will La oousidered a violation ol the contract. Class 6. 1 1,500 ream* q\?i>rto-po?t writing pnper, 10 by IS inohta. * 2,000 do c ip do 13 by IK 1 -S do 3 100 do d#my do IS bjrVUl-g do 4. 1,000 do fvliu-pwl do 17 by 22 do 3. 1U0 do medium do IS by i3 do 6. 50 do royal dj 19 by 74 do 7 50 do up?r-roynl do 20 by '26 do 6. 50 do imp?rt?l do 9?l-lbr3l do 9. 100 do doublt-'ap do IK bv in rio 10. 100 do colored medium, (aaorud color*.) Class 7. 1. 6,000 reams writing paper, 16 by 28 inohes, to weigh twenty three pouuds p r ream 2. l^ioo reams writing paper, 19 by *6 inohes, to w. i<ht venty eiklit pcuiMS per ream 3 3,100 reams writing paper, 18 by 25 inohes, to weigh twenty six pound* 4 100 rp&t;ta writ:,If nanflr IO 1 - ~u - - _ n . .? ?i?|rvi I IU i/f *H> I I<UIino % VU weirh twenty-four pouuds p r ream 5. 34*1 n-ams writing paper, 18 by '-8 luohea, to wei ?h t wenlt two pound* per r?>am | 6 4*1 reams writing pap.'r, 12 by 18 inokea, to weightwelve pounds per r?am. All the papers designated in o'assea 6 and 7 mint oontain 4 to perfect sheet* ti> the ream, and no "out side" quires. Th*y are to be made of the t>e*t ina teriala, free from adulteration, fin'shed in the h?nt manner, out t<> a true edg* laid Hat, and securely and aubataotialljr ei: ve.opul. The papers in olaaa 6 art- to be white or bine, and of suoli weights as may be required by thia offije. Those in ofa^a? are to ha white, and of the aiz>a and weights specified in ttl* schedule. The right i* reserved of o'd-riug a greater or lesa quantity of each and every kind contracted for in a I claarex. to be furnish-d at such timer ar.d in auoh quantities an the public service ma* require. Kitcn claaa wi t bo considered separate}?. and be si^ject to a separate e ntraot; but bijders mat ofl r for one or iu'?re of the ut&ssc* iu the aairie proposal. ? proposals will be oon*idorod unless ?co-imp? ried by tn? guarantee that '.ha brtder or td .sro, if hia or th?ir p-oposa' thai! b* aocepte-4, will enter into an obligation, with gi*>d and suiUcient sure ties, to furmah the articles proposed Miank forma fir proposals will > ? fu-ni?Uod at this offioa, and none will be taken into consideration unlets sub J u V ' villi, ?UOI "Wllllt All the paper in the aeveral c'aaaea rouat beds livrr*<t n* luoh p'&eeor piao*e a? mar !>? de-ignatrd id W&ai in* ton oitr, in goad order, free of all and every extra oharge or expenae, ana aubiect to the inapeot'on, oount. weight, and mea*tirtmeet of the Superintendent, and be in *11 reapeota aatisfao HfT x?n iiiH?f all the paper required ma* he aeon at thin office, hat biddern are required to furniali. with their p.opoiala, *\tnp>a of not ieaa thau on? qiure of each of the kind* bid [or. and upou which their proaoaala mar be ba?< d. The auooeasftil biddera Wi.I be required rigidij to oooform to tueir sam ple*. Propoaala will be addreaaed to "Jon* Hurt, Supsrinteoderjt of the Pubiio Printing, Washing ton." and eudoraed "Propoaais for Supplying Pa per." ooS-Sawtd OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALEE OF GAS METERS, VVaamseToji, July 18.1880. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That,agree ably to the proviaiooa or the oidinano* of the Cor poration approved May IS. lBflo. the underaigned ia low prepared, "whenever r??ulred in writing, and on pre payment of the fe? of fitly oenta, to lnapect. examine, test, prove, and ascertain the aocuraoy of registration ofany gaa in*t?r in a so in thi a city. Every meter, iffouiid incorrect, will be condemned, aud another, abated and marked a* true, will be ?etini'? place. If proved to b* aoo urate in ita B<**?ur..n:ent of gaa, it will b? aealed accordingly, and again put in poaitioa for uae. Ofioe No. 310 Seventh atreet. (near Odd Pal )/,?? ' Mali % <i? r n - ? 4 ..> uwi i wMuiiuim*. m, loo p.m. CHAKl.ES W. CUNNINGHAM, Jy 13 tf Inapeotor ana Sealer of tiu Meters. PIONEER STEAM MARBLE AND BROW N Si ONE WORKS. The subscriber begs leave to inform the citizens of Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria that he has aUii<*d t" hit lone established business the auxiliary of mourn power for aawing an: inanufao tuncg Marble and Brown Stone Work in their va riona ttranohea. Marble Mantels, Table and Wi?h stand Top*. Tite, Mou*ments, Tomb and Head Stones, Siais. Window Linteia, Silis, t-teon and Platforms. Having pu-chased a large a took of Italian Marble in blook.trom t>rsthands,at the lowest rates, he feels oonfident of being ab'e to furnish Marbe Work as low as it oan be purohased in New York. Philadelphia, or Baltimore. The trade supplied with Italian Marble In block or aiabs at the same rate as furnished in New York, and on accommo dating t?rma Also, on hand, a large supply ol Pumice Stone, Water of Ayr Hoi.e and Pollening Putty at New York prices. Enooursge the enter pnee; it will be an acquisition t? the city. AI.KJC. RUTHERFORD. Pioneer Steam Marble and Brown Stone Works, Pa. av? oor. Tnirt enlh st., au 21 3m Washington, D. C. T'HB UNION WIL'. STAND. NOMATTEB 1 WHO'S PRESIDENT! Consequently I shall remain lu Washington and continue to pursue ir.y occupation "f HOUsK. SIGN and ORNAMENTA1, PaINTING. Gild ing in ail its branonea. Old Glasing promptly at tended to. Painting and OruainerUing Cottage Furniture in the l>est style 1 also, oal attention to the Painting of Roofs and Brick Walls. All of the above 1 will do as eh?ap a? ttie cheap est. I therefore solicit the patronage of my friends and fellow citizens of the Distriot. Pnnotuality stnutiy observed, and work done in the best man ner. > ou will pleasa mind your atr>r< and atop at M. T PARKER'S Painting Establishment, No. ?3' 63 !! S3 !!! Louisiana a v., north side, between 6th aid 7tb sts. P. S Signa put up free ef oharge, aa usual. feu ?*' 0:11 WFALL DRY GOODS E Are now receiving atmauufu! aaaortment of Fanoy and Htaplf liooda of the lateat atyiea, em bracing all the ateet inipoi t&tioua ; inch as? Popiins, Valour Otwuaui in variety, French .\J uusaeliue*. Figured and Piain Satin fiuiahed Ma rl no*. Cloak incl'iotha. Arab Cloaka in great van ty, Fanoy Silks from &> oeuta to 92,2iN pieoea Cal iooaa, fromSAf to L2X oent?, Fall aud WinterS*awls in great variety, Mousxlines and Plaid from 13 to 5j oanta. Valentia Knjrliah Mohaira and Broca ta lea Hooped Skirt*, Roaiery, Gloves,Gauntlets. Shawl Bordering, Family Blankets,-Klea bed aud Brown Sheetings, Towelicga, Tab.e Linena, *e. Oar at<Hsk ia now very complete, and we offar it on the moat aooommodtti r term*. ae? TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. Francis harper. bavins opbnkd a FAMILY GROCERY AND FEED STORE, C+rnrr of A'rtc Yyrk avtntu and Tenth Mreet. Respectfully aolieita the patronage of thoaew mar be in want oi any artiole in the above line. His endeavor* a hall be to pieaae. and by a atriet atten tion to the wanta of the publio, be hopea to merit a ahare of (heir patronage. Hia took oonaiata of every article usually to b? (bund ia first-class Family Grooery ana Feed Store. ma 17-tf WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED A NEW AS aortment of Steinway A Sous' over-_-jf-w strung semi grand tquar* PIANOS, ofadnBl different atye?, which are now undoubted Mi IT i nt st/. ly the heat instruments manofaotured. We ^ fMt, Fngeneral are respectfully reaue*t*d~t?1*Jii,?-S oonfiJei t that everybody will admit this faat 'JK a oarefnl examination. Our friends and the juai* tor iMmMlrM at the wararooroa of \V. G. MKTZERQTT. m3? CHOUGHS. COLDS. HOARSENESS, Jto. TYL Plt'S COMPOUND 8YHUP OF GUM ARABIC Tuia pieaa*ut ami popular Cvuga Rrm??lj tiu been bo lon? ktiovuand extanaiveij uaed, that moit pjra'na kiava become fainiiar with iU extraordina rjf attorn?. It oan b? had at all th? arino pal dru* atoraa at 2S and 40 ??nu a bottle. m 28 dlmJt*o4iii* CJTEINWAY * SONS' OVERSTRUNG Grind ^5 Square PIANOS arc now oon*i<Ured^B^ U* Mat Sol* A Store. at ?i?o vrriyni J Pi. AT.. ^TW. UjH &JU> Htm STfc, MIU^ Whwf 65 CH E^SNSUtAN^A*l)HLACK TEA At I MnUH^u<>- T" ^1NQ 4 BURCHKIX, ^ 29 CorMrUtbBi.ftA<l Vkrmubtftv. 9 TprrniTQ prwra . mnw Skin Gaiter*. BooU am 9ho?e, een&llr low. Bora'sad Voatb*'Look Boobi, Cob trees ?i* <u*oed Boom of every deeeribunn. L?en? Lid, Moroeeo Mid Goat Skin Battoaed B> oU, I &4tinc i ?o-d. H?tfc>L?a, Consreee ar.d M alitor n?? ?- - - UHX H|i? OI LMIN, H1WM' and Children * Boot* and Shoea. at J. ROSENTHA l/'S, oe? eotr Pa. > ., becwtx'ti ?th and 9th iti. JJOOl'S AND B^OfcjS^ TO SUIT THE We are no* manafiaotarina all kind* of BOOT8 nd SHOES, aad ooratantlV reeeinnr tsrfir of eaetera mad* wort of HI scriptlon, Mdi expreealy to order, nod wiUwMl be told at a raaefctywer pnoe than haa beea* K heretoiore eharted in uua eitj for bin i*ieru?r article*. . Peraosa in want of Boots and Shoes of eastern or itr made work, will alwaya fed a jck><: la atoreaad at the loweet price* GiveaaaoaX OR IFF IN A BRO., ay M 314 Penneylvania a^aaaaw FMVE HUNDRED traveling trunks arrived thia day. amhracini al! quali-Mwrtt tiea and aizee of S?ole Leather, Ladux'MM Oreaa and Packing Trmaka. Our trunk^"***" aaiea room eihibita at thia ume the areateat variety of traveling re*uiaitea. at moderate price*, to be found thia aide of New York, AJao, evWr deecrip A&aZtth %uckI' [XT" Old Trmaka repaired or taken la uobaap lor naw one*. WALL, STEPHENS A CO, Trunk Salee Room, mtr?-tf Pa. araaia gOUTHEMN I^HUNK MANUFACTORY. orpositi Odd hcuotes' hail, ^askxnt'on, D. C. Travelera will atudjr their intereata t>j ex airman my TRUNKS, VAL1CE8&0 , before pur oli&aan olwwar*. Aa I uae none but the brat nateriaJ the market atforde and nm^lo? tha bee* workmen, 1 ou confidently reootnnaend my work to be superior iu strongik aud dmrakiuty to Trunk a tufct are made in etn?r oitiea aud aoid here. 1 keep oonatantiy on haud, aud lo&ke to order \og oue eep constantly on baud, aud make to order ion week'a notice) erery dcaoriptien of SOLE ITHER, I HON frame wench DRESS wood box TRUNKS: ashlant *.iar valices; traveling BAGS; ness; SADDLES; WHIPS, #t., fx. Trunks, Ac., Repairs and Covered, in a leather, Ikon frame wench wood box TRUNKS; ASHLA _ valiums;_ TRjl fjellng BAGS; HAR . _ , . __work manlike manner, at ahort notioe Tranks delivered in auy part of to* oity, 9*org* town, cr AloiAiuirii. Aieo-A/ent for Howe'a oelebrated FAMILY SOWING MACHINES. delS-lT JAMES S. TOPHAM. TKAVfcLKiW DIRECTORY. Daily link of new four-horse COACHfc?* TO UPPKR marlboro*. carrying tkt U. X. m**l. The und?raign*d are now mnniuf Dailr, (ejcoept Sunday.) Four hore? C^aohea be tween washinston aud I. pper Marl boro', an follows : Leave the Steamboat Hotel, corner of Sevent sJr. etandPa *t 7 o'clock a. m. Returning leare I pp*r Marlboro' at 11 o'clock a ni.and arrive in Washington at So'olock, in tune to oonaeot with tlie p. in. t'ainfor Baltimore. The Coaches are nev and commodious, the toama firot clan in the hands of oareful aud accommodat ing driv?ra. Fare to Upper Marlboro JT centa. ... Ai l a u iiiu r ibius. <5 ToOeuterville .. .38 " Freultt Mid packa<p? in proportion. au 15 tf^ <is IM K N k CO.. Proprietors. |> ALTIMORK AND OHIO RAILROAD. I> WA&HlfiQTOti BRANCH.! or Houas. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June I*h, 1WU, trftiiiii will run as follows: bBive Washiuctoa st 6 3D snd 7.4" a. m. Nvt Wa.hinrtou at 3-2^ and bJSt p. m. On Suuilay at 3 2" p. m. L*ave Baltimore at 4.15 and 8 f* a. m. L**ve Ualtimor* at S. 15 and 4-pi p. m. On Sunday at 4 25 a. m. Passengers for the la*t wi!l take trains at 8JP and 1.4" a. m and 3 p w. For ths West at 7.*< a. m. and p. m. r*'ir Annapolis at 7.4A a m and S.3P p. m. For Norfolk at 7 4<> a. re. On Saturday ??ven;c? tiisajo p. m. tram foes to Philadelphia omy. jelS-d T M. PARSONS, Acent. NEW ORLEANS I3M THJIBI] DAYI WITB TU CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Ormnge and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR&: Virginia and Tentlessee. East Tonnessee ana Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS*ROUTE: Memphis by Rail, ihsnoe br First s'.sss Paoksts to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Kail, thenoe to Mobile by Firat oiaaa p&oketa, Mobile to New Orleana by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Schuays Included, Leave wuhtn|Ua at 6 a. at. and 6 p. at. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE le*v?- her wharf foot of Seventh atreet at 6V a. m. and 6.V p m. and oorneoti at Alexandria with the Orange and Alex andria Train* for tho Sonthweat Offioo?Pennsylvania avenue, ooruer of Sixth at. EASOAaa caicuD thkoda* to iiw o&uiAJia. Lrnohbnrc. Hriatol !t .oxvilie Ohatttnoon 34 oo baiton..? __24 oO Huntaville .27?*> 6 ran J J u notion.....?' N aahvilie _ 2* *> Memphia __ 931 no Atlanta ? '? ?aoou ? JB oo ?luinbaa ...-11 6u Montgomery 3S 00 J via Memptiis.4? 30 N.O.S naG. Juno. .4i 5d \ via .Mobile... 45 <? THIS ROIJTK IS RNT1RR1.v UV Bill. and la 900 MILKS SHORTER, and 94 HOUR? LESS IN 'ME than any other I i??? the Lrunhbura tixteasion t>#iai row oomeletcd, m alao the Miwiaaippi Centra, makmr it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTS FOR SOUTHERN TtiAVEI.EKS! It ia provided with Firat olaaa Sleeping Oara! {To Nav Orleans T9 Hours. mftniphii <4 do* KSSB=r=i- ii fc ITTThe U. H. MAIL and ADAMS' EXPRESS aret&ken over tkia New Line. Ticket* car. be obtained at the 8cutit Western OHLoe, cornar .if Sixth street and Peuuajivanfe a* ecue, to the luliomriF point*: L?f jhbiiri;, Brixtoi, RnoxviUe, Atlanta, Cuateanoura. Huuiawillp. Grand JanoLon, Maooc, Naahvilie, Dal tun. Columhae, Mantcomerj, Mol'ile, M?mphia, aud NEVr ORLEANS. ID" THROUGH TICKETS TO THB VA RIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. IT7*Onicibuaea and Daggage Wcguua leave the offioe at ii a. m. and 6 p. in. JAMES A- EVAN8, Ticket Agent, ma 23 tr Corner Sixth at. and Fa. ar. HPUE STEAMER JAS. GUY Will reaume her 1 tripa on TUESDAY, Hat of J1 K February, lf?0. W HI leave WASH INGTON ev*rr fUESDAY aad?i ""? FRIDAY, atC o'elook a. m.,and ALEXANDRIA at half-past 6 p'olook. for CURRIOMAN and the interinMi&t* l.?i<1iugs. On h?r return triae. she will leave CLKKIOMAN every WEDNESDAY ud SATURDAY, at 5 o'clock a. m. LUC1AN 8. PAGE, Proprietor. NATB'L BOUSH. Ju'U Alexandria. fe *t NOTICE! EAM PACKET LINE BE "ORE AN D Leave Com altimore, aa fol The 8t Nichoms every WEDNESDAY, at6 p. m. Columbia, every SATURDAY, at 6 p. m. Leave Kiley's \V harf. at the foot of 11 til atreet Washington, aa follows: Columbia,every WEDNESDAY MORNING, at 6. St. NicnoLAi. every SATURDA Y,at6a. m. RILEV, Acect, Riley'a Wharf, at the foot of mar l6-TAT6m 11th at. Waahlustoa WG AS FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai.y roceiving, OAS FIXTOR BS of entirely New Patterna and Designs and Finish. auperior in style to anything heretofore offered in thia market. We invite oitiiena general ly to oall and examine oar a took of Gas ana Water Fixtures, feeling confident that we have the beet aeleoted stock in Washington. All Work in the above Tine latrasted to Mr oar* will be promptly attended to. MYERS 4k MoGHAN. mar S-tf 37* D street 12 0(10 AND ?-r viiad ArriiH uiukk<-W? lent* rbioh we gearaotee tobe ear* iaioe, and will be 10IJ on re^aonab.e tanaa la order to ntke rooa for our mpnag atook. Sire aa a eul at the N^?0.t?isfcrt, r, ?a. uaw. 1.1.19*1. I AMAJL. MOT! M AUTgYi L ATQokXMTSAT-LAW k ? LOCK HOSriTAL, Hms (* wmi Ctrtmn, twitdf.mtd ? % Kmiiy ??t (U FOR ALL DISEASES OF 1MPRIDBNCB. LET yo FALSE DELICACY PEEfENT. APPLY 1MMKD ATELY. A CUKE WARRANTED, OR NO CHAROM IN FROM ONE TO TWO HAYS. . Ttrnb'i Duardan tnurf (V?i* Nitu; liVu 4 T?tt? i*?? Dntlfi! u4 DNtntflvi Pmuim *M >lt. m TOI tWh wu ktti Hmbi i>? ?iiiii mt hiHttj TtM, IrtaAfkl 4*4 < iliml; gnti _ tiled u>4 krillint taidltct, ?Wniffet Kkimi km *ci dr?iHl u4 4**U?*U?* ??k.t wkitb utMlii a?Nf? timaly gnr$ ifvuods aTTmi lUn ( .? ami > itotuodt i(T?U( iUn?ft krilliBt mt?II?ci, *k? rairtit Mki MtfulM luuaai liHin vitfe tk* Iknun af I'MN.ii m rtk*4 ? Htui; U< ttriac lyn, >; Mil m Ml Mtuuai MiUUU HUOHI,n Mir.iwtiarUttl ? Ikfi, hU| awara af akyaiaal twhM, argaa.t iixtlQ lafar'muaa. ft* , apaadi.y tarad. a vWfUtH kwMif aadat Ua mm af Da J. h; nilri Maiy ihNi IB Mi banar u i (MUtmat aaft wtltwlf rail ifm hj? ikill u 4 pbyaitit*. urricic r bobtb ruonicimur, left band aid*ramg tnm Balutaara itnu, t f?w Mtn *?a? lb a imir. rati bm uaktirtt u?i ?hi. Um? mi k? ptM ui mmttim a mar. D&. JOBMTOB, Kmkm afUa Rayal Callaga afftargaaaa, htataa. rn<t>H baa mi af lb* am ai*ii.aai GaLtgaa ib Ua Batwa luwt, in4 Ua gratltr ptrtafvbati Ufa haa baaa tpau: U Ua baa aiu.a af Lat,dau, Pirta, Philadelphia u< a.atvbata, baa af ractad af tfca man aataataki&g carat thai vara a?at tnaaoj many UaaMii wit* ringing u. ua ka?d aad ?n baa aalaap; grail aarraaanaaa, baw.g aianaaft at aaddaa laftnda, fcaahfaloaaa witb fraqaanl k atbmg, a;:iuai aaa* klaaa *Uk darangaman'. af mud. vara can J taaadlaulv. Till PABTICBUAR HOTICB. Tn if Haa acd atbara wha baaa intaraa uaraaatrae by ( larlaw practtca ladalgad ui arbaa uatia?a habu fracatatlj laarnad (ran a*ti eampaataaa, ar a: nbaal. Ua altc? af vblcb ara nigbuy (all a?an arbati aaiaap, aad if aai mat. raadara icarriaga tmpoaaibia, aad daa jajt kaU wad ul bad*, ihaald apply iminadw.alr Tbaaa aia aatua of ika aad ml aalactkaly ataau aradaaad br aarl* babita iJ yaatb * i Waikaaaa af Ua Back aad liata, P>ui in Ua Haad. Duuaaaa af M.gM.Laaa af Maaaalai Naar, Palpiuuaai afUa tfiart,Ufi|>a^?. Ktrtaai Irriiakul Ly,l>ar*: gairauiaf Ua Dig a?u?t f a^cuaua, Baaaral Da bail J, irnpio-ia of Canaampuaai, ftt MEWTALLY.?Tlx faarfkl afatu aa U? atad ara attb 10 ba draadad? Loaa af Maaaary, Caafaataa af Id ft, Oapraaaaa f Spirit*, Et:I, A't raaai af ftac.t r, tifP.a.taal baraaf Baluade.Tlroiiiiy, aaa a af Ua aaila pa? ftacad. RtkTOII DUlkITT ?Tbaaatala aaa M*ttd|l ?bkl la Ua ciaaa af thai* dacUctng baaUk, Uair aagar, ba taaiiog wa?k. pale, otrraaa ?ad aa>?.tt?iad,baaiag a atugaJai ippaaraiitt abaft: Ua ayat, taagh ar tya.p'.a< taf caataaapua* DISEASES OP IMPBUDEKCX. Wban Ua taiagaidad tod m.j'radaut ?aury af plaatara fata ba kaa iia>ibad tut aaada af thia paiafbl diaataa. It '.aa aflaa kappaaa that an til-timed eenaa af abataa ar draad af aiKa<ar) daiarabia (rata applying la Uaaa a'.a. fraia adacai aaa^d raapacui>j1t'y, can a I on a befneod b;m la fail* iLia Ut kuidt af igtioranl and daaignrg prttandara, aba, lacarablk tf caring, lleh bit pacamary aaoalauca, kttp bin iHttaf laauU a/tar maeU, ar aa laag aa Ua Msajlaai faa eao ba aft, aad in daapair laaaa biai ?i(b ratoad baalU la atfk rat bia galling diacppataur.aiit; ar ky Ua aaa af Uat laadlt pataai., Mariary. haaian tha car tins ooal a? rr-an.1 af Uu tarnbia diaataa, aach aa AV?etiaoaa<Ua Baari. T'.raat. !<aaa, nm.te., pragraaau g wiOi fngbtfal raptduy,ull damU pata ta hit araadfal aaVaringa by Banding biauibataa iiacararad ceauu-y fratn ahaaa kaaroa aa ira*ala> ra.araa. BE. JOdXl'Jll l f i FOR rv , a *l' VlitMIM AMD 1MPOTKNCT. By U't graat and imeartant rai&ady vatkLtat at Ua afgana Lra apaadily carad aaa fall aigav raatarad. Tkaaaaada a, Ua aat oarraaa r.:id dabilaalad, ?ba bad iaat ail bapa, ka?# baan m.-ualiaUly tallarad. _ wi?riiftf?. mmHi ?r M IBUi VII4U3' fit UruaWll Imiwic Lm< ( frnrnuri P??n, Hut?at IniiiUIUi rrtaktuif ?'i< Witknw w Biktutla ef ths awl f?a?W Had spattdrly cm*. NDouiMMTarmnm TIE MART 1MUUIAMUIcar?d atlhMWmmtm *nM Ik* Itat inutiia run, and lha oaoaraaa inpsnaal Bmrgt Ml aparatian* ptrfarmad by Dr. Jahaaaa, vtutaaaad by US reparian af tka papara ard reaoy Ktn (arim.ewiai 4 ?hreh kiTi intirtd afaia and aj*u bafara ua sablia, * - lidaa hu aiandicr a gsauaau: af aKs.itam sad r?r?nt Uity, la a iU(Uu puuui u w?? Ut.tul )at U-iy R. J, BOVF.K DODTS IMPERIAL WINK ETTTKRS, Are do* belnf need from Maine to the Great Sk.t ?nl the universal verdict of all who use thetn eithsr as ft K?ui.:mi or ft* ft btv*r*r$, is that they are UMrnml in the world. Dr. Dods need thom aaooeMfoUy is tut praonoe for M years wore we purchase*! of him the sole rijht to m&b?if&ct?re ftod present tin :u for sale to lae puUie. For the o?re of Inoipieut Couucrtioa, Icdirestic;., Dys pepsia, Pure, Nervous d>mc^m, Female Com pepsia. Pure, Nervous Ul?ac:es. plaints, and ail oases ft to _ Vond doubt ft most invaluable rernedy. Aside froir their medio: ial properties the/ are a pure, whole some and H< vera*a, producing ftii the ' red. . ffaote of Brandy or Wi without their injoHous result*, l et all friends of humanity acd all advooates cf temperance assist ne In s?betit?lnc these valuable Vegetable Bitters for the mwirsi pet'-*j ftnd arfwifrafd I xquo*: with whioh the oonntry Is doomed, and taereby ef JsotuaJy aid in ban thing Disease and Driakeooee I from the land. CHARLES WIDDIFIELD k. CO., Proprietors. T8 Williftm street, New York. f onnwr a p no a ? 9 * 0VU Tf AtVf<X](. AIQUb Wi*kinctcn, dTc. ?. J BOVKK DOM* RJJL GJtf BITTERS. For Diaeases of the Kidney a, Bladder and Uhmtt Ortans, and espeoially for F?mtl* OMriottou, cover foil to our*, mm! are warranted to giva Mlu ^CHARLES WIDDIFIELD * CO.. Proprietors, T8 William at, New York, J.8CRWARZK JaT-lTJ" Atwt. Waehiayton. D. C. JOY FOR THE SICK AND HVFFERING, LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED READ! APPLY THE REMEDY REJOICE Vn HEALTH, Friond, do yon suffer/ Ara jo? ta* victim of aay or those numerous ailmecta which art** trom im purity of the blood/ What are tber, do yon ask? Rather ask, what are they npt? The blood is the sou roe of tile and health - and it 1* the first element of oar be lac to respond to any oauee whieh ?ffeots th? system, a* the pulse in&ifibiir attest* The ever ptevsiliiiC Neura.f?a, the irritating* iubUo Sorofuia, the anonmcK Raeumatisai, Ner vous Debility, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint with iU torpor aud dVjectiou, ard the number lea a ilia that fl??h is heir to, derive ?r.eir hideous origin from the blood. Deal kindly thee and gently with the blood. l/'s? the vitalizing res moos of natare for it* aid, and suffer us to 0'>rair.euii to your ootifidenoe snd use that truly valuabi* w.wiiosnieot known a* if rt c vr n c INDIAV YSd'ET'/ilE^DECOrriOff. With regard to this almost infallible spectiio popular aenti-nent h*? ?|?>kf>n lb d^eideo te*iaa, ami Lae (vio?DCM of this great efliaaoy ?-f tanned by const&iit ivo?i!i of curative and tli* hap?i?at reaulta from tU use ir? a/??r &'l oilier remrdiss ana th? hret ns-aio*! skill hav* fil ed. Let ui nay, is eooelusioc. tL-t o?riito?iM 3ures are nut *ou*ht from the iuit?rale and i?Mr Bois', bat tliey are volunteered from t'ue ta-si re ipeotable sonroes an'l ju?tif* the hi cheat Uinsa la whioh it ie po?sible to eommoud so va! naive a pacific to pus 10 approval. We may arid aJeo that the ourative properties of the medicine are equalled aa'i i'j iU restorative effects, (tie mtm raoovir inc frouidia*a?e -nth rtnewe.! oi>i.stitut*ona! visor. For aa!e br all respectable bracelets io this ?ity, ar.d by tfie proprietor, MH?. M COX. *one teouine unless her name is blown on the iHHtl* and h<>r seal ou the oork K| " Wioe f 1 per bottle, aix bottiaa for ?S. o!e$aU jigmt. R. **. T- CISsEL. Druggist. Seorjetown. D C., Wholesale Atari for the Dis irict, and will aupply ti.e trade at luy pnoaa. aa 13-tr 279 ?-JHKran- 206 tt* leave to cal: the attention of hut friends and > public generally to hia New Stare, under Wil ar<Ps Hotel, just opened, in connexion with hia ild establishment, where be wi.l l>e tapsr to ra te; to any ordara for superior Confections of his owi asportation. Also, a'.l orders for Dinners, Sappers, Balls. ana Private l'a.ties, which will be served ap in hia in natable style, with the same proicpUieaa ana dis ator wheo he has hitherto shown. IM A WM, T. DOVE * CO. (IRE Now prepare*! to execute any orders with rhioh they may be favored in the PLUMBING, GAS OJ{ 8TKAU FITTING C7- Store on 9th atrsat, doors north of Pa. .vence, whew may be found a ooma'ete acaon.-nenl iCH \NDELIERS and other GAS, STEAM anc frATER PIXTt'REft. iatr ty DURE OLD RYE WHISK Y.-On hand sever* 1 brand* of Pure Old Rye Whl. ky, Copper Dis iUed. made bv the moat rehab e dutillm",! > ? ? t UU.. JUie? nouiui, ao. fliiu.rrton IMJU App.r Jrandj, piw? Holland Gin, o.i Jihim ac4?C 5roii Rum, and *TIna? of ever* ranaty.ali ol tandard brand A ohoioe lot of Clean and To aooo. young A KEPhART, Atectt. P* * .. h*rw *tn and larh ???. M 14-lV # mmr ) II nr L'cifuim.lw mn vi I.aruob?, Joabart, Di icruue, Lac roil ft Co.. at Ancoutema. BLANCHARD? mohun. ? 24 Corner llth It. and Pa. ar. * L K! \ XX ale and XXX ALE!! fTK ,R Y. Thtf Ala 1* made from malt and hop* omj nd cannot aul to rtva entire ati?fv>tion to ooa ggt t75 A L k E N 275 JACKSON, Pkxka. Arim, Brtr?M \fith Ktui 11 th ,tr+?U. M 5 rAKArFINK UlU i?Vsree? I, 3 Xjy CAME! AbK KACTOftT, m*.Mm "X* lOtkiirmt K?r? jnn f ni?h?4 a r?nf-<* of rMiMU /Jwno, vkM ?1.1 *" M? irta.i frvfct. RAT* !??( foi?h?d ft roni' ' <4 IRlAttK*, Mirh ftr light fW? Ml, M PkMHom*. r rp ' rw-1 frtrCot. nMUrm If o;firr?! of tn* tHKiDH*. ? C%tu? utrMvH (tat w? kaotf Lk? ityiM toe (Mi); of wwk tta; ?i I (? Mtu (mm. ooaittiajuc ii*hU.r??, oonfort lu darttrfi ty, R?*mL< ptotrpV j ul mkIkLt fcUoodad to f, 91-417 nf 1IABIOL U SmtoonttM- U4? rtrtiu*? to U tel eswssf flffflttK MUMlirBlCAKKIAblTk LreH ! WifiONK of ?il titai ouiKlt nrfU froa kit ioM is tkt tanm, I ww- ^ m kmBPAlRlMtfTtn?,u^iIl a^m rtan tana ruraf Ml V ate. DENTISTRY. L| DENTAL CARD. *R. MrN30> Iim rrurgni m<4 r#.??J kit profusion. Offee &l<1 j:o?m ?: US F ?. ?inignnfMl ai nun IB t 'vary k*r ftfp?rerf afyla. IK. M lift* an teftth on valnanite Bu' for the iftat Ui'M yaftra, ftud. froa u?eriMM, knuwa it ?io?.i tU oth?ra. u one-third iaaa lb pr;oe litfti. gt>ic'. hn o j . pftlrona of Waah>rftoft, A!nu .ri v and fiaorc. , town ftre rVkpectnUy aofio t*J t < < a ,. ku K eoly -4 D DENTAL notice. 40 R. loom 19 HM o.?M tola ottiK for tb? Mt4 on, ftod wili b?> ft;-eeut. ft* uaufti, during lb* ?u? ?H luoatha ; will rntmr prftrt.oe about the let ??- ,y 0?t?l*r. of whiok farther uotice will b? givuft. h i?-tf * D OKNT18TKV. R. HILLS, ftltor ft >r?ouuft. tMt of tro uhde Mi tLftt b? ofta Tiu r?o-m Mid the CboopifttUo Proo?M for titMruc artificial t??eth It hft* the advanlacM ( atraugth. beauty, clav llama, ft&d aUftftpneae. Fal HHrMU inaartej loi ffae Paitifcl IB proportion. OfiM IM Pft. ftrtaM. m ItUSCiiLLAi t>OL'rt. OUR STOCK IS ALWAYS COVLKTR OF the oe^raird Ctivkering !c Koua' equaled PIANO K?:RTK?, embrft^iRifiL^MQLA ver? SIX* -tyle.arftie and finish,ftt ft ??'? * %? ' to an it the time*. O.d hfttoa tr.k?g u^>rtn;iiiaii for (.Mr. TMCh'cttniiii' Ur? t??ii laanlad ?i joM ftn 1 silver n>?tlftia ftt the different *?fc.blt'u?.e in the United States lor tha superiority of Ikrtr Pianoe over a 1 other m&kera. Thur >'iae?a are baiter, Uiir prieaa fta low, their terms of jaj inr u eaiy. t' ?r d.aoourta (or Oftah great*. thai) any orb era. Gall and aee for yoftreeif. JOHN P. E? LIS, a V< SOft "t. av.. b-t KL ftiid l(Hti aia. Howe's improved weighing scale* ThftM Hoft ea ??? offeree to the fatnia fta lira moat uiRrie.dftrftbia.ftcd reiia' .e rgtiNmr wt ia moat airny f. aarab e, m.c rt>,ir. .e c^ ? ? m[ ;a aae. Firate'ftaa praaiisma aftTe bora ftvar<lwdti.?M by United State* Fa-r ar,<i Virginia A g iuaiif ral Society, Virginia State Af nau tura Pftir. Fraaklia Institute Fair, Pennay! var. ia, New York Stats Fall, Vermont State Fair. Ao., Ae. In av?rt oftae wh?-e minted they oftve received tret o ftae pren.iftrr.a For aft a ftt hi Loauiaaa avene*, Depot of Silier** Chil.edIron fealea. da 11-U B? C PATTI8QN. Ave?t %*/ASHING TON SKWINfa ROOMS, V V W ?tA Mm MN deer* Hvtk a/ r*. Aftft n?VMU?tiBfttoiet SPRlNtt asd SUMMER shirts luftde gi u. order. The ni:>acriL?*r ia frft nftAa SRlftlS, X)R ANN LK?, Ao.. a? U?? m&brSrKat aaty at ukK. m ?? aovw v J? E0C50BCT 2? /& flltrATCH Save iht PUeeiI At meciimti ?riU kmrrtu, tana t* wtli-rvwiiU fmmiliM, it la r?f dcairabie to liftra a>>we oh?ftr aad ooaTttidLt var Xcr rftiauiac F ftraitara, Toy a, Orofthftry, Aft. SPALDIN?<? PREPARED flLCK OMta all Mich aoiar(eno4aa. fttid so t.ocaehoid au afforii to ba vitboatlt It ia al?ft<a roftdy ftn J # to the atiokiuf point. Ttiara ia uo MflW ft D-*??a tj for Iliojirs ohaira, splintered "?tie?-ra. he?<J>a# Dua, and broken cradle;;. It ia Juat tha ftrflol* for doPift, aid broken cradiea. It ia J ty.rie, abell. and otilar ornamental work, ao popalftr i ?a of r*iaiaiH| [>< in ioiiHMH. valuable taalitiaa of the b?*t uftlnuct ruikara' (lac. It may ha aaad ic the p!ace of ordiuftrj Biaoi'af a, bftiag vastly mora ftuheaiv*. with lftdi~s of reiiiftment ?n? tftat*. Tkla ftdmuftbie yre^ftraUon la a aad told. Mm hftmioftlty held m aolation, acd vofmat all tha ^ "Mft ? MM > ?ll " USEFUL lit MTEST H0V8E.m i,tt e?*nU. . B.?A Break aooc m ?miJa* rui botte WktUtmU L*?t\, No. 46 Cail&r atraat, N?w York. ddrwa HF.NKY cToPALDING ft CO.. Box Nu.i.Cco, N?v Y?rL Pit ii for IMen Id Cum eontiiitti Koar, Bickt,a*d Twin i>os?n?? Lit >u<r*#k U mov-Can! aoooii.paLjiux ouu paokac*. ETA uoclo belt!* of SPALUINH'S PUk PARED GLUE wiii nvi u>l Ueum iu <m?i a? - uuilly to ?rerr honaeh"ld.-f"'fl Bold by all frominecl l>ra#tiat^ Bi'JTin and rarn-.turc DaeJrra, tirooera, awJ Kf^ncT Su^rct Country marehantt rboald m%k* attotavf R PjtL ' BISV'S PREPARED OLVM.mUtn iMkisc M undriti. It wil'?ta?'?i HPT oltifwU*'. f? la-lw ?i* CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS mnCVM WHISKEY WITH THE 8IGNATURE0F * p ON THE LABEL. ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJDALY, 19 SOUTH WILUAM ST NEW T3HK. tOR SALE IN WASH1NVTON BY 111f BARBOUR fc REM MKT*. I* th? iiboro etM?l%rd t *d M?l?c *r* wHimky Is. Aiitu of oar ova _ niprovod bt mo, wo o?? fit m tk* rvuiT L?r boot W kiofe 7 JiJUBBTw; auo or.r o? OLD FAMILY MYM WHISKEY, ' lltrfHl m? ft' '**

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